Monday, December 31, 2007

Bhutto Follies: Part 4/4 - Conclusion: the Concludening

Final thoughts on the fractured Freeper fiesta:

· Obviously message boards usually have a great deal of spread of opinion. What was notable about this was the rarity of varied opinion on Free Republic, and the lack of people confronting each other about differing views.

· Lots of realpolitik here. People saying either Bhutto or Musharraf were OUR thugs. Thus, we need to continue to cozy up to Pakistan.

· The main factor dictating the position a thread would take was who was writing/being quoted. Conservatives were agreed with, while RINOS/Dems were disagreed with. This reactionary response is what Freepers do without their leadership.

· Finding people taking positions was difficult. Mostly Freepers were just sayin “right on” or “boy is Hillary/Obama/Huckabee stupid!”

· I see a narrative forming. Basically it is to maintain the status quo. Bhutto wasn’t all that, and we need to stick with Musharraf.

· Sorry, no links to the Free Republic pages this time. I just did a search on “Bhutto” and looked at the top 10 threads. And I’m too lazy to like to all the threads I posted to. You'll have to trust me

Bhutto Follies: Part 3/4 - Masharraf Forever!

Third in the series about the contradictory opinions freepers hold about the Bhutto assassination in Pakistan, without the guidance of Rush.

Here are those saying we need to stand by Musharraf. This is mostly from posts regarding Hillary’s saying Musharraf could have been in on the assasination:

If AQ gets pinned with this assassination, this crisis (at least in the short term) should resolve itself after Bhutto followers vent.

If Musharaff/Paki military gets pinned with this, it may very well spell the end of his rule and seriously opens the door to potentially very bad things happening. The Paki military is the only glue that holds that (nuclearly armed) country together. Take that away and India may not wait around to see who takes over when the dust settles. India is NOT going to let Paki nukes come under the control of some Taliban/AQ inspired regime . . . they will preempt.

Lots of posts like this: This is Serious Business. We should let the nuclear country fall into a military dictatorship. What could possibly go wrong? Also, if we don't India will nuke Pakistan presumptively, and there's no way to stop it. We need to kill the country so we can save it!

If Benazir Bhutto had managed to get the Western world to back a plan forcing Musharref to let her be elected president, she would have lasted no more than two or three days.

Mushareff is having a hard enough time keeping the lid on. She could never have done it.

Cause Bhutto never had to deal with Islamic radicals when she was a woman president of the country!

A key politician was just assassinated and Richardson wants Musharraf to STEP DOWN? You’d want to take extra measures and clamp down on security after something like this, not leave your post! If some big figure politician in the US was shot, would Bush step down? Uh, no.

So it's concluded: we need to encourage a police state in Pakistan. Control the populace with an iron fist. That always ends well.

Bhutto Follies: Part 2/4 - the quickening

Continuing in the series about the breakdown of conservative positions without their usual opinion leaders, here are the isolationist posts, holding that the assassination doesn’t matter:

My personal belief is that Bhutto was suicidal. She wanted to go out in a spectacular way, and she did.

Cool! Suicide by suicide bomber! Cause everyone who chooses to go into an area where death is a possibility wants to kill themselves.

This lady knew she was gonna be killed when she got there.

What is with that?

She was a proven corrupt liberal. Hmmmmmmm.

Hmmmm indeed. Culture of death...She killed herself to hurt Bush. Must be.

Is this the same Bhutto who promoted the Taliban as a pro-Pakistan force that could help stabilize Afghanistan? The same Bhutto who lied to Congress in the 1990’s about the extent of Pakistani military and financial aid to the Taliban?
Or perhaps the Bhutto who stole over a billion $ from her own people? The same Bhutto who was convicted by a Swiss court of taking kickbacks from a government contract with two Swiss companies?

She LIED to CONGRESS? Good thing she was killed then. I'm sure, since this death was just, there will be no repercussions.

Am I to presume from this that the U.S. is now responsible to protect ALL political opposition across the globe?
Umm, dude, did you forget the Carter-let-the-Shah-die meme? Get with the program!

She used to be Al Qaeda’s friend, but she turned on them so she had to go.

Not our thug, then, I take it.

The only hawks that want to invade Pakistan are the chicken-hawk democrats that would rather win an election than the war on terror.

Chicken-hawk Democrats?! That, sir, is genius! I expect to here it on Rush Limbaugh any day now.

Bhutto Follies: Part 1/4

Rush & co. aren’t working over the holidays, so the Bhutto Assassination has the Freepers all in a tizzy. They remain passionate of their view, but they’re not sure what it is. Thus, in different posts, there are widely differing opinions.

Some believe Bhutto was a saintly figure killed by Musharraf. Thus, we should commence bombing. But not an invasion, cause that’s what Obama said:

Thanks for putting this out...I am beyond outraged, and I would love for our govt to demand that Musharraf condemn this assasination and once and for all go after the Taliban, take a very strong stance against the terrorism that is raping any peace efforts there. I believe she would have been elected into the postion of Prime Minister and would have cleaned house...thus the taliban ordering and carrying out her assasination! frickin cowards..among other dispicable things I just won’t say right now.
Yes! Demand a condemnation! That's the kind of brave action the UN might do! Wait...maybe you want to rethink. Bombing is more the Freeper Style. Except Obama already preempted that...what to do, what to do?
she was OUR thug.
remember, the mistake of the carter administration?
of removing OUR thug, the shah?
now, we’ve got islamic thugs in charge of iran.
Whoa. Dropping a Carter on us. This must be serious business. Also, not sure if Bhutto was our thug to the extend Musharraf is.

We threatened to bomb Pakistan into the stone age if they didn’t help us destroy al-qaeda. It’s well past time to face the fact that they are not helping us get the job done. Are the threats of the USA hollow, or do we really mean it when we say “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Dude, that's not the party line, since Obama said we need to be firmer with Pakistan. "Cooperation" is the order of the day. Didn't you get the memo?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Obamapocolypse edition:
"will there be a cia if obama is elected?"

Sure there will. However, it will be turned against Americans to investigate "hate crimes" and gun owners; even though it's not supposed to bother American citizens. But laws have never stood in the way of the determined self-righteous American Left. Meanwhile, foreign terrorists will own the streets.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Pix

Christmas Edition. I hope you like the joke, cause they only make 1.

See, the Liberals would make laws apply to Santa. Conservatives totally wouldn't! That's the difference between the two parties.
See above.

See above

Wow! An original joke! Normal Rockwell also hated Hillary! Cause it's the American thing to do!

Friday, December 28, 2007

AIDS is so gay

Many Freepers either don't care about AIDS or think it is caused by irresponsibility, not some virus.
If I may be so bold....I hope that there is no vaccine.

Because, with all of the hype and hyperbole involved, the gov't would make it "mandatory". Or, would make, for instance, your employment contigent upon it.

Right now, I have a 0% chance of contracting the disease. That's good enough for me.
Who cares if people who aren't me are dying? And mandatory vaccines are just another example of nanny-stateism! If only we could have smallpox back like in the good old days.

Then there are the anti-scientific "lifestyle disease" people:
And yet prostitutes are plying their trade just like they have for millenia. If HIV were actually the cause of AIDS, they should all be dead by now.
Yeah! Same goes for Syphilis! And everybody breathes, if Tuberculosis were really caused by a bacterium, everyone should be dead!


A relatively simple set of tests would quickly determine, once and for all, whether HIV (or any virus) causes AIDS:

1) The virus should be chemically active in more cells than the host can generate.

2) The symptoms of the disease should occur within weeks or months after infection.

3) The disease should spread relatively randomly among its potential hosts, rather than being confined to highly specific groups.

4) Antibodies produced by the immune system should be able to fight or completely neutralize the disease.

5) A controlled study, in which a group of people with the virus should be compared to a group without, to see whether those with the virus develop the sickness. The groups should be matched for all possible health risk factors: equivalent types and amounts of drug use, use of antibiotics, use of AZT, exposure to previous diseases, hemophilia, etc.

HIV, of course, already fails points (1) through (4), and we have little trouble anticipating the result of a controlled study.

1) so no viruses have a latency period, ever? Herpies, anyone?
2) See above. Also Lyme disease.
3) AIDS follows the standard STD transmission patterns, as far as I've heard
4) Cause Viruses never defeat the immune system! That's unpossible!
5) The latency issue would makes this a bit trickier, I'll bet no one without HIV gets AIDS...

The NIH keeps finding excuses as to why they won’t go along with Duesberg’s offer for them to inject him (and some other scientists, btw) with HIV to prove HIV does not cause AIDS. If Duesberg is so dangerous to public health, surely they should go along with his human experimentation proposal to put this thing to rest once and for all. But they won’t do it. Why am I not surprised?

Having a theory doesn't mean you ahve to be so convinced of it's correctness you'd stake your life on it! But I guess this issue is political enough, some people will do anything for publicity. If this Suesberg character really wants to, I'm sure he'd get enough press without the NIH.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Consolidation of enemies edition:
I’ve got $20 says Osama is in Iran

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hildabeast Thursdays

Miss me?

An editorial about Hillary calls her ugly, and says this has political importance? Freepers have been hoping for this! They specialize in appearance politics!
BJ Clinton’s baggage has mentalpause and a face lift will not help it.
Cause evil runs through to the core, amiright?
Hillary is now showing her age. And the same society that condemned Paula Jones for her 'big hair', Kathleen Harris for her excessive make-up and Linda Tripp for her less than attractive visage is coming full circle. Maybe life is fair after all.
I see, so this is all payback for the appearance politics of the Clinton years? Yeah right. I was a youngster back then, but even I remember Rush's Chelsea remarks!

Hillary will not be pleased when she realizes that she too can be judged superficially, with a wink wink and a condescending glance.

Hey, Hillary, there may just be something in this Proverbs 31 stuff that the religious right keeps preaching, and why we don't want our daughters to fight their way into society based upon their looks.

Mrs x42, payback can be a b*tch.
I see. So you condemn the use of appearance in politics, but revel in it as revenge? Not to mention all the toons I post. And the term PIAPS, or "Pig in a Pantsuit?"

Yeah, the years of viscious attacks on Hillary's looks are just payback for when Linda Tripp was called ugly. And I've got a bridge to sell ya...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Break!

Back on the 26th of Dec, 2007!

Thanks for reading, Mom!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Abolishing the Death Penalty is Evil!

New Jersey abolished the death penalty this week. Law and Order Freepers are incensed.
The Democrats are protecting their own.
I really hope these guys don't believe this. Felons can't vote in NJ. And murderers come from all political parties. I know, who would think that there can be some evil people who are not liberal!
The Dims are Insane, Sickening, Reprehensible, and Evil.
People against killing criminals are just awful! I'm sure all that mercy will make sure they burn in the lake of fire!
Can we just expel New Jersey from the Union? At that point the Republic of New Jersey could be run by a junta of Mafia Dons.
Someone watches too much TV....

Tired of working for a living? Tired of high rent payments and grocery bills? Can’t afford health insurance?

The solution? Go to New Jersey and kill someone.

The state will house you and clothe you and feed you and give you health care for free for the rest of your life.

Many criminal commit crimes to go back to jail. according to Fresh Wind (Scrape the bottom, vote for Rodham!)

Then there are the emotional appeals:
Little Megan Kendall’s family must be devastated.
And killing her murderer will make them feel so much better! Cause vengeance heals all wounds!
They didn’t ban the death penalty. It is still administered to unsuspecting, unknowing, surprised, unbelievably afraid, INNOCENT VICTIMS.
Which is why the state needs to KILL KILL KILL DEATH BLOOD ARRRRGH!

True Conservatives don't fake hate crimes. EVER

Some Princeton conservative student named Nava claimed to have been attacked by some black-clad assailants. Later that very same day he admits it was a hoax.

Free Republic had a number of threads discussing the hypocrisy and violence of liberals. Only one discusses the hoax.
Looking for maladjusted freaks? Look no further than the ivy league.
Cause everyone at Bob Jones is issue-free.
With a name like that, this would be a good candidate for a thread to be hijacked over the immigration issue. Not exactly an Anglo Saxon name there.
This guy should write for Fox News. This is an even better distancing-yet-discussing than "some say." Can't fool me, though! Still a racist.
The penalty for hoaxes should be having the hoax performed for real. Beat the stuffings out of him.
Wow. Is there anything violence can't solve?

And, finally, there were lots of posts like this:

Was this really a hoax by a conservative student? There are at least 2 alternate possibilities:

1. It wasn’t a hoax and Princeton liberals and members of the Police Department forced him to lie that it was a hoax to cover up the liberal crime.

2. He is a stealth liberal pretending to be a Conservative staging this hoax to try to make conservatives look bad. These kind of hoaxes are liberal tactics.

It is hard to believe a true conservative would stage this sort of hoax.

Cause true conservatives are never screwed up.
Has anyone confirmed this guy isn't a leftwing nutjob *posing* as a conseravtive?In todays environment I wouldn't put anything passed Leftards...
And there were many more.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Okay. First read this, and then look below. Physician heal thyself.

They hate us because of Bill Clinton's 1992 Sax playing! You heard it on Free Republic first!

I don't think this is intended, but notice how Hillary is in the position of a holy martyr? The

WW2 propiganda posters repurposed for politics. I can't think of a better metaphore for the frantic pseudo-importance of the 2008 presidential race.

Charming. Not mysogynist at all.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hildabeast Thursdays

So Hillary looks like she may lose to Obama. But this is not in keeping with the Freeper's world view of Hillary as the culmination of all that is political evil. They really want to have Hillary to kick around.

if she [l]oses she will run as a third party candidste.
Sure, and become some sort of Nader-like pariah? I thought she was supposed to be smart. Though, to be nice to the poster, he was just echoing what Rush Limbaugh said on his show.
Hillary gets the nomination. It’s always been a question of how many bodies she will have to step over to get it. She’ll have to “take-down” Obama by any means necessary. Might weaken her in the general, and it guarantees that Obama isn’t on the ticket.
Nice. I think that was an intimation she might murder.

There's also, on a different thread that brings up a hilarious conspiracy theory: The media is taking her down in order to build her up later:

All of these recent Hillary events would normally be ignored by the MSM. I cant help but think some of this is to generate ratings and newspaper sales while the caucus is still a safe distance away. The headlines are already being prepared to crown her The Comeback Kid II

So let me get this straight, the em-ess-em is about profits now? I thought it was all about helping the Clintons!

And we finish with some quality crazy from the original thread:
My read of her personality is that she would commit suicide if the passion of her life was taken from her. My concern is how many others she would try to take with her. Hillary is a bona fide sociopath imho.
Now that's more like it! Hillary loses and goes on a shooting spree!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Debate analysis edition

I saw Obama as merely a token black, to be added to the Hildabeast ticket, and posted that observation about 6 months ago.

Hildabeast's machine is behind Obama, to try and assure the black vote for the ticket.

If she could carry the black vote herself (with the first Black First Husband), she would put Richardson on the ticket for her VP to carry the Hispanic vote.

Hildabeast can't win on her own, and Obama is not going to take the nomination from the Hildabeast machine and live to tell about it.

Hillary will have trouble securing the black vote in the general election?!!

Al Sharpton's office raided

Let the backhanded racism begin!

All the big ones are falling. First Bernie Ward and now this.
There are going to have to make the jail cells larger in the Federal pen.

Yes, Bernie Ward and Al Sharpton are the biggest liberals around. Look for (dare I say it) Tsongas next!

It's Hillary's cronies sending a not too subtle hint to Barak and Oprah. Letting them know that getting too uppity can have dire consequences. Damn, am I good at conspiracies or what? ;^)

Yes, your ability to make everything racial is truly amazing. But nothing compared to some Freepers:
Most Blacks won’t find a black guilty. This is all a waste of energy, and Sharpton knows it.
That's why hardly any blacks are convicted by juries. Sorry, but blacks are not a monolithic race. In fact, that's racist. Or, as Freepers put it:
Dat’s raciss! Youse raciss!
See it's funny cause some blacks talk funny. Lets mock them all!

Then we can be angry and feel victimized when they call us racist. At which point we will post,
Dat’s raciss! Youse raciss!
And the circle continues.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Muslim lives don't count for shit edition:

It’s sad but I’ve often thought to myself: Even though there are millions of innocent Muslims, what would be the greater loss to the world—18-25 million Jews or the 1 billion Muslims?

At this point I’d have to say the arts, science, entertainment and basically every intellectual aspect of human endeavor would be the poorer were the Jews to disappear.

When contemplating the loss of the world’s Muslims, I can only think the world would be a much happier, much more peaceful place and that women would be somewhat more respected and free and that we could go back to nation-state against nation-state in world affairs.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Torture Child Molesters!

Free Republic is into torturing child molesters. Now, I am of the opinion that they should be locked away forever. The recidivism rate is just too high. But Free Republic is a bit more bloodthirsty:
I hope that rat bastard spends all of eternity subjected to the kind of torture he inflicted on that poor little girl...friggin’ sicko...
How Christian!
I do too. I hope he suffered
They don't even know the guy, but they are so eager to hate and wish bad things on their fellow man.
Hopefully his johnson got sliced off and he bled out.
I suppose if it were my daughter I'd be this angry. But it isn't, so I try to be civilized. Not these guys. To hell with civilization! Stupid 8th Amendment.
May God have mercy on his soul, because I sure wouldn’t.
That's just a movie line! It is almost as though hate makes them feel manly.
It’s only natural that some one would slice and dice this guy but they say that didn’t happen.
Vigilante justice: cure for what ails our society. If what ails our society is being civilized and controlling our animistic impulses.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hitler and Darwin

Usually when I post something, I post what the general thrust of Freeper's attitude is.

But this post will be a bit different. I'll be picking only the crazy side of the argument. To be fair, only some Freepers believe the craziness below. But it is enough to be worrying.

If I am not mistaken, the guy who came up with the term, Eugenics, was Darwin’s cousin.

The American Eugenics movement sprang from the concept, and went on to catalogue, incarcerate, and sterilize those on their hit lists.

They nurtured a doctor who wrote for The Birth Control Review, journal of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger.

The movement went international.

This doctor crossed the ocean and went to work for an obscure man with dark hair and a mustache.

His name was Adolf Hitler.

“America’s War Against the Weak,” by Edwin Black

Abortion, Hitler and evolution! All together through the magic of Guilt By Association.

But let us not forget GBA's bastard cousin, conspiracy theories:
No one said Darwin was a Nazi. They’re saying Hitler put into action social theory that evolved from Darwin’s studies. Those social theories were pioneered by Darwin’s cousin, with Darwin’s oversight — from a distances, so as not to impugn his scientific objectivity.
Yes, evolution implies you must kill people.
Riiight...because no one has ever been killed by people perverting the word of Christianity...

Yes, by PERVERTING it. There is no need to pervert the ToE in order to use it to justify killing people.
See, evolution doesn't work fast enough that killing people works. Plus there is the morality of the issue, which science does not discuss at all.
"when kids believe they came from animals, expect them to act like animals"

And they do.
Alright, no more debating this. It's driving me mad.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Republic sure hates the AP!

An exercises in the blurry line between overblown rhetoric and actually dangerous craziness: The AP is all full of terrorists! Thus the railroading of Bilal Hussein is OK, since he is both Arab and works for the AP. Thus, he is a terrorist squared!

Seriously, you have to be on the actually crazy side of extremism to believe that the AP actually wants to install a caliphate and bring about the fall of our Republic.

So I ask you, dear reader, is this rhetoric or actual madness?
The head of the AP has been defending this slime and blaming the United States Government for "suppressing the truth" and targeting this wonderful journalist because he has been reporting things that the U.S. wants kept quiet. The AP are not supporting terrorists, they ARE terrorists.
See, patriots like that the U.S. has secrets. That's how you can tell we're a tough country.

Also, if defending an employee from charges of being a terrorist makes you a terrorist, does that mean all the Freepers who defended Foley....?
"We believe Bilal Hussein was a terrorist media operative who infiltrated the AP"

He didn't infiltrate the AP, he joined the AP. You don't infiltrate an organization that is on the same side as you are.
Nailed it! The AP is all about American deaths! I think this is because they worship Athiest Satan.

You are SO right. As a matter of fact, the entire April 2004 Fallujah battle, as reported by most of the media, was a lie. It was stories from “reporters” who made deals with the terrorists to spread the propaganda and willingly lapped up by the mainstream media. The list of terrorist collaborators in the media is long and worldwide including some “Americans”. They will all be exposed for the traitors that they are.
See, the terrorists make up lies, so you can only believe the reports that support our troops.

And I always save the craziest for last.
One down and hundreds more fifth column journalists here in the United States need to be frog marched to the gallows for being a traitor to their country.
Freedom of the Press, OKIEDOC, do you understand it? See, not all of those in the media who you disagree with should be shot, or else this country would become a one-party dictatorship. Kinda like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

And you don't want that, do you?

...erm, forget I asked.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Pix

This is a pretty picture, to be sure. Though if you're gonna cherry pick such noted progressives as Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln, why not just forget about Nixon and Ford? I guess the GOP can't admit that any the Republicans of the 20th Century should be forgotten.

They will never forget Chappaquiddick. Fine by me. But then Republicans have to also recognize that Laura Bush totally killed a guy too.

I get the feeling the Freepers really don't like Hillary...

The fact that she's a giant grinning mantis might have something to do with it. I swear, every week there's like a dozen photoshops of Hillary onto unsavory creatures. It's like a cottage industry for these people!

Friday, December 7, 2007

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Nuke Washington D.C. so I can get my Refund Edition

why dont they pass the fing tax bill so people will get their refunds on time.

I hope a nuke cooks off in DC...I swear

Mitt: be afraid, be very afraid.

As the race tightens, Freepers are slowly turning away from their dreams of Fred Thompson, to turn their eyes to someone who is neither Rudy nor Huckabee.

Mitt's recent theocratic speech managed to turn some of that default support into actual support.

There are those who protest they don't care he's a Mormon. Lots of those. I mean lots and lots. Methinks the Freepers doth protest too much...

In my opinion, it is self-destructive for Christians to make Romney’s religion an issue. Romney and his family are very private when it comes to religion. They don’t proselytize. Ironically, it is the Christians who are giving Mormonism all the publicity it’s getting. If they are afraid of giving Mormonism more exposure (and they should be), then shut up about it.

What happened on 911 demonstrated that even infamous acts of murder can be useful publicity for certain religions. The old adage “No publicity is bad publicity applies here.”

Nice, throwing in the anti-Islam snausage there. Note that this guy sees Mormonism as a threat to Christianity, if they get more "exposure."

But then there are the crazy zealously converted:
I was a Fred man solid until this speech...this man...Mitt is to good to be true, yet there he is...Truth sublime...I was moved more by Presidential Bearing, intelligence conviction, faith, than I have been by anyone Reagan! Wow, this man can move our nation to the future with Grace, and authority that few “Leaders” have never approached
Truth sublime? Grace with a capital "G?" Sounds almost like a cultist, eh?

Unlike Rudy, if he wins the primary, he'll have the full support of the flying monkeys of the Right. Be afraid. I am.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hildabeast Thursdays

Finding the memes FOX news will use next week.

This week: Hillary's crazy.

In an article by Carl Bernstein says she was depressed when her father died, and after Vince Foster's suicide. Accusing the other side of mental disease has long been a trope of both sides. But this was something almost like evidence!

That's all it takes for Free Republic to get onto the case!

There's the usual don't let this happen crud:
Get ready for bouts of extreme mania once Hillary! gets the reins
of power: the nuclear football, control of the US Military,
running the US Dept. of Justice....etc.

Seriously, having a power-hungry and mentally-distressed President
(of any party or gender) is a scary prospect.
Step 1. Assume Hillary's crazy. Step 3 is profit! Likely from wingnut welfare royalties.

cajungirl knows Hillary quite well, though only seeing her on TV, and has prepared a diagnosis: weird!
There is something “not quite right” about her. I suspect her entire life, she has walked through places and situations, and as she left, people have looked at one another, raised brows and said “something isn’t right about that girl”. I know women like her, have met a few in my lifetime, and haven’t liked them, always saying to myself, “that girl isn’t right”.
bert thinks the solution is to ask Hillary irrelevant and hurtful questions:

“Did you find your husbands philandering depressing?”

“Did you find that Monica hanging out in the Oval office was depressing?”

“Did your husband’s impeachment make you depresed?”

“Did your husbands repeated denial of rape accusations make you depressed?”

“Were you depressed after you had Vince shot”

“Did you find Web’s conviction depressimg

Inquiring minds want to know! Well, really they just want to see you cry.

Though there are some who say Hillary is to crazy to get depressed:
The book says Clinton's "emotional state" was "as fragile as it had ever been" in late 1994 after her close friend Vince Foster had committed suicide, her father had died and her healthcare proposals had been rejected.

Oh, please. She whacked Vince, Healthcare was doomed from the start, and this woman cant feel emotions, so I dont she mourned her fathers death.

Sorry, this is nothing more than Clinton trying to tell us, she is like us, when she spent the last 15 years acting like she wasnt.

Will somone not rid us this vile crature?
Erm, was that an assassination threat at the end there? You know, Thomas Beckett, archbishop of Canterbury?
Better Reagan with Alzheimers than Clinton on Prozac.
Makes all sorts of sense! Though I did find it interesting that at least some Freepers acknowledge Reagan had Alzheimers while in office.

And finally there are those who have decided their foe must have Godlike powers, and can make no mistake. Kinda like how the left thinks about Rove.
This news isn't intended to *hurt* Her Thighness, but to *help* her.

Nothing appeals to the uppity woman voter more than a woman with depression. Or cancer. Or a philandering husband. And so on.

The Chickification of the culture means this is a positive for her - just watch.
Uppity? For some Freepers it seems Chick is the new Black (if you know what I mean *wink* wink*)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Public school?

Free Republic's interface is, at least for browsing, the best I've seen on a message board. For any message, you can click on a "replies" link and see all the initial replies to it. These replies have replies links themselves, etc.

There's also a backthreading link, taking you back to what a given message was replying to. My experience with the site has been very intuitive.

It makes finding the crazy easy!

So here's a message someone posted on a thread about public schools:

I live in California and have a kid that will start school next September. We will be able to meet the teachers every semester throughout our kids schooling. I want my kid to go to a public school. I would appreciate it if you fellow Freepers could help me develop a questionnaire that I would hand out to the teachers.

Here are some of the initial replies:

You see and hear what the california schools are doing and you still want to send your kid? You need to rethink that idea.This is no joke and you need to take your childs education seriously starting now.Wake up.

Not sure how they make new Republicans, if the schools are all about liberal indoctrination. I know they weren't all homeschooled!

Also, watch out for sex!
How about, which year will my child learn to put a condom on a cucumber, 1st or 2nd grade?
If CA is anything like MA, they'll cheerfully allay your fears. Then one day, your kid will come home and ask you about "fisting". These people believe that your child has a "right" to know about deviant sex and that parents are usually an impediment to work around.
The key to a healthy sexual existence is ignorance. I take the same approach to potty training as well.

But when it comes to actions to take, there's always threats:

I am in NJ & the back to school night I walked in with my husband very early. We sat the teacher down & said there will be none of the following. #1 No Gay anything, books, movies or talk. #2 Don't talk to our 8 yr old daughter about sex, thats our job #3 We must approve & sign any movie permission slip #4 We don't want her taught anything from Al Gore, be it a book or a movie, send her out of the room. We followed this by 2 letters, one to the teacher & one to the principal.

Did this last year too & it worked. However my husband isn't your normal daddy either. He is a biker & he looks sort of mean.
Can't be to paranoid neither!

I’d send my kid to school with a tape recorder DAILY.
I’d want to hear everything that goes on in the classroom.

Sounds practical. But watch out! They're coming to get you, too!
I would recommend you commit your “list” to memory and don’t put anything in writing .. they’ll sue you for discrimination.
Methinks CyberAnt does not know a lot about antidiscrimination laws, or Freedom of Association law. I'll bet money there has not been one case of discrimination regarding school choice. Course, in FreepWorld, Freepers are continually under assault by the state.

Which is why they must all homeschool, so their children can be just like them when they grow up - afraid.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


There's this poster, jveritas who claims to speak Arabic. He has made something of a cottage industry "translating" documents from Saddam's rule.

Coincidentally enough, these documents dovetail quite nicely with a Neo-Con wet dream. Here's a sampling:
Saddam Regime Document: Iraqi Intelligence met with Bin Laden in 1995
Huh. I thought at that time Bin Laden was in Sudan without a passport, but then my source is only The Looming Tower.
Saddam Regime Document Dated May 1999 Reveals Plans for Terrorist Attacks in Europe
Saddam's cunning plan: get the shit bombed out of him by the world doing Terrorist Bombing. That'll show the world the power of Iraq!
March 2002 Document: Saddam Ordered 25,000 Dollars for Each Suicide Terrorist Against Israel
Cause you gotta have a threat against Israel or it's not a bona fide Arab Threat(tm)
September 1998 Document: Secret Research Programs Related to WMD
Somehow, I think if this were true, the Bush administration would be all over this like stink on a monkey.
Iraqi Documents Show Plans for Prohibited Nuclear Projects
Yellowcake! I betcha it was from AFRICA! Bush was right!!11eleven!
Document: Iraqi Dissident Talks About WMD Moved to Syria
See, Freepers were right about that too! Using only their intuition, now backed up with FACTS!
Saddam Regime Document: Give CNN the Priority for Coverage
Al Qaeda Confession: Only 200 Foreign Terrorists are left in Iraq.


Thanks jveritas! Your tireless work has proven everything Freepers think is right! There's nothing suspicious about that! Lets go bomb Iran!

But first, could you "translate" something about them? That would be just unbelievable!


Iran hasn't been a growing threat for 4 years? Blasphemy!

Welcome to the Free Republic attacking the messenger ride. Your brain must be this tiny to go on this ride.

Note the vehemence, destroying any pesky logic, like the question what does the State Department have to do with the National Intelligence Estimate:

TREASON at State
That be my guess. Infested with demorats and marxists.

Continuing down the well-worn track, you see McCarthyism tropes bolstered with anecdotal evidence:
The number of dyed in the wool liberal whackjobs I’ve encountered as ex-CIA agents is troubling.
Look out! Here come the "science." Please assume Uranium enrichment has no civilian applications to continue:

With 3,000 centrifuges running, they are up to something. And it won’t take until 2015 either.

Zero confidence in their report.

Some tired old media blaming on you right:
Now suppose this little game works and then Iran tests a functional nuke in a year or so. Who do you think will be blamed? The left will excorciate Bush for not destroying their nuclear facilities and for sitting around talking when action was needed. Bush needs to keep this NIE as 'exhibit A' in case this scenario occurs.

As an aside, we don't know what Israel will do yet if they think Iran is about to test a nuke.
Which brings us to the final attraction, an Israeli Wargasm:
This estimate virtually assures the world that Israel will act unilaterally...perhaps with nukes.
And on that note, please exit the ride. and rejoin the real world. Please?

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Actually people who do NOT denounce Mohammads' Islam are every bit as bigoted as those who refuse to denounce Hitler's Nazi party. Both men were evil tyrants who started a brutal reign of terror.

Today the liberals have grown the spine to denounce Hitler, because he is gone (also he had an early falling out with Stalin which used to be a liberal darling). But they don't have the spine to denounce the evil that is still alive and growing.

Now not every Muslim is evil, as not every "good German" was. But in both cases the movement was and is.

Monday, December 3, 2007

He's like a spitefull Ned Flanders

Regarding The Golden Compass: is Dog Poop Brownies, here's a nice heartwarming story about a Dad who teaches his kids never to question him.

A father listened to all the reasons his children gave for wanting to see a particular PG-13 movie: it had their favorite actors, everyone else was seeing it, even some church members said it was great, it was only rated PG-13 because of the suggestion of sex-they never really showed it, the language was pretty good-they only used the Lord’s name in vain three times in the whole movie, the video effects were fabulous and the plot was action packed. Yes, there was the scene where a building and a bunch of people got blown up, but the violence was just the normal stuff, it wasn’t very bad. Even with all these explanations for the rating, the father wouldn’t give in. He didn’t even give them an explanation for saying, “No.” He just said “No.”

Later that evening, the father asked his kids if they would like some brownies he had prepared. He explained that he had taken the family’s favorite recipe and added something new. They asked what it was. He calmly replied that he had added dog poop. He stated that it was only a tiny bit and that all the other ingredients were gourmet quality. He had taken great care to bake it at the precise temperature for the exact time. He was sure the brownies would be superb.

Even with all the explanations of the perfect attributes of the brownies, the kids would not take one. The father acted surprised. There was only a small amount of poop, so what could the problem be? He assured them that they would hardly notice it at all. But they all held firm and would not try the brownies.

He then explained that the movie they wanted to see was just like the brownies. Satan tries to enter our minds and our homes by deceiving us into believing that just a little bit of evil doesn’t matter. With the brownies, just a little bit makes all the difference between a great brownie something really gross. He explained that even though the smallest amount of dog poop makes the brownie totally unacceptable, they seemed to having no problem watching a movie of similar ingredients. The people who make movies and TV shows would have us believe their entertainment is acceptable for adults and youths; but they are no more so than dog poop brownies are good to eat!

Now when this father’s children want to do something or see something they should not, the father merely asks them if they would like some of his special dog poop brownies and they never ask about it again.

And so the children never smiled again.

Some bonus hillary hate

I've come to realize the Free Republic, since it runs off of fear, will rend it's clothing and gnash its teeth about the same if Obama becomes president. Any Democrat would be enough to sink America, with the possible exception of Joe Lieberman, the one-man member of the "loyal opposition."

But the hatred of Hillary is unseen anywhere else on Free Republic. It has a prophetic, religious aspect. Obama may be a Muslim, but Hillary is the Devil.

Here is Free Republic's response to Hillary quotin' the Bible IN CHURCH:
IMHO any Christian leader who condones, or even tolerates, the kind of anti-Christian, pro-Satanic activities and practices that the left wingers support is acting totally against the will of God for America. Just inviting Hillary or Obama to speak from the pulpit is an insult to God and an abomination in His sight.
epow totally knows the mind of God, and thus what God condemns! Well, In his humble opinion, that is...
The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
--- William Shakespeare
Subtle implication Hillary is the devil. This is funny, actually, because this post sparked a little theological pissing match about the serpent in the garden and the temptation of Christ.

This one is a bit off-topic, but hilarious!

I just got back from WDW and saw “Hall of Presidents”. I threw up a little in the back of my throat at the thought that Hillary may be the next audio-animatronics character to be installed...I REALLY hope not!

Hillary may pollute the pristine halls of Walt Disney World! Of all the horrors!

Back to the topic. She's so bad Freepers can't conscience her even being a "false" Cristian (like a Methodist or something). No, she must be some sort of pagan.
Hillary is polytheistic in that any deity is fine for her

You are wrong! Hillary is monotheistic. She thinks that she is God.
Huh. How do they know? See, in Freeptown, you get your own facts.

As always, I save the craziest for last:

It had been widely reported during the Presidency of her spouse/husband, that Hilary was a Wiccan, a lesbian, and considered within the craft to be of extremely high standing. Visits from Catholics from the Vatican had expressed their sincerest beliefs that she was indeed possessed.

For many years she has now been studying perspectives of the Bible, reportedly from a Methodist minister who is also reportedly gay, so as to appear as though she is Christian, as many others involved with the female side of masonry have studied and practiced how to appear to be Christian, while promoting occultic agendas on a world stage.

Burn the Witch! Plus bonus Masons conspiracy theories!

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Kill everybody edition:

This past year my sister’s doctor ordered her to undergo a brain scan. Mind you, she is 52 years old and has been using a marijuana regularly since the age of 14 (along with a huge cornucopia of other, more addictive drugs).

The scan showed large blank spaces, holes in the brain tissue, where neurons had died.

The doctor said this was typical of substance abuse. The damage caused to the brain by alcoholism and regular marijuana usage is the same and irreversible.

You ought to rethink you position. And if you are a regular user, reconsider your usage for health reasons.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Pix

I think the Persians wanted the 300 Spartans to surrender, not merely disarm them. Though I guess to some being without a gun is the same as being dead.
An important point: Bin Laden totally follows the Koran letter for letter when he flies airplanes into things. He does this because his face is on every page, and he is an egomaniac.

Someone took a lot of time to put together this horrible looking thing.

Funny, the conservatives can't seem to stop saying Hillary...