Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday Pix

Anemic pics today. I even held out till Sunday looking for ones.

Going on vacation mid-week. Updates will be spotty.

erm, the markets are doing fine. Though default may change that...

Yay, sample bias! Also the Frank pic is photoshopped, but he is gay so that counts anyway.

1963? Glad Kennedy was cool with Freepers.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Obanma loves defult

Valerie Jarret says Obama is losing sleep over the debt crisis. You might think that Freepers would be pretty excited to hear that Satan's running scared. But they won't let Obama have even a whiff of being a victim.

laweeks hits the golfing thing:

Oh, pleeeeez! He’s probably 6 putting a few greens that normally would have been 5 putts, but he’s too stupid to see what’s going on anyway.
The Sons of Liberty:

The "secret" plan is to assume dictatorial powers under the guise of the
14th Amendment, increase the debt limit, continue the spending spree and head
for the golf course and vacation.

Take Back AMERICA!FUBO GTFO 2012 !

What, no impeachment of the dictator?

DCBryan1 keeps it classy:

Valerie Jarrett: Obama 'getting absolutely no sleep' because of debt crisis

There. Fixed it.

Freepers on the Debt Ceiling.

Freepers are none too happy with any raising on the debt ceiling, so this whole back and forth just pisses them off:

MountainDad thinks he's in Red Dawn 2 - This time it's Financial:

Stay the course, PATRIOTS!

Starboard hates the Speaker:

Too bad [Boehner] doesn’t strong arm some Democrats now and then. I just find it
odd that he’s tough with his own Party members but weak in dealing with the
other side of the aisle. Boehner must go.

Repeal 16-17 mixes up the American People and Freepers again:

There’s still hope. Hold strong Tea Party House Republicans. The American People are with you.

UnbelievingScumOnTheOtherSide has a cunning plan:


Attach to every bill.

AmericanInTokyo doesn't think anyone should let Obama play in their Reindeer games:

And if the Pan Marxist-Leninist Kenyan Imposter at 1600 calls ANY GOP CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP down to the White House (an act of intimidation and capitulation) into the Oval Office, then they had better refuse it and find something else to do, like crossword puzzles or hair perms up on The Hill Friday and the Weekend. Be on the extra close lookout for Obongo's moves tomorrow, either political, PR and extra-Constitutional.
He brought this whole enchilada about what with his reckless Socialism over the last nearly three years.

MrChips has concerns:

We just lost the election. Give it up.

anymouse thinks this is the new, more boring American Revolution:

Hang tough TEA party patriots, in Congress and at home keeping their feet to the fire.
Like on that fateful night in 1814, our country's future depends on steadfast bravery in the face of tremendous pressure from tyranny.

AngryMan0 has an analogy:

Heres an analogy. Imagine you live in your house and its shared with a bunch of filthy people, they leave food all over the floor (welfare, food stamps, section8 etc_, dont close the door when they are outside. The long and short of it us eventually you get vermin in your house (see the illegal immigrants), eventually these mice start multiplying taking over and eventually your house will become condemned, un livable.
The funny thing is that McCain's hobbit point was that real life is not the starkly-drawn fantasy Freepers think it is. First they don't understand the criticism, and then they prove him correct.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cain apoligizes to Muslims

Herman Cain tries to walk back his anti-Muslim craziness so Freepers disown him for lack of craziness:

PetroniusMaximus has the best typo/Freudian slip:

Are there no butt-kissers left in the world?

See, the 'k' key is nowhere near the 's' key...

But down to business.

GeronL has strict stnadards:

anyone who apoligizes is OUT!

Politicians who act politic are awful!

wtd thinks Cain is a Muzzie-lover.

Better to Cain reveal his weakness towards Muslim sensitivities is unveiled
now rather than after a nomination or election into presidential capacity.
icwhatudo knows the gays are next:

First he will hire homosexuals in his administration, now this.
I’m done with him.
onedoug keeps hope alive:

As her entrance gets less and less likely, comments like this get more and more crazy.

Freepers recast Lord of the RIngs

John McCain calls the Tea Party a bunch of hobbits. Freepers, always a fan of the black-and-white morality of Lord of the Rings run with it:

Dr.Zoidberg knows who McCain is:

Hobbits - brave, loyal, ready to face danger for the greater good.
Knowing it was meant as a slur and considering it came from a betrayor, a Nazg├╗l, I’ll still take it as a compliment.
mardi59 also maps a villain:

Does this make Bela Pelosi Shelob? I’m for it, now where’s Samwise when you need him?

Clearly Samwise is Boehner, since he toppled Peosi.

Grizzled Bear prefers to cast the heroes:

Remember, those scruffy Hobbits brought down Sauron (Obama? Soros?)
Obviously, Sarah Palin is Arwen Evenstar. That would make Todd Strider. I'm not sure who would be Gandolf, but McStain is too damned stupid to be Sauroman the traitor.
He's obviously "Wormtongue!"

Grizzled Bear knows who Gandalf should be.

Someone said Ronald Reagan should be our Gandalf. I'm not sure who fits the bill as Bilbo.

Does that make the Balrog Alzheimer's?

mardi59 gets pretty esoteric:

I have the perfect Gandalf....Rush Limbaugh. Also, Chris Matthews as Gorbag
and Olberman as Shagrat the Orc platoon leaders.

Casting done, so_real turns to what really matters:

Unreal ... Now I have to add "hobbit" to the list? We have been dubbed "tea-baggers, clingers, cling-ons, racists, haters, re-pubic-licans, wingnuts, nazis, birthers" and ... hobbits. Perfect. I think the list is complete. At what point does the name calling end and the civil war begin?
Being called a hobbit? Just another reason for Civil War 2!

9-11 Memorial.

FOX has a poll about if that cross should be left at the 9-11 memorial. Freepers flock to the site to vote.

BelegStrongbow has a great idea:

How about a cross standing over a crescent broken into pieces which are strewn at the foot of the vertical member.

Honorary Serb thinnks New Yroks regulations are a lot like sharia law.

THE 9/11 cross-which miraculously appeared in the ruins of the World Trade Center—DEFINITELY belongs in the memorial, for obvious reasons!!!!
And St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, the ONLY house of worship destroyed in the 9/11 attacks, MUST be allowed to be rebuilt, with NO restrictions that its dome and cross be lower than the 9/11 memorial. These restrictions sound like sharia law, as do the interminable bureaucratic “delays” that are keeping this Holy Temple from being rebuilt!!!!

Wurlitzer sees his own hatred and bigotry reflected everywhere:

I admit I am slow to the realization that all the people who are offended by things simply HATE.
The ACLU and Atheists, hate America for the path it was put on by the founders and it would seem the vast majority of ACLU and Atheist bottom feeders HATE Christians so therefor they are offended by the sight of a cross and try to hide their hate by using the term offended and also pointing out no other religious symbols are present.
You know damned well if there was also a Star of David, the HATERS would still be offended and they would hide their blind hatred by then saying well mudslimes are not represented.
Fine, lets add the Star of David and a bomb vest or a severed head on a pole so as to not offend the most offensive sub-humans on the planet.
And yes, I hate mudslimes but I am not going to hide behind “Im offended” no I hate them for what they are doing and for my lost freedoms. I hate them with every fiber of my being and would not shed a tear if everyone of them went missing from the planet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Urban Farms

Rahm Emmanuelle proposes turning abandoned property into community farms. Freepers are sure this is Marxist:

cripplecreek totally heard blacks don't farm these days on acounta slavery:

On a local report about this out of Detroit they were interviewing locals about
the idea. One of the gang bangers they interviewed thought it was a great idea
but he didn’t plan to work on the farm “Cause my people done enough farmin in
the south before the civil war”

cripplecreek follows up that this is all a scam:

Urban farming is nothing more than another money grab. When they talk about it in Detroit they see billions of federal dollars for soil restoration.
Meanwhile, a few miles away are farms slowly returning to forest. Soil that only needs to be tilled to be ready to farm.

oncebitten agrees that poverty equals laziness:

The only problem with this idea is that farming is hard work. Right there you have ruled out the people in these “blighted” areas.

ClearCase_guy knows the problem is 'feral residents.'

The "food deserts' exist in urban areas because the feral residents will rob any grocery store that tries to open. So the stores close, and the residents cry "racism!"

If they have farms in the city, will the feral reidents raid the farm? Will they ... uhh ... "pollute" the fields?

Yes they will.

WinMod70 knows feudalism when he sees it!

Peasants working the king’s land, novel idea.

The Dark Ages

At the announcement that scientists are eager to find the Higgs Boson (nicknamed 'The God Particle' to the press for ease of grant procurement) Freepers evince an attitude straight out of the dark ages: God did it, and it's hubris to try to study God!

Psalm 73:

"The Higgs believed to answer a fundamental question about why matter has mass. The particle itself is thought to give mass to other particles, and thus to objects and creatures in the Universe."
There is no "God particle" - it is God Himself that gives mass to the particles.

God is also the "Unified Field" theory that they search for.

God is Love.God is.

Calusa gets all her knowledge about scientists from Victorian novels:

I’m endlessly entertained by physicists twirling Billion dollar angels about Trillion dollar pinheads. But, I’m not impressed by the arrogance they exhibit when they constantly compare themselves to G*d or they think they can control the weather.

Just because you can make a frog’s leg twitch with a battery doesn’t mean you can re-invent life.

lbryce is also against that whole Earth-Revolves-Around the Sun thing:

They exhibit brazen arrogance to think they can unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama is a Secret Aztec.

Obama meets with La Raza. Freepers bring the nativism:

Scanian ...the hell?

What some of the most extreme La Raza/MECHA types want is a revival of the old Aztec religion, complete with human sacrifice and ripping the beating hearts out of still-living victims.

MEGoody kicks it in a more predictable fashion:

Members of “The Race” are a bunch of racist thugs. Obama would like nothing better than for them to help him destroy our country. (And they’d love to help him.)

noinfringers2 knows Mexicans do not yearn to breath free, and rarely huddle:

Obama is just showing his stripes to a bunch of illegals and enablers who ran/run away from the very same kind of government and nation(s) they want the USA to be. I don’t think the Statue of Liberty was ever intended to represent such persons including Obama.

jetson is yet another Freeper predicting a race war:

The blood in the streets will be on OBAMA’S hands. His stupidity will spark the black/ Mexican riots that will then become full on riots for all. What an idiot. Moonbeam passing the DREAM ACT in California will also be a catalyst.

Walking back secession

Ahh, Presidential elections, when Freepers fancies turn from insanity to outraged parsing of insane statments to make them seem mainstream.

To wit: Rick Perry's discussion of Texas seceeding if Obama keeps being a Democrat isn't that at all, and furthermore how dare you:

presently no screen name assures us Perry is only for secession when elections don't go his way:

Yes he did speak about it and w/barry as president, why not. So now he may be running - so, of course, there is no need anymore for succession - anti-American Barry will be gone.

wolfman23601 knows it was only hypothetical:

He suggested Texas could hypothetically secede. He did not advocate it; however, in a country of uneducated masses and bumper sticker campaigns, the event may well cause him problems.

I wonder how Freepers would react if Obama hypothetically discussed banning guns?

Bearshouse thinks Perry was just joking but also serious:

Actually, Perry’s comments were made and taken tongue in cheek as notice to the federal government that Texas has an independent streak and there is just so much of their garbage that we can take. Those of us that heard the comments understood that we would not seriously secede but also know that there comes a point when you either submit or fight back.

Dudoight thinks Texans have a special relatinoship with English that yankees don't understand:

You don’t understand wry Texas talk. Texas IS the only state that has the right to secede.
Native generational Texans have a style of expressing themselves that is creative and unique.

Impeaching Obama: an end to itself

Steve King (R-Iowa), always a kooky one, says Obama should be inpeached if the US defaults. Freepers just think he should be impeached cause he's a Democrat. And actual removal is besides the point:

don't call frogjerk short sighted:

This should be repeated over and over again. The votes are there to impeach him.
TigersEye starts a list:

0bama's handling of ...
Default = impeachment
Libya = impeachment
Gunwalker = impeachment
Federal drug enforcement = impeachment
Stimulus bill payouts = impeachment
GM bond holders = impeachment
(feel free to add)

70th Division adds some nice mispelled crazy:


He must also want to impeach Bush and Reagan as well, no doubt.

BlatherNaut also adds some nice petty crap:

Instructing DOJ to stop upholding DOMA.
Dereliction of Duty (Compulsive Golfing/Vacationing)
Marxist Assault and Battery upon the USA

TigersEye then follows up by revealing he's on acid:

If the list we have so far are the rail cars we can paint the above on the caboose. 0bama is the Little Engine That Can.
"Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can destroy this country, toot toot!"

Las Vegas Ron compares Obama to Napolean:

Ineligible fraud = Elba

tsowellfan is sure Freepers are like the whole country:

Exactly how I feel. Exactly. That means millions feel the same way. In fact, Obama could have been impeached long before Libya. And me... I am NOT the "impeach the President" type of guy.

head Freeper Jim Robinson shows he can still bring the crazy:

They were facing another election and the corrupt, lying, socialist bastard, Democrat Owl Gore lost!!
Now impeach the corrupt, lying, Marxist bastard, Democrat B. Hussein Obama and ensure a big loss for the corrupt, lying, socialist bastard Democrats in 2012!!
Keep impeaching the corrupt, lying, constitution-loathing, America-hating, socialist bastards every chance we get!!

Oh, yeah, and another impeachment count is Obama’s corrupt, power-grabbing bypass of the Senate’s constitutional right and duty to advise and consent! Obama’s personally appointed czars are ALL unconstitutional and this corrupt usurpation of the constitution is definitely a high crime and misdemeanor and is an impeachable offense!!
The Democrat party is the culture of corruption!!

Well no wonder this guy likes Sarah Palin, they share the word salad speech pattern!

Condor51 thinks impeachement will brig about the race war he's itching for:

Yes, yes and YES! Please, please and ....PLEASE, impeach that Marxist tin-pot wannabe dictator.
And forget the senate outcome it's the impeachment that's needed.
Yes, across the USA 'the Amish' would go ballistic, then they'd all go tribal. It'd be a, hot time in the old town tonight..But 'Holder's
People' would be shown to the world as the lazy, leeching, criminals they are.
It'd be like 'The Great Mariana Turkey Shoot' all over again, just this time on the ground. And an excellent opportunity to use up all that old ammo reaching its expiration date.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Civil War II thread abrewing

Thanks to commenter kidglov3s both for the thread, and for the rockin' title:

Publius has probably been saying the same thing since Clinton won:

As a student of American history in the era between the Revolution and the Civil War, I’ve noticed that the past 20 years have reminded me of the 1850’s.

Rembrandt thinks if the election goes the wrong way the revolution is gonna happen for sure:

If the Messiah were to steal the next election, I do believe there will be a revolution or secession by some number of states (let us hope and pray). If so, I hope Florida is one of those states which withdraw; otherwise, I’ll move to one that did (TX or AZ perhaps). If there is a choice, I won’t live in an “O Commie” state!

ElectronVolt wants a spite war:

Who’s Lincoln?
The guy who set the precedent that leaving the Union means murderous, unconstitutional war. I'm not a big Lincoln fan. The next civil war should not be over keeping states in; it should be
fought over forcing states out. NY, MA, RI, CT, CA, DE, VT, MN, OR, WA, NJ, IL, and MD should leave.

Salgak hopes life imitates crazy, unrealistic art:

Which then cuts us to the end of “Atlas Shrugged”, looking out over the burned-out wasteland of Libertopia. . .
Does that mean we get to make the Sign of the Dollar, to piss off the few surviving Libs ??? (evil grin)

Spktyr just straight wants a do-over:

Last time, the South had: Agriculture. And that was about it. The North had factories, population, money, weapons, a strong (if initially ineptly led) military force with heavy reserves and a big R&D budget.
This time, the North has... nothing. The factories, money, population, military, R&D outfits and everything else has all gone to the South - partially because the North decided (through unionism, environmentalism, and socialism) that all those things were icky and they didn’t want them anywhere nearby. The South even kept their agriculture. And this time, most black people are free in the south - up north, many if not most of them are virtually enslaved by Democrats and welfare schemes.
I like the South’s chances this time.

Facebook and Al Gore are the Real Norwegian Killers

Freepers, instead of simply noting that crazed killers don't define an ideology, choose instead to simply change the ideology. And the fact that the Norway shooter included some of the Unibomber's manifesto in his own allows them to reduce the problem to one they've already solved:

LucyT knows what the Unabomber means:

Anders Behring Breivik of Norway Copied the Unabomber's Manifesto
And Ted Kaczynski stole it from Algore’s book, “Earth in the Balance”.

little jeremiah is pretty sure the Unibomber part means the killer was brainwashed by the real villain:

Do you have any idea whether he copied the Unabomber’s manifesto in its entirety, a large part of it, or just bits and pieces? IMO this is quite significant for a number of reasons.
One, the Unabomber was not exactly “right wing conservative”. Second, the “genius” ABB may not be such a genius after all. Third, I get the feeling he’s a sort of cutout, made up persona. If this last is true, who made him up?
secret garden is one of many to make an OKC comparison:

In much the same way, they keep repeating that Tim McVeigh was a right wing Christian fundamentalist.

And Freepers know he's totally a Muslim.

grey_whiskers keeps his crimes in perspective:

So that settles it...
NO cheers, unfortunately. Pray for the families...and for Europe.

Eye of Unk delivers:

Facebook alterations will create a public outcry against innocent targeted groups in America that are a threat to Obama and his continued unabated regime.
Mark my words.

Society has adopted the facebook as a false god, they literally worship it more so than the creator of all that we are.

I will not be crucified on a cross of social media!

scooby321 knows whose behind it all!

Obama meets with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, headed to Oregon next

And Now This Word from Outer Space

UPDATE: A commenter points out this is an excerpt from that crazy Norwegian shooter's manifesto. Ah, well.

Real Life Dungeons and Dragons Characters edition:

Q: Do I have to believe in God or Jesus in order to become a Justiciar

A: As this is a cultural war, our definition of being a Christian does not necessarily constitute that you are required to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus. Being a Christian can mean many things;- That you believe in and want to protect Europe’s Christian cultural heritage.

The European cultural heritage, our norms (moral codes and social structures included), our traditions and our modern political systems are based on Christianity -Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and the legacy of the European enlightenment (reasonis the primary source and legitimacy for authority).

It is not required that you have a personal relationship with God or Jesus in order to fight for our Christian cultural heritage and the European way. In many ways, our modern societies and European secularism is a result of European Christendom and the enlightenment. It is therefore essential to understand the difference between a “Christian fundamentalist theocracy” (everything we do not want) and a secular European society based on our Christian cultural heritage (what we do want).

So no, you don’t need to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus to fight for our Christian cultural heritage. It is enough that you are a Christian-agnostic or a Christian atheist (an atheist who wants to preserve at least the basics of the European Christian cultural legacy (Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter)).

The PCCTS, Knights Templar is therefore not a religious organisation but rather a Christian “culturalist” military order.

Plitting hairs to not seem like a Theocract brought to you by the always amazing MestaMachine (Guns don't kill people, the obama administration does. (Gunwalker Ping List))

Freepers don't approve of executing children, but they understand.

So much to do on the Norwegian shooter. Let us begin with Freepers' analysis of his desire for an anti-Muslim crusade. Are Freepers willing to follow their ends justify the means philosophy to it's murderous conclusion? Yep.

Moltke is pithy:

Noble goal, lousy method.

Dead Corpse is a psycho. Exhibit 1:

I find that I hate part of myself for not feeling more remorse when someone kills a bunch of Communists...
I do not like what the world is becoming.

Exhibit 2:

Look at it this way...
You are in Germany circa 1937. You know where one of the National Socialist retreats will be where future Nazi's are being indoctrinated.
What would you do?

If I didn't have faith in Freepers' being blowhards, I might be worried about this guy.

bert knows only paramilitary youth camps are truly safe.

had the young folks on that island been there with loaded rifles to take sniper training from American military instructors there is little possibility that the attack would have occurred. In fact had it been known that there were a few adults carrying concealed handguns the attack probably would never have occurred.

juno67 thinks the crusade is on:

There will come a straw that breaks the camel’s back and the blood letting will begin here
That straw was laid in Norway already

juno67 participates ino ne of my favorite Freeper things: an argument where both sides are wrong:

“but should an Obama regime take further and continued control of the nation,...then I could probably admit we could not just have one or a couple of similar incidents of lone wolf anarchists like this but a simultaneous uprising of several hundred across the country...But being uncontrolled lone wolfs they will seek no logical tactical plan, no plan of sanity, not even sane, it will be sheer frustration and insanity brewed by what they feel is wrong.”
I couldn’t agree with you less. Conservatives are strong people. They don’t go crazy when things get tough. They get tougher. You’re thinking about liberals, and even they haven’t been driven to do things as crazy as this loon.

On the one hand, Obama is so evil, it's his fault when Freeper-types start shooting people. On the other hand, No True Conservatives ever goes crazy ever.

FlyingEagle has this digressive thesis:

The Euro backlash against multiculti has been brewing for some time. This nutcase is criminally outlandish. He thought about it for a long time and became crazier and crazier and then he went berserk. The political correct euromuslim thing is more than he could handle. Unfortunately, he could not be intercepted before doing such harm and senseless killing. It is almost more like an act of anarchy than anything else, wanton senseless destruction against the system and citizens.

The thing is, the promise of jihad combined with destruction of western culture is enough threat to some nationalists in Europe to rationalize an insanely violent response. People will react against the marxist credo creeping in to eliminate their national identity. I have been expecting something like this to happen but I though it would occur in some more islamic country like England or France.

Conservative Vermont Vet is already a Norway Truther:

Of course he "acted alone."
He simply looked up on the Internet how to manufacture an Ammonium Nitrate (fertilizer) bomb and much like the rest of us do when searching how to make a good apple pie, proceeded to successfully accomplish what even practiced terrorists have had much difficulty accomplishinng, build a huge bomb and detonate it successfully.
Likewise, someone who had (apparently) no Military training/experience, goes out and obtains some weapons (including difficult to acquire--as reported--fully-automatic ones) and ammunition and proceeds (without ever having praticed, prepared or had any "instructions") to massacre some 80+ young children.
Makes sense to me!!! /sarc

Monday potpourri.

onedoug Kinda compliments Obama:

Obama is an Indonesian, thereby a sophisticated islamist and not some sheet wrapped camel hummer.

savagesusie knows why a judge allowed the Ground Zero Mosque to be built - he's a pedophile or Marxist, like Oliver Wendell Holmes:

They probably have some child/porn proof against him and are bribing him—OR he is a Marxist like several of our SC Justices.

Govt. wants irrational laws and chaos for their revolution. Divide and conquer so we can establish totalitarianism.....One World Government.

Why would you allow a foreign government system to be established inside a US city when it is antithetical to the Constitution? And this person was trained in a US legal system?

OH YAH!!!! Oliver Wendell Marxist Holmes’ type of law-—That Postmodernist cr*p which is irrational and immoral...and Marxists took over our Universities and “twist” the history and censor the content, so law grads have NO CLUE as to what the intent and meaning of the Constitution is—oh, it breathes!!!!!!!!!

MrB knows what the next step is:

They’ve already telegraphed the “next step” -
and it IS sex with kids. They’re trying to get the age of consent lowered to 15 for now, lower later.
Also, they’re trying to get the APA to declassify pedophilia as a disorder just as they did with homosexuality. And, like always, they are manipulating the language. It’s not “pedophilia” now... get this - it’s “adult-child sex”. And they are discussing the “benefits of adult-child sex” FOR THE CHILD!

Squantos recognizers the world's saviors:

The whole world wouldn’t have a pot to piss in if it weren’t for republicans...real republicans.

Rembrandt brings facts:

Wasserman Schultz hates black people; everybody knows that.

Dubya-M-Dees makes another genocide joke:
The Saudi Prince was visiting the United states and was enjoying all that Western culture had to offer. At the dinner table he was speaking the praises of the West, but he had one thing on his mind that was bothering him. Star Trek. He asked the President, "I really like this Star Trek show. It shows peoples from various races working together. I see a black woman, a Russian and a Chinese man flying the shop, and a Scott is the engineer, but I am bothered that there are no Arabs on the show. Can you tell me why there are no Arabs?". The President ponders for a moment and then leaned over to quietly wisper in the Prince's ear. "It's because it takes place in the future...".
The Holocaust was awesome, just aimed at the wrong religion!

Lazamataz is still waiting...

It’s really long past time, leftists should be hunted down like animals.

Biggirl doesn't believe in algebra:

What stuff in science did the Muslims contribute? NONE!

LyinLibs will go a long way to bring up Obama's gayness:

Communists don’t “likey” when humans attack.

They prefer we lie down and take it.

Like Omoslem “took it” inside that limo with Larry Sinclair.

Whooops, did I say that out loud?

cableguymn knows good candidates ignore the independents:

how many truly independent people do you think there are? Many of them are democrats or republicans that just chose not to be affiliate with a party.

Do you need them to win? NO.

Zero will do a good job at making his base want to stay home. By sucking up to the mushy middle you water down your message and end up with RINOS.

Reagan did not water himself down to pander to a group claiming to be Independent. He ran on hard right conservative values.

McCain ran on mushy middle ideas. Look where that got us.


The more illegal aliens in an area, the more theft of every kind. They consider themselves immune to our laws.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hehe. Book of revelations madness!

You know Obama keeps some low-res black panthers in the whitehouse.

So America is Scarlett "I'll never go hungry again" O'Hara?

Cause riding a motorcycle should be a test for who can hold office.

(Note, socialism may be photoshopped.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dems are the racists, Freeper stick to sexism.

Continuing on the Alan "Catnip for Freepers" West thread, Freepers have noticed he's black. So when he sent an e-mail (and copied a bunch of other people) to Debbie Wasserman Shultz just about calling her a bitch and unworthy of respect, they mixed their making fun of her appearance with declarations of racism.

These are mostly an attempt to tweak liberals in revenge for liberals calling Freepers racist. But even in attempted jest, Freepers' true colors shine through:

70th Division thinks all blacks should act like Sheila Jackson-Lee:

Alan. Go borrow a race card from Shela Jckson Lee. She has plenty. And PLAY
IT on these broads.

Principled his hilarious:

Those dems are racists.

CommieCutter knows repetition is the key to humor:

(Make sure we let our Democrat
friends know that.)

kalee isn't joking:

where were you when the democrats savaged Candie Rice? That was truly despicable.

70th Division knows bravery

Look at that ladies hair. Can you imagine waking up and EVERY DAY is a bad
hair day? LOL Yes, she is vile. Alan will NOT back down.

VeniVidiVici has a great idea:

He should have said this on the floor of the House

Kevin in California:

One can only imagine what these commies would be saying had Col. West said
something that wasn’t true about this fugly woman Shultz.

grumpygresh is sure name-calling at liberals is a vital truth:

I salute you Mr. West. Keep standing strong against this cabal of bullies.
It takes courage to stand up for the truth most of the time.

Alan West: A Freeper kind of dick.

After writing an insulting and dickish e-mail yelling at the Democratic party chairwoman, Rep. Allen West wrote to is constituents, "“I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”

Maybe not good national politics, but it sure got Freepers super excited!

sten knows being a dick is a sign of integrity:

Men of integrity do not mix well with those lacking basic moral fiber

AmericanInTokyo thinks this dickery is all a plan!

He has been trained.
He is freaking them out.
With mere words.
They are going for it, hook, line and sinker.
He sees it.
I see it.
Well done, Lt. Col. Allen West. Keep it up, freak them out.

RatRipper wants West to take the next step - a swing at Obama!

Atta boy, Col. West . . . invite Zer0 outside for a little chat!!!! I would pay good money to see that!!!

So would I. The political falout would be awesome. The Freepgasm, however, would probably be sadly predicable.

cableguymn thinks insulting much of the electorate is without consequence:

like that part of the electorate would vote for him anyways.
After damn hear 3 years of Obamas
crap and they still support him there is NO FRICKING WAY you can change their mind.
I have all but cut off communication with family (FAMILY) that has Zero stickers on their car. It’s sad, but they are a lost cause and part of the problem.

Major Matt Mason has decided to secede from reality.

We have a winner. My President.

Obama blows up the moon:

Freepers rage at Obama for not going back on Bush's cancelation of the shuttle program. And they waxed particularly dramatic as the final shuttle flight came to a close.

hoagy62 is sad.

The US manned space program ends in a little more than 2 hours.
May our ancestors and our descendants forgive us.
Carl LaFong is pretty sure Muslims are involved:

Now NASA can start it’s new important Obama ordained mission:National
Assistance for Sharia Administration
Truth29 knows without NASA, America is gonna go socialist:

Obama must be orgasmic. The ending of an American dream is a huge step toward
his remaking of America into a "workers paradise" which is focused on
redistribution, dependency and making the US subservient to a dream of an
Islamic socialist world.

Truth29 expounds on how going to space has kept us capitalist:

Another reason to get rid of Obama in 2012. The symbolism of the US retreat from space cannot be overestimated. This is a great day for Obama who believes the world will be a better place with the US brought down to the level of the rest of the world. The Russians won the space race, after all.

So that's their flag on the moon?

JohnBovenmyer ses a supicious date. Well, it's a day earlier, but he can totally play with time zones:

Obama's LSM will claim the end doesn't fall on the anniversary of Neil's
step and as American's remember things he'll get by with it.

BUT his anti-American cheering sections around the world will claim that the END does fall on the anniversary. And if they count time by UTC, as already does the Wiki on Apollo 11, they'd have both fall on July 21st under UTC.

A coincidence? I think not!

"Hey, weather? This is Obama. Could you keep clear on the 20th so I can bring the space shuttle down on the date I specify? I'll make sure gravity and NASA agree as well."

Eye of Unk also thinks the space race kept making us great well after the moon landing:

I am just plain sad of the amount of hope has been lost since Obama took office, really its basically the morale of America that is being destroyed here.
Kennedy gave us a goal, to be the first to the moon. It built our nation, gave us unity, pride and levels of achievement unheard of.

Obama takes it away.

mcmuffin is super thrilled Obama didn't get to see the launch
One tiny sweet (and predictable) consolation was the last minute shuttle Endeavor
launch delay April 29 as Obama was flying in with his brood to watch it. That
absolutely made my day. I actually hollered with joy!
Space Shittle Launches are for Real Americans, Obama! You stay away!

catfish1957 is a bit dramatic:

The tombstone reads:
United States Manned Space Program
Killed by Barak Obama

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leave Rupert Murdoch Alone!

In times long past, Freepers have been skeptical of Rupert Murdoch, what with his being in bed with the Arabs, and FOX having moments of sanity.

But now he is under fire, and once Freepers circle the wagons around you, they will love you forever. Or at least hate your enemies, which is about the same thing for them if you're not Sarah Palin.

Freeper reactions to a British editorial calling for the Murdoch Empire to be dismantled.

mountainlion knows what should be dismantled:

Acorn should be dismantled. Planned Parenthood murders should be

cripplecreek just goes straight to Hitler.

In other news, Adolph Hitler and German labor front declare that Jewish
power in Germany must be dismantled.

livius knows the meida is allowed to break the law all the time! Also, they were dicks 60 years ago, so a bt of hacking is fine.

Leftist media outlets have stolen information, leaked and manipulated data for years and nothing ever happens to them as a whole.
The News of the World was an old-line tabloid that did what reporters always used to something that was not of national security interest, btw, unlike all the things leaked in the Guardian and the New York Times...and went out looking for personal interest scoops in a very uncontrolled area.
I knew somebody who had worked as a photographer for the NY Daily News back in the 1950s. This was still a time when a reporter would go up to the door of some woman whose husband had just been killed in a mob rub-out or was a police officer killed in the line of duty that day and ask, “Are you the Widow So-and-So?” This would be the first moment she had even heard of the killing and found out that her husband was dead, and it was his job to take a picture as she screamed and fainted on the doorstep.

SuzyQue is one of a full third of the posts who mentions Soros:

I would be willing to bet the farm that soros is involved in this. I’ve thought so from the beginning. This would be easy peasy for soros.

barstoolblues doesn't bother to look at the allegations, he knows this is all wrong.

Hogwash-0-rama. This all about Obama. Nothing more, nothing less.It’s time for the party apparatchiks to take down Fox news.

The Soviets in Britain are beginning the process. This has all the earmarks of a show trial. It will be here, to at least, muddy the waters, if not totally take down an opposing voice just in time for a certain election of a certain demi-god who currently occupies the throne that rests upon the commanding heights from whence he glowers down upon us ants in order to bid us which load to carry and where to march

SUSSA Would like to bring in complaints about Google.

Mr. Murdoch should sell some of his holdings to Rush, Glenn Beck, Grover Norquist, and the Koch Brothers. Then he should invest that money in a company to cut Google’s market share in half.

Earthdweller also doesn't need to look at the evidence.

It's so obvious what the left is trying to do here. It's such a joke.
I'm actually embarrassed for the people trying to pull off this fiasco. I'm stunned and amazed at how they think this is somehow brilliant strategy. If it wasn't so horrendously despicable and hateful, I'd be laughing my butt off.

Liberals love illegal immigrants!

Freepers draw some connections from a study estimating half a million illegals in the liberal Bay Area.

Da Coyote draws a surprising comparison:

And each and every one has done more work than has Nancy Belosi-Bimbo.

kabar knows illegals love filling out the census:

Just imagine how that impacts on the allocation of Congressional districts, federal funding, etc.

ScottinVA knows who is responsible for crimes:

They've infested my sleepy, once-pleasant former neighborhood and turned it into a crime-ridden 'hood. Makes me sick.
albie blames hippies, somehow:

Sounds like a peaceful, loving environment! The local hippies sharing some “columbian” with their fellow globalists! Really cool! ~sarc

hosepipe blames abortion:

This is what happens when you abort your next generation and turn to
IMPORTING them/it..

A_Former_Democrat is the best, though:

Mowin the grass and cleanin the toilets of the liberal elites there . no wonder they don’t want them gone Cheap, exploitative labor
Because everyone knows that Real America Job Creators never exploit illegal aliens!

Magic words

One of the fascinating things about watching Free Republic in the age of Obama is watching it regress into anti-black racism while claiming it's the blacks who are the true racists. In order to keep this facade, though, Freepers need to point to what differentiates them from the racists of the past, whose beliefs they are adopting more and more.

Turns out it's the racial slurs. To wit, Freepers react to quotes from some guy named Bagdasarian like "Country fkd for another 4+ years, what nig has done ANYTHING right???? Long term???? Never in history, except sambos... Fk the niggar, he will have a 50 cal in the head soon" with disgust:


Bagdasarian is a Racist POS.


Based on what I see here, I'm not sure I object to his prosecution.

Considering how often Freepers claim blacks are failures, or genetically inferior, and how often they cleverly write FUBO, I fail to see the difference.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Racism edition:

Genetic research confirms that non-Africans are part Neanderthal ... and
probably more advanced as a result.
Take Back AMERICA!FUBO GTFO 2012 !
Shockingly tossed off bigotry supplied by The Sons of Liberty (Psalm 109:8 Let his days be few and let another take his office. - Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin)

The International Bankers

The idea of an international banker conspiracy kinda went out of fashion about when antisemetism did. Freepers, however, love such vast conspiracies, so they just strip out any Jewis stuff, and keep the shadowy mysterious organization part.

E.g., Freeper's analysis of the WTO:

BipolarBob knows what's happening:

We are headed to (1) A one world currency (2) A one world government and (3) A one world standard of living.

LibLieSlayer totally hoped for a thinderclap when he wrote:

No... a WORLD WAR.

CowboyJay on the Golablist Baloney Mafia:

WTO/GATT/Kyoto et al are all mechanations of the UN global socialist mafia. The people behind Globaloney DO NOT have the best interests of the US or its citizens at heart. Quite the contrary. The upper strata of the national GOP need to pull their
heads out of their slacks and grow a spine on trade relations.

phockthis copypastes some primo Sovereign Citizen crazy. I'ts long so I've excerpted:

The United States Isn’t a Country; It’s a Corporation! In preparation for
stealing America, the puppets of Britain’s banking cabal had already created a
second government, a Shadow Government designed to manage what the common herd believed was a democracy, but what really was an incorporated UNITED STATES.


First, the Civil War was, in fact, little more than a calculated front with fancy footwork by backroom players. It was also a strategic maneuver by British and European interests (international bankers) intent on gaining a stranglehold on the coffers of America.

the original Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers read: ‘The Constitution for the united states of America.’ [note that neither the words ‘united’ nor ‘states’ began with capital letters] But the ‘CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ is a corporate constitution, which is absolutely NOT the same document you think it is.


With the surrender of the people’s gold in 1933, the ‘common herd’ was handed over to illegitimate law. (I’ll bet you weren’t taught THAT in school.)


although Private International Law is technically only applicable within the District of Columbia, and NOT in the other states of the Union, the arms of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES are called ‘departments’ — i.e., the Justice Department, the Treasury Department


I refer to it as the ‘corporate EMPIRE of the UNITED STATES,’ which operates under Roman Civil Law outside the original Constitution


the UNITED STATES owns you from birth to death. It also holds ownership of all your assets, of your property, even of your children


Detroit proves all things to all Freepers:

nascarnation knows what Detroit is like:

Zimbabwe on the river

One of the killing problems for Detroit and similar cities is that the income of the white citizens was large enough for them to afford to move out of the city. It seems that once white people have enough money to leave the farm they will, and when they have enough money to leave the urban slums they will.

nonwhites never get rich, much less move where they live.

the invisib1e hand thinks Detroit is what the apocolypse is going to be like:

I think that, by the time this happens to Silicon Valley, anybody without a "666" on his forehead will be dead.
Lurker thinks Detroit was...murdered!

What happened to Detroit was done on purpose with malice aforethought.
ShadowAce sees signs of a conspiracy:

I've been thinking that Detroit was a test run for the US economy.
FourPeas blames liberalism:

Detroit, though it's unions and liberal politicians, bought into the lie that it's better to give people what they want and need rather than to allow them to fail. When personal failure is made impossible, societal failure is guaranteed.
Never mind New York, L.A. San Fran...Detroit shows what liberalism leads to!

ConservaTexan has an interesting theory:

No one should surprised that as the muzzies take over Michigan it begins to look more and more like a third world country.
These all-powerful economy-wrecking Muslims were also time travelers, able to cause economic problems before they even arrive!

cripplecreek knows the real problem is that damn college town:

When it comes right down to it, if given a choice of vaporizing Detroit or Ann Arbor, I would allow Detroit to survive. Detroit may be a parasite but its an indifferent parasite. Ann Arbor on the other hand is an angry, self righteous and demanding parasite that has as much to do with Detroit’s downfall as Detroit does
arrdon looks to the future to see the new Detroit:

Atlanta, where slashing tires and stealing copper are the biggest pastimes, is the looming Detroit of the future. ‘King-land’, ‘hip-hop-central’, or whatever; Atlanta is determined to self-destruct. We’re just hopeful the current power base will relocate to Detroit

Obama isn't funny

Obama tells a joke, and no one laughs. That Freepers think this is significant is not surprising. That they tend to agree about the implications is rare:

PATRIOT1876 is the first to provide the analysis:

I hate to admit it, but that's a pretty fair joke. At least if you've watched enough Jeopardy.
I hope this means that people are just so sick of Obama that even if he finally comes up with something clever*, no one acknowledges it.
This is a step in the right direction!
agere_contra agrees, but draws the wrong conclusion:

Agreed - it reads as an excellent joke.

His delivery must have sucked ass.
Pigsley hits on the answer: Obama is the new Michael Jackson!

I, too, thought the joke was okay and deserved a few chuckles from the dopes in the press pool. That they DID NOT LAUGH is telling.

I’ve been waiting for mass defection away from the Boy Blunder as his poll #’s dropped and the MSM start realizing they will soon be exposed.

Not the best analogy, but remember Michael Jackson? He was the most beloved entertainer in the country (world!) then a mere 5 years later a joke and pariah. I can see this happening to Barry, especially if the Fast and Furious crap sticks to him and there are hearings. The MSM will HAVE to cover it and it will give them a chance to turn on him.

Well, one can hope and pray!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Freepers conflicted on national defense

On the one hand, Freepers love the tough guy army. On the other hand, Obama's in charge, and he's using it and gaying it up. As usual, when pulled two ways, Freepers respond by choosing a third way - batshit insanity.

Thus we have a number of hairbrained ideas about how to Freeperize our foreign (read: military) policy:

ClearCase_guy plans to nuke everyone he doesn't like, bringing about peace through lack of humans:

I'm not totally convinced, but I do see some advantage to having a very small army.
Yes, we can still go in quickly, in a small way, to do small jobs.
Other than that, unfortunately, if you annoy us, we'll have to nuke you.

So don't p*ss us off.
paladin1_dcs thinks the Constitution requires unlimited defense spending:

No, the US shouldn't follow the UK's lead in this. They have a different situation than we do, starting with the fact that one of the very few things that our Constitution actually explicitly names as being a responsibility of Congress to fund is the military.
paladin1_dcs knows history:

military weakness only invites war. Every time that a major power has reduced it's military, either voluntarily or involuntarily, it has led to war, without fail.

SALT is why 9-11 happened!


It depends. I could get rid of a lot of useful units and add some very useful ones around the army.

Reductions for sake of reduction is wrong.

Hmmm. Sounds wise if I didn't think he only meant the military.

Light Bulb stockpiles

A commenter last week reminded me that I really haven't spotlighted one of Free Republic's more amusing quirks - spite-based economic decisions seens as triumphs over Obama. Sure, a few Monday roundups that include some Freeper leaving their lights on all day 'cause there is no global warming, but there are entire threads.

Like this one about how there may or may not be light bulb efficiency standards.

SUSSA has been thinking ahead:

I have stocked up enough to last me, my children, and grandchildren, the rest of our lives, plus enough to have made some good money selling real light bulbs on the black market after the ban.
mojitojoe feels good about wasting money and space:

The day the light bulb Nazis decided to try to force me to use those pos bulbs was the day I began buying 100 watt bulbs by the case. Buy one get one free, a good sale, I bought everything on the shelf. I have enough bulbs to last 3 generations. I won’t say how many I have now in storage but I can assure you, the number is astronomical. I detest those other bulbs. I’m stocked up up on enough 60, 75 and 100 watt to last for generations.
It just made me feel good to buy them. Each time I paid I said to myself.... FUBO!!

Never mind that the efficency regulations were put into place under Bush. also thinks this lightbulb thing is super important:

Obama’s Jihad against capitalism has suffered a defeat
maine-iac7 may be a bit paranoid:

I was contemplating sewing blackout shades for my windows to hide my illegal use of contraband bulbs
cherokee1 has been stockpiling way before Obama, cause he hates Chineefreekingbulbs!

I started laying in extras back around 2005 when I started seeing GE bulbs made in China. I bought only US and Mexican made bulbs and now GE has closed their last US plant. I figured that 20 years would give me enough time to set up some tools to make my own bulbs if Congress couldn’t get it right So my plan is still operable since I have no intention of buying Chineefreekingbulbs.
Jotmo brings us science:

if you're heating your house, CFLs save save no energy.
Every BTU that the bulb puts out is a BTU your heater doesn't have to. So you can reduce any expected year round energy savings from CFLs by 1/3 to 1/2, depending on your climate and type of heating system.
And nothing conducts heat like a vaccume!


I recommend that you take a box of these poisonous mercury squiggly bulbs to your congress critter’s office in August and ‘accidentally’ drop and break them in the waiting area. See what happens....

Monday potpourri.

American in Israel thinks all union members are traitors and going to hell:
At this point, anyone wearing a SIEU T-Shirt is a traitor to the Country. Man may mock God, but God's justice is inevitable. SIEU will get its day in court, one member at a time, before an almighty Judge. And fear will rule the day, because He is Just.
Secret Agent Man is really angry that Mila Kunis says communism is good in theory, but unworkable in practice:

Mila, why is communism good in theory? Why, exactly?

Why is it better than free market capitalism?

Why would I expect any different from a girl-child who came over from the eastern block.

No concessions are allowed - something is either good in all possible scenarios or it's evil in all of them.

shield speculats about some scars he's hallucinated on Obama's head:

I have always suspected it had to do with parkinson, he thought he had. It must have been something like parkinson but was corrected with brain surgery. OR in one of the homo establishments he visited of those homo fights started and he ended up with a head injury. Those fights many times turns deadly.

taxcontrol's financial plan. Some parts are not too crazy, other are childlike, others are batshit. All together, it provides some nice insights on how Freepers start with a very few articles of faith, and extrapolate from there into their policy preferences.

1) Take back the Senate and put a fiscal conservative into the WH
2) Flat tax of 15% for all citizens and income earners in the US, no deductions and lock in for 10 years
3) Flat tax of 18% for all businesses and lock in for 10 years.
4) Do away with the rest of the tax code including capital gains, AMT, etc
5) Reduce spending to 2004 levels
6) 2% reduction in SS entitlements and make SS non-taxable income.
7) 10% reduction in Defense spending (halt Libya, reduce Iraq to training/advisory roles)
8) Repeal Obamacare
9) Change Medicare/Medicaid to a voucher program of $200 per person to the state so that they can go shop for insurance. Lock the $200 amount in for 10 years
10) Reduce regulations and restrictions on Oil and gas production
11) Limit crop reduction program to 300 acres per farmer
12) Roll all EPA reguations back to the year 2000
13) Reduce Pell Grants and Student Loan guarntees by 50%
14) Allow a corporate tax deduction of 105% for salary, benefits and related overhead for all full time employees

Freeper policy suggestions are like a family tree without branches.

E. Pluribus Unum on Obama's debt talk behavior:
He acts EXACTLY like a woman.
For a Freeper, that's serious misogyny:

LottieDah knows Satan's politics:

“Well, Satan is religious, too.”

And a liberal too.

max americana strikes blows for Freedom on the internet:

>Rotten Tomatoes Off Topic forum has the most vicious bunch of Libs in existence. Say one unflattering word about Obama and they pounce on you like a pack of rabid dogs.<

Correct. Witnesses it a couple of times. Try being subtle sometimes and insert “Obama Depression” a couple of times, and these brain-dead libtards don’t even have a chance to retort. Did the same thing on IMDB.


If Issa really wants to see 0bama’s crew scatter, he oughtta visit the White Hut and drop a stick of bacon.

Seaplaner's straw liberals have some interesting beliefs:
This is why felons belong in the big house, not on the streets.

(Dems want to give felons the vote, as we all know and gag over.)

Eleutheria5's foreign policy:
Well? The French have just out-macho'd the US, and are thus further away from war than the US. And this is an act of war right out of a textbook. What now?
Ah, how peaceful America was when it was macho during the cold war!

Kickass Conservative hates bankruptcy:
Bankrupt = You keep the House, the Car, the Clothes, the TV and the Mine while the Creditors get the Shaft.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday Pix

Ground zero mosque still? Plus, what's with Freepers and Obama and blue lips? Is that some race thing?

Chuck Schummer is ambitious!

Blue lips, a Muslim earing, and a fly, plus completely irrelevant text does not an editorial cartoon make.

Poor Wil Wheaton, having his face replaced with Mitch McConnell

Gay people are scary!

Freepers know a good villain cannot be allowed to die!

Who knew fashion and politics could be so related?

Wow, that peas thing really stuck in Freepers' craw!

I have no idea.