Monday, February 28, 2011

Reagan Stamp: "Why would we EVER send a letter with any other stamp again!?"

So says Christian Engineer Mass. Other reactions:

Arthur McGowan keeps the birther flame alive, no matter how far off-topic it is!

The stamp should have shown his birth certificate.
ConservaTexan knows Reagan's real value - pissing off liberals!

Next stop.....Mount Rushmore!

Absolutely! The new congress should pass legislation authorizing Reagan's addition to Rushmore so 0bama would have to sign it into law. That would drive him crazy.

erm, I guess they don't teach about vetoes in Texas these days.

dfwgator is also excited pretty much entirely because he figures people he hates will be pissed off:

So that stamp will say “Ronald Reagan Forever”.

That will make Libs’ heads explode.
It is cute how Freepers assume everyone is as petty as they are.


Guess who is both responsible for Gadhafi's reign of terror AND the protesters in Libya?

Windflier thinks all the protests in the Middle East mean nothing when Iran's powerless loudmouth is still in power!
There he goes again — firing another Arab dictator.

Hey ‘bout firing one that matters, like Ahmanutjob?

He’d kick your pansy ass, that’s why, you worthless POS.
Red Steel found a pic of Obama with Gadhafi, which proves who Obama loves:
They're buds.
Smiling at each other...buddies.
dalebert knows what Obama the Libyan dictator are:
I wish they would just be open about this and wear their swastika’s
Candor7 thinks the birth certificate is somehow relevant:
Gadaffi is not fininhsed by a long shot. He may be defeated eventually, but he will take thousands down with him, possibly Obama himself, who has a sealed record of birth that needs to be revealed to the world. Perhaps Gadaffi is just the one to do it.
thepatriot1 knows where anyone Obama speaks badly of is - under the bus!
And so Gadhafi takes his rightful place under the bus along with Obamas grandmother, pastor and all the other no longer useful idiots. Its getting pretty crowded under there.
TribalPrincess2U thinks this isn't over - Obama and Gadhafi are planning something evil!
They got something up their sleeves.
Evil does not go away easily, i.e. S. Hussein

Union Shoving Thuggery!

In Wisconson, some Tea Party folks showed up and things got heated. There was mutual shoving and a Tea Party guy fell down. Freepers totally saw this TV show!.

freedumb2003 is still raginf off the National Black Panthers thing from 2008.

the MSM somehow lost the term “Union Thug” which is what this jerk is.

The unions (SEIU being the worst) know they have a free hand, especially after seeing the black panthers get away with voter intimidation at voting booths.

This administration is about power and agenda — we have proof it isn’t about justice or even simply following the law.
hinckley buzzard is in a thriller - Unions kill people all the time, and Freepers may be next!

Do not minimize the trend toward escalating violence. the Left is a criminal element run by alien ideologues who will not stop at bloodying your nose. Union thugs will kill you if the think they need to, to make a point. They have routinely killed in the past and will do it again.
Anyone going to a protest/ counter protest had best take some pepper spray along for self defense, and a witness with a cell phone to take pictures.

These assholes are out for blood and will need to be stopped.
Mortrey is all about the race - black people needn't obey the law anymore in the US!

HE was black, my FRiend. That’s like having a suit of armor in Barry Soetoro-sissy-boy-land.

Had he slit your throat, you’d have been sued for being “in the way.”
fhayek has numbers:

Unions probably commit 80 violent acts a month, and the media yawns. I, personally, know of plenty of examples where I live. Assault, vandalism, sabotage of job sites... Just a fact of life.
central_va is concerned that the lack of fighting might make him look like a girl:

It makes the TEA party look effeminate when they don't fight back.
Candor7 thinks picking a fight is the only way to deal with Nazis like the Wisconson folks:

Exactly why I prod them to violence. Their own violence will be their downfall.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This is exactly the right approach to use with a fascist movement of nationalist socialists unions, which is exactly what this is. Make no mistake about it,
These goons need prodding big time, and they need to reveal their true faces to the public, which are the same as the gotterdammerungs of historic nazi germany. Their currency of trade is hatred.

We fight them now and stand to, or we fight them later over hot gun barrels. Take your pick.
Jayster is almost too perfect to be anything but troll, but there is something he wants you to know:

May God have mercy on the soul of ANY man that “shoves” me in an assaultive manner.
I am so with you on this one.

I have skills.

Yep, Freepers still hate Muslims

Hey, I return! Thanks for all the kind comments - I'm glad my compulsive Free Republic reading could be channeled into something constructive, cause I'd be doing it anyway.

Let me ease back into the swing of things with an easy one - some anti-Muslim website claims Obama is bringing 100 Million Muslims into the US. One might think 1/3 of the US population immigrating might make a few more waves, but then you are not as familiar with wily scheming Muslims as Freeper are.

Christus_Rex is concerned that Obama's second term will be apocalyptic! Huh. I thought someone as evil as Obama could do it in one. Just one more failure for Obama.
When will Americans wake up and see what is so obvious: OBAMA IS A MUSLIM! He is getting his marching orders directly from King Faisal in Saudi Arabia! FIGHT ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION INTO AMERICA! Only last year Obama approved 80,000+ Muslim immigrants and that was only a drop in the bucket if he gets his way! Obama's goal is to destroy the Judeo-Christian foundation of America and replace it with an Islamic state ruled by oppressive Sharia law! We cannot allow this and Obama *cannot* be elected to a second term.
tdscpa was a follower of the "Obama is a Commie" but he has been convinced, and knows Obama's true thoughts have switched to Muslimness:
He is having second thoughts about just converting the US to another run of the mill communist country.
He has developed a bigger vision. He now wants the US to be the central component of the new caliphate, and he will be the 12th? 13th? imam.
xtinct is concerned about all the foreigners in Maryland:
Muslims from Egypt have been arriving since Bush.
And, if you live in Maryland check out the apartment complexes north of Baltimore ... nothing but foreigners.
Nooseman has a stereotypical story he heard 30 years ago that is no doubt totally true:
I knew a female in the early mid 80s that worked for an egyptian “import exporter”.The egyptian lived and operated in seattle.he wanted to pay her generously to become a part of his harem. he contracted to buy m113 apc etc.
Someone notes that improbability of the 100 million number, and in response Godebert wants us to knoe that no matter what you hear, Muslims in the US are everywhere and numerous!
you're buyin' that 12 million number the establishment media has been sellin' us for the past 25 years? Pure leftist propaganda.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week long break

Thanks to all my regular readers - there's like 70 of you now!
I'm on vacation in Jamaica this week, so no postings!

Be back for you all Monday, Feb 28h!

Monday potpourri.

paulycy is pondering:
We were discussing this the other day (I don't know what he is) and we sorta decided he was shiite, as that is the sect that believes in the return of the Mahdi and is the minority sect that is dominant in Iran. What makes you decide that he is sunni?
I see my hands is pissed the government has disaster plans
These evil pieces of government crap figure they'll still be in charge after the SHTF. Given our cowardly citizenry they probably figure right.
Because brave citizens throw off the yoke of government during catastrophe!

ThunderSleeps thinks it's all downhill from here, thanks to Obama:
Everyone under 30 or even 35 that voted for this tool... You people got suckered big time. You must feel like you got it from an elephant or something. Your boy hussein there has already spent every dime you'll ever make, and then some. Literally.
Hope you enjoyed the last couple of years - they were the best of your life. It will all be downhill from here thanks to hussein. More taxes, more debt, inflation, ongoing unemployment, an economy unwinding, fewer and fewer personal liberties and freedoms... Your only hope for a better life is to get rid of the tax-and-spend (or borrow-tax-and-spend) big-government liberals that want to control you in some Orwellian nightmare.
SoFloFreeper is sure a journalist getting killed in Iraq is exactly like when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, because they both have Pearl in the name:

What if after Pearl Harbor we were told not to jump to conclusions, that the Japanese enemies were merely frustrated at American presence in the Far East?

What if our leaders told us not to jump to conclusions? That is just what is happening now...we had a President who took the threat seriously, and now we have one who winks at it.

Makes me sick to think our children are growing up in such a world.

We've got to change it folks: we cannot forget Daniel Pearl, just like another generation wouldn't forget Pearl Harbor.
kearnyirish2 is concerned about how all US cities have no white people in them:

They refer to a decrease in the black population, but don’t attribute it to one of real leading causes: abortion. All US cities are evolving into Latino reservations with a “black section”.

unique is amazed Obama can have the public agenda and also the secret evil agenda only Freepers can see:
Obamanation seems capable of maintaining two different agendas - one that’s for public consumption and his real one that’s hard for us to decipher from the bits and pieces that come out here and there.

It does seem like he’s always lying - not just political lies, but real black lies (versus white lies) that will deliver all of us to hell in a hand basket.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday Pix

Yes, Obama lives off of death, somehow.

I've never seen Freepers cleave so strongly to something that has less traction with the public at large.

Obama: even his ice cream is black!

This is what Freepers think.

Biden is a cat person!!

Michelle Obama is not a thin white girl - news at 11.

so hip, these libertarians are.

This explains why Obama is so evil! It's the demon weed!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Iraqis so ungrateful!

So, along with the rest of the Arab world, Iraqis are protesting government corruption and general crapiness and lack of service. Freepers know who to blame!

RasterMaster is pretty sure he's found proof of the liberal-Muslim cabal:

Mooselimbs and DUmocrats got their marching orders this week.....convenient?!
Benchim may be a troll:

And $1 trillion and 5000 sons dead 30,000 wounded for this? And we don’t even get their oil? This is crap.

SSDD in Islam.

Same Shit Different Day? Yeah, Muslims have been protesting for centures, but the MSM only just decided to cover it, the finks!

Eleutheria5 doesn't blame the Muslims - he blames the CIA, who are totally getting like the Knights Templar:
I suspect the CIA has been sabotaging the US on this since the first boot crossed over from Kuwait. Too many leaks. Too many things going wrong. They’re like the Templar Knights, grown too big for their britches.

Obama is using Wisconson to destroy America, or something.

Freepers have decided noted supervillain Barak Hussein Obama is responsible for every protest going on today. Excelt Iran's cause that one's cool.

nolongerademocrat knows Obama's plan:

He’s hoping for bloodshed I’m sure.

Step 1: provoke bloodshed in Wisconson.

Step 2: ...

Step 3: Profit!


Obama is going to Cairo Wisconsin.
But Mubarak was President, so Obama...Gah!

xtinct sees a connection!
Obama wants Wisconsin --> It figures! Like all Dems, he creates a problem in order to solve a problem.
Egypt, Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. --> I believe Obama is up to his eyeballs in it.

Reaction to the Gifford's shooting was ALL Obama too until it was proven that Loughner is a card-carrying commie liberal.

Wish the people who have been sworn to protect America and its people would step up to the plate and investigate this maggot in the White House
Someone get this guy some glasses, a blackboard, and a show on FOX News!

hfr thinks the left is some kind of militia:
Right wing militia? That’s a myth. But we do see the reality of a left wing militia in these protests in WI and at Boehner’s home in DC as well as elsewhere.

Better face the facts, the left has an organized militia composed of many different brigades disguised as unions, associations, pacs, and special interest groups among others.

And it has all been organized right out in the open for all to see
And instead of guns, the left uses the infinitely more deadly civil disobedience!

Government vs. the People. Break them.
The Government, as represented by thousands of protesters. The People, as represented by the Governer.

SampleMan saw this movie before. In fact, I think he plays it every night:
Before this is all over, Obama will be screeching at his parasitical supporters to “go and take what is yours”.
Stock up on anti-riot medication now.
hal ogen thinks Obama is a failure, but also his plans are coming together:
Since day one of his failed presidency nobama has been nobama. That is, he is purposefully trying to destabilize America. nobama is a marxist/socialist community organizer who is so self-loathing that he attempts to bring everything down to his loser level. nobama is one sick puppy...sick.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Israel uber allies

So the US has signed on to a UN criticism of Israel for the first time. No actions, just words. Freepers are pretty sure Obama basically just bombed Israel.

Colorado Cowgirl thinks electing Obama was a sin against God!

“God’s judgment on this country is near.”

We have been under His judgment since 20 January 2009. Has not the United States and the whole world gone downhill since Obozo took office. Nobel Peace Prize my arse! Do they give Nobel Prize for starting a Middle East war?

She then spends the rest of the thread postinf psalms and hymns.

SumProVita knows what is needed - fasting!

A major mistake. God’s judgment on this country is near.”

Indeed! We have the overwhelming curse of abortion and now this.

(shaking head)

Prayer and fasting called for...
this is the last straw for Armaggedon:

We must throw off the yoke of the usurper Obama.
chopperman knows what criticizing Israel is:
This is an overt act of:
EBH knows liberals are preparing to destroy Israel, and also there will be a draft, for some reason. Gays fit in there somehow as well.
In reading about so many of the progressives that came before him...they didn't so much as 'want war,' as they needed war in order to create their crisis of opportunity. The left and all their peaceniks will be the first ones to volunteer if we side against Israel in a war.

Why did they work so hard to allow homosexuality in the service? Because there is a draft coming...wait and see. The democrats were pushing for a draft back in 2004(?) that the republicans challenged them on and shut-down at that time. The wording of the bill is already written and waiting in the wings.

Republicans hold the House, but do they have the will to do the moral thing, when the time comes? This will be enough to throw our Nation into civil war. For those who know and see prophecy in these events...realize there is more than their mortal lives at stake.
Way to go Obama- Keep ignoring God- it’ll do wonders for America when God completely abandons us to our sin and indiffere3nce towards Him- What a leader!

Wisconsin turns Muslim

Freeper have two reactions to the labor protests in Wisconson (in Feburary, brrr!). Some stick to the conventional "I hate unions, remember when Reagen broke the Air Traffic Controlers? That was dreamy" rout. Others follow Glenn Beck, and are sure there is some kind of pan-Arabia/Wisconson conspiracy at work here.

IronJack thinks people who protest should really not hold any jobs.

They’re clearly cultivating a climate of violence with their irresponsible, hate-filled rhetoric. Are these truly the people you want caring for your aged grandmother, guarding your shops, and teaching your children? These spittle-flecked raving monsters?

I think not ...
ReneeLynn knows who else protests - Muslims.

Gee, they’re starting to act like the muslim brotherhood.
backwoods-engineer would like some killings:

Time to bring out the National Guard against these Communists! They can't get what they want through the system, so they attack the politicians physically. Now I'm not averse to the latter if the politicians weren't keeping their oaths, but in this case, the Communist Union types want to subvert lawfully elected and oathkeeping lawmakers.

Put 'em down. Hard.
Diogenesis has boycotted making sense, but not right-wing talking points!

They are CRACKING HEADS for Jim Lehrer and making
violence and threats of it for Obama, Ayers, and the DNC.

There is NO LAW in America under the undocumented
Imam Obama whose sole goal is to protect his 57 States.
dragnet2 knows where this is leading - Civil War 2!

Everyone must remember...

There are NOW more government union members than private sector union members..

Watch for government employee parasites to become violent....

It's coming...
melancholy is pretty sure Obama is behind this, as part of his grand scheme to shut down the Internet to get at Free Republic:

The communists and some people on the right said that Glenn Beck is crazy. If this is not nipped in the bud, look for 0b0z0's communists and community organizers to burn most of US cities in a single "DAY OF ANGER" and repeat if necessary!

0h0m0llah will have his state of emergency and pull the Internet kill switch a la Mubarak and disarm the public.

Mu-Barak 0b0z0 will be happy to do it. What was that you were asking? Eligibility, huh?
HushTX may not be well-practiced at conspiracy theorizing, but he's a natural:

Conspiracy theory time. Now, I’m not good at these, so I’ll need a little help...

Ayers and his ilk have been active in US for a while, causing all kinds of irritations. Recently he and his people were in Egypt for some unstated purpose.

All over the Middle East these “days of rage” are cropping up, sharing tactics, symbolism and the name of previous activity from this crew.

And now there is a union strike in Wisconsin, shutting down the school district(s), getting very vocal against their government, and rumors are spreading of the involvement of the National Guard. On top of that, these people are trying to compare THEIR activity to what happened in Egypt, and I have seen things such as “think we’re mad now, just wait” being bandied about.

So there are some observations I have made. Anyone who wants to chime in is encouraged, as I would love to know what you savvy folks think about all this.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

"I don’t believe in coincidences." Mantra of the conspiracy theorist.

C210N hates school anyhow so this is a good thing!

A teacher's strike, and eventual cave-in, will be great for kids. They will continue their education with homeschooling, learning the essential lesson that socialism doesn't pay.
Texas Eagle has found the vital clue that clinches it!

"This is going to change Wisconsin forever."
There's that word "change" again. Huh. What are the odds.
Like the color purple, the 11th of every Month, Tuesdays, and everyting Obama says, use of the word 'change' is proof of the vast left-wing conspiracy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It seems there was a roumor General Petraeus was going to resign. Did not happen. Freepers, however, reacted to this juicy gossip with rampant speculation and rage:

hinckley buzzard thinks Obama owes the Taliban. Probably for electing him, somehow:
Obama needs to install a sellout to pay off his debts to the Taliban.
wintertime will not vote for any General that has not instituted a military coup:
There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I would vote for a man that let LTC Lakin and Major Cook swing slowly in the wind.

There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I would vote for a man that allowed his troops to serve under a likely usurper posing as president and Commander in Chief.

While General Patraeus might be willing to fall on a grenade for his troops against a foreign enemy on foreign soil, I **seriously** doubt that he would defend the Constitution against a **domestic** enemy.

I have no idea what hosepipe is saying, but it is worse than that "Betray Us" ad that enraged Freeper types back in the day.
Ugh Oh!... He may be in Kansas again.. The Wizard of OZ.. may have been exposed as the slimy traitor he is..
Gondring keeps hope alive:
Possibly helping the Hillary Clinton campaign?
SeekAndFind is reliving World War 2. Again!
Petraeus, more than anyone else, has been identified with the intensified military campaign in Afghanistan which, according to critics of the policy, has reduced prospects of a political settlement by alienating Taliban leaders who might otherwise be coaxed into peace talks.

This tells me than Petraeus is a WARRIOR more than a politician. His main task is to crush the enemy until they are rendered helpless, but the administration would not allow him to finish his job.

Reminds me a lot of George Patton.
chooseascreennamepat is also hopeful.
The only way he can spill the beans about 0 is to resign from the service.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

2012 ticket edition:
Palin/ Keyes

Palin/ West

Palin/ Rand Paul

My picks...

Awesome plan provided by Leader_Of_The _Conservatives

Iranian unrest

So Iran is cracking down. Freepers, entraged Obama said anything against Mubarak, insist Obama had better pants Ahmadinejad in public or else he's tacitly admitting being a Muslim to everyone who is smart!

holden is sure this isn't diplomacy or being careful, it's something about making sure your family gets raped.

Barry is in favor of regime change when less than 1% of the population hits the streets calling for it, as he commented about Egypt. He says that's how democracy works.
Something strongly tells me he's really in favor of the Iranian guys-in-power model of snuffing out the opposition if it should occur here.

You could call it hypocrisy, but too few in the US get excited about such a fuzzy term as that's come to mean. They're waiting to see the connection to real consequences.

Those actual consequences of total financial ruin, loss of possessions, auctions and grand larcenies by thuggish gangs, poverty, people dying in the streets, family members raped, killed by gangs, etc. will be what it takes. And they will get it.

Let us see how Obama handles this.

Where is the MSM cheering on the masses?

Not allowed in Iran, dumbass!

Frank_2001 brings it back home:

The Kenyan muslim is probably a Sunni, and Sunnis hate Shiites anyway....
RetiredArmy finds more proof ya gotta hate Muslims here:

This is your example of a free election, a free people, in the murdering cult of Izzlum’s eyes.

Enjoy this folks out there with your heads up your collective butts that think you can get these thugs too be your friends.

Read their stinking Kotexran! It tells them to KILL you if you do not convert to their gutter religion. Simple as that, kill you!!!

Women, get a grip. You will become a nothing. Wearing those hoodies over your head and face. Women walk BEHIND the man, a second class citizen.

Man, I’d love too see ole Hillary having to walk behind Bill with one of those one. Serve her right.

These people are 500 years BEHIND us. They are living in the 14th century or so.

That is why they hate us. They have not even got to the wheeled cart yet. They are still herding goats and sheep.

Democrats want to exterminate all dissent

In a thread about Iran's political leaders want the death of the opposition party's leaders, a great deal of it is about how Democrats totally want to do that to Republicans, or how Republicans should totally do that to Democrats:

newzjunkey knows the Dems in Congress are basically Iranian autocrats:
Wow. Somehow when I read the headline I completely overlooked “Iranian” and assumed it was about Democrats in Congress.
Tennessee Nana kinda likes the idea:

Just imagine if the losing opposition party of House members got to be put to death last Nov...

Would that have gone over well with Barry ???
JRandomFreeper thinks guns are the only reason Dems haven't purged Republicans:
So do ours [want to exterminate the oppoisition]. But, unfortunately for them, we are armed to the teeth and have lawyers. ;)
Rome2000 thinks killing all Democrats is the only way:
Beats trying to beat them at the ballot box, especially when they engage in election fraud,the press serves as their propaganda wing, and they give away the productive class's money in exchange for votes.

Sometimes the only way to set things straight.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper knows who was all about violence: Alinsky!
Re “Crush, kill and destroy all dissent, etc.” Yes, Saul Alinsky and Frances Fox Piven, oh and Bill Ayers.
Alas Babylon! notes that Dems didn't really speak up about McVeigh, which proves not that they keep quiet when everyone is against them, but rather that they must want people they don't like killed:

While they're opposed to the death penalty in most cases, I'm not sure they'd be very opposed if the person being put to death was someone they hated politically.

Timothy McVie comes to mind. Frankly, he was executed in record time. None of the usual left wing groups who almost always support the inmate did a thing to support him. No court challenges, last minute request for stays—nothing.

Time to fight the Negros!

Alas, this thread has been pulled, but I saved the thread to my computer last night! So, here are some choice quotes on race from the ever more blatant Freepers.

Neoliberalnot Seems to think black people are lynching white folks:
Great, the leader of the Black Klan inciting riots. I thought there were laws against this?? Why is the Black Klan allowed to get away with this? Selective enforcement of the law??? I see.
oh8eleven wants us to know all black people blame whitey for everything:
The "black" problems back in the day could all be attributed to whitey. White teachers, white school boards, white mayors, white city councils, white policemen, etc. All racists don't 'ya know.
The claim - wait until blacks take over all those jobs and everything will be "outta sight" ... Chocolate Cities. FAIL.
I see my hands can't wait for the race war:
Do it. You people have taken enough of the white man's wealth. Maybe you better watch out for our revolt.

Kenny Bunk thinks Maya Angelou is proof of racism against white poets:
Giving instruction ... or god forbid, correction or criticism ... to an African-American at any level causes loss of self-esteem and is racist.

This is insidious, causing otherwise normal people to consider, among other aberrations, Maya Angelou a poet.

I live in PG County also and the public schools are horrible for the white children. If you go on youtube and type in Wise HS fights, you can see the problems I couldnt imagine sending my 2 girls to this hell hole without weapons.

And too make it even more crazy WIse HS is a brand new school, and its built next to Obama Elementary...lmao.

1. Note that the school is bad only for whites. Who cares how it is for nonwhites?
2. The key to keeping your kids safe from school fights is weapons.
3. This lady, when talking about how important her daughter's education is, should worry about typing more.
Neoliberalnot thinks blacks are just geneticly dumber, like dog breeds!
Just as there are differences in intelligence between breeds of dogs, there are differences between breeds of humans. It isn’t that complicated folks. You can’t turn a Bassett Hound into a Border Collie by moving him to the training school of the stock dog. Get over the stupid claims promoted by political correctness and see the truth.

jimt would like to take this moment to hate Mexicans
It's always fun to go into a store when there's one of these nice folks in there with their five or six undisciplined little creeps. Running all over, shouting (in Spanish of course), ripping into packages, rearranging stuff on the shelves - while mamasita does nothing about it. And if you speak to mamasita, something like "Excuse me, could I get past ?" she ignores you. She also leaves used disposable diapers in the parking lot as she steals the shopping cart to take her groceries and ninos home. She leaves the shopping cart on the sidewalk in front of her neighbor's home so the roving store trucks can pick it up.

Funny there's none of those problems with typical Americans of latin descent. But then they speak English, too, and have morals and manners. Unlike the excrement oozing across our borders.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rape as political theatre

It looks like CBS reporter Lara Logan got sexually assaulted while reporting in Egypt. Truly awful.

I'm pretty jaded at this point, and not usually disgusted by Freepers,a s can be seen by the usually mocking tone of this site. But about this, their callous and sexist reactions were pretty sickening:

Dominick thinks this is proof no one in Egypt deserves liberty:

It is the kind of thuggery we can expect from people who are poorly equipped for democracy.

Lets vote to see who we attack next is the lowest form of democracy, and was warned against by Plato, and the founding fathers.

Viking2002 would also like to use this to hate Muslims, and wonders if she'll turn conservative now:

At least she got out of there with her skin basically intact - it could have been a lot worse with those sub-simians. After having felt the groping paws of the 'Religion of Peace', I bet she comes out of the hospital a newly-minted conservative, if she wasn't one already.
Chuzzlewit thinks all the cheering is a sign of how the Egyptians are animals.
man oh man... seeing these animals with all their screaming.. what a screwed up society they have. I love that the newscasts worked in as many Egyptian women into the coverage as possible.

nothing good is going to come of this.. nothing..

poor woman..
jimbo123 makes some assumptions, so as to hate on Muslims optimally.
Given that she was attacked by muslims, it can be assumed that she was SODOMIZED as well. It is their modus operandi to send a message to the infidel.
italianquaker thinks this is totally something to use against Obama:
We should be pissed off that any woman is treated this way!

What does the dummy in the White House have to say now?
From here on out it gets pretty rough:

Revolting Cat
This babe sells her T&A on telebision. Now reality intervenes! Oops!
A liberal, spoiled, Westerner (who on top of that works for See BS) learns the hard way that Muslims are scum bags.
I remember reading about the upper middle class white liberals who went to Haiti, and were raped on roof tops and in shanty towns.

So many US liberal women have bought into the Great Lie:


The poor woman. I hope she is OK, and heals up, both mentally and physically.

It is going to be a long road for her, especially if she has no faith in God.
I really don’t know if I believe here story about being sexually assaulted. She has a very dubious background.

Freepers totally about to revolt

This is why for all their threats of violence, Freepers are not really much of a threat. The question is if what happened to Mubarak can happen to Obama. Freepers all agree that US Revolution is coming:

Vaquero knows we won't have no namby-pamby nonviolent protest crap:

It wont be like Egypt...
but if the bullies in govt decides to completely trash the constitution...there will be a return to liberty...

and unlike Egyptians...Americans have liberty's teeth.
gunnyg wonders how many have the balls to actually rise up:

The unasked question...

How many/few real Americans are really left in America?

Sure we know there are dinosaurs left, but they are aging and left over from days gone by; most of their number have moved on to the hereafter long ag; and mor departing dail.

What of the others?

It takes real Americans for a revolution, those who believe in the USA and its founding,Declaration of Independence, so forth.

Independence being the key word here...
AlexW prefers to wallow in racialized despair.

Good Americans do not revolt, but intercity
blacks love an excuse to riot.
Many traditionalist, such as myself, will know when it is all over for America and just pack up and leave.

I would not have said this 20 years ago, but America has been dumbed down to moron level.
All one needs to see is the MSM and PUBIC (sic) education.
Factor in that an illegal black muslim was elected POTUS.
America is soooo screwed, I see little hope.
myself6 has a plan:

Initial targets in the case of all out war.
- Local/ National media outlets and personnel (radio/ TV and publications) - Primary Target
- Select Local, state and Federal government employees and elected officials. Primary Target
- Select Union heads and local leaders - Secondary target
- Select Community organizers - Secondary Target
- Select Members of academia and select campuses - Secondary Target

Goals that MUST be achieved:
- Recruitment of specific military resources and personnel
- Recruitment of specific LEO resources and personnel
- “Procurement” of the above command and control infrastructure.
- Eliminate/neutralize the enemy C&C and propaganda mechanisms (media)

This list is an example of valuable primary and secondary targets in the case of War against the socialists in this nation. It is not complete and should be adjusted to fit the changing conditions of the battlefield. This is also not a list for “lone gunmen” or other idiots, These targets are valuable only in the case a a full commitment by a significant number of individuals with the initial resources, personnel and infrastructure to achieve them at the same (or nearly the same) time in multiple states.

Kill these people first. But no nuts, please!

ichabod1 knows what has to be done:

It has to be done. The only question is when and how. Personally, I am of the mind that there is no way to effectively govern a nation of 300+ million people. It needs to be broken up. It’s like a cartel. I realize that doesn’t say anything good for the two nations that are bigger than ours, India and China, but I don’t think they will ever really prosper, having to manage populations of over a billion.
Thousands of soldiers, all waiting for the first step. Somehow, it's not keeping me up at night.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nuke Libya

The entire Muslim world is threatening to revolt. Muammar Gaddafi plays the "rattle my saber at Israel" card. Freepers jump like trained bunnies:

goat granny remembers how placid Gaddafi was back in the 80s:
Gaddafi needs a new Reagan to lob a few missiles at him to shut him up again.
Excuse_My_Bellicosity blames Obama's election for showing Gaddafi he could mouth off again:

We had this guy in line until the War on Terror totally stalled and the Hussein election all but killed it.
R0CK3T manages to self-refute:

0bama must be driving the bus carrying Muslim Brotherhood leadership to the front lines of this “Revolt”.

The Community Organizer has ordained himself to now be the World Organizer and the ball of revolution is rolling at the speed of 0bama.

Good job there you treasonous A-Hole.

Just so long as its your kids who have to go and get killed first when it gets out of control and we HAVE to go in there to “save lives”.

0bama is like this child who walked up to a hospital, gets to wear the Dr’s suits then walks into the surgery ward and says “I ready, you can bring ‘em in now”.

Obama's amazing - This is all part of his evil plan that he is too inept to stop!

unkus would like to remind us evil is ugly:
Gaddafi has the face of a camel’s ass.

He’s beyond ugly.

no-to-illegals thinks April 22 is the date, and Obama is smoking with joy!
with the birth-date of mad mo being April 22 or thereabouts, is Gaddafi giving out a time-line? possibly.
I bet zer0 is jumping for joy, high fiving the security council, drinking, and having a cigarette.
Smoking and drinking like the demon he is!

Typical_Whitey reminds us the all liberals are like Libyan dictators:
Ghadaffi, typical DU member, Daily Kos crew, Obama white house administration all the same typical anti-Israeli sentiment. They are all chomping at the bit to see Egypt dissolve the peace treat and for open war in the Sinai Peninsula.
arasina foud a photo of Obama with Gaddafi. You know what that means - unflattering baseless speculation!
That in an interesting photo. Obama looks both pleased and awed by the visage of Gaddafi.
Yehuda combines bloodthirsty savagery with the notion that pork is Muslim kryptonite:
Drag his body through the streets before wrapping him in bacon and setting him on fire.


(I don’t understand - why is he ALIVE? He makes Mubarak look like Joe Lieberman!

I don’t understand why most of these scum are still breathing.

With all the “brave” suicide bombers, isn’t there one muslim in each of these forlorn countries willing to risk his life stealing a rifle and shooting these PIGS IN THE HEAD?

Obama and AIDS/meth/crack/ritalin/pills

The always reputable Globe has been hitting the birth certificate thing pretty hard. Freepers must be buying! Recently it published an article saying Obama is taking cocaine like pills. Freepers line up at the trough:

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! trusts all the tabloids, as long as they are publishing scandals about Obama:

the National Enquirer has lots of Obama stories and they have more credibility then ABC.
Oldpuppymax notes that the MSM will cover all this dirt up, but Freepers know who to believe:

Of course the MSM will cover this quite thoroughly. BWAHAHAHAHAHA
BenLurkin thinks Obama has the scourge of ADD:

Hussein on Ritalin like any other ADD loser — makes sense.
indylindy blames Michelle Obama:

I think Moochelle is denying him food and ciggies.
jakerobins thinks all of America has been on a drug trip!

Well it fits......We’ve had Alice in Wonderland for the last 2 years. The USA “drank the kool-aid” by electing Obama..... (Cue Jefferson Airplane!) One pill makes you pill makes you small.....
albie notes that Obama's not used to responsibility. Also Chicago! So it's gotta be true:

His backround certainly would add credibility to this. He’s a 2 bit thug from drug soaked Chicago. He’s weak of character, which would lead to abuse in order to escape the responsibility that he’s never had before...just having a job. Having an actual schedule of things to do and being awakened by an alarm clock is probably all it took.
BenLurkin is one of many posters who thinks it's AIDS:

That’s the other cover story.

The reality? HIV?/AIDS?

I wonder why this narrative is so popular. It's perceived as a black ghetto disease? Cause it makes Obama totally gay? Cause it's God's punishment for the liberal lifestyle?

Harley knew it:

I knew it. That explains his emaciated look. He’s a meth head. Probably has Mochelle cooking in the basement.

Monday potpourri.

Vendome is enraged at labor laws existing:

Go F_ _ _ yourself.

Employees are paid a fair wage.

How in the F_ _ _ are you tell me what I have to pay an employee?

We need to give our profits back to the employees?

How then, pray tell, will we plow those same profits into improving the business or expanding?

Get out of our White House you Devil Worshipin’, Satanic Inspired, Communist.

Gaffer thinks Jane Harmon retired because she didn't want to get shot like Giffords:

My guess is that she’s finally realized what a bunch of whacos her Democrat constituents are and she’s not ready to go through an extensive series of physically rehabilitative therapy like Giffords....

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! believes public schools are secretly teaching Hispanics to rise up:

I believe that Obama and his minions at the DOEduc were inciting violence of the hispanics in Az. against Americans.They had special classes in HS. They were being tought hate poltical speech and that republicans are evil hate them.

Biggirl thinks the Super Bowl is a message to Obama:

Maybe the win Sunday of the Green Bay Packers from a conservative part of the country should send Obama a clue about 2012.

Green Bay? You mean the only unionized, people-owned NFL team?

The Comedian is pretty sure Obama was hardly in the US before he was President:
the only foreign policy experience or expertise the Republican vice presidential candidate could point to was her 20 months as Governor of the only state between Canada and Russia.

As opposed to Obama, who had about 20 months of residency in the US that we can document before scamming his way into the office of President.

CodeToad on men and women:

In other words, unlike women, men’s minds are not clouded by emotional judgements using empathy. That pretty much states real life.

Crim has a solution to the Islamic Problem:

The terrorist dont give a crap how many of them you kill’s a HOLY WAR.

It’s DEATH CULT.....they WANT armegedden...they think it will bring their messiah....

You only have two realistic choices...

Intercept them...

Or react to their attacks AFTER they happen...

Your third obvious choice would be genocide....but seeing as you cant stomach someone peeping at your e-mail...I doubt you have the stones for genocide.

Joe Boucher thinks Obama is so dumb, he sounds like a slave!

Yasser master

What a punk this “magic Negro” is.

Da Coyote thinks liberals hate education, somehow:

A liberal is to education as a cat is to water.

thethirddegree thinks Obama is a pansy, what with all the Secret Service protection and people who want to assassinate him:

Obama wouldn’t last 10 minutes without the SS protecting him.

The Comedian parses Obama's speech and sees it's Islamic/Alinsky code!
“But this is not the end of Egypt's transition. It's a beginning. I'm sure there will be difficult days ahead, and many questions remain unanswered.”

He should be saying this in his native Arabic. It would have more impact, and the American press wouldn't have to cover it to have people like us rip to shreds as the Alinsky/Mahdi cipher that it is.

samtheman on Sarah Palin's lesser greatness:

When people say Sarah Palin is no Ronald Reagan they are right, but they miss the point.

We should not be looking for "the next Ronald Reagan".

We should be looking for the Ronald Reagan in each of us.

And that, in my opinion, is the greatness of Sarah Palin. It is a lesser greatness, to be sure, but it is a greatness that fits the times we live in.

The greatness of Sarah Palin is that she is one of us and that she is living the life that Reagan talked about when he spoke often and lovingly of the greatness that is in all people who are truly free, and in all Americans.

altura on Sarah Palin's greater greatness:

But Palin is not any other candidate.

She’s The One.

(not being sarcastic, really think so)

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Secret Service, or Secret Police?!?!?!?! Edition:
I am very much afraid that the SS is not the usual SS. It has become an extension of the presidents fascist arm, and it is designed to cow the US public and Obama's political opponents.

The SS now pursues Obama's political agenda, beyond doing its job of protecting the president.For that reason the SS should be highly suspect in any investigation it performs on members of the US public.

The SS is now a liberal fascist organ, which has a very thuggish , unAmerican composition and activity.

History shows us that other fascists like Obama have accomplished very much the same thing.

Obama should be exposed and ridiculed for traducing what was a special and sometimes heroic service to every president.

Now they are just another cadre of political thugs IMHO. We have come a long way from the days when a Washington blue suit cop took a bullet for the president, as in Reagan's case when Hinckley tried to assassinate Reagan. Cops are now not trusted by the SS.
Unprompted paranoia provided by Candor7 (Obama . fascist info..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday Pix

Yeah, Orcs were pretty Communist. Watch out for the Rinorcs, though!

What's with all the baseball players and the kool aid?

Those pennies in the bottom right corner perplex me.

Totally the same person! Go Palin!

Obama's gonna blow up America!!

It wasn't a terrorist fist jab it was a COMMUNIST fist jab!

Hrm. Looks like a video game.

Ahh, the badass Canadian Elk!

Too bad this isn't the thesis of mainstream Republicans, cause it's crazytown!

Friday, February 11, 2011

1st Egypt, then The Islamic Republic of United States

For Freeper reactions to Mubarak actually leaving, see how they reacted when he was leaving yesterday, before his little 2-step. In short: "Muzlems takeover cause Obama's Muzlim!:"

So here is a prime example of Freeper's paranoia about Muslims taking over the US:

aces takes comfort in the inevitable:

God will kill them after we are gone
SamsFriend holds a long grudge, as Jesus would have wanted:

along with disliking Muslim (which I do ) I think we should also hate the pagans of Egypt to, for they were the first to kill the Christians in Egypt.
Diogenesis has some interesting ideas about history:

America, the UN, and Europe have FORCED Islam onto Iraq
and Afghanistan, and in the latter,
forced the BURQA BACK on women after they took
it off, briefly, when the US liberated the country.
combat_boots isn't worried about the US, but Europe is going to have a Christan Holocaust
Someone on another thread mentioned something that really stopped me in my tracks, about the choice Christians in W. Europe must make:

Boxcars or Burkas

I hope that choice doesn’t come here.
FreedomPoster has been yelling about the European Holocaust for a while now.

I’ve said for a while now that I fully expect to see concentration camps in Europe again in my lifetime. The only question is, Who will be running them?

I am not at all happy to be making this prediction.
Blood of Tyrants:
We’ll start playing Cowboys and Muslims before then. And we know how it came out when we played Cowboys and Indians.
Is Cowboys and Muslims becoming a new Freeper meme?

john drake makes it an official meme - genocide rocks!
Like the new saying goes.....”we haven’t gotten around to playin’ Cowboys and Muslims...yet”

A new Crusades will have to be called, and in order for it to be fully successful, we’ll need to round up the fifth column in this country first, and we know who they are. I never thought I’d ever have to say it but there are more traitors in this country than muslims...for now.
Yes an Inquisition against liberals BEFORE the Crusade against Muslims! Not crazy at all!

Marty62 is the best. He personifies the two-dimensional view of Muslims as movie monsters. Apparently, they're just like zombies:
Did anyone see 28 days Later?

It is about a RAGE virus that spreads throughout the population of England.

Apes were constantly beraged with images and sounds of violence, war etc. Some PETA types released the infected Apes and they proceeded to kill ever one of the P-types.

Anyway the few survivors struggles to stay alive and prevent being infected. In the end the rage infected zoombies began turning on each other.

Assuming the Rage infected Muslims do manage to kill all the “infedels”. Then they will turn on each other, consuming the flesh of of their own.
We have seen the streets of Cairo infected with the Rage virus. Tomorrow we will see how bad the infection really has become.
If Egypt falls to the Rage infected Islamist, will Saudi be next?
Will the people of the U.S sit by while the pockets of the Rage infected begin to release their Rage virus upon us?
Yeah, not people, mindless slavering ungly monsters!

Take your internet and shove it where the sun don’t shine, Obama.

That's the comment of freekitty about Obama's plan to provide government wireless Internet to a lot of America. It works fine for lots of countries, but Freepers are not quite so sanguine about non tax-payers getting any benefits.

Much of this is the usual Obama is a racist socialist rote:

Pearls Before Swine is sure white folks will get hurt somehow:

Let me guess... your free access will be “means tested” or “racially tested (a la Pigford)”. Everyone will pay an access fee (like Obamacare), but for some that fee will be zero.
jakerobins knows how the unemployed work:

Sure get all the unemployed people High Speed Internet....That will make them want to go to work! /sarcasm
Now instead of sitting at home all day watching soaps they can twitter and look up internet porn!

Yep, those without jobs are sure living it up!

napscoordinator is pissed we don't let poor people die hungry, cold and stupid more often:
Agreed. Let's see folks get food stamps, plus free MEALS at school, free education, free housing, free medical, free heating, free money for spending, and that apparently is not enough so let's throw in some Internet connection.....unbelievable.
Clock King knows socialism is just around the corner!
The next step will be free computers for “the children” and the other moochers, b/c WiFi is no good without a good PC or tablet to use it.
And then they'll take our guns!

But lately, Free Republic has gone a bit more conspiracy-crazy. I blame Egypt and Glenn Beck.

MaxMax is sure this will be government controlled, like the highways!
Free Internet so POTUS can control it. If it's free most people
will drop their current providers and be dependent on the FEDs.
Then they can control the content and access.
2harddrive knows the wireless is just a plan to monitor your Internets!
NEWS FLASH: The DOES NOT need a warrant to MONITOR wireless web traffic or phone calls. Neither do the states! Coincidence? Give me the reliable security of WIRED comminications.
Yeah, cause the wires make the internet secure!

Real Cynic No More is the best - he thinks this is part of Obama's plan to foment a revolution of the poor!
Now instead of sitting at home all day watching soaps they can twitter and look up internet porn!
and... create viral protest rallies triggered on Twitter and Facebook, leading to revolution which will run off the those who are productive.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kyle out

Freeper's response to another of their own retiring - this time Senator Kyle, Republican of Arizona.
samadams2000 says Kyle wasn't all that.

He was compromised. Time for some new blood.
mwl8787 is pissed there might be some opposition:

Bad news. Yes, the RATS will make a play for this seat. Damn it!

Dude, it's Arizona, y'all will be fine.

Or will they? sunmars has an idea:

I have the most horrible feeling they may try and get Giffords husband or someone involved in the shootings to run for this on the rat side. I would not put it past them to try it.
Never heard of the guy, but he's a threat!

yoe thinks Senators are quitting cause of...Union Takeover of America?
A real loss to Arizona and our government...Jon Kyl is one of a hand full of Senators with integrity. Why are so many quitting - do they see the Union Take Over of America? Or are there other reasons at work. The country can’t afford to lose men like Kyl....pray for a good replacement...Napolitano was mentioned - Can anyone believe it- that woman isn’t an option...may she slip on a banana peel.............
Google can't find anything called "Union Take Over of America." Course what with this guy's stylistic choices, maybe the capitalization means nothing.


Freepers are are positive that the DLC was a sham that meant nothing, and it’s ending is super significant proof that Dems have become pure socialists:

kjo is thrilled the Republicans will finally control the South!
Meanwhile...the last of “conservative” Dems in the South, especially Alabama are moving into the GOP.

The Dems are a completely left-liberal group
Lancey Howard hates all moderates on both sides - socialists all!
It was nothing less than an exercise in how the rats must lie better about pushing their Euro-socialist agenda. This "Council" was the rat equivalent of the RINOs' "Tuesday Club", except the purpose of the RINOs' Tuesday Club was to lie better about helping the rats push their Euro-socialist agenda.
MrB found a quote from 1944 that proves Dems are all socialists:
The Socialist Party candidate for President of the US, Norman Thomas, said this in a 1944 campaign speech:
"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every principle of our socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without ever knowing how it happened." He went on to say: "I no longer need to run on the Socialist Party ticket because the Democrat Party has now adopted our platform."
screaminsunshine sets out the playing field:
Now we have the Socialists...(democrats).....the Democrats..(RINOS)....and the Americans...(Republicans).
campaignPete R-CT :
In 2024, after 12 years of GOP presidents, some young governor will run as a Moderate DEM and try the cross-dressing act again.

Mubarak out

Freepers, after dithering for a few days, have decided Mubarak is their dude, so when he is reported to be stepping down, they go full tinfoil hat.

Here are the tags for the thread: "2bad; alqaeda; alqaedavsegypt; ayers; ayersvsegypt; bhomiddleeast; clinton; clintonvsegypt; codepink; codepinkvsegypt; dncmeddling; dncvsegypt; dorhn; dorhnvsegypt; egypt; ikhwan; ikhwanvsegypt; islam; mb; me; obamatyranny; obamavsegypt; resignation; soroswins "

yldstrk sees chaos, Chaos!

All hell breaking loose in the ME

What a freaking mess

Thanks Obama
Loyalist sees the Russian Revolution all over again.

From the Czar to Kerensky, with Lenin not far behind.
PLD thinks Obama is a Muslim and totally betrayed Mubarak, somehow:

That is what the Muslim Obama wants..He has to protect his Muslim brothers..Obama bows to Mubarak and then stabs him in the back..
Mr. K thinks Muslim rule is inevitable now that the dictator is gone.

At first it will be calm acceptance to the new leaders, who happen to be from the Muslim brotherhood.
In less than a year they will be setting up their Sharia law theocracy and the smart ones will leave the country.

Those that are left will be rioting in the streets begging for the USA to help them until the diaper-heads beat them into submission ( LITERALLY );

When all the women are wearing burkas and the sphinx is dynamited Egypt's return to the stone ages will be complete.

Maybe 6 months

I mean, I'm pessimistic bout Egypt too, Good to see Mr. K. still uses cloth diapers, though - very environmental.

screaminsunshine is sure this is some kind of conspiracy, though it is not very good at keeping secrets I guess:

I have followed the NWO for 30 years. To me this appears to be the formation of trading zone...I think it is 6 or 7. We are slated to be in the Amero Zone with Mexico and Canada. Why they are setting up the Arab Zone first I dunno. Maybe the time is right. The Euro Zone was the first. Maybe it has to do with stopping the oil to the USA.
Diogenesis thinks Obama has done all of this, because he hates Constitutions.
So to help Obama and the Moslem Brotherhood,the MSM have encouraged the Egyptian military to act OUTSIDE OF THE EGYPTIAN CONSTITUTION.


How many Constitutions has the Undocumented Imam now overturned? Did Kenya have one earlier?

Was the US Constitution not the first he destroyed? It certainly was not the last one.
The Egyptian Constitution? Bwa?

Chris Lee Out

Congressman has an affair. It comes to light, and then he resigns. The twist this time is that there are pix, and that craigslist was involved. Freepers, though, do their best to make this old story partisan. Alinsky abounds:

ColdOne has forgotten about Massa. And Spitzer. And Edwards.

Yet had he been a Dem it would be a badge of honor this scandal.
newfreep notes there is a double standard.

Saul Alinsky: “A moral person can be held to moral standards but an immoral person does not.”

So DNC/Socialists can get away with anything...even murder.

Yeah, it's almost as if one party trumpets family values and tried to get a President to resign cause of sexual failings, while the other only points out hypocrisy. But Alinsky, so my argument is invalid.

BigSkyFreeper thinks flirting with women online is so gay:

Whoa, Mr. Lee looked like George Takei... Another poofter. LOL
Miss_Meyet knows who is hot: That dreamy Putin!
He sent a shirtless picture of himself?
He should have photoshopped his head onto a picture of Vladmir Putin.
Dick Bachert thinks there is a conspiracy!!
Gotta wonder if the leftists are ENTRAPPING these guys in the same way their buds in the KGB use “Foxes” to compromise enemies? Sounds like Saul Alinsky to me.
Wow, Alinsky again! That guy is everywhere!

Recovering Ex-hippie knows where cheaters should go!
Lets hope he now switches parties!!!He should have just done that!
RoadGumby agrees - infidelity is what liberals do!
it shows a callous disregard for your wife, it shows an exceptional ability to make very poor decisions (not a good characteristic for someone you want to represent you), it shows a great lack of morality (remember, this form of gov’t is suitable only for a just and moral people).

Additionally, that behavior is a characteristic of the lefts mode of operation.
No True Scotsman on steroids.