Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Spotlight: Wellington VII

Something lighter as Free Republic roils in racism.
Zotted, alas, this guy screwed with Freepers for quite a while before he got spotted.

Good Christian Americans:
It is frighteningly unbelievable that an American president would hold a Ramadan dinner at the White House. Never before in our history would Good Christian Americans expect a president to hold a Ramadan dinner which is an affront to all Christians and Jews. The Obama Ramadan dinner while not covered by the mainstream media may be the event that forces impeachment.
Pro Life to it's logical conclusion:
These poor babies need proper Christian burials and their mothers should be prosecuted.
How to tell a killer:
His Facebook pages says he likes the rock & roll bands, Poison, Metalica, Guns & Roses, Kiss and the Quiet Riot.

And also is a gamer.

Bad news, the people around him should have seen that he was homicidal.
Ted Cruz birthers are silly:
Ted is more qualified than Obama as both Canada and Cuba are close and Cuba was under the protection at one point
Who to blame for Trayvon Martin:
The fact that Martin was not armed is the fault of gun restrictions imposed by Democrats.
“Will sneered. Alter says that, to some pundits, cyclists are “a powerful force trying to squeeze cars off the road,” and “every advance by the cyclists is seen as an attack on the suburban way of life.”

Will,is right, but he underestimates the destruction that bicyclists and the bike lobby afflict upon the suburban way life and ultimately the American way of life and Christian values.

They use the roads that we pay for, they slow us down on our daily commutes to work, depriving us of freedom and profit, they attack our values in a manner similar to the homosexual lobby.

They deny business to our auto and oil industries and put our lives at risk.
Solving Mandella's problem:
These people who have some sort of idol worship for Mandela do not acknowledge that Mandela rather than fight Apartheid through a legitimate democratic process instead turned to violent means.

If Mandela were a true “statesman,” he would have used the South African ballot box starting way back in the 1950’s to win himself political office.
Pro family?
The gay tactics against Russian Vodka and other pro family products is troubling and fascistic.
The scary thing about the courts:
Even more troubling, polls mean nothing to courts.
The post that probably got him zotted on the thread "Teen Bible Campers Hospitalized After Mixing Fart Spray and Deer Repellent in Prank"
With all the attacks against Christians these days, we can never be too careful.

This incident in all likelihood was a coordinated attack by some attendees of the Christian camp that are not really who they say they are. Such infiltrators, maybe Muslim or atheist would know that the two substances should never be mixed and that to mix them together would cause a noxious or even life threatening cloud of gas.

It could very well be terrorism.
Took it a fart too far, alas. Wellington VII, we hardly knew ye.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Racial Challenge

Freeper RightOnline asks:
I’ve issued this challenge here on FR for years.....never any takers.

Show me one nation ruled by blacks that is well-run and prosperous. I won’t even go into the violence aspect.
Freepers respond, and the goalposts fly!

Bermuda, one of the highest GDPs in the world, not only has had black premiers in the past (a white one now) but has had a black woman premier in the past. It is exceptionally well run and has been for 40 years.
Of course, Bermuda is run by England, so it's self-rule is actually an illusion, and white men are hiding behind the curtain:
Bermuda....a Commonwealth country with British rule of law. That’s their saving grace.
Also, it's blackness is gradually telling:
I’m glad for Bermuda’s prosperity, but in recent years I definitely recall hearing that crime has been rising there.
Of course, being British run doesn't mean the negro savagery won't sometimes come out:
Bahamas not exactly well run. High violent crime rate, low paying unskilled jobs, poverty rampant. It isn’t all like Atlantis Hotel

Barbados is better run...higher standard of living...and is 90% black. Unlike most of black-run British Commonwealth nations....Barbados has not gone full anti-white...and kept many British customs...even called “Little England”
Also, Bermuda is too small to count. So is Anguilla:
I first thought that too, but Bermuda and Anguilla aren't countries. They are "British overseas territories" with British law, but not British taxes.

Bermuda's population is 64,268 and Anguila's is 13,600.

The tax-haven aspect is probably critical to the islands' prosperity, and I don't see how you could scale that up enough to help. Just Detroit's population is 706,585.
That tax haven not counting thing is echoed re tourism and Bahamas:
I’ve noticed a lot of freepers mentioning the Bahamas, take the tourist money away and see what happens. On the flip side we have Baltimore, Detroit,Philly, the list goes on and on. We all know who runs these cities. I’m not questioning the intellect, morals or values of black people, just there political maturity, which is obviously lacking.
And then there are all the ones Freepers don't reply to:

Ethiopia, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas plus just about all the countries on the West African coast (Atlantic).
While I will be the first to criticise Hellholes like Haiti and Zimbabwe, I nevertheless believe that fair is fair. As someone else already pointed out, the Bahamas qualifies, and for my own example, I will cite Botswana.

While Botswana does indeed still have some problems with poverty (especially in the capital of Gaborone), it is nevertheless considered one of Africa’s rising stars, and has steadily increased its standard of living, and its education rate.

It has also been 100% black-run since its independence (although its first leader Sir Sereste Khama caught a lot of flack from his own people for marrying a white British woman).

Like I said, the place isn’t perfect, but they’re actually attracting foreign investment.
Yeah, continuing to hew to your racism despite copious evidence sure is a challenge!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This isn't exactly Free Republic's fault, but just about every right wing news source and blog has taken to posting as many black-on-white crimes as they can throughout America. This may be a small subset of all the crime in America, but thanks to the magic of sample bias, Freepers are convinced there is a race war going on as we speak.

It is irresponsible and disgusting, and I have no idea who it is supposed to help - anyone that is fooled was gonna run out to vote against the Democrat anyhow. But it has driven Free Republic into themes of racist rage and paranoia actually identical to Stormfront - and I've checked.

This thread is only an example of the crapstorm the site has become lately. Here, they latch on to one of the hundreds of horrible youtube videos posted daily. But this one has black kids making a white three-year-old cry, so it's symbolic of what's totally happening all the time in America:

ilovesarah2012 is incensed and sees the Racial Holy War acommin!
They better quit before it’s too late.
If ScottinVA had a granddaughter...
That baby resembled my granddaughter, who’s about the same age. This sh*t is edging to the abyss, and we’re soon going to see a rather decisive response.
Responsibility2nd...I have nothing to add to the below comments:
These obamabrats learn early. Gang up on baby whitey.
I bet this sort of thing happened all the time in the past. We just didn't have the technology to easily see it.

The leftist media filtered everything so we wouldn't know the truth.
Where was the child’s parents, and why was she left with a pack of feral sub-humans? Where was animal control?
Obviously the feral animals have taught their young to attack those smaller and weaker than themselves.
Baby momma was recently quoted, “Ahhh Doo NaWt Noo HOO Da Pops Iz,, Ah wass High Awn MetHH WeN AH Got Ganggg Banged BI All da BoySS YN Da Hood”
Yup, this is Obamastan. Get used to it.

The white man has been castrated. Somewhere in the process, liberals have managed to suction out his spine, as well.

What's going to happen is we're going to cede America to ragheads and messycans. They'll deal with the black thugs.

In terror of Syria

Obama indulged in some humanitarian saber rattling about Syrian chemical weapon attacks. Now, with pretty clear evidence of such attacks, he is obliged to prepare some sort of military something about Syria.

Freepers are suddenly ridiculously terrified about Syria, and war in general.

Diogenesis explains why evil Obama might bomb his Muslim brothers:
Here is why the Tyrant likes this.

1. ‘Wag the Dog’ gets IRS, NSA, corruption, off the headlines.

2. Helps al Qaeda.

3. Blowback is against Israel.

4. Helps his PR mojo.
SoFloFreeper knows Obama faked the whole gas thing to go to war:
Tonkin Gulf II. Lets not go here.

Tonkin Gulf II was Libya.

This is TG III.
Hotlanta Mike knows what this is!
Syria is Obama’s VIetnam...there I said it.
dfwgator thinks this is actually lots of US wars put together:
Gulf of Tonkin and The USS Maine and the Zimmerman Note all wrapped into one.
tet68 worries about the UN:
If this isn’t done under the UN auspice, we are totally screwed.

Obamawar II.
bgill worries World War 3 is acommin'
Britain getting in on this is going to solve what? Nothing. Throw in us and a few more countries and pizz off Vlad and it’s WWIII.
Venturer questions the videos of the gas attack:
Have they confirmed without question that it was chem and what type of chem when. How was it employed and who made it (weaponized it)?

Obviously they do not know who gassed who.

Maybe it was all just a video like the one in Benghazi.
Sarah Barracuda wants WMDs or GTFO:
I wonder if the leftist media will call Obama a liar like they did with Bush and WMD’s in Iraq..oh wait I almost forgot..when Obama does something its all good according to the media who kisses his behind
HollyB knows Obama and the British Prime Minister are in an Islamic fenzy:
He is in a frenzy to have the brotherhood in power. He and Cam have gone rogue. He is absolutely aweful!
dljordan posits that some evil version of Halliburton is behind this:
There’s a profit somewhere in this or the big boys wouldn’t be pushing it. Our servicemen will have to play the price for this and there will be mucho flag waving and rivers of humanitarian tears to keep us quiet.
Dallas59 is still caught up in fearing negroes:
Meanwhile, The sons Obama terrorize the homeland.
Kennard is sure Obama will sell military secrets to China:
Russia and China may permit Obama to have his way with Syria ... for a price, a very steep price. Obama may just be fixated enough on his Caliphate dreams to pay that price.

The American people and freedom-loving people everywhere will end up paying that price: U.S. defense systems out of Europe, Spratling Islands to China, Taiwan to China, etc., etc.
Patton@Bastogne knows Putin is the mastermind:
I'm telling you all ... this is gonna be FUGLY ...

Putin has set the trap ... he knows his man ... Obama the Kenyan Sodomite will be made to (further) look like the incompetent assclown that he is ...

once again ... like Benghazi ... at the cost of American military KIA ...
dfwgator loves Putin though:
No way will Russia sanction any US military action against Syria. Putin is looking to fill the vacuum in the ME. He will supply the Egyptian military with weapons like they did in the past along with Iraq. They will continue to furnish Assad with weapons.

I trust Putin more than Obama to keep the Islamo-Fascists at bay in the Middle East.
OMG! penelopesire found the attack plan on some random blog!
Not sure at all of the veracity of this but needs posting. If true...who leaked it to save the terrorists? Could be black ops by pro Assad regime too.:

Radio Free Syria
about an hour ago
URGENT: 26-08-2013: There are unconfirmed reports that the United Nations chemical weapons inspection team has been ordered to leave Syria immediately, with the latest reports suggesting that the upcoming US attacks, reportedly set to be launched imminently by the US military, will be targeted at the Nusra Front and other independent Islamic battalions fighting against the regime, as well as at regime chemical weapons sites.
Later the attack plan talks about Obama targeting the Sharia Courts. Seem legit.

Netz knows the USSR is behind this all the way!
Putin has been planning for this for 2 years. His bases in Latakia and Tartus on Syria’s Med. coast are ready and all Soviet, I mean, Russian ships have been moved safely out to sea.

Obama is going to ineffectively bomb Syria and Russia, Syria, Iran, Hizbollah and HAMAS will hit Israel and maybe Jordan. Then, Obama gets what he wants.
Paul R. thinks the gas was Putin's trap:
I have little doubt Putin would not hesitate to arrange the gassing of civilians in order to embarrass Obama and weaken the U.S. The situation in Syria is so chaotic, I suspect such an attack could be pulled off without Russian involvement being found out. Just add a few chem shells to an ongoing Syrian bombardment or one the Russkies knew was going to occur. Cheese in the trap Obama built for himself...
Paul R. also thinks Obama may have arranged the gas:
On the other hand, I’m also open to the idea we colluded with the rebels to implicate Assad, so in that case we have Obama placing the cheese in the trap he built for himself, while Putin observes, smiling.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Potpourri Pt. 2

thecodont knows Freepers love Cruz on account of how foreign he is:
And now all of these “conservatives” are hooting over Cruz, because “it’s our turn now”! If the dems can ignore the Constitution, so can we!

I think it's "the lure of the foreign." There have always been people in this country who have craved foreign rule, but now it really seems to be coming to a head. It is NOT about having someone of Hispanic heritage -- if it were, we would seeing a groundswell of support for someone such as Gov. Susanna Martinez of New Mexico who, as I understand it, not only was born here but whose parents were born here as well -- a real American. Unfortunately "American" seems to be distasteful to today's crowd.

The game has played out. The dems have achieved success. It didn’t take them very long to get Conservatives to sell out, did it?

Well, if these were so-called "conservative" people eager to jump on the "foreign" bandwagon, instead of adhering to Constitutional principles and seeking the most qualified ELIGIBLE man or woman (of any heritage) for the job, then they aren't real conservatives and it's no surprise at all.
Via a commenter, EQAndyBuzz wishes George W. Bush had begun the final solution to the Arab problem:
We had 140,000 highly motivated killers in Iraq and another 100,000 in Afganistan. included with the enough naval and air power that could turn the Arab world to dust.

Over the course of a month and without the Rats talking about how bad America is, we could have taken out Iraq, Syria and Iran, turned North Waristan into a parking lot and sent Pakistan a message.

But noooooooo......
DiogenesLamp - the conspiracy against Birthers goes all the way to the facts!
Between the opinion of a New Jersey Judge and any random bum on the street, I will probably grant the opinion of the bum more credibility than that of the Judge.

Judges are TRAINED to get it wrong.
9YearLurker is still eating up Sarah Palin's petty little jabs at Obama:
What I liked was Sarah Palin’s comment this week about Obama having ‘a gay old time’ on Martha’s Vineyard.
Smokin' Joe fears soon everyone will start feeling equal!
The rot at the top has already trickled down in some demographics. It is just a matter of time until other demographics decide they are "equal", too. This same phenomenon destroyed order in schools in the late '60s and early 70's in some areas, only this is far more widespread. Peaceful reversal of the trend becomes less likely with each passing day.
newfreep does not understand lesbians:
If homosexual women hate men so much why do so many choose to act like a man?

Leftism is truly a mental disorder that rejects God and embraces satan.
faithhopecharity - anyone who contemplates moderate Muslims is stupid or a Secret Muslim:
The author is either a complete idiot or enemy agent. To characterize the Muslimbros as somehow “moderate” is like claiming their western mentors ,the national socialist party of Germany , were only “moderates”. The authors world view is insane. Or just plain stupid. Either way its amazing the editors of the Wall Street journal didn’t catch it.
hosepipe loves the Death Wish movies:
What you are calling for is ethnic warfare, which destroyed Yugoslavia. I hope and pray you don’t get your wish.

Sherm you musta missed the “Death Wish” movies..
Which is only a metaphor of what might “happen”...
You know; Lynch mobs that use other than rope..

Course you might believe 2 or 3 or 4 cannot be a mob..
Gang, Cabal, Junta, Squad, also work.. inventing a new word could be FUN!..

Eventually some folks are gonna (( SNAP! ))..
hosepipe...for the fifth time!
The ONLY thing good for this country is a CIVIL WAR....

Anything less is NOT GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY.. and is Agitprop and Espionage..
Its quite simple really.. the people elected a traitor.. as President..
The only way out of that is a RE_DO.. a serious rubber hits the road RE-DO..
Remove POWER from the cold dead hands.. of the progressives..
I really hope Mortrey plans to reveal the blackmail material he knows Obama has on Congress:
Sometimes I think thousands of snail mails should be sent to ALL the congresscritters stating that WE KNOW how they’re being blackmailed by this administration and if they don’t do their jobs, WE’LL go to the press ourselves and “out” them.
Because email is monitored!

SeekAndFind is rarin' for a shutdown:
If the GOP sends him a bill that funds ALL of government with the exception of Obamacare, and he veto’s it who really shut down the government?

Of course the lame stream media are going to say it’s the GOP’s fault and the low information voters will go along with it.

Only people who THINK will conclude rightly that the shutdown will be Obama’s fault.
ryan71 wishes the Confederate flag were more about hating blacks these days:
A couple weeks ago I'm in a shopping center parking lot and a lifted 4x4 pickup with a rebel flag in the back window went rolling by. There were 2 white teenaged boys in the truck listening to rap as loud as they could play it. “N” word this, “N” word that., blabber blabber.

These are truly end times, people. No denying it.
central_va is convinced these are super dangerous and violent days:
Lets go back to open carry and be done with it. More people are dying per capita now than in the “wild” west heyday. We need to defend ourselves, carrying a .45 on you hip will keep the bad ones at bay. At least you can return fire...
ConservativeStatement on the rise of gayness:
When Princess Hillary or another lib woman becomes president, gay men will be labeled the ideal male. We will even have a cabinet full of them.

Fort Hood gunman unanimously guilty on all charges

Freepers have long said that Obama would get the Fort Hood shooter off. Yet, somehow, he has been found guilty of all charges!

Undeterred, Freepers turn to dark speculation about Obama's inevitable pardon, and pork-filled torture fantasies.

GrandJediMasterYoda jokes about what's happening:
"I Barry Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro do hereby pardon brother and martyr for Mohammed, Nidal Hasan ...peace be upon him, praise be to Allah, Allahu Akbar"
jughandle thinks the media is covering up the shooters' Arabness:
Executed in 15 years. Anyone hear ABC radio news last few days, mis-pronouncing his name as “Hossin” (emphasis on the first syllable), completely took away the “mid east” sound of it.
JimSEA is sure Hasan is huge with Muslims:
Hasan knew a guilty verdict was coming regardless, so he opted for a declaration of martyrdom. He will not be killed but will be incarcerated in a “monastic” cell while receiving the adoration and praise of a billion Muslims.
melancholy - Seriously, Obama's going to pardon him:
Hassan will be appointed head of DHS.

Seriously, on his way out if he does, 0b0z0 will pardon the pervert Manning and commute the death sentence that Hassan MAY get.

0b0z0 identifies well with both criminals.
SpaceBar - For real, seriously, it's gonna happen, this is how Obama works!
I scanned through many of the comments above, and noticed “wait till obama pardons him” numerous times, but it may have been in half jest. I on the other hand actually think Obama may very well pardon this murdering scumbag. It fits perfectly with his accumulated modus operandi. A final “up yours” from the biggest muslim ahole on the planet, and illegal prez to boot.
Dr. Thorne envies Soviet Russia's justice system:
A retired U.S. Army colonel told me a story that occurred when he was stationed in Berlin before the re-unification:

A Russian soldier in East Berlin was arrested for raping an East German woman. At his trial, the soldier confessed to the crime.

He was immediately marched out of the court and behind the building where he was shot in the head.

American officials were shocked at the speed and brutality of the death sentence. They wondered why there had been no appeal.

The Russians replied, "He confessed."

The Americans wondered at the brutality of the sentence.

The Russians replied, "He knew the sentence for a conviction of rape in the Russian Army is execution."

The laws regarding death sentences in the U.S. should be changed:

1. Appeal must be filed within 30 days
2. No continuances allowed on appeal
3. Sentence carried out within 24 hours if appeal is denied.
Mastador1 wants pork to be seriously involved:
Hanging, firing squad or electrocution, none of this oh so gentle sleepy time. He needs to feel some pain in return for the pain he caused. Last meal should be pork sausage followed by pork greased rope hanging, or pork greased bullet firing squad or pork greased electrode electrocution, and it should be tomorrow. There is no doubt about his guilt or actions so screw the wasted time and money in appeals.
UCANSEE2 mixes petty dickery with psychological torture with bad commercials:
I think they should take him to the 'chair' each day, and at the last minute the phone rings. After getting off the phone, they tell him that a stay of execution was temporarily approved. Then they should give him a meal containing pig fat, pig in any form, but disguised.

Then, just before he goes to sleep, tell him that his food had uncooked pig in it.

Next morning, wake him up and tell him it was a joke(about the food). Later in the day, take him to the chair, and start the whole process over again. Repeat until he is so confused, he no longer remembers why he was 'ok' with dieing (martyr). Then the next day, put him in the chair, have the phone ring.

Wait for him to say "pardoned again?" and reply "no, I'm getting great rates on car insurance", and then flip the switch.
livius knows military prison is Muslim heaven these days:
I suspect he’ll be treated the way the little darlings at Guantanamo are treated. Special Islamic treats for their holidays, special Islamic diet all the time, Islamic reading material, meetings with their can’t make me believe that Hassan won’t get this stuff, no matter what kind of prison he goes to. In fact, if he doesn’t get it automatically, he will petition for it and no doubt get it.
Dr. Bogus Pachysandra deeply contemplates how to torture this guy:
“Let the bytch get water boarded and raped in the shower. “

He’s in a wheel chair, numb from the neck down. He wouldn’t even feel the rapes. Dental tools might hurt though?
hummingbird thinks about ways to assassinate him away from Allah:
He could have an "accident" - prison justice.

If he is in solitary, poison in the food?

Would he still be a martyr?

If he "kills himself", would he be a martyr?

If he dies of a "heart attack" - martyr? At the very least, give him a picture of Helen Thomas and say the other virgins are not as pretty as Helen.
beelzepug wants him treated as a non-person, with North Korean type mental torture:
24 hours a day, never out for ANY reason except to keep him from dying, so he can serve a longer life sentence. Other than that, no human contact of any kind. Ever! No spiritual leader. No koran. No directional arrows on the floor for locating Mecca. No halal food, just regular prison fare. No news from the outside for him and no news to the outside about him. He is a non-person and should cease to exist the day the door slams shut on him for the last time.

Monday Potpourri Pt. 1

Summer silly season has yielded a bounty of crazy too big for one post!

M Kehoe is such an Internet badass:
Blue helmets, the other red meat.

Take heed those in the NSA reading this. You are NOT anonymous, and neither is your families' locations.

Same with the drone operators...
jsanders2001's anti-government populism has achieved full 1930s Communism:
Rich Senators should not be able to pass legislation for peoples substanlly poorer than they are.
VerySadAmerican has found revealing popup ads that show Obama's spying!
obamacare has a lot of things in it that we don’t want. We’re just now finding out the feds can go into your home anytime they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a clause in there somewhere giving obama the right to confiscate firearms. And another clause giving the feds the right to watch you through yout TV.

Stossel said your cell phone and laptops can be turned into listening devices. Can be? They already are. A few weeks back my wife and I were talking about buying something that we’ve never bought before. The next time I went online a pop up ad came up for that item. No kidding.
hosepipe continues to lionize the corpses of those killed in Benghazi: if you dont despise most/many muslims you dont have your head screwed on right.. same with them..

The Battling Boys of Benghazi

We’re the Battling Boys of Benghazi,
no fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell
defending the country we loved so well.
It wasn’t our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the consulate and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,
led them to safety and stood at the gate.

Just the two of us, and foes by the score,
but we stood fast to bar the door.
Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,
so we fought and we fought and we fought till we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam
but Barack Obama didn’t give a damn
just two dead SEALs who carried the load
no thanks to us - we were just “bumps in the road
hosepipe again:
Affirmative Action.. Mulatto Style..
hosepipe, on black Freepers:
Does anyone who posted here stop and think or realize how many black Freepers there are on this board? OR Jews like me?

If they are black or even mulatto they know more than you do whats said here is (MOSTLY) correct..
At least if of some of the data is not correct they know the anguish it comes from..
Because they have seen it happen, or did it themselves.. to whites.. OR BOTH!..

If a freeper is black then is no doubt pretty smart or they would not even be here(FR)..
Don’t patronize them... they HATE THAT... and its tacky..
Let them speak for themselves..
That HATE IT when you put words in their mouth!

Squawk 8888 learns much from his many black friends:
I’ve found that black men are most likely to be hostile to interracial couples, especially if the woman is black. They hate the competition; I have more than a few black female friends who refuse to date black men because, in their words, “I don’t want to deal with drugs, getting slapped around and sharing him with six babymothers.”
Gargantua on the 92-year-old woman whose paperwork would render her unable to vote under the new North Carolina law:
What a piece of human garbage, to allow herself to be prostituted at age 92 by the Slave-owner-KKK-Democrat-Race-Pimps. Shame on you, Rosanell. You have nothing to smile about as you set your people back 150 years, giving them yet again to those who chained and enslaved them in the first place.

You make me want to puke.
Wonder Warthog has a new population for Freepers to hate:
Once you see a hyphenated surname on a document you’re pretty much guaranteed idiocy is to follow.

Bingo! Thou hast "nailed it". Verdict stupidity is absolutely to be expected from persons with such names.
hoosiermama has a great plan on how to take down Obama:
0 has and does deny he is Muslim successfully. But he cannot deny his heritage. We need to emphasis that any time 0’s name is mentioned in the same sentence or paragraph that the Muslim faith is mentioned.

“0’s Muslim heritage” “ 0 who has Muslim heritage “. Must become a repetitive meme !
.45 Long Colt knows Obama was never good at sports on accounta how gay he acts:
I don’t believe he ever had game. He may or may not like sports, that is irrelevant. His game playing and big talk is all for show to both hide his blatantly obvious feminity and to build cred in the black community. In other words, he knows that he needs to appear masculine politically. No male athlete, or former athlete, who isn’t injured throws like a girl. Boys with any athletic ability whatsoever learn to throw before kindergarten. I suppose one exception might be experimental communist camp babies.
Right Wing Assault lets his Obamacare paranoia imagination just spin and spin:
Obama will declare a national emergency, reinstate the draft, since no one will stop him. Then he will draft all of the doctors into the military and assign them to whatever hospital he chooses. Refusal to serve will put them in military prisons. Or maybe the camps he’s supposedly setting up.

Then, if there is a shortage of doctors, he will draft the nurses and give them authority to perform as doctors.

The rabble will cheer him on, the politicians will be scared to stop him and run for the hills.

Then he will open up government medical schools and bring in the unemployed, give them a bit of training, and then say they are doctors.

He will build new hospitals on the Cuban model (rusty equipment, crap on the floor, toilets that don’t flush).

Then the media, who get free passes to the government elite hospitals, will tell us this is a much greater medical system than we ever had, and probably the best in the world.

Don’t laugh. He has got away with SO much crap that most people have given up and will just take it.
Mark17 responds to a French girl having the veil torn off her face:
Oh look a French Muslim Tawana Brawley.

Yes, the story has a bit of a smell to it.
It's always fun to watch Freepers call for violence, and when it happens not believe it.

sport on the Very Important overpass banner war:
Banners need to be made and displayed at overpasses in all fifty states and in all Islamic countries.


This would bring Obama down.

Obama’s police are arresting those flying such banners from what I have read. Next Obama’s police force will open fire on the protestors.
bert explains blacks were property in 1863:
Emancipation was an illegal proclamation

It was an unconstitutional taking

Friday, August 23, 2013

Spotlight Friday: Mark17

Freepers can get pretty fanciful. Some are all about the end-times, others feel like white males are continually, horribly oppressed. Most have a weird view of history where conservatives have always been right every time.

Another common trait is to think that Democrats aren't wrong, or stupid, but evil. And not just evil, but like comic book supervillain evil. The economic crash of 2007? Orchestrated to get Obama the Presidency so he could...make more of a crash so...Sharia? It's all unclear. Point is, though, the other side is super duper evil, which allows you to be a victim and a dick.

Thus we come to Mark17. He's mostly a normal Freeper, US Air Force, retired 1987, wants to move to the Philippines, hating gays and whatnot. But he tends towards fear and loathing of "them" more than the easier, targeted hatred. Like a conspiracy theorist without the creativity or drive. It's silly when it's SOROS's plot, it's sillier when it's "THEM"

He despises them all:
The Democrat party is filled with rodent vermin. We are going up against an utterly evil regime, without any protection at all The Pubbies will not stand up for us. The RINOs facilitate the rats. I despise them all.
They want to kill everyone:
Didn't those dirt bags say that 25 million Americans need to be killed off, to facilitate a communist take over? I have no doubt there are people clandestinely planning this now. And people wonder why I want to leave.
You know, these libtards accuse us of being haters. For the most part, they are right. I hate libtards.
Obama's secret army:
I think the Obamanites might have several things in mind, not least of which, is they are raising a military force, that will gladly and willfully use their hi tech weapons on American civilians, and enjoy it. They are right on schedule.
Dem bonus comas...

Back to how evil the Administration is:
There is no doubt whatsoever, that these slime bags are trying to turn this country into a 3rd world cess pool. It is working, and I don’t see anyone trying to stop them.
Obama's minions are super evil and everywhere:
I think Obama’s feeling the heat and he doesn’t deal with adversity well.

No he doesn't. He usually gets the IRS, EPA, NSA, TSA, and all the alphabet agencies after them. Do I think that the Rat minions would deliberately try to destroy people? Absolutely, positively, totally, completely, 100% yes, the dirty rotten bastar-- SOBs.
Screw the Reps too!
Has the Republican Party been taken off life support yet?
So of course, Civil War:
I certainly keep praying. It must come to a boiling point sooner or later. The liberals/socialists/communists/Muzzies, can not keep pushing forever, before the other side starts to push back. When we push back, and by what method we push back, remains to be seen.
And by Civil War, we mean leaving the US:
I think justice is not ANY of their concern now. And people wonder why I want to leave.
I think the libertarian paradise of the Philippines, where white guys are treated super well:
The first time I went to the Philippines, to Batangas province, they had armed guards at the fast food restaurants. The bank guards were armed with AR-15 rifles. Almost every bank I went to, they bent over backwards to help me out. My honey started a small restaurant business, and is doing pretty well. It is a lot of work, but it keeps her busy. I am looking at possibly November, to return to the Philippines, my MacArthur act. I will e mail you pics of the house I will be in.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder: Jail time for blacks is too long

It is well known that blacks get harsher criminal penalties compared with identical offenses for whites. I mean, there was a law suit about it in the 1970s that went to the Supreme Court.

But Freepers, continuing their convergance with stormfront, and cementing their irrelevance, go with the "massive coverup of black crime" angle.

cherry wants blacks in prison forever:
holder can come clean and tell the citizens the stats on black unbelievably violent blacks are and how they account for a huge percentage of crime considering their minority status...

build more prisons...put them...the criminals....away for longer times...
Secret Agent Man has nothing but disgust for people who understand statistics:
We have overt open racists running DOJ and the White House.

Eric damn well knows that most blacks get longer sentences because they commit far more violent crimes and they are very often repeat offenders to violent crimes.

These sentences don’t just appear out of thin air. They actually take into account specifics of each case. They have actual trials, and the history of the defendant is known.

What a damn racist this man is. Blatant racist. More blacks commit crimes than whites for the size of their demographic group, that’s why a disproportionate number are in jail. They also are far more prone to commit violent crime, which carries longer sentences.

This man is an utter joke. An embarrassment to the country and the concept we’re all supposed to be treated equally.

Racist idiot.
SeminoleCounty knows what Holder means:
CodeWords for: Whitey needs to stay in jail longer

These Black Ku Klux Klan Racists refuse to take responsibility for Blacks acting like feral animals. Holder would rather lynch a George Zimmermann than prevent a future Trayvon Martin
mrsmel is just frantic about all the evil blacks she hears about on the Internets:
He’s already given the signal, loud and clear, that blacks will not be called out for the recent spate (at least two years) of black wildings, knock-out king, polar bear hunting, “Beat Whitey Night”, black on white crime (which is exponentially one-sided, especially rape and sexual assaults).

This, combined with the all-out efforts to disarm law-abiding gun owners (which recent surveys show to be heavily majority white-note the operative words “law abiding”) tells me everything I need to know about what Hussein, Holder & Co are up to-they are promoting black attacks on whites until one white person finally fires upon one of the thugs in self-defense or defense of an innocent white or non-black victim, and then I have a feeling we’ll know for a certainty why DHS has been stockpiling weapons and ammo, police depts are being weakened through downsizing, being spread too thin,and PC, and the military is being undermined through the same means.
Bon mots knows how Obama thinks:
Free Obama's Sons!
They only kill little whiteycracker babies anyway...
SaraJohnson sees this racism at work in schools and airport security:
Zero tolerance public school policy came from leftists race baiting school punishment. Baiters claimed more black boys were suspended or expelled than white boys from public schools. School boards did not want to be named guilty of racism by virtue of quota statistics (an absolute false premise) they decided widen the pool of punishable behavior. Hence, a gang banger with a gun at school gets expelled just like the white boy who drew a picture of a battle with guns or shot someone with his finger. The attacker in the fight is suspended as along with the victim.

You can see the same mentality working at DHS where Christians are named terrorists like Islamists and everyone at the airport gets sexually molested, even a child in a wheelchair or a blue haired granny. They will stick their filthy hands all over people whether they surgical wounds or not. They did not want to be “unfair” and only check jihadists at the gates. In fact, DHS gave Saudi travelers special fast clearance. (the 911 bombers were Saudis) So they make perfectly innocent people guilty and perfectly guilty people innocent, in equality. Injustice makes leftists all fuzzy inside.
Heh. "Baiters."

varyouga lays out Obama's martial law plan:
Step 1: Whitey shoots one or more of Obama's sons during a "wilding" incident. Media fans the flames.

Step 2: Race riots start. Martial law is soon declared for most of the US population. Economy grinds to a halt.

Step 3: Systematic disarming of the US with backscatter vans and drones begins. "We must temporarily abandon freedom to save freedom."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oklahoma's ban on Sharia law thrown out by federal judge

FreepFan strikes again!

A judge says that Oklahoma cannot target Sharia Law as super extra illegal. Freepers presume this means Sharia Law is Constitutional. Oh, and the judge is a black female. Federal Judge + Female + Black + Islam = primo crazytown.

marron preemptively declares a double standard:
You see, if you want to live according to Christian principles, its a violation of the famous separation of church and state clause that everyone finds hidden between the lines of the constitution. But if you want to impose Sharia, thats jake.

Outlawing sharia, that violates the separation of church and state because as we understand, under sharia, the religion *is* the state.

Corruption, thy name is Democrat.
rfreedom4u loves the misogyny:
How about we partially institute sharia law?

Moochelle and Hildabeast and Piglosi need to wear burkas!
raybbr senses gayness:
No mention of a male spouse anywhere on the web.
Regulator doesn't stop at gayness:
How interesting.

A Lesbian Black Muslim?

Ruling that the establishment of a regime of Sharia law cannot be prohibited?

How interesting.
The Truth Will Make You Free does not believe in the US Constitution:
Since when does a FEDERAL judge have any jurisdiction over an OKAHOMA vote of the people?
RB156 knows Muslims are raping all over Europe!
I find it hilarious when liberals (and RINOs like fatass Christie) try to lecture conservatives about how we’re just being “paranoid” about the application of Sharia. This is ALREADY HAPPENING in Europe! “Sharia courts” effectively making rape and murder legal if you identify as Muslim.
Slambat's gut tells him to blame Obama.
Most likely this decision was handed to the judge by
the DOJ. This has the smell of Obama all over it, you
know against the will of the people. No one was brought
up on charges or committed income tax evasion before the
16th amendment was supposedly ratified. This decision is

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Obama played cards during bin Laden raid

The latest right wing outrage is the revelation that during the hours-long raid that eventually killed Osama Bin Laden, Obama took some time to play cards, rather than waiting at rapt attention the entire time. As per usual, Freepers hold Obama to an inhuman standard, and when he fails to meet it, they proclaim all their worst assumptions confirmed.

wayoverontheright sees that Obama was all sad Bin Laden was being killed:
This is very revealing. How many of us would have given anything to witness Bin Laden’s capture, and/or execution?

It’s one of two things, either Barack Obama is a complete wimp or he had some sort of affinity for Osama bin-Laden, and reluctantly approved his take down.

Or both.
Steve1789 almost realizes how this is normal, but fails at the last moment:
The operation probably took a fair amount of time, and Zero doesn’t have the attention span to watch for that long. That’s why he said, “I can’t watch this entire thing.” That was not a reference to the content but to the duration.

An adult would not have considered it a long time for something so important, but Zero is not an adult. He has the maturity of a ten year old.
Hotlanta Mike is not the only Freeper to bring up BZ:
Which just reinforces the fact that Obama didn’t want to watch the events unfolding in Benghazi on Sept 11 2012.
Steve1789 knows Obama is not a normal President...
I wonder how many rules the Secret Service has had to abandon to accomodate Zero's predilections. He seems to have a lot of habits that other presidents weren't allowed to have for security reasons.
VerySadAmerican has the inside info:
Jarrett told him to keep his ass outta’ the room. She had it under control and she didn’t want anyone to be distracted when she gave out orders.
LibLieSlayer goes straight for the poop and buttsex:
No... he and reggie love may have played cards but then the rest of the night was spent passing feces and.......

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Potpourri

bert on "The Butler"
it is a nigflic and they fear the KKK will picket in protest
PAR35 defends the indefensible:
Emmitt Till and Trayvon Martin were equivalent symbols,

She got that right. Till assaulted a white woman, and Trayvon assaulted an Hispanic man.
rcrngroup hopes Egypt goes really badly, if only to hurt Obama:
I hope this explodes all that RAT bastard, communist muzlim pig 0dumb0, as well as take down the entire 0dumb0 administration. Muzzies killing muzzies... how much better can it get than that, while 0dumb0 puts his usual spin of lies & BS on the situation.

ps. I am concerned for the Coptic Christians, but unfortunately they are pretty much defenseless against blood thirsty muzzies. God help them because he's the only one who can protect them.
isthisnickcool demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of statistics, and assumes blacks kill blacks on accounta racism:
In a very short period of time more blacks than the KKK has in its entire history. Today, the KKK at best has 8,000 members. They likely number somewhere around 3,500 but let’s pretend there are 8,000. If each of them killed one black skinned person every year that would just about equal the number of blacks that kill blacks.

The fact is that blacks hate blacks and take action on that hate at a rate that is sickening. The carnage in Chicago is astounding and Winfrey and Obama and Jackson and Sharpton and the list goes on DO NOTHING!!!

In Houston a black woman abducted a white boy and brutally murdered the child:

Where is Oprah? Sharpton? Jackson? Obama?

Hate is hate. It has no color. But people do and Oprah is a black racist.
little jeremiah does some palm analysis of that kidnapping victim from San Diego:
I know just a little about hands and hers has some bad signs on it. Very troubled childhood, intelligence looks to be seriously into daydreaming/fantasizing to the max - to the point of not being grounded in reality very much, palm is much wider at the wrist than at the fingers - can’t remember what that indicates but it isn’t good, IIRC low intelligence and/or very materialistc, lifeline appears to fade out at midlife or earlier, and looks to have very little real attachment or affection for others.

Caveat - I don’t know much, could be wrong, don’t want to villify her, etc. But...hands don’t lie. ALthough people can rise above their conditioning etc, it’s not easy and most haven’t done it when they’re teenagers.

If someone else knows more I hope they post. I’ve seen a close up of Putin’s hand and it’s very revealing. Very intensely criminal thug hand, but very powerful. Driven and very powerful. No scruples about holding on to power whatsoever. Hands don’t lie. I’ve seen Zero’s palm but thankfully I’m drawing a mental blank.
That kidnapping deal has some strange details, so Freepers' conspiracy-honed imaginations are working overtime, and they're all convinced the girl is in on it.

elengr hopes Cruz runs a Presidential campaign just to troll the media:
I hope Cruz starts to run, campaigns just long enough to get a lot of media coverage so that they can't ignore him when he announces that after having thoroughly researched the matter, he is ineligible due to his father having been a foreigner when he (Ted) was born. The regime-stream media's collective heads would explode.
Irenic knows if you can't get thin by WILLPOWER you suck and shouldn't be in politics:
Chris Christie needs to sit down and shut up.

Christie has so much self control that he paid to have a lap-band or whatever in order to ease his weight issue. What kind of leader is that?!

Oh dear, I can’t control myself— let me pay BIG dollars to force me to control myself. Silly fool.

Except yourself and defend as you are, or flock off on running for more than you are or than you deserve.
Mark17 on how to treat one's Filipino mistress:
That is precisely why one should not bring them here. Have a relationship there, but do not bring them here. Over there, they know there are a million women to take their place, so they are cool about it.
Gaffer is completely anti-American now:
I broke down and bought a cheap DBD (that’ what my youngest grand daughter calls’em) of “OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN”, and I’m gonna drink some beers and sit here at my computer and root for the fricking North Koreans....that’s what needs to happen. I’m waiting for the WH catching all-hell scene.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Spotlight Friday: jrg


Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama the first 20 some odd years of my life, have lived in Florida since then.

Background is average middle class Southern Baptist upbringing, however, am now a practicing Tibetan Buddhist. Have a special needs child, my wife runs a home-school group for special needs children.

Fiscal conservative, socially liberal (to an extent).
I know we've had racists spotlighted before, and people itching for the war to start so they can shoot them some ferals. But have we ever had a youtube level bigot before?

Also, too....Buddhism. I think he's doing it wrong.

How black people talk:
Wha chu be smokin' homey? Wise I wants to works and pays taxes when ize can be gettin' free stuff and sell crack fo de benjamins?
Youtube comment 1:
That story is a little short on details in terms of descriptions of the assailant or assailants as well as the victims.

North American Pavement Apes
Youtube comment 2:
Pittsburgh police say a 6-year-old boy went for an officer's gun and then bit the officer before being sent for psychiatric treatment.

dem lil monkeys are just soooooo cute
He really, really wants to...
Keep her away from the crack and the nigga’s pimpin’ hos

Moderator - notice that I used the approved ‘nigga’ instead of the unapproved n-word
Why doesn't Zimmerman kill all the blacks?
Too bad that they AREN’T all Trayvon. Then they wouldn’t be around to cause any more problems
You heard right, blacks need killing:
Seventy-three percent of those who killed a black person faced no penalty compared to 59% of those who killed a white, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Some people just need killin'
Also a little bit Nazi-ish:
Just steralize all welfare recipients and democrat voters
Obama is gay haw haw!
Stoopid mooselimb gay bastard.
Someone needs to do a DNA test on his kids to see who the real father is. This homo surely ain’t daddy
Also, Putin's balls.
Putin has balls. Really big, brass balls
Obama has a vagina
Violent military coup please!!
Our military needs to look to Egypt for an example of what to do at this point, since our congress lacks the testicles to do their duty. They don’t want to be called Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaacists
I'll bet you have trouble with people calling you racist, chief...

Why not just stop defending America?
I don’t understand why our ENTIRE military just doesn’t “stand down” until that piece of sh*t is removed from office. Or, better yet, take their oath to protect us from all threats both foreign and domestic seriously and remove that turd themselves.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Angelina Jolie has voluntary double mastectomy

Another FreeperFan joint.

Freepers have had cancer, or know people who have, so this thread took a while to get going. The first hundred posts are mostly sympathy, with only a few spiteful crazy. Posts 100-118, though...

antceecee thinks it's a lie:
Perhaps she just had a BOOB job... She is getting older ... And this is her ploy to both garner sympathy and get the girls to sit up and pay attention.
PghBaldy thinks the breast cancer gene is a conspiracy:
I fear “they” are trying to condition everyone. They got most people to abort certain babies (Down’s), they are now trying to get people to mindlessly obey what scientists and doctors tell us. Maybe it was the right decision for her, maybe not. Do they really know enough to say she has an 87% chance of getting breast cancer? I doubt it. I hope she gets the support she needs.
Bullish rolls Christian Scientist:
Life is a crap shoot in a way. Love God and live it like you love every minute and let the chips fall where they may.
stonehouse01 doesn't wish cancer on her, liberals, but doesn't care when they get it:
...she’s a voodoo witch ... stole another woman’s husband, sympathy is limited...

I am sorry to report that I agree with this sentiment. This woman is an adulteress, pro choice, pro gay marriage liberal Hollywood icon who influences countless young people towards secular atheism and socialism/liberalism.

The plastic surgeon she hired will see to it that her surgery is not even noticeable; plastic surgery has developed to this level.

Lest I seem harsh, I do not wish cancer or suffering on anyone, but as you state - my sympathy for her is limited as well.

Chelsea Clinton adopting African baby

FreeperFan and I found this at about the same time:

The anti-Clinton hate-engines have been fallow for too long, as Freepers turned their sites on darker targets. But now, as Hillary looks ever more likely to run in 2016, Freepers struggle to crash-start and end up overshooting anything politically useful and ending up in pure crazyville.

Witness their frantic and offensive hatred for a National Enquirer rumor that Chelsea Clinton is adopting an African baby:

a fool in paradise is sure decades-old cat adoption rage is the key:
Maybe she can give it away to Bill’s secretary as he did with Socks the Cat when the photo ops are done.
Arthur McGowan renews offensive speculation:
I wonder how Webb Hubbell feels about having an African grandchild.
ladyjane makes up a whole new crazy conspiracy theory:
Wasn’t there a rumor about Bill having a ‘love child’ with a woman in Little Rock. Supposedly he was black and was going to school in Australia. Maybe Chelsea is doing this because of the alleged black step-brother she has never met.
Ann Archy has replaced all liberals with strawmen:
Don’t liberals SCREAM when a WHITE person tries to adopt a BLACK BABY????
mardi59 has decided adopting a foreign child makes liberals hypocrites:
Strange. The liberals always speak about the poor in this country. Telethons to promote their liberal causes, but the one time they can put their money where their lying mouths are they blow it. I guess an American baby that needs a home isn’t good enough for her. After all, the libs try to kill as many of them as possible.
reg45 knows why you get married!
If she wanted a black baby, why didn’t she marry an African man?
ldish seems to think Chelsea is on welfare or something:
itn’t that what all the celeb whores do? makes them feel better don’t ya know...besides its our money she is doing it with so who cares?
MinuteGal has already decided Chelsea's marriage is a sham:
Is her husband going to adopt it, too?

The article shows no quotes from him on this epic event, nor any indication he's involved at all. At the least it looks like his opinion apparently isn't even solicited by the adoring media.

When the thrill is gone from having a little black O'Bambo cooing away in the billion-dollar nursery, I look for this odd couple to split. She's doing this to tie him to her for a length of time because a divorce would be sooooo messy and a real negative in a future senator-ette's political resume.

Later, of course, like her mother and dad's modus operandi, she can always live in the trillion-dollar condo while hubby Mezvinsky can forever ply the slopes in Jackson Hole like he did for weeks on end right after they married.
GrandJediMasterYoda knows liberals are incapable of loving their kids:
They never adopt black babies from the USA do they? Even though there are tons up for adoption. Liberal elitists always go for the africans so they’ll look hip at the liberalelati cocktail parties. An american black baby would look too low class. It’s all about ego with these a-holes
blueunicorn6 has a deep understanding of what works politically:
Man, you have to admire the Clintons. Everything is about politics. The wife of our “first black President” is going to have a black grandchild. Hillary’s campaign slogan will be “I’m a black granny!”
mass55th also sees this in electoral terms:
It'll look good for her mother's campaign. Hillary carrying a black baby on her hip while she's waving to her adoring crowd. We all know it's just another gimmick created by the Clintons to get as much political punch as possible. If the adoption was motivated by true sincerity, there wouldn't have been a need to release the info to the press at all.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Birtherist nihilism

Ted Cruz was born in Canada, and his father was not a citizen. Ann Coulter isn't sure whether he can run for office. This thread goes places. It starts with hating Coulter, moves on to how easy it is to be a Natural Born Citizen, and ends deep in the birther weeds. On the way, we get a number of amazingly bitter, outcome-oriented posts that make it as clear as possible that Freepers have no principles beyond tear down the Other.

But first, I cannot resist posting Sirius Lee's amazing insult at Ann Coulter:
Her horse like lingam is growing turgid for the fat jersey slob again.
I like the migration of the lowest of liberal smears on Free Republic once you fall from grace, but the use of Indian terms for genetalia makes this comment mesmerizing.

Arthur McGowan explains that Obaam lied, and until everyone believes it nothing matters:
Obama has produced three forged documents, the “certification of live birth,” the “birth certificate,” and the “draft registration,” and locked up everything else.

Ted Cruz has produced no forgeries.

I will care that Cruz was born in Canada and had a non-citizen father when Obama is put in jail for his forgeries, for fraudulently collecting a federal salary, and for his usurpation of a federal office.
BfloGuy just asserts what he wants:
The English common law at the time of the signing of the Constitution would have held that Cruz is a "natural-born" citizen. His father had renounced allegiance to Cuba and was seeking American citizenship.

The point was loyalty -- not a document.
St_Thomas_Aquinas knows it's all about natural law - i.e. whatever he likes:
There are many issues I take the high road on, but on this one - I’m all for Cruz at this point. Since the term, “natural born citizen” doesn’t seem to have one true meaning - and since this country elected an American-hating man for 2 terms, yeah, I’m willing to give Cruz the benefit of the doubt on this issue.

I'm with you.

If in doubt, revert to natural law. In this case, I see no difficulty.
DiogenesLamp has decided laws mean nothing, though he will post walls of text about them:
We are so deep in the twilight zone now that "legal" is proof of nothing. Ever hear of Obamacare? And here we all thought slavery had been made illegal.
P-Marlowe knows "natural born" means "Freeper."
After the pass given to Obama, the “natural born citizen” clause is no longer relevant.

The “Natural Born Citizen” clause was intended to avoid the possibility that a president like Obama would have divided loyalty.

I have no doubt that Ted Cruz does not have a divided loyalty. Ted Cruz is the most Loyal All American person in the Senate and the most All American potential candidate out there.

We need a president who represents and defends the Values and beliefs that made America a once great nation. Ted Cruz represents those values. In that sense, you can’t find a candidate out there who is more naturally born an American that Ted Cruz.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anti-Muslim revisionist History

I suppose it stands to reason that given the right-wing blogosphere's current anti-Muslim efforts, they wouldn't be limited to tendentious interpretations of current events, but have moved on to a version of history where Muslims are responsible for everything bad, and nothing good:

PapaBear3625 knows everything Islam did was because of their genius slaves:
Islamic civilization went into decline after their expansion was halted, and the supply of loot and slaves was curtailed. They didn't recover until a new source of unearned wealth came along: oil.
Misterioso knows Mohammed well:
Mohammed recognized philosophy and science as a threat to his mission.
Mount Athos quibbles that some Muslim advances were Persain, not Arab!
The article you posted says “It may be stated that algebra and both plane and spherical trigonometry were Arab developments.”

The article is wrong though, it was a Persian not Arab with the algebra advances — Al-Khwarzimi...
Cyber Liberty agrees - don't be Islamophobic, be racist!
I don’t want to conflate “Arabs” with “Muslims.” Arabs are quite capable of amazing cruelty without the excuses for it provided by Islam. It’s a case of the 99% making the 1% look bad (please note the order in which I placed those stats).
The arabs picked the few things their brains were capable of understanding, and that they could use for murder.

Nothing more.
Murder - by Astronomy and philosophy!

BCW posits secret non-Muslim books that the Muslims read and then burned:
Arabs that used what minimal books available - transcribed those over to Arabs - took credit - and destroyed the originals. Even if Arabs did add on the established sciences and mathematics - they did so due to non-Arab’s before them.
ckilmer explains that the Dark Ages were actually because of Muslims:
From the Gates of Vienna is a well researched video that makes the points that the downfall of classical civilization didn’t happen because of Goths or the Germans but rather the Moslems circa 640 AD.
Fred Nerks has a long copypasta from some Peter BetBasoo anti-Muslim pro-Assyrian character. Here are some highlights:
You state, “its architects designed buildings that defied gravity.” I am not sure what you are referring to, but if you are referring to domes and arches, the fundamental architectural breakthrough of using a parabolic shape instead of a spherical shape for these structures was made by the Assyrians more than 1300 years earlier, as evidenced by their archaeological record.
You state, “Its astronomers looked into the heavens, named the stars, and paved the way for space travel and exploration.” This is a bit melodramatic. In fact, the astronomers you refer to were not Arabs but Chaldeans and Babylonians (of present day south-Iraq), who for millennia were known as astronomers and astrologers, and who were forcibly Arabized and Islamized — so rapidly that by 750 A.D. they had disappeared completely.
You state, “its writers created thousands of stories. Stories of courage, romance and magic. Its poets wrote of love, when others before them were too steeped in fear to think of such things.” There is very little literature in the Arabic language that comes from this period you are referring to (the Koran is the only significant piece of literature), whereas the literary output of the Assyrians and Jews was vast. The third largest corpus of Christian writing, after Latin and Greek, is by the Assyrians in the Assyrian language (also called Syriac; see here.)
Arab/Islamic civilization is not a progressive force, it is a regressive force; it does not give impetus, it retards. The great civilization you describe was not an Arab/Muslim accomplishment, it was an Assyrian accomplishment that Arabs expropriated and subsequently lost when they drained, through the forced conversion of Assyrians to Islam, the source of the intellectual vitality that propelled it. What other Arab/Muslim civilization has risen since? What other Arab/Muslim successes can we cite?
Even in America this Arabization policy continues. On October 27th a coalition of seven Assyrian and Maronite organizations sent an official letter to the Arab American Institute asking it to stop identifying Assyrians and Maronites as Arabs, which it had been deliberately doing.

There are minorities and nations struggling for survival in the Arab/Muslim ocean of the Middle East and Africa (Assyrians, Armenians, Coptics, Jews, southern Sudanese, Ethiopians, Nigerians...), and we must be very sensitive not to unwittingly and inadvertently support Islamic fascism and Arab Imperialism, with their attempts to wipe out all other cultures, religions and civilizations. It is incumbent upon each one of us to do our homework and research when making statements and speeches about these sensitive matters.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Potpouri

Venturer has not studied history:
The worst president in the History of our country.
The worst Senate majority leader in the history of our country.
he worst Speaker of the House in the history of our country
The worst attorney general in the history of our country.
The worst Supreme Court Chief Justice in the History of our country.
The Worst Secretary of State in the History of our country.

No wonder we are in trouble
USS Johnston has evidence Michael J. Fox is gay:
According to my second-hand source who was tight buds with the original and direct FIRST-Hand witness, Fox's boyfriend used to visit the set and made no secret of their mutual affection. If fact the affection was...shall we say NOT exactly subtle. Believe it or not.

FWIW, my second-hand source is a person who was NOT a liar, and neither he swore was HIS first-hand source/witness. I realize this stuff is hard to believe for some, and it breaks some hearts, but Hollywood as you concede is quite a strange and gay place.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America continues to be classy with his conspiracy theories:
Sorry, did I say “Sandy Hook”? I meant ‘Sandy Hoax’.
cardinal4 thinks drugs are the secret ingredient to Benghazi:
*yawn* I’m waiting for criminal charges against Soetoro for doing coke and smoking pole with Reggie while the attack was happening.

There were rumors early on of a botched kidnap attempt of the ambassador, who would be swapped for the blind sheik in a diplomatic coup designed to make Soetoro look good in an election year. But I believe Hussein being high on drugs and unable to deal with the crisis is more plausible..
Mimi3 brings the birther astrology:
I’ve asked this before on this board but never received an answer. Perhaps I am barking up a wrong tree. Are there any astrology buffs here writing on this forum? I am not all that deeply into astrology, but only in a half-playful way. If you know anything about astrology, can you tell me whether this man looks like a Leo to you? He should be a Leo if he was born on the 4th of August. But is he? I am not getting a Leo vibe, to tell you the truth. There is something vaguely “catlike” about Leos. It is not seldom that they have cat-like eyes. Other times, there is something catlike about their expression or their body language.

Leos are usually the easiest for me to reconcile with their sign. While it’s very hard to guess a person’s sign outright, once you are told (if you are sensitized to this kind of thing), you usually go, “Oh, yes, of course. I can see that.” It’s very rarely that I have said to myself:”Wow, I am surprized. He or she looks nothing like their sign.” It has happened a few times though. So it’s just possible that Obama is one of those rare people who doesn’t look like his very recognizable sign.


But if I were to bet a small sum of money, I would bet against him being a Leo. He just doesn’t have this cat-like vibe, in my eyes. Halle Berry, for example, is a Leo, and she looks more like a Leo than Obama.
Greenperson is amazed at how many believe things about Obama:
“President Barack Obama is also believed to be among Bunch’s many descendants..”

Operative word being BELIEVED. Obots believe. It’s their religion. There’s no EVIDENCE anywhere.
The Great RJ can't separate lies from truth anymore:
Obama’s whole life is a fabrication so nothing I read or hear about it has credibility. The lies are woven so deeply into what shreds of truth there might be it is impossible to separate the two.
Mygirlsmom believes the cartoonish worst about Obama:
He also said it was unfortunate that the odds of being killed by terrorism are lower than being killed in an auto accident.

I don't think that one was a misspeak - I think he meant it.
ConservativeMan55 is pretty sure Obama saying Putin slouches is impeachable:
It’s one of those things where Obama is blowing off steam in an inappropriate way.

He cannot control himself or his statements. Someone this irrational should NOT be President.
Joe Boucher doesn't think Kenyans count as people:
Let’ be honest,
If freaken Kenya fell off the face of the earth,
No one would give a damn, no one