Friday, May 30, 2014

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney resigns

Another big resignation, though one a lot less significant than the VA head. If I didn't know better, I'd say Obama timed this so the media's penchant for self-obsession would distract them from Shinseki....
Being the President's press secretary sucks, and I've thought this was about to happen maybe half a dozen times over Carney's tenure.

This has nothing to do with any governmental failure, so Freepers trade their everpresent outrage for their everpresent pettiness.

GRRRRR knows only wusses stay as press secretary for a mere three years!

Can’t take the HEAT!!
ThomasMore also tries to make this a thing:
His memory can’t keep up with ALL the LIES!!!!!!
austinaero hated Carney extra:
I never thought anyone could be worse than Gibbs,,until Carney came along.

Carney is the new standard of low.
...until the next guy, right prisoner6"
Watching on Fox. Carney is smirking. Josh looks like a another worm tongue.
blackdog thinks this will make the media love Obama again:
Obama needs a fresh face for a fresh honeymoon grace period to buy him some cover. Carney’s shtick is worn out.
Having convinced himself Obama fired Carney, napscoordinator wants more blood:
Thank God. I could not stand Jay Carney. What a weasel. VA Sec down, Carney down, who is next under the bus?
CedarDave - it's a talking point now!
Now up on Drudge:

1Old Pro thinks Carney was bad at his job.
Carney was a snarky liar who constantly interjected anti-FOX news politics into his briefings - he was awful. His last breifing yesterday was a total embarrassment to the position.
But back to getting ready to hate the successor. Pearls Before Swine
Whenever a bad guy leaves the Obama Admin, there’s always a worse guy waiting in the wings.

So true. The devil has a deep bench.
RushIsMyTeddyBear senses lack of manliness:
But this new guy looks like another metro-sexual, pasty weasel.
matginzac is sure he's gay:
Went to both links, figured out he’s around 40 yrs old and no “personal life” listed...
I think we’re looking at a closet that may be opened soon....
lee martell, from out of left field!
When will Debbie-Washerself-Schultz be replaced? She’s wearing out her curling irons.
Maybe she was on TV for the announcement?

BradtotheBone accuses Obama of being racist, using racist rhetoric:
Why does obammy keep picking these white privileged guys to be his spokesperson? Surely JZ or 50cents would take that job???

Cuz Barky prefers white lawn jockeys.
I hope jimbo123 is just stirring things up, and not this crazy:
Hillary had Carney fired to shut him up on Benghazi.

VA head Eric Shinseki's resignation

Personally, I don't think this helps. Certainly some of those district managers who knew about it should be fired, and possibly brought up on charges - what human being can do that, especially to veterans? But the problems are systemic, and Shinseki has the experience to try and fix them. But with bipartisan calls for his ouster, I also understand why it had to happen.

The right-wing media has been asking for him to leave for a while, but Freepers naturally blame Obama for hating the military. So now they have a scalp, but have no idea what to do with it. Plus, no Rush today. So they're all over the place.

luvbach1 just makes a racist joke:
Finally falling on his sword. Oh, I forgot, he’s Nisei.
Conservative Gato is sure this is persecution of conservatives:
It's because the dems, libs, don't care. Vets historically are not a dem or lib voting bloc so they are treated as such.

We're supposed to be a government for the people, by the people but it has evolved in the last 100 years, to a government for the voting blocs of dems, libs, for the voting blocs of dems, libs. Everyone else be damned.
Hoodat is already ready to hate his successor:
What unqualified hack will be nominated to take his place?

Good question. Without exception, every single time someone has stepped down from a position in the Obama Administration, that person has been replaced by someone of even lesser competence.
NKP_Vet preemptively rages that a white man would do the job best:
10 to 1 says he either replaces him with a retired BLACK general, or a female, who will of course be asian or black. The head of the VA is one of those gubment jobs that under Obummer will always be a minority hire. And if the liberals favorite disabled vet by the name of Tammy Duckworth wants to resign from her Congressional seat it will be her. She’s the best of all worlds, female, disabled, half-asian, and of course an Obummer stooge. That she has no experience at all in health care matters not. You see the Kenyan never uses experience in the field when picking someone for high paying gubment jobs. He knows he had no qualifications for president and was still elected, not once but twice, so he picks his minority buddies for top level jobs, experience be damned.
molson209 turned on the announcement, but the muted it. Take that, Obama!
Ya , Obama is BLAH BLAH BLAHING on mute now
onyx, as she does, saw deep into Obama's soul:
I only caught the latter part, (Thank You, Lord,) but he was pathetic.

He was not comfortable, (never is when he talks about our veterans or our military).

I despise the Marxist liar.

God bless and keep our veterans and our military.
NonValueAdded thinks this problem started in January 2009:
5 years of ineffective command, this was 4.5 years too late.
ilgipper also wants to blame Obama:
This is an Obama appointee, and he failed....the results...American veterans suffered and died. This needs to be repeated over and over.

Hang it around Obama’s neck and don’t let him squirm out of it.
DCBryan1 bolded his witticism for us!
Good. Shinseki can go hang out with disgraced, lying, fellow Retard General "Weasely Clark".
Gaffer's still angry. Shocker.!
chessplayer is sure liberals are blaming Bush. I blame Reagan, myself.
Libs heads exploding in anger and outrage everywhere for him resigning over a problem they say Bush and the GOP created. They still claim Bush and the GOP refused to fund the VA hospital system.
Qwackertoo has a political ad suggestion:
The GOP elite and Reince Priebus are too afraid. Somebody might call them a racist.

They need to campaign on Always Do The Right Thing . . . no matter what . . . not the Obama Political Chicago Way Thing.
C210N really wants Obama for this.
I would have preferred to have given Shinseki a lifetime appointment in exchange for it being 0’s resignation. Could be an actual solution to the VA problem, and a host of others as well.
Qwackertoo is ready with the talking point of last week:
It makes me so sick. Illegal aliens and Gitmo prisoners get Cadillac Care compared to our brave and precious veterans who have been allowed to DIE.
Oldexpat just ties this in to all the bad Obama things, but ends with a message of hope:
There is just no doubt that the Regime has more concern’s about the health care of illegal aliens than vets. Just look at them scrambling to take care of the flood of kids and families coming across the border with little thought of deporting them..instead they are looking for more funds to give the housing, food, medical care and social workers. That money should be going to help our Vets.
At the same time the VA is stone walling Congress(the people) just like the IRS, DOJ, State Dept, EPA etc. The bureaucracy has no intention of letting the people know what they are really doing...and no intention of changing their methods of operation.
The GOP seems powerless, even with the purse strings, to stop them.
Without the Teaparty it would be hopeless..but we stand a chance of turning things around.
ChildOfThe60s thinks Shinseki was going to retire anyhow. After some Googling, I think he made it up.
BFD. Now the Dems will say it’s fixed and the media will refuse to cover it. Obama will skate again.

Besides, he had announced his intent to retire well before the scandal broke. It means nothing.
NonValueAdded knows why this happened today!
BTW, Limbaugh news effect ... the big guy goes on vaca and something major ALWAYS seems to happen. Why, it’s almost as if they wait for it!
Given Rush's hours, I think this means waiting till Friday for bad news? Always due to Rush.

WMarshal - undirected firings is the best management strategy:
The government needs to “go Roman” on these failed bureaurocracies and practice decimation. When a bureaucracy fails as bad as the VA it should have 10% of the entire staff fired with no pension. The president should role a 10-sided dice in front of the press and anyone with a social ending in that number is done.
QT3.14 just goes off on Hillary:
...or some other liberal talking points.

Like HC's "Cancer of Inequality," she spoke of the other day.

Hopefully the majority of voters will wake up and take heed to what Don Surber said: "...the American people have had it with the House of Clinton. She’s an old hag and he’s a limp corndog.
reasonisfaith thinks firing people is an Alinsky tactic:
Stop picking targets, freezing, personalizing and polarizing them.

Fixing the VA includes firing Shinseki so the next guy knows he can’t commit the same wrongdoing.
reasonisfaith knows who to blame - postmodernism!
One of their chief strategies is to kill accountability. Postmodernism has advanced this quite a bit.
The occasional right-wing war on postmodernism is pretty funny, since they clearly have no idea what it means.

Spotlight Friday: demshateGod

He's a pretty typical Freeper, except he's under 40. Mid 30s in fact. And has quite a few anecdotes of the 90s, seen through the eyes of a Freeper. It's...weird. I mean, I know there were a few young Freepers, statistically speaking, but to see someone so bitter about America already? I'm a bit shaken, like this guy isn't old and used up, he could do something.

Theocracies treat their veterans super well:
This is happening because the people running the government are godless. Therefore, they want this to happen.
I had brief foray into gangsta rap
I had brief foray into gangsta rap in my teenage years which coincided with Tupac’s career. I had the tape that contained the song “Holla if ya hear me” that song is totally satanically inspired. The lyrics and the music work together brilliantly to conjure violence. It’s only by the grace of God we got through the 90’s without things being much worse.
Maybe that 'Heil Hitler' guy who shot up the Jewish center was a Muslim!
He looks Iranian to me. Maybe Syrian.
Obama has two goals
Obama has two goals. He and his handlers have worked hard to make the two goals coincide: Harm America and allies, enrich himself. Every decision he makes is based on those two. He’s leaving troops there because, either someone paid him for it, or he hopes more troops will get killed. If they’re in Ft. Sill, Ft. Riley, or Ft. Hood, it’s harder to get them killed without dealing with political annoyances (the workplace violence narrative can only be used so much).
All Park Rangers are Obama's goons:
Me too. I’m wont to frequent National Parks. I will treat all the rangers with contempt.
Obama's election was a coup because the media lied!
You have to admit, though, that his election was not entirely legit. If you set aside fraud, you still have the media conspiracy to lie about his record and ignore anything that would be harmful to him. That being true, “WE” didn’t put him in there. This was nothing short of a coup. The cadets don’t know all that. You’d have to spend a lot of time on FR to know that. For all they know, he’s the legitimate president, constitutionally elected by the people, but in reality, they should shun him as an enemy and a criminal
Pope Francis:
Is everyone done with the heretic yet?
Gunplay is the only solution:
The Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.

That’s the only solution barring a miracle from God. It’s completely broken and the people in position to fix it won’t because they made it this way.
I was in the capital for school back when Hilary was a senator.
I was in the capital for school back when Hilary was a senator. We were sitting in an underground corridor between the Hart Building and the Capital tram thingy. Our professor came of and excitedly said that Hilary had just walked by us. I immediately felt disgust that she was just a few feet away from me. I know I wouldn’t offer or accept any feigned pleasantry to 0. I know he hates me and wants to imprison/kill me and take my kids away. I live in light of that fact.
Korah is a Satan-name:
Only in a thoroughly post-biblical culture would someone name their kid Korah.
Num 16:32 And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods.
The Boston Bombers didn't bomb for the cause of liberty:
If it was some kind of homegrown, anti-gov terrorist, they picked the wrong freaking target. They’re no help to the cause of liberty at all.
American Revolution II
Patrick Henry’s speech in that church in Virginia is almost as relevant now as when he gave it. We have but two options, fight or get comfortable in slavery. We’re dealing with a tyrant. Elections don’t work with a tyrant. R’s are destined to lose because they still think there is a political solution. The Tea Party thinks their is a political solution. There is not. You can’t negotiate with a despot. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
fetishizing the American Revolution - could it be the new fetishizing Confederacy?

Obama is selling America to Russia:
God help us! He’s selling America! His job is to get the price lower for his benefactors. It truly is over, democracy has failed.
Ole cripplecreek is suddenly acting super sane in his posts. Soon, I'll just have to go through my own archives, which are ripe with material.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free Republic talks about Freeper's racism

An Anon found this, and it's pretty impressive.

In an article about an intentional hit-and-run that killed a woman and a two-year-old in Baltimore, Freepers have to take a brief respite from their mostly racist snark when two Freepers go full on racist.

The now Banned Doc Savage, who is straight out of Stormfront, including the antisemitism, writes (via the cashed version)
Blacks killing blacks. And the downside is?????
To which also banned Freeper jrg, who did get a spotlight, replies:
Blacks killing blacks. And the downside is?????

Fewer pavement apes to view in the free range zoo?

Freepers want strangers to die all the time, but in this case they didn't even speak out about the NRA or Common Core or anything! Absent such a sin, some Freepers take time out from making "car control" jokes to take a long hard, brief, shallow look at Free Republic's policies about racism.

When do we get liberated? calls the commenters out:
get a life, get out of the past. I hate ghetto culture, but to not care about 2 lives, especially a 2 yr olds, because of skin color is lamentable in the 21st century
Above My Pay Grade doesn't want to be associated with these types:
So you think the murder of a 2 year old child is “good thing”. Please don’t give the real Conservatives here a bad name with your racist hatred.
defconw is all about Free Speech without consequence:
I don't agree with what was said. BUT! Enough of this PC nonsense. Free Speech, even if it's not very nice. It's sounds like the GOP-e in here today.
BitWielder1 tries to turn this around to how liberals are evil:
As for the racist comments on this thread, I want to go on the record that I don't want to see blacks murdered.
That's the difference in mindset between Libs and Conservatives:
Libs want whites to fail, Conservatives want Blacks to succeed, a-holes of all stripes want to kill random members of other groups.
Jarhead9297 is worried about Free Republic imposing speech limitations. He signed up February 2014, and needless to say, a bunch of Freepers are now watching the retread troll:
That is fine and good but we are then no different then any other sites that imposes free speech limitations. He has a right to say stupid things and I believe we can police them out on our own. I’ll also correct you in one area. Yes Jim who I highly respect owns and manages the vehicle by which we can exprtour free speech however it is OUR DONATIONS that make that happen. Let’s not get confused by that.
Both the commenters are from 1998. treetopsandroofs assumes Clinton plants:
Comments are gone now, but I often check join dates of the worst posters at FR, and 1998, 2000 and 2008 seem to be especially well-represented.

Last gasp of the Great Clinton lovers, the freaks spawned by the scorched-earth War on America because a Republican won, and the no-way-I’m-voting-for-a-Morman crowd.
OneVike explains that liberals are making Freepers say racist things
Wow, Doc?

That is quite interesting. I must admit I did not always agree with him, but never before read anything racist from him.

I think people need to start stepping back and think twice before they hit enter.

Times are such that there are those who are doing things to force some into coming off racist. Not individuals here on FR, but individuals of the MSM, politics, and even in sports.

What we need to do is realize what the left is trying to do.

Make us so angry we will say or do things we normally would not do or even agree with if we were not pushed to the wall by their evil tactics or language.

Sometimes, it is best to step back and become a lurker instead of always joining the discussion, especially if the discussion angers you beyond control.
JimRed responds to Jim Robinson's ambiguous edict:
The rule on FR is no racism. Take it or leave it.

We will take it; thank you for having us.

A lot of outsiders will call us racist no matter what, because we tend to speak the truth and any unpleasant or uncomplimentary truth spoken about any minority or other "protected status" group is verboten!
PapaBear3625 worries that it's hard to tell what counts as racism these days:
it's getting hard to know where the line is. One sees comments like "Typical Amish" and that doesn't get the zot. One sees threads on black crime, with comments expressing unhappiness about the level of black crime, and that doesn't get the zot. One can even post about the observably lower level of intellectual achievements of the black community (lower SAT scores, no hard-science Nobel prizes, etc), and not get the zot.
sitetest posits that you need facts, though bullshit also works:
I think management takes a pretty lenient line on the issue. Discussion of actual facts, actual research, actual data, is generally going to pass muster. It is merely an observation that there are group racial differences in the measurement of IQ. It is merely reciting state and federal crime statistics to note that blacks commit violent crimes at a higher rate than non-blacks.

But these two posters weren't presenting facts or arguing therefrom. The first poster devalued the lives of two human beings based on their skin color. That's just good old fashion racism. The second poster chimed in with a term (that I'd frankly never seen before) that put black people on par with lower primates. Again, just pure racism. No attempt to construct a logical argument to make a point, just a show of racial animus.

Sometimes, things can be close to the line. These two weren't anywhere near it.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.
don-o also leans on citing some sort of data before racism:
I am not a fan of the "Amish" meme - by now it's been done to death.

For me the line is crossed when one leaves off pointing out factual data and descends to advocate or approve of harm coming upon a specific group simply because they are a part of that group. And yes, I would include call for the obliteration of all Muslims in that. (I have to fight with myself very hard on that one.

Yesterday, we had a thread in which approval was expressed for aborting black babies. That was quickly dealt with as over the line.
Big of him to be against killing all Muslims. Also, sorry I missed that abortion thread.

Foundahardheadedwoman shows how racism on Free Republic is done.
I see a couple of things that I believe cause much of this type of action. One is heavy drug use, it rewires the brain permanently making impulse control harder if not impossible for the afflicted. A prime example is our esteemed president who while supposedly going after a dangerous terrorist, kills an American 16 year old. Any remorse coming from the White House, any condemnation that amounted to anything from any branch of government that has the power to do anything about it. Not enough to notice.

I also think that we ignore the fact that blacks in Africa kill each other and also target and kill other races so often that it is not even newsworthy. In Rwanda blacks of one tribe hacked to death blacks of another with machetes and farm tools, in the hundreds of thousands. Blacks in South Africa killed white farmers and raped and killed their wives. These are facts not racist BS and we ignore them at our own peril.

Read a little of ‘White girl bleed alot’, and see the reality of today’s world.

I don’t see myself as a racist, I tend to judge people by their actions, and have met an know people of all races that are good people and do their best to live good lives. But there are among us in all races the hard hearted and the murderous, that one race seems to display these traits more often than others is just the reality.
Then Lazamataz demonstrates that really it was the death aspect. Racial insults are okay!
The most heinous whirlwind of uncontrollable anger can be found in obese ghetto-oriented black chicks. They are the angriest of the racial group.

The Real Military hates Obama

Freepers are in a strange place about the military. On the one hand, Obama has made it gay and will soon use it to round everyone into FEMA camps. On the other, Free Republic has a long legacy of fetishising the military.

This is why, when Freepers react to a Daily Mail story that most West Point cadets failed to stand for Obama's commencement speech, they concentrate on the 25% who stood.

ImJustAnotherOkie explains it:
The ones that applauded are the gays and trannies.
molson209 knows Obama dictates all promotions in the Military:
These 25% will get the top Military jobs in the Kingdom Of Obama
bandleader talks like a black stereotype:
They be”Dissin’ The Man”?????????????
Man, Diogenesis is crazy. I have him in the queue to do a mid-week re-spotlight.
How many of the 25% support al Qaeda,
the Moslem Brotherhood, the coup d’etat
against the US Constitution
started by Pelosi and Obama for Islam
and the DNC racketeering from Samoa to Chicago to Syria?
dfwgator knows how the Military used to treat Democrats!
In the old days, they would have been invited to a “blanket party.”
Hulka - if you stand for Obama, you neglect the Constitution:
Swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not a man.

That is in great part of what makes the US military great.

Those 25% probably swore an oath under their breath to support and defend the big zero and not the Constitution.
A Navy Vet laments how all blacks are for Obama:
"What? 25%? West Point must be slipping."

Remember one third of the country supports this usurper. Plus, the class was probably directed or at least "encouraged" to make a showing.

I would bet 20 to 1 odds that there wasn't a black Cadet that didn't stand up for their black president. Like I said previously he is half white which he ignores like Holder does. What a couple of racists and so are all who support him because of being half black.
Fantasywriter: also crazy.
This is why he twice called Marines “corpsemen”. It was intentional. He was dissing them two ways. (1) Insulting them by not pronouncing what they are correctly, & (2) calling them men who make corpses.

Obama has a very deep hateful streak. It comes out very often, & the military is one of his regular targets.

(PS: this was an insult similar to all the middle-fingers he has ‘subtly’ given ppl. If accused, he can deny. It’s part of his immature, passive-aggressive, deep-seated nastiness. Never underestimate how deep the mean streak runs in him.)
But no one does visceral hatred like sport!
In my opinion, the place should be steam cleaned after he desecrated it by his presence. But I am not in step with is now main stream America. In other words, I do not worship the sob.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obamacare truthers

Insurance companies say that the millions who signed up for Obamacare have paid their premiums. Freepers, who must believe every single speculative flaw about Obamacare is true, go straight to the unskewing:

rarestia unironically states the Freeper mindset:
While I don’t have empirical evidence to support my claim, I don’t believe this to be true.
Graybeard58 takes solace in the presumed ignorance of the masses
I believe a large per centage haven’t a clue about deductibles or copays.
KeyLargo has had experience with the typical Obama voter:
This is standard practice for the typical Obama voter when required to obtain motor vehicle insurance as required by state law.

They obtain the insurance card by making the first minimum premium payment, then make no further payments and they then have an insurance cared in their hand to present to the police when stopped for a traffic offense.

Good for them, bad for you if they hit you with their vehicle.
SoFloFreeper is sure it's all lies ordered by Obama:
They say what Der Fuhrer TELLS them to say.
ThunderSleeps also thinks the insurance companies are being blackmailed:
Can't say I blame the big insurance companies. They don't want federal regulators and auditors putting them out of business... A definite, very real threat with this group of criminals running things.
grumpygresh - insurance companies always lie.
Insurance companies are all about lying. Are they inflating their claims? Of course, and they are no doubt being encouraged by 0bama. Insurance companies need to say that patients have paid their premiums, otherwise providers will refuse to see the patients, because providers bear the risk for patients with unpaid premiums.
Mechanicos will never believe any numbers ever:
There have been a lot of bogus numbers coming out the ministry of information lately. Global warming, Unemployment, Inflation, Economic growth, ‘Budget surplus,” Commiecare “enrollment,” Commiecare “payees,” etc.

All these creative numbers rely on an audience who cannot do math, nor understand economics, science and history.

Pope calls Muslims 'brothers' at Dome of the Rock

From the horrid, to the ridiculous.
Man, this pope with his tolerance, humility, and egalitarianism is really throwing Freepers for a loop - especially the crazy theocrats, who yearn for a return to the 13th century!

Genoa doesn't cotton to Muslims' different words for things:
Allah isn’t God and Moslems aren’t our “brothers.”
Yep! the Pope is drinking the Kool-Aid!
Jewbacca has lost faith in the Pope:
He appears to be a socialist (with all the leftist garbage that goes with that) first and a Catholic second.
Gamecock may need to brush up on his Genesis.
Real brothers don’t chop the heads off their siblings.
Gamecock also feels persecuted by this Pope:
So based on this Muzzies are the dear brothers and we Prods are slime.
Fantasywriter knows the numbers really matter. Also, not all Christians count.
How do you break down your ‘Christian carnage’ stats? About how many tens of millions do you credit to Catholics, & how many to non-Catholics?
Olog-hai thinks the Church is heading for trouble:
This is a great way to create more schisms in Christianity.
F15Eagle can always be counted on to have some extreme theology:
For those who don’t know, the Dome of the Rock has quotes from the Koran including “Allah has no son”.

That one, is actually correct.

Satan has no son. He’ll bring a counterfeit ‘messiah’ in the form of the Antichrist. But he has no son.

The God of Israel, OTOH, has a son named Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Those who reject his Deity and His Lordship are not my brothers. They may join us.

But we will not join them. I will not.

If that offends, good. Happy to offend.
redleghunter knows Mosques can give you the Islam!
The only dealings any Christian should have in or near a mosque is to preach the Gospel AS WE WERE COMMANDED TO DO.
elcid1970 wonders why we don't have Crusades anymore.
What we really need is another Pope Urban II. The Pontiff who launched the First Crusade.

Rome wasn’t always this kumbaya about Islam.
libstripper also reaches back into history for the attitudes he wants:
He needs to learn about the Holy League and the Battle of Lepanto in the sixteenth century then go on to read about Vienna in the seventeenth century. Also a bit of learning about the Islamic conquest of Constantinople might do him some good. Then let him yammer about how Mudslimes have changed.

I still have an Anon-suggested post about the Pope's economic policy in the queue too!

Another shooter, another secret liberal

I couldn't do this blog for as long as I have if I didn't find Freepers pretty interesting. But I do mass shooting posts almost out of obligation. For some reason, I find Freepers' reactions to mass shootings really tiresome.
Just coming up with this theory off the cuff right now, Maybe it's because this is the core of their paranoid reaction. Paranoia requires an uncreative, rote reaction. Loathing, frustration, and self-pitty, on the other hand, always have some crazy angle that surprises me. Eh, just a nascent theory.

Some lunatic shot up a sorority house at UC Santa Barbara and had a frustrated, woman-hating manifesto. Freepers start by assuming it's a black or Muslim. It turns out to be a white guy, so then they spend some time deciding he's liberal (something that does not end well when tried outside Free Republic).

Then they hit on their angle. This time, the reason we don't need to worry about gun culture is that some TV psychiatrist speculates he might be secretly gay.

Intolerant in NJ - this guy was a typical liberal:
He sure looks, talks, and acts gay...just one more typical leftwinger - it wasn't his fault the women rejected him - it was theirs - it wasn't up to him to adjust and change, the girls had to, and if the didn't, they had to be destroyed - what's the mystery.....
ROCKLOBSTER does not like gays:
Rodger Was Repressed Homosexual

Typical disease-ridden whackjob.
ROCKLOBSTER continues to help the gay marriage cause:
You certainly are not trying to imply that all homosexuals are potential mass murders are you?

Actually, more of them are child molesters.
Recovering Ex-hippie is just so damn happy to have a narrative:
ME.... I was first!!!I win!!!!

His father? I’d be looking at Mommie Dearest...and then maybe he was sexually abused by the Hollyweird guys.
Kit cat is fucking excited too:
When I saw this guys video MY GAYDAR was in full force, this young
man was as gay as they come!!! Girls paid NO ATTENTION because
they KNEW he was GAY!!!! He would have been a GREAT girlfriend for
the girls, gay men are GREAT friends for women!!!!
Kickass Conservative totally heard the shooter was Gay:
Talking to Family and Friends, I’ve had three People tell me they thought the Guy was Gay and couldn’t accept it.

I think another FReeper mentioned they wouldn’t be surprised if the Perp’s Computer is full of Gay Sex Videos.
Sarah Barracuda felt the gayness, as a woman.
Ive been saying since I saw this nut’s video that he was a closet homo and that is why no woman would date him..most women have gaydar and I saw it right away. He couldn’t understand why in his head he wanted to be with girls but his body was telling him something different. My gut feeling tells me he was molested by a male as a child..just recently we heard about the Hollywood Pedophile ring involving some top name Hollywood Producers, perhaps that is the final straw that made this guy snap
Recovering Ex-hippie smugly wonders what the liberal media will do about this TRUTH:
Male roomates—in such close proximity, his urges overcame him and since he was in the closet mentally, he acted out by ‘eliminating” what triggered his urges.

Ok, lets see the press do this one..Gay, Liberal,European background, anti-feminnist....WHOA!
Valpal1 knows it's just that school makes you look gay:
He’s not gay, he’s just a product of the education system that seeks to make all boys effeminate. He was also a bitter and angry and narcissistic product of our current oversexed culture and a broken family.
On a weird digression, ansel12 discusses how he was a master in the bedroom in High School:
Whatever happened to those women who considered straightening out a queer to be a challenge? Or was that just a figment of some screenwriter’s imagination?

I tried it in high school a few times, that and the “secretly being a virgin”, although I was known to date girls two at a time, sometimes several a day, and had my own apartment.
tanknetter knows lots of guys who pretended to be gay.
I’m not sure about this theory. I’ve known a lot of guys who have played gay (or at least confused about their sexuality) to successfully get la*d. It ususally works about as well as guys claiming they’re virgins. One guy I knew lost his virgnity at least 9 times. There’s a substantial number of women who really get into the turn a gay straight or deflower a virgin thing.

What would make more sense would be if he’d been with a lot of women, but was never really satisfied or fulfilled due to being latantly gay.
Maybe it's a thing, I dunno.

Kit cat explains gays:
Don’t gays HATE women??

Of course they don’t hate women THEY ARE women, just not as catty to women as women are to each other!!!!
KneelBeforeZod knows that absence of evidence is totally evidence:
unfortunate that any hint of gay tendencies that might be found (computer, videos etc) will be covered up by LE or quashed by the press
Well, I give IncPen points for creativity, but he's still tireing me out.
Sexually ambiguous celebrities Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama presided over the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, with ten injured.

If you’re keeping score, that’s just under Elliot Rodgers’ record.

Why isn’t the media interested in those deaths?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hillary, living rent free in Freepers' heads

Freepers are pretty obsessed with Hillary. And they also react badly when people suggest slight optimism. The idea that Hillary won't run in 2016 is far from implausible - people I know in politics told me they don't think she's running months ago, but Freepers...they can't give up a good villain.

PubliusMM Hillary is easily controlled, but also super dangerous:
The puppeteers have done a pretty good job of pulling the strings for Zero for the last six years, with a couple more to go.

Arguably, the Hildebeast would be easier to ‘manage’ with a diminished mental capacity.

Don’t rule it out because of the grandchild, either. That will be great ammo on the campaign. I can hear her now, “You know I’m looking to the future. I have a grandchild to look out for. Just like you folks.”

Don’t rule it out. She is one dangerous leftist.
ScottinVA knows how Hillary works:
With Chelsea's baby on the way, what 69 year old woman is going to run for president with her only grandchild ever on the way???

A soulless, megalomaniacal devilspawn with an unquenchable thirst for absolute power, who is convinced her time is "now." That's who. And Chelsea's baby will be a mere prop in the development of a "new Hillary as benign, wise leader" narrative.
hal ogen thinks she's fat:
If being mentally ill is a “medical issue”, this incompetent fatso has “issues”. As to “running”, I don’t think she is physically able to “run” under any circumstance.
Sacajaweau thinks Hillary is going to screw over the Democratic party out of spite:
Her own party scre**** her over the last time.

She's now pulling a cutesy tease on the party (a woman thing).

She's not running. No way she will be embarrassed again.
circlecity brings in the Hillary is a secret drunk rumor:
Amazing coincidence that her “brain damage” symptoms always seem to manifest themselves after about her fifth gin and tonic.
Bigg Red knows power mad when he sees it:
Hitlery is not a normal loving woman; she is a power-mad dictator who would sell that grandchild if necessary.
Bigg Red has another favorite villain as well:
I have been saying, since around that time of Obamugabe’s second coronation that Michelle is going to run for something.

I had become suspicious when she actually started wearing some attractive clothing that was dignified and becoming. Seeing her walk on Inauguration Day made me realize that she had been taking lessons in walking like a lady.

She will be running for something. Perhaps not president yet, but it will be some big office. Maybe she will go the Hitlery route. And, of course, like Hitlery, she’s entitled.
Sacajaweau thinks Hillary will be dead by tomorrow.
I'm sure she's on some serious medicine....maybe even warfarin.

Two friends of mine were on that...both hospitalized with internal bleeding...more than once......both died shortly thereafter.
2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten thinks Obama even stole the primaries:
An astute Freeper pointed out here a couple of days ago that Barack Obama came out of obscurity to win the nomination in 2008 because a lot of influential Democrats didn’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House

I thought it was because they out and out stole elections, cauci, and basically everything that wasn’t nailed down and a lot that was as well.
ken5050 is sure no Democrat can win in 2016:
The main reason she isn’t running is that after 8 years of Obama...and she is tied to his Democrat has a chance of winning the WH. Period
woodbutcher1963 - all Hillary supporters are old lesbians.
If she is not running, then why is there a website already selling bumper stickers that say: “Ready for Hillary”

I have seen two here in NH in the last month. FYI, both were on cars being driven by middle age or older woman with short gray hair. One was driving a Subaru Forester, the other was driving a Toyota Rav4. I think both fit into a certain demographic profile.
txrefugee also thinks Hillary will be super easy to beat:
Hillary’s brain may have collapsed from trying to get around all the lies she has told over the years….most of them on video tape. Any GOP candidate worth his salt should be able to eviscerate her candidacy by just playing footage of her own words.
null and void may have the most tasteless comment I've ever seen on Free Republic.
Because no one would vote for a democrat with brain damage, right?
That's Gabby Giffords, the Arizona Congresswoman who stepped down after being shot in the head. Seriously, that comment is not only a lie, it's awful.

Liz saw Hillary walking carefully down stairs. PROOF!
The Clintons are pathological liars---they lie about everything. Could be Hillary has even more serious medical issues than what's been revealed.

The shocking verification of Hillary's decrepitness could be seen in at least one recent newsclip ----as the voiceover narrated---Hilary is seen walking gingerly down the steps of a plane, eyes glued to the steps, hanging on to the railing for dear life---exactly like an invalid---like an old person who fears she's not gonna make it down safely.

Now a clip of decrepit Hillary walking UP the stairs would have made it even more revealing.
BlueStateRightist worries about the unknown liberal monster:
Who will be the Leftist Freak who will replace her? A “Hispanic” mayor from some “sanctuary city.” Some homosexual or lesbian? A pedophile? I’m convinced the Democrats KNOW that if they run a “first” every time they will win. And if you think about it there is an endless supply of “firsts” out there. Just ask ESPN.
Doctor 2Brains:
Filthy whore slut pig piece of monkey vomit filth.

Clay Aiken is a gay killer

Clay Aiken's primary opponent for Congress in North Carolina had a fall and suddenly died. Freeper conspiracy theories come into play with such casual ease, it's clear they're just doing it for some small comfort now.

Norm Lenhart - there's no conspiracy, but there is totally a conspiracy:
no conspiracy here folks….he was preparing to concede to Aiken anway - Aiken did lead the primary.

Maybe not. Probably not in fact. But it is extremely strange that with the huge push for Gay that is blotting out Obamacare’s Dem failure...just seems rather interesting timing for a death on the campaign trail.

So many ‘interesting’ things seem to happen around name democrats when power is sought that it is hard to think that sometimes weird crap happens for no reason in particular.
Hoodat - gays are all stone cold killers:

(What Would Ernst Röhm Do?)
SamAdams76 hears gays are gonna take over!
In other news, I hear that figure skater is going to run for president in 2016. You know the one, Johnny Weir, who is now media darling. He even helped broadcast the Kentucky Derby the other weekend and wore a most "stylish" hat.

You know what, he's probably going to win. And why not? People like him and will probably vote for him over the tired, washed-up has-been politicians we are likely to run otherwise.

If we are going to become a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, might as well take what shortcuts we can and get this painful journey over with already. While we're at it, let's bring Edward Snowden back to the U.S. and make him Secretary of Defense.
sport heard Aiken was gracious to his dead opponent. Which leads him to advise:
you can’t show kindness, be courteous, or decent to a Democrat. Everytime you do either of these, you will live to regret it. It will come back and bite you in the ass. Democrats have two driving desires: control and power. And will do any and everything they can to achieve it. For them, results are all that matter. Rules are made to be broken. They have no decency, honor, or principles.
With even this minor stimulus, PLD has some sort of hate-gasm.
I hope the queer Clay Aiken is beaten in this election by a conservative we are getting to many queers in positions of power..

What is wrong with you people in NC..


Monday, May 26, 2014

Operation American Spring

So there was going to be another Tea Party protest in DC. This one was particularly bad at overpromising and underdelivering. Promising 10-30 Million people, the badly publicized event netted only dozens, though they did stop by Congressional offices.

Freepers reaction is quite unexpected. Well, a lot see the incompetence and yell false flag, that's amusingly expected these days. But a lot of Freepers scoff at the idea of calling for the overthrow of the American government. Am I on the right forum?

redgolum knows many of the teeming millions who agree are not as brave as Freepers.
The State is very willing to attack and punish detractors, look at the IRS. Many are keeping their heads down.

And to be honest, this thing had an odd feel to it. I just couldn’t shake the feeling it was a false flag.
CivilWarBrewing is sure it was a fake:
False flag, I agree. It was designed to fail from the start for the purpose of demoralizing the Tea Party movement ahead of elections. As if oppression by the IRS isn’t enough.
Lazamataz didn't like the organizer:
I definitely didn’t trust that guy, and while I entertained putting together a FR contingent for a while, I felt association with the leader of this thing would not be wise.
By post 33, Spirochete has received the wisdom, and has no doubt: false flag.
I live in Virginia and this article is the first I’ve heard of this demonstration.

Beacuse it's a false flag operation, designed to create the illusion that there's no groundswell of opposition in DC government.
kristinn, whose tagline calls America the new USSR:
The organizers are calling for a coup. That’s why conservatives are staying away.
Seriously? RIghtwardHo? Do you read this site at all?
These people are calling for an overthrow of the Government. That is Treason. Of course we would never attend such a thing. We love America.

The sad part is we are painted with their ridiculous display instead of being credited for staying as far away from it as possible.
44years later, Lazamataz - the real revolution will not be televised:
See, that's not how to do this.

If we rise up to throw off the shackles, it will likely be spontaneous and like the Bundy deal, and even then there will be no stated desire for a coup... just a DEMAND that the Fed Government quit the shenanigans.
demshateGod knows the way to tell a real protest is demands:
I’m for it if there are demands being made. If we’re just going to stand out there, then go home, I’m not interested.
meadsjn knows the real war is shaking your fist at your neighbors:
Perhaps most people with some smarts realize that the problem is not entirely, or even primarily, in Washington, DC.

Most conservatives do realize that the problem is much closer to home, with their idiot neighbors sporting the odinga bumper stickers, or the COEXIST ones, etc.; the spiritually dead dykes, fags, perpetual grievance clowns, dis-en-french-fried minorities, outraged illegal invaders, and other such communists.
Kackikat, though, is still lost in the tin foil.
I never heard of the March until a week ago, although it may have been on FR.

Those motel/hotels could have been booked by Democrat Politicians to prevent Marchers from having a place to stay. When they call for a room, well we have no vacancies. This should have been co ordinated with a huge political backing and reservations to be successful. Now it looks like the people aren’t interested in taking the country back.

Timing and Planning are everything!

Monday Potpourri

JLAGRAYFOX: argument through bile.
Like I said...i cannot stand Mitch McConnell...he sank Ted Cruz & Mike Lee when both men were dead right about failed Obamacare. but....having said that....i cannot even stand to hear “traitor” Obama open up his “Pajama Boy” mouth. The very sight of him disgusts me!!! I can never forgive his “Benghazi” abandonment of our four public servants...left to die in terror and pain...and, now the VA gig of killing our military veterans by Obama panel choice!!! IMHO....Obama and the entire Democrat Party must be defeated politically...right now!!! McConnell...we can easily take down later.
onedoug has it all systemized, yet makes no sense:

Subheading: nazis

It worked for hillary.
longtermmemmory has the whole secret liberal org-chart worked out:
Howard Dean is the political officer overseeing MSNBC. He is the rebuttal propagandist despite the fact he is an utter failure in business.
FamiliarFace - when anyone says homosexual they think of buttsex.
They want to be called gay so that the brain doesn’t process that they engage in actual sexual behavior. When we use the word “homosexual” the brain gets the message. That’s why they try to change the language regarding their sexual deviancy. They want you to think they only hold hands or kiss (not French). They want others to think that they are innocent non-sinners.
PapaNew knows what to blame for gay marriage:
Why The Gays Are Winning

The unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act emboldening even more unconstitutional federal interference later.
Finny's mother said we're all gonna go back to puritans soon!
My wise, wise ol' ma, well-read and schooled in human nature, warned a long time ago that when the pendulum swings back from the horrific era of promiscuity that has visited the last few generations of Americans, it will make the Victorians look loose.

I expect she's right, as she pretty much always is, dammit.

There's nothing new under the sun. No matter the technology or "social media" or texting or anything else, human nature is fixed, and so are God's laws. Just like gravity, there whether we like them or not.
Finny again, saying God is gonna be on her side in Civil War 2!
We can only pray that God will cause the hearts of this people to return to Him.

Yes, but we can also recognize and throw-off a government force that officially thwarts one's ability to adhere to the Judeo-Christian standard and indeed coerces individuals to fund its opposite.

Government is a force that serves to coerce people away from God. The Founders called for limited government. They used government conservatively, sparingly.

The reality is that in every election, Democrats systematically gin votes by GOTV drives, bussing homeless folks to the polls, harvesting elderly from homes to vote, etc., etc., not to mention multiple voting, fraudulent voting, illegals voting -- it happens every election. Read the news.

On the ground, however, real Americans are disgusted and distressed. Nearly two in three, not quite I don't think, but close, 2 in 3, are sick of liberalism, sick of amorality, sick of government, and sick of a biased media. The news media is held in huge contempt by Americans.

I think God would be pleased, will be pleased, when the majority is able to throw off an anti-God force put into place by a fraudulent minority, assisted by an illusion-spinning media. Obama-style liberals are probably, in real numbers on the ground, a little more than one of every three Americans.
On the ground, everyone's a freeper.

jsanders2001 wants carnage, but would rather God do it.
Wormwood is coming and when it does the faggots are going to be screaming like sissies...
Rome2000 joins in the bloodthirst, but is a bit more secular about his bitterness.
Die screaming faggot communists, you can try to steal our cash via the electoral process, but in the end you will have to do it the old fashioned way, at gunpoint.


Good luck with that.
Shery - signs of doom are everywhere:
America is under judgment now, and has been for some time. 9/11, Katrina, and a whole host of other things (tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc.) are all part of it, but I see no one repenting. Just screaming for government help. So, government has become our god, and the One True God, Yahweh, is letting us try to make our peace with it. He is allowing sin to have its full sway, which invariably leads to every form of debauchery, men lying with men and women with women, doing those things that are unnatural and abominable in God’s eyes, as several texts in Scripture explain. It is the end stages of a society and our complete downfall is shortly to come.

Even believers have come under the impression that just getting the right people in office is the solution. Yes, we do need honest, God-fearing people in office. That is CERTAIN! But they are just humans, too, and capable of falling into the same temptations when power is invested in them, unless they are undergirded with prayer and held accountable.

If America truly wants to get out of this mess we are in, we must repent and turn from our sins and sexual deviancies, worship God in Truth and in Spirit, and endeavor to live godly lives. I pray for this, actually, but I don’t see it happening until God brings China or Russia or both (along with NK, Iran, etc.) to our shores and our military cannot (or will not) protect us. The Bible is replete with stories of God’s warnings. It was not written just for the Jews, but for the whole world. We have enjoyed His abundant provisions, but we have become puffed-up, thinking we don’t need God. We feel we have reached a level of sophistication that makes God irrelevant, and laugh at Him as if He doesn’t exist. The signs of our doom are everywhere.
ElectionInspector is one of many Freepers to think this way.
... I’m not in Kentucky, but I want to see backstabber *itch go down to the Dem. At least we know how she will vote and she may surprise on some issues.... but that’s ‘cuz I hate RINO One Worlders....
TruthInThoughtWordAndDeed mocks SETI.
Cuz this time, we weely, weely want there to be aliens. So pweez, pwetty pweez, give us more money.
MrB finds the fact that scientists aren't trying to get metaphysical to be proof science is fake:
The Theory of Evolution specifically excludes anything to do with the origin of life (whether through creation, or abiogenesis).

It’s pretty convenient that way, is it not?

Not having to address THE fatal flaw in a theory by defining it as being outside the theory...
JLAGRAYFOX is feeling impotent, and needs to sign something:
Jim......will any American or American organization put forth a “country wide” petition calling for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama? This VA scandal is matter how you look at it!!! Obama should not only be impeached...he should spend the rest of his useless life in prison!!! We need a petition like the “Obamacare” petition of last year’s sponsored by United States Senators!!! I believe millions of Americans would sign it!!!
GOPJ on the finicky superiority of Asians:
The superior races are Asians. Best grades in US colleges. Highest incomes of any racial group. Least crimes compared to other races.

True as long as they're living in the United States. Left on their own they create some of the worst cultures in the world... thuggy becomes an understatement. For example - can you name ONE country worse than North Korea? (In our time - any place in the world)
mmichaels1970 accidentally protested against the Vietnam War in college.
I remember back in my college days we once started shouting out the window at some guys in the dorm across the street. Good-natured trash-talk.

It devolved into a group of us and them meeting in the middle of the street. That, in turn, grew into a crowd and we decided we could have a heck of a lot of fun if we marched the crowd up-town.

After about an hour of gathering steam and screaming about this and that, a few lib-kids decided to step up and make our good time into some sort of activist protest about something or other.

I can't remember what the heck they decided we were supposed to be protesting. We were simply there because it was fun.
Vendome heard Obama was sending troops to help the Nigerian girls. So guess which position he takes...
Bring back our troops.

Sorry girls. Yer on your own...
lee martell is one of a number of Freepers to use that NH sheriff who called Obama a nigger to call people niggers without saying it:
The former sheriff is right, of course. Obama does indeed met and exceed the criteria of being thusly labeled. As does Holder, the one who ignores enforcement of laws against people who belong to his race, and considers this as rightful justice.
AppyPappy has surveyed the gays:
Every gay couple I know, married or not, sees adultery as a given.

They want marriage for acceptance and the benefits.

Friday, May 23, 2014

A police state.

After going back and forth, it looks likes curtain for Butterdezillion, and her inability to understand the difference between possible and probable.

But she comes out as the victim here. After she criticized the moderators for putting her latest pet theory (about the assassination/fake death of someone tangentially involved with Obama's birth certificate) in "chat" and not "news," she followed up by questioning the Freepathons.

She was only suspended, but when she was back, certain Freepers smelled blood in the water.

These extremists tend towards bullying, and this is the culture you get - a place where running to the authorities to get someone kicked out is a hobby for a substantial minority.

You know, like the USSR, or Nazi Germany, or Pol Pot, Mao, etc. etc. The irony makes your teeth hurt.

butterdezillion starts out by lamenting Free Republic's culture, which is already a bad move.
Free Republic no longer seems to be a place where people can talk about non-approved subjects without having a lot of crap thrown in their faces. There are a lot of good people here but you probably won’t hear from them because a conspicuous band of buddies is already here stinking up the thread. If the stink won’t shut people up the gagging will start. I just don’t want you to be surprised when it happens. As long as the good people of FR are fine with it, this is the pattern everyone can expect. Very similar to how Obama’s regime has silenced the voices they don’t want anybody to hear.

Sad, because Free Republic has the best set-up and some of the best people, and could be a place of real resistance to this regime’s lawless conspiracies - many of which obots and “concern trolls” here once called “kook” until some in the MSM were able to report on some of the evidence. Stuff like rxsid mentioned - Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS-gate, NSA-gate, etc. All conspiracies, and all real.
LucyT then pulls this out:
Free Republic no longer seems to be a place where people can talk about non-approved subjects without having a lot of crap thrown in their faces.

Apparently you think Free Republic is a place where you are admired for your comment saying you want to spit on the Military.

You have no idea how many people were offended by your comment, and you've never had the decency to apologize.

Get off your high horse and stop criticizing people that don't agree with you.
LucyT explains that calling for a military coup just isn't what Free Republic stands for:
Whoa now, where did THAT come from??

As I recall, butter wanted the Military to “do something” about Obama, and the Military weren’t performing to *her* satisfaction. Then when she discovered things weren’t going her way, she wanted to spit on them.

Apparently butter didn’t, and still doesn’t realize she was calling for an overthrow of the United States Government, also known as a coup d’état, and reminiscent of banana republics.
Greenperson wishes he'd seen the offending quote. Ah, well.
Well, since BDZ’s comment explaining the above is now deleted, no one will see what she actually meant.

I don’t know what to say to that; I wish I’d have seen it before it was deleted for whatever reason.
Fred Nerks sees what's going on:
She tried to explain but that wasn’t good enough. They won’t rest until they get rid of her.
fatima has a record that she won't post:
It just means that the conversations are dead rather than lively, because people don’t feel they can speak candidly. Sort of the same effect as the PC stuff all around us everywhere else, only it’s crept in here too. It makes the place less than it could be. If a person didn’t understand the process and dynamics they could get pretty discouraged, which is generally the purpose for the techniques that the regime uses to oppress people.

Some of us had hoped it would be different here. Had thought for a while that it WAS different here.

Guess that means no.Am I an Animal-no.Do I have a record of your insulting posts to Our Jim Yes.
humblegunner, naturally.
I thought anyone criticizing butters was supposed to be an enemy agent?

Now I haz a confused.
Wow, Fred Nerks seems both empathetic and wise!
OK, I’m outa here. When you are being set up butter, it’s a good idea to take their toys away. They are playing with you, and you continue to respond. You give them sport. You are being baited. Turn your back. Walk away.
Fred Nerks then narrowly escapes the zot:
If you people have a serious problem with the way I run FR, why the hell don’t you just go start your own damned site. No one’s stopping you.

Sorry you took it personally. Most of what I wrote concerned itself with the behaviour of some members for which you cannot be held responsible. But you might consider reigning in the favoured attack-dog. He’s out of hand and rabid.
BZ doesn't walk away. so, in comes Jim Robinson
I just need to know what’s allowable so I know whether it’s worth spending my time here.

It’s probably not worth your time then. Goodbye.

Spotlight Friday: Cuban Leaf

I got a request for this self-proclaimed "radical libertarian" a while ago, but there was always someone else more crazy. Well, this is his day (sorry, cripplecreek, you gotta bring more crazy next week!). He's actually bought a cabin in Kentucky to wait for when Obama destroys America. He is a lot more open about his life than other Freepers, and his life is a combination of ordinary pleasant, and Freeper madness.

His Kentucky cabin:
Yes, Obama has definitely moved up the timeline. I will admit, however, that I bought my small farm in KY two weeks before the 2008 election partly as a “bug out” location (from Seattle) and I thought McCain was going to win.

Moved there in 2011 and absolutely love it. Western civilization may go down the tubes, but we’re having the time of our life up on our plateau. We’ve seen it as a “God thing” ever since we made the decision to buy it. It was the best choice whether things crash or not.
Just waitin' for America to fall:
I do not believe this country will survive the Obama presidency. I bought my small farm in central KY two weeks before the 2008 election, moved there in summer of 2011 from my home of 45 years, Seattle (where I had a good six figure income) and the history that unfolds before my eyes convinces me more than ever that it was the correct move.

We are living in a version of Dr. Zivago, without the love story. Our politicians are not the problem. The electorate is the problem.
He's voting for the Democrat in Kentucky:
I do. I won’t. For the second time in my life I will vote for a democrat.

The first time, btw, was in the early 70’s for Dixie Lee Ray as Washington state governor. She was one of the last of the conservative democrats up there. I liked her because she called out the anti-nuclear-power folks with actual reason and logic.
How to argue on the Internet:
One of my favorite comments to some of these guys is “That argument may have worked against a bunch of underclassmen that were ignorant on the issue, but in the adult world you need to use REAL arguments that can actually be supported by evidence.”

I only use that with the arrogantly ignorant, though.
Making liberals furious is a legit argument.
They use talking points. I was arguing homosexual marriage with a 19 year old mouthy liberal on facebook a few weeks ago. She shouts down her opponents, but in my case I made her look, literally, like a fool. How?

I explained my experience and research with the homosexual community in Seattle beginning in the late 1970’s, my following GRID (which became AIDS) and its history and impact on the homosexual culture, my reading the articles in the homosexual magazines in Seattle in the 80’s and 90’s, my relationships with many homosexuals there, a couple of which were actually friends. I then used that as background for my diatribe regarding the poison which is called “same sex marriage”.

Her response? I’m “ignorant”.

At that point I accused her of three things:
1. She’s projecting.
2. The absurdity of her comment exposes her lack of any arguments and dependency on talking points and bullying her debate opponents.
3. She is a textbook case of arrogant ignorance and may want to read up on the “behind closed doors” homosexual experience and get back to me.

Ignorant. Pretty funny.
He's been a smug asshole online for quite a while:
the progressives that I converse with on the internet have a real hard time with me because I call their silly notions what they are, with evidence to back it up. They like to call me names, at which point it’s fun to show them how silly they look.

Rinse and repeat. I’ve been doing it regularly since around 2005.
Before he was an asshole, he was a bike hippy in Seattle. Probably still smug, though.
When I lived in Seattle, I bicycle commuteed from about 1991 and 2005. My commute varied from 16 mile round trip to 80. I stopped doing it because cell phones and texting made it just too dangerous.
His family is conservative, but their religion is wrong:
My parents live south of there. Two of my daughters and my brother live in condo’s downtown. My third lives in a condo in Bellevue. I enjoy discussing politics with them. They are all conservative but liberal when it comes to Christianity. :-(
He wants a lot more fire and brimstone in his religion, as is normal for Freepers.
We are in agreement. To be clear I was basically implying that the left is Satan’s “useful idiots”.
Also, he sees God in everything:
I stopped believing in coincidences when I became a Christian in 1981. Time has tested the validity of that change of perspective and rewarded me handsomely.
Soon...RED DAWN, but versus Obama!
History repeats, but never exactly the same. The Jews were notoriously passive. In the US, the conservatives are the citizens with most of the guns and the training and will to use them.

It would NOT be pretty.

The daughter.
One of my daughters was “flirting” with it when in high school. I mean to the point where we were concerned about certain friends that would sleep over and she actually lived with her basketball coach and lesbian lover for a few months after running away (long story. She came back and apologized).

But at no time did I ever even entertain the idea of “living with it” and treating it as normal.

She ended up being straight and even had a college room mate (lesbian) that had a crush on her but my daughter would not have any part of it. I bring it up to point out that a LOT of her friends were lesbians in college and set up the next sentence:

She and I were talking about the “it gets better” movement. She said, “No, it doesn’t.”

If she was to have told me she was marrying a woman, I would have said that she is my daughter and I love her, but I will not support any sin in her life in any way shape or form. This would include homosexual relationship or even the relationship she has now (lives with boyfriend).
His ex wife
Even with my first wife, I was never a “hitter”. But “physical force” could be pretty broadly defined to include the action of husbands AND wives in most marriages at one time or another, especially in their younger years.

My ex pushed me so hard in the chest once tht she fell backwards on her butt. If that had been on camera and I had pressed misdemeaner domestic abuse charges and she was convicted, she could never own a gun.

But maybe this involves more serious physical force.
Are we Nazis yet? Vintage October 2013:
Oh, and the crash of Obamacare is just beginning. This is going to be a VERY interestin six months. Kinda like the first six months of this year were - only more so.

I feel a little like an anti-Hitler German in Berlin in early 1945. I relish at my fearless leader’s collapse, but then I see the Russian troops coming and, well, I guess you have to see the silver lining and long term.