Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Bumper crop this week:

Conspiracy Theories

True Republican Patriot re: the Gates question as Obama's secret political strategy.
That Reporter was planted with the question “re the arrests” as the last question purposely sto give Zero the opportunity to vent and rant. He showed his true Hatred, thru his carefully calibrated words, but by all reports he was seathing that the police would arrest “his close friend, fund raiser and confidant:-(
RckyRaCoCo re: the cover-up of Madoff's secret Democratic ties
They didn’t want a long, drawn out, trial. Too much information would have come out.

Wouldn't have something to do with the fact that he and his wifes political contributions were 80-90% democrap....nah.
April Lexington re: who Republicans in Congress hide their secret birther tendencies:
No. It is more subtle. The president is being blackmailed. How do you react as a GOP member? Jump on and let the Russians destroy POTUS or try to figure out how to get this clown to the end of his term without destroying the country. There is a reason the GOP establishment wants us to shut up. They think they can just win by default in 2010 and 2012 if Obama fades into irrelevance. I think that strategy is lacking, but, the GOP doesn't have an alternative plan...
Analysis of Liberals

These traitors [The CIA] are simply every day democrats working hard to destroy America. The sooner we come to realize who they really are and what they are really about the sooner we will get to resolving the core problem. Many democrats, especially those in power are not Americans, they don’t want to be Americans, they hate the very idea of America. There is no desire to coexist with Americans, they will not allow Americans to exist when they get their full power.
It’s right back to the restricted perspective that for every have there is a have not, because somebody else, or something has taken away by the act of possession from somebody else.

IOW “the Rich” are evil because they possess that which belongs to the poor. They (”the rich”) took away the sum of whatever from the limited pool, therefore others cannot partake of that which is their right to have as well. It’s not fair sayeth the collectivist whom cannot see beyond the zero-sum.

This collectivist health-care crap is based upon that same bullscoot mentality that is the retarded Leftist zero-sum perspective.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. No kidding.

rcrngroup analyzing a Liberal Judge's resume:
Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle was appointed to the United States District Court in October 1999.

She received a B.A. from Wellesley College in 1970

Masters in City Planning from Yale University in 1972, and a J.D. from Boston College Law School in 1975.

...served in the Civil, Criminal and Family Divisions until her appointment to the federal bench.

...taught trial practice at Harvard Law School's Trial Advocacy Workshop and at the University of Virginia School of Law
Obama's unforgivable blackness:


The darkest chapter of American history yet to be written will be entitled “The Kenyan Imposter”.

Presley OBannon

After Barack Obama’s racist outburst Officer Crowley should be saying:

“This is what happens to anyone who gets in the way of America’s new black elite ruling class.”

Random craziness

PhiKapMom making shit up about southern states' receiving more federal tax money than they put in:

Before President Bush took office, Oklahoma/Texas and others out here got back about $.68 cents on the dollar so it will take years to recoup. Without Pres Bush we would probably still be receiving $.68 cents on the dollar or less.

Couldn't find number pre-Bush but I'm pretty sure this is bullshit.

crazydad admiring Saddam:

Freaking hippies.. Maybe Saddam had it right with the Wood chipper.. Sorry this just pisses me off..

Well, at least he didn't say "Fuck." That would be obscene.

Saturday Pix

Note: All blacks look like the above and can't talk good. Plus for some reason they always call Freepers "racist!"

What is it about Obama and Winnie the Pooh?

Black people are all scary and angry!

Well, I'm glad Marx and Lenin got on well in Commie Heaven!

See, it's funny cause she was killed by a bulldozer, and she was liberal!

Nothing racist to see here. Move along.


Instead of a villain, today we will photoshop Obama onto the face of a war hero.

How Smart is Obama?

Freepers inquire into the President's intelligence. I hope you like hilarious "teleprompter" jokes!

bareford101 believes Obama was educated stupid:
He cannot even talk without his teleprompter. He has no original thoughts... just socialist propaganda. His education was severely limited to the area of socialism and communism and revolution. I surely don't think he could go nose to nose with a freshman in college if that freshman really had earned his or her way and not gotten in because of their color.
Menehune56 blames Obama's native dumbitude instead:

He certainly doesn’t sound very intelligent when is off the teleprompter. Too bad we can’t take a look at his college grades for an objective assessment. That’s probably one of the reasons they’re off limits.

Hey! I know what the Birthers will be doing next if Obama ever shoes his Long Form Original Notarized Registered Super Dragon Platinum Version Birth Certificate! They'll all become Graders!

TexasRepublic has proof Obama had his books ghost written: he's a Commie:
I remember that dictators of communist countries would often puff up their alleged intelligence with ghost-written books and other propaganda to impress the proletariate. Nicolea Ceausescu, dictator of Romania, and his wife were infamous for it.
ken21 manages to keep Obama as a Worthy Foe AND say he's stupid!

obama’s cunning, not intelligent.

Thus he is still dangerous, but not, you know, smart.

Califreak goes even further:

I don’t believe he’s stupid.

It’s just an act to disguise how dangerous he is.

Whoa. So he's a smart guy pretending to be a stupid guy putting on a smart facade?! OMG! It's a double reverse! Dastardly!

omega4179 opens the thesis up to Dems versus Reps in general:

Quayle was clearly smarter than Biden.
Bush had dyslexia and still got better grade points then Kerry.

And Palin is a GENIUS! Clearly smarter than Clinton!

Huebolt has yet another take:
He's actually NEVER had an original thought in his life. He is nothing but a talking head for the DNC. That was obvious in the debates, where the questions were known beforehand and he was COACHED on every syllable and intonation. A brain-dead actor, and con-artist extraordinaire. The democrat party will probably destroy the US where Stalin, Hitler, and Hirohito failed.
Way to raise the stakes! Obama doesn't even think at all! Also, the debates were a ruse, somehow. Plus Stalin!

The famous Indian Genocide myth

This is a new one. On a seemingly run-of-the-mill Obama is totally racist thread, Freepers start discussing American Indians. I knew Freepers liked to kick it old-skool, but I had no idea they liked to kick it 1500 Conquistador style:

Marie2 has an odd idea of ownership.

“If someone took your homeland and country by force and killed and raped most of your native race/family/ancestors”

They killed and raped a lot of us, too. And they didn’t own the land here.

They just lived on it! We totally win by right of conquest! Plus they were violent to us after we shot and enslaved them!

rom backs her up, and adds a splash of paternalism too:

I think the Native Americans themselves were involved in some annexing, pillaging, raping and looting too. I’m sure scalping was a harmless pastime of theirs.

I wonder how many tribes have disappeared from Native American on Native American violence?

Good point! We were totally saving them from themselves!

believes the issue is one of semantics:
“Indians are the real Americans”

They built this nation from the ground up?
They referred themselves as “Americans” prior to Columbus & Eriksson?
Who are you to say who a real American is?

Perhaps you meant that America is their ancestral homeland?
But really, this pissant stuff is like 1800's or so. Leave it to Jo Nuvark to take us back to the 1500's:

I’ve often been amazed at the length anthropoligists
will go to “preserve” a depraved and degenerate primitive
tribe of people. We used to “elevate” found primitives.
Now we enable them and even embrace their deviancy. we weren't have shooting the American Indians and taking their land, we were "elevating" them.

But for the real Conquistador flavor, ya gotta go with Star Traveler. Accept no substitutes:
I don’t know how on earth I can ever work to support any kind of culture that abandons God, or has false gods, or teaches ways that are against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For me to support such a culture would be to promote sending people straight to hell, and why would I want to do that?

No, even if I didn’t *overtly* try to change such a culture like that (and encourage ancient beliefs and so on) — at the very least, I would want that culture to die a swift and quick death, for the benefit of the people who were caught in it...

[... and yes... I know this is not typical talk... :-) but it’s true...]

God wanted us to kill them all! Really, it's bad we let any of them live to practice their heathencraft!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What happens when you date black men

A young lady in Britain was murdered by her boyfriend. Horrible story. Freepers, of course, offer little sympathy for the victim, though they are big on justice revenge. Here's the twist: boyfriend is black! And after the whole Gates thing made racism cool again, we have quite the thread:

GOP_Party_Animal knows who to blame:

You know, when couples live together before marriage it often doesn’t work out.

originalbuckeye would prefer to blame England:
When I was living in Britain, in the 80’s, a woman was found murdered near my in-laws home. All the evidence pointed to her husband but the jury's verdict? Misadventure. It WAS pointed out in the trial that she had been nagging him. He walked free.
Who needs juries when orignialbuckeye knows all?

(BTW, Misadventure seems to be accidental death. )

Seruzawa continues in the vigilante vein:
Good Gawd, girl, that was a dumb thing to do. I guess that hooking up with bad boys thing didn't work out so well. Sorry he didn't do this in Texas though so we could put him out of his misery permanently.
Red in Blue PA is also angry at the perp's mother:

If there truly was justice, they would both be strung up.

Summary execution is not always a bad thing.

So badass!


Why do some women seek out men who treat them like crap?

It isnt like she didnt know what he was like.

IMO she should qualify for a Darwin award.

pistolpetestoys is even less sympathetic:

You lie down with dogs,you get up with fleas.Does this qualify as a hate crime?

Not clear on the concept of hate crimes, I guess.

MrB sees a bit of a racial component:

license to blacks to commit crime, and making saying/doing anything about it a crime.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elections will be meaningless once our life is under the control of the government!

Freepers don't have much of substance to say about health care. If you want to skip this post, the short version is "GOVERNMENT BAAAD!"

norraad has a story to tell:
I heard on the radio ol'Niki Krusteff was up in Ronny Rayguns face saying "Your Grandchildren will live in a Communist America, and it will be accomplished through healthcare!".

All the more reason to shoot this sucker down w/o prejudice!
I like how it's totally focused on health care! If all Russians were so prophetic, they were a worthy foe indeed! (Interestingly, even the quote I thought it came from is false)

whitedog57 isn't quite sure what a Republic is:

Private negotiations? We are the people, you assholes!!!!!!

God, I hate these people!

Though when Cheney did it with energy, it was awesome, I'm sure.

Charles Martel
has never met a problem yet he couldn't punch into submission. This is no different!

Perhaps we should invite them to test the limits of their own medical coverage, if you know what I mean.

texgal takes refuge in old plans:

Time for the nuclear option - Contract your governers and tell them to exercise your state’s 10th amendment right not to accept this.

And then - tea parties!

Step 3 is Victory.

EricT. heard the word "bipartisan" and knows what to do:

What did the French Resistance do with collaborators?

concerned about politics shows how important this issue is:
Once our flesh and bones are under the control of the self serving politicians. Imagine the power they'd have if our physical bodies were completely their disposal.
Already, they're eliminating the elderly and the newborn useless eaters in this bill. When the money falls short again (which it will) and they need to cut back their sharing the wealth even more, who's going to be chosen to die next?This is what they're voting on. Who lives and who dies - for now.
Just like that fascist state Canada!

And now this word from outer space

Lazy blacks edition:

Blacks hate asians and hispanics because they’re willing to work, and not just sit around bitching and demanding handouts.

Racism supplied by ozzymandus (No relation)

Monday, July 27, 2009

What is the Favorite Beer of Marxists?

Obama takes officer Crowley up on his offer to share a beer with Gates. This sort of down-homey, blue-collar tactic goes directly against Freepers' narrative about elitist libs. And they can't even use their usual out that Obama is lying, since newly anointed working-man hero Crowley is the one who suggested it!

Thus, you get some very amusing incoherence:

NormsRevenge goes for a flip, though insane retort:

Maybe [Crowley]’s gonna arrest O for impersonating a legal US citizen. sneaky cop.

I'm not sure what Kirkwood is saying, but I'm pretty sure it's horrifyingly sexist:

Oprah and Michelle should be there to serve peanuts.

Humidston goes for willful ignorance:
From the piece: "I am pleased that he, too, is eager to use my experience as a teaching moment, and if meeting Sgt. Crowley for a beer with the president will further that end, then I would be happy to oblige," Gates said in a statement..."

Sgt. Crowley needs to be taught??? I don't think the problem is with Crowley. Looks like the racists are the professor and Mr. Obama!

Yes, that is who Obama is planning to teach. It's tempting to call Freepers stupid, but really it's not even wilful ignorance, it's anger. I think they know how silly they sound, but at least they're lashing out. Come to think of it, that explains birther madness as well.

Glenn has a beer suggestion:

Colt 40.

Racism aside, there is actually a rather diverting joke-discussion of exactly what sort of beer a Marxist would drink.

kcvl goes for the "If this were Bush"...wrong subject, dude.

I think Obama should really cut down on the beer drinking. Had this been George Bush and talked about beer as much as Obama does they would be calling him an alcoholic. But the anointed one can do no wrong in the eyes of most of the press. Just watch a ‘news conference’ for proof.


Seruzawa wins the thread though:

Yeah. A beer. Except that Zero and Gates will sip Guiness while Crowley sits in the kitchen with the help drinking Icehouse.


Monday potpourri.

I can't be sure, but I think Munz has reached new heights of Obama hate:

I have reconsidered my position and have found [Obama] and his wife lacking. Even their organs should never be allowed to contaminate any other body death is preferable to having any of that evil placed inside another human.

Republic of Texas has totally legitimate concerns:

No, you are correct, this bill gives them control of EVERYTHING. Because everything can be a health hazard, and since they will be paying for your healthcare, they can control every aspect of our lives, including whether or not people GET TO LIVE AT ALL.

Mamzelle has an interesting view of the Daily Show's audience:
Oh, goody--Liebowitz is on the warpath. He reminds me a lot of Perez Hilton--but I understand he only seems gay.

So he thinks he can turn his aging meth-head, butt-head audience into anti-birther shock troops?

Birthers (this term is new to me this week) have grown legs. Everyone is wondering now.
Upon hearing that Bin Laden's son was reportedly killed in a US airstrike, Dryman asks the important question:

when was airstrike? Before Jan 20th?

MeneMeneTekelUpharsin is down the rabbit hole.

Someone in Obama’s administration is going to have Rush assassinated. I cannot believe that bunch is going to let Rush continue to eviscerate them with the facts.

hinckley buzzard proves no issue is too small for a conspiracy theorist:
soon the media may actually begin to ask some difficult questions, like who was that second guy that vanished into the mists? And how come "Doctor" Gates doesn't seem to have ever finished a dissertation anywhere?
dragnet2 thinks we've almost solved the race problem in America - we just need to get rid of all those races!
Last time I was on a large college campus, it was clear, few attending the school were American...They had Hispanic studies, African American studies, Middle Eastern and Muslim studies, assorted Hindus, people from the Congo, Outer Mongolia, and they even had some kind of shrine for India on campus, with what appeared to be some kind of bloated voodoo God rising out of the center quad area.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Pix

Yeah, Obama's totally going to be forgotten by history. Right after he totally destroys America.

Really, I'm shocked British nativist crazies don't turn up more on Free Republic.

LOL at making the educated black woman act all black!

At this point, I'm not offended, just sort of bemused.

I like these pics that have a bit of everything. Obama's face on a bad-guy, teleprompter, Muhammad...It's a smorgasbord of crazy!

...Odd. Saying Hillary is a man is kinda used up. But I am a fan of nipples so I'm down.

Obama's plans to universalize health care in order to kill old people! Only Freepers know the secret!

Yay, Goodwin is like twice as cool when photoshopped!

Note: when making fun of someone with photoshop, try to use a pic that doesn't look so cool.

Obama does not PRAY, he PREYs

Seems to me it's been a heavy, depressing week politically. So lets have some lighter fare - blind rage against Obama Always a good time!

So Obama says he prays all the time. Freepers feel a bit threatened by that.

TurtleUp seems to know a lot about Obama's prayer habits:

I’d like to believe the druggie when he says he prays to God, and he needs to pray, but I have my doubts. The part where he draws a pentacle before his “prayers” worries me almost as much as the part where he kneels down on the prayer rug five times a day and faces Mecca. An actual prayer “in Jesus’ name? I’m a skeptic.

Satanist AND Muslim! Whatta Champion!

FreeAtlanta has a prediction I'm sure he'll stick to:
I bet he makes a pilgrimage to Mecca before he leaves office. Either this term, if he isn't re-elected or doesn't run for #2, or sometime in the next term. It will be a big ha ha, I fooled all of you narcisistic rub.
Yeah...or just a visit to the Arab world. We're having a bit of a to-do with them at the moment, you see.

Listen up everyone! RichInOC has something to add:

Mr. President, God is good all the time.

You, on the other hand, suck.

God is good ALL THE TIME! Wow!

may be in for a bit of an alternate history:
What a chump.

This asshole has nothing on his plate compared to W's first term.

Damn whiner.
Oh, yeah. Obama's got nothing going on.

has some deep insight into religion to share with Obama:

Mr. Obama, As any ghost of a “former” Taliban or Al Quida member who was ever on the downrange end of the 30mm chaingun on an Apache will tell you, Allah does not exist, or answer prayers either.

Unlike all the Christians who die, where it's all a mysterious plan. Very different. (Note, I am a Christian, just not a dick about it.)

txhurl has some faith though:

Maybe he’s sat alone in the Oval Office at night and wondered why he had to pay ACORN to execute his fraud while
Sarah’s fans pay to help support her attempt at honest reform.

If 0 gets struck with a moral lightning bolt, we’ll see it. Until then, Axelrod Goebellian BS.

Yeah, Obama really was hurting for fans back in 2008.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reverse Racism

So Obama had a press conference and talked about how he thought the police acted "stupidly" when they arrested that black Harvard Prof. Freepers play the race card.

I was going to post about that, till I found the followup: "Obama Says Racism Affects Criminal-Justice System"

Needless to say, Freepers disagree with this fact:

Logical me starts with the race card:
Are we getting a better idea who King Obama is? Henry Louis Gates is a personal friend of his. This insane childlike sick King Obama is a pure racist. He had no idea that Gates refused to cooperate with the police. He should have been charged and spent at least a day in jail. That cop did his job and I'm one proud puppy to see we do have some real police.
Yes, all the facts are in if you only listen to the cop's point of view!

668 - Neighbor of the Beast is a big fan of cops at his door at all hours of the day:

As a homeowner, I certainly would not be angry if a cop responded to a report of a possible breakin at my home. Furthermore, the cop would get my ID on the first try...if in fact he needed it, which he wouldn’t, since I’m the sort of citizen who actually knows every cop in my community. Maybe Gates needs to get involved like that, and spend less time in salons (or saloons as the case may be).

"I’m the sort of citizen who actually knows every cop in my community." Holy close-mindedness Batman!

1/1,000,000th% has an interesting question:

The head racist should know.

Has he fired all the white secret service agents yet?

Shockingly, no.

TexasCajun goes for the sexism racism twofer:
"Barry! Git Your Ass Out There and Defend our friend from that racist cracker pig!"

[Pic of Michelle Obama]

"...and don't make me tell you twice!"
choctaw man will show 'em

TIP TO NON-MINORITY POLICE OFFICERS: next time there’s a call in this neighborhood, be unavailable...

"Accuse us of racism, will they? Well, we'll just act all racist against fancy Harvard suburbs then!"


He’s right about that one. All those blacks that think that the “white man’s laws” don’t apply to them certainly do affect the criminal justice system.

Yes, the racism in the system is all those black criminals! This kind of attitude is sure to sooth racial tensions!

Speaking of which, you have Secret Agent Man, who hasn't come so far since 1860.
White on black rape hardly ever occurs, in the hundreds each year. Black on white rape occurs in the tens of thousands each year - two orders of magnitude higher.
"Where the white women at" indeed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cronkite's many sins

For whatever reason, Freepers toned down the sanctimonious "I will take the high road and not only gloat silently bad about that dead liberal." Thus, we have threads like this: Walter Cronkite's Push for Abortion and Homosexuality, 1965-2003

F15Eagle has an interesting quote, that I'm sure is totally in context:

Walter Cronkite said “he was glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan”

Zionist Conspirator compared Cronkite to the Great Satan, FDR:

I suppose if FDR were alive today, even at age 127 he'd be out there pushing his wheelchair in a march to legalize bestiality.

As I said on another thread, Cronkite and the Ivy League are tied as exhibit A in the theory that the Left is actually run by the Old American Establishment. Thurston Howell Guevara III?
MestaMachine would like to point out that this Cronkite guy wasn't all that great:

Why doesn’t the fawning coverage of this man EVER bring up the fact that he was ONLY an “icon” because at the time, there WASN”T anyone else? Three channels. Three anchors. All liberal. And everyone in this hemisphere watched the CBS Evening News. He just happened to get in when the getting was good...for him.

Dutchboy88 is typing something, but I can't quite tell what it is:

Even here at FR, the vast majority support Hollywood by attending the movies, thus giving tacit ascent to the far left’s opinions setting the morals for the country. We don’t really do what we advocate.

Why would groups like the Vatican praise this darkened pagan for his work? He hated everything they wanted to promote. Hmmmmm.

panzerkampfwagen is aaall about the piss:

Walter was a pig. A leftist filthmonger that was just another traitor to Christian America. I hope he packed his sunscreen.

Piss on him. He betrayed the country, its fighting men and millions of unborn.

need I say it again: Piss on him. Where he’s now, he’ll welcome the moisture.

Is piss some military parlance, like puke? Cause Freepers love to go to the piss bit:

Finally, we have Clemenza apropos of nothing attacking the way America does things:
"Will of the People" and "Majority Rule" are two concepts that ANY true "conservative" should be against. The masses are fickle and often stupid and will vote themselves into slavery.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Metaphysical Guns

After the head Freeper unilaterally fired all of Congress and repealed the 16th and 17th Amendments, as well as declaring war on Obama, he was repudiated by the right and ridiculed by the left.

Needless to say, he has the entire online world right where he wants them. Freeper paranoia is proven right! Everyone is really out to get them!

pillut48 thinks doubling down on the crazy is an awesome strategy:

So glad we’ve got someone to lead FR who sticks to his METAPHYSICAL guns and doesn’t give in or compromise on all the important stuff!! :-)

(Countdown to my post being used by lefties like LGF to describe actual shootemups in 3...2...1...) LOL!! :-)

Wait, Little Green Footballs is lefty now? Say it ain't so, Frantzie!

Wow what happened to Little Green Footballs? That guy went nuts. Was he bought off by the Saudis like Ariana was?

I tried to post something their a yea ago before he went bonkers and it was a decent web site. He does a good job at supressing free speech in his LGF forums.

Unlike Free Republic, which is known for its intellectual diversity.

clintonh8r knows how important this is:

Keep applying the pressure. It’s beginning to matter.

bfree knows fear is the little death, so he opts for impotent rage instead:

F*** liberals. Hunt them down and destroy them and their lives. Let their families know they are the scum of the earth.

But 444Flyer is the one who figures out what is really going on:

The best revenge is a generous donation!!!;)

Oh, JimRob you magnificent bastard! I'll bet donations are up like 20%.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday potpourri.

muawiyah has news!

Leahy is evil. He has engaged in politically motivated assassination and murders.

rbg81 knows what Sotomayor is thinking:

Did anyone watch her body language today? In particular, her rapidly fluttering eyelids when explaining the “wise Latina” comment. It was quite stunning. This is one body language cue that often points to lying.


Amos the Prophet waxes poetical:

The smell of a liberal wretches the stomach of patriots but is sweet smelling amphoria to our enemies.

Dream Warrior may have mixed up "activist" with "asshole." (Note, I have edited for length, but kept the content.)

Not that I'm doing enough, but I am an ACTIVIST.

1) I've cut McCain's name off my Palin/McCain bumper sticker.

2) Without fail, I call 3 or 4 senators or congressman’s offices DAILY. I call their Washington office and their district office(s). I generally do this after the office is closed so that their phone messaging system is full when they get back to work.

3) Everywhere I shop, when I get my change, I always make a loud comment about that is all I get out of the “Change you can believe in) slogan, You would be surprised how many folks chime in and agree that they too are getting screwed by obama.

4) We have a small business and frequently post a sign that reads “Spend your stimulus funds here!” Now that really gets peoples attention.

5) I call city and state governmental offices when ever I hear they are embracing obama’s loony programs.

6) When I send out mail, I always print the following message under the stamp. “Stop Socialism, Stop 0bama!

Son House knows who to blame for the recent Indonesian bombings.
A more vigilant President wouldn’t have let this happen. The CIA director has failed too.
Yes, Obama is also responsible for Indonesian security! Similarly, Bush really dropped the ball in England and Saudi Arabia, not to mention Iraq!

SatinDoll is under siege!

Since last summer that “son of a bitch” [Obama] (a description I agree with) has had people trying to hack into my computer, first from his senate office building in Washington, D.C., then from Chicago, and now again from Washington, D.C.

My kid is a great ethical hacker, and has backtracked every attempt. We had contacted the FBI but they’ve done nothing (big surprise there!)

My sense of outrage is indescribable. But the people I hate are the ones who have made this possible - scum like Soros. Obama, like a skunk, is just doing what comes natural. Catch my drift?

Finally, nmh has a plan to get rid of not just Obama, but the whole Obama family!

Tell Michele she’s going on a spending spree AGAIN at tax payer expense - mainly the well to do WHITE folks. Tell Obama they’re having a party in his honor with famous Africa leaders at a surprise location. Tell the kiddies they’re going of a field trip where WEALTHY people want to honor Daddy and Mommy but LEAVE THE DOG HOME where it is safe.

Not even the kids are safe!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I presume you heard about this

Head Freeper's declaration of war and removal of Obama and Biden for Clinton(!). Also, John Wayne.

It's all over the internets. Personally, I like FARK's take on it. Haiku, is there anything you can't do?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Pix

Obama as Post Turtle. Folksy!

"Looter Guy" is emblematic of how Freepers think of blacks, hence he turns up as Obama a whole lot.

Haw Haw! Obama can't throw! Cause Freepers could totally do better!

Palin can't quit! Freepers will just photoshop her till she resurrects!

Haw Haw! Obama still can't throw! This is a very big deal!

Operation: pretend Palin is a winner continues!

Yes, Republicans are sure having trouble fighting the left.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama yells at NAACP

Freepers reactions to Obama's speech to NAACP:

The Spirit Of Allegiance has a question for Obama.
FAR more Black children are aborted than Whites or Hispanics.

Are you a Racist?
Yes, yes he is.


I watched this speech and he scared me. He seemed angry and almost about to spit. This sent chills up my spine!

Obama's saying black people should shape up scared you?

When do we get liberated? was born a poor black child...
I have no education past high school, I have been a drug dealer (dozen years ago) and a pimp. I applied myself and gave some thought to my personal destiny and at my mid thirties, I have a good career and a great life. No silver spoon here even if my skin is white.
The only thing holding the ghetto back is a sharp dose of “Holy Crap, do I want to live like that?” On the other hand the government could go broke giving away money and not change anything.
So we should leave black people to help themselves! Inspiring! Also, it is what Obama said!

But workerbee has Obama's secret answer as to why
No mention of why if you are black you arte more likely to live in the ghetto. No mention of why you are more likely to be incarcerated. No mention of personal responsibility

Just a guess, but I'm perrrrty sure there was a tacit understanding that it was the White Man's fault. (if not George Bush, specifically).
Obama may not have said it, but Freepers are gonna pretend he did! Hooray for victimization narratives!

1-Eagle agrees

This all goes along with Rush’s assessment that Obama is here to punish America.

Cause he wants black people to get themselves out of the ghetto?


He took on a real Jeremiah Wright persona, did he not? Right down to the ‘preacher’ sing-song (don’t know what that’s called).

I'll leave that generalization to lie there like the turd it is.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama pitches like Hitler

It is funny how so many Freepers have this instinct to go for the capillary, rather than the jugular. Over-analyzing Obama's facial expressions will have at least as many posts as analyzing his health care bill. To be fair, liberals do this too. Still, it is bizarre:

skr knows his baseball. And how a pitch can tell volumes about a man:
The umpire had to come in to catch the ball. Obama’s windup looked okay but he cut his followthrough short. Sort of par for the course for the Chicago senator who tried to avoid having to take a stand.
Reeses agrees,though he is more prosaic:

Obama’s left handed. How fitting.

Evil Slayer takes that...somewhere...
The guy is NOT of this world. Does anyone know WHO he is and where he came from? For obvious reasons, he has been placed in a position to bring about the destruction of this country and eventually the rise of the One World Order and the entrance of the antichrist.
Obama's pitching means he's from the devil?

can top that:

Muslims aim at the head a helpless women that have been buried up to their necks, so it’s no surprise that Obama’s pitch it the dirt.

which inevitably leads us to rawcatslyentist's post:
It truly reminds me of the 30-40's German press.

Have you ever seen the censored cuts of Der Fuhrer at the Olympics? He's a freakin geektard!

How is this ANY DIFFERENT?
And, lest you think this petty, Arthur Wildfire! March would like some words with you:

If the rats want to take sleazy, slanderous, scummy cheap shots at the Palin family, then this criticism should be considered light weight. But the rats will just call us ‘petty’, when they are the masters of ‘petty’.

YES! Liberals are bad, so we can be bad too! Freeper logic awaaaay!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Seems a Freeper army reserve officer is refusing to be called up till he sees the Birth Certificate. (Long form, of course)

proud American in Canada lets us know how big a deal this is:

There is no longer legitimate National Command Authority in the United States of America. If you refuse to follow a direct order, on the grounds of that order coming from an illegal CINC, then you go away scot free: order rescinded.

As of today, we now have a Constitutional crisis.

Danae is pretty sure everyone in the know is aware of how Obama is going down!

Have you noticed just how HARD the Dims are trying to shove their agenda through. It makes you think, DC knows what Obama’s problem is, and knows that the timer has started ticking down. What I don’t get is this: Anything the Usurper signs is illegal... so why bother?

But MrB thinks this Cooke character may be playing into Obama's Muslim hands:

Causing chaos in the chain of command in the military could very well be a major step FORWARD in 0bama’s overall plan to destroy the country.

Sig Sauer P220 kind of goes the opposite direction. Take down Obama, to hell with national security!
EVERY member of the military should challenge Zero.
wintertime thinks that the attorney handling the case is awesome:
I dearly love Dr. Lawyer Taitz, but her consistent record of procedural errors, combined with her penchant for hyperbole and questionable publicity does not make her the attorney of choice in this matter.

I don't see any other lawyers stepping up. I do admire her. With her puny little on-line law degree ( and no experience), she is like David facing the army of the Philistines.

So?...Why aren't don't other lawyers "man-up" and give this little brave lady a hand?
ROLF of the HILL COUNTRY has praise for the Freeper-soldier:
This guy is an extreme patriot! He has risked his liberty, fortune, and sacred honor!

This guy actually had the b@lls to do what thousands of his comrades-in-arms wanted to but they valued their careers too much to do so!

This is the crack in the dam; the camel's nose under the tent; it only gets better from here!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday potpourri.

I see my hands takes his politics a biiit seriously.

[Michael] Jackson was a Lefty. His fans are Lefties. The default position when facts are incomplete regarding a Lefty is to assume and spread the worst. It’s not hard.

HiTech RedNeck may or may not have a shrine to a certain Conservative in his chapel/bedroom.

Like [Sarah Palin's] own Savior, the slain Christ, her resurrection will seem to come awfully quickly on the heels of her “death.” She’s already consulting with the big boys. She has taken a lemon which was partly of her own inadvertent creation (she never imagined the ethics laws she championed would be abused in such an egregious manner) and turned it into, not just lemonade, but something heavenward of ambrosia.

Sarah Barracuda is in second grade:

Conan looks like a toe and letterman, well don’t get me started. None of these so-called comedians are even funny, all they do is love to bash Conservatives because they all have doo doo in their souls

SMCC1 probably isn't a fan of "a la carte" Catholics. Except...
As a Catholic, I ignore anything the Church says about economics. JPII was probably the most or only capitalistic Pope...
magslinger really wishes Hoover had won in 1932.

A Pinko is a Commie. Just not as good at it as a real red like that FDR.

I have a message for Sig Sauer P220: If you want to pretend not to e the party of racism, you can't go pretending all black people are like your fever-dreamed ghetto-thugs.
Barry: Honest baby, yo booty is all I care about.

Shelly: But what about that 16 year old Brazilian ho?

Barry: What? Her? She wuz ugly.

Shelly: She betta leave mah man alone or ah'll cut her. Uhhh huh, das raight.

Shelly: (O-snap).
Titus-Maximus only knows weird people, if you ask me, or he's lying to feel better about Obama being President:

Yes, but everyone I know knows the doctor’s name who delivered them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Saturday Pix

Oh, the schadenfreude when it becomes clear Sarah will not be Prez in 2012 will be sweeet! Also, what's with the bear's totally purple mouth. Blueberries maybe?

Wait, are the bullets Sarah is shooting Obama logos? Or is Obama's logo trying to escape Sarah's sights?

Morphing is TRUTH!

And thus all Democrats are pedophiles. Funny how just as many Republicans get caught sleeping around...

Is Obama a Communist or a dupe? Also, any idea what Putin is writing in Cyrilic(?) on Obama's forehead?

Hey now, I love Penny Arcade don't you be making it all crazified!

It's not a fold in his suit, it's an Oboner! This is huge news! Obama seems to be a human male!

Government Motors

Now that GM is out of receivership, Freepers seem a bit unclear about what bankruptcy is. Or more like, they don't care. GM's success is now tied to Obama's so it must go down.

works on unifying GM workers with the Evil Obama:

“Kill all the executives”, everyone wants to be an executive now. Lawyers, Judges, ACORN zombies, so cool, democracy, you know (sarc off)

The drunks are in charge and they think they got a grip on reality just because having a government badge now means your life is owned and they can dispose of you as they wish.

Ghost of Philip Marlowe is some kind of bankruptcy schollar:
“He rejected pleas from dissident bondholders...”

“Dissident bondholders”?

“Dissident,” as in a small group of people outside of society objecting to a nation's or government's policies? Dissident?

They are not “dissident.”

They are legitimate plaintiffs in a case against the US government who is illegally breaking valid contracts.

It is the communists in the Obama administration who are “dissident.”
Bankruptcy actually involves discharge of debt! I know, shocking! Though I do like how everyone tho disagrees with Freepers is now the dissident.

Wpin and many, many others take action:

You are exactly right! At least at this time...we can boycott GM and Chrysler and fight this fascism! It is the easiest, least dangerous protest we can do. Just say NO to GM and Chrysler...turn the faucet off for the fascist pigs, let them die of thirst!

autumnraine doesn't think it's fascism:

Oh God, I feel sick first thing on a Monday.

stockpirate clears things up:

Fascism is when the government controls the means of production via laws ans regulations, ie the energy industry. Communism is when the government owns the means of production, ie our new government owned auto industry, the insurance industry, the banking industry and soon our health care industry.

We are no longer a nation of free men, we are a nation of slaves to the collective, you are one of fifty million taxpayers the leaches will drain dry.

Sweet, Trotskyite redefinition, Batman! I guess the phone company, highways and health care have been fascist all this time, what with being so regulated and all!

figures out how Obama will use GM to rule us all!
Ha - your next car or truck may be a GM... It may have to be. There will probably be various "incentives" for you to buy GM...

In a couple of years, there may be tax write-offs for buying GM.

Maybe buying GM will move you to the front of the healthcare line so you can actually get treated before you die.

Maybe getting a car loan to buy Ford or Toyota will be problematic, but for a problem.
And even should the Administration refrain from managing GM, Freepers will still hate it to their graves, claiming victory only if it should finally go under.

Way to keep the blue collor vote there, folks!

Ode to Sarah

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freepers still hate Mitt.

What with Palin's erratic behavior, Mitt Romney seems like the default choice for Presidential candidate in 2012. But Jim Robinson, the head Freeper, is on a jihad against all MittBots on Free Republic, purging the rolls of Mitt supporters much as he did for Giuliani back in 2008.

Thus you get posts like this: "Mitt Romney, you Socialist RINO quisling, I will never vote for you."

rabscuttle385 may not know about freedom of speech:
If this be treason, then I shall make the most of it.

Rastus worries about the base.

We gotta defeat this guy early so we don’t have another 2008. No more candidates who divide the party and depress the base.

Hmmm. Except you guys are the base...

xzins goes so far as to defect from the Republican Party.

Romney had a 4 year window in which he could prove his “campaign conversion” to conservatism was real. He blew it within months, and now he’s no longer even a viable, last-ditch option for me.

In fact, the Republican Party, as it is today, is not an option for me.

This maltreatment by Republican insiders of Sarah Palin is typical of these liberal aristocrats.

Go, go Falcon party!

section9 has the narrative:

Ah, the Mittens considers Sarah’s resignation:

“Damn, that Palin Woman! Jeeves, draw my bath! I need to plot!”



Mitt as Mr. Burns. Heh.

spots him a MittBot:

AH_LiveRight shows up to defend Romney and socialism.

AH_LiveRight is a Romney’s supporter who also supports
Adolf Hitler.

AH_LiveRight is zotted soon thereafter.

Fresh Wind has the ultimate insult:

He’s slicker than Clinton. No small achievement.

Of course, no one compares to Obama.

If it ends up being Mitt, it'll be fun to watch Freepers choose whether to give up their much vaunted ideals or undercut the GOP candidate.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No more Mr. nice Freeper

In the midst of the maelstrom of crazy that is the reaction to Palin's latest madness, I have found a weird new vein of delusion. The idea that something has changed, and that now it's WAR against Obama. As though it was peace before this.

4rcane seems to be confused about his war metaphor and reality:

... and now that we’ve lost the battle at the hill, the enemy moves to our homes and rape and pillage. But we like to say, at least we dont resort to their tactics

Like I said before, this is not a sport. This is war. People’s lives are at stake here. Policy decision effect millions of ppl because we lost at the hill

I see my hands agrees:

The Right doesn’t need to be just like [liberals], the Right needs to be worse. It’s so repulsive to hear the ‘don’t sink to their level, BS.

You’d have us lining up in ranks and columns. Yours is the personal application of appeasement. You equate the evil hatred of righteousness with the righteous hatred of evil.

And when some people hilariously argue that Freepers should continue to pretend to be righteous, the side that wants to pretend to be warriors strikes back!

NTHockey may secretly be Giuliani.

That is a 9/10 mentality. There are people who wish us great harm; but we are not going to recognize that? Look at what that got us! Only by taking the fight TO them, on our terms, can we defeat this enemy. Make no bones about it - LIBs are an enemy that must be destroyed(politically) or accept defeat and slavery.

sergeantdave aint got time for hypocrisy:

Hitler said it best: “Think in blood.” Those three words define the typical leftist and is an admonishment by the furhrer to his followers to reject rationality and logic. The entire leftist philosophy is filled with calls to reject reason and is peppered with propaganda appealing to emotion. Think in blood means to base your actions on boiling, unreasoning emotion.

I’d recommend a careful reading of Robert Conquest’s “Black Book of Communism.” The people we’re dealing with are neither rational nor reasoning.

Our situation is not equivalent to Gandhi resisting the British with rational appeals to non-violence. The fascist obuma and his followers are not reasonable or moral or rational and they do not embrace freedom.

THIS is what monsters the libs are! We must become Internet monsters to fight them!

gunner03 agrees.
Conservatives, as they are right now, will be the recipients of the new Holocaust, blindly walking to their doom without a fight. We were right, but we are dead. “But we have the guns” is no big deal if we’re too righteous or lack the will to use them. Look inside yourself and you’ll see the left is right. We are sheep still.
RJS1950 will sum this all up:

And your principles, whatever they are are null and void if the democrat party takes full control. Again, you don’t have to lie or cheat to fight back but you do have to fight back. Openly labeling them as the liars and cheats that they are and refuting them publicly at every turn goes against no moral principle I can think of. If your principles prevent you from aggressively fighting to defend the constitution then your principles are crap.

"Fellow Freeper, your principles suck if they don't let you argue on the internet!"

So thus does Free Republic convince itself that everything has changed, even as they continue to bluster and lie, just as they always did.

Palin is dead. Long live Palin.