Friday, April 29, 2016

Spotlight Friday: PraiseTheLord

A cut-rate Butterdezillion who prefers to outsource her conspiracies to other websites. She spends a lot of time on Infowars, Roger Stone (whose legit a lunatic), conspiracy radio, and esoteric conspiracy media to breathlessly report random anecdotes as proof of FEMA camps, Scalia's murder, fluoride, and secret vaccine additives. Sometimes with sources, sometimes just 'I heard.'
And birtherism. So much birtherism. She was an early Cruz birther, and now wonders what he's covering up with his suddenly undocumented past.

Her other big cause is voter fraud. Every primary that doesn't go for Trump is stolen. In fact, she speculates every election ever has been stolen!

Fluoride is just the beginning:
Too many sex-altering hormones in our water supply. (Seriously.)

Absolutely. There is fluoride, which is BAD FOR YOU.

AND all the sex type hormones thrown down the drain/toilet.

AND dont forget THE VACCINES. ————— recall the story how in Africa they accused this, said no no.

But it was PROVED AND ADMITTED — bad pharma putting anti sterility things in their vaccines.


[That is so that no one can figure out what they are doing, only the record keepers know WHAT particular drug bottle goes to WHERE]
anti sterility, or PRO sterility?
hmmm do you suppose our vaccines have the sterilizations in them too ?
There's an agenda, but who knows what it is:
You have to wonder - all the stuff *they* are putting in the water, and the vaccines, and food => GMOs. Aspertame and all those other names they give it.

We do know they have an agenda.

Fluoride - mercury - aspertame -
The super well sourced FEMA Boxcars:
FYI — I heard a story on radio: The person was reporting what he heard, and that was that someone had called in to a radio program, and said that they were walking thru deep woods and came across a spur railroad track, with some shackle box cars.

They went inside and looked around, seeing the shackles etc.

hmmmmmmmm not so good
Alas, since she chose to make this her sig, I can't find if she says much more on this.

Of course Scalia was murdered, but why did they make it so obvious?
Of course Scalia was murdered.

It would have been EASY to have it look OTHERWISE.

But they didn’t.

Why??? hmmm — Hint Hint
Zika Hoax! It's actually from pesticides!
Have you seen :

Thursday, February 11, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Zika HOAX exposed by South American doctors: Brain deformations caused by larvicide chemical linked to Monsanto; GM mosquitoes a ‘total failure’

(NaturalNews) Despite all the public hoopla, all the cases of microcephaly being discovered in Brazil have never been scientifically linked to the Zika virus. A group of doctors from South America are now saying the brain deformations the world is witnessing are caused by the mass fumigation of low-income Brazilian people with a chemical larvicide, not by mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

What we’re seeing with the brain deformations of children, in other words, is more like the history of thalidomide,
Well, that one wouldn't have shocked me, actually.

Bill Clinton's black bastard:
LOL! Oh man, wait till he brings out Juanita Broaddrick.

And wait till he brings out Bill’s halfrican SON.

I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!

[Read all about in Roger Stone’s new book exposing ALLLL]
Did Hillary DOUBLE assassinate Vince Foster?
Lost Rose law firm records; Mcdougal; White Water; 900 FBI records; Technology transfers to China; Hillary’s cattle futures; bimbo eruptions LoL; Vince Foster dead... on and on.

I just heard that a SECOND bullet hole was found in poor ol’ dead Vince.
In response to Obamacare being upheld: All the conspiracies!
Oh geez, and now we’re going to have to listen to Obama and the drive-bys gloat about this for weeks to come....Ugh.









and ALL THE REST ~~~ [ Let’s pick one a day, or one a week, and just bang on it. ]
Trig truther Andrew Sullivan should report on gay Obama
Does anyone know if Sullivan has expressed his opinion about Obama and his “friend” Reggie Love? I would bet he hasn’t and will not.

You are right. The sicko needs to get his head out of the toilet/sewer. Pick on the sicko gay bronco bamma and all his men.

BTW have you heard that oh-haha has a ‘disease’ - eewwwww
Roger Stone on anti-Trump protests:
Roger Stone says IT WAS HITLERY !
= = = = = = = = =

 Roger Stone Retweeted

Alex Jones ‏@RealAlexJones · 4h4 hours ago

Breaking: Anti-Trump Protest Funded and Directed by Hillary …


Roger Stone ‏@RogerJStoneJr · 4h4 hours ago

Live now with @RealAlexJones : …


Roger Stone ‏@RogerJStoneJr · 6h6 hours ago

Leftist Rich Guy Jonathan Lewis funding faux Sanders protesters at @realDonaldTrump Rallies at request of @HillaryClinton
Roger Stone on the dark secret of why the GOP picked Cleveland:
Why in the hell did the GOP ever pick a Democrat cesspool like Cleveland for its convention?

Roger Stone answered this on Infowars some weeks back.
I dont recall but probably for a dark reason.

I have it recorded and plan to listen to it again. Will report back.
Not to mention the Rubio Sex Scandal!
Blogger Charles Johnson has broken some major stories in the past year involving members of Congress having affairs, and helped release videos that were devastating to the abortion industry.

Now, he has the scoop on a major story that could be the end of Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) presidential campaign, which is already in bad shape.

Read more:

Breaking: NEW Marco Rubio Sex Scandal – EXPOSED! This Spells DOOM For His Campaign

Read more:

Lots of PICS.
Yay, Pope Francis!
I am looking at that picture of His sweet open smile - and it is morphing from: Let Us Pray - to - Let Us Prey !

Go get em’ , Holy Father !

(I noted in a previous thread that I read someplace that he was known to be an ___-kicker. Very nice when combined with his obvious deep humility.)
Screw Pope Francis, I'm one of those Catholic Protestants!
The Church is one thing - the Pope is another thing.

One can leave the Pope - so to speak - without leaving the Church.

No Pope, no matter how heretical, would make me leave the Sacraments, the Doctrine, the true teachings, on and on.

Did you have any Catholic instruction before you decided to leave ? And what did you *leave* ?!
Nonbirther? Troll!
As much as we dislike Obama it doesn’t change the fact that he was eligible to be president. “

aHa TROLL <==========================
How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore...
I remember reading that brown clown/black bastard was raised in an orphanage, whose HQ was in Connecticut. Until an ‘adult’ age ?

Would he have gotten a SSN that way, from CT ?
Also Cruz birther:
Has Creepy Teddy Cubanadian FINALLY released his PAPERS YET ?!

And just what do they tell us ?????
In fact, maybe Cruz is a citizen of nowhere?
Mother was American. And then she was Canadian - in order to vote there and open a business - like other Canadians.

And Sinator sCruz may not even be a citizen of ANYWHERE !

[We really would like him to release his papers so we could actually see the truth.]
Seriously, is Cruz a citizen?
Cruz is a U.S. citizen, no doubt

How exactly do we know that ?

We do know he is a prevaricator.
Cruz stole New Hampshire from Trump!
I heard that ONE PERSON enters ALL the votes into some program there in NH, for the final vote tally.

No one is allowed to see or watch. Transparency ?!

Someone once saw some papers after an election and there were all sorts of scratches writings cross outs mess. ??????????!
Rubio stole Minnesota from Trump!
Let us not forget how FoamBoy *won* MN :

Voter Fraud in Minnesota — discovered by very suspicious computer warriors who dug and dug and FOUND THINGS !
Ohio will get stolen from Trump!

GoPee, having VOTE FRAUD planned, is getting INTO TROUBLE with their programming due to Trump overwhelming number of votes. Their computer models cant handle it.

So if they screw up everything THAT WE CAN SEE <===

Back in 2012, Obama stole the election, and Congress was gonna set it right!
” There is NO WAY to change the outcome if this election. “

YOU ARE WRONG WRONG there, kiddo !

Go to this site. See what it is petitioning Congress to do. It is IN THE CONSTITUTION. And it has been DONE BEFORE.

>>> Petition for Recount on the 2012 Presidential Election
>>>>>>>24,678 Letters and Emails Sent So Far <<<<<

A few hours ago the count was around 20,000. A few hours before that it was about 16,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

People are doing it ! The site shows a running list of those who have just signed the petition there, and how long ago. The top starts with just seconds ago - and a whole of of them.

Is this even real, man?
When has there ever been an election that wasnt stolen?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hillary's cabinet

Freepers are slow to pivot from Obama to Hillary as the greatest evil ever. They have loads of anti-Clinton conspiracies saved up, but the fresh daily rage they had at Obama has yet to manifest. But some Freepers still try.
Thus far, it's largely inchoate implications that Hillary will make America feminine, gay, and debauched in response to Hillary announcing her cabinet will be half women.

CriticalJ knows you can't find qualified women for anything:
That’s sexist.

She’s admitting that sex will be the determining factor instead of qualifications.
Vince Ferrer knows only women care about women in the cabinet:
This tells me that Hillary is concerned about the women’s vote, which was the demographic that was supposed to propel her to victory.
Made In The USA explains to everyone what a woman is:
Clinton is saying the critical qualification for her cabinet will be that of having a vagina. . .

She wants to be leader of the free world, commander in chief of a nuclear super-power. And this is her mindset. Not education, skill, experience, etc. Genitalia is her decision point.

She’s an idiot.
jbb247 is especially concerned with women defending us:
Half the males will be women too. We are going to get our ass kicked.
"Benghazi," xp38 explains.
If I was a male homo I would be a bit wary of the Hildebeest given her track record with Ambassador Stevens.
DivineMomentsOfTruth - women rule the world and it sucks!
Too many idiot women will vote for HildaBeast because she is a “woman”. They think women should rule the world.. I have news for them.. They already do and they blew it!
1Old Pro has not been paying attention to Hillary's primary campaign, I guess.
Hillary’s campaign will focus on these 3 things:

1) Vote For a Woman
2) Vote For a Woman
3) Vote For a Woman
DannyTN lays out the Freeper case against Hillary, and it's mostly that she's a woman, and vaguely corrupt, plus Vince Foster, twice.
She will also name a number of czars:

Czar of Office decor
Czar of home decor
Czar of FOIA delays
Czar of missing records (will make records disappear)
Czar of Bimbo intimidation
Czar of spying on European counterparts
Czar of Clinton Foundation solitations
Czar of insider trading
Czar of news distractions
Czar of political use of FBI records
Czar of mafia relations
Czar of Opposition reduction (aka Arkancide)
Czar of Park suicide investigations
Czar of White House turnover specialist (responsible for removing all items at end of term)
And many other to be announced.
onyx - rah rah Trump! meh.

HILLARY’s only cabinet is her CHINA cabinet and it’s going to remain that way!

M Kehoe makes the inevitable period joke:
What happens in a crisis with Russia if all the top advisors are having their periods?

Second-grader Vaquero just calls the cabinet gay:
Hillary Clinton: Half of my CabinetCloset will be women
Amazingly, detective calls the 1990s Clinton cabinet gay:
I don’t think Clinton’s Cabinet had a single married, heterosexual women.

I think they were all lesbians.

As is Hillary.
JBW1949, orgies?!
Can you imagine their cabinet orgies....errrrrrr...I mean meetings????
SERKIT is going to try to keep the Muslim thing going:
...and all the women will be lesbian Mohammedan sympathizers, and all the men gay.
Feminism destroyed America, and the world. Why not make it official?
Helicondelta is pivoting:
Hillary would be much worse than Obama.
PATRIOT1876 looks forwards to being persecuted yet not sexist like he is not racist:
Racism increased under Obama.

Sexism in the form of misandry will increase if Hilary wins.

Freepers discuss economic transitions

This is a bit of a frustrating era for the Freeper Madness. There are all these interesting stories - Cruz picking Fiorina, Trump calling for Sanders to run third party, the ongoing purge drama. But the Trump cheerleading blows it all out into the same old crap. Now, I couldn't do this blog if I didn't have a pretty high tolerance for repetition. But I draw the line at 200 posts saying "Trump good, others bad!"

Luckily, Freep is a many splendored thing, so there is always some new crazy around the corner, even if current events are getting samey.

Thus we have a New York Times article about how manufacturing isn't going to return to America. To most, this is the commonest of sense. But Freepers, with their yearning for the past, have more trouble. Most of the big protectionists were off on some Trump thread, so we are left with some of the more wacky delusions, and of course those who take a spoonful of spite to let the medicine go down.

Snowybear explains that China has priced itself out of manufacuturing, so now it's time for the US to shine, or something...
Well, yes. It’s beside the point however. It’s now very expensive to make things in China, which is why manufacturing is starting to come back to the U.S., for example our good old Lincoln logs are now made here again. Yes, some will go to places like Vietnam, etc, and good luck with that.

Yes, manufacturing has become more mechanized but they make it sound like there’s going to be a small army of programmers in every factory. It just isn’t true. There won’t even be one.
IronJack thinks the key to manufacturing success is bravery and heart:
The fatalists at the New York Times with their weary resignation to America's declining empire. Not worth fighting for, resisting the inevitable, have to change with the times you know ...

Soulless cowards who don't deserve to be called American. If they had been in charge, we'd still be huddled in isolated enclaves on the eastern seaboard shipping all our wealth to England.

We don't ship much to England these days. But these losers are still huddled in their enclaves, crying in their chablis.
Texas Fossil has nothing to say about manufacturing or economics; he just wants us to know that liberals are pure dag nasty evil:
The Left is not insane, they want to Destroy the West.

They intend to break the system that has brought the brightest future. They are merchants of Lies, Deception, Misery, Slavery (to the State), Subjection, Poverty, DEATH of people who oppose and hence the nation.

They say they don't believe in nations. Imagine, no place of refuge from this evil.

These are the Devils Disciples.
Mechanicos thinks there's a macro trend where rural manufacturing is gonna free market us to awesome!
These experts (sic) miss the macro trend tho. Manufacturing paradigm will change from large central urban based to smaller rural and dispersed base.

Robotics, automation driver-less trucks, local renewable power etc tend to point to smaller manufacturing/farming ops away from the increasingly dangerous and costly cities. Of course this would also involve elimination of much of the ruling class’s self-protecting regulatory systems creating free-market-killing barriers to entry.

When the prices drop to price of a luxury car to make a small manufacturing operation for widgets in your own neighborhood with little or no staff and deliveries by robotic means the base factors the article relies on go out the window.

Think a thousand widget makers all over the country competing on quality and price with relatively low start up and distribution costs.
It's 1967 again for buffaloguy has one word: plastics.
A boss of mine bought a plastic extrusion machine for his basement and ended up with 5 factories. It was an ad in the back of Popular Mechanics.

This the wave that is coming. It has been here for many decades.
yefragetuwrabrumuy is one big [citation needed], but I'll admit his buildup is strong:
Years ago, a rare individual, an “economics historian”, made an astounding discovery unlike any other known principle in economics. He refused to believe it, and spent the next 20 years trying to prove it wrong, but he was unable to.

The discovery was of a 100% correlation in economics, that applied throughout human history, location indifferent.

When he finally published his findings, his book was mostly references and footnotes, and so arcane in character that only serious economists could wade through it. Worth the effort, because he figured it would upend both economics and history.

Simply put, he had discovered a 100% correlation between mining and economic prosperity in a nation, kingdom, empire, any other form of government, or economic block.

That is, as a nation (etc.) mines, it prospers. The more it mines, the more it prospers. If it mines less, its economy is in decline, and when it discontinues mining *for any reason*, the nation nears collapse or collapses.
Chgogal doesn't know much, but Obama's racist, go Trump!
for Trump's trade deals, I have no clue what would happen. For me personally, I do not trust the Yahoos in DC to negotiate a deal that would be “fair” not to mention “free” (humor) to the people of the US? Why, because Obama is a rabid radical ideologue and he has placed many rabid left wingers in the government.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More White Privilege

This time, in addition to arguing white privileged is an attempt to destroy all whites, Freepers venture into the 'real' reasons blacks aren't successful, and whites are. As recently as Ferguson, they were still clinging to the fig leaf of 'culture not race.' For whatever reason, they don't bother as much with that anymore.

Brooklyn Attitude starts us with what used to be the racist but in denial Freeper line:
White privilege is the imaginary benefit supposedly bestowed only to whites that is used to rationalize the poor performance of blacks resulting from behaviors encouraged by their self destructive culture.
equaviator puts it a bit more pointedly
Seems like all that “White Privilege” comes down to is having a majority of the population being more intelligent and having more common sense than the rest. Who’s fault is that, I wonder?
A brief digression for IronJack, who discusses logical fallacies while using a strawman fallacy:
There's a term in Logic for an assertion that is so vague as to be unarguable. I don't recall what it is, but that's exactly what "white privilege" is -- by design.

There's also the logical fallacy of Circular Reasoning, by which you present an assertion that is itself supposed to constitute proof of the assertion. In other words, the simple fact that you make the accusation is sufficient to prove it. If you argue against "white privilege," it's only because you're imbued with ... you guessed it ... white privilege.

See how neatly that works out?
aquila48 explains that prejudices are all true:
It’s basically a premise grounded in reality that generally speaking when given a choice most people would rather interact with a white (or asian) person than a black.

In other word it’s another word for prejudice.

But prejudice doesn’t come out of nowhere - it’s founded on persistent and abundant experience,i.e. reality.

And it’s for that reason that despite all the anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action programs, it will not go away.
Jonty30 notes that whites are naturally resistant to Communism.
It’s because whites are in the way of the communist takeover of the entire political structure.
So Russians are...?

gdzla doesn't bother to think too hard:
One reason really. Jealousy.
knarf lays out the history.
In the 1600's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

In the 1700's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

In the 1800's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

and even in the 1900's, white people dominated all known technology and sciences of that time

You can point out a colored achievement here and there, but as a race, black people never did anything for humanity on any large scale

(All the Otis elevators were a monopoly and yes, DID benefit humanity ... but the subject is white privilege, not individual achievement(s) .. )
Yeah...whites only have the 1800s on. Otherwise, you need to check out what was happening in China, and Islam, and Mali among others.

jsanders2001 has a boring list, but I liked this one:
# 2 whites are too nice and tolerant these days after years of being fed PC, fairness for all no matter who tries harder, equality / affirmative action, etc... Maybe if we ‘d start throwing homos from the roofs and stoning people we’d get some respect again.
Clear envy of all that attention ISIS gets.

jsanders2001 also met a racist missionary who thinks African men are just naturally lazy:
I heard a missionary say one time that he noticed one glaring consistency that might explain why Africa has not progressed very far. He said that when he visited any village he noticed that the men always sat around while the women did all the chores. After thinking about it, he said it made perfect sense why they still lived in huts made of cow dungwould and women walk 10 miles for water but never dug wells. They were just lazy in general.
PATRIOT1876 mentions bad music, Walmart, having children, and rascals, as reasons why blacks fail:
When I see a black person sitting right in front of the door of Walmart playing fecal Section 8 ghetto “music” waiting for their 13 your kid in good health riding around inside on a rascal, I think
“Black Entitlement Attitude”.
armydawg505 knows whiteness is America:
There is a more simple answer to why whites are blamed for everything: Those doing the blaming hate America to the point of wanting her destroyed. The best way to do that is to destroy the dominant class, to demand radical changes in the most basic, proven norms and to foment discontent, radicalism and violence to get their way.
This I Wonder32460 bears the burden of the world's sins:
Yes, the privilege of being accused of being the cause behind all the evil in the world, all because of the of lack melatonin.
This I Wonder32460 is hilariously close to being correct:
I suppose it was white privilege that allowed whites to end slavery in the USA. Unfortunately it is not white privilege that allows slavery to exist nowadays elsewhere it the world.
This I Wonder32460 one last time, with Freep's favorite meme:
Who introduced the western world to the concept enslaving black people?
Chattel slavery, the extra nasty kind America practiced against the blacks, was all Europe, baby!

How long until CodeJockey's position is what all Freepers say?
Naw... It’s because (and everyone knows but no one can say it) the Caucasian race is genetically superior to the Negro race in terms of intellect and cognitive ability.

Sure there are dumb whites and brilliant blacks but those are at the extremes of the curve.


White Privilege

The Cruz Purge is indeed amazing, but it's about the same as it was when I covered it last week. It has also largely consumed Free Republic, so today a pair of posts about Freepers trying (well, not trying) to wrap their heads around white privilege. -----------------------------------
I'm a white middle-class dude, and I haven't had it super easy personally. But I buy the whole privilege thing because, having gone to school in STEM in the early 2000s, literally every female colleague I met had some story about obvious expectations for them to drop out. My black friends don't talk about their stories like that, but the idea that they have them doesn't shock me.

Freepers, of course, proudly embrace their inability to understand that merely because you have a headwind doesn't mean that you cannot go fast, or that starting without a headwind doesn't guarantee success.

But the most interesting thing about Freepers discussion of white privilege is it's incoherence. You have freepers yelling about affirmative action, Freepers yelling about whites being oppressed by media, Freepers (a majority nowadays) claiming whites are superior, Freepers arguing that the concept of race is Communist, Freepers claiming that racial privileged is a ridiculous concept.
No one objects to another Freeper contradicting them, because this isn't about coming up with a viable alternate narrative, it's just naked chest-thumping tribalism. And if your ten minutes of hate doesn't agree with mine, who cares so long as we seem to hate the same thing.

First reply, ConservativeMind offers this contentless "No, You!"
Do blacks reject black privilege?
And of course, Ultima hauls out this well-debunked canard:
The term “racism” was invented by communists. Leon Trotsky was one of the first to use it. When whites engage in favoritism toward other whites (and therefore discrimination against non-whites), itls called "racism". When other groups engage in favoritism, it's called "ethnic solidarity". When you buy into these word games, it's called being a useful idiot.

Racist is an interesting word, after all who are the real racists? A person that loves their race, is proud of all it's accomplishments, wants to live with their own kind and preserve their heritage? Or is a racist someone that is trying to destroy someone’s heritage through mass foreign immigration, diversity, multiculturalism and race mixing?
A_perfect_lady agrees - social justice is communism!
White Privilege is just the new code word for capitalism. To “reject” it you have to vote for socialism.
And because one fraught analogy is never enough, A_perfect_lady also thinks social justice is jihadism:
In the New Religion of Progressivism, Whiteness is Original Sin. You are born guilty. You have to pay tithes and indulgences in order to be forgiven. And even then your forgiveness is temporary. You have to keep paying and keep paying. It’s actually like dhimmitude. No wonder liberals defend Islam. It’s a system they recognize and understand.
AEMILIUS PAULUS, of course, just goes straight White Supremacist:
Greatness warrants privilege.
White privilege is a commie lib myth being pimped by a bunch of rich white college kiddies who have bought into the communist progrmming performed on them by their Marxist professors. The best way to not fall prey to this myth is to cut back on the alcohol and receational drugs.
circlecity knows the real problem is that nonwhites don't like to work:
White privilege is a myth manufactured to rationalize minority dysfunction. The only conceivable white privilege is a work ethic.
SZonian mixes up misunderstanding for denial:
What freaking privilege? I started working at 14 and to date have never taken government money nor ever had anyone give me anything. Everything I have cake through sacrifice, education and working my butt off for the last 40+ years.

According to the “researchers”, you’re in denial.

This is the crux of their claims...just because you were born WHITE, you have rec’d privileges. Your actual life experiences/history have no bearing according to their narrative.
Oh, jeez. I hate it when Freepers like SZonian explain how they've poisoned their kids:
Our son will face the same challenges.

I have “taught” him that he is a “racist” no matter how he behaves or what he believes because the leftists have deemed him so simply because he was born white. I have done so in order that he will have the coping mechanisms in place so that he can face these challenges head on.

He understands what I have done and my motives for doing so. I want him to be able to adapt to the challenges and to never submit to this drivel.
Loving him some drama, BenLurkin thinks explaining what privilege is mean The Killing Fields are next:
As a remedy, the researchers suggest "privilege reduction efforts" focus on convincing or educating advantaged group members about privilege, and also on "reducing the feelings of self-threat this information induces."

Pol Pot would love these "researchers"

They sound like something straight out of The Killing Fields
stubernx98 is back on the Supremacy bandwagon, with a sop to Asians to show his racial essentialism isn't really racist!
“The Bell Curve” It's white superiority. Asians have higher IQ’s than Caucasians, so what about that. Asian privilege?
al baby wants you to know whites are the real victims:
Yes we are privlaged to pay for un white peoples cell phones flat screens food and lotto tickets
tje agrees - the real racists are minorities!
“White privilege” was invented so non-whites could justify their bigotry against whites.. It’s really just as simple as that.
meadsjn redefines whites so as to not let any victimhood go to people he doesn't like:
Keep pushing, you commie pissants. Your time will come.

There is no "white privilege". If white people survive and prosper, it is primarily because they study and work their butts off. As it should be for people of all colors.

Liberal parasites don't count as white people.
HamiltonJay seems willing to think on the issue, but then derails in taking the exact opposite of a Chris Rock sketch:
Simple fact is, successful people do successful things, and unsuccessful people tend to do unsuccessful things.... there are more whites in poverty than blacks ... are those white poor somehow privileged? Nope, they largely did things unsuccessful people do.... white privilege is just a garbage term to try to make folks feel guilty.

Even Chris Rock talks about WEALTH vs RICH...

Behaviors, not skin color are what determine outcome... yes some folks get dealt a lucky hand and others a lesser hand, but you play the hand you are dealt and do it smart, you will wind up okay. Sure Racism exists, but the idea that institutional racism keeps blacks down is horse excrement. There are racists in this world, always will be, but this idea that this is some how Jim Crow 1920s keeping a brother down is nonsense.
Poor Chris Rock gets quoted more by Freepers than any black this side of Sowell.

Ohioan seems to think racism has never been a thing. And then he provides the purest partisanship I've ever had the pleasure of reading:
Multi-generational achievement is not "privilege." Calling it such, in a variety of Leftist "newspeak," is not an argument for anything. It is pathetic that anyone would accord this respectability.

Of course, anyone experienced in the propaganda techniques of the Left will recognize the long-standing pattern of arguing not from the context of reality; but by the tactic of oft repeated assertions, reinforced by mislabeling anyone who challenges the assertions. This has been the tactic applied to achieve all of the great "breakthroughs" of the Left since at least the beginning of the 20th Century.
"Since 1900, liberals always win by cleverly only repeating lies!"

Jan_Sobieski would like to blame women for the bondage of the white man:
Robert Bork wrote in “Slouching Towards Gamorrah” that feminism is behind much of this nonsense. Women who hate God and their God-Given role cannot destroy God, so they go after the closest thing, white Consevative males. Sweden is where we are headed

SMARTY is the epitome of looking for some group to blame for his life:
I think of my ‘white privilege’ each and EVERY time (multiple times DAILY) that my boss kicks s*&t in my face... JUST because she CAN!

I am SOOOOO privileged!!!
riri is such a committed racist, he keeps track of who writes programming languages:
Why shouldn't there be white privilege? For cripes sake, it was white men who built everything and continue to build everything.

Nearly every coding language was "built" by white men. Two exceptions Ruby (Japanese) and php (Jewish).

I am so tired of seeing white men beat down.
DiogenesLamp has dog-whistle-whistle envy:
Usage of the term "White Privilege" is a dog-whistle hate attack against whites.
pierrem15 thinks white might makes right:
After 400 years, by 1918 every part of the Earth's surface was controlled by Europeans or the descendants of European settlers with the following exceptions:

Turkey, China, Japan, Ethiopia, Thailand and Antarctica.

It does give one a bit of a superiority complex.
central_va explains how College admissions and Hollywood have conspired to oppress his whiteness:
How can any white male, who has been discriminated against his whole life due to AA, been ridiculed in TV’s , movies and commercials possibly feel privileged? Moreover the white male has been socially stigmatized as either rich dude or a supremacist and as such feel privileged? Most white males are tax paying citizens, retired or in jail. Those are the only two possibilities.
Maverick68 is sure people complaining about racism don't really mean it:
The fact is NO ONE really cares about racism, it has simply become a tool used by people who don’t want to accept their shortcomings and to use against “whitey” in an effort to control .
Crucial may be surprised to learn that being white is a protected legal class:
Whites themselves have become an oppressed legal class. I’m just trying to spread the word because I’m convinced of it.
kearnyirish2 will finish the post off with some awesome anecdotes about the militant laziness of nonwhites:
I’ve noticed in my experiences that some low-information blacks regard ANY form of work as slavery. I see it most often in those whose children have grown and moved on, the former welfare sows are a nightmare for anyone who has to work with (or supervise) them. Many people hate their jobs; these cases hate the very concept of work. They are forced into the workplace at nearly forty years old, and they resent it; they have no job (or social) skills, and pine for the days when they could spend years in the same set of pajamas 24/7, year-round.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trumpian tin foil

Trump says Obama should release the remaining classified bits of the 9/11 report. Freepers eagerly explain the secrets they know are contained therein, and that only someone pure of heart like Trump will reveal.

eyeamok is sure all of America cares about this:
You tell em Trump, now Loudly proclaim that YOU WILL RELEASE them forthwith on DAY 1, as soon as the Inauguration is over. LET THE CHIPS FALL!!!

Keep Hammering this issue Mr Trump, you will get a 10 point Boost, guaranteed.
CMailBag blames Obama:
When has Obama told truth about ANYTHING?
equaviator doesn't even bother blaming Obama:
It wasn’t Obama who decided this should be held secret from the American citizenry. It was another statistime ahole named Bush.

Yeah well, F-Obama anyways.
George from New England thinks whatever's in there is bad for Republicans:
I predict ...

The 9-11 reports are being held up and will be released when they can most negatively impact the Republicans in this election cycle. aka October surprise
RideForever thinks the Saudis are blackmailing us to keep whatever's in there quiet:
It is so “speculated” that the Saudis threaten economic Armageddon if they are released. King Hussein (Obama) indicated he will veto the bill to allow exposure of the pages.
I wouldn't be surprised if we're keeping stuff classified to keep from embarrassing our regrettable ally Saudi Arabia, but in Freep World, everything is overt.

ek_hornbeck finds evidence of a conspiracy that proves the GOPe are all Democrats:
George Bush hid it from America. Now Barack Obama is doing the same.

Does anything reflect the common goals of the Uniparty more clearly than issues like this?

Democrats and Republicans may have the occasional public school-yard brawl over minor issues to convince the yokels that they are different.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans still believe that the Democratic and Republican establishments are one another's mortal enemies and that the Republicans are on the side of the American people. They're not. The Republican and Democratic establishments are on exactly the same side, serving as one another's loyal opposition in a united front against the people they dupe.
Beautiful_Gracious_Skies agrees - and the conspiracy goes all the way back to juuuuust after Reagan left office:
Bush hides the truth for 7 years.
BHO hides the truth for 7 years.

The Uniparty on display.

And let’s not leave Clinton out of this equation. Return back to the Murrah buildings in the OK city bombing whose anniversary is today. Much unknown.

41’+ 42’ + 43’ + 44’ all complicit in hiding the truth.
Did someone mention Oklahoma City? IMR 4350's favorite conspiracy is go!
IIRC, it was about 2 1/2 years ago an ABC news producer let the cat out of the bag on SA involvement with the OKC bombing 21 years ago today.

What SA did was coordinated through the Clinton WH.

SA put out false intelligence before the OKC bombing so the Clinton adm. could spin the news to their advantage after the bombing.

If the Clinton adm. didn’t orchestrate the OKC bombing themselves they at least knew about the bombing somewhere around a year in advance.

If SA is involved with the 9/11 attack you can bet it was the Clintons that got them to do it.
I think dragnet2 is talking about illegal immigration, which Bush invented:
I have nothing but contempt for D.C. and the Bush dynasty.

The American landscape is littered with hundreds of thousands of American victims who have been robbed, knifed, raped, ran over, burglarized, shot, murdered, wounded and defrauded, which have been directly caused by decades of reckless loser leadership.

Not one single traitorous SOB in D.C. was ever held responsible, and all American got was 30 years of lip service lies from lying lawyer politicians. Then ya hear Bush was celebrating Cinco De Mayor every year.

LNV explains that everyone hates Trump because of the secrets he'll reveal:
I don’t buy for a minute that the main objection to Trump is he’ll stop the gravy train. He’ll stop some of it, and many donors wont be pleased, but there will be still be plenty of lobbyist jobs, plenty of bloviator jobs, plenty of consultant jobs, plenty of think tank jobs. Most people in DC will be fine. The biggest of the big players, however, may not, and the loss of their reputations may be the least of it.

The desperation is too strong and palpable for the loss of the gravy train that to be the real reason behind the huge push against Trump. There’s something much bigger underneath.
dragnet2 crows that Trump will blackmail everyone as President:
The DC directors of deceit understand if Trump gets elected he has direct access to the whole file cabinet. All the data, the intel reports, backgrounds, financials, internal memos, investigations you name it.

The White House comes with a fully equipped television studio. Trump will be able to take it to the people, take it to the press. Trump will be able to name names and rock the podium. Trump could do this in daily briefing, or weekly direct talks to the American people, explaining what these criminals have done.

Don’t let anyone tell you Trump will be powerless against the DC corrupt once he takes office. That is total BS.
Like many Freepers, Crimson Elephant's imagination is a sad place; sadder because he thinks it's reality:
When you see what is down the rabbit hole, it is rather depressing.

The pivot is strong

Trump's recent flurry of liberal positions seems a clumsy pivot, if that's what it is - suddenly coming out for transgender choice in public restrooms, for taxes on the rich, and having his surrogates say Trump's wackiness is just for show. But it doesn't need to be very good yet - Freepers will stay with him no problem, and the GOP is desperately looking for an excuse to back him.

I say over and over again that nativism is the only true Freep principle. The number of actual fundamentalists is quite small. The rest will yell about all sorts of other stuff, but all of that is just tribal signaling that they will throw overboard when it is inconvenient.
But it is amusing to watch them rationalize their way into mainstream liberalism for Trump, even on the wedge issue of transgenders and bathrooms.

Jim Robinson spins on Trump's behalf:
Trump says leave it the way it is, ie, men use the men’s room women use the women’s room. No biggie.
His mind mad up, Jim Robinson will not hear any other facts!
Jim, respectfully, that isn’t what he said. He said let them use any bathroom they want to use.

I heard him say “leave it as it is.”
And Jim Robinson's still in purge mode:
Of course we should focus on the border. That is why his statement committing to a pathway to citizenship for illegals is so disgusting.

Liar. Bye.
cardinal4 cares only about three things, none of them social issues:
Islam, illegal immigration, and Federal and Supreme Court justices are my main requirements for the next POTUS. All the other stuff is just a distraction. I believe that addressing the former will take care of the latter..
Lakeshark raves about Trump's statement - not as bad as everyone says!
I read all the headlines earlier, and said that Trump had lost it.

Then I listened to the interview.

It was tiniest of gaffes, not worthy of attention, and what was reported was never true.

The GOPe/Cruz conglomerates are just as hard at work as Media Matters were.......they should be ashamed of themselves.
reaganaut sees to have some family issues:
There are more important things to worry about. I grew up in a gay town (Palm Springs) and in the gay culture because I had a gay father. I oppose homosexuality, but at the same time, I grew up with Trannies and them in the bathroom was never an issue it hasn’t been until a couple of months ago. Most went to the mens room, some went to the women’s no one cared. The libs have seen this as a weak spot to make us look like bigots and evil Christians and are driving a wedge.

There are bigger fish to fry. And I was never allowed in the bathroom unaccompanied.
double_down tells a story I'm a bit skeptical of:
Two people I know well have 11 & 12 year old boys being raised as girls. I feel terrible for these families as this is not what they expected when raising these kids. However, they are passionate about supporting their kids and have been lobbying our legislature for trans access to girls bathrooms and locker rooms. As a parent of a 12 year old girl, I am very opposed to these initiatives. It is an issue for me and will be for you when men start accessing the locker room where female members of your families change.
KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle thinks we need some perspective, and the coming apocalypse won't start in the bathroom:
Virulent Islamofascism spreading across the globe... both major political parties maniacally devoted towards transforming the United States into Mexico North, ASAP... the very concept of free speech going up in flames, across the length and breadth of a nation once fearlessly devoted to same...

"Potty rights" ain't even on my radar. Seriously.
KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle next explains how anyone criticizing Trump for this actual factual thing is being fooled by The Conspiracy:
The repeated image of poster after poster after poster hereabouts, undergoing the online equivalent of Grand Mal seizures over something as comparatively picayune as this -- while, even as we speak, the GOPe and the 'Rats are openly conspiring to transform this still-beautiful nation of ours into a Muslim-compliant quasi-Marxist "paradise," packed to the rafters with the cheapest possible Mexican slave labor --

serves to remind us, anew, that there's no sucker so easily shaken down and stripped as a gullible and willing one, ultimately. Like watching a crowd of credulous rubes being clumsily swindled by an inept Three Card Monte man, it's both amusing and depressing, in roughly equal measure.
mouse1 agrees - Hillary bad, all principles not so important:
Hillary waltz’s into the Whitehouse....Presto we are in hell.

Couldn’t say it better myself. Every election I am like chicken little screaming the “sky is falling” - “This is the most important election of our life times”. Well, this time it really is. Cruz/GOPe continue to fracture the party beyond repair. This will effect down ticket races, both national and local. Criminal Clinton will be the president. SCOTUS picks will be left of the left. We won’t have another chance to fix it. Millions of new American voters will ensure the Republicans never win again. Welcome to Hell!

Bathroom issues are just a distraction from what’s really important.
Behind the Blue Wall has a bigger problem - fears of gay men lusting after his penis in the bathroom:
Technically I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable with openly gay men in the men’s bathroom. I don’t see how you ban trannies from one bathroom or the other without also addressing that.
SubMareener is pretty sure any criticism of Trump is insanity:
They can’t stop themselves. It doesn’t matter what he actually said. Trump Derangement Syndrome is it full force!
arl295 spins all of Trump's other pivot attempts. He should not quit is day job:
NO one is freaking out, just showing trump showing his true colors. Dont forget about his comments on abortion and raising taxes on the rich, all in one day. The mask is coming off.

He said he was going to fix the carry over interest loop hole, something hedge fund managers won’t like, this affects the uber rich, not the 50K a year rich that Bernie and the rest of the liberal hate

As for abortion, the three exceptions are just that exceptions. I don’t know how I can force a woman to have a child she did not consent to creating. She was a victim and now the rapist forced her be a mother and he is now the biological father. I understand the 100% anti-abortion stance, but I also see the rape exception as well.
lodi90 just yells that Cruz is totally much much worse:
Cruz showed his “true colors” strutting about in his holier than thou pose while stuffing his pockets full of homo activist donor money. And you CRuzies care not one bit about the hypocrisy and lack of principle of that.

Cruz and his parrots don’t care one bit about North Carolina. Barely said a word about it until Trump did today. This is just another political hammer to hit Trump with. Transparent. This inauthenticity is exactly why Cruz is losing.
Feeling liberated, arl295 comes out for a rape exception to abortion:
When you force a woman to have the rapist's baby, you are giving a right to that woman's womb to the rapist, you are saying that it is his, he can procreate with her without her consent. That is what you are saying. You are saying woman are like animals and have no say in who they get to reproduce with. Sure the rapist might end up going to jail for many many years, but he did get to father a child with the victim without her consent. And you demand that she has his baby.
always up for double duty, Georgia Girl 2 spins AND minimizes:
I basically agree with Trump. He isn’t saying NC has no right to pass a law he’s saying he doesn’t know that its necessary as so far it has not caused big problems.

How many trannies have you seen in the ladies room lately? I have seen none. Have not seen any news reports of it either. Maybe it won’t ever be a big problem. If it is then you deal with it.
AllAmericanGirl44 takes the new party line - the world is falling apart, so the culture war no longer matters:
Hear about China blowing off a missile? How about Russia’s aggression? New tunnels found from mehico to San Diego?

But please, let’s all ring our hands over this non issue and turn into a gotcha. Pathetic
sphinx responds to all this foreign policy BS fearmongering with some transgender BS fearmongering:
I agree that bathrooms will be mostly a non-issue, which is why the left is trying to make this all about bathrooms to show how uptight conservatives are.

But it’s not just about bathrooms. Obama is insisting that showers and locker rooms be opened in middle and high schools, on pain of the school losing funding.

And sexually confused boys are now entitled to play on girls’ teams.

I’m waiting for a 17 year old coed to show up in college next fall and find she’s been assigned a woman with a penis as a roommate — and the college will send her to reeducation sessions if she complains, because after all it’s two girls rooming together so there’s nothing to see.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

little jeremiah refuses to believe:
Who knows. A pervert quoting him is one thing, I’d like to hear more from him.
P-Marlowe has a new one for what the mark of the beast is:
Support for the LGBT agenda is THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Just look and see what happens to anyone who doesn't take that mark.
smokingfrog explains why people are scum:
Robots won’t spit on your food or refuse to serve you if you’re a cop either.
thoughtomator blows right past the satire:
Mexican 'exploitation movie' suggests Trump will hunt, kill illegal border crossers

That’s actually the federal government’s lawful duty, as politically incorrect as it may be to say so.
Forced sterilization, is there any problem it can't solve? RideForever doesn't think so!
Not kill. Surgical removal of 1 testicle or hysterectomy. Changes motivation factor and dramatically reduces cost of enforcement once the word gets out.
SeekAndFind...just wow:
RE: Ben Carson also thinks the pyramids in Egypt were used to store food.

I’ve heard worse — like global catastrophe because of climate change caused by my driving a regular automobile and turning my air con full blast during a 100 degree summer day.
Trump-a-licious really has no idea how much the electoral college helps Republicans:
I’m all for it, the electoral college is screwing us, large cities dominate and they’re totally liberal, 95% of the country is being ruled by big city liberals from big crappy states like California, chuck the stupid college and let’s have a true democracy, mob rule, I’ll take that over this freaking mess we have now.
meadsjn - America became Communist under George W. Bush:
The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

That was accomplished when the neo-cons became the GOP establishment. They were the Trotsky wing of the communist Democrat party. Then they were the GOP-e.

Now, We the People are taking back our party and our country.
golux is shocked at what Trump hath wrought:
Over 3000 lives lost for oil...OIL that is under our feet, enough to supply our Country for a long, long time, this is what this Iraqi war was all over...

Free Republic sure has changed.
Da Coyote has a clever idea:
1. Get lots of Trump stickers.
2. Place them on liberal’s cars.
3. Enjoy the damage done by liberals to liberals.
I haven't even seen any stories on Free Republic on vandalism of Trump voter's cars, he just assumes.

kearnyirish2 continues to argue that everyone knows liberal policies are bad, but are afraid of being called racist. Luckily, minorities hate women:
I posted months ago that the whole feigned outrage about Trump’s “racism” and “sexism” was designed to do exactly this; they forced his support underground with pure BS.

The left has become so accustomed to winning everything because nobody would stand up to their token Obama (again, using allegations of racism); they can’t hide the miserable state of the country anymore, and there are no protected racial minorities in this race to insulate their candidates. Hillary tried to use the gender card, but the unassimilated ethnic minorities that form the muscle of the Bolsheviks hate white women as much as they hate white men - so they don’t defend her.
DesertRhino loves workplace violence when it's partisan:
Imagine the terror involved in losing one’s job coupled with the inability to find another due to being UN-PC. The left acts conservatives talk.

Such things have historically lead to defensive violence.
for-q-clinton demands naked shots:
A lot of transgender men dressed as woman look good - you would not know. Like this;


Need naked shots to determine if they are men or women. Remember they can use the locker rooms and walk around naked too! So even if they dress like a woman when they walk around naked...could you tell they were men? If so they have to use the men’s room.

If they don’t like it they can find a private stall somewhere. Why should we all suffer because of these few individuals?
EQAndyBuzz suddenly decides social issues don't matter.
I think the question that needs to be asked is, are social issues the most important part of this election cycle? I think it needs to be part of the platform, but illegal immigration, protecting our borders and fixing the global problems Obama caused are 1,2,3, on the list.
More on Freepers suddenly urging compromise on moral absolutes tomorrow.

amnestynone is all about a spite tax on the rich:
I used to agree on here with most of you guys about cutting taxes on everybody but especially the rich. But, as we get nothing but treachery, duplicity and fecklessness from the country club elite I changed my mind and think they should pay more.

The more we lower their taxes it seems like the more they want to spend(big government is big business)so the less they pay the more they want to spend. I thought it would be the other way around that they would then be motivated to cut government spending so they could keep their lower taxes.

The last straw came over immigration. They want to bring in more Democrat voters just so they could have cheap labor. Seems their is a connection. The more they want to “work with the Democrats to get things done”. The less they care about cutting waste in government.

But, even that the MSM (the corporate media) just smears us to death. If that is the way it is going to be that is another reason to raise their taxes.

If they want to do something about these three issues then I would accept considering tax cuts on them, but not until then.

No one here does not think that rich Democrats should and deserve to pay higher taxes. But, given the treachery, duplicity and fecklessness of rich Republicans they should pay them as well.
First, the rich spending more of their money is a good thing - it's the dubious principle behind trickle down Reaganomics.
Second, the last time I heard 'corporate media' was on Daily Kos.
Finally, I liked the 'of course rich Democrats should pay more taxes!'

Principles are for suckers!

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

ShivaFan is sending his daughter to one of those liberal colleges, but wants Freepers to know he totally hates it and thinks it's a waste of money:
My daughter goes to U.C. Berkeley, I am currently paying about $30,000 dollars a year for her UC education including tuition, books and housing.

While I am very proud of her, and consider Berkeley a great “institution”, I can tell you I am NOT getting my money’s worth. I follow her curriculim carefully, the returns in terms of jobs against value for the expense just doesn’t add up. Luckily because of her focus of study, she is not under the thumb of a lot of PC leftwing agendas, but there is a lot of discrimination against both whites as well as Asians in favor of blacks and Hispanics. I am paying huge amounts of money, which many cannot afford, that is more due to the greed of the Administrators and Professors who preach socialism and communism but live in the Berkeley hills and have lavish lifestyles and elite venues and are total hypocrites and who are largely responsible for such high tuitions. Money grabbing is their main interest thus they favor foreign students who pay double or even triple the already expensive costs to a UC education.
Maceman advises getting really insulting to the imaginary people who tell you black lives matter:
When a white person is told “black lives matter,” the best response is not to say that “all lives matter.”

The best response is to ask: “Does MY life matter?” The BLM SJW then has only two responses available. If he/she says: “Yes.” Then the white person can say: “Well, I’m glad you acknowledge that white lives matter too, after all.”

If the BLM SJW answers your question with “No,” then the response can be anything from “well, since you’re a genocidal racist, your opinion is worthless, except to the extent that it may be a veiled threat,” to “that’s ok, you racist POS. You’re life doesn’t mean sh!t to me either.”

Bottom line: make it personal.
Freepers pardon game is always astounding, but the winner has do be JBW1949, who seems to think Obama is going to pardon Hillary to keep her from being impeached the day she takes office:
Frankly I was gearing up for a Hillary Pre-Packaged Impeachment. You know she is guilty, looking at the Clinton slush fund and the server among a million other dead bodies. There is no way this country could tolerate that criminal in office. Get her out, and no one will cry for her. The Dems hate her, they are forcing themselves to vote for her, swallowing the vomit in the back of their throats. If someone like Obama could rise up again, ...hey look, there’s OJ and he’s on parole!

There should be no reason to impeach her because there is no reason she should be elected...

She is so damn toxic that some of her staffers have already broached the idea of early pardon from Obama...

That, in itself, is a declaration of guilt, IMO....
WENDLE - Nixon did nothing wrong, because no one knows what Watergate was!
Nixon never did anything to resign over. If I ask people “What was Watergate” they don’t have a clue. If I ask them if Nixoned planned it or knew about it — they say “yes”. You can’t make up the ignorance of people.
gaijin seems to think Obama is a wizard:
But even this will be cover for him suddenly banishing US nuclear arms, in his last week, or something.

He’ll apologize and then BANISH.
gaijin goes full 1500s imperialism:
AMERICAN engineers discovered their oil.

IT IS OURS, in view of this.

We should simply TAKE The oil fields.

There’s be no consequences if, say, a score of Phi Delts crashed some planes into that Mecca devil cube thing..?

When fighting in Iraq our vehicles had to pay something like 400% the price that the locals paid.

Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America has not been paying attention to gas prices:
Me thinks 0blama is trying to starve the U.S. for oil (energy), triggering nationwide chaos requiring Martial Law.
Holy double standard Batman! I want the USA back thinks Trump calling 9-11 7-11 is a non story. Unlike the coverup of Obama's '57 states!'
Completely meaningless. This is the left in action. This is what they do. They deliberately and intentionally, with full knowledge and awareness, chose to suppress news of obama saying “57 states.”

This non-event made it to my morning news today. This is the left, and its control of the media trying to control our minds.
Iron Munro gets really racist about Michelle Obama:
If there weren’t photos documenting her through school, I’d sure think Michelle was a man today.

She is a manly hoss - that's for sure.

And that is exactly what made it so hilarious back when Obama was first elected and the Obama-Media worked overtime trying to convince us (and themselves) how beautiful, graceful and feminine Moochie was.

Remember the constant barrage of comments from the swooning media about her well toned arms?

I figured she got them that way swinging through the trees.
BenLurkin says the sort of thing that makes people never listen to you again:

Both the same kind of organization these days.
Sacajaweau imagines Trump's noble sadness at 9-11:
IIRC, one of his nearby buildings was damaged by the attack...mostly debris landing. It's on the web someplace.

I can picture the sadness in his eyes that day.
Couldn't Trump be sad without his property being damaged?

And where was Cruz on 9/11?
Fantasywriter was repulsed by Romney:
Romney was a wimpy, wussy doormat. We were repulsed by his passivity.

Trump speaks out, and he gets trashed.

This is pure, unadulterated hypocrisy.
Michael.SF. has some rather far out predictions:
Biden - Warren will be the D ticket.

Cruz-Kassich will be the R ticket.

If Bernie goes rogue we have President Cruz

If Trump goes roque ........... Biden wins
John O seems to think that a girl in the boy's bathroom means inevitable rape:
So when she gets raped in the boys locker room it must be treated with the kid gloves that the administration uses for any other perverse sexual contact.

In other words, she gets raped and the guys don’t even get charged.

Is that really the environment she wants to be in?
I think proust is joking???
Lincoln won on the third ballot.

Yeah and look at what we wound up with as a result: President Obama. Thanks Lincoln!

Monday Potpourri pt. I

FreedomForce knows Trump is a Christian, and worships Retribution Jesus:
Trump practices a modified form of the Golden Rule. His interpretation of this rule is: “Do unto others as they do unto you”; because if you “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and they, in turn, treat you badly, it goes against human nature to continue to treat them with consideration. You should do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but if your courtesy is not returned, they should be treated with the wrath they deserve.
b4me hates Cruz like he hates liberals:
Cruz gives me the same ucky feeling I got seeing bill, hillary and the gores on stage that election night - and also again with obamas. (I didn’t catch on with GWB)

they reminded me of college kids celebrating pulling off a prank, with no concern for people hurt or damage done.
I hope Cruz pulls it out at this point, just to see Freepers try to reverse.

Well, I guess raybbr should turn gay!
Masculinity=reason. Femininity=chaos.
Fred Hayek does not like punching up:
I’ve since dismissed the phrase “truth to power” as Marxist propaganda gibberish.
MayflowerMadam - with Satan, all is possible:
A congress that would not impeach Obama would never impeach anyone!

It’s difficult to predict what could happen in a country that God has turned over to Satan. As Ruth Graham said, if God doesn’t destroy America, He has some apologies to make to Sodom and Gomorrah.
If he thinks this, what is AmericanInTokyo doing on this website?
The mental confines of FR are so narrow and subjective you have to remove yourself completely from this limitation, go talk to average people on the street everywhere, and gauge more clearly where this is truly going. It is a mistake to believe one's own narrow jingoistic propaganda.
Cicero on the real problem on college campuses:
Actually, it’s too bad American universities can’t ban ear piercing, instead of white privilege and gay criticism.
albie tells a totally true fable:
I have 2 New England lib brothers in law. One has a 25 year old son who graduated from college with a degree in French. He works as an “on call” bus boy in a restaurant and lives with his girl friend. Mostly he skateboards.

The other NE nephew is 26 and majored in “Shakespeare Theatre”. He’s worked at Starbucks for the past 3 years and lives with his parents.

My conservative brother in law has a 27 year old son who just served 4 years in the Army and went to Iraq with his Army wife. He now works for the Department of Defense, owns a 4,000sf home and has a 1 year old daughter.
DAC21 is pretty sure Black Lives Matter is going to turn us into Chaves's Venezuela somehow:
Pay attention to how the Venezuela government is holding on to power by empower criminals and disarming the populace. The left will eventually do the same here

Already started, BLM movement.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper doesn't care if a story is false, anything to keep America afraid!!
Shhh! ExNewsExSpook: I want the Iranians to scare the shit out of any of our sane military and foreign policy leaders (if there are any).

I want the American people to crap in their pants knowing that Iran is building its’ own “WALL” of protection behind which it can launch nuclear missiles of varying distances with impunity.
Before this week's purge announcement, Spirit of Liberty still thought Free Republic could be a safe space for Cruz supporters:
Jim Robinson laid it down on a Trump rally thread. Since you won't listen to us, maybe he can explain it to you to QUIT POSTING DEROGATORY STUFF ABOUT CRUZ ON A MARKED CRUZ RALLY THREAD! Does not all the deleted comments give you a clue??

It's ‘supporters’ like you that give Trump supporters a bad name.

Sorry, guys, I don't think I've ever seen this doofus on one of nikos’ Trump rally threads.
Piranha is pretty sure fear of Obama is why Israel is trying one of it's soldiers for murder:
I suspect that Netanyahu is keeping a low profile and biding his time until Obama can’t do any major harm to Israel.
Caipirabob sees only bad things in mental downloading technology:
Lol..can you see it? Now they don’t have to recruit children to socialism. One upload session and liberal indoctrination is complete.

And yeah, this is what it will be used for. Except it will be a side effect. Oh, you got a traffic citation? You need driving re-education, oh and voting for a demoncrat will be a side effect...
DesertRhino to American woman - all of you are SO FAT:
there aren’t enough slender American women who care about their appearance to fill those jobs. Just look at Sports Illustrated this year.

There was an immense one that loves the water. Helps her support her immense weight.
pburgh01 wants more purge!
Why is 2ndDiviosion still around here? He’s one of the most insufferable of Cruz sycophants and he definitely is way over the threshold for TDS\ABT of buttholery. They just don’t want to do what what’s right, they want to pout, suck their thumb, and babble incoherently like Mark Levin.
mjp straight up worships capitalism:
The profit motive, speaking broadly, means a man's incentive to work in order to gain something for himself. In a rational society it is profoundly moral and thoroughly just. In a specialized business context, profit is defined as the difference between sales revenues and cost. It is payment earned by moral virtue, the virtue of a specific group within an economy, the prime movers. It is payment for the thought, the imitative ,the long range vision, the courage, the efficacy of business owners.

Profit is exploitation only in a mystic viewpoint of emotionalists.