Thursday, August 30, 2012

Juan WIlliams goes black

That "you didn't build that" Obama quote really scratches Freepers where they itch, and it is their precious. So when tricksy Wiliamses goes on FOX to try to debunk this narrative, Freepers turn against their once friend with all the viciousness of Gollum, and a bit more racism:

First off, I just love Berlin_Freeper's old timey comment:
I’d like to grab a bucket, put it over Juan Williams head, and bang it with a stick.
jimsin mixes up the strawman pet liberals FOX has with actual people:
juan willl soon go the way that alan colmes feller...went on hannity's show...Ailes pairs libs up with common sense conservatives and it works out well for awhile...folks get a chance to see the kooky differences between the 2 philosophies

...but libs are wont to do, ....they get tired of being destroyed night after night and they begin to resort to using jibberish to fight back with....that is because thats the only thing they have left TO fight back with. Soon it becomes obvious how dingy their ideas are...

by that time they've descended so far into silliness they are no longer entertaining enough to hold an audience; then POOF they are banished back into inconsequential-land where they came from.
Yosemitest seems to think a job on FOX is welfare:
Fox News should fire Williams also. Stinkin' liberals should earn their money, and not be subsidized.
If that was a bit to subtle a dog whistle, I present veritas2002:
Watching Juan on TV tonight was shocking. He looks like he is dying of cancer - gaunt, old and decrepit.

As far as his support of Obama - just another racist vote for the Black guy - not because the Black guy has done anything but destroy our economy but he gets support just because of the color of his skin (a notion anathema to Martin Luther King).
Venturer agrees - Juan is clearly motivated only by race:
Juan isn’t naive at all, he is black.

Nuff said.
USS Alaska hates all the tribalism:
True, very sad, but true.

Skin pigmentation trumps everything rational.

This is tribalism at it's worst.

Remember, it was black africans that captured and sold other black africans to white europeans for the slave trade.
windsorknot wants more white racial loyalty:
Once again skin color trumps "content of character". If white Americans practiced racial loyalty to the extent that black Americans do, 0bama would have no chance of getting reelected.
MayflowerMadam knows Juan has a conservative son, so he's seen the truth, but just denies it on accounta blackness:
Interesting that his son (also black, I assume) is ultra conservative and working for “our” side. Juan must discuss politics with his kid so would know the truth. So you’re right in that “he is black”. I hate it when people are black before they’re American. They’re pathetic because they lack critical thinking skills.
I’m sympathetic. Few whites realize just how hard it is to be a black conservative or even a moderate. If you step off the plantation you lose a lot. I suspect that Juan Williams is bouncing back and forth between lucidity/reality and liberalism.
1035rep predicts the race card is coming out:
How long before Juan throws out that overused and threadbare race card?

Sorry Juan, your boy is going down.
Yeah, it would sure be inappropriate for someone to talk about racism here!

Graewoulf practices a different sort of bigotry:
If my feeble memory hasn’t failed me again, Juan Williams was born and raised in Panama.

BTW, it really seems to be very difficult for the foreign born, such as Obama and Juan to comprehend common sense, American values.
American exceptionalism - now with unAmerican nativism! Terry L Smith knows Juan is still PBS in his mind:
The race-baiting, “liberal wolf in conservative’s sheep clothing”, Juan Williams, cannot be taken for granted, on ANY subject.


Who can believe a turncoat?

All I have seen of him, through YouTube and an occasional Fox video, shows him to still be married-in-the-mind-to-PBS. He DOES still display his allegiance to Obama, and wears it on his sleeve, proudly.

He should be put out on the street.
There's also another bubling outrage, which Toespi explains with as much crazy as he can muster:
His after Ann Romneys speech comment, that she looked like a “corporate wife” you know taken care of? It was out of line, predictable and racist.

His little reminder to voters that she is still rich and the wife of the corporate murderer, Romney.

At least they earned their own meal ticket.

What did he want her to look like, a black first lady who has been vacationing, partying and shopping on the back of the American people?
Freepers may not have like Ann Romney yesterday, but now that she's been wronged, they'll don their armor and come arunnin!

Jeb Bush tells Republicans to ‘stop acting stupid’ on immigration policy

If Freepers are sprinting towards stormfront, they have been running a marathon on illegal immigration - they've been enjoying that style of xenophobia for at least a decade, as I noted yesterday.

Anonymous found this thread, where Freepers react to Jeb Bush noting, like Reagan, W. Bush and McCain did before him, that yelling about Hispanics may not be the best long term strategy.

cripplecreek knows illegals are counted in the census, so we're doomed. Somehow?
The country is petty much done for now.

Some 30 million plus illegals is enough to create some 50 congressional districts and they don’t even need to vote to do it. Its pretty obvious that neither party has any intent to do anything and even FReepers are now screeching to shut up about immigration.
Cowboy Bob knows Hispanics are mostly all Illegal Aliens who love to vote Democrat:
If we deported all the Illegal Aliens, then the number of Hispanics left in the US would probably not be worth pandering to...
Fee knows that until all whites get it together and vote against blacks and Hispanics, they're doomed:
There are 101 million white registered voters, there are only 14 million black and 14 million Hispanic registered voters. If whites unite on this issue and vote one party, illegal immigration amnesty no longer is an issue. Latinos and blacks vote as a bloc, why can’t white America. Whites have no one to blame but themselves.
Soul of the South know Hispanics don't deserve nice things, on account of how ungrateful black people are:
The Republican Party fought a bloody and brutal Civil War to keep the slaveholding states from separating from the union and keeping slavery.
A Republican President issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
The Republican Party freed the slaves by passing the 13th Amendment.
The Republican Party adopted the 14th and 15th Amendments which made the former slaves citizens and gave them voting rights.
Republicans in the House and Senate voted in large majorities (over 70%) to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act over strong Democrat opposition.
In 2006 Republican President G.W. Bush signed a 25 year extension of the Voting Rights Act, passed by large majorities of Republicans.

In 2008 African Americans voted 95% Democrat in the general election, perpetuating a decades old pattern of voting against the Republican Party candidates.

Mr. Bush, given the history with the African American voter why will giving amnesty to people illegally in the country ensure Hispanics vote for Republicans?
throwback is getting rambly and nonsensical. Point is, Reagan.
I think the differing views on illegal immigration result from class. If you were born with the “silver spoon” or currently have one firmly implanted in your face (aka Jeb, McCain, Graham), you tend to look down an the native lower class as lazy.
As a result, you see these escapees from the Latin American lower class that are more diligent, and you think the opportunity here should go to them because they are willing to work for it.

The problem is that the Democrats with some help from Republicans have created the safety net/hammock, but now they'd just as soon import the help to compensate for the indolence they created.

Republicans like Jeb Bush seem to have little empathy for the native blue collar type.

Democrats are smart. They've been importing a new lower class that leans their way, and have been converting the middleclass into government employess. Fiscally unsustainable, but like Christy said last night, they don't seem to care.

We need a Reagan again that can connect with the blue collar crowd, strengthen their numbers in non-government jobs, and slam the door on these socialists being imported from the south.
mardi59 is still fucking a very old chicken
REMEMBER THIS WOMAN JEB BUSH? TERRI SCHIAVO WAS MURDERED AND YOU SAT BACK AND DID NOTHING!!!! This jerk has the audacity to speak of faith and family when he could have stopped them from killing her. I could care less what this jerk has to say. TERRI will follow him the rest of his useless life!
Boogieman explains that the GOP has a plan to stick it to Freeper-types:
Their strategy is to refuse to enforce immigration laws until we are deluged, then wring their hands and tell us that we have to pander to hispanics, since they are already here. It’s naked extortion, from our own party leaders.
Vigilanteman has a suggestion:
Singapore and Malaysia, two of the more immigration friendly countries in Asia, also add caning to the usual penalty of fines and/or imprisonment.

We're not talking about an old school spanking. We're talking about stiff strokes with a rattan cane soaked in water by a martial arts expert on the bare buttocks. People who have been caned report that a month or more passes before they can sit down or even take a crap without considerable pain.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What one issue do voters want addressed at the Republican National Convention?

Man, I do love when Freepers do a wish list thread. Freepers unbound! This time, they discuss what the GOP platform should really be:

11th_VA wants more anti-illegal stuff:
What other country in the world would allow someone to enter illegally, lay down roots, use the public systems and deplete taxpayer money? I can't think of one. If a law is broken and the person is not punished, what message does that speak to the next offender? In California, we face overcrowded schools, high unemployment and cities filing for bankruptcy -- yet the government turns a blind eye to those that ...
dragnet2 also with the illegals:
Hmmm...Lets see....what is costing the tax payers tens of hundreds of billions every year...hummm...Uncontrolled borders and immigration....Naw...The GOPe won’t touch it.
It's quite a theme. Arguably Free Republic's most consistently extreme position since I started reading the site in 2003.

FlingWingFlyer knows if you just interpret the Constitution the right way, it's all in there:
I'd like to see the GOP address the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
One Name also looks to the Constitution as the silver bullet:
“How many federal agencies which have no foundation in the Articles of the Constitution are you prepared to eliminate?”
ballplayer wants more bombs:
The Decimation of our Nuclear deterent.Leaving the country at the mercy of our Enemies
a fool in paradise is worried about those six New Black Panthers guys:
How about PROSECUTE those who would use force to intimidate voters on election day?
Toespi wants to roll back freedom of speech:
The republicans #1 issue is media bias, until there is a solid front against these stinking liars, and a plan to counter their malpractice all is lost. They have once again allowed the liberals to moderate the debates, so I would like to hear why and what can be done to stop it.
Manic_Episode either had an autocorrect issue, or the GOP is much more into D&D than I thought...
The deficit, birth certificate, Kobold.
11th_VA thinks if it worked in 1960s, it'll work today:
I really think if Romney gives a Jack Kennedy speech saying, "by the end of the decade we will be energy independent ...," it could be game over for Obama.
More than a few Freepers got pretty excited about this idea.

DannyTN wants a "Romney converts" plank.
But what I’d most like to see is Romney repent of his Mormonism and past actions that supported gay marriage and accept traditional Christianity.
ProtectOurFreedom wants more McCarthyism:
How do we once and for all annihilate communism in our country and restore the true constitutional republic?
Seaplaner's plank is quite direct:
I'm a true "one issue" voter.
I am a veteran, a Dad (of two currently in uniform), and a grandparent.

I am retired (sorta).

My "one issue"?

I worry that the Marxist in the White House might be re-elected because some very good conservatives and other very nice people want a perfect candidate, and that they would see our precious Republic fail in order to settle a score with the GOP "insiders".
"Stop fighting and vote Romney!"
Seems legit.

The Ann Romney Flame War

After hearing talk radio gush all afternoon, I was expecting the usual hagiography when I looked at the thread about how Ann Romney did at the convention last night.

that is not what I got. I got a return to the long, personal, scripture-filled flame wars of the past.

Truth101A returns to the Ann's 'you people' quote.
Romney doesn’t need any of you little people so step a side and let the flip-flopper keep on flipping you the bird.
Shadow44 claims to be 23 years old, and already name-calling like a pro:
Ann Romney is a class act, unlike Queen Moochelle.
GR_Jr. doesn't like how she said Romney will help America:
With all do respect Mrs. Romney, I don’t want your husband to lift me up. I just want him to get his government out of my way.
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost keeps his eyes on the prize:
conservaKate senses bitterness:
I will try to keep an open mind about Ann. But the little bit I’ve seen of her, she does strike me as a cold and bitter woman. By bitter....I mean she seems like she feels she and Willard are entitled to .... well entitled to just about anything they want. She doesn’t seem like she really wanted to work for this nomination.
arderkrag tells the best kind of joke - one you need to explain!
Romma/Obamney 2012! Forward to Restoring America to its foundations! (Restoring in the context means razing)
dandiegirl is voting for Ann because Michelle is sooo evil:
I guess the Mooch’s qualifications are so much better than Anne’s. Go ahead and vote her back in and watch her spend your tax dollars on herself and her topshelf vodka, Beyonce tickets, extravagant trips for herself and her girls and mother and the huge entourage of hanger oners. Have her tell your children what to eat. Have her cover the gayness of her husband and have affairs with SS agents. She can invite more thugs and anti-Americans to the WH —the list goes on and on, but Ann Romney now that’s really bad.
Fawn doesn't much like all the politics in the speech:
I had to walk away from this. I don’t care for her that much.....she seems to talk too much in some interviews too. I heard her say Mitt bought her a ‘hot red dress’ today. ICK!! Now I heard she’s baking cookies....wants to talk to us about Love. Then they gave her the obligatory Hurricane isaac prayer notice and also the ‘I lOVE WOMEN” barf comment. It’s too obvious/fake to me. Hope Christie is better.
o2bfree loves Ann, though:
She is absolutely fantastic, what a beautiful and capable woman Ann is! Ann Romney would make an absolutely amazing First Lady. She’s a successful mother, wife, and most recently as a fabulous speaker at the GOP convention!

You can’t take Ann’s success away from her! No matter how hard you try.
JediJones hates how she pandered to the female vote:
Trying to hold back gag reflex as she says she’s going to give a speech about “love.” Seems like she then transitioned into a long series of extremely unsubtle, condescending pandering to “women.” Like “Go, women, you rock! You’re the best people in the world!” Nah, this speech wasn’t focus-grouped and poll-tested to death. OK, I liked the part about using an ironing board as a dining room table.
M. Thatcher, though, though that by the end she was insulting liberals like you should:
Keep watching. The beginning had me gagging and throwing couch pillows at the tv— but by the middle she started rocking and by the end she was taking it to the other side with gusto, class, and steel. I am NOT a Romney fan, but her speech outshone Christie’s.
haircutter may be a robot:
she did fantastic...

spoke from the heart, looked like a First Lady is expected to look like

and she will bring PRIDE, RESPECT, HONOR, GARACE back to the peoples house..

Texas4ever felt like she was his mother, which seems healthy:
Agree Ann did an incredible job tonight. I felt like she was talking to her listen to me....your father.....very convincing....I think she has grace and conviction. Regardless of differences, she will make a great first lady.

I never new there were so many haters on Free Republic. Conversation is impossible with a closed mind.
chris37 loves how Ann knows her place.
As men, our job is to do.

Our job is not to complain, or cry, or be jealous or sad or tired or anything else.

Our job is to do.

Women are different. They look to each other for emotional support and things of that nature.

If you are a man, then when and if Ann Romney walked on your body tonight, you didn’t feel it, and you won’t ever talk about it, in fact you didn’t even notice it.

Our job is to do.

That is all.
NoGrayZone knows if you disagree that the speech was great, you must hate Mormons:
Regarding the prompter, she said she had to practice because she is NOT used to reading from one.

She did one hell of a job. She crushed the demons “war against women”. She showed nothing but class and honesty in her speech.

Again, I ask, are you posting in your code pinko “woman’s private part” costume?

You claim to “Fortunately, I have my own mind and can disagree with things.”

I highly disagree. Her entire speech stuck a knife in the commie “war against women”.

You hate their Mormon religion? Fine, then just say it. If not, you are a coward who will be left behind.

Shill, infiltrator, false flag.

I looked for it, but MDaF DrTeeth found it!

It's a rather nascent story, but it looks like a black CNN camera woman was pelted with nuts by some RNC guest, who yelled "This Is How We Feed Animals."

Freepers, with but one exception, uniformly react to this damming evidence that there are some nuts in the GOP by saying 'it wasn't me.'

cripplecreek knows what's going on:
Yeah, I’m guessing this one gets a paycheck from CNN.
wastedyears believes all theories:
Typical “act up” type infiltrator.

Yeah, I’m guessing this one gets a paycheck from CNN.

I think both of those comments are entirely valid, and either one could absolutely be the case, if not both.
boomop1 discards the drunk racism idea for another:
A mole planted to disrupt.
MestaMachine has a different alternate target in mind:
5 will get you 10 it was a ron paul stormfront activist.
apillar believes nothing unless there's pics these days:
Unless I see it on tape, it didn't happen. (and I would say if it had been taped it would already be on every news channel and youtube). Until then it's just another manufactured story...
Navy Patriot gives us the title:
Shill, infiltrator, false flag.
jaydubya2 doesn't get why race matters when you call people animals for not reason:
Why do they add that she is black? That seems irrelevant. Are they race baiting?


Anonymous found this one.

A plank of the new GOP platform will be “Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced.”

Well, that ship has sailed long ago, and most Freepers have gotten with the times. But I am nothing if not a cherry picker of the crazy, and I found a good amount of throwbacks raging against reality:

icwhatudo knows what this election should be about:
Some may snicker, but pornography is dragging down society. Yes, this election SHOULD be about things like not killing unborn babies and not allowing porn to invade every facet of our world and not having homosexuality thrown in our kids faces.
Chainmail needs the government to ban porn, lest his daughters become porn stars.
I am a bit surprised and saddened at some of the responses I've seen so far from my fellow conservatives. Pornography is a cancer to our moral structure and part of the massive downhill slide our country has endured for the last several decades. As a father of two daughters, the last thing on Earth I would want for them is to be used by the "porn industry" and watched in that degradation by a bunch of pervert losers who would rather play with themselves than find and marry a good woman
Tau Food's broad definition of porn apparently includes those two elderly folks holding hands in separate bathtubs:
I believe the pornography on network television should be banned. Why must our children be exposed to commercials discussing erectile dysfunction and four hour erections? How did every previous generation get by without such filth?
spel_grammer_an_punct_polise considers his spam filter one of the anti-porn people.
I do believe that the Repubs should be focusing on the economy, debt, incompetence, etc, instead of porn. far as porn goes, on the one hand, I don’t really have an opinion except to say that I am happy that the anti-porn people exist. If they didn’t then porn would be delivered to our inboxes on an hourly basis.

On the other hand, I am glad that porn exists. Otherwise, the anti-porn people would find some other cause to try to embrace, like, anti-( insert cause here ).

The porn/anti-porn groups tend to cancel each other out, thank goodness.
stars & stripes forever has his list of issues:
Abortion, gross immorality, allegiance to Israel, dishonoest business practices, rebellion. This what this election should be about.

My favorite federal election issue is rebellion!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No more Mr. Nice guy

Romney tells Politico that he's going to return to calling Obama a “nice guy, failed President” at the convention. Freepers do not take kindly to such diplomacy, and offer different suggestions for the Romney campaign:

al_c thinks Obama is always insulting people:
But he’s not a nice guy. He’s condescending. He jumps at chances to insult others.

Is this the best the GOP can do?
TexasCajun wishes Obama would stop giving everyone the middle finger:
Nice guy? ...on what planet?

How many time has Obama shot the "FU" finger at those he disagrees, even Hillary.
Bitsy says the inevitable:
Obama is a crooked politician from Chicago.

Even Hitler could be nice. He was still a murdering, vicious, Jew hating dictator.
henkster agrees - you can be nice, but also a Russian Dictator, like all Democrats:
Yeah, and Lenin was a “nice guy” too.

0bama’s 2012 campaign of manufactured crisis, class warfare, and political exploitation, is right out of the Bolshevik playbook of 1917-1918. It’s the only game they know.
ecomcon seems something of a single issue voter:
Obama is as likable as anyone else that thinks sucking the brains out of unborn children is nice.

He is the putrid spawn of communist hatred.
Spawn of communist hatred! Nice.

Vaquero knows Obama is an animal, like everyone who advocates social programs:
been hearing the nice guy thing all morning on the FNC.

He is NOT a nice guy...he is an animal...a Marxist, progressive who wants to steal my money(and another election) and leave me defenseless and reliant on government for everything.

I just wish the Republicans weren't so friggin touchy feely about this man. Tell the truth when the truth is so obvious.
Beagle8U knows what Romney should say:
Evil Muslim Bastard, dumber that Jimmy Carter.
That is how he should describe him.
Oldexpat goes in for the guilt by associationL
Obama is a crooked politician from Chicago. He best buddies..Rezko and Blago both went to jail for corruption.
All our moderate GOP friends talk the same way..and I call them on it. How did Snow White emerge from the cess pool of Chicago?
Gaffer hopes Romney taps into the seething hatred of Obama, though he keeps it clear that he's not racist:
My hope, such as it is, is that Romney energizes his final campaign against the “Dark [evil, that is] One” with the cut-throat zeal he showed in this primary season and the one before.

You don’t beat liberals, progressives, Democrats and all their selfish overloading victim groups by being nice - in any form factor. You beat them by crushing them with turnout and the seething hatred that exists among any real taxpayers who’ve had to witness his pillaging.

As for these “independents,” I submit they are moral and intellectual cowards who crave attention and pandering - as far as I’m concerned they’ve made up their minds already but won’t tell.
Yeah, fuck independents!

Flycatcher wants Romney to just yell about abortion from now on:
Nice guy, huh?

Do "nice guys" advocate that babies who manage to survive a gruesome partial-birth abortion be left to die on their own?

This man is EVIL!

Shout it from the rooftops!!!!
pieceofthepuzzle believes Obama is a hater:
He is much worse than that. He is a narcissistic ideologue with an agenda that runs contrary to the principles this county was built upon. I believe that he doesn't like whole groups of people.
pallis knows what Romney should call Obama:
Obama is a snot, not a nice guy. He and his entire band of commiehoods are snots and bullies, including the commiehood media. Why pretend Obama is a nice guy?
a "snot?" What is that, an insult from the 1920s?

hal ogen wants Obama in jail for murdering Freedom or some such:
nobama is not a “nice guy”. Anyone who is hell-bent on destroying Free America is an enemy of Freedom. Not a “nice guy”. nobama (and his minions) should be in prison for the rest of his (their) worthless lives.
Mouton knows Obama is to African to be nice, plus he's a marciasaciss!
These guys never get it. First off, O is not a nice guy, he is a African by way of far east thug. He would be happy being Papa Doc and once he gets rid of the constitution he will be.

He is not likeable either on a personal note...he is cold and calculating plus a marcisaciss.

Lastly, you don’t play nice guy with a party of thugs either. You hit them back Connery put it in the movie The Untouchables, they come with a knife, you use a gun, they put one of your guys in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue: IT IS THE CHICAGO WAY.

Monday, August 27, 2012

'2016: Obama's America' is super objective.

Freepers discuss how Dinesh D'Souza's latest bit of propaganda is super true, or, failing that, truthy:

Eddie01 loves how it has no Obama bashing, and also proves Obama is anti-American:
Great movie. Fact based. No bashing. Very informative.

It served to focus my understanding of Obama and provided a clear and compelling picture of the strategy behind his anti-American governance.
It scared Red in Blue PA 's wife, so that's awesome:
Saw it today with the wife. She was visibly shaken by what she saw.

Everyone needs to see this film.
The Mediterranean Right-Wing also thinks it was totally fair and also shows how all Obama voters are shockingly dumb:
what surprised me the most was how non-partisan the movie really was, just a great fact based documentary. It doesn’t push the viewer to hate or love Obama, it just lays out in undeniable fashion the influences on him that lead to his ideologies. After watching it I am in shock as to how the American people let somebody like him get in office.
Cowgirl of Justice knows liberals cheat in the all-important Box Office race!
The numbers are high for this movie honestly. Watch for inflated numbers for BOs movie as libs will buy their tickets by the dozens online and not even go. I bet the theaters after the initial release will be empty. Everyone already knows what an empty suit looks like and acts like, no one needs to waste two hours of their time for that crap.
lentulusgracchus us just excited liberals are gonna barf:
HA HA HA. I hope the libs are thoroughly ‘enjoying’ this! Something tells me, this is just only the beginning. Gotta luv it.

They're probably puking into their buttery buckets as they feel the shadows descending on their perky teleprompter prince.
Alissa explains that Obama is too rich to be a Real American:
I have lived in Hawaii for about 10 years and you can add it to your list. It is our least "American" state. His perspective is what I feared when he was elected. Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, then straight into liberal academia, it's no wonder. BTW, his private school in Hawaii, Punahou, is outrageously expensive. Kindergarten cost as much as an average college tuition.

Wonder how much Romney's kindergarden cost?
theDentist saw a young Republican, and lo, his faith was restored!
The unexpected thing was when I left. I got outside the theater when there was this thin-bearded occupy-looking guy handing out leaflets.
"Did you see 2016?"
"Yeah" (warily)
He hands me a lime green leaflet and I was sure I was about to read something about how terrible the film was and boom: Oust Obama Coalition It's a brief review of the failed policies of Obama. The last thing I ever woulda expected. Some college kid handing out anti-Obama leaflets. I thanked him, shook and hand and wished him well.

Maybe we do have a chance.
Hetty_Fauxvert hits on Colbert's truthyness accidentally:
I think this is why the birther issue has such legs. It may or may not be true that Obama was born outside the U.S. ... but everyone can *feel* that he is not one of us. He does not share our values, or our views, or our love for the U.S. He is truly an outsider, bent on re-making if not destroying what he does not value or understand or love.

Romn ey trying to change RNC Convention rules

I guess not all Freepers are completely sold on Romney.
,br/> The Freeper reaction to Romney trying to get the right to refuse delegates (maybe to styie the Paulites?) was quite a bit more violent and contentless than I thought.

svcw still has the scars of the primaries:
Why would this be a surprise?

Romney messed with the primaries as well, to get “his” win.
donna knows what this means:
We have a dictatorship now.

Our citizenship doesn’t matter and our votes are canceled out.
muawiyah counsels a much smaller tent for the GOP:
Some doufous let the Paulbots run a campaign for Paul, and he's not a real Republican ~ he simply caucuses with them in the House.

Where Preibus and Romney need to tighten things up is the definition of who meets the brand standards.

It's pretty loose these days. Out of the 16 candidates I examined closely, only 3 had been lifelong conservative Republicans.

All the rest had recent, or questionable ties to the Republican party.
INVAR Knows Obama will somehow steal the thing:
We’ve seen our last honest and open election. Cook County has gone national and Soviet at the same time, America has no clue what time it already is, yet everyone is acting like our votes are going to matter come November.

This is an Insider’s game now. It’s all about the machine and creating illusions to placate the masses.
montag813 knows the source is suspect:
Zeke Miller and Ben Smith of BuzzFeed are agents for Obama 2012. Don’t let these f**kers divide us!
freeangel hears insight from a political sage:
I believe Sarah mentioned something about a 3rd party the other day. She has more foresight than any of the romneybots.

Freepers send off Neil Armstrong

As an apolitical emblem of American exceptionalism, Freepers are all big big fans.

Their nostalgia has curdled a bit, though.

mowowie knows America is over:
Well, it truly is the end of American exceptionalism.

RIP Mr. Armstrong

Maybe i’ll see some Chinese guy land on Mars before i die.
tcrlaf just hopes Obama doesn't get any good press out of this:
Cue the state funeral, with Obama ‘Epic!’ speech, in the middle of the Republican Convention, to steal the RNC’s thunder. Damn, I wish this wasn’t so predictable.

I know he was a private guy who shunned the spotlight, but what is that, compared to THE GLORY OF THE MESSIAH OBAMA?

He honestly deserves all the accolades he will receive. But, I hope the family decides to keep it low key.
Reily also thinks the moon landing was the tops:
I look back to July 21 1969 and sometimes think I saw the apex of the USA. Terrible to contemplate that perhaps at the age of 14 I saw my nation at its zenith and we have been slowly slipping downhill since.
Yet Reily also can't help but equates the moon landing with Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick:
On July 21 1969 a MAN was on the moon .......and a pig was in a lake in Massachusetts!

Shame on Massachusetts for continuing to send that miscreant anywhere but to jail!
Gay State Conservative knows Obama hates Armstrong, and will only use him to piss off Freepers:
If Osama acknowledges Armstrong's passing at all it will be to equate his courageous decision to grant amnesty to millions of wetbacks to Armstrong's lifelong devotion to the service of his country.

Monday Potpourri

matginzac thinks Obama is super uncool:
And how does anyone make the case that this bozo is cool after:
A) the mom jeans
B) the girl pitch
C) “I have to ask Mooch and/or Val to do stuff”
D) bowing to everyone
C) thinking “God Save the Queen” was back ground music...
Need I go on?
Cool, my a**
Linda Frances really wants Republicans to take over the FCC and start 'leveling the playing field:
if we get a republican in office, they need to get control of the FCC and level the playing field. It will take someone willing to be criticized and maligned, but would stand firm.
Buckeye McFrog wants to find some Democratic Akin-type:
What goes around comes around. I’m sure we can find some Democrat running in a primary somewhere who makes Al Franken seem stable by comparison. And we’re gonna make sure he has the biggest Primary war chest EVER!
Steely Tom knows there is no such thing as a legit GOP idiot - they're all plants!
Isn’t it obvious that Akin is a plant?
varyouga also thinks Aken is paid off:
It's looking more and more like a F’n set-up. Throw a big enough overseas bank account at some “Republicans” and they will say anything.

Notice how every single news article, newscast and DNC communication related to these clowns starts with the word “Republican”.

Since it happened, the ‘rats have been repeating that “rape” comment nonstop in their communications to make sure all their shock troops repeat it to swing voters.

It also sickens me to see so many FReepers taking the bait.
LearsFool advocates we drop the Constitution and get with the Declaration!
Levin knows the Constitution, no doubt about that. His mistake is in placing it above the Declaration, which argues that the duty of any form of government is to secure the right to life.

The Constitution, then, is merely a means to an end. Levin here is revering the means at the expense of the end.
mdmathis6 thinks Obama might nuke the US.
Obama is not one of us. Yes I could see people of his type nuking a section of the country that has gone rogue against them. They are moral relativists and they want to get the population down anyway. Nukes can be scaled down and don't think they still don't have the parts for a few neutron bombs lying around which won't leave lasting radiation effects on the country side when the people are taken out.

I have no illusions concerning just how evil some of these people are and how ruthless they'll be to acheive their ends!
GOPJ's paranoia is used to rationalize his inaction:
Homeland Security is becoming like an army. No one in the press is asking why Homeland Security is doing dry runs at shooting people at Social Security offices. It makes no sense at all... There is nothing the MSM or the Obama administration wants MORE than citizens protecting themselves. Chicago goons are looking for an excuse... and we’re not going to give them one..
dfwgator discusses Rodney King:
The LAPD didn’t beat him bad enough. Might still be alive today, they might’ve actually knocked some sense into him.
cricket thinks Obama is probably related to Osama:
(We cannot fail to note too; that Obama also resembles another infamous face - that of Osama Bin Laden. Must be some deep tribe connections per genes: all of which would not serve anyone - else, that is - looking to be Prez.)
It was only a matter of time before some kookoo said that Hurricane Isaac was because of RINOS. Marcella is that kookoo:
Just saw an update on weather channel. Winds will be at least 100 mph and its name will be Isaac. Isaac was the son of Abraham and was God’s choice (instead of Ishmael who is the father of the Arabs). The name, Isaac, means “he laughs”. That may be an appropriate sign from God that He laughs at both parties choice for president.

Conservatism is dead and I believe God is not happy about that. Let’s see what Isaac, the hurricane, does.
pallis starts out sane, but ends awash in homosexuals and commies:
Here is my prediction. There will be an election. Obama will lose. Obama will turn over the presidency to Romney.

There will be a lot of Democrat voter fraud during the election, as usual. Obama will accuse Romney and some red states of committing fraud, as is to be expected. If there were any justice in the world, Obama and his family, and all the hundreds of homosexuals and commies working in the White House would be forced to walk out to Pennsylvania Ave. and take a school bus to Chicago. But that won’t happen.
shibumi thinks Michelle Obama's dress is Majick:
How do you explain election night with the Obama’s in Black & Red & Michelle in that ugly Black & Red Dress with the “X” in the center of dress??

Oh, there's an explanation all right, another topic all together. (You sure you want to hear it?)

Back and Red are power colors in High Ritual Majick.

Her design is that of The Black Widow.


This "administration" is steeped in the occult, complete with a Usurper who shows obvious signs of demonic possession and the ritual slaughter of infants.

There is no such thing as coincidence. Calling this regime "dark" is a multi-level entendre.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Obama secretly terrified of Birther former SEAL

Obama says he doesn't take some new PACs with ex-SEALS in them, noting that they are birthers, and thus likely too crazy to get political traction.

Freepers bring the birther crazy, of course, but they also insist that being a birther is helping, and Obama is totally scared of them:

I wonder if they also think masturbation is totally making invisible air-babies.

I'm trying to focus on issues beyond birther madness, but I'm only human! Why must you tempt me so, Candor7!
“This kind of stuff springs up before election time,” Obama said.

Buahahahahahahaha!. Obama, SHOW US YOUR LONG FORM COLB!!!
Rembrandt pettiness must also be given it's due:
Let’s spread bacon around the White House or as O Mama thinks of it: Whitey’s House.
Ugh, and butterdezillion's elaborate version of reality is too juicy to pass up:
No, he said he doesn’t take them seriously.

We all already knew that. If he took them seriously maybe he would have been actually leading them instead of playing golf after 3 times chickening out on assassinating Bin Laden...

And maybe he would have let the actionable intel be exploited before rushing to a podium to tell the world what his mama Hillary forced him to do instead of play golf that day. Ah, but wait. He couldn’t wait days to announce the assassination to the world, because he had to divert the world RIGHT THEN, because the world was noticing that he claimed a fake birth certificate was genuine. We now know why he had to do that: as Alvin Onaka verified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett, Obama’s HI birth certificate is not legally valid.

It was revealing, though, that Obama was willing to present what he claimed was a BC in order to get Trump to stop pressuring him, but WASN’T willing to present a birth certificate to ease the conscience of a decorated military surgeon. He let Lt. Col Terry Lakin rot in jail rather than present anything for a mere lowly military officer.

(SPIT) Obama is the lowest scum I can even imagine.
Remember folks, this woman teaches children critical thinking!

OK, just one more. Artcore, making fun of Obama for thinking this anti-Obama PAC is about him:
Hey Barak; lets get something straight you ghetto, POS; despite your thinking everything’s about you, it isn't? The Navy Seals could give a rats a$$ if this bothers you. They are sending a message that you are a fraud who takes credit, when NO credit is due you. And Barak, we know this does indeed bother you. If it didn't bother you, you wouldn't have felt the need to respond.
Now, to business.

CT knows Obama's a coward:
Reporters fail to mention the puddle Obama left after exiting the podium.
al baby is sure Obama can't stop thinking about this:
Yup it just moved in for a long time lease in his head
crosshairs knows Obama's crazy, so anything anti-Obama counts as important!
Sure it bothers him. He has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It bothers him tremendously when he is criticized.
JPG just knows this really gets to Obama:
ANYTHING less than complete love and adoration bothers the Kenyan. You just know he's unleashing a torrent of expletives every time he thinks about being challenged.
“..I don’t take these folks too seriously...”

Oh, yes you do, bro. You’re losing sleep over it. Probably peeing yourself over it as well. They’re living in your head 24/7 right now, rent-free.

These men are the real deal - guys who have gone downrange over and over again. They aren’t afraid of some two-bit fascist Mussolini wannabe. And he tries to disparage them with his ridiculous comments about birther and Tea Party talk.
Batman11 knows who else Obama is obsessing over!
They’re living in your head 24/7 right now, rent-free. Absolutely correct! They are in the apartment next to Sarah Palin. Down the hall from Paul Ryan.

Gunman kills coworker & bystander at Empire State Building, wounds 7 others

This tires me out, so Im'a make it short:

haircutter knows Obama loves to politicize these things.
lets hurry up now and find out who this guy was and how he voted and all about his family....

its the obama way of doing things...but if he was a Liberal it will be kept very low key and quiet...
He is then contradicted by 3/4 of the following comments.

Like going hot
Them wacked out libs are all wacked, and this is why they project that others will do with guns, if allowed access, because they themselves are wacked out.
Or jimbo123:
Gay rage?
Ironfocus prefers to imagine the perfection of vigilante justice:
So this demonstrates perfectly what the gun-control moonbats don’t want to hear.

A psycho got hold of a gun in a city that has outlawed them. He walks down the street, shoots someone at point-blank range, then, with no resistance walks away, before randomly opening fire on innocent people, hitting 8-10 of them before the police can take him down.

One armed citizen would had him down after the first shot.
gaijin has his own personal speculative axe to grind:

Just watch...much later it might come out.
presently no screen name sees Hurricane Isaac, and knows two data points make a sinister pattern!
the handbag industry run by Isaac and Ralph Hazan.

Interesting. The name Isaac keeps popping up.

Texas judge warns of possible ‘civil war’ if President Obama is re-elected

Anonymousa took the trouble to track this down.

In Texas, judges are elected. This means you get some kooky ones, like the one in Lubbock County who seems to think there's going to be some kind of UN-based civil war if Obama is reelected.

This is prime Freeper-style paranoia, yet the thread is pretty short. It could be that a country judge being a Freeper isn't news, or it could be that Freepers are tamping down the crazy as the election is coming.

Still, Freepers are dwelling more and more on war analogies and revolutionary fantasies. It's their happy place.

mkjessup explains how it's the liberals that will start the war, but he's pretty excited about it:
He isn't crazy at all. Neither is his sheriff who understands HIS Oath to the Constitution as a law enforcement officer.

If that filthy Communist bastard IS re-elected, there WILL be a civil war, however it won't be due to a sudden uprising of patriots, it will be a reaction to what all tyrants ultimately do, and what 0bama and his goons will do, and that is to OVERREACH. The Communist Chinese had their Tiananmen Square moment, but the poor sons o' bitches who died there died because they were unarmed and faced with overwhelming military force.

When (not if, but when) Emperor 0bama launches the opening volley against the American people, he's going to discover that a.) the American people are not sheep, b.) they've got more guns and ammo ready for 'The Day' than he and his leftist slime balls ever imagined, and c.) unlike the mindless and obedient zombies of the Peoples Liberation Army in Red China, there are still dedicated and courageous military officers and enlisted men in the United States Armed Forces who will collectively and individually tell 0bamugabe to F**K OFF and will refuse to follow his illegal and unConstitutional orders.

So if the Commies and their leftist fellow comrades want a civil war?

Speaking for myself, I say
YOU MF's!!!
Kartographer explains how war is inevitable:
I see it as one of three ways:

1. ‘Bama’ looses and the ‘yutes’ go wild and many a big city lights up the night skies for weeks.

2. ‘Bama’ wins and forces a revolt to free the country from his tyranny.

3 ‘Bama’ sees the writing on the wall that he is going to loose and ‘cracks’ forcing his removal from office.
ctdonath2 seems to think people mean what they say on the internet, lol:
Too many on both sides are itching for a fight. There will be one, just from sheer expectation. Self-fulfilling prophecy.
IMR 4350, of course, has a fantastic scenario he's worried about:
I have serious doubts there is going to be an election.
For years the left denied there were WMD’s in Iraq.

Suddenly a few weeks ago news stories started popping up of WMD’s in Syria, some of which came from Iraq.

President Zippo has been vocal about how concerned he is that terrorists might get their hands on these WMD’s.

Iran has made it clear if they are attacked by Israel, Iran will attack the US.

You touch off dirty bombs in multiple cities across the US and each of these cities has to be evacuated, then people begin fleeing other cities in panic, there won't be an election.

Gay militias

FreeperFan turns up another short, but super-crazy thread!

Reuters has an article about how the US military is vigilant for white-supremacist militia-types. If there were any doubt that Freepers are getting more and more aligned with Stormfront, their protestation of victimhood on behalf of racial holy war types should remove all doubt.

chessplayer doesn't like skinheads, but wonders about all those gang members joining the military for training!
As far as I’m concerned, the skinhead/neo-Nazi types should be put against a wall and shot. But it’s only the white racists the media cares about. They never talk about racist black and Hispanic gang members who join to get the training.
PhxTM06 provides more detailed bullshit about black gang members joining the Army:
There are many gangs that are utilizing military basic training as THEIR basic training, often times they’ll go and get trained and then find some way to get chaptered out and get back to the gang lifestyle, newly educated on combat tactics. There’s more than a few who deliberately fail on drug tests, making it easy to get in and get out.
Old Sarge knows latinos are doing it too:
No comment on the Crips/Bloods/La Raza doing the same thing, either.
Holy crap, mylife has uncovered the most sinister gang of all!
No comment on the Crips/Bloods/La Raza doing the same thing, either.

Nope, or the Pink Mafia.
Those gays, going to the military so they can be trained up and take over the streets!

Jack Hydrazine thinks the Federal government totally has a crush!
The Feds are not going to single out Muzzies because the Feds looooove them!
Jack Hammer knows anything about white people doing bad doesn't count:
As usual in post-modern America, it’s only the White Guys who are getting the flak, which immediately categorizes this article as Bull Sh*t.
Postmodern America?

mrsmel straight up quotes the Stormfront type statistics that 'prove' all black people can't stop raping white women:
The nazi types and skinheads are a boogeyman, a corpse that the left props up and pretends it’s breathing to keep the lie alive that whites are oppressing blacks everyday and everywhere. Check the crime statistics sometime to see who is murdering and raping who, and when you do, keep in mind that whites are app 70% of the population and blacks are app 12% of the population. If you haven’t seen them before, they will shock you. The only interracial crime epidemic in this country is that of black-on-white, but let’s keep hunting up those mythical nazis out there killing and raping blacks. Do you know that white-on-black rape is statistically non-existent?
SaraJohnson warns whitey to get out of the military, because of all the snuggling!
White men need to get out! The military, under Marxist ideology will harm them for being a patriot!

There is no guarentee things will get better under Mr. P.C. Myth!

My brother, who is much older than I, explained to me when I got old enough to understand, what treason happened in Viet Nam. He was a soldier at that time. He told me the politicans snuggled up to the enemy until the enemy was of more value than American life.

It’s happening again! Now!
Wait, so the enemy is nonwhites? Or is it the Viet Cong still? I can't tell.

Obama: Ryan plan would cut Romney’s tax rate to 1 percent

Hehe, Freepers take on Romney's 'eliminate capital gains tax' proposal with all the nuance you might expect:

MNJohnnie just assumes Obama must be lying:
So he is now so desperate he is simply making it up as he goes along. This is NOT going to work.
tsowellfan realizes it doesn't matter, since everyone cares about the debt:
True or not. The fact is Obama is out of touch. The American people are more concerned about how Obama’s spending their money than they are about how Romney spent his.
Except for madison10 I guess, who doesn't seem to care at all about the debt:
Who cares about Romney’s tax rate?! I want to have MY tax rate cut. I don’t want to be nickle and dimed to death because of the EPA and regulations.

Really, I don’t care if Romney has to pay any taxes.
Sacajaweau has some capital gains, so I guess he'll pay no taxes too!
They make it sound like only Romney and 100 other rich people have capital gains, interest and dividends. I'm sorta "p" poor and have capital gains, interest and dividends....just a little bit...

How did the government get to tax these things in the first place??
Psalm 73 thinks Ryan should be more petty:
Heard Rush mention a cool way to use Ryan - have him show up the very next day wherever Zero goes and refute him. Obama gives a speech in Miami - Ryan stops there the next day - Obama stops in Denver - next day - Ryan’s in Denver - etc....
Sirius Lee wants Romney to be more dickish as well:
If mitt will come out and just say “Unfortunately, my opponent is a pathological liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the ass.” I will vote for him. But he has to say it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Every man a rambo

MDaF found this when it was a mere 300 posts. It's double that now.

Freepers reveal that the only way they differ from terrorists is balls. When it's all keyboard-based, no one is dying, so I think that makes it better, but also more sad.

BCR #226 keeps it cryptic:
No, they’ll come for our guns, and we won’t be here. The battles will be at a time and place of our choosing, not theirs and it won’t be the way they imagine and it won’t be against whom they think they’ll be assaulting.
garybob knows liberals have never heard of guerilla war:
Liberals only imagine a one dimensional war...where their intended victims die in place like dead fools should. Only war has many dimensions and to expect your enemy to react like you think he should is an invitation to an early grave.
Renegade just declares victory:
The cop that tries to confiscate my weapons will commit suicide by citizen before I am a victim of suicide by cop!
Kozak expects there will be cop shootings:
The cops have to go home eventually... And they among us....
IamConservative knows drones are no match for helium balloons and a net!
But what happens to those drones when they get jammed or the data-link gets hacked?

..or they fly into nets floated by helium balloons, get shot down by a .50 out of someones rooftop, hit with a homemade RPG, get blinded, etc. There are some options..
Robert Teesdale is all about targeting civilians:
Will the municipal police chief move his wife and children into the police station to protect them? How about the college age daughter of the occupying colonel? Will she have a 24 hour protective detail? Congressmen have grandchildren, you know. Senators have staff, and they have lovers and children too.

They would be enthusiastically murdered without pity in the event of circumstances this editorialist describes. Cafes where law enforcement congregate would be firebombed. Businessmen who engage in commerce with them would be decapitated in the night and left to be found in the street the next morning.
Robert Teesdale further contemplates taking hostages:
I suspect that the most committed and determined anti-gun activist would nonetheless shelter armed Americans in his basement and hide them from inspecting State forces if he knew that refusal would result in his later beheading by the rest of that insurgent unit, were he to betray them.
Jeez, just like Al-Queeda, right down to the behedings.

metalurgist is gonna go hunting for Congressmen's granddaughters:
I want them to know that the day that they announce that my guns are illegal and they must be surrendered to the government is the day that I will go hunting for the SOB's that passed such a law.

I want them to also know that there will be no holds barred. I will shoot through their two year old grand daughter if that's what I have to do to kill them. As God is my witness.
spodefly predicts mass snipings:
All the people who would order such a thing, all the officers, troops, politicians, et al., involved in disarming citizens have names, and addresses, and drive cars to the store, and take their kids to school.

Their names and addresses will be known, disseminated, and their routines severely interrupted when they start dropping like flies from rifle shots to the head while they try to drop their kids off at school, or get their mail from their mailbox, or go to the store for groceries.
Lady Lucky, though, knows that if you haven't gone Galt or postal by now, you never will:
You don’t resist now, you never will. You haven’t even the nerve to quit funding the govt with your tax payments. Your pre-colddead hands hand that over readily, when there are safe and legal ways to avoid it. Galting is so inconvenient...but you’ll be channeling Crockett and Custer when they demand the guns, yeah, okay.
ichabod1 can't fucking wait to shoot some baby seal protesters!
Yet our experiences fighting those kinds of wars are getting us skills that could also be used at home. Hell, I’d LIKE to see’em used against the baby seal protesters (i.e., the protesters who should be clubbed like baby seals), and the illegal international narcoterrorists.
archy is super practical:
I've been working on the accumulation of one million rounds, and I'm about halfway there, about half of which is .22 Long Rifle, 5000 of which fit very nicely in a .50 caliber metal ammo can.

Why? Remember the so-called *Million Mom March* They were exaggerating, considerably. I'm not.

Obama’s Lawless Amnesty

Remember Obama's executive order that ICE resources wouldn't be spend rounding up college students brought over when children? Well, it's going into effect now. And for whatever reason, nothing gets Freepers' hyperbole up like xenophobia:

TurboZamboni knows if you aren't getting deported, you're totally voting:
unemployed AND voters.

what a country.
As the election approaches, the strawman illegal in Freepers' heads is changing. Half the comments on this thread were about illegals voting, few were about benefits and general hooliganism.

glennaro has a broad definition of a crime:
Of course I expect Republican leaders will go along with this crime against the Constitution and American citizens
samadams2000 urges the hate to flow through his fellow Freepers:
There they are folks. In all their glory. Stealing your money, your culture, your safety, your language, your ....right out in shameless daylight.
Have some shame, daylight!

INVAR explains how Obama's voter fraud is gonna be epic:
That is EXACTLY what will take place in Chicago and every single Democrat city in the nation.

Do we really think the Marxists now in power are going to allow any chance for risk to their glorious coup?

Hell no. There’s an army of the dead, and an army of illegals granted amnesty that will ensure the ‘votes’ come out the way the MarxoFascists plan them to.

Romney would have to capture 90% of the legitimate vote just to overcome the fraud that is already underway for this November.
TXnMA notes that all the under 30 illegals are in the same place, so we should probably kill them all:
Airstrike target of opportunity...
Karliner agrees that mass killings are called for:
make em walk to the border..or a tomahawk. hey Obama did it to the Libyan’s for no apparant reason

Romney will allow abortion for rape/incest

A commenter wondered (somewhat faceciously) what Freepers thought about Romney coming out and hedging his bets on what is basically the bedrock Freeper principle.
br/> Heh. Principles. One of the first things I learned about Free Republic was that Freepers hated first, worshiped second and principles come in third.

Fact's didn't really make the list.

xzins isn't down:
God won’t judge me for the unemployment rate, but he will for taking life without due process.
backwoods-engineer knows this is no time to talk about abortion!
This is the lamestream media desperately trying to change the subject from the economy and federal deficit spending, and jobs-killing regulations from Obamugabe.

So Romney-Ryan are liberal on abortion. That isn't going to be decided this presidential term, people! In fact, the States have been doing a much better job of proscribing abortion; there are no more abortion clinics in KY, for example, because of a new law requiring abortionists to have hospital privileges.

We need Romney/Ryan to DISRUPT the Obama regime. We need Romney/Ryan for a very specific set of jobs, related to economic freedom. Overturning Roe v Wade ain't among them. Not now.
MEGoody agrees - abortion is only a distraction from the real prize- attacking Obama!
Don't blame Akin - blame the media for doing all they can to avoid talking things that show how dramatically Obama has failed.
P-Marlowe worries Ryan may soon be possessed by Romney-demons:
Romney is lying about Ryan’s position. Ryan’s position mirrors the Catholic Church and the Pope’s position. Romney is trying to force Ryan to compromise his core beliefs to put on a united stand against life and in favor of abortion and homosexual rights.

When Ryan himself actually comes out and says he thinks Abortion is OK in the case of Rape or Incest or the “health” of the mother, then we will know that Satan has won over Ryan just as he has won over Romney.

Let us pray that the evil spirit that drove Romney to be a solid supporter of the homosexual lobby and the Abortion industry does not destroy the soul of Ryan.
sitetest takes a pragmatic view:
When we get to the day that all abortions are banned except those where the mother's life is in true and immediate jeopardy, if you stand with those who wish to continue with that exception, you will become my adversary, you will become anti-life.

But until that day, we are allies. I hope even friends.
itssme knows God hates Obama, so anything Romney does is fine:
Someone picked off the scab and the wound is once again festering. The Romney haters are up and at it again. And so we shall continue to try to open their eyes, and hope that they will see the light. Their God, who is also my God, wants them to do the right thing, to put aside their constant need to pick the scab that is Romney/Ryan, to put aside their constant need to pick, pick, pick, to understand what is at stake, and what they must do to secure our Constitution, our liberty, freedom, our FUTURE.
a fool in paradise explains that Romney can take any position and still be better than a genuine antiChrist demon!
Barack Obama supports letting babies that survive botched abortions to die gasping for air for hours and hours without any aid or assistance as he is unwilling to concede that is a living breathing human being.

But don’t let your hate of Romney get in the way of supporting a genuine antiChrist demon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rep. Steve King: I’ve never ‘heard of’ statutory rape victims becoming pregnant

Freepers continue to be torn between clear political expediency and clear devotion to their unpopular and extreme ideals, as Rep. Steve King decides to support Aken, and betrays a little Pro-Life willful blindness of his own:

onemiddleamerican sets the scene:
YAHOO News headline: Rep. Steve King: I’ve never ‘heard of’ statutory rape victims becoming pregnant

What Rep. King really said: Well I just haven't heard of that being a circumstance that's been brought to me in any personal way, and I'd be open to discussion about that subject matter.
Se exactly the same thing then. Gotcha,

Speaking of willful blindness, napscoordinator political acumen seems questionable:
King is going to help get Akin elected to the Senate. This is a BRILLIANT move by patriotic Rep King. God Bless you Rep. Steve King and Rep Todd Akin....Thank God for you both in the political World. Wish more were like you.
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost wonders if Akin is right:
Why is everyone freaking out over Akin’s or King’s comments? Perhaps there IS a biological mechanism which deters raped women from getting pregnant! Can’t anyone SAY anything anymore without having their careers ended? We have a President whose ACTIONS should end his career but we seem to care more about WORDS spoken by a politician. The SPEECH POLICE are everywhere.. this is ridiculous!
Can't anyone in Congress baseless speculate anymore without voters listening?

My Favorite Headache knows this is no time to have principles, though:
It’s a media is always a media war...don’t you get it? Are you that ignorant to think that principles matter at a time like this in politics?
My Favorite Headache is angry that they can't bash Biden some more:
I am starting to feel like people are getting paid off here to throw the election. We literally had Obama cornered 48 hours ago and now all of a sudden we are giving Democrats and Obama the Fluke gift all over again and the media at least 2 months of discussions on a fake war on women.

Stupid m-f’ing Republican IDIOTS can’t keep their mouths shut and let Biden/Obama and the rest of the Marxist Dems cut their own throats.

We just lost all that we had on Biden’s “gaffes” with these 2 idiots. STFU!!!!!!!
soycd knows who Aken is secretly working for:
I’m convinced 0bama’s sleeper cells have awoken.
hosepipe knows New Testament God uses black men, not floods:

You do understand Zero Obama is Americas punishment for murdering 50 million or so of our own babies..

If you think Obama is not a punishment(lurkers) you must be on the wrong website..

Freepers luv the New Black Panthers

It is a well established trope that extremists feed off the extremism of the opposite side. Batman and Joker need each other, etc.

And nothing illustrates how extreme Freepers are than how far afield they need to go to find their nemeses. From puffing up the power of large but unfocused and nonviolent groups like Occupy Wall Street to picking fights with groups Free Republic dwarfs, like DU or the six or so nimrods that make up the New Black Panthers.

submarinerswife notes that this particular spokeswoman is fat, lol:
She is a prominent member of the Black Panthers? More like the Black Cow Party. Throw her a twinkie, she’ll lose interest in your neck.
a real Sheila gets that the whole Black Panthers Voter intimidation thing makes no sense, but that only makes her more angry:
I’m still amazed that the BP felt the need to try to intimidate Philly! The freaking voters there were all Obama voters! Gaahhhh!

Did they think their presence would ensure that McCain didn’t Philly?!!

I’d like to see those BP idiots show up at my polling place in lily-white, redneck central Ga. My voting precinct is slap FULL of Southern Baptist, good ole boy, deer hunters.

SaraJohnson knows Occupy Wall Street will soon be shot by their black allies:
The OWS jack boots are race shamed whitey and the Panthers are black racists who prey upon whites - rape and murder. You do the math and you will find the answer of what happened to the white radicals when they got too close to their black radical “brothers” last time they rose to stink up the nation.
Carl LaFong knows Obama is behind it all!
Make no mistake;

This outfit, along with OWS and the cretins who jumped up on the stage at the weekend Romney Ryan rally are all part of the Obama-Axelrod-Holder operation.

This is classic agitation thuggery that has been used by tyrannies and political criminals throughout history.

Unfortunately , history never fails to repeat itself.
JLAGRAYFOX knows Nazis when he sees them, and Obama's Hitler!!!
The Obamabots doing their brown shirt thing!!! What a guy that Obama is, sickening!!! If there ever was an enemy of the state, an enemy of freedom, liberty, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness, it is truly, Barack Hussein Obama. Americans, all, wise up, and broom this would be America destroyer on November 6, 2012!!!
cherokee1 advises provoking them:
The whole bunch, whatever it is, needs to be antagonized, humiliated, insulted, psyched up, lathered, etc. enough to get them to, what we here at the shop call, “raise a hand “. Go ahead you miserable piece of kraps, make your best move. Show us what you got. Then get ready to get your faces fixed so’s you can’t shoot your disrespectful, blabby mouths off again.——just sayin’. If anyone knows the jerkchick send her over to my place——I can get started on her manners lessons early. I really, really dislike bigmouth, gutless morons.
penelopesire knows these guys are super important, no matter how small and do-nothing they are:
How can they be ‘irrelevant’ when they have the head of the whole DOJ protecting and encouraging them?

Wake up!!
FlingWingFlyer makes a good comparison:
I don’t know which is the bigger threat to America. The simpleminded Al Qaeda morons or the braindead Black Panther thugs.
jwalsh07 fondly remembers beating up a threatening black guy back in the day, and then getting promoted for badassery:
Some nutty black guy said something very similar to me in boot camp almost 40 years ago. Unfortunately for him my hands back then were much quicker than his feet. And that’s why Drill Sergeant Thornton, a great soldier of African descent, made me the squad leader which got me an extra stripe and a few more bucks. I was making about 300 per month back then. So there are ways to profit from nutty people with big mouths.
samtheman knows if Obama's reelected, blacks are gonna go crazy!
Wait for Obama’s second term. You’ll be laughing out of the other side of your mouth.

This is life and death folks. Either Obama goes... or we go.

There is no middle ground here.
Toespi wonders where all the moderate black people are?
Every black American who works, goes to school and church and is a neighbor of their white friends should speak up and say enough is enough. They should be outraged with not only this but the race baiting that is continually taking place in this country by the democrats. Where is their voice? Are they not sick and tired of the daily negative attention this draws to their family lives? Really, their outrage is long overdue.
matt04 thinks threatening speech should make you a terrorist. He may not read Free Republic very often.
Not only that but the NBP should be a considered a terrorist organization.
tsowellfan thinks Obama is conspiring to delay elections like six months in a well thought out plan.
Obama’s probably hoping for something really bad to happen to one of the two candidates. ANYTHING that’s severe enough to have to delay elections at least until the GOP finds another candidate.

I know that sounds horrible but I do NOT trust that man.

And if Obama does not get “lucky” in Tampa, there’s always plan B.

If Obama’s poll numbers are too low he will pull the Biden’s too sick to be on the ticket card. This could happen sometime in late October.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aiken's gotta go

For all their protestations about the establishment, let it never be said that Freepers do not listen to the GOP.  Thus, after some initial defense of Aiken, Freepers have bowed to the the GOP's frantic, if politically astute, abandonment of Aiken and turned against the guy.

kjo explains that the American People are too stupid and must be pandered to:
This idiot is going to cost us the Senate. Does he not understand that the local and national liberal media will never let this die? Never.

The MSM will attempt to attack all Republicans as they tar them with being “anti-women”.

Too many stupid people vote.
txrefugee knows the first rule of Pro Life Club:
Fine....let him go down in flames. The next time some nitwit GOP candidate feels the urge to be interviewed on the subject of abortion, Akin’s crashing and burning should flash before his mind’s eye.

Oh, and the next time Sarah Palin endorses someone for the primary in your state, pay attention. She obviously has more political sense than a boatload of “experts”. Her candidate, Steelman, wouldn’t have been this stupid...and she is a woman, another plus when running against a woman.
Sarah Palin endorsed some non-Tea Party woman who lost in the primary, and lots of Freepers are touting her retroactive genus.

scooby321 has a diagnosis:
He is not sane
napscoordinator still loves the guy though.
It is nice to see principled religious conservative people fighting. Sure he said something that should have been said differently but anybody with a brain knew what he meant. Akin for President in 2016 along with Bachmann and Santorum running as well.
We need to get away from the liberalism that has taken over both parties. Let’s get some serious religious conservatives in office and you will see an incredible country again. Pro Life, Anti-Gay marriage and agenda should be our top priority. If you concentrate on social issues first, the fiscal issues will change as well EASILY!!!!
The guy has a point. A few elections of the GOP's "All Pro-Life and Anti-Gay all the time" platform and this country could be vastly improved!

I almost agreed with cuban leaf till the smug apocalyptic douchebaggery at the end here:
Man, this election cycle is getting fun!

It’s like watching a good movie during the really exciting parts, sitting on the edge of my seat.

But it’s easy to enjoy it when you know how it ends.
I always love it when Freepers design their batshit crazy political ads, but DallasBiff may have the best:
In actuality, this could be a lemonade from lemons moment.

Akin is gone and a commercial shows Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile and then with that fake neck brace at Mary Jo's funeral, the a picture of Barney Frank, with the caption, this democrat Congressman had a male prostitution ring running out of his Capitol Hill townhouse, and then show the picture of Clinton hugging Monica.

The closing is, "When you are a republican your actions have consequences, when you are a Claire McCaskill democrat, your actions do not."
Uncle Slayton rouses the rabble:
Akin did not make a fool of himself, but instead made a thoughtful comment which made the RINO’s that control the Republican Party cringe.

Akin won his primary and Akin broke no law, but to offend some yellow bellied RINO’s.
In the end, the only defenders left are dogmatists like marygonzo:
Akins premise on rape pregnancy is a scientific fact. Women under trauma do not ovulate. Here is a very good source

Now the word “legitimate “ was a mistake. How about revealing the name of the Pakistani Doctor you aided Leon Panetta in directing the killing of the bastard Bin Laden? This resulted directly in a 30 year prison sentence for this hero!!! How about “He is articulate and CLEAN”!From Biden Refering to the first part Negro President or “you have to have an Indian accent to go in a 7 11 here”!! or Ya’ll in chains”

I am sick of the double standard and I am sick of gutless republicrats that run under a rock over words!! What the hell happened to free speech??

Even Freepers cannot swallow this level of false equivalence. And as marygonzo gets more and more shrill (and more and more revealing), she is taken down quite ably by PhxTM06:
Lets kill those babies— Right?? Just suck their innocent brains out and kill them because “Mama” says she was “raped”
Yeah Dats it!!

Like the old saying....”If the facts are on your side, argue the facts, if the law is on your side, argue the law, if neither the facts nor the law are on your side, pound the table.”

Mary, you my dear are pounding the table awfully loud and making quite a spectacle of yourself.
Couldn't have said it better myself.