Friday, April 30, 2010

Bush's mistakes

President Bush is to mention some mistakes he's made in his upcoming book. Freepers weigh in on what they think he did wrong:

GeronL thinks if only Bush had been more divisive...

His worst mistake was being nice and civil to the left.

4rcane agrees. Bush's main problem was messaging, not policy:

his biggest mistake was not defending himself against the media. Throughout his years in office, the media morphed from simply bias to corrupt because they saw what they could get away with. They got bolder and bolder and started making things up

Jim Robinson weighs in

Worst mistake was TARP. Ushered in the Marxists. Killed the USA.

neocon1984 is lees coherent:

His worst mistake was being a big government Republican like his poppa. Compassionate conservatism, my a@@.

Cheetahcat is angry and confusing:
What was his excuse for Amnesty ,border guards Jailed, See you at the signing calling Americans racists, This is OUR Country,head in the sand and rolling in a ball when the rats attacked.. Thanks GW for putting the Commie in the whitehouse..
Jazz1968 confuses me:

His worst mistakes were Pelosi and Obama.

Randy Larsen is pissed Reagan died:

Bush 41 sold out Reagan’s policies...

Bush 43 continued the tear down of Reagan’s conservative policies!

Gay State Conservative notes Obama never admits mistakes:

Something Hussein will never do in a million years...even when we’re waiting 6 months for heart surgery like Canadians do and when crime rates in areas populated by newly “legalized” Mexicans increases five-fold.

Except here and here and here and here. And that's not years after laving the Presidency either!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nuke North Korea

The sinking of that S. Korean warship's sinking continues. But Freepers need no more evidence!

St. Louis Conservative has a plan:

I’m in favor of bombing Pyongyang into the Middle Ages and reunifying Korea under the South’s democratic government. It’s always a positive when communists are eradicated.

No doubt South Korea is pretty excited about the fallout!

Tarpon has some analysis:

one free shot rule is in effect with Obama. Stern warning and finger wagging to follow. If it gets really bad, Obama-commie might even do a special one off teleprompter seance to make the NKs back down.

Got to be careful around other commies.

rogertarp knows how to treat the enemy - with savagery:

This wanton act of war must be met with massive and horrifying retaliation sufficient to send a message to these communists. If we only had a male leader.

JudgemAll is aptly named:

America has dirty diapers and still cannot clean after its own self, too shy and too embarassed to go to the bathroom now and wipe the crap out of this world with a clean swipe of nukes.

"A clean swipe of nukes." Is there anything it can't solve?

And now this word from outer space

Blacl guys story edition:

I have a black guy at work that makes real good money. He’s an Obama voter, through and through. He talks of “Revolution!”, how it’s time “whitey” is going to see how blacks were treated and that blacks are going to get socialism paid for by whites. This guy is only 35 years old.

Well, he got his tax bill this year and owes thousands. His tax attorney told him he will need to pay quarterly estimated taxes of at least a few thousand each quarter this year to make up the additional taxes that are coming.

He exploded exploding in his attorney’s office and ranted. His tax attorney, a black man, told this guy that he voted for the idiot so welcome to the “rich, white guy club.” That sent this guy into orbit and he hasn’t come down since.

I sent his tax attorney a small cartered lunch to his office and a thank you card. It seems the tax attorney is anti-Obama as can be.

I also poke the bear at work as often as possible by reading the racist idiot the latest news articles about more taxes and less tax breaks, etc. Plus, I like to show him the funny Obama cartoons.

Totally clearly true story provided by CodeToad

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just deport all the illegals!

Most Freepers love them that AZ law that lets police stop someone with reasonable suspicion that they are not here legally, though some balk at the "show me your papers" flavor. The answers to these concerns interesting take on the Constitution:

thethirddegree is a problem solver:

We need to deport or imprison all illegals, seal the border and have an armed response to anyone trying to sneak back in.

It's just that easy!

Bokababe has taken a poll and all his Mexican American friends are totally cool with being stopped:

But I've asked several Mexican American friends the same question -- Would it bother you if were stopped based on looking Hispanic? The answer was no -- minor hassle, no different than dealing with airport security. One asked me if we'd ever been stopped in Mexico and identified as American -- the answer was yes!

Last time we were in Baja, the government police (with automatic weapons and wearing ski masks) stopped us on the highway and asked for our passports.

Well, if Mexico does it, we're totally fine!

Rennes Templar is troubled that some folks don't like the law

“31% are opposed. “

These 31% favor:

Gay Rights
SUV bans
Bank Reform
Union Rights
Global Warming
Animal Rights
Entitlement programs
Free Health Care
Bush Prosecution
Save the Whales

They are a drain on our Republic. Any ideas what to do with these deranged people?

What to do indeed!

skr loves all laws:

As with any law and any right, misuse is likely to occur; it’s a risk we take.

Texan5 just starts profiling right now:

“A gaudily painted lowrider”

LMAO! In San Antonio, there are areas where that vehicle would be common among American born Hispanics-but outside of those neighborhoods, definitely a reason for suspicion.

Bokababe joins the party:
I am guessing that if you don't speak with a Mexican accent and you aren't breaking any laws or hanging out with illegals that you won't be asked for proof. I posted a link to the actual law above.

The Freeper PC Police

Obama's National Security Adviser General Jones was giving a speech at the Washington Institute For Near East Policy and told an unfunny warmup joke:
A Taliban militant gets lost and is wandering around the desert looking for water. He finally arrives at a store run by a Jew and asks for water. The Jewish vendor tells him he doesn’t have any water but can gladly sell him a tie. The Taliban, the jokes goes on, begins to curse and yell at the Jewish storeowner. The Jew, unmoved, offers the rude militant an idea: Beyond the hill, there is a restaurant; they can sell you water. The Taliban keeps cursing and finally leaves toward the hill. An hour later he’s back at the tie store. He walks in and tells the merchant: “Your brother tells me I need a tie to get into the restaurant.”
Freepers, never ones to avoid the very Political Correctness they rail against, have decided the above joke is an OUTRAGE:

Yehuda thinks making fun of bad people should never be allowed:

Thank you, General Jones, whose fine military career will now be doubly asterisked, first as a moron who licks Ø's rear end, and then as a SCHMUCK who BADLY tells STUPID Jokes about Jews "cheating" a FREAKING TALIBAN.

Hey, General Jones, HERE'S YOUR PITIABLE TALIBAN, shooting a woman in the back of the head. Have any good jokes for that?

Arthur Wildfire! March goes straight to Hitler:

“Jews are just greedy merchants”

That’s what Hitler said too.

TalBlack posts the cryptic:

.....And so it begins....

I guess rounding up the Jews is next?

Eva thinks the joke is about Jews. She also analyzes the humor to death:

If you are Jewish, you are entitled to chuckle at the joke. It is the place and the audience to which the joke was told that is not funny.

Let’s imagine that the Obama official went to a Jewish gathering and told a joke about Muslims.

bronxville doesn't much care about ethics, he embraces Alinsky:

We all used to have a good time laughing and joking with each other more. The leftist ploy, Political Correctness, has stopped it all.

Now we’re just playing payback. Anything they say that’s even slightly derogatory will get bounced right back at them. It’s playing the Alinsky game. :)

I always find the Alinsky thing funny. Freepers rail at the immorality of the left's supposed tactics, and cannot wait to embrace them themselves. Political Correctness, the race card, protests. If it weren't for wrath, I'd say envy was their sin.

Badray sums it all up:
The trouble with liberals is that they do not get humor. I hope that we never become like them.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The volcano Conspiracy

Freepers once again managed to impress me with their conspiracy theories about the whole "don't fly through ash clouds" regulations in Europe after the Icelandic volcano eruption:

rovenstinez is pretty sure Obama is involved:

THESE governments aren´t working. They just SCARE. Do you think our guy in Washington was pushing buttons and telling them to keep things green as he is..

Carling knows ash clouds are just like normal clouds:

I’m from Oregon. People fly through clouds thicker than this most days of the winter.

TigersEye thinks this is some kind of globalist conspiracy to take over the economy, and also snub Poland:
It helps to bankrupt the EU moving us all closer to the global economic system and it provided a convenient excuse for 0bama, Merkel and Sarkozy to cancel going to Kaczynski’s funeral. Don’t want to PO Putin ya know.
Stoat follows the money and ends up with some kind of blue collar conspiracy:
Somebody got rich. Who was it?

Hoteliers and restaurateurs located near airports.

Taxi drivers.

Telephone companies.

Probably most any service industry in or near airports.

DoughtyOne has a little theory:

I’ve got this little theory banging around in my head, and it seems to me that the Western powers that be are trying to take down the middle-class. Every chance they get to take some of them down a notch or ten, they’re going to do it.

How else do you explain things like this? They could tell in a matter of hours if the air was clean or not. They didn’t care to check it out.

Snap of the fingers, tens of thousands of people were cut off and under a severe financial strain (in some instances).

Monday potpourri.

rogertarp has interesting allies:
This Goldman attack is an attack on you. It is an attack on freedom . It is an attack on our precious free enterprise and it will be crushed.
Le Chien Rouge sees a dark future unless we nuke the latest Freeper villian:

In 50 years with nuclear contaminated drinking water, uninhabited cities and toxic air, some of our surviving descendants when not scavenging for food, will wonder why no one had the b__s to stop Iran while we had the chance.

The best part? Replace Iran with Russia or North Korea and you can get an idea of Free Republic in the 1980s and 1990s.

workerbee isn't close minded, he's just thinks those who disagree with him have shit for brains:
What's "incomprehensible" about the fact that BamBam hates, has always hated, and will always hate the United States of America? The only people who could believe otherwise by now have fecal matter where their brains should be.
Wow, that's a lot of idiots!

cripplecreek has the best metaphor:

Blacks are like crack cocaine to the democrat party and the supply is showing signs of drying up.

buzzer has had it with CIA intervention!
Chile, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, etc. US foreign politics in overturning a other nations gouvernment always (except Germany and Japan) messed things up in the long run.

For me the solution would be easy. Get our troops home and flatten the whole middle east with B-52s.

Well, it all made sense till the "nuke the the middle east" paragraph.

MrB is unhappy:

The left, especially those who claim a moral superiority based on their ideology,

never address the actualy issues, but “argue” by not arguing, by dismissing either their opponents or their opponents ideas as unworthy of addressing.

This is partly because they cannot logically refute the positions of their opponents,
and partly because they truly don’t think beyond the stage of the issue where they have achieved their goal of self-aggrandizement.

Yeah, it sucks no one listens when you call liberals gay hitler-lovers, among other craziness.

Genoa sees some different reality than I do:

Ha! I can only imagine Sarah field dressing Obama in 2012. I just regret that Obama probably won’t even be the candidate. Too bad.

Wild Irish Rogue's Obama is truly a monster:

Barry’s increasingly bizarre personal attacks on citizens validates that he’s dishonorable and of low character .
And an unmanly weakling.
He’s unraveling in public, in private he must be a real piece of work.
Reggie has his work cut out for him consoling and calming Barry with massages, scented candles and bubble baths.
The White House may be forced at some point ,
to excuse his inappropriate behavior by playing the sympathy card and blaming his mental disability-NPD.

Jeez, I'm sure glad I don't know the guy Wild Irish Rogue made up!

theDentist has a new word for everyone:

I think he’s an Obamist... a hybrid/mixture of a Socialist and a Fascist. he is nationalizing industries, taking control of the free market economy, expanding government and Unions, threatening any Press who do not curry favor, while decrying and scapegoating those who would dare question him.

ObamaMustGo2012 as this inexplicable note:

I say this with all sincerity and with expectations of being attacked, but I truly believe this: If Jon Stewart wasn’t Jewish, we would have never even heard of the guy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Pix

Senators voting is just like gambling in a rigged Casino somehow!

Yay! Stupid Obama pic with extra large ears! Haw haw!

Boy, ancient Bedouin practices sure are evil! And that 6 year old bit is certainly stretching the truth according to the wikipedia.

Waco's anniversary had Freepers busting out some real old chestnuts. Good hate is like a bad photoshop - it never dies, it just waits.

Not sure if the Tea Party folks want to get into an acronym contest. Though I guess they've picked a pretty small target, so that's nice.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Crist, having been outflanked to his right in the Republican primary, is laying the foundation for an independent run. If anything makes partisans unhappy, its when someone they don't like switches away from the party:

prophetic on how Crist is tainted by Obama:
Anyone who drank from the bottle of Obama-nation does not deserve to continue public life.

Poor ol Charlie wrapped his lips around obummer's butt that it has marred him (Charlie) for life against all conservatives.
No need for proof, there's that one pic of them hugging!

Psalm 144 knows the Florida electorate:

Might even backfire. Split the collectivist-parasite vote.

mojitojoe always acts the opposite of the way DU is posting. This is some good analysis:
I can tell you this, they really love him over and DU, that tells us all we need to know. If they are rooting for him, that says it all.
Cause DU will never be happy about someone driving the GOP crazy merely for the sake of the crazy!

Bainbridge brings in the SuperEvil Soros:
Suggestions from whom, hmmmmm?
George Soros perhaps ?
longtermmemmory also thinks Crist is part of some kind of political conspiracy:

It is all about how much DEMOCRATS will pay Crist to run.

Where is the GOP on this? Are they going to speak against but wink and say ok we speak RINO? (ala NY23?)

Or maybe he's losing.


Party over conviction, if party doesn't do it, self over party and conviction, and if THAT doesn't do it, shed skin and start over.

Conviction was last seen when Ronald Reagan was President.
erm, Clearly Crist didn't choose party.

bmwcyle thinks only one punishment is suitable for such a politician: exile!

He needs to be taken to the FL border and told never to return.

GM is eevil

GM making a profit? Not to Freepers!

GOPsterinMA prefers denial to reality:

NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!! GM and Chrysler are dead union shops walking. Look at Toyota’s sales - up what, 30+% percent? People would rather take a chance in crashing and dying (an albeit small chance, and for the record I own a Toyota and love it) then to buy a GM.

mlocher is also into the faith things are awful:
And the economy is on the upswing too --- LOL!!!
FrankR has a conspiracy theory:
Knowing the criminal climate of Washington, I would say that the feds are shifting those funds to GM under the table for a fake "payoff", because, no one will buy their cars as long as they think it's still "Government Motors".
annieokie's conspiracy involves the eeevil unions:

only until the last UNION scum purchases a GM car. When all of them have done so by force, there will be no more customers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bullets are cheaper than lawyers

Freepers expound on the proper disposition of pirates.

shalom aleichem might be joking:

Court appointed lawyers, full panoply of U. S. Constitutional rights, on and on. Just hang ‘em from the yard arm! Aaarghhg!

Mr. Wright is not. He hates due process for folks not Americans:

No, why are they not just “taking them out” on the high seas?
Thereby, we avoid all these costly and unnecessary trials.
We know they did it - they were caught in the act. Shoot the bastards and let the sharks have them for lunch. Case closed.

The Great RJ doesn't trust the justice system.

These trials will be a joke and I expect one or more of these guys will get acquitted on some technicality and be sent home with new suits and pocket money to a heroes welcome in Somalia. I wouldn’t even be surprised if these pirates would get bail and be walking our streets courtesy of the ACLU and liberal donors.

Bayan thinks a more savage America will totally solve problems:

I’d rather hang them on shore in Somalia. No trial, just take them in and hang them at the docks. A little of that and there’d be a marked decrease in piracy.

And then we can bomb anyone who doesn't like it. And then bomb anyone who doesn't like that and then...

OrioleFan gets creative:

What you do with them is load them up on a plane and drop them out over a suspected pirate safehouse so they crash through the ceiling DOA just to let them know - We know where you are.

Thats troubling.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Have Freepers gotten crazier? Maybe. But the 15h aniversery of Waco lets us see some quality crazy, aged to perfection and set off by Dick Morris:

Head Freeper Jim Robinson gets a lot of attaboys for the following true fact:

(actually, it was Hillary calling the shots)

Kartographer whips out the 'Clintons kill folks' meme. That is a crazy only a fer Freepers have reached with respect to Obama.

Good by Dick we hardly knew you. Say hello to Vince and Ron.

jazminerose loves Dick Morris:

His last couple of books have been good—lots of charts, diagrams, facts & fgures.

You know, all the stuff libtards can’t stand.

You mean the stuff they teach in those liberal universities?

You can always tell truth when it comes with facts and figures.

lonestar67 thinks Waco was anti-Christain:

I think any other religious sect would be treated with politically correct gloves. We cannot be even slightly harsh with battle field radicals at Gitmo.

How can you suggest the government and media would tolerate the killing of radicals identified as muslim?

The Left does believe that sincere Christianity is dangerous because it is potentially insubordinate. The Left believes Christians will resist their agenda. This makes them dangerous and the Left threat constructs them constantly to keep them under political thumb.

I didn't think Koresh's harem cult thing was what Freepers would call Christian, but I guess a victim is a victim.

joe fonebone is an OKC truther.
the OKC bombing was a direct result of the time, the congress had a bill working it’s way through, that would have dismantled and eliminated the ATF....then the bombing happens, and who leads the investigation??? the ATF...engineers have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the truck bomb, placed where it was, could not possibly have brought down that question is, who has a picture of the blast crater? If you have it, please post it....
surfer sums it up:

Whatever you want to believe about the is a lot worse than you think.

So don't think!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

By Request: Blacks are all criminals

Despite what some commenters think, Free Republic isn't Stormfront. Aside from the language used ("It's black culture, it's not genetic (so far as I know) vs. "It's genetic.") Stormfront is all about race. Free Republic is all about politics.

This difference can be largely academic when we have a black president though. Free Republic doesn't much care what reasoning they use to prove Obama's evil. Islam, Chicago, blackness. It's all good.

Thus, violence in Oakland has national implications:

seemoAR Thinks Obama is manipulating us into a race war via small incidents of violence:

Google “race wars of 1919” if you want to see what can happen. We are being set up for another round in the never ending war against this once free Nation. Martial Law is the intended purpose for all this nonsense.

northwinds finds proof in anecdotes, despite violent crime statistics:

I mean this is just really becoming an thugs in groups walking up to people (whites and asians) and sucker punching them....kicking them in the head, etc. It saddens me to watch this country descend into a third world hell and nobody seems to give a sh##.

GGpaX4DumpedTea gets roundly criticized for this, but here it is:

Call the perps what they are - it is past cute to label ‘em ‘Amish’. Call a spade a spade, and use the ‘N’ word if you have to.

Heh, and he still doesn't have the balls to say the actual N-word.

ccmay thinks vigilantism solves everything:
The best thing that could happen to Oakland would be a revival of the tongs and triads, with brutal reprisals for this kind of thuggery.
Well, at least he didn't talk about nooses.

2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten thinks Obama is communicating with the Oakland thugs through secret black code. Cause black gangbangers love them some CNN.

A clear signal is being sent from Washington which says, in essence, “it’s open season on whites” (as well as asians etc.) No surprise that the signal is heard loud and clear. Ever since Mugabe got elected - it’s Rhodesia all over again. Big surprise, huh?

Lastly, Gilbo_3 is afraid of fists:

more proof that bare fisted perps are indeed armed...only takes one lucky punch or unlucky fall to be critical...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Potpourri

Shaun_MD is worried about Russia's coming sneak attack:

Not long. Russia has to secure its flank before the big show.

Lightfinger on how loyalty is genetic:

No matter the birth certificate issue, he is still related to Kenyan Muslims.

Kenyans don’t like the UK for their years of occupation.

Muslims, of course, don’t like Israel.

Nuff said.

Marty62 has found a mole in the DOD! It's the SecDef:

Time for a mole hunt big time.

Let’s see where to start.
Gates -CIA
Gates- DOD
Gates-Zero synchophant
NYT- leaks CIA assets.

shotdog apologizes to Canada for Obama. Probably cause of that one photo.

To every Canadian reading the posts on this site, please accept our apologies for our accidental president. Be assured that he will not be there much longer. It has to get better. What we got was not what we wanted. Hang in. sd

Rockitz loves him some purges:

Vacationed there in 2005 and also my first choice. Hat tip to Pinochet, who managed to purge a number of lefties.
demshateGod on Obama's secret plan:

God help us! He’s selling America! His job is to get the price lower for his benefactors. It truly is over, democracy has failed.

SonOfDarkSkies analyzes Obama's race:
Whenever I see Obama around any genuine Black people, I realize that he is nothing but a Brutha Wannabee.

Other than Frank Marshall Davis, he most likely never even met a Brutha until he arrived in Chicago at 23 (est) years of age.

He is nothing more than a darker-skinned Michael Pfleger.
Cause if anyone knows what constitutes Blackness, it's Freepers.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Pix

Wow. That's a bit...obscene.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tax Day Protest

Not much about the much ballyhooed tea party fiesta today. One thread, less than 100 posts.
Here are some choice bits, though:

jhw61 has ideas:

[Obama] is truly a tool. Did he just say we don’t have any ideas! How about deporting illegals and get the life-long generation welfare recipients off their asses and earn your keep like the rest of us. We’re sick of supporting them...that ought to balance the budget right there!

Deport all illegals and get rid of welfare! See? Ideas!

ozarkgirl thinks real men engage their protesters, cause that'll be a good use of time, somehow:
I understand Obama is in Florida? Isn't that terrible? Your people are screaming out to you and you refuse to address them, refuse to meet them? Run away?

I guess Bush was also a loser.

Marty62 hates facts:

Bob Beckel is saying produce ONE of the infiltrators.

Also saying it is 1/3 the size of last year.

I am sick of Fox giving that fat toad a forum to attack TPM.

cyclotic is ready!

I chose a somewhat fat stick that will break off the sign quickly if the need arises, plus a Gerber spring assist folder.

Obama loses the Space Race

Obama is not going to try to go back to the moon. Still going to Mars, though. A few Freepers actually seem to disagree. Most of the just yell SURRENDERING TRAITOR MUSLIM!

Scotsman will be Free on how space exploration is totally Conservative:

Libs have always hated space exploration. They always whined about solving earth’s problems first before venturing into space(in otherwords, never)The other reason is that they hate the U.S. and our greatness. A successful space program is one indicator of greatness.

Kakaze has a deeper reason why libs have conspired to stall our space exploration

Libs and progressive republicans hate the idea of space and colonies. It is all about control,just imagine a human race turned loose in the solar system..........they will be out of arms reach and rich, gov't will not own them, they will have the high ground.

Colonies, with unlimited resources, become super powers.

This is the real reason, they want us trapped in this gravity well, control, low earth orbit and false promises of break through exploration will only work so long.
nolongerademocrat goes into deeper crazy conspiracy territory:

I call BS, the people at ATS say we’ve been going to MARS for many years now - secret projects dontcha know. This could be yet another case of Obama taking credit for something he didn’t do - he’s a gifted thief.

onedoug needs to examine what "executive agency" means:

And Congress?...

autumnraine has an awesome digression about how he's come to hate liberals:

Reading a friend’s blog (he’s super smart, I mean like super genius smart and fairly famous for his space articles on Discovery Channel, but he is drunk on Obama koolaid) yesterday and all he could say was “It’s so nice to listen to President and not be embarrassed by his speaking.”

Yeah, so he can be horrible to the space industry, just as long as he pronounces “nuclear” properly.

This is what is so weird to me. I’ve never cared who voted for whom. Ever. Friends and I disagreed and that was no big deal. However with Obama I’m finding either you have lost your mind delusionally in love with him and he can do no wrong, or you hate him and are convinced he is a treasonous traitor. No in between. Now I find myself in the treasonous traitor catagory, but feel my logic is rational. I’m sure the koolaid drinkers feel the same.

There are times when I not only understand how the Germans felt in the build up to WWII, but also how America felt in the build up to the Civil War. And how friend, neighbor and family could be on two sides of an issue so strongly.

When you think everyone else is crazy, it's totally them, not you:

ClearCase_guy relates some totally real conversations he's had:
I've had conversations with people where I say, "I feel bad for the people who are out of work." And their response is basically:


Civil discourse is gone.
Indeed, when all your conversations are with straw men, discourse does indeed suffer.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

That birther officer

Birthirism has reached some sort of religious fervor. This makes some sense, as nothing new has come up about it in ages. What else is there to do but settle into the ideological foxhole of unthinking faith of Obama's Kenyan-ness?

Thus, Freepers reaction to this Lakin medical officer refusing to deploy till he sees the Long Form betrays more than a hint of religious parallels:

Berlin_Freeper wants to know:
Wouldn't a Christian simply show his bc rather than destroy a mans military career??
Brilliant! This is how I often blackmail Christains - by threatening to kill myself unless they give me fat sacks of cash money.

edge919 Has a plan:
Lakin needs to be treated as potential martyr.
Migraine will take obscure Old Testament References for 800, Alex:
Way to take a stand, Colonel! I am so proud of you. Patrick Henry would be extremely proud of you. Queen Esther would be extremely proud of you. Perhaps you were born into this regime for such a time as this. Blessings, sir!
Conservative Vermont Vet knows the rules, and Gates' ass-related proclivities:
The military can NOT court martial him without the benefit of "discovery" or the ability to call any witness which can exonerate him--not that they won't try, considering that Gates is a 1st class, sycophant, Dear Leader, butt boy!!!
kiltie65 has an awful conspiracy theory:

The first swearing in, I have begun to believe, was deliberately bungled. We never SAW the second swearing in...just some clips after the fact. What are we to think? Has he ever been sworn in? Was he sworn in, but on the Quran? Was special langugage used if he was sworn in, so neither the Justice or Obummer can be brought up on charges later if fraud is exposed? More answers.

DarthVader: sigh.

Sounds like the seeds of civil war.

Jeez. Everything means civil war these times. "Obama farted? Smells like civil war!"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A great typo, or the greatest typo?

Never mind the facts that Obama has yet to prove he has been born.

Why so liberal?

I'm addicted to strawmen. It's a problem, I may need an intervention. Thus, I cannot resist the latest Freeper attempt to explain liberals:

equalitybeforethelaw yearns for the day when America was funny:
Ever wonder why our culture has become remorsefully unfunny? We no longer have a sense of humor for fear of being condemned by our “anointed betters”. America was once a fun and interesting place to live. It has become a summer camp for retards.
Senator_Blutarski on why:

Liberals are humor impaired for a very simple reason: It’s hard to be upbeat when you are a whining victim.

Unlike Freepers, who really are persecuted by the MSM and Obama thugs.

kosciusko51 on liberal humor:

The only humor they like is when the punchline involves a conservative being sodomized or killed.

Yeah, nothin' but conservative buttsex jokes.

exDemMom has an anecdote:
when I visited the Capital building in Sacramento, I couldn't help but notice a huge difference between the governors' portraits. All of the Republican governors' portraits showed happy men with huge smiles across their faces (e.g. Reagan, Deukmajian). The Democrat's portraits were all of scowling, unhappy men (e.g. Brown, Davis).
relictele has the making of a liberal:

I remain convinced that at some point in a liberal’s life a switch is thrown that results in several phenomena:

1) They fall prey to one, some or all of the seven deadly sins and some others too numerous to mention here.

2) They are consumed with guilt which eventually turns to anger.

3) To assuage their guilt and anger they lash out at others around them, often complete strangers as anonymity provides cover for their cowardice.

4) The anger is often of a passive-aggressive variety which manifests itself in a lifelong resentment of anyone who achieves success without dependency or a rigged system (so-called ‘fairness’).

5) Since so many share their mindset, they constitute a voting bloc. Politicians take full advantage of their misanthropy and use it as a springboard to power.

Note that all five steps involve some sort of emotional failure. Wow, libs sure are screwed up!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Civil War at last!

A Bobby Jindal aide and her boyfriend were pretty badly beaten in New Orleans. Some stories are reporting the attackers said "Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on."

Despite not even Rush touching this, Freepers jump on with both feet:

Ingtar has important questions. And makes important assumptions to answer them!

Having lived in N.O. for 4 months recently, I’m guessing Hispanic.

Red Badger...

Okay, Cokie Roberts, THIS IS FT. SUMTER, YOU BITCH!.....................

Why is he angry at Cokie?

Lazamataz is pretty excited:
It's starting in earnest.

Hollowpoints, center of mass, double-tap then one to the head. Then follow up to next target.

wardaddy makes some analysis:

and yes they are motivated by the hate they learn from the media, their black and white leaders and their peers.

this is something a Dixie white person like me always knows but some folks in whitelandia just don’t get

but to call the cops way...I personally spoke with cops there last week on horseback...white cops...who were very very anti-Obama and Nagin.

Because all libs are presumptively complicit.

silverleaf about how tragic this is:

They are lucky they were not killed

Godspeed in their physical healing, but emotionally it may be never

This may be a taste of what the left has planned for future Tea Party gatherings

Beatings are bad stuff, but somehow I see him cheering were they "Obama thugs."

Speaking of Obama thugs, Artcore:

Note to thugs:

This is a fight you will not win!

You think we’re pi$$ed now...keep pushing us!

Revolutions are born of this stuff!

Exciting stuff! Too exciting to verify, that's for sure.

Spanking leads to manliness.

Some study found that spanked children are more aggressive. I'm not for taking spanking off the table myself. But, of course, where violence is involved, Freepers go a bit overboard. Turns out spanking is what makes boys men:

dalereed found him a mighty good false dichotomy!

Better agressive than a passive usless bolb of blubber!!

Pietro sees where this study will lead to slavery:
I think eveyone is missing the point here:

Under Obamacare, the state has a stake in your child; he/she is their property.

Expect fines and other disciplinary actions for parents that buck the received wisdom.

This is not a joke.
MrB probably also keeps slaves and stones any harlots he sees:
Yeah, like I’m gonna take the word of these elitist leftists over the Word of God.
RobRoy wishes he'd gotten more manliness spanked into him back in the day:

Actually, a certain amount of aggression is a good thing. The opposite is called “pushover”. I honestly would have desired that my parents spanked me more often. I got it one time. I have a hard time with conflict, but age is rectifying the situation finally. I’m 56 and getting rather cantankerous.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday potpourri.

chilltherats is subtle:
Zero is a racist. He's against whites. He could have checked more than one box regarding his racial makeup, but he chose to be niggardly and only check the one for AfricanhyphenatedAmerican.
ExGeeEye on how come the second Civil War, Freepers are all secret badasses:
I know a man who does 500 pushups every morning and has won trophies in a couple of martial arts. You can't tell it by looking-- at least, when you see him in church in a suit, being so very gentle with his little girls. He could quite easily kill someone-- accidentally-- who aroused his anger.

These people who doubt our capacity for action are looking at us, gathered together as though for church, in our suits, and assuming that's all there is. If they dismiss us now, they will be in for an unpleasant surprise.
OrioleFan remembers things:

Remember how Bill Clinton used to change the color of his hair depending on the audience (white when he spoke to seniors).

erm, I think it's called aging.

AngryJawa doesn't buy the tragedy narrative about those journalists getting shot in Iraq:
Good shoot.

Why is it that journalists, politicians, and pro athletes simply cannot understand the old saying "Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes"?
Kellis91789 is all about the saftey net, but wants you to know he hates it:

Many Conservatives have had so much taken from us over the 30 or 40 years of our careers to fund this idiocy that we can’t afford to retire without [Social Security and Medicare]. How would we allocate the liability for providing this ? How would we allocate responsibility for the national debt ? These things require Federal taxes to pay for because they are Federal obligations, and that tax burden dwarfs the tax benefits of moving to one state or another.

FDR planned this disaster with malice aforethought, but he planned it well. Short of a slow unwinding of federal powers, or an explosive collapse, we are stuck — an amicable separation is not possible.

So many taxes they can't help but stay with the government!

avoth on how the only reason the billions of Muslims aren't taking up arms is so we don't unite!

“if they were all jihadis, they’d be running the world.”

That’s the goal. The thing is, if they were all jihadis, we’d be united in fighting them. The Liberals would have no excuse for not doing so. By having some of them pose as “peaceful”, we’re deprived of the moral justification to fight them all, and the Liberals have the means to say, “See, they’re not all alike.”

Scotsman will be Free is suddenly worried Obama could call some American citizen guilty of terrorism:

“How is it legal for the President to just order US citizens to be taken out at his whim?”
It isn’t. What if the great zero decides you need to go.

Hmm. Sounds ACLU-ish.

John-Irish simplifies:

The crotch bomber and [that Qater shoe-bomber joke guy] are Muslims, aren’t they? Whats the difference? Remember the “Flying Imams?’’

All Muslims are the same!

Einherjar makes stuff up:

The President failed to add that he is descended from Arab slave traders.

manc on Obama versus Hitler:

there’s a lot of similarities with bozo and Hitler:

great speakers though hitler didn’t use a telepromter, they both had their own swastikas flags and emblems.
Everytime I see a bozo sticker on a car I think of Hitler and his swastikas and how those who followed Hitler used it instead of their own country flag.
Both have been using kids to be brainwash into their disgusting agenda.
both had big crowds in Germany
Both had and have thugs to close down opposition.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Pix

Obama's looking pretty tough here. Interesting to see that no nukes mean we're impotent.

That's a happy whale.

You ever been bitten by a one-toothed man? It's serious business.

Yep, no one ever projects upon any other Presidents.

Wait, wasn't Moses a good guy?

LOL douche!

Putin looking at Muslim Nazi Obama? What does this even mean?

Freepers get Canada?

I guess cause it was Easter?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stevens retires

Freepers try to react without Limbaugh's unifying voice:

Ancesthntr knows knee-jerk opposition is good politics:

If the Pubbies don’t fight WHOMEVER is the nominee tooth and nail - just because - then they are finished. NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT, TO SHOW THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE PARTIES.

"Just because" is some mighty good reasoning there!

Michael Barnes has some even better political advice:
This can be a real election year boon if they fight obama’s radical nominees...

With the gloves off as well. Start calling these people out for the anti-Americans that they are. Call them Marxist's and Communists. Bring up the Communist Manifesto, keep hammering on it.
freedomwarrior998 on the possible candidates:
It's going to be the FDRQ Elena Kagan or Kathleen Sullivan (also a FDRQ).

The stinking poo-flinging animal in the White House is catering to the sodomite lobby and wants to give them their own Justice. Watch and see, its going to be a FDRQ replacement.
BTW, the Internets tell me FDRQ means "filthy disease-ridden queer." Liberal equals gay, of course; it's the acronym that's news here.

Carley Agrees:

Elena my guess. radical leftist

Might as well choose a gang member

Gang member?

ikka don't know much about history:

FDR packed the court too ... it worked out so well for America ...

AmericanInTokyo Goodwins the thread but good:
Adolph Hitler's contempt for traditional German law had been manifest from his earliest days as leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP). The NSDAP's Twenty-Five point programme of 1920 proposed that existing law 'be replaced by a German common law'. By implication the NSDAP believed that the primary purpose of law should be to serve a racially defined Aryan national community enshrined in a 'strong central state power' that would replace the democratic Constitution of 1919. Hitler shared the Party's rejection of the principle of equality for all before the law. However, by 1921 he had confused the exclusivist principles of the Party by imposing one of his own, namely that the 'Leader Principle' (Führerprinzip) should be the law of the Party. It was the 'will' of the Party's Führer, and therefore the 'law' of the NSDAP, that the single-minded, ruthless acquisition of political power should take priority over other considerations.

Shoot Arabs first

Freepers overreaction to the recent shoe-bombing-joke incident surprised even me. Making an ill-conceived joke and smoking on an airplane? Well, if you're Muslim, that means you should die:

FlyingEagle has a measured response:

Oh, a massive misunderstanding - well ok then.

The terrorist should be immediately blindfolded, shot on the tarmac, and buried in a pig carcass, on the spot. (General Jack Black Pershing - style)

That should put an end to misunderstandings.

Oceander is sure this is a conspiracy:
This was a dry run, to test out our defenses after the Detroit bomber. Apparently it was a success, as this guy was, in fact, able to smoke a cigarette in the lavatory without being molested (he was only caught as he exited the lavatory). That means that he was able to carry on a pack of cigarettes (not a big deal in and of itself, nonetheless ...) as well as matches and/or a lighter (either one IS a big deal), and was able to light up, smoke the cigarette, and extinguish it, all without getting caught.
What a joke we’ve become as a nation and as a people.

No doubt. We are to blame for this sad state of affairs because we have become cowardly as a nation. That is the whole reason that BO is in the WH.
Well, I agree with ya up to fear got Obama elected. it is that detail that makes me think that you mean something completely different by "sad state of affairs." And fear. Really, it's like he's speaking a different language entirely.

devolve s sure Obama will ruin this international incident somehow. Also,l he seems to be signaling something:

Hussein Junior will ignore it

Maybe he get the 2 Air Marshalls on board United Flight 633 fired

I really worry about Hussy Junior’s future and health

And about Mars

Mars is something I am deeply concerned about

Yeah, your clever!

Misunderstanding my A##

He says he is lighting his shoes. At that point he is an insane maniac at best, a terrorist at worst. It don't matter if there is explosives in them or not. The threat is real.
The threat is real, even if there is no explosives? What the fuck?

MichiganConservative has a solution:
This is just another example of what I’ve been saying since 9/11. ARM THE PASSENGERS!
These Freepers. Armed. On an ariplane with some dude with olive colored skin. Sure to end well.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


McDonnell, Virginia's latest conservative star, made April Confederacy month. He notably left out slavery. Then took it back. Freepers sputter at the quick reverse and another Jackson Pollock of racial crap hits the internet:

Sacajaweau halls out two old chestnuts :blacks should be grateful, AND our founders did it:
I get tired of this...The two biggy Virginans...Washington and Jefferson had slaves...

They would have been better off in Africa...or on the streets.

America became their only chance and they're blowing it...
traditional1 goes for moral equivalence:

The REAL ABOMONATION is not slavery from 200 years ago. It’s the TAX SLAVERY of ourselves and the next two generations, so far, who have to be fleeced of their earnings to hand out to the “less fortunate”, and to purchase and/or subsidize the Government takeovers of private businesses.

Only keeping like $200,000 of your 400K salary is just like being property!

BnBlFlag is a subtle one:

Today’s Southerners, when compared to their ancestors, are Pussies.

Recovering_Democrat goes with a favorite of the right: the Dems were the bad ones 150 years ago!
I apologize for people who never owned slaves who keep apologizing.

I apologize for people who never were slaves who keep behaving as if they still are.

I apologize for a media who will take this stupid story and run with it, making it a huge deal when this nation is sliding into slavery to government.

I do not apologize for the Democrat party--the party of slavery, segregation, and sustained sustenance by government.

SUSSA manages to dig back even further to find Dem crimes:

You know, I never hear a Democrat apologize for that genocidal maniac and the Democrat Congress who tried to exterminate the Cherokee. Andrew Jackson tried to ethnically cleanse the Southeast. He had the military forcibly round up Cherokees and take them on a death march to the wilderness. Among the Cherokee 4,000 people out of a population of just 17,000 died on the death march.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tom Coburn is quite Conservative. But when he of the Schiavo video-tape diagnosis called Nancy Pelosi a "nice lady" who he disagrees with, Freepers howl for his head:

Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus
knows what has to happen:

Well that’s it, obviously Coburn has been coopted. Time to run a Tea Party Party candidate against him.

Yay! Tea Party!

UCFRoadWarrior thinks Nancy paid him to say she was nice, or some such:

Coburn now bought and paid for by DC $$$$$

Mr Coburn, do not let the screen door hit your arse on the way out of conservatism.....

patriot preacher jumps to conclusions like some sort of schizophrenic tigger:
Coburn....Is done. Tell me he’s not cowtowing to the Statists? Tell me he’s not just making sure he’s got his little niche in the Regime once they do away with those pesky elections and put Washington DC in charge of EVERYTHING. Tell me Coburn is up for reelection this year? Tell me he has a REAL Conservative primary opponent?!
itsahoot knows why you can't call the opposition nice - it'll turn you liberal!

Orin Hatch's best friend was Ted Kennedy, God only knows what is in the water up there, but this is bad.

The enemy has no friends, only Useful Idiots. When will we ever learn, every Okie knows from experience, when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.
LA Woman3 knows the reason behind this sudden turn to liberalism:

There must be a “little blackmail book” in DC.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama nukes Israel

Obama's new nuclear strategy really has the Freepers up in arms cause it doesn't say we'll nuke everyone as a first response. This means the end of America:

ConservaTexan makes connections:

Now, when the attacks that 0bama is inviting occur, the US will have a crippled healthcare system to deal with the aftermath. It becomes clearer evey day...

TJC has lost faith in Democracy thanks to Obama:

Some thing needs to happen.

For the life of me I can not understand how these rats get elected time and time again.

Our founders only let certain people vote and I can see why.

Frantzie blames TV:

Idiots in this country are controlled by TV. Until they cancel service they are serfs. They care more about college ball games. They give the left the power through the left’s control of TV. This includes Fox/Saudia. If they have a choice between serfdom and losing cable/sat TV? They will choose to be serfs.

riri is sure this is a roundabout signal about to Iran about Israel:
In my opinion, Obama just openly declared that Israel is a sitting duck.

Good point. I hadn't made that connection yet.

Welllllp, Mossad, ball is in your court.
Assassination or birtherism? Probably both.

Obama foments gang violence

Some kind of riot in Times Square. Freepers leap to politicize and add to their Obama narrative:

tatsinfla ...

yep, its going to get worse....and spread across the country....just start shooting them and maybe it can be nipped in the bed as barney would say...

cherry moreso:

people better wise up.....

stay away from the prepared...plan escape routes too...
MrB has innovative ideas of voter recruiting:

Democrat voter registration drive... ie, ACORN.

ripley thinks these folks will make up Obama's evil army:
The future cadre has to practice control of the streets. Dontcha know?


ETL knows Obama loves him some violence:
It's a "Black Liberation", "social justice" thing, folks. Obama is probably down wit it.
Seruzawa Has these interesting analysis:

The private sector is always smarter than the public sector. Even when it comes to street gangs. These gangs are smart enough to stay in New york and other areas with a similarly degraded and cowardly populace. No way you will be seeing anything like this in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming, for example. It’s too dangerous for the gang bangers. They stay where the pickings are easy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday potpourri.

FrankR knows what Obama taught at Harvard Law:
I think all he really taught was "Alinsky" and how to use "Rules for Radicals" to subvert the Constitution.

But "Radicals" best describes what is in power now, and they are governing just like the 70's, anti-government hippies they were then.

Some people only read the rule book to find ways to break the rules.
JudgemAll on why liberals are make fun of the Republican sex scandles:
The fact is we are not throwing money at their ugly gay whores, and that is the only reason they are mad: their pimping program loses money to tastier stuff which loves women and their children.
JudgemAll again, on Obama's passover:

He is not embracing the seder, he is sodomizing it of his own self pomp and stink.

joe fonebone on Obama's secret Court stacking plan:’s the deal....fubo is a flaming commie, but he is not a constitutional lawyer???? he knew this was going to be overruled by the supreme court...his little charade against the supreme court justices during his state of the union was when they overrule the current law, he can say they were just “getting even” and will use this to undercut and possibly stack the court in the way roosevelt tried to....just wait and see
livius. Just, livius:

Believe me, the WH knows the Pope’s name. This is the only serious, powerful opposition Bambi has. In his first year, Obama did everything possible to essentially imply that he was the head of the Church, in fact; things like the showdowns over the Notre Dame degree, the address at Georgetown, etc. were all positioned to show that the bishops were powerless and that Obama was essentially the one who called the shots in the Catholic Church. Obviously, he did this with the assistance of both clerical and lay followers, who really do regard him as more important than the Pope.

However, because the Church is an actual, physical institution with a chain of command (although not a very functional one, alas!), Obama knows that no matter what he does, he will not be accepted as their leader by all Catholics, simply because he is not the Pope and never can be. BTW, it doesn’t seem to matter to him that he’s not a Catholic and in fact is either a Muslim or an athiest; he sees himself as the rightful head of the Church simply because it is the biggest organization around.

He could, in theory, pull a Henry VIII and get American Catholics to make some sort of statement or oath of fidelity to him and then begin persecution of those who did not. But that wouldn’t be sufficient in this day and age, and I doubt that even Henry could have pulled it off under modern conditions

What can he do? Personally, I think that when he feels that he has done as much damage as possible to this country and destroyed us, he will somehow make himself head of the UN. In the meantime, the way he will try to take over and destroy the Church is by first destroying this Pope and then forcing the choice of his selected candidate.

ClearCase_guy on how Anarchists are secretly liberals, just like Muslims and Nazis and Fascists and everything else bad:
the "anarchist" movement (like the Democrat Party)got hijacked by Marxists long ago. Anarchists today are nearly impossible to distinguish from Marxists -- the only difference I can see is a "Good Cop / Bad Cop" thing. The Marxists are the "good guys"(!) and they take a reasonable, pragmatic approach to social change. The Anarchists are the street fighters who will use violence to effect political change.
Cobra64 on a recent driveby in Washington DC:

Slow night in the White House...

"Obama steps out for quality time with the brothas."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Pix

Obama hates oil!

Newsweek is not attacking Obama enough, therefore they love him!

Go, go Tea Party!

This is what all illegal immigrants look like!

Krugman wrote the book cause he's made of yarn! Who knew?

Well, that looks official! Must be true! If only Obama used his hand, he'd save so much money!

Heh. Keep fucking that chicken, Freepers!

People throw out racist randomly, so Ima be racist! Good plan!

Whew! Obama saved the preamble!

Legitimate process is 60 votes? That'll be news to every President ever!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Nothing good can happen to Obama. Iranian nuclear scientist defected a year ago? Awful!

HD1200 is sure he's lying:

Odds are he is still working for the Iranians and his instructions are to convince the naive & incompetent Barack Obama that Iran is harmless....

In other words a double agent for Iran.

Gay State Conservative expects Obama is gonna squander this thing that his administration certainly had a hand in:
Too bad he didn't defect to Israel.If he had there might be hope that the info he gave to them would result in the world being spared the horror of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Hussein,OTOH,will just settle him in Arizona and he'll be forgotten.Ignored,actually.
Later he tells how you know someone is telling the truth - how much they agree with Gay State Conservative:
His credibility depends on what he says.If he says..."Iran is years away from success and their sole intention is,in fact,electricity"....then you know he's lying.If his message is urgent..."they're damn close and Israel has much to fear"...then he's probably for real.
himno hero doesn't seem to understand what a defection is:

Dont worry, Obama will lawyer up the man so wrongfully imprisoned, free him and send him home with a booty of technology, showering Iran with nuclear secrets. All a part of the Muslim outreach program!

Whatever this man says? Pipelined directly to the nutjob himself! Where would Ozama be without his friends and brethren?

Quix just want to use ellipses and OThuga as much as he can:

I wouldn’t trust . . .

welllll anyway . . . I hope he has his affairs in order and says his prayers regularly . . .

Maybe the rest of us need to pray that OThuga doesn’t return him as an act of good will to OThuga’s Iranian Comrades.

Victory or Dickery!

Some urologist put up a sign telling patients who voted for President Barack Obama to seek care "elsewhere." Though he says, "I'm not turning anybody away — that would be unethical."

Freepers discuss their own, little, dickish ways they are getting back at Obama voters.

is mysterious, but toally on the side of the angels!

I’m doing something similar, just not as overt.

We should all make certain the burden of collectivism falls on those who support it, ignorant, or not.

You protect the innocent and the righteous from this burden by doing so.

mojitojoe knows how to spot a freeloader:
My wife changed where she gets her hair and nails done because the owner is a huge Obongo fan and thinks she is going to get all kinds of free crap. Her daughter has a half black kid, not married. That says it all. Thankfully my doctors are all rabid Obongo haters.
Not just out of wedlock, but half black too boot!

coconut47 has some kick-ass nativism going on:
My daughter works in a dr’s office (8 of them actually) and 3 of them voted for Obama but they were not born or raised here in the US.
That says alot.
digger48 has a doctor who doesn't accept medicaid:
"We apologize, but we no longer accept Medicaid patients."

Maybe not word for word, but the point is made. And if I have an 8:30 appointment, I'm weighed in and sitting in an exam room at 8:30, out by 9.
Seems like the doctor isn't super busy. Huh.

FormerACLUmember on medicaid patients:
Medicaid = Obama voters = non-compliant, trailer-trash, narcotic seeking social parasite nightmare patients
Secret Agent Man:
I think people would be wise to seek out those with similar beliefs and values. I wouldn’t want a doctor who can’t wait for Obamacare to kick in and start determining my care based on what the government says he can do or not do for me.
screaminsunshine is a wannabe dick. Very sad:

Wish I had a biz so I could fire some Obama voters.