Friday, September 30, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Trump_vs_Evil_Witch

Since Trump, I've largely given up trying to spot the trolls. They're in such a knot of tautological self-justification just not that much room to troll anymore. Still, this August signup is going through Freeper tropes like he has a checklist.

Real or not, he's entertaining, if you like conspiracies. And Trump. And...minorities?

For whatever reason, TvEW seems pretty committed to arguing that Freeper minorities are a thing. He's also notably lax on the sexism front. Identity politics are just a distraction from the partisan politics for him!

Alpha bitch versus alpha male:
Hillary Rodham has finally met her match with Donald Trump.....the Alpha woman’s bitter rhetoric is no match to the Alpha male’s unabashed confrontational wisdom.

.....If this debate were a title fight, it would be adequately billed as NEO-REAGAN takes on CONGENITAL LIAR....
Clinton friend and assassin Larry Nichols: Hillary is a satanist

Now we know why she lies with such ease...why her criminality is never accounted for.....

NY bombing is a false flag!
Makes perfect sense for a false flag.....Hillary & the establishment are desperate to derail the Trump Campaign....

REMEMBER HITLER’s team burned down the Reichstag & blamed it on their political opposition....?
Many CONSPIRACY OBSERVERS have been predicting that the Clinton/Obama team will soon pull off another false flag operation to redirect public attention away from Hillary’s falling poll numbers.....looks like they were correct again!

But, this is not the same naive political public as existed during the previous Clinton Administration.....
There is a simple answer to your question,...another faked poll....
Obama will start World War III to avoid a President Trump:
Scary days are here....Obama ‘accidently’ provoking Russia to WWIII by bombing Syrian army (helping ISIS) & several appearant false flag bombings in the US....the establishment is pretty desperate to derail Trump, even trying to bring Bernie Sanders back as a possible stand in for dying Hillary.
See, Hillary will attack Russia for no good reason, and then Russia will defeat the US.
Hillary’s plans for Russia are simple........ do whatever her Bilderberg/Davos handlers want at every turn, which would include letting NATO draw the US into a pre-preemptive war....(very stupid, since the United States will clearly lose)
Teft by Bohemia Grove luciferians
Remember, the GOP establishment are for Hillary....without a genuine opposition party, theft of the election by the Bohemia Grove luciferians is entirely possible......
He's against patriotism...?
Every patriotic movement around the world is RANCID. Satan’s New World Order, one-world government team....It sure looks like global scenerio foretold in Biblical prophecy is being engineered the globalist conspirators in our time.
Latinos love Trump:
The majority of Latino people are much more conservative than the Obama/Hillary brand of Democrat...They are patriarchal, hard working, reasonable & willing to reject paying taxes to support another horde of welfare recipients flooding across our Southern border....another miscalculation for the globalists ...... (Just like black and female white vote)

Prediction: Sorry GOPe & DNCe, the Constitution of the United States will not be rendered meaningless by your contrived wave off illegal aliens....
There are good black people:
The black voters are not homogenous: many of them are devote, patriotic, hard working Christians. They have no respect for an advocate of LGBT values, an Islamist traitor, communist subversive
Oh no, Hillary lost this guy's vote!
Sorry, Jezebel, your cursing tantrum over Matt Lauer’s unbiased recent moderation won’t have it’s desired intimidation..... You can belittle Donna Brazille & your own staff,.....but THE REST OF US ARE DONE WITH YOU....
Muslims? Or Communist? Why not both!
Huma is to Hillary as Valerie is to Barry. Each one requires a Mohammedan connection/handler.

.....meaning that Saul Alinsky-trained, communist subversives make very gullible stooges for well placed spies......
Hillary is literally Hitler.
Hillary’s insane tirade confirms the very reason so many of us perceive her as a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.....the woman is a threat. It is she, and not Trump, who should be labeled fascist.....Which is exactly what a “progressive” globalist neocon is...:
Hillary is also sleeping with a radical Muslim.
Meanwhile, Hillary refuses to use the words ‘RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM’ or the words ‘MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SPY SHARING MY BED’
His flavor of healther: Parkinsons.
Dr. Savage was discussing Hillay's Levodopa perscription as evidence that SHE DOES HAVE PARKINSON'S.....

That is her greatest political vulnerability,.....All the totalitarian tactics in the world can't change the fact that she is a dying woman.
Or wait maybe it's brain trauma? Also 'if Trump wins all our heads will be in a noose' - a real thing Hillary said.
Now we know why she was wearing the special double lens glasses after her concussion-related extended hospitalization......the symptoms are back!

Pity the woman, like she screamed at her team, ‘if Trump wins all our heads will be in a noose.....’
'Alex Jones told me Hillary is a Chinese spy'
Alex Jones has been stating repeatedly that persons well connected with US Intelligence have confided in hm that Hillary Clinton is a paid agent of the Communist Chinese Government......makes sense, considering the classified ICBM technology that was transferred to our future enemies during her DEPLORABLE reign as co-President.....
Military coup hoping
The United States military personnel are sworn to defend the Constitution from its' enemies.....that would certainly include Saul Alinsky & other subversives.
Liberals are all Maoists.
The twisted thought patterns of the left are near the same levels of hysterical deception which swept across China during the ‘cultural revolution’.....very brainwashed & very dangerous
Trump will do only good things, and Hillary is a criminal mastermind!
Donald Trump KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING about a lot of things.....and ALL of them GOOD for the United States.... (no wonder he is facing such opposition from the global conspirators who are deliberately dismantling our country at every turn)

Trump is not an entrenched criminal mastermind, unlike his opponent, who has been supported by the most vile elements of the world's elite for her entire career.
Post-debate. Bring up the Clinton Death List!!!
NEXT TIME, PLEASE TAKE THE GLOVES OFF.......1) talk about all the people who have ‘conveniently’ died around Hillary’s career, or 2) give the number of major scandals surrounding the Clintons,....and name them one by one!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Freepers think 'Between Two Ferns' is real!

Freepers are pretty out of touch. And if they like something, they enthusiastically avoid checking on it's veracity.

But I was pretty surprised at how many Freepers thought Hillary's game performance on Zach Galifianakis' awkwardness phenomenon.
I'm not a fan of discomfort-based humor, but Freepers' reaction makes me love it.

Helicondelta might be kinda in on it, but he doesn't seem to realize it's scripted:
Hillary did the interview because Obama did it and she needs his millenial supporters. But the interview illustrates why she aint getting them.

Obama took control of the interview and I have to admit he was funny as hell. He mocked Zach on his movie roles, etc. Hillary just sat there and got humilliated.
Nope. Helicondelta thinks it was real!
When he interrupted her midsentence to play a Trump ad that really seemed to throw her off. She was keeping it together until then.
utahagen thinks the uncomfortableness of the interview was super telling:
How did she not burst out laughing when ZG asked, “What happens if you get pregnant? Are we stuck with Tim Kaine for nine months? How does that work?”

Any 68 year old woman who can’t laugh when someone asks her what happens if she gets pregnant has ZERO sense of humor. 68 is long enough past menopause that not being able to get pregnant anymore would not be remotely a sensitive subject. HRC has no sense of humor.
AZLiberty thinks this was a disaster and Hillary's gonna murder all her staff:
I blame her staff, because she probably wouldn’t have a clue about who this “interviewer” is. That this interview took place suggests that her own staff is trying to sabotage her campaign.

How many Arkancides will this interview necessitate?
Bubba Gump Shrimp thinks Galifianakis is gonna get assasinated now:
poor guy doesn’t know suicide is contagious

just wait until the unleaked footage of this gets out, if THIS was approved by the Clinton camp.. good God, she’s surrounded by morons
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch is also all in. Also, God was involved in the production somehow as well:
‘I really do regret doing this”......This Hillary is not the political foil she once was.....

Who put her into such a vulnerable position? True, it was an absolute degradation of the Presidency for Obama to appear on late night comedy,...and Hillary wants some of that popularity, but SHE IS NO COMEDIAN.....very flat personality,

.....Nurse Ratchet, the nemesis of her ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ isn't funny... And, the show host's jokes were every bit as transparently venomous as her heart, ironic, on the threshold of her lifelong, amoral quest for the Presidency, the God that she has spurned is closing the door....
wastoute really liked it, and thinks Trump should go on!
All I saw was that end clip they showed on the news but looking at the other questions I bet it was funny as hell. “What if you get pregnant?”. I might have to actually get on a computer to see the look on her face (my IPad 1 only does FreeRepublic.). I bet she was not ready for that? Not just ( no way you menopausal old hag, LOL) but “Have sex with a man?”. ROTFLMAO. Priceless. What if you get pregnant?

What was the other one? Does Obama like his coffee weak? LOL. SLAMMED both of them in one breath. 
Obviously I ain’t Trump but if I were I would get on there with this guy TOMORROW. And laugh along with everyone watching. It would not only put the final nails in Hillary’s coffin but immunize him a bit against the arrows to come. How is the MSM gonna mock him for orange hair or whatever when he is on video laughing at it himself? Pure upside.
NYC-RepublicanCT is going to use this as evidence Hillary wants to confiscate all guns:
One of the most telling interactions was when Zack said "backstage before the show, you said you were gonna take away everyone's guns". No response from her and no denial

My favorite parts- when she barks "don't tell me what to say"... and after playing Trump's ad, she whines "why would you play Ttump's ad in the middle of this? Her face is priceless
Titus-Maximus goes with 'fake but real.'
Even though scripted it was the most real she ever acted.

She has a cynical regard of things which is why they must keep her personality under a heavy toxic leak-proof tarp.

He should have asked her if he could feel the catheter strapped to her leg - would have brought down the house.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump Says He Is Troubled By Tulsa Police Shooting

I stayed up late last night to catch the debate. Will probably have a post tomorrow. In the meantime, Freepers find a police shooting they may not like, because Thus Trump Has Commanded.

Trump comes out a bit skeptical of a police shooting, while Freepers were in mid-exterminate the ferals mode.

You can almost hear the collective mental record scratch before they come to heel

little jeremiah read all about this case in FrontPage Magazine, and now knows more than the police about what happened:

Guy was on PCP, 8 outstanding warrants, acted crazy, and looks as though the cops tazed him or were going to. The article above has some info, other places have more.
But Leaning Right knows Trump was being empathetic, which is always fine, and Hillary sucks for not doing it:
Trump was not pandering here. He was speaking from the heart, like a person would when talking to a good friend. And that’s one reason people support him.

Hillary, on the other hand, will say nothing until all her advisers have weighed in.
Daffynition thinks Trump was pandering, which is awesome when Trump does it.
It sounded like pandering to me; as were the *questions*.

I love the Donald, and understand why he did it. So all is good.
BenLurkin is back to this being another blameless policman shooting a black guy.
Suspect acts hinky

Suspect gets treated hinky.
On the other hand, traderrob6 is swayed by Trump's trenchant analysis:
I’m not a huge fan of Donald Trump but he has a right to and should give his opinion as he would inevitably be asked anyway.

From viewing the video I would tend to agree with his looks like a rare bad shoot.
chris37 tries to split the difference with 'questions remain.'
If he is troubled by it, then he is troubled by it.

It doesn’t bother me that he wants to express his opinion.

Personally, I’m not going to be bothered by it until I am shown actual evidence that a crime was committed.

If police in this case did commit a crime, then they should be charged accordingly. If not, then nothing.
Again. On a website where every mass shooter is preemptively a Muslim Hillary voter, chris37 argues for suspending judgement until the trial is over.
What I want to avoid at this point in being purposely whipped into a frenzy by a lying media trying to advance the agenda of our lying government.

I don’t believe anything I see or hear in this country straight off any longer.

My position is this.

If a crime was committed here, bring charges, show me the evidence, prove it to a jury and get a conviction.

I’m not going to participate in a media trial.
HiTech RedNeck has been posting a lot lately about how Trump is being inspired by God:
I think God may have put Trump here as the Solomonic voice needed to defuse the gratuitous, evil tensions that Bronco Bama has cowboyed up among the black people. Let’s pray for Trump and give him a chance.
Washing her hands of any side-taking, PrairieLady2 just blames society for not teaching kids the world is black and white:
If the general atmosphere in our country is ‘anything goes’, then we’re going to see an increase in harmful behaviors.

Moms and Dads, you have kids. You’ve got to instill that sense of principle and decency BEFORE they even go to kindergarten as well as helping them to practice and polish those lessons in the years later. You have to know what they’re saying and doing when they think you aren’t looking so that you CAN catch the bad stuff in the bud and nip it, as well as promote and reward the good you learn about. If YOU don’t know right from wrong, then you can’t teach your kids, and you become part of the problem.

Situational ethics is pathetic. Some things simply have to be black and white in those formative years right or wrong and what can we do better next time around. And make sure there IS a next time around so you can reinforce those hugely important lessons.

Trump-Hillary debate reactions

I'm very bad at political predictions. Watching the debate, I thought Hillary did great, and Trump was Trump. In other words, nothing to change how Hillary is evaluated on her scandals and Trump on his ability not to punch people. Barring perhaps the 'Stamina!' rant, All that I thought would really matter would be whether Trump could keep a lid on his tweeting for the rest of the week.

But I'm getting the sense I'm pretty wrong about that. The networks say Hillary won pretty handily. And, more importantly, Free Republic is a roiling mass of denial and misery.

At the moment, Freepers seem to be divided between 'debates don't matter,' 'Trump won based on irrelevant straw-grasping,' and 'Trump lost due to moderator bias but will win the next one for sure.'

Last night there was a lot of tin foil about Hillary being given the questions in advance, but I'm not seeing so much of that this morning for some reason. Hopefully it makes a return - I wouldn't bet against it!

Jim Robinson started a whole thread to calm Freepers down with his always effective off-topic formulaic patrio-bluster:
Actually, it makes no difference who "won" the debate. Who cares? Keep hammering on the issues that matter.

It's freedom vs socialism.

Law and order vs anarchy and chaos.

National security, national sovereignty, national survival.

Constitution and the rule of law.

Consent of the governed.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God, family, country.

Hillary represents the enemy within regarding all the important issues.
Recovering Ex-hippie takes solace. Or just kisses up, hard to tell.
thanks so much Jim!

You are always the ray of hope in dark times...what a wonderful mission God has sent you on—to keep the Warriors morale uplifted!!!!
MEG33 triumphantly recorded the debate and then deleted it. Take that, Hillary!
I cannot watch Hillary for over a minute so I recorded in case something important happened.. I deleted the recording unwatched.
May this nation be saved from Hillary as CIC.

CitizenUSA thinks Hillary came out ahead, but it doesn't matter because imaginary Hillary lost, so this Freeper was unswayed!
I think Hillary “won” the debate, or it was a tie. She was more polished and got her talking points out. Trump missed several excellent opportunities to hit her hard. He was more often on defense rather than taking the fight to her. Cybersecurity, for example, should have been a slam dunk for him.

However, I agree with you. It doesn’t matter who had a better technical performance in the debate. What matters is what the candidates stand for, and Hillary Clinton is clearly for more of the same. They are diametrically opposed in where they want to take the country on immigration, trade, taxes, etc. By investments, Hillary means more power to government to pick winners and losers. She means more taxes so that government can distribute to special interests. She wants to take on evil corporations who make the jobs Americans need.

Sorry, but I trust Trump. He’s got a much better vision of where the country needs to go.
Cvengr just plans to be super spiteful to all suspected Hillary voters. Because that'll be a big change:
This is a good election.

Those who have integrity have no problem seeing through the charade and will never opt for Clinton.

It’s almost better to observe who sides with Clinton, for we all know they have no integrity whatsoever.

FWIW, where I had doubts in Trump, he manifest his honesty tonight. Hillary is more and worse of the same I have come to expect of liars.
Trump may have lost the debate. But he won The Westerner's heart!
Trump is inarticulate on intellectual ideas. The last part of your post is articulate.

He seems unable to articulate the wider philosophical issues because he is at home in the world of engineering, numbers, deal making, strategy, winning.

He’s a man you can trust, but can he defend us on ideological grounds? No. But we needed a fighter, and he fought the roughest fight of his life tonight against these sweetly polite ivy league bullies.

I respect his passion. I understand his sense of outrage. He made it through with his dignity in tact. He pulled his punches by not speaking to what he must know about her health diagnosis. Smart move that didn’t go unnoticed by me...he has a good heart.
I also like the ant-intellectualism of 'sweetly polite ivy league bullies.'

lacrew - Trump was selling on a level you don't even understand, man!
For Trump this was a 90 minute infomercial. The notion of scoring points and winning/losing matters to the media...but thats not what this was about for Trump.
I guess spending time on some other Internet than the one I'm on, toddausauras is bullish based on his liberal friends not gloating:
I can tell you this…my leftist friends and acquaintances are very quiet right now.
KC_Lion starts by lamenting Hillary's low expectations, but then rallies because everyone has got to hate Hillary now:
Our threds are filled with "Trump should have said this, this, this and this"

And as toddausauras, the Libs are sitting silent.

Killary didn't keel over or commit seppuku.

But now a huge Audience has seen her and they know so many didn't like what they saw.
AbnSarge's daughter likes to please her daddy:
My 14-year old daughter saw through the BS and did NOT like her
trebb thinks Trump might have injured Hillary's feelings, which is the real victory:
Yep - while I was talking to my TV to try to get Trump to say a few things, I also saw what everyone else did during the several times when his comments wiped the 'joviality" right off her face - you could almost sense the "kick in the gut" feeling she was experiencing.

Time to triple down on support for Trump...
dp0622 is all over this thread. He starts joining the 'we reaffirm our Freepness!' crowd:
Tonight’s bias sealed our fate. If we lost it’s war.

But let’s win
dp0622 soon goes off, as he does:
as an ex boxer, when the guy/HILLARY (SAME THING) just leaves his jaw hanging out there, BREAK THE MOTHER ####ER INTO A THOUSAND PIECES AND LEAVE HIM TO BLEED!!!!
I'm glad he's found a safe space to rant. But I worry about his blood pressure.

HamiltonJay explains that expectations for Trump are so low that nothing matters:
Did Trump con across as reasonable? Or as the dangerous racist that Clinton and the Media keep telling everyone he is.

End of the day, I feel he can across looking reasonable, and that’s all he needed to do. He didn’t need to win the points game, just look reasonable and he did.

Debate will not change the strong Trump momentum of the race, and will likely see an increase, but it will likely be hidden as the press push polls and gas lights polls for about a week trying to convince voters Hillary got momentum and Trump is losing... Until it becomes obvious that isn’t what happened and their biased propaganda didn’t work on swaying the race and return to the reality that Trump has solid momentum and the race well in hand.
Gideon7 thinks Trump secretly won the debate, because that happened to Reagan once:
In the weeks leading up to Reagan’s first debate the media had painted the retired Hollywood actor as an ignorant bumpkin who had no business being in the White House. The undecideds wanted to know who this ‘scary’ conservative really was, and whether he had what it took to become President of the United States.

In the first debate he didn’t do all that well. Carter caught him flat footed a few times and laid in some well-rehearsed attack lines. The media then promptly declared Carter the winner.

A week later the media couldn’t believe that Reagan’s polls went *up* afterwards. They were absolutely flabbergasted.

Why did it happen? It was because Reagan knew that America was going in the wrong direction, and he spoke about it with conviction and with heart. Meanwhile Carter was stiff and rattled off his well-rehearsed talking points.

Hillary in comparison is a robot. The empathy just isn’t there, and that is a big factor for the LIVs and undecideds.
stars & stripes forever is one of the few to don the tin foil:
Did anyone notice that HILLARY would spontaneously burst out in a GIANT grin? It was as though she was responding to a conversation with someone who was NOT TRUMP or THE MODERATOR.
jazusamo grasps at inconsequentialities:
When the debate started it was evident to me Mrs. Bill Clinton lost it when the witch addressed Donald Trump as “Donald” and he came back and addressed as Secretary Clinton.

Respect is a quality a person seeking the presidency should have.
HiTech RedNeck shows up to speak for God, as he does:
Hillary was a pretty good bullshit artist, and Donald couldn’t embrace the whole in a mere moment. She was more varied in her bullshit at Donald than Jimmy Carter was in his malaise before Ronald Reagan, and therefore there wasn’t any really easy “there you go again” rejoinder to be made.

But so what? Donald is not one to let traditional boxes define or confine him. From his viewpoint, she just fed him a ton of red meat to cook up and serve up as commercials.

This is a God-class battle, and sometimes God lets the enemy come on only to fall into hell forever.
HiTech RedNeck then gets Pentecostal, and I'm loving it!
She is most definitely being the witch.

In the face of witchcraft, patience and wisdom is worth more than the quick apparent smackdown, because that puts the game onto God’s turf. God is the master of time; the devil has to get his work done in a hurry because the boom is being lowered on him right as he speaks.
Resettozero also finds the natural world cannot hold the hatred he has for Hillary:
I noticed she almost came out of her hypnotized state three times but the demon in control snapped her back on track and right quick.

But...that phony phony smile: almost an inhuman smile.
TTFlyer just vents, because Hillary was the unPresidential one:
Bullshit. Hillary lied through her buck teeth with assistance from a biased hack who LIED in saying “Stop & Frisk” was “unconstitutional.”

The frickin’ bitch called him a racist. That’s an ad hominem attack that would have made you an automatic loser in ANY High School debate class. That’s not “baiting.” That’s low-class trolling that is COMPLETELY “un_Presidential” and shows “temperament” that’s “unfit.”

This “debate” was a farce that based on who told the truth and nothing but the truth Trump won going away.
Godzilla has the meme of the thread - this is Trump lulling Hillary into a false sense of security!
Keeping his powder dry the first round. The fact that he stood toe to toe is a win. She exposed weaknesses and trump is one to exploit those weaknesses. There are two more debates. Let her feel cocky. All the better when he sees her next time.
mbrfl agrees - Trump only seemed to lose, he was forming a rapport with the Low Info But Still Debate Watching Voter!
This campaign is largely a battle for the LIV`s at this point. Let`s not under estimate Trump`s ability to see the big picture while his opponents are stuck in a narrower strategic vision.

Trump likely views this as a best of three series and doesn`t just look at each debate in isolation. If the goal of the first debate was to establish trust and rappore with the LIV`s, who up till now have been judging him from the sound bytes spoon fed to them by the media, then he was probably sucessful.
right way right is also turning expectations to the next debate:
I saw Trump let Hillary reveal her card technique and still came off more likable and trustworthy.
He will smote her in the next debate.
This is sales (like) for Trump, he is negotiating, watching his opponent.
It's the people who will choose to buy.
It will be Trump.
Even HarleyLady27 starts out lukewarm, looking to the next one. But soon works herself back to a froth for Trump:
Trump did what he had to do in the first debate, he didn't take anything from ROTTEN or her puppet...

He has two more debates to go, he has his footing under him, he knows what lies she told and so do all of us...

All she was there to do in the first fifteen minutes was to sell her worthless book...

I am mighty proud of Trump, a person who is NOT a ‘polished politician’ for 40 years and have done nothing but lie, make a mess of the Middle East and ruin our Nation's I say Trump won this debate...

And finally, from a different thread. Most of these are for Monday, but I could not sit upon horrrible violent fantasist LeoWindhorse's misery:
God let me down......with millions watching ,I was praying so hard that He would make her swoon and lose was the perfect opportunity, but He chose not to. Again

in the old days the Lord God Almighty used to dispatch or effect evil doers right and left. But not anymore. I have to wonder,why not? For God nothing is impossible. small prayer requests such as this could easily be answered. Again I ask, why not?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

kearnyirish2 - blacks have no role in America:
These animals really thought that when Obama was elected they’d be given the homes and material wealth of conquered white people; they are that tribal and stupid.

As Obama’s presidency winds down and they realize they are even worse off than in 2008, the situation is becoming more clear to them: Most blacks have no role or future in this country. A few will make it big in the “bread-and-circuses” economy (as athletes or rappers), a few more will score what are basically no-show government jobs, and the rest will survive on the dole, often supplementing their incomes through drugs or prostitution.
Red Badger is sure there's evidence somewhere that the Charlotte riots were False Flagged, so he'll just assume he's found it:
Somewhere, on FB or other social media, someone must have posted their group getting on buses or whatever to get to Charlotte or wherever the next ‘protest’ is supposed to happen.

This ain’t rocket science.................
Huh. So HarleyLady27 is from Utah. And Mike Lee is too liberal for her...
Mike Lee's brother sits on the Utah Supreme Court, one which I would rather see in the USSCOTUS...Mike Lee is a RINO, and is for globalism, CFR, H1B visas, TTP and TPA...

He might show to be a ‘conservative’ but that word has different meaning than what it did have...

DoughtyOne declares Cruz and Wife globalist fellow travelers:
Ted will be living off his wife....for the rest of his life. Wouldn’t be surprised if this marriage breaks up. Not sure if she knew “the real Ted”...

I think they’re fellow travelers. They’re both more globalist that we’ve been led to believe IMO.

This is a guy that couldn’t figure out H1-Bs on his own.

It will be interesting to watch what happens to him, as a footnote to history.
Nextrush's explanation of the 'piss of the court' tactic in the trials of the Bundy's sounds like it's a great plan!
It looks like Ammon Bundy's defense lawyer, Marcus Mumford, is fighting hard for his defendant in the tradition of Muhammad Ali in sports, Donald Trump in politics and so on. He's taunting the opponents and getting under their skin.

He's found the "Bull Connor" in District Judge Anna Brown to create a sense in the jurors minds that the judge is being cruel to the defense as indeed she is.

He's getting under the skin of his opponent, Judge Brown, and her 'kangaroo court' as activist Gavin Seim calls it.

Seim spoke late Friday with Ammon Bundy and made a video of his conversation with Bundy calling from jail about the case and the kind of defense argument he would like to make to the jury.
Islander7 knows exactly what post-Presidency Obama will be doing:
He’ll be LEADING the RIOTERS!!

...and he'll have Secret Service protection paid for by you and me.
proust is fine with whatever rights Trump wants to abridge - he'll change his mind soon!
..”Stop and Frisk”? How very nice.

So illegal search and seizures will become common place in America?

The constitution does still matter.

Thankfully this is Trump’s first draft. It will be very different by the 3rd or 4th round.
Greetings_Puny_Humans explains that it's only black people that won't get rights.
So illegal search and seizures will become common place in America?

Are you dumb? If you look like a gang banger, you should be stopped and frisked, maybe even beaten a little.
cynwoody - Freep's pivot to Russia continues:
All the [Russians] I talk to prefer Trump.

Glad to hear it!

And thanks for your on-the-ground report.
Bubba Gump Shrimp does not care that Lester Holt is a registered Republican, he's still biased!
Will Lester Holt come clean on TV and tell the world he DIDN’T vote for Obama?

I doubt it.

He’s a Colin Powell R if anything.

Probably a token in the newsroom to boost up the R’ reporter quota...
Not even sure what TheNext is saying here...
NO MODERATERS! Bunch of Lincoln haters.
Stuck in the 1980s, SaraJohnson cannot deal with the idea that AIDS might sometimes not be associated with gayness:
Actually in Africa, most of the AIDS victims are heterosexual.

Another lunatic, another person whose voting habits Texas Eagle knows:
If it wasn't for that armed off-duty police officer, that lone wolf Hillary supporter might still be butchering people today.

I say "butchering" because, according to Michael Savage (and I don't know if he revealed the source of this information), but the knife-wielding orphan in St. Cloud was carving up his victims as if they were chickens.
Sarah Barracuda is seriously getting off on Hillary Clinton humiliation fantasies:
I want to see the look on her face when she gets her a@@ kicked..that will be PRICELESS..the screeching screams, the ones that Bill Clinton has to hear every night, no wonder he runs to other women
Navin Johnson cheers on anti-Muslim violence from his keyboard:
Good. The more retaliation the better.
I'm getting a bit tired of Hillary healthers, but smoky415's diagnosis is pretty impressively falsifiable:
Life expectancy is anywhere between 5 to 10 years from onset. Her first fall was when? Around 2008? She has been coughing for a number of years. Now she has asperation pneumonia. She must be in the later stages of the disease. She has perhaps a year or two left. Always fatal.
In Olog-hai's history, just like Obama didn't kill Bin Laden the Generals did, FDR didn't do nothin' to win World War II, it was all Churchill!
Say what you want about FDR. But he put together a coalition that destroyed both Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany in just 3 1/2 years.

It is now 15 years after 9/11. Not only have we not destroyed radical Islam, it can be argued that we are not even winning. That is on both Bush and on Obama.

That’s because Churchill was ready to go before FDR. So it wasn’t FDR who put it together. Churchill didn’t call WWII the “unnecessary war” for nothing.
So now that Trump put it back in the news, Seizethecarp...
BirtherReport is back after being gone for a month. I am posting this blog article mostly for the VERY lively comments section containing new Arpaio articles links and a Carl Gallups/Zullo interview link and for those FReepers interested.
Jim 0216 explains that birtherism totally defeated Obama when Obama humiliated all of them:
The whole “birther” thing was a victory for Trump and those of us who have hated the Obama regime. A lot of people don’t seem to get that.

Trump was the only one to force Obama to show what Obama claimed was his birth certificate. It was a legitimate constitutional question and Trump won the battle to get Obama to show something to validate his eligibility since Obama’s history is so murky.

What Obama actually showed, questionable as it was, or even whether he is an NBC, are all kind of beside the point here. Trump forced Obama’s hand when NO ONE else could. That turned my head towards Trump as a guy who wouldn’t back down to the media, Obama, or political correctness.

This was a victory for all of us who hate the Left and political correctness. The Left is so desperate, grasping at anything. But usually, like with this, Trump can turn it around on these quislings.

Monday Porpourri pt. III

bobo1 has joined forces with Russia:
Hillary wants to resurrect the Cold War with Russia, but she wants America to be the “communists” this time.
I fear JudyinCanada isn't joking about her mother-in-law being elementally evil:
How come George Soros isn’t dead yet?

He’s not dead yet because evil has unbelievable strength. My mother-in-law is even older.
Isn't God supposed to hate prayers like anton's?
Every night I pray for cancers to besiege Soros.
eyeamok does not like freedom of the press, but will defend his right To Use Title Case To the Death!
Maybe we need to LICENSE COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY of JOURNALISTS, If it is for Profit or Gain you need a License, Pass a Background Check, Undergo Regular Drug Testing, and if found Violating the Law or Making Deliberate False Statements, be PUT IN PRISON and BANNED for Life from Owning Using or Possessing ANY Device capable of High Capacity Transmission of Thought or Ideas.

Just Like Gun Owners
In a new height for racism I never even imagined, bkopto explains that America was supposed to be for white people, damn it!
And they were supposed to be *white*.

This nation was intended to be for European whites. Just like Zimbabwe for the blacks, and Israel for the jews, and China for the Chinese and Japan for the Japanese, etc, etc.

Was not intened to be a “melting pot”
publius911 explains that true Freepers do not care about actual laws or the Constitution when they declare something illegal!
What’s illegal about stomping on the flag or cutting it or putting it on fire ?

If you have to ask, you are clearly in the wrong forum, I don't care what your (phony?) "join date" indicates.

Go away, please, slug...
July signup ConservaTeen - Benghazi...any day now.
Benghazi is Hillary's WATERLOO...

Liberals,Waterloo is not a BRITISH BATHROOM (that's a LOO), but the place Napoleon got defeated...
As Freepers always do, patriot08 knows how Evil Obama secretly feels about the rioting last week:
Obama is watching and smiling. Going just like he wanted.
The always catty ladyjane declares any protesters in Charlotte to be fat and desperate:
The only girls out there are fat liberal ones trying to find a boyfriend. Did you see them? yikes Lots of tats and avoir du pois.
WildHighlander57 is really trying to make Hillary deathly ill:
....”Have you seen any vids where she can look up or down by just moving her eyes, not tipping her head up or down?”....


Maybe whatever she has hasn’t gotten to that stage yet.
But what about taqiyya, rawcatslyentist?
These are the facts.

Islam has open and standing declarations of WAR, GENOCIDE, and ENSLAVEMENT, against all mankind.

It's time to take those declarations seriously, and act appropriately.
Freepers don't usually care about non-American things. I wonder what's driving their Obama-eaque hatred of Merkel, like Eleutheria5's lynch-hope here:
It would be useful, when arresting, trying and hanging Merkel, to not have her be the head of the government any more. Let her resign first.
bushwon - Obama isn't as bad as he expected, but Hillary will be worse!
I believe that if Hillary Clinton wins, she will do what I expected Obama to do, which is try to transfer more and more American sovereignty into international organizations across the range of issues — whether it’s climate change or the conduct of international affairs. I think Obama didn’t do as much as I expected in that vein because he really just doesn’t care about international affairs as much as he cares about ‘fundamentally transforming’ our country.
faucetman is so sure Hillary can't stand, he has a prediction for the debate:
You are hearing it here first, RIGHT NOW, Hillary will fake spraining her ankle before the debate, so she can be in a wheelchair, sitting down for the whole event.

After the debate she will make a miraculous recovery.
PLMerite clearly didn't bother to watch the pretty damning Charlotte video:
I like how the wife automatically goes into “The Narrative” (’he has no weapon.’) but is not in a position to tell one way or another.
T-Bone Texan's family hates him:
I have more in common with you, a Jew, than I do my own family!

My family barely tolerates me also. I have transited from disappointment to pure disdain. My wife comes from a tight family, and just doesn't get it when I say "They are dead to me!" in a Yiddish accent.
Nita Nupress neatly shows how Freepers are so convinced Hillary is a supervillain, they don't actually care what Trump says or does:

Does it rise to the level of murder of colleagues who know too much, treason with China, Iran, etc., lying under oath, racketeering, cattle futures fraud, or all the other crimes the Clintons have forced down our throats?

Get back with me if it does. AFTER the election.

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Bringbackthedraft hilariously argues Trump is thick-skinned:
Trump has tough skin, he’s not a soft skin liberal, he’ll take the punch, but Kaine may not like the payback.
Cruz bent knee to Trump. Democrat_media will not forgive!
I hate Cruz for being a traitor against America
The Freeper reaction to the Tulsa shooting was mostly 'black thug musta deserved it' with a bit of bonus sexism supplied by the likes of donna:
She shot because women have fewer muscles than men and thus women are more fearful.
Brooklyn Attitude also feels free to let fly about how women cops be:
Female cops are a useless waste of resources and the product of liberal feminist politics. 
They cant run fast enough to catch anyone, cant fight, cant restrain/cuff unruly suspects. They also cant be left to patrol by themselves in rural areas. 
IIRC the rules of engagement regarding when weapons could be used were relaxed because female officers had no other options. Of course the same rules then had to be applied to male officers. Basically police depts are paying the same price for a much less capable female officer than a male officer.
WENDLE has a debate prediction:
Holt will sand bag Trump. Then Trump will EAT HIM FOR LUNCH LIKE HE DID LAUER!!
editor-surveyor is apocalypse-calling:
We will have world government in a little over 8 years, when Yeshua comes back with his newly married bride to crush Obama’s gang!
ClearBlueSky argues for exterminating Muslim babies:
IMO Muslim children ARE poison. Just like baby rats were during the Plague. They carry death. 
Of all the pictures of ‘refugees’ I’ve seen I’ve seen no children. Just military age MEN. Invaders. No. 
The enemy’s children ARE poison. How many have been used to attack our soldiers? Don’t let them into our country, don’t feed them don’t pity them. The ‘homegrown’ Muslims are killers too. Don’t BREED enemies.
No Socialist knows Trump has probably done some bad stuff. But who cares when Hillary is the worst evil ever?
I REALLY hope we don’t see any republican or Trump hack info before the election. I’m sure they all have skeletons.
Go ahead, hal ogen.  Try it:
Is it lawful self-defense to “run down” rioters surrounding your vehicle?

The things you should say to the police: I want a lawyer. I feared for my life.
Hulka tells a totally true story about the power of the VW Bug:
In the 60’s, my dad was leaving Walter Reed and drove right into a race riot. My father observed a vehicle in front of him stop for the mob and was attacked and smashed and the driver being yanked out of his car.

My father told me that when he saw that, he downshifted his VW Beetle, hit the gas and the rioters both bounced off the hood and dived out of the way.
Toespi is Zaprudering every Clinton appearance:
I just saw a The recent speech of Clinton on the Tarmac. She has what appears to be a crosswise scar right below her thyroid. It is pretty well concealed in a neck wrinkle. It is either from a trach or she could have had her thyroid removed. Possible?
MHGinTN had bought into the Clinton health BS, and thus must conclude the real evil power is Tim Kane
I am convinced she is the chosen vehicle to bring Tim Kaine into power over America. She is expendable )with the reward of being named the first female president, draped over her inertness) in order to insert the degenerate socialist Kaine into power.
Kickass Conservative has never heard a liberal argue, so he makes one up:
A White Female killed the Black Man.

Hillary Clinton is a White Female.

Don’t Vote for Hilary Clinton, she is just like the White Female that killed a Black Man.

Just using Liberal Logic.
originalbuckeye cites Zero Dark Thirty for the unquestioned Freeper truth that CIA head Brennan is a Muslim convert:
Please be aware that Snopes is far Left.

I don’t know what they said about Brennan, but my first clue about him was during the movie Zero Dark Thirty. Do you remember (during the movie) a man running down the hallway at the CIA and opening a door, only to find a man down on a prayer rug with his rear end in the air? That was Brennan......and then he was promoted to be the Chief of the CIA.
bgill makes the tired old 'free not free' argument that I'll bet was thrown around since 1790:
America is the land of the free. They’re all free to leave.
CivilWarBrewing knows the problem blacks have with authority is slavery, not that authority has been shooting them lately:
It's time to EDUCATE BLACKS TO OBEY COP'S COMMANDS. This is THE problem! Blacks believe that OBEYING orders from authority harkens back to SLAVERY. THIS MINDSET NEEDS TO CHANGE or these shootings by police will NOT stop.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Gay State Conservative works really hard to imagine every Muslim as a cartoonish villain in every moment:
Muslim Mayor Throws Out First Pitch at Met Game

I'll bet he imagined himself throwing a grenade into a group of infidels.
Garth Tater seriously thinks Hillary Clinton is an irresistable force for death:
Computer Specialist Paul Combetta Who Deleted Clinton Emails May Have Asked Reddit for Tips

Paul needs to IMMEDIATELY throw away his cell phone, empty his bank account (cash, small bills), buy a ticket on a Greyhound bus to somewhere faraway, get off half way there, hitchhike to a town 50 miles away, buy a train ticket to somewhere far away, get off half way there, buy a bicycle and a sleeping bag, pedal down the road as far as his legs will take him, throw the bike in a river, walk off into the woods as far as he can go and sit down and PRAY that Hillary doesn't win in November. If she loses he might live to see Christmas. If she wins he's a dead man no matter what he does.
dp0622 has a wife now? Anyhow, he uses her death as an excuse to imagine a murder spree:
wife used to work pretty much where chelsea bomb went off. But it happened at night so she wouldn’t have been in danger.

She’s still shook up and she works at Columbus Circle.

God help any and all muslim “obama youths” if anything happens to my wife.

Cause I wont be rational at that point.
Cobra64 wants to firebomb the Middle East:
Find out the villages where these snakes came from back in Islamistan and drop a JDAM in the town square.

Deport the suspect and jail the guilty. Clinton wants to bring in more and disarm us. Trump won’t put up with this nonsense.

Yup. Do a Curtis LeMay on them as he did to Tokyo.
I'm also a fan of the anti-due process slogan: "Deport the suspect and jail the guilty."

Speaking of Muslims getting no rights, aces explains that true patriots ignore Equal Protection of the Laws:
with america first mentality, the rights of muslims do not exist , it is not worth losing one life to prove some idea of twisted morality of america’s goodness.. You muslim? go away, if they are not here, they cannot kill us, rape us, enslave the moohamaden perv dance on our graves..get it? 
It is the only solution, block by block, camp or deport
Camps, huh? America contains at least 20% Nazis, but for Muslims.

newnhdad thought the media was going to cover up the bombs in New York and New Jersey:
Another in a series of mooselimb attacks in the US. I wonder how the media will cover-up the three attacks yesterday. How quickly will they be blaming Trump..
TigerClaws really enjoys using his imagination to shore up the surprisingly tenacious right-wing story about who violent yahoos are all voting for:
Active shooter on Elizabeth Avenue in Linden, New Jersey

One less vote for Hillary.
ShivaFan calls football terrorist, and will now only enjoy the fun of following stocks and bonds!
To hell with the NFL. I will watch stocks and bonds, instead of the NFL and their hate America and hate cops agenda. The LOGO of the NFL is:

[NFL logo.jpg]

So that is the US Flag motif used in their logo. But if the NFL has the gawl to now dishonor our US Flag, screw them, they are dishonoring our flag by allowing these scum to spit on all of us and our flag, so I say they should not use our flag in their logo, either. Take it off and use the ISIS flag instead, scum bags.
Texas Songwriter's paranoia about Muslims seems specific to McDonalds:
Do you get 72 virgins if you poison a group of Americans by lacing their food with a substance, or does it have to be a violent event? I won’t be eating at McDonalds.
Bryanw92 explains that the Commie left is still a little capitalistic:
The “Progressive” future is capitalism for the elites, communism for the masses. And that’s how every great socialist experiment winds up.
Rome2000 continues to abuse the term 'terrorism.'
Economic terrorism perpetrated against the American working class.

Pearls Before Swine has the latest long-form diagnosis of Hillary, eye edition:
She’s at a handicap if she has focal fusion problems, because she’s trained herself into this wide-eyed, focus switching routine. I guess she’s such an unappealing person that she took a lot of lessons on how to project empathy, which is why she developed the bug-eyes, the artificial enthusiasm, and the fake big smile.

Part of that routine is shifting her gaze around the crowd to try and make it look like she is appealing to everyone. And, you have to do it in at least two directions if you’re using dueling teleprompters, as if you just read from one, you look robotic.

If you combine this training with a brain-induced tracking deficit, you’re likely to get the weird eye tracking seen in this video. After all, she did wear major prism eyeglasses for a while, with the really thick prism on that weak left eye.

None of this would matter if she wasn’t pretending to be healthy enough to be our President. But she is... and she’s not.
Mr. M.J.B. will not have any Freepers badmouthing Putin!
The whole ceasefire charade is just Putin trying to jerk around and embarrass the United States.

Sounds exactly like Hitlery’s talking points.
At this late hour, ScaniaBoy seriously thinks Hillary is going to cancel the debate. Because of the NY bombing, I guess?
 Will Hillary really try to debate Trump at all. Even with the most biased moderators ever, I cannot see how the Democrats can recover from this catastrophe.
Taxman knows the best rants are weirdly repetitive:
Hitlery the Harridan is a LIEberal!

LIEberals LIE!
kearnyirish2 must turn to fantasy to otherize blacks as much as he needs to:
Unassimilated Orcs living in a foreign land, with humans speaking a foreign wonder they’re bitter. Even with their millions, once they’re in civilian clothes they are as dangerous as any other ‘hoodrat Orcs.
fuzzylogic tries to get Freepers on board the Milo Yiannoupoulis train by apologizing for his gayness:
...per my other posts. Don’t take the gay part too seriously, he uses it to his advantage.

He is a Christian, doesn’t know why he’s gay - but if he can use this angle to reach young people I’ll support him. God is using him.

I’ve never seen liberals destroyed so quickly.
Sorry dude, Freepers these days don't embrace people who merely share their hate. They've become much more insular than that!

Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America found a reddit thread that ties Benghazi to the Clinton foundation. Seems legit to him!
Reminds me of the 'conspiracy' leaks by someone at the FBI on 4chan:
Things that make you go 'OH SH*T' here:

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Charlotte Riots

Things have calmed down by now in Charlotte. I was almost tempted to skip this whole thing, since Freepers joyfully racist reaction to black people rioting is well documented here, and rarely changes.

But I didn't count on how this election has supercharged Freeper conspiracists. So this time it's not 'kill those ferals,' it's 'kill those SOROS-controlled ferals.'

nickedknack shoulda added Alinsky - then it'd be perfect!
Feral Riots — the new normal brought to you by the Soros-Obama-ValJar-Clinton Consortium
To Hell With Poverty does the usual Freeper 'maybe this will wake up white people!' riot reaction:
Let white America watch them bite the hand that feeds them. People in non-black parts of the country have been blissfully ignorant of exactly how hateful the majority of blacks are to non-blacks. I think a heaping dose of the ugly truth might go a long way towards a re-evaluation of the welfare system.
HarleyLady27 seems to have found herself a sliver of empathy, and works hard to tamp it down with paranoia and delusion:
I don't like violence, I don't think it solves anything, but having said that, sometimes that is the only way to get the attention to a problem:

The Black Community has been left behind, taken from the ‘southern plantations’ and set in the ‘inter city plantations’ for the Democrat control, to use when needed, to sit in whatever condition the Democrats want them in...

This Black Lives Matter group are being paid by George Soros, they don't even know what they are protesting, they are just doing it for the money...

Are they frustrated, oh yes they are, but hey some money coming from somewhere, heck why not they decide...what have we got to lose, we are nothing anyway...
stocksthatgoup knows who did this!
Brought to you by the letter S.
Today’s program sponsored
by the G. Soros Group
and viewers like you. /s
RoosterRedux looks forwards to Trump's leadership allowing police to crack down like they should:
Once Trump is elected and we have leadership at the top, the situation will change.

Knowing they have support at the very top, the police can clamp down hard and if it spreads or gains intensity, the police and NG will just clamp down harder.

This is all Obama's doing. He's still agitating.
polymuser recalls how well violent crackdowns worked in the Civil Rights era:
Tear gas, water cannons, dogs, high db sound, rubber bullets, paddywagons, arrests by the dozens. Fast and furiously.

Make it sting badly.
originalbuckeye hates how he imagines Obama calls all white people racist. Plus all non-Tea Party unrest is Democratic manipulation:
I believe that there is a certain percentage of Blacks that already consider ALL WHITES racist. Obama and Hillary always refer to ‘WHITES’ as racist, not separating out the overwhelming number of Whites who are NOT RACIST. 
But these BLM thugs. Just like the OWS thugs, are just doing the bidding of their Masters in the Dem Party. And those Masters are both Black and White.
redfreedom loves how riots plus Freep give him the freedom to be as racist as he wants to be:
If these throw-backs hadn’t learned the f-word, they’d have to grunt.

Volumes of truth to each word in your statement. I’m serious.
Nateman isn't sure what the endgame is, only that it's a Conspiracy!
ONE plan is to Federalize local police forces, at least in cities.

I think the other part is to make the streets unsafe for people who might not vote “D” in November.

It could be something deeper and more repugnant. Clearly allowing riots to start is what the rulers want.

It keeps black voters angry and motivated to vote for the very party that is exploiting their ignorance and hate. The same party that fought to keep them slaves a century ago and now spoils them with free stuff. The same party of slavery seeking to enslave all of us by paying its army of two legged parasites to reproduce without fathers so the parasites stay feral. The party of evil has not changed it’s goals, only expanded it’s mission. Rather than merely wanting to enslave blacks it now desires to steal it all.
Doctor Freeze is pretty sure Obama and voting for him is why black people are unhappy:
We are witnessing the tragic legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Everyone who voted for him is partially responsible for the shameful state of the our country. We need change. We need a new direction. We need to make America great again.
Prospero explains that the black bourgeoisie is rioting:
This is no 'riot.' It is a Community-Organizer "spectacle" fast becoming desperate piece of interactive theater, complete with thousands of walk-on roles for simple-minded and bored young people.

For most of these children of the black bourgeoisie, their participation amounts to a fashion statement, simulated high-risk virtue signaling.

For the media, it's eyeballs for sale to their advertisers. For the imbecile Soros-paid organizers, it's heroin to a junkie.

All desperate to toss North Carolina like a salad, too late in the game.
Toss like a salad? Dude, phrasing.

DaveA37 brings out the martial law fantasy:
Martial Law is on the horizon should the riots, ‘er.... “protest” continue. Odumbo’s plan is still working.

Recently odumbo wrote another “EO” that allows our military to shoot American citizens if need be, perhaps he forgot about the black population being included as “citizens”.
Logical me lusts for negro death, mostly by vigilantes. Also ISIS:
Out of control because police are useless. Shoot these bastards is the only way we will start to weed out the criminals. Put a price on who is financing them and put a bounty on them. America is lost to ISIS and the American criminals. What the hell is going on with Government that they cannot see they must attack force with force and the force must be lethal.

Trump for President.
Gaffer wants media beatings:
"Reporters forced to flee Charlotte as rioters attack media"

In every dark cloud, a silver lining

I’d have much rather seen one of them stripped and beaten in a parking structure, frankly. Actually, I’d have enjoyed it.
Rome2000 remains as excited for the violent purge as he always is:
That the only news we can rely on is from the UK speaks volumes about the “press” in the USA.


No mercy for them when the hard right comes to power.
And on the same thread, mikelets456 wonders where people got the idea that Tea Partiers were violent?
remember how these same reporters and “media” outlets labeled the Tea party “dangerous, terroristic, bigoted dangerous haters”? Wow-—I can’t remember anything negative about the Tea party-—all I remember were waving flags, grandparents with grand kids and keeping it cleaner than we found it. Oh the horror-—Yet Americans STILL equate Tea partiers as angry, dangerous racists! I’m beginning to hate what this country has turned into-—

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Spotlight: goldstategop

Used to be a conservative in Southern California. Now he's moved to Colorado.

Most Cali Conservatives I know are really bitter, but goldstategop is one of the less bitter Freepers. Because he lives in a world of cherry picked polls where Trump is winning every swing state and rocking the black vote too!

More than that, he wants to assure that all Freepers will live in this world, and posts incessantly about how Hillary is doomed. As you will see, it's become more like a mantra than a statement.

No one cares about Bernie anymore. Hillary is doomed!
After I saw how many turned to hear Bernie pitch for Hillary in Akron OH, I feel better already.

Liberals don’t like Hillary, period. Especially millenials.
Trump is the strong horse
I’m reminded again of the old adage: “Victory has a thousand fathers. Defeat is an orphan.”

Trump is the strong horse and he has the mo’. Hillary is in the rear view mirror.

Care to guess who is the orphan?
Trump is sure to win if liberals all stay home!
They say Hillary still has a 60% chance of winning.

They hedging their bets - they have a tab showing Trump would win if liberal voters stay home - its 95% chance for The Donald.
Hillary is done.
Just what we need in a CinC. Someone who looks half-dead.

Bad optics make voters feel afraid. Hillary is done.
This election is over
Hillary can’t seem to catch a break.

You know, this is going to be an indelible weekend image, just like her 9/11 fall was.

The election is over.
Did I mention Hillary is done?
For Barry, its all about him.

Hillary is an afterthought. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah, he’s insulted he has to share the limelight with HER.

Hillary is done.
It's a coverup! Hillary is done!
Trump will win.

When the MSM calls the race a tie, its MSMspeak for our candidate is losing.

They’ll never admit Trump is winning.

If Hillary was winning, they’d already be calling the election over.

So they’ll portray it as a horse race just to try to drag Hillary over the finish line.

The bottom line ain’t great. Hillary is done.
The Washington Post secretly knows Hillary is done.
Washington Post is in meltdown mode today.

Love it! Trump is rising in the polls, so the WaPost’s Hillary Concern Trolls are coming out of the woodwork.

Hillary is done.
The way to tell a winner is that they stop campaigning.
If Hillary is really leading in PA, why does she need her surrogates to go campaign there for her? Doesn’t she have the Keystone State locked up?

There’s your tell. Hillary is done.
As he said...
Trump’s surge is resuming.... like I said, Hillary is done.
...Or is is AMERICA that is done?????????
We’re a dying country.

I’m the last of my generation to be brought up with respect for authority, to fear the police and to do the right thing.

The values that defined America are breaking down and we’re regressing to a feral society.

Not the kind of sight I expected to see in my lifetime.
Also with blacks - Hillary is done.
Trump is winning over more black voters than any recent GOP candidate... a record.

Democrats dimly realize this, which why they’re playing the race card early. It isn’t working.

Hillary is done.
More funny numbers on Hillary and blacks and done
Trump is grabbing almost 20% of the black vote in PA??

Mitt got only 8%! There’s your tell. A Democrat can’t win with 68% of the black vote.

Hillary is done.
In 2012, same delusion:
Americans like someone who doesn’t take himself seriously. That’s why Mitt Romney will be our next and 45th President Of These United States!
Rhode Island, Massachusetts are in play
CT, RI and MA are in play.

Hillary’s support there is in the single digits.

She has to run ads in a Blue State 50 days out from the election?

Hillary is done.
More on Massachusetts going for Trump
I wouldn’t rule out MA.

Last time a Republican carried it was Reagan in 1984.

Trump won the GOP primary there by a landslide earlier this year.
Trump's gonna win NY
NY is winnable - Trump has big leads upstate and in the downstate collar counties.

NYC is always the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Hillary needs to be held down to 60-65% out of NYC for him to win the state.

Tough but doable. Hillary’s support is so soft there an upset is quite possible.

Why? Her national numbers are underwater.
Trump's gonna win Vermont
Liberal VT?

If Trump wins there, NY is also gonna go Trump. Ditto for CT and NJ.

It would be a short night, indeed.
Trump's gonna win PA
Trump has a good chance of winning PA.

I’d trust Reuters/Ipsos before I trust Morning Call/Muhlenberg.

Funny party ID math.
New Mexico
Poor Hillary - she can’t get liberal voters enthused about her.

Every one else is going Trump.

Heck, NM is going Trump! And Trump has jumped out to a big lead in UT!
Any place Hillary isn’t up by 10+, should be considered a toss-up.

Yup, you’re looking at Blue State MN.
Obama only appeals to racist thugs who hate Hillary!
What progress?

And do racist black voters give a rip about an old white woman?

I have the feeling Barry’s appeal leaves them cold.
More analysis of racist black America:
Racist Black America will never vote for Carson because he’s the house ni***h. Quite simply, a black Republican is an Uncle Tom.

He will never be President.
Trust only the comforting polls!
Another poll oversampling Democrats.

They must have polled Philly & Pittsburgh to obtain the spread.

Toss this one in the wastebasket.
And of course he trusts Russia's polling about Putin's popularity:
Merkel wishes she had Putin’s popularity.
This in the bag election is the most important ever.
Our country is headed for despotic totalitarianism if they’re not stopped.

Two centuries of American freedoms are on the line.
Hillary will get no convention bounce
Hillary will get no convention bounce.

I don’t think any sane person is watching the freak show.

If they had held a Democratic convention and no one cared, what about the rest of the race?

Hillary is gonna leave Philadelphia weighed down by baggage and more damaging email dumps yet to come.

Plus, we’re entering the dead zone of August when people are looking to the Olympics and she’s gonna struggle to be seen.

Love it!
Those 2016 riots are good news for Trump
Good news for Trump.

If it looks like a long hot summer of riots, mayhem and Get Whitey, Democrats are going to have to defend it.

And Trump like Nixon, is moving to present himself as a Law And Order candidate.

If the racist BLMers want to sabotage Hillary, they’re doing a bang-up job of it.

I hope she goes on the White Guilt tour.
October 2012
I agree with Dick Morris.

Its not based on anything scientific - just a feeling we’re looking at a landslide.

The polls are all converging now and state polls - always lagging indicators, appear to be following suit.

And folks on Intrade are dumping once sure fire Obama stocks as fast as they can.
I take it that was not a learning moment.

How could Scotland vote against freedom and stay in the UK?

You’d expect the vote for independence to be overwhelming.

Don’t people want freedom? But that’s a rare thing in the history of mankind.
Except for every state in America, it seems.

Only suckers pay for health insurance.
Only suckers pay for health insurance.

I’m happy on Medicaid. Why on earth would I want to pay exorbitant premiums for health insurance?

The perverse consequence of ObamaCare is single payer is in our future - whether by accident or design.

We’ll see it in place before the end of the decade.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

WiFi activism

Commenter RomneyGuyHere found this little group of Freepers trying to feel powerful and activist while maintaining their lazy and passive-aggressive lifestyle.

I don't know if it's the politics of the profession, the nature of Internet forums, or just random chance but A lot of Freepers are computer-tech types. So when a Freeper posted about how he's naming his wifi with Freepish terms in, "My WiFi Yard Signs," some Freepers got pretty excited.

That's interesting enough, but Freepers' gloating at the reaction of hypothetical liberals is almost as lame as their planned wifi burns are.

WMarshal loves making people using Starbucks' wifi roll their eyes for a moment:
On my iPhone I named the WiFi personal hotspot “Obamasucks” and when I work remotely from a Starbucks I am sure it upsets a lot of Libtards.
RW_Whacko is also stoked for some Starbucks activism:
I've ordered the components to make one of these.
I hate Starbucks coffee but gonna take it there and 'socialize' it, just for laughs.

Hillary for PRISON - 2016
Typelouder has allowed himself to have a liberal neighbor. Unclean!
Ours has been NOBAMA for about 7 years. Have a neighbor with Yes Hillary, 2016. He’s a old liberal lawyer.
usconservative is really excited to troll his coworkers, and has all the tech-specs planned out like technobabble in some 1990s Internet thriller:
That's HILARIOUS!!!!! I have a few (read that: at least 4, probably 5..) old wi-fi routers laying around. I'm stealing your idea, it's AWESOME!

I'm gonna drive our Security Ops guys nuts at work too on Monday. One of 'em is a big Obama and now Shrillary fan. I'm bringing in my Pine64, making it a hot-spot and turning on the Bluetooth and doing the same thing. LOL!! I'm gonna SPRAY the place in wifi with HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016!!
Zeneta gets the most replies, though, by changing the subject from anti-Hillary campaigning to more purestrain bigotry:
I live in an apartment building that is full of Muslims.

What should I re-name my Wi-fi?

Islam is a death cult?

Mohammad is a Pedophile?

And there are soo many more.
Jmouse007 responds with these:

Jesus Loves You

allah wants you DEAD
LizardQueen is far from the only one to make a pork joke:

Yaelle knows group insults never have the punch as picking an innocent target to tear down:
Thought of another one for ya.

Achmed Boom Boom Clock Factory
Yaelle then follows up with more prosaic anti-Muslim insults:
Since you don’t want to be vandalized, raped, etc, you might try something more tempting for them like Omar’s Pretty Goat Farm or Halal Meats and Brides.
VanDeKoik remembers, hey, wasn't this about Hillary once?
Another good name would be “Leaked_Democrat_Emails”.
But mostly Freepers revel in hating Muslims, not Hillary/Trump stuff, for whatever reason.