Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obama killed his grandma!

Obama goes to his grandmother's funeral. Freepers cannot allow their enemy to have even moment of humanity - it would upset their black and white morality.


PghBaldy notices something odd:
The poor woman who raised him deserved better. Why would Mrs Obama not be there with her husband? There is more to this family than meets the eye.

As was pointed out by very few freepers, Michelle Obama was actually there. So much for that theory.

Soliton packs even more errors into his message:
Now the DNA evidence is gone to sea. She sleeps with the fishes.
I hope he bought a carbon credit before polluting the ocean.

1. DNA evidence from a cremated body?
2. DNA evidence of what? Sure, Obama's secret dad is Malcom X, but I think everyone thinks his mom was his mom.
3. Carbon credits for dumping ashes into the ocean? That's so off target it isn't even satiric.

autumnraine picks up on the ashes thing:
Please see my recently posted EPA guideline for burying cremated remains at sea.
Obama either broke the law or threw some fireplace ashes into the wind.

Because the EPA is always getting people in trouble for scattering their ashes all the time! Guideline does not equal law.

chicagolady has totally legitimate questions:
Am I the only one who is amazed and the timimg of all of this and am disturbed that now there is not a body to be exumed if needed?

Because cremation is suspicious when Obama does it.

4yearlurker has some suspicions as well:
I scattered my father's ashes in the desert in Arizona. They didn't look like the ashes Barry Hussein is dumping. my dads ashes were black with some gray,and not as fine. Also whats Barry afraid of in that photo? I grabbed handfuls of the old man's ashes and threw them high into the wind. Barry is such a dork.

At last! Proof Obama burned his birth certificate and not his grandmother! Also, Barry is a dork cause he doesn't throw ashes.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lybndon Johnson made Blacks Kill!

Some study found blacks go to jail for killing blacks a whole lot. Freepers leap to solve the problem:

IbJensen starts with the diagnosis: welfare:
Solution: End welfare programs. Lyndon-Bird's Great Society and subsequent 'adjustments' by an out-of-control Congress have resulted in today's mess.
The father, as head of his household, was replaced by welfare payments and food stamps. The titular (no pun) head of the household is now yo mama and the family is comprised of crack dealers, hos and welfare cheats.
Now it is apparent that it will never change.
Life means nothing to these creatures, many of whom are now mind-numbed degenerates who care nothing for another life.

"mind numbed degenerates" indeed.

mo agrees:
Totalitarian governments always regard the family unit as their primary adversary. The great society started to prey on the weakest family units-the poor-and since has been gradually moving up the ladder. Drugs major tool to achieve these ends as well.

Step 1: Welfare
Step 2: ummmm....
Step 3 is Totalitarianism!

Fishrrman therefore proposes a treatment, if not a cure:
Perhaps the most workable “solution” to urban black crime is to keep it confined to the wrecks of cities in which it festers.
I am not optimistic about this problem and harbor no egalitarian fantasies about how this scourge of black crime can be “solved”. Frankly, I don’t believe that it can be, considering the “culture” from which it is spawned.
Cities like Detroit do not need to be “saved”. Rather, the dysfunctional in them need to be kept within such places, to whatever extent possible, in order to reduce the harm upon others.
Entire cities as “prisons”? Why, yes.
This is the Bell Curve at work.
For "Bell Curve" read "Dumb Niggers."

Josa has decided the best treatment is passive aggressive selfishness:
since the election I have vowed to not give a single penny to any charity that assists democrat voters; which pretty much excludes all charities. But I absolutely REFUSE to do anything to make life easier or more comfortable for the scum who voted to put a marxist, abortionist in the White House.

Tahoe3002 has a cure: eugenics! Yay!
I think the solution is to add birth control to ALL water supplies. To get the antidote, and be able to have children, one must present: 1)a high school diploma or GED certification, 2) marriage license 3) three years of US income tax filings, 4) rent receipts or mortgage payments, and 5)agree to remain married or receive zero support from taxpayers. (I’m dreaming.)
Alas, mass sterilization will remain just a crazy dream...

If Freepers ran the Constitution.

Some guy made a thread about adding term limits to the Constitution. In addition to debate about that, Freepers proposed Amendments of their own:

Mr Ramsbotham has an unexpected idea:
How about this: any legislator who proposes legislation that fails to pass, permanently loses his seat.

I'm not sure what problem this would solve.

HuntsvilleTxVeteran is super informed about the Constitution.

I would rather have the Bricker Amendment.

It would not allow any treaty to override our Constitution.

As Treaties now are above our Constitution.

In real life, the Bricker Amendment is more about isolationism than saying what the Supremacy Clause already says.

fr_freak would get tough with Congresspeople. Real tough:
I think any member of Congress convicted of a corruption-related felony (bribery, graft, etc.) should receive the death penalty. I'm not kidding. Someone who murders one person is eligible for the death penalty, so why not someone whose actions could result in the death of a nation?

Yeah, that wouldn't lead to abuse.

EGPWS is a total populist, if you define populist as "up with landed gentry!"

I have a better idea....No person can vote in any election unless they have paid income taxes for the past 2 years....

And owns property.

That sounds totally American! Frikken poor, if they had any will they wouldn't be the proles they are!

aruanan just makes it explicit:
The scope of the Federal Government shall be reset to what it was in 1795. Changes thereafter will be made in the Constitutionally prescribed manner.

Yeah! Down with progress!

And now this word from Outer Space

Obama Apocalypse edition:
I think that if Barry makes it through his four years without being impeached, we will have become simply a giant African left-wing thugocracy. The US will have become more or less a police state, probably with the good folks from the Nation of Islam in charge of much of it, and life for three-mansion guys like Barry will be great, but for the rest of us, it’s going to be day after day of drudgery to pay for his mansions. Even immigrants won’t save us, because we will no longer get Latin Americans and Asians, but will start accepting huge numbers of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, and we will start accepting and legalizing their customs, too. You can expect sharia to be implemented here, at least in their communities, within four years.

Crazy supplied by livius

Monday, December 22, 2008

Week long Hiatus

Back next Monday, Dec. 30.

Freepers don't like Rick Warren

I know this shouldn't matter in how you judge Pastor Warren, but as Evangelicals go, it could be worse. Freepers hate the guy:

exist is pissed simply because Pastor Warren associated himself with Obama:
I think it’d be fine if Warren wants to counsel President Infanticide or somehow convince him of the error of his ways.
But to participate in his inauguration I think sends the wrong message on killing infants. I don’t think any pastor should give the invocation of any killer of infants’ inauguration

nmh agrees so much he has to use ALL CAPS to show how much:
Obama KNOWS Warren is more than eager to compromise PRINCIPLE to gain more
POWER. This is nothing new for Warren. Read his books. See compromise in action.
Warren is practically giddy over the idea!

Ben Ficklin thinks this Rck Warren's church is*gasp* full of Democrats:
Obama was first willing to attend the Warren campaign forum with McCain and now
choose Warren to invocate at the inauguration because Warren has said that Evangelicals should consider that social justice and environmental justice are just as important as right to life, homosexuality, and stem cells.
Social Justice voters are democratic voters.

Rick Warren isn't Rush Limbaugh.

The war on Christmas!

An online publication called "The Daily Redundancy" with the tagline "The Standard of Excellence in Pseudojournalism" has an article: "City Installs Festivus Pole."

Someone posted it to Free Republic, without the "satire" tag. Observe the hilarity:

rlferny notes this takes place in Connecticut, and draws the conclusion you might expect:
I think if both coasts fell into the ocean our country would be a much better place.
SARCASM (Partial anyway)

Partial sarcasm? So you only kinda want everyone on the coasts to die?

Bosco wants you to know it's not him threatening you, it's God:
Galatians 6:7,8 - "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.
For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the spirit reap eternal life."

"Say, that's some nice flesh there. Shame if it were to get corrupted, know what I mean?" Also, do not mock the Happy Fun Ball!

HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity lives up to his name:
Is there any way to load the Festivus pole with Roman candles, bottle rockets, and toy rocket engines to send it into orbit in the style of Yale grad John Kerry's windsurfing vector above? It might prove a fitting end to the Winter Solstice/festivus prank.

tomnbeverly wins the crazy contest though.
This should make the worshippers of BAAL happy....
Soon women may flock to the festivus pole to have their babies aborted.

I doubt he watched much Seinfeld.

Freepers: high standards of beauty.

Posts in response to this picture:


crack ******

Because if a girl has circles under her eyes, she must be hitting the crack!

all the best posts the cryptic:

Proves my point. Looks like some whore. I assume you are male. Why not go for man in the 2009.

"Go for man?"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

And now this word from Outer Space

Economic Apocalypse edition:

Not only will their be a epression , the American economy will be compleytely destroyed.
The American voter via their election and re-election of Democrats to Congress and their choice of obama to be their president have decreed that is their wish. The Democrat controlled Congress and presidency will honor that wish.
They have allowed the Democrats to finally kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
The mechanism to accomplish this has already been designed and beginning Januaru 20, 2009 and the next session of Congress it will be implemented.
Thye effects will not be immediate because it is designed to strangle, not kill suddenly.

Crazy supplied by sport. Also notable is this reply by Lazamataz:

No, its even worse than that. Not only will the American economy be completely destroyed, but the entire universe will 'wink' out of existance.
Then comes the tough times.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Pix

No, we're not laughing at Obama. We're laughing at this train wreck of a graphic.

Chicago is scaaaary all of the sudden. Also, toilets.

Holy Jeebus that's inappropriate on so many levels.

Yep, there's nothing good about unions, and they alone are killing the Big 3!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Election day 2: Franken Boogaloo

Okay, last post for the day. Minnesota seems to be going for Franken. Freepers have gone back into tearing their hair out and yelling like election day:

lexington minuteman 1775 leads with the circular firing squad. Also, bonus Holocaust ref!

Unless GOP comes up with conservative canidates with spine. I will no longer be voting for GOP canidates. We might as well have the Al Frankens of the world representing us and all the evil that goes along with that.

The parallel I see was during the lead up and during the war. The church in Germany stayed silent to the HOLOCAUST except for a small group called the CONFESSING church.I don't see much difference here.

GOPJ brings in a recent meme:
Minnesota is the new Southside Chicago.

Makes total sense!

In a similar vein, Night Hides Not invokes the Savior:
Are there any balls left in the Republican Party?!
They're buried in the frozen tundra of Sarah's backyard. McCain did his best to give them away, and Sarah snapped, "if you don't want them, I'll take 'em!"
She'll guard them safely until 2012.

An uncomfortable metaphor? You betcha!

johncocktoasten has a much more exciting metaphor:
Republicans are prisoners in their own minds. The are prisoners to their “rules” and “collegiality”
Democrats are the equivalent of Orks from the Lord of the Rings series. Zombies that march unimpeded toward their objective, acquiring power and using acquired power to acquire more. When one is struck down, they just put another one up and keep rolling.

Orks aren't zombies! Also, I like the whole "if we throw out rules we get stronger" idea, even if it is kind of the opposite of Lord of the Rings' theme. Anarchy equals power!

fortunate sun already has a spectacularly petty plan!
The strategy if Franken is seated in the Senate is to blizzard him with
correspondence and tie up his phone lines from second 1.

lormand is pining for the fjords. The hot, polluted fjords:
This crap would not fly in Texas.
Texas - What America used to be

Muggy, polluted and unhappy?

Kill Sulu

Lots of material today.

In discussing the recent death of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Sulu comes up, and gay bashing begins:

Vermont Lt
Can we speed up the transporter for George Takei?

see, it's funny because transporter means death!

pctech can't really separate sexuality from acting ability. I guess he hates a whole lot of movies and TV.
I second that notion........ He’s a disgrace to all things Trek.

MeanWestTexan has what might be the oddest conspiracy theory ever:
I think Takaei is so nasty because he had/has a crush on Shatner (who was, and remains blatantly heterosexual).
Hell hath no fury like a homo scorned.

History lesson II: Nixon.

If Clinton's impeachment was awesome, the death of Deep Throat is super awesome. Freepers have had a whole generation to come up with an alternate reality here. Hold on folks, from here the ride gets pretty odd!

catfish1957 is pretty happy about this death, in a hateful sort of way:
Instead of "deep throat", he now can be referred as "deep six". Sorry to disrespect the dead, but this guy defined the term "back stabbing" traitor.
I am old enough to remember Watergate, and the whole process was a dim based premeditated lynching. Nixon on the other hand was loyal to his subordinates, ultimately taking the fall for their bad judgment. Now days, politicians will throw their loyal followers under the bus at the first sign of a problem. Nixon had principals. Too bad history books have taken an overt liberal bias.

abb fills in the motive:

The DemocRATS never forgave Nixon for bagging Alger Hiss.

Plus he had the audacity to run against and defeat The Pink Lady (Helen Gahagan Douglas).

advance_copy fills in the hows of innocent Nixon's demise!

John Dean snookered John Mitchell into letting him do the Watergate. Then he let Howard Hunt and Jim McCord get in on the break-in. Now, if you were President, you'd fire the "smoking gun" too.

If you don't know why, go find out. The President was faced with two CIA operatives, both involved in very serious cold war black operations (Bay of Pigs, etc.), being arrested for petty crimes. He told Halderman to get in touch with the Director of the CIA (Richard Helms) and tell him to call off the dogs (FBI).

Poor Nixon, letting himself get talked into breaking the law!

Okay, now back to your usual Freeper Madness. See also MLK: Conservative Marxist and Joe McCarthy: American hero.

History lesson I: Clinton's Impeachemnt

Turns out Clinton's impeachment was a huge victory for the Freepers!

aMorePerfectUnion treats this like a holiday:

I took today off to celebrate Clinton Impeachment Day!

I’m at home in my
slippers and recliner. What a great country!

What a great country indeed.

what's up strikes a somber note:
And now the wife of an impeached President (who takes money from the Middle East for his Presidential Library) is poised to become Sec. Of State. Oh joy.

Shemp H. warns Freepers to never forget their bizarre version of history:
Let us never forget this day in history. Historical revisionism will certainly try massive spin to minimize this stain on our history. In fact, it has already begun.
Happy 10th anniversary of the impeachment of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton IV!

Blythe Clinton IV? Anyone know that this refers to?

Eagle50AE blames the MSM for no one that isn't crazy agreeing with this idea:
waiting patiently for the CommieMSM to reference this glorious day in history...
? ? Hello ? Hello ? Karl! Joe! Shep!

unkus skillfully uses talking points to bring us all back to that day:
Bill Clinton, the president who, among other dispicable things, made it possible for 13 year olds to ask what oral sex was. What a guy.

What a guy. What a country. What a conservative triumph!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jackson Jr. can't win for losing.

Freepers new found hatred for Jessie Jackson Jr. is changed not a jot when it turns out he was informing on Blago this whole time, it just changes it's reasoning:

skimask wants everyone to know that Jackson is only worse now:
By the way.....the lowest form of life is a snitch. A snitch will turn on his mother, wife, kids, or anyone he can if he thinks it will save his skin. They have no morals period.

elpadre assumes JJJ wouldn't do this to uphold the law or anything:
you do know that if Jackson is cooperating with the authorities he is doing so for a reason. They are holding a threat over his head. Anyone know what it could be?

sport agrees, though he's more explicit:
I bet that he did not mention himself when he was ratting on others. This is a case of the pot insulting the kettle.
In my opinion j.jr. is so crooked that when he dies he will have to be screwed into the ground.

GQuagmire injects some perspective into this pile-on:
Sad part is Emperor Zero probably won’t be touched

kcvl agrees with Deetes that Obama's probably going to Vince Foster Mr. Fitzgerald. Cause Obama's totally clever like that:

By the time the Rats are done yelping fritz will throw his hands up in the air and commit suicide.
That wouldn’t surprise me either!

Here's your choice, Democrats: Don't talk to the feds, and be a co-conspirator, or do talk to them and be a criminal anyway! And a rat!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lies...all lies!

Freepers react to NASA noting that global warming is having an effect:

cowboyway blinds us with SCIENCE!

Melting ice is a good thing, right?
It unlocks all that water so that it can be 'redistributed' to the drought stricken areas of the world.

brownsfan hates the messenger, and wants them eliminated:
I used to be a big fan of the space program and NASA. With NASA in the tank for global warming, manufacturing inaccurate reports to support the unsupportable, I have to reconsider.
NASA has passed it’s prime and seems to want to be a political agency. In that case, let NASA go away. If there are things to be done in space, let the free market drive it. (I never thought I’d say that!)

junkman_106 knows what's going on. It's SCIENCE, but not what all the scientists think it is:
Possibly indicating onset of a polar reversal/slide. That’s what happens when one side of a rapidly rotating sphere with a slippery skin...Earth. Just sayin’.

libs_kma points out the global warming agenda: Incompetent Marxism!

The good news is that any attempts to “correct” global warming would be incompetent and inadequate. The bad news is that that incompetency and inadequacy would cost trillions of dollars.
Then the good news again for the leftists is that it's not about "solving" anything. It's about redistributing those trillions of dollars.

LibLieSlayer ends the thread with the very reasonable tone of a mad scientist:
Lies... all lies.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sour Grapes for you, Schadefreude for me!

Now for something lighter:

I know it's repetitive, but I can't help but have some fun with the Obama Birth Certificate bridge to nowhere. Here are some amusing reaction from the die hards, in no particular order.

El Gato thinks the reason for Obama being secretly born in Kenya is that his mother was crazy. And the way he can tell she's crazy is she married a black guy!
What 17 y/o girl in her right mind would have become involved with a 25 y/o foreign exchange student, from a (at best) third world country, who just happened to have a wife an a couple kids back in Africa?
I don't think Stanley Ann was *ever* in her right mind from puberty on.

Canadian Outrage is too pissed to type or make sense!!!!
Truth id they don’t care!@!!
the One
It is corrupt to the core. NOBODY,
even Bush is in on thisl I can come to no other conclusionl It is about ONE WORLD government. Does’t matter WHO it is. CO
truth id

jetson is a man with a plan, though not much grammar:
We need some east coast guys to organize an "OBAMA IS FRAUD"banner for the inaguration or leaflets dropped saying the same.

Centurion2000 is so butch when he's typing on the internet!
Now it's gut check time.

WayneS thinks his patriotism is bigger than Centurion's

Yup. It appears the Constitution is dead. The only GOOD news is that our ultimate "fall back" document is a little gem called the Declaration of Independence.

SatinDoll still has hopes to be crushed!

It isn’t dead. They’re waiting for the Electoral College to actully elect him.
Senator Barack Obama is not President Elect until after the Electoral College “elects” him. Then Congress must approve the Election

KellyM37 thinks the Justices are in on it. End of story!
SCOTUS knows, they are afraid, end of story.

Hilarious, end of story.

Southern men.

Someone forgot about Hillary and noted Obama has no Southerners in his cabinet. This really highlights how Freepers think about the south. To whit: it's theirs, and it will rise again!

BobbyT notes how Obama is totally not appointing anyone good:

You won’t see any Grover Cleveland Democrats in this administration. For the next 4 years, he’s going to fill the government with nothing but Chicago, New York, DC and Philly garbage.

Theodore R. agrees. And also is really angry at Oprah for some reason.
It doesn’t matter who sits in the cabinet of Oprah’s Choice. They will all be lapdogs regardless. The names are irrelevant. All will do things that have to be covered up by the Oprah-style media.
ought-six knows why there are no southerners:
Southerners are patriots, not traitors.
RushIsMyTeddyBear has a different idea why:
Maybe he thinks we’ll secede from the Union, soon. (I’m just dreaming, here.) ;-)

Joe Boucher shockingly takes it in a bit of a racial direction.
That’s ok, the “magic negro” isn’t too appreciated here in the south either.
FrankR agrees, replying to a deleted post:

"He mightg be concerned about their attire. Gone are the days of just reguale
white percale sheets. Today’s southerner will wear only 600+ thread count
designer sheet sets.... "

Now you know we don't have any of that anymore in the
South...you northern boys came down years ago and eradicated that stuff....

Wow. Most. Sinister. Elimpsis. Ever.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Freeper reaction to that shoe-thrower is hilariously over the top and fascist, even for them:

Eaker loves him some political prisoners:
Really need to Gitmo the jerk!

Jeff Head thinks shoe throwing may be the key to cash money in the Obama administration
Now, with the Obamanation coming in, what that is apt to mean is that he would get a trial right here in the USA and end up winning a civil suit for hundreds of thousands of our doallars.

Lol wut?

ScottinVA noticed this guy is probably a Muslim:
F***ing muslim. I agree the Secret Service should’ve capped him immediately.

lilylangtree agrees, but also thinks Bush is super-keen:
God bless Pres. Bush. What a great statesman! If he were able to run again, he’d have my vote again. Now let’s cage all the radical islamists media, and let them dodge pork layered bullets. They’re worse than the lowest slimiest piece of garbage. Pox on all of them.

From happiness to hate-rage in 3 sentences. Awesome!

Finally, OCC knows what would have been cool:
It would have been cool if Bush caught the first shoe in his left hand and winged it back at they guy, hitting him in the forehead.

Or if Bush were a trained ninja and we didn't know and totally did a sweet flip over the show! Super cool!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday Pix

Posting a bit early, as this weekend is craaazy for me.
My public demands so much!

More subtle than the usual fare. I like it, though "soulless monsters" is a bit much.

Obama is teflon, that's why my weak-ass conspiracy theories won't stick! Also the media!

Ahh, unthinking opposition. I'll bet Obama could outlaw abortion, and Freepers would all become pro choice.

Wow, that's some shitty, shitty photoshopping. Nice attempt to steal a liberal joke from March 2007.

Wow, this badly drawn black man got elected President so he could craftily use the oath to burn the original Constitution! What Dastardly and complicated plan!

Is there any problem Freepers don't think murder can't solve?

Blame Game

Freepers wonder if Limbaugh's much ballyhooed "Operation Chaos" was responsible for Obama's victory. Freepers need to both make Limbaugh a big mover, but also not responsible. The result is...chaotic.

The main point of the “Operation Chaos” was to get hillary to win the primaries. As bad as she would is, she is still not as far left as obama, she can’t play the “race card” when she screws up, and...she is a natural born American citizen.

ctdonath2 disagrees:

Operation Chaos succeeded in defeating Hillary. That was the goal. Insofar as Operation Chaos failed to defeat Obama as well (by pitting her vs. him), the two were smart enough to sort out their difference behind the scene before destroying each other in the final chapter of the primary.

Okay, well if it was't Rush, who was it?


Single women elected Obama.

No, no no! DManA knows who it was:

The “centrists” McCain courted shunned him,.

Doogle disagrees with both of them:

...the liberal MSM elected Obambi by not vetting him and refusing to allow anyone else too by lies and using the race card...it can’t be any clearer

Wait, those jokers are wrong. Zevonismymuse has the real answer, though.

people recognized an opportunity to get freebies, from welfare recipients to our beloved police and firefighters who have discovered that if they vote Democrat they can retire at age 50 with full pay and benefits.

WorkerbeeCitizen sums it all up:

No, uninformed, uneducated voters elected Barak Houssein Obama - silly question.

Ironic misspelling alert!

How can you have a democracy when everyone keeps voting wrong?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

And now this word from Outer Space

Dead gays are funny edition:
did you hear about the guy (fruitcake) in Queens who was unfortunate enough to get the crap beat (along with brain activity) out of him for walking down the street holding hands with another "male" person? Now that's what I call a "Day without a Gay"

Secret gayness supplied by PEACE ENFORCER(One Needs to Have the Capability of Using Deadly Force at Any Moment.....:))

Freeper in Spaace!

No, this is not another "And now this word from Outer Space." This is about some jaggoff in NASA who is pissed Obama's transition team is looking into his little bureaucratic fiefdom.

Proof that anything that pisses off Obama is good in the Freeper's book:

Prole knows this guy's real agenda:

Mr. Griffin is right to protect NASA from the d@mn Communists.

He will get fired for this, but at least he is an honest man and a patriot.

Obama and his ilk are scum.


PGR88 sees retribution in this guy's future:
I hope he has something else lined up after Jan. 20.
Also, get the yr. personal income tax rec’ts ready, because Audit-time is coming!


Prole again:
Obama is a psychopath who has selected a bunch of criminals, thugs, communists and feminists for his cabinet.
I would be surprised if the shuttle program and other manned space programs survive under this communist.

NOT FEMINISTS!!! Also, the shuttle program is already over. But I'm sure Prole will blame Obama anyhow.

50sDad is worried about a space war:
Several other national entities would love to make it to the moon, which I believe was not claimed due to our stupid need to be liked, and claim it for their own.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Car Czar equals HITLER!

The Bank Bailout may be 10 times as expensive as the proposed auto bailout, but the auto bailout comes with something Freepers hate: the prospect of regulation!

Add to that the word "czar" and Freepers have a ready made crazy overreaction/narrative they cannot resist:

jch10 forgets about Reagan's drug Czar and notes the Communist connection:

CZAR? They aren’t very subtle, are they? I’d go lightly on the communist names if I was in power.

mtrott has decided that if America doesn't do what he wants, he's totally going to go pout in his Toyota.
I have sent my congressman an email stating that if they bail out the automakers, I will not buy another car from them. This is because it goes against every thing I believe in and I will not support that.
Wow, the bailout goes against everything you believe him?

ClearCase_guy goes even further. Automobile regulation means slavery!!!
Kills me that the US Government is now appointing "czars" for everything they can think of. We now have a feudal system, with a High King in the White House, and many little kings ruling the banking industry, and the auto industry, and homeland security, and education, and the environment, and ...
I don't like being a serf. I was happier as a free man. Sigh.

takenoprisoner can top that:
IIRC Hitler was the “car czar” of Germany designing the Volkswagen beetle.
Sig Heil! Maybe it’s Washington which is run by neo Nazis, and not those skinheads the media czars are constantly harping as dangerous...all this just to keep us distracted from the real and more seriously dangerous Nazis running DC?

I hear Hitler regulated all sorts of stuff! We better stop regulating anything. I mean, you don't want to be like Hitler, do you?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Best Thread Title ever!

Now we know why Obama has developed the facial tic-- (he's going to the booty house)

The facial tick was mentioned in the always truthful WND, and nowhere else. But Freepers love it! And then there's booty house. Now that's some goof fake-black dialecting!

anniegetyourgun Warns those who think the recent indictment of the Illinois Governor is a Clintonian Conspiracy that Obama is also a formidable criminal in Freeperland:
Never Never NEVER trust the Clintons. They can toast the BOnehead's presidency if they want to.
They want to.

NEVER trust ‘the one’ - he will not be denied.

springtime4hillary assumes this is totally bad for Obama:
[Obama's] people are feverishly coming up with all sorts of excuses, and Obama is probably under a desk, twitching in the fetal position hurting for a bong hit.

Syncro realizes that there is no connection to Obama, but realizes this just proves he's evil!
Some rise to the top, some go into the shredder to keep those at the top squeaky clean and articulate.
Like Obama and Barney Frank, Pelosi, Reid etc etc
The democrats and other liberals keep their “machines” well oiled with the blood of their underlings.
And the destruction of their enemies, like Obama did by hacking into divorce files to
destroy the competition when he first ran for state office.

Obama is a hacker?

roses of sharon thinks the lack of an Obama indictment is only because Prosecutor Fitzgerald is totally corrupt:
I’ll bet Hussein was about to make a deal with the Gov.....Fitz arrested quickly to prevent Obama getting into trouble.

Yes, that seems like the best speculation without any facts behind it.

But the most attenuated and bizarre theory is from numberonepal.
My wife and I both complained harshly about the extreme bias in the press leading up to the election. And in her always insightful observational way, my wife says “maybe they want him to get elected so they can sell all the scandals that surround him.” And then it struck me that since the Dino Media is tanking terribly, it might be the only way they could save their collective butts.

So Obama was elected so he could bribe the MSM to keep all the scandals out of the media? Of course!

And now this word from Outer Space

Pee on Obama edition:
What would happen if roving gunmen infiltrated U.S. cities and started shooting?
Absolutely nothing - to the shooters.
The Sheep will cry in great voices to the One (piss be upon him), and demand that those nasty guns be taken away.
And The One (his name be pissed) will spread His hands, and all shall be made good.
Meanwhile, the funerals will be held...

Watersports supplied by Old Sarge.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nuke Pakistan

At this point, I was pretty much able to predict Free Republic's reaction to Pakistanis being among the Mumbai attackers.

Even when Condi Rice says that "people from Pakistan" does not equal "Pakistan" Freepers will have none of it:

babygene drops some nuanced analysis:
I don’t see a problem with this at all. India has the ability to completely annihilate Pakistan and that’s the right and just outcome. Pakistan is a Peoria state and this crap isn’t going to stop until there is nothing left but glowing glass. dont
There would be no reason for us or ant other nation to get involved... And no, I don’t give a shiite about any “good” Pakistanis, if there are any.

Thank goodness. Good Pakistanis sure would be inconvenient.

cricket also sees the importance of killing them all, and letting Allah sort them out:
“non-state actors” would seem to be Orwell-speak for Islamofascists such as the Wahabbi and their ilk. Why not openly say who they are?

If we cannot name the enemy. . .we are doomed.

If only we called them "Islamofascists such as the Wahabbi and their ilk" we'd be saved! Diplomacy will kill us all!

Sir Francis Dashwood has a kind of different idea about where the enemy is:
"Allah" be damned, and may the rock god's evil pedophile and mass murdering thief of a self appointed profit burn in hell forevermore, along with this cults followers.
The enemy still resides in Mecca... Why the hell can't some people admit this?

erm, not all Muslims hang out in Mecca, unless you think we're fighting that big rock?

little jeremiah understands why Condi can't see what all these Freepers understand:
IMO the idea of having women as Sectaries of State is insane.

Cause women don't want to nuke everyone! How will anyone respect America's manliness if we don't do a little bullying?!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday Pix

Obama's caring smile is creepily incongruous, but "spelling" Obama with 6's doesn't work well.

Some idiot decided to post the above on like every thread. It's not so witty, seems to me. But then I'm not super excited about Obama's citizenship.

Hitler means Hope?

Haha! Michelle made a daring fashion choice! We will now mock her forever for it!
Not that we're petty or anything.

Obama's decisive cabinet making belays his secret fear, I guess. Also, the Oval office is now colorblind, I guess.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I found a Muslim Freeper!

His name: MadIsh32. His tag line is The token Muslim :). He is 27 years old, his profile says he's of Pakistani descent, and is born and lives in D.C. He joined up in 2004.

Most of his posts are on finances, but he has chimed in about the recent Pakistani-Indian stuff.
The results are basically what you might expect:

GOPGuide has some advice: convert to Christianity!

“Muslims and Christians have plenty in common including support of traditional marriage, and opposition to abortion.”

Then imagine how much easier it would be to integrate if the Muslims here simply converted to Christianity since there is already so much in common? I am serious, if they want to fit in, they should either convert or renounce Islam, because the religion is the central problem here.

dianed is angry at Islam, as is seen by her use of all caps:
People in this country are desperate to believe that most of the Islamic faith is peaceful...but,
As each horrific terrorist attack goes by without a word of OUTRAGE from ANYONE in your faith,we ALL realize that YOUR SILENCE speaks louder than your words ever could.


jacquej has the best advice of all: get out, cause we're gonna kill all the Muslims. He says this in about 5 posts, but here is the best one:

Mark my word, MadIsh32.

There will be a cleansing, and Muslims will not prevail here in the USA, for you follow a false faith. I am sorry you are stuck in it, but understand you will be killed if you leave it, so perhaps you should go back to your country of origin, for you might be safer there in the holocaust to come.

Do not believe everything you read in the newspapers, or hear on TV about tolerance. After all, if you can lie to us, we can also lie to you.

So, pack up your family, and head back to your homeland, friend. Sharia law is so much more appropriate for you, considering your faith.

That man must have the patience of a saint.

And now this word from Outer Space

Xanatos Gambit Edition:
The American Right would never conceive of a long range plan to groom young people in Russia or China to run for public office in those countries, with the ultimate goal of destroying those countries from the inside.
The Left constantly out-plans us and out-clevers us. They remain true to their long-range goals, and they never quit.

Crazy supplied by ChicagahAl (So your bumper sticker says: "Don't blame me, I didn't vote!"? Duh!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Freepers needed yesterday's victory in Georgia baaad, and glomp it onto their increasingly irrelevant narratives with manic enthusiasm.

Candor7 explodes with a flury of excited metaphors.
That rooster is a hen, and a darn good one!
You can bet the Dem Progues noticed.
Watch for renewed media assassination attempts.
Palin is beloved by America and there's not a thing the Lefties can do to stop it.
And the golden egg has just been laid. All it has to do is hatch!

montag813 takes a more practical note:
Sax is CRUSHING Martin by 20%! Palin stumped for Sax, and Obama ran ads for Martin. Preview of 2012? If so, Sarah 1, Obama 0.

TexasNative2000 enlarges on the above sports metaphor, though he seems to know the story better:

Box Score from Tuesday's election:
Sarah Palin - 1. Barack Obama - DNP

But Salvation doesn't need Obama to participate for him to lose:
The buyer’s remorse over Obama and the dimocrats is setting in.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And now this word from outer space

Blacks aren't like us edition:

Way, way back when, one of my closest friends was a highly educated and successful African-American.

We decided to attend the Cooney v. Holmes pay per view event at a regional theatre. Cooney was labeled “The great white hope for the great white dopes.” The place was packed and the fight went as expected. Cooney took a beating.

When leaving the theatre to return to my vehicle, I saw a side of my friend I had no idea existed. He was suddenly 100% African American and every logical thing I knew about him disappeared as he chanted and pounded his fist in the air and embraced every black person we passed. The fight was a war of black and white and his side won.

It was an object lesson for me. Being Black is something that I will never understand. It is the first thing my friend was. It bound him to a culture and a people and an attitude and a way of life.

I see that in Condi and in Powell now. I am not surprised.

Racism supplied by Glenn (Free Venezuela!)

And now this word from outer space

Obama made me antisocial edition:

My brother who is the same age as Barry and only a few weeks age difference supported him, last time I saw him was 1990, he has sent me several e-mails this last year and I have talked to him over the phone, he was an ardent supporter of Hillary, he supported Barry, he sent me an e-mail the day after the election.

I deleted it before reading it.

This is possibly as like it was during the American Civil War, families split and choosing opposite sides, thank you Barry for the change.

Dickitude supplied by Eye of Unk (Aleutica, the new name of Free Alaska)


In examining the current Canadian political brouhaha, many Freepers prove they don't understand the parliamentary system, including some from Canada:

fieldmarshaldj doesn't like it, so of course it must be wrong:
I’ll call it stealing. An unholy moonbat alliance. If Conservatives had tried a similar tack against a leftist gov’t, we damn well know what the media would call it.

mkjessup agrees:
If this coup succeeds (and that is what it is, semantics not withstanding), it means that Canada gets a SECOND prime minister who can barely talk English (the
little DICKtator Jean Chretien being the first).

Wow. A dick joke, Anglo-centrism and choosing the wrong words, semantics not withstanding! A trifecta!

Only in Canada. This sounds like sour grapes on the part of the NDP and the Libs because they lost the election. This co-operation or deal cannot stand for 2 1/2 years. Now nobody gets the government they voted for or wanted. The conservatives better block everything they can.

Sour grapes means taking power when you can! And the conservatives better be mindless "no" votes! It's the patriotic thing to do!

Finally, techno brings it back to America, and crazytown!:

Does anybody here see a link with this surprising development with the election of Obama and the power and influence of George Soros?

This has the smell of Obama and his merry men and women, as they export their playbook to Canada.

I can’t prove it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out later to be true.

This ‘new’ left-leaning government would become the puppet of Obama and kowtow to his every wish, especially when it came to working side by side with him as he implemented his brand of radical socialism and going along with his views on bailing out the Big 3, global warming, the implementation of a carbon tax, and Obama’s tolerant views on Islamicfascism and the Palestinian cause.

Note I added the paragraphs here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama's only faking moderation!

Freepers have unsurprisingly decided to judge Obama by their own fevered imagination, not based on what he says or does:

calex59 knows Obama's soul:
[Obama] is a communist that knows he will be impeached if he tries to implement laws that are to radical and strict. However, he will chip away at our freedoms as stealthily as he can, hoping to be re-elected in 2012.

hinckley buzzard agrees, and makes a prediction:
most of these "centrists" will be gone a year from now, after some "generated crisis" requires radical restructuring of power into the executive branch.

whitedog57 thinks Obama's stealth brand of evil will only manifest later:
[I]n [Obama's] second term, all hell will break lose. He will set the seeds of Marxism
and repression in his first term (Fairness Doctrine, grass roots harrasment of nemies, push for gun bans, creation of free health care, confiscation of private property ... but all in small doses).
Then in the second term, he will close the deal and set us up as a combination of the

what's up thinks Obama will never show how evil he is. But he's still totally evil!
Obama will be forced toward the center because secretly Dems know that conservative fiscal principles work.
Hussein will encounter too much flak if the markets continue to drop. This is not '29. We now have a huge middle class; the country is now more right-leaning than it was in the sixties.
I believe Hussein's MO has always been to say what he needs to say to grab power. It will be a hard pill to swallow for conservatives if they see him stealing their ideas but hopefully the majority of the country will clearly see his hypocrisy.

Wow! So Obama will do what you want because you're so damn right! How diabolical!


1. Stop Funding United Nations

2. Cut costs and expenses at all Govnt levels by 25%

3. Stop federal funding schools that indoctrinate

4. Pass flat tax or fair tax, or similiar restructure

5. Pass voter fraud prevention act

6. Cut subsidies to states and cities that dont cut budgets and reduce property taxes

7. Pass senate resolution declaring truth and fact over Political Correctness

8. Pass Term Limits 9. Set dollar bak to a Gold Standard or similiar backed standard

10. Stop all federal aid to foreing Govnts

11. Require military service as a citizenship requirement

12. Make properly spelled English the national language!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving break:

Here's some pics to tide you over:




What's in a name? Communism!

Freepers are all about names. "Coffee-Cup" Anon for the former head of the UN. "BJ"-Clinton. So the debate over how best to be small and petty and call Obama names is quite action-packed:

E. Pluribus Unum created the thread with this idea:
I am going to call him President Barack Obama-Soros, to indicate that he is married to George Soros.
Good idea. But include his middle name HUSSEIN so the idiots who voted for him might see that he is not only a Marxist, but a Muslim as well.
Pehaps a more subtle ‘H’ would work per ‘W’ as well. . .
Instead of “President Obama,” I say we address him as the Dark Lord Hussein
President Obama-Soros has a nice ring, but I still prefer the tried and true Comrade 0bama and his politburo.
The sonuvab!tch is a Communist by any other name, and I see no reason not to call him what he is.
Since he was legally adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, his legal name is Barry Soetoro, nickname of ‘Bar’.He changed his name to Barack Obama while in college, to be align with the practice of someone finding a Muslim name when they convert.
DieHard the Hunter has the kicker:
I intend to call him Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama Dada (King of Scotland, Burden of the White Oppressors, Pharaoh of Egypt, Stuffer of Ballot-boxes, Concealer of Certificates, Scourge of the Republic, Organizer of Commnities, Ayatollah of the United Emirate of Amerika)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Isn't looking good for black Republicans.

Freepers fetishize their conservative blacks and women. "Condi Rice! See! Not Racist! Justice Thomas! See! Not Racist!"

But it doesn't take much for Freepers to show how they really feel about blacks. Welcome to the land of generalization, condemnation and hilarious broken English:

tpanther's definition of racism is a bit conservative, if you will:

It’s over. Tiger Woods, Oprah and now there truly IS no higher office to obtain...the most powerful poswition and leader of the free world.

Thart’s it, there’s nowhere else to go!

But as sure as the day is long we’ll keep hearing “where my pie”?

Well, I intend very much to direct them to “the man”!

Famous black people means no other blacks are getting discriminated against? Whoa, they really are magic!

But imahawk sees a problem:
It wont ever be enough.You ohzs me runs way too deep.

wku man switches correlation with causation and comes up with racism as a solely black phenomenon:
Damn right racism is alive...95% of blacks voted for Obamanation. Sounds pretty racist to me!

GOPGuide chimes in, showing his courage:
*cough* The Bell Curve *cough*

ah yes, the well debunked book that tries to prove blacks are just dumber than whites. Awesome.

Vanders9 sees a bleak future for race relations:
This bubble is going to burst and there will be a mighty explosion when it does.

Race war! Yay!

stylin19a brings back another racial relic of the 50s:
LOL ! Free airline tickets to Liberia ?

Back to Africa with all you ungratefull, kinda dumb violent nig-African Americans!

BTW, Vote Republican.