Friday, September 28, 2012

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Cracker-Jack Romney Ad edition:
An idea I had for an Orwellian, 1984-Esque, Anti-Obama ad.
A dilapidated, dingy room is filled with sitting media correspondents wearing gray uniforms; only an Obama symbol, atop of their notepads resting upon their locked knees, gleams with color. The hypnotized journalists are transfixed upon a giant, flickering, black and white screen; the words “Forward” and “Obey” routinely interchange with an Obama symbol marking each “O”. Obama’s face, stoic and ominous, fades to the foreground.
Obama: America…is better off than it was four years ago.
An Obama symbol, slowly transposing over the stars of the American flag, begins to block out images of the poor and homeless, business closings, as well as scenes of urban blight and violence.
Obama: You…(intermittent images of our forefathers, the Industrial Revolution, and our flag raised at Iwo Jima, appear)…did not build this!
The pictures quickly burn away until Obama’s face resurfaces.
Obama: I…will not fail!
The menacing image of Obama begins to distort and flicker as bright, colorful graphs of unemployment, national debt, food stamp usage, gas prices, and home foreclosures emerge in secession.
Obama: (incensed) Forward!
The graphs repeat at frightening pace – casting shows on the faces of the now disturbed media – until the screen goes blank and the room pitch black.
Orwellian Voice: (echoing) During a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
A blinking prompt materializes at the bottom of the screen. The stunned reporters turn to one another, before looking back to the front. The words “Attempting To Reload Constitution” appear before the blinking prompt.
A teenage boy clicks off the TV with the remote. After hesitating in brief reflection, he opens a history book to a chapter entitled, “The Constitution: The Greatest Document Ever Conceived”.
Reading: “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union….”
A bookmark with an Obama symbol tumbles to the floor.
Assuming voters are all Freepers brought to you by xuberalles

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Debate Prep

There's a new genre of Freeper post I'm really digging: giving Romney some debate advice. I know I touched on this recently, but this is too awesome and horrible to leave on the table.

jersey117 explains that constant interruption worked so well for Newt in the primaries, so it's gotta play well in the general!
Romney is going to have to cut in and defend himself. Even if his 60 seconds are up. He has to use Newt’s tactic and call the moderators out on their bias right then and there.
dartuser thinks Romney should just make up his own questions:
Since the media will ask the wrong questions, to distract attention from zeroing in on The One's failures, what Romney should do is rephrase the questions to highlight the issue in the mind of the American people.

"Jim, that is not really the relevant question because. ... the more revelant question is. ..
Loud Mime advises saying "Constitution" like 500 times:
How about: "I believe in our Constitution. This means that I will honor my oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will honor the Constitution's intent by charging the Legislature with proposing laws, instead of avoiding the constitutional process by using executive orders. As the Constitution orders the President to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed," I will hold the Department of Justice responsible for enforcing the law, not changing it. I will be a president who honors the Constitution, the liberty it gives us, and the spirit of independence that fostered this great nation of ours."
ShovelThemOut thinks a Reagan Reference will solve everything!
I hope Romney has the ‘kihones’ to take the gloves off during the debates and say THERE YOU GO AGAIN! It would bring the house down. And the press would cry foul, but it would be a thumb in eye to Zero. And it would get traction, and people would start to repeat it. And if the lame-stream wants to cry GAFFE then it would just give it more attention, and just like the Cairo GAFFE, people would see it for the truth.
everyone MissMagnolia knows hates Obama, so Romney is gonna do just great:
Romney had plenty of time 'under fire' during the primary debates. Obozo's head is so large with the importance of his own Obamaness, I don't think he'll be able to resist his lecturing, preachy mode ... he won't be able to hide his ego and arrogance.
Personally, I find the guy offensive ... nobody in our family can stand to watch him. An uncle (ex-Navy pilot) has taken to screaming at the TV and making suggestions that include a trip to DC that I won't repeat here, to the extent that his wife is seriously worried about his health. This is the effect Obozo is having on non-liberal-diseased brains so if Romney looks calm, collected, shows leadership and can explain himself well, I think he'll do just great
RavenLooneyToon is the champion of this genre. Here he reposts his "ultimate warrior" bit, which I have added here, unexerpted for your pleasure:
The first debate has to be the turning point.
Mittens must turn into an ultimate warrior.
Mitt needs to ignore the moderators’ questions and march to his own drummer.

Q: Are you concerned that your gaffe about criticizing the President of the United States of America’s Mid-East policies caused the rape and murder of US citizens abroad may make you an accessory to murder?”

A: The Mid East policy of the unknown person who has gained control of both the Presidency and the Media is to unite the moon worshiping inhabitants under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood which was spawned eighty years ago by none other than Adolph Hitler.
Obama is a fraud and is the enemy of the Constitution and plans to make all Americans either subservient to his evil god or dead. Either way it does not matter to scum such as this impostor that now threatens all that is good and decent in the world.
The current regime has declared war on freedom, on free enterprise, and on freedom of thoughts and expression. The only thing that Obama and his evil minions, and I do not exclude the moderator, have accomplished in the last few years is to prove that Freedom is fragile.
WE THE PEOPLE must unite to stop this vile creature from dowsing the last lamp of freedom on the planet.
This is the moment in history, that YOU decide the fate of your children and grandchildren.
America has two centuries of being an exceptional role model of freedom and advancement of all that is good and decent, because when the time of defending our inalienable rights from attack, our ancestors have stood shoulder to shoulder to squash the enemy of good. The enemy of justice. The enemy of opportunity. The enemy of freedom.
My fellow Americans, now is the time to stand up and be counted. The time is NOW to throw out this regime and to right the wrongs of their demented plans.

Q: You keep telling us that you can decrease the rate of unemployment but you have refused to say just how you plan to accomplish this feat. Could you explain?

A: The details are very simple. The current regime has done everything in it’s power to strip this county of opportunities to get a job or to create a business. In the minds of these people, the only way to get votes and stay in power is to remove the ability for persons to be independent. To remove the freedom that is the natural by product of self suffiency. To coerce and force the down trodden to vote for evil so as to be fed. Blackmail them to vote for self imprisonment so as to be roofed. In the America that I know, a person has the right and opportunity to push free enterprise so as to provide jobs and opportunities. In the America I know, a person has the ethical responsibility to support a family and provide for their futures, they have a moral responsibility to help their neighbors and friends who need support until they can progress into a position of self reliance. In the America I know, there is no obligation whatsoever to work so as to support people who won’t work. There is no obligation to work to support persons who simply stroll into the country, never intending to become an American, their only intent is to take the money of those who work to support their spouses and children, and themselves. Redistribution of wealth is simply another way spell the word THEFT. If you want a booming economy, all that has to be done is put a stop to the massive theft of the working man that this unknown person who has stolen the oval office has orchestrated.

It’s very simple. Undo the things that undo jobs. Undo the Obama Regime and you will have jobs. Like any solution it all boils down to cause and effect.
The cause is having a communist anti American in the white house and the effect is a lack of prosperity, lack of security, and the lack of a future.
We must unite to cleanse the plague that is Obama. This is your moment in history to decide if your children and grandchildren will live in a world of darkness and slavery to a few masters or live in a world of freedom and opportunity that is the American Way. Help me shine the burning light of self reliance and self respect into the dark corridors of the white house so as the cock roaches will scurry away back to the sewers from whence the came.
Together we will stand, together, right is might, together we will drink the cup of victory filled to the brim with the sweet elixir that is freedom and opportunity.
But RavenLooneyToon isn't done. He follows up by advising Romney to enlist a parade of strawmen!
the key to public debate is to paint a very thick line of contrast between yourself and the opponent.

I promise I will never apologize for the right of Americans to exercise free speech, free thoughts, and free expressions.

I promise I will never refer to The Constitution of The United States of America as being outdated, or make claims that the Law of The Land is an ever changing living document and I think that those who do, should find some place else to live.

I promise that should an American be harmed by a terrorist that I will hold the country that allowed the act responsible and accountable and that the consequences will be harsh and punitive with extreme prejudice.

I promise you that I ask you to vote for me, and will never FORCE you to vote for me by removing chances of emplopyemnt, opportunities of free Enterprise and self reliance.

I promise that the stars and stripes make up the flag that I love, and would never replace it with a crayon mockery of Democracy.

I promise to avenge the attack on our freedom, to persecute those that would remove our law of the land, and to remove those that oppose our free republic
Irenic adds this relevancy:
Has anyone else noticed that Romney actually looks younger and healthier than Obama? I had not really paid attention but my mother said something and so I started to pay attention— I think she’s right.
Bon mots is not optimistic, on accounta the evil media:
Romney: "The economy is terrible. The deficit is too big."
Obama: "I've been to all 57 er... states including OIHO and well, the film-makers acted stupidly - Allah's prophet must not be insulted, um... what's an economy?"

Gotta say, I agree with Batman11:
I would advise R&R to tell the State Run Media that they are not showing up to their Obama butt-kissing, dog and pony show, unless Mark Levin and/or Rush are also moderators. I don’t care if they don’t like it, they are our enemy. It would be a great opportunity to let the voting public know that they are not putting up with this crap anymore and expose the SRM for what the are. (Tass and Pravda rolled into one!) I don’t care if they have to broadcast 2 hours of Obama playing with himself. Do not let them set the agenda and frame these debates. They attempt, and succeed, at damaging our candidates every day. It is insanity to cowtow to them and let them damage our candidates to their faces! This is all a big fing set up!! Obama will have all the questions in advance! Tell the SRM to add conservative moderators, or to go pound sand!! This media bullshit needs to end!!

Still Lybia Truthin'!

Freepers are were super sure that the Libya ambassador killing was gonna derail Obama. Now that it hasn't, they are taking refuge in their own conspiratorial world of denial:

MasterGunner01 lays out all the things he knows for sure:
The U.S. knew an attack was in the works between 48 to 72 hours before the attacks and did NOTHING. The U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, denied the embassy Marine guards live ammo for their weapons, Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens was set up to die (and was subsequently murdered).
WaterWeWaitinFor has this whole CIA angle. Also Obama's a Muslim:
Now from what I’ve read is that the two x Navy seals were CIA and perhaps even Stevens was working with/as CIA also. There is something mighty wrong with this whole story and the administration is having problems as the lid will be blown off this entire mess. I still maintain that Huma and Hillary and Obama are directly dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood to bring down this country a peg or six. Dear Stevens was a bump in the road and they were scrambling. What a disgusting man Obama is, IMHO.
Elendur knows what the FBI knows but won't tell us!
just as the FBI knows the producer of the video,
is NOT a Coptic Christian,
but has ties to known Muslim terroists,
and faithfully read his Quran while in prison.
Blue Highway has a doozy about Obama's fear of the Dinesh d'Souza movie:
I’m still surprised they (being the muslims in concert with Obama) haven’t tried more terrorist acts because of the Obama’s America 2016 movie. I figured it was doing so much damage to Barry’s campaign and shedding the light on his evil ways, he’d somehow use that same strategy to have Muslims up in arms to start killing, and then Obama can then ban the film and then jail Dinesh D’Souza, and then declare martial law as Americans rise up with this show of disregard for our constitution.
kidd thinks this is part of Obama's war on the Internet:
This gives even more credibility to the idea that Obama was hoping to use this attack to support a pending Executive Order to give him the right to switch off the internet in times of a crisis.

Too bad for Obama that there is no link between the assassination and the internet video.

I think he’s been trying to instigate violence in other Muslim countries. But none of it has risen to a crisis level.
mo just assumes blackmail:
what do they have on Susan Rice?

Same thing “they” have on every other federal and state representative..

..foreign bank account numbers and deposit lists. with another girl/boy they’re not supposed to be “with”...
UCANSEE2 fucking rocks! It's the CIA, on orders from the Mayans!!!!
Obama? The killing of our Ambassador had nothing to do with Obama.

It’s all about hiding the trail of sophisticated weaponry being supplied to the enemy by our own CIA, and then the CIA wanting to ‘recover’ it before it can be proven , or before they are used against us (the CIA) in the ongoing war of total global domination. This is why the Border with Mexico is being replaced with a joint CIA-FBI-Sinaloa Drug Cartel ‘black market’ zone. It is one of the most popular and safest routes the CIA uses.

The only association that the Middle East protest movement has with the killing of Stevens is that the planners of the killing expected the ‘protest movement’ and it made for an excellent distraction.

We quickly jump to the conclusion that Al Queda(or insert any popular meme here) terrorists were the planners. This may be a mistake.

Unless Obama does all his ‘planning’ and ‘meeting’ with Muslim terrorists while out on the golf course, or during campaigns, he isn’t the ‘planner’.

I have a feeling that come Dec. 21, 2012 , the ‘planner’ will reveal herself.

Cherokee Nation demands apology for tomahawk chops

MDaF linked this thread or something like it, but I'd already bookmarked it.

Scott Brown's got him some overzealous staffers mocking his opponent Elizabeth Warren with 1960's style Indian war whoops and crap.

Not gonna play well.

The Cherokees demand an apology. Freepers, who are rather frustrated these days, reach a century and a half back to dredge up some racism to throw:

hulagirl knows real American Indians vote Republican!
Go to and see what a real American Indian thinks of this crap. Dr. Yeagley has written extensively on all things “conservative” and quite a bit on the mascot thing.
Hawk1976 totally heard that the reservations are greedy and sex-crazed.
A friend I met in the Army confided in me that she had to make the army work for her. First she had gotten past her eighteenth birthday without getting knocked up by one of the boys on the reservation. Then she had the gall to leave the reservation and join the Army, which took money away from the reservation. She told me that she could never return.
Sacajaweau also heard that Native Americans are all lazy:
A very old, wise native american (Seneca) don't me that they don't disipline their's drugs and drink...and they don't like to work either.

Another friend went to Alaska....where the natives sit around and collect their "lease" checks. They all have a big jeep, snowmoble and CHOOSE to live in shacks. No incentive. the reservation....we call them the 47%.
McGruff goes with the alcoholic crack:
Amazing what a couple of bottles of fire water will get for you.
HamiltonJay seems mad:
So they want an apology for the Tomahawk Chop? Tell you what, you’ll get one when you apologize for every white scalp your ancestors took and white girl you abducted and forced to bear your children

Shut the hell up, you were conquered a long time ago, get the hell over it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama's Affirmative Action NFL Refs

All my political sources are aflutter about this blown call in the Green Bay vs. Seattle Foosball game or something.

It has Freepers howling for the return of union labor all of the sudden.  And also hating Obama for talking about it:

Paine in the Neck is still beating the "Presidents can't have fun" dead horse. It may not play outside of Freeperville, but I find Freepers less and less concerned about that these days.
Where’s he finding time to watch football, what with his heavy schedule of View, Letterman, Beyonce, etc, etc appearances? Did he cut back on his golf or sofa time?
SandyInSeattle, though, knows Obama doesn't follow football, and this is just political!
If the situation had been reversed, and Seattle got robbed, we wouldn't be hearing about it from the president.
Sarah Barracuda doesn't understand why Obama can make a quick comment about this, yet takes time to comment about volatile and unclear foreign relations situations:
Yep, blown call happens last night, Obama and his Administration react this morning..4 Americans are slaughtered in Libya, the Obama Administration waits, and waits, than finally a statement, yep its an apology to the Muslims..than they get pissed at Romney for telling the truth about the terrorist attack..and STILL Obama is apologizing to the Arabs
kenmcg thinks the nonunion refs are kinda like black people:
Shows what a hypocrit Obama is. The replacement refs are a similar program to affirmative action. Isn't giving the replacements tantamount to giving them “equal shot”? It's the same when you give a job to someone based on race, religion, sexual makeup etc. without regard to competence, education and the ability to get the job done. Let's face it Obama as POTUS is no better than the replacement refs.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

America is over, get on Medicare edition:
America is dead and gone. The final nail in the coffin was the 2008 election of an African communist as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Hey, America had a great run... remember it fondly for what it was. There’s no point hanging onto the past. The upcoming election is meaningless.

The United States of America is now little more than a land mass populated by cretins, ingrates, and parasites who have absolutely no respect for the military and who vote for big government to confiscate money from their neighbors so that it may be “redistributed” to them in exchange for their votes. It is not an America worth defending anymore. That America no longer exists.

The parasites outnumber the hosts now, and there’s no going back. America is dead. The Democrats have won.

Nothing lasts forever (shrug) and there’s no point crying or whining about it. My recommendation to every decent human left out there is to throw some cold water in your face and proceed to ‘Plan B’. Figure out how to grab every government dime you possibly can before the parasites who comprise the Democrat party “base” gobble it all up. Look for angles. Look for refuge. Hide what you have. Get under the radar and game the system. Every man for himself.

Good luck, everybody.
despair provided by Lancey Howard

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Romney wins vs. Obama Wins

Nice one, kidglov3s!

Hehe, another Freeper prediction thread. This one is a double-whammy - they can let their paranoia run wild with an "Obama Wins" prediction, or go all smug-style with "Romney Wins."

Actually they go paranoid with Romney too.

dsrtsage thinks there's gonna be riots if Obama loses.
I predict that the night after Romney wins, news reports about multiple cities burning to the ground will include crying about why President Elect isn’t doing anything to quell the violence because he hates black people.
Kansas58 knows Obama can just make riots happen:
Will Obama say, “Can't we all just get along?”

Or will Obama say, “BURN BABY BURN” ??
cherry thinks everyone secretly wants Romney elected:
when Romney wins, there will be a collective sigh of relief from almost the entire American public...even blacks, who will by and large want this country to go in a better direction....
I go back and forth on Obama. But drama queens like TheShaz that make me want Obama elected:
If Obama wins: I will want to know how the Mayans could have been so spot on because within minutes of the announcement that Obama wins a 2nd term. The State of Israel will correctly assume they are on their own and will be forced to defend themselves. Nov 6th to Dec 21st, 6 weeks from the election to the Mayan prediction to the end of the world. because frankly, an Obama 2nd term IS THE END OF THE WORLD in my opinion.
Captainpaintball explains the New World Order is gonna destroy America if Romney's elected:
If Obama wins, he wins through voter fraud. The “fundamental transformation” can be completed much, much easier.

If Romney wins, They have to work harder to get what they want. They don’t want to do that. They want to waltz in to an America too weak to fight. They do not want to walk into a charred, destroyed Mad Max scenario, but are willing to risk their lives to destroy us to have the rest of the world...

So that means one of two scenarios:

1. Something happens between election day and inauguration day. EMP, martial law...We won’t get into that.

2. The day Romney is elected, or shortly soon after, the dollar collapses, Iran and Israel go at it, “they” decide oil is not traded in dollars, China invades Taiwan, cyber attacks, etc... This automatically is pinned to him, the media will go all out like we have NEVER seen (if you think this media is bad now...) to drive home the point that HE and the republicant’s are responsible for all that is happening...which will set up Hillary, or Obama, or whomever for 2016. At that point the demographics will be firmly enough in the Democrats’ favor to ensure the next Democrat regime will end the last ever republican’t one. That is if we even have an election in 2016.
Jane Long has got to be joking:
If Romney/Ryan win I envision ticker tape parades, business hiring, economy taking off, horns honking, car headlights on, folks cheering, dancing and lots of tears of joy in the streets.

If 0 wins, businesses will shutter, 0bammyville's will continue to spread, doctor's will retire, EBT recipients will party on, and a the overall darkness will only grow.
Rembrandt finds some grey clouds in his post-Obama paradise:
Romney wins: Middle East tensions will begin to heal, the stock market will begin to recover, people will have smiles on their faces, Dem lawyers will raise their rates as their business increases, shipments of Puffs tissues to the White House will increase, Her Thighness will be giggling.
ThunderSleeps is going all prepper:
No matter what, between now and Nov 7th I'm taking on more canned goods, more firewood, more ammo, more bottled water, more first aide supplies... Continuing to recon the neighborhood on foot looking for ways to seal it off from vehicle-born mobs coming out from the city. (cleverly disguised as walking the dog)
SMARTY knows the poors are gonna be even more surly!
BTW-I expect that ‘service’ at the checkout and highway rage will become worse and more overt. (Or wasn't I supposed to notice that in the first place?)

And Now This Worsd from Outer Space

Stupid Entitlements Edition:
They aren't hidden per se....they're called EBTs, those non-stigmatizing little electronic benefit transaction cards low lifes like to pretend are real credit cards.

They're called WICs certificates that 'moms' use to buy bread, milk, butter and eggs for their chilren. Only I don't see much of that in the WallyMart nowdays.

They're called Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) - the new Welfare, now with NO work requirement per Obama's redefinition of what real work is.

They're called Section 8. You get your crib for 25% of your "spendable" income with the income part not including assistance dollars credited to your ubiquitous EBT account.

They're called SSI and SSDI for those unluckies who've had more than 99 weeks of bad luck finding ANY job (at least one that they'd deign to take)

They're called EITC -----"EARNED" (an insult to taxpayers) Income Tax Credit ---- money you get back you never paid in. THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They're called Advanced can make your employer give you the prorated amount you'd receive from the above..he's responsible for the "float" until he files his taxes.

They're called Church Food Banks. Here in Georgia the Methodists are the most can go there after you've pissed away your EBT cash on whatever, used your WICs and all the rest and you really need some food...they're good for a hit weekly....

Half our country have been hooked on this crap...they're becoming accustomed to sloth, laziness, leeching and getting more defiant about how they deserve a free load......

We cannot survive this.
Socialist Reagan and Methodists brought to you by Gaffer

Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama's Body Language Reveals What He Fears

Freepers take a joke about the above picture, and start to analyze the picture for reals, (or as real as Freepers get:

Heart of Georgia knows Obama just doesn't have confidence:
Definitely has the look of no confidence. As a matter of fact, he looks like a kid desperately trying to talk his way out of something and knowing his excuse isn’t working.
The_Media_never_lie thinks Obama can't handle the hard questions:
His body language and facial expressions said: "they told me this was a friendly place, you are not supposed to ask anyting but softball questions".
RitaOK agrees Obama looks totally blindsided:
This body language is seriously the proverbial “deer in headlights” moment.
Turbo Pig senses gayness...
Lord, he looks like such a faggot.

I still find it hard to believe this is who 54% of our country chose to represent us on the world stage.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Another awful song parody edition:

Folks, here´s a story about Moochelle the Moocher

Moochelle was half Commie and half Kama Sutra

Moochelle was the roughest, toughest frail

But Moochelle’s ass was as big as a whale



Heedey-hee-dee-hee-dee hee


She met a Kenyan and he was smokin’

She made him quit, but he kept on cokin’

He took her down to DC town

They snorted lines with all those liberal clowns


Heedey-hee-dee-hee-dee hee


Barack was Senator and the deal was sweetened

Moochelle got the things that she was needin´

Didn’t matter that nothin bout Barack was real

He was a high yella Muslim with mass appeal




zit-dit-dit-dit-dittle-but-dut-duttle-doy skit-dit-skittle-but-dit-zoy

They rode in a limo with a thousand horses

Each meal she ate was a dozen courses

Barack was more interested in boys behinds

Moochelle bitched him out about a million times



Heedey-hee-dee-hee-dee hee


They began the campaign for the house that was white

He said “Moochelle don’t tell that I’m a Shiite”

Voters didn’t know very much about him

He talked the right jive, had milk chocolate skin

Whoooa, yeaaaah

Hey de he de he he

Soon America found out the lowdown

He blew the money, the economy did slow down

He promised all kinds of shovel-ready jobs

Gave ‘em all to terrorists and Baghdad Bobs

Hi de hi de hi de hi

Ho de ho de ho de ho

Skiddley doodley doodly do

Skiddly diddly day

Now there’s a great white hope, and his name is Romney

All we know is he’s a Mormon and he ain’t Obomney

DNC an’ MSN don’ know what to do

Moochelle gonna have to buy her own BBQ

Hi de hi de hi de hi

Skooby de be do

He de he de he de he

Whoa, Whoa Whoa

Poor Moo, Poor Moo, Poor Moo.

Bitterness leeching satire of all humor provided by Tuanedge

Also, "Half Kama-Sutra?" "Toughest frail?"

No True Moderate Muslims

Freepers suddenly develop extremely high standards of proof that an Islamic milita was driven out of Benghazi by angry locals:

DouglasKC knows Obama is just bribing them all:
Astroturf by the Obama administration. You can bet they promised millions of dollars to certain people if they put on a good show of “outrage”.
AdamBomb agrees that this is totally fake:
Was Steven Spielberg there producing this on zero’s behalf?

Wonder how much money this cost us..
montag813 thinks the CIA is probably behind it:
Wanna bet this is a CIA operation ordered by Obama, with a lot of gold being passed around? Obama cannot afford to have this disaster stay out there when the debates roll around. This paid “pro-American” riot will enable him to tell Romney: “The Libyan people have risen up to reject the terrorists because of my leadership and support”.
onevoter knows they only like America on accounta foreign aid:
Can’t help but believe this is more about keeping American aid than support for America. Also, suspicious that the press is playing up a SMALL group uprising to pad Obama’s credentials - can’t be letting voters know that the Muslims feel more contempt for America now than they did when he took office now can we?
MarineDad won't believe it until the non radicals act more savage:
When I see them parading around Benghazi with Islamists' heads on pikes, I might re-think my skepticism.
cripplecreek thinks whatever happens, it'll probably by Communist.
Red flags went up for me as soon as I saw Libya youth and Benghazi youth start popping up all over twitter last night. Its the same leftist community organized crap that led the charge in Egypt and Syria.

I suspect we’ll see it develop into islamic marxism. The Baath party reborn.
Who knew that some third world citizens can do what our gutless CIC and all his generals and all the forces at his command cannot - or will not - do.
LibLieSlayer only listens to Israel these days:
Video and Israeli intel must confirm this or I just chalk it up to another obamao produced lie.
KTM rider is one of them Libyan Ambassador truthers:
It sure looks like ambassador Stevens was killed by a mercenary force doing a contract for Obama and Hillary, The leader of the force was released from gitmo by Eric Holder in '07

The original event supposedly caused by the "infidel" movie was a diversion created by our administration to make it look like a mob did it

according to reports, there was no mob

only a small team of assasins

Monday Potpourri

Norm Lenhart knows reporters in war zones aren't courageous, they're liberal!
The libs doing the reporting on the ground aren’t that smart to realize that when their ideology tells them they are safe. Remember the raped reporttertte in Egypt?
Ronin explains how Romney is a genius bating the media into mocking him:
I am starting to think that Mitt might be the most canny politician of our era. The “leaked” videos that most Americans agree with, but which the media was certain to go ballistic about, now the tax returns where they are hyperventilating about his suspect “charities”...

The rest of the country is watching with an incredulous “WTF are these people smoking?” look on their face. I mean, they knew is was bad — but most of them thought, OK, it’s not THAT bad, is it?

Well, yes it is.

JudgemAll explains how sluts only care about sex and don't know about the Holocaust.
... because sluts do not care about history, caring for anyone nor even themselves in deeper ways, the holocaust or other things like abortion, they just want their greedy sex... and that is good for this Kinsey based perverted economy of spend to the death.
donna has a unique idea about college life:
They teach slut at college.

The girls learn to get so drunk they can’t remember all the orgies they attend.
Tax-chick knows the reason why the "Jesus has a wife" story made the papers:
It’s a big “news” story this week ... everyone’s talking about it because the Democrat Propaganda Ministry considers it both a useful distraction from Obama’s antics and an anti-Christian meme that may befuddle a few weak minds.
NKP_Vet just knows the polls are wrong - Obama is hated too much!
Every few days Rasmussen will show the Kenyan communist leading, just to make it look like he’s in line with the rest of the socialist media that drool over the current dunce in chief. No way in hell this communist nothing will be reelected. It’s all about turnover and no president in American history has been hated as much as this worthless SOB.
CaptainKrunch found a new Obama-killing video!!!
This video is FAR more damning than the latest video with his "redistribution" statement. Will FoxNews pick up on this video and run it?

Democracy with a small "d". Let's see him explain that one. Bolshevik.
NeverForgetBataan calls Obama "Shaka Zulu."
Don’t forget the chaos that ensued after the election in 2000. If this one is that close (like Mitt wins the electoral vote
and Shaka Zulu wins the popular vot) then all hell will be
unleashed upon us. Shaka Zulu will trump up 40 different kinds
of bogus election fraud claims and he will refuse to concede.

It will take M1A1 main battle tanks in the White House
driveway to remove him. Then you will REALLY see the SHTF.
dannybob breaks down the numbers - everyone hates Obama!
Obama is below 50% in each and every one of those tossup states. For obama to win you have to assume that all historical trends that show 'undecideds' breaking for the challenger will be broken this year in favor of obama. I don't buy it.

The fact is that these people really aren't undecided. They've had 4 years of life with obama. They know whether or not they want 4 more and my guess is they don't.
allmendream knows him some Islam! A bit of Islamic trivia...
They are not promised 72 virgins in Paradise as we would understand it - i.e. the souls of mortal women who died virgins - but instead 72 “hori” (sp?) - perpetually virginal spirit/nymphs/angels who they get to daily defile.

As it also says that the faithful in Paradise will be able to orgasm 100 times a day - and who would want to re-defile a “hori” after already having done so once that day already - the ‘missing’ 28 is sometimes thought to be made up for with 28 young boys, which it is promised, will be “scattered about like pearls”.

Their version of Paradise seems like a amped up Playboy Mansion.
Brookhaven thinks divining rods are fraud, but if they're not it's demons:
Divining with rods is a form of divination. And, you can see what the Bible lumps that in with.

There is zero scientific evidence that there is any physical mechanism behind divining. So, if there isn't a physical mechanism, then what kind of mechanism makes divining work? The only possible type left is a supernatural mechanism.

In other words, "if" divining works (and I put if in quotes, because I personally believe most people involved in this are simply frauds), then the only reason it works is because there is a supernatural cause--a spirit--moving the rods. But, since the Bible forbids this, we know the spirit moving this isn't God or a holy angel. That leaves only one option: a fallen angel (a demon, the devil, whatever you want to call it).

This is why the Bible condemns divination, because when you get involved in it you are either (1) committing fraud, or (2) teaming up with a demonic spirit (perhaps unknowingly, but still teaming up).
grumpygresh loves burning effigies to Obama:
At least there is a silver lining to this Mideast turmoil. Seeing burning effigies of BO warms the cockles of the hearts of many conservatives. Indeed, zero is not a nice guy and he more than deserves this scorn. There is no one on earth more dangerous to the prosperity and security of the people of the US than BO.
IMR 4350 can always be counted on to provide a Clinton conspiracy, and his take on Libya does not disappoint:
I don't have any doubt it was a setup, but I don't think they intended for him to be killed, just taken hostage.

With Zippo already being compared to Carter, it would just confirm it if our Ambassador was held hostage.

Then after the election, probably on the day Romney is inaugurated, he is released, just like with Carter.

The dems could then claim Romney and the repubs were behind it and celebrated with the terrorist to defeat Zippo.

This would not only get rid of this disaster of a president, it would at the same time open the door for Hillary in 2016.
Viennacon knows Romney isn't flailing, he's just pulling the old rope-a-dope!
It’s Romney’s strategy, and Obama’s handlers failed to see it coming even when Romney has done it over and over again before. He waits until a few weeks before the election, then carpet bombs his opponent. It’s how he destroyed Newt, then Santorum.
Obama has spent all his money. He has a couple hundred million left in his account after spending most of it and getting no movement. No perceived “gaffes” or supposedly embarrassing recordings are going to change the race. The only place Romney can trip up is the debates, which is why he chose Ryan, so that he could demolish Biden and set a good tone.
Jonty30 also knows Romney's strategy is awesome:
I think Romney is just letting Obama lengthen his own rope. Letting every action and word speak for itself, so when it is the debate, Romney can use everything Obama has done speak for itself.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz for Obama!

Freepers love Clint Eastwood, but hate them some hot Obama supporters.

bray wishes they'd understand the awful world Obama made him imagine:
Sure seems to spend more time with the 1% than the 99%. Bunch of commie libs who need to be taxed at 99% to help understand communism.
SMARTY finds holding fundraisers creepy:
Will they auction off his toe nail clippings to the highest bidder?

Will they salivate over life size poster-board images of their idol?

This is really creepy!
JaxLaxDad thinks he sees signs of Obama weakening:
I BO running out of donors?

He’s had the hip-hop moguls fundraiser before, and he’s had the Wintour/Paltrow fundraiser before, along with Sarah Parkersomething.

He’s got Weinstein in Hollywood as well.

Same names every month.
liberalh8ter may not understand election law, but that doesn't stop him!
If one dollar was donated by a foreign source, Diaz, Paltrow and the rest of them should be charged with a crime and prosecuted.
driftless2 knows these two are dumb anyhow:
Most Hollyweird and other celebs will naturally be drawn to the “hip” candidate. Even when the hip candidates are doofuses like Carter, Mondale, and Dukakis.

Does anyone believe either Paltrow or Diaz have ever read all the way through a serious book in their lives? Or the great majority of Hollyweird libs unless it was a biography of Che Guevara or some similar panegyric to a leftist idol?

In short, we’re talking about exceptionally vapid airheads who get paid gazillions for strutting around showing off their physical attributes while reciting words on a cue card.
Dukakis was hip?

SMARTY also know sya don't trust celebs. Unless they're names are Eastood, Heston, Reagan...
Most of the celebrities in Hollywood (not counting Paltrow who only got into film because her family is ‘connected’ and has NO talent to speak of)are former parking lot valets and manicurists.

Do I really want political advice from people who get along in life because of the attributes of their ‘person’.... and not because they are accomplished intellectuals who have read AT LEAST as much as I have ...(to be fair) not the SAME things I read, but AT LEAST as much???

Do I???? N O T

If they spent as much time working on what's between their ears as they spend at the gym or putting paint on their faces, we could have a conversation... until then, forget it!
libh8er explains that liberals only vote Democrat because it's cool. And also abortion. And because they're rich.
Image is the only reason Hollywood liberals vote Democrat. Rush was right about this the other day. Democrats - “modern”, “progressive”, support women’s right to kill their own babies.. truly the party of the modern era. Republicans — “old fashioned”, “regressive”, uncool, want to keep women oppressed.. That to them is the extent of Democrat vs Republican. Policies do not matter because the wealth accumulated from feigning emotions and reciting lines in front of a camera keeps them insulated from the effects of policies.
Tuanedge may be a bit bitter:
A plague on both their faces.

Taxing Churches

A few local politician in Europe are talking about taxing Churches. Freepers start out surprisingly loving it, but soon devolve into the victimhood and paranoia I expected.

stars & stripes forever thinks tax exempt status is keeping the church all fat and not bootstrappy.
With tax exemptiions gone, Churches will start depending on the Lord for their needs and standing for truth.
svcw is pretty excited about taxable churches going political:
The tax code is the government keeping their boots on the throat of the church. The government gets to dictate what can and can not be said from the pulpit, because the church fears losing this tax exempt status.
Lou L, though knows churches would get some kinda special tax and then die:
Taxing churches creates an unfair scenario for those who choose to worship. It is in violation of the First Amendment, as it sets financial burdens on those wishing to exercise religious freedom.

More sinisterly, it allows the government to punish worshipers by increasing tax rates against their religious organization ever higher. Eventually, the power to tax becomes the power to destroy; one by one, churches will be strangled out of existence.
I like his First Amendment has gotta be free idea. By that same logic, free abortions for everyone!

MrB explains Jesus died for your tax exemption:
And this represents the ultimate goal - the replacement of the Church with Government.

It’s the kingdom of the anti-Christ.

Old people yell at picture of flag.

Obama's latest outrage:

Biggirl knows what's coming soon:
Obama is making himself a god.
ducttape45, though explains there is only one god, Flaggius:
Absolutely blasphemous
securityman sees the authoritarian future:
That’s what the soldiers will be wearin when they line us against a wall and blow our heads off.
LeonardFMason goes straight for the Nazi ref:
Obama’s “O” is this generations SWASTIKA.
AlexisHeavyMetal1981 loves the Goodwining, but has a crazy theory of his own:
Methinks this Obama flag is a signal to Al-Qaida. It speaks “Job Well Done” as it acknowledges the bloody handprints found on the pillar in Benghazi.

The “OBAMA SWASTIKA”. Well put.
tanknetter knows it's all about the Civil War:
That “flag” has 9 stripes. The US flag has 13 representing the original 13 colonies/states.

Of those 13 states, four joined the Confederacy, 9 remained in the Union (Albiet MD under duress and by force).

The conclusion to draw here is clear: Obama doesn’t see himself as President of those four former Confederate states (VA, NC, SC and GA)
CatherineofAragon just can't take the constant drumbeat of Obama's evil:
When Obama was elected in 2008, I knew it would be bad, but I admit, I didn’t know it would be THIS bad. Every single day, it’s not just something’s SEVERAL things. They just keep coming like an avalanche.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lewinsky 'to publish secret love letters to Clinton'

Freepers are sad these days. So is it any wonder some seek comfort in old familiar things, like hating the Clintons? All the old Freeper regulars come out!

cradle of freedom remembers blaming the media back in the early 90's!
Now we know how duplicitous the American media is but back then we were just getting a slight inkling that something was seriously wrong. I know that during the 1992 election, I kept waiting for the media to dredge up the Arkansas scandals. Then all through the Clinton administration I kept waiting for the media to inform the people about all of the scandals that went on when he was in the White House. Now we know that we have a controlled press in this country, there are no illusions left about having a free press.
DoughtyOne hopes all those women Clinton raped finally come forwards!
Bill Clinton has been rehabilitated in the press. This, what I think to be a multiple violent rapist, needs to be seen for what he is.

Lewinsky is a skank, but she was barely a 21 year old skank when she was being abused by a man with ultimate power.

She was 21, and one of her good friends was being intimidated by hired thugs of Hillary.

Remember that Clinton tried to buy her off with job offers, and having Vernon Jordon and our Ambassador to the United states trot her around during her job hunt.

Remember also that Vince Foster and Jerry Parks were assassinated. Remember that over sixty irregularities in the Foster incident alone, cast the accurate shadows on the Clinton’s co-presidency.

Folks need to understand that. This guy should be ashamed to show his face in public. I just wish all the women he abused would out him for what he did to them.

Ah yes, but Leftist ideology trumps him being treated like some corporate executive who did the same thing.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the most corrupt people I have had the displeasure to learn about.

Here’s to hoping the Lewinsky book accomplishes what until now has been impossible.

Ladies..., you know who you are. Man up. Take this bastard down. And when you do, I hope folks will respect you for it, even if you did have self-interest at heart.
MinuteGal tries to tie Clinton in 1992 to Obama's reelection:
Even these pre-book Lewinsky leaks are a stupendous October surprise, also September, November and forever.

Don't feel that it will distract from Obama. He and Bubba Klintoon are irrevocably joined at the hip due to the incredible good fortune of Obama and the DemWits choosing Bill to give the Keynote Speech at the DNC convention.

Plus Barocky's choice of Hillary Klinton as SOS puts the Usurper right in the bosom of the Klinton family.

It's raining jackpots from heaven with this sleazy news coming out now.
ken5050 prefers to hate someone more obscure:
There is person in this whole mess who, IMHO, is even more vile, lodathsome, and detestable than Slick Willie..

That is Dr. Bernard Lewinski, Monica's father..He could have ended Clinton's presidency by doing what any father should have done, protect and defend his daughter against a powerful man who abused, and then discarded his daughter. Had Dr. Lewinski stood outside the WH, surrounded by reporters, and denounced Clinton, it would have been all over.
miss marmelstein feels sorry for Lewinsky, and by sorry I mean catty bitter sorry.
I, for one, have sympathy for Monica. As a young woman with terrible parents, she was brought up with no sense of right or wrong. She thought using her sexuality would lead to marriage with the married President of the USA. (Marilyn Monroe may have had the same idea and she was at least 15 years older than ML). Sadly, unlike Donna Rice, she has not been able to rise above this disgrace. For that, I feel very sorry for her. I hope one day she gets her act together and finds some sort of happiness.

The press destroyed her to such a degree that we still call oral sex “a Lewinsky.” How sad...
Remole remembers Freeping in days of yore:
FReepers from back in the day will recall the wonderful novellas created by “Dukeman.” He would read the Starr report carefully and then reconstruct events in great detail. Fantastic stuff. I am sure his posts are available in the FR archive.
Mr. K is right back with the tin foil:
She is lucky to be alive though- there were too many Arkancides.

(for you young’uns - Arkancides is a term that was invented to describe the unusual rash of ‘suicides’ of seemingly healthy intelligent people with no mental or physical problems, but who seemed to have the goods on the clintons- which material dissappeared afterwards... including a suicide from a bullet wound to the back of the head)
ILS21R knows the villain is still on stage!
And this... Hillary’s bid for the presidency in 2016.

Hillary has already stated that this is her last charade in politics.
EGPWS 's hate nostalgia is tinged with bitterness:
If that lecherous degenerate can get impeached for lying to the American people and the Grand Jury and STILL be applauded at the DNC anything that Lewinski says won't put a dent in his credibility.
The Sons of Liberty can still hate like the old days!
Bubba Klinton struts around pontificating on tv collecting huge appearance fees when he should be in jail for treason, rape, and probably murder. It is about time someone reminded the public what a scumbag he is!

Chick-fil-A to stop giving money to 'anti-gay organizations,'

via euphgeek:

In a really weak non-story, the charitable arm of Chik-fil-A has pledged not to give to anti-gay organizations. Has nothing to do with the President still being a wingnut. Well, these days any skeptics out there are mostly drowned out by the enraged shouting:

txrefugee knows it had to be Obama's evil government:
Perhaps Mr. Cathy was worried about having to close his business if the homosexual Gestapo got him on the IRS and EPA and Labor Dept. hit lists. He cares about all his employees who would be out of work when lawsuits would shut his doors.

That’s the kind if thugs we have running this formerly free country.
Jane Long also thinks the anodyne corporate statement can only be blackmail:
Looks like it was handled "The Chicago Way" whether locally, or nationally =(
Tenacious 1 just yells that liberals never go to church:
I’m surprised liberals have not decided to boycott churches since they are also against gay marriage.

Oh. wait! That’s right. They don’t go to churches or donate money to any causes. My bad.
Brooklyn Attitude doesn't understand freedom of speech.
So they are giving in to thugs using brown shirt tactics to silence those who disagree with them? Using intimidation and threats to silence your opposition is a direct threat to freedom of speech and expression.

Straws. Grasping for them.

Romney said nothing wrong. Besides the tape was doctored. And whatevs, it's all about the debates!

littleharbour knows the media is covering up that the 52-minute tape turns of for a minute and then turns back on. No doubt Romney took it all back in that time.
The media, including FOX, are completing ignoring this revelation. This was a set-up from the get go. A months old video, selectively edited, then released to a pre-planned assault by the media and Dems. Although Fox is defending Romney on the substance of his remarks, they are ignoring the bigger story - media complicity with the Obama campaign. This has gone way beyond mere bias - the networks are now an adjunct of the Democratic campaign machine.
miserare blames Jimmy Carter's grandson for being so dumb it rubbed off of Romney I guess?
Maybe it was doctored by that moronic grandson of Jimmy Carter, who is making the rounds on TV claiming to have “discovered” the Romney tape. This boy’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. He’s 35 and still hanging out in his mom’s basement, gazing at the Obama poster over his bed, on the internet 24/7, trying to catch a Republican making a faux pas!
Dude didn't even record it - he convinced the guy who did to give it to Mother Jones.

devolve thinks attacking Obama's beer is the key:
The people not paying taxes isn’t the worst problem.....

It’s the person BREWING BEER while he is skipping White House intelligence briefings that is the problem.


txrefugee looks to the debates:
When Romney has his first debate, he should lead with a warning to the ObamaBot running it that his responses are not to be cut or tampered with, “as happened with the Mother Earth video that was edited to give the wrong impression of my statement that was secretly taped back in May.”

That is necessary because very few will be aware of this selective editing by that Leftist rag and their fellow travelers in the msm. Americans still have a sense of fair play, which is about the only scintilla of sense many have.
RavenLooneyToon agrees - Romney needs to ignore the moderator!
The first debate has to be the turning point.
Mittens must turn into an ultimate warrior.
Mitt needs to ignore the moderators’ questions and march to his own drummer.
RavenLooneyToon follows up that Romney should act like Reagan.
The reason the first debate is paramount is it is the best chance to in front of a National Audience to blow up the propaganda machine's narrative.
He has to be controversial, polite and bombastic all at once.
He must speak the simple truth without any double talk.
In plain English, he needs to call a spade a spade, a heart a heart, a club a club, and a diamond a diamond.
He needs to learn how to intone. He needs to replicate Ronald Reagan.
...maybe wear a Reagan mask?

God luvs America is just blindly attacking the media over and over again
1000%...and someone needs to point the media out for the left wing hypocrites they are...this further proves how incapable the people running today’s GOP are when, four years later, we are running into the same left wing biased crap we saw in 2008 and the GOP still has NO answer...pathetic...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romnehy Fights Back

Drudge found a 1998 tape of Obama saying the word 'Redistribute.' Romney immediately jumps on it. Freepers get super excited and cling to this latest hope:

Sequoyah101 thinks Romney needs to start making crap up:

Quit calling it WEALTH! It is not just WEALTH that obastard wants to redistribute it is ALL EARNINGS AND PROPERTY.

People need to understand this. NOBODY who owns or earns is excluded from the redistribution scheme except for the ruling class elites like obastard.
Viennacon is unimpressed by Obama's appeals to 'unity'
The White House response so far has been WEAK. “the president represents all people”... WEAK!
Qwackertoo knows who Romney needs!
Maybe the Romney campaign can extend a hand to James O’Keefe and hire him. He is pretty good at his sting operations.
jneesy thinks this is a Romney Masterstroke!
the more i watch this unfold the more i believe this was all mitt

and hes a damn genius for it

whats going to be worth the price of admission is when the lsm realizes they've been had
JerseyDvl's faith in Matt Drudge has been renewed!
The campaign begins today!
Thank you Drudge, I thought you were in the tank too. You proved me wrong.
IllumiNaughtyByNature loves it:
snarkytart explains that this time is different, this time Obama's totally socialist for reals!
An Obama that was peddling Hope and Change is different than an Obama that now has a record which can prove that he definitely believes in redistribution. Where as in 2008 calling Obama a socialist was seen as just extreme rhetoric by the right trying to scare voters.
It’s a whole different prospective to hear this again in 2012.
GrandJediMasterYoda knows only real foaming-at-the-mouth crazy will be enough to wake up today's Americans:
He’s still talking like a wuss though which means he is going to LOSE if he doesn’t toughen up. Hey Mitt: It’s called MARXISM! USE THE WORD! Tell the history of it, tell how many MILLIONS have died because of it, how many have starved to death because of it. Don’t say “I disagree” like you’re having a discussion with a child! Give me a freaking break with this guy! ARRRGH!

Libya Truthers

Never ones to let a story just look bad for Obama, Freepers strap on the tin foil and overplay their had for all they're worth!

Venturer hates how no one else is crazy:
Headlines should read “Obama throws American Ambassador to the dogs”.

What does our press do? They listen to Jay Carneys lies and re[eat them as fact.
afraidfortherepublic goes in for the usual cliche:
And the inaction of the SOS and the Administration is TREASON, plain and simple. They should be impeached and led out of their fancy offices in handcuffs.
freedumb2003 just assumes that Hillary and Obama's sins (lust and sloth, it seems) have consumed them:
hillary: I don’t have time for this now. I see that cute little chick intern assigned to my office who I can munch (I learned how to keep ‘em quiet from bill’s mistakes).

obozo: I don’t have time for this now. I have to decide whether to use a sand wedge or a 9 iron on this short shot. Besides, I see that cute little dude intern assigned to my office who I can *censored* (I learned how to keep ‘em quiet from bill’s mistakes).
Emperor Palpatine keeps is short:
Of course they knew.
Salamander goes in for the "just asking" bit:
Is this the “false flag”?
BigFinn, though, now he knows how to do it. No line breaks, stream-of-consciousness uncut paranoid crazy:
We see what he's up to. He absolutely knew. He has a plan and it is falling into place. He wants the brother hood in power. He helped orchestrate the 'arab spring' to bring in the caliphate. Just look at all the nations now under the brother hood control and in the name of democracy. Yeah, righty-O. The WH is crawling with MBH subverts and soon Mr. Mursi will be smoozing with BHO, cashing in on more or taxpayers billions and planning the eventual takeover of Israel and Jerusalem, behind the blind&stupid American back. He may well be our judgement and lead us into downfall and destruction. The Bible says that any nation that entangles itself with the cup of trembling/ Jerusalem will be cut into pieces. Get ready to rumble because the nations are starting to gather and the strait of Hormuz is just the beginning.
Signalman sees hope amidst the crazy:

Sorry for the caps. But it’s that important.
Paranoia about Obama is crosslink's spy-novel muse:
Here is what I think and it is based on information in the public domain. Looking at this Ambassador’s career he may have been former CIA. He went to meet someone to either obtain or transfer something. He traveled in a small group that included two SEALS on the payroll of “whom” and a tech guy that made contact in a gamer chat room to say they were surrounded. This house was a CIA safe house as best I can determine. They were traveling in an unarmored vehicle? They were double crossed .


Please this is all speculation so take it with a grain of salt. If it was anyone other then Obama I would think my comments from a crazy man, but it is Obama so anything could happen.

A Tonic for the Troops

You know things are bad when Freepers threads are mostly attacks on the polls/press, conspiracy theories, and infighting.  Yeah, things aren't looking too good at the moment.  So Freepers turn their formidable denial skills to whistling past the graveyard

jmaroneps37 knows Rasmussen has the only real maths!
As per Rasmussen, Republican registration has grown just since June and is now at its historic high. At 37.6% it is 4.3% higher than the Democrat registration which is less than one point above its lowest point ever.
American Constitutionalist knows God Warriors never get discouraged:
The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Constitution of the United States of America with God’s help that won’t happen.
DarthVader is too crazy and hate-filled to ever cry!
My committment to destroying these peoples hold on our country is burned in my soul. The domestic enemies of the Republic must be wiped out once and for all.
wayoverontheright explains how Obama is gonna lose despite the polls, just like in 2010!(?)
I think this election is going to resemble the 2010 election far more than 2008. The media was shilling for dems then, and the polls ended up off by about 5 to 8% in nearly all races.

As to the polls, it is one thing to answer the phone at home and reveal your vote, yet another to make the effort to go to the polls on election day. The enthusiasm gap is huge.

I would posit that there’s one more emotion at play, that will lend itself to lower turnout on the part of libs this November-the embarrassment factor. Obama is embarrassing a lot of people who went on record with friends that they were for him in 2008. In general, they just don’t want to talk politics right now. I bet everyone who reads this knows someone that fits this description. And that’s just the white people.

Blacks placed a lot of hope in his turning out to be a good president. Blacks are not so much embarrassed BY him, but FOR him, and they will want him off the stage as soon as possible. This will manifest itself in far lower turnout than even the most optimistic scenario, IMHO.
SMARTY will keep trying to destroy liberals until liberals finally stop trying to destroy the two party system!
So long as Liberals are at work to dismantle the country, steal my hard-earned income, alienate me from my fellows, disparage my patriotism, force me against my conscience, sell themselves to my enemies and compromise the very ground under my feet.... I will be enthusiastically Conservative!

Until or unless Liberals remember that there is a two party system here in the US, they shouldn’t waste their time and effort assailing my ‘enthusiasm’.
GilGil is just living on spite and denial these days:
I live for the day I get to see Romney being sworn in by the Chief Justice with Obama standing there with his pookie grinning and bearing it. What a treat that will be.
whatshotandwhatsnot doesn't know anyone who isn't sure Romney's gonna rock it:
Whose enthusiasm is being crushed? I don’t know a single soul who pays attention to polls and leftist media manipulation except to point out the hypocrisy. We all know they lie and lie all the time. Any left wing disinformation is easily ignored as such and the enthusiasm to get BO/MO out of our White House is spiking.