Monday, June 30, 2014

Immigration paranoia forever!

Now this is interesting.

Freeper-types caterwauling has killed immigration reform during the remainder of Obama's term. But Freepers won't believe it - they can't let go of their fear. Like gun control before it, fighting against amnesty has become a permanent revolution.

rockinqsranch is not fooled:
I don’t believe it for one minute.
bfh333 - Bull squeeze!
Bull squeeze...

Amnesty will happen in the lame duck of 2014...

It is their last & best chance...
austinaero - Bull puckey!
Nahhh, bull puckey. King Obama will write a few more Exec Orders to further muddy up the situation. Valerie Jarrett isn’t going to let this die.
RKBA Democrat - Balderdash!
Balderdash. Their best and brightest hope is during the lame duck. Plan on it.
Bigg Red:
A bill? Valerie Jarrett don’t need no steenkin’ bill. Just go around congress and bring on the hordes of illegals. Two years from now, real Americans will be the minority.
Real Americans? You mean white Americans?

E. Pluribus Unum - America has already been imigrantized.
It doesn't matter any more.

Ubama conspired with Latin American leaders to overwhelm our southern border. He is bringing in thousands of illegals a day and dispersing them throughout the country.

These people are never going to leave. Anybody who suggests that they should will be demonized. SSDD.
FlingWingFlyer worries about La Raza violence.
I’ll bet Al Raza isn’t very happy to hear this. They were wanting a quick takeover BEFORE Barry left. Look for scorched earth this summer.
xzins - don't be lulled!
This is an effort to lull us to sleep.

The danger is the lame duck session. Boehner could easily forego the Hastert rule, line up 16 rinos and vote with democrats to send a comprehensive bill to the senate.

There is nothing I know of that can stop that other than some kind of procedural delay temporarily.
kabar knows the GOPe is working super hard.
Don’t believe the conventional wisdom. The GOPe is still working furiously behind the scenes to get something passed this year. They want more guest workers to satisfy the demands of their corporate paymasters.
kabar also lays out the evil of legal immigration.
And we continue to import 1.1 million LEGAL PERMANENT IMMIGRANTS ANNUALLY for the past 25 years. The status quo is a losing proposition for the GOP. Amnesty just hastens the process.

SCOTUS rules corporations can refuse ACA's contraception mandate

The direct practical upshot of the decision is pretty narrow - it only applies to closely held corporations. But the idea that corporations have First Amendment rights under the law is the part that worries me - and only 2 Justices decried that part.

Freepers, as is their wont, only briefly celebrated the ruling (mostly for how it pissed off liberals), and then exhort each other to keep frosty - Obama's still out there being a cartoon supervillain, guys!

Enlightened1 is stoked.
Another MASSIVE VICTORY! That's a Hat Trick!
I want the USA back is also happy, though mostly out of tribalistic spite:
This is good. But the best part it that it will give the administration indigestion.
youngidiot also only cares about the anger of those he despises:
The libs on Facebook are losing their minds over this. Hahahaha
dontBSme concentrates on the Democratic leadership:
Wonder how long it will be before Delirious Dingy, the Left Coast Harridan and Little Zero call for a Constitutional Amendment abolishing the Supreme Court?
longfellowsmuse is trying really hard to keep the Chief Justice Roberts is blackmailed theory of the ACA.
Wonder how long it will be before nasty family secrets will be “leaked” about the Roberts family.
Here’s some of the libtard reasoning from Darth Vader Ginsburg in her dissent:

“The requirement carries no command that Hobby Lobby or Conestoga purchase or provide the contraceptives they find objectionable. Instead, it calls on the companies covered by the requirement to direct money into undifferentiated funds that finance a wide variety of benefits under comprehensive health plans.”

She pits the “”compelling interests” under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment against the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993), where religion loses out in her opinion. How sad she is.
He correctly understands the legal reasoning in the opposition, and then just says "sad." and disengages with it. So close!

Triple worries the Supreme Court can find only part of a law unconstitutional, as it has since the Founding:
So, is just part of the law unconstitutional?

Is this the only part?

Does the USSC get effectively ‘line item veto’?
PieterCasparzen knows the Supreme Court is in the hands of the financial masters, and this is just to make the sheeple briefly happy.
Does the USSC get effectively ‘line item veto’?

Yes, they've always had that. It's just hard to tell because they almost always simply do what their elite financial masters want them to do, i.e., inflict misery on the sheeple. If SCOTUS did their job, virtually every law passed by Congress would be struck down.

Occasionally the sheeple get tossed a bone so they can think they are "winning". This keeps the sheeple playing the game. If the sheeple were never tossed a bone, they'd stop working. Given how many sheeple have stopped working in the past few years, and how SCOTUS has inflicted such misery on them in the past few years, SCOTUS needed to toss the sheeple a bone.
Enlightened1 is sure this will open up the floodgates of litigation, since the law is now completely Unconstitutional.
Very narrow decision. Applies only to closely held corporations. Government workaround is just to pay for BC directly.

Well I strongly disagree.

All these S.C. rulings invalidate the law and open it up for thousands of law suits.

The law at this point has to be changed in order to be Constitutional or it’s goodbye.
inchworm agrees that this mandate (an HHS regulation) clearly means the law was obviously unconstitutional from the start - never mind the previous ruling!
It’s a flawed law. Pelosi said lets pass the law so we can see what is in in. Maybe they should have reviewed it’s constitutionality first. Others have said lets pass the law just to get something out there then we can work on fixing it.

To me that logic is crazy, and is akin to saying lets smear crap on the wall so we can figure out how to clean it up.
Jim from C-Town knows Obama is till smug.
I doubt that Obama will be the least bit upset about it as he may not be able to get the news on the seventh green.

He will continue to rule as a dictator until someone stops him.
Mouton's version of Obama is sure gonna be evil!
Look for Barry to do something to undermine the republic today as he needs to strike back as his ego has been tarnished. Yes, he is that type of vindictive person.
Dick Bachert has this long post that just says the same crap about abortion that's always been said, with a similarly tired "the Bible says liberals are crazy" slant.
The absolute hypocrisy and duplicity of the American statist left defies logical explanation!

Putting aside for the moment that “statist left” and “logical” should NEVER APPEAR in the same rant, the just announced Hobby Lobby decision by the Supremes displayed it for all to see. All, that is, except the looney 47% who are receiving all the “free” chit and other goodies dispensed by the left to keep them voting for Democrat hacks who promise more and more of the free chit.

At the time the left rammed through the (Un)Affordable Care Act, there were loud protests from the few million or so sane citizens still living here that it would interpose fedzilla into the formerly sacred relationship between patient and doctor. The equally looney “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it” left quickly waved a collective imperious hand and uttered a royal “Tsk, tsk”, dismissed the objectors and returned to destroying the fabric of the country.

Comes now the favorable Hobby Lobby decision and comes now two pro-abortion radical feminazis to – where else – MSNBC to decry and lament over the decision. One was Rep. Nita Lowey from NYC (aka Gomorrah on the Hudson) and another woman representing one of the several Margaret Sanger eugenics inspired pro-abortion groups still murdering babies in the former safety of their mothers’ wombs.

Their first and only opposition argument? Though I suspect you have figured this out, better brace yourself: “It would interfere with the sanctity of the relationship between a woman and her doctor.”

And before you hit the reply button with “What about the hypocrisy of the pro-life right in celebrating Hobby Lobby?”

You may have overlooked the third and silent party in the discussion: The unborn baby!

The pro-aborts maintain that a fetus is NOT a human being either until birth or the third trimester. (I’ll believe that when a human female delivers a chicken or a cow.) And a number of courts here and in other nations regularly rule in support of that erroneous notion.

And while we’re discussing “hypocrisy”, can you explain this to me? How is it that those same courts correctly rule in cases involving intentional or accidental serious injury to or death of a pregnant woman that if her unborn baby is injured or dies, her baby constitutes a SECOND victim of the trauma or crime and the jury/judge nearly always factors that into the civil judgment or criminal sentence?

That concept comes down to us from the over 2,000 year old law found in the Bible.

And here’s one final piece of law from that Good Book: “A double-minded man (or woman) is UNSTABLE in ALL his (or her) ways”.

What does that say about 21st century America?

Just sayin’

Dick Bachert
6 30 2014
Sacajaweau is also on about abortion:
The real issue is....get rid of Abortion....Period. The idea that every woman has the right to kill is absurd.
Sacajaweau makes some outreach to women!
Very noticeable problem...and the problem at large...ALL 3 women were part of the dissenting opinion. Just can't separate themselves from their sexual identity.

IMHO, Stat least one should have been part of the majority opinion.
OK, he's on the spotlight list.

Lou L worries the left will start assassinating Justices. Why they haven't started yet, he does not say.
Pray that the left doesn't figure out that a justices doesn't have to necessarily retire in order to create a vacancy...

Monday Potpourri

IMR 4350 has a vintage conspiracy for you folks!
Hillary’s trying to hide behind the “Black Shield” of Obama.

Maybe someone should ask Hillary if Obama was also the one who concocted the “spontaneous” lie with the 1st WTC bombing in 1993.
In case you missed it, IMR 4350 was an early spotlight of mine. Dude seems actually, clinically delusional.

VerySadAmerican laments how the other side are all badasses who don't play by the rules.
Yep. Too many “gentlemen legislators” on the good side. The bad side has nothing but smart ass punks.
CyberAnt has figures out how to make Obama and Hillary worthy foes yet also stupid.
... she is cunning, but not smart. EXACTLY!!! And, so is Obama.
IndispensableDestiny has a plan:
Do you want to stop the surge of children being sent from Central America? Start posting in their online news comments that the kids will be offered for adoption by homosexual and lesbian couples.

That should cause a furor.
FlingWingFlyer heard about another beating in this country of millions. Can't wait to shoot him a negro!
This is the kind of crap that is rapidly making me feel that I no longer want to leave the house unarmed. This piece of sewer scum is going to get off because he has “mental problems” and “was off his meds.” If anyone tries that gang bull**** with me, I’m going to make sure they won’t ever need their “meds” again. I’d advise other Americans to start considering this also. The Obama regime is winding down. It’s time Americans start taking their country back.
butterdezillion is back, and as crazy as ever!
But would Obama dare to do that before the American populace has been disarmed?

When push comes to shove, the ability to take over a country depends on whether the country (meaning its people) are willing and able to fight back. Is Obama ready to go there?

I don’t think he’d arrest Congress. I think he’d blow up an EMP. If he could get the US military to go along with it... He might have to do it through Iran or North Korea...

The only way out of that is to have Obama arrested as a foreign enemy combatant before he can actually blow up the country he’s taken hostage.

Any patriotic Secret Service folks? Who could actually do that?
butterdezillion is against a government shutdown, because she knows someone who it effects:
Then the appropriations bills don’t get approved and Washington shuts down completely. What’s the downside of that?

The downside is that the executive will make sure that my parents don’t get a social security check, veterans get no healthcare, and deployed soldiers get no pay and no way to get back home to their families.

This has happened before. As long as Obama can do whatever lawless crap he wants, he can punish the vulnerable. He’s literally got the nation taken hostage.
Himyar's "situational awareness" sounds like being afraid all the time.
It’s called “situational awareness”. I’m always armed (except on Fed property)with my head on a swivel. If I even get a little concerned, my hand goes in my purse. My daddy told me “never leave any live enemies on the field”. The General was so cool.
Gaffer does not like that George Will didn't hate Obama quick enough.
I don’t need a bow-tied elitist who makes his living pumping out words and blathering pseudo-intelligently on Sunday TV now about a lawless President?

Where has George been? Where was he the first four years of Obama? Where was he up until now? Waiting until the last two years to jump on a bandwagon that so so many of us have pulled for YEARS!. All those years when George, and Charles and all of the rest of the token conservatives on Sunday TV sat there talking about Obama as Legitimate President, Obama as some sort of Well-meaning, but misguided CINC, and every other vein of conversation that just reeked of appeasement, equivocation and submission.
dagogo redux is pretty sure Congress hasn't impeached Obama because they're terrified of him:
I’m afraid that any serious Congressional move to impeach Obama or remove a key underling like Holder will result in Obama arresting or closing down Congress. Obama, after all, has all the departments and agencies with guns and men trained to use them: all Congress has is microphones (that can be turned off), and a bunch of impotent staffers

And I think Congress knows - if they know history - that this is how it would come down if they tried decisive action, and that is one reason they are afraid to try. They know the outcome with men who are tyrants at heart, and the know the outcome of the opposition in Chicago politics.
InterceptPoint explains that the IRS scandal is just to distract from Benghazi:
1. Assume that the American public and certainly the MSM can only do one scandal at a time.

2. Name a scandal that won't touch Hillary: IRS.

3. Name a scandal that could end Hillary's career: Benghazi.

4. Time to get the focus off of Benghazi and onto something else, anything else, for the "good of the party".

5. Watch the MSM and a few key Dems to see if this holds any water.
Jane Long wishes she lived in Colonial times. Because that was a great time for women!
LOL....I had a dream last night that we (family, I guess) were all getting ready to go watch the public floggings. It was a big deal. We were back in Colonial times....
RaveOn is the bitter guy in his neighborhood
I’m the only one on my street with a flagpole, where I proudly fly a Gadsden flag under a 13 star Betsy Ross flag. Plus I have a half dozen anti-Obama bumper stickers on the tailgate of my truck. I love watching in the rear view mirror when people pull up to take pictures!

Of course that’s probably why I wasn’t invited to the neighborhood block party today, even though they felt entitled to block off the whole street. But since I wasn’t invited, they shouldn’t be too surprised if the police show up for a noise or alcohol complaint.

Last time they had a block party it was on the anniversary of 9/11 and right in front of the house of a couple who lost their only child in the WTC attack. Stay classy!
miserare makes fun of Hillary's weight haw haw!
Hey...cut Hillary some slack...she’s evolving...she now donates NEW underwear to charity, and doesn’t even itemize it on her taxes anymore..

Now that her underwear is size 4xxxx, who buys it? Chris Christie?
july4thfreedomfoundation has now decided the latest two mass shooters were actually liberals:
Where are the Occuturds?

A couple of them recently shot two police officers in Las Vegas. And a conceal carry citizen in a WalMart store in that city.

When it was revealed that the shooters were occupy types, that’s when the media lost interest in the story.
Tough guy Viennacon knows Occupy Wall Street has been hired by Obama to smash stores up:
Some of them are now being trained by FEMA as an Obama ‘civil police force’. Got a mom & pop shop? these f&&& will be there to smash it and redistribute your wealth. However in the event they try it on a fellow Freeper i am willing to come down there and ‘handle’ them, and im sure many will join me.
Excuse_My_Bellicosity's sample bias has assured him Obama has been politically toxic since 2010.
Just before the 2010 and 2012 elections, no DemonRat wanted Zero anywhere near their campaign. When Zero offered, it was always, "No, that's okay...ummm...go call Senator XYZ, he needs more help than I do." Even the lapdog media was reporting it quite regularly and it was getting quite awkward for Zero to keep getting rebuffed.

They know he's a screwhead, they're just keeping quiet. But every so often, one of the Congressional DemonRats slips at a townhall meeting and says, "I know O is screwing up in biblical proportions, do you think I'd do something if I could?!?!"
Trapped Behind Enemy Lines does not believe in corporate profit margins:
Maybe, hopefully, one day people will eventually figure out that taxes on corporations are actually hidden sales taxes which end up hitting the little guy the hardest.
PapaNew is just waiting for President Jesus.
The whole Administrative State is unconstitutional and needs to be summarily dismantled. It will take God's miracle to do that.

That miracle may very well be Jesus' own personal return and assumption of all governmental power, don't know.
fella doesn't trust the numbers. He'll tell you when's long enough:
Immigration should be stopped until out of work Americans (not the fake administration numbers) have jobs.
Sacajaweau thinks it's pretty wrong that atheists get rights.
But the big thing is allowing an atheist to speak. Since it is NOT a religion....kick it to the curb. I believe it's a 2 minute monologue. Just so wrong.
moovova knows why everyone goes to Catholic schools - no blacks!
The students at that school, for the most part, are not there for the religious aspect. They are there because the PARENTS don’t want their precious darlings mingling with the “gangstas” and “free & reduced lunch” kids found in public schools.
jonascord has decided to attack Obama and Clinton's golf games:
Does anyone actually know if he is any good at chasing a little white ball? I know Clintoon liked to cheat. Based on his demonstrated athletic skills, I'd be surprised if he can get on the green in 20...
98ZJ USMC has some pseudoscience for ya!
The Abiotic Theory of Oil. That theory has a lot of sensible evidence behind it. We are a carbon ball surrounded by various gasses held into an atmosphere. The ridiculous notion that ALL the world's petroleum was created by fossil degeneration processes is ludicrous. If that was the only case, oil would exists every where there has been flora and fauna.
forgotten man's love of small government has some limits.
I would not want people feeding homeless people in my neighbor hood. I am if favor of helping the needy, but not this way. In my area we have plenty of non profits that feed the homeless in clean dining rooms. Feeding the homeless in parks is like feeding feral cats and pigeons. It is a mess and unsanitary.
Graewoulf - gets superlative and Hitlerian about Obama.
Obama is a designated loser.

No Military conflict in the World can be won with Obama involved in ANY way.

Hitler had the same problem as Obama does of trying to micro-manage what he cannot understand.

Hitler at least tried to win militarily, whereas Obama tries to avoid Military Victories at all costs.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

McDaniel's sour grapes

I keep vacillating about whether this new anti-GOP sentiment is going to be a thing, or whether it will have evaporated in the face of Obama's newest scandal by November.

But it is more of a thing than it has been in the past. Freepers are willing to go to their voter-fraud bunkers re: the Mississippi primary last week. I have not seen that for a primary before. Of course, part of it is that Tea Party candidate McDaniel is challenging the result and alleging fraud based on an unenforceable law. He's also claiming a delay to redact social security numbers on voter rolls means he's been BARRED from reviewing suspected FRAUDULENT VOTES!

But a lot of it is that Freeper's river of crazy has maxed out regarding liberals and is flooding it's own environs.

topher knows the only solution is for him to get everything he wants.
Drudge and FoxNews need to make this BREAKING NEWS.

I think the best thing Thad Cochran can do at this point is retire/resign and let McDaniel run as the GOP person.

It is the best thing for GOP unity.

And it will definitely P!$$ off Haley Barbour
Logical me blames Democrats for this GOP vs. Tea Party situation:
Another example that Democrats are communists and relish being a common criminal to get what they want.
Envisioning - "they" are performing fraud everywhere!
Really makes you wonder about Hussein's last election doesn't it??????

If this is what lengths they will got to for a state senator what were they willing to do for the ONE??????
NorthMountain found a thesaurus!
The execrable Thad Cochran has his poisonous fingerprints all over this.

NEVER vote for GOPe "RINOs". This is where such folly leads.

Thad Cochran delenda est.
KansasGirl is totally gonna not vote Republican this time, guys!
It is tyranny when you no longer have fair elections. The fact that the GOP wants to deny their own voters the selection of their candidate is all I need to know about the GOP. I’m done with them. It’s time for a 3rd party at the national level.
wardaddy: Mississippi - full of liberals.
Lafayette is Ole Miss locale

Lots a libs these days
MomwithHope counsels effort regardless of possible outcome:
If they have legal grounds to pursue this and have those votes thrown out they should take it to the max. Too much is a stake.
After years of Freepers demanding more restrictive voting requirements, Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America knows social security numbers are not to prevent fraud, they're to allow fraud!
The Secretary of State is a Cochran supporter. I can see redacting SSN, but not address. I further have to wonder why SSN is printed in the poll book in the first place. That seems to be risking ID theft. What is the function of SSN in the poll book?

Going in as a citizen has the same issue - the SoS is trying to prevent ID theft, and ordering no access to the poll books until they can be redacted of SSN and address information.

SSN ensures no access to poll books by Republicans trying to identify fraudulent votes.
a fool in paradise knows exactly what happened, and also has buzzwords!
Those “uninformed voters” know they voted once, but there was
“walking around money” being passed around to get them to the polls this time. Too hard to pass up the easy money.

Criminal conspiracy. Crimes. Fraud. Theft.
RandallFlagg is pithy, though light on specifics:
This BS must end.
I-ambush wants to imprison all the "illegal" voters.
I think if you are caught and proven as an illegal voter your voting privileges should be either removed or suspended for the next election.

How about removing their walking around priveleges?
cherokee1 wants reeducation camps.
WRONG: we don’t have room for dumbass uninformed voters. Illegal voting cannot be excused and needs to be prosecuted. Illegal voters at a minimum should get to attend a re-education camp.
Viennacon wants some violence:
SeaHawkFanv recalls some nice electoral violence of yesteryear
Need to get a few hundred armed citizens in order to chnge the minds of the election officials.

The Battle of Athens: The sequel.
It's not violence, but according to RitaOK and Newsmax:
May be up already on FR, but DRUDGE has a newsmax story up above in the headlines that about 50 militia have formed a human chain blockade at Laredo. If not up, needs to be. I can’t post articles. Thx, Rita

Saturday Pix

Obama is a scary gangster, complete with hoodie.
Get it?
I wonder if Hillary's eyes will be like Obama's ears - exaggerating them becoming a petty signal of having the appropriate contempt.
American sovereignty means no immigrants? So...we've not been sovereign for quite a while...
Reid!! *shakes fist*
Wait, I mean SOROS *shakes fist harder*
...Why did they photoshop Cheney to look like he's gonna molest Obama?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Supreme Court Narrows President's Recess Appointment Power

Freepers discuss a recent Supreme Court rebuke of the President's expansion of executive power. They're not too excited.

Iron Munro - laws don't work!
And what will they do about it if he does it anyways? Notta.

Exactly !

If laws worked we wouldn't have an illegal alien as president.
Star Traveler knows this is just like that tyrant Lincoln:
It’s the same thing that happened when Abraham Lincoln was told some of his actions were UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by the US Supreme Court. Lincoln just ignored them!
Vaquero reaches way back to prove that Democrats have been evil since 1820.
President Andrew Jackson’s(Democrat) response to Chief Justice John Marshall’s Supreme Court Decision: “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

its a Dhimmicrat thing, you wouldn’t understand.
Most Freepers are like Iron Munro - holding out for bigger game.
They must be saving announcement of the Hobby Lobby decision for Friday so they can be far away from Washington at the time.
flaglady47 thinks all this good news is just preparation for bad news.
Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t like the fact that this ruling is going to be on Monday. The two decisions today may have been a sop to the conservatives because the big one on Monday is going to go against us. I remember the Obamacare decision was on the last day also, so that Chief Justice Roberts could split for Europe to hide out after his controversial and hated by conservatives decision pro Obamacare.
RIghtwardHo wants the Hobby Lobby decision to help only conservatives, not anyone else.
I kind of expect a split decision on this one and, quite frankly, I do not like too sweeping of a “religious freedom” exception as, in time, that will be used against us.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

logic tells me edition:
As a Conservative, I do not have a set political ideology. What I do is hold to certain truths to be, well, self evident. For example, I believe abortion is murder in all cases, no matter what. And why? Common sense tells us that live begins at conception. As another example, I also believe that the United States Constitution is the law of the land. And why? 2+2=4, and never 5, no matter what the liberals on the short bus say. The US Constitution is the law of the land. I expect and demand that the federal government stays within its Constitutional boundaries, even if the politicians of both parties and their unelected bureaucrat hangers-on want use the the document as political toilet paper.
OK. We're going to have to go through this bit by bit here. Conservativism is as obvious as math, so if you don't agree you're retarded. A neat ideology that conveniently sidesteps the need for any argument.

Now this isn't revolutionary thinking on my part. I'm willing to bet that you, Dear Reader, also feel the same way about the above examples. We Conservatives didn't come to these realizations because some political svengali wrote a book and we all became True Believers. It isn't talk radio that formed these views, nor did FOX News, regardless of what the $oros funded thugs at Media Bladders tell their fellow cult members. As a rule, Conservatives, for the most part, never allow ideology to form their views, they use logic.

And logic tells me that we Conservatives should not support any military action in Iraq.
We're all conservative because we have no ideology, only pure reason. Setting himself up for some quality argument by declaration...

Now, let me be, as our Jew hating and homosexual agenda pushing "President", likes to say "perfectly clear". I supported the war in Iraq completely and still do. By all accounts, Saddam Hussein was a clear and present danger to the United States. He was a cut above your typical Islamonazi. Instead of just talking about committing acts of genocide, he did it. Hussein's Baath party were sponsors of Islamic and leftist terror all over the world. It was only a matter of time before before the US was attacked by Iraqi sponsored terror. While George W. Bush got many, many things wrong during his presidency, on this one, he was on the money. Saddam Hussein had to be dispatched to his 72 virgins, regardless of what the Starbucks philosopher crowd thought, in the name of a legitimate national security issue.
Jew hating? Anyhow, I am enjoying the idea that Saddam Hussein was extra evil compared to other dictators. I also like the complete wrongness of Hussein being Muslim and sponsoring terrorism. Keep rocking those debunked 2001 talking points!

We have a similar situation in Iraq now. ISIS has now taken over the Muthanna chemical weapons depot in Iraq and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has promised to commit an act of genocide against the American people.

However, "similar" doesn't necessarily mean "the same". We have an x-factor named Barack Hussein Obama illegally squatting in the White House. Here's a guy who's mired in scandal after scandal, ranging from the NSA spying on American citizens, allowing an ambassador to be murdered in Libya, arming Mexican drug cartels with Fast and Furious, swapping 5 Taliban super villains for traitor Bowe Bergdahl, and has instructed the Internal Revenue Stasi to harass American citizens who decry what a mockery their country has become under his dictatorial rule.
Amazing logic. Iraq now is different because Barack Obama is in charge, and he's evil. Also, birtherism! Truly, logic is what is leading this man on.

Imagine what would happen if Barry's military adventure turned into an all-out war. Never mind having the IRS harassing dissenters, we would have the FBI hunting down dissenters in a way that even a fascist pig like Woodrow Wilson would find distressing. Some might say this is hyper-partisan bloviating, but is there any reason whatsoever to believe that wouldn't be the result?
"We can't allow Obama to go into Iraq because it would turn America fascist! Some say this is hyperpartisan, but my counterargument is to repeat myself - checkmate!"

Not only that, just like in Syria, we have absolutely no idea who we would be supporting. ISIS may be a Sunni group, but that doesn't exactly make the Shi'ites lambs being led to the slaughter, either. Not only that, this would put us on the same side as the genocidal maniacs in Teheran. Honestly, does that sound like a good idea?
The Middle East is complicated. Unlike in 2001, when it was super simple.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I have all the answers. One one hand, ISIS is one of the most dangerous foes that the US has ever faced. On the the other hand, Barack Obama is the most dangerous foe the US has ever faced. It's a crap sandwich that even a team consisting of Paul Bocuse, Gordon Ramsay, and Bobby Flay couldn't make appetizing.
I'm just folks, and don't have all the answers, but even in my humility, it is clear Obama is the most dangerous foe the US has ever faced. LOGIC

We are on the edge of absolute disaster. The economy is collapsing, our society is collapsing, and the useless bureaucrats in both parties are hastening the country's demise. There's no sense in pretending that this will end well, no matter what happens.

God help us all.
Conservative choir preaching provided by Absolutely Nobama AKA Alan Levy gun owner.

Spotlight Friday: drypowder

Thanks for all the spotlight suggestions - Equalator made it to third between this guy and Democrat_Media, but it looks like he'll keep.

At first I thought drypowder was just another hyperpartisan with nothing special to make him stand out. I kept passing him by. 
But this week I started to notice the contradictions. That's what makes this Freeper special - his lack of integrity is so complete that even internal consistency is no barrier, if it allows him to better make up things to hate about liberals.
Also a bit more into the Bilderberg/New World Order conspiracies than most.

Part of the Freeper third party crowd.
this level of corruption in the Republican party should encourage any patriotic American to drop their party membership. I don't care what Limbaugh or any other republican says about a third party being a loser, it's time for a third party that will accommodate the 70+% of Americans that have no faith in either the Dem or the Repub party.
Hillary's book is badly reviewed - she's doomed!
the trial balloon book meant to gauge the hildahags popularity is telling. It's a flop and the hildahag is done.
Hillary's book means nothing - she's gonna fraud her way to Prez!
Hillary’s lack of popularity can be overcome by poll spiking and when she runs for prez a lot of vote fraud will put her in the WH. She will have to be complicit in committing crimes to become top criminal of the US. Crime is her thing, it has gotten her where she is today.
Republicans - bought off, or living in fear?
Aside from the fact they are corrupt, what really drives the treachery in this DC establishment GOP, money or fear for theirs or a family members lives?? Could it be both given the world’s oligarchs commonly rule by offering the option of lead or silver?
the NWO oligarchs
the NWO oligarchs, the real culprits behind Obama's fundamental transformation of America
Obama's foreign adventurism? New World Order.
Rouge dictators are incompatible with the New World Order, hence the Obozo’s public statement last week of dictators like and kind to Qaddafi are on notice.
Lois Lerner will be assassinated now.
Issa may have just signed Lois Lerner's accidental death warrant.
Obama nominates 3 new generals? No need to check up on them...
all are likely muslim
China is to be trusted
China is now calling the US government corrupt. Ya think?
America has been defeated from within:
Only an enemy within and placed in a powerful position can defeat the US and sadly, this is the reality Americans are currently witnessing.
No wait, America will soon be taken back in a glorious revolution!
what will become of all the democrat’s Satan serving self proclaimed gods when the US is retaken by US freedom loving patriots?
Wait, America is gonna be invaded by China and Russia soon.
This may sound implausible but with the obozo in the WH, Russia and or China have free rein to attack US interests without fear of any reprisal. I’d bet that Obozo would quietly cheer them on.
No, it'll be an attack by ISIS.
I can't help but think this is all part of the Muslim obozo’s fundamental transformation of America. To hell with waiting on Congress to act to stop this fraud, if we the people don't take action against this WH and soon, we will be defending our lives in the streets.
Boehner is gonna let Obama be King and never leave!
keeping bonehead as speaker will only further serve the coronation of obozo as tyrant king. This country won't need either house of congress if obozo decides to stay on past his second term
Obama's letting women into the military to further his revolutionary plan
Will a female front-line soldier obey an order to fire on American citizens? Why change the rules now?

Answer: this administration is planning to re-institute the military draft, to include women and use many of them on America's streets rounding up our guns.

If I am correct, another question arises; will the good patriotic American men shoot an American female soldier who comes to confiscate their firearms?
A wall of text list of Clinton conspiracy theories:
sorry for being so verbose here; will the documentary include the mysterious suicide death of the hildahag's close friend Vince Foster? will it include the hildahag's involvement in the WACO Texas massacre of the Branch Dividian Christian Church members? will it include her ill gotten $100,000.00 pay off in a few days time from a $1,000 investment in the cattle futures? will it include who actually hired Greg Livingstone who stole over 1,000 FBI files of the Clinton's political enemies? will it include the hildahag's partnership in the Rose Law Firms criminal involvement in the Whitewater land scandal where the firms files went missing during a congressional inquiry and then turned up in the Clinton's WH living quarters over two years later? Oh gee, there is just too much evidence of corruption on the hildahag for me to keep listing here. Documentary film? No, clearly PROPAGANDA to cover the hildahag's entrenched criminality but although she clearly failed as Secretary of State and did nothing as a senator, some think she is qualified to be the President of the US?? Give us an effing break!! Her qualifications = she is neck deep in criminal activity and is a liar.
For those interested, I took the trouble to format the above screed when I first posted it.

Also, a new Clinton conspiracy theory!
I’m curious how much of that missing $6 billion from the State Dept she got
Government worker patriots? Time to strike!
it’s time for good patriots everywhere, especially those working for the US government to walk off the job in protest of no confidence in this criminal in the WH and our hapless Congress
Government worker patriots? Screw you!
Federal Government employees should never receive bonuses of any kind and should never be allowed to unionize. PERIOD!!
Why impeach Obama? Why not?
if an excuse is needed, any will do
Obama is a Muslim.
unless of course one realizes obozo is a muslim, hates America and his repeated promise to Fundamentally Change America was his promise to destroy us from within. Bergdahls release was NOTHNIG more than an excuse to release the worst of the worst five Taliban commanders in order to placate America's enemies. How much clearer can it get that this fraud in the WH committed TREASON and yet those in Congress has done nothing and will do nothing about this either, which in my mind signals that America as we and the rest of the world once knew it is finished.
Female Muslims must be crazy:
any female muslim has to be a masochist with a wish to get beheaded by her muslim male counterparts. What are muslim women promised when they go to Allha’s heaven?
World War 2? Reminds him of how much he hates Obama.
An historic video showing an old French man standing on the side of a street was in tears as he watched the German military move through the streets of Paris after France was lost to the Nazis in WW2. As long as the fraud obozo remains in the WH and I'm sure I'm not alone, but I can certainly relate to how that old man felt.
US Navy advertisements are unpatriotic.
Recently I saw a US Navy recruiting TV add that features a Wave dressed in full combat gear telling what the US Navy stands for. The two points that struck me was when she said the US Navy's mission is to protect and promote democracy around the world and to follow the orders given them. Maybe I'm being too critical but between the line implications don't cut it for me. She said nothing directly about serving with honor to protect our Constitution or the country. The following orders spiel sounded like she got that talking point directly from a traitor.
Applauding Obama's speech at West Point? That's a firing.
those that stood in applause for the obozo should never be allowed to serve, they've disgraced the uniform and their brethren
The EPA is a criminal, or something.
FACT: Global warming is yet scientifically unproved. Any regulation enacted by the EPA based on unproven science would be fraud and any enforcement there of would be criminal. But, since the resident in the WH is a criminal..............

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Impeachment hoping

Freepers have been calling for Obama's impeachment since at least January 29, 2009 - 9 days after he was inaugurated. They've been going strong ever since. Nowadays, they're way beyond crimes, and just want to do it to do it.

They may get their wish.

It's been a drumbeat in the right-wing Internets for about a month now, and its beginning to become a litmus test among the faithful. As it gains political valence, Boehner is exploring suing the President in a surely futile gesture that will be both a trial balloon and provide some political cover for impeachment proceedings.

But Free Republic's steady diet of hate seems to have had an effect. What once would have excited Freepers to no end brings about only cynical rumblings and ever increasing demands.

Peter ODonnell does not care about political cover at all:
wot’s all this about Bo(eh)ner taking him to small claims court to recover the five trillion he’s blown away?


C’mon GOP, grow o pair.
clintonh8r explains that impeachment would be a smart political maneuver:
Impeachment proceedings would be a great way to tie up a lame duck session so the outgoing reps can’t get to any mischief.
. The Duke wonders if impeachment might turn America against Obama:
Impeachment ill simply be fought with one delay after the time he is he’ll be out of office.

Regardless, if he is convicted in the "court of public opinion" it could have a profound affect on election day (maybe).

It could also be that we're already beyond redemption.
SeaHawkFan seems to really care about Due Process
Impeachment could be done in the house in two weeks, with a Senate trial two weeks after that.
Too late. He’s already destroyed the country
Cheerio is done with politics, except for super-right wing crazy websites:
NEVER EVER gonna happen with the bunch of wussies the GOP has in the District of Corruption. The shenanigans of Thad Cochran last night convinced me I am tuning out of all politics for the rest of my short remaining life. I am done. I will still read FR, Zerohedge, Canada Free press but I am done voting, or supporting any candidates. Finished, done, over.

If a new conservative party emerges in the next couple of years I will take another look.
Osage Orange thinks lashing out at lower-level figures first would work well.
Start by impeaching the head of the IRS.....

Let the Dim's defend that.
zzwhale has a list of demands to take us back to 1850, but with more pollution:
be PATIENT...... wait to see if repubs/T can take the SENATE... get rid of Mumbles Reid and then IMPEACH... MORE IMPORTANT WOULD BE TO HAVE A MAJ TO OVERRIDE ANY PREZ VETO.

.... then get down to serious stuff...
QT3.14 doesn't care about impeachment, he's just happy being.
America’s first (half) Black Halfrican-American POTUS.

Michelle Obama: I Couldn't Feed My Kids Right–Even with a Harvard Degree

Michelle Obama said that as a working mother it was difficult to ensure her children ate healthy meals. There was an attempt to make that a populist thing - I heard it on talk radio, at least.

Freepers are why the right-wing can't have nice empty populism.

F15Eagle quotes Michelle with context, and then purposely fails to understand her.
Before coming to the White House, I struggled, as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy, and I didn’t get it right

Couldn’t feed them on that $200,000 salary, Moochelle?

She lies like Hillary Clinton.
DariusBane took her out of context, making her seem dumb!
This is the sentence her Harvard degree made possible:

“as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy,”

Ghetto talk from the First Lady of the formerly great United States of America.
MrB knows poor people are all about healthy eating:
Can’t feed your kids right BECAUSE of your Harvard degree.
CatherineofAragon continues to be a pure anti-woman hate-ball.
Just how stupid are you, you repellent beast?
Jim from C-Town knows how to feed children.
Apparently she really Is a man and unable to lactate!
18 posts till NRA1995 makes with the first fat joke.
Well, looking at that big ass of hers, she couldn’t feed herself right so how could she feed the little boofers right?
nascarnation knows parents should teach how to be a working mom:
An indictment of her parents.
These are “tribal” skills that should be imparted long before college.
Cowboy Bob knows black people never deserve Harvard.
She has a Harvard* degree.

A Harvard* degree is awarded to Affirmative Action graduates.
Dagnabitt also with the pure insults:
She really is her own drag-queen. The giveaways are the huge hands, hulking frame, and marriage to a gay man.
ansel12's working Mom fed them, which means there are no challenges.
One of my mother’s tricks when we didn’t have food was to make cornbread and buy a quart of milk, and we would have a glass of corn bread crumbs and milk mixed, of course it wasn’t filling, but her trick was to sit at the table and talk to us, which was a treat since she was a single mom that had to ride the bus to and from work and so was gone until close to bedtime, and then had to do housework and dealing with us three boys baths and such during most of the little time that we saw her.

I think of this when I read about Obama and his PHD mom and rich grandmother, and Bill Clinton with his nurse anesthesiologist mom and car dealer step dad, and now Michelle’s struggles of two lawyers raising kids.

My mother with her 8th grade education and living in Houston, would not take a penny of government money, while the rich liberals moan about not being able to feed their kids properly.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mississippi rage

The recent IRS hearings garnered over 1,000 comments (though nothing new), so Freepers are clearly still quite interested in bashing Obama. But man, do they hate their own party. It will be interesting to see if they can turn this hate-train around come general election time.

Thad Cochran won the runoff primary election in Mississippi last night. Mississippi has an open primary, though you need to sign an unenforceable pledge that you will support the GOP nominee in the general election.

To make matters even more amusing, Cochran took advantage of the open primary to have a general get out the vote effort that included black areas. That little racial fact did not escape Freepers.

I was hoping for more caterwauling, but it looks like Freepers have gone practical - they're mostly making empty(?) threats to vote Dem in November.

topher expects fraud:
Cochran and his campaign also used robo-calls to call McDaniel a racist...

Cochran's name reminds me of COCKROACH

Maybe Thad Cochran cockroached his way to the margin over McDaniel.

It is not necessarily a win at this point because of the possible invalid votes and the strong possibility of vote fraud.
P-Marlowe hates with a black hate of blackness:
Cochran is a traitor. He should not be awarded with any TEA PARTY votes in November. Let him beg the black voters who took him over the top to vote for him in November.

I despise everything about that man. He is a disgrace to the human race.
Oh, snap! GraceG makes with a silly name - and it's ribald!
The democrats have won with either cock-ring or the dem they are going to run against him....

So what can we do, we can Punish the GOPe...
Tennessee Conservative complains about black churches:
The IRS never hassles black churches, just white churches. Black churches politicize all they want and seem to be encouraged to do so.
Norm Lenhart - the Republicans have reached maximum evil!
The GOP mirrored the Dems Robert Byrd experience and intend to wheel an obvious Alzheimer patient into DC as needed to vote ‘correctly’

That is as evil as evil gets.
Boojum lurvs McDaniel
Doubt a challenge will succeed. But go for it anyway.

Best bet is for McDaniel to put his name and organization into electing every candidate from dog catcher to governor as a conservative.

He has the heart of conservative Mississipians.

Lost the battle, won the war.

Keep on keeping on, Chris.
OMG, austinaero is gonna vote Dem...
Yep,,I will not be part of Rove or Barbour’s call for unity...sorry...when Reid is still the Senate leader,,and Mitch is bitchin....I’ll deflect it all toward Karl Rove and Haley Barbour.....They obviously do not seem to have a problem with it.
VerySadAmerican is also totally gonna vote Dem:
I will never vote for another republican. Of course, I’ve been saying that for a long time but still....McDaniel should run as an independent. If not, then he should suggest his voters vote for the democrat. It’s time to put a stop to the gopE any way we can.
matthew fuller has his priorities straight:
"The GOPe is as much an enemy of the American people as the Democrats. "

Spread the message on this-

#1 enemy= GOPe

#2 Enemy= Demonazis
butterdezillion is back, bringing her brand of crazy.
Nah, Cloward-Piven set up the Motor Voter thing as well as illegal immigration so that elections can always be stolen, regardless of how unpopular the “elected one” is. The point of doing that was so dems could trod over whoever and whatever they wanted, knowing that dead voters and Mickey Mouse were gonna cancel out the votes of any angry voters anyway.

Freeper soccer haters

I can see interest in the World Cup grow every four year's it's come around since I was in undergrad. Now it's bigger than anything except for the NFL.

And a lot of Freepers are totally down with the sport, or at least are willing to let fans alone. So I had to cherry pick a bit more than usual for this post.

Luckily, this is Free Republic, and the sticks in the mud who have decided soccer is evil and another example of America's downfall keep it loud and proud.

sean327 has no interest in soccer, but he's far from indifferent!
I have zero interest in soccer, no one I know has any interest in it either. In fact, we detest the damn game!
Ray76 knows it's all hype.
It’s being hyped more, but nobody cares about soccer.
Old Yeller makes it racial.
It’s all the Mexicans in this country.
dforest is pretty sure soccer is New World Order conspiracy:
The NWO has deemed soccer as the official world sport. They have a hard time selling soccer in the US because we prefer football.

That is the reason that everything is being done to destroy the game of football.

As a one world we must all have the same official sports.

Sad, but you know it is true.
Goldsborough has a list as to why soccer is unamerican:
The diving so prevalent in soccer, by which so much game advantage can be gained, is never going to be accepted here, but FIFA refuses to wipe it out, which would be simple through post match review and penalties with actual teeth.

The soccer shoot out is the dumbest tie breaker of all of the stick and/or ball sports. Americans hate ties so much that pigskin football was forced to implement effective tie breakers. Inconclusive results in sports are un-American. Even championship tennis and golf, (other euro imports) get what soccer seemingly does not—play on until someone caves.

Ersatz "American" soccer culture—the scarves in July, the stolen songs, clubs named after Real Madrid and some Mexican club, it's just freakin' goofy. You either have to consciously avoid the issue of how stupid this cultural misappropriation is, or join it to fit in.

Soccer is BORING. Fans call it action, but "the intricacies of passing" just aren't all that interesting to most people. Just like most people see rugby as an interminable series of laterals, most American sports fans don't consider "possession" as worth a darn as entertainment when watching it. When the game ends 0-0 and the analyst babble is about who looked better and possessed the ball more, the typical American sports fan rightfully rolls his eyes with a WGAF sentiment.

Our indigenous "boring" sport slot is filled by baseball, which is older than soccer, has by far more history here, and has by far the most live attendance at levels ranging from Little League, to high school, college, the Minor Leagues on up to MLB. Baseball would be the sport that would actually most profit from an influx of athletic talent by the demise of NFL and NCAA football. Baseball already has the "academy system" that MLS could only dream of comprehensively duplicating, and the average paycheck for a MLB player far outstrips that of all but a handful of MLS players, providing a more powerful economic incentive to partake than domestic soccer offers.
sean327 - this is a sign!
Soccer is just one more way the pussification of America continues to march on.
sean327 allows soccer is athletic, but hates it for other unspecified reasons.
Tell Clint Dempsey that he’s a pussy. I dare you.

In my younger lean and mean days I would tell him in a heartbeat! Today at 50 and not so lean and mean, not a chance!
All joking aside, these guys are world class athletes. There is no denying it. I hate the game for a number of reasons, the biggest is it bores the hell out of me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been"

"The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been"
---President Obama.

Freepers eagerly ignore statistics to point out what a craphole the world is.

TADSLOS takes a random sampling of cities:
Meanwhile, in the streets of Baghdad, Kabul and Chicago....
gingerbread has nothing left to burn, so he has set the world on fire:
I do wish that this very stupid president would get out of his basement and see the world that is collapsing around us. The MIDDLE EAST is on fire, AFRICA is on fire, the FAR EAST is on fire, our southern neighbors are on fire, the countries bordering Russia is on fire. The only place that is not on fire is this country, and this LIAR IN CHIEF will make sure that before he leaves office, this country will also be on fire.
headstamp 2 has a pretty high quality typo:
This man is insane, absolutely insane. There isn’t a SINGLE area of the world or this country that this MOPRON hasn’t screwed up. Either deliberately or through his own incompetence. The list is endless.

He needs to be in a straitjacket.
defconw knows only crazy people recognize global progress:
I think he should be forced to take a drug test. That or he is seriously mentally ill.

I have been thinking, I just wonder what percentage of Democrats have STD's and whether or not this contributes to this insane way of looking at the world?
Red Badger worries that many beyond Obama are indulging in optimism:
Liberals really do live in fantasy land.
He believes this malarkey.
His minions believe this crap as well..............
The horrror, ilgipper - Obama has made the children optimistic!
Wow. This guy is a grade A idiot.

He’s fooled an entire generation or two of people into a fantasy version of the world. It’s going to take quite a lot work to undo this.
Jabba the Nutt explains that Obama is just equating America with violence:
In his own eyes, Obama is a great success. In his view, America is the cause of the problems in the world. You remove America from influence in the world and voila, you end up with a world more peaceful than it ever has been.

What 99% of Americans see as a failed foreign policy, Obama sees as a success. He won't stop and he won't turn it around. Obama sees himself on a success tract. Do expect him to change, why would he, he's succeeding.
ponz7 also goes with the Obama is crazy/on drugs thesis:
Seriously, he needs a complete physical and mental examination and drug testing as well. This is no joke—if he actually believes what he said, he is delusional and incapable of continuing in office.
MeshugeMikey - Obama is addicted to hope!
HOPIUM® is one hell of a drug.

his addiction..knows NO BOUNDS!!
riri knows the race war is coming:
Wow. Does anyone really believe this?

The world is teeing up for the biggest race war in history. The sides are teeing up and battle lines are being drawn.

But ofcourse, he wants this.
exit82 thinks Clint Eastwood's chair bit is still awesome:
The Emperor shows his nakedness once again.

Clint Eastwood’s empty chair was never more apt.
lostboy61 cedes the world, but blames Obama for local police militarization:
The world is less violent but the U.S. under Obobo is more violent. Can’t you see it as the cops get more APC and kill more people for no reason. Baby’s are blown up and people are killed in no knock raids.
a fool in paradise - Stalin was always going on about how awesome the world was:
He does this all so glibly doesn’t he, with no guilt whatsoever.

Stalinists lie. ALWAYS.

It's one of the things that soured George Orwell on Socialism. The outright dishonesty of it all.
Jack Hammer knows Washington DC is a warzone:
Apparently he hasn’t taken a look out the White House windows lately.
Vigilanteman explains that Obama's Muslimness means less violent is secret code for more Muslim.
Muslims believe that the closer we get to Dar es Salaam (the condition, not the city in coastal Tanzania), the closer we are to their version of utopia on earth.

Dar es Salaam's literal Arabic translation is "The Abode of Peace," a condition they believe will be achieved when the whole world is Muslim or, at least, divided into the two classes of Muslim masters and Dhimmi slaves or payers of tribute.

When viewed in this context, BO's statement actually makes sense.

The problem, of course, is that the other groups which he favors (Marxists, Feminazis, the Pink Mafia, La Raza, Black Panthers, etc.) believe exactly the same thing, only they would be the group in charge.

Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of criminal scheme

Wisconsin governor and union-busting sometimes hero of the right Scott Walker had some bad news late last week. It seems he was an unidicted co-conspirator in a case alleging collusion between third party groups and his own campaign. He may have been unindicted, but the e-mails that came out look pretty bad. And that takes some doing in our current permissive campaign finance atmosphere. The e-mails were actually released in connection to a wrongful prosecution case brought be Americans for Prosperity. Freepers know it was Obama, and go straight to Nazi.

Norm Lenhart knows he'll be a wanted man in just a few months
Give them time. in a few months we will achieve non person status. Then enemy of the state. Then a final solution can be applied as Bill Ayres, official Obama Advisor, said was needed.

They just need a little time.
The Rats of WI can’t win at the ballot box so they’re going to get him by whatever means necessary.
Whereas Freepers are all about the ballot box...

BitWielder1 has an evidenceless conviction Democrats are doing this too!
What they accuse him of sounds pretty much like the Dem Standard Operating Procedure.
To be fair, probably everyone is doing this, but not so blatantly as Walker.

drunknsage is still getting mileage out of those 2 New Black Panther guys from 2008.
No charges filed against the New Black Panthers over voter intimidation (and no arrests regarding their probable carrying of concealed weapons etc); not a peep out of the criminal thug in the White House or the criminal thug in the DoJ regarding the multiple voting by Holder’s people; no action or investigation on the ad hoc ballot box stuffing on behalf of the ridiculous imbecile Al Franken...

You didn’t get the memo? Voting rights only apply to minorities or those who have faced discrimination. Whites aren’t protected by such laws and the DOJ didn’t feel comfortable using a law against a group it was supposed to protect. That’s a matter of fact thanks to an OIG investigation. Alot of good that did.
DesertRhino rolls soviet.
This is right out of a circa 1922 Soviet playbook. Unbelievable to be watching it happen again before my eyes. But I do have faith that the information age combined with the 2nd amendment will check this attack in time.
RKBA Democrat - if you're not seeing Hitler, it's because you're biased.
Normalcy bias gets you every time.

Why surely the Turks didn’t mean what they said about Armenians.
Why surely the Germans didn’t mean what they said about the Jews.
Why surely the soviets didn’t mean what they said about the counter revolutionaries .
Why surely the Khmer Rouge didn’t mean what they said about intellectuals.
Why surely the Serbs didn’t mean what they said about Bosnians.
Why surely the the Hutu didn’t mean what they said about the Tutsi,
reefdiver is rehabilitating Herman Cain...
were any of the bimbo accusations against Cain actually true?

None. They Borked him idea that Borked means then. Not too surprising.

Big news! Red Steel finally demands prosecution of the Obama administration! Shocker.
Short of another revolution don’t let them run out the clock after Obama is out of office. Prosecute them inside and out of government for their crimes when a legitimate administration takes the Executive branch. They’ve crossed the line where they should be pursued and prosecuted.
I wonder if that's part of the reason for the recent mania for party purity - that the outrage meter for Dems is stuck at Hitler/imprison for every bad thing that happens, and they've turned to areas where they have a mite more hope for success.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hillary Clinton on FOX

euphgeek found this little thread.

As part of her book tour, Hillary Clinton went on FOX News. She did pretty well. Know how I know that? Freepers got nothing but rage:

Viennacon wants to make his position clear:
For the record: I hate her
Well before the interview, re_nortex noted that Greta is a Scientologist, and therefore super liberal:
Greta always shows contempt for conservatives and routinely has RINOs on her program that she is always chummy with.

Not surprising since Van Susteren is a member of a bizarre, Christ-denying cult. Her "leader" is (or more accurately was) an evil charlatan, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. She and her husband are major financial contributors to this satanic cult.
GRRRRR makes a subtle fat joke:
Don’t you just want to PINCH those cute pudgy pink cheeks of Hilliary?
nascarnation went to a weird place...
Every time I see that wide-eyed smiling poster of her I can’t help but picture someone unexpectedly having turned up the speed on her vibrator.

They don’t call per partner “Huma” for nothin....
ConservativeInPA seems nice:
The ugly bitch wants to try a terrorist in US courts. f’n traitor bitch.
txhurl knows FOX News is in the tank for Hillary:
Looks like Ailes wants her for prez.

I can.t believe Baer is entertaining this bitch.
haircutter is sure she got the questions first:
Her answers too canned, to rehearsed, to prepped.

face lift, neck tuck, and eyes stretched. just trying to make her look ahhh presidential???

fake and phony..

let Trey Gowdy question her...

this is too pro.
surrey agrees - FOX gave her the questions.
No way she agreed to this interview without the questions ahead of time . Just no way. She’s way too prepared.
She is lying her fat butt off.
Blue Highway really likes this fantasy:
Greta calls in sick, and Judge Pirro shows up with a smile.

That would have been great. Hillary would have freaked out for sure.
Don't know much about Pirro, but a bit of Googling shows that she ran against Hillary for Senate, and now is their go-to Benghazi-ologist.

tuffydoodle - everyone hates Bill Clinton these days!
Everytime she says “my husband” as in, “my husband did this” or “my husband agrees” I want to say, “your husband cheated on you, did nasty things with a cigar to an intern and he lied to the American people. Nobody gives a shit what your husband says or did.”
Bluestocking found a damning blip in the statistics:
Hillary went on Greta’s show to sell her book. Yet, amazingly, in the period during and after the interview, the book fell from fourth to fifth place on the Amazon bestsellers list.

Greta’s millions of viewers seem to have staged a mass Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions operation against Hillary after listening to her discuss her awful book.
surrey is sure she's fat.
Really? A size 8? She’s as wide as I’ve ever seen her. That caboose has to be a 16 at least.
TigersEye doesn't care about her appearance.
I don’t care if she is fat or not she’s an enemy.
TigersEye cares a lot about her appearance.
Is she wearing a used rag mop on her head?

Washington Redskins trademark revoked

The USPTO, independently of the Administration, has revoked the Washington Redskins' trademarks due to their name being “disparaging to Native Americans.”

It's a big brouhaha over a small issue. Hell, even without their trademark, the Redskins' logo and font are copyrighted, so this may be more symbolic than financial. But Freepers do their best to make a mountain out of this molehill:

As far as SamuraiScot knows, all who disagree are foolish amateurs, and also revolutionaries.
Hmmm. The Patent Office approved the patent application quite a while ago, I would guess. As far as I know, they can't legally change their decision after rendering it, and having the applicant invest money in building the brand. The bureaucrats can't un-throw that rock. If the name has genuinely become disparaging, the marketplace will take care of it, people will avoid watching the REDSKINS play, and it will fall into disuse.

This is one of the few cases where the Supreme Court has jurisdiction, since the case it Federal, and it should go there.

What's embarrassing is the amateurish quality of the Democratic revolutionaries.
Attention Surplus Disorder thinks the takings clause applies to trademarks:
I would think that the Redskins could take a casualty tax deduction in the mid-single-digit billions of dollars for this “taking”. It is unprecedented.
YourAdHere knows Obama is secretly behind this.
The e-mail that Barry sent them demanding this will also disappear mysteriously.
Gaffer - this is how it ends!
Watch closely. America is in its end time.
sten - it's time for medieval cavalry-based assassinations!
govt coercion

they have no standing in law, so they will start to apply pressure to advertisers and any forms of property they can

these people need to get late night visits by men on horseback riding into their bedrooms wielding a ball & chain
the anti-mahdi prays a passive-aggressive prayer.
Well, God bless America. At least the “native americans” (all five of them) will not be offended.

God forgive me, I hate the Left, but You already know that.

I hate what they do. But, I also believe that You are using them to punish us for turning our backs to You.

These things have to happen, You will do all your pleasure, and it is obvious to even a child Your pleasure is to decimate America. One piece at a time.

God forgive us.
Ruy Dias de Bivar - this is another Native American genocide!
Two hundred years ago there was a move to make the Indian disappear. He was moved to Indian Territory(Oklahoma), his mounds and villages torn down, burial grounds looted. Anything significant was considered made by the mythical Welsh Prince MODOC.

In the 1970s Indians began to make a comeback with silly Mazola commercials, Movies, and statements by actors like Marlon Brando, along with civic disorder like at Wounded Knee in 1973.

Now the American Indian is again disappearing, pushed out of the Sports realm by over zealous Leftists who fear the memory of the Indian may be offensive to Indians when they really are offensive to the Leftists.
Oldeconomybuyer ties this to Obama visiting an Indian reservation last week, which makes us no longer a democracy"
This is what a dictator looks like.

Last week the Marxist visited an Indian reservation, this week the Marxist seizes the assets of a privately owned company. Both to suit his political goals.

We are Venezuela.

Monday Potpourri

Squeako - the problem with America is that we don't make enough bigoted generalizations.
One of the problems with western societies is the personalization of a generality. For example people tend not to support deportation of the illegal alien that works in the kitchen at the local brew pub, not making the connection that, while Juan at the pub doesn't destroy a civil society, 30 million low educated and low skilled people with no connection to nor understanding of a representative republic do destroy that society.

Similarly they can not possibly believe that the Muslim student that lives in their apartment complex could possibly want them dead or kneeling fives times a day, while smiling and chatting so nicely in the elevator. They refuse to consider they have been lied to or merely remain willfully ignorant until the next attack comes at which point they wonder what they did to deserve such treatment; surely they/we must have done something to make them hate us and if we were to just stop, so would they.

Political correctness and utopian statism are academic suicide notes in a world of inbred fanatical barbarians.
acapesket doesn't need facts:
I so loathe this POS that I cannot read it but I know in my heart and soul that I am correct.
yldstrk is still rocking the NeoCon line on Iraq:
saddam destabilized the region with his endless war with Iran and his invasion of Kuwait, and yes, Saddam moved his weapons of mass destruction to Syria and no, I won’t “give it up”
nascarnation on Democrats vs. Republicans:
Democrats are trained by the mob.
Republicans are trained by country clubs.
mark3681 wants the military to go rogue and re-invade Iraq.
FUBO ... ten thousand on stand-by and you send 250?.

It would be really something if those 10,000 decided to mobilize on their own! Shock and Awe!
epluribus_2 loves him a Star Wars analogy:
They learned alright. They learned that they have to stomp out dissent. Imperial Walkers approaching!

Trevor Lowden used that imagery last night at our mi teaparty meeting. Said we are not country club Republicans - we are the Rebel Alliance. That’s us folks. Suit up and make us proud.
Black Agnes heard about an optional BDSM course. Soon we will all be gimps for the Chinese!
meanwhile, our competitors on the world technological stage teach THEIR 16yr olds advanced math, science, computer skills and hone their second (and third!) language skills.

we teach OUR kids how to be the sex slaves of those countries.
realcleanguy is going truther...
What we are witnessing is the Muslim take over of the US and the Left Wing is allied with Islam. Could it be really, that the 9/11 attacks were not just a muslim attack against the US, but the Left Wing attack against George Bush? Did the Left Wing attack us on 9/11?
1/1,000,000th% has some awesome made-up stats on the gays:
“As rational people, we know that most homosexual people lead healthy, normal and productive lives like their heterosexual counterparts,” the students wrote.

If cutting your life expectancy in half, burning through excessive healthcare using other people's money, using drugs, living in violent domestic arrangements, chasing children for sex and eating poop, is healthy, normal and productive, then the kids are right.
Bulwyf - it's time!
I think it’s time, I think people are fed up. Demand these people be arrested and tried. Tried by actual Americans, not some liberal judge. Put them all on public tribunals. Take back the justice system, take back the government.
MrB thinks 2012 doesn't count.
We’ll see meaningless elections for a long time before we see no elections.

2012 was the start of that.
JRandomFreeper on the current Ted Cruz birther doctrine:
It is a dead horse on this forum. The forum owner has decreed that FR isn't a debating society for the subject.

One can either comply as a good guest, or be asked to leave.

Enterprise is all aflutter because Thad Cochrine may be courting blacks!
There has already been one report posted at FR that refers to “walking around money” to be disbursed to get black voters to vote for Chochran. Same old Democrat fraud.
BenLurkin knows aliens would just be another excuse for Hitler:
The “progressive”s would love to have ETs show up.

It would afford a golden opportunity to institute world government and complete control of everything.

And I do mean everything.
Forward the Light Brigade knows aliens are an anathema to liberals:
UFOlogy is a repected branch of research. But, your right, Progs will never admit to anything they do not accept—Global Warming, National race prejudice, Social Justice—these fantasies do exist for them—but UFOs God or Patriotism are not real—only world government and the purity of the UN.
P-Marlowe gets dramatic about the Kevin McCarthy election as new Majority Leader.
That’s an in-your-face to the Tea Party.

This means war.
Vaquero wants riots in at the 2016 GOP convention!
Obviously we need to do the same as the commies did at the 68 Dhimmicrat convention.
That caused the eventual change to the Dhimmicrat party that make them the Marxist buttwads they are today.
In order to counter this national threat, we need to have a major presence at the RNC 2016 convention and steer this turkey in the RIGHT direction.