Thursday, June 30, 2016

There will be justice after the apocalypse

Prepped threads are generally pretty useless. You get half-brained survival tips along with the occasional yearning for the collapse that you can find on any other Freeper thread. But Anonymous found a great little pocket of distilled crazy that must be shared.

In the weekly Prepper thread, Freeper roadcat wonders about whether he gets to shoot his troublesome neighbor come the apocalpyse:

I and my neighbors get along great. However, there is one jerk and his jerk family, who no one likes. If the SHTF, what are the recommendations on dealing with a family like that? Do we:

A) Chase them out of their home and the neighborhood,
B) Hang them,
C) Restrict their movements and starve them,
D) Make slaves out of them.

Other alternatives welcomed.

Slavery aside (*ahem*), this is one of Freepers' greatest fantasies - to be the ones dispensing the true justice that their virtue unerringly sees!

Squantos has an odd one:
Pickle em ....
After kinda dancing around summary trial and execution, Pollster1 mentions he also has a troublesome neighbor. Shocking!
Neighbors who pose a threat are a serious issue. Whether they cheat, steal, vandalize, or in other ways cause problems, you have to handle it right. The Internet is not the place to post my general thoughts, and in any case I don’t have enough information to give the right answer to your situation.

Read up on how government worked in various eras, back when it worked, and try to use some form of due process, even if the final answer is final.

BTW, I have one neighbor who is a serious concern. I will keep an eagle eye on that neighbor if we reach the point where government can no longer be counted on even to the limited extent that it works today.
Chickensoup advises an early sci-fi book with no white supremacy at all. There's even an interracial marriage!!
I recommend the book: The Earth Abides by George Stewart.
Simple Celerity reckons there are good guys and bad guys, and if you keep your powder dry the bad guys will soon be bad.
Keep a close eye on them. They will make the first mistake. They’ll go after someone - even you. Don’t turn your back on them. Don’t invite them to dinner. Don’t share with them.

Because they WILL make a mistake. They WILL attack you. They will attack fast too - within 96 hours of the event.

All of your neighbors, my neighbors and everyone’s neighbors are much different than the neighbors you’ll have in 6 months. Get to be friends with THOSE neighbors - the 6 month ones. Right now, no neighbor is safe.
Man, the real world with it's complicated morality must be pretty frustrating for Celerity!

B4Ranch advises constant paranoia:
If you don’t seriously outnumber them do not allow them free access to your supplies. They may decide they want everything and kill you to get it.

Veep Warren?

Hillary did a big appearance with Elizabeth Warren that has all the pundits aflutter about it being an audition for her joining Hillary's ticket.

I am amused by how passionately people seem to think it has to be Warren/it cannot be Warren without any middle ground, especially given how no one can actually know anything.

But it sure has Freepers aflutter. I want to avoid following Freepers' ridiculous 'lots of flack means you're above the target' crowing when Palin got nothing but mockery, but their hate is aflowin' without much to back it up!

mosaicwolf knows what happens when you get two women together...
I wish she would pick Warren. Can you imagine the daily cat fight at the White House with these two!
wastoute the nicknames that are really all anyone has on Warren? All ya need to take he down!
Fauxcahontas and Lieawatha are just too irresistible. They will leave a mark. One for which there is no response and an injury she won’t be able to heal.
Zenjitsuman is with Trump on the goofy insult that she's already turned back on him:
She is a Goofus
FlingWingFlyer is pretty confident though:
I’m hoping she’s stupid enough to do it. The Blues Sisters.
MinuteGal is pretty sure her hate is contagious or something:
Clinton and Warren:

Brunhillary and Haggard the Horrible.

MinuteGal continues to ooze contempt like it's either predictive or productive:
If you haven't had your laugh of the day yet, catch the sight of Hillary the Haggard and Pocahauntus campaigning in their blue, matching Tweedledeedee and Tweedledeedumb costumes.

Are they going arm-in-arm, door-to-door trick-or-treating tonight?

Anyone got a photo???

sarge83 explains Hillary has been forced to pick Warren - because of the kook base!
The Hag has to cover her left flank. Red Bernie drove her further and further left and yet she still couldn’t win the kook base of the Party and she has to have to kook communist left to win in November, only Bernie or Fauchontas gives her a chance at these little Bolsheviks votes.
Because it was used against Obama, outpostinmass2 tries to argue Warren is always scripted:
She won’t take questions at a press conference. Everything she says is scripted. In fact she repeats the same message over and over again. Listen to her for about 15 minutes and it becomes clear that her only qualification for her position at Harvard was being “Native American”.
Red Badger knows whoever Hillary picks, they will be the worst:
Hillary will pick the least intelligent and most abusive VP candidate.

Dems always do.
They pick the one that will make them stand out and look more intelligent than they actually are.
Note: Mondale, Algore, Biden..................
Under similar logic, null and void is sure whoever Hillary picks will diminish Hillary:
“Impeachment Insurance”.

This will be a challenge for Hillary!™, finding someone less intelligent, less even tempered, more dishonest, more criminal, and more abusive than herself.

Pretty much anyone she picks will rapidly become perceived as better than the reality of Hillary!™’s shaky finger on The Button.
nicksaunt has a plan for Trump I'm down with:
Just remember, Biden tore Ryan apart. Trump needs to (and will) pick a fighter.

That's why I think now Trump should pick Newt. A debate between Elizabeth Warren and Newt would be a beautiful thing to watch.
EQAndyBuzz is one of many Freepers to be certain of a more Mexican choice:
Hillary is taking Julian Castro. It’s a done deal.
BlackAdderess wonders if Trump is only pretending to be behind in the polls to trap Hillary into picking Warren:
I wonder if Trump has been playing dead hoping that she would do exactly that? You’ve got the Sanders people being egged on (or at least that’s how it looks to me) and Brexit is a good indicator that Clinton will have to go with Sanders, Warren, or someone like them. There’s no downside to playing to the left if Trump is polling horribly...

The thing is, once the veep is picked, there is no going back.

Trump might be crazy like a fox :)
entropy12 is also pretty eager for a Trump secret weapon:
Let us hope Trump has a October surprise in the bag and
is keeping powder dry for that.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Benghazi limping

The GOP's Benghazi report has come out and suddenly Trey Gowdy is trying for the fig leaf that this wasn't an investigation of Hillary. Of course, it's too late...we've already seen everything.

So late that Freepers don't even attempt to pretend this was anything but a witch hunt. And there is nothing sadder than a witch hunt that fails to find a witch. Best they have is a bunch of Marines had to change in and out of their uniforms a bunch of times, though the report doesn't seem to care who gave those dumb orders.

Luckily Freepers, who always aim for infinite Clinton guilt, are used to disappointment, and it doesn't take long for them to go from scrambling to tin foil to hating the GOP once again.

Lets watch the transition, shall we?

Fantasywriter starts out hopeful:
Did Gowdy ever figure out who gave the stand down order?
Biggirl is knows what to hope for!
But could this also give “ammo” to one DJT?
hoosiermama is still a bit optimistic, but with more moderated expectations:
Just hoping there is enough there there so families can file a class action suit. Wouldn’t discovery be interesting!
Dacula lists some parts of the report, which lets you get a taste of both how little it proved, and how much it tries to insinuate:
The following facts are among the many new revelations in Part I:

Despite President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s clear orders to deploy military assets, nothing was sent to Benghazi, and nothing was en route to Libya at the time the last two Americans were killed almost 8 hours after the attacks began. [pg. 141]

With Ambassador Stevens missing, the White House convened a roughly two-hour meeting at 7:30 PM, which resulted in action items focused on a YouTube video, and others containing the phrases “[i]f any deployment is made,” and “Libya must agree to any deployment,” and “[w]ill not deploy until order comes to go to either Tripoli or Benghazi.” [pg. 115]

The Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff typically would have participated in the White House meeting, but did not attend because he went home to host a dinner party for foreign dignitaries. [pg. 107]

A Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST) sat on a plane in Rota, Spain, for three hours, and changed in and out of their uniforms four times. [pg. 154]

None of the relevant military forces met their required deployment timelines. [pg. 150]

The Libyan forces that evacuated Americans from the CIA Annex to the Benghazi airport was not affiliated with any of the militias the CIA or State Department had developed a relationship with during the prior 18 months. Instead, it was comprised of former Qadhafi loyalists who the U.S. had helped remove from power during the Libyan revolution. [pg. 144]
NonValueAdded  uses some caps lock to try to turn this molehill into a mountain:
Did Gowdy ever figure out who gave the stand down order?

Looks like it was pre-ordained by the 7:30PM White House meeting:
With Ambassador Stevens missing, the White House convened a roughly two-hour meeting at 7:30 PM, which resulted in action items focused on a YouTube video, and others containing the phrases "[i]f any deployment is made," and "Libya must agree to any deployment," and "[w]ill not deploy until order comes to go to either Tripoli or Benghazi." [pg. 115]
It might not be the exact wording "stand down," but it sure as heckfire had that result.
Note that this diplomacy is fine if you assume our forces can't teleport.

alrea falls back on previous Benghazi theories:
Did Gowdy ever figure out who gave the stand down order?”

With Obama missing for 8 hours they were probably not sure what to do.
piasa agrees - what about all that talk of Cross Boarder Authority from a year ago??!!
Instead of taking responsibility and giving the order to permit the crossing of the border, Obama pushed the responsibilitgy off onto the Libyans. It’s not his fault, it was Libya’s fault. It was also his way of dumping it onto Hillary since it would then be up to her to find and persuade the right Libyans to give permission in order to then ask Obama for the CBA. 
Obama didn’t give a crap whether or not the right libyan oficials could be contacted in time.

But the pubbies will not press the CBA point because he’s the first black president, he’s on the way out,... and they are only interested in Hillary for the election.
Love that last bit. Benghazi is a nothingburger because Obama's black.

Uh-oh, Fantasywriter is getting antsy for a smoking gun!
Call me jaded and cynical, but if Gowdy couldn’t figure out who signed those two eight-hour-life-and-death-fighting Marines’ death warrant, what the hell good is his report?
servo1969 sees what's going on:
Allow me to summarize the entire response from the media on this report:

napscoordinator agrees - this is lame, and it's all Gowdy's fault!
Democrats releasing their report yesturday got the republicans off their butts. Who knows if anything comes from it. Trey gladly is boring. I am trying to listen to him but he is horrible. Total waste of time. Thank god he’s handing it over.
Cboldt reacts by assuming everyone and everything is in on the coverup:
The report has only a political purpose. My takeaway is that the government is worse than incompetent, it is evil.

My reaction to the press is the same. It is worse than incompetent, it is evil.

House investigation into arms running was shut down by government.
MinuteGal just blames the press:
The minute the presser was over with, CNN had a banner superimposed and lengthily-implanted on their various recaps and analysis on the bottom of the screen. It appeared so quickly it's almost like it was pre-planned (wry sarcasm, here).

The whitewashing of Hillary's role in Benghazi has commenced with a feverish bang simultaneous with the furious media condemnation of the ordinary peoples' Brexit pushback in Europe.

The greatest insidious enemy of the Republic is the Goebbels/leftist-controlled anti-American media...its threat is becoming more horrifying every day.
frnewsjunkie is still sure that this report somehow proves to all right-thinking people that Hillary is evil:
If his report did contain the name of the person who "signed the death warrant" (and a command for inaction is apt to be in unwritten form), his report would have the same impact 
it will be spun, by the press, as a partisan witchhunt, and according to the report, Obama and Hillary did a great job, under the circumstances.

The government is totally out of control, corrupt, and in my mind, lacks all legitimacy. It exists purely as a function of force of violence.

If the people can’t sort that much out, and in spite of all that is on hillary’s record and in spite of all that obama has done, if hillary is elected, this country will not be fit to live in.

They can’t seem to sort out the kind of person Trump is and the kind of person hillary is.

The press at that benghazi conference, were hillary supporters... they are guilty of treason and that used to be a punishable offense. nothing is punishable any more, unless you are a good patriotic citizen.
Trump Girl Kit Cat yells that despite the report, WE ALL KNOW Benghazi-Hillary bad, but America is over so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!
This WAS arms running WE ALL know it but LIVS don’t know it this blew up in HILDABEASTS face and all she was concerned about was the spin to cover it all up!!! I in my gut believe our country is DONE I see no way out of the corruption this government has become!!!
Trump Girl Kit Cat soon bucks up, because America isn't over! TRUMP!
We right now are under the typical barrage of MSM destroying, Trump this WON’T stop we will ALL NEED each other to keep our chins up, Hillary is such a BAD candidate Trump is going to get crucified like we have NEVER SEEN before WE are even getting this CRAP from our own side don’t EVER get discouraged !!! MAGA!!!!! AMERICA FIRST!!!!
Did someone say Trump? HarleyLady27's here to note that people are like elephants...
She’s guilty, obuma is guilty and we all know it...they lie, they hide, but they can’t hide for long...

Gone are the days that the American people are asleep, we know what is going on, they will answer...if not here at this time, they will answer for their crimes...

People are like elephants...we never forget...
And Fantasywriter comes around to realizing that the lack of a conspiracy proves only that the conspiracy is even bigger than she thought:
If Gowdy discovered whose order directly resulted in the death of the two Marines, no, I don’t believe he would tell us. The Uniparty’s goal is to toss the peasants enough scraps, from time to time, to make them believe DC is working for them. But the Uniparty cannot afford to give the peasants enough info to cause genuine unrest. The Uniparty will issue a report from time to time. They just need to make sure there is no widespread call for action in the aftermath.

SCOTUS Strikes Down Texas anti-Abortion Laws

It's nice to enjoy some Freeper misery in a break from staring at Freepers' election year general lunacy.

The Supreme Court was not amused by Texas' pretextual attempt to regulate of abortion clinics out of business 'for womens' health.'

The usual suspects dissented, with Thomas giving an particularly odd complaint that different rights are analyzed under different standards.

Freepers have a great time with their loud angry lamentations; Trump triumphalism is great and all, but disgust with America is like their second favorite thing after blaming illegals for everything!

All the great hits from before the election are back. Nullification, seccession, praying for Armageddon, hating Republicans, hating America, the endless cycles of Freeper purges and's all there to enjoy!

Biggirl's angry optimism (revolt is coming) only extends so far!
Not surprised.
Altura Ct. laments that the revolt will never happen:
Just another push on the right. The right growls but inevitably acquiesces to the left.
Adder is threatening to....not fish?
Hitlery wins and my retirement is gonna be spent not fishing.

Cuz it’ll be over: I will NEVER acknowledge anything they say as law anymore.

It won’t be pretty but freedom is worth it.
DungeonMaster has trouble controlling his own lust for death:
I'm pro life but I feel a bit hypocritical when I consider my feelings about having more godless liberals or muslims around.
Justice Skywise wants only the rights he likes and none of the ones he doesn't
Not surprised but there is not one ounce of rational sense to this judgement other than blind, stupid kowtowing to political ideologies.

It’s ok for a government to regulate coal companies to the point of bankruptcy because the government has that right.

It’s perfectly ok for the government to force people to buy health insurance just because they’re alive because it’s like a tax and it’s not the role of the Supreme Court to correct bad legislation.

It’s perfectly fine for the government to restrict the 2nd amendment rights because it’s an outdated law.

But forcing abortion doctors and clinics to have admitting permissions at hospitals when performing abortion SURGERY (and that’s what it is) is a HORRIBLE injustice and taking of civil liberties.
Bloody Sam Roberts takes amusing exception to Yahoo accurately describing the current state of the law:
Constitutional right, you say?
Yeah, Yahoo seems to revel in living out on the lunatic fringe.
The only non-lunatics are Freepers!

mothball does the usual impotent Freeper refuge in God:
Satan and all his baby killers everywhere are rejoicing.

Their time is limited.
It was a Texas law, so Freepers go full Texas bullshit.
Trump Girl Kit Cat is a thinker:
With Gregg Abbott as governor I would say he says SCREW YOU SCOTUS!!!!
Clearly non-lawyer Jim 0216 starts out extolling pre-1930 jurisprudence, and then goes onto pre-1819 jurisprudence:
FIRST: Texas is well within it constitutional rights to NULLIFY AND REJECT federal acts and court decisions that are unconstitutional (confirmed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments). The fact is the federal government has NO constitutional power to interfere with a state's abortion laws. The flawed and counterfeit Incorporation Doctrine is no shelter for this travesty

SECOND: the scope of this decision is LIMITED to the parties of the case. The Constitution does NOT give the judicial branch legislative power to create national law. The constitutional power of the judicial branch is LIMITED TO INDIVIDUAL CASES AND CONTROVERSIES (Art III, Sec 2).
WKUHilltopper is the first to address what's been a slogan whose popularity I hope continues to grow:
thecodont loves rumors about how it's gonna get worse:
You know, some people are pushing for home abortion kits.
With some careful stat-choosing, Zenjitsuman shows Texas is the economic engine of America:
Texit, there goes the engine that produced the only job growth during the Obama years. If they Texit it is over.
Lest you think it's not actually all about female sexuality, Paulie:
A sad day for babies.

Well, yeah least Mom can still have fun!
Maybe not clear on how many legal gun owners there are in America, apillar thinks owning a gun should be about like getting an abortion:
Maybe some state should pass a law saying any women who has been convicted of a crime involving reckless conduct is bared from having an abortion.... The court kind of painted themselves into a box saying an individual can lose one constitutional right (gun ownership) just for a conviction on a minor offense but can't lose another (abortion - even though that isn't really a constitutional right, but that's another argument).
firebrand is one of the few to stick to the 'health of the mother' canard:
Pro-lifers have told me that it is reasonable to believe that illegal abortions are safer than legal ones, because the people breaking the law don’t want to be caught.

Unfortunately, statistics on deaths and other calamities from legal abortion are impossible to obtain. How convenient.
The only other one is Sgt_Schultze's urge to double down, which stays kinda on message, but takes the concern trolling to extreme levels:
Texas should take this opportunity to strengthen protections for women seeking abortions. They should amend laws regarding damages at medical facilities without admitting privileges at local hospitals. 
The threshold for demonstrating injury should be virtually eliminated for any patient injured at any medical facility without hospital admitting privileges. The burden of proof should shift to the unpermitted surgery center to demonstrate their actions did not contribute to the injury.
All the other 250+ posts are pure anti-abortion.

Ancesthntr urges Freepers to vote single-issue SCOTUS:
Hey, #NeverTrump and #RepublicansforHillary, did you like that decision? Would you like more like that, FOREVER? If so, DON’T vote for Trump, and DO vote for Hillary, whatever you do.
Looks like JimRob had some amnesty on the anti-Trumpers! ObozoMustGo2012 has to deal with a naysayer!
Trump, who thought his pro-abort sister would make a great justice.

Trump, who doesn’t throw his family under the bu when asked an off the wall question.
Buckeye McFrog knows Zombie Bork woulda straightened this right out!
5-3. Kennedy did it.

Ol' Teddy sure as hell knew what he was doing when he decided to bork Bork.
EternalVigilance, as usual, is more rhetoric than substance:
The Supreme Court, and the State of Texas, and the lawyers for the State of Texas, and the Texas Legislature, ALL completely avoided the real issue, which is the God-given, unalienable right to life of EVERY individual child, and the U.S. Constitution’s explicit, imperative requirement that EVERY person, in EVERY state, be protected in that supreme right.

“No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law.”

— The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution

“No State shall deprive any person of life without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

— The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
Love Carl Vehse. He's consistent as always!
Traitors! The SCOTUS majority are nothing but traitors.

And still Congress does...................................................... nothing.
RoseofTexas wants Apocalypse:
All that means is More baby parts on the auction table...I sometimes wish God would just come and destroy this evil world! There is just no stopping evil! Abortion is pure evil!
In his eagerness to keep the narrative, haircutter conveniently elides Ginsberg's two children:
None of the THREE woman on this Court has ever had a baby..they do not know the joy of having a look at them they more than likely never enjoyed the companionship and love of a MAN either...

America of today is not the America we were raised in..and if Hillary Clinton is returned to the White House, this Nation will not survive..
Darth Gill Greene66's it.
I’ve reached the point where i’m THIS close to hating this country. If there was any sort of transport to a “New World” somewhere I would making plans to get the hell out of here.

I DO hate this country. I hope God judges it harshly.
ilovesarah2012 also:
This country is nothing like the America I grew up in. Not much left to save.
ealgeone is too Christian to be a patriot:
If you are a believer in Christ our citizenship is not on this planet.
VTenigma doesn't hate America, just the politicians and a little over half the voters:
I passed that point a while ago, not the country just the oligarchs that run it, and of course the useful idiot sheep who keep them in power.
ducttape45 explains that it's not just America that's evil - it's the World!
we both know there is no more unclaimed lands to flee to. America was the last bastion against the evil in the world, but now America has become the very evil it once fought against.
TribalPrincess2U convinces herself tribal rage is good politics:

So much they’ll want to ban the words ‘baby killers’.

Remember..... how they went on about the ‘children’ getting killed by Israel, how they go on about the ‘children’ getting killed in schools, how about Waco’s children?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jump! Jump!


Freepers' tribal ability to have a complete lack of empathy is a helluva thing. Their constant flow of bad taste and tired jokes in response to news that Sinead O’Connor has threatened suicide is really the sort of thing they would gleefully use to show how liberals are all classless psychos.

Though to be fair, they all think mental health is a government plot to take their guns...

mountn man's joke makes me tired:









Ghost of SVR4 is flippant, but at least quick:
somersault into a full pike. Anything else would be lazy; just like her career.
Viking2002 is one of many Freepers to point out that O’Connor is ugly:
She’s despondent because I broke up with her.

Ewwwww. I thought you had better taste than that. Even Laz would chuck rocks at her.
JudyinCanada brings the usual self-righteous religious moralizing that's clearly more about her public piousness than any third party:
I hope that she calls on God rather than making fun of Him. Perhaps she will. It would be wonderful to see another lost soul brought back from being spiritually dead.
miss marmelstein is as usual both perplexing and awful:
What is it with crazy Brits and Irish coming here to act out their sicknesses???

Go to Dublin and jump in the Liffey. You’ll get applause.
MIchaelTArchangel tells what is clearly a mangled old joke he heard, followed by some telepathy:
If she jumps from the bridge and survives, she should be charged with polluting the river.

If she jumps from the bridge and dies, she will only need to pallbearers as there are two handles on a garbage can.

But my instincts tell me she will not jump from any bridge. This is just a publicity stunt.
TangibleDisgust is pretty sure demons are involved:
she’s got a literal demon on her back. i’m sure of it. all of that leftist, anti-Catholic, pro-queer stuff she’s been mouthy about over the years has been a literal invitation for dark forces to grab hold of her. they will torment people for years and years until finally, suicide seems the only escape. that’s when their souls are lost for eternity.

our pop culture teaches people to laugh at such concepts and churches are afraid to talk about such matters for fear of scaring away parishioners, but the wages of sin are real and manifest and there are things you can do in this life that unwittingly invite demons in.
Shortly thereafter, TangibleDisgust hauls out the MRA BS, and it's daddy issues with nary a demon in sight:
this is how liberal SJW women with daddy issues and/or mental illnesses identify themselves to the world these days. it’s akin to the way venomous snakes and spiders have bright colors on their bodies.

some combination of these:

- shaved head/partially shaved head
- hair dyed in bright neon colors
- excessive body piercings and/or piercings on their faces
- large or lots of tattoos in visible places
Makes me wonder how sincere the other demon-obsessed Freepers really are.

GSWarrior is literally the only person with any empathy in the thread.
I hope that she is okay and seeks help.
Freeper since 2000. Go figure.

Freepers suddenly love the Brexit

I was a bit disappointed in Freepers' reactions to the Brexit going through.

Their usual ritual of smug celebrations followed immediately by dark portents of liberal plots was attenuated by their general America-centrism. They couldn't even be arsed to fill in their dim understanding with a comforting narrative!

Even Trump's support didn't seem to get them really ranting. Though the fact that globalism is explicitly involved does goose their ever increasing nationalist paranoia a bit:

Scott from the Left Coast hits the populist bromide that used to work gangbusters on the Jews:
Let the markets throw their hissy-fit. The global elites...banks, corporations, denizens like Soros were rejected by a people who wanted to be free. Nations are local control, and perhaps we are seeing a new birth of nationalism. 
We are that little bit further away today from being peasants and slaves to our money masters. Let them go nuts and make themselves less wealthy. They have been rejected.
SteveH makes with the bumper sticker:
Awesome. Make Britain Great Again!

a perfect sound bite for trump, if he wants!
tcrlaf gets in some quality gloating:
Listened to BBC World on the way home from work tonight.

They are STUNNED and Flabbergasted, with comments like “This is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE day for Britain!”, etc.

This simply CANNOT BE HAPPENING. Their Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts all told them this was impossible.

They were even trying to say “Uneducated people voted to leave, those with degrees voted to STAY!”
And the always odious Diana in Wisconsin can always be counted on to be smug about how liberals are probably sad:
Is John Feckin’ Kerry on Suicide Watch? LOL!
Eurotwit is one of many who discusses how to use this to make money:
Buy pound sterling.

If you are willing to sit on it for a few years.
Tolerance Sucks Rocks is sure tax cuts and deregulation will solve everything!
It does not appear to be good for Britain, the pound is crashing and they will likely go into recession.

That won't last long if Great Britain continues to improve its fiscal policy (lowering taxes, etc.).
I need to look up Freepers' reaction to Kansas breaking over Brownback's conservative policies.

JennysCool may want to look at the age of who voted to leave:
Britain is showing the world should no longer be ruled by old hippies who think it’s still 1974.

Viva 21st century!
Breaking with Freep's past narrative that England is all Muslim FlyingEagle lays out how this was about everyone BUT England is Muslim:
Language, religion, customs: the culture has been assaulted and imperiled for decades. With the muzzification of Europe, this is the last stand fof redoubt for Britain.

We will hear much gnashing of banker and business teeth over the matter, but the truth is its a wonderful outcome for the people. There is great strength in sovereign rule over a country’s currency and customs.

I lived in London for 5 years, my two daughters were born there, and I have travelled there extensively for mainly work and pleasure for the last three decades. I am so happy for the British who are now escaping the EU tentacles. Switzerland never ceded over their sovereignty to the EU, and the main Swiss problem has been how to manage the relative strength of their currency and economy versus the EU. Britain will soon have the same issues.

Stupid Obama was all pro EU - oblivious to the economic, cultural and political destruction taking place in the UK. The British voted with their feet: a spectacular cry for freedom, no matter the short term price.
bushwon makes the call for ethnic cleansing more stark:
Congrats to Great Britain!

Next, turn Londonistan back into London!!!
Textide thinks we need to play England against the rest of those rivals in Europe:
And for every door that the EU closes with Britain, it should be an opportunity for the US to strengthen our relationship. That is, so long as our next president doesn’t wear a pant suit.
Husker8877 is a one issue voter: Fuck the Clintons!
I got just one thing to say: Knowing that Bill and Hillary were against Brexit was all I needed to be for it. They are the most accurate political litmus papers on earth as far as I’m concerned! Pretty much if they’re for it, I’m against it!

Ok I’m going to say one more thing: F*** the g*dd*m Clintons all to hell!! I love that they got their asses handed to them once again! Woohoo!!
publius911 hates Germany and wants some new Nazis to take them over...
One of my greatest puzzlement (as a student of history) for decades now, is how a little nothing country, saved from the NAZI clutches, became so delusional as to see themselves as arbiter of the worth of so many countries better than themselves.

Let the new NAZIs finally own them and teach them the humility they so richly deserve.

Belgium can return to being a necessary fence between giants, with bootprints on it in every direction...

Good Riddance!
I think the new Nazis he's talking about are Muslims...
Also, Belgium? How did that work?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Playing right into the Democrats' plan, Repeal 16-17 goes full melodrama about that sit in for gun control.
The House Democrats have committed a coup d'état. That's not a mere publicity stunt; it's treason. This act of treason is being committed because the House leadership will not allow votes on bills that would violate a part of the Bill of Rights. The correct way to deal with this coup is to have the Sargent-At-Arms use whatever force is necessary to remove the conspirators from the House chamber.

This coup shows that if Trump wins and the Republicans maintain control of both Houses of Congress the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists will attempt to instigate uprisings throughout the country. They are not mere political opposition; they are revolutionaries.
VRWC For Truth has fully switched his hate from Obama to Hillary:
Please explain why an electorate that twice elected zero will not elect hellery? ?

She’s an unlikeable crooked bitch! ...
Love how Cheerio takes the SCOTUS victory against Obama's immigration policy, and turns it into more apocalyptic rhetoric:
FOUR Justices that do NOT believe in the US Constitution, agreeing that boy king can write and issue laws from the Rainbow Hut.

2013 spotlightee Godebert still hates the military.
I guarantee you can trust today’s Marines.

They serve the Usurper.
joshua c sees Obama's Muslimness clearly now:
Crypto-muslim Obama’s goal is to make America sharia compliant.

He hasn’t been very crypto lately.
Not crazy at all...HarleyLady27 has been reading anti-Hillary wankbooks, and making graphs...
They have so many layers of crime...after the first chapter I decided the only way I was going to make sense of any of this book was to do graphs on each chapter...

After doing that, it is beyond words how crooked, corrupted they are, and all for themselves...they didn’t once have in mind for America or the people...

This chapter on Haiti is so layered it took me two days to get through it...
nobamanomore does not approve of a lesbian Miss Missouri.

She is butt ugly, reminds me of the witch in Wizard of Oz. Of course she is a special class of person, so she gets the cookie.
On the SCOTUS immigration punt, drypowder does the usual Freeper declaration of complete righteous victory that's meaningless before endless liberal evil. The struggle shall be eternal!
the criminal in the WH will only change course when he himself is incarcerated.
Parmy tells of how in the 1980s he lost a job for being a racist paranoid:
I had a run-in with affirmative action roughly 30 years ago. I was out of a job, so I began taking tests for State employment. Got called in for an interview. The interview went fine but I was told that they had a minority who was a woman that they had to give preference for the hire. She was also given points on the test because she was a woman and a minority.

About a month later I was called and asked to come in and reinterview.

Same job, so I asked what happened. Was told that the employee didn't work out.

So, I asked if I got the job. NO! There had to be another interview.

My response---I told the woman supervisor that I wasn't going to be the token white guy so they could say they met the interview . criteria. And she could take the job and put it where the sun didn't shine. Only, not that nice.

The phone went, "click".

I am now 73 and have survived quite nicely.
C210N is one of many Freepers smugly chortling about the inevitable rioting after the latest acquittal in the Freddie Gray death. No rioting happened, but I expect their confirmation bias will see them through:
They will be rioting no matter what the verdict, I’m sure.

Just taking advantage of today's 100% sales.

Sometimes known as "going out of business" sales.
blueunicorn6 explains what's happening:
Hillary is destroying the Democrat Party.
Noting that it was mostly rural England that went nationalist, Therapsid suspects voter fraud in the Brexit vote:
If you look at the Sky News board....every major urban area...went “stay in”. Most all of Scotland and North Ireland went ‘stay in’. It’s the rural regions that went to a high rate of leaving.

Who do you think packed those big city polls?
But ecomcon knows that all cities are evil:
Statism and sodomy has its base in the cities. The bigger, the badder.

Revelation is basically a reality that has already happened but in the future!
Eurotwit seems to think Freepers' silly rhetorical talisman has something to do with our actual Constitution:
I could consider joining a united Europe, maybe...

If we basically copied your constitution and bill of rights.
Gay State Conservative is pretty sure all lesbianism comes from rape:
Never having been raped and never having been a woman I can't say that it's like to have been raped.But it's easy to imagine that it's probably a massive shock and outrage..perhaps massive enough to make the girl/woman change her basic attitude toward all males.Thus...lesbian.

Just a hunch on my part.
pigsmith tells how he totally called exactly how Ben Carson's run for President would go, but like only one person heard him:
I forget what the speech occasion was, but it was right after that speech that he suddenly hit the spotlight. A friend enthusiastically gushed how she’d like him to run for Prez and turned to me for confirmation “Don’t you agree?” 
I told her I thought he was way out of his league - being a great brain surgeon doesn’t mean he’ll be great at anything else, and if he runs, the politically corrupt system will chew him up and spit him out and make a fool out of him. 
So far, it looks like he is saving them the trouble. He is his own worst enemy whenever he opens his mouth. Disappointing to witness. Should’ve remained a retired brain surgeon and kept his reputation intact.
lavaroise comes out against common sense:
Common sense means consensus, ie any dessenting voice is to be eliminated. The 2A was all about dissent despite “common (non)sense”

Monday Potpourri pt. II

thoughtomator hates how physics is based on the sorcery that is math:
Mathematicians took over physics, made it into a trainwreck of mysticism, and this is what we have left over.
RitaOK may not realize Hillary is spending time raising money:
Hillary is AOL. Haven’t seen her for days, but for waddling into the hospital to see new baby.

What does she DOOOO all day? The media and Bark have taken over her campaign appearances for her, entirely, as you said.

This election is by MEDIA WARFARE. They must be answered by us!

TRUMP has done his part, continues with the winning strategy, but the GENERAL ELECTION calls for a Party to back him. They are not.

Our Party is for Hillary. WE have to answer the media, using electronic media.
RitaOK  next smugly notes that dissenting voices on Free Republic have dwindled:
I wonder where all the concern trolls have gone around here?

All that “concern” for TRUMP this, and TRUMP that, and TRUMP dropped Corey, and here is the big Kahuna fallen off her light socket, at last.

Shouldn’t the trolls be equally concerned for the Democrat Party future? I mean, without Debbie Does Dumb remaining in complete charge?

Oh! What about the Jewish vote? ....concern, concern.... concern.

Oh! What about FLORIDA! Without Debbie.. concern..concern.

HarleyLady27 thinks Trump has been sent be God. I'll have to check on her, WENDLE, and nopardons whichever way November goes. Any others I should add to the list?
I have something to say on Trump, and some of you will like it, and some of you won't, but it doesn't matter to me:

Trump has been picked by God for this mission of running for POTUS, and he will be see this is God's plan, not ours, this is God's decision, not ours...

For to long, satan has ruled this Nation, he took God out of our Country, he has pushed people's sins, gay marriage, taking God's name in vain, has completely entered our children's lives as satan has entered some of our lives...that is going to stop now, this is an election of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and God is going to win...
Meanwhile, those who are slightly less crazy like equaviator are increasingly hoping for a Trump secret weapon:
Trump would not even be in the game if he didn’t have an ace in the hole. He probably wouldn’t even have tossed his hat in the ring without at least one. He needs to maintain speed, altitude and course so that when the time comes he can make his play. Follow that with a victory roll, then be cleared in hot for landing and debriefing. That’s my hope, anyway.
armydawg505 is optimistic, if not syntactic:
Soon be panic time for Hillary.
Some British lunatic made an inept attempt to assassinate Trump. Gateway Pundit has this POS headline about it: FOREIGNER ARRESTED – Tried to KILL DONALD TRUMP at Vegas Rally . onyx realizes it's a Brit, but is still hopeful about the Muslim thing:
Sniveling, Brit bastard.

How about his Moslem London Mayor?

Based on some sketchy speculation, marktwain blames the FBI, Obama, and the media for the Orlando massacre:
And the fbi deliberately threw away the information because bammy told them to go easy on muslims.

So the fbi is responsible for the murders.

They did what the Obama administration told them to do. We could blame those who voted for Obama. Or, we could blame the media who misinformed the voters who voted for Obama.

I suggest that the media cartel is the one most to blame here. Most of us on freerepublic did what we could to inform everyone else, but we were drowned out by political correctness, the media cartel, and the whole progressive alliance.
butlerweave has the latest Free Republic conspiracy:
Wait, the FBI coverup is lame compared to Protect the Bill of Rights's detailed story of CIA and Afghanistan and the shooter's father:
I have no doubt father was CIA asset. No proof, but no doubt.

Speculating further:

His relationship with the CIA began in the early 80’s after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. We did covertly support the mujaheddin back in the day.

He was an asset of value based on his close relationships to several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle into the 90’s.

I will speculate further and say he was again an asset when we were planning the Afghanistan invasion after 9/11.

When the WH was floating the idea of a treaty with the taliban, he may have been approached for input, which would explain his visits to the State Department and (if reports are confirmed) the WH.

Common sense tells me the above is the only reason his pro-taliban, anti-US rants on his broadcasts were tolerated without any alarm. “Seddique? He's harmless. He's one of us.” or “Omar is Seddique’s son. He is as harmless as his Dad.”

If my speculation is close to reality, I am guessing the feds had an “oh shit!” moment after the attack after realizing Seddique was not as harmless (or stupid) as they thought, and had been plying them all along.
mkjessup is not a fan of Stephen Colbert, and calls him a lady:
Colbert squats to pee.
Oy HarleyLady27 swears on her child's blood. This may explain a lot about her mania. Now I'm sad:
Promise me one thing President Trump, PLEASE bomb the hell out of ISIS, Hussein and his ilk...

Can you imagine, because I lost a son, to have to do something like this in your child’s blood....

This makes me sick!!!
knarf is sure Trump has never strayed from his marriage...marriages.
Trump doesn’t drink nor do drugs, so any allegation utilizing either of those elements would be dismissed and anyone with millions in success never needs nor desires to “take” sex when it is freely given
dware is gonna take a stand by being a dick to gun store owners:
The only way to end this nonsense is to stand up to FFL dealers and let them know we will no longer allow them to rake in the cash by pissing all over the Constitution - all sales, from here on, without background checks. When they come for you to prosecute you based on anti-Constitutional laws, you fight back. Not willing to make the sacrifice? May your chains rest lightly, and may posterity forget you were our countrymen.
heights was sure Brexit was fixed:
No Way will the Elites allow ‘Leave’ to win.
Buckeye McFrog is sure Volkswagen is in big trouble because lying to regulators is super clever:

They proved in a very public way that they were SMARTER than the people who regulate them by an order of magnitude.

They are going to PAY and PAY and PAY for that until the end of time.
RayChuang88 thinks Trump's anti-Hillary speech covered EVERYTHING, except for all these other things...
Trump laid out EVERYTHING that is wrong with Hillary Clinton. And that may be only scratching the surface--the 30,000-plus emails deleted could tie the Clinton Foundation to other very serious acts of international corruption, including the corruption at FIFA, the International Olympic Committee and even possibly the Formula One Group (for FIA Formula 1 racing) under Bernie Ecclestone. And could tell something about her relationship with her closest confidant Huma Abedin, who has relatives linked to some pretty sketchy Muslim advocacy groups in Saudi Arabia.
CivilWarBrewing's Hillary e-mail fan fiction needs more Vince Foster:
Fantasy quote that probably happened:

HUMA ABEDIN: "Hey Hillary, my Muslim Brotherhood friends are having trouble hacking your server and getting the classified information you agreed to give them in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations, can you fix that?"
Hilariously, Kaslin is the Obama nickname police:
Hey I asked you not to refer to that arrogant pos as “bammy” It sound like a term of endearment and it makes me think you are a big fan of that arrogant pos. So please stop it.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

LambSlave recommends acting like a lunatic to ward off negro trickery:
Bumming a smoke is a common ploy of the “knockout game” attacks.

It is more than that, it is a sign of dominance, and often a precursor to robbery/assault. The proper response to this in the hood if you are not from there is either to make firm direct eye contact and say, "I don't smoke, filthy habit" while bringing up your hands or let loose a string of profanity and racial slurs while threatening or executing violence. Any thing less, and they will brand you a "punk" and likely target you. There is a 50/50 chance of violence anyway, but at least you will have a psychological edge. [Based on my total of six years living in ghetto while attending college/grad school]
ColdOne got pretty emotional about Scalia's death:
Court died on Feb 13th 2016. We all did as a nation. It was official on that sad day. Cried for days.
HomerBohn doesn't get why more Americans didn't just condemn Obama based on his name:
Just stop and think for a minute.

With a name like Barack Hussein Obama, how could any American pull the lever for him?

He is anathema to Jews and Christians....including those types who munch tacos.

This insidious Muslim should have been dragged out of the disgraced White House years ago, yet the complicit one party system Congress has done absolutely nothing except accommodate the lop-earned nation hater.
Reading too much bad military fiction, pgkdan is sure America is gonna EMP itself:
The government is doing nothing to mitigate the damage from an EMP because that’s the card they’re holding to play against us at the appropriate time. You can bet that every military base and command center, that every under ground bunker that the government built to guarantee COG is hardened against an EMP. When they hit us with one, only the people will suffer the consequences. We’ll be easier to herd that way...
Guenevere is against prayer in non-theocracies:
This week I was in Orlando..........and there is a huge sign that simply says


Pray to whom?.....God?........
.....the one God who can actually hear our prayers!

The same God our nation has tried to erase from history!
Don Corleone has gone full McCarthyist, but with Muslims:
Our government will tell any lie to protect Muslim terrorists.

The entire White House staff and most of the federal appointees are MUSLIMS. Check it out!
Similarly, Jumper has in his hands a list...
Obama personally appointed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (remember Egypt) or other terrorist linked individual to every Cabinet in every department of government. Trump will kick them all out; only then will America be able to discuss remedies to Terrorism without the Terrorists being told what we are planning....
His hate for Cruz finding no other outlet, BigEdLB really wants some violence at the convention:
I picture the loyal Trump delegates literally tearing traitorous delegates apart. If it gets to that point Trump folks will have nothing to lose. Prince Reeferous better let these putrid Cruzites get the word.
Maybe not knowing the history of fascism, Paulie unironically endorses Third Way policies:
he still needs to make the accounting work to ensure that his Third Way platform is feasible.

Oh, the accounting will work. The problem will be the media and RINO Republicans will claim “Voodoo Economics”.

Fortunately Mr. Trump knows how to avoid letting the media get the best of him.
After the latest iffy Muslim outrage story, Celerity plaintively asks if he can start shooting them yet:
Is it time to start engagement ?

Will I be prosecuted when I’m picked up on one of zillions surveillance cameras ?

Will I be imprisoned for standing up against obvious evil ?

Well then. It appears that things will have to get worse before they can get better. The righteous have been cut off at the knees. Evil will only get worse.
blackdog mixes a bunch of conspiracies up into one uber-conspiracy. Expectedly a Clinton-biased sample:
I think Ruby Ridge, Waco, Vince Foster, TWA 800, and Benghazi are indistinguishable as far as how government conducts itself regarding it's own actions or inactions.

I see those as the defining teachable moments in time. We've only gone down as a society as each "lie at all costs for a central control good" comes along. If the twin towers 9/11 event took place at night instead of on a clear sunny day at 9:00AM EDT, they would have claimed a meteor shower damaged the planes, sending them out of control into the Trade Center Towers.
HamiltonJay is pretty smug that there will be a rash of Trump-electing terrorism:
Trump takes this huge... Hillary best case is 15 states and about 180 EC votes... That’s her absolute best case.

The summer is here, no one is paying attention to politics, other than the die hards, and the only time they will will be when something like Orlando happens... and Trump is on the right side of world events.. Every event will boost him in the polls.

The events will occur, Trump will come out with a generally reasonable stand that puts america first and doesn’t pander to PC.. and Hillary and Obama will come out and try to argue shades of grey and how their traitorous stands are actually patrioitic....

Hillary stands no shot in November.. By October the Dems will be in full on panic mode just trying to hold onto states that none of the pundits would ever dream would be in play.

Every time the Establishment GOP gnashes their teeth about something Trump does.. and the MSM reports it as a bad thing... Trump will gain several points in the polls... The more they try to convince the people he’s wrong, the stronger he will get.

Folks need to relax and understand this. The MSM and the Political class are so out of touch with the electorate, that for the most part, the electorate wants the things that they get their panties all in a bunch over.
If history is any teacher, Don Corleone there are always bloodcalling doomsayers in every era:
The open border, one world, global elitists will not give up their march to Marxism easily. It has taken them over 100 years to get to this point. If history is any teacher, blood must flow.
Top-ten Freeper lunatic from some Maine lunatic religious community The_Republic_Of_Maine is sure McCain is a secret spy for Vietnam:
Arizona Republicans, never forget this, No country erects a monument to the enemy, only to their heroes. 
Monument in N Vietnam to honor John, the traitor, McCain.
poconopundit - Trump's not broke, he's frugal!
Yes, he's frugal and can run circles around the MSM as he has already proven.

And Trump is signaling he will be diligent about curbing curbing waste, fraud and abuse.

I predict massive cuts to the bureaucracy in a Trump presidency. Long overdue!

HarleyLady27 knows Trump is secretly rich, in fervent supporters:
Does anyone realize just how big Trump support is? If you don't then you need to find out...

If each of Trump Supporters would put into his account one hundred dollars, by the end of the day there would be over a BILLION dollars...

And this pissy ant media twit writing this ‘news’ article says he's worried about money? ROFLMAO!!! You have got to be on drugs, insane or have your head up someone else’s behind!!!
Arguging against a fellow Freeper, AppyPappy may be a titch sexist:
You sound like a woman. Pure emotion and no facts

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Spotlight: rarestia

Another relatively young Freeper. This one is 35ish.

I feel like age is a necessity for Freepers' brand of bitterness about modern America, but of course that's not true. But still, it seems strange to see someone who plays online games, and knows modern pop culture also spout off the usual Freeper rage about the gays and the Muslims and whatever other crap that I associate with being unable to keep up with changing times. He wanks over Linux as well, but Freepers and working in IT is an ageless partnership.

And his grandfather's an Obama voter, so I wonder if he's taking some weird rebellion too far. But he feels more like he was taught his conservative wankery - his posts rather drip with melodramatic need to be acknowledged as a badass. However he came across it, this guy is Freep to the max. Lamenting the Civil War will be too late, asking God to take him before America gets worse, the whole nine yards.

Youngest fogey I've ever seen. Florida, of course.

He has no idea what emotions are.
Strawman, strawman, racist, anti-American, bigot, homophobe... notice the Left uses powerful FEELING words.

Meanwhile, true Americans call a spade, a spade: traitor, tyrant, treasonous usurper, liar... those terms fit many of the Democrats and most of the Federal leviathan.
Fancy words for "I'm pullin' this out of my butt"
While I don’t have empirical evidence to support my claim, I don’t believe this to be true.
Disagree with him, and you're retarded:
This idea that people need a “living wage” is retarded. It’s literally the realm of slow thinkers. Expand out any of these ideas to logical conclusions and consider the critical flaws to them, and any thinking person will understand the disingenuous nature of this discussion.
The whitest post I know
As a sailor, I’ve taken to navigation the old fashioned way. Too many of us get used to GPS and rely on it. I’ve seen sailors ground their yachts on sandbars and complain that their GPS-based chartplotter had the area marked as X ft. deep. There’s something to be said about common sense and visual cues.
Linux Luv
I’m using Ubuntu 14 for the OS. The write up gets you going quick, but I recommend you take some time to configure PostFix properly. The MailScanner and SpamAssassin products are locked down out of the box.
Isn't Linux socialist?

Kids these days don't conform like in my day!
I thought about this recently, and I realized something. Once upon a time, kids were chastised and made fun of when they didn’t conform. Nowadays, nonconformity is not only the norm, but conformity is eschewed and seen as a “microaggression.”

It used to be that society set the rules and the templates, and parents raised their children to abide by those rules. Nowadays, kids are left to “find themselves” and become rogues to conformity. Add on top of that this idea that everyone is a special little flower, and we’ve got a world full of weirdos. Problem is... when everyone’s weird, doesn’t that make weirdness the norm? When will our definition of “normal” become “nonconformist” again?
America's only hope
At this point, our only hope is for a military coup, and I’m nearly 100% certain that won’t happen.
Why no coup in 2010?
Why haven’t the Joint Chiefs gotten together and decided to overthrow the President by armed coup for crimes against the country and the Constitution? Does ANYONE take their oath of office seriously anymore?
He's a rugged individualist keeping his powder dry.
There’s no where we go or anything we do that isn’t subject to being monitored by the government. That alone should be sufficient to justify rebellion. I’m tired of being subject to anyone. I’m a self-sufficient, self-disciplined American. I don’t need the government for anything, but they consider that lack of need a marker for concern.

I want the government out of my life, and if that requires that many patriots die at the hands of the overreaching leviathan that DC has become, then I’ll be one of the first to volunteer to die for the cause. It has to stop somewhere.
An active shooter, and straight for the industrial tin-foil, tricorner-style.
Military-grade psyops! There's NO WAY LEOs are going to be in on something like this. If they are, we have a serious, SERIOUS problem at all levels of government in this nation. To the point that an armed rebellion and reinstitution of the basic tenets of the Constitution would be necessary.

This is live-action, real-deal theater being orchestrated by Obama and his minions. I really cannot wait for it all to come to a head. I want to either get the shooting started or die at the hands of Obama's stormtroopers.

Remember when Obama signed the UN small arms treaty, and America became Communist?
Each State Party shall establish and maintain a national control system to regulate the export of parts and components to the extent necessary to ensure that national controls on the export of the conventional arms covered by Paragraph A1 are not circumvented by the export of parts and components of those items.

Nope... sorry... not gonna do it.

If this is ratified and signed by Obama, Communism will be completely wrapped around the throat of America. There's nothing in this treaty that allows for state sovereignty to override it in any way.
Fighting on behalf of our troops against some young woman pretending to yell at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
She typifies the ugly inside-and-out sort of leftist garbage that would be expected to behave this way. I hope she’s fired for this. She’s a piece of human debris with no respect for the men who’ve laid down their life for her “right” to do this.
'I'm not racist, Grandpa, blacks are just all violent and emboldened by Obama"
My 83 year old grandfather, an Obama supporter, told me, “This is what we were taught as children. This was socially acceptable when I was in my 30s.” I was never raised a racist or taught to believe that blacks were inferior to me, but having been bused to a majority black high school in the county’s efforts to “balance” racial quotas, I learned through EXPERIENCE to fear them.

That’s what this is about, it’s about intimidation. Blacks in this country have been emboldened by Obama and a black AG who won’t prosecute blacks for what they deem not to be hate crimes. As such, they’re taking all the liberties they can, because society, specifically the media, is going to kowtow to them out of fear of being called racist.

I’m not afraid to be called racist anymore, because I know I’m not. When a majority of prisons are filled with a specific race, that’s called playing the odds. When a majority of out-of-wedlock births are linked to a specific race, that’s called an unassailable statistics. When a majority of violent crimes and property crimes are committed by a specific race, there’s a reason whites avoid certain areas of a city and choose to settle down in the suburbs. We’re not racists, we’re paying attention. We’re trying to survive just like any other human being, regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, or otherwise.
Some gender analysis that boils down to women don't like him cause he looks too badass:
I’ve found that it depends on the industry. In a male-dominated industry with logical components such as IT, I find that manly men are seen as more intelligent, stable, and capable in their field.

In industries such as education, effeminate men have an advantage. The women who interview them relate to them on a different level than a gruff and tumbled man. I interviewed for jobs as an educator, but as a 6’2”, 350 lb. with a shaved head and goatee, I was generally seen as intimidating and hard than for the soft-hearted person I am. In general, women want to work with men they can manipulate (my wife has stated this on numerous occasions). Male managers, on the other hand, want a guy who can take the ball and run with it with little need for drama or education.
Next those government clowns will say calculus is sexist. What a bunch of clowns:
I’m waiting for the day that a “researcher” says that the “patriarchy” of calculus deliberately made it difficult and more women should work to make calculus studies “more equal.”

My God! This way of thinking makes my head hurt.
You can tell liberal women by how they look:
Isn’t it funny how you just know it’s a liberal woman by how she looks? What is it about liberal women? Although, Jill Stein’s sort of a babe.
You know what the Orlando shooting at the gay Latino club is really about? Obama oppressing white people like rarestia:
This is exactly why I am not grieving or saddened by what happened in Orlando. The writing is on the wall. The administration is handing out citizenship like candy from a Pez dispenser, and they’re bringing in people whose very ethos is based on submission and death. Homosexuals are “soft targets” to them, and they’re not going to stop.

Meanwhile, gays are flocking to Hillary like she’s the second coming while ignoring the fact that she’s taken millions of dollars from countries that support this bullshit. It really doesn’t take anymore than one or two logical connections to understand what’s going on.

I’m not sad, I’m irate about what happened in Orlando. As a Floridian and a Tampa native for 35+ years, it pisses me off that the administration is letting these people walk around without questioning while hard-working, tax-paying, church-going white men like me are being harassed for stupid shit. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!

Where are the balls among our elected politicians?
An opinion usually specific to the oldest Freepers: America was awesome until those Roosevelts screwed it up:
Roosevelt (both of them) dragged us into this mess. If we could turn back the tides, we’d be much better off.
His ideal time in American history? Not 1859, not 1950...
Prior to 1934, Americans took care of themselves and their families by being responsibly armed in public. That was a truly polite society.
Like so many Freepers, he's made some rather...optimistic predictions:
Wouldn’t worry about it. I have a feeling that Benghazi is going to destroy Clinton. There are efforts by several hacking groups to expose Clinton for the liar she is, and I believe they’re going to succeed.
When Romney won Michigan in the 2012 GOP primary:
This is... depressing. I am ashamed to call myself a Floridian. The drums of tyranny are growing louder.
After Obama wins in 2012, he's steely-eyed and ready for the coming revolution.
Listen, it’s understood that an Obama 2nd term is a death sentence for the republic. No one would dispute that.

However, bringing about his second term would mean an immediate uproar from those of us who do care, and it’d be only a matter of time before he does something that turns the country to revolution... armed revolution.

Obama’s “people” aren’t going to take a bullet for him, and when masses of the well-armed populace start sweeping the streets clean of the communists, it’s only a matter of time. I, for one, would stand for America.
Wait, now an appeals court case on concealed carry permits has him recising his prediction of violence to before summer 2017:
So many people on the right are ecstatic that Trump is walloping Hillary, but with this case, a vacant seat, and Obama playing ball on Hillary’s indictment, we’re going to see widespread violence in this country by this time next year.
Keep hope alive, you sad little man.

Totally ready for coming race war, but like badass resigned calm-type ready:
I don’t fear for my life. I fear for my country. My soul is prepared for what is coming, regardless of how it descends upon us. I’ve made my peace with the Lord and am prepared to defend myself, my wife, and my family against anyone or thing that would do us harm, even if that thing is a group of feral blacks.

It’s already happening around us[]. It may not be in your neighborhood, but it’s coming. The MSM isn’t reporting on the spate of black mob crime across this nation, but it’s happening. Innocent white people are already dying at the hands of feral black mobs. They’ll start reporting when those victims start fighting back. It will happen soon, I fear.
With grim resolve, calls for a Crusade:
I’m comfortable calling for a resurgence of the Crusades across America, Europe, and southeast Asia. I know a majority of Americans and most of our Indian friends would be on board.
Author had an abortion, says it was a good thing. False Flag!
I'm gonna call BS on this author. My bet is that she's using this as an unverifiable truth to further an agenda. I bet no one ever knocked her up nor did she ever get pregnant. If she can produce proof, I might listen, but she'll never get any of my sympathy. You don't want a baby? Keep your legs closed or join a convent!
If the Catholic Church doesn't act as an arm of the GOP, Pelosi will poop on the Pope
We need a Pope with the balls to start using excommunication again! VERY PUBLIC EXCOMMUNICATION!

There is absolutely ZERO excuse for Pelousy’s behavior. She’s done nothing more than stooped over the Pope’s pointy hat and took a frosty, Botox-laden deuce in it.
Lord, take me soon, says the 30-year-old
Lord, please take me quickly and do not prolong my suffering for the sins of my countrymen.