Thursday, October 31, 2013

Freepers and liberal family members

Via Anon.

ilovesarah2012's sister has threatened to block her on Facebook if she doesn't stop ranting about the gays and Obama. This has really hurt her, but she nevertheless unfriended her sister. She reaches out to other Freepers for solidarity. Yeah, it goes about as well as you'd expect - the thread is chock full of Freeper 'victims' bringing the drama.

Gaffer's kids totally wrote in Kucinich:
I don’t have that problem...everyone in my family has always worked and never on entitlements. That said, I told both of my children that if I even think they voted or would vote for an evil demon like Obama, I’d disown both of them.
Salgak has a new, better, conservative family now...
My family (long-time liberal Democrats) disowned me when I “came out” as a Conservative in college.

That was 30 years ago. I have my own family now, and we’re ALL conservatives. . .
Don't really know if it's because of politics or if divergent philosophies merely provide a pretext to air more deep-seated resentments, but my son seems to go out of his way to try proving me wrong.

His arguments generally are as absurd as they are intractable.
jboot has mixed up "compromise" with "not being a ranting asshole" and paid the price:
I've lost several friends over the last few years for sticking to my guns on the social issues, and I'm not talking about the Facebook kind. Friends I've laughed and cried with, sat vigils at hospitals with and shared the best days of my life with. But I will not compromise my principles and deny God for their peace of mind and comfort, and they have no right to expect me to do so.

So, yeah, it is tough out here right now.
Tijeras_Slim has clearly never met anyone on this thread:
Funny how the concept of “let’s not bring politics into this” only applies to conservatives.
lakecumberlandvet said all Democrats were evil, and somehow insulted her Democratic mother-in-law.
My mother-in-law is a dimocrat. She is a 0bama supporter. I have been anti-0bama, specifically, and anti-dimocrat, generally, from the get-go. We used to exchange emails on a regular basis. Her emails were entertaining and non-political. Mine were mostly efforts to educate her on the evils of dims and 0bama.

She only endured my “insults” for a short time and then she sent me an email informing me that she’s a dim, her father was a dim, and her grandfather was a dim and that she didn’t want to hear any further criticisms of the dims from me. I lost a lot of respect for her and as a result we don’t talk politics at family gatherings and I’ve not emailed her since although she occasionally sends me a non-political email. By the way, her daughter, my wife, is, like me, a conservative: not dim, not repub.
I sort of agree with liberalh8ter, but he's still hilarious:
My cousin and I no longer speak because he and his looney-tune wife went full Obama in 2008. His wife even went so far as to disrespect our beloved, elderly Aunt over it. If I were to see my cousin today, I'd kick him in the nut sack over his allowance of that.

Apologies to anyone that may have offended. I have a real problem with that kind of disrespect to an elderly family member.
Viennacon is totally that Drunk Uncle character from Saturday Night Live.
I had just such a confrontation two weeks ago over Islam. Some relatives called opposition to Islam in the wake of the London beheading, “fascist” and “racist”.
I pointed out neither of these terms could apply logically to opposition to Islam.
Backlash against Islam was then called a “hate crime”...
But the decapitation was just a few bad apples.

I know, most of my family are ignorant and beyond brainwashed.
They actually believed several Muslims has been stabbed as a result.
I wonder if they ever bothered To check that.

I try to avoid subjects such as this around my family.
Beowulf is one of many Freepers who get along with a liberal, but decide that must be the exception:
I've had two liberal women unfriend me on facebook because of my conservative postings, even though we never politically interacted.

I have one acquaintance from high school who is a liberal with whom I go back and forth pretty hard on political issues, but then we'll pleasantly discuss sports and fond memories of the hometown. To my experience he's the rare liberal with some tolerance.

Personally, I can't image me unfriending someone solely because of their views as has happened to me.
Reddy's relatives are either awful at arguing, or he has edited events somewhat...
Two lib relatives (in-laws) said that I was a racist because I stated that bho was elected through vote fraud.

I merely showed them that morning’s headlines from the local paper that read that people had been indicted for voting multiple times (later convicted). When I saw one of the lib relatives later, we never mentioned the incident.

The other lib relative went off on a rampage and sent us a message that questioned our faith and parenting. When we told that relative’s children (our grown nieces and nephews) about the message, the relative sent an apology message. We haven’t been in contact with that relative since then.
Reddy knows whatever you do, remain an out and proud lunatic!
The Facebook solution is to create a “political” group of your friends, and include only those friends in the group that you want to see your political posts.

No, no!! Don’t do that!! Put the truth out there for everyone to see, that’s how we educate the liv. But while you’re putting the truth out there, you have do to it in a way that is right, i.e., no sarcasm (hard for me), no name calling (that’s the libs m.o.); just tell it like it is backed up with facts. The libs cannot counter facts so they will start calling you names, at that point ignore them. They hate that even more!
rktman councils cryptic, passive-aggressive bullshit:
Since there is no reasoning with them or any way (save a miracle)you can use logic and common sense (two words!) to make them understand, sometimes the best bet is to sever ties with those supporters. Even if they are family. Friends, family, whatever. You have to cut them loose. Get some business cards made up to stick under the windshield wipers of cars you see that have the obie stickers on them saying, “Thanks for your support. Not really!”. Or something else to let them know they screwed us. Twice!
who knows what evil? is also too tough to care about family:
I do not allow leftists/Democrats to darken my door...ever. Don’t give a damn who they is too short to waste precious time with them. You aren’t going to change their mind, so kick them to the curb with last week’s garbage.
hal ogen's safely wrapped in a cocoon of rage and resentment:
Several of our relatives are nobama-bots. They have a hard time with facts and with reality. My hope is that they suffer greatly as their idiotic policies are experienced. Many have chosen to not saves me the frustration. Life is too short to waste time with these koolaid-drinking clones.
Uncle Lonny has a solution!
My six 4 legged “children” are extremely loyal. As long as I keep the fleas away and provide them with food and scratches, they are devoted to me. In some ways, they are far better than the 2 legged kind.

Freepers dip their toes in eugenic pseudoscience

Anon puts it as well as I could. Freepers turn to the Institute for Creation Science for a study that mankind has been getting dumber since Adam and Eve, due to increasing genetic defects.

It may be hogwash, but Freepers aren't to happy with the current era, and this is as good a hook to hang their complaints on as any!

Lazamataz's version of evolution continually improves a species over thousands of years!
The very thing that makes us less brutal — the compassionate society — also removes the Survival of the Fittest genetic-enhancement method. This means that until we once again become savage. violent creatures, we will deteriorate as a species.
No Truce With Kings sees the signs:
Is mankind getting dumber?

Let’s see. In 1984 the American people re-elected Ronald Reagan. In 2012 the American people re-elected Barack Obama.

I’d say that indicates a rather dramatic drop in intelligence in just over a quarter-century.
dfwgator is clearly one of the smart ones:
10 years ago we were fighting to oust a leader named “Hussein” now we have one in the White House.
So much for mutations! TexasFreeper2009 thinks it's IQ or something and brings in race:
look at the racial demographic change over the last 2 generations or so and you will find the real culprit. But no one is brave enough to state the truth.
OlLine Rebel sounds exactly like a the 1930s eugenicists:
Hate to say it, but all the amazing advances we’ve had to sustain and improve life in the last century has led to those inferiors surviving, and seeming normal, being attractive, and reproducing.

We don’t need to be brutal, though, to improve the breed.
Wurlitzer, though, is the champion of the thread:
Certainly in the USA, thanks directly to the woman killer/molester Ted, may he never rest in peace, Kennedy, we have been made dumber and lower class thanks to the deliberate immigration preference towards turd world types over the typical Europeans who wanted freedom and found it here.

There are some communities where you cannot watch Jeopardy because it is impossible to buy a vowel.

We are constantly importing more from the left side of the intelligence and cultural bell curve and only an idiot would expect this type of diversity to improve a nation.

One of my facilities in MN had to paint pictures of toilets with feet marked on them with the big red circle and single slash to tell these morons not to stand on the toilets.
"They have funny names and don't know about toilets! This means they are genetically dumb! And lower class!"

Wurlitzer also thinks Islam is probably genetic:
“It’s not about the race, it’s about the culture that race embraces.”

That’s what the liberals keep telling us to shut us up but if a race constantly embraces an inferior culture there MUST be something defective in the race.

The more inferior a culture the more ignorant a person must be to gravitate towards it.

The best example is the people who are attracted to the hate cult of Islam. Large segments of certain races seem to easily embrace what is total nonsense to any thinking person.
Wurlitzer takes things to it's logical conclusion:
Yes the human race has advanced if you look back enough years, but if we look at recent history there SEEMS to be a split and maybe we are branching into 2 or more sub-species and one of those is grossly inferior to the other/others.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who do Leftists Loathe?

Via Anonymous.

Not sure why, but I can't get enough of Freepers building liberal strawmen. The original poster notes
Ask anyone on the left which groups are hated by the right, and they'll be able to rattle off a dozen or so answers. Truth doesn't matter, perception does, and so they'll have that list ready - gays, immigrants, blacks, yada yada yada.
Freepers get to work. I swear, every post on this thread is gold. I hope you like projection!

ogen hal knows liberals' secret:
The lefties/LIBs/DIMs are self-loathing. They always project it onto others. It would be too painful for them to admit their self loathing. If they did, they would kill themselves.
Tammy8 agrees:
I agree, they are miserable creatures. I think part of their belief system stems from “If I can’t be happy I want everyone else to be miserable” at least those I have known.
qam1 throws in some race-traitor action:
Themselves (If they are White and/or Jewish)
Wyrd bið ful aræd thinks all liberals are on welfare, I guess?
Gumdrop is one of many to call out God:
Jesus Christ
Mary, His Mother!
Yes, the liberal hatred of Mary is well known...

Everything dhs12345 knows about liberals he learned from the ones that go on FOX:
Obamacare. Once everyone learns more about it and starts hating it the Democrats will pretend that they were against it all along. But the record of the past couple of weeks will prove them liars.

I saw the most wonderful interview on Megan Kelly tonight. The lefty guy was trying to convince everyone why it is a good thing that people are paying a lot more for their insurance or losing their insurance because of Obamacare.

It was hilarious and the guy was clearly uncomfortable when Kelly pressed him on his silly spin.
hoagy62 is pretty excited to discover environmental strawman technology:
I have the answer....


Face it, they hate PEOPLE! If all humans (except themselves, of course) would all just DIE, the world would be a happier place. Many of them believe mankind is a scourge upon the ‘Earth Mother Gaia’ and wish everyone except those who truly “care about the earth” would all just die so the Earth could be “whole” and “free” again.

To which I say “No...YOU go first.”
Fiji Hill lists a bunch of lunatics that the left must hate:
Sen. Joe McCarthy (R-Wis.)
Mothers who bottle-feed their babies
Parents raising more than one child
Richard Nixon
Antique car collectors
George Zimmerman
J. Edgar Hoover
Black conservatives
South African whites
The Koch brothers
Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Hot Rodders
Devout Jews
Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.)
Southern Baptists
Antique car collectors?

Perhaps sensing the previous list wasn't convincing, Fiji Hill follows with a list of normal things liberals totally hate:
What do leftists loathe?

Old Glory
Any Confederate flag--The Bonnie Blue Flag, the national flags, the battle flag, etc.
Six Days on the Road
Liberty University
Okie from Muskogee
"Song of the South"
Hot dogs
Welfare Cadillac
Coors beer
"Dirty Harry"
MarkL may need a bigger screen for his projection:
Anyone who disagree with them. Anyone who proves they’re wrong.
Sivad - unions are an exception:

Successful self-made people

Non-victim women

Those who make a living harvesting and/or processing natural resources except union members

zencycler has a revealing theory:

They pretend to like Reegan (since he was so popular), but they secretlty hate him since was so good at making conservatism look good and liberalism look bad

Naturallty, on the left, it's the complete reverse for GWB - they'll rant about how much they hate him, but they secretly love him for making voters forget about how good things were under Reagan.
ThunderSleeps is cultivating being an asshole no one likes:
Me. And yes I’m proud of it. If those un-American and anti-American socialists and fascists loathe me that just means I’m on the right path.
Psiman is still rocking the "dirty hippie" silliness, 70 years later:
They also loathe soap, shampoo, and deodorant. Just look at the sales figures for personal care products in France.
2001convSVT thinks liberals hate fun:
Who do Leftists Loathe?

Personal Freedom, they are crazy with loathing just thinking that somewhere, somebody is having a good time expressing their personal freedom.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Utility of Elephants

Via Anon - I have never seen a more stark illustration of Freeper hypocrisy.

Freepers' world is pretty small. Everything outside of it, from England to video games, is either bad or good entirely based upon how it fits into whatever story they are telling themselves at the time.

Thus, elephants. On the one hand, fuck 'em - God made them for us, after all. On the other, the folks killing them are savage Africans.

Alas Babylon! blames non-racists for Africa's collapse.
What a freaking hell-hole Zimbabwe has become.

I remember all the white guilt about it back in the 70s. AND the few white Rhodesians who said — You’ll be sorry! Ian Smith was the Pariah of the West.

And now look what’s happened! Nothing but horrible misery for the people and animal life of the entire country.

But the West can feel good about putting her into Doctor Mugambe’s hands.... After all, a black tyrant ruling blacks is something to be proud of, versus a white ruler over blacks.
hal ogen shows a deep understanding of Africa's economy:
I guess Africans just like to screw-up things. What’s new?
But IronJack thinks poaching isn't a problem!
Oh, fer pete’s sake! Trade in elephant ivory has been outlawed for how long now? Are we supposed to believe that roving hordes of ivory poachers are still decimating elephant populations?

Alarmist twaddle.
staytrue advocates elephant farming
Ok, so do you pursue the present course which means criminalizing the ivory trade which makes it a rarity, pushing up the price and demand for a rarity.

Or does on try a supply side solution which would involve “elephant farms” where you breed them like cattle, increasing the supply, driving down prices and eliminating the cache of having a rare item ?
But IMR 4350 wants to turn the tables and hunt the most dangerous game.
For the poachers, why go to the expense.

A .22lr to the ear will work just as good.

They may flop around a bit, but they’ll stop.
Atlas Sneezed thinks controlled hunting is the best thing for 'em.
This is PETA horse-hockey. Elephants are like fleas in many places.

The best thing for elephants is to controllably hunt them. This means that there are ample funds to stop poachers (the real threat), and that herds are culled appropriately.

Economic freedom and property rights in Africa would help greatly.
But Veto! - if you hunt them, you are no longer human.
My favorite creatures. The life of each one worth a thousand (allegedly) “human” poachers.

And don’t forget that the Chinese are the big users of ivory and are behind a huge percentage of poaching.
It's simple - Nervous Tick hates conservationists more than he loves elephants.
Sorry, I’m jaded about the whole endangered species thing.

Chalk it up to animal “rights” activists who cause untold misery among human beings — for whom the planet and its animals were created — over the supposed demise of minnows, spiders, salamanders, microbes, etc.

I pretty much don’t give a rat’s heinie what goes the way of the dinosaur any more. Except that I’d like to see every member of the animal “rights” lobby extinct.
Blood of Tyrants blames Obama for Africa, somehow.
Obama would rather have the desperately poor in Africa do this than industrialize the continent and lift them out of poverty.
brownsfan keeps his world Freeper-small.
the animal? They’ll be in zoos. It’s sad, but beyond my control. The animals I need... dogs for companionship, fish, chicken, pigs and cows for food, are all plentiful.

The coverage coverup

PBS did a Benghazi story. I'll spare you the usual "my sleuthing indicates Obama is soo evil." Instead, I found an interesting facet - Freepers have become so invested in the coverup, they insist the PBS story is part of the media's plan to hide the story:

Though I can't resist a little Benghazi crazy.
huldah1776 has the current Freeper theory:
They knew the attack was going to happen, and they already had the info on the video. This whole thing was planned.
dps.inspect too:
Nobody has gotten mad, I mean indignantly mad over this, and until someone does, it’ll keep getting swept under the rug... Obama, Hillary et all are flat out evil people, how long America can you tolerate evil people in powerful positions...
Eric in the Ozarks finds the PBS story insufficiently partisan:
Hillary and the State Department weren't mentioned.
WilliamofCarmichael explains the Alinsky? coverup:
Is this why 60mins did it.. the election is three years in the future. The same 60min will dismiss this as "Old News" three years from now.

I recall the "old news" (Alinsky?) tactic.. this from an Internet search

Gennifer Flowers was given her five minutes of fame, Clinton admitted to [it]... and thereafter any mention of Clinton's pathological sex life was "old news" and "partisan" . . . .

Don't forget 60MINS helped the Clintons with that one.
LyinLibs lays out a similar concept how the media helps Obama dodge the treason charge they deserve:
The Marxists & Saudis (or whoever pays McCain and Obama these days) are getting this ‘out of the way’ before election year 2014.

This way, it’s ‘old news’ during campaign season 2014 and 2016.

I don’t know what’s more sickening. That state media ignored Benghazi, or that they’re carefully slipping it in now, scheduled to minimize the impact of folks realizing Obama and Hitlery committed treason.
Nero Germanicus knows the American people only watch live TV:
being the liberal CBS, they chose to air the report on a night when BOTH NBC Sunday Night Football (the most watched program every week) AND The World Series on Fox would keep the viewing audience as small as possible.

The liberals know how to control the media.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pirates kidnap two U.S. sailors off Nigerian coast

Some Nigerians kidnapped an American. Freepers eagerly blame Obama and Islam.

353FMG seems to vastly overestimate drone abilities:
Would be so easy to drone these pirates before they even made any attempt to hijack a vessel.
No place to hid for them.
RetiredArmy concentrates on the important things:
Hope it does not lead to another Tom Hanks false hero movie called Cpt Phillips.
Gator113 knows what this is just like:
More bad news for the captain and chief engineer: Obama is busy with democrat fund raisers. Remember Benghazi.
Never on my watch is sure! Muslims!
It doesn't say they are Nigerian pirates, just that the sailors were kidnapped off of the Nigerian coast. Muslim or any other pirates do not observe borders. Muslim and pirate are pretty much synonymous now.

Obama was spying on Germany in 2002

Freepers are particularly unrealistic when it comes to revelations about spying on German chancellor Angel Merkel even before she was chancellor.

Now, Obama may not have been President at the time, but Freepers will not countenance any aspect of reality that does not prove Obama's purposeful incompetence. Luckily, they can gin up indignation and paranoia to substitute for any logical required.

Diogenesis, has he tends to do, takes the rage de jour and adds a little bonus crazy:
The Obama-media will not cover it, except to defend
their impostor Tyrant.

Then, Obama will get the Smithsonian
to change the “history” for HIM, just as he removes
the history of the Jewish and Armenian genocides.
bert explains how the world is gonna beat up Obama:
Obama is now persona non grata in Europe. Merkel follows the lead of the Saudi’s prior announcement that can be taken as the disgust and disdain of a strong ally. If we get a statement from say Japan or Korea, the trifecta will be complete. Everybody is free to beat up on the incompetent in the White House

This series of events is blurred by the Obamacare disaster but is more important. The world leadership has declared the American President to be unfit to perform on the world stage.
Were this true, it would be awful for America. But Freepers have some time ago decided an America that reelects Obama needs to die.

IbJensen has been posting this everywhere:
Don’t blame all Americans, Frau Merkel. Somehow, someway this Kenyan slipped under the radar and was voted in TWICE by mind-numbed robotic fools.

Declare war on America.....Germany will win this one easily.
A joke? The logical conclusion of Freepers' nihilistic dumbness?

pallis - if only Europe were as crazy as Freepers, they would have expected Obama's evil time-traveling machinations!
If they ever trusted Obama, they are foolish. If they thought that the US having this petulant brat in the White House would curb high tech exploitation from our intelligence services, they haven’t paid attention to the whole antichrist thing, or caught the drift of Orwell.
originalbuckeye is sure this is all lies put out by the Obama administration, by means of a German press release:
I would take this with a grain of salt. Merkel was not Chancellor in 2002. Maybe the Bush Admin was spying on her anyway, but I simply no longer believe a word that comes out of the Obama Admin. Especially when he’s blaming others for EVERYTHING.
okie01 - this is bad, so it couldn't have been Bush, it must have been all Obama.
I can't buy that Bush ordered Merkel's personal phone tapped. Would he have wanted intelligence about the German government's direction and policies? Hell, yes. But that can be done without tapping the leader's personal phone.

On the other hand, I believe every one of these taps was ordered by Obama. And they were not ordered in the interest of national security. Instead, I believe the driving forces behind the order were a.) his curiosity, b.) the possibility of gaining a political edge for himself and c.) "I won...and I can do it."

Monday Potpourri

Navy Patriot cannot stand negroes in sports:
I don't watch Black Entitlement Television.

Nor do I watch the NFL.

The Negro Felon Lawyers NFL.
I'm sure BET mourns his loss.

FreedomStar3028 has a cunning plan:
Why doesn’t the house just say, “okay guys, let’s get rid of Obamacare and go to single-payer”, after Obamacare is gone, vote no on single - payer and kill this exercise in freebies once and for all.
omega4179 - no one cheers for Obama - only for Ted Cruz!
Obama never got an 8 minute ovation, even his sycophants know he is a complete farce of a human being.
hummingbird really hopes Obama acknowledges Freepers some:
Barry sounded REALLY Stressed Out.

I dodnt see the press conference party...but the voice I heard over the radio sounded like hes in the advanced stages of LOSING HIS COOL!!

Is it okay to say.....GREAT!

Maybe he'll blow some kind of gasket and be deemed really, really, really unfit for office.

We already know he is just needs to be certified.

So, we get Biden. I would be hopeful that the Republican Party could roll him. Hopeful, not sure, just hopeful.
SamuraiScot - women have one responsibility, and jury duty can't be done in the kitchen!!
The goal of requiring female jury duty—and combat duty—is to break open the family to the claws of the state. It's to make the household a temporary grouping, instead of an autonomous unit that governs itself, and to make every person, including small children, individually subject to state authority. This statist religion requires that no decision be too private to be subject to the review and intervention of the state. And that the state be subject to no one.
cuban leaf feels Obama's evil Reich is coming to an end:
the crash of Obamacare is just beginning. This is going to be a VERY interestin six months. Kinda like the first six months of this year were - only more so.

I feel a little like an anti-Hitler German in Berlin in early 1945. I relish at my fearless leader’s collapse, but then I see the Russian troops coming and, well, I guess you have to see the silver lining and long term.
Wanderer99 sets out liberalism's heart:
Liberalism is Malthusian trans-humanism. They hate innocent life almost as much as they love themselves. Humanists make sculptures and take pictures of glorified humans. Humanism is fully compatible with respect for the sacredness of life. Meanwhile, every Leftist dream of piles of skulls and bodies of freshly killed children. They are a breed of evil which only started to reform on Earth in the 20th century. We will not survive these vermin.
Wanderer99 likes science. Guess what that means scientists are?
All the scientists I know are conservatives. That’s probably because their dreams consist of hard work and improving civilization. The idiot leftist professors are on the other side of campus. They teach their students to dream small and leech off of their neighbors like vampires.
ConradofMontferrat has a plan for massive voter fraud:
PPSSSSTTTT! Forget the top, forget the middle, forget everything.


Remove and REPLACE those NICE OLD PEOPLE who stand at the front of the poll handing you literature on election day.

Remove and Replace the election judges. The poll watchers. The majority or minority poll workers. The COMMITTEE people.

THEY are the problem. Take them out, replace them with conservatives. It will take time, (had you started 4 years ago, you could have sewn up 2014) but it WILL filter up.

Those NICE OLD PEOPLE are the ones who elect municipal leaders, area leaders, and state committee people.

Sheesh, how many times does it need to be said.
MayflowerMadam strikes back using Benghazi and "What difference dos it make?"
I have her famous quote (with her name, and the date she said it) printed on shipping-sized Avery labels and stick it on the back of mail I send. I stick some of them on large Post-It notes and they find their way to various locations in grocery stores, etc.
Toucan Dance thinks even anti-Hillary hecklers are a conspiracy by Hillary:
I’m betting the heckler was a plant: “Let’s get the potential problem out of the way. Have somebody there to heckle me — somebody really unattractive and unpleasant — and I will come back with a tough, direct response, a select group of our friends in the audience will applaud my comment loudly, getting to their feet, encouraging others to join in. Guards then haul the plant away. It shows I can handle confrontations. It might avert any further efforts by hecklers to interfere with my message.” For any of you who don’t think Hillary would arrange for such a thing to happen ... think again.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Spotlight: Hacksaw


A computer repair guy who lives by his own rules, mostly by being an asshole and berating other for not being an asshole. Perpetually annoyed at the Jews. Also laments the Catholic persecution on Free Republic.
Says racist crap, but there's something false about it - like it's more to show everyone he's a rebel like them than because he actually hates blacks.

But it is the quote at the end of this post that made me pick him this week. I am a sucker for blatant irony.

Golden Dawn. Violent Greek Neo-Nazis or Just standing up for themselves?
They are Greeks who want Greece to remain Greece. I support them, and also signed a petition for them. Hope you aren’t a member of any org that chaps the hide of an internationalist. BTW, everything isn’t about the Jews.
Black people suck:
A black nation? Like all those in Africa? Yes, they are models on how modern countries should be run

C'mon now, lopping the head off of your neighbor or banging on a hollow log for award winning music is DIVERSE

We need more of that here. Who needs physics, literature, and mathematics?
Look guys, I'm a rebel - I post racist stuff about a black murderer on Free Republic!
Too bad this buck won't fry in the chair or get the needle.
It deeply offended many Jews.

What doesn't?
Hates Harry Reid, or loves him?:
This high pitched fart should go back to his corrupt land deals. Eat my dick, Harry.
I also have to say that the 4-Season “Enterprise" was the only spinoff that approached the original and surpassed it at times.
Obama is bad at everything except talking:
Obama couldn’t wipe his ass without one of his handlers showing him how. He is an empty suit who knows how to be charismatic.
But calling him eloquent means you want to fuck him:
President Obama -- under fire from Republicans and losing favor with his own party -- got a gushing review from House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who raved the embattled commander-in-chief was a "brilliant" and "eloquent" strategist.

Sounds like Botox Barbie has Jungle Fever.
The quote that made the Spotlight:
Do the right thing, treat others with respect, and we will all be fine in the long run.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Freepers Wage Class War on the Producers

Freepers respond to a poll that rich people like Obama by throwing out all their Randian principles about job creators, and championing the noble working class:

Attention Surplus Disorder explains exactly who Obama is hurting:
If we were to divide the population into quintiles in terms in incomes, the lowest level is on welfare and already living as if expecting a gov handout to supplement those they already get. The fifth above them and the fifth above them are barely, barely making it. And they are being skinned.
MrB explains that the rich get bored and support Communism to screw with the little people
The uber wealthy have a desire to control others, since their lives aren’t much of a struggle, they have to have something to do...

And the poor, in general, love socialism because it gives them more than they’d have on the effort they’re willing to put forth.
FlingWingFlyer knows all rich people now have been enriched by Obama bribes.
Um. This is the new commie lib “wealthy”. The money was stolen by Barry from people who earned it and given to his commie pals who are now the new “wealthy”.
skeeter knows commies don't hate the rich:
Its the wealthy & poor against the middle class.

Commies hate the middle class - too stable.
skeeter follows up with a made-up fact:
There has never been a revolution in any country where there has been a strong middle class.

Obama is trying to destabilize the middle class.
rdcbn explains how rich people are all Bolshevist:
It's been a while since the days of the Soviet Union so people here oblivious to the formation of an American version of the old Soviet Nomenklatura class that perpetuated and enforced the system and enjoyed the perks of inhabiting the top of the s**t pile at the expense of the rest of the people

Vigilante Justice Forever

A father shot and killed a drunk driver who had just hit and killed his two young sons. There is not question in my mind that there are some serious mitigating circumstances there. Freepers, of course, take things too far.

Jim Noble thinks America needs a lot more homicides.
A house near mine has this sign up on a tree:

Speed Limit 30
If you hurt one of my children speeding
You won't need a lawyer

We need more of this - much more.

Wish I could be on the jury.
AppyPappy injects some race:
A Latino driving drunk and killing someone? No way.
bgill indicts the entire justice system:
I’m betting this wasn’t the first time this guy drove drunk. Wonder how many times a lib judge has done nothing but slap his wrists on previous DUIs. Those judges have blood on their hands and should be made to step down.
muawiyah knows the only satisfactory outcomes involve revenge and torture:
Dorner murdered a man's child and called him up and taunted him. Mr. Kwan would certainly be justified in flensing Dorner and serving him up as a treat for his pitbulls ~ something like that.

There's no law that provides a satisfactory outcome to Mr. Kwan. Same thing here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boehner Can't Control His Caucus

That's what Obama said during the shutdown. Freepers react with even less substance than usual:

Senator_Blutarski thinks discussions of the collapse of GOP party leadership is a cheap shot:
Obama is not a serious President. Cheap shots directed at your opponents don’t bring compromise.
don-o agrees - Obama is being childish, pointing out Boehner's weakness:
Yes. For the first time in his privileged, protected and promoted political life, Obama is facing real and determined opposition. He has no experience or frame of reference to deal with it.

So, he lashes out and flails away.

Like a child.
Know how I know MuttTheHoople has nothing?
So THAT’S what Valerie Jarrett told her Sock-puppet to say?
mosesdapoet notes that Obama can't control all black people:
Here’s a guy (Obama) who’s complaining about managing events who isn’t responsible for anything that goes on during his administration and can’t even control his “sons”.
Psalm 73 has decided party leadership is fascist:
And that is Obozo's philosophy: People are things to control.
He has the helm of the the most powerful nation in history with 300 million people, and all he can think of is: "I want to control them, all of them."

Obama to GOP: 'Win an election' to change policies

Freepers are kinda done with winning any more elections - the House is all they need!

cherry - elections no longer mean you have public support:
barry steals elections, plus he has the idiot vote....
Monorprise is pretty careful about which elections are the important ones...
We did win an election to change policy, we won the house in 2010 and 2012 in a campaign against Obamacare.
rightwingintelligentsia sees no middle ground between 'the opposition can set policy' and no checks and balances:
So, in Barry-logic, whoever wins the last Presidential election should have total, uncontested rule?

What’s the purpose of having Congress in session, then?
Slyfox explains Obama is one of those elected tyrants:
His policies are tyrannical.

Which means he is a tyrant.

And the only way to overturn a tyrant is to rebel against him.

Well, at least that is what history shows how you treat a tyrant.
ScottinVA makes this a bit gay...
Bathhouse Barry attempts to rub his “victory” in our faces.

What goes around comes around...
Obadiah - Obama is being mean, and America sucks now.
That’s the thing with this guy. He is completely devoid of graciousness, and this demonstrates that he is a man a very small character. Every time Obama speaks, like a spoiled child, he always makes sure to denounce or deride others. He is constantly trying to belittle others. “I won.” “Win some elections.” “Nanny, nanny, boo, boo.”

A president sets the tone for an entire nation. And since Obama has been in office America has become a very ugly place.
G Larry does not know what astroturf is, so he assumes a revolution is coming:
It wasn’t an accident that dozens of people coined the term “Tea Party” within the same several weeks time.

It has a meaning and a purpose.
Jim Robinson joins in the "We won the BESTEST, most POWERFUL part of government, because we are AMERICA!" fiesta:
Uh, last time I looked WE THE PEOPLE did win the election. We control the House. And (notwithstanding certain spineless wimps) the House controls the purse strings. Obama can blow it out his arse. His remaining days as wannabe dictator are extremely limited.
griswold3 laments that cities can vote for senate, but takes solace in the sincerity of gerrymandering:
Maybe the folks in the rural areas couldn’t outvote the moochers and looters in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, but we have the representatives closest to the pulse of the will of the people.

The Mob rules only with the consent of the minority. They do NOT have that consent. Deal with that!
Sarah Barracuda is sure Dems cheat every time, so Freepers win the moreal victory:
Obama know what we all know..the Dems have rigged elections so badly they cant lose and they know it..whenever a Republican looks like they might have a chance to win here comes the dead voters and the stuffed ballots to screw us over
manc complains about the cheating and the media, otherwise it'd be Reagans forever!
he knows full well that these elections are rigged, dead people , illegals, voting more than once, votes appearing out of no where, Dem counties never reporting in swing states until they know the number they need, and he certainly knows he can get away with it due to a media which covers for him at every issue.
2008 media covered for him
2012 media did all they could for him , even going so far in a debate to lie for him about Benghazi and a terrorist act.
2014 will be the same because many R Gov;s are either naïve or cowardly and the media will be there again for this tyrant.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can Conservatives Have Liberal Friends, Or Even Partners?

Another hit from Anonymous:

A lot of Freepers say they have liberal friends just fine. But among everyone else, there is this undercurrent of desperate competition to be the most hateful. Like something's out of control and if they calm down for a moment, it will all come crashing down...

It seems Wanderer99 told someone to go fuck themselves on facebook. The reaction is proof of liberalism!
”Seriously, Don, you’re a megalomaniac. And I don’ t care to hear your flatulence rising from the right wing fever swamps. To quote you from yesterday, why don’t you go f*** yourself. I’m blocking you.”

There are two types who talk this way: deadbeats and leftists

They are all less than human and should be treated like the scum they are.
Wanderer99 is aware he's a bit Naziish:
Women grow up liberal in liberal households. Same with men. Women do not have a Marxist instinct.

I'd rather believe that they grow up liberal because they are less than human and come from inferior genetic stock. Despite how Naziish that may sound, it is emotionally easier for me to outright dehumanize a leftist than to believe that its parents gave birth to an innocent child and successfully destroyed its soul.

I don't want to believe that evil is so amazingly victorious.
wardaddy lays out what at True Believer does:
marrying one?

Not if you are genuine....its like marrying outside yer faith

True believer wouldn’t dream of it

Spend the weekend together and remember you are responsible where you lay really want to deal with all that with a shrew progressive fembot?

Conservative and libertarian chicks are hotter and more feminine

Take it from one who has lived it all
LegendHasIt was totally going to ensure his friends weren't effected by the shutdown, so what's the big deal?
I lost my best old “Army Buddy” a week ago:

He is at the top of the GS pay scale without being a political appointee, and has been furloughed. He is worried about paying his mortgage, utilities and food.

He wanted to know my opinion about the ‘shutdown’. I told him that it should have been done a long time ago.

He wanted to know my opinion of increasing the debt ceiling. I told him that it was too high already.

He isn’t talking to me anymore, despite the fact that I offered to send him enough money to see him through, and even a place at ‘the gulch’ if worse comes to worse.

I guess eating at the taxpayer trough is more important to many; even for pretty intelligent people, than 40 year old friendships and a ‘safe harbor’ when SHTF.
No one is more harsh on libs than Jagdgewehr is!
Having friends with severe mental illnesses is a drag. Being married to a woman with the same type of mental illness is just a recipe for misery. Just my opinion based upon ample experience.
lavaroise has a problem with the definition of friend including liberal:
A liberal as a friend.? This is a language to betray us. If I want the company of a head in sand liberal for entertainment I will dial the escort service and get more trust there. A liberal is a prostitute acting like they are not.
In reversal, ObozoMustGo2012 has decided people he hates must be liberal:
My ex and her famiy are big liberals. (I met them before i became an informed voter)

She is DEFINATELY a user. A fat lazy pig who would sit on her fat ass on my couch as I cooked dinner and cleaned after. Hence why were not together.

Never again!!
pgkdan is becoming more of an asshole as he ages:
Twenty years ago I would have said yes. It’s possible for liberals and conservatives to be friends...even spouses. But no more. The liberal agenda is so pervasive, intrusive and over powering that I don’t see how any red blooded patriot could consort in any way with liberals. I have a liberal brother and sister in law with whom I have virtually no contact because I view them as gleeful, willing parties to the destruction of this country. I’ve cut ties with them and told them they’re no longer welocome in my home. And I mean it.
Ezekiel may not have read this thread...
It’s impossible to keep the peace and remain cordial with people who equate relationships with battlegrounds.
Why do things that happen to assholes keep happening toforgotten man? Must be liberals!
I cannot think of any liberals that I could be friends with. Most of the liberals that I have met have a mean streak in them. When I ask them a question about economics and they cannot answer the question, they call me an a**hole. I have liberal relatives and co-workers, but I am stuck with them.
Son-Joshua - all liberals are hostile to him, when he's just making friendly conversation!
No, it’s not possible. Such a definitive statement might be questioned by some. However, I live in No. California and know people who are liberal.

As much as I try to have a friendly conversation their reactions are often hostel. Couple that w/the fact that I’m an admitted Christian and the insults fly out of their mouths. This has become especially noticeable since Barry Obama took office.
Jewbacca has a cool story:
I was at a social event recently.

Two people randomly confronted me with liberal BS about Ted Cruz. I was really nice, laughing about him, and even belittling him a bit as a grandstander just to be nice.

They would accept nothing less than complete hatred of Cruz and huffed off.

Liberals hate conservatives. It’s part of their make up.
Hardraade - your liberal kids will kill you!
A Conservative can have children turned liberal. They will sometimes try murder.

Liberals are not even in our species group.
Wanderer99 bookends us by noting that you shouldn't fall for liberal charm!
Only a fool would ever be friends with a liberal. Only a complete idiot would go into a partnership with one.

They might try to charm you but they are all a blood-sucking disease. Leftists are pure evil and should never be trusted with anything too important.

Never a coincidence

Free Republic was born of Clinton conspiracies. But I think Freepers' rejection of coincidence is both more universal and more mundane - it's just another example of letting righteous hatred seek more of itself.

Here, Freepers see the Truth behind the woman ranting about Freemasons at the debt ceiling deal vote, and the pregnant diabetic woman fainting during an Obama speech.

FlingWingFlyer blames Obama for all lunatics these days:
I think this is a result of Barry and his RATs driving everyone in the country over the edge. Look at that now deceased black woman who died because she thought the Kenyan was stalking her.
jobim has totally found inconsistancy you guys! Guys, this is important!
1)the video has obviously been dubbed
2)the man she was talking to was obviously in on whatever happened, as he does not look to the podium when she starts hollering
3)the man obviously is immediately sending a text

I have no idea what to think - but for Fox to manipulate this is alarming, but perhaps not surprising in the face of a tyrannical government
I fear astratt7 has taken a jest seriously:
Maybe she was hypnotized previously and then activated by the guy’s suggestion when he spoke with her?

That is exactly what I was thinking. This seems to be happening more an more. Are they using mind control to accomplish their agenda? I would not put it past them!
Paine in the Neck recalls a previous fainting incident. PROOF!
No Obama event is complete without fake fainting.
Can't believe I never did a spotlight on penelopesire:
For real? Again? What is the deal? I wonder..did Hitler or Mao ever stage fainting girls at speeches?
Kanzan has seen fainting at other Democratic speeches!
The fake fainter was a stock performance in Sebelius’ campaigns. It’s so lame and laughable and it depends on the drones to keep buying it.
Patriot Babe has been scrutinizing the video:
Exactly did anyone notice around 23:47 someone placed their hand on her shoulder as if it was a signal to start. br/>
Also I notice BamBam turned around just before she was about to faint. He must have eyes in the back of his head.
There is no way these actions occurred because she was swaying before she fainted!

bgill has figured it all out:
The girl is communicating to the girl next to her and zero 'got the signal' (watch his eyes .. )

Yes, he does get the signal. Notice no one is too excited, even the guy beside her. How convenient she's standing exactly behind him and not two people over out of his reach. The poor pregnant diabetic woman would have fallen if the other minority woman and our minority usurper hadn't caught her because the creepy azzed cracker dude leaned back out of the way so our hero could come to the rescue.
MeshugeMikey - not only is Obama fake, he's bad at faking things!
another key moment....

The Great Leader,,,NEVER a very good actor,, lookin at a spot where the actress playing the concerned citizen has already left......

his timing really sucks doesnt it,!!
Only Freepers see the signs.

AllAmericanGirl44 noticed the woman was totally ugly:
How low will they sink to brainwash their followers even more? It’s so unsettling to witness this.

On a side note, I do know when I was carrying my babies, I at least washed my freakin hair. She looks like a greasy pig. Just my opinion.
lee martell would also lie to mix insults into his conspiracy:
So this slim young lady (who could wear anything and look good) stands next to the President, wearing a dress that looks to have been randomly scissored, then pinned together by her Grammy. She’s got Dippety-Do hair and a far away look in her eye. And we’re supposed to be awed by Obama ‘saving’ a damsel in distress? I don’t know. Sounds too much like a trick Booker would pull using his T-Bone fake friend. I could be wrong, but it seems so very contrived.
max americana - this is as fake as the Newtown massacre!
You mean the same crisis actor from the faked Newtown massacre, along with the fake “parent” who was laughing before going on camera about his “dead” daughter?
Also, Obama only has like two actors he uses for all his fake events!

MaskedMan found the control patch!
Note the "RF Control Patch" on the back of her left arm. Clearly the "signals" were sent and she fainted as planned, all while his teleprompter was flashing "PREGNANT WOMAN BEHIND YOU FAINTING, TURN TO YOUR RIGHT AND RESCUE HER".
montag813 knows Stalin was all about this:
This entire event was classic Soviet-style propaganda. Stalin used to appear with staged Ukrainian farmers to 'celebrate' the forced collectivisation that killed millions of them.
Ezekiel thinks Freeper comments are paralleling Revelations, and is an ass about it:
Not only was this woman dizzy (supposedly from fainting), she really does look like she's "seeing stars" i.e. she's a complete Obamabot space cadet:

From post 43:


So her "caring husband" allows his wife (who looks large enough to be dropping the babe at any moment) to STAND in a close bunch of warm bodies for a long, tedious speech in the hot sun when she suffers from diabetes....and all this in the exciting, heady, almost orgasmic atmosphere of being in the Messiah's personal nearness.

Reminds me of:

Revelation 12:1-4

1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. 3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

donmeaker - how fake is the President? All fake!
It is potempkin villages all the way down.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Potpouri

Friendofgeorge has noticed the Senate Chaplain is black, so he has a question...
So I see that Barry Black is a 7th day Adventist , says he believes in the Bible so his politics are deeply held

How could you believe in the Bible and vote Democrat

Yes I know he was appointed by GW Bush, but that does not mean he could still not be a Democrat.

Surely he knows that his latest remarks of past days have been embraced by the left as attacks on Republicans, and he has said nothing to change that view

He attended rally for Trayvon Martin

So it`s unclear if he voted for Obama, I tried to find out through google

Came across long interview with C Span Brian Lamb, but he never asked him right out.

His answer about believing in God, so of course I have deep felt political views, that would suggest that he was atleast trying to give impression that he was conservative?

I want to know if he voted for Obama
cuban leaf is not an American, and is super happy about it!
I am not an American. I am a Christian. Countries come and go. This one, like the British empire, has about run its course.

Without government interference, I can be pretty much self sufficient on my 32 acres now, half of which is wooded. It can be a full compound for my entire family if need be.

I’m invoking the Serenity Prayer, as I actually have since my epiphany about our two parties in the Bush years. Interestingly, I’m experiencing the most enjoyable time of my life right now.

And I have health care at least as good as the prophets and the Apostles. What’s to complain about? ;-)
knarf explains Free Republic:
I'm pretty close to losing any passion at all for the salvation of America.

I had more passion and hope for Bob Dole than I did with Mit Romney ... THAT'S how bad I am.

I can't drink or do recreational drugs anymore.

So I'll sit here and be pissed off and spout whatever comes to my brain.
manc, projecting:
Does the left never have a time when they’re not upset over something?
NVDave has the best plan yet:
Take over the GOP from the inside. Crucify and destroy anyone who gets in the way. The establishment candidates should be subject to vicious, personal attacks from within the GOP until the establishment is scared of their own party.
Finny wonders if Obama is assassinating authors:
Vince Tom Clancy...

and Breitbart etc, etc.

not necessarily a conspiracy theorist but.....

Don’t forget Michal Crichton. His book “State of Fear” was RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Having re-read it, I am seriously thinking that the man was assassinated.
tet68 knows Obama will be killed by liberals:
turning him into a martyr for the cause

The day he becomes a detriment to the party

he WILL be martyred, communists are like that.
The constant liberal martyrdoms explain why no liberals ever die of old age!

Tilted Irish Kilt is pro-biological warfare:
Let the Hajj begin ,..
and let the worldwide distribution of MERSA virus begin
and here we stand with NIH on furlough.
Maybe it's time to put on the influenza masks , bretheran ..
Texas resident thinks a recent EBT error adds up to Obama's plan:
You bet this was a dry run. EBT cards went blank in only 17 states on a nation wide program?

Someone posted a map of the states where the obamabots got shut off. The states were California, Midwest swing states and the deep south. Texas and Oklahoma were thrown in to poke a finger in their eyes. barak has a special hatred for TX and OK.

IMO the next ebt glitch will be nation wide. Maybe the weekend before Thanksgiving.
nathanbedford is sure everyone else can't help thinking about race all the time, just like him!
Nathan Bedford's first Maxim of American politics: all politics in America is not local but ultimately racial.
Hardraade seems extra crazy lately:
I would like to know what parking/traffic tickets Obama found he had to pay when running for office, and if they tied him to Boston on or about 9.11.2001.
Hardraade explains why he's so pissed:
Just losing patience. These creatures think they have done their transformation, not just of the US but of the world. And every marxist/leninist, stalinist and muslinazi are crawling from under their rocks.

Time for steamrolling, ideally.
Ahh, so you're a Freeper. I get it.

Olog-hai - Communism was all a hoax to get people to accept socialism????
Technically there is no communism; it’s a false bait to try to get people to fall for totalitarian socialism, which was supposed to be the middle step between capitalism and communism.
maddog55 on how he would react were Obama assassinated:
We should be so lucky. I’ve already said I’d throw a Keg Party for my friends.
Gargantua is totally a genius, guyz!
I was TEA Party back when "TEA Party" meant "...shoot all Gummint Revenuers on sight."

Mensa says my I.Q. is "160-plus," and I'd be willing to bet that fewer than one "professor" out of every thousand even approaches that uniquely rarefied atmosphere.

How many professors do you know who were ever provable geniuses?

I thought so.

Guenevere Ted Cruz is God's work!
He does hear the prayers of the saints...

..and did He not send us a Ted Cruz to give us hope!

Don't stop praying.
Sacajaweau - winning elections through demographics means nothing!
Dear Barry.....You won because of demographics...nothing more...

you're a piece of cr**...just like your followers...You're the perfect Chicago Mascot.

Friday, October 18, 2013

What's next?

Awesome, Anon!

Freepers contemplate what Obama will do now. This is complicated by the fact that they think anything Democrats do is just like Hitler.

When everything is equally bad, there is really nothing to rein in your speculation.

Gaffer expects infinite inflation, and illegal alien voting:
Now that Obama has effective control of the debt limit, he and his ilk will MAKE it work. QE to the tune of $85Billion per month will be nothing like what he’ll do to pump up Obamacare and keep his new constituents voting (if we even have them any more after 2014).
Alas, Loud Mime does not go into detail:
The control of food is next.
seeker41 agrees, though:
Control of food
Control of water
Control of electricty
Land grabs
Raiding 401ks
Dollar collapses
Cashless society

You figure out the rest...none of it boades well for US..
Texas resident knows Freepers are going to get their land expropriated:
I’m predicting they will start by confiscating just the oil and gas mineral interest of land owners, then progress to all mineral interest below the surface.

After confiscating the mineral interest of what lies below the surface they will confiscate the surface wealth of landowners beginning with timber then progress to all other natural resources.

The confiscation will depend on the owner. Libs/muslims/illegals/Acorn types/Unions/loyal media and like minded people will be left alone.

That’s why they are collecting personal data on all Americans to determine who is a friend and who is an enemy.

baraq spoke of redistribution of the wealth.
Buckeye McFrog predicts your house will get bulldozed:
Housing. Those of you who fled to McMansions in the outer suburbs, prepare for your comeuppance. Forced relocation to an environmentally approved urban flat, followed by the bulldozing of your former home into “green space”, eternally protected by the U.N.
kenmcg knows it'll be mandated housesharing!
The gov’t weil start moving the homeless into homes owned by senior social security recipients.
abclily - we're already into slavery time:
Obamacare IS slavery. That was B-HO’s goal: enslave whitey. But I think he bit off more than he can chew.
hal ogen thinks it will actually be straight-up reverse slavery!
I’m waiting to have a couple feral families assigned to my house. Then, every morning we can be awakened by slaps and cold water in our face before spending the day pleasing them as they abuse us. Sound far fetched? As Dr Zhivago said in the movie of same name: “It is only fair...”
Lake Living:
Sharia Law is next after amnesty. Count on it.
TexasRepublic keeps it sunny!
What comes next?

Declining living standards, religious persecution, hunger, despair, revolt, then death.
Hardraade seriously has no idea what reality is.
What’s next??

Very simple.


And Now This Word From Outer Space

(Wow, kidglov3s)

The Shutdown just needed more pettiness edition:
the GOP should take the following line in talking to Obama.

"Look, Barry, we have the votes to stop you cold, and we have decided to use those votes.

"We control government funduing and we are going to exercise that control.

"We are talking about a complete shutdown where not so much as a dime will be available for you to even heat the White House, so get ready to stay at the local Holiday Inn on your own dime for the duration. Also, tell Michelle she can send her 100+ assistants home to, and weed her own garden.

"The only thing we will fund during that time is the US military you hate so much.

"When you are ready to talk about seriously creating a that is balanced, one that really reduces the debt...and we are talking about a true reduction in the actual amount we owe, not just a reduction in the percentage of your spending increases...and a budget that puts an end to ObamCare. When you are ready to seriously talk to us about those things...get back with us.

"Oh, BTW, Barry. One other thing we will fund is the following. The House of Reprentatives will meet each day with the express purpose of impeaching your sorry backside each day for the next 60 working days. Impeach you each day on a different charge. 60 impeachments, Barry. When you get ready to talk to us, then the first thing the Senate will have to take up is those 60 impeachments. Think about that while you are waiting, and watching.

"So, we have the votes, and we are firm. Give us a call when you are ready to talk. Bye now."

That's the discussion a real Speaker of the House should be having with Obama.
Complete ignorance of how bad things look copypasta'd many times, by Jeff Head

Friday Spotlight: Shutdown Revue Special

SADMILLIE will have to wait, alas.

I caught a post by butterdezillion on the Shutdown, and wondered what some others I've spotlighted have been doing. So I decided to survey their reactions to the shutdown.

This was a lot harder than I thought, though - a few no longer had accounts, some hadn't posted in months or years, and a surprising number had just posted about other stuff, and not even paid attention to all the drama on Wed. night.

But, here are some of our favorite Freepers Freepin' it up about the shutdown's shutdown:

Conspiratorial butterdezillion kinda reins it in, relatively, and concentrates on more mainstream BS grievance pushing:
We found out from Benghazi what Obama would do when he got the “3am phone call”.

Well, if the dramatic effect of the immediate funding crisis is over now, it may be a good time to say exactly what we learned: that when the chips are down, Obama will decide that vets, cancer research and treatment, national parks and monuments, Catholic services for military personnel, bereaved military families being able to see the casket come home, paying the nation’s debts, Amber Alert, food stamps, etc are all less important than having his own chef to feed him arugula.

He said outright that he didn’t care how long the shut-down lasted. He alone had the discretion to decide which services are “essential”. The only reason to pass the CR’s was to make sure that Obama couldn’t call any of those things non-essential. Because Congress didn’t stop Obama from calling all the above “non-essential”, Obama went ahead and did it. He threw ALL that stuff under the bus.
Tiny hate-ball sport looks forward to the Commies killing all the Democrats now that they've won:
If, as history demonstrates, the past dictates the future, the Democrats that made possible for the Socialists to take over the Country will be given a free one way trip to hell once the Socialists consolidate their power. It happened in Russia. It happened in Germany. And in all probability it happened in Communist China and Cuba. it won't be a matter of "if" , just "when". Like Monday following Sunday. See if they are as happy when that happens an they are now.

In closing, when I registered to vote, I registered as a Democrat. We parted company over abortion, gun control, the homosexual agenda, and when I realized that the Democrat Party was an arm for International socialism. I will just keep what principles I have left after voting for John Mc Cain and Mitt Romney.
Name caller rcrngroup is keeping his powder dry waiting for Civil War II and/or Jesus:
Same for me. Actually I am convinced that the only thing that will stop our socialist-nazi government is for a Great Bloody Battle CW II to break out, and to live or try to survive with the consequences. I believe it is entirely possible that the USSA of Amerika will break up into 3-4 regional countries.

Whatever happens, it doesn't look good for conservative, patriotic, Christian Americans. After seeing the Park Svc Rangers eagerly putting up barricades & threatening anyone to cross over, and seeing dozens of thug jack booted police/Secret Svc/Park Police standing by and eagerly ready to beat the shit out of 85-96 yr old WW II veterans in wheel chairs & walkers, I have no confidence that our military or LEO will stand against the 0dumb0 gubmint. The socialist-nazi, liberal demoRATs will LOVE to mow down & massacre any Christians or conservatives or patriots. Massacring their opposition is what really gets these socialist-nazi thugs off (like 0dumb0!

We may have lots of gun owners but most of us are law abiding citizens and don't really relish individually taking on heavily armed & armored SWAT teams from multiple govt agencies. We are screwed, but maybe the Rapture will take place soon and then all hell brake loose on earth (which it will for the next 7 years).
"Obama = Poop and butts" guy Da Coyote is also keeping his powder dry, waiting for crash. And then, the executions!
Power dry, folks.

We’re full stall, spin to follow shortly.

There will be a crash.

Remember to keep track of ALL liberal politicians.

After our recovery, we’ll want some justice.

Very quick justice.
Giant hater of all non-Freepers hal ogen is making up new meanings like Humpty Dumpty, and citing Alice in Wonderland!
Ironic that our country was invaded by our country. Alice In Wonderland has nothing on today’s reality.
Angry Christian LibLieSlayer is hunting RINOS...
Super-racist IbJensen is yelling about taxes and not black people, for once!
It’s so difficult for those of us who have lived long lives to understand how Americans can elect garbage that is openly ruining our nation, our lives and our savings.

Those who occupy the halls of Congress are, with only a few exceptions, openly complicit in the ruination of our once wealthy and productive nation. These politicians are, by and large, utterly devoid of patriotism or backbone. They are, rather, self-serving weasels who gleefully suck up the contents of the trough.

Startups like Facebook, Twitter, et al, do not begin to make up for the gigantic transfer of our manufacturing base due chiefly to the egregious taxation policies. These policies have shoved our nation down the list of free nations.

Not being able to understand this rapid transformation of America, I am of the belief that America is ruled by soulless agnostics, or more likely Godless zombies.
And of course, hyperbolic sloganeer Diogenesis prays for terrorists to take over.
The little piggies screw
the US Constitution AND the American public, but fear not:
al Qaeda will be armed.
Narcoterrorists will be armed.
The border will be left open.
Congress will get kickbacks every way possible,
and not be under the “laws” they pass.

Americans have NEVER hated their corrupt tyrannical government as much as now.