Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday potpourri.

With no really compelling stories over the holiday weekend, race features strongly in a very trivial week:

yeah, eventually ya gotta take a shower...........and then you realize, hey, I'm white and the white half of 'bams has disappeared down the rabbit hole.
So it's Black Obama who is the evil Nazi Freepers hate!


Knew it all along.

Obama’s meager approval rating has been disrtored by minorities giving him a high approval rating.

Good things minorities don't count then!


We are in a totalitarian state of being in America as I write this ... do not think we are not! Tyranny has come.

Which is why geologist is writing from gitmo, I presume.

piytar makes a prediction:

In other news, construction has started in earnest on the Freedom Wall isolating the separatist Christian so-called Republic of Texas. Over a hundred Christian terrorists were shot this month trying to defect to the break-away region. Fire from Christian terrorists across the border also resulted in the deaths of nearly three hundred National Civilian Corps border guards. Despite these tensions, talks continue for the region to resume providing power to the West Coast, where rolling blackouts and brownouts continue despite $17.2 trillion ($489B in 2000 dollars) of Green Energy funding from the Obama administration.

Advert: Best Buy special discounts for the Ramadan Season!

When the national anthem plays, I get choked up, I get goosebumps, a tear in my eye. I love my country.

[Obama], he looks disconnected, like he doesn't give a shit.
Wow, that is quite a reaction!

just keeps beating that dead horse:

Healthcare Reform couldn’t have saved Mary Jo Kopechne.

Dr. Sivana

I personally believe that as a general rule, men and women do better performing certain functions that are more suited to that person’s sex (I will not use the term “gender,” except as a jocularity). I also believe that Sarah Palin would make an excellent president, not because I think that women are typically better execs, but because these are extraordinary times. We just may need a Joan of Arc more than a General Patton.

Joan of Arc? How did that turn out again?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Pix

Keep insisting on Obama being Muslim! This can only make everyone rally around you in 2012!

Oh, I hope freepers go with this instead of traitors for women they are not happy with.

Wow, when you photoshop her a lot, Michelle Obama looks silly!

Climate change Napoleon. Now that is a mixed metaphor. I guess that means Obama/Napoleon is going to lead the artillery of research against the Europeans of skepticism. But later he will come up against the Waterloo of 2012 after being weakened by the Russian Winter of tea parties.

I swear, the world would be one big crater around Texas if some Freepers had their way.

Obama's Secret Service is Black and Inept

So Obama had this party and these two reality TV types got in uninvited. A serious secutiry breach to be sure. Freepers know who to blame: Obama.

Some people think this was all a grand scheme to distract us:


Yep, it has made a great smoke screen for the continuing war with Islamic extremists.

Salgak prefers to think of the Secret Service's failure as reflecting on the Obama's character:

It POTENTIALLY shows us that the Secret Service are as sick of the Obamas as they were of the Clintons, and are doing things by rote, rather than full professionalism.

Cicero has noticed something:
suspect that the Secret Service personnel who are currently guarding the president may not be the most competent or qualified.

All we have to go on are the photos, but there are many more black SS agents than I’ve ever seen before. I suspect they’ve probably shuffled off the more experienced agents to other jobs, and brought in every black in the agency, some of them possibly not terribly well qualified.

Obviously I don’t know that for sure, and if anyone questioned it they would probably be jailed for committing a racist hate crime.
gaijin just assumes we can blame the Affirmative Action:

1. The US Army = affirmative action victim

2. US Secret Service = affirmative action victim

3. Breitbart breaks this story = State Controlled Media failure

4. 2 College Kids ACORN videoCam = State Controlled Media failure

Nice way to work ACORN in there, dude!

Candor7 just straight up attacks the Secret Service:

The Secret Service detail of the president is evolving into little better than Chicago Gangland thugs.

They are selected for the detail on a basis of political
values and views, not professionalism.

He then posts a bunch of videos of the Secret Service not being happy with Freeper types for some reason. Proof of their all being evil black Chicagoans!

brings this whole Obama's Secret Service is bad cause Obama is bad meme to it's apotheosis:

Whose not to say that some of these people were part of a bodyguard group around one of his dear friends from the Nation of Islam? They don’t look like any agents I have ever seen up close and personal.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Release KSM!

Freepers hate Obama so much they want KSM to be let free.

has already tried KSM in the court of Freeper opinion - and he was found not guilty:

If our laws mean anything, they cannot convict. Holder is an incompetant political hack. This is going to explode in his face.

nikos1121 has him some priorities:

I’d say... yes...the case should be dismissed...

Set him free.... Let him go...

I’m all for it...

If we are going to put up with this farce... let’s reverse the farce....and support these @ssholes getting released...

Let Obama and company deal with it...


The Pres_dent of the United States of Amerika has already stated that KSM will be found guilty, that he will be convicted. How can anyone expect this farce to work out any other way than an acquittal?

The trial has been intentionally tainted from the outset.

That Obama is such a mastermind!

The primary stated reason that these guys were put in Gitmo was to assure they they would not be able to use the US Civil system. Now that they are coming here, the absoluteness of OUR protections before the law may well be eroded, because "exceptions" will need to be made in order to convict. So the "Civil Libertarians" are literally weakening our guarantees as citizens.

All because Obama and Holder have low self-esteem when they think of their country and want the world to like them better. Sick.
okie01 agrees, and adds a dash of victimization paranoia:
So the "Civil Libertarians" are literally weakening our guarantees as citizens.

Confident, of course, that it will never affect them.

Only those low-brow ignorant conservatives...

Obama's war

Obama mentioned raising taxes to fund Afganistan. On the one hand, Freepers hate taxes and Obama. On the other hand, they love them some war. What to do?

The only solution is inchoerance:

RJS1950 has some awesome logic:
Any tax imposed will also be paid by military families as well so he just wants another burden put on military families.
This is why we should never tax anyone ever.

thinks a tax to help the war is proof Obama hates war:
My interpretation of this is that in these tough economic times, Obama is trying to make the war more unpopular by associating it with an additional tax. You warmongers! You want to kill people so much, you better be prepared to pay for the pleasure!!
St. Louis Conservative proves how hating war is socialist:

There’s a new narrative developing on the left that wars have stopped great “progressive” (i.e. socialist) movements. They are scared to death that Afghanistan could unravel their sweeping domestic socialist agenda.

KTM rider keeps it simple:
Obama's War
Obama's Tax
to pay for Obama's lavish stupidity
Cause after about 9 months, the President retroactively owns the decision to go to war.

cranked just indulges in random populist rhetoric:

Here’s my version of a war tax:

Forcibly induct every Congressman and woman into the military, put them through training, give them a weapon, and send them to a few units on the front lines in Afghanistan.

Ya sound like a hippy!

in 10 years [we will] have SEALs and Force Recon guys fighting to the death in some gladiator arena under Obama’s thumb. Don’t think anything is beneath Obambi. If it was good enough for Nero and Commodus..
Wow, that Obama sure is evil!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Never to young fo attack

Some 10 year old in Arkansas isn't sayign the Pledge of Allegance till gays have equal rights. Freepers attack the young mesenger.

bettyspage is one of the few to attack the parents:

in the article I kept reading about his mom, but no daddy. Where’s dad? Methinks mom is a fag hag.

bigbob has an innovateve "beat out the liberalism" policy:
The kid is 10 years old. Parents need to conduct an ass-kicking contest, with this little lawyer-to-be providing the ass.
Charlespg is a bit blind to his own supporters:
I consider using your kid as political pawn like this to be child abuse/exploitationbr
Welp, no more kids at tea-parties!

Candor7 knows the pedos love the liberals:
soon to be victim of every gay pederast in his within 100 miles. His parents better be careful.

It could be child abuse.

fortunate sun

drag’em to the local mosque to get buggered for an hour or two then ask him what he thinks about gays

So all arabs like the buttsex.

Fine. Ship this budding young faggot and his parents out to Sudan and let him attend school there.

He will surely not be faced with saying the Pledge in a mud-walled Madrassa...
Cause only gays like gay rights. Also, I don't think the Muslims like the gays. Except, to Freepers they are both evil so they must be secretly in cahoots like the Nazis/Commies/Muslims/Democrats are.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Anti-Palin conspiracy theories abound this week:

Indy Pendance

We’re all in our minds plotting ways to avoid anything governmental this admin passes. I have a friend who’s trying to figure out how to be dead, and live as an illegal. They’ll have more rights than citizens. Think about that. People are devising ways to not be citizens.



AUJenn found victimization subtext in Oprah's softball interview with Sarah Palin:

Oprah seemed very monotone and disinterested. Considering how I’ve seen her hooting and hollering and hugging guests on her show in the past, she was very “bland” today. She did not seem warm towards Sarah at all.

marron has a plan:

AG Holder needs to be removed from office.

I’m looking to see who will be the one to stand up in congress and demand it. Senator Wilson, can we count on you?

I think you should use your tea-party powers to get Wilson to stand up for America once again! This can only end well!

UCFRoadWarrior knows who is behind the Republicans who don't like Palin:

George Soros must have been on the phone...calling the McCain staffers...go trash Palin again

Anyone who has Wallace, Steve Schmidt, and the other McCain Soros-bots on their future campaigns will be sure losers

YHAOS on Commies everywhere:
"It is a lot harder now that about the only place that communists are left in the world is Cuba and the faculties of certain ivy league establishments."

Are you serious?

Ever hear of an idiot named Hugo? What do you think Environmentalists are? ACORN? Have you heard of the ChiComs? The EU? The UN? PETA? North Korea? The Great Zer0 and his entourage? Virtually every college campus in North America and Europe?

Oh! I almost forgot the majority of the Congress of the United States.

Good Lord, Man!
And now this word from head Freeper Jim Robinson

FR is a pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-America, pro-liberty site. We will not be supporting Rudy the Planned Parenthood, NARAL liberal RINO. Not now, not ever!

Good luck running for governor without your base, Rudy!

magslinger has an interesting twist on the "I'm not part of any organized party - I'm a Democrat."
It's not really surprising. Have you ever seen a group of conservatives working together? Put twelve in a room for the purpose of stuffing envelopes and they will quickly start doing it thirteen different ways until someone takes charge and organizes the whole thing. Kind of funny, really.

This is strange stuff to the Sheepocrats, who will just sit there until told what to do.
...which is why we have health care passed right now.

whatisthetruth on Cheney's lesbian daughter:
Cheney is for same-sex marriage, he needs to take a good look in the mirror and figure out what happened in his marriage to cause his daughter to become a lesbo.

There's nothing admiral in encouraging your daughter to live a life of perversion and to corrupt innocents in that process.
If only Cheney weren't so damn kinky...

sonic109 has totally given up:

I say stopping this health care bill is the last chance.

If this passes ( and it will), move ,,I’m serious. I won’t live in a country of punks , cowards and morons anyway .

You have a f*cking COMMUNIST in the White House folks and your blathering about Sarah in 2012will save us and we’ll vote them out in NOV 2010 .
What a damn joke.
By 2012 you wont have a say in what happens anymore, especially when 20 million of the unwashed masses will be full citizens over night, just in time to re elect any Marxist douche bag giving them free health care and free everything else.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday Pix

Obama is secretly in the Rocky Horror Picture Show? THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING?

Nothing says recruitment like a criminal trial!

Did Warlock-Joker Obama cause 9-11? Inquiring minds want to know!

Sweet ugly colors, batman!

I cannot for the life of me figure out what the bottom left bit is.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Obama never makes mistakes

Obama only lies. It seems the White House website mentions 700 Congressional districts that don't exists. Obama says it's a mistake, and saner people might think being so hugely wrong (that's 160% bonus districts) is surely a mistake, or the work of a horrible liar.

Guess which way Freepers are taking it:

smokingfrog has the html skillz:
Not errors, Lies!
You weren't supposed to notice.
Dinah Lord is also outraged at these lies:
And what did Obama call the problems at Recovery.Gov? A "side issue"

"President Obama brushed off criticism over his administration's inaccurate reporting on job creation Wednesday, telling Fox News the accounting is an "inexact science" and that any errors are a "side issue" when compared with the goal of turning the economy around. He said job growth is his No.1 responsibility.

His arrogance knows no bounds.
How dare he not treat this like a Big Deal! I'll be the MSM covers up for him as well!

Liz explains what Obama is hiding here:
the national debt .......increased by trillion in six short months..... due to Ohaha's wild spending.

THE WH WANTS US TO BELIEVE IT'S ONLY BILLIONS.........don't fall for it.

The entire government budget is bad, now that Obama is in charge!

lays it all out clearly:

And even those errors weren’t errors but were incidents that were spun and twisted to look like they were errors until the ‘fact checkers” were themselves fact checked and debunked!


keeps his eyes on the prize:
...islamist liars
GOPJ notes the source here is ABC, not FOX!

Someone at ABC NEWS is NOT kissing liberal butt... FOX NEWS has to find that person or people - and hire them away from ABC...

Yeah, consolidate all right thinking people in a few places for ease of focuses viewing!

Is this the next big thing?

Man50D has some kinda plan to get Nanci Pelosi and Obam arrested or some such:
Then you understand "grand jury" is never mentioned in the Constitution that spells out the powers to the three branches of government but is mentioned in the Bill Of Rights(5th Amendment)that spells out the rights of the people.

You also understand our founding fathers purposely wrote the grand jury concept in the latter and not the former in order to give the people the power of the grand jury(aka common law grand jury or runaway grand jury) as a check against a corrupt government, thereby creating the fourth branch of government.

You further realize the judicial system attempted to hijack the grand jury process in 1946 with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure giving the false impression only the courts have the power to convene a grand jury when in fact it doesn't have any such power, is ignoring explicit constitutional language and therefore does not nullify the power of the common law/runaway grand jury.

You also grasp the concept Once a court is served with a Presentment it is required to act upon the Presentment by forming an indictment and set the criminal case over for trial.
Grizzled Bear doesn't take kindly to people who think this is crazy:
This is the kind of stuff that makes us look like a bunch of weirdos.

Do suppose anything similar was said in Germany during the 1930s?
All it takes is one judge who is a true patriot and loves his country. Obama’s paperwork is like a vampire. It can't stand the light of day shining on it.
Marty62 is like some kind of crazy angry right-wing hippy:

Yes we should be like the DUMMIES and NEVER think outside the commie/fascist/socialist BOX.
I bet there were some COLONISTS that thought the small group of “RADICALS” that sent King George the demand for Freedom were considered nutcases.
But hey, this is what makes Americans ..Americans.
This move is a reaffirmation of our LEGAL system.
Now we will see what Pelosi and Zero do as a counter move.
Demand that some spineless Judge dismiss it or else.

We'll see if this takes off beyond Freeperville. It's not much more crazy than birtherism. If health care passes, I'll bet we'll see this gain momentum.

The only question is what to call them. My vote is for Presenters. Though Fourthers (cause the People are the secret fourth branch!) kinda works.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

South Africa

On the heels of the previous thread on Freepers' reflexive dislike of all Somalis as a rule, here is a thread on some South African crime: "South Africa minister tells police to 'shoot the bastards." Alas, most of the thead is some kind of Freeper flame war about how Communist South Africa is. But before that develops, you get some interesting stuff:

GodGunsGuts seems not to think that gun-based brutality is the key to crime prevention:

This is what happens when the commies take over. And it’s only going to get worse as the ANC has not yet consolidated the revolution (ie reeducation camps, mass terror, genocide, etc).

STONEWALLS explicates more about thy Africa is different than America or Europe. Any guesses how?

“This is what happens when the commies take over...”

...yep, and it’s also what happens when Whitey’s been going on ever since European colonials started getting run out over 50 years ago.


I hate to say it, but it wasn’t “commies” so much as it was “tribals” taking over.

We have neighbors that just came back to the states from being missionaries there, and they have some stories to tell.

The funny thing about the “strange beliefs” that they tell that the “tribals” have over there - you can hear the same “theories” (white man created AIDS to kill black people) that you hear out of the likes of Farrakhan and Rev Wright.

CodeToad knows the key to being racist is to preemptively attack the other guy for being PC:

“Just bashing folks who think that South Africa is a communist hell-hole, because it is inhabited by lazy Africans who refuse to work for the things they want.

Well, it is and they are. Whatcha going to do about it, demand no one mention it? Typical Communist propaganda: “No one mention it!” BS. The entire continent is a hell hole, which is why no one ever says they can’t wait to move there. It’s just one savage tinhorn dictator after another. Obama’s family was part of it.

editor-surveyor goes back tothe whole "we only hate blacks cause they hated us first!"
"So, in what sense would an American black be wrong in perceiving that conservatives were prejudice against blacks."

In every sense!

Rejection of those that choose to live on the egalitarian plantation, or those that hate America because it was founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ, is not prejudice against any racial group. The historic Republican party embraces America as it was founded, not as the destroyers wish to remake it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By request: Back to Africa with ya!

A group of young, Somali men posted a video of themselves attacking pedestrians and bicyclists in St. Paul. Freepers are oddly eager to assume all Somalis are exactly so:

Mount Athos blames diversity:

They always say diversity is strength, and how multiculturalism will pay dividends.

Here’s the poster boys for it

If only we were all white, there would be no more violence!

MNDude knows the Somali people quite well:

Those Somalis are pretty small and frail. Must have been a bunch of them, or the bikers must have been small.

Cause of the famine, get it? Haw haw!


Somalia is Somalia because of the behavior of the Somali people. Even if you transport Somalis to St. Paul, Minnesota they will act just like they do in Somalia and that is to act with wanton disregard for others.

So it sucks we let the Irish in back in the day, eh?

opus86 brings up the usual Freeper panacea:

Average citizens have got to start shooting thugs when they attack. It’s not going to get better until the thugs are removed, or until their fear of consequences overrides their desire to assault/pillage/rape/etc.

Yet another example of violence that would be solved if everyone had guns and used them! Vigilante justice is a very well thought out plan:

dagogo redux

Perhaps Somalis are a cut above the rest due to Arabic influence, but in general none of the peoples of sub-Saharan African had either the gumption or intelligence to invent the plow, the wheel, or written language before colonialists brought it to them.

Yep, Africans never did anything useful! Colonialism was awesome for those guys, and they never thanked us!


seven or eight young people running down the banks alongside the path, jumping and making noise.

Running, jumping, making noise...yep, sad to say those are three disciplines Africans excell at. Technical, artistic or social innovation...not so much.

'nuff said.

Fake but Accurate.

Freeper philosophy is self-consistent. All people who disagree with therm have an agenda and are lying. All facts that disagree with them are therefore untrue. And, for good measure, anyone who disagrees with their philosophy is stupid and has an agenda and also evil.

But the whole evil thing is a chink in their armor. It necessitates an emotional response in all who are virtuous. Which is against their purported rationality.

Thus, you have a split in the Freeper community when their latest telling pic of Obama without his hand over his heart on Memorial day is actually after the National Anthem is over and some people have not yet put their arms down, some Freepers see no need to lie to themselves anymore, while others cling to their own dedication to their personal truth:

Secret Agent Man represents a little over half of the Freeper population with his

We don’t need to take things out of context with him. More than enough stuff we know about him that are out there and the context is clear and hasn’t been contrived to appear as it isn’t. We don’t have to be desperate like liberals and deliberately take things out of context (ie Nancy Pelosi and protestor swastikas). There’s SO MUCH else that is scary IN the proper context with this guy.

Maverick68 disagrees:
It takes very little effort to convince people he DOESN’T love this country as opposed to finding ANYTHING in the man’s past that would make one believe he does love America...
DouglasKC is also all for the ends justifying the means.

Nonsense. It’s fake but accurate. We KNOW he hates the country. He couldn’t WAIT to put his hand down.

rockinqsranch will go a long way for a dick joke:

I found nothing false about this. It’s understood where his heart is, and he had both hands over it.


Sorry but it’s not in me to cut him some slack.

Beckwith goes all ad hominem on those who cling to what shreds of truth remain:

Thank you for defending our Dear Leader.

It’s just not fair that those evil conservatives pick on Obama, just because he bows to monarchs and hates to salute the flag.

He’s got a lot on his mind.

Not he may still have saluted the flag, but he hates it so it's okay to pretend he didn't really.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday potpourri.

ClearCase_guy knows him the homogays thought processes:
Lesbians hate babies because they are jealous of the heterosexual women who will give birth to those babies.

Gay men like babies because some of the babies will be boys, and will eventually reach puberty, and the gay men look forward to recruiting them.
MinuteGal knows REAL Jews are all manly men:
I wonder how small Obama's Jewish minions, Secy. Dan Shapiro and creepy advisor, Rahm Emanuel, felt in the presence of a REAL Jew.....a manly man like Netanyahu.

But then, Obama's feminized and cowardly minions don't have the same feelings of normal American patriots or fighters for freedom like Bibi.


Just wait until we take everything back in 2012. We will not be charitable like we used to be.

Cause if there is one thing Freepers are, it's charitable with the opposition.

Cicero knows the lies he's been told are extremely obvious:
Obama closed down all the Republican dealerships around the country and left the Democrat ones open, after he took over Government Motors. This was extremely obvious, but of course the media largely ignored it.

Things are already biased to the left anyway, since you need a college degree to get a job in the State Department or the Environmental Protection Agency, and most of these university products are liberals after years of brainwashing.

oprahstheantichrist likes how Sarah Palin looks:

Black pencil skirt, black heels, dark hose. She looks awesome.

This will make the overweight, no-lomger-attractive, angry housewives' heads explode.

OTOH, now I know what I'm wearing on Thanksgiving (my family hates her)!
uncitizen sees more in the Fort Hood masacre than sane people do:
we're supposed to think that he was there trying to get information to use to hit Ft. Hood or someplace else, but i think he was there for the purpose of being video taped so that later after he did his evil deed the govt could say, "ok, he's a muslim, but the other muslims in the Army aren't llike this. They don't have Allah splashed across their door or have empty paper shredders or "soldier of Allah" business cards in their apartments. He's just one lone gunman who was an extremist muslim. Don't worry all the other muslims in the US military or good members of the "religion of peace".

What i'm saying is that imo people at the HIGHEST levels of govt used a willing participant to carry out this terrorist attack.

Why are all the witnesses being told to "shut up". Is an empty paper shredder a better piece of evidence than the testimony of the people Hasan worked with or the people who heard him say anti-American things?
I like how there is no need for a motive or anything.

Candor7 thinks Orly's getting fined for being an idiot is a good thing for the birthers:
MOre Publicity! Thank You Orly. This COLB issue will hit the News Yet, especially when they decide to jail her!

Then watch the shite hit the fan!

Yay Orly!
Dud, most people know who you are now.

chris37, I don't think that word means what you think it means...

This government is engaged in outright treason.

muawiyah is just plain mean:
Axelrod wasn't aborted by his mother because she was too busy being a commie faux journalist covering up for Joe Stalin so that he could delay advancing on the Germans thereby letting them kill millions of Jews.

Otherwise she'd torqued the little guy in a second.
chuck_the_tv_out has a really expansive view of terrorism.

when the left loses elections, they start the terrorism.

In America, that terrorism is mostly propaganda-based (BDS etc.), but also some real bombs.

Propaganda-based terrorism?


They're the ones with the weaponized smallpox... AND the depth of depravity to use it.
erm, wow.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday Pix

Yup, those protests are totally working, Freepers!

V...for Vampire? Then why the horns?

Redbating may still work, but I think you may need to update your mascot.

Wow. Classy.

Holy crap this is despicable.

Yeah, keep trying to make Obama worse than Bush. Remember when some storms in middle America were "Obama's Katrina?" Neither do I.

Okay, this is pretty good.

Oh, George Washington, you scamp you!

Bohemian Grove? Good luck with that.

Obama bombs NY with KSM trial!

So Obama is gonna try KSM in NY. No military tribunals for him! This security stuff is Freepers' bailiwick, so that is good. Of course, as is their wont, they overplay their hand:

Timeout accuses recent White House Counsel of resigning just so hew could help the terrorists...secretly:

BTW, is Greg Craig resigning so he can be their defense attorney?

Even if not personally, he now has all the inside info he could possibly want. What’s to stop him from passing it along to their defenders? Nothing. His past record on Gitmo gives us all we need to know about his “loyalties”.

Carley just goes straight to the pure fear-mongering.

Some years ago in a cave in Afghanistan a disc was found with the plans of a grammar school in Rumson, NJ.

Evidently this crazed president won’t be happy until we have a Beslan here in the USA. God forbid!!!!!

70th Division has an awesome conspiracy theory:
So Holder puts up a fake trial with the best defence. The dirt bags go free and maybe blow up a school. People riot in the streets for justice. Obama declares Martial Law. Game over.
This sounds like an awesome plan. I can see no flaws!

Venturer worries about out prisons:
Muslim is a fast growing religion in today’s prisons. Give them a week in an American prison and they will be leading the prayers 5 times a day to their converts.

Red in Blue PA
No other way to say it: Obama sides with terrorists.
Wow, I had no idea putting people on trial for their lives counted as siding with them!

444Flyer speaks for NYers, so they don't have to:


Such pure demagoguery!

originalbuckeye says what all the Freepers are thinking:
I hope the next massive terrorist attack happens while Zero is still in office and it only hits those who were stupid enough to vote for him. The rest of us don't deserve it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Stolen from FARK, but apropos.

List of People Conspiring Against the GOP, and therefore, America
All of cable except FNC
The New York Times
The LA Times
The Washington Post
The Associated Press
The Guardian
Black People
Human Rights Activists
Movie Industry
Television Industry
The United Nations
Labor Unions
National Endowment for the Arts
Museums (*except Creationism Museum)
Inflated tires
The Honolulu Advertiser
The Star Bulletin
Sponge Bob and Patrick
Nobel Prize Committee
US Census Bureau
Sesame Street
Comic Books
Though, to be fair, it's only MOST blacks and Mexicans.

Victory is a strategy!

Freepers on Obama's options re: Afganistan. Spoilers: there are not many:


Advisors: The choice is fight or die sir.

Obama: I don’t like those come up with something
better, more intellectual.

You know, like WHERE we should fight, or HOW, or WHO. You know, egghead stuff.


Two options:

But he wants a third option

He's backed up by usmcobra, Redbob, and AFPhys, who say basically the same thing.

Gritty mixes it up a bit:
I guess two of the options not presented were:

1. Bleed and run

2. Just run

Of course, Obama's not choosing to kick ass the way a Real American should signals something. Something...sinister:

Sarah Barracuda is all about FEAR:
[W]e have a commander in chief high fiving the terrorists. We have bulls eyes on our backs, each and every one of us.

"I won't let them shoot back. They will die. Good.
I will let them kill Americans on the mainland. Good.
Allah Akbar."


Skinny, weak, Marxist, Muslim poser who can’t make a decision. He is revolting. We have a mentally ill usurper with divided loyalties in the WH. Kick is AS$ out. NOW!

himno hero sees a bright side, AND a way to keep George W. as a safety champion even if we never get attacked on Obama's watch:

America will not be attacked by muslims s long as we have a muslim president

Protect the Bill of Rights really likes the tea parties:

Obama and the rest of the left need to be put on notice that we will not tolerate hanging these men and women out to dry.

If this does not merit organization and loud protest marches nothing does.

One way to get the MSM to show footage of the 9/12 crowd.

Hannity is caught by Jon Stewart using footage from the larger 9/12 project for the spur-of-the-moment Bachmanapalooza. Freepers spin like champions:

Kleon goes with the Clintonian "BJ isn't sex" type defense:

Hannity never said that the footage was from the Bachmann event.

No, he just showed it while talking bout the Bachman protest.

Flightdeck goes with the "all protests are the same."

So Hannity shows a clip of a different day where thousands of people were protesting deathcare and and Stewart’s logic is what again?

snowrip prefers the non-sequitor route:

Uh, these guys can’t even get the fact that the event wasn’t organized by Beck.

I believe the correct estimate of the Tea Party protest was closer to a million, per the Capitol Police and Dept. of the Interior.

alicewonders prefers blind belief in chosen sources:
When you're over the target, you take the most flak. I didn't see Hannity's show - but I'm pretty sure they weren't trying to fraudulently portray the turnout as anything it wasn't.

The libs are obsessed by the numbers of people showing up to "teabag". Now they are girding their loins for Sarah's book tour next week. They're getting all wee-wee'd up about it.
Nice throwing in the non-sequitor at the end too.

SJSAMPLE hits the 'apology excuses the sin' button:

I love it when Conservatives take responsibility, admit mistakes, apologize and correct the problem.

Diffuses the situation in a responsible manner.

Good on him.

z3n doesn't seem to understand the idea of a staff:

lol @ Jon Stwrt sitting around ringing his hands and biting his nails watching fox news all day like a maniac hoping for an innacuracy.

*shakes fist* I’ll get you someday!


By the way, I wanted to post on this yesterday, but I saw no threads other than one that was pulled with the message "this has been done to death." Really, the mods should have more faith in Freepers' ability to discredit anything not in their wold view.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Double standards

Freepers react to the story of a British guy who has impregnated 12 women and boated about it on Facebook. The comments are telling about Freeper views on women:

He chose to have sex, not to get pregnant.

Two different things. Men don't get pregnant, women do. She got pregnant, not him. Women, and only women, ultimately can prevent a pregnancy.

Don't even talk to me about "keeping it zipped". Apart from it being a sexist intrusion into a man's liberty, and incredibly presumptuous, the man is not the one at risk of getting pregnant.
Boasting about who you impregnated lately on facebook means you are in it for more than the sex. I do like how he (and I'[m pretty damn sure it's a he) defends a man's right to unprotected sex.

awaken2spirit also letss the guys off the hook:

These girls aren’t victims here. When these girls are willing to get jiggy with total strangers and not even use any kind of protection, how stupid is that? These girls/women are victims of their own stupidity. If you leave the door to your house wide open, bad things may come in.

Huh. I guess irt only takes one to make a baby.

has something different to say:
Now all he needs is 6 or 7 tattoos and he'll be ready to play in the NBA!
Wow, those blacks sure are promiscuous! Glad you brought that up.

Drew68 thinks these women were done a favor:
We call him the Sperminator as he just goes around getting girls pregnant and doesn’t ever think about the consequences

Why should he? Britain's generous entitlement system financially rewards single mothers far better than many of them could ever expect to earn by actually working.
No need for the women to choose at all then:

RC one is the one who goes too far for even most Freepers though:

Given the UK’s birth rate and Muslim immigration problems, I’d say this guy is a bit of a hero actually. I’m not gonna condemn him for doing what needs to be done.

And now this word from outer space

Putting all their fish in one basket edition:

Hitler and an Egyptian agent... an top Egyptian cleric, recruited a couple of divisions of Albanian muslims who were the driving SS force in rounding up and exterminating german Jews....

Its kinda ironic that with the holocaust, all of it gets hung on the German people, and they are forced to pay and in the meanwhile Islam slithered away , not taking any blame for their involvement.

Revisionism supplied by himno hero

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama was the Fort Hood Shooter

Freepers keep limber by stretching to connect Obama to the Fort Hood shooting:


Who did he vote for in the last election?

Yes, this it totally relevant! Never mind who Scott Roeder voted for, cause his cause was just.

True Republican Patriot
is all about answering the above rhetorical question:

Why did You ask a Stupid Question? No Offense Intended!

HASAN VOTED FOR OBAMA HUSSEIN, Who appears to be a Fellow Muslim given Farakkan’s praise of him as well as Other Muslim Leader’s praises. They sure DONT praise Christian Convert Apostates as OBOZO alleges to be......

If this bastard recovers don't expect any punishment the Obama administration will say he was crazy and put him in a hospital we pay for..To think he is still breathing after our young men and women are dead..
Just like that Muslim beltway sniper was pardoned, eh?

tells some good stories:

‘m sure Barack will sneak in to make sure he is being treated right.
No cameras for that visit.

Guenevere does it right. No declarative statements, only insinuations:
Nidal Malik Husan...Fort Hood terrorist
Barack Hussein Obama...President of the United States

How in the world did we get here
Hoodat just has questions

Did he give a shout-out to Obama?

Yes, using secret Muslim code only Freepers can decipher.

Nidal Hasan's testicles.

Seems the Fort Hood shooter is awake. Freepers indulge in a bit of fantasy about what they would do to the guy. Because civilization is for pussies and torture has exceeded living well as the best revenge:

Nervous Tick is kind of a details man:

Hopefully pretty soon, he’ll be well enough that he can be weaned off of pain relievers.

When he get to that point, it’s time to begin crushing his teeth one by one with a pair of pliers.

Once he gets out of intensive care, we can start working over his nuts with an electric generator.

Bloody Sam Roberts has interesting criteria in who is buddies are:
When he get to that point, it’s time to begin crushing his teeth one by one with a pair of pliers. Once he gets out of intensive care, we can start working over his nuts with an electric generator.

I like the way you think.

In fact, I think you and I would get along nicely over a few brews one day.
DeepInTheHeartOfTexas has this advice:
I have three things to say:



In non-testicle related ideas, it seems gimme1ibertee wants to bomb Virginia:
Fly him over the motherland,strap his ass onto a nuclear bomb and drop him out the bomb-bay doors.....take out more than one,do it right and with some fanfare.
Or, if you really wanna do them all in....I mean,this is really brutal..
carpet-bomb the whole region with millions of 8x10 color glossies of Helen Thomas in a thong & pasties.
So,there'll be some collateral damage..
SkyPilot goes for a more realistic, and more petty fantasy:
If I were his doctor, I would repeatedly touch him with my left hand while eating a bacon sandwich downed with a shot of whiskey, while lifting up his hospital gown asking the female staff if the patient looked well, and wearing a "GO ISRAEL!" t-shirt while dropping a Koran into the hospital waste bin in front of him.
Leg Olam

‘This guy will be trying every type of suicide imaginable.’

It would be kind of hard for him to do it if they ‘accidently’ amputated his hands and feet.

Monday, November 9, 2009

And now this word from outer space

How times have changed edition:

Carter was criminally stupid, Obama is criminally evil.

The only question is whether Freeper hate fades with time or whether their outrage level is actually getting higher and higher as time goes on. At this rate, the next Dem President will be criminally...super evil?

SolidWood (Sarah Palin: "Only dead fish go with the flow!")

Monday potpourri.

Freepers doubled down on isolating themselves this week:

Ditter wanted to have sex with Canada or something. But no more!
I have been to Canada many times and some of the residents are just jealous of the US. I always though Canadians were our soul mates or at least our best friends, that is until I went there. I still like Canada and Canadians but my illusions were shattered.
Frantzie is all about the shunning:
Maybe the dumb seniors and baby boomers who voted for O will decide self preservation is a good thing. I know moronic senior relatives who voted for Hussein. I will not speak to them again - ever.
TribalPrincess2U on election fraud, and how only real men do it:
a few boxes of ballots will be found in the trunks of various Rat poll workers’ cars, and just enough to put him over the top.

If our side had any ba**s, they would use the same trick. It's time to fight dirty.
Nowhere Man is kind of a fan of military rule.
I wish we could take a Mulligan on last year's election. There is a side of me that hopes we have a military coup. If I was a general in charge, the best thing to do is have the Joint Chiefs run the Federal government, the States would retain their Constitutional powers under their governors. Then if we have time to set it up, special elections for all seats in Congress and the Presidency would be called for in November 2010 or if the logistics fail us, make it November 2012. Anybody who held office in Congress and/or the Presidency, including cabinent members and Tsars would be deemed ineligible for life. After the election, when the New Congress and President is sworn in the following January, they will assume their roles and the Joint Chiefs would go back to their old role.
Thank God the Joint Chiefs would give up power after the elections in this scenario! Otherwise, one might think this an anti-democratic plan.

Overtaxed Patriot wonders things:
I wonder if Reagan is haunting [Obama] in the Oval Office, which is why Barry escapes on road trips all the time.

Father God please don’t let gay’s marry.

Sweet circular logic!

Dragonspirit analyzes the Iranian hostage crisis:

444 days of captivity under the Democrat. About an hour or two under the Republican.

You don’t defeat Islam by coddling words and bleating apologies. You get in its demonic face and punch it in the teeth. That, more than anything, shows the difference between Ronald Reagan & GWB vs Clinton, Carter and Token.

Oddly, I do not recall Reagan punching Iran in the teeth at all, much less within hours of being sworn in.

ntnychik watched the coverage of the Bachman protest carefully and found issues:

There was a nasty looking frowning woman wearing a PRO-LIFE shirt, whose picture was on at least two of the broadcasts. My bet is she was a plant.

JillValentine is totally brave enough to be a total bigot:

Of course there will be talk about “good Muslims.” “But some Muslims won’t kill us!” Yes, and some rattlesnakes won’t bite you. But playing with a rattlesnake is still stupid, just like trusting a Muslim. You never know when Sudden Jihad Syndrome will rear its ugly head and your friendly Muslim neighbor who “always seemed so nice” massacres a bunch of schoolgirls in the name of Allah.

Islam is the common enemy of every civilized human being on the planet. It is utterly incompatible with modern civilization, human rights, individual liberties, and a republican form of government. Those “Americans” who would side with Islam over their own country, whether they personally practice Islam or not, are traitors and deserve nothing less than the noose.

MestaMachine on the VA tech shooter's secret Muslim past:

Cho, Virginia tech
Hasan, Virginia Tech

They never tied Cho to the mosque, but I did. They covered up that he had been indoctrinated and made it seem like he was just nuts. I have pics.

Now, that's evidence!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

And now this word from outer space

At long last siding with the Viet Cong Edition

Dear [Vietnamise-American Republican Congressman Joseph Cao, who voted for heath reform]

I am sorry that I fought to free your country.

Very truly yours,

xxxx x xxxxxx

Random racism supplied by clintonh8r

Good bye USA. You were a good idea.

Health care passes. Freepers, by and large, have three reactions.

There is the ashes and sackcloth folks, like Texas4ever
I think we lost our is disarming the citizens....then citizen coming. I hate that my mother who loves her country and lived through the wonderful spirit of American Patriotism....and respect for country, soldiers and family has to see such an awful display of disregard...she called me in her sweet voice and softly said...”what does this mean?” I told her dont worry mom...Tomorrow is her 74th Birthday....God help us....I am crying for my mom and what used to be a beautiful Country!
Or Schatze
My mother died about two months ago -- I'm glad she didn't live long enough to see this.
That's the bright side!

Then there are th civil disobedience types, like AmericanInTokyo

General Tax Revolt.

And, Religious Conscientious Objector status to pay taxes based on funding of abortion.

Time to go Nelson Mandela on them.
Really? Mandela? That old commie terrorist?

LomanBill in adition to some odd ideas about when to center text, seems to think the police wil totally strike.
Who exactly do they think will go out and "enforce" these laws?
It is incumbent upon the honorable craftsman
to be aware of whether or not his services are being used
as a means to accomplish evil ends -
and to act accordingly.

LEOs.. are you listening?

Oh, I'm sure Law Enforcement Officers are listening to Free Republic, but not for the reasons LomanBill hopes.

Which brings us to the final set of Freepers, the threats of violence.

yadent beaats the favorite Freeper drum of secession. It's in a low cycle right now, but could flare up any time.

Are the freedom loving peoples ready to separate? It doesn’t have to be violent. Let’s find a state or two and leave. If not, I will NOT live on my knees!!!! It will become violent, very violent.

America2012 agrees:
If this thing passes the Senate and Obama signs it, this country won't make it to the 2010 elections.
Indy Pendance

Signatures won’t matter, it’s bullets now.

There is, I guess, a fourth type, like rurgan. They get completely unhinged from logic:

Now do we see how evil and a threat Democrats are? On a Saturday Night , behind the American people’s back They satanically, stealthily , slid this bill/knife into the American people’s back to destroy our freedom and ability to make a living.

This Bill Passed ONLY because the Democrats have such a large majority in the House.

This bill would have NEVER passed the House in the Republican controlled House.
Well, that is true I guess, if Congress were different it would do different things.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Pix

Obama is a total narcissist! You can tell cause he's on TV all the time!

It's pretty over for Newt with the Freepers after NY-23.

That the hell is with her breasts? I get the Marie Antoinette reff, but boobs? Is that some sort of insult?

Heh. To Freepers, Muslims might as well worship some kind of Sauron Cube.

What's with the ears?

SEIU head. Good luck taking that on, Freepers.

Hooray for fictional signs!

Hooray for unflattering photos

Friday, November 6, 2009


Freepers, as per usualy, jump to the most dramatic conclusion about the Fort Hood shooting:

BunnySlippers has uncovered some interesting facts:

I now wonder about the whole Hasan family after his comments. People who worked with him knew of his feelings about Islam and America and knew of his glee at American casualties. And his family did not know? I simply don’t believe it.

Glee at American casualties? Yeah, I'm gonna need a source for that other than "He's a Muslim!"

Which is, by the way, is knarf's argument:
Of COURSE he was in turmoil.

His entire life has been schizoid ... always being Muslim and living as an American warrior patriot?

The two are impossible.

There may BE muslims serving in the military ... I suggest they're not 'serving' so much as they're awaiting THEIR chance.
Moderate Islam -it's a conspiracy of billions!

The above comment leads to the logical conclusion, which Rappini draws:

The so called Melting Pot here in the US is full and we should bounce every Muslim out of the Military.

Riley hits the strawman hard. I think he's working on some personal issues here:

I know personally at least one lefty who very likely stayed up half the night last night carefully crafting all sorts of convoluted rationalizations why absolutely nothing that this guy did is his own fault.

I think I’ll skip talking to her over the holidays. I don’t deal well with crazy people.

And there are two others who report on crazy lib reactions as well. I wonder how many Freepers live in families with political crazies of both stripes, or how many are just liars.

TribalPrincess2U sees the conspiracy:

Another crisis or convenient distraction?

Why aren’t we hearing more about the dead?
Has anyone seen a list?

ZULU agrees:

He WON’T get the Tim McVey Treatment.

We have a fifth columnist in the White House - a closet Muslim. He won’t execute one of his own. Reverend Wright would never speak to him again.

You know, what with all the real Muslims trying to kill us, if you add in the secret ones (and the commies hiding in the trees!) we might be in big trouble.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apropos of nothing

I hope they burn the bill. That'll out them as know-nothing types, but no one gets hurt.

Protest ing is fun! If not effectve...

Not hearing much about it on syndicated media (except for Rachel Madow) bot some thousands of tea party types have turned up in DC to protest against the health care bill. Local media is all over this, though, as are Freepers:

comes out early, taking out strawmen like he was born to it:

Love it! We need to throw their slogans back in their face. I really wish I could find a recording of Shrillary yelling “we have the right to disagree with this administration or ANY administration!”

Cause, I hear lots of people saying you have no right to hold protests.

pillut48 joins the strawman massacre:

Hey, wait a minute!! There’s a black man praying over the group!!! I thought only angry white men were at this rally!?!

Because people are always saying there are no black conservatives.

CPT Clay is gonna kill anyone who calls him violent:

MSLSD has already chimed in on the patriots visiting DC as being ‘loose and dangerous’

They keep this crap up and oneday we will be!!!

wilco200 might get shot. If he were there. He makes up for it by talking super tough:

Enough talk. Time to storm the Capital!!!!!

hoe_cake knows who the government works for

why would pro healthcare protesters be shouting “You work for us?”

Silly liberals, government doesn't work for you, you aren't real Americans!

wilco200 has already given up:

That’s a beautiful yet depressing shot on right now - those are the last elected defenders of the US Constitution.

With nothing left to lose, wilco2000 catches the next train to crazytown:

I hope RUSH flies in on wires

Doesn't look like violence, just more triumphalism. Still, it only takes one.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be posting about Freepers declaring victory and not much else.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time Traveler, 2001

B-Chan posted this rather out of date 'fable:'
I was born in 1998 so I do share some childhood memories with all of you. I remember going to Disney World at Christmas and I remember going to the beach in Daytona. When the civil "conflict" started and got worse, people generally decided to either stay in the cities and lose most of their civil rights under the guise of security or leave the cities for more isolated and rural areas. Our home was searched once and the neighbor across the street was arrested for some unknown reason. That convinced my father to leave the city.

From the age of 8 to 12, we lived away from the cities and spent most of our time in a farm community with other families avoiding conflict with the federal police and National Guard. By that time, it was pretty clear that we were not going back to what we had and the division between the "cities" and the "country" was well defined. My father made a living by putting together 12-volt electrical systems and sailing "commodities" up and down the coast of Florida. I spent most of my time helping him.

There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005. That conflict flares up and down for 10 years.

Outright open fighting was common... and I joined a shotgun infantry unit in 2011. I served with the "Fighting Diamondbacks" for about 4 years. (Hearing in my right ear isn't as good as I would like it).

In my 2012, I was 14 years old spending most of my time living, running and hiding in the woods and rivers of central Florida. The civil war was in its 7th year and the world war was three years away. Yes, there are unusual events in 2012 but they do not cause the world to end. Unfortunately, I have decided not to discuss events that you or I can do anything about. It is important that they be a surprise. Perhaps you are familiar with the story of the Red Sea and the Egyptians?

The civil war ended in 2015 when Russia attacked... the major cities in the United States (which is the "other side" of the civil war from my perspective), [along with] China and Europe. The United States counter attacks. The US cities are destroyed along with the AFE (American Federal Empire)...thus we (in the country) won. The European Union and China were also destroyed. Russia is now our largest trading partner and the Capitol of the US was moved to Omaha Nebraska.... The [nuclear] war is a result of faulty politics and desperation from Western leadership during the US civil war... I suppose you could stop it.

[Q: Are some areas of the United States safer than others?]

Take a close look at the county-by-county voting map from the last elections.

[Q: Were biological or chemical weapons used in the war? Were any weapons used that effected [sic] people's minds?]

Yes there were biological and chemical weapons used. No mind control weapons but there are new "non-lethal" weapon systems that turn out to be quite lethal.

On my worldline, life is not easy. We live in a world recovering from years of war, poison, destruction and hate. All of it, courtesy of the thinking and actions of people that live right now in the same world you do, worrying about which stocks to buy or whether or not a stranger is lying to them on the Internet.

I believe that hardship and challenge develop character and community. My first experience with war came when I joined a shotgun infantry unit at the age of thirteen. In the 4 years I served as a "rebel", I watched hundreds of people get shot, burn and bleed to death. I know exactly where I was and every detail of the exact moment the first nuclear warheads began falling on Jacksonville. I know the pain and regret of not acting soon enough to enjoy a relationship as a loved one dies of brain cancer from a war that gained nothing.

How can you possibly criticize me for any conflict that comes to you? I watch every day what you are doing as a society. While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around you. Is this the "Universal Law" you subscribe to?

Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.

Imagine you are Jewish and you are able to travel back in time to Germany in 1935. All around you are the patterns of thinking and action that will lead to a great deal of harm, death and destruction in just a few years. You have the advantage of knowing what will come but no one will listen to you. In fact, they think you're insane and the situations you describe could never happen.

What I feel is not anger, it is sadness that you cannot see what I see.

[Q: What would you say to any world leaders who might be reading this right now?]

Revel in your confidence today because you will not win tomorrow.

Wow, so maybe Freepers haven't gotten more crazy over time. They've always been this insane.