Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rooting for the LAPD

The LAPD raided Occupy LA. Freepers react in as classy a way as you might expect:

At first, Freepers were worried about how these violent Occupy extremists would act:

gleeaikin thinks some of the protesters want to die:

“martyrs for the cause” Well, it worked for Tarir Square.

Army Air Corps is worried:

My main concern is that they rush the cops and get hold of some of their

Then, once it becomes clear that there may be a key word to nonviolent disobedience, Freepers revert to mocking the weaklings:

null and void mocks the manliness:

Every guy they’ve talked to sounds like a castrato.

Not a deep voice in the bunch.

GeronL doesn't know what 'full retard' means:

You guys are far too restrained.

The SWAT should go full retard on them....


I have no idea what dragnet2 is saying:

Man, they've turned that into a hobo town... Make room in the jail boys, they're gunna need it.
Lots of crazies doing stretching exercises prior to tonight's match.

mowowie just likes it when people he disagrees with get hurt:

Just saw the first hippie to hit the ground.

Time to break out the Jiffy-Pop!!

GeronL's eagle eye spots astroturf!

I see some dude walking back and forth?

Is he an OWS paid organizer??

Walking is a sure sign of being a shill.

AmericanInTokyo laughs at how the protesters let themselves get arrested without using military tactics:
Brilliant LAPD diversionary flank move. Smart guys. Stupid occutards. They are intrinsicially anti-military so they will not have a clue as to WTF to do.

Tainan fails political optics forever:
2 words....

Water Canons
Yes, that would play awesome on the TV!

BigSkyFreeper is a cheerleader:
GO! GO! GO! GO! Spread out! GO!

The EU totally getting Naziish

I guess it's even easier to Goodwin when it's about Europe, even when it's about Germany helping the rest of Europe out of a financial crisis:

Rio may be rooting for Germany to go Nazi:

Let the EU fail. Deutschland über alles.

Olog-hai thinks it's going to go...Bismark:
The emergence of the new Prussian Empire
The open emergence. Same kind of money games that the Prussian Empire played, too.
Mariner says...Merovingian?

It's probably closer to the emergence of a new Frankish Empire. There's a coalition of Northern European states with France, Switzerland and Austria that are sure to break from the EU.

Cause there's got to be some historical parallel!

xzins kinda points out why things are completely different than they've ever been before for Europe:
These are the results of a confederacy of nations.
baddog 219 manages to blame Obama:
It's going to be OK.... Obama will save the day..They don't call him the Magic Man for nothing. He'll lend them 7 trillion dollars of our money, Then tax our behinds till we bleed.
apoliticalone adjust the tin foil:

This illustrates exactly the danger of the entangling alliances, the NWO, the move towards globalism, trade and currency treaties. They work for the benefit of the few, as in usually they are the banks and the political elite, and never for the sovereignty or the people of responsible countries.

The people end up losing control over their own government. These treaties take away the power of the people in their own democracy and instead give it to international bankers, corporations, consortiums and treaties.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Itching for a fight

Kooky Prof Cornel West says the push for more entitlements "is going to be fought in the streets." Freepers know not to turn down such an invitation to write tough things on the internet:

TSgt is totally a keyboard gunslinger:
I'll be your Huckleberry.
At least reefdiver is spending his money well:
going to be a bloody summer & fall in 2012, this will be zer0s doing.
I'll wager Gen. Powell will blame it on the TEA folks.
He won't say a word about this guy, or the AG or zer0
This is what a lot of anarchist, liberal democrats have wanted to happen since 1967. For a lot of them its now or never. But they didn't get our guns, gave it a go w/ the gun running, So we'll have to see what their next move is. Mine is more amo, every pay period. And range time
kearnyirish2 points out that 'unassimilated minorities' are warring against 'working people' even today:

This fight is already underway in every suburb surrounding a reservation for unassimilated minorities; the working people have secured their belongings against the war parties that issue forth each day from the reservation, so they have to range further looking for loot. Anyone stupid enough to believe that the reservation is safe for “haves” to pass through soon learns that crime stats are fudged, murders swept under the carpet, etc.

The fight has been in full swing for years.

Despite the above Ernie Kaputnik knows who the real racists are:

“...Lyndon Johnson truely hated black people.”

But, but, but...LBJ was a liberal Democrat. /s

To wit, I recall reading a book about 12 years ago, written by a former Secret Service agent on LBJ’s security detail. He quotes LBJ, Lady Bird and their daughters regularly referring to the “black” White House staff as a “bunch of” or “our” ni—ers.

(Perhaps that’s why the MSM has never done an in-depth documentary on LBJ. Or maybe, and even more telling, is the fact that the MSM has perpetuated the “myth” that Kennedy was responsible for the “Equal Rights Amendment.” FYI... Kennedy refused to sign the bill and thus it was left up to LBJ to sign it into law. Yet, damn near every “black” family in the USA has picture of JFK on their mantel rather than LBJ. If they only new the truth.)

The “Equal Rights Amendment” was just a continuation of black slavery through alternate means.

So, yeah, I agree. Democrats hate black people.

Yeah, entitlements are a secret plot to hurt black people.

desertfreedom765 thinks the only really civilized people are fictional:

Civilized people riot by going Gault...

SkyPilot blames West for the Matrix sequels:
I remember when I saw the Matrix sequel, and I hated it. Instead of the "good" land of Zion spoken of in the original, the sequel portrayed it as some sort of Minority Disneyland of pagan screwing, drums welfare for all, and drugs.

Then I discovered the Cornel West was some sort of weird "social conscious advisor" to the movie.
Sequoyah101 is ready to fight to bring down entitlements while he waits for his medicare to kick in:

Bring it NOW! I’m ready to end this entitlement crap.

I support myself and about four other families according to the stats. Who is going to provide MY entitlements? Nobody, that’s who.

I just got my new health insurance policy notice, it went up again. This time by over 12% but I am supposed to be thankful because I can get health insurance and it has gone up by as much as 35% in years past. I’ll be working until I’m 65 and hope there will still be medicare.

Fault Lines

The primaries have turned Free Republic into something of a crazy bunch of angry, resentful sniping about who is the Real Conservative.

For instance, take the Florida Senate Race. The Republican Connie Mack, is she a Real American?

Recovering Ex-hippie
is happy


But fieldmarshaldj points out the problems:

Connie Mack thinks enforcing border laws is like “Nazi Germany.” He can go screw himself.

Not actually a quote, but close enough for forum work.

fieldmarshaldj follows up by wining about wining:

Buh-buh... we wanna win ! Beat Nelson ! I don’t care that Connie Mack called me a Nazi !


(Seriously, is this what we’re reduced to now ? Groveling for RINO turds to beat Democrats ?)

MIchaelTArchangel only cares about the (R)

He is going to drill Democrats, what more do you need to know?

Rome2000 agrees, cause the Dem is a Commie.
[Democratic candidate] Nelson has proven that he is a supporter of the communist agenda and will be sent packing.
littleharbour sees the real flaw - a liberal spouse!

Married to Mary Bono! That would sink it for me. He’s not going to diss his liberal wife when it comes to Senate votes. Certainly sounds as though he’d be another RINO of the Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe variety.

Not warming to Gingritch

Cain continues to have sex scandal issues, and despite my predictions, Newt is still doing well. Freepers, though, remain balkanized, and every new poll with Newt on top of the polls ends up in the same flame war:

apillar notes that Newt's so hated, he has nowhere to go but up!
It goes against common sense, but Gingrich having the most skeletons in his closet seems to have somewhat inoculated him to the kind of attacks that severely damage other candidates. When the press dregs up something like the Fannie Mae controversy, people just seem to shrug and say “Well that's Newt Gingrich for you...”
Jukeman laments the lack of pragmatists on Free Republic.

Well I guess Obama will win re-election because all the Gingrich hating conservatives will sit out the election with heads up their asses just like 2008 with McCain.

They are like a bunch of spoiled brats who throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. I think I dislike them more than liberals. At least liberals stick together. But they are also mentally deranged.

Prokopton disagrees:
Conservatives don't "hate" Gingrich, he's not important enough to have that strong of a feeling about. We do not want him to be the Republican presidential candidate because he is a progressive, pro-amnesty, pro-single mandate, pro-global warming BS, professional lobbyist who will advance the big idea, big government, liberal cause.

On top of that, he is probably the weakest candidate when it comes to defeating Obama. That's all, no hate.
PALIN SMITH has a new angle:

So....without my first choice, Sarah Palin, in the mix, I've made my choice based on ALL the issues, not just one.

Gingrich was de facto president when Clinton was diddling broads in the White House. He's the only adult left standing who has an appreciation of American history and the skill set with which to put the country back on track.

Newt - experienced cause he was already secretly President!


Herman Cain is accused of a 13-year affair, along with substantiating evidence and does not deny it. As has been discussed before, half of Free Republic has already moved on. The other half, though...clutch at straws in a particularly hilarious fission.

svcw knows phone records never prove anything!
So then if we looked at your phone records for the last 13 years and you have 61 contacts with the same person can we tell your spouse that you had an affair and be correct.
takenoprisoner assumes Cain is super fertile, like the Greek Gods:
If Cain had a 13 year affair with a woman, where are the children? Show me the DNA. No can do? Oh, so for 13 years you guys had the safest sex known to mankind. Care to show us all how?
y6162 embraces the new United Sodom States of America:

So what...

Standards have changed.

takenoprisoner knows this election is too apocalyptic and dramatic for sex to matter:

It’s only bleak if you blink. Why should anyone care how many women he may have had sex with? Is this really an issue?
If I were judged by this premise, I might have to deny a few myself. So would some of my fellow compatriots.

This election is not about having sex, or not having sex. It’s about survival. If having sex with females is a cause for denial, then all men and women should be denied a shot at POTUS. We all have sex. Well, I hope we all do.

GraceG only votes out of spite these days:

Im still voting Herman Cain in the primary. What human hasn’t made a mistake? He’s still the most conservative of the bunch. Screw the msm.

Ditto, If anything to poke out the eye of the MSM.

sport reminds us Democrats love infidelity:
What he [Cain] needs to do is switch to the Democrat Party ,and whether true or not, say he hd the flings. Not only did he have more affairs than the Kennedys, he also did a stint as a college coach and rogered several boy children. The main stream media would idolize him and the Democrat Party would make him president for life
goat granny knows the best way to respond to charges is reminding everyone she thinks Jimmy Carter's fidelity and upholding Christian doctrine was ridiculous.
But don’t forget Jimmy Carter lusted after a women in his heart....what a dork..and some people voted for him...
over3Owithabrain notes that all the other Republicans are awful people too, so why not go with the guy who has the nicest catch phase?

Whatcha gonna do when the gay affairs stories about Perry go national - well I guess they won’t because he is nowhere in the polls - but they will if he gains.

What about ol Newt? you gonna call for him to drop out when the giant dossier of his indiscretions goes viral at the right time?

Yaelle thinks the solution is to rant about Obama's secret murdered gay lovers:



What if we stayed with Herman through this? Wouldn’t that put a final end to any adult sexual affairs ruining things forever from our candidates? Is it possible to do that? But Herman has GOT to take a different tack.

we can still bring up Obama and how people DIED at someone’s hand to protect obama’s affairs. And how at least Herman is hetero.


Grasping? I'll say.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Obama Campaign selling Non-Clothing Items

Freepers hear the Obama campaign is selling things like golf balls and martini glasses, and this enrages them. Or at least requires them to do the rage at Obama ritual.

Imagine what they'll say when they hear about Obama thongs!

RushIsMyTeddyBear judges.


Is this going to be the new ‘kitsch’ when we’re 75?

rlmorel knows selling stuff is a scam when Obama does it.

I didn’t think there could be occupants of the White House who were more classless grifters than the Clintons.

I was wrong.

lbryce knows Obama is a thief:

Can hardly wait for January 20, 2013 to see what, if any furniture, stuff not chained to the floor, remains.

Gator113 tries to parody liberals by asking questions they never do.

Are the products made by union hands?

Are the companies making these products “Green Companies”?

What do those that make and sell these products eat... what do their children eat in school?

Future Useless Eater thinks no one else has ever sold anything for their campaign:

This smacks of a violaton of campaign finance laws.

I would not be able to legally give Obama $1,000,000 for his re-election.

A foreigner could not legally give him ANYTHING, I believe.

So let's say me, George Soros, or Jacque Islamabad were to buy 40 thousand sets of golf balls with the Obama logo for $1 Million.
Political Junkie Too agrees, and has a whole story about it:
Democrats have done this before. Speaker Jim Wright was forced to resign because he got around limits on speaking fees by selling bulk purchases of his book to his donors.

Coincidentally, it was Congressman Newt Gingrich who filed the ethics complaint against Wright.

Later, the Democrats retaliated against Gingrich by accusing him of misusing a tax-exempt status on a college course, leveling a $300,000 fine against Gingrich.

It's interesting how Freepers must turn the undermining of the opposition into something personal, whether on their side or the other.

Iron Munro makes for the humor:

Donate now and avoid the Ramadan rush

Gay Homosexual Barney Frank retires, is gay.

Freepers always hate to lose a good enemy, once they've taken the trouble to build up a good litany of hate on him, so they are not reacting well to the just announced retirement of Barney Frank. So one last repetitive hurrah about Barney Frank:

kabar knows all gay people gotta have AIDS.
Barney has AIDS or he doesn't relish another two years with the Reps in control of the House. It is no fun anymore because Congress can no longer play Santa Claus, but must now be Scooge cutting spending and benefits.
IbJensen knows his gayness made him evil:

This piece of human debris will settle down with his loot and a young stud for a well-deserved retirement. He has always had the best interests of the nation at heart, but what would one expect? Barney is a homosexual which explains a lot!

Homosexual types are by their very nature evil and should be away from normal people; however, there’s not much normality in Congress.

Forty-Niner is sure homosexuals all love to be raped, so long as it's by a dude:

“He should be in jail with some guy named Mongo.”

Nah...... Barney’s a queen. Send him to a woman’s prison. He’d enjoy a men’s prison too much! lololol

donna doesn't need evidence to claim conspiracy:

They never leave voluntarily.

izzatzo thinks Frank is a pedophile:

That’s exceptionally good news, I wondered why Barney had been so quiet of late, now I know. He must be planning a wedding to Coach Sandusky.

ConservativeInPA posts this twice, so we all get his eloquence:

Bye bye fag.

AmericanInTokyo knows all democrats are gay, so he plays matchmaker:
Hey maybe he and Weiner can get together, if you catch my drift.


Barney FRANK!!

SUCKS to be him.
What is the end of this message? Some kind of beat poetry?

ArtDodger can't stop thinking about how, like all gays, Frank loves people to pee on him.

His mission is through. He can now retire with a platinum parachute (and a golden shower)..

jakerobins is conflicted:
Awww...No more Banking Queen?? GOOD RIDDANCE!
Cheerio doesn't think there's anything funny about the Congressman.
I'll miss Barney's Frank - he was a joke a minute. /sarc

Monday potpourri.

PapaNew really posted this:
Sarah! Come back! We need you! Sarah...! We've got things for you to do! ......SAARRRAAAAH!
E. Pluribus Unum thinks windmills are part of the UN's secret plan to kill the vast majority of people:
The purpose of "green energy" is to make energy costs so high that we are driven back to stone age methods of food production, in which case billions of people will starve.

Which fits right into UN Agenda 21's goal of reducing the human population of Mother Earth to 500,000,000 global elite and their servants.
Cicero thinks Allah is a false god who nevertheless gives orders:

If Allah isn’t a false god, I don’t know who is. Sure, Islam is Monotheistic, but just take a look at some of the things that Allah orders, and then tell me that he is the same as the God of the Bible. Much of what Allah orders his followers to do is devilish, unfortunately.

Well, at least it's monotheistic.

RayChuang88 prophesies doom:
We will have economic growth again after 2020, but only after the human race is decimated by the effects of the general world war with as high as 2.5 billion dead, in my humble opinion.
sergeantdave knows All Real Indians want to shoot Obama with arrows:
I know a ton of Indians in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Anishinabe hate his guts. The only “Indians” who like obuma are stupid wanna-be white hippies who cruise the pow-wows looking for free fried bread and an “Indian” name from the midewiwin.

The only reason obuma isn’t wearing an Arrow shirt is because he doesn’t get out enough into Indian territory.

sternup may be a bit racist:
AF 1 will be on a final approach into Nairobi in the next 12 months...gotta show off some bling to the homefolk dontcha know.....
I have no idea what devolve is saying but I like the image:

Clinton ran down our Founding Fathers to get votes

GonzoGOP knows Obama and Clinton love to burn protesters:
Thugs like Clinton and Obama have always loved fire as a way to dispose of protesters as it also destroys most of the evidence. And what it doesn't destroy can be hidden in the process of "fighting the fire".
hosepipe is pro the Egyption government gassing it's own civilians.

Why not!.... Egyptians are pretty much scum...
as are the Greeks and the Turks..

angcat struggles to keep her eight-year-old hating the President:
My 8 year old advised me this week that her class wrote a letter to Obama. Well I flipped out.

We always discuss politics so she is aware of Obama.

I wrote a small letter to her lovely teacher asking her if there were anymore Obama related activities planned and that Obama and his wife are not the people we want our children to look up to that we hate them both.

I felt bad because her teacher wrote back a nice note that she does not preach politics in class but she thought the exercise would be nice to ask Obama how he enjoys living in the White Hut and what he would do to help America.

She said the children would get a reply back from the fool who takes the letters for Obama. Anyway I felt bad but not for long.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Pix


This is the worst photoshoping I've ever seen.

Keep after her,Freepers, don't give up hope!

Well, it didn't work in 2008, but no doubt this time guilt by weak association will work!
They forgot Bill Ayers. And there should be like an acorn looming in the background.

Because all democrats are gay.

This is how I feel every time I masturbate.

Alas, Freepers took this sign seriously.

Freepers should totally run with this.

Haw Haw fat.

This is false. Everyone knows Chris Mathew has full sleeves.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Obama is the mole

Some CIA Spies were apparently caught in Lebanon? Well, Freepers know this is cause Obama himself musta leaked them:

himno hero
Obama is in there knee deep. Deeper.

Its his empowerment and muslim outreach, his Arab spring c/w MB endorsement and preparation for the caliphate does not stop there....

What is this guy doing in OUR White House?

WE voted for him. But of course, Freepers think only Freepers count as Americans.

The Sons of Liberty:
Did Baraq Hussein 0bama or someone in his regime "out" these agents as part of a re-election political gambit? If so, it is TREASON!

They'll play hell trying to get anyone to help us now.

FUBO GTFO! 425 Days until Noon Jan 20, 2013
If the Country can survive that long!
I like how he avoids evidence by asking a questions, and then assuming the answer is yes.

aces subscribes to every conspiracy theory at once:
simple, he is plotting to kill us, we have lost our country already and they are planning an assault before election time...he is an illegal in the WH, and no one can even get the law to hold him accountable, say hello to the 12th iman.
silverleaf thinks the State Department outed these spies to stick it to Petraeus.

“Many risks lead to wins, but some result in occasional setbacks,” the official said.

Especially if you are unlucky enough to have worked for such a hostile naive arrogant irreverent authority-challenged America-hating group such as the obama regime and the incompetent homo-angst dominated Rodham State Department.

I can see these oily bitter weasels saying “Take THAT Petraeus.”

I do believe the only secrets these people have kept is Moochelles weight and vacay budget, Barry’s birf certificate, Reggies real relationship with the pos, and who was aboard Air Force One for the 911- re-created joyride that terrorized Manhattan in fall 2009.

Also - homo-angst dominated State Department?

silverleaf also blames Petraeus' predecessor, regardless of the timing:

Petraeus took over CIA last January?
If so, this network unraveled on his watch, but due to sloppy oversight by Pannetta (whose own daughter is a communist-dictator hugging idiot)

Pannetta is such a loser. Perfect for the obama team.

vetvetdoug thinks it's Hillary's arabic assistant Huma!
One only has to look as far as Hillary Clinton's aide at the State Department. How high up does a mole need to be and what about one at almost the top? Ole’ Wiener’s wife fits the bill..Just my humble opinion.
Migraine just comes out and says the existence of Muslims in government means leaks:
Damage to US interests, whether military, intelligence or diplomatic -- inevitably results whenever we decide to trust muslims inside the organization. We must NEVER, EVER, for any reason, trust a muslim with the lives and assets of our American interests.

Obama only seems to do nice things

As is traditional on Thanksgiving, President Obama has released five pardons. These seem to mostly be pardons for felons convicted of selling pot and now out of jail. Freepers know this has got to be some kind of sinister plot somehow::

Lancey Howard didn't bother to read what the pardons were before he want off:
Ahh... I see Ubanga knows he’s done after one term so he’s getting his corrupt pardons out of the way early.
Jeff Head thinks Obama is encouraging pot use:

He was a dope smoking, cocain using individual himself by his own admission.

He is setting a dangerous precedent on these types of offenses. Some of them five to ten year sentences.

2012 cannot come soon enough.

Munz recognizes these are minor - which only shows how deep the conspiracy must go!

these 5 .. pot people???

some pretty minor offenses .. I wonder who they are connected to .. that is the big question ..

if anyone really finds out WHY these people were pardoned and who they were connected to, ping me please

txhurl is angry at Ron Paul cause of this, somehow:

Tying up Ron Paul’s votes. Paul’s people don’t care if NK or Iranian missiles are raining down upon us (’we deserved it’) as long as they can hit the pipe.

Ron Paul more or less is partnering with Soros with OWS, and has the tech brigade from hell to manifest it.

We can only ask our Israeli friends to help bring down this parabolically evil alliance.

Obama pardons pot sellers, therefore Israel should assassinate Ron Paul! Well, that logic worked for Iraq!

napscoordinator notes Obama probably got 5 new votes!

Majority of those are from red states. More campaigning.

Thank You Rush is sure this is racial.
We all know blacks have been convicted and sent to prison unfairly. I’ll bet these are all blacks.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you had your fill of Freeper paranoia? Because they want to know - is your turkey secretly Muslim?

Steelfish calls for a boycott of turkey on Thanksgiving:
Go to HoneyBaked Ham. Only boycotts will send the message. When Catholics and Christians stop doing business at “Holiday” Greetings store, car dealerships, departmental stores, they WILL get the message.
Catholics and Christians?

TSgt may not be taking this seriously enough:
I say “pissmillah on Allah” when I go to the bathroom after eating Thanksgiving dinner to reverse the curse.
Mr Ramsbotham is way ahead of the game:

Just stuff it with bacon and that will cancel out the halal.

353FMG thinks this turkeys are a metaphor for America:

“....slaughtered according to Islamic “halal” standards.”

That’s what is going to happen to this country if it continues to allow Muslims to infiltrate.

Ruy Dias de Bivar is pissed Muslims get jobs:

Maybe that is why so many Somalis are now working in the major packing plants, even around here. ;-(

hope isn't worried about his no doubt cursed turkey:

It takes a lot of mooselimbs for all those turkeys! As Christian Believers, it is more important now than ever before to pray over everything we eat...breaking the curse of false gods!

Happy Thanksgiving!





Best wishes from Freeper Madness. I let Freeper onyx write the message. I hope you like it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uphill Both Ways

Newt Gingritch, in full deregulate everything mode, expounds on the wrongheadedness of child labor laws, using the specific example of letting children to janitorial work in schools.

Suddenly most Freepers were born on a farm, and every single Freeper worked while in school, and loved it.

fondly remembers farm work.

Sisters and I spent the summers on the farm. Eleven years-old and my uncle says ‘get up on the Massey Ferguson girl and drive her in a straight line’ and I did. Was too little to load the hay on the trailer so he adjusted the labor available.

Best years of my life.

GraceG gloats about all the awesome stuff kids can't do now:

Grew up on a farm and was expected to work to help out onthe farm, the liberals would have had a coronary with all the stuff that I did involving heavy machinery and “dangerous” working conditions and not having a port-a-potty every 50ft...

shotgun picked fruit, which no doubt was awesome.

Picked strawberries at 10 and other fruits after that. First non farm job was working for Sears in the automotive section when I was 17 in 1977.


Back in the seventies I loaded trucks for North American Van Lines at fourteen.

It was hard work and a good experience.

jessduntno thinks no one caddies anymore:

12-15 years old, I started mowing lawns, caddying and was carrying doubles at the Country Club at the end. Made for a long day on some days. And some of those Doctors had bags like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack. Started working in the tubs at a local Car Wash to earn money for my first car (which was in the driveway when I was 15 and a half) and never been without a job since. Shoveled snow in the winter and that don’t count cleaning the ponds for hockey.

Kids today wouldn’t be able to do any of those things.

Sea Parrot used to chop cotton. So rustic!

I am old enough to remember when they let us out of school in the spring to chop cotton and lay the crop by. Then back to school until the fall, when let out to pick the cotton, then back to school for the winter.

It never hurt us to work from dawn to dusk and instilled the work ethic, which served me in good stead for rest of my working life.

And now this word from outer space

Gatún(CraigIsaMangoTreeLawyer) is out:

And half of at least 3 hundred million resident U.S. citizens have allowed him to do this because you are all a bunch of chickens.

You deserve it.


And no, I never plan to set foot in the U.S. again. I can fly anywhere in the world without going through the U.S.

If I sound angry at you chickens, I sure am.

And also, therefore quit whining.

Obama to Occupiers: 'You are the reason I ran for office'

One of the nice things about propagandizing oneself is that if you do your work diligently, you get to the point that ordinary headlines like the one above sounds sinister even without the spin! You can proceed directly to your unoriginal and repetitive ritual fear and loathing of Obama:

E. Pluribus Unum
predicts riots:

OWS is going to make the Arab Spring look like a kindergarten class next summer at the GOP and Democrat conventions.

R0CK3T predicts riots:
More advertisement material for the GOP to be used in the General Election.

Hang this on him like Willie Horton was indelibly connected to Dukakis.

0bama is inciting the Marxists to march on America.
jakerobins predicts riots:

Obama created this Golem....It is going to get beyond his control and get violent. I’m going to hate to see what happens to the city of Charlotte, NC when the rotten Dems have their convention.

Baynative pred...naw, he switches Obama's words for the exact opposite:
'You are I am the reason I ran for office'

Gingritch's fall

Newt Gingritch said we need some kind of humane enforcement of immigration law in last night's debates. Like Rick Perry before him, Freepers xenophobia boils over and now they hate him where once they loved him:

Mr Rogers makes a dire comparison:

IOW, only enforce laws Newt feels good about. Ignore the rest.

That is why I rank Newt with Mitt. Newt talks better than Mitt, but neither has a conservative heart. If either wins the nomination, you’ll see them shift left with blazing speed. They are politicians at heart. Period.

mas cerveza por favor blaems an ill-defined conspiracy:

Gingrich does not care about being “humane.” He is just obeying his masters.

safetysign is done:

F Gingrich. I would NEVER vote for him now.

I refuse to vote for any illegal lover,
illegal lover? I do hope that catches on.

Michael Barnes has carefully considered the cost-benefit and has reached a conclusion - shouting all the time is awesome!
Aannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd once again, Newt self-destructs.

So long, thanks for playing...Have a seat over there with La Raza Rick after trying the reverse of heartless; dick.

What part of ILLEGAL don't these assholes UNDERSTAND?
GET.RID.OF.THEM! Its not my or any other LEGAL citizen's fault they made the decisions they did in breaking our laws. I have no sympathy and only wish them GONE so LEGAL Americans can get some work and tax dollars are no longer spent on this insanity.

Head Freeper Jim Robinson:


Can purges be far behind?

Southnsoul doesn't knwo what compassion means:

I am sick and tired of being accused of not having compassion, because I don’t believe in rewarding illegal activity.

Electric Graffiti knows real AMERICANS are all racist men:

The majority of real AMERICANS, who don’t sit down to pee, want ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN BEANERS DEPORTED and the BORDER SEALED. PERIOD.

Friendofgeorge continues with the Freeper tradition in every thread about the primaries:


The Supercommittee is all part of Obama's evil plot

The Supercommittee has failed. This means medicare and defense cuts if nothing is done by 2013. Freepers are super angry at mandatory cuts to their beloved defense, and manage to blame Obama for saying he'll veto any attempts to weasel out of Congress' gambit:

hellbender knows this was Obama's plan to destroy our military after ending Don't Ask Don't Tell destroyed it:

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” Obammie the Commie can’t wait to see the Defense Dept. gutted.

aces notes Obama is promoting invasion:

absolutely, he wants the military weak...he is promoting invasion from every angle...I think I might see horns cropping up on his head...

SandyInSeattle has a completely incorrect view of what the supercommittee was supposed to do:

This committee was supposed to be about finding cuts, not raising revenue. He skillfully inserted revenue into the argument, and now all we’re hearing is how the republicans refused to raise taxes. That’s not what they were sent there to do.

Tigen uses this occasion to call Obama 'boy.'
So boy zero gloats once again....go back to bed....
eCSMaster thinks shouting will solve the problem:
The House should immediately redefine the debt limit. Our debt is now $15 trillion.

Make it 15.2 trillion.

Vendome remembers Hitler used supercommittees:

Seig Heil!

Flippin moron....

Can’t wait til he goes back to Kenya....

bert thinks Obama is finally going mad:

His anger was palpable. It seemed he was actually losing it.

I normally tune him out but today watched him unravel

Colonial Warrior wants Congress to join his super manly squad:
Super Commitee my butt!!! Dang Politicians couldn't find their own as@ without four aides and 6 Latte's! Maybe it's time for them to join my squad!! Betcha they would earn their pay...or be eating lots of dirt!!!



We must draft, nominate and elect Sarah Palin president in the most crushing tidal wave of enthusiastic good judgment ever seen in the history of this nation.

With that one bold move we will accomplish the dual goals of seeing America led by the greatest natural born leader in our generation, even as we witness the final implosion and last agonized shrieks of our endlessly lying extreme left loonies.

Their entire movement, from the fabricated attacks on Bush beginning with ‘Blood For Oil’ to the crammed-down-our-gullets lies of Obamacare and the Shovel Ready Stimulus, have been nothing but one vile deceit heaped upon another.

Such an absolute inability to deal in the truth or to face the facts of our situation and its solutions only proves that there is simply no place at the grown-ups’ table for these diseased sputa.

Good riddance to rubes and bad rubbish.

Time to usher in the American Renaissance, carried in on the invigoratingly freshening breeze of President Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Student Protestors deserve what they get

Freepers are known for their broad brush. So when they get their paranoid hate about a group, it will often spill over. Thus, when some American students protesting in Cairo were arrested for alleged firebombing police, Freepers, reminded of the occupy protesters, side with the Egyptian military dictatorship:

markomalley is not a fan of internationally minded students:
Get involved in foreign politics? Hopefully those brats spend many, many years deep in an Egyptian hole.

(And, no, I don't support the Egyptian government)
skeeter clearly thought long and hard about this:

Keep the little trolls.

Texas Eagle wants blood:


Hang ‘em.

Da Coyote is not a fan:

Keep ‘em. We certainly don’t need ‘em.

Another group of “students” who really are way behond their meager intellectual capabilities.

Liberals, no doubt.

Actually, a later comment notes that one of them interned for a Republican Representative:

indylindy manages to bring Michelle Obama into this:

Maybe they will send Moochelle over there with a trash bag of taxpayer dollars to buy off the Egyptians.

MAexile remembers another hilariously killed protester:

Rachel Corrie could not be reached for comment...

Lonesome in Massachussets wishes we were tough like the Swedes:

I saw the Swedish Polis beat the living Skit out of some local Swede who was drunk and disorderly, gave him the full Rodney King in front of dozens of witnesses, yours truly included. I never intended to mess with Swedish, or any other police, but that just confirmed it.

The way we second guess the cops and coddle criminals in this country, we are asking for it.

Yeah, we need more police brutality or we're done for.

And now this word from outer space

Heterosexual Herman Cain edition:
What I see from the life of THIS black leader is that his marriage was NOT one of convenience, to provide cover for a secret gay life.

Uh...ya know?

YES YOU KNOW (deep down).

Partisan gay obsession brought to you by gaijin

Monday, November 21, 2011

UC Davis Pepper Spraying

Freepers, of course, are big fans of pepper spraying the dangerous nonviolent occupy protesters. Either that, or it was a hoax. (Have you seen the video? Even I, jaded as I am, found it pretty shocking stuff.) Because government authority is awesome when it is hurting and killing non-Freepers/

John123 has really low standards:
but this is excessive and unnecessary police brutality.

No, it is not. [Compare this to Syria]
America: Still better than Syria. Victory!

Eccl 10:2 knows how to make your children obey:
The agitators were asked to move and did not. Like parents with children, you have to show them who is in control.
wideawake think pepper spray is wimpy:

Oh dear. Someone got sprayed with a vegetable mist. What a calamity. What an, um, moral outrage.

Ricin is also a vegetable mist.

ClearCase_guy is just against nonviolence.
Non-violent protesters deserve what's coming to them. If you want to really change things ... be prepared to fight.
I see my hands wants to hurt these Enemies, no matter what.
When the enemy falls step in to crush him. Don't criticize his tormentors.
DesertRhino calls for more brutality.
They are complete enemies of this nation, wish to create an American USSR, and deserved way more violence than they received.
But some Breepers recognized this looked pretty bad. These Freepers assume this was some kind of Occupy Protester Conspiracy:

GeronL knows Nazi grifters by their nonviolent getting pepper-sprayed in the face::

Like I said they will now spend millions, those paupers, to send their brownshirt ranks to DC to lay seige to the Capitol building for days. They want a confrontation. They will demand that the GOP lay down and pass everything Obama wants.

That is all this was. A shakedown and brownshirt campaign for Obama2012.

ronnie raygun can identify a professional job when he sees it:
The professionals are now involved. First they appear to be nice people who are concerned about thier country, you know joe next door tammy down the road all putting an innocent humanitarian face to the protest. Once they have everyones attention they give the order for the professionals to provoke a response from the police and the media is waiting in the wings to record every brutal minute of it. Oh the organizations invovled want this to turn into a greece event badly
JimWayne thinks the cops were totally in on it:
The cops too are probably Dims and union members who earn 500K a year and will get 550K a year in retirement benefits for the rest of their lives when they retire at 50. So why wouldn't they help out OWS by creating a video for effect?

Monday potpourri.

mojitojoe hates Ann Coulter now:

Ann turned into a nutcase. We bought her books, made her rich and now she hangs around with vermin like Bill Maher.

swampfox101 knows none of the negative stories are sticking to the Republican Primary candidates:

Newt really does have the lefties rattled. obummer and the liberals are gonna lose all control in the next election and they are desperately trying to get something, some kind of mud to stick on all of our candidates. Ain’t gonna work.

obummer’s marxism has failed and so has he and he’s taking the liberals down into failure with him. Sit back, watch, and enjoy the show cause the butt whoppin’s comng for the dems.

No one said Loughner was nuts in ponygirl's world:
they’re still keeping that little minor “mentally ill” factoid about Jared Loughner out of the media while they insist on calling him a Tea Party conservative, which is a flat out LIE.
NFHale also gets much of his news pulled out of his own ass:

Bambam kisses lots of folks!!! He planted a big, wet smoocheroonie right on Ol’ Hugo Chavez’s cancer-infested lips the other day.

Bang! Planted a liplock right on the old commie scumbag!!!

Reagan wanted the commies squashed. FuBO wants to swap spit with them.

Go figure....

Maybe he read bout this commercial and was too excited to actually read the words.

sam_paine is paranoid that non-Romney supporters are all Soros saboteurs.

=) Sometimes I wonder if George Soros created FR in order to demoralize the Republican base by attacking the GOP from within.

Seriously though. What could possibly be a more perfect trojan horse than to send conservative purists in who demand that everyone do the impossible immediately or else they should be ousted since they are no different than the Democrats?

pabianice thinks Obama has somehow ruined our Navy:
the Russian Navy is mostly rusty junk. Before Obama, we could have defeated it in two weeks. Now, I don't know.
mylife knows there are no coincidences while Obama is in office:

Something smells about this.
The day they arrest someone for shooting at the obama white house, Cain gets SS protection?

PA-RIVER predicts we all go to Brazil for healthcare in Obamacare America:
If Obama Care isn't repealed, we will see a swift end to modern health care in America. A systemic collapse.

When this begins, I think we will see some states go their separate ways, and refuse to participate. The Feds will need to jail half the people in the USA, so courts will get very busy, and we will see these states halt all health care. Doctors will stop practicing.

As in most socialist states, you will need to bribe doctors if you really need care. So the states that participate will have an underground economy.

We should see most medical offices close. We will probably travel to India for Heart Surgery. Knees and Hips, maybe Brazil. So we will see unemployment go up as these jobs are lost.

This is what you get with a communist president raised in Indonesia, with final touches on a Communist Utopia Island, Hawaii. He's Fidel castro with a suit and tie, and a smile. The people who voted for him don't understand that killing Capitalism requires Killing America, but he does.

If the Supreme court allows this to continue, they will see immediate and negative results. An ungovernable mess.
Doctor 2Brains laments the loss of the Cons:

In 1915 you might have had a point, but both states’ rights the Cons itself have been 100% COMPLETELY DEAD, DECEASED, NULL AND VOID, A BIG FAT NOTHING, ZERO JOKE, for a very long time. The cons is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and has been for a very long time,

so if we can get conservative legislation passed that maybe is not 100% constitutional, so be it.

Scanian thinks making shit up about Obama is some kind of protest:
Until the get serious about researching “Mystery Boy’s” past, consaervatives should tar him with every suspected act of fraud, dishonesty, indecency, and treachery we can think of. Let the lefties sort it out.
no-to-illegals knows you the future hold secrets no one can forsee:
Thinking Spring and Summer of 2013 may hold secrets just as Spring and Summer of 2016 will. Probably good nobody can foresee the future, though some things need to be predicted, for the unknown to be known.
Reminds me of "We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives."


It’s harder to run a business than it is to be POTUS for four years.

abigkahuna is a Ghadafi truther:

Well, Ghadafi was killed off because he was going to upset the fiat money apple cart with implementing a gold based currency on the african continent based on the gold dinar.

RetiredTexasVet was totally a bully in high school, or at least envied them:

[Slate Editor John Dickerson] always hit me as a mealy mouthed little punk that would sneak up behind you and hit you and run away. I remember that kind of kid growing up and occasionally catching the sneaky little ba$tard and beating the crap out of him and then sending him home with a kick in the a$$ crying to his momma!

Condor51 unloads on Michelle Obama:
President Obama to CEOs: ‘We’ve Been a Bit Lazy’
What a fu flippin' Ja Jerk! That, from a guy whose never had one real job in his life.

And if Barry really wants too 'see lazy', all he has to do is look at the fat @$$ sitting across the dinner table. She's taken the term 'Welfare Queen' to new heights.

Forget the Caddy, Hairdo and Nails and waiting for 'the 1st of the month', she's got: unlimited gubmint money, armored gubmint limos, armed gubmint guards, gubmint planes, gubmint helicopters, gubmint food 24/7, lives in 5 Star gubmint housing, and can go on a gubmint paid vacation anywhere - anytime and all for 'free'. Even mama Robinson is cashing in on the free gubmint goodies.

So Barry better watch out on who he's calling 'Lazy'. Moochie might take it wrong, aimed at her, and whack him with a frying pan. [When she's done with her 4th helping of French Fries.]

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Pix

From the stars and pink, I guess the smile shows you're gay?
Cept neither of those guys is smiling.

Freepers really do enjoy devaluing all those killed in Stalin's Russia.

I love how Newt's greatest sin is a picture, not policies or wife-cheating.
Shows how childlike Freepers can be.

This is Free Republic in a nutshell.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ugly equals Evil

One of the Occupy Protesters was arrested for blocking traffic. The NY Post did a write up on her. Freepers prefer to focus on more...shallow observations:

Yikes! There aren't enough bags in the world ...
She and Austin Powers go to the same dentist
Anyone check her story out, that ugly thing could not have kids.

I thought that was a guy.


Aw, put her back in the stall with Mr. Ed.........:)

Looks like Stace...after going negative on deodorant, dipped into the bleach
I feel sorry for the officers carrying her away. No doubt they got sh*t on their hands hauling off that human turd.
Mygirlsmom preemptively hates this womans' four kids.
You have wasted precious oxygen that could have been put to productive use for the last 38 years. Not content with that, you chose to multiply your efforts times 4 by bearing even more oxygen wasters.

Shooring at the White House is Proof Obama is Evil.

Last monthe Free Republic was subdued, probably cause of primary-based infighting. This month, though, they seem to be making up for lost time with the crazy.

That crazy guy who shot at the White House took refuge for a little while at the nearby Occupy DC encampment. Not unexpected. Freepers take this and run with it to all sorts of crazy places:

Hanging out in Occupy DC for a few hours is enough for cripplecreek:

The occunazis were my first thought.

When you stir up the psychos they become uncontrollable loose cannons.

PATRIOT1876 takes the occunazi thing further:
Not to wax Godwinian, but I notice some similarities between Germany of the 1930’s, the administration and the OWS mob.

German powers that were: Blame Jews, Gypsies,business owners, bankers.
Leftist US powers that be and OWS crowd that they support: Blame Tea Party, Christians, Soldiers, Patriots, Jews, business owners, bankers.

German powers that were: Had thugs in the street that they supported and they wore brown shirts.
Leftist US powers that be: Have thugs in the street that they support and wear colorful shirts.

German powers that were: Had thugs in the street that go unruly and got out of hand.
Leftist US powers that be: Had thugs in the street that go unruly and got out of hand.
No one mentioned Cain, but crazydad likes to pretend he was persecuted:

Wow Mr Cain might have well put a target symbol on the white house, those darn republicans starting all these violent incidents with their hateful violent rhetoric./SARC

tinamina thinks Obama controls local police everywhere:

NOW I understand why Occupy was shut down everywhere. Obama is now in danger from his own constituency and they cannot allow this to continue.

EDIT - Commenter FresnoGrifter tells me DHS coordinated some of the ejections. It doesn't make the above comment less crazy, though it does make my mocking wrong.

PA-RIVER thinks being shot at means you're Muslim:

Islamic dictators have these problems all the time.

PA-RIVER thinks being shot at means you're Communist:
Bullets and bombs ... Invite communists to the party and that's what you get.
Reagan and Lincoln - Communist Muslims!

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! thinks. Just kidding, no he doesn't:
Obama pays millions to scum, ACORN thugs to occupy with violence while America rots from within and they get confused and try to shoot the hand that pays them...
Seems this guy sees every news story and thinks "How can I blame ACORN for this?"

SatinDoll doesn't believe there was a shooter - it's all a ruse!

A White House insider predicted just such an event weeks ago, a “staged event”, that would occur in an attempt to garner sympathy for BHO2.

Figure it out: the guy is a mentally ill Hispanic with a tattoo, “Israel”, on his neck. He has a lengthy criminal past and possesses firearms. And the Feds just happen to have his records handy for the press.

People posting to this thread already have things figured out - it is a FAKE!

Prince of Space has the best conspiracy theory yet:
I wouldn’t be surprised if someone working in the WH tried to shoot someone, and now they’re trying to come up with a cover story for the bullet hole(s). Shades of Vince Foster.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama 's latest outrage

Freepers warm up their hyperbole engines when the IRS does some kind of hinky statutory interpretation of the health care reform.

The Sons of Liberty is unoriginal.

TRANSLATION: Dictator, der 0berFuhrer Hussein 0bama, knows what's best will tell us what we need!

blasater1960 adds a new twist:

Hussein is a dictator and the Senate a politburo for the oligarchs for crony deal making. Un-effing believable. Our Founders must be about ready to burst out of their graves.

Not sure why you;re angry at the Senate for an IRS rule, but at least you went Stalin not Hitler.

This whole Obama is a non-Hitler evil dictator resonates with Recovering Ex-hippie

It IS just like the politboro...the ones at the top get the goodies! So much for the proletariat...fools.

The main good thing to come out of Cain’s campaign is that he called the Dem Plantation for what it is to all the Blacks....the cat is out of the bag. Serfs will just ‘shuffle along” for awhile, but the truth is out and THAT I feel really good about.

So good you'll just bring it up in random other threads.

potlatch must be stunned like, all the time.

Obozo still attempting to be absolute dictator. I’m stunned at each attempt he tries, but it’s getting to be the norm.

Potshots taken at the Whitehouse, even hit a window!

lonevoice knows what this means:

There are no longer co-equal branches of government. There are no longer Constitutionally enumerated powers. This is no longer a Constitutional Republic.

You can tell cause lonevoice was arrested for saying that.

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! found a picture of Obama, and doesn't care what thread he analyzes it on:
[Obama's] eyes look like the national enquirer story is accurate.He is on drugs.He is evil and anti christ
I have no idea what rhubarbk is saying, but he sure is tough!

Not on my watch!

I look forwards to rhubarbk nobly taking on the IRS.

All liberal cops are dirty cops

A retired police captain got arrested in the Occupy crackdown in Philadelphia. Freepers give him the no true Scotsman treatment, like the marine before him.

DGHoodini knows what this guy is:

A liberal dirty cop...Is there such a thing as an honest liberal cop?

freebilly also knows all about this guy:
Whaddaya expect from a union thug....
Timber Rattler finds the idea of liberal police officers unacceptable.

This man is not fit to be a police officer, much less captain.

ken5050 yearns for the days when police fired on protesters.

Remember way back when the Philly police bombed demonstrators from a policed helicopter?

MinuteGal wants him shot, and also Civil War 2.
Direct video quote from this psycho thug captain...."We have to get rid of corporate America".

His badge should be ripped off, his cheek slapped with a glove and he should get his last cigarette before the blindfold is tied on.

What a disgrace to true red, white and blue American men and women in blue.

P.S......however, don't EVER count on every uniformed officer in today's new breed of union cops to defend you, your family and your property when the leftist revolution begins in the streets.

The upcoming rampages and riots aren't that far off, either.

Starstruck wants him dead

Put him in Riker’s with that uniform on.

Freepers sure do love prison violence, don't they?

AngelesCrestHighway is sure this guy was bribed.

Someone made a nice fat check out to him (Soros funds?)and told him to show up in uniform...WON’T WORK, YOU A-HOLE SOCIALISTS!!!

Islamic assault

Freepers are pretty afraid America is going to convert to Islam. Swift, action is needed, like banning Sharia law, free exercise bedamned! Om fact. we really shouldn't be discussing this.

risen_feenix has found evidence of a secret Muslim army:

google maps “roods creek road and moslem road, hancock, ny”. Head up Moselm road for the town. North of the town you see ground cleared in odd patches (firing ranges is my guess).

servantboy777 sees mosques and despairs:
There is absolutely nothing that can be done about the growing muzzie presence.

Look at the number of mosques popping up...everywhere.

In Downtown Houston, right off of the Smith st. exit, a HUGE Islamic center.

It's so in your face. Even in the burbs, mosques popping up all around. Not lil tiny 20 member buildings, these are large buildings.
samtheman knows Islam isn't a problem shooting some judges won't solve:
The fact that we even have to spend 10 seconds discussing this is extremely depressing.

But there are TRAITORS on the bench in US courts (who should be summarily shot) who are making this an actual live issue that will go on for decades.
Noumenon seems nice:

Fuel-air bombs have their uses.

servantboy777 wonders if America is so impotent that it can't oppress other cultures
I'm not even sure why we're even discussing this. Are we so impotent as a culture that we cannot be confident in our way of life that we must question who we are and what we stand for? Stop this PC madness.

A spade is a spade, a duck is a duck, a muzzie is a muzzie.
Zeppelin wants us to ban Islam like we did Mormons:

If that ever started to take hold here, the Islamists would be 1000x harder to deal with than the Mormans were back in the day.

I can’t believe there is even a debate about this...

Jacquerie thinks it's over, we might as well convert:

Our government/courts have so rotted the civil, religious foundations of our society that we are too weak to withstand this Islamic assault.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The infiltration of the military

Freepers are worried the military has been infiltrated by liberals, and therefore will never remove Obama from office! Instead, it will totally hunt down Tea Partiers, because those are the only two choices.

wintertime has given up hope:

Did the highest military officers consult with congress or the courts about Obama? When did **IGNORING** the following become part of the military code of honor and oath to defend the Constitution?

** A likely usurper in the White House with multiple forgeries
** multiple social security numbers
** hidden passport records
** ignoring polite requests from lower level officers to prove his natural born citizenship and making life miserable for those who did
** no record of Obama being a student at Columbia
** cloudy record of adoption and foreign residence
** likely campaign fund fraud of millions of dollars and election fraud by posing as eligible when he was not.
** multiple citizenships when born

Either our highest military is stupid or they are aiding an abetting a usurper in the Red House who has issued insane rules of engagement that has resulted in deaths of our soldiers. Is this how they look out for the men and women serving under them?

Is this what they not teach at our military academies? Lying, fraud, forgeries, usurpation of the position of Commander in Chief is now OK to ignore? This is what they are teaching now about uphold the oath to defend the Constitution? This is what they consider to be “honor”? ( Just wondering)

Any one who thinks these shiny buttoned weenies will stand up to tyranny is a fool.
SaraJohnson knows the left loves that ripping success story, Stalin:

The Left is itching to Stalinize middle America. They have so debased white people who live outside the cities and inland from the West and East coast. They want their own 100 million slaughtered so they can kick off Utopia.

Why do people embrace the poverty, murder and oppression ideology of Marxism over and over again?

Because the vast majority of people who embrace Marxism exist only in your imagination.

Absolutely Nobama realizes the military is just letting in anyone these days! Even if they're liberal!

I don’t know how successful OWS would be in infiltrating the military, but it can be done. al-Qaeda did it with Nidal Hassan.

yefragetuwrabrumuy pontificates about how the military is good socialism.

The big problem with “infiltrating the military” is that just about everything the military does, in training and practice, goes against leftist theory.

The reason for this is an odd one. Leftists have long known that the military is actually a more “socialist” organization than society as a whole, because it has to be. It *has* to have conformity in appearance, behavior, logistics, and purpose. Everything in the military is in shortage, so everything must be rationed.

But this is terribly confusing to leftists, because the military is like a socialist “state”. It is not “revolutionary”, it is “counterrevolutionary”. For someone to be a radical in the military means that they are *not* elevated, but are insubordinate and rejected. True socialism does not tolerate what leftists sell.


But seriously, leftists infiltrating the military probably peaked with PFC Bradley Manning, who is now likely to spend the rest of his natural life either in Fort Leavenworth, or ADX Florence.

Winstons Julia heard some stuff on the internet:

This is nothing new.

Last night on Facebook some “progressives” who were telling me that Fox isn’t informing me about the movement and I’m clearly blind to the superiority of the progressive ideology said that there WILL be a revolution and the progressives WILL WIN.

Among the things they discussed were Govt takeover of all healthcare and all education. Open borders and thank God for the commerce clause because it stops “rubes in the middle of the country” from ruining the economy.

Either she has some crazy friends, or she just got trolled, hard.

Noumenon has a plan:

Every one of these vile animals needs to die badly.

The military? The Occupy protesters? Liberals? Who knows, the point is death death death!