Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

FreepFan, always reliable!

Halloween is a holiday for the attractive, creative, or sweets-lover and I am none of those. Sure, I go out to parties, but I don't really think about as much of it as say, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

But no one can deny it's joy for children. Freeper culture, though extols extremism, not joy. So what better way to show how extreme you are than come out against this national expression of fun? Especially when you're old and lonely...

First I must highlight the 2008 fiesta wherein Freepers loved using Halloween grumpiness to bash Obama's presumptive economic policies. This year, Freeper knarf posts a disjointed and angry post about how he's so devout that he won't celebrate it. To me, it seems pretty clear he's hoping other Freepers will attack him so he can bask in the righteous persecution.

But, alas, most of his fellows agree with him, and go on about these fallen Satanic times, not like when they were kids!

knarf posts a couple of times to try to get people angry at him:
Hallowe'en is all about (these days) maintaining that evil and blood and gore are (along with homosexuality) all normal elements of growing up

I have NEVER seen anyone dress like Jesus and rather than take a treat, pass out a tract ...

(This thread attempting to rouse the rabble and get something going)
Wait, homosexuality? Honorary Serb gives the details:
Halloween has ALWAYS—in living memory, been a “gay” day. I say let the “gays” have it, and let Christians leave it alone!!!!
Wait, no details. I guess costumes are gay now.

Amusingly, just me calls out knarf for being judgmental, which is totally a liberal thing:
I don't celebrate Halloween and you shouldn't either.
I don't own a gun, you shouldn't either.
I don't eat meat, you shouldn't either.

Sorry but you sound like a Liberal.
mrs. a is so sure things were more wholesome when she was a child!
When I was a kid, Halloween was just for children. We went out with our trick-or-treat bags dressed as brides, ghosts, cowboys and cowgirls (with cap pistols!), ballerinas...

All the neighborhood houses had candy to give, and sometimes even caramel apples or popcorn balls.

Nowadays, you would never let your kids eat a home-made treat. We give out little plastic toys because we don’t want to be sued if Little Snowflake has an allergic reaction to some candy that their parents haven’t taken the time to remove from their haul. Kids are treated to the sight of their parents heading out for a drinking binge with Mom dressed as a slutty nurse and Dad dressed as a woman.

An innocent holiday has been coarsened and, in my opinion, ruined.
MayflowerMadam stays home and stews about the real evils - Satan and the UN:
We don’t participate. If at home, our lights are off and the house is relatively quiet. Sometimes we help with a kids’ program at church.

Adding insult to injury, besides the Satan-centered actual Halloween “celebration”, sometimes the little freaks are collecting money for commie UNICEF. It’s a creepy, creepy time of the year.
ilovesarah2012 hates kids once they're about 11:
We have three dogs. They don’t like strangers coming to the door. We go upstairs and turn out the lights. Very few kids in our neighborhood but we get kids from other areas because our development is one big circle with no thru traffic so it’s safe to walk. I used to love sitting out front and passing out the candy to cute little kids. Now so many “big” kids, teens, are coming around and I just don’t feel comfortable, not to mention the price of candy.
Gaffer is as reliably grumpy and sour as he always is:
At first I didn’t mind the indigenous county residents who didn’t have anywhere to take their kids - what I DID and DO mind is all the illegals and other immigrants who give their kids a pillow case and send them out to get their freebies. They increased in number year by year until it is just another invasion of illegals. No costume, no speaking, no Thank You. I stopped two years ago altogether. I turn out my lights and let them pass by.
No one tell Eccl 10:2 about Easter's origins. Or Yule!
I have discussed Halloween with a number of good Christian pastors and they uniformly believe that it has its origins as a pagan, anti-Christian holiday.

I would encourage anyone to do a search on the origins of Halloween. If you are a Christian, you should not participate in Halloween in any way.
Rolling with the supernatural paranoia, Aleya2Fairlie wants more fasting, I think:
The sad fact is that we don’t have any “holidays” that haven’t been corrupted to some extent by the purely secular and pagan influence. Even the true meaning of Christmas has been all but drowned in our society by the commercial, the mercenary and materialistic society in which we live. The same goes for Easter with it’s bunnies and eggs that overshadow the real glorious meaning of it.

Satan is a master planner. It takes decades and generations to lull a society to sleep and dull it’s perceptions of what is good versus what isn’t.

You’re so right about what you say. I don’t “do” Halloween either but my kids and grandkids do. They’re not allowed to go out but they have a party at church where goulish costumes aren’t allowed. Still, the concept; in my opinion, has no place in a house of worship.

The “generation of vipers” spoken of in Scripture most likely doesn’t arise out of thin air. It will take decades of subtle(Satan’s specialty) insinuation and brainwashing by the media and society to produce them. How close are we, I wonder. Given the atmosphere of current events: I think we’re pretty far along.
SkyPilot yells about Satan, of course:
It is a celebration of the Satanic and death. Heck, even the Satanists claim that Halloween is their high holy day.

It has morphed from little kids in cute costumes going through the neighborhood in search of some candy into a pagan death festival that celebrates the demonic and evil - and it is adults who are acting this way.

Family who hung 'corpse' from a tree and impaled a bloody 'body' on a stake take down gruesome Halloween display after neighbors complain

If people cannot recognize the Satanic when it is right in front of them, then they should be called what they are: blind fools.
stars & stripes forever breathlessly shares this urban legend:
There were baby sacrifices going on during Halloween in our region in the 1980s. Mothers would not notify the hospitals they were pregnant, so the births were not registered. The whole thing was kept hush, hush. Horrible.
yefragetuwrabrumuy tries for some pseudo-scholastic theological claptrap:
Halloween is only grotesque because Christians have surrendered it as a Christian holiday, part of Allhallowtide.

The Allhallowtide triduum encompasses the Western Christian observances of All Hallows’ Eve (Hallowe’en), All Saints’ Day (All Hallows’ or Hallowmass) and All Souls’ Day, which last from October 31 to November 2.

It helps to think of it in the manner of the early Christians, who traditionally believed that the veil between the material world and the afterlife thinned on the evening before All Saints’ Day.
ifinnegan brings the Hellfire:
If you have Anglo-Celtic-Nordic ancestry like a good bit of us here, that pretty much sums our people up 1500+ years ago. I guess those people were damned in hell fire?


Just like you, heathen.
rfreedom4u has an odd habit:
This year when any teens with no costume show up I will be dropping condiments from various fast food places in their bags. I also have a bunch of pecans to get rid of.
Wait, ErnBatavia too???
I’m cheap....I save the condiment packets from In-N-Out, Taco Bell and Wendy’s; the way I do the wrist-action in bagging ‘em for the little darlings, they’re none the wiser until they take inventory later.
Is this some kind of new thing? WTF?! Are they short on toilet paper or something?

Saturday Pix

So both women who owned Republicans in hearings that were supposed to bring them down?
Hillary Clinton: on the same side as ISIS.
Is Hillary hot enough to be President?
You've gotta be pretty deep to try to make the Bin Laden raid photo into anti-Obama/Hillary propaganda. 
Not yet.
How Freepers think Obama got elected: Islam, the International Oligarchs, Democrats, SEIU and Irrational White Guilt.
Subtle for a Hillary is gay shot.
Attacking Carson for corn subsidies? Yeah, good luck with that.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Spotlight Friday: cherry

A Freeper since 2000, she's got the typical Freeper ideas about race an crime, and thinks Obama only beat Romney due to fraud. She's an enthusiastic participant in the purist v. pragmatist conflict on the pragmatist side, bringing it up all the time. She even seems to believe that some Freepers voted for Obama(?!)

But the focus of most of her posts (well, those not about Obama's gay hands) is on the undeserving elites. Who can focus on enjoying one's own life when the undeserving are around getting everything from social security to disability payments, tax breaks, or even Catholic dispensation.

Meanwhile, she spends a lot of time inquiring about when is the optimal time to file for Social Security and quit her job. Because she knows she's earned it, you see.

Freeper spotted:
frankly, I don’t know who bammy’s mother is.....
Undeserving government workers:
you noticed that about the double dipping govt workers did you?...

notice how govt does everything in its power to protect their govt workers yet we slobs out here in rabble land just have to get hit a little harder every year...

how about cutting govt pensions to start....I know...heresy.
In fact, the government shutdown was well deserved comeuppance for how fancy they live!
look federal get paid too have too many benefits and God knows way too big a pension...

but its not going to kill anybody to have an extra day off....I'd enjoy a snow day....

just think....more 3 day weekends to enjoy with your other multitude of 3 day weekends....
Undeserving college athletes
college sports are supposed to be for COLLEGE kids...not pampered drugged up keepers that prevent real college students from playing sports...
Undeserving schoolteachers, living high on the hog while Doctors toil for pennies!
doctors work like dogs and keep getting the brunt of bama's ( and other administrations as well) budget "cutting"...

they could have partied in college and become teachers and never worry again....
Undeserving disabled and poor:
I come across youngish people on "disability" and I see them as being 20-30yrs younger than I, with no visable "disability", with their Iphones and their Ipads and their fancy clothes, doing whatever they want whenever they want, and then I I'm 60 and still reporting to work.....

the poor have it easy...I think most of them like it the way it is...

the REAL poor that I wish could get a break?...the young working families....they deserve a break...
Undeserving retired generals who criticize Obama:
"retired"= pension....big pension.....

don't how long this guy has been retired, but it seems we get a lot of the "retired" ones just now speaking out....

they need to fight when they're still in some place of power.....
Undeserving rich getting a tax deduction for charity!
so instead of paying taxes on their money like the rest of us, they get to booster they're favorite "charities" or "foundations"...many of them with leftist leanings....and avoid taxes on all that money....

jmho.......I don't see Gates or Buffet suffering for what they give....their wealth seems to mulitply..
Wait, this is getting Communist...
somebody again tell me that the rich "deserve" their wealth, that they "earned" it.

please tell me again that the rules are the same for me and them...
And even the undeserving divorcees getting to take Communion:
maybe you'll have to be in the demoncrat party and be the nice liberal to get the special "discernment" or maybe you'll have to donate a ton of money...

corruption....pure corruption....

I remember the quaint old days when it was a major violation, according to the nuns, if we grammar school girls didn't have something to wear on our heads in church...or the boys didn't have ties...

the nun had a stash of lacey things we girls pinned to our hair and she also had a few extra ties for the boys...we went to church which was next door and we had to look proper....

the world has gone mad....
But cherry herself? She deserves MORE SOCIAL SECURITY MORE MORE MORE!
I'd give anything to my parents, now in heaven, but why was I forced all these years and even now to support all these old farts going to the casino and snow birding and driving the Cadillac's.

I'd rather my money go to my children and my grandchildren...

I'm 62 and not on SS yet...thinking about it ....

but we younger boomers really got the screw job....we have paid in a greater percentage of our income for SS/Medicare than any previous generations and yet still have to wait if we want "full" SS at a later time....
But then won't your children be those rich who didn't earn their wealth?

Ahhh, the fantasy past of Fantasy America:
I would have liked to live the last third of my life in a moral and good America, ruled by saintly men and women, where the rule of law means something, and where people still get emotional over the singing of the national anthem...

and where God was still in all of our hearts.
But nowadays the Church is going to be ruled by the government, just like the middle ages(!)
we are going to live in a middle ages type of country...

the "proper" churches will continue to get the backing of the govt and all that entails...Catholic Charities..Lutheran Services, etc...and the tax breaks...

ONLY if they tow the line...abortion..homo marriage...etc...

pretty much getting that way....

essentially, all the govt and church elites will live fat and happy as long as each of them protect each others backside....
Purity is silly:
we didn't have to lose in 2012....people stayed home...people voted for some stinking third party...

if "our" supposed people won't do the right thing, we have no chance....

Rubio...Trump...Carson...Jeb...Carly....we'll have freepers denouncing all of them at one time or another and pouting and then proudly declaring that they won't vote for them....

conservatives can be the stupidest and fool hearty people in the world...
Because so many Freepers voted for Obama:
why would anyone ever vote for the rats?...oh, I forgot...many freepers voted in bammy....
Not that Obama really won in 2012:
Bama WILL ABSOLUTELY BE GONE in a few years, and we can start now to undo what he has put in place.

BS....he may never leave...and his mark on our country will never be erased....

they rigged the election, stole it, and now we are nothing more than a banana republic...
Because everyone loved Romney according to this Sept. 2012 post:
when Romney wins, there will be a collective sigh of relief from almost the entire American public...even blacks, who will by and large want this country to go in a better direction....

Plus the idiot vote:
barry steals elections, plus he has the idiot vote....
Alright, time for racism! A white guy kills someone:
I don't care if he's white or not....its immaterial...

but I do think its telling that the word "white" is used so widely and loudly....while the many dead white people murdered by "blacks" go unreported....

I heard today that the black guy who killed those four people in DC and burned their house tortured the little boy...I heard the word "sliced"....
The way to solve crime is put them violent blacks into jail forever!
holder can come clean and tell the citizens the stats on black unbelievably violent blacks are and how they account for a huge percentage of crime considering their minority status...

build more prisons...put them...the criminals....away for longer times...
Prepare yourself for the 2010 race riots
Are we in for a long-hot summer, circa 1965?


people better wise up.....

stay away from the prepared...plan escape routes too...
An Asian gets shot by a black:
she's asian....maybe someday the asians will wake up in this country...
Why a black guy killed a white woman:
she must have played the race know,being a good citizen, working, being polite, considerate...

it'll get you ever time....

but being one of omphreys and bammas peole, there always, always is an excuse for them....
Civil disobedience...unclear on the meaning of the civil part:
we already have massive civil disobedience....

nobody is supposed to rape other people and nobody is supposed to attack your hours and nobody is supposed to steal your stuff and nobody is supposed to carjack you and nobody is supposed to SHOOT you....

all those laws are disobeyed....

wanna stop gun violence?.....stop those doing the violence...
The Benghazi investigation was awesome
the point of the investigation was to confirm what many believe....that she and her cohorts were running guns thru Libya and it was a deal gone wrong...

she and her fellow devil worshipers wanted everything to be literally and figurative....dead and buried...
Real Jews hate American Jews:
apparently, per one conversation my brother had with a concentration camp survivor, a Jew, the Jews in Europe held American Jews highly responsible for what happened because they did nothing to help them....

which, when you look at the political behavior of American and Western Jews today, you can understand....a lot of them seem to have no religious beliefs and are purely loyalty to loyalty to fellow Jews....
Meanwhile, in Obama gaywatch - Michelle Obama's hands!
body build alone is not indicative of your sexuality...

and the fingers....if you look at my hands, you'll see arthritis twisting my fingers but I've always had small hands but my fingers are not typical of a female...although I know I stubbed several fingers as a kid....I am definitely not transgender...

however, add it all up...the large shoulders...the hands..the crock shots...the manly abrasive nature...the lack of normal female concerns...the white hut creep referring to her as "micheal" and the lack of any background info or pics of "Michele" as a pregnant woman ....just add it all up...then it makes perfect sense....
Next on Obama gaywatch - some hand gesture!
I think that finger thing with the African queen is definitely a gay thing....

he's gay...he's a muzzie...he's not an American citizen...there, I said it all...
Freepers are really all in for muzzie being the nigger you can still say.

Also on Obama gaywatch - his wrists!

look at his skinny little seems so obvious.....
And of course gay means Hitler...
if he is gay, he’s the worse kind.....mix homosexuality with a hateful attitude towards many human beings and you end up with a Hitler....

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boehner's budget deal

I like to think of it as a final kiss-off to the Tea Party that caused him such trouble, though it was likely just a way to save the GOP from destroying itself in an election year. But Boehner has passed a budget with Democratic help. And 70 Republicans (out of 247) who were willing to think strategically and not die on this stupid hill.

Freepers react predictably, but amusingly. Vote them out...It's not a Republic when I don't get my way...Civil War time.

faithhopecharity does not understand a Republic wherein he doesn't get his way:
79 R’s voted for it?

raather makes “representative governance” and elections irrelevent
old curmudgeon declares America is dead. Again:
The country is gone...done for when almost every government official looks you straight in the eye and lies.

Every thing that the government has accomplished for the last 7 years has been exactly what those running in the last election promised they would prevent from happening, or at least try hard to prevent.

Lies, lies, lies.

Just send more money.
Good news everyone, RIghtwardHo is never going to vote again!
Made my decision today and saying it three times is a charm ... never, ever voting again. Let ‘em get some other suckers but this old man is done.
It is always awesome to see another Freeper switch from perpetual crisis to nhilistic dooms.

nonliberal seems to think Ryan is already speaker.
Ryan supported it? The Motion to Vacate should be filed monday morning.
Actually, Ryan failed to get enough votes on the first ballot he he.

Weirdad wants to deport the wrongvoters:
79 of those “republicans” were democrats infiltrating the “party.” They should just be kicked out. Deport them.
INVARv explains that being outvoted means it's fascism:
Too bad the majority of Americans have a fatal case of Normalcy is and refuse to see it. They are still hanging their hopes on a political savior like Trump or Carson or Cruz to save us.

The Republic is GONE.

This deal is just one more in an AVALANCHE OF EVIDENCE that we no longer live in a Republic.

We live in a Fascist dictatorship run by a complicit Oligarchy.

Elections are there to placate the masses into thinking we choose our overlords.
How have I not spotlighted INVAR yet? He's...special.
We will need more than pitchforks.

Tyrants do not relinquish their hold on power without causing rivers of blood.

The longer it takes to arrive at that inevitability in this country - the greater the cost and the deeper the river is going to be.
i_robot73 demands a better process, but only recommends reforms that will favor Republicans:
Sorry, but neither party is interested in the People, nor fair and honest elections. Else, they would be ensuring ALL People are heard: single day voting across the board (no pandering, no funny-voting), random debate positions (not just ‘popular’ vs. ‘popular’. And, I mean DEBATES, not the crap these days), ensuring donations/etc., allow lobbying but only those that can pull the lever get to donate (no unions, no PACs, no international, no..)

Nor does the Judiciary, knowing where their bread is buttered, with their blind-eye to ‘Equal Under the Law’ (Congress exempted), NEVER citing the Constitution (merely 1910+ ‘precedent’) or the latest BS of ‘standing’
I like how he seems to hate Citizens United, but never mentions corporations...

Kaosinla is turning on all the more pragmatic Freepers who favored Romney over Obama:
I’m quickly reaching the point that if you accept the brand of traitors (R), than I will treat you as such. This goes for the conservatives that I support as well. Show some bravery, form a coalition, and change parties en masse while in office to gain notoriety and attention.

The CNBC Debate

Everything I'm seeing on both sides of the aisle, and of sanity, says that CNBC's moderation was real bad. Luckily for the GOP, quite a few of them realized that they could attack the press to seem tough. Thus you get the moment of the night - Ted Cruz, being asked a question about the debt ceiling, yelling at the moderators to ask about the issues! Presumably the debt ceiling isn't the issue he was looking for.

Other than that, the only news is that Jeb continues to suck.

Clearly up on CNBC, Pietro wants the RNC fired for hiring those Commies...
As I predicted yesterday this disaster is attributable to the braindead RNC.

Why, for the love of God, would they allow known libtards like CNBC to host a debate.

Somebody's ass needs to get canned, but nothing will happen because in DC no one is ever really responsible.
Savage Beast thinks CNBC is very much like Goebbels.
Why did they agree to participate in such a "debate" under the influence of such "moderators"?

Didn't they know that the entire event would be a Leftist propaganda extravaganza very much like Hitler's Nazi propaganda events back in the 1930s?
hoosiermama thinks be best attacks are ones that dog-whistle accuse the Clintons of murder:
He left out Huckabee line about taking on the Clintons and still being alive.
Best attack line against the democrats
DAC21 thinks Benghazi still plays in the GOP. He's probably right:
Another good moment, forgot whom it was, but they hammered the media about taking a Cancklebeast victory lap after the hearing. While failing to mention she was proven a liar in said hearings.
Meanwhile, ncpatriot sees to think there was good conservative content in the debate:
I wonder how many people watched this debate. I bet a lot. That means many Dims heard what conservatives believe and stand for.
I'd mock wita for spending his time finding random liberal zealot loons on twitter to mock, but then I look at this blog...
Speaking of dems, watching the twitter comments scrolling below the debate was to say the least interesting. Some big names, and not so big making absolutely idiotic comments.
Liz is also hitting Benghazi:
The uber-liberal media moderators copped the same smug-superior attitude as Hillary the Benghazi hearings. These self-satisfied Demoncrat types despise Republicans---especially conservative Republicans----and have no compunction about showing it full-face.
HarleyLady27 didn't watch much, but Trump, guys!
I watched as much as I could...then went to the thread on here...the thing I liked was how all the candidates took down the press...

Some have been saying that Trump is to soft skinned when it comes to the press, guess last night proved him right once again..
The_Media_never_lie is also completely Trump oriented:
The remark about Trumps ties being made in Mexico was one of the most disrespectful, snarkiest in history. These guys are biased 100 per cent of the time, and are GOPe, democrat shills.
mazda77's metaphor is great - it makes Rubio into some sort of superman:
As I said at one thread, Rubio made a fantastic field goal attempt by dressing down the media and JEB but in doing so he kicked it through the roof and it went through the goal posts behind him. Spectacular on its face but no points are awarded for kicking it through the opponents goal.
LS has a great plan for Republicans to never answer another question again!
I think it was important for others to begin attacking the media-—not just Trump (”Do you write this stuff?”). EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN should begin with “the premise of your question is downright stupid. I’ll answer what I think the American people would find useful in that question . . . .”

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Muslims are coming for your daughters

Ain't much to this. Freepers try to figure out how the canard that all the refugees from Libya and Iraq are men with the idea that they will outbreed us all. You can tell they've not thought it out too hard.

Logical me fears that Obama will soon give Order 66, and the American Muslims will rise!
King Obama is a Muslim and right from before President he wanted to destroy America. He is bringing these ISIS radicals in to the US. He will spread this destructive force throughout America. I fear at a given command they will kill. King Obama is a communists black Muslim terrorists.
Roman_War_Criminal has been seeing a suspicious number of swarthy folks lately...
BTW, I think the ‘official’ numbers of ‘refugees’ is a load of horse poop. We might well have 30M+ next year.

Who knows.

I’ve noticed A LOT more ME types in my area over the past year or so. I’m not talking a few——more like hundreds.

We were about as diverse as rural Iowa too.

You are probably right.
Dilbert San Diego posits a seduction plan:
is the plan to seduce/indoctrinate native females in the countries they send these men to??? I’m taking for granted that any children born to them would of course be raised to be good Muslims. But wondered where do you get the willing females to do that job???
alloysteel knows our women will fall for Islamic charms. Or rape:
The females, being of weak convictions and without any internal moral guidance, shall succumb quickly to the charm and courtly behavior of these Noble Islamic Gentlemen, who so gallantly offer to protect them and secure their futures.

Or submit to rape and literal enslavement, whichever occurs first.
JEDI4S has an odd theory:
They are going to convert our “lesbian” women to straightism as well as mohamheadism or else.

Simple plan for simple folks.
Jim 0216 hopes that Texas will resist this inevitable tide of rape and seduction:
There must be a state that will not be bribed into slavery and overthrow. There’s got to be one. Maybe those who are willing to fight the feds, our #1 enemy, and the Muslim invaders, our #2 enemy, need to collect in a state like Texas and recall all Texas officials who are traitors, elect those who stand by the Constitution and state sovereignty, reject the bribes and stand and fight.

Attacking Malia Obama

When visiting colleges, Malia Obama was photographed watching beer pong at Brown. Then they wrote a long, navel-gazing letter of apology. It's pretty amusingly Brown.

Of course, this is lost on Freepers. For while a few pretend scruples about underaged daughters, most do not hesitate to attack. Though, interestingly they do not go the obvious rout of accusing her of underage drinking. Instead, they attack her looks.

Ann Archy has not met any teenagers:
This girl is the MOST SULLEN Teenager I have ever seen.
null and void tries to make something of the apology:
Oh, I dunno. She smiles pretty good when the people who caught her breaking the law are forced to apologize...
leaning conservative urges the high road:
It is just creepy when people feel okay making nasty comments about kids. They should be off limits for nasty snark.
Red_Devil 232 pays no heed, though:
+1 I’ve never seen Barry’s “daughter’s” picture being referred to, but the Bush girl’s were everywhere, even USA Today (I think).

That is because the Bush girls were pretty.
bkopto fondly recalls mocking Chelsea:
Yowza. No thanks.

At least she is more believable as the offspring of Bath House and Wookie than Chelsea is of the Bent One and the Witch. Web Hubbell is almost certainly Chelsea’s father.

BTW, I’ll bet my house on the proposition that she’s not at Brown by merit, but by her parents, ONLY.
dfwgator also keeps things Clinton:
She’s a heck of a lot prettier than Chelsea ever was.
Glad2bnuts has never seen Obama's skin color, I guess:
That girl is not the daughter of two black parents, sorry to state the obvious.
ROCKLOBSTER's conspiracy theories don't make sense, help Freepers!
If Obama and Michael Robinson are both queers, where did the girls come from?
Yaelle integrates Obama being gay with fathering children:
Obama seems pretty homosexual from what people who have been with him say. Never heard anything about Michelle, she is probably hetero. That first kid looks enough like both of them. He must have pretended Mooch was a guy and spawned with her.
bimboeruption just had an insult ready, and it'd be a same to waste it:
Man, oh man, is she ugly.

Her face could stop the El Capitan.
sheana is not actually being nice:
She’s not very attractive.

I was being nice. Lol

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Benghazi Blame Game

Even as many Freepers insisted the Benghazi hearing was awesome, most realized what a boon it was for Hillary. Luckily, these past two years or so Freepers have become unified in their conviction that when the GOP's attempt to placate Freepers makes them look like fools, it's a conspiracy to keep Freepers down:

Some Fat Guy in L.A. explains that liberals love liars:
Republicans demonstrated clearly on Thursday that Hillary Clinton lied routinely and repeatedly

The problem with that is, to the rats and their media minions, lying is not a problem - in fact, if it's done to advance the cause, it's a career enhancer. Sort of like the muzzies....
Questions will forever remain for FreedBird:
Two questions:
1. Why did Biden drop out the day before the Benghazi hearing and was he pressured by the Clinton machine to drop out?
2. Did Ambassador Stevens know something which would prevent good security for him? 600 e-mails calling for help and being ignored, seems like someone high up did not care about the security.
There must be many facts hidden. We need Columbo to connect the dots.
Tau Food has the best idea for a question that shoulda been asked:
There are some people who think that Hillary ordered the attack. This case needs clarity even if it turns out to be only a single or a double. It seemed chaotic yesterday.
Prolixus wishes the attacks on Hillary were more emotional:
There should have been an emotional focus on her scapegoating a Coptic Christian for the attack (the videographer is a Copt). It looks like she hoped that there would be retaliation attacks by Muslims against Cops due to the video and that would bury any news about Hillary's massive failures in Libya. She is truly evil.
Norm Lenhart is sure everyone knows Hillary is guilt, yet she's not in jail??? Conspiracy!
It’s hard to make a so called ‘mistake’ when job 1 is to keep your people out of prison.

Because lets face facts. If everyone on the planet had Hillary’s emails on the matter, I find it damn hard to believe the GOP was some innocent bystander that pulled a Sgt. Schultz and ‘Knew Nothink!”

They arent stupid. They are complicit. and Hillary is ‘their people’. Their presidential candidate did give her a freaking medal for her work amidst all this afterall.
Ouderkirk agrees with Rush - the GOP betrayed them:
At Limbaugh has postulated, this was already scripted.

They were never going to let anyone move in for the kill. Cummings would never have let that happen.
BusterBear explains that Hillary is the GOPe fallback:
The GOPe doesn’t want to go too hard on Hillary just in case Trump or Cruz wind up as the Republican Party nominee. Hillary can be counted on to follow orders.
867V309's blame is deliciously focused:
Six Big Mistakes In The Benghazi Hearing

1. Committee Chairman Gowdy.
2. Congressman Gowdy
3. U.S. House Representative Trey Gowdy
4. GOPe toady Trey
5. Trey "you should be happy I even showed up" Gowdy.
6. Uniparty water-carrier extraordinaire Harold Watson Gowdy III.
Well, so much for your career, Gowdy.

Benghazi bitterness

Freepers say differently, but it seems pretty clear to me from their foot stomping that they know Benghazi has been reduced to Vince Foster status - largely defanged for anyone but Freepers.

But lets watch them stomp their little feet and grasp their little straws, shall we? The amusingly named 'American Thinker' provides the ideally petty vehicle with it's "Hillary deploys her ultimate weapon -- her cackle"

Kid Shelleen doesn't get why the media isn't into the misogynist dog whistles:
Hillary has been using the cackle defense since her Whitewater days. When is the press going to call her out?

I actually feel sorry for Bill every time I hear this shrew, until I remember all the women he abused.
Qiviut finds her laughing at a ridiculous question to be super significant:
She had a real cackling spell when Roby was questioning her about the night of the Benghazi attack ..... it also went over like a lead balloon ..... made her look awful that she could possibly see any humor in a question regarding her whereabouts/companions that night. She looked mentally ill during that exchange.

Whenever a really uncomfortable subject comes up (like her emails), she deflects with this half-hysterical laughing cackle. Since she did it upon Roby’s question, it makes me wonder if what she said was yet another lie .... since Hilly can’t even get a cup of tea for herself, I doubt she was all alone.
hoosiermama is also looking real hard for damning conclusions to draw:
That cackle seemed to be a guilty reaction to her behavior that night. There was a series of questions leading up to was she alone. All could have been answered innocently. She could have said yes or no. If no answered staff stayed the night, secret service was on duty or a friend stayed with her. Instead the guilty laugh. Something she was hiding and embarrassed

With security cameras, log books etc the questioner knew the answer. Hillary choose perjury over exposing the truth. Must be a doosy
But the always conspiratorial blueunicorn6 never needs to work hard to prove her speculations. She finds Hillary laughing to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she's a spy and should be put to death!
This is significant.

It shows that she had a secure (transfers the communications into code) system at her house.

That proves that she understood the need for securing (coding) her communications, but she chose not to.

The thing about secure communications is that the person on the other end of the conversation has to have the coding system, too.

She was knowingly and willfully communicating secret information on a system that wasn’t coded when she had access to a communications system that was coded.

She’s done.

She is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The question now is:

What will her punishment be?

They must take into account her belligerence in this matter. They must consider her cackling contempt for the laws of our nation and the lives of Americans.

We cannot rule out that Hillary Clinton knowingly and willfully committed espionage against the United States.

That is a hanging offense.
grania has an ad that will play gangbusters with Freepers:
Think of "the cackle" as part of Trump campaign ads. He won't have to say she's an ugly witch, just contrast hillary cackling with Trump giving free helicopter rides to kids (etc)
PGalt is trying out new nicknames:
Hillaryous Rotten Criminal - Cankles Cackles.
Diana in Wisconsin, nice as always, wishes terminal illnesses on Hillary:
This Fabian Socialist Harridan needs to stroke out. Now. At LEAST give us Liver Failure. Yeesh!
kindred declares America will totes be over for real if Hillary's elected.
She is as nuts as the obamanation femi Nazi regime is and it will be over for America, if not already, if the liar gets elected.
Tupelo doesn't get why everyone else sees these mountains as mere molehills:
The Clintons absolutely amaze me. Nothing and I do mean nothing sticks to them. From Bill’s expulsion from Oxford to Hillary’s firing from the Watergate investigation all the way to Benghazi. Nothing. Absolutely nothing but money sticks to them.
Now she has added Trey Gowdy’s head up on the trophy wall next to Darrell Issa’s.
God knows that trophy room’s walls must be completely covered with the heads of past investigators.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Potpourri

annieokie think Hillary's hand gestures are very Hitlerian:
She strikes the same pose and hand gestures as Hitler. Her face shows the same disdain for people as Hitler showed.
Did I say Hitlerian? clearcarbon corrects me:
Future generations of Americans will refer to the obamian character of their native villains.
Donated to Obama? DiogenesLamp thinks you need to go to jail:
I predict that when this nightmare of corruption and idiocy is out of office, revenge minded law enforcement officials are going to launch investigations out the wazoo in an effort to give Obama and cronies some much needed payback.

I predict once again that the only way the entire Obama cabinet stays out of Prison is if the next President deliberately lets them get away with their crimes.

I think Obama needs to go to prison. I think his staff needs to go to prison. Everyone who received his government funded kickbacks need to go to prison. (Solyndra, etc.) Everyone who donated money to his campaign needs to go to prison. Everyone who supported him in the media needs to go to prison.

We just need to throw a whole lot of human garbage into the Prison system.
HomerBohn heard Hillary had a beer after the Benghazi hearing, and went off:
She is so evil, words are not yet invented that would describe her.

After guzzling her bloated self sick and in a profuse sweat, she crawled under the sheets with Huma for a well deserved period of sack time.
HomerBohn again, laying out a political cartoon
How about one with Hitlery and Billy Goat sitting atop a pile of dead bodies with the caption: ‘We’d never made it to the top if y’all had lived.’

Have Vince Foster’s corpse sitting between them with his dead arms around their shoulders.
Lazamataz seems to have found apocalyptic meaning in religion:
With the muzzle in chief about to vacate the Oval Office, NASA will now return to it’s original intent, planetary exploration and launching crews into the the Great Out There.

You seem to not understand what has happened, and what will happen.

This is way bigger than Obama.

In fact, the powers and principalities are the struggle between God and the Enemy.
WENDLE was on fire this week, finding the super important detail in the 11 hour Benghazi hearing:
I want a complete and independent physical examination of this woman who would be PRESIDENT. She fell down “for no reason” and suffered what her rapist husband called “SEVERE BRAIN CONCUSSION” . We need a warrior for president not a sick old woman!! Yesterday she almost went into shock coughing . They had to break 10 minutes to allow her to recover. HILLARY IS A SICK OLD WOMAN!!
WENDLE on the scientists' hoax that Mars has flowing water, and gravity:
Total fantasy like “flowing water on Mars” I heard today the Mars has no gravity ( No IRON CORE )and that solar winds blow everything off. The “flowing water” scam is to make work for NASA. It was timed to come out just before the star wars fantasy movie that was made from this fantasy book.
Secret Agent Man is pretty sure Obama's high all the time:
i wonder what its like to be president and baked all the time. hell i dont even blame him, hes married to mooch and her fricking mother is always there.
RetiredTexasVet makes an odd accusation of secular Jews:
secular Jews are as bad as the anti-Semites in many cases.
867V309 is really excited Trump gave a speech from a place he owned:
It is so cool Trump owns the venue for his own event! Total control, keep out the South Florida riff-raff. Uniperversion never got its video bite. HA!
11th_VA is concerned by Obama's dictatorship by veto:
He really has become a dictator, and the Democrats are fine with that. Rather than compromise, they can sit back and let Obama veto everything, and never extend a hand to overturn his vetos. And all the while "claim" the GOP will not compromise. The media will 'run interference' for the Rats and never call it what it is. A pure and simple Dictatorship ...
ZULU has gone deep into the FOX News middle school rumors:
Brit Hume’s opinion demonstrates what kind of mental damage comes from an affair with Megan Kelly. He is a RINO. Hates Sarah Palin, who could beat Kelly in a personality or beauty contest any day. But I guess when you look like Hume you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel is Kelly was down there, plastered to the floor.
Rome2000 knows no investigation is truly over, if you believe:
A closed investigation means NOTHING.

As long as no charges were filed and no indictments rendered, ALL of these left wing marxist conspirators are subject to CRIMINAL PROSECUTION WHEN THE DOJ IS NOT RUN BY THE THE CPUSA.

Lois Lerner and her fellow travelers might be popping champagne corks tonight, but the TRUMP regime will put hemm BEHIND BARS where they belong.
Bob434 remains hopeful about the Benghazi circus:
11 hours wasted time with NO outcome!!!

Don’t write it off so quick- the republicans ALLOWED her to ramble on and on and on for a purpose- so that she would be caught in lie after lie, and so that the FBI would have more e3vidence against her when she lied- the investigation isn’t over- and she opened herself up to even more serious charges against her
annieokie is pretty excited about that time when Hillary didn't have a tab in her notes:
That was a great discovery moment, NO TAB (funny). She was not prepared for this and it stunned her into reality, which of course unnerved her for a bit.

Very telling moment and one I'm sure did not go unnoticed by the Committee. It hit a nerve. Every time they hit a nerve SHE got very testy with them.

What I saw with this testimony was DISCOVERY, nothing more and nothing more was intended. They got plenty, she won nothing.
caww thinks America has been replaced by Dracula or something:
Looks like America’s pretty much walked out the door and ‘something” else altogether has taken over to suck the life out of what’s left.........(sigh)
Mamzelle is trying hard to make a gay cake something real:
Christian bakers have to bake cakes with homosexual decorations.
Art in Idaho seems to have skipped every President since the first:
I'm an American, I'm still Free and I shall Resist.

My leader is this guy, not Obama:

[George Washington.jpg]

Keep pushing, keep Abusing, C'mon, Bring it On!
HarleyLady27's been reading World Net Daily again...
So what I have been reading here means that anyone who voices objection to obuma and what he is and has done and is going to do is a ‘terrorist’ and will be dealt with...

Meaning that he is going to enact martial law before the election to keep himself in power and become the Dictator of America...the whole purpose of living the life he was brought up by his mentors to be...

Taking away the second amendment is just the thing to crush our Constitution and America will be no longer what we have enjoyed in the will become another ‘Hilter’ state...

I didn't ever think I would live to see this day come, knowing what I have been taught and knowing what the Bible has told me...I have no words at this time except God please bless America and all the people that love her...
dfwgator endorses an actual political assassination:
Mr. Weiss did a great service to this country, I think Long may very well have become POTUS.
Bulwyf thinks the Canadian bill of rights is the worst thing:
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms was the single worst thing to happen to Canadians. It’s an illegal document in all honesty.

I wonder if the Americans will be upset if I borrow their original Constitution for the forming of a new country in the west?
pallis thinks politics is where you get the women:
Wanna’ be a rock star...? Play politics; make the groupies swoon. It’s all about pop, not substance.
Dilbert San Diego isn't racist, but he wants segregated schools:
Some will call us racist. But the fact is, when you get too many blacks in a school, a “tipping point” of sorts is reached, and quality of education suffers.

Teachers in such schools tell us that they spend more time on discipline, which takes time away from instruction, that they have to spend extra time with students who have lagged behind, or deal with things such as kids who don’t do homework. And just fall behind grade level.

I read somewhere, don’t remember where, but an older black man wrote, that he feels he got a better education in the Jim Crow segregated schools of the south, than the education in these mostly black schools today.
Yaelle thinks Hillary will come out of the closet soon:
Can’t you imagine Hillary sobbing on camera in the touching interview where maybe they bring out the other old fossil Barbara Walters, smear the lens with Vaseline, and have Hillary tell the story of how she was forced to marry a good friend, Bill Clinton, because back in the dark ages it was not accepted to be a Member of the LGBT community. Talk about Must See TV. Bombshell. Shocking News. Hillary tells all about her Rainbow Struggle and why she has kept it secret after all these years. And now in 2015 finally she can Be Who She Was Meant To Be.

Bernie can’t top that even if he scrubs his skin on national TV and the white color is shown to be paint. No one can trump the Gay card.
Even after the disastrous hearing, CivilWarBrewing is still dwelling on Benghazi:
I want the unvarnished TRUTH as to WHAT WAS THE U.S. DOING IN BENGHAZI??? After 3 YEARS, we STILL don't know the answer to that question!!!

Also, WHO were the attackers and WHY did 0bama fail to actively go after them? Were the attackers the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD assigned by Morsi/Hillary to take Stevens hostage to be later used by Morsi to gain the release of the Blind Sheik before the election?

Truth29 equates two evils that only Freepers can see:
I will never understand two things - how Democrats can lie so easily and how the media can cover for them WHEN SHE IS ON TAPE DOING THAT EXACT THING! They must think the American people are totally stupid!

Sorta like Muslims.
XenaLee explains that the Freeper majority is being kept down by Satan:
We are NOT the minority. You have allowed yourself to be fooled. Make no mistake....these leftist cretins are the minority.....somehow ruling and over-ruling us, the majority. The only question is...why are we letting them get away with it? It would be so easy for us to exert our influence and defeat them. America is still, despite all the propaganda, mostly Christian. So the question is...why don’t we stop them?

The answer to that pertinent question is the same as the question is....supernatural is the answer. Only God knows why, at this point. Well...maybe, God and his nemesis.
Sweet jesus, Psalm 144's attacks on Jeb are at maximum racism:
Columba Boosh - “¿Que? ¡Mi no haf las ropas! ¡Ees all mine, ai chinga—! ¿Ah, yo no se? No hablar Inglees... ¿Donde es mi esposo?”

Jorge Pee Boosh - “¿Papi, he ees like un padrone, si? He make the federales hees beech, man. I climb in dat beeches window, si? Ju KNOW what I’m gonna do, vato, so just speedos an’ attitude man, that is what I take wit me. No charge, no nutteenk, an’ now I take back the Alamo, piece at a time, ¿si? ¡Smoke eet, gringo peones!”

Noelle Boosh - “¿Hunnhh....? Unh.... ¿Huhhhh?”

Yebbi Boosh - “¡Unh! ¡Unh! ¡Unh! Mi papi... he ¡Unh! weel feex eet... ¡Unh!¡Unh!¡UNHHH!”

Friday, October 23, 2015

Spotlight Friday: IChing

Some sort of security guy living in the DC metro area, where just about any other Freeper has been noted maybe once in the comments, IChing has been pointed out a total of 5 times.

It's not hard to see why - he may not post that often, but he's an enthusiastic and angry white supremacist, whose sick of how tolerant Freepers are(!). Not too surprisingly, given his general philosophy, he's also not a huge fan of Israel. There are other forums dedicated to his racial cleansing monomania, but he keeps plugging away on Freep despite it's more partisan focus. (To be fair, given his reletively infrequent posting habits, he's probably on those too).

But my favorite part is that he's trying to get the 4chan-coined term 'cuckservative' to catch on unironically.

cuckservatives believe America will survive when whites aren't the majority.
I’m explaining what a cuckservative is and why people like you are cuckservatives. The article fits you perfectly. You think America can maintain its European derived culture when Europeans are in the minority, and you argue against demographics as destiny. You refuse to research anything beyond boilerplate rah-rah conventional conservatism because you have been trained to believe you are a bad person if you see beyond it and into the real dynamics. You seek approval from the establishment so as not to be cast out.
Blacks are the descendants of the Biblical Cain:
The Bible is full of generalizing about tribes and racial groups; Genesis even says the descendants of Cain have some sort of marker on them. What small demographic commits over 50% of the murders in our society? That’s just spiritual speculation of course, however if you claim to be a Christian, you can’t deny scripture.

People like you have a haughtiness about these matters based on political correctness and moral myopia that blindly rejects biology and nature, and apparently presuming that all are the elect. You also fear intellectual examination of what you have been taught.
Poor guy works in Washington DC, where the majority do not speak the English:
I live and work in the D.C. area. It gets so exhausting and stressful day in and day out, trying to communicate everyday interactions with a majority population who does not speak English as their first language.
Some of his coworkers are messy. Clearly the work of minorities!
I have a weekend job full of “diversity” and the employees eat in the break room, then go back to work and leave their piles of trash right on the table where they ate, even while there are waste receptacles nearby for them to dispose of it. Just utter disregard for personal responsibility in keeping a common area free of trash.

It’s so true what you said about the sense of entitlement, too; the rampant foreign swarms overrunning the D.C. area are encouraged to act and speak as if they’re here for the sole purpose of conquest. Did you see that story from the L.A. area, where the Qatar guys with their mansion and exotic sports cars were racing at 100 mph through residential streets, then aggressively threatened a reporter who questioned them, saying “F America” and saying they had diplomatic immunity?
Why do we help Israel stay Jewish, and not America stay white?
The most intelligent Americans have woken up to the horrible failure of #cuckservatism and how for so many decades we have been expected to eschew any sort ethno-nationalism for ourselves, while fighting and dying to protect Israeli Jewish nationalism, and so much of our policy energies being directed toward supporting Jewish nationalism at the expense of our own people here.

Are you not aware of the awakening?
More of the same:
So much of our military history and foreign policy is oriented toward defending Israel it’s not funny.

Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that (they are our allies) — the point is, why should we vilify white nationalists yet sacrifice our own on behalf of Jewish nationalists?

If ethnic nationalism is okay for others, then it’s okay for whites. If you disagree, you’re obviously a cuck.
That idiot racist who shot up that black church? Justified:
The bottom line is that Roof acted because whites are being slaughtered and raped by blacks across the land, for year after year after year, AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT; the information is being hidden from the public, etc.
White terrorism is A-OK:
You’re asking me if terrorism is justified, then. I suppose in some cases, it is. The firebombing of civilians in Dresden and other Axis cities in order to completely break the enemy’s will, etc., eh? And when is it justified for whites to do something like Roof did about the race terrorism blacks have been waging against random, innocent, defenseless old white ladies and other vulnerable victims for decades?
But a later shooter? Probably has at least a drop of black:
Mercer looks to be mixed race, high yaller as octaroons were once known.
TRUMP, naturally
Trump bashers need to get it through their heads that the other candidates come across like mere policy wonks when they chirp and flutter around him with their polished, precise answers.

We don’t need or want more polished policy wonks. THEY NEVER DELIVER. After so many years of polite, politically correct failure, we need and want a vicious, ruthless asshole who will round up and deport the swarms of wetback invaders, nuke the living goat piss out of ISIS, and beat the crap out of China in the trade war.

That’s when we’ll start to see some real much-needed politeness for a change, except it will be toward the U.S., from our opponents.
The GOP could combat Obama better if they embraced White Supremacy:
We gave the keys to the GOP in a staggeringly massive landslide nationwide victory in the last midterms. We gave them the power to significantly thwart Obama and the democrats. They did not do it. Their principles and philosophy are the “right” ones.

Don’t you think it’s time to join with those of us who have realized that #cuckservatism is the real problem?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hillary assassinates Biden's Presidential candidacy

I don't think many people thought Biden was going to run. I wasn't even going to cover it, but Freepers couldn't stop posting different ways they fit this little tidbit into their narrative of Hillary's sinister machinations.

ground_fog knows what this must mean!
this pretty much guarantees Hillary will get off Scott free with her crimes
fwdude may not have heard of this Bernie Sanders guy:
He’s the “wrong” race, “wrong” sex and “wrong” “sexual orientation.” What chance does he have as a DemonicRat?
Carl Vehse doesn't even bother to come up with much of a story:
HiLIARy made Crazy Joe a deal he couldn’t refuse.
Argus knows the FBI is in on it:
The fix is in - Clinton will be whitewashed by the FBI et al. If she really screws the pooch in the meantime, the convention can always turn to Biden by acclamation.
Zathras weaves a tale:
An agreement was made.
Hillary takes VJ on her staff. (OMG did I just type that)
Obama buries the FBI report.
Witness JLAGRAYFOX, using only '!!!' tries to switch from disappointment to enthusiasm in less then a sentence!
I was pushing Biden...because, he is the dumbest man in the universe.....but, at the end of the day, Hillary Clinton, will be crowned Queen of the life low, traitor Democrat Party!!! In fact, she will be much easier to beat then Biden and the Obama Democrat vermin that would have pushed him!!!

Clinton, now has no competition, and she will get lazy, evil, hateful, listless, dull & boring as time moves on!!! If Donald Trump gets the GOP nod...he will slaughter Clinton politically as well as devastate and destroy the current Democrat Party vermin!!!
GrandJediMasterYoda is one of a dozen of Freepers who posted short sentences with one word:
He was reminded of Arkancide.
GrandJediMasterYoda doesn't get how his brother can make a sober assessment of the election devoid of cheerleader:
My brother is betting she will win the Presidency, not because he likes her, he hates her guts, but he knows the fix is in.
Hehe, JustaCowgirl thinks Trump drove Biden out:
He doesn’t want to spar against Trump, knowing he would be ripped to shreds.
Vigilanteman thinks Biden is playing the long game:
He's doing a Paul Ryan thing. Ryan really doesn't want to be Speaker of the House, but he will accept it under certain conditions.

And Br'er Rabbit really didn't want to get thrown into the brier patch.
allendale is stretching real hard to get his preferred villain into the race:
The departure of the grinning dunce leaves only the corrupt, alcoholic lesbian and the old socialist commissar in the field. still time for the pompous narcissist Kerry or the not of this planet, weird Brown to jump in. Actually would not be surprised to see Hillary drop out, Sanders to withdraw for “health reasons” and Kerry drafted by desperate Democrats.
seawolf101 thinks the Democrats are on the way down, but on the way they're probably going to win the Presidency:
The democrats are on a downward spiral and they don’t realize it. Eventually it will catch up with them. Unfortunately they will have such a devastating impact on the USA that it will take a long time to recover if ever. The level of corruption of the Obozo administration has reached epic proportions. The top criminal will win their nomination and possibly the presidency. May God help us all.
cuspofcommonsense is still banking on martial law:
Hillary goes to prison.
Trump & Sanders are only candidates for election.
False flag event occurs, all elections put on hold and
“O” & Crazy Uncle Joe rule forever . . .
Wolfie has about the right attitude re: Benghazi:
Benghazi will haunt Hillary for the rest of the campaign.

Her Presidency too. Both terms.

Iraq war post-mortem

Once Obama got into office, Freepers' ideology has drifted, since being against everything Obama does isn't as clarifying as cheerleading Bush's actual policies. This is especially true in foreign policy, which Freepers have never been really interested in beyond another channel for the Obama hatred.

Thus Freepers experience disagreement in how to react when Trump rolls realpolotik, and wishes we'd never removed the dictators oppressing Libya and Iraq. Throwing Bush under the bus didn't surprise me, but the number of imperialistic Neocons that remain did.

TigerClaws echoes Trump's analysis:
Absolutely true. The Christians there would also still be alive and we wouldn’t have the migration invasion.

George W. was delusional to think that with Saddam gone the Iraqis would embrace freedom. Their Muslim ideology is anti-democratic. The choice is secular dictator or religious dictator. Take your pick.

I’d prefer the secular dictators.
Cruz2Victory takes things one step further, and damn near quotes the Conquistadors:
I was a strong supporter of the Iraq war(s). And I was wrong. I did not know the mind of the arab, and most everyone there. You can’t bring sandy losers stuck in the dark ages into modern concepts of fredom.

Biggest lesson: True freedom is unnatural. When freedom is given or bestowed, it just gets corrupted and dies, quite fast. Freedom must be earned, fought for, craved with the entirety of the soul. It is a rare people who win freedom. And it must be won.

And during the fight, all opposed to freedom must be destroyed, completely and utterly destroyed. Because control freaks never, ever, ever give up. It’s a compulsion eminating from the core of their being.
And thus SWAMPSNIPER more or less justifies enslaving all Muslims:
The cultures of the ME absolutely require tyranny.
Mamzelle spares no mercy on Bush:
this really must be ticking off the Bush family, so that is a pleasure.
PGR88 conveniently ignores Iraq, which even other Freeper have been focusing on:
He’s correct - but Donald, don’t say what “WE” did there. Always say - what OBAMA and CLINTON did there.

They assassinated Khaddafi and turned Libya into a failed, violent, Jihadi state — for what reason???
SeekAndFind notes the change in position:
In 2003, there was HUGE support for Bush and Operation Iraqi Freedom here at FR.

In fact, there was HUGE support here at FR for THE SURGE as well.

My, how things have changed after a decade...
SeekAndFind follows up by deciding the Middle East is about like Europe:
OK, here’s hindsight. Iraq was quite stable between 2008 and 2011 after the surge.

They did not have a good, strong, incorruptible leader and that was the problem. BUT .... LEAVING IRAQ WAS A HUGE PROBLEM.


We are still in Japan, Germany and South Korea over 5 decades now. What makes people think that we can simply end the war by retreating in Iraq?
Trapped Behind Enemy Lines echoes old, rejected, Bush arguments:
The causus belli were numerous. The case against Saddam is solid. He received his just reward in the end. He deserved what he got. He was a mini-Hitler operating in the region who tried to get away with as much as possible.

Please, let’s not re-write history like the Left always does.
Trapped Behind Enemy Lines then says the oft-unstated GOP defense spending policy out loud:
I believe that military spending is a legitimate federal expense and that it needs be dramatically increased IMHO.

As for our colossal national debt-—which I agree is perfectly insane and unsustainable-—nearly all of that can attributed to out of control entitlement programs. Military spending is miniscule in comparison.
Starstruck takes confidence in the unproveable:
If Saddam was still in power, he would already have the bomb.
Sans-Culotte lets slip a great quote:
At the time, Saddam appeared to be a loose cannon that could not be allowed to flourish in a post-9/11 world. However, Bush apparently had no plan for the post-Saddam Iraq. "Let democracy taker its course" was not the way to go over there. If the removal of Saddam was done to make the world safer, it failed. Then to make matters worse, Obama and Hillary followed the same course in Libya.

I guess we at FR assumed Bush/Cheney et al knew what they were doing.
I guess we at FR assumed Bush/Cheney et al knew what they were doing.
I guess we at FR assumed Bush/Cheney et al knew what they were doing.
I guess we at FR assumed Bush/Cheney et al knew what they were doing.


MARKUSPRIME just wants occasional bombings. Forever.
fk the muslims. Saddam killed them and kept them in check, and Iran as well. All we had to do was enforce our no fly zone, and bomb if need be. Democracy everywhere does not work. Muslims need a dictator/strong man to murder enough of them to keep their barbarity quelled and in line. Sad but true.
piasa basically lays out an Imperial philosophy right out of Pericles:
Someone is always going to be the world’s policemen- everyone who isn’t is will be the world’s policed.

There’s no in between.
piasa knows it woulda worked, if it weren't for that meddling democracy!
the United States betrayed them, as we did Vietnam, by electing treasonous scum.

Now watching FR cheering on the KGB is sickening- the stupid has been growing stronger here over the years.
Timber Rattler doesn't get why America doesn't just take over everywhere:
Problem is that the Bush Administration lost its nerve after toppling Sadaam, and instead of right wheeling into Iran and turning the Israelis loose on the Syrians, Bush, Condi, and Rumsfeld decided to hunker down and fight the guerrilla/hearts and minds war, making the exact same mistakes that were made in Vietnam, before Bush finally pulled it out with the Surge (the victory in which Obama then chucked away).

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Freepers already hate Paul Ryan

After Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name from contention for Speaker, National Review's Rich Lowry asked if the House was governable.
"I don’t know. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom," McCarthy responded.

And the question is whether Paul Ryan will reluctantly supply that rock bottom.

Well, it doesn't look like it from here!

First, though the Freedom Caucus has some defections that seem to like him, it still remains crazy enough that Ryan wouldn't be unanimous.

Second, Ryan seems to want to remake the speaker into less a fundraiser and more an RNC policy evangelist. This would mean he has no leverage over his party, which leads to

Third, Ryan doesn't want the motion to vacate the chair breathing down his neck from now until a new Speaker in January 2017. That pisses off the Tea Party by taking away the largest gun in their arsenal, but it's like they don't have other ways to make Ryan's life awful.

But most importantly for this blog, you've got head Freeper jimrob posting "Ryan = treasonous amnesty pimp" and "Ryan = traitor". Some Freepers want to give him a chance, but I expect they will give him exactly zero breathing room.

So really, it's wins all the way down for us!

redgolum just assumes there's a conspiracy to elect Ryan speaker:
There is a civil war going on in the GOP. Ryan is demanding that everyone surrender.

But you don’t make demands from a position of weakness. Who or what does he know?
Gaffer kinda rambles on about spending being bad, and then decides that only the Freedom Caucus is really representing voters:
Whether this politburo bureaucrat wrote his speech in a deer stand or on the toilet taking a dump where the rest of his ideas belong makes no difference in the obedience he is demanding.

“I’ll deign to take the Speakership if you’ll capitulate and accede to my agenda - IOW, NO DISSENT.”

Ryan is purported to be a budget expert because he can talk bureaucratese for spending and funding. They’ve been spending and financing it off our backs for a hundred years - other peoples’ money, What Me Worry?

Capitulate is another word he’s familiar with - very. His Capitulation Budget in tribute to Obama is the prime example.

Mr. Ryan, you are a losing also-ran and your ‘conditions’ are completely out of line. Instead of making your potential voters meet your demands, start thinking about how these 40 or so rebels got that way and who ELECTED them in the first place.

I wouldn’t vote for you for dog catcher.
Adder agrees - conservatives are the only 'We the people' that matter:
I do not care about his conditions about traveling or working weekends. But he is NOT going to push amnesty and budgets that exacerbate our debt problems with a “Support me or else” bs attitude.

Eff him. Conservatives need to stand tough and make THEIR ideas part of the solution.

We the people outside the beltway expect and demand it.
Mamzelle is as catty as ever:
Breathtaking. What an entitled b$tch. I’d like to see him lose his Wisconsin seat, and have to compete for work amongst the illegals. And his spoiled brat wife, too
MichaelCorleone remembers who ended the shutdown!
Did Ryan consult with his pal Patty Murray before making his ‘demands’?
xzins has figured out who Ryan really hates:
Ryan is a non-starter.

He loves illegals and hates veterans: active, retired, and honorably discharged.
CCGuy's logic is that because Ryan is the GOP's last hope for GOP consensus, that proves he's bad:
The fact he feels he can demand conditions tells me he is completely unqualified for the job and would be yet another GOPe disaster.

Those SOBs feel they can demand things of Republicans and set conditions, yet they completely fold and surrender when dealing with Democrats.

Go to H*ll Paul Ryan!!!
Zathras doesn't get why the Democrats have room on their left flank yet the GOP has none on their right...
If being Speaker means not be conservative, explain why Pelosi continually pushed further and further left.
You can’t can you.

The REAL reason the left wants a moderate is the moderates in congress have so many RATS working for them, they know EXACTLY what the GOP-e plan is way before it goes public.
ModelBreaker just wants to burn the whole thing down, for the sake of 'clarity.'
I think the Freedom Caucus should stand firm. They don’t have the juice to elect a conservative. But they do have the power to force the RINO’s to be elected only by relying on D support. That would be a clarifying vote.
DoodleDawg is still hear dishing out unpalatable facts:
My question is, what happened to the third candidate? Daniel Webster.

My guess would be nobody outside of the Freedom Caucus would support him.
Yosemitest has the best answer:
"AMNESTY SUPPORTER" Ryan can support the REAL Conservative, Louis Buller "Louie" Gohmert, Jr., for Speaker !
hondact200 feels betrayed by Ryan and his Alinsky ways:
Paul Ryan just another name for Obama Butt kisser and a user of Alinsky’s tactics. Come now where are the Wisconsin Voters and are the ticked how this POS has used the tea party connections and than shoves their goals down heir throats in spite and becomes ye another DC political insider. Wisconsin needs to recall this POS!
lodi90 explains the key to conservative victory is to die on every hill:
The key to conservative victory is acting on all those areas of agreement within the GOP coalition and there are hundreds of areas of agreement. Keep winning yard by yard, issue by issue.

Nope. What matters now are the big issues like TPA/TPP, Obamacare and amnesty. And on those issues K Street and progressive GOPers are running the show. The lesser issues won’t matter if the country is fundamentally transformed by progressives.
Hehe, vmivol00 thinks even the Freedom Caucus are squishes!!
I wonder why nobody from the Freedom Caucus has stepped up?

Because they are all talk. Jordan talks a big game, but then kisses Boehnor’s ring.

Look for him to lead the fold for that POS Ryan.