Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The GOP's Kwanzaa statement

Freepers continue to amusingly do their best to cloak their hostility towards blacks in some pretext of rationality. But when the Republican Party dared to wish those who celebrate it a happy Kwanzaa, Freepers raged at those who would dare attempt to be courteous to the hated negro:

joethedrummer hates when politicians act nice:
whores. pathetic whores.
LibLieSlayer doesn't get why a political party would try outreach:
Man... whores ain’t nearly as bad as these vermin... they have some value... whores have a purpose and they are Capitalists.
LibLieSlayer explains - only straight Whites will ever vote GOP:
They think that they can but mexicans will vote for communists... it is what they do... and homosexuals will vote for satan’s party because their life is built around an abominable sin unto GOD and dims will by and large either not vote or vote for the party that they think that the rats still are... circa 75 to 100 years ago. Socialists and communists are already voting in a unified block for the American stalinist party. Blacks will continue to vote for freebies and the racists that hate them. The gop will die if they screw over Conservatives and one more thing... THOSE POS gop/e POLS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REDEFINE CONSERVATISM... BECAUSE THE TEA PARTY IS CONSERVATISM!
LibLieSlayer finishes up with this totally orignial thought:
There ain't much “lite” in the dim lite party... they are becoming more and more like ted kennedy every day. If the primaries do not throw out many of these leadership traitors... the republican party will die... and good riddance!
goldi has never heard of wikipedia:
One year, my sister, who works for a very large bank, was tasked with setting up her branch’s Kwanza celebration display. It was a major pain in the butt, since not she, nor anyone else in her branch, had a clue. Anyway, she wound up throwing some gourds and apples on a table, along with some home-made banners tacked to a wall — and that was the end of it. The bank doesn’t celebrate Kwanza anymore and hasn’t for years, and probably won’t ever again.
Louis Foxwell knows all Real Blacks are Christian:
The only blacks who celebrate Kwanzaa are themselves phonies. Those dumbass idiots running the Repub party do not have the wit to understand the deep and powerful Christian influence that runs through the black community. They have just dissed the entire black Christian community. Nice move, obviously orchestrated by a lib mole.
niteowl77 has switched from shame to smugness!
One of the best things about leaving the Republican party is that when the GOP-e chair-moisteners do something cringeworthy, I no longer feel personally embarrassed.
Sequoyah101 thinks like a class bully:
The pubbies are the class nerd with a little power.

Stick a finger in the air and see what to say and get it wrong.

On the seventh day of Kwanzaa Karenga gave to me
Seven Mao pajamas,
Six Castro jumpsuits,
Five fel-on-ies,
Four Lenin busts
Three Dixie Chicks,
Two Jaily birds,
And a Marxist in a red tree.
Wow between 'Marxist in a red tree' and only getting to seven, this guy didn't really try hard, did he? I'd think hatred would be more motivating than that...

EDIT: There are seven days to Kwanzaa. Something I knew, but did not connect. Its still pretty lame, but not quite as lazy.

Silly Mouton thinks Jesus was born on December 25:
What galls me about this is it puts Kwanzaa, a phony made up POS event on the same level at Christmas. Not only is that wrong to do, it is a sacrilege in my mind.
Aevery_Freeman :
"To learn who is most feared, simply find out who is most criticized."

'Tis the Party of TEA! (and Sarah Palin).
Wow, Michelle Obama must TERRIFY Freepers!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Potpourri

CaptainAmiigaf is a total badass, and also America's legions of secret Freepers are preparing for Civil War 2.
You become “weirdly calm” do you? I join you in being among the most dangerous.
We all know people who seem to blow up at anything at all. Seemingly out of control, unable to exist in a contented world, but constantly seeking a reason to erupt.
Then there are those, who see what is becoming of the world around them and make a determined effort to control themselves. Day after day their world in which they live becomes more corrupted, despite their best efforts.

I, personally, am afraid of the countless of Americans who are SLOWLY coming to a boil over what is being done to their country. I liken them to a volcano, simmering below the surface, but remaining outwardly calm, until the pressure builds to the point of eruption.
It is that man, he(she) who is so slow to anger, that will provide the spark. The pressure is indeed growing.
longtermmemmory explains how to please an electorate he has great contempt for:
the language of the zombie voter is “free stuff”

Obamacare is NO FREE STUFF...zip NADA.

The MASSIVE Deductable and mandatory 10% copay means the same as NO FREE INSURANCE.

iow no free stuff.

repeal obamacare = free stuff.

zombie voter like....
Col Freeper infantilizes a liberal journalist:
Brian, you really showed those hick Conservatives a thing or two. They will now FEAR YOU! (No, really Brian, they will, really!)

Now, go upstairs. Your Mamma has your new jammies all washed and dryed (mmmmm, they're gonna be cuddly warm, aren't they Brian.)

And she has your hot cup of chocolate with the little marshmellows floating on top, just like she always does for her "Little Man Brian".

Let her scrub behind your ears, wipe your bottom, and help you into a clean, warm pair of footsie jammies. Just like the ones Obama's Pajama Boy wears.

Then you'll be ready to return to that wonderfully safe basement your Mamma had your Daddy set up for you. The place where you have spent all these years safely hiding from the real world, where those mean old Conservatives live.

And, after your tummie is all warm and filled with delicious chocolate and marshmallows, you will be ready to get some well deserved rest from your rough day. After all, your work is clearly tougher than any of those military folks in Afghanistan will ever encounter.

Then tomorrow, you will be fully rested and ready to once again get back to hacking and slashing at the tentacles of Conservatism by spewing out another snarky article for that widely read publication -- which one was it again Brian? Oh yes, Variety. Yes, yes, that's right, Variety.

Sleep tight Brian, and know that Conservatives everywhere now know your name and they FEAR YOU!
savagesusie is back, and naming names!
Sanger and the John Dewey types hated minorities and actually wanted to kill them. There is a NWO agenda-—and it is to reduce man to godless animal (marxism).

You destroy Knowledge and Wisdom and cultivate base instincts. All “education” especially in the inner cities was destroyed by Dewey and the Marxists like Dr. Counts and Dr. Ruggs who wrote the curricula. and it is all dripping with Wundtian Psychology (to program). Destroy Reason. (Leipzig Connection).

Prior to that, education could take really poor kids and create giants—kids with the intellect of a Ted Cruz or a Thomas Sowell. Why-—because true education is teaching Virtue (Classical Education).

(Virtue is excellence/Wisdom/Courage/Temperance and Fortitude). Socrates stated (and Founders knew) that the only purpose of Education was to teach Virtue.)
lbryce thinks Obama is too gay to make a goo Muslim:
Being the vacuous paintywaist Muslim Brotherhood doosh Zero is, he would never survive long within the confines of a Brotherhood meeting, knowing how Islam doesn't tolerate any sexual deviance such as the fairy fudge-packing he indulges in at every opportunity other than what the Koran allows that spans the depravity from pedophilia to goat-cohabitation.

Netanyahu's Christmas Greetings got me to wonder if the prancing paintywaist offered the American people his own Christmas Greetings or was he just too bust teeing off to notice.
Wondering, but not bothering to check...

SeekAndFind rails against the culture of the 1980s.
There used to be a time when I played with my neighbor’s kids anytime both of us feel like it.

Now we have “Play Dates”, What the heck!! Playing is by appointment now !!

What have we become?
Liz relates a legend that feels right, even if it's not true:
Legend has it that once they set foot in Congress, conniving pols never use not even one cent of their own money for ANYTHING---taxpayers foot their bills.
Talisker understands human nature super well:
Collectivism is parasitism, because collectives don’t exist.

Collectives DO NOT EXIST.

People exist, and people make things and trade with each other.

The word “collective” is the magic word that is used to get everyone to go along with parasitic slavery. That’s all.

Humanity will either realize this, and destroy the mind-f****ng parasites and live, or it will not, and it will die.

There’s no third way.
cripplecreek on the liberalsim of Neocons:
Neoconservatives (AKA Moderates) are lying manipulative bottom feeding scum who will happily hand a race to their democrat masters as a means of holding a few crumbs of power.

They’re like concentration camp kapos who sell the rest of us out for a few extra rations for themselves.
Altura Ct. is a white supremacist:
Another major difference is that America has a higher percentage of minorities than most other First World countries. In many First World nations, the left has assembled minorities into a welfare coalition. But such a coalition is much more potent in the United States because of demographics.

What way too many whites fail to grasp. No matter what you think about race it is used and will continued to be used against whites as a battering ram. Until we say uncle or we start pushing back.
On Christmas day, Da Coyote was not feeling the brotherhood of man, after FOX News reported a VA Hospital wasn't accepting Christmas cards:
There is an administrator.

Name him ( or it).

Address and phone number.

Hound this slime until he (it) commits suicide.

I kiddeth not.

At all.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Spotlight Friday: MeshugeMikey

For vacation, lets relax with some light, if hateful, fare! While he joined in October of 2009, I only saw this guy starting about 8 months ago (retirement?) He is a standard Freeper - birther, racist, conspiracy theorist. But what makes him stand out is that 1) he thinks he's funny, which unlocks a whole new area of horror in the guise of 'just joking!' and 2) his proffered medium is horrible, shitty, Photoshop animations.

This is how I know he hates blinking.

Love Duck Dynasty, or you're a gaylord!
Alfred Hitchcock? 
The movement...it adds nothing!
See, I just took  his pic and made the head big!  GENIUS!
Why even add the fall?
He loves that Nero metaphor!
What does it mean?
So..he's never seen the movie.
He's huge into the Mandela hate.
Obama is some kinda existential transgender-baseball...gah!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Freepers found a blog quoting an anonymous soldier saying that an "equal opportunity representative" said that the word "Christmas" could not be used to refer to an upcoming Christmas football game.

Plausible. Enough to give Freepers the gift of an excuse to hate Obama for at least another half an hour.

Yeah, that's the stuff:

Pollster1 thinks its time to remind everyone of how gay Obama is again!
They’re treating Christmas like it’s pornography. As a matter of fact, the Army actually treats pornography better than it does Christmas.

That's because the community-organizer-in-chief likes porn, especially gay porn, better than he likes Christmas or Christians.
Velcome to zee world of Komrade Kwanzaa Obama.

For those dummies who voted for this clown and consider themselves “Christians”

To be fair, if you believe what Freepers believe about Obama, and then vote for him, that'd be pretty weird.

Ouderkirk has his thesaurus and is ready for the revolution!
And the left wonders why we cling to our god and guns?

These people need to be expurgated.
WilliamIII throws in with paragon of virtue Ulysses S. Grant.
Gen. Ulysses S. Grant — who first declared Christmas a national holiday when president — would have these PC shock troops dishonorably discharged.
None of the Freepers calls hi President Grant, they all call him General...

darkwing104 hasn't head anything about this. This only means that Obama has failed, not that it's BS:
I don't believe its working. I've been freeping while on working on radios and one transmission I heard on the unencrypted military net (Air Force and Army) was Officer's and SNCOs wishing their troops Merry Christmas...
353FMG explains why all bad things are the same thing:
Equal Opportunity Officer = Commissar = Community Organizer
captmar-vell has a weird libertarian theology:
The Bible in the books of Daniel and Revelation describe governments as beasts, because its how God see mans attempt to have rule over people and then its moreso about how they then come into direct opposition to him, and finally how they then force those that would stand with him to fall away or suffer for it. This is no less an attempt, it is a beast, a lawless and very readily apparent, an increasingly godless one, it places itself above every God except for the god of terrorism and force, and to that one it bows in allegiance,
Patton@Bastogne explains Obama's plan, using lots of whitespace:
Sieg Heil, to the Sodomite Bastard Kenyan, Barrack Hussein Obama ...

Clearly, the long-term goal of Obama's "brownshirts", al a this Equal Opportunity "officer" ...

is to discourage FUTURE enlistments of Evangelical Christian Patriots to the U.S. Military.

Once this is accomplished, future U.S. Presidents can order the U.S. Military to OPENLY rape and pillage the U.S. Constitution ...

KNOWING that the U.S. Military had long ago lost it's Conscience.

This traitorous "bastard" from Kenyan should be court mashalled for treason, and left to ROT in a U.S. Military Prison.
MeshugeMikey is offended by Happy Holidays - pick a side!
Im offended by Happy Holidays...given that the plural use of the term holiday renders such a greeting meaningless.
And then it's sport's turn to unload:
I proudly and openly embrace my God, the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac, the same holds for my guns.

Do not be deceived, they will be expunged. I just can't say when. But I do know that it will not be pretty or pleasant for them and theirs.
It is just me, but I do not consider anyone who voted for Obama to be an American. Others may, I do not.
Goodwill towards men, indeed!

For the Children

Another little thread whose title made me think it was all predictable that Anonymous pointed me to and turns out to be amazeballs.

The logical conclusion of the crisis style of social conservationism is that we will kill and rape all our children, and criminalize anyone who disagrees. Freepers go there.

We are becoming Thailand.
Huh. I thought we were Zimbabwe. Progress!

svcw's denial is adorable:
So called homosexual marriage is not accepted, that’s why when the voters are able to vote on the issue it fails.
So called homosexual marriage has been forced on the US by liberal judges.
pepsi_junkie knows gays may seem cute now, but soon they'll TAKE OVER THE PROM!
It's inevitable once you make the argument that it's not fair to judge gays because they didn't choose to be gay. If you accept that argument then it's equally unfair to judge pedophiles or necrophiliacs or any perversion really.

Sure, initially you start with jolly gays elfs like Perez Hilton and Harvey Firestone and Ellen Degenerous the like and say "oh, what's the harm? Besides, they didn't choose to be that way!" Then you move on to something previously unthinkable such as male prom queens and America cheers. The bar just keeps lowering.
jsanders2001 is sure the government is riddled with pedos!
The pedophile officials that the Left keeps putting in office isn’t helping. Of course they seem to want it that way...
Little Ray remembers a time when you could post about how much you disliked gays on the Internet...
Somewhere along the line, speaking out against these things will become illegal. We are already well on the way to that.
Count of Monte Fisto...wow:
Eventually parents will be put in jail if they merely voice their objection to perverts having sex with their kids.

After that parents will be punished if they don't sacrifice their kids to Moloch. I'm not kidding.

The only thing that will stop this is good men with guns.

The Duck Dynasty Flap

I have not seen the show much, but what I have seen seemed pretty amusing, albeit with a thinner veneer of reality than most of it's type.

But to be a Freeper is to be perpetually losing a culture war that most folks don't see. And it's hard to fight this secret war without seeming like an asshole. So Freepers cling to whatever issue pops up they think might allow them to be assholes, but all undercover like.

So I shoulda seen that A&E deciding to one of the Duck Dynasty cast for being impolitic while being a brand (see: Michael Jordan) would blow up on Freep. And it has. Its one of those every-thread-the-same-thing situations. In such an environment, there is a lot dross than wheat, so I went back to an earlier thread. Freepers react to 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson suspension:

Rome2000 is working as intended:
Goddarn it!

Now i’ll have to watch an episode of freaking Duck Dynasty
Wally_Kalbacken would never boycott liberals:
The question that should be posed to gay activists is - what is an acceptable form of dissent from your views?

Practically speaking, we all know that the answer from their perspective is that there is no acceptable opposing viewpoint.

No one has the right to define acceptable forms of dissent for others in a free society, but those well insinuated in the media, such as gays, do it all the time by threatening or exacting economic punishment (see Paula Deen) on those who disagree with them.
exit82 loves this guy, and raises the "intolerant of intolerance!" refrain:
Yes, he is refreshing in that he really doesn’t care what others think. He had a life changing experience with the Lord Jesus and he is not changing his message for anybody.

He’ll probably be duck hunting tomorrow.

The Robertsons don’t need A&E’s money. And Duck Commander will continue to be very profitable because there are plenty more God fearing folks than there are homosexuals.

This was inevitable. Their success was going to be challenged by evil forces, and the homosexual lobby is evil.

They cry for tolerance, but are intolerant of others.
Venturer knows the millions who watch Duck Dynasty prove Freepers are everywhere:
Liberals and Queers don’t watch Duck Dynasty anyway.

Their appeal is to straight God -Fearing Americans red necks.
dragnet2 sees the opposition as formidable:
The homo deviate lobby is huge, all supported by evil corrupt controlling government at all levels.
Last Dakotan has not been paying attention:
They know that the 98.9% of the population that isn't gay has a natural revulsion to descriptions of gay sex so they cannot be mentioned.
SADMILLIE posts something so bad that Skooz and like four other Freepers respond:
That is so out of line and hateful, it smells of troll.
Alas, it was pulled, so I have no idea.

cincinnati65 is taking decisive action:
I am extremely disappointed to hear that you’ve chosen to suspend Phil Robertson indefinitely for speaking his opinions and beliefs on the gay lifestyle. You certainly were willing to cash in on the “family values” that the family espoused when Duck Dynasty became the number one show on cable television, but now in the face, of what you see as controversial statements made by the Duck Commander himself, you jerk him off your network. You are certainly within your rights to do so.

In light of your decision, I have decided to indefinitely suspend A&E from my television set. While I will miss Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, and many of the other programs you show, your decision forces me to take a stand. When your network publicly apologizes to Mr. Robertson for your attempt to suppress his freedom of speech, I will entertain the thought of watching your network again.
FerociousRabbit is ready for a war:
All FReepers:

Please bombard A&E with complaints about their treatment of Phil. It’s time we actually stop the assault on Christianity and the promotion of the homo-loving agenda. This should be our line in the sand!
petenmi is a little kooky:
He should form a coalition with this Ugandan pastor.. EATDA POO POO
babbabooey knows nothing is as pure as a new fake-scandal.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Potpourri

LibLieSlayer knows to be a Conservative you have to like all Conservative-approved things - or at least say you do.
When anyone starts an article by denouncing or stating stating that they don’t like or agree or are not a fan of a person or persons... about any true Conservatives and especially Christians such as Sarah Palin and Phil Robinson... then one must know that they are not and have never been one of us... regardless of the content of their article.
INVAR takes American exceptionalism to its logical conclusion:
We are an anomaly in world history, once that is lost - it is lost forever.
punchamullah on the epidemic of Indonesian hypnotism:
Such practice is even more common in Indonesia. It is a type of hypnotism, nothing to do with voodoo.

It is thought that in order to be completely hypnotised one must be amenable; there must be something in the psyche of Filipinos and Indonesians that makes them so succeptible to these acts. It rarely works with roundeyes.
Neoliberalnot knows gays don't like Christain persecution on accounta them all worshiping Satan.
Homosexuals hate The Lord because He is the antithesis of their god, Satan, and He disregards all they value, which is their sexual deviance and worldly lives. Most of the people around me claim they are atheists and have not been brought up in Christ, have never gone to church, have nothing to believe in but what is in this world. Can you imagine how pathetic your existence must be if you value nothing higher than yourself, your sexual perversion, and the people around you and worship at the altar of homosexuality? No wonder so many atheists and homosexuals kill themselves!
itssme is not yet ready to give up on the Paul Ryan personality cult:
Perhaps Ryan intends to get his foot in the door and win the Speaker of the House position, a position of power,and then will reveal that he is a man who will fight FOR the Constitution, our Liberty and Freedom, and a man who will stand up for the American way.

In other words, he will actually FIGHT the left at every turn, and not play nice them them, go along with them to get along, as bonehead the traitor is now doing.

Ryan knows it's an insane uphill battle for a Conservative to win any position in Washington, and perhaps the “Trojan Horse” move of his will win him the Speaker of the House position, and a return of this country to the Constitution, Freedom and Liberty.

Ryan is NOT a socialist/marxist/communist/muslim sympathizer...there HAS to be a reason, unknown to us all, as to why Ryan is maneuvering and making decisions that we're all up in arms about. It's a gut reaction, and I hope I'm right. But, if I'm wrong, time will tell.
ROCKLOBSTER is persecuted just for calling gay people vile hateful names!
And they give me hell for calling them what they are:

Disease-ridden, boy-raping whackjobs.
sport wants to lynch John Kerry:
Who Kerry is working for is no mystery nor no secret. Hint: It is not the United States of America. If we had more individuals with good character in positions of authority, he would have been the hanging ornament on a telephone pole long ago.
Cicero explains how slavery in America is all Muslim's fault:
Christianity abolished slavery, for the first time in history.

And it came back into the world courtesy of Islam. It was then practiced in some of the Christian colonies, but was abolished—first by the Pope in Latin America, later by Protestants (and those few Catholics who lived there) in the English colonial world and America.
GrandJediMasterYoda decodes all of Obama's actions:
Obamas 3 pronged agenda:

1. Destroy the great satan the USA and it’s citizens

2. Empower and promote radical Islam

3. Go on vacation

He made a proven traitor Secretary of state because of #1. Hillary he made Secretary because she tied into #2. EVERYTHING he does you can directly relate to those 3 things, the evidence is overwhelming and blatant as hell yet nobody even thinks of impeaching his ass
berdie awaits the deadly persecution of his people:
I never thought I would say this, much less believe it, but Christians are under attack,

They just haven’t let loose the lions...yet.
PowderMonkey is just making shit up:
When they get tired of this game the next “level” will be to walk up and shoot someone in the gut from contact range.

Already there. The knock out game reporting covers only use of fists. There have been many seemingly inexplicable "random" attacks using knives and hammers. A single knife thrust for white female victims. Multiple hammer blows for white male victims.
LibLieSlayer sees the down side of teachers having guns:
Please do not misunderstand me... I agree... I carry everyday. I am just saying that with the leftists in schools... maybe they need precautions to keep the commie’s hands off weapons... not the public.
ThunderSleeps, on the other hand, wants schools to be ridiculous fortresses:
Buy them slings and tactical vests. Have them carry loaded mags (30 round standard mags). You want a deterrent, that's a deterrent. That says "You start something, you want your 10 minutes of fame? Not going to happen. That guy there will be on you in seconds..."
broken_arrow1 is rallying to that guy who shot some women knocking on his door asking for help:
Get ready for Travon part II

If Obama had a dead drunk sister, she would look like Renisha...
N. Theknow has decided All in the Family wasn't satire at all:
Same thing with Archie Bunker ;I know it was libs pretending to be normal people,but normal people LIKED Archie.

And the Bunker houeshold was a microcosm of the US. Liberals lived and slept under Archie's roof. Liberals watched his TV and sat on his furniture. Liberals enjoyed his heat and ate his food. Liberals constantly told him how wrong he was on everything.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

A bounteous Christmas harvest of crazy cannot be contained in one post!

laglady47 gets a lot of accolades for her contradictory explanation of why she hates liberalism (spoiler- because it's evil):
I don’t think our side is misinterpreting the liberal viewpoint at all. I think we have a deep understanding of where the other side is coming from and we don’t like it. I see it more of a battle of good versus evil lifestyles, based on traits exhibited by the left. Licentiousness, constant lying about things big and small, a fascist, socialist ideology to justify their lifestyle, a petty, bureacratic mindset based on rules and regulations on those issues they favor and choose to enforce, lots of narcissistic personalities more interested in their own petty interests over that of the country, a lack of true patriotism for this country along with a blame America first mentality. Where are we going wrong here? We aren’t.
stockpirate quotes himself asking people who are not himself to kill in the name of liberty:
“A people unwilling to use extreme violent force to obtain or preserve their liberty deserves the tyrants that rule them.” me
Old Sarge ..,
My loathing of the illegitimate, bisexual, Marxist Kenyan Muslim Usurper requires medication.
Lizavetta cannot live in a world with pink assholes:
Bleaching? If you can’t explain that here tell me in private.

Bleaching the skin of your anus so it's pink. Because apparently its natural color is unacceptable.

I was born in the wrong generation.
digger48 doesn't like movies where women raise their voice:
I’ve yet to make it all the way through the first Avatar.

When the Blue B*tch starts screaming, I grab the remote.
Sivad wants nice old man and folk singer Pete Seager to die:
Isn’t Pete Seeger a commie bastard? Only one good variety of them, those who have achieved room temp.
yefragetuwrabrumuy has a plan straight out of the 1600's to get boys off the Internet and back to talking to girls:
The solution to this is something people just do not want to do.

That is, to have extended and extensive, chaperoned, social engagements for boys and girls, in which the emphasis is on interaction, not something else that distracts them, as what happens in school or church.

I’ve even seen the suggestion that they might be bound together at the wrist or the ankle with padded nylon tie downs.

If they actually learn to function with the other gender in non-sexual ways, the understanding dispels a lot of the ignorance, and they are far less to dehumanize the other gender.
DesertRhino has decided all mass shooters are drugged up Democrats:
Every one of these nuts has been a passionate hater of conservatives, and on the ADDHD dope. There’s no way 15% of the population has a disease where the diagnostic test is a checklist.
Giving speed to healthy kids, sends them into homicide zone. The warning label is right on the package.
deadrock thinks mass shootings are caused by participation ribbons:
Well, they should stop giving everyone a damned ribbon because it is creating a whole generation of kids who have no concept of what losing is... so when they get older and they lose a race/debate/etc.... they flip the hell out...

Many, many more innocent kids will die before liberals reach that logical conclusion. But hey, they are saving the state health care costs.
Venturer explains that America is ruled by black Muslim-types getting revenge on Christian whites:
She is an Iranian. Obama is a Muslims, Both are black ,they have a cadre of other Muslims and blacks working there with them , why should we expect competence or common sense.

What we are getting is racial and religious payback.

We have at least 3 more years of it, if we last that long, so get used to it
mosaicwolf writes off Iowa...
This poll doesn’t mean much. Iowa is a RINO state.
jonascord has a plan:
If one were to look for a common trait in the profile of spree shooters, presidential assassins, and other such "lone gunmen," to aid in identifying them, you will find that they are various flavors of Democrat...(Socialist, Anarchist, Utopian, Communist, and so on.)

We could effectively double the national IQ, eliminate 80% of violent crime, and completely launder the United States of political corruption by a eugenic disposal of all registered Democrats.

Just thinking out loud...

Friday, December 20, 2013

Spotlight Friday: AlexW

AlexW is in the Philippines and wants everyone to know how awesome it is, and how America is doomed. All the time, in all contexts. It makes one wonder if he is as happy as he continually says he is.

His story:
I lived in Slovakia. I started international traveling in 1999, with a trip to Thailand. Most, after that, was central Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania). I was back and forth to the states, but, after selling my property, I left for the last time in Jan. 2005, moving back to Slovakia, where I worked as a private tutor.
I visited the Philippines for a month in 2008, moving here in Jan 2009 to be with a girl that I had met on the previous trip. We are now married, with one son, going on 3, and living on a beach on Cebu.
I have a quite nice life, and we spend well under $1000 per month for everything, including rent.
He gets Duck Dynasty without A&E's interference!
Here in the Philippines, Duck Dynasty is on the History Channel, via my G-sat satellite dish.
Just as I started typing this, there was a promo for a Duck Dynasty Christmas special.
Somewhere on the internet I read that the program is number 3 in cable ratings.
It sounds like we will not be subjected to what A&E is doing.
What is far best in life?
Happiness here is all in attitude. If you can adjust to third world culture, such as roosters crowing before daybreak, you can love it here.
It is far best for single men who hookup with a Filipina.
Many cats:
have many cats here.
3 newborn a few weeks ago, just now moving around. They follow four from the same mother. Add to that a few others.
And America sucks anyway:
those that castigate me for not being there to suffer the Communist Obamination can go suck an egg.
America was a proud country in my teen years, and later.
Today, it is a vast wasteland of Commies and other assorted trash.
Cops in America all suck:
Those born after 1980 don’t realize just how many freedoms we have lost.”
You are exactly right, and it will only get worse.
Before I left (2005), I noticed that that the “good old boys on the beat”, had morphed into jack-booted thugs, even in small bedroom communities.
Americans and their crazy Communist cars...
Cars don’t have ashtrays now? I have not had, or needed, a car since 2004.
No Obamacare!
Happiest is being never exposed to Obumbocare. I am satisfied with my traditional hospitalization insurance.
Even the Internet is cleaner:
You can’t move a muscle without getting buried in ads.

Well, I have not been bothered by that so much. It may be your ISP that is the problem.
He'd totally be miserable in America
All I can say now is that I would be in total misery if back in the Obamination of the USSA, not to mention that I would be in poverty, unless I still had a business, making a lot of money.

From what I understand, a small family needs $50,000 per year just to get by. Is that true?
Why would other Freepers be annoyed with him?
just to warn you, watch out for the “dog in a manger” group here on FR. They have a real problem with those of us who are enjoying life away from Obozoland.

Maybe you can come visit us in Dalaguete some day.
Life on the beach is great, and to think that the three of us live just fine on less then $1000 per month.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Are True Conservatives A Minority In America?

America is mostly Freepers. It is only the evil media and mysterious corrupting influence of Washington DC that keeps their policies from sweeping into office!

LibLieSlayer lays it out for us:
America is CONSERVATIVE and AMERICA is not represented in DC.
Nicojones knows RINOS mean government has almost no Real Conservatives:
I believe real conservatives are only a minority in Government. The House RINOs that forced this through are way out of touch with their base. They’ve attacked the base, raised taxes (remember what happened to Bush #1 with “read my lips, no new taxes”), and challenged the tea party to form an opposition party by forcing this through.
Candor7 has a number he has made up for you:
Are True Conservatives A Minority In America?

Nope, they comprise 58% of the electorate, which is why the GOP cannot win without them.
angcat knows there is a problem, due to the epidemic of teen pregnancies that does not actually exist:
I don't know about that we have a young generation of pigs getting pregnant without any consequences it is spreading like wildfire. It is very hard to raise girls today. Seems my generation did not do a good job.
sergeantdave has decided Republicans are conservatives now, but not in Washington:
If you think conservatives are a minority, then you better explain how conservatives and Republicans control 28 states while liberals control 11 states.

There are two political battlefields: the states and Washington DC.
demshateGod thinks everyone has boring sex:
A vast majority of people are conservative in their personal lives.
demshateGod also knows Washington is beyond repair:
DC is the enemy of The People. A conservative working for DC, thinking they’re going to change something, is like a Jew working in Berlin, circa 1940.
We are NOT a small minority and I REJECT this thinking outside of the box nonsense.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Via FreeperFan, who finds all the obscure stuff I miss!

Secret Communist Daughter edition:
It was once not uncommon in 'captive' communist satellite nations (subjugated to the USSR) to give your child a Russian name, mostly to show support for the Soviet system and provide them a leg-up in the commie world. But how many (esp black) Americans do YOU know with a Russian first name?

How amusing it is then that the Obamas' last federal tax return revealed a fact not publicly known- that 'Sasha's actual legal name is 'Nastasha', which means 'birthday' in the language of the USSR. And something tells me it wasn't just because it sounded pretty.

Of course it's a family tradition with Obama- after all, his parents met in Russian language class at the University of Hawaii. And WHAT kind of people took Russian in America in 1961...? Outside of CIA spooks, Lee Harvey Oswald comes to mind...
Not even Freepers are buying it brought to you by Reaganite Republican

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to feel about the Jews

Conservatives love Israel, but hate American Jews for voting liberal. Watch them try to reconcile:

Gaffer is impatient that Jews don't get how liberals don't actually like Jews, on accounta being evil:
When will Jews realize that liberalism, Democrats in particular, only want their votes, not their ‘diverse’ religion.

They only want the diversity of Islam, homosexuality, ECOFREAKism, and any group or country that hates traditional America.
Kriggerel knows liberals are all secretly Antisemitic, and also all alive during World War II:
I think the ONLY useful thing Israeli Apartheid Week has done has been to expose the repugnant hypocrisy of most (especially affluent white), progressives, who have been forced to hide and sublimate their deep-seated Anti-Semitism since WWII. I wonder how long it’s going to be until The Protocols of the Elders of Zion becomes a required textbook.
The very next post is Venturer, threatening to become anti-Semitic if American Jews don't shape up:
I am for Israel in every way I am not anti-Semitic , but I am building up an intolerance for Jews in this country who support Democrats and their Socialist friends. Liberalism in this county has gone too far and American Jews vote in support of it.
Farmer Dean blames Satan for America's growing Antisemitism:
Anti semitism always grows when satan gains the upper hand in a society.Happens every time.
yefragetuwrabrumuy thinks Jews had better start beating up college kids who challenge Israel's policies:
In a situation like this, whining and sniveling don’t cut it, because they are ineffective against brown shirts of whatever stripe, including Islamic ones.

Israel is producing some capable fighters, and with Hungary, they even developed their own military martial arts style, called “Krav Maga”, a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks.

And it works great in street fighting.

So, with every complaint of antisemitism at universities, the very first question should be raised, “How are your Krav Maga skills?” Because the degree of difficulty of attacking someone increases logarithmically based on their willingness to fight back.

Vacation rage

Freepers really think Obama's vacations are something to jump on. Some of it is the usual 'Another reason to hate Obama!', but some of it....Freepers seem to think this petty BS has some political traction, if only they beat it hard enough.

Either cloudmountain doesn't know what a pimp is, or he really wants to say nigger.
I wonder if "Barry Obama" will go back to his old high school and reminisce.

He's such a pimp.
Pining_4_TX is sure Obama is being mean to his staff by making some of them go to Hawaii
Typical selfish behavior of Democrats. All the people who have to tag along with King Obeyme (Secret Service, etc.) will be away from their families at Christmas. The Reagans, and I think the Bushes, would stay in DC until after Christmas so others could be with their families.

Democrats are such inconsiderate, pompous, arrogant jerks.
Argus has decided Hawaii vacations mean America is no longer free somehow:
It’s traditional for the Obama’s now to spend Xmas in a palace in Hawaii. May your chains rest lightly, Amerikkka.
bobby.223 continues to hump Obama's past drug use:
Barry’s and his old High School stoner buddies, the ‘Choom Gang’ will ride again! (A little smoke here....a little blow there and it will be just like old times!!!)
Marcella is angry that Obama the Commie allows class differences:
We are now all supposed to be equal. I have not yet been notified when Air Force Two will pick me up for the Hawaiian trip. A pox on Hussein.
rollo tomasi explains how a smarter GOP would yell about how Obama's vacations go against the fake Obama who lives in their head:
Exactly, which is why this action is served up on a tee for the GOP to attack Obama on how he should live up to his own rules of appeasing the ones without a “piece of the pie”. Unfortunately the GOP are a bunch of compromised creatures who don't want to rock the boat.
afraidfortherepublic also hits the inequality deal:
Income inequality. I haven’t had a vacation in 12 years and I work harder than Odumbo.
Therapsid thinks Obama met with China, and possibly Indiana Jones:
probly meeting w the chins

We want more gold,If you dont have it we take Hawaii.

Are you planning to crash the dollar before our troops are there?

why are the people still armed?

why arnt all our “economic zones approved”?

When can we move on Alaskan oil?

We can take in 50mil. Japanese but we want Taiwan.


oh well
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper thinks going to Hawaii is disrespectful because of Pearl Harbor:
The only time I was in Hawaii (Honolulu Airport) was on my way to Vietnam. Looks like Obie has forgotten those who couldn’t vacation there, say like my father-in-law on Dec. 7, 1941 (bombed at Schofield Barracks).

What a POS we have in Obama.
Gaffer is angry at all the things:
It is disgusting these two usurpers get to cavort in paradise while millions and millions here have had their health insurance cancelled and cannot even get the insurance the government wants to force on them.
varon thinks Obama chose his vacation to allow North Korea to invade:
President Obama to jet off this week for 17-day vacation in Hawaii over Christmas and New Year

Our adversaries won't have any difficulty in figuring out where our Pacific fleet will be for the next 17 days................

Perhaps inviting the NORKS to engage in some mischief...............
silverleaf has some wild idea of Obama's grandmother living in prison...
his grandmother lived (under guard) in an apartment in a nondescript high rise.

reports indicate it was stripped bare the day after she died.
laplata knows what sorts of leaders go on vacation!
Yes, he’s moving into the same league as Hitler and Stalin. This bastard is pure evil.

I think he’s going to be humiliated and have a bad landing.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunny's dog knocks over a little girl

Continuing to play a bit of catchup, on December 4, the Obama's new puppy knocked a little girl on her butt. Everyone was okay, and Freepers stretch amusingly to make this into something extraordinary and bad.

fieldmarshaldj prefers to imagine the victimization that coulda been:
Can you imagine if this had been Laura Bush with a small Black child ?
Bullish is being sarcastic, somehow?
Serves the little white cracker right showing up at a thugs party. Happens all the time.

Sacajaweau knows the girl is a huge victim:
They're passing out food besides...get the damn dog outa there....this little girl may be traumatized for life.
workerbee gives Michelle Obama fashion advice:
Full disclosure — I am nobody’s supermodel.

That said — Michelle should NOT be wearing hems above the knee. With NO HOSIERY?!?! Oh lordy, no. I don’t know what kind of cash her fashion consultants are pulling in, but I’m sure I could do better job for half the price.

If I gave a damn.
Irenic would never allow a dog near a child if SHE were First Lady:
I wouldn’t allow my dog to be in a child’s face like that. I trust my dogs but it’s not safe for the child or the dog. She is a terrible hostess and a irresponsible dog handler.
llevrok recalls how the Obamas are always jumping on little girls.
show me the dog and I’ll show you the owners.
Batman11 just makes racist jokes on after another:
It’s a good thing that Moms Mabley was there to pull that Nubian Princess dog off that Cracka biotch!
funfan hates the Obama dogs, but loves Bush's:
Barney was such a cute dog I miss him. The dog the obamas have is big and clumsy looking not my style much like the o’s are not my style either.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Obama was in a picture with the attractive Danish Prime Minister during the Mandela funeral. Apparently, the funeral was not the sober event that it usually is in America. Regardless, Freepers try their best to care, but end up mostly bashing Michelle, who was caught looking less than thrilled.

Absolutely Nobama is amazed at the world his hatred has created for him:
Our dictator was caught taking a selfie with a Danish socialist at the funeral of an unrepentant mass murdering Marxist piece of crap.

You can’t make this stuff up!
Two Thirds Vote Aye head it wasn't a funeral, it was a memorial celebration of Mandela's life. But he is undeterred:
Apologize for my mistake on the setting. Understand what you said and I am corrected.

This adolescent jackass's behavior had nothing to do with those people clapping and dancing. It was all about him. No one else matters. Everything is all about him every day as he un-opposedly and freely fundamentally transforms the United States of America.
AmericanMermaid thinks Obama's flirting in front of his wife shows Obama is gay...?
And that, especially—most men would NOT do that in front of their wives. More proof that this marriage is a sham.
Chode jocularly refers to Michelle as inhuman:
the thing on the right doesn't look too happy...
Monkey Face thinks Michelle looks like a man:
Are we sure she’s not a tranny?
lwoodham goes in to detail about Michelle beating up Obama.
We need to see if Obama has a few gold teeth next week. I’m betting Mooch opens a can of whoop ass on his frail little frame and maybe knocks out a few teeth. I bet she’s got him in an Anaconda leg wrap squeezing the air out of him lolz. She definitely has her mad on. Now we have to pay for singles vacations again.
Psycho_Bunny knows all about Michelle's thinking, based on how she isn't smiling all the time:
From The Skank Stare she seems to wear in every photo, I’ve come to believe the White House kitchen serves nothing but Tabasco-Maranaded North American Road Apples.

She takes the lap of luxury she didn’t earn, for granted, and is offended any time she has to play the role of First Lady.
TheThirdRuffian finds Obama allowing a picture to be taken of him to be proof of an ego:
I am sure it has been said , but everything is always about him.

I’ve never seen such an ego outside of Mussolini.

He must be eaten up with insecurity .
upchuck remembers Hillary was an angry woman too!
Any truth to the rumor that Michelle took lamp-throwing lessons from Hillary?
lavaroise really tries to hate Obama, and ends up almost praising Mandela:
obama loves death. He now tramples on Mandela’s grave, filling yet another void and rushing for the political inheritence gold. This guy is a gold digger.
Stayfree needs to find some new porn:
Somebody needs to photoshop this picture showing him with his left hand in his pants shining the monkey and showing his wife’s hands around his throat..........

Health director who approved Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash

Over the years, the cycle of Freeper conspiracy threads has gotten almost ritualistic. At first, it's jest everyone saying "Conspiracy!"
Once Freepers realize they needn't convince everyone, things switch to bringing up old theories (the more obscure the better), and competing to make something up where Obama is the worst.
Then, those guys have had their angry fun and leave the thread to a few real conspiracists, who endlessly examine everything, finding countless tiny inconsistencies that show there is something hinky going on. Then it's time to wait till a good time to mention the conspiracy you proved back in the day.

Jack Hydrazine snarks:
It’s payment for not faking the document well enough.
Quality_Not_Quantity is undeterred by the implausible timeing:
Sheesh! That certainly took a long time...
ImJustAnotherOkie is sure this is yet another Obama assassination:
The ‘HITS’ keep coming.
mabarker1 recalls some Clinton assassination conspiracy:
(April 3, 1996) - letter to Congress James W Nugent, Pres The Wall Street Underground – "…Crash site, 7:20 P.M.: Four hours and 20 minutes after the crash, the first Croatian Special Forces search party arrives on the scene and finds only Ms. Kelly surviving. They call for a helicopter to evacuate her to the hospital. When it arrives, she is able to get aboard without assistance from the medics. But Kelly never completes the short hop. She dies enroute. According to multiple reports given to journalist/editor Joe L. Jordan, an autopsy later reveals a neat three-inch incision over her main femoral artery. It also shows that the incision came at least three hours afterall her other cuts and bruises…. Further autopsies will probably not happen. At this writing, Clinton has ordered the cremation of all victims. It's hard to perform autopsies on ashes….."
exit82 predicts Obama's upcoming revelation yet again:
Seriously,I had to check to make sure this wasn’t a satire piece.

Nine people aboard a plane that crashes and only one fatality?

Check her head for a small hole, about .45 inches in diameter, a la Ron Brown.

Podesta comes aboard at the White House and people start dying in plane crashes. Coincidence?

Especially those related to the birth certificate?

They know something is going to break soon about this President. He has become an anchor, and Soros et al is not about to lose everything now when they are so close to stealing the whole enchilada.
Iron Munro thinks an 80-year-old man may die next:
Sheriff Joe Arpaio next?
SvenMagnussen has a new birther twist!
How do we know Obama was adopted?

His post-adoption COLB has a "date filed" as opposed to a "date accepted." "Date filed" indicates a judicial order was executed by the HDOH to create the post-adoption COLB and seal the original BC.

Obama's copy of his original Long Form BC is missing the "The is not a legal document." stamp. It's fraudulent to present his original Long Form BC as a valid legal document after it was sealed by order of the Court unless it has the "This is not a legal document." stamp on it.
mabarker1 uses her imagination to keep angry:
Never forgot it. That story is stuck in my head. Imagine Her strapped down, possibly drugged, then a nice clean slice job and bleeding out...

The Truth IS Out There!
Graewoulf knows Democratic murder cabals are all the sameL
Will Obama cremate the remains before an autopsy is performed?

BTW, “Zipper-Boy” Clinton did that to the plane load of Business CEOs and Bureaucrat Ron Armstrong that “crashed” while he was the Democrat’s president.

Obviously, the rug-fibered Vince Foster rub-out errors were a valuable lesson for the then “Arkansas Mafia.”

What lessons has the current “Chicago Mafia” learned?
Fred Nerks moves into the looking for inconsistencies phase:
Now it’s getting worse, where’s the body? Will there be an official cause of death after an autopsy, or are we going to be treated to another bucket of sand being tossed off the cliff into the ocean?

Just where did you see that information about the last rites? I mean a priest wouldn’t lie to you...would he?

PS. Aren’t Last Rites administered just before the person dies? Not after they have been fished out of the ocean? It’s a little late then...I always thought the dearly departed had to be still breathing to take part.
butterdezillion explains why she isn't in danger from Obama's death squads:
I was late to my physical therapy appointment this morning because I had to remind my husband that killing me serves no purpose to the regime because I’ve already spoken out publicly and given my evidence to law enforcement.

If there was any chance I could talk to the 3 critical people in Hawaii right now, I’d tell them that Edward Snowden was in Hawaii and managed to safely get out, and the only way to stay safe is to SPEAK OUT PUBLICLY - UNANNOUNCED - BEFORE THEY CAN KILL YOU. And I’m dead serious about that.

Guys in Hawaii - you know who you are - if you are reading this PLEASE take this seriously. Get out, get in protective custody outside the US if necessary, and tell your story as if your life depended on it, because it most probably does.

The budget disaster

The right-wing activists preemptively came out against the bipartisan budget deal. So Freepers came out against it too. The ideological has been on the rise in Free Republic lately, and the practical on the decline. My theory is that as the 2016 election approaches, they'll return to thinking politics might be something of import. For now, though, they're betraying liberal">focused on hating anyone who votes for anything Democrats might think of as not crazy mrsmith thinks America is in peril. You know, as hit has been since 2008.
A done deal- by cronies and for cronies- written in secret in a back room.

Wil we even have a country in November 2014?
Georgia Girl 2:
The GOP is not concerned with doing the right thing. They just want to maintain their seat at the table. Big govt is fine with them. They just want to be the ones in power. Sad but true.
swamprebel Is getting his keyboard ready for a fight!
The GOPe has declared WAR on conservatives in the party.
Want them driven out. Pass the popcorn, it’s the TEA parties move.
SC_Pete has the solution:
The system corrupts them faster than we can vote them out. Nothing but term limits will EVER work.
3Fingas threatens third party, this time for reals!
We need to primary every GOP-E candidate next year.
We need to have a palace coup within the GOP. If that fails,
we should go third party. The war for control of the GOP just got hot.
Kenny hats how the GOP is neglecting its right flank:
Yes, the Republicans are soooo stupid that they don’t realize the conservatives they’re forcing to sit out elections will defeat them. Sooooo stupid!
jwalsh07 has lost all hope:
The country is lost. You know it, I know it. There is no turning it around, all the inertia is toward Rome.
skeeter only has hope. But hope for what?
Hope is all I can do.

My party hates my guts, my government is stealing the fruits of my labor and monitoring my cellphone. My vote isn't worth a bucket of warm p*ss anymore, and will be worth much less very soon.

So I'll just sit here, prepare myself, and hope.

Monday Potpourri

Ezekiel sees great significance in Kathleen sebelius's eyes:
Doesn’t she remind you a little of “Chuckie” that demonic doll? I watched about two minutes of his act the other day before changing channels.

Eyes like Raggedy Ann or a shark—black buttons.

LOL but egads, you're right. Demon dolls, and she's not the only one. The place is crawling with them.
re_nortex has converted a liberal by the power of being an asshole:
e Rebel flag flies at my home for any number of reasons including the fact that it drives the liberal Yankee who lives across the street crazy. He's been here in God's Country for 15 years but always talks up his old hometown of Nashua, NH. I enjoy infuriating him on Earth Day when I run two lawnmowers full blast, turn on all the lights and get my Tea Party next door neighbor to fire up his motorcycle.

Being so un-PC is having some effect on him. He's removed that stupid COEXIST bumper sticker from his car and recently shocked me by telling us that he voted for Ted Cruz. His high-school age daughter is a cheerleader, goes to a fine Christian church and speaks with an appealing Southern accent since most of her life was spent here in Texas.

Between the Rebel flag, tweaking the father on Earth Day and living with his thoroughly Texan daughter, that Yankee liberal may be finally seeing the light. God Bless You, FRiend and thanks again for the response.
Mouton - invade us Putin, you're our only hope!
Recall when some tin horn central american “president” decided to run for an illegal term and the supreme court ordered the army to remove him? Also recall which administration in the US sided with the tin horn president. Right, our tin horn pissadent.

So, when that happens here, the SC will say that two wrongs don’t make a right and they will not intercede. The army is too beholden to him to rise up too.

So, unless Putin comes to our aid, we are done, put a fork in us and worse those of us who have been clamoring about this catastrophy are recorded at the offices of the state apparatus and will be disappeared.
Soul of the South doesn't remember any slave revolts:
Courage implies passion and core beliefs. When I look at our GOP representatives I see weak men who have been broken and are now slaves. Once placed in chains, slaves who are well fed and living in comfortable housing rarely rise up against the master.
grania knows black men cannot resist white women:
Michelle should lighten up.

It's Obamas inner Caucasian bursting forth. Dude can't help it! (snicker)

Most black women I've encountered can't handle it when a black guy fawns over a white very caucasian woman (double snicker)
canuck_conservative finds common words sinister:
“folks” - the new “comrades”
SMARTY loves it when people think he's crazy for calling them Marxist:
I get a kick out of the ones who roll their eyes and look at you like you are being ‘extreme’ when you use that word...

They hold all the views and attitudes of dyed in the wool Marxists ... but for some reason, they cannot think of themselves AS Marxists. They are very sensitive about being called what they are.

I haven’t decided if they are ashamed of their views or if they are just plum dumb.
SkyDancer saves some mental time via stereotypes:
I know this may be insensitive but any article on sexuality from a man with a hyphenated name is suspect.

Or with a first name of Seth.
A Freeper with the name Atomic Vomit is horrified the First Lady eats.
Elbows on the table, loading up her fork to shovel another load in while she’s still chewing on the last one, not to mention the eye rolling stink eye stuff.

This is the First Lady of the United States of America. I still find it unbelievable.
Ghost of SVR4's definition of gravitas is interesting:
If he REALLY wants to prove a point he will walk out of the State of the Union Address.

Now THAT would be something to see.

THAT would be gravitas.
Revolting cat! hates how many Freepers don't get how awesome apartheid was:
Too many fools spreading the Communist version of South Africa and Rhodesia while remaining blissfully ignorant of the Communist crimes during the same time period. No, apartheid was not “evil”, any more than what is happening now in those countries, any more than what was happening in Albania, Poland (martial law), Romania (practically martial law) and other lands of the Soviet Bloc, while the Soviets with the help of their agents and useful idiots conducted their propaganda war against South Africa and Rhodesia in the West.

It’s disheartening that so many Conservatives accept without questioning the Soviet version of history.
stormhill is just another black guy who likes apartheid...
I can barely believe I once called myself a Newt Gingrich conservative.

What would I have done? Well, obviously join the Communist Party and murder innocent people with bombs!

While we're at it, I don't see what's so terrible about Apartheid. We have a culture that doesn't want to be overrun and puts up barriers to the subcontinent immigrants. What did Mandela need to "liberate" himself from? Don't like it? Leave!

P.S. Before the dummies respond to this post, please consider the fact that I'M BLACK.
ealgeone knows the only reason everyone likes Mandela is because he's black:
Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Kim Jung, Castro all “liberated” their countries as well.

Would he make a favorable reference to them as well? Nope.

What’s the difference between these commies and Mandela?

It should only take one guess. Hint: Colin Powell would probably endorse Mandela.
BitWielder1 - Muslims are all secret Commies:
Who’s filled in for the Soviets and what’s filled in for communism?

Communism is alive and well, albeit under various disguises; Muslims are their proxy fighters.
junta thinks everyone who likes Mandela is basically a suicide cult:
The ANC was a defeated force of clown commies, Mandela a pity party for white libs, and now a religious icon for a crazy cult one step from a Kool-Aid party.
I challenge anyone to understand lavaroise's word salad:
Liberal hypocrite colonialism with a facade of freeing from the bad white man, a distorted copy of Lincoln, for one, with UN agendas. The opposition is tribulative reality of organizing warlords who do not put up with the fantasy of superioristic progressist communists, because there is no affirmative action in the crime business. These ideas of a pure race or future evolved race or liberal diversitycratic picking stuff like a whore at a Chinese restaurant are lead by completely ludicrous people.
F15Eagle finds Obama's plan to rile up blacks to be super obvious:
~~~Mr. President, Race Relations Suck, and You’re Not Helping~~~

That’s because he wants to foster race problems. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. That’s why he jumped in the Trayvon, beer summit, etc. but ignores the crime going on and the statistics.