Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What do do about Nixon

Freepers love pointing out how the Democrats were totally racist back in the 1950s, and thus are today. So what do ya do when a Nixon goes and talks about aborting mixed race babies?

rhombus tries logic plus hypocrisy:
Uh huh, fine. So whatever Roberty Byrd believed is the belief of the entire Democratic party (since liberals so much love moral equivalents).
ohhh, it's DEMOCRATS who love moral equivalence:

Pan_Yan has a tagline he'd like to remind you of:
Obama is to Nixon what mass murderer is to jaywalking
"what's that? Nixon sucks? OBAMA IS HORRIBLE!!!" Good argument there, chief.

xzins goes with excommunication:

Nixon was a ultra liberal rino from the Rockefellar Rino Collection (a gift that keeps on giving).

He actually imposed socialistic price controls. He apparently despised Jews, and here he shows his affinity for democrat George Wallace's way of thinking.
Nixon: ultra liberal. I think Jonah Goldberg is listening...

presidio9 goes with the old "shoot the messenger" technique:
I'm merely pointing out, that Hitchens had not prior experience with the man whatsoever. At an early age he had already been programed to loath a man simply because he was a Republican.

Compare that to any Conservative you know, who is genuinely fond of at least a few liberal politicians and commentators.
Freepers fond of a liberal? Name one. No, Zell Miller does not count.

just rolls all of the above plus some knee-jerk victimization of Nixon into this ball of crazy:
No matter the sins of Nixon my loathing is greater for Nixon's myriad enemies. Defenders of Hiss, haters of Chambers, haters of the House Committee on un-American Activities, haters of McCarthy, "anti-war" pro-Ho street rabble and "journalists", international federalists, Communists, Marxist-Alinsky street rabble -- the entire left.

Yes the MSM hysteria reached the point where conservatives had to support the removal of a president.

What did Nixon do that no other president had done? Seriously.

Re: racists.

Al Gore senior, William Fulbright, Lyndon Johnson, . . . .

.. and before the 1960s there are lots of hits when you look for Democrat racist history. As for Nixon and his Christian friends virtually "owning" anti-Semitism well I don't think so.

Then he's off to re-fight Vietnam. Cause if we'd stayed another year, there would be no more evil in the world!

Re: Civil War. You lost, get over it!

Freepers are feeling pretty disaffected by Franken's victory at long last. The magic 60 number (though Byrd, Lieberman et al. rob this number of most of its meaning), the long build up and the fact that it's all Franken all combined to some kind of perfect storm of foot stomping frustration. Come for the schadenfreude, stay for the secessionists:

DakotaRed keeps the big picture:

Ahmadinejad and now Franken and all B HO worries about it putting a Marxist back in power in Honduras.

Yes, Obama should invade Minessota!

PhiKapMom is practical with her prayers:

Sen Byrd and Sen Kennedy are both very ill but we need to pray they last a long time so two seats are vacant in the Senate.

I'm not super religious, but I do find myself offended by Freepers' constant use of prayer for such venal crap. Render unto Caesar, etc.

Salvation and dozens of other Freepers make their own narrative:

In my opinion this election was stolen through the auspices of the dims and ACORN. Just my opinion.

Perhaps you are curious about the seccessionism, maybe? Well check out rcrngroup
One step closer to Civil War II....

I hope so. It's the only that will save us now!!! Split the country in two. Give the libtards & perverts one half, and conservatives the other half. I have a feeling that even the libtards wouldn't want to live in their own socialist utopia.
But what's this? A split among the insane!

On one side, wk4bush2004

“When can we start our own country?”

ALASKA, anyone? As a free nation, we could be FREE from Obumma, drill like crazy, sustain ourselves, and not let the USSA have one drop of our oil! Obumma and his socialist thugs can all go to hell!

How’s President Sarah Palin of the Free Republic of Alaska sound?

On the other: Spktyr

If Cap And Tax passes, Texas will leave because C&T will kill the majority of Texas jobs.

Say what you will about crazy liberals. They may call for deaths of Republicans just like Freepers do for prominent Dems, but they rarely advocate an end to the Union.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bonus Potpurri.

DJ Republica knows from fat and ugly:

[Alaskan Blogger Linda Biegel] is a bitter anklebiter who leeches off the teat of Alaskans. That’s evil.

As a result of leeching off the teat of Alaskans, she has become fat and ugly.

Therefore, her looks are part and parcel of the evil and ugliness that is in her soul. She is the entire package of evil and ugliness.

I will not stop criticizing her ugliness in looks and spirit, because the truth is the truth.

Viking2002 agrees
Why do liberals generally look like diseased rodents? Seriously - the more pissy and vile they are, the more they look like plague-carrying wharf rats. Just another trait they share - both are vermin and unfit to breathe human air.
Turning to Jews, pburgh01 has some analysis:
The Secular Jew as has been described. They take offence quickly to any perceived slur and love to play martyr when it’s convenient . They love their Judaism up till about 5 minutes after the Schindler’s List credits have rolled, then it’s just a hassle.

Secular Jews support leftist candidates for the same reason lots of them in Europe stayed quiet when Hitler rose to power. They thought their silence and acquiescence could buy them favor with people who wanted to kill them.

RIGHT NOW Secular Jews think being for liberal policies will make people like them and prevent persecution. Well after 5700 years how has random periods of pacifism worked out?

The other type are proud Jews like Mark Levin, David Horowitz, etc. unabashed, unafraid and willing to stand up for personal liberty and righteousness .
bustinchops thinks the Jews were [are?] asking for the Holocaust:

By and large, I like Jewish people, but when I reflect on the fact that they voted 78% for ostammer, I sort of understand how they ended up in the ovens.

Really, really stupid move.

But I’ve also concluded that American Jews don’t give a damn about Israel, so there’s no clear explanation.

Cobra Scott has a metaphor for the new Republican party:

Cmon GOP, it isn’t a big tent, it is a big campground with lots of connected little tents, each one with a patriot inside ready to defend themselves and their country.

Miss Behave knows who to blame about the two US journalists being held in South Korea:
I know it's irrational but I can't but blame Algore for this. He is so lustful for money and relevance that it goes back to him and his ambitions of TV success—and as is always in his case, the only way he ever gets ahead is at others’ expense—and in going for shock and fear.
Well, at least she acknowledges it's irrational before launching into unsubstantiated blaming.

rcrngroup is this close to worshiping a graven image of Sarah Palin:
How in the world does God allow a stunningly beautiful, competent, articulate, patriotic, conservative, Christian, pro-American like Sarah Palin to be ripped & raked over the coals & dragged through the mud by idiots like 0boooooomba, Biden & the evil, lamebrain media is beyond me. I don't understand why He chooses to bless & prosper evil doers like 0booooomba & the demoRATs while he allows Sarah Palin & her family to be tormented & afflicted by the insane, deranged lefties. Sarah Palin does not deserve the hatred & vitriol that the deranged leftists are heaping upon Sarah & her beautiful family.

I have two wishes 1) That Sarah Palin is our next president of the U.S. and that 0boooooombashiite gets thrown out on his ass. 2) That the deranged lefties (including Letterman) who torment & revile Sarah Palin will roast for eternity in hell.

Monday potpourri.

I'm traveling so this week is going to be light.

I've got an all Obama potpurri today:

Texas Fossil knows what Obama's really all about:

He speaks of “freedom of speech and assembly” condesendingly toward the Iranians.

And then he attempts to blackmail and suppress the same thing here.

Lying Kenyan Muzzie Commie.

Lazamataz thinks something about Obama, but I can't put my finger on what it is...

(Press milling about) Mister President Fag...Mister President Fag...Mister President Fag...May we ask one more question....Mister President Fag.....

wtc911 has a keen understanding of "urban" culture:
Totus is a thug, he thinks like one. He just called [Brian] williams his bitch. It's a pimp's understanding of power in the relationship.

If he did this on the street or on the yard williams would have to throw down or else walk behind him like a good little ho.
dennisw would also like to point out the significance of our President's skin tone:

0bongo is the stupidest shit we ever had as president. Our first rap star president. Most short sighted too. It is all about looking good like a rap star and bumping up the popularity polls. Which for rappers means selling records and for 0bongo means buying votes

Vaquero piles onto the racism parade:

Screw [Obama]....let him throw out the B Ball at a Thug ball game and leave the great sport of baseball alone....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday Pix

This is my favorite Freeper pic ever. It's Washington's frowny face that does it.

Good freaking lord, shut up about the teleprompter!

Obama as Nixon. I would never have thought of that, I gotta say. Waiting on Michael Jackson.

Wait, Neda is a tyrant? Or is she like Lincoln? Is this a threat against Obama?

Yet another in the long series of unifying Freeper's evil people.


Whatever this picture means, it's terrifying.

The Obama as shoe-shine boy pics really don't help attract blacks to the party, people!

I do like how the always classy Coulter flips Obama off after kicking him in the butt. It's truth in animation!

Send in the Birchers? They're already here.

As Obama continues to remain in office, Freepers get more and more disaffected. Thus you get threads like this: U.N. to Emerge as Global IRS

Calls to violence abound. Like NoObamaFightForConservatives

0bama does whatever he wants. I wonder when our streets will be like Iran’s?

Some, like Czar, are more subtle:

"Wake Claire-—It’s time."

Yes, it's definitely no longer "too early".
It's folksy AND revolutionary!

And KTM rider
Impeachment is not an option, I would get arrested for saynig what i think the only real solution is
And the target isn't just the UN or jack-booted government thugs. Polarik chooses a softer target to threaten.

Just how safe and sure of themselves are the media? Do they think that they will be no repercussions from the ire of the American public they’ve abused, used, and lied to?

Seriously. Think about it.

Though I have to say these sound more like reaffirmations of Freepers' rugged toughness than any actual intent to go shoot up the white house.

mojitojoe also talks a big game that I doubt he'll follow through on:
That is an easy question and you already know the answer. Claim 10, then don’t file taxes. A tax revolt is illegal but so is 99% of the things the Commie has done. Czars=seizing control and eliminating our system of checks and balances. He wants to be King of the world. He needs massive wealth to keep his manbeast wife in her 650. sneakers.
Finally Fred Hayek unknowingly sums up the whole attitude of the thread:
This nation is turning into the new Soviet Union. Egads, the John Birchers were right all along!
And you wonder why you guys are marginalized? Birchers are like the definition of the crazy extremists!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Freepers are aaall over the map about this guy. Initially they were all rightous and betrayed and calling for Sanford's castration, but lately they've settled into more familiar channels:

devane617 is emblematic two of the major threads you see:

If he was a Dim, he would be a star...However, as a conservative, I say take him to the border and shove him out...

Because Democrats don't go yelling about family values all the time! Also, tu quoque fallacy anyone? I also like his excommunication as an American.

Maelstorm will have two helpings of that quoque thing:

I’ll call for Mark’s resignation only when someone is calling for the resignation of the real criminals in government many who deserve far worse than public shame.

Mamzelle is also angry, though not at who you might expect:
I know what I want.

I want a picture of that woman. I want it plastered everywhere, with a scarlet A. Jenny Sanford has to have pictures of herself as the humiliated wife in the media.

Where are the pictures of Maria la Puta de Argentina!!?
Yers, blame the other woman.

sees a conspiracy in the media:
BTW, this story has been going on for five years.

Bringing it out now is, IMO all about Sanford's refusal to take the stimulus money.
humblegunner is classy as always:
Yuck! And you wonder why he strayed?
But my favorite was Finalapproach29er from one of the earlier threads:

God is parting the waters for Palin.

Faithful servant vs unfaithful?

Way to see the brighter, crazier side of yet another Republican sex scandals!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And now this word from outer space

Confused about success edition:

The more enemies I make the more effective I feel.

Clinging to victimhood supplied by SWAMPSNIPER.

FFranco 3

Possibly the craziest Freeper, his madness strikes amidst ordinary conservative posts with a rarity that has me convinced he is for real.

Check out previous examinations of his crazy here and here. Or go straight to the source here.

FFranco on Nixon:

Cox was appointed by Pres. Nixon, and therefore he had the right to fire him, as Bork affirmed. Cox was a closet liberal trying to bring down Nixon, which act was eventually accomplished by Jaworski, Sirica, Baker and other socialist Democrats and treasonous Republicans.

Nixon was one of our greatest presidents. He can be ranked with the greats such as Washington, Reagan, and GW Bush, probably higher than Bush and just below Reagan.

So it's:

1 George Washington
2 Ronald Reagan
3 Richard Nixon
4 George W. Bush.

FFranco on how Conservatives are the smart ones:
Along with Gov. Palin reading four books a month, we can place President GW Bush reading 95 books in a year, that’s nearly two a week. Conservatives are the smart and well-read thinkers in the political worls.
FFranco on sexual fantasy:

Don’t most Liberals have weird sexual fantasies? Conservatives don’t have sexual fantasies, or if they do they aren’t weird.

See, the gay Republicans aren't conservative.

FFranco on executive power and the Uighurs:

As far as I’m concerned, if they were arrested as terrorists (especially by Pres Bush), then they are terrorists. It’s very convenient for Obama to say they are innocent. It’s just his way of letting all the terrorists go free so they can attack America again.

How can anyone be an innocent terrorist? Execute all of them, that will solve the problem.

extra crazy points for the "especially be President Bush." Maybe FFranco is Condi!

solves illegal immigration through a police state!

Every employee of every corporation responsible for hiring an illegal should be imprisoned for at least 6 months for ever incident. Every individual who hires an illegal to landscape his property, paint his home, etc. should suffer the same punishment.

That means millions of American citizens will be imprisoned, but after 6 months or 1 or 2 years, the problem of illegals in America will be solved.

FFranco on political tactics:

Every possible opportunity to criticize Obama, his wife, daughters, or anyone associated with him Must Be Taken. That’s how leaders are brought down.

Random capitalization for the Win!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neda kills Obama's legacy.

What's happening in Iran is tragic. So is what's happening in Darfur, North Korea and a bunch of other places where we don't have troops. And a bunch of places we do.

But to Freepers, Obama is responsible for what's happening in Iran because he won't yell at them about how bad they are. Who cares that he has at least three times? Well, at least they aren't talking about bombing it.

Chances Are promptly discusses bombing Iran when Obama makes it nuke Israel:

Word, through diplomatic, military or behind the scenes type channels, must stress the following:

The moment - see that? moment - Iran launches towards Tel Aviv, Tehran and Damascus cease to exist. We don't need the whole countries, just the prime targets.

Should this folly continue, since the aim is extermination of the Israeli state, Mecca and Medina become glass parking lots.

Arab Street outrage? So what? They're actively trying to “wipe Israel off the map”! What's the consequence for Israel?

Of course, should this type of scenario unfold, it would be most difficult to contain it to the local participants. In fact, things would get quite dicey very fast, and it would only be a question of how rapidly things unravel.

Let's pray, huh? that this type of thing never comes to pass.

But before we bomb Iran Obama should save it through a stern talking to:

advance_copy defines the narrative:

Barak Obama is not man enough to condemn this outrage occurring in Iran. He has made me ashamed of my country. How could we have such a coward as our President?

AlanGreenSpam puts forth attempt #465 to link the protests in Iran to Obama:
both the Israelis and Iranians have concluded that Obama is a coward who won’t stand up for EITHER Israel or the Iranian Greens.

Both sides of the Iran/Israel conflict have realized that if they want to win, they have to go it alone. The students & youth don’t want conflict with Israel, so they now know they must cause change because “Apology Tour Obama” won’t.

AND THAT’s why we’re seeing the masses of youth in the streets of Tehran!

Yes, the unrest in Iran is because the youth are defending Israel from Obama!

BigSkyFreeper looks to the future:
FWIW, Obama squandered any opportunity at a legacy on Iran or North Korea. He's seen as weak, arrogant and stupid abroad.
myknowledge thinks he's a character in a play, I think:
The protesters' deaths will NOT be in vain. Do you hear me!? Their deaths will be avenged! Let their blood invigorate the Iranian people's struggle for FREEDOM!

You don't have yourself to blame, U.S. based FReepers. Your "traisident" (traitorous president) BHO was groomed for years by his CFR puppeteers to become POTUS (call the post TOTUS), and he will never grow a large phallus to stand up in support of the Iranian people, just Ahmadinenutcase and his mullahcratic puppeteers.
Do you hear me?!

Notice the total lack of suggestions or solutions. Freepers give not one whit about Iran or it's people. But they know a good victim to milk when they see it. Whatever it takes to create some sort of narrative that brings Obama down even a little.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday potpourri.


We are truly in a “ Cold “ civil war.

Yes, this means war! I suspect Kakaze is also in a cold war with his annoying co-worker, his cable TV provider and this one persistent mosquito.

Madame Dufarge totally sees what is obvious:
[Obama’s] actually mentally ill with delusions of grandeur.

I don't see how anyone could come to any other conclusion. He's crazy as a bedbug.
Yes, how could anyone come to any other conclusion? It's like Madame is going sane in a crazy world!

CitizenM knows from manliness:

Heck, I wonder if this guy can do anything that is considered "a man's job," like former Presidents. Certainly he is a product of growing up without a positive father-figure. Throughout his life he has been continually molded and subjected to the ideas of strong women to whom he must have acquiesed in fear of being discarded. First he had a dominating, uncaring mother who could not handle her responsibilities, dragged him around and then disposed of him to his White grandmother who had to raise him. Then he picked an angry, demanding wife who wears the pants in the family and whom he dares not cross. He grew up...but never developed into a real man.

This is followed by pictures of Bush and Reagan carrying heavy things. I never tire of this hearing these gender obsessed types who insult men by calling them girls and women by calling them men.

Generational perhaps?

April Lexington totally cares about Iran:
Thanks to Obama and his big mouth in Cairo, the sh*t is about to hit the fan in Iran (sort of like the rain in Spain...) Anyway, if the Mullahs fall, Obama is the Great World Leader that did what Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II couldn't do. Does ANYONE think this is good????? Obama looks like superman if the Mullahs fall. The USA is toast and Israel is dead...
Who cares about freedom for Iran? Obama might win!

Don't let any of the bleating right tell you they really care about Iran when they yell about Obama not talking tough enough.

Ernest_at_the_Beach simplifies things:
There was a tweeter message saying that although unconfirmed....Venezuela troops were landing at an airport ...thugs of the world trying to support each other....no word on any from North Korea however...probably not big enough to stand up in a real fight!
OMG! Venezuelan troops are totally helping Iran! And North Korea as well. Plus Obama and Soros and ACORN!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure Iron Munro protests people call his criticisms of Obam racist:

If it wasn’t for the massive federal subsidies being pumped into Atlanta and other minority run cities we would have clones of Detroit all over the country.

So white liberals don't need money?

BobL is up at night with one concern:
we elect Obama, we WILL get flamers on the court. Considering Soto’s health, her term may be relatively short, so that’s the best we can hope for.
Heh. Flamers as a slur. Good luck with that.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday Pix

Photoshop makes Associating Obama with our enemies as easy as lying!


Lots of Freeper Madness concentrated in the above image.

This isn't even related to the Right's hissy fit about her!

Awww, nuts! Obama won't let us have any fun!

Shoes and Flies, Then and Now


Gotta hand it to W for the way he reacted to it - ducked quickly, and even seemed kind of amused at it. Can you imagine what Peanut or Zero would have done?

That was the cool George Bush - where has he been all these years?
I suspect he learned that trait young. The smug look on his face was great. “you missed me try again”
Rodney Dangerfield

Obama would have been clocked by the shoe thrower as his eyes would have been locked on a teleprompter.

Bush handled this with dexterity and grace.

Sadly, many here in the US were disappointed that the thrower didn’t hit his target.



Who are they kidding?

Hussein looked like a little old woman.

Iron Munro

His first confirmed kill.

I think I caught my first fly when I was about 8 years old. Unfortunately, the press didn't capture it, so I guess I'm not a superhero.

You know what? I distinctly remember the press in China saying all these things about Mao.

His cat-like quickness. His suppleness. ~Ad naseum.

Take a bit of leafing through stuff, but I can find it.

This is massively creepy.

I'll let coconut47 say what I was going to:

OMG! My head is going to explode. When is this going to stop!Do they actually not realize how stupid they look.

Indeed; Indeed.

And now this word from outer space

Cult of Personality Edition:
[Sarah Palin]’s an uncompromising Christian first; everything else is secondary...which is why she has been honored and elevated from local PTA to a governorship and the threshold of the highest offices in the land. Her heart is pure and strong. Divine grace is apparent in her life. And we love her dearly and will do whatever we can to support and defend her.
Followed by:
God has blessed her big time, and I pray that He will bless all of us with her service on the national level. Then again, if she runs for no other office the rest of her life, she has already had a huge positive impact on all of us. (But we desire more....)
Abject worship supplied by CharterOakie

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holy Projection, Freud!

Panetta says Cheney wants the US to be attacked again? HOW DARE HE! And what he said, that's what Democrats want, not Cheney!

fish hawk doesn't start things off well...

Well, if it was NY or SF .....

"That's horrible!...though it is a funny joke..."

Our friend FFranco (I need to check back on him sometime soon)

I think he’s just projecting. That’s what I bet a lot of leftists secretly wished for when Bush was president

And they happened, just like they wished. But the attacks were the DEMocRATS fault, not the fault of Bush, Cheney or anyone else in the Bush Administration.

xkaydet65 just kinda makes stuff up:

BINGO!! Harry Reid, "The War is lost!"

Donna Brazile after the Iraqi elections, "Well we have Iran and North Korea, so there's hope!"

Katie Couric on the location of Saddam Hussein, guest, "there's speculation Hussein's in Syria." Couric, "One hopes!"
A search for those bottom two quotes turns up...this post.

Chgogal is pretty sure this allows Panetta to blame Cheney when the inevitable attack happens. Cause that's what Freepers would do.
“This spells real trouble. Panetta must know that security is now lacking that used to be in place. He’s setting up some kind of diversion ahead of time, so that when it happens, he can offset criticism coming from security-minded Republican, among whom Cheney is a leader.

I read it as Panetta expects an attack soon, because they’ve taken away some critical prevention tools.”

I don't mean to be rude, but, YA THINK???? : ) Just typing what when through my head. (I mean why the hell is the FBI in A-stan reading Miranda Rights to Al Qaeda and Taliban sympathizers?) If I were Gates/Petareus I would seriously think about resigning. The actions Obama/Biden/Leon/Meuller/Reid/Pelosie have taken in the last months are suicidal. What is sad, most Americans are unaware of what is going on.
parisa has something to get off his chest:

gallows politics???




Godwin1 may be the most apt Freeper name I've seen:
What vile treasonous scum infest the highest reaches of government! These people are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to ensure we are hit again while attacking not America's enemies—they apologize to THEM— but rather the patriots who advocate policies that would make us more secure. Despicable.
Wait, Dems are trying to get attacked now? That makes no sense!

King Moonracer
makes all clear:

Panetta wants something to happen so BO can solidify his socialist agenda; it’ll also provide an excuse for all the extra economic downturn that Rahm and company are generating. I’m terrified of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Patriot Act, part II

Ohhhh! Fearmongering, eh? Yeah, that sucks...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Freepers are, as a rule, bloodthirsty. They love Reagan. They also love to hold grudges. So when it made the news that Hinkley got additional privileges I was sure they'd be calling for his death.

Yet their focus seemed to be more accepting, almost wistful.

That isn't to say they didn't fantasize some about killing Obama:

Always Right

You know what would really get Jodie's Foster's attention....
[A]ctually, [Foster has] been spending a lot of time with the Obamas.
dblshot loves him some strawman:

By the time the Obama administration is done Hinkley will have been awarded a medal of freedom for shoot Reagan.

lacrew learned his lessons early:

I remember this day well. One of my fellow 6th grade classmates was running around cheering. He was so relieved that Reagan was going to die before he got us all blown up.

It was my first realization of exactly how dangerous liberals are.

Wow...his strawman is really a 6th grader!

NormsRevenge knows who to blame:

Clinton appointee

lacrew looks forward to the past:

Even getting shot, Reagan looks more presidential than anybody we’ve had since.

And now this word from outer space

Big Tent edition:

Its 1940 folks—lets not wait for a new Pearl Harbor before we ready ourselves to save the nation. Are you ready to give all you can to save our nation? How many will stand up and face the scorn of the Liberal Left. Look at what happened to Sarah Palin—they are trying to make her a joke.

WE Need a List of real Conservatives. I will start-—

1. Sarah Palin
2. Dick Cheney
3. Duncan Hunter

Future of the part supplied by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Obama is being all diplomatic about the Iranian election. Freepers would prefer Obama to jump in with both feet. Or maybe that he not speak at all. Or that he bomb them now. The point is, Obama is super de-duper wrong again!

mojito knows what it's called when Obama doesn't treat each country exactly the same:

Yet another triumph for moral relativism.

Because diplomacy means saying exactly what you think!

cousair is sure Obama's speeches dictate the results of elections all overr the world:

End result....the Obamanation’s speech was a dud, fell on deaf ears world wide, what a comedown for the messiah!! Since when does he not meddle in everything???...take note of his “unclench your fist” speech in Egypt. That fell on deaf ears too. This little dictator is about to get a huge letdown if and when America realizes how they have been had...and this is only the beginning.

counterpunch agrees that Iran rotates around America:
If [Obama] didn’t want to meddle in Iran’s election, he wouldn’t have gone to Cairo and called on them to “unclench [their] fist.”
He created a situation where had Ahmadinejad lost, he would have claimed credit and Iran would have been humiliated.
He forced them to manufacture an Ahmadinejad win.
0bama is directly responsible for the situation in Iran today.
Because Iran is all about what Uncle Sam thinks.

rjp2005 thinks this election has dire consequences for Iran's nuclear program:

Mr. President, there is nothing meddling about speaking the truth about Iran.

They are a nation founded on hostage taking and terrorism. Speak up now or we will soon be held hostage by their nuclear ambitions.

Dixie Yooper is one of many in the thread who is sure Iran is just like USA.
Obama not only wants to observe and see how Iran handles the protesters, but he also wants to see how other countries react to whatever Iran does. This will greatly influence him on how to handle us when the time comes.
See also drpix
Obama's ACORN brown-shirts charged and convicted for voter fraud across the nation.

Obama's AG Holder withdraws charges against the Black Panther thugs who intimidated voters with a club and racist insults.

Obama's DOJ stops Georgia from weeding out illegal aliens and the dead from their voters role.

How CAN Obama preach to Ahmadinejad about electoral integrity? In fact, this could be another thing that the two see eye-to-eye on - along with their view that America is guilty for the problems of the world.
Alright then! Play us off, Zanton!

So so lame. :-( Where is the clarion call for the rights of man? The furious demand for liberty and justice for all? The Founding Fathers would HATE Obama’s pathetic, sissyboy, amoral, feckless, meandering reply.

You mean the "avoid foreign entanglements" guys? Yeah...the Founders were all about empire.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Lots of over-dramatic analysis this week:

from occupied ga:
[Sotomayor] is an anti-gun statist who believes in racial inequality - a hard core leftist. She is a greater threat to us and our way of life than Pol Pot or joe Stalin ever were.
The Left will not be defeated until it is universally understood that they do not want to "win," nor do they want to "teach" a better way - what they want, pure and simple, is that anyone who disagrees with them be killed. In this they are identical with Muslims.

That's why arguing with a liberal is so futile, and why you can almost see the liberal laughing at your efforts - they can't believe you don't understand what they really stand for, and how they absolutely don't give a damn about the truth of anything. To a liberal, anyone who actually believes in the truth is - literally - an idiot.
Literally an idiot? Huh?


Bibi has got to hold firm. He stands alone for western civilization like Winston Churchill did against the barbarians.

On to other fare.

Blueflag has a conspiracy theory where no one gains:

[Sotomayor breaking her ankle] sounds weirdly familiar. Didn’t another prominent woman Democrat have to miss an important function because of an ankle injury? Clinton? Pelosi?

Maybe it’s an Arkan-break ;-)

DogBarkTree is not happy about Stephen Colbert's support of the troops:

I hope he gets fragged in the face.

Boogieman has the best revisionist history I've ever heard:

I think you need to check your facts. Galileo was never put on trial by the Vatican for his scientific findings. He was called before the Inquisition for refusing to stop teaching a theory he could not prove.

In fact, he had pledged to the church to stop teaching this theory until he could prove it, but then reneged on that agreement.

The threat of burning at the stake was a pretty standard threat to deter perjury, not a bullying tactic to cow Galileo into silence. I think the fact that Galileo did perjure himself during the trial, and was not burned at the stake, establishes that it was in fact quite a hollow threat.

Galileo - big fat liar!

Arthur McGowan
is a Holocaust denier of a sort!

On the opening day of the Holocaust Museum, a friend of mine set up a small table near the entrance, with the bodies of babies retrieved from dumpsters in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia. When people saw what they were, they let loose a torrent of curses—at her. Then they went inside to participate in lamenting the Holocaust.

I have never had the slightest interest in visiting the hypocritical, morally hollow “Holocaust Museum.”

TheOldLady has a great argument against Sotomayor:

OMGosh. I just noticed that [Sotomayor] looks a lot like the little “Latina” b**** who tried to beat me up in the bathroom in junior high. I grabbed her wrists, and when she tried to kick me, I put my shin crosswise in her way. Her thug girlfriends left when they saw that she was losing. Then I just forced her slowly down on the floor. She never bothered me again.

I wish I could do the same to sodastraw-or, who is too young to be the same gal, and get the same result.

Quite the story. I guess beating the crap out of some bully in Junior High made quite an impression on her. Or it's a pack of lies.

Finally counterpunch blames the stolen election in Iran on Obama. Witness the "logic:"

0bama went to the mideast really believing he had the magical gift to change the paradigm with the awe of his presence. He honestly believed Iranians would see him in all of his benevolent magnificence and rise up to unclench Iran’s first and take 0bama’s outstretched hand by casting Ahmadinejad aside. Iran saw it for what it was, and decided they wanted no part in it.

Had 0bama not tried to meddle in Iran’s election, Ahmadinejad almost certainly would be out of power now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Pix







Friday, June 12, 2009

Letterman versus the Internets.

Freepers are pretty excited about calling Letterman a pedophile rapist based on some joke he made about Palin's daughter getting knocked up. See, Freepers assume he meant the 14 year old one not the 18 year old one who got knocked up.

And boy, do they have a hate on! Not sure if it's cause of Palin, or they need the distraction or what but they are posting like mad:

uses an unfortunate turn of phrase:

246,000 Google returns for “David Letterman rape” Mission accomplished, you old perv

Mission accomplished? Heh.

But after a whole day on the internets, Freepers lose control of their message and devolve into the usual threats of Manly violence:


Look - there’s nothing wrong with Letterman that a good old-fashioned pistol-whipping wouldn’t cure.

ChetNavVet keeps it classy:

I am no longer a fan of dave, as far as I’m concerned, he had his chance, te final straw for me was when Dave got rescued a family member, and yet in th end disses cops ad all authority and what not.

Dave, keep your family well hidden, and realize that you are not anything like real folk, if what happened to you not so long ago ever happens again, it will be your fault if anything really bad happens because you are an out of touch, super lib douchbag. The only compensene I’d give you is that I hope it happens to you instead of your family.

And just when it seems to be the usual robotic hate-on, NOW gets involved! What will Freepers do with the enemy of their enemy?

keats5 votes "friends!" Remember the PUMAS?

When Hillary lost in the primary. Remember, many of the women who supported Hillary felt betrayed by the DNC “good old boys” and switched their allegiance to Palin.

Dallas59 shows HIS hate can multitask!

Not good Letterman to PO those dykes. Maybe you had just better retire.

beandog strikes a blow for womans rights!

Personally, I could care less what the useless NAGS have to say. Where have they been over the many years when conservative women have been attacked by the left. I guess even they couldn’t ignore joking about the raping of a young girl.

For the record, Rush did not compare Chelsie to a dog and even if he did, what is sexist about that? My dogs are quite cute.
Smearing Letterman appears to be the latest project by the right-wingosphere. We'll see how that goes, I give them maybe 1 in 10 of actually leaving a mark.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shootout

Or, how to blame white supremacy on the liberals:

What starts as my_pointy_head_is_sharp does:
This is pitifully stupid. People have SEEN the shooter. But no one will say what he was.

So I'll ask it. Was he Muslim?

That's all anyone wants to know.
So brave!

Soon goes off the rails. Witness penelopesire

This is ridiculous! This guy is just your run of the mill jew hater..JUST LIKE THE MUSLIM TERRORIST THAT KILLED ONE OF OUR SOLDIERS!!

This stuff is being stoked by our president kissing up to terrorists and pulling away from Israel! Obama hates jews too!


IrishPennant begins to rationalize:

Tin foil hat time: Rush mentions the birth certificate issue multiple times on his show today...Within a half hour or so of the first mention, shooter does his business...then sissy boy Smith goes spastic on Fox with strong rants about how ridiculous the missing birth certificate issue is. Hmmmmm...just makes me wonder....

nomoremods continues the process:

I was thinking the same thing; he sounds like a far-left liberal.... artist, journalism degree, worked in advertisting and a film producer. But of course, he’ll be depicted as a right-wing kook.

And then the media mentions this guy was linked by Free Republic.

library user may not be angry about the right stuff...

MSNBC just mentioned FR twice in 30 seconds. Complaining about mod’s pulling a post(s) or comments here, related to the suspect.

When the female reporter said the suspect questioned Obama’s origin of birth, David Shuster just shook his head.

These people are so positive Obama was born in America.


Way to miss the point there. Just keep on, birthers!

Et tu, Fox News? Oh noes!


Shepard Smith is fueling fear now on FoxNews.

messierhunter has an interesting idea:
Well, [Shep Smith]'ll look like a total idiot caught with his pants down when they find out there was no James von Brunn, no James Wennecker, and no James Brunn who enlisted in WWII... on the american side. I'm with another freeper's theory that if this guy was a vet at all, it was on the german side.
Evil means they can't be conservative, evil means Nazi or Muslim, depending on hue.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of Petards and hoisting

Remember yesterday when Freepers were all excited about Ginsberg issuing a stay on the Chrysler bankruptcy? Well, it didn't turn out so well before the whole court. Thus does all their hyperbole about the Republic being saved turn to ash and rage.

tioga knows what this means:

stick a fork in capitalism, it just died.

Wow, Obama killed an economic philosophy?

sport is more philosophical. But also more crazy.

I think that Almight God has finally let man do as he pleases. HE is looseing HIS restraints on man and allowing man do do as he pleases. before obama and his deciples are finished, every institution in the United States of America will be destroyed.

indylindy starts a whole threads on heirloom seed prices:

We probably all need to face reality. The New World Order cabal has taken over. There will be no America and no Constitution.

It is us against them.

Alex Jones is lookin’ like a scholar.

mojitojoe is all about burning bridges in this time of made up strife:

Just told my liberal family via facebook to basically go to h#ll.
I did that in November. I’m sorry but I’m not a pretender and anyone that voted for the destruction of my country is not family or friend.

Then there are the revolutionaries. CatoRenasci says
Each man and woman has to do what he or she thinks is right. And avoid saying anything that would be criminally punishable.
Not that that stops RoseofTexas
MY GOD, next is health care establishment. Good help all those employed in hospitals etc.....we are so SCREWED! Something must take shape in order to save this country. Something VERY radical and very revolutionary!! TO ARMS!!
Or Blood of Tyrants

Then there is only one option left.

Or bustinchops

My husband and I are ready.

Or IrishPennant

Are we there yet, Daddy? Are we at the TIPPING POINT?

I'd be worried, but I've heard this before, and yet no civil war actually coalesces. Freepers have neither the numbers nor the balls. But these threads sure do make them feel like they do.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Any victory will do

You'd think that between the EU conservative victory, and the NY senate flipping Republican, Freepers wouldn't need to gin up another victory. But see none of those are directly tied to Obama. So when the Supreme Court holds implementation of the Chrysler bankruptcy pending its ruling, Freepers cling to it like a drowning man on the last piece of driftwood.

technically right is a good example of how Freepers see this as a bit different from all those rulings against Bush:

Take that, and that, and that, and THAT!! (sounds of Zero’s floppy ears getting boxed by Buzzy Ginsburg)

rcrngroup also has a bit of crowing to do, though it's more of a "ten minutes of hate" thing.
But the other thing I want to comment on is that 0booooooombashiite is an ugly, evil looking parasite!!!!
Soooo uuuugly!

Scythian really sees this as some sort of climactic battle:

UAW Death Sqaud Teams and Bus Loads of ACORN Teams are heading to Indiana now to help explain things to the populace

UAW Death Squads? Lest you think this is a joke, like 5 people reply with "bring them on!"

Brad from Tennessee sees Chrysler's secured creditors as the linchpin of the Republic

It will be a twist if Judge Ginsberg is remembered 100 years from now—in song, stories, poems and statues in parks—as the justice, who at the last minute, issued the stay that stopped the mad dash toward totalitarianism and preserved the Union.

Also amusing is what people think the Supreme Court does. For instance, FreepShop1 is a bit unclear on the subject:
God help us all if they uphold Sotomoron.
Cause the SCOTUS has the last say on who gets to be in the club!

savedbygrace knows when the Supreme Court strikes down Presidential action, someone goes to jail!

Id the Court hears the case, and if they ultimately rule the use of TARP funds for auto makers was not authorized, somebody should actually go to jail for misappropriation of funds.

If the CEO of a corporation had done something similar with borrowed funds, he would do time.

In this case, would it be Turbo Tax Timmy? Or would it be an impeachable offense for The Won?

Finally, the general "us versus them" mentality is nowhere more evident than here. Thus, you get people like Red Steel, who think if you disagree with Obama you must be with the Freepers:
Did she see the light or something? She got a clue?
bustinchops looks for a motivation for this bewildering break with the strawman he built up:

Well, I presume Ginsburg is Jewish.

Maybe that’s why she stuck it to them.

Cause Jews don't support Obama.

Luckily, Rome2000 sets them straight:

In a Dictatorship, the law is whatever the Dictator says it is.

Ginsburg is merely playing a game to give the appearance that that the SCOTUS is looking at this objectively.

No way she gives it to the full court.

She is a democrat.
This "the Enemy only does things I agree with to fake me out" is becoming more and more common as Obama's moderation becomes more and more evident.

And now this word from outer space

Conspiracies everywhere edition:

Suspicious indeed.

Going for a sympathy vote?

earlJam, on Sotomayor breaking her ankle.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday potpourri.

WilliamofCarmichael knows the real reason why Sotomayor was chosen for the Court:
Why Sotomayor? There may be a mission.. that no other candidate was willing to take on.


Sotomayor to agitate, harass Justice Thomas?
Sotomayor's Assigned Mission On SCOTUS
"Gotta get that Oreo cookie, house-N***** off our court," say liberals.

(We are dealing with 1960s Marxist/Alinsky street rabble and their ideological issue. I will not be surprised, if Ms Sotomayor joins SCOTUS, to hear rumors of Sotomayor untoward and raucous behavior.)
zeebee has the best conspiracy theory I've heard in years!
Do you think the Challenger was blown up intentionally? If so, why?

To put a stop to our space program which indeed happened for quite a few years afterward.

If I recall correctly (and that's a big if), before the Challenger, spectators were allowed to get close to the launch. When the space program started up again, you had to be miles away.

A rifle shot could have caused the explosion and it would look like an O-ring failure.

ChicagahAl knows why everyone voted for Obama - to dewstroy America:
"Good job rats....you voted in our destruction."

That was their intent.
Yes, 53% of America hates America.

DocH is worried about the darkies.
The terrorist is a home-grown BROTHER, just like the other home-grown BLACK terrorists that were going to blow up Jewish synagogues and shoot down planes recently.
(True colors - remember this?)

Lurker has this Christian thing down!
Jesus said "Love thine enemy" but he never said "Don't kill your enemy."
humblegunner, upon hearing Obama hugged Nancy Regan:

She needs to get screened for AIDS.

Rome2000 ummm...yeah.
Its OK.

What goes around comes around.

The marxist crypto-muslim will reap what he has sown.

He is practicing the muzzie religious practice of Taquiya.

The merciful teachings of Jesus Christ is not in his playbook, but his poor big boned ill dressed wife and Sidwelll Friends edumacated children might soon have to find new digs.

And all because he trusted his fellow muzzies.
ScottinVA has lists!

1. Familial background: muslim
2. The “oopsie” with Stephanopolous (”my muslim faith”)
3. The “gaffe” of “57 states”
4. First post-inaugural media interview: Al-Arabiya.
5. First foreign leader contact: Mohammed Abbas, PA
6. Commits USA to $900 million to “rebuild Gaza” (AKA aid to HAMAS)
7. Closing GITMO
8. Says we are “not winning” (read: LOSING) in Afghanistan
9. Says we should talk without preconditions to Iran
10. Sends essentially surrender-themed video to Iran
11. Plans within months to give a speech in a muslim capital.
12. Plans to free GITMO detainees on our streets WITH WELFARE ASSISTANCE!!!
13. Seeks to add a significant number of muslims to high-level governmental positions.
14. Plans to hire Harold Koh, who believes sharia law should apply to disputes in U.S. courts.
15. Submissively bows as a “good muslim” and kisses the ring of Saudi King Abdullah.
16. Says the U.S. is not, “nor will ever be” at war with islam.
17. Sells out the USA as arrogant toward muslims during the (formerly named) War on Terror.
18. Visited a mosque in Turkey, but refused to visit the U.S. military cemetery in Normandy
19. He withdrew all charges against the masterminds behind the USS Cole and the “terror attack” on 9/11.
20. Directs that all civil charges against Iran filed by former U.S. Embassy hostages halted.
21. Demands covering of the IHS symbol at the church at Georgetown University, while in his presence
22. Authorizes $20m to resettle HAMAS supporters in America.
23. Refuses to host a National Prayer Day event in the White House.
24. In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”
25. Crows to the world about his special ties to islam... a subject considered verboten during the 2008 campaign.

and now...

26. Special rights of protection to “American muslims” as promulgated by the Attorney General.

Hooray for sample bias!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Saturday Pix

Watch out, giant injured Uncle Sam, Obama just did 9-11, and now he's gonna kill you! His cockpit Mohamed-teleprompter commands it!

This picture is so deep! It's a metaphor for all liberals!

Wow, this is...troubling. Especially the smile on Obama's face.

Out the window, I see Stalin, I think Castro and...Putin? Nice Soros shout out as well. Freepers need their supervillains, after all.


Soros again!

Wow, the Quota Queen's crown sucks.

Such photoshop skillz!

Nevar Forget! And always overgeneralize!

Oh, sweet Jesus.

What the hell is this?

Threatening Obama is a human right!

Some veteren dude got a visit (a rather agressive visit) from the Secret Service. Freepers suddenly decide threats on Obama's life are okay. Or at least never happen.

Logical me knows what the Secret Service talking to citizens means!

Freedom in America is over.

RasterMaster thinks 'tu quoque' means 'awesome argument'
Google "kill bush" and see how many vile photos you find. Guarantee none of them were visited by the Secret Service or considered a "threat".
Yep, the Secret Service was totally in retirement during the Bush Administration. Can't even do a logical fallacy right.

Hank Kerchief sees the solution as keeping dangers to Obama quiet:

Hope all your neighbors know that you are good little obedient citizen of the US Reich, and when the law says you must report your neighbors activities to the authorities, you’ll feel obliged to follow the law.

The founders of this country were all law-breakers. It’s your attitude that makes a society ripe for dictatorship.


Cause if ya can't say ya want to kill the Prez, it isn't America!

calex59 has suddenly discovered a cynical distrust of government:
I repeat, no arrests would have been made if there wasn’t a report of threats being made. Only a total idiot would make a statement like that and believe it.
~Kim4VRWC's~ picks up this and runs with it:

[A] little brown shirter could have also made it up, twisted the intentions of comments...no one knows

echoed by messierhunter

Don’t you think you’re rushing to judgement here considering we haven’t even seen what the “threatening statement” was? Or how about the fact that law enforcement is now openly profiling and discriminating against vets? That DHS memo wasn’t just a rallying point; they mean business.

That's how Freepers tend to be about threats on Obama - they didn't happen. Thus they mantain their rule-of-law bona fides, and get to enjoy defending a fellow crazy Obama-hater.