Monday, August 28, 2017


I originally thought it was some kind of performance art, but the website looks pretty sincere. I'm not for reperations, but I'm fine with fools doing foolish things.

An artist created a website that allows white people to volunteer to help out nonwhites as 'reperations.' This is not how reperations are supposed to work, but whatever. The site's founder Natasha Marin seems sufficiently conscious of race in our society to know how this was going to play among a certain segment, so I suspect at least a postmodernist sociological component.

I would suspect racists to not much care about some black lady not even calling them racist. But Freepers are never ones to allow other people to behave in a way they don't like. More than condemning the race traitor whites, though, they respond by loudly declaring how not guilty they are in great and telling detail.

Reperations? TigerClaws reminds us all that young black men are the cause of crime, and then blames all blacks for that show how much he's missed the point:
I posted about this here 3 weeks ago. Sure is making the rounds.

A pool of 3% of our population (young black men) commit 50% of the violent crime.

Perhaps a website should be posted for them to do something nice for the white folks.
Kevin in California finds this voluntary website to be kind of a threat:
You want money from me bitch? Come and get it.
DoughtyOne doesn't believe in art:
Probably never working a solid hour in her life.
Molon Labbie is sure blacks are all insincere:
Reparations? More like misappropriations.

“Look at all this swag these suckers sent me!”
polymuser is not the only one to use 'gibmedat,' as he discusses what a failure racist Obama was in actually doing racist things:
Gibmedats going full grab as Barky’s reign comes to an end without much dat.
LambSlave knows blacks that feel America has wronged them aren't really Americans. No word on Freepers who say the same thing:
I can’t help but wonder how many offers for work boots and one way tickets to Africa she’s received so far.
Jumper is pretty sure America earned it's way to racial equality because it took a huge war to end black slavery:
I think am going to create a website so that former black slaves can show their appreciate for my ancestors who lost their lives in the Civil War fighting for Mr. Lincoln and the North. Of course, I think I will just make sure it can accept EBTs so most if not all can make the payments that Social Justice demands!
ExTexasRedhead also sites the Civil War as reparations. Poor England just banned slavery without a war, I guess they must owe so much more!
I guess they failed to take note of how many Americans died during the Civil War:

Roughly 1,264,000 American soldiers have died in the nation’s wars—620,000 in the Civil War and 644,000 in all other conflicts. It was only as recently as the Vietnam War that the amount of American deaths in foreign wars eclipsed the number who died in the Civil War.
Byron_the_Aussie demonstrates how racism is totally over in America:
300,000 men died to end slavery, and she wants reparations?? I know who's owed reparations. Ante up Taquanda and note: cash only. Obamaphones, hoopties and cartons of Newport Menthols not accepted:
I had to excerpt Sons of Union Vets's lengthy explanation of how not guilty he is:
Both my 2nd great grandfather and his cousin returned from the war as disabled veterans. My 2nd great grandfather suffered from chronic complications of amoebic dysentery that was not properly treated...a dysentery which killed more soldiers than did enemy bullets. My cousin lost an arm in the famous Battle of Winchester.

Now ask me if I feel guilty!!!!

She should be paying ME reparations for whatever of MY taxes have enabled her to feed off the public trough.

By the way, the first slave owner in America was black and many of the slave owners in the south were black. So why doesn't she go and try to shake down THEIR descendants???

Yulee argues that Christianity ended slavery, so...Muslims are bad!
Slavery in the US existed between the ratification of our Constitution in 1788 and 1865, a period of 77 years. And yet we as a country (USA) are demonized continually about slavery. What about the British, the Spanish, and the Portuguese. What about the continued enslavement of people of all racial backgrounds by “modern” Muslim states. The hypocrisy is appalling.

Only under Christianity has slavery been stamped out.

I find it revolting that young and old Blacks take Muslim names, ignore the true history of how their ancestors became slaves, and fall to the lure of Islam.

Reparations? Why not sue the Muslim countries (rich in oil) for going inland, capturing slaves, dragging them to the coast, and selling them to the Spanish and Portuguese?

Also, what about all the millions who were castrated, and used as sex slaves?

I thank God that my ancestor, once enslaved, was sent West and not taken East to a Muslim Hell Hole, to serve as a concubine, or sex slave.
Muslim slavery was worse than American chattle slavery? Haha, no.

The balls on LeoWindhorse, who goes and argues for Confederate reparations:
I think I should launch a website for Yankee and black reparations for our ancestral Mississippian loss and destruction of our property during the Northern Invasion of the State of Mississippi in 1862-1865 . Followed by the seizure and appropriation of further private properties, during the period known as ‘Reconstruction’ , on a racial basis , causing great losses to our white Mississippian ancestors.
gaijin starts with a racist bon mot, and then moves on to dodgy numbers that require one to assume all social programs go entirely to black people:
Most expensive “free” help we ever got..!

On Mars let’s pick our OWN friggin cotton..!

You know, an economist totalled up ALL the money spent on social welfare programs since the beginning of the “War on Poverty”:

It was an amount adequate to buy EVERY acre of farmland and EVERY share of EVERY company on the NYSE...!

Yet do we have more or less poverty..?
A_perfect_lady is really angry at other people giving away their money:
I think guilty white liberals should give away every penny in reparations, and then jump off a bridge to really show how sorry they are. Before the election, preferably.
This website reminds Joe Boucher that Obama's election is a reparation or something:
to assuage our collective slave guilt, we elected this stumble bum negro, twice.
Just look how that’s turned out.
As for ‘Reparations’ , if this magic negro wants a war, this just may do the trick.
And let us end with ArmyTeach, who seriously has no idea what his proud anecdote of racial outreach sounds like:
My uncle, a Southern lawyer from a prominent family, defended a black man who had killed another man in a bar room fight. Instead of jail, he pleaded that his defendant be paroled to him for life. This man maintained my uncle’s house for the rest of his life - cooking, cleaning and all. My uncle saw that he had an income and bought him a car and his own apartment as well a room in his town home and country home.

Tough life.