Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can Conservatives be friends with Liberals?

The answer is really no surprise.

NMEwithin notes offhand:
Whenever I have tried to explain to my liberal friends how much their liberty has been compromised and how much of their freedom is being threatened...they look at me like I have two heads and then start babbling about Bush.
Scotsman will be Free takes exception:
Sorry, but that’s part of the problem right there. Why are you friends with the enemy? Do you really think that they will do diddly squat for you when the brownshirts come to take you or your firearms? Do you?

Unfortunately I have little choice...I live in Rhode Island so I am basically behind enemy lines.

But Scotsman will be Free brooks no excuses:

I hear you, but as for me, I’d rather live in solitude than fraternize with the scum.
There have got to be conservatives up there. Keep looking, and good luck.

And then later has the diagnosis:
Most Liberals are so because of a genetic defect. The rest were made that way, and may(I say may)be changed. The genetic liberals are unable to comprehend conservative thought. You may as well be speaking martian to them. While you are trying to reason with them in a language they do not understand about concepts they can not grasp, they are putting into effect their plan to put you into a re-education camp.
There is no point in discussing anything with them. They are like the terminator. They will not compromise, they will not stop and they have no positive thoughts towards conservatives.
This is the second time I've seen the genetic defect meme. What about intelligent design?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Black man doesn't like Obama

Thomas Sowell is one of a number of right wingers who don't like Obama. Only Sowell is like a fifth column - he's intellectual, and black! This means even fewer Freepers than usual read the artical before commenting:

Blood of Tyrants pays the ultimate compliment:

Sarah Palin would do well to draw Thomas Sowell into her inner circle of advisers.

left that other site's heart aches

My heart aches for Dr. Thomas Sowell and other educated, dignified, brilliant, ethical, and conservative Black Americans like him.

To see a person like Obama being worshiped as “The First African-American President”, and then being exposed as a total buffoon and liar must be so horrible.

J40000 noticed the title od the article is "'Making history' even if it kills us."

Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer ALL ‘made history’.

Oh, sorry, left out Gacy...

President obama; congress, you’re in good company when it comes to ‘making’ history. The WRONG KIND OF HISTORY!!!

Arrogant Appleheads...

Obama is an Applehead, and possibly a serial killer.

left that other site has hope:

What a sweeping shame will cover the land when this guy is finally exposed. I mean REALLY exposed. And it WILL happen.

MosesKnows sees Sowell like Buddah or something:

Not everyone can be as informed as Thomas Sowell but each of us can become informed. By doubting Thomas Sowell and then researching the information, you will discover the depth of his wisdom.

If I were a black man, I would be very embarrassed, perhaps even ashamed, at this point in Obama's presidency. Interesting enough there are few blacks who even know Thomas Sowell exist much less how wise he is.
This is like all the comments on the thread. Note that none of them actually deal with the article. To be fair, Sowell is a creature of the current right, so what he is saying is pretty predictable from the title.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bush's fault.

While in reality, no one can blame Bush for not foreseeing that this one guy he let go from Gitmo would plan a failed bombing the hurt no one. Hold on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride:

R0CK3T, hilariously, doesn't realize Obama hasn't always been President:

Of course this was coming.

Why not release them all you Traitors?

The hubris in this Government regarding such an important issue is mind-blowing for me?!

Wolfie is all about double standards:
Umm, this is kind of big.
Not really. Obama wasn't the President yet.
Lazamataz prefers denial:
I don't believe a word of this.
I really don't.
Voter62vb knows why Bush did what he did:

Ohhh, I get it!

Obama and syncophants did not want this to get political until they had dug up an angle to link this politically back to Bush.

That is one clever blued-lipped sock puppet team!

But wait!

Who was screaming for the release of those prisoners???!!

It was totally liberals! And who could blame Obama for listening to liberals?

Sans-Culotte decides to blame Bush:
IMO, Bush should have shown more leadership here. He kept Norm Mineta in office as Transportation Secretary for far too long. Mineta and his family (Japanese immigrants) were in an Internment Camp in WWII. This is probably where the "diversity and political correctness over safety" mantra began. It was under Mineta/Bush that the frisking of grandmas started and continues to this day.
myknowledge knows what Bush shoulda done:
Bush should have killed all the Gitmo inmates before Obama took office, but he ‘couldn’t do that’.
Liberty Valance prefers to ignore this fact, and focus on the one tip Obama got:
The dems own this one. The terrorists father went to the American Embassy SIX MONTHS AGO (Hint: Obama was President) with information of his son’s Islamic radicalization. Incompetano should resign immediately.
Sir Gawain, apropos of nothing, thinks this might be time for the revolution:

Is it time yet Claire?

Yes, Bush's letting out some schmoe who failed to plan right means we need to take Obama down immediately!

12/25 is the new 9/11

A Christmas attack by a Muslim is too awesome for Freepers not to pretend it wasn't foiled:

nwrep, for instance:

Obama dithers while Detroit burns.

Rome2000 is pretty excited about Israel's lack of a Constitution:

The GOP has to vet on this and demand profiling of all muzzies immediately.

Screw the Marxist in the White House and his bull dyke
at DHS

Rather than let this son of a whore use this incident as an excuse to cavity search Nuns, let’s get these red SOB’s on record on profiling using EL AL methodology

freebird5850, back when Obama was gonna release a tape, found a parallel:

Osama Bin Laden delivers his messages by tape recording too. See the similarity?

onyx looks forwards to things to come:

You made me SMILE by mentioning our HERO Cheney.

He said Obama would make America less safe.

I can barely wait to hear what he has to say.

NCC-1701 makes the 9-11 parallel explicit:

Could you just see this A$hole if he was in office on 9/11? How long would it have taken him to make a live statement concerning the tragedy? What if there’s another 9/11 type attack? What will zerØ do? Knowing his MO now, he’ll wait four days, then make a taped statement. What a POS we have as POTUS!

reagandemocrat knows what all this means:

Zero’s gone mad.

Yes, the pants-bomber wasn't caught and there is another 9-11, and Obama is the crazy one.

Shortly, Freepers trying to keep from holding Bush to the same impossible standards they hold Obama:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday potpourri.

DontTreadOnMe2009 knows things about Obama not many other people do:

And why, little children, do we think our bi-sexual President has chosen Fisting Jennings as his Fisting Czar???


Anyone? Anyone?

I presume it's cause he wants to gay our children for later fucking!

historyrepeatz knows the plan:

This Bill is a precursor to Public Option down the road. First, you get the infrastructure, then you get the impending doom of health care cost overruns, then you get the NEED for a “public option” which will result in killing off the old folks through health care rationing and keeping healthy the younger ones who’ve been through the “one world Government through “green” regulations” and “World Government for mother earth is my friend” indoctrination process. Killing the older Americans whose allegiance is to America and our Constitution, and nurturing the youth whose allegiance is to the Earth and thus, world government. There is a master plan here and can only be explained by the pace at which it is occurring in the face of extreme public opinion AGAINST it (health care bill, GITMO moved to Illinois, civilian trials for 911 masterminds, etc.)

How ELSE can one explain what is happening? You can’t! If you are over 40, you are a THREAT to our Government because of your allegiance to America. It’s just a matter of time, folks.

It's so simple!

Islander7 has...another plan:
In order to possess long-term dictatorial powers, Obama must recreate America as a Marxist culture and economy protected by both a limitless intelligence agency and a paramilitary police force. Once these goals are achieved, the traditional military will be preserved to support similar revolutions overseas, and to defend against foreign threats. (Subduing you is his first goal, but not his ultimate one. His brain his already 150 chess moves past the end of the upcoming American civil war. You are but stepping stones. In his mind, he’s already buried you.) Audacious? Yes. The epitome of change? Yes.
Carley sees hidden meanings:
notice [Obama] said he would be delaying his trip to Hawaii until.......long pause.......his ‘friends’ are finished with their work in the senate.

Making it clear that the republicans, representing more than half of the American people, are his enemies.

Cause you're either friends or enemies!

Obama the chessmaster has already planned your death!

The Right Way 1776 on the cop pulling a gun on those snowball guys in DC:

The cop was being an idiot but in all honesty you have to take into account the sitatuion.

There were a bunch of rowdy (ghetto) kids who were acting up and seeing as how it was DC anything could happen.

Cops need to show off thier guns and frighten the kids back in shape sometimes but this would not of been the best time.

These ghetto kids went to GW University. Obama is ghettoizing everything!

The Comedian is always good for a laugh:

In fact, "Barack" comes just before "Ceaucescu" in the "Big Book of Overthrown and Executed Dictators", 2013 edition.

We build a rather macbre memorial from the bones of several prominent Democrat operatives of the period. It serves as both a warning to would-be tyrants of the future, and as a public urinal. The waiting time for the line to use it averages 6 hours.

silverleaf on the white house Christmas ornaments. Commissioned from local artists and children, one might has a picture of Mao, if an unsourced picture on a blog counts as proof:

Was the Mao Tse Tung Christmas ornament donated by Anita Dunn? Does it make Sasha and Malia smile to see that?

Classy to bring in the daughters like that.

on the Republicans letting health care go through 11 hours earlier, so co Congresspeople get to go home for Christmas:

Thank God they weren’t at the Battle of the Bulge, or San Jacinto or Guadalcanal

Thank God McConnell wasn’t at the Alamo or Making the decision on Christmas eve to cross the Delaware.

Where will he stand and make the blood flow?

11 hour delay equals victory over Hitler!

Jim 0216
should not get a job as a political sloganeer:
Their name says it all:
MNDude is now anti-war:

My passion for defending our country against a bunch of Muhammeds hiding in caves has been waned once the real enemy took control of our country.

a bunch of Muhammeds?

Friday, December 25, 2009

How are liberals formed?

To follow up how Freepers view Conservatism, here is a thread on how they view liberalsim:


Put simply, libtards believe “Man is basically good.” (Paraphrasing) Jesus said, “All the evil in the world comes from the heart of man.” Who do you believe?

But Yardstick disagrees:
Actually liberals think man is fallen and doomed. The only hope they see is in putting massive power in the hands of the state to coerce people into behaving. Liberals believe big liberal-run government is good, not Man.
SupplySider doesn't bother with liberals and human nature, since he has faith:
From a religious point of view, conservatism grounded in Judaeo-Christian values accepts life as a divine gift, and men as created in the image of God. This implies that free men can aspire to life in accord with Natural law, God-given law. Atheistic communism assumes none of this, and treats men essentially as animals, requiring domination and control.

I think the Christian precept of original sin also gives conservatives a healthy scepticism of human made laws, unlike "liberals" who seem prone to recognizing no limits on their governmental impositions. See Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, et al.
Gilbo_3 just knows libs are evil:

some liberals are naive, but most are purely evil and use that hopeychangy thing to amass power, simplistic in an evil sort of way...

kill the weak and embolden the murderers around the world to wield the axe of compliance to their tyranical ambitions...period...
Skywalk just kinda mashes everything above into one crazy bundle:

It’s a bit more complicated than that. As I read through Liberal Fascism, it’s becoming clear that some people are simply “bored” with life and need to be part of an emotional and religious movement, except that they have replaced God with the State (though plenty of earlier Progressives were theocratic, like Woody Wilson.)

Then there’s the whole desire to dominate and shape the world (and people) around them, which unites both progressive ‘liberal’ and communist. I would actually suggest that progressive libs, fascists and commies don’t really believe that people are ‘good’ but they have an unyielding faith in their ability to MAKE people good. And they only believe in collectivism to accomplish this because otherwise there are those who exist outside the State (or whatever is forcing people to work as an organic political entity with one will) and that undermines their idea of a unanimous society.

People must remember that one of the main goals of Marxist theory in its application was that man would no longer need to worry about working to survive, we would have total control over our environment, nature and that somehow (never makes sense) our wishes would then conform with the overall general interest of our fellows.

The left and some in the right(though very few) have succumbed to the notion that individualism is base or unenlightened and that freedom isn’t you being left alone but you having the “resources” or knowledge to express and live fully (who knows what this actually means, because you never really see it lived out—it’s a religion, again—who can describe Heaven?)

Yeah, that's Marxism for you: no need to worry about working!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saturday Pix

Yeah, I know the national debt I've been living with has just crippled me!


ummmm, why do this?

Futureama is totally Republican, thanks to photoshop!


It's funny cause Russia is Obama!


Obama beats up an eighth grade honor student

Or rather, some kids do. It's a pretty awful crime. Freepers assume they know the race:

Ghost of Philip Marlowe

I could take a guess, but then I’d be branded a racist.

If so, we seriously need some vigilante justice in our society. The balance is completely out-of-kilter. Hatred runs rampant with no fear of consequences.

So If they're black, we need to start busting black heads to end hatred?

Race not mentioned. Therefore, I’m pretty sure it was a pack of wild blacks.
NoLibZone knows how to treat 8th Graders:

If Convicted the 11 should be executed.

Hot Tabasco is one of the few not blaming blackness:

Sorry but this is a new era and such rare acts of violence are no longer being brought up on violent video games with no parental discipline and schools now required to turn a blind eye to the obvious and the illiterate......

Welcome to the beginning of the Fourth Turning........Its going to get worse in this country, much, much worse........
manonCANAL says what everyone is thinking:

they can do anything they want since control of america is in the hands of, well you know.

Black President equals wild black men!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obama can't even bomb Muslims right

Freepers try their best to find a way to yell at Obama for taking out some Yemeni Al-Quaeda:

Brilliant doesn't believe in peace through superior firepower suddenly:

Hmmm... Guess the Peace Prize is separate from the other prizes.

cripplecreek focuses on the media, and victimization:

The media has been pretty quiet about this. Obviously there’s some reporting but not much.

If it were Bush, they would act like he had nuked London.

A decent lie, till penelopesire tries the exact opposite tactic:

It sounds like a wag the dog play by Obama to take the conservative heat off of his marxist takeover of America. President Bush bombed targets inside other countries like Yemen....yet nothing was ever reported and when it was critical. All of a sudden Obama is to be praised?

Spare me.

So either the media isn't reporting it to support Obama or they are to support Obama!

Vaquero and liek half the thread hits the "wag the dog" meme hard:

the Dog wagging POS is just like slick william and Jimmah.

and does not America see this??

Everything a Democratic President does with the military is automatically wag the dog. Thus they are always weak on security! Neato!

depressed in 06
has evidence...of something:

After the rescue of Capt. Phillips, you would have thought that ZerO had pulled the trigger, now, we find out DumBO has a vendetta against the SEALs for not waiting for his orders. I don’t buy, for a moment, that the mahOgany hOwdy dOOdie is doing the right thing. There is some nefarious reason.

What the crap is he talking about?

ASOC knows Obama's true motivation:

How much longer before the House of Saud once again boasts that thier “White slaves” will fight for them?

I’m still peeved about that remark from 1990.

Finalapproach29er takes the same flippant approach:

They must be enemies of Kenya.

I hesitate to think what contortions Freepers would go through is Osama Bin Laden were killed. But I do know it will be hilarious.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Freepers heads explode

Health care reform, if it does nothing else, has provided us with this rich new vein of schadenfreude:

Jim Robinson, head Freeper, makes some kind of predictive metaphor thing:
Once they make this move their treasonous intentions are obvious to anyone watching and there's no turning back. Once the traitors start killing the sovereign they'll have to continue all the way through with their treasonous crimes, lest the sovereign starts killing them back. We the people being the sovereigns in this case.
Art in Idaho has a plan:
What would happen if 200 million people just started driving to Washington D.C.? . . . Just asking. .
200 Million people are on board with Freepers, eh?

At last! XenaLee holds for forth on the the social contract:
the government mustn’t do ANYthing on our behalf except provide for our national security. That’s it. Too bad Zero is too stupid (or too Marxist) to get that.

And if that government can’t or won’t provide for our national security (ie by being pc or soft on terrorists), then that government needs to STFU and know its’ place.

April Lexington is always good for a laugh:
We need to destroy Washington DC and move a much weaker capitol to the center of the country where we can all keep an eye on it. The first American civil war didn't just happen. Congress managed to piss off enough people to trigger an explosion that killed millions. In the end, the American federal system is constantly at odds with states vs a federal power monopoly
And April Lexington again!
Keep in mind, Patriots, that we are not just fighting a handful of communists. We must look to our neighbors who continuously elect these communists and then make THEM hurt. People must become VERY AFRAID to vote liberal... Just like South America. Liberal? Disappear into the night...
Electric Graffiti finds the timing of health care suspicious:
I'm sure the order came down from muslim high to push this thing during CHRISTMAS. THESE POS MARXISTS ARE TERRORIZING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DURING CHRISTMAS and I'm sure it's quite amusing to most of them. It's an in your face F__K YOU!! Just like the Acorn cookies issued by the White Hut. "You got a problem with Acorn? Here, eat this.....SUCKERS"

Freepers being clever


It’s almost huntin’season.


I’m ready. How have you been???


Mad as a frog in dry well ... and you?


Holdin’ my PIECE! And every here and there, practicing on acorns. They aren’t just nuts anymore.

Monday potpourri.

This week, Freepers get dramatic over health care, and Sarah Palin. Also the gays:

AnalogReigns on the homosexual war on Christianity:

Mark my words: Religious freedom (and mental health) cannot be maintained in a society that promotes “homosexual rights.”

So much for e pluribus unum, eh?

3722535r takes gayness in more of a crazy direction:
Homosexuality is an unclean spirit and a very strong one at that.....There is deliverance.....My brother has become so possessed through witchcraft (he hates Christians with a passion) that I had to cut off contact with him......You literally cannot have a conversation with him without him preaching about darkness (he professes to have sexual relations in the spirit with different entities, and speaks with them as you and I would converse).....I pray for him everyday.....The Word said to come out from among them, but it is particularly difficult when it happens to be family you love......I really believe as I have said before, that there has to be a divine purpose to what is happening in the world......Prophecy is being fulfilled very quickly....How could America actually elect and celebrate an openly gay politician?......
Demon haunted world indeed! The long.....ellipses may be better....even than random caps to show.....crazy!

American Constitutionalist disproves the above:

section9 has the proper reward for the head Republican obstructionists:

Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint need to be on Sarah Palin’s short list, as of today.

Navy Patriot thinks Our Sarah is too informal:
Better to back the Lady Palin that to allow the Marxist Rats their standard trickery and deception of redefinition.
Daffynition on Sarah Palin's going on vacation:

I like the fact that she preempted Zero’s vacation to Hawaii.

Clever move.

Heh. Even her vacations are a genius tactic. This kind of personality cult can only end in awesome.

lesko seeks an explanation for abortion being okay:

Liberals are just hell-bent on killing babies. I think it’s genetic - no other explanation.

Wow, natural selection fail!

spodefly tries to analyze shades of black:

The issue as I see it is that, yes, Obama is radical left wing, and yet not radical left wing enough to satisfy Deaniacs and Kossacks and progressive professors and even SEIU/ACORNers.

steve0 got religion, the crazy kind:

May I be quickly disemboweled, if ever, I am guilty of secreting or otherwise concealing the King [Jesus]’s name.

SunkenCiv doesn't believe in proportionate response:
...a British court issued an arrest warrant against opposition chairwoman Tzipi Livni for her role in orchestrating Israel's military offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip nearly a year ago...
Israel needs to ship arms and ammo to the IRA.
manc on the ladies:
when the campaign stops were going on , we would watch the Dems and the crowd they had .

EEK, Honestly it was like a freak show, the women were always ugly, looked to be dragged out of bed, they had just jeans and a scruffy T-shirt with a stupid slogan on the front, their hair was never nice at all.
The men was looking like women or little boys or old ageing hippies.

Another thing with the women at these stops.
Many looked like boys, the short hair, black rimmed glasses, dirty t shirt with a stupid slogan on, their jeans dirty and all of them acted with no class and a big mouth.

The right wing women were always classy, well dressed, polite, well groomed and good looking.
The men were manly, a mans man as my wife says.

To watch a Dem campaign stop or an obama rally was like watching a freak show

Huh, I guess Scarlett Johansson is totally ugly now?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

And now this word from outer space

Paranoid conspiracy edition:
The fix is in . All this “debate” between “moderate” and liberal democrats is all an act.

There are no moderate Democrats. All Democrats are
Marxists/liberals every one of them. Democrats are Marxists and so they are evil incarnate, every one of them as they all proved by all Democrat Senators voting for this socialist bill. Not a single Republican Senator voted for this bill yet many "conservatives" incredibly blame Republicans for this!.

The script for this act was written on election day.Every Democrat
knows this script and will follow it to the letter.

Page 1: Pass Government Healthcare:

Page 2: Put on theater, fake a debate so that people don't realize
the Democrats have a virtual dictatorhsip, 60% of the votes in the Senate.

Page 3: Create 100 million new Democrat voters by legalizing 30 million
illegals and their families back in the 3rd world .

Page 4: Use the newly passed government healthcare to further ensure that the millions of illegals’ will always vote for Democrats. This in effect completes
the socialist takeover of America.

Page 5: Destroy what remains of the private sector and so our
living standards by passing cap and trade.

I hope you enjoy the empty store shelves socialism will bring to the U.S.A, you who are responsible for the destruction of America, you liberals in the media and liberals everywhere, and all of you “conservatives” who not only bashed but didn't support the Republican party, the ONLY viable thing that could have stopped the Democrat socialist takeover of America.

To hell with all of you Marxist/Democrats/liberals.
Overcomplicatedplan supplied by Democrat_media (Democrats are the threat , they all voted for socialism on 11/21/09)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturday Pix

I tell you what. 2010 is gonna hurt, but 2012 is gonna be EPIC!

Aside from the complete lack of effort, I like how a Freeper saw a pic of a cowboy behind Obama and Reid and immediately though "Cowboy kill Democrats with lassos!"

Ummm. Bad name choice there...

It's funny cause they're calling a guy a girl!

How seasonal! I'll still hold out for Lex Luthor or something/

Huh, I wonder why they chose this cereal icon to photoshop Obama into...Can Aunt Jemima be far behind?

See Obama is metaphorically shooting up hospitals, plus there's the secret Muslim thing!

If Abu Ghareib was as awesome as Freepers think, and Obama as evil, does that make Ahmadabad a hero here?

Yeah, this really is Freeper logic.

"Muslim College." lol

Nothing says maturity like photoshopping the opposition as babies!

What the crap?

Stand back, it's Freeper science!

Freepers on global warming:

atomicweeder drops some of the sci-method on us:
That is a question I have asked several liberals and they just shrug.
It's basic science. In order to know the effect of man on earth, you need to have baseline OBSERVED (not modelled) temperatures without man's presence.

Then observe the temperatures again with man's presence.
That obviously can't be answered.
Without controls, you can't prove anything! That's why astrophysics, cosmology, most quantum experiments etc. are secretly religion!

bobaloobob thinks mankind should never try anything to help itself, ever:

It don’t matter’s just bullsh*t anyway.All’s for a snow job.

Think of a human being as a grain of sand on the earth...can you see him from the moon? NO!

What can a grain of sand add to the universe? Nothing!

Genius 8..(last of chapter)says..’as long as the earth remains..there will always be seedtime and harvest,cold and heat,nite and day,summer and winter.

people can believe it or call it a lie...I choose to believe God.

So much for God helps those who help themselves, eh?

Notwithstanding just goes with the obvious "kill Al Gore" joke.but in the name of science,

we should bury

__algore__ (peace be upon his oscar, nobel, grammy and tony)

very carefuly

so we can insert a rectal thermometer as needed,

and then after a few weeks take his temperature.

Notice the lack of caps on algore. This is a manly internet sign of disrespect.

Politicalmom just assumes the results will be awesome:

I’m a denier. I like cooler temps. I think 38 should be the lowest temp. And I LOVE rainy days.

TigersEye focuses on the true enemy of mankind: taxes!
Until everyone agrees, well, at least 95% agree, we should just hold off on any rash actions. Taxes are definitely like a rash.
What about that 5% unfairly oppressed with taxes? REVOLUTION TIME!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The left is convinced that Obama is a sellout and the right is convinced that Obama is a marxist,

Obama is getting attacked form the left on health care these days. Hell, even moderate me is pissed at him.

So how do Freepers integrate this with their view of the left as lock-step Marxists? They tap dance:

RexBeach assumes this is proof the left is both evil and stupid:

This is so much fun. The White House must be snapping. Positively snapping.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that we knew Mr. Obama and his minions were all incompetent. Utterly and remarkably incompetent.

Red Badger disagrees with lowering the threat level. HIS villains are worth foes:

This is just a smokescreen to make 0 look centrist in the end. It will pass the senate and eventually reconciliation with the house bill. 51 votes is all Reid needs then to pass..................

SunkenCiv just assumes the left is attacking Obama from the right. Also, threats of violence.
Gosh, it's almost as if their non-compromising position -- which is reflected throughout this Demwit-only bill, or rather pair of bills (one in the House, one in the Senate) was never anything but a campaign hot-button issue. They have the votes, they drove Lieberman right out of their own party, they can't even sell their leftist agenda to the voters -- but now they can try to blame their would-be victims during the 2010 campaign, while not actually having to vote in favor of a measure so unpopular that it would likely mean they'd all be strung up from lampposts along DC's streets.


Go ahead, pass it, please.
Not sure what NFHale is talking about:
Don’t celebrate too hard, brother...They’ll ALL queue up behind FuBO like the good little POS communist trash that they are as soon as he figures out how get them “organized”...

This ain’t over by a long shot...however, I DO appreciate yer optimism...I’m laughing at the libs myself, too.

Of course, I’d laugh at them if they were run over by an 18-wheeler as well...but that’s just me being, well, ME...

"organized" with scare quotes? I have a feeling even he doesn't know what his fake subtext means. But he knows it's eeeevil:

rcrngroup also has no respect for Obama's organizing skills:

From 0bozo the usurper.....
"This is awful, just awful that my plans are going up in smoke.

But more importantly who is performing at our WH cocktail party and has the Kobe beef been flown in from Japan yet???

I need to lie down until party time. Don't disturb me".


You have to love it when the Commies start to eat their own!

Now if Obama were an alpha male Bolshevik like Stalin, the left opposition would be quickly purged from the party and sent to Siberia, but being a little wimp beta male coward not even the members of his own Democommie Party are the least bit afraid to oppose Dear Leader.

Meanwhile, in the dark snowy forests the Republican Cossacks take the measure of the man...and lay plans.

Wait, so you'd only respect Obama if he were more like Stalin? That's pretty messed up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freepers threaten violence against Sufi Mosque at Groud Zero.

On the internets it is reported that some land near ground zero has been bought to make into a Sufi Mosque. You know how two frequencies can resonate into an infinite spike of force? This is the same thing only the frequencies are Islam and 9-11, and the force is hate.

To give you an idea of the thread, driftdiver starts off with genocide.

I vote for covering mecca in glass, right after we cover it in pig feces

yeah, you and like twenty other Freepers on this thread.

Ptarmigan knows what this is like:

It would be like putting a Nazis death camp next to a synagogue.

Comparing a Mosque to a concentration camp? You're realy stretching for the Hitler ref there.

OldDeckHand thinks this is a conspiracy:

Probably part of the plan from the very beginning. If people want to look for real 9/11 conspiracy theories, they might want to start with this. Destroy the #1 symbol of American free markets and international trade, and replace it with the first shrine to Muslim hegemony.

A huge conspiracy to destroy the buildings and then build a mosque near them 8 years later? I guess the Muslims have gotten pretty into symbolic victories these days.

presently no screen name adds a layer to what must be the lamest conspiracy every:

Reading this, my mind went directly to BHO’s plan going directly over Ground Zero with no warning - and we were told for a photo op. We were never told who was in the plane nor who authorized it. Forgot the person’s name who ended up being the fall guy.

Sooo, that was like a scouting mission or something?

Stoat is one of many talking about taking up arms against the Muslim oppressors:

If the Islamofascists and their Leftist enablers and cheerleaders want to see what a 'true' war against ALL of Islam looks like, they need to just keep on going with this kind of crap. We haven't seen Imams hauled out into the town squares and beaten to death in America yet the way Christians are commonly treated in other 'countries', and if that's the way they want it then I say go right ahead and bring it.

Then it gets actually frightening:

getitright wants to know:

“When is the grand opening?”

The actual post is deleted by the mods, but I had already highlighted it as something of note.


It will never unfortunate incident after another will destroy it...I promise...

And then later:
No one will build a MOSQUE overlooking that site...NO ONE.
To which you get Allegra answers:
Let me know if you need any help. I'm serious.
Also AmericanArchConservative

count me in - to the hilt - on whatever is necessary.

Make no mistake, this is fucking serious. I thought of calling the FBI. Though the plans for the Mosque still seem to be in the nascent stage, and that seems premature right now.

This is not some pie-in-the-sky arresting the President or military uprising fantasy. This is actual plans of individual-on-individual violence. For maybe the second time since I started this blog 2 years ago, I worry about violence (the first was the first tea-party.)

Steele likes tea

The Tea Parties are all getting commercialized like Punk Rock did! Freepers react to Steeles' verbal prostration before the tea base:

Bryanw92 is one of the optimists:

I agree that talk is cheap, but this is a big move forward for the GOP to go from ridiculing and ignoring the Tea Party movement to actually making statements in support of them. I think Palin is beginning to scare the RINO Elite a little.

If he continues with this trend, I may just start calling myself a Republican again.

Palin did this, huh?

presently no screen name:

They are either for us or against us - there is no middle ground. And we’ll hold the purse.

Wow, badass, yet holding a purse!

But most Freepers keep their indie cred:

mo is incoherant

Pack of country club preppies...could’nt find their own packages with a mirror .....

RegulatorCountry is incoherent AND offensive:
sipping iced tea (without irony)

That's Ice-T™ for all you non-hiphop Pubbies. Let's give a big shout out to flyover country from DC, yo!

Pete is all about sticking it to the man:
The only way Steele could engage the Tea Party movement is to show up at a rally as part of the crowd. He had his chance to lead and blew it.
surfer ups the ante:

Well if he announced his regignation at the same time I would agree...however he is just using Conservative voters.

Don’t fall for it.

Ronbo1948 on what Steele has to do:

We need a Radical Republican Party - out with the RINOS and professional politicians and in with REVOLUTIONISTS who have as goal the complete destruction of the Left and its removal from American life.

Basically, be a Freeper. That's totally the way to win elections!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Texas city elects openly gay mayor

Freepers are not happy with Houston:


Texas, your DONE!

gidget7 knows gayness is anti-science!

And you think someone, anyone, can be considered “sensible” if they do not know what their own body parts are for? If they openly hate biology and live their own reality? That defies logic.

Also masturbation is anti-biology! So is clothing, really.

The Comedian
Houston and Austin have no business being in Texas, frankly. They'd be more at home in Maine or California.
agondonter on race:

Houston is over 50% of course it’s now a liberal city. It’s all the foreigners (Mexico, California, New York, Michigan, etc.) that make it liberal. Native anglo Houstonians are conservative.

AzaleaCity5691 on a different race:

She apparently has been in city government for a long time and her opponent was black at a time when Obama’s popularity is in the dumps. I’m not claiming cause and effect but race probably did play a part.

Because a black is a black, really.

on why conservatives in Houston are in trouble:
Conservatives who live in places ruled by liberals are forced to abide by liberal policies. You don't just "come in contact" with the liberals, they tell you how to live your life and have the authority to enforce their liberal laws.

By Request: ACORN Judge

Wow, this was an awesome thread! And to think I may have missed this. Freepers' heads explode over the bill of attainder ruling that ACORN can't be stripped of funding:

Sub-Driver gets this out of the way in the original post:
she should be impeached..........
PGalt with the obligatory revolution talk:

My time of deemed mandatory to contribute to an(other) anti-individual collective?

When, in the course of human events,...

Judge and expect to be judged, judge.

avacado seems to have forgotten about the Constitution again:

How in the world can a federal judge override Congress?

FlingWingFlyer may have a hint of sexism:

Where does this commie pig get her authority to say how tax dollars are to be used? This biatch is out of line. She’s only a judge. Someone needs to remind her of that.

My Favorite Headache doesn't believe in hints:

Oh another hot liberal woman I see. They are all nasty skanks....each and every one of them. All ugly as hell inside and out.

NoObamaFightForConservatives gives Obama super powers:

Obama will some how stop this from going to SCOTUS.

NoObamaFightForConservatives also found the connection:

She reigns from Chicago. Obama and Rahmie put a phone call in.

Chicago is all the proof you need!

Thunder90 doesn't even need that proof:

This is part of the deal made behind the scenes with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and ACORN. They had to strip funding to save public face, but the Dims knew that there was a judge that would restore funding out there, and directed ACORN to file suit there.

EternalVigilance has an interesting view of the government:
The judge should be ignored.

Yep. That's why we have co-equal branches and checks and balances. Or, we're supposed to anyhow.
I had no idea co-equal ironically meant the courts get no checks or balances! Or non till there is a ruling Freepers like.

Assault on Berlusconi

Freepers react to the the crazy guy who bloodied Berlusconi with a statue recently:

knows what conclusion to jump to:

probably a leftwinger.

This world needs a purge of the leftists so badly.

vladimir998 prefers to be a bit more specific with his rampant speculation:

The attacker is a 32 year old male. He may have hit him with a rock. I wonder if the attacker will turn out to be a Muslim or a leftist? He looks like he’s Italian rather than North African but who knows?

Vanders9 knows there has to be limits:

I hate Bersculoni because he’s a thoroughly corrupt, immoral, womanising incompetent.

But I dont think its right to assault him in public.

At least, not in public.

cubreporter takes it seriously:

Sorry. I can’t joke about this. It is one thing to disagree with someone and their policies. But to throw something that will cause injury is just unjustified. Remember, someone threw a tomato at Sarah Palin while she was holding her little son. Thank God it did not hit her or the baby. I didn’t think that was funny either nor did a lot of other people. It’s out of control. Call me a prude or whatever but this kind of behavior is nothing but street thugging and crude.

Thank God the tomato did not hit Sarah's baby!

ichabod1 agrees. Also, there is a narrative:

It’s TOTALLY street thugging. It’s right out of the anarchist and nazi and communist playbook. They’re going to keep right on doing it and escalating until they feel the pain of consequences. I hope the jackass gets raped to an inch of his life in a filthy Italian dungeon before he gets out. The a-hole who threw his shoes at Pres. Bush did what, about 18 months I think in an Iraqi prison. It seemed fair enough, since he missed.

cubreporter later mellows his opposition:

It MAY be appropriate when defending our freedoms. But to toss something at someone getting in or out of a car or signing a book ... well, it’s not my style.

Never trust the man behind the curtain

Freepers can't bring themselves to believe Lieberman might actually help them on health care. Being helped by a liberal (of course, all non-Freepers are liberals)? They'd rather die!


That Lieberman sure strikes an easy bargain.

Killing public option AND medicare compromise? Yeah, that's nothing!

mombonn will NEVAR FORGET!
LIEberman is the biggest snake in the SINate.

Anyone who believes that he is "principled" must have missed his speech in the SINate when he "almost" condemned clinton back during impeachment days.

He is NOT to be trusted, nor lauded.
VicVega sees this as the misdirection part of the conspiracy:

Wrote earlier he would give in. Just wanted to create some theatrics.

Amnesty is next along with Cap and Trade.

Goodbye to the America we loved.

sirchtruth knows what Lieberman should have gone for:
This monstrosity passes in any form it will be tragic for America!
No!! No!! And Absolutely NOT!!!
Lots of Freepers have this position. "We don't need reform, we rock!" is another facet. The key, of course, is total unthinking opposition of the Enemy, liberals.

CottShop also knows Liberman is secretly helping the bill by opposing it:
lieberman doesn’t ‘win’ anyhting- He KNOWS fulkl welll it’s just goign to be written into the bill AFTER the bill passes- as will abortion, single payer etc etc etc- ANY RINO that goes along with htis bill or is swayed by ‘compromises’ and payoffs isn’t worthy of their office job
CincyRichieRich also sees a conspiracy:

Bull crap. Bull Crap BULL CRAP!
Bull crap. Bull Crap BULL CRAP!
Bull crap. Bull Crap BULL CRAP!


How stupid do we have to be to self-destruct the U.S.A.???

If this passes, that’s it. We don’t exist.

"We don't exist." That kind of histrionics alone makes me want this to pass to see the explosion on Free Republic. As a rule, I am against reactionary crap like that but here I'll make an exception.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Red in Blue PA must not know a lot about economics. Or really anything:

Nothing good comes out of Chicago.

ichabod1 is super tough:

It’s already time to start giving any feds you know the message. It’s a bad time to be a fed. Don’t expect any good neighbor treatment if you work for BO. Better keep your head on a swivel if you’re a fed - of any kind.

Vaduz has invented some sort of new mass-death machine:

It would be nice to see a photo of congress chained to electric bleachers just before the switch gets turned on.

"electric bleachers?"

ohiogrammy has seen proof America is waking up to Sarah, polls bedamned!

I saw the same thing in Cancun last week, people were reading Sarah’s book by the pool, young and old, and plenty of discussion going on. Most of the people I spoke with were from California and have had enough, I thought that quite interesting, and good news! A young couple from Philly were really up in arms, glad to see the young, under 30 crowd, waking up.

netmilsmom knows what liberals are like:

I’ve been on YouTube fighting with Liberals.
They likened a fetus to hair, fingernails or moles. That is the way they think.

Yes, all liberals are like those who argue on youtube.

geologist has no irony detector at all:
valid or not ... the hard left believe Gore's climate nonsense.

The liberals follow all their leaders blindly. MO.

We on the right disagree about who is the best one on our side to follow.

To me they are all tainted ... badly.

Except Sarah. She has not been corrupted by Washington, like all the rest have been.
"We on the right do not follow our leaders blindly. Except we all looove Sarah."

paulycy was pretty excited about a phrase Obama made in his speech in Copenhagen:
"...the way things ought to be..."




Clearly, Obama was copying from the title of Limbaugh's book!

BallyBill on the ACORN judge:

I have feeling this judge has a colorful record.

*hint* that means she's a negro!

Sarah Barracuda seems under the impression Sarah Palin's appearance on Conan was unscripted:

It was AWESOME last night! Sarah was rockin and the look on Conan and Shatner’s face were PRICELESS

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Pix

Go go Republican Purity!

Yay, derangement syndromes! A phenomenal addition to our political culture.


The Christmas version of a tired, tired joke.

Hmm. Not sure what she's winning, but I suspect that doesn't matter.



Impeach Obama

35 percent of Republicans want to impeach Obama. Freepers are ascendant. Their response? Double down on the crazy:

Red in Blue PA assumes all Republicans must be as crazy as he is:

Only 35%?????

But 15% on indys?

Color me skeptical of the low numbers.

napscoordinator can't accept some Dems are as crazy as Freepers are:

I can’t believe 10 percent for Obama by Democrats. That is amazing. I wonder what the Republicans percentage would have been for President Bush...I don’t think 10 percent...however Democrats would have had a bigger percentage than 35 percent for President Bush that is for sure. They hated President Bush way more than Republicans hate President Obama. The Democrats were crazy with their hatred...we are just sorta verbally saying we hate Obama...big difference.

Man50D brings up the inevitable:
Only a President can be impeached. BO can't be impeached since he has refused to prove his natural born citizenship with a birth certificate.
Also 1000 silverlings:

Well he took two oaths, no telling what was in them

You mean the ones administered by Republican golden boy John Roberts? Where one of them was televised live to millions?

Navy Patriot doesn't want to impeach Obama yet, cause if we wait we'll get the police state he's looking forwards to:
Not me, I want to wait a while. I think America should have a larger more concentrated dose of Obamunism, until the disease is so painful and debilitating that the recovering victims form vigilance committees to hunt and sterilize the carriers of the pathogen, Marxism.
Forward the Light Brigade has such an awful picture of Obama in his head, he assumes impeachment will just flow naturally:

I believe there will be scandals coming that will make what Tiger Woods is facing look like a choir boy. I bet his arrogance is such that hes got a whole bunch of lovers—men as well as women. Corruption is rampant in Chicago and I think there may well be some dark scandals unknown now but will come out in time. The very fact that he wee weeed on his anti-war pals will help to bring these out. The danger to Obama is from the Left—not the right. Once the MSM turns on him it will all be over. Give it a year at most...

poodle knows him some high crimes.

You don’t have to cite the Globalists to speak of corporate rule in America that is run by a private central bank in defiance of the Constitution.

All you say is FDA. As long as it is openly criminal the president that lets it continue is criminal, Republican or Democrat. There is no republic. There is corporatocracy.

Wow, so I assume he was all about impeaching W. as well!

Obama co-opts Palin's rhetoric

Obama's speech for the Nobel was something most sane(ish) Conservatives liked. It was all about a muscular US military presence.

Freepers, on the other hand, don't care about mere words. At least, when Obama says them. When Palin says Obama totally copied from her book, well, those words matter!


I think Sarah has learned that words mean nothing. Only ACTIONS AND DEEDS count. She made her point in comparing Obama and Bush very smoothly. And showed Obama for what he really is and his attitude toward America and its defense.

plain talk is all about rational conservatism:
"I liked what he said," Palin told USAToday in an interview after the speech.

I didn't. I don't like anything Obama says. Not sure what Palin found so wonderful.
El Cid seconds the closed minds brigade:
I didn't hear the speech - but I'm with you. When a liar, and con man who is bent on turning the United States into a God-less Socialist state, speaks -- I'm really not too interested on how well he reads words off a teleprompter. He'll say whatever will win him the most transitory popularity - and then proceed on his dark course...
Sarah Barracuda thinks Obama copied from Palin. Hubris always ends well.

Yeah, some of the stuff he said today came directly from her of course she is going to like it, IT CAME OUT OF HER MOUTH..Hmmm, but but I thought Obama didnt read her book, I guess he did now didnt he

Gator113 attempts to reconcile Palin seeming to support Obama with everything Obama says being wrong:

Anyway, I do not accept that Palin was “praising” his speech, instead, she is being very clever—very calculated. She insulted Obama, locked him into a corner, and in a very intelligent fashion.

Saying Obama copied off her - super clever!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freeper Philosophy

Freepers grapple with the conundrum of how having the government look in everyone's bedroom is small government. Lovers of logical fallacies, rejoice!

puts forth the most common argument:

Socially liberal people want the government to uproot conventional morality, which supports liberty, and replace it with an alternate morality that can only support tyranny. They aren't trying to get government out of anyone’s life. They are every bit as judgmental as anyone else. They just want government to judge those who disapprove of sodomy, drug abuse and abortion instead of sodomites, junkies and abortionists.

See, liberals neglect the freedom to take away other peoples' liberty, then you're all set!

fluffdaddy enlarges on his previous thesis:

Conventional morality can’t be tyrannical. It’s conventional because most people accept it. People don’t need to be forced into thinking abortion, homosexuality, and drug abuse are wrong. The shoe is on the other foot. Social liberalism is inherently tyrannical and your whole view of social issues is completely incoherent.

A bunch of black guys might want to speak to you about this tyranny of the majority idea. Also the majority of people who don't want to ban abortion.

Welcome2thejungle doesn't have that subtly:

Homosexual behaviour is also highly addictive and unhealthy and spreads deadly diseases and emotional disorder. Yes many are seemingly “normal” and appear to live respectable lifestyles and are in monogamous relationships. But with homosexuals that is far from the norm.

Yes, hating on gays is worth the social costs! That's why freepers are all about outlawing alcohol as well!

MNJohnnie accuses the other side of hypocrisy and then calls it a day:

The Socially Liberal want to impose their moral views on everything from murdering children in the womb to homosexuality on everyone else. When the majority object to that agenda, the Social Liberals rush to the Courts demanding their personal political opinions on these issues be imposed ON the majority.

The hypocrites here are the "Social Liberals" who posturing as defenders of Liberty while demanding their narrow personal political dogmas on social issues be imposed by Court fiat since they cannot win at the ballot box.
Because liberals are all about forcing people to get abortions.

prefers spending money putting abortion doctors in jail because forcing women to have babies makes them care for themselves better. Wait...
If you are a social liberal, you can not be a fiscal conservative because amorality leads to disease and the inability to care for yourself and your offspring which increases the welfare rolls and crime. Total social freedom (non-judgementalism) requires a large police and welfare state to manage those who do not choose to live morally in life and who are not taught to live morally as is the case in our liberal schools.
Enforcing morality is cheaper than the consequence because freepers say it is!

I leave you with Grampa Dave who tells us a story in lieu of an argument:

We know a couple, who have proudly bragged about being Fiscal Conservatives and Socially Liberal.

They have been hit hard by the financial meltdown and owe everyone they could get a loan from with zero payments in over a year. They haven’t paid a mortgage payment in about two years.

Now the husband appears to have a Sugar Mommy over 800 miles away, where he is supposedly starting a new business. He goes there for a couple of weeks at a time and doesn’t call or contact his wife during his travel. He is never where, he is supposed to be. The public agencies in the far away city, which he supposedly is setting up training programs for, don’t know who he is, or anything about his so called company.

The wife complains that that he doesn’t give her any money, she doesn’t have money for groceries, and it costs $70 to fill up her 2 year old Mercedes. When we suggest that she sell her expensive Rolex and similiar items, which she still has, her eyes get glassy and she ignores us and others with similiar suggestions. Supposedly, no one wants to buy her Mercedes.

In retrospect, she was a peacenik hippie re made in to a high society liberal and supposedly financial conservative.

Well, if that one totally true anecdote isn't proof that social liberalism leads to evil socialism, I don't know what is!

Hitchens v. Palin

Can you guess which conservative Freepers rally behind?

2ndDivisionVet knows what it means to disagree with Our Sarah:
Are all homosexuals this bitter and misogynistic?
MrB is off the wall as always:

You have to understand that “secessionism” is the WORST “ism” ever to exist, as far as an elitist leftist is concerned.

Secession trumps all their control fantasies.

Hitchens calls her campaign one of “populism”, when in reality, it is simply anti-elitist. No one has the ability, the right, and especially not the duty to make our individual decisions for us.

Because there is no way being anti-elitist is populist at all!

wac3rd also has something random to say for no reason:

The Liberal loves Mao but hates Reagan.

They are clinically insane and should be treated as such.

For the record, the original article mentions Nixon, but says nary a word on Regan or Mao.

Nosterrex has the poop on Hitchens:
Hitchens is a very vocal Atheist, and he may be bi-sexual, but he is married. One of the reasons that he hates the idea of god is that it limits his sexual activities. I would have been shocked if Hitchens had anything good to say about Palin. Hitchens used to be a member of the socialist party in England. Nothing is more offensive to Hitchens than a religious conservative.
Scotsman will be Free hates whatever Sarah hates:

Oooooh no! A “secessionist”. What a horrible person. Didn’t like Hawaii. Jumping jimminy, what a travesty. I didn’t like it either. It’s filled with caucasian hating racists who happen to be of asian descent.

Damn whitey-hating Asians of Hawaii!

War on Chrismas

Should have known what with the scary black Muslim in the White House this would be a heluva narrative on Free Republic. Anyhow, it begins:

Dems_R_Losers starts with what passes for light inuendo among freepers:
This is why the family is going to Hawaii. They don't want to answer questions about why they do not celebrate Christmas like normal Christian Americans do.

I once knew a Pentecostal Baptist family who did not celebrate Christmas with tress or gift-giving. But I don't think this is why the Obamas do not celebrate it....
Sacajaweau knows what it means if you say 'happy' not 'merry'
There's a Muslim think about days coined "Happy". Happy Brithday, Happy Christmas...are not celebrated by Muslims.
Lawdoc fights back with symbolism:

I hung my White House Christmas ornaments upside down on my tree. I thought it appropriate given the circumstances.

GnuHere closes the little loophole of Obama doing some Christmas like stuff:
everything they do for the traditional WH Christmas celebrations will be a charade and they will be throwing up in their mouths a little bit
Merlinator riffs off the title of the article:

It’s too bad [Obama's] parents weren’t both neutered before they created their Big Mistake

As a retired Prot pastor, I stand with my Catholic friends in denouncing this faux CIC and faux Messiah in allowing liberalism to run rampant in not only the WH displays but in all 50 states as the Judeo-Christian WorldView is dissed by these pagans. And make no mistake, liberals are pagans.
...not sure what the whole pagan thing means, but I do hope it becomes a meme.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday potpourri.

yefragetuwrabrumuy has a plan to fix DC:

It has long been time for the District of Colombia to become a federal reservation. By this I mean the systematic purchase of all lands in the district, so that in its entirety it is US national property, with the exception of foreign embassies, whose grounds are by law the sovereign territory of their respective nations, as are our embassies in their lands.

Many of the buildings in the District could then be torn down, and the infrastructure beneath them improved, then they would remain public park until needed for federal buildings, monuments and other needs.

The roadways could be restricted to only inspected VIP vehicles and public transportation, with alternative routes for trucks bringing supplies and materials into the district. All businesses operating in the city would do so by federal lease, to include the Watergate hotel complex.

Automatic sidewalks, such as are used in some long airport concourses, could rapidly convey pedestrians over the more popular routes.

The end result would be a city stripped of its ghetto and most street crime, with little or no automotive congestion, much easier to access by the public and tourists, with far more park land, space for memorials, and the enlargement of currently cramped federal buildings in the district.

It would no longer have the need for a city council, school board, or other such civic organization.

It'll render some Americans homeless, but they are just Dems anyhow, so who cares?

BlueStateBlues sees the horrors of DC's gay marriage law:

This means gays can get married at the Lincoln Memorial, within sight of the Capitol Building, on the sidewalk outside of the White House, or anywhere they damn well please in D.C. Some gay photo-ops to come. Let’s see them try to get married at one of the war memorials.


Dr. Eckleburg reveals Freepers hated Vietnam all along:
And here we thought he was Carter when he was actually LBJ in drag all along. God help us.
Wow, I thought they loved them some Nam. I wonder what made them change their minds?

on Patton:

Wow!!! That was great. I love reading Patton’s speeches. I would give anything for an entire officer corps - Navy, Army, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, to be filled right now with Patton clones. I have a feeling that 0bozo & his fellow demoRAT socialists would be sitting in a military brig, awaiting trials for treason!!!

july4thfreedomfoundation has a fantasy:

“CBS News projects Sarah Palin as the winner in the State of Michigan!” “NBC News has projected that Sarah Palin has carried the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!” “ABC News has projected that Sarah Palin has won the State of California. Charlie, this is the first time a Republican has carried California since George H. Bush won the state in 1988!”
“CBS News is ready to call ten more states....Florida, Ohio, Texas. Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota have all been won by Sarah Palin. Based on the earlier states we’ve called, CBS is now declaring Sarah Palin as the official winner of tonight’s Presidential election. President-elect Palin now has 350 electoral votes and counting. She only needed 270 to win. Barack Obama will be be giving his concession speech in 20 minutes.”

Cause the reality based community is for losers!


If people don’t sound like Lord Monckton, I kind of think they are in on the criminal conspiracy, which is exactly the way I see the NYT, CBS, NBC, and ABC. This is what Lord Monkton sounds like:

Unsurprisingly, according to the wiki, the key to not being in on the conspiracy is to think there is a conspiracy.

wintertime has an earthy metaphor for all you all:

The parents are in their 20s and 30s and have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the Marxist dialects of relativism and entitlement. The parents are uttering incapable of discerning good from evil themselves. Their teachers are also in their 20s and 30s and products themselves of the same government K-12 indoctrination.

It's like asking blind people to be seeing eye dogs by using their own gouged out eyes.

bert on Obama the warmonger:

America will go to war because war is the only to save the Obama Presidency from total oblivion.

Fast Moving Angel on the Confederacah!
I've been doing research for a book in progress and the more I read, the more I sympathize with the Southern viewpoint. The root cause of the Civil War was money (which is at the bottom of nearly every conflict in one way or another). The South got tired of having to pay tariffs equating to 80% of running the government and getting virtually nothing in return. Slavery was on its way out in the Southern states anyway.
JoeFromSidney on how war is all that truly means anything:
We deduce the possibility of peace from the fact that there are intervals between wars. Other than that, we have no evidence for the possibility of peace.