Friday, July 31, 2015

Spotlight Friday: no-to-illegals

Mostly incoherent, but being a regular donor covers a multitude of sins, as does an almost childlike worship of Free Republic's monopoly on truth.

I have no idea what's wrong with him, but he rarely posts on the subject of the original post, and often neglects to let the reader in on what subject he's on about. And his use of random 'quotes' does not help.

There is kind of a poetry to his mad postings, though.

That isn't to say that he's too confused to be a Freeper. He hews to the usual despair and loathings.

You don’t hear people today talk about contemporary slavery. That would take the focus off our traditional slavery, and they’ll never do that across the board IMO.

ashen ... the end? Let your decision ‘roll’
A day without you:
a day without you is finding the rainbow has told lies ... 10,000 watching and they have no idea ....
and without Free Republic there would be no truth ...
The truth is not far away...
the ‘righteous’ spell ... You and I know ... thus the ‘truth’ is not that far away ... You are not that far away ... I know you Love America!
dirty sweet
Register your dog, cat, all the mice living in you house, the fleas living on your dog...
There doesn’t seem to be any law that prevents it.

you understand the limits ... ain’t it ‘dirty sweet’ ?
Part of a long string of posts of cooking instructions on a thread about voter fraud
instructional ‘cooking ship’ ... take the ‘big slab’ of bacon ... make the bacon bed ... First up ... Navy and ‘no’ mac and cheese’
How to deal with Muslims
My agreement ... is best to ‘pork’ ‘em ... that way ‘We’ rule ...
The Air Force Fleet?
so close ... no matter how far. Forever ... Trusting AF in whom you are. Fly high ... Stand-by ... Prepare the fleet!
Don't go chasing George Washingtons:
isn’t it terrible when the Nation’s Peoples go looking for a George Washington inside our borders?
He makes lots of Rolling Stone and Doors references:
‘Red’ Doors and then is painted ‘black’ ... Nobody wants to face the facts .... for it would be ‘black and blue’
No idea.
We are ‘cloned’ Darks ... We are ‘cloned’. Perfecting your perfection without ‘cream and sugar’ please.
sing your death song
jeb’s interpretation for Americans is ... if they point a gun at you illegally ... surrender and sing your death song.
Liberals hate Veterans
just those ‘haters’ hatin’ those keepin’ Citizens Safe. Can’t fund those keepin’ Citizens Safe. How’s them Citizens gonna be made dead if care is given to Veterans? Demoralize the Veterans, Spit on Veterans, Defund Veterans and the Veterans will stop protecting Citizens from politicians ... or that is what politicians believe. How to Kill A Nation is Done By Killing the Veterans.
Dark Silk:
Dark Silk is the sweepings but the taste is ‘good’
re: pathway to citizenship
What is taking place (imho) is an invitation for a complete and full invasion force to come. The applause from our enemies is deafening. How fast can a nation commit suicide? One for the History books. Am doubting the History will be written though. The victors write the History and then rewrite it.
Just as crazy in 2011:
Thinking Spring and Summer of 2013 may hold secrets just as Spring and Summer of 2016 will. Probably good nobody can foresee the future, though some things need to be predicted, for the unknown to be known
The importance of names:
I feel terrible ... can’t find the name of shooter anywhere. We need this information for to protect and serve, Nationwide (imho).
Full investigative mode:
odd this person is mentioned as a KKK member ... we might have to go full investigative mode to find out if we have the truth.
Liberty Bell Eyes of Knights:
not the first time am looking at Liberty Bell and looking into Eyes of Knights ... Not the First Time
Scary night time:
My God ... nearing last post ... Will a shadow hide tonight?
Not every American the Chinese kidnap is subhuman:
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that well over 75% of the Chinese in this country are ACTIVE spies for China. How long before Americans with high security clearances start disappearing off the streets? And we’ll know why, as well.

people have been ‘disappeared’ from the streets for years ... many were more than sub-human ... don’t tell the media ... they might figure out they are on a list too.
IMO, His Magnum Opus:
Thank You Lord ... Pants Fell to Knees ... Too Loose A Belt ... Show US Lord ... May Our Knees Fall and May this Ground Be only a ‘heart beat’ away

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hating Hillary

An interesting side effect of the constant drum-beat of "Hillary is obviously evil" is that the right has begun to believe the obvious part so much that it's decided she is about to be hauled off to jail, or at least drop out of the Presidential race. And this isn't just Freepers - it's beginning to bubble up to the more fringe right-wing blogs like PJ tattler.

Not that such a preemptive scalp does anything but stoke Freepers nearly incoherent rage at her. But they mix in some gloating and super unrealistic analysis of the Democratic state of play, just to keep things interesting.

Diana in Wisconsin is sure Bernmentum will sweep Hillary away:
You just KNOW something is afoot when you see NO ‘Hillary!’ bumper stickers in, ‘The People’s Republic of Madistan.’

I have already seen a handful of Bernie Sanders bumper stickers, though!

She. Is. Toast.
Fungi knows the best predictions are spite-inspired:
The Hildabeast from Hell is in free fall, she will never get past the primaries and will never be president.
Eddie01 is rocking the sick 2012 burns:
At this point, what difference does it make

A lot bitch.
I want the USA back just goes with the tired witch joke:
It will be fun to watch the old hag cackle as she melts down into a pool of slush.
SamAdams76 is also going for the unoriginal:
The only demographic group Hillary appears to be winning is the bitter mother-in-law demo.
Pikachu_Dad comes up with some new material, though he leans on alliteration more than is my taste:
We need 3 C’s.

Catastrophic Clinton Collapse is good

Colossal Clinton Collapse also good.

Corrupt Catatonic Clinton Collapses Catastrophically would be even nicer.
Fungi expounds on the Clinton couple:
[Bill Clinton] has no home life. I doubt the two have slept in the same bed since who knows when. His time is spent on private planes flying to hedonistic affairs across the globe. These people are pure evil.
UCANSEE2 likes to keep his supervillians through administration transitions:
The problem with Hillary withdrawing is that Elizabeth Warren will take her place. If Warren can win, VAL JARRETT gets to keep her position. v She intends to keep her position.
I loved Freepers' speculative cloak-and-dagger thriller between the Clintons and Obamas. HoosierWordsmith is still on about it!
The DOJ inquiry into the Hildabeast’s emails and private server has to be a shot across the bow from ValJar and Odumbo. Dims just never attack other Dims like this with criminal intent! They almost always circle the wagons, protect.

There are still 16 months until the election. If the Dim power structure can ease the Beast out by years end, there might be time for the squaw from Massachusetts, the junior Hamlet on the Hudson, or maybe even Uncle Joe to jump in the race.
Eddie01 is sure Hillary will soon withdraw. Also, sexism!
Hillary will withdraw do to faked grave illness - take your pick.

Elizabeth Warren is in the bullpen. Waiting in the shadows to emerge as the new vajayjay on parade.

sorry lady freepers but this is what we are dealing with...
WENDLE lays out how Hillary will be prosecuted any day now:
Obviously she lied to government officials in Congress. Those that have helped her ( including her “lawyers” )are guilty of aiding and abetting and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

I understand that DOJ will not do their constitutional job but that is irrelevant . Any aggrieved party ( opposing candidate) may approach a Federal judge and seek removal of DOJ for conflict of interest. The Judge may do that and appoint a special counsel to his /her court to investigate and report. The judge can use the power of judicial order to effect the enforcement of his orders and compel compliance or hold violators in contempt and have them failed in a facility of his choosing until they comply.

Hillary is going down very soon . I expect candidates to begin to promise prosecution next week. Demorats have nobody in the wings.
Menehune56 analyzes the hell out of a wholly fictional strawman:
Somehow I can’t see Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley getting the nod because the Dem party how much can get done having a minority who’s exempt from all criticism. Elizabeth Warren excites their base but her native-american falsehoods will inhibit her ability to play the race card. This makes me think they’re going for another light skinned, articulate AA guy. Cory Booker or Deval Patrick come to mind.
bert is sure Obama is so hated, no Dem can win in 2016:
the wonderful fact of history is that all democrats know that the black plague in the white house destroys the chances of any democrat to win the presidency in 2016. No sane Democrat of substance will even try
datura has cleverly realized the Communist Democrats are throwing the election, because Commies always have a plan *dramasting*:
The Rats know that Obozo has left enough land mines behind him in office to cripple our nation after he leaves, and the new President will be blamed for all of it.

Communism always has a long range plan.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

With charity towards none, resentment towards all

A bunch of churches got together to provide clothes and haircuts for beleaguered Ferguson residents.

Freepers hear that Ferguson is getting some free stuff, and immediately explode in anger that the wrong people are getting help.

And by wrong, I mean black.

Second Amendment First thinks of charity as earned:
Rewarded with more free stuff.
Gene Eric finds the idea that charity brings hope to be contemptible:
Hope is derived from free stuff?

Fiddlstix has condemned all of Ferguson for the riots:
They destroy their own town and now they are getting freebies....
The inmates have taken over the asylum....
MeshugeMikey resents other people getting something he does not:
as part of an effort to offer residents a stress-free day.

Oh ISNT THAT just Ever So Special though??

when I gets My Strezz Free Day at??
cport kinda layers kids these days with racism:
Even my idiot son knows better than to reward his child with stuff after a tantrum. The older generation of blacks knew struggle and took nothing for granted, and when given the opportunity, often succeeded in whatever endeavor they applied themselves to. Enter lazy parent LBJ and his new-new deal, and we have the resultant spoiled generation of gibbmedat children.
dfwgator makes a blacks hate education joke!
The local Barnes and Noble offered free books, but there were no takers.
caww is sure any charity towards blacks will go to drugs:
Though a church outreach program...seems to me a lot of what they save will likely go toward the drugs that got them in the place they're in in the first place....hopefully they had tents offering that.
itsahoot met some greedy children 35 years ago. They were black, and so a conclusion was drawn:
My wife is a retired school teacher and about 35 years ago she worked in a small Oklahoma town that believe it or not had no black children, lot of Cherokee, no black.

A missionary preacher and his wife came to town with two black children they had adopted and there was a meet and great that I attended.

Believe it or not when I went to speak to the children the first word out of their mouth was, "What did you bring me?"
Fiddlstix stokes his outrage by assuming somehow his tax dollars were secretly involved:
I have no idea who paid for lunch however given the location and circumstances I’d bet taxpayers did in the end.
Corky Ramirez has a fraught analogy:
Akin to giving the native Americans blankets and beads.
Gaffer analogizes blacks to savage beasts:
Imagine you are in a sieged fortress with lions outside. The only way to keep them from storming the walls and killing everyone in a feeding frenzy is to feed them every day. Day in day out. When you stop, they aren’t going to remember how nice you were. And while you’re feeding them, you still can’t go outside unprotected because they will kill you for the fun of it. It is their nature, it is their way.
WhirlwindAttack gets what Gaffer is laying down:
Get rid of the lions. Problem solved.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The latest Tea Party mass shooter

Personally, I think just about every adult mass shooter is a crazy person, and looking for an ideology, political or otherwise, is silly.

But for Freepers, everything is partisan, and thus every mass shooter is liberal.

Well, they really had to work at it this time. Before the latest shmoe decided to shoot up a movie theatre and them himself, he was a member of Tea Party Nation, posting right wing rants indistinguishable from the stuff here.

Even confronted with such evidence, Freepers couldn't even allow one mentally ill bad apple in their Conservative perfection. Because delusions mean you never need to settle for reality:

Amazingly, twister881 blames Amy Schumer:
Ban slovenly, vulgar “comediennes” who make movies so bad they cause deranged Tea Partyers to shoot up the audience.
BerniesFriend is sure this was the wrong guy:
Looks like an incredible coward..shot up innocent people and then wanted to flee but didn't like others with guns..keep up the good work with gun-free zones libs..oh and I guess the media still hasn't learned..a tea party person from Alabama has the same name..sigh..
al_c seems to have forgotten that the majority of mass shooters are white:
And there ya have it … the media/left finally got themselves a white shooter. They are overjoyed.
Cowboy Bob may even be serious:
Police searched his hotel room this morning and found wigs and other disguises.

Sounds like he was a transsexual.
Arm_Bears has some airtight logic:
“Drifter” = No visible means of support = DemocRAT
jsanders2001 lays out how Tea Party Nation is fake, and it's all specOps!
This complete fabricated bull$hit. The signs are all there.

Member of a FAKE Tea Party group run by a lawer who doesn’t pay his bills and belives in big government. Does that sound like a Tea Party member to you? Other REAL Tea Party members are even saying he’s fake.

And then the shooter. A guy who is reportedly homeless yet he’s staying in a Motel 6 and has a handgun and wigs and disguises and he supposedly used to own a bar and several business but he disappears off the radar sometime in 2006?

Really? You know what this sounds like? A spec op. You know who else has disappears off the grid for years? Spooks. And they borrow other people’s identities or use fake ones that are completely fabricated that the feds create for them through credit agencies. I know this for a fact.

Does all of this sound like bull$hit to you? It should.
Oh, it sounds like bullshit to me. Increasingly desperate bullshit.

But jsanders2001 is secure, that a more palatable 'truth' will be decided upon
the Hillary Clinton emails and Benghazi, the Muslim Brother connections and appointmentx in the WH, the fake Obama birth certificate posted online...Even murders by setail killers that happened decades ago get solved after the fact. Truth has a way of coming to light.
sport wonders if the War has begun at last:
Things are going, to put it mildly, get interesting.
They finally got what they wanted, a person that could be linked to the words, “Tea Party”. Now they can begin the demonization of Tea Party members along the line[s] of “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang[s]”. They now have a murderer’s face to use as a visual aid. Whether they use the Waco’s fifth column or create another to aide in the demonization remains yet to be seen. But we will see how it shakes out.
GOPJ is all set to wonder about mind control:
The original ‘white middle class, middle aged, white conservative man’ as violent terrorist was a made up meme. Pure political manipulation.

It’s as if a PR group put out the meme that 10 year old girls were a major threat... Convinced people - then faltered when there were almost no examples of 10 year old girls being threats. What would the solution be to keep the meme going?

The first kid’s reaction - the church killer - was he ‘was suppose to kill himself’ but ran out of bullets. Odd. That kid needs to be seriously ‘debriefed’... also a black friemd of that killer went on record saying he knew his friend wasn’t racist...

If this happens again within a few months I’m going wonder about Manchurian possibilities..
Old Sarge laments how liberals don't care about truth:
Thaere’s the rub: it doesn’t matter if he’s actually a tea partier or not - the connection must be put out there for the millenials to re-tweet.

Remember: “It’s not the facts of the case, it’s the seriousness of the charge!”

This is Agenda Support Operations by the MSM, and the facts don’t matter.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Ouderkirk waxes White Supremacist.
For 2500 years we, whites, have produced the best minds on the planet, the greatest flourishing of the arts and sciences ever seen, the most complex and organized societies. We have White Supremacy/Priveledge, whatever exactly it may be, because we have been the earth’s most successful race. No other has come close. That’s what bothers them the most.
RipSawyer explains how ugly and awful Hillary is, and how attractive and charismatic Obama is:
Hillary doesn’t have the advantage Barry Obama had. Everyone knows her history and background. Barry, with the help of a fawning media, was able to keep his more or less hidden

She lacks a lot of other advantages Obama had, he was a tall, young, mixed race but claiming to be black man who was considered by many to be quite handsome, she is a short, squat, fat old white woman. He had a deep speaking voice, she sounds like an angry cat. He could smile and chuckle at the right point, she cackles at the wrong point. Although I never considered him “cool” millions considered him the epitome of cool, anyone who considers Hillary cool is probably not eligible to vote because they are under the care of a guardian or confined to a mental institution. In short, if the GOP can manage to lose to such a zero as Hillary Clinton it is all over but the crying.
yefragetuwrabrumuy gives tactical advice to the people guarding recruiting stations from Muslim attack:
Tactically speaking, they shouldn’t be standing out in front of the recruiting station. Instead they should be a discreet distance away, with a concealed carry weapon, and immediate cover and hopefully concealment from any return fire.

If needed, their first shots should be stabilized, and the downrange from their shots checked ahead of time.

Finally, beware of car bombs.
OftheOhio met some gays once, and never forgot:
Vamperic gayness, of course.

What in the world is that?

When I was in my twenty’s I was at a acquaintance and his wife’s house. Some of their gay friends showed up a bit later and were sitting around the table looking quite white and sizing me up. They in truth looked like a bunch of vampires. I left immediately. Hence the definition.
Yaelle is really happy about Trump:
Fellow FReepers, who thought a few short months ago that we here would be ENJOYING campaign 2016 by July?? Both Trump and Cruz are killing it. We have so longed for someone to step up and slam the Dem / gope / media cabal. This is like a really good political dream we don't want to wake from. Who knows where it ends, but this is good.
On the other hand, mcshot does not like life:
Am I living in a nightmare or something?

You are far from living it alone and it is real.
areukiddingme1 is one of the few Warriors left:
We have descended into three groups;

Pajama Boys/Girls (All Obama voters)

Sheep (some Obama voters and some lazy Americans)

Warriors (Conservatives)
RushIsMyTeddyBear is trying to pull a 'Democrats are the party of racism' with birthers:
Trump PROMISED some big revelation about Obama’s birth certificate and then he pulled an Al Capone’s vault. He made a laughingstock of all Obama’s critics. You can just ignore his big claims and then total failure?

Which originated in Hillary’s camp,
Some yahoo Lonely Bull accidentally shoots their gun off as they're guarding a recruiting station. False flag!!
I just wonder if some Obama supporter might have shown up with an AR-15 and pulled a good ol' boy routine:

"Why, shucks, fellas, it sure is good to be heah with y'all. Got to keep them A-rabs in line, y'know" [BAM!] "Well, gosh darn it, looks like I done fired mah assault rifle. Must be my magazine was too durn big. I surely hope they don't chase y'all away on account 'o me."

Though similar suspicions aren't my best (current!) guess about what happened there, they were quick to come to my mind.
Liz's analysis of that edited Planned Parenthood secret tape gets naughty:
I watched Dr Deborah on the depraved is this P/P sicko?

She actually looked like was sexually tuned on, discussing baby body parts.

Then FR ran a pic of the pro-life undercover guy lunching w/ her.

He’s very it looks like Dr Deb was looking for a roll in the hay.

Maybe he’s got videos of Dr Deb pulling out condoms...asking him to pick a size?
Buckeye McFrog ain't wrong:
There is absolutely no downside to dissing McCain.

NOBODY likes him.
JennysCool pins her hope on those conservative Gen-Xers:
The “activists” of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s who have been running government for more than a decade are getting old, heading for retirement homes, or dying off. Their hysterical desire to get ALL of their “Summer of Love” causes (racial “injustice,” pot legalization, “saving” the environment, gay rights, etc.) codified into law before the more conservative Reagan-era kids take power has roiled this country to the point that common sense people are simply saying “ENOUGH!”
LibWhacker has quite a reaction to a Seattle recycling law:
It’s slavery, pure and simple. Everyone is made an unpaid employee of the state, to do whatever the state says he must do. There is no end to this, save massive violence and tyrants hanging from every lamppost.
Obama is so lawless, july4thfreedomfoundation does not care about the Constitution anymore:
If you’re born here you should get a birth certificate. I really don’t see how Texas can get away with this.

I don’t like the anchor baby crap but being born here makes on a citizen. There’s no getting around it.

Sure there is. Obama doesn’t obey laws that he doesn’t like.
Texas should do the same.
kvanbrunt2 has quite an interpretation of the recent Supreme Court decisions:
sorry polygamy is legal in the US as there is no longer any law here, SCOTUS said so. Shiria or any other is the law of the land
max americana continues with the 'all mass shooters are liberal' BS.
Every shooter in the past 5 years alone were obama butt lickers. That’s why the MSM are somewhat subdued.
Amagi also assumes a comforting the narrative.
The pattern repeats.
A crazy man shoots innocent people.
The lame stream media rushes to smear him with a deludge of reports as a Tea Bagger/Republican/Christian/NRA//racist/homophobe/xenophobe/sexist/Global Warming denier/etc.
The drumbeat quickens to abrogate the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
Later the truth trickles out that the perp is another sick Obama supporter.
More on this desperate spin tomorrow.

Cyclops08 goes hardcore ad-hominem fallacy about some admittedly BS story about climate change scientists being assassinated:
How to tell this is a LIE:

1) the source is a liberal University Prof.
2) the simple fact that the dead are climate change scientists means this was more than likely a drug deal gone bad.
3) The good professor never went to the cops because he was “suspicious” of the police.
Cincinnatus.45-70 wants peace through Imperil Conquest!
The answer for illegal immigration here and in Europe, or “the plight of the refugees seeking sanctuary,” as the Progs would call it is very simple. The answer is to pacify their home countries with military force, so it will be safe for current refugees to go home.

Since most of the hellholes they come from are corrupt socialist satrapies, that will mean putting most of the current government officials there in re-education camps if they survive the invasion and takeover, I’m sure the returning refugees will take good care of them.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

I'm visiting my family this week, so lighter posting after today.

okie01 is sure the entire Republican primary is a conspiracy orchestrated to screw Cruz:
I’m convinced that Rove is paying Gomer and Sweater Vest to run. Why would Huckster leave a nice little one-night-a-week television show to run again when he knows there ain’t no way he’s winning the nomination?

Recruitmment was evident from the start. Gomer's job as a "favorite son" is to keep Cruz from winning South Carolina. The Huckster's job is to take evangelical votes away from Cruz in Iowa. Sweater Vest's job is to keep yet more conservative votes from Cruz in Iowa, particularly. Rick Perry may be running on his own...but they're counting on him to split the Texas vote (which comes early this time around, on March 1, Super Tuesday)

The GOPe is attempting to kill the Cruz candidacy via "death from a thousand cuts".
ladyjane has convinced herself Muslims get special rights:
We have religious freedom in this country. BUT - it’s only for those who belong to the ‘right’ religion.

Muslims are allowed to have multiple wives (and beat them too) under Sharia law.

Muslims are able to opt out of Obamacare. It’s against their religion.

Muslims can get their mortgage payments made by others (using our tax dollars) because paying interest is against their religion.
Similarly, Blood of Tyrants is sure blacks, women, and gays don't need to go through medical school:
You do not have to be smart to be a doctor. Just be the right color, sex, or sexual persuasion , Affirmative Action takes care of the rest. At one time one needed to be intelligent and many years of education, but that was then, this is now.

Heaven help the people who have appointments with affirmative action doctors.
olezip explains that Trump is so much more than a populist, because he's run for President before!
Why would you claim that Trump is nothing more than a populist? Over the years Trump has talked about running for President, thus has a track record of expressing his concerns about the direction of this country. Are not politicians measured by their accomplishments? Do you not believe that Trump can accomplish what he promises?
GrandJediMasterYoda's Constitutional analysis may lead some into trouble with the law:
The 2nd Amendment is the only valid permit. Everything else posing as a “law” is unconstitutional and void. Any person put in prison for “illegal” arms is a political prisoner put there by an enemy of the people of the United States. Until that amendment is repealed that is the reality
Lots of McCain hatred. I Fiddlstix demonstrates the level of discourse:
McInsane IS A Traitor!
Nothing More, Nothing Less!
WENDLE knows McCain had it super easy as a POW:
He was no hero. We need to see his debriefing file . Why was he called “song bird” by the communists? Why was he released first. Why did he have separate private quarters away from the other prisomers who hated him? Trump has this one right.
In his eagerness to deny that anyone he disagrees with could ever be a hero, Hostage decided no one can ever be heroic when following an order:
McCain did his duty under extremely brutal circumstances. That is commendable but it is not heroism as it was not premeditated.

If you want to know who a true hero is, look to his Commanding Officer James Stockdale.

To equate McCain’s acts with those of Stockdale’s is to render Stockdale’s Congressional Medal of Honor as a meaningless award.
Welp, so much for everyone who stormed Normandy Beach on D-Day, and a bunch of Medal of Honor winners, and Sergeant freaking York.

grania straight-up endorses lying about McCain's past if you hate him now:
This is JOHN MC CAIN Trump is taking on for heaven's sake!! The guy who bare-a**ed lied to get elected. Who enjoys watching his state be over-run by invaders. Who went to Syria, in person, to be sure ISIS got the arms from Benghazi. Who enabled and still supports Nazis in Kiev who trapped civilians in a building in Odessa and burned them alive. Who called Cruz a "whacko-bird" and Trump supporters "crazies". Who is a reliable vote AGAINST anything conservative with his gangs of Senators voting with Dems.

He's no hero. It was admirable that he endured captivity, let's give him that. But he came home and what did he do? Dump the disabled wife who stood by him for an heiress. At this point, he's an enfeebled traitor.

Sorry, dwarfs. If you defend the younger McCain, you can't ignore what he's become.
faithhopecharity thinks Jews that sometimes discuss things other than Israel are "denying themselves as human beings."
ps: one good Jewish man ran into the synagogue ... he said he saw the big crowd (several hundred in attendance) and wanted to add his help for saving Israel he assumed such a big crowd at the local synagogue at that exact emergency moment in history....must have been a save=Israel gathering

but it turned out nobody in there gave a rat’s-ass-dam* about Israel, they were discussing a (pretty good current) pop psychology paperback instead

it was almost as if they were purposely denying themselves as human beings (or Americans, or Jews)
Cowboy Bob argues Republicans are fine caring only about people just like him:
If you were to get just 70% of the White vote, there is no need to pander for the Black and Hispanic vote.

The white are fleeing the Democrat party in droves. It won't be long before the Republican get that 70%.
taxcontrol loves to beat liberals in arguments by pretending to have the following easily countered argument:
I find that in a “debate” with liberals, it is often best to start by pointing out their obvious cognitive dissonance. So in any 2nd amendment discussion, I start with the question “Who has the natural right to defend themselves if they are attacked?” Followed by “When can the government take away a person’s natural rights?”

Not that it changes the mind of the liberal - they are true believers. But I often see others around me think through that point and come to the opinion that the 2nd amendment is there to protect the right of self defense. Not the final position I want them to see but it is a reasoned starting point. It takes them to a place of logic and thought, not emotion.
Gaffer - Hillary was just born bad:
She was born bad, period. She knew everything she wanted to destroy and everything she wanted from everyone that touched her life - and those that didn’t. Above all, she knew human nature, likeability (she has none, BTW) and the power of illusion and deceit. She knew exactly how to trap that handsome two-peckered Billy Goat Bill. Those diamond shaped target pants from which the goat would be inextricably drawn until he tapped it.

Smart lady. Still evil in my opinion. Still can’t believe anything she says or anything her minions say about her.
Speaking of racism and arrogance, gr8eman...
Yankees are the most arrogant and racist people in the country. Part of their arrogance is pretending that southern folk are more racist than they are. They’ll break out the Selma, AL tape when it suits their delusions, but you will never get honesty about their ghettoes!
IDontLikeToPayTaxes thinks the problem with conservatives is insufficient hatred of liberals:
A lot of "good ol' fashioned Conservative American People" are very naive as to the viciousness of the modern Liberal. They need to wake up.
I want the USA back makes up Obama's secret thoughts about the Marines killed in Chattanooga.
The explanation that he won’t speak: “I love the ROP beyond all imagination. They can do no wrong. The soldiers who were killed were probably Christians or Jews: their lives don’t matter to me. In fact, they probably deserved their fate. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I hate the military so much that I have fired all the generals who disagree with me, and am currently in process of castrating the military by forcing it to accept homosexuals and transsexuals. I will not order the flags flown at half-staff, unless it’s ROP members who are killed. “
atc23 knows Obamacare is gonna make everyone kill themselves in frustration at having to deal with blacks:
voluntary suicide is going to be a big thing because of Obamacare - next 20-30 years, people are just going to off themselves rather than go thru end of life ordeals as if you were at the DMV awaiting service. Sneering minority “folks” wagging the finger at you . . .
Molon Labbie is super deep, guys:
Those who decry intolerance are the most intolerant of all.
bert has an idea:
and....... the northeast states forming NeoEuropa must be purged from the union
I know grey_whiskers is the local MRA chucklehead, but wow:
We’ve gone *downhill*.

Let’s repeal several amendments, and only allow male property holders to vote.

And remove the income tax.

And go back to election of US Senators by their respective state houses.

And resume punishing treason with death.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Spotlight: John S Mosby

Another one of those subtle crazies who I noticed here and there, but then figured out was consistantly a madman.

Named after a Confederate who ended up working for President Grant (neat guy - look him up), he starts with the Obama hatred, but also has a real burning rage-on for FDR and generally for revisionist history.

He's got an odd way of writing, like someone who wants to sound like an eccentric southerner, but lacks the skill. And many of his comments are littered with angry ad-hominems at the manliness of other Freepers. Add in a dose of the old 'my partisan speculation must be true' and the crazy is impressive.

Unclear on independence:
Happy Independence Day-— in name only. The South tried.
Obama and Michelle's relationship:
As in our chief executive, he of the effeminate spider leg, mack daddy tutu persuasion and his field harridan, white hating, manly butch of a wife— the only kind of woman he could rise to pollinate (while taking one for the team). No surprise they travel separately, and she’s getting it on with a member of her security (true).
Some conservative populist umbrage re: net neutrality.
This is a Republic. Not a God-damned oligarcy. Unless of course your idea of conservative is the company a@@hole at the country club clubhouse who lives off our tax money teat. Differentiate this OBAMAUMAO driven FCC regulation from ANY kind of yet again crony capitalism, just like Solyndra. Comcast kicks back Democrat donations, just like Buffett (for more than 3 decades). The mack daddy in the White Hut is lining his (and any other dem’s) pockets, for their pals in... media. To control us.
Hillary hates Marines
Hilary Clinton dishonored the Marine’s uniform when she was in the whitehouse. Maybe you were too young.

She treated the WH Marine Guard, responsible for protecting the WH from attack (as opposed to the praetorian secret service who do not do that). She treated them like waiters, in fact asking them to bring her drinks and canapes on trays. They did it, but never forgot.

Just off hand you can take your “concern” and wipe it on the 7 day sh***ers caftan. You get this “leak” from the concerned pvt gaga manning? Wuss.
"international, extra-national, extra-sovereign, criminal grifters"
Exactly— [The Clintons] are international, extra-national, extra-sovereign, criminal grifters. They have been grifters since bill went to Moscow.

Look who has given them money. Follow the money— just like Watergate was lamely prosecuted.

Selective emails— no, way. Her own server of the Country’s business— no way. The self serving public servant grifter— those of us in the South know her and him for what they ARE.
You can’t re-write this with a re-launch hitlery. You are shiite.
Wait, no, the Clinton are trained Commies!
The clintoon machine leftist user democrats— who hate all blacks but deviously get their votes (the puppet masters), are the ones behind all of this race baiting. They WANT a riot— as does obamaumao and farrakhan islamofascists.

The fact is, the clintons are a trained communist couple— amoral, ends driven and agenda driven— and this is coupled with a love of money exceeding any of the craven capitalists they “hate”. Driving a wedge between whites and blacks is straight out of the 1920s and 30s CPUSA handbook. It is well worn and has up to now— failed.
Unraveling the mystery of a 6am mugging of a news team:
And does all this at 6 AM? This was not a gang banger. It was a hired person- hired by a member of the illegal alien cartel of human traffickers, with the OK of the city government who protects the traffickers (who are the uh, source, of children for pedophilia and worse). A perverted town of sick perverted residents who indulge every evil. A town that once was the pride of WWII manufacturing and stalwart working folks.
Advocating for a new Declaration of Independence:
Would it not indeed be wise, at this juncture, to compose a similar declaration against the current federal state. That a real leader would compose same and make it his, and our declaration.

The enumeration, the list would be quite long, and the violations demonstrably agains the very Constitution to which all members of that government are sworn to uphold.

Just a thought. Much more effective than a “Contract with America” though it could be renamed from that with the proviso that the actions must be taken or independence will ensue.
Justice Roberts is totally blackmailed:
Agreed on the blackmail. They have him— for either or both of things that would destroy him personally— the backchannel adoption in South America, and/or his documented homosexual past (which, when one thinks about it— to the liberal mind should be no big deal- what with Mack Daddy Long Legs maomau in chief).
Some generalized ranting:
“The Hills are awash.... with waves of bulls$%t”

Nero had his fiddle. The singing (sort of ) mack daddy of poverty pimps presides over destruction of the US HE created.

This is like watching Ceaucescus in Romania. Meanwhile Moochelle is globe trotting to “pick up some cash” taking a diplomatic pouch cue from Hitlery. Everybody clap your hands.

Lord, please- remove these stones from our passages.
The 24 TV show tells us Torture is the Answer:
And if, as in a scene from “24” there is the possibility of millions dead from a domestically placed nuke— and torture would produce the neutralization of that potential— torture is the answer.

Not talking about much— telephone magneto with feet in bucket of water would do it most of the time. Ball peen hammer to the toes. Not what happened to McCain, over and over for NO reason other than to humiliate and persecute. He is warped by the experience and a tool of the left because of it.
Davy Crockett reminds him Obama is poop:
Crockett could have worn a beaverskin top hat in Congress. He didn’t— he chose the coonskin cap of his constituents.

Obamaumao is a distracting choom gang moron of surface scatology, to be scraped off the bottom of one’s boots.
'octomaroon' isn't as clever as he thought it is.
Even bluegrassers who can’t stand “Rocky Top” wouldn’t stand for this octomaroon singing it.
Hating on FDR for crap no one cares about anymore:
How long did it take to find out FDR (him with no leg control) was boinking his “aide” in Warmed up Springs. Years.

And then you look at Eleanor and think—”well, can understand that pretty much”. Oh, and the truth about old Eleanor and her “gal pal” carpet munchers, and Josh White and the blacks and the whole shooting match. It’s what happens after 4 terms.

But.... they were “nice” people LOL.
'the blacks?'

FDR only did World War II to distract America from his failures:
War is a major distraction— just like FDR. And everyone would have to enroll in national health for the “defense effort”. This is like russia’s use of xenophobia to distract from the CPSU and stalin’s murderous policies and starvation.

FDR did it to distract from failures to cure the Depression.
Fun with faulty comparisons!
25-30% Unemployed of the total potential workforce.

This is Depression era numbers— we are not now nor ever have been in a recovery of labor or capital.

Thanks obamaumao!
Since Spock was half-human, this idiot thinks he gets a twofer since he’s a mulatto. So, which half liked Spock? The black or the white one.

Not one shred of evidence of this clowns intellect or logic. AND, he is missing a major component of Spock.....his character, as a Vulcan, was incapable of lying.

Someone should fire back— “if you loved and identified with Spock” why have you been shown, time after time, to be a LIAR?
LEARN, newb!
You signed on in April this year. Take a seat in the back of the hall and try to LEARN... something about true FReepers- not what you’ve read in Salon’s gay boy nekulturnys screeds.

More nazi comments and the viking kitties will take care of you. Nazis were NOT conservatives— get that through your paid head. Unless you prove otherwise with conservative bona fides and positions— you are toast. Admin— take over!
World Marxism!
Have heard a “friend” talk disparagingly about George Washington and the Founders.

This is world Marxism at work. For THEIR profit and our destruction. Simply put. Someone needs to post the CPUSA “game plan” 20 plus point plan to destroy the US.

And, this is the same as the demo party platform.
Vengeance without malice:
Malice toward none. Vengeance rightfully to those who deserve it.
Just ask Freud - Gays are children!
Use of said orifice in that fashion, is said by certain schools of psychiatry,to be the result of infantile “exploration”. When it persists as a choice into adulthood, the said adults are said to be in a state of infantilism. That is, childish acting.

When examining either male or female queers, and their screaming about minutiae of their minority and their concocted self absorbed “rights”, it is hard not to think of all of them (ALL of them) as children. To which they would demand of us-— “so what, what’s wrong with that?” Answer- everything, and is so when heteros act like children. Bad outcomes for the rest of society either way.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Trump Madness sets in

Trump may be sucking all the Oxygen out of the RNC room, but he's sucking the blood out of Free Republic.

I usually spent about an hour or so a day on this blog. But I spent quite a bit more than that looking for any threads that were not related to "the distraction with traction."

Oh, they're there, but they're all anemic, little posts devoid of any of attentive rage that makes the site go.

Alright, screw it. A last Trump post to finish off the week. Because it's not only empty cheering for an asshole; there are pre-Giulliani-purge-esque fault lines forming.

Trump says if he's not treated 'fairly' he's totally more likely to go third party. On anyone else, I'd say it's a calculated threat to get headlines and cow the GOP into submission. But Trump? Who knows. The few anti-Trump Freepers are horrified. But most of them are too full of hateful love to care.

RoosterRedux thinks this is just a clever tactic:
Of course Trump should be threatening the RNC with a third party run if they try to pull any of their typical RINO nonsense.

You are correct.

That's the way business deals are cut.

He wants Priebus to bring his dogs into line.
Mouton finds Trump has been inconsistent. Proof of media perfidy!
funny, saw an article two days ago wherein Trump was quoted saying he would not go third party.

Remember this, most get flack when they are right over the target.
grania makes the usual comparison Freepers make when they're in love.
Would he make a good President?

I remember that question in the first election when Reagan was elected. The answer was that Reagan knew his strengths and weaknesses, and would bring in excellent advisors and govern well with them.

So, my answer would be, for sure, Trump will be a great President. With the personal contact he's had with talented people all over the world, nobody could put together a greater team to maybe save the US than he can.

The question should be, "The US is in such horrible decline, can even Trump save us?"
Could the Trump-Reagan photoshop beat the best??

JLAGRAYFOX just wants to burn this bastard to the ground:
I still keep my Republican registration, so that I can vote in Republican primaries, but in my heart I am now considered an Independent.

Having said that....I urge Donald Trump to seriously consider running as a third party candidate, which will insure that the Republicans will lose the POTUS election, in 2016!!! The country, of course, will continue to come apart and fail, as well as being openly attacked by the enemies of the USA.....
NFHale hates how petty and egostistical all the non-Trump candidates are being:
It’s time the R party learned a lesson. Their tactics aren’t working. The rest of the Rs need to put their big-boy britches on and start running their own campaigns. They aren’t exactly giving us anything exciting to vote for. They are like a bunch of ankle biters nipping at his heels because, in reality, they are jealous as they see their own hopes going down the drain. And, truth be known, most of them aren’t showing leadership, just pettiness.

How about they just start acting like grown Men instead of whiny little bitches, and put the needs of the Country ahead of their own egos...
don-o - Joe Biden: the Trump of the Democrats:
The Stupid Party is making quite a bed for themselves. A Smart Party would be reacting to Trump just like the Evil Party reacts to Joe Biden.
Truth29 Allows that Cruz might be better than Trump:
I’d give the election a pass before voting for Trump.

Better Trump than Jeb "Act of Love" Bush and better Cruz than either of them.
randita's from 1997, so she'll clam up when the purges come:
Trump reminds me of my 3 year old grandchild. “Wah, wah, wah...look at me...look at me.”

That anyone could take this man seriously as a presidential candidate stymies me.
eartick has some great insights, if you read between the lines:
I personally believe that one single person could not hurt the “GOP brand” anymore than what it is hurting right now.

We gave the GOP the House and the Senate and what have they done? Aided and abetted the _Resident Muslim.

They have undeniable proof of lawlessness in the Obama administration. Almost every alphabet organization has broken the law and what has the GOP in the House and Senate done about it? Nothing. They hold “special committee” meetings so the chest thumpers can get in front of the camera.

You have a white hating Eric Holder who lies under oath, is caught and should have been put in jail goes free. Then who is allowed by the GOP to be replaced by an even more white hating black female.

No, the GOP brand destroyed it’s own brand
The Republican Party been stoking the fires of personally-directed paranoid populism for a long time now. Trump's ad-hominem antics are just the next level.

Alex Jones 2020!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Obama wants to keep the senile from having guns!!!!

The Obama administration wants to ban people on Social Security beneficiaries owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs.

As this is the only anti-gun executive order Obama has made in years, and lots of Freepers are on social security. So Freepers FREAK OUT.

The entire thread is barely coherent. It's basically Freepers just repeating 'tyranny, tyranny, tyranny' over and over again. I found the shock at this marginal regulation pretty hilarious.

FlingWingFlyer sounds like he's in some sitcom:
The Kenyan commie b*tch is at it again.
knarf is trying to shout an angry plea:
Olog-hai's Hitler sense is tingling:
That’s Nazi language, “sub-normal intelligence”.
M Kehoe prefers his Godwins Cold War style:
A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to "marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease."

0bama learned well from the Soviets.

In the midst of Freepers worried they'll be branded incompetent, Cowboy Bob knows whose incompetent!
What is “subnormal intelligence?” If it’s anything below an IQ of 100, a lot of Democrats will be prevents from owning guns...maybe all of them!
null and void's paranoia or ignorance does not allow that mental competence is a well-settled legal and medical issue:
Where believing in the Constitution, or worse The Bible, is a diagnostic for mental incompetence.
SkyDancer agrees - Democrats will use this to take our gunz!
So who determines mental competency? Take a test or something?

"Question: Do you like President 0bama? Yes=you're okay, No=No guns for you"
PROCON also:
Being judged mentally incompetent may come down to asking if you're a "Climate Denier".

Think it couldn't happen with this Regime?
annieokie knows all old gun owners have caring families:
"""""""""unable to manage their own affairs due to "marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.""""""".

"the due to" statement perfectly describes all the generations of Welfare Queens and Kings..........

Good grief, any one old enough to be demented of course should not/would not have a gun close by, but the families would see to that anyway...........Demented wouldn't know where to look for their guns anyway, lol.

Sure are a lot of loss to boating accidents these days.
ealgeone is worried about all the geriatric violent negroes:
Then most of bammy’s supporters would not qualify. I’m sure the gang bangers will comply though.
Waryone knows the only possible issue this policy addresses is intentional shootings of other people. Also, collective guilt is awesome.
I’m trying to figure this out. Are old people running around shooting at people with guns? Hmmmm, I didn’t think so.

It would make more sense to say no one on welfare can get guns and if while on welfare, you or someone in your family goes to jail for using a gun in a crime, the family loses their welfare check permanently.

I guarantee you’d see some baby mammas out there running up and down the street beating the rear ends off some of these boys.
annieokie just goes off:
I would like to know just WHEN does this JERK have time to think of all this misery he has heaped on America. There is no way he alone can come up with this crap.

It must be all scripted and on time, all he has to do is pull out the next agenda item.........there is no way one person could think of all this misery by themselves.

Yes, I can answer my own question, which he doesn't think for himself, and it is all scripted for him. we still have a full year to go with this monster and his CZARS.

About those CZARS, all R candidates should come out and declare that the CZARS name will never be used again, and it should be illegal in America to call them that. Should be a law..

Has that name ever been used by another President?
Czars? You mean every President from Reagan on?

Red in Blue PA is sure real criminals are totally allowed to have guns:
Notice how the real criminals are never the target?

Effing POS as is anyone who supports him.
Terry L Smith posits that this is (gay, mulatto) Obama's evil plan to disarm old people against their negro oppressors:
This is not only an idea to get around the Second Amendment, but if you research a lot of black on white crime, it is the senior citizens that are getting beaten, sometimes to death, by Negro thugs.

Now, this mulatto Queer-In-Charge is desirous to place ALL those of retirement age into a status of sheep among the wolves, literally. Just another nice, quiet, compasionate way a la Soviets to rid the country of those who do not and cannot work for the good of the State.
Molon Labbie loves his old racist canards:
Till someone whispers into Obama’s ear about “Bell curves”.
Getting into deep craziness now. I want the USA back is sure all entitlements are a plot to take his guns.
THIS is why the government started Medicare, the prescription drug plan and social security: in order to gather information about people and use it to further control their lives.
Pollster1 prefers unstable demented people with guns, because they might be able to foil Obama's coup:
I would rather forgo mental health care than risk my right to keep and bear arms. I hope most of the elderly feel the same. I would rather have older Americans with guns, even if those Americans are not entirely stable, than face a country in which the only firearms belong to Obama’s “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military. We’ve seen that America (in Sanford, Ferguson, and then Baltimore), and it’s not pretty for decent people.

More racebating

As ay-nony-nony put it "tonight's race-bating FR thread."

Courtesy of Breitbart this time, an awful crime (in Detroit, natch) becomes another excuse for Freeper stormfrontish generalization. This time with a strong side of Obama tinfoil, and the usual bloodthirsty torture fantasies.

I'm not sure they're getting worse, or if it's just that they can't get worse.

RedEyeJack probably wonders why liberals bring race into everything:
Since it doesn’t’say are we to assume that the victims were white?
Diogenesis actually thinks black criminals don't go to jail anymore:
These rapes are brought to America by the DO”J”
and the White Mosque who have made NO ACCOUNTABILITY
the new justice.
R_Kangel thinks Obama has inspired "Rape Gangs."
........ Ahhhh yes ....................... “Rape Gangs” ..... a whole new venue for inner city entertainment .......... brought to you by those that whole heartedly support the musings of ..... Mr. Barack Hussein Obama ....... their hero ......
E. Pluribus Unum thinks integrated neighborhoods and public transportation are just part of Obama's conspiracy to make whites easier to rape!
Interesting that Obama (ONP) wants to desegregate the suburbs making rape and robbery more convenient.

It's also why he wants to get us out of personal vehicles and onto public transportation.
After assuming Detroit is about like it was in Robocop, Bobby_Taxpayer joins in the crowd who thinks blacks can't get arrested because of accusations of racism.
Well...that ain’t half of what goes on in Detroit. And since they are black, any accusations against them would be racist attacks.
Bobby_Taxpayer follows up, lest anyone think his idea of Detroit was anything other than fictional:
The whole city is run by gangs, and a white mayor that is powerless to stop it without full marshal law being declared.
From a 20 year old anecdote Tired of Taxes has decided that rapes are super duper common. But not on campus, I'd bet!
Once, around 20-25 years ago, on a busy city street in broad daylight, I came across what was either a gang rape or an attempted one. The police were called, but the men escaped. That makes me believe that these crimes could be happening more often than anyone knows.
Larry381 brings the stats to urge whites to guard their women:
100 white women a day are raped by black males in this country-(those statistics are years old)

Though comprising only 6 % of the U.S. population, black males commit 63 % of all heterosexual rapes and the overwhelming majority of all homosexual rapes in the U.S.

In those cases in which the race of the killer is known, blacks kill twice as many whites as whites kill blacks.

Black-on-white robberies and gang assaults are twenty-one times more common than white on black. In the case of gang robbery, blacks victimize whites fifty-two times more often than whites do blacks

These statistics are going to get much worse until the white population awakens from its lethargy, gets the hell away from their TVs and goes out and actively attempts to protect its Women.
That 63% of rapes stat? Only source I could find was some white pride forums.

Now it's time for Freepers to compete for whose rage about this crime makes them the biggest psycho!

Rookie move, E. Pluribus Unum tries to one-up torture with execution.
Make sopranos out of every one of them.

I’d prefer fertilizer.
wiggen shows how it's done - torture THEN kill!
in truth #theirlivesdontmatter. Find them, mutilate them, then end their existence.
But the winner is racist rage monster Gargantua
I'd like to watch them dance as their necks stretch. No quick vertebrae-snapping drop, either. Just a nice, slow lift and watch 'em dance.

Round up the whole pigment-challenged bunch, then lift, dance, repeat.

As fun as it is easy!

Seek help, dude.

HiTech RedNeck fantasizes about bate couples preemptively killing negro rapists:
Surely no couple would show up there with the guy armed to the teeth with some powerful concealed stuff, would they? And shadowed by more firepower?

Call it ambush... I don’t care. If Trayvonites are going to complain about being ambushed, might as well make it real.
Many site the 'Death Wish' series. Greetings_Puny_Humans's fictional Obama would oppose this fictional vigilante:
Obama would make it his life’s mission to bring the modern Paul Kersey down. You’d have martial law and national guard troops searching the streets.
These poor couples took a walk on the wrong side of the Bell Curve.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Freepers and Trump like universal healthcare

I wasn't too surprised that Freepers were split when Trump denigrated POWs as he ad-hominemed McCain.

But this was even better. Not every Freeper continues to support Trump as it comes out that he continues to support universal health care - but many do! The cult of personality is that strong. But so is the unthinking worship of the free market...

silverleaf has faith that Trump can make universal health care awesome:
If anyone can figure out a deal like this, it is Trump

I am glad he is out there on this, like it or not

It is never going away

so might as well figure out a solution that invites the cooperation of free markets instead of demonizing and strangling them
silverleaf explains why Trump has the expertise:
if you can find a better candidate who has actually created jobs and wealth in mega corporations that paid healthcare costs for thousands of employees - and who understands how to pull private businesses into meeting needs - vote for them
Paulie is curious about anything but evil, evil Obamacare:
There’s nothing to lose by exploring the options. What we have now is designed - that’s designed - to cripple the economy and eliminate the middle class.
ClearCase_guy is all for Medicare or Medicaid for all, so long as the government stays out of it!
There are some basic reforms that could be done by government which would make private insurance better and cheaper for everyone.

Beyond that, Medicare and Medicaid can probably ensure “universal” coverage. But any attempt to extend “universal” coverage through the federal government to middle-aged people with middle class jobs is just foolish. That’s what Obama did. I’m pretty sure Trump wants no part of that.
What metaphor is stockpirate making? Hunting? Electrical?
Stick s fork in him he’s done.

A socialist always going to ground.
4rcane has faith in the Free Market!
I’m also for univeral health care too. Its called the free market which drives down prices
St_Thomas_Aquinas knows universal healthcare has always fallen like the USSR:
Doesn't matter if you like it or not some sort of universal plan will happen, conservatives or liberals or not.

Why? The wall fell. The Soviet Union collapsed. Communism can be rolled back.

Socialism is backwards.
Savage Beast is all for reform, so long as it's not from liberals:
The U.S. health care system is badly in need of repair. It would be possible to repair it. Perhaps Trump could do it. Leftists never will.
Caipirabob thinks this is all marketing for silly liberals:
Trump knows marketing. We know how to read. The left knows "freebies" and "Universal Healthcare" is a key phrase that causes them to salivate uncontrollably. A good marketer will use trigger words to sell a deal.

So let's see what the specifics are.

But yeah, it could be the point where "The Donald" augers in.
stockpirate bites HARD on someone posting this Reagan quote:
“telling our senior citizens that no one in this country should be denied medical care because of a lack of funds.”

Who was this socialist that said this?

One guess.

No matter who it was it is still a socialist rant. We must decide socialism or not. There can be no middle ground.

If socialism then kiss our liberty goodbye, because it is gone.

What do you do with those who refuse to give up their money and wealth to support the socialist monster, you do what Hitler did.
Once it's revealed who said it, alas there is no reply from Mr. pirate.

alloysteel just embraces the harsh rationing of the market as the only moral way to screw the poor:
Health care is an expensive, and as it turns out, a somewhat rare commodity, making it, in turn, a very valuable commodity. Rationing its distribution by price is then the method of allocation, those that can pay will choose the care they deem necessary to their personal well being, and others less able to pay, make an economic decision. And sometimes the decision is NOT to seek “preferred” health services, but to turn to alternative and less expensive treatments, or dispense with any treatment at all. After all, most things get better in the morning, do they not?

Education of the individual on the care and upkeep of their own personal circle (themselves and their immediate family) is an abiding need in every school curriculum in the whole WORLD, not just in any particular locality. The instruction manuals are out there, they only have to be made available to the individual user, with guidance on how to read and apply the information. These instructions go back to the very first books in the Old Testament, and have been reiterated and updated over the centuries.
Eric Pode of Croydon knows the tradeoffs, without ever checking overseas:
My plan would be to tell the public the truth. There ain't no free lunch, and universal health care will either (a) cut quality off at the kneecaps, or (b) cost, and cost big.

I sure won't promise unicorns and pots of gold that I can't deliver.
sakic has the best fallacy of them all:
we were much better off before medical insurance.

Now, with it, the cost to the public has skyrocketed, hospitals are going out of business, and doctors are making less money.
Since the invention of modern medicine, costs have really gone up. We should go back to superstition and butchery!

Muslim mass shooter in Chattanooga

Last week Freepers at last got their wish - a mass shooter who is a Muslim. It's been a while.

And as is the Freeper way, they take this rare good hand and over play the crap out of it with genocide:

a fool in paradise tries to tie together two unrelated stories:
Ban the confederate koran NOW!
What media is Sarah Barracuda talking about?
The media will make excuses for him, call him a victim, just like they did the Boston bombers, portray them as victims of American society and how mean we are..HEY JIHADIS, IF U DONT LIKE IT HERE GET THE F OUT!!!
Also hearkening back, a fool in paradise knows every softhead defending the Boston bomber must be liberal:
Recall there were liberal idjits in Boston holding camp on the sidewalks during the marathon bomber’s trial to inform the public that he was framed.
In the midst of this anti-Islamic hatefest, Westbrook reminds us that Christians are totally oppressed:
We Christians take mega CRAP *ALL* the time, and we’re on terrorist watch lists, too!

You won’t see anything like this from any of us.
Dilbert San Diego extols the virtue of anti-Islam prejudice, and misunderstanding probability:
Question— is it really prejudiced to fear Muslim terror, Muslim men, people from certain countries, when these same people hit us again and again??? Is it prejudice against certain type of people, or is it called learning from experience that these people mean us harm???
ping jockey lays out his manly prejudice:
When I happen upon one obviously muslim it is my right to require my trust to be earned. Prove your o.k. and your o.k. My mom didn’t raise such a foolish boy as to trust a person that presents himself in a class of people that are responsible for mass murder on a global scale. Don’t like my attitude go f*&^ yourself, think what you want I am way past worrying about it. Nobody gets a free shot. Act stupid, scary, pro nutjob near me and you might get aerated. Pop off a round anywhere near me or a family member and plan on a free trip to the hereafter. I am a darn good shot will not hesitate to fire first. Rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.
hal ogen wants some guilt by association.
Kick this family of terrorist retards out of America. They obviously want to murder everyone. They are moozlum plants.
I see some more mainstream right-wing sites are picking up on persecuting the shooter's family. Shameful.

Fiddlstix takes on the shooter's sister:
BooHoo! Hey! Muzslime Slut! Go Pound Sand!
Why Don't you Move Back To Whatever Hell Hole That Spawned You!!!
I never get slut as an empty insult. It has a primary factual meaning, and bitch is doing the exact same job.

kearnyirish2 advocates an end to civilization:
This only stops when non-Muslims slaughter the surviving family members of the murderers; playing by Judeo-Christian rules makes victory impossible...
cdcdawg is one of many calling for mass deportations:
They don’t belong here, they belong back in their “countries” of origin. Deport them all. Until the shooter’s remains are fried in pig fat, and the rest of them are rounded up into (YES) concentration camps and deported, we are not serious, and this crap will continue to happen. People will have to do mean things for it to stop.
Actually, the guy calling for Muslim concentration camps in this day and age is the one not being serious.

minnesota_bound unironically echoes every stereotypical bigot ever:
The only peaceful muslim is a dead muslim.
You know PIF is legit, because he calls them 'Musselmen.'
Unfortunately, there were only 7-8 Crusades with only the first four being major, but 528 major pitched battles against Musselmen on European soil.

The end result was a net loss for the Christians, and a net gain for the Musselmen.

Now that the Musselmen period of hudna has ended, the jihads begin and with that comes the taqiya to lower the non-Musselmen guard, making them easier to kill.
DJ Taylor takes a page right out of the Nazis.
If the civilized world is to survive, it must recognize Islam for what it really is: Islam is not a religion, form of government, or anything recognizable to the civilized mind. Islam is a disease, an incurable disease of the mind that‘s highly contagious among the feeble minded and is now spreading among the world’s feeble minded at an epidemic rate. As with any disease, one can’t reason with this disease, negotiate with it, or treat in any manner other than how one would treat any other incurable disease.

Past efforts to contain this disease have failed. Now, carriers of this Plague of Islam must be eradicated wherever they’re found by any means or method available, for if they’re not destroyed, this disease will eventually end not just Western Civilization, but it will undo over 5,000 years of human civilization.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

jetson understands people from their photographs.
Look at the lying eyes. From Obama to Boehner the eyes lie.
LuvFreeRepublic knows El Chapo probably works for the Clintons:
Clinton assured Jeb, Trump would be taken care of. Are the Clinton’s friends with El Chapo? We know both Clinton and Jeb are friends with the Mexican government, who may have looked the other way as El Chapo escaped. Not into conspiracies but the all out assaults against Trump are way over the top.
hoosiermama explains Obama and Michelle's gang ties:
The black gang founded by Mexican cartel controlled the community O organized. MO wore gang colors to many inaugural events
By hoosiermama's logic, I welcome President Kardashian the Honest!
He’s the only candidate in my lifetime that has experience running an international multifaceted business conglomerate. Since basically that is what our government is If he’s can successfully run his multi businesses,write dozens of how to business books and still have time to become a celebrity on TV for entertainment; I can trust him
In his rage, I think JLAGRAYFOX calls Obama Jewish...
there is no doubt that Obama & his wife MIchelle are evil, deadly Jewish haters!!! Every time I see or hear Stephen Speilberg kissing Obama’s butt I LMAO.....for Obama really would love to destroy him in mega seconds when Obama thought the timing was right!!!
kneehurts farms out his fantasy Nazi tactics to Israel:
I envision Israel will initiate a scorched earth blitzkrieg soon. That is an easier task than dealing with our enemy controlled government.
Georgia Girl 2 gets a bit nativist on SC governor Nikki Haley:
Shut up Nicki you 1st generation puke. We don’t need lectures from the likes of you.
hal ogen on Obama's background:
His parents abandoned him. His F was an abusive drunk and his M slept around with people of color. Great family support. Hey, Clown Prince nobama...stop taking it out on us Americans, you self-described mongrel.
mountainfolk wonders if there was a secret same-sex White House wedding:
I am still seething at the sight of the people’s White House being used for a political “in your face” display of homosexual victory with the SC voting against man and woman marriage. The current occupants who live rent free at the expense of the American taxpayers, allowed the entire front of the White House to be flood lighted with the rainbow colors in support and celebration of the SC ruling. I fully expect there to be a whatever sex wedding in the White House very soon. Or perhaps that has already happened.
Sarah Barracuda reads Obama's mind, and projects a LOT:
Obama showed more emotion when the Charleston shooting happened, not because he actually cared about them, but because he knew he could use those deaths to trash white people..with this terrorist act, he knows he is screwed, he wishes the shooter had been white but now he knows the shooter was one of his own, a terrorist Muslim scumbag
2nd Amendment's fellow teachers have to put up with his bigoted rants.
I work 3 miles from the scene of this muslim military operation. At 1pm I was telling everyone about the severity of this attack. I was called a hatemonger, instigator, and someone who stirs up violence. The ROP people were telling me it was an isolated domestic terrorist. No one will come to their senses and see that EVERY Muslim is a potential attacker. Our Muslim-in-Chief in DC will call it workplace violence and we will go on with our lives. The real threats to our way of life are fundamentalist Christians and confederate flag-waving rednecks!
pfflier is not happy with calling the Chattanooga mass shooting 'domestic terrorism.'
Words matter.

Domestic terrorism as opposed to international terrorism are two entirely different entities.

Domestic terrorism will be a foundation for more cries for gun control. Domestic terrorism implies the motivation to kill 4 marines stems from flaws in American society that breeds the hate.
Gritty is sure Obama gave the Chinese all our computers:
It wasn't a "hack". Red Chinese computer experts had been granted root access to this material in the OPM contract and were being paid to do it. All they needed to do was access, download it, and give it to the PLA. Easy-Peazy.

Among other things, everyone in our military has been totally compromised including the Special Ops people. It makes it a piece of cake for an enemy to come in here and "mop up" when the time comes.
Liz on the lusty abortion needs of the Clintons:
"A vote for me is a vote for a Fully-Fornicating Society.
I pledge non-stop aggression over the unborn.
I will end the punishment of an unwanted birth."


The genital-sniffing Planned Parenthood abortion worshippers who populate the Dem party are crazy over the Clintons......Bill and Hillary are the living breathing embodiment of The Fully-Fornicating Society w/ none of the evidence of sexual activity.....the "nuisance" of an actual child being born.

Bill gives sex-obsessed lefties a vicarious thrill....visions of the married, gray-haired Clinton getting a young WH intern to crawl under his desk to give him a BJ is better than Viagra.


(Groan) God only knows what blood, gore and baby body parts Hillary will throw the genital-sniffing rubbermaids to assure them "her aggression over the unborn" will continue...and is her prime interest.

Maybe Hillary will distribute videos of politically-correct abortions that produce more profit-making baby body parts----as the true measure of her abortion worship?
fatnotlazy rants about kids these days:
Bernie’s followers appear to be largely young people, particularly college kids who are salivating over the prospect of “free” college tuition and the ability to default on their loans with impunity. They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated into expecting government to take care of everything for them. Our younger candidates have their work cut out for them.
Jim Robinson lays out the state of Freep play:
Go, Cruz, GO!!

Go, Trump, GO!!