Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Pix

Obama's logo uses circles, so do Muslims! It also uses lines, like Muslim swords!

What the crap?

Yeah, Obama's been totally saying to obey him!

What the crap, again?

Tea-Partiers are YOU! Except angry at...various things. Just like Washington was when he crossed the Delaware.

NASA sucks cause it provides evidence for global warming (liberal photographs!). Well, sucked till Obama cut it's budget recently. I have no doubt now it's suddenly gonna become vital to Freepers.

There's a Freeper who reads Red Meat! But it doesn't seem like he understands it.

This just in: Democratic organizations are placed near Obama on a chart!

That didn't last long.

Benjamin Netanyahu : Superstudly hero.

Freepers tend towards cults of personality. They also love them some victims. They also love hawkish leaders. Finally, they love them some Jews, if they are conservative. Hence, the excitement at a World Net Daily random post that Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the recent assasination of the Hamas leader.

Cue Freeper orgasm:

SkyPilot on how Bibi is the solution to all their problems.

If Bibbi were around in 1936, he would have gone after Hitler too.

Highest Authority wants to bring the heroic legend of Bibi to the US:

Big Ben and his troops are Heros, with a capitol “H”.
The world needs more like him, especially here in the USA.

Quix wants to use Netanyah's assassination powers in the US:

Sic em Bibi.

We have a long list of traitors in this country who could . . . uhhh . . . wellll . . .

Assassination to foment political change. Huh.

Napoleon Solo names names:

You can also add to the list The U S State Department, U S Executive Branch, The White House Executive Staff and numerous members of Congress.

The Executive Staff?

zbogwan2 compares the real man of Bibi to the leftist:
The current administration has it's own little Faux Hitman in the person of Rahm Emanuel. When he gets mad he will take a steak knife and repeatedly stab it into a picture of a real or imagined enemy, he'll also send a dead fish to a pollster that didn't poll Pres. Obama favourably enough. As Isaac Hayes song of long ago said “He a bad MF’er”, that is as long as no advisary is staring him in the face?
Like how the comparison is not to Obama. Also like how real men assassinate people according to World Net Daily.


Kill them, kill them all and let God sort em out.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Glass houses and stones

Freepers are aghast that Bill Maherm, who speaks for all liberals, made a joke about Dick Cheney's heart attack. Freepers would never never never never never speak ill of the dead.


Not surprising. They are too stupid to realize it’s a bad reflection of them.

DarthVader has a bible verse:

Proverbs 17:5 says it well:

5Those who mock the poor insult their Maker; those who are glad at calamity will not go unpunished.

...Dick Cheney is poor now?


I laugh about Behar’s and Maher’s lack of conscience and heart of stone.

There is little civility among the mentally diseased aka liberals.

And then there are the few, the proud, the self-refuting:


Ruthless. Very, very bad gene pool for both of these Marxists. Their time will come when there’s a health issue.

Libs are a nasty bunch! Nasty!

Also Texas resident

Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Mr. Cheney outlived both of these goofs? Hope it happens.

How dare they make a joke about Cheney's health! May their health suffer!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

But Obama's tax cuts are bad!

Freepers use all their economic acumen to try to explain why Obama's tax-cuts based jobs plan is awful:

BOTH of Mississippi's senators voted for this crap... we have no chance to save this nation... I am absolutely to the point of no hope.

Blue Turtle has some advice for Obama

Agreed....the Government CANNOT create jobs! This incentive is a joke...give businesses TAX CUTS.

Obama's way ahead of ya!

JohnBrowdie has an alternate plan for jobs - kill Obama care, of course!

even if government could create jobs (without destroying another one someplace else), employers are frozen solid until they see what sort of chaos the obama administration creates with health care.

want employment to tick up? declare obamacare dead and buried.

This is so anti-Obama it has to make sense! Cause Obama's plan to pay insurance companies is the most uncertain thing in businesses' future!

PSYCHO-FREEP - this is the wrong kind of tax cut:

They did not offer tax cuts. They only offered tax CREDITS which have countless stipulations to get them. While on the other hand, they previously raised unemployment premiums (taxes) which cancels out any gain if a business qualifies for the tax credits in the first place.

That, and most of the money will go to Construction Unions under Davis Bacon rules who all got big fat raises and benefit packages recently.

Credits are awful somehow, cause of the stipulations PSYCHO made up! Also, construction jobs are not real jobs if they are union!

Oldpuppymax is one of many that points out some basic econ:

Some small businessman will get a $3000 tax break for hiring a $50,000/yr employee he doesn’t need!! And Hussein will claim that greedy businesses refused to take advantage of his munificence!!!

Yes, because hiring employees in no way makes any money for companies! Everyone has hired all they can take and any further employee would be nothing but dead weight! It amazes me how many Freepers took this obviously idiotic tactic.

McGavin999 sees the real problem:
Do they know how stupid this is? The only ones who will get those "highway" jobs are the illegals.

Guess they'll be laying off the rest of us so they can replace us and get the hiring credits.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Brown: TRAITOR

Freepers are political animals, so many took the fact that Scott Brown, a Republican elected in Massachusetts, did not join the lates Republican filibuster, in stride. But Freepers are also ideologues, who insist on ideological purity in the face of reality, so others reacted in a much more hilarious way.

bvw assumes bribery
I wonder if a lower mileage and more luxury fleet of pick-up trucks is in the Brown Family future? Or maybe his daughter will get a prime time MSM slot?
Carling thinks the bribe may not have been so material:
Has Scott been able to play hoops with Obama yet?
P-Marlowe points to a character flaw:
As I have consistently said, you cannot trust any politician who is pro-choice. They have no soul. Those who turn their backs on innocent life will turn their backs on everyone and everything.
Freedom_Is_Not_Free takes the political realist approach. he may want to brush up on recent Ted Kennedy history, though:
BIG PICTURE, folks! Remember it.
Brown’s blocking a die-hard communist like Ted Kennedy from a Masshole seat is a huge victory. There is nothing wrong with having RINOs in traditional socialist hard-left seats.
This is a GOOD THING. Brown is not the problem. He done good for us in Masshollachewsits.
April Lexington is ahort but sweet:

Stupid jackass liberal with a whore for a daughter...

myknowledge keeps the faith:

Or could be trying to subvert the DemospLabRats. You never know how clever Scott Brown is. He’s an LTCOL in the Massachusetts National Guard.

Jo Nuvark goes for some kind of beat poetry/conspiracy theory:

Is Scott Brown Faux us or against us?

Could be he was the Dem’s candidate all
along - masquerading as a conservative.

Same thing happening in Nevada ... a faux
tea party candidate running against Reed.

We need to be like the Borg. Learn and
absorb, never to be abused by this tactic

My opinion.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus has an interesting fact:

Little known fact - Thomas Jefferson advocated castration as a punishment for homosexuality, and actually authored a bill to that effect before the Virginia legislature.

Well, if it was good enough in for that slaveholder, it's good enough for me!

Incorrigible has a funny

Reminds me of the old Star Trek joke.

Why are there no Arabs on board the Enterprise?

Sir, it’s the future.

Hah! Cause all the Arabs will be dead!

paulycy on how FOX is too liberal what with their ballance thing:

If Fox were to report objectively then they would have to compare the leftist, f-bomb ridden sites with our site which hosts daily prayers and zots people who behave boorishly or incite personal attacks or violence. Making those comparisons would be "objective" but not "Fair" in Fox's successful and profitable definition of the word.

PA-RIVER on Obama's real daddy:
He Looks like his dad Frank Marshal Davis in this pic...

Im starting to see the resemblance. Around the mouth, lower lip, and the eyes. The line from the nose to the corner of the mouth. The hairline.
Soothesayer knows Obama's secret plan:

The ONLY reason Obama wants us in Afghanistan is to get more of our troops killed. Soldiers tend to vote Republican and we can’t have any of that.

killing Republicans, a dozen a month! Also, Muslim! How could Soothesayer forget that?!

Eagles6 knows who is behind the Family Guy episode that briefly makes fun of Sarah Palin:

This is all out war declared on a private citizen and it comes directly from the White House.

Yep, FOX takes it's marching orders from Obama!

This Just In has this to say, for some reason:

George Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Maragret Cho
Wanda Sykes
and on and on....

Monkey’s throwing sh*t.

robomatik has some cryptic messages for you:

i assume you know the difference between a transistor and a RESISTOR! hehehe!


unkus knows Obama is dooomed!

Zer0 can’t move to the center.<<,/I>

No because he’s a slave, his owner/s won’t permit it.

He’s between a rock and a damned hard place. His

owners/masters are not happy with the inneptness of the

fool. He’s too narcissistic to understand personal danger.

Drill Thrawl hates places:
Philthy is a FAILURE!
Wow, LA, Chicago now Philly. Freepers sure do hate the cities!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Pix

This represents all Muslims to a Freeper. Also, space paranoia.
Keep humping that 14 year old sins of the Dems by posting blackface pics! Brilliant!

Is this about the guy who flew the plane into the Fed building? But I thought he was a liberal!

Communism: nothing to do with the national debt.

Yay, goofy prez pics! No true American ever looks ugly!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Praying for death.

When a famous opposing politician is ailing or dies, Freepers perform a dance between glee and unctuous, fake sympathy. Not so much the case when a relatively unknown politician, like Congressman Lautenberg's Stomach cancer diagnosis. Add that the governor who would appoint his successor is a Republican and you're in for some seriously naked internet sociopathy:

BykrBayb prays:

My prayers are for his soul. I hate to see people choose to donate their souls to fuel the fires of hell. It would be nice if he’d see the light and choose to serve God.


I won’t pray for him, he is evil!

Hooray for black and white world! That D after his name means evil! It's simple!

ConservativeMind is a bit more blatant:
Here’s hoping he won’t finish his term.Justify Full
US_MilitaryRules is hilarious:

RIP soon.

TexasFreeper2009 thinks this is divine intervention:

God is striking them down fast now.

hinckley buzzard sums up Freeper thought:
Let us face facts. An 86 year old cancerous scumbag is no more worthy of consideration than a younger cancerous scumbag, like everyone else in the 'rat caucus.
Yep, Freepers want libs dead. But it's liberals who are the fascists.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama just captured Baradar to set him free.

Freepers did nt comment much on the capture of Baradar in Pakistan, as the cognitive dissonance must be reaching levels that pain even them. Still, there were some feeble attempts to keep the hate-fires burning:

has the party line -Miranda and treason:

Are we going to Mirandize this guy too?

Hussein 0bama will flub it up (on purpose) somehow.

eyedigress just goes for cryptic "code" words:

Obama has the luxury of being a “beard” when he wants to. The military will handle it. The “community” knows this.

I think he means everyone in the military, including Obama, is gay?

Solitar doesn't believe in intelligence gathering under Obama:

Should shot him, cause 0bama’s house of traitors will soon give that enemy aid and comfort.

101voodoo is unhappy at the media bias

It sure seems as if since Odumbo decided, after 6 months to pull the trigger on more troops for Afghanistan, we have been seeing very favorable reports out of that country.

When Bush was president we heard all the bad news but very little of any good news.

Not that this suprises me...

Cause Bush totally captured bigh value guys al lthe time but we never heard of it.

theDentist worries for our boys who captured him:
Are we going to Mirandize this guy too?

Only if he ends up here in the States. HOWEVER, they will Mirandize the American Operatives who participated in his capture once they return home.
Yeah, Obama's grand plan is to prosecute the CIA, cause he's been doing so much of that lately.

Tuesday Potpurri

Theodore R. what?

I remember once that EMK went into OH and ridiculed Rutherford B. Hayes, who tried to govern as a “moderate” and alienated all. Hayes was the first president to visit CA before it went over the cliff.

Logical me goes for the angry humor:
Actually a stupid person still has some logic. The left are beyond stupid and I would class them as totally mentally ill beyond redemption.
Old Texan is not a fan of Michelle Obama's fight against childhood obesity:

When that large sack of feces loses 75 lbs, maybe I will listen. Notice I said “maybe”.
I doubt anything “Sasquatche” has to offer will resonate in my household.
Even my 10 year old Grand-Daughter calls her “Sasquatche” now. LOL

afraidfortherepublic has troubles of his own - the President keeps on being in the news!

I can bearly watch Fox News anymore because it is constantly interrupted by Obumbles blathering on about something. I don’t want to see him, or hear him He lies about everything. He’s really jumped the shark.

Soothesayer on feminists:
Feminists don’t qualify as people. They are vermin.
Jeffrey_D. noticed Obama didn't use his teleprompter at his press conference. Does that mean he ends the meme? Oh, ye of little faith:

How many different ways can he say it’s Bush’s fault?
He’s like a broken message.
BTW, I think he may have finally memorized it, therefore, no teleprompter!!!

Flavius isn't nuts at all:

Remember when conspiracie nuts where nuts

ought-six is an avid student of history.

I’m an avid student of history. ObaMao is not only the most hateful president in my lifetime, he is the most hateful president in American history. The utter contempt he has for this country is staggering in its scope, and is manifest in virtually every action he takes. It is not coincidental. It is intentional.

Ouderkirk on the Congressional Black caucus:

Time to call them what they are ...THE KLAN WITH A TAN

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Pix

Yeah, nothing helps the country like having it's leader disgraced. Ohh, this is the "Real American" dream.


Nice to see some folks just beginning on photoshop. Life is a series of lessons!

Yeah, Freepers have doubled down on the whole teleprompter thing after handgate.

You Lie. Will it be as big as the Obama joker?

See, I think a liberal made this.


What the crap is this?

Satah Palin: Still married to a man!

Ahh, gay jokes. Keeping Freepers irrelevant in the modern world!

Not funny.

Artic Fox? I thought she was a bear, or a barracuda. Palin contains multitudes.

Obama as Satan number 236 in a million part series.

Friday, February 12, 2010

North Carolina is gonna come and burn all your books!

North Carolina public schools are considering breaking history into 3 units, one on history up till the civil war in 8th grade, one on the founding fathers' as part of western civilization in 10th, and one on history after reconstruction in 11th.

Of course Fox reports it as "N.C High Schools to Remove Pre-1877 U.S. History?" Cause, you see, 8th grade isn't high school, and the 10th grade course isn't a dedicated course. See here for the debunking.

Freepers know a good paranoid narrative when they see it:

panaxanax may be a bit dramatic:


That is why all FReepers should maintain and expand our library of old history books.

Fahrenheit 451 was not fiction after all.

Monorprise knows history:

So basically they want to kick out the only Constitutional part of U.S. History (Pre-civil war), so they can spend more time on indoctrinating kids in the “global issues” of the environment and stuff?

Yeah, the Constitutional part of U.S. History ended the moment we ended slavery!

But the mystery of the 1877 start date was the real comedy:

Verginius Rufus hits the answer, and then keeps driving:

I assume 1877 was chosen as marking the final end of Reconstruction (it actually ended sooner in some states). But it could be because of the death of Crazy Horse, or because that was the year that the two moons of Mars were discovered (Phobos and Deimos).

C19fan isn't so lucky:
The starting of history in 1877 is right out of 1984. Of course they want to start in 1877 since the is on the cusp of the Progressive Era and the start of Big Government repudiating the Founding Fathers.

Socialist Labor Party of North America holds 1st national convention Dec 26 1877

And again:

Washington Post publishes 1st edition 6 Dec 1877...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Climate Change scientists need killin'

When Obama gets death threats Freepers minimize them, mostly. When someone involved with 'climategate' gets death threats? No need to dance around the issue with a nobody!

Frantzie starts with ordinary minimization, and typoes:
TRhe Times of London is doing a PR job for this guy. He is using the typical playbook. He was gonna kill himself and now he is gettin death threats. Total nonsense. The man is a criminal.
rlmorel is a tough guy:
Gee. And those of us who disagree with this AGW BS are told we can rub our faces in asbestos powder, or so says Rajendra Pachaurl, the climate guru at the UN.

LOL, you don't hear us whining. We say "You want to do it? Bring it on you pussy..."

Guys like Jones go "Waahhh wahhh wahhh".
Only losers complain about death threats!

Gaffer is all about a fair trial followed by an execution:
In no conceivable way is this self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing and self-righteous (for AGW) unjustly beleaguered or harangued. If the author of this butt-wiped piece of apologism and excuses wants to make us feel sorry for Phil's problems and the 'death threats', where is this author's concern for the economic death sentence his subject's efforts in promulgating an outright conspiratorial lie have bestowed on us and our heirs? You're damn right I think he's guilty and I think he should be very, very harshly punished...after a trial and conviction, it wouldn't bother me if they executed this man.
StopObama2012 just completely removes the veneer of civilization:

If Phil Jones shoots himself, everyone’s invited to my place for drinks.

Yet ApplegateRanch manages to top that:
Death threats are so asinine. Such precipitate action wouold be so unsatisfying.

Start with a good bastinadoing, followed by choice slivers of bamboo shoots under the nails, and slowly work ones way up the body.

By exercising proper technique and care, one dould keep the guy alive and suffering for weeks; maybe months, before he expired.

After all, he wanted his billions of intended victims to live short, miserable lives, and pay him & his UN buddies for the privilege...then die off to “sustainable” levels, all in the name of “saving the planet”.
Torture - not just for arabs anymore!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin's hand.

Freepers spin on Sarah Palin writing on her hand was kinda hilarious. The story itself is kinda dumb - who cares if she writes some reminders on her hand? What is amusing is how it highlights the hypocrisy of Obama can only use teleprompter meme thsat should have been punctured when Obama handled himself well answering questions at the GOP summit some weeks ago.

Anyhow, here are Freepers, making a silly story sillier:

Steely Tom knows this is bad news...for Obama.

This can only mean that all the teleprompter jokes about The One are hurting.

Rational Thought thinks this is another masterful Palin tactic:
Is the Left really this stupid???

The whole lack of the teleprompter by Governor Palin was by design to reflect what a fraud Obama is.

Let's see Obama make some speeches without his teleprompter. That would be fun!
Tex-Con-Man notices Palin's braclet with her son's name on it:

What I noticed was the bracelet...she’s a great mom.

The way you can tell a greqat Mom is how much her jewelry has her kids' names on it.

PoolQue also jumps on the 'Palin tricked the MSM' bandwagon, but with a different theory:

Can you think of a better way for Sarah to make sure everyone remembers her primary thoughts she wanted to get across? Everyone who reads anything will now have it reinforced to them that those three points are her focus.

And does anyone think she really goofed when she changed “budget cuts” to “tax cuts”? What a funny way to get her points across - at the same time she is tweeking TOTUS!

Steven Tyler, 170 posts in, sticks with denial:

Shadows yes, words no

Freeper Death Jig.

Murtha dies.

Really, it's the same damn thing as Kennedy, except with the names and reason for being hell-bound changed. Right down to the first 50 posts or so saying "RIP." Still, I am a completest. so here once again is the ritual Freeper Death dance.

RoseofTexas is totally subtle:

WOW!! WOW! WOW!I hope he repented...prayers for the family!

DanielRedfoot is not:

A great day for America!

MileHi is the first to say the most common Freeper comment on the death of unreal Americans:

I guess I just won’t say anything.

Get it? Cause he has nothing nice to say! So droll!

mware warns:
Let's keep it civil folks.

No sense giving your enemy bullets.
No need for civility for civility's sake, it's the PR that's imortant!

Lonesome in Massachussets
has what I consider the worst comment on the 900-post thread, though I did not read them all:

IMHO, he finally did something to make America and the world a better place.

Candor7 is all about proortionality:
There is a place in hell for him I am sure. I am sorry he slipped away so gently, unlike the hurt of those to whom he brought so much suffering.
Yes, lots of pork and talking too much about some Marines on trial means you get a long and painful death. Justice, Freeper style is very old testament.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday potpourri.

Birthirism featured large this week somehow.

ConservativeMind on Obama's plan to increase rape and murder:

0bama wants more illegal criminals out on the streets raping and murdering people. Unfortunately, criminals who are residents are too easily tracked down.

Liberals have no brains.

panzerkamphwageneinz knows what Don't Ask Don't tell's repeal will lead to:

YOu’re on a sub. It’s below surface for 6 months. One guy starts letting his wanker, (which is pierced and has chains attached to the cock ring) be displayed for all to see. he is in the bunk by you, and constantly is a problem. The Skipper puts a stop to it, but what’s done is done.

Do you want that crew who is now royally stressed by this one persons irresponsible behavior, his being a walking penis, to be in charge of our nation’s defense? Are they now as effective as they were before?

goldstategop has a new definition of bipartisanship:
If the Democrats want bipartisanship, vote for sensible Republican proposals. But we know they won't.
chris_bdba on Sarah Palin's ability to convert liberals:

Can’t you just see a couple who watches MSNBC watching Sarah’s speech. The woman goes to change the channel but the guy says no because she has captivated him with her looks but then he notices that what she is saying makes perfect sense. MSNBC could be causing divorces in liberal circles!

"captivated him with her looks" "makes perfect sense." Wow.

I love my 2004 Tacoma. I will make sure I steer anyone looking for a new vehicle towards Toyota.

On that note, it's funny how times change when "We The People" are siding with the Japanese against the government.
You'd think that siding against your government might make the Freeper super-patriots think.

JApost is why if Palin so much as dips her tongue into the 2012 Primary circles, it'll be awesome:

Its going to be supreme enjoyment to use the mormonism is a weird cult card to destroy mitt romney and all of his hind-tit nursing supporters, including karl rove, fox news, george w. bush, dick cheney et al as they continue to smirk and denigrate Palin.

Doctor Don has proof Obama was born in Kenya:

Obama’s grandmother said Obama was born in Kenya. Grandmoms DO NOT LIE!

Electric Graffiti knows how black people talk, cause he watched Mandingo like four times:
SADO: "Barack, I'm pregnant. My parents are going to kill me"

Bararck Sr: "Don't worry my little African Queen....Come away with me to my Luo village in Kenya. There will be no white devils to judge you there"
silverleaf has an all new birther theory:
Pop Dunham indulged in sex at the black bars he frequented while Madeline worked her butt off supporting the entire clan

and Barry was his bastard with a black hooker - raised by the Dunhams as Ann’s son, not her brother.

This still wouldn’t explain why Barry got a rich Saudi sponsor who paid his tuition ot Harvard

One bet- the Russians know the truth and are using it to get what they want from Barry. Possibly the Chinese and the Saudis, too

Eye of Unk

Its been said though not proven that Obama has been on FR many many times, I do think he reads or gets a rundown on whats said here.

I say this because of patterns in what the forum buzz is and then shortly afterwards what slips out of his mouth.



My brother, and a bunch of other people, spent more than 10 years helping Hatians set u a chicken/cows/pig/ crops farm.

One year after turning it over to the Hatians it was all gone.

The Hatians butchered all the seed stock animals for food.

Let'em starve.
Sweet colonialist quotes, batman! It's like we're 1890s Britain. Things can only go up from here!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Pix

OMG! Obam has the nose of a terrorist!

Ah, vehicular homicide, so hilarious!

Of course, not all Freeperrs are huge Brown fans.

Others go full Palin on the guy.

Those are some goofy looking terrorists

Looks like some comic book scan?

I like how the unemployment rate is suddenly getting counted differently now that Obam is in office.

Yay, mindless obstruction!

Of course Freepers love them some of Shelby's shameful obstruction. He's not letting anything happen in the Senate at all till he gets the pork he wants. Freepers think this is the way to play it:

Frantzie is pretty excited about what happens next:

Good. Max attack now. Shelby had buddies in the NSA and talked about the BC before. Come one Senator - do your duty.

Oh, Birthers.

‘bout time we served them with their own CRAP. Good...I hope they put these Marxists in a straight jacket for the next 3 years.
See, this is unprecidented crap so it's not their own CRAP at all.

goldstategop blames Scott Brown
Obama can of course make recess appointments but he shouldn't count on any Senate confirmation votes any time soon. The magic number is 60. Whoo hoo!
The magic number for the legislature to function at all? Wow, who knew?

Southack doesn't think this is about pork at all:
Shelby doesn't like 0bama's "Card check," 0bama's "Cap-n-trade" would kill Alabama's logging industry with tree fees, plus Alabama got screwed over on the high speed rail funds and missile defense de-funding, too.

Plus, Senator Shelby is one of the few Senators with brass balls and a strong dislike of 0bama's hyper-liberal nominees.
mtnwmn, on the other hand, not only acknowledges pork, he embraces it:

Senator Shelby looks out for his state.

Ugh. The evident lack of care for either Democratic reprisals or the general political price bespeaks a lack of respect for both the Democratic caucus, and American voters as a whole.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The LaHood Conspiracy

Freepers know Lahood was furthering a conspiracy when he said owners should repair their Toyota before they drive them. But the question is who is the former Republican house member working for?

sodpoodle doesn't buy the retraction:

LaHoodlum’s attempt to unring the bell is a failure.....just like the rest of the Zer0 administration.

Yet no call for resignation? You're slipping, sodpoodle!

abb has a twofer!
Sounds like LaHood wanted to strike a blow for public transportation.

Or an effort by the UAW to kill the competition.
2nd Bn, 11th Mar just sticks withthe stupidity argument.

A few months ago, I told my wife, “the Obama Adminstration screws someting up EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

Soon, I will have to mofify that assertion to “the Obama Admistration screws something up EVERY FOUR HOURS.”

This collection of idiots and morons is simply breathtaking.

pabianice is stuck on the whole "regulation of cars sucks" idea:
People are such pussies today! My first car was a '61 Chevy. The gas and brake pedals fell-off routinely while I was driving. The engine burned a quart of oil every 70 miles. If I hit a bump, all the lights would go out and I'd have to find another bump to turn them back on. The back seat kept falling through the floor. Did I bitch? Did I whine to the government? Noooooooooooo! I despair of today's drivers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gay Obama makes Gay Mukasey turn military Gay

I dunno, there seems something uninspired about Freepers' outrage about Don't Ask Don't Tell getting repealed. Maybe they're confused that the military seems to be for repealing it: But here are their recent tries at rage:

Enchante plays the Sinclare card by post 4:

when the “Commander in Chief” is bi-sexual it’s only a matter of time before military policy is forced into line with WH “lifestyle”

Engineer_Soldier lashes out and hits OMG! Bush!
Gates: Another great idea of G.W. Bush (replacing Rumsfield). Another example of Bush being our version of a two-term Carter.

Oh, and don't forget that semen (I meant seaman) that Bush made our top uniformed officer. Great job! /sarcasm>
Haw, Mukasey is gay too!

Lancey Howard is looking forwards to violence:
JAG is about to be very busy prosecuting military “hate crimes”.
manc wants to refight some semantics fro mthe roaring 20s:

you are correct

they are notn gays they are homosexuals

the left finds positive words and then twists them to suit their agenda


I can’t wait to see the new design for the ‘Fire Island’ class nuclear attack submarine. You have quarters for straight men, straight women, gay men, lesbians, transexuals, and bi-curious. There are no weapons systems, and provisions must be dropped by helo every two days or the crew starves.

We are truly led by the biggest bunch of morons ever. They think its a game.

Wow, a string of gay jokes and then outrage at how no one is taking this seriously.

little jeremiah:

I agree that sexual perversion cannot be totally eliminated but to “tolerate” or legalize it is the worst thing that could happen to the military.

There has to be a culture of NON-tolerance and NON-acceptance of homosexuality in the military. Actually in all public life.

I do not hate homosexuals. I hate the homosexual agenda.

It's not the homos, it's letting them be gay, ya see.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Death suits Them, both the victim and the perp.

Most Freepers do not condone Ritter's murder of Tiller. But, just for funsies, here are the crazy ones:

Soothesayer won't have kids so long as there are liberals:

I will immediately commit suicide if anyone in my family goes in for an abortion. If my own child does it...oh that’s right...I will NEVER bring a child into a world infected by leftist demons.

eleni121 knows why Roeder fled the scene even though he is a hero - church vampires!

Probably fled the scene to avoid being shred to pieces by the vampires in that sorry excuse for a church. They were willing to allow a seriel killer in their pews...makes sense that they would rip to shreds the man who took out Killer Tiller.

AS for pleading not guilty-—he is still NOT guilty.
whatisthetruth must love him some Al Queda heroes.
You may not seem to realize that Roeder was willing to give his life for what he felt was the defense of others and obviously feels his ultimate reward goes far beyond any punishment this earthly life can administer upon him.
Theodore R. adds some of that religeous drama that I love:
Abortion comes from the devil.

Now this is more truth than the American people can stand.
factmart thinks big:
The Bible says give unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s and give to GOD that which is GOD’s.

Babies are GOD’S!

If we had 20 thousands of Scott’s, Doctors would not do the killing of Babies any more.

If we had 500 of Scott’s, Doctors would not do the killing of Babies any more.

If tomorrow all th doctors who kill babies were killed who would replace them.

How many babies would be saved?
I thought the abortionists were sending babies to GOD?

chilltherats knows who the victim is here:

I would have voted “not guilty”, too, just to get a mistrial so the re-set button could be hit and Roeder could get a court-appointed attorney instead of that pathetic public defender.

The defense bar are mostly a bunch of lefties so nobody stepped up to advise Roeder he should press his right to competent counsel. If Roeder was a lefty who shot a cop, they’d be crawling all over him, especially if he was black.

All Muslims are gay

Some Arab studies Prof at Columbia talked about the Anglo-American gay agenda. Freepers see this as some sort of dare to be even more crazy.

Doc Savage is a strong contender in the crazy race:

Imperialist? Plot - yes! HIV/AIDS. Biggest scam in American history aside from Social Security Ponzi Scheme, and theDemonRats Great Society!

Nothing more imperialist than Social Security!

takes the guy seriously:
American culture spreads all over the world; if America is supportive of abortion on demand or the notion that being gay is normal and even positive, then those concepts will also be spread all over the world.

OTOH, if America considers that “gay” is primarily a psychological end result of abusive parents (particularly fathers); and that “gay” people are still “stuck” in childhood, looking for fatherly support, then that explanation will be spread all over the world.

left that other site notes that this guys is all Islamic, and goes for the two-fer:

And yet, there is a saying among muslims:

“Women are for children; men are for pleasure.”

Take that however you want to.

All Muslims are gay! It all makes sense now!

rmlew knows how to drop names in order to make a conspiracy sound less crazy:
This is two wings of Cultural Marxism in conflict, the Gramsci-Marcusian sexual liberation school vs the Fannon-Focault “Wretched of the Earth” school. Let them kill each other.
Ahh yes, the Gramsci-Marcusian school!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday potpourri.

HiTech RedNeck on gays' speech rights:

Fighting words among other things have not been treated kindly by 1st Amendment jurisprudence.

The love that once dared not speak its name now shouts ceaselessly at passersby.

Dixie Yooper knows who to blame for this country's predicament:
From Loserman to Schmooserman. Sorry Joe, you and your buddy Al Gore messed up our Country for the next several decades back in 2000.
RFEngineer hates when we all band together to help victims of stuff:

“”It was not an exaggeration to say that at least 10 years of hard work awaits the world in Haiti,” Harper said.”

He’s right. Note that “the world” will be doing the hard work, not Haitians. Thus the disaster that was awaiting this disaster that will always be a disaster that is Haiti.

fantom on who is really in charge in Washington:
Pelosi is loyal to herself. O is subservient to her . I do not like pelsoi . I have to laugh , some folks are getting their knickers in a twit because palin is helping out the man who gave her her biggest opportunity and a national voice that made her wealthy and influential .
bert inexpicably posted this on the ACORN pimp thread:
When the grim reaper shows up...... rats become very frightend
For the most part, Freepers were sadly silent about Obama's ownage at the GOP summit. But there were some good moments:

Gene Eric on why Obama's so good:
Unbounded by the details of reality, Obama is free to improvise while the pragmatic yet shunted Republicans search for the voice they lost over a decade ago. The GOP can’t dance.
Speaking of denial of reality, Scotswife:

You know - besides the usual arrogance and nastiness - I detected something different in [Obama] here than I had in other appearances.

I think he actually was the one who looked afraid.

donna on why Peggy Noonan has lost it:

I think she got scared to death the day President Reagan’s body landed at Andrews and the Capital was evacuated because the plane carrying Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher was off course and created a scare by entering restricted airspace. She and her son literally ran for their lives and I don’t think her columns have been the same since.