Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Bumper crop this week. Hard to pick the best, but here are my top 10:

10. There is a beautiful circularity to myknowledge's post:

Muzzies can break promises, because when you ask a promise to a Muzzie, there is no guarantee that he / she would abide by it.

9. True Republican Patriot continues to post in his inimitable, caps-laden hyperbolic style:

Bush was terrified to PARDON a TOTALLY INNOCENT AMERICAN PATRIOT FOUND ALLEGEDLY GUILTY ON A TOTALLY TRUMPED UP, FALSE, and ILLEGAL CHARGE that was totally a political hack job against Scooter Libby and this scumbag, Richardson skates FREE with his Mob of Thugs just like the BLACK PANTHER’S VOTER ASSAULTS IN FILTHYDELPHIA!.. MY GOD! ALAS!
OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM turned into a Banana Republic’s i seven short months.............

Remember, kids, always capitalize Mob of Thugs.

8. Morgana sees all, she knows all. That's how she knows:

Ted did not get away with murder....I know he was haunted by her ghost...that is why he drank so much all his life.

Morgana's reality sounds pretty exciting.

7. indylindy has some real rage about the President's eating habits:

Michelle hands out tainted lettuce from her toxic garden as she tells the little folks they have to all eat healthy.

Meanwhile, in the last couple of weeks, she, her kids, and that Dumbozo POTUS, stuff their gullets once again with with hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes.

This makes me sick. Gawd, I hope we aren’t treated to ‘chelle in a swimsuit.


6. WVKayaker seems to think Obamah as supernatural powers, or something:
Hmmmm. Obama in Hawaii. Grandma dead.

Obama in Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy dies.

Grandma helped him get elected, so maybe Teddy can get him the final blow to our grandkids. It's getting closer...

Is "it" the men in the white suits?

5. Constitutional Patriot has a broad brush:

All the Democrats are traitors...which is why (since the glory days of Jane Fonda) the left has been working to take the teeth out of the anti-sedition laws, etc. They are openly traitors to the USA and they label their treasonous acts as “patriotism” — Orwellian to say the least. They are fortunate to have a painfully dumbed-down electorate thanks to generations of public education, which allows these maggots to do what they are doing.

4. RummyChick's analysis of the President's lips is pretty crazy:
One characteristic which cannot be attributed to his black Kenyan “father” or his white American “mother” is the color of his lips. BHO carries a trait unique to those born in southeast Asia, certain parts of the Middle East and northern Africa and is only visible in color photos and videos. Obama’s lips have a purple hue common to those born in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and in some Arab countries. It is a feature not found in black Africans, nor in African-Americans, yet BHO has it (Recall that the “Obama” name is also of Indonesian origin).
3. Renkluaf naked totalitarianism propells him into 3rd place:
After we retake the White House, Senate & House, we revoke their license to broadcast. F'um!
2. BlueLancer's fantasy of some 1984-like present:


Swear allegiance to the flag, whatever flag they offer;
Never hint at what you really feel.
Teach the children quietly for, someday, sons and daughters
Will rise up and fight while we stood still.

Der Elite Møøsënspåånkængrüppen ØberKømmändø (EMØØK)
Drumroll please....the winnah is:

1. andy58-in-nh with his whopper:

Patriots do not require teleprompters.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Pix

OMG! Ted Kennedy was in a secret love tryst with Eugene Levey in Moscow!

Read North Korean news, and then tell me ABC is an arm of the state.

Obama looks so badass here.

The number of ways this makes no sense boggles the mind.

Aw, Hell no!

Yeah, Obama as Thomas Jefferson is really a dis!

Someone loves 300 too much.

That is a cute blue dog.

Friday, August 28, 2009

ACORN is after me regarding the census

Freepers have decided that with Obama in power, al government action is Evil. This includes the census:

DogBarkTree is a big man:
Im chomping at the bit to get in this fight and my very large mean dog wants to be turned loose out the back door when an ACORN activist at my front door.
bgill knows the truw agenda. They're going to rob you!
what time to we go to work

It's helpful to know when no one is home. They stole the election and now they're down to citizen's homes.

Do a good deed today. Send the remaining 26 pages to Cuba as toilet paper.
July4 calls out the ACLU. Also, the census is a rape:

If the ACLU doesn’t protest this blatant domestic spying in the form of a census questionnaire, the ACLU will have lost the last shred of credibility.

I’m waiting for my Senators and Representatives to finish their rounds of golf, or whatever they do in Washington, and notice that we’re about to be raped.


AFPhys is all about the civil disobedience:

Do NOT fill it in.

Challenge them to fine you!

We need them to do that... and EVERYONE should refuse.

You will have plenty of lawyer assistance.

RJS1950 is pretty sure Hitler had a census
they are the forerunners of BO’s Brownshirts.

seriously it is up to us individually to do what we can to stop obama.

One hapless census taker at a time!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Children

Obama's going to address children across America on the first day of school. His speech is purportedly going to be about how education is important, your life is your own blah blah blah. You know, the crap grown-ups love to tell you right up through your graduation from Grad school at 30.

But, it's Obama. Where others see platitudes, Freepers see - well, they see nothing. They are blinded by hate:

Benjamin Harrison starts the thread out with some interesting assumptions.
I am a school teacher---school shall remain nameless---I am a little put off that I am going to have to drag my students to be propagandized to about good citizenship by this man. I feel bad...I should welcome the chance for students to hear their president---but all he does is campaign and distort---I'm sure it is just another way to suck our kids in...I wanted to warn all of you in those states listed on the email
RushIsMyTeddyBear assumes a conspiracy, and then laments it:

Thanks for the ‘heads up’. First the census, today, NOW THIS? I’m about to the point of where you need to check me with a fork to see if I’m ‘done’.

NOT THE CENSUS! (more on that tomorrow)

matginzac sees volumes in a speech to children:

This is “Dear Leader” speaking to the young masses, giving them guidance and assurance that he, THE ONE, knows what’s best for them and will take care of them...ALL HAIL OBAMA!

Time to secede......

pollywog has her priorities straight:

hmmmmmmm I will be checking in with OUR school. IF THIS IS GOING TO grandson will and daughter WILL be OUT OF SCHOOL on that day!


I’m afraid I’ll have to remind my kids to chill. If they get it started there might be a chorus of boo’s and catcalls and then we get to talk to Ms. Assistant Princiapl, a big-city transplant who doesn’t “get” the culture out here.

I guess the culture out there is blind hate of whomever their parents tell them to hate. There's a word for that...

Speaking of bigotry, nmh lets something slip:

Thank God it’s on the 8th.

Our school doesn’t open till the 9th.

It’s a private school ... but that doesn’t mean we are immune to this CRAP. I kept my daughter home when this “missing link” was sworn in. They made the kids watch this and it’s supposed to be a “Christian” school. One more year ... and we’re OUT OF THERE! It will be a good cut off point ... .

Not Christian enough for nmh, I guess!

Canada Free Press is like Free Republic in print.

I've not heard of this publication before. It's so amazing I'm going to depart from my usual Free Republic focus, and post this excerpt I found on Free Republic:
America has a darkness, a darkness on the edge of our liberties and that darkness now operates out of Washington DC, the White House specifically. President B. Hussein Obama has the darkness of the czars wrapped around him as if they were the shrouds of war, the war upon America.
Link here.

Bonus mugshot of author as well!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama's real agenda

Victor David Hanson is very popular on Free Republic. He has magnanimously titled his piece "Obama's Real Agenda." This allows every Freeper to encapsulate their own personal Obama narrative.

Travis McGee kicks it cold war style:

Obama is the most successful communist traitor mole in history, bar none. Kim Philby couldn’t tie his shoes.

But if being stuck in the 1980s seem out of touch, glide625 goes to the 1960s:

The obvious, indeed stated agenda equals Reparations. It’s Reparations by any other name.

leilani moderns up the reparations:
His allegiance is to the offshore third worlder view that America is the root of all evil. The reparations he seeks are for those abroad who want revenge for a nation which stands as a slap in the face to their inadequacies & the wealth he wants to spread around is to them. He wants to annhialate America's economic preeminence as revenge for them, as does his patron George Soros
Reparations for the new millennium, yet still sounding as full of White Fear! Amazing!

mo has another narrative ripped from the 60's:
“ is is the war of the Democrats against the Baby Boom...who have paid into and now are poised to reap the “benefits” of Social Security and is the war of those who created these fraudulent programs ...which have fleeced 45 years of taxes from the Baby Boom..and never intended to grant them the “benefits” they were conned into allowing to be withheld from their paychecks. It is a personal war...because by hastening them to their graves...they intend to fleece their descendants of their estates.”
Not sure why he put that in quotes.

PGalt goes back to the 80's:
He is their poster child. The neo-statist. Hope and change becomes rope and chains.
This is a quality narrative. When there is no actual oppression, Freepers get to claim it was only due to their hard work:

I'm just sad there are no Muslim reffs.

Speaking ill of the dead:

Freepers talk a big game about class, but let a liberal dia and they are all about speaking ill of the dead:

Mary Jo I hope you are pulling the refuse button in heaven and sending his sorry ass to Hell!

Fuckbaggery supplied by crazydad (=============) (though there are many, many more)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Freepers react to martial arts instructors saying not to beat the crap out of bullies. The results are illuminating:

Lets Be Frank is all about an eye for an eye:

I agree with the mom..kick the snot out of him. How many years of bullying is one supposed to take? (Since bullies seem to grow up to be SEIU/Acorn types lets teach them lessons earlier in life.)

MetaThought is probably glad he qualified his statement:
Why are martial arts instructors such wusses, atleast verbally ?
Future Snake Eater is such a badass:

One of my Squad Leaders taught his wife’s son from a previous marriage how to hit since he was being bullied at school. My Squad Leader told him to go to school the next day and beat up the bully. Not only walk up and hit him, but hit him until he was too exhausted to hit anymore.

The kid did, he got expelled, but I’ll bet that bully thinks twice before screwing with other kids.

Ruy Dias de Bivar has an odd example:

Martial arts instructors are condemning a Winnipeg mother’s decision to enrol her bullied son in kick-boxing classes and give him permission to retaliate against his tormentors.

And what is wrong with that? Even Hiram Maxim, the inventor of the Maxim machine gun, would frequent bars just to beat up the local bar bullies.

Well, if it's good enough for Mr. Maxim, it's good enough for Freepers!

AU72 knows who to blame for bullying:
Bullied for years?

Sounds like she's raising 2 boys without a father around. If he was he would have had his son deal with it after the first time.

And now this word from outer space

Death Panels edition:


Source is a Government (ie Obama) office...

Baby boomers are overwhelmingly against Healthcare ‘reform’..

Demonize (buncha damn’ druggies) the opposition??

And, serendipitously, laying the groundwork for grist for the ‘Death Panels’??

Something stinks, here, and it ain’t what the old folks are smoking....

Paranoia about random study supplied by Uncle Ike (Rope is cheap, and there are lots of trees...)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday potpourri.

bustinchops has suddenly discovered Republicans' blaming of Vietnam on hippies also works nowadays:

Ostammer is losing the war in Afghanistan just as he’s doing nothing to help Iraqi forces re-affirm their slipping grip and just as the Pakistan tinderbox approaches explosion.

Ostammer won’t do squat about any of this because he doesn’t want money spent on the military. He wants that money spent on his “redistribution of wealth” (reparations) scheme.

diamond6 doesn't care much for the truth of Tom Ridge's accusations of politically manipulated terror alerts:

I thought Ridge and Bush were close friends? If he really said this he is nothing more than a traitor.

It's traitorous, no matter if it is true or not! A true friend and patriot allows the country to crumble, so long as his' loyal!

makes an interesting comparison to the Obama's vacation:

Louis XIV wasn’t as extravagant.


Alas, context shows Kansas58 is serious when he says:
The Nazi Brown shirts were gay.
No proof, of course.

is sure things would be different re: the Lockerbie bomber if Reagan were in charge:

If Reagan were president or maybe even GWB we would have sent f-16 planes to divert that flight to Guantanamo.

Freepers' fantasy presidents are all about international incidents to avenge 200 Americans! This works because in their heads we would totally nuke Scotland if they got all pissy about it as well.

America: Superpower cauyse everyone else is ashes!

exit82 knows what "I want to extend best wishes to Muslims in America and around the world. Ramadan Kareem" really means:

Using the Ovaltine secret message decoder ring:

“I am Muslim, just like you, except I cannot reveal it yet. Be patient.”

When he mentioned his Christian faith, I went wee-wee.

Not sure what the deal is with that last line...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday Pix

Obama-Joker-Grim Reaper! Sweet, crazy Jesus!

Deathcare! Get it?

Jeff Head seems to have a lot of time on his hands.

It's funny cause all Dems totally ahve gay mansex with eachother! Cause the men are are all gay. And the women are manly.

Just keep truckin, rifle Jesus!


Fat Ass MaBelle Michelle!!!

I never got why MaBelle was an insult. I think it's a very sweet Beatles song.

Michelle Obama wears shorts. Freepers, always all about womens' appearance, go into a tizzy.

patriot08 is reliving high school!

For God’s sake, Ms Hussein, cover up those tree trunk bow legs! You’re a disgrace.
You and the usuper desecrate the White House by your very presence there.

TexasFreeper2009 seems to have a weak stomach:
She would fit right in inside any walmart or housing project in America.

Makes me proud to have such a lady representing us in the white house... *barf*

She surely is one of the greats... Lady Dianna... Princess Grace... and now Bag Lady! *barf*
Same guy a bit later:

Hillary always looked like a clown... but at least she looked like a well dressed clown.

SharpRightTurn has a valid question:

Wow, not a good look. Why is this being inflicted on the American people?

squarebarb has pulled some analysis out of his ass!

The bama ladies are dedicated to that fashion called anti-fashion.

It’s the trendy anti-glamor look. It’s been going on a while.

Whatever is fashionable, has a finished look, is put-together, polished, co-ordinated, etc., do just the opposite.

Clunky big shoes, dull colors combined with really loud splashed colors, anything that looks dumpy dull and lumpy, combined with garish colors, that’s the anti-fashion fashion.

As I say, it’s been going on for a while. In certain quarters. Progressives love the look.

MissDairyGoodnessVT isn't projecting at all:
Machete Machelle could give a hoot about making a nice impression as First Lady.

She isn’t known for her graciousness or kindness because she’s been silenced by her husbands people due to her big mouth and even bigger ego;especially thinking being FL as “job” and wanting a salary.

She doesn’t care about being gracious,dressing with taste or style or even trying to act with decorum (lets her emotions show on her face all the time—— can’t smile to smile)Setting a table with mis-matched WH china for an important WH dinner is her idea of a statement and that statement is: I’m here, I’m in your face, I’m going to do what I want , when I want and I don’t give a rats a$$ what you or anyone else thinks.
Right Wing Assault isn't satisfied with the racism just simmering below the surface,and dredges it right up:

Daddy, who dug that big hole?

Well, honey, I don’t think anyone dug it. I think Allah...

Momma jumps in:

Honey, the white man made the black slaves do that so they could take a vacation to look at it. That’s what Revrun Wright told me.

Nazis again!

Freepers double down on the Nazi health care business:

MIchaelTArchangel, on Pelosi saying no health care bill is preferable to one without a public option:

That’s wonderful news, Nancy girl (which was Hitler’s favorite way of referring to queers). Then you and 0bummer will fail.

Bit of a stretch.

mikelets456 prefers to avoid any logical connection to reality whatosoever:

Co-op are exactly what Hitler and Mousillini companies and citizens the false sense of “Capitalism” when in reality the government is pulling all the strings!

No bill is a great bill!

I didn't hear much about Hitler's health care reforms, but I guess mickelets456 is the expert...

CSM says.

Hey Stretch,

Keep your laws off my BODY!

I think the irony is intentional, but I'm not sure it cuts the way it he thinks.

Frantzie manages to mix racism with Nazi reffs, no mean feat:

Was the SA gay and union thugs? Hitler eventually had the SS kill them off after they outlived their usefulness.

Maybe this is what the Black Panthers with MS-13 will do to ACORN and SEIU.

The mileage Freepers get out of those two attention whores from Ohio is amazing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"any legislative means necessary”

Reid says he's super-committed to passing health care.

Freepers, flushed with Palin's victory over the death panels, seem disorganized. I see this as a good sign:

The Wizard is super reasoned:
Isn't it cute how he thinks he has power, cause of the caps lock?

reefdiver goes with the populism:
If this was so great, that REGULAR AMERICANS would embrace it regardless of what they thought of it right now, the Socialist would be proud to do it themselves. By the way REGULAR AMERICANS would like to see that birth certificate if the socialist have the time
Cause REGULAR AMERICANS means Freepers. All the countless rest of y'all are freaks!

Reagan69 is beating an old drum, and I'm not sure how it fits with the current tune:

ObamaCare IS Amnesty.

Some hidden page will now be taken to give all illegals citizenship?

MindBender26 isn't not calling for violence, but is totally looking forwards to it:

Please no one misunderstand me. I am not calling for violence, but if they try this, there would be armed insurection in the streets.

dodger knows his revisionist history:

Reconciliation (a/k/a 'the nuclear option') is hideously unprecedented for any such purpose.

What's with MSM reporters, anyway? No self-respect nor respect for the truth. None at all.
1. 'the nuclear option' was about judges and filibusters.
2. unprecedented, since the Bush tax cuts, that is...
3. how DARE the MSM not post stuff from your own special reality?!

madison10 is not a crazy person, just thinks like one:

What 2010 Election? IMO, tin-foil in place, they will stop free elections using some sort of fake-’flu-induced martial law. It is what’s up the Marxist’s sleeve.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's zer0bama’s Quagmire now!!!

Big bombing in Iraq. Freepers attempt to turn on a dime, fail:

MestaMachine has a mantra:
All bow to Zero, the undoing of Iraq. All for nothing. Nothing.
Pray for our Troops.
Senator John Blutarski has a kickass plan:

..... I believe that the solution to this problem lies in Teheran.

DooDahhhh is all cynical like at the begining of some Vietnam movie:
these animals do not deserve our help.
MestaMachine again:
I do NOT understand why the military, seeing, knowing, what a reckless idiot omama is, don’t step up to the plate for the guys taking the flak. I know the commanders in Iraq have complained bitterly to no avail, but McChrystal in Afghanistan seems determined to put the safety of our troops far, far behind “sensitivity” towards the b@st@rds that are bent on murdering us. He should be court martialled for his malfeasance.
He's pissed about something Obama's doing/not doing, but I'm not sure what. Doubt he does either.

tcrlaf works the double-standard angle:

To the American Left and the Media, this was only something to be concerned about while REPUBLICANS were in charge.

Now that DEMOCRATS are in charge, this is just a trfling matter they will somehow forget to cover in the same way they did under BUSH.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see this.

"I'm so sure we're persecuted, all I need to do is imagine how persecuted I would be in a hypothetical situation to feel persecuted!" Nice self-fulfilling cycle you got there.

And now this word from outer space

Nazis? We never said Nazis! edition:

My lib detector started going off the instant I saw and listened to [the lady who Barney Frank reamed out for calling Obamacare a Nazi program].

I would really love if someone was able to find out more about her.

Cause Freepers would never do that.

Super Cognitive dissonance provided by just about every poster on the whole damn thread.

Just remember, if you get served, Freepers will disavow you as a liberal,

And now this word from outer space

Deliverance fantasy edition:

Maybe you need the services of the Sheriff of Boone County to pull over his motorcade when it crosses county line...

“But, but... Don’t you know who I AM??? I’m the President of the United States!”

“Shore yew is, son. Shore yew is. Lemme see some Eye-Dee... Hmmm. Driver’s license looks faked. Passport? Why that’s faked, too. Birth Certificate? Well, well, well! What have we got here? ‘Driving without valid faked EYE-DEE’ — now THAT has gotta be ee-legal! Y’all gonna have to be guests of the County for a wee spell. Step out of the ve-hick-le, ten fingers on the bumper. Yer unnerarrest. Nice car, steal it?”

I’m sure the Sheriff would get to the bottom of things quick-smart:

“Listen Mister whatsyername? Immanual? Ah don’t care if he thinks he’s the King of Siam. He’s in my county lock-up, and there he stays until someone produces some valid Eye-DEE.”

Reveling in the South's ignorance provided by DieHard the Hunter

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Potpuri

Apologies on skipping a day, the weekend hedonism kicked my ass.

April Lexington has found a conspiracy in the IQ test!
I've long suspected that those standardized IQ tests were skewed toward manipulable idiots rather than truly smart people. Ever notice how dumb most of the eggheads are when it comes to common sense tasks? I think this has all been a hoax. They let the most manipulable into Harvard. Not the smartest. Because, the smartest would quickly see through the liberal B.S....
Yes, the IQ test tests for lack of common sense somehow!

Texas Fossil
has found an even bigger conspiracy, though!

Another interesting observation, when I made a statement he felt not complimentary of Obozo, it simply vanished from Twitter. No trace. Magicked away.

Some Lefties have figured a way to remove posts or replies selectively from the system. And it is an organized propaganda effort. Many participants that are coordinated.

GreenHornet knows Obama is lying, even when telling the truth:
There will, of course, be a planted "disrupter" who will ask Obama a "difficult" question that he will handle with ease, being both polite to the "disrupter" and making him look bad at the same time. The MSM will then show this clip over and over again as evidence that those who oppose Obamacare don't know what they're talking about.
So unless Obama is ripped limb-from-limb at his next town meeting, it's all FAKE! Ya gotta hand it to Freepers, they find ways to make their little world consistent:

I may post random CAPS posts a BIT MUCH, but they just seem so much CRAZIER than NORMAL ONES!
Sarah Barracuda on Our Palin:
I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!! OH MY GOD..every time she issues a statement its even better then the first. Good God, this woman is SIMPLY AMAZING!!! She brought up the Complete Lives System, she brought up Obama saying he is for single payer option, she brought up EVERYTHING!! Absolutely BRILLIANT!! She even tore down those RIDICULOUS BS stories about her “Healthcare Decisions Day.” trying to say that she was for death panels too. She has ripped everyone a new ass. I LOVE IT. She probably saw Whacko Zeke on TV tonight and decided to write this. Absolutely BRILLIANT. You all wanna know why the GOP hates this woman so much, because they wish they were the ones that came up with this, they can’t stand the fact that this woman, who they consider “stupid” is sitting at home right now, punking Obama day after day after day. They wish Romney or Huckabee came up with this, nope, it was Sarah Palin. She is a genius! I just went to watch Law and Order, I come back online and I see THIS..BRAVO SARAH..BRAVO!!
Jemian enjoys lightly assuming murder without evidence:

It is my belief, in my heart-of-hearts, that Obama more than likely, gave his grandmother an overdose of pain meds and that is why Toots was cremated so quickly. Yes, I believe that Obama murdered his grandmother.

dalereed likes life nasty, brutish and short:
It is bull crap!

Eliminate all government from medical care including paying for care for the poor!

Health care isn't a right, it's a privilege to be paid for by the recipient!
bareford101 ups the murder count:

I think he was born in kenya. I think there were witnesses, 3 of whom have been murdered. I think that it was not planned that he be born in kenya but his mother could not get out of there (where his father/family) lived in time to get to Hawaii to give birth.

that’s what I think. call me what you will....

And that doesn't even count those three gay guys!

Totally. Why band together in these namby-pamby civilizations at all? Real men are independent of everything!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturday Pix

Okay, this was pretty funny.

Erm, I could b wrong, but it looks like they're saving the kid in that pictue.

What, no Bin-Laden on Mount Villain?

The next in the series of photoshopping Obama onto random pop culture villains. Can Skelitor be far behind?

Wow, just slap some Obama icons on some pic you took at the Berlin Wall museum, and presto! It's almost like you're clever!

What's with the super-tired musket-wielding bystanders?

Watch out! Obama's gonna EAT your grandma!

Palin ends the Death Panels!

Republicans ended the bill's paying of end of life counseling. Happy not, Freepers? No, more like embolden:

taxtruth doesn't quite understand the difference between politics and reality:

Gee,O said it didn’t exist to began with,What a lying sack of sh!t.

Syncro has already moved on to the next lie:
One of Obama's advisors believes that a fetus has an age of 33 months, so as to check the "quality of life" of a kid up to the age of two and if it doesn't fit the right guidelines it could be "aborted". That's right, at 2 years old!
Ah, yes, Ezekiel J. Emanuel who, as a prof. of medical ethics, deals with a lot of hypothetical that make for horrible quotes when taken out of context. So he's the new meme? You heard it here first, folks!

Palladin is excited about the coming violence. Just like he is every day.

How long will it take before we see the first “End-of-Life Counselor” shot dead on a front porch in Texas?

euram knows the town halls did nothing. It was all that Juggernaut no one but Freepers notice, Sarah Palin!

This is a big personal victory for Palin. If it wasn’t for her expert handling of this issue, it would have remainded as is. Now Palin has to move in for the kill, and eliminate the whole worthless thing. Blast the cost, the insuring of illegals, the whole nine years.

floriduh voter is all about the talking points. The crazy Ann Coulter ones:
Okay. Abortion and euthanasia are pretty much the only enterprises that Barack Obama supports and they support him. It isn't about compassion or saving costs. It's about the agenda of George Soros and NARAL.

Abortion and euthanasia want your tax dollars. THEY NEED NEW BUSINESS.
Yes, the nonexustant US euthenasia business is totally in bead with Obama.

can turn on a dime!

Does this mean the dying will still dye unaided by any medicines
that could make their last days more humane,
but they just won’t get any sympathy or instructions?

Yeah! Stupid health care has no death panels! WTF?

4woodenboats knows what comes next: Aye-leagals!

47 million will be the 1st wave. The second wave will be when the Mexican government starts taking down what little fence there is so they can shift an ever increasing percentage of their healthcare costs onto us.

Democrat congressmen will bullhorns will once again unabashedly stand up to the millions of illegals and remind them that it is they who made the benefits possible, and it is the Obama Administration Demoncrats who are blocking their deportation.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We needed two Cheneys!

Dick Cheney is gonna write a "tell all" book about his time as Veep. Personally, I figure this will be as "tell all" as all the other books by politicians - i.e. not much.

But it does give Freepers a chance to get their love on towards someone who isn't Sarah Palin:

starts the crazy on a slow roll:
Hear, hear. It is becoming more apparent that Bush DID distance himself from Cheney during the second term because Bush became more "squishy" and liberal.

IMO, Bush's strength, which we saw in his first term, came from Cheney and, today, I have far more respect for Cheney than I do Bush 43. Cheney's book should be an interesting read.
what's up knows Cheney would never bash Bush:
Truth is...Cheney will never help Oshama by smashing Bush. It would hurt our soldiers, the WOT, and help the liberals and, as a conservative, that would be anathema to Cheney.
WoofDog123 knows we will be punished for our lack of faith in Cheney:

I read the entire article. It has long been my belief that Cheney is the single most competent elected executive office elected official to serve in my adult lifetime. The nuke proliferation issues he tries to work with are, as far as I can tell, simply being ignored now by the current government, and probably will be until a city turns into a radiated wasteland, at which point it will be too late.

Cheney wanted nuclear non-proliferation through superior firepower, as I recall. Not to mention how the Bush Admin bolloxed up North Korea:

True Republican Patriot
knows caps is the way not to seem crazy:

If only We would be Granted PRESIDENT RICHARD CHENEY thru hardwork and GOD’S BLESSINGS in 2012! That will be a wonderful Blessing and Gift from GOD to AMERICA, OUR AMERICA!! and not that deranged one as designed by the Unrepentant Terrorist Pentagon Bomber and his Puppet, the TOTUS! and their Hench Thugs in ACORN, SEIU, and the likes!

Hostage is the oddest, though:

We needed two Cheneys in the White House, the one we had for international security, and another for domestic security which we did not have.

A second Cheney would have mercilessly brought down the democrat slush fund known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, would have jailed the robber barons of Wall St., would have prosecuted under RICO and outlawed ACORN and its spinoffs, would have pushed hard for federal election voting integrity and security, would have elevated the Census Bureau to be its own independent body, would have chased millions of illegals back across the border as Eisenhower did and would have completed construction of the southern border fence in a few years, and on and on.

They forgot how he would totally have outlawed abortion!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vaccines even?

Vaccinations for the flu. To some, a precaution. To others, evil. Cause, you see, it's under the Obama regime, where nothing good can never happen. Ever.

alice_in_bubbaland is happy about some preliminary injunction in some case challenging a "forced vaccine" policy. You know, like the one everyone needs to get into public school. But I guess this vaccine is somehow different:
Thank goodness! This regime in DC scares me to death!
kaizen drops the science. The anecdotal science. That he read about somewhere:

I read about a study where they injected one group of rats with one chemical and another group with a second chemical and all of them lived. They then injected a third group with the first chemical and a while later the same group with the 2nd chemical and 100% of them died.

It would be too easy for this to happen with vaccines in the hands of someone unethical, and if they didnt do as good of a job as with the rats they and only some people died, they could have deniability and blame it on the flu.

Vaccines are not necessare or helpful in most cases. I don’t trust our government or Big Pharma. To both of them money is more important that your life.

BellStar is positive God is against vaccination programs:
Free will and free choice. Even God gave that right to me!
RummyChick breaks out a different sort of religious objection:

This forced vaccine on everyone could be the mark of the beast.

A poster here said his wife has a theory about the antichrist. Satan doesnt know when the time is right so he keeps bringing along people that will be ready.

I think Obama could be such a person.

This is genius. Thus we can have Carter and Hitler AND Obama all be the antichrist! Not to mention how many of us are ALREADY VACCINATED! OMG!

Also, "no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark." Does that work at all with vaccines? THough why am I arguing with crazy people?

sergeantdave has an idea where this is s going: Obama is gonna nuke the US

I’ve always suspected that obuma the fascist would attack Americans using [Nuclear, Biological and Chemical] warfare.

He will never raise an army as big as and as well equipped as the American military, because American leftists are, quite simply, cowards.

I also suspect that the DIA is watching obuma’s NBC plots and movements.

This ruling is an interesting development. There’s more going on behind the scenes than we’ll ever know.

The DIA is with the Freepers! Good thing we still have the Secret Service. And the Google.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1984 part II: 2009

Tell us a story, rlmore, and make it craaazy:
Here is what will happen first:

"...I'm sorry sir...we cannot schedule that appointment for you in November 2010 to have that melanoma removed because you have not undergone your mandatory annual counseling after age 65...oh, of course you are right. I know you are only 62, but they did move the age down again this year...we have an opening in three months with the counselors office...would you like that?"

This is fully expected, but It will not be the people you will be FORCED to talk to in order to receive your care, nor the intentional delays in care that will be the most insidiously evil facets of this. It will be the conversations like this one below that will become commonplace that ONLY BEGIN to illustrate what it is all about:

"...Hi Jan, how are you? I heard your father is resisting counseling. It must be difficult, I know. There just seems to be so much of that lately. I know I am only 40 years old, but I don't understand why people like your father are so opposed to this.

I went with my mother to her counseling session, and while she was angry because she was supposed to have another five years before she had to go but they moved the age down again, she went anyway. I thought she was really rude to the counseling agent, who was just a young woman only doing her job. Hm.

Someone told me they are only hiring young women as counselors now, because the men who were doing it just got angry too easily and shouted at people to just "sign the damned papers". Hm. I tried to tell my mom why they have to do this, but she said they do it just to get rid of old people to save money.

The counseling agent gave my mom a copy of the book "Death is Joy". I read it, and it makes a lot of sense to me. Of course, when I was going to school, we didn't have to read it, but now they have required classes they take every year beginning in first grade.

Suzie is in third grade and is taking the course this year that deals with the chapter on keeping birth rates down, and Tommy is in his senior year where they cover the financial aspects of care for the elderly. He was so excited, he said that since they have implemented this national care program, the number of elderly people has dropped dramatically, so they can spend more money on programs such as monthly equality checks for the economically disadvantaged and reparations for the descendants of slaves. I think it is wonderful.

He asked me why so many elderly people are so selfish and refuse to accept counseling...I didn't really have an answer for him. Hm. Now, don't be defensive, I am not criticizing your parents.

I am just saying, it is a problem.

They had an hour-long program on PBS about this the other night, and they were saying how the people who are being selfish about this and refusing to take advantage of early exit programs that pay cash to their children are being so self-centered because they grew up in a time where everyone was self-centered and were interested only in money. You know, they showed films from the days of the capitalists where there were people who had what they called 'gas-guzzlers", and they used to make so much more money than they needed to live comfortably, so many people were going without health care because they were taking all the money..."

Then, just wait until they pass legislation for a "Death Benefit" that will be paid to the families of elderly people. That will be the icing on the cake. It will be presented as a compassionate gesture to help the families with their grief, and will put at ease those people slated for "end of life" counseling. I can see the conversation on this as well:

COUNSELOR: Thank you for coming in today, sir. Now, let's have high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis but more importantly, positive genetic tags for vascular/heart disease, Alzheimer's, matricular degeneration and three types of cancer, prostate, esophageal and colon. Prostate and colon are very high. We see one of these two expressing itself in the next three years.

ME: Er...really?

COUNSELOR: Yes. This is all very scientifically based, and the results are incontrovertible. There is no mistake.

ME: Ahhh...could I speak to a doctor about this?

COUNSELOR: I am afraid not, sir. The rules are physicians are for direct care only, and nothing else. Federal Statue HCR23.1771-b mandates that I communicate this information to you, and inform you of the various options.

ME: But you don't know anything about medicine! You are a clerk, nothing more! How can I discuss this issue with you?

COUNSELOR: Sir, I have taken all the courses coming through High School, and attended the Life Counseling University courses offered by the government. I graduated in the top half of my class. I do understand the issues here.

ME: But...but...

COUNSELOR: Look, sir. You are getting old, and are soon going to be a burden on society. You don't have cancer right now, and can still think and get around, but for how long? You need to think about your children and their children. We offer a special financial compensation package that will help them bear the grief of your passing, to be paid out upon your death. With your approval, we emailed them an official forms packet before this meeting.

ME: I approved that?

COUNSELOR: Well, yes sir. The electronic copy is right here with you esignature (TURNS SCREEN TO FACE ME).

ME: I never signed that!

COUNSELOR: Sir, didn't you read the codocil that was automatically added at the bottom of your government supplied Will and Last Testament session that we finished up your first End of Life session you had with us last year? You did click the button that said "I approve all the changes" and you did use your voice authentication to say "I do approve".

ME: What! What is going on here? I...

COUNSELOR: Your two sons and your daughter who came in with you today have been in communication with our department on this. (Smiles) I think it is great that the government approves time-off pay for employees to attend these End of Life meetings for their parents. I'll call them in...

ME: Hey! I am not finished discus...


SON 1: Dad, I am so glad you signed up for the Early Exit Death Benefit. I was really behind on my tax payments for last year, and that will put me over the top...

ME: You...what?

SON 2: Yeah, dad. Billy is graduating from high school, and we want to send him to a quality college, but we could never afford it. But now we might...thanks to you.

Daughter: Oh, Daddy (tears in her eyes) I know none of us live forever, and I will miss you so much, but this money will allow me to pay th license fees to the government so I can open my dream business! Without you...

ME: HEY! WTF is going on here? I am not "ready to die", I feel pretty good, I could live for another twenty years! I didn't sign that damned thing, they just threw all this stuff in front of me! This is effing stupid! (TURNS TO COUNSELOR) Look, I don't know what kind of crap you set in motion, but undo it. I didn't sign up for this.

COUNSELOR: (PRIGGISH, TIGHT LIPPED LOOK ON HIS FACE) have already been scheduled for next year, and your family has been paid that benefit in advance as the law allows. We cannot undo it. See the text that you signed (TURNS SCREEN) states explicitly that this if final and cannot be remanded...


COUNSELOR: (HAND CUPPED OVER SPEAKER, EYES ON ME, WHISPERING) We have a 22-22 in here...get in here right away...

DAUGHTER: (WAILS) How could you be so selfish?

SON 1: Great. I might as well go down to the Tax Police right now to get fitted for the volunteer industry uniform...

COUNSELOR: How am I going to tell Billy he can't go to the Barack Obama University? How?



Obama mentions Immigration to say he's not going to mention immigration. It's interesting - a lot of Freepers have their rage trained on the health care and town meetings, but there are a lot of others for whom illegals are their big issue. Thus, there is a total lack of message discipline:

PIF splits the difference. Calling Obama racist is always in style:

Message translation: “You right-wing honkies ait seen nuten yet.”

La Lydia thinks Obama is a fool:

He hasn’t been in politics long enough, and certainly wasn’t in the Senate long enough, to have a feel for how election timing impacts the chances of controversial legislation passing. And apparently none of his wiz-bang staff have a clue, either.

Go Gordon, on the other hand, thinks Obama is one of them tactical geniuses:
It is a brilliant move on [Obama's] part. He will hold immigration reform hostage to passage of his health care package. Extortion from the community organizer. That way, he can get all the illegals on his side of the healthcare debate + international pressure from those that want to see our borders split wide open.

Hopefully it backfires because he pisses off everyone over cap n tax and healthcare and loses the trust of the masses.
KTM rider is a one issue guy, but not how most of the other posters are:
fear the islamic tidal wave
traditional1 is a more traditional immigration comspiracy guy:

There is no question of their thefts in the Minnesota election, in their quashing of ballots and acceptance of phoney ACORN early and absentee ballots in Ohio (Jennifer Brunner saw to that; their operative there), and the 97% black voter support of The Messiah shows where we've come.

Add all the millions of illegals that will soon be granted amnesty, and their voting will be for Democrats, too, just to keep the handouts coming....
plain talk brings matter back to stuff that might actually damage Obama:

Translation - I want to pass health care before the people realize how many illegal aliens it applies to.

Way to read the bill, chief.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday potpourri.

OBXWanderer has clearly studied the whole Gates arrest situation:

Palin/Crowley in 2012

Yes...Obama voter Crowley for Veep!

shibumi loves him some genocide:
"UK jihad leader says Queen should be prosecuted for genocide against Muslims"

..... only if she isn't completely successful.
Noumenon wants to heal America:

As things stand, it will take a military coup followed by a short, intense and bloody civil war to set things straight in America. This is dictated by the nature of our enemies.

jazminerose has an intuition:
[Obama]’s falling so far so fast, hard to see how he could hang on till 2010 when we get our power back & run the country for him like Newt did for Bubba.

But I get a vibe that this guy is so bad, he won’t be able to hang on to power.

Something is coming, the BC, impeachment, something.

Scotswife may not belong in civilization, as she doesn't seem to be a fan:

I like the sound of mob rule better anyway.
It’s sounds toughter, and libs are such pansies.

Community organizing is for sissies.

I'd assume satire, but Scotswife has been posting since at least 2003.

Puppage may not be trying too hard for the Hispanic vote:
Senate confirms Sotomayor, first Hispanic justice

So, will they celebrate with a BBQ? Oh, wait...the beans would fail through the grill. Never mind.
Kackikat has solved a different birth certificate problem:

I saw that log cabin in KY, or a replica...very small. ABE Lincoln’s mother was born in NC....

screaminsunshine has a good question:

Has anyone considered the possibility that Obama is insane and could be replaced under the rules of the 22nd Amendment?

Ronbo1948 knows that the Secret Service has been taken over by teh Commies!

During the Clinton Administration I became concerned that the SS was turning into a secret police force directed against opponents on the Right.

Do you remember Ron Noble? He was the first political appointed Director of the SS in 1994. In the past the custom was to appoint the SS Director from professional law enforcement officers, but the mold was broken with Noble.

It is my educated opinion, formed after years of SS watching, that Noble appointed Leftists as senior officers in the SS. Since the SS is a paramilitary organization, what these senior officers order are followed to the letter by the troopers who seemed concerned only about getting paid for working overtime at oppression.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Pix

This is only one of like a million this one guy posted. Nothing better to do, I guess.

OMG! Satan was at the beer summit!

Beer and Joker! Hooray!

YAY! It'll by just like WOLVERINES! Whatever "it" is.

That's an ugly O'Reilly

So ya gonna blow up the British parliament now?

I love how the old people look sort of excited about going into the pink woodchipper.

Yay, Nazi Joker!

So ya use a bit of a gay metaphor to show how you guys are angry?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Liberal Nazism

Please, please please make this the new meme on the right!

GregoTX has proof!
"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." --Adolf Hitler

What is the difference between that and today's democrat party?
So take a random quote from Hitler, line it up with some sort of marxist strawman of the Dems and there you have it!

muir_redwoods doesn't need arguments:
Liberalism IS Nazism
My first clue was all the liberal Jews! Must all be self-hating, I guess.

OnTheDress has a take on a popular folk song for some reason:
Well I've got a hammer (Rham)
And I've got a bell (MSM)
And I've got a song to sing (Socialism)
All over this land
It's the hammer of the (IRS)
It's the bell of lies (MSM)
It's the song about effing all my non-contributers
All over this land
elcid1970 thinks liberals are actually every bad regime ever!

Hammer and sickle, swastika, red star, what does it matter? Learn from them all, and swear to resist! We’re Americans!

We don’t have to go passively into brutal captivity because we have the means to resist and that’s all I’m going to say.

Why not throw in Genghis Kahn too? He was pretty bad as well, I hear.

campaignPete R-CT is nostalgic.

Some of the DEMs of 40 years ago actually had class. This new generation is genuinely vulgar.

Yeah...the Birchers of the 60s might disagree. Has always been thus.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just so you know

59 liars + 9 traiors = 68 votes to destroy america
Thanks to SamStone for the hyperbole

This Means War!! Again...

First it was the election. Then it was guns. Then it was the DHS memo about right wing wackos. Then it was guns again. Now it's Obama's request people report Republican misinformation about health care. I think it's silly, but warrantless wiretapping it aint. Still, to Freepers! This is the last straw! Well, the next to last straw. But once that last straw bit happens we'll all be sorry!

advance_copy is pretty sure there are millions of Freepers:

Democrats should be asking themselves, who stands between THEM and the pitchforks?

screaminsunshine thinks the Obama government is some kind of redcoat menace or something:

One if by land
Two if by sea
Three if by Government

Three Lanterns

I expect Glenn Beck is Paul Revere.

maine yankee has an ACTION PLAN!

9/11 in DC.

Block every street into and out of the Capital complex.

Don’t bother with the white house.

Perhaps a pelosi sit in.

Any other ideas ?

Well, if it worked for college students in the 1970s, it's sure to work for older, angry Freepers nowadays! 24 Skidoo!

ishabibble also thinks Freeper action is saving the world:

I don’t think you are wrong. We are witnessing the Gathering Storm.

It isn't astroturf! It's millions of Real Americans who voted for Obama but now have woken up!!

MSSC6644 thinks our Republic is over. And Obama killed his dad.
I doubt that there will even be an election in 2010, and even if there is, it won’t be a fair one. Therefore, it won’t be an election.

Do you believe that we should continue to show up at speaking events, that we should continue to protest and ask questions. What are our choices now?

I’m not sure. My dad fought this fight from the 50’s until he died in February. But he did it quietly, from behind the scenes with financial support and trying to educate those around him. The fact that some of his children and grandchildren helped elect Obama helped kill him early. I’m convinced of that.

My emphasis.

Vaduz has concerns:

Agree/Big Brother has a vast spy network at his disposal with a media/propaganda arm such as the Stalinists would have been proud

LS also thinks Obama plans revolution:
So where is the military? Are you ready for another bleak thought? Wonder why O hasn’t followed through and brought the military home from Iraq and Afghanistan like he “promised?” Think he really cares about defeating terrorists? I think it’s a Caesar-esque tactic of keeping the legions far away so they can’t oppose the king.
thecabal warns right wing violence is part of Obama's big plan:

I'm watching yesterday's Glenn Beck program on DVR and he finally came to the same conclusion that I have regarding this whole "right wing town hall mob" thing. He realized that no President has ever ridiculed and marginalized the citizen opposition like Obama has.

As he pointed out, Obama prides himself on being willing to talk to every evil dictator on the planet, but he refuses to hear legitimate opposition from his own countrymen. Then he came to the real frightening realization: that there's no other explanation for this behavior other than the desire to drive us to do something stupid, therefore allowing him to "reluctantly" drop the hammer on us.

Who DVRs Glenn Beck?