Saturday, June 30, 2012

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In my opinion, this has reached critical mass.  It isn't going to end with Obama.  I wonder what will come of the 'parents need to be citizens' movement.
Obama is an evil Mexican now?
 Holder's look is more "Not this shit again?!"
This is just trolling - Freepers hate the very idea of coexistence.
What's on Obama's forehead?
Also, bonus fascist caduceus!
Obama care as the Kool-Aid Man.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Holder's contempt

Ugh, thanks for the leak, but no more ACA till next week.

Instead, there is Holder's lucky break that the House holding him in contempt strikes when this ACA madness began.

I didn't think it could happen, but Freepers are too dispirited to get all angry:

AEMILIUS PAULUS questions Holder's parentage:

I think he literally is a bastard. That being said the contempt holding has no real effect beyond expressing congressional frustration.
 formosa has a plan for what comes next:

Now impeach and arrest him. He responsible for the murders of hundreds both Mexican and American citizens. The gesture is meaningless unless they are willing to follow through.

formosa then argues wth himself.

Hey I’d love nothing more than to see his evil a## in a Mexican prison, but we both know that will not happen. You know his human rights and all. There is no justice in Amerika.
No Socialist gets pretty sarcastic:

It will go on his....... PERMANENT RECORD !!!
Oh no! Not his permanent record! That will really mean a hill of beans.
The families of the dead need to destroy him.

Norm Lenhart thinks Democrats walked out because they were afraid:

as Python would put it...
When Justice finally reared it’s head..
Democrats all turned and fled
BRAVE Brave Brave BRAVE Black Caucus!
FreeAtlanta spares some time to hate Obama:

Obama, the little bastard, is so busy dancing around about his ball spiking supreme court win that he probably forgot about Holder’s contempt resolution.
rawcatslyentist is still pissed about Waco:
He still needs to be charged for Waco. Murdered American women and children by burning them ALIVE!
He's got a long swim in a rather hot lake! 
Nip is pretty excited about how Holder won't be able to get a job after this!
IMHO it will do more than just on a record.
Let's see  
What dimocratic administration would use him? He's has been a key player in the Department of Justice since Clinton and Waco, TX. What legal firm would hire him? I can see the advertising now “Let Hookem and Howe become your legal firm. We have former Attorney General Eric Holder as a partner...”
What lobbying firm would hire him?
What school would hire him?
Oh, that's right the various arms of the LMSM would love to have him as a legal commentator! 

The ACA Decision - the day after

Well, some Freepers are reaching for acceptance and trying in various ways to move on, for the most part their still on their rageahol bender.

rustbucket hopes this was all a political calculation:

Dear Chief Justice Roberts:
I hope to read in your memoirs some day that you issued your atrocious Obamacare ruling in order to revitalize the 2010 groundswell of voter disgust with Obama, Obamacare, and Democrats in general.
If this is why you issued your ruling, then I salute you for putting your own reputation in the toilet in order to save the country from another disastrous Obama term. I hope it works.
On its face, however, your ruling will go down as a modern day equivalent of the Dred Scott ruling.
rwfromkansas is a Freeper with a rosy speculative future for once:

The court majority also gave conservatives a major victory by giving states more rights to not participate in parts of the law as well.
That restricts federal power, as does the overwhelming victory on the Commerce Clause that will resonate for decades to come.
The overall outcome IS BAD....IT’S AWFUL THE BILL REMAINS.
But, in the long run, this very well could end up being good for us and the country so long as we can get the law repealed.
little jeremiah puts forth the latest conspiracy theory re: Roberts.

John Robert’s changed his vote at the last minute under duress.
The reason he changed his vote at the 11th hour was a form of soft extortion.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg threatened to announce her retirement at the end of this term and give Obama the chance to appoint a new Justice in her place if Obama Care was overturned.
If Roberts changed his vote and not strike down ObamaCare she agreed not to retire until the next Presidential term.
Under the circumstances he did his best to come up with the best possible compromise with Ginsberg - one that put the future of ObamaCare directly in the hands of voters in this next election. The fate of Obama Care is now firmly in the hands of the electorate and 2012 will be a referendum on Obama Care.

formosa isn't buying it:

Folks are idiots to attempt to spin the actions of Roberts as somehow beneficial. They are not. All he has done is said hey the fed. govt. has unlimited power to tax any American citizen they choose to for any reason they want to.
The IRS can be an instrument to police the behavior of individual citizens. There is no need for objectivity or fairness in their power to tax. Some people can be forced into slavery using this power and that is okay.
Roberts is insane and wrong. He was not genius or clever.

sonic109 is not so easily distracted from his rage:

Roberts has stabbed America in the back . Revolution time is here ..I REFUSE TO PLAY ALONG

sonic109 also thinks only losers won't riot:
Roberts GAVE THEM an out ..HE brought up the idea that it’s a tax
May he rot in hell
DC /
If we dont tear DC down then we deserve this
JRandomFreeper has a plan:
The experiment with the Federal Government has gone wrong and should be ended by the States that established it.
It's easy to say the EU should dissolve because they are having problems, but it's more difficult when our founders set up a 'more perfect union'.
Time enough. We've seen the outcome. It doesn't suit my needs and has become destructive of those ends.
We don't need a federal government.
MHGinTN offers up some legal analysis re: statutory construction:
I can’t seem to find inthe Constitution where the chief unJustice of the subPreme court is licit in defining what is a tax when the Congress has passed a bill and it is signed into law wihtout being defined as a tax. 
Can you help me out here? If it is a tax, then little barry bastard commie (Roberts’ boss, obviously) cannot unilaterally exclude whole groups and industries from the lawfully passed tax, so little barry should ne impeached and removed for violating his oath to the Constitution.  If it is not a tax then the fool pirate Roberts should have rejected the entire freakin’ monstrosity based upon what he opened with. The man is about as sound as gummy bears.
MHGinTN also posits that Robers is under the control of evil International Environmentalists:

Eventually, conservatives are going to realize how this little scam by Roberts and the leftist slugs on the ‘high’ court is a brick in a well designed wall of UN style rule over Americans. 
Since the government has now been given unlimited power to tax ANYTHING in order to herd behavior of the sheeple, what is to now stop the democrats from establishing mandates to abide by UN global warming dictates? 
Follow the money. These criminal bastards are setting US up to be herded via taxation into behaving and paying for whatever the criminal Congress and presidents dictate as influenced by the UN or global governance council. 
If we the people do not halt this immediately —with extreme prejudice— these criminal bastards will herd US right under the global governance rule via taxation on behaviors they wish to modify. 
And THAT is exactly why the pirate Roberts was placed on the court under Boosh. It lends s specious air of conservative compromise to the pure fascist agenda of the globalist with whom Boosh made his bed and Paulson pull the covers over.

 chris37 knows forced gay marriages and abortion of white people is now possible!

What if congress passes a bill that said if is a man you do not marry another man then you must pay a tax?
What if congress passes a bill that says if as a woman you do not marry another woman then you must pay a tax?
What if congress passes a bill that states that if you do not abort your second child you must pay a tax?
What if congress passes a bill that says if a white person does not abort their first child then they must pay a tax?
WHat John Roberts did was give the us federal government unlimited power.
They can make us do whatever the hell they want, and they are sick, twisted, evil people.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Caught this jewel that I missed from the spite-firing thread when reading the Cracked Freeper thread, and it's just too good to pass up.

Height of pettiness edition:
I plan to do this whenever stateside. I will fill my shopping basket to the brim with stuff. If it is a small business shop owned by one local owner, and this owner is at the cash register, I will ask them in a very stone, neutral, non-commital face, "hey so, like, what do you think of this Obamacare anyway? 
If I get any "well, seems good for the country", or "I guess he is doing a good job" or any other of that liberal crap, without a SINGLE WORD I am going to leave the filled basket representing lots of bucks in potential sales, right smack there at the register (on the counter, what not) and not saying a word, walk right out. I intend to do it when other people are in line, too. 
I'm going guerilla in the trenches now, against my "fellow Americans" who want to take us into Socialism along with their phony, narcissist dictgator of a leader. That's MY statement. Screw em. Same with those of you firing liberal employees. Make sure you are covered for lawsuits, and do it. Make these people pay for their sins against the Republic and the Forefathers. 
Mistaking dickishness for noble battle brought to you by AmericanInTokyo (If Marxist tyrants want Cuban-style "death panels", the great irony is they just may well get them.)

SPECIAL BONUS Hypocrisy: The Cracked Folks pointed out Japan has universal care...

ACA Decision - Hope

Freepers search for a silver lining amdst their apocalyptic rhetoric.

An American! turns to the Freeper security blanket:
 scooby321 thinks Obama's cunning plan to pass legislation that gets struck down just got derailed:

Obama and Democratic Senators are shitting right now.
Claire in Missouri is running in a State that 70% hate the mandate 
Scott from the Left Coast thinks taxes are the key here:

Obama’s pyrhic victory.
Romney is the next President of the United States as long as he insures that the voters understand fully the massive, economy crippling, tax increase that has been put in place already and is on their personal horizon if Obama is re-elected.
Yeah, taxes that won't kick in until 2014 and that only affect people without insurance...

Jaguarmike is pretty optimistix:
After today, there won’t be enough illegals to cover for Obama.
mom4melody has some anecdotal evidence that totally sounds true:
The lunch room was lite up with “obama said this wasn’t a tax” but SCOTUS says it is... 
Pissed off obamabots are mad that HE lied to them. It’s not going down well. I laughed silently at the fools.
Yeah, all I'm seeing on the internet is pissed off Obama voters!

etcb, is not so sanguine though.  Until Free Republic mends it's rift, there can be no victory.
I am not sure I agree completely with your conclusion. The conservative side is still populated with a great number who believe passionately that it is better to loose everything than to compromise on anything. We are so busy fighting with our neighbors in the backyard that we often allow our opponents to waltz unopposed through the front door.
Whew, that's all for today.  Tomorrow, we see the hangover from a rage-binge.

ACA upheld - defiance

Via FreepFan

Freepers plan some civil disobedience but encounter some practical problems:

brivette explains the problem:
I’m disabled and on SSDI.
MeganC seems to think states can opt out of the mandate:
We’re not buying it. Period. I imagine Wyoming will opt out of it anyway.
EyeGuy is too sarcastic to actually protest:
I’m not buying sheat.
I’m going to default on my mortgage, go on food stamps, declare bankruptcy, secure a disability settlement, and let honest, productive, private sector Americans support my dead-assed, lazy carcass.
Its the new American way.
Sarah Barracuda is already in compliance, but will maintain her ignorance in order to feel like a maverick:
My insurance is through Kaiser Permanente, had them for as long as I can remember, I will NEVER comply with Obamacare, Obama and his cronies can kiss my ass
Retired Greyhound  explains that civil disobedience is just what the left wants you to do!
The more people refuse to comply, the more it bolsters the left’s argument for universal coverage. They will lump non-compilers in with the rest of the uninsured, and then force everyone into a single-payer system. In a sense, they’ve made is so that non-compliance plays right into their hands.
I buy my insurance on the private market. I do so for my own personal economic reasons.
I think the best action we can take is to elect conservatives and try to repeal or neuter Obamacare.
texaschick has a clever plan to go bankrupt via health expenses:
No, we won’t buy it. We can’t afford it, no matter what the SCOTUS says. We had to drop it this year when our payments went to 1050.00 a month, and that was just for my hubby. I don’t have any insurance. We pay out of pocket for his meds and doctor appointments.
cuban leaf gets at the root of the problem:
Until this thing is fully and 100% repealed, I say we do all that we can to bankrupt our own Government; they obviously don’t have me and mine or yours in mind. 
That’s pretty much my take as well. Taxable income is poison.
freeangel is totally going galt, not giving up!
I lost my job last year and this will stop me from looking any further.
The Duke has decided offshoring is patriotic dissent now:
I had ruled out moving myself and my company to some offshore location, but I’ll re-evaluate that. If I stay in the US then, if I’m carrying too many parasites on my back I’ll just “go Galt”... and maybe become a parasite myself.
lightman realizes God wants him to be a martyr:
Has anyone noticed the intersection of this decision—complete with its dire implications for religious liberty—with the feast of the 2nd Century Martyr Irenaeus of Lyons and the eve of the feast of the martyrdom of the great Apostles Peter and Paul?
GrandJediMasterYoda just buys in for unthinking defiance:
I will definately NOT BUY Fascist-O-care ™ ! I don't care if they steal everything I own and throw me in jail, I will NEVER bow down to tyranny! It's going to be very amusing if the foreign born Kenyan Marxist is unconstitutionally elected again and this goes into effect in 2014 because I know I am not the only one who will not bow down. Hey maybe if nobody obeys liberals will treat it like they do illegals..It's OK if everybody does it and therefore legal! 

The ACA decision - John Roberts hate

Welp, it seems Roberts won't be getting out of the Freeper doghouse anytime soon!

Responsibility2nd shows the birthers knew all along:
Eff John Roberts. He knew The Kenyan is not a Natural Born Citizen, yet he swore him in.
And now this??
george123 expects bribery:

Roberts had a huge deposit made in a Swill [sic] bank account for him. He is set for life.
dennisw knows it was a threat:

He has well known health problems. This is how someone got to him. I have no specifics, just my thoughts. He has a red face, indicating blood pressure problems. He'll be out in a few years 
Clump does not pray for Roberts anymore!
He can burn in hell with the left bloc of the court.
God bless Justices Thomas, Scalia, and Alito.
Nifster seems to kinda like Benedict Arnold..
Benedict Arnold was a man of principle. Roberts is a boot licking toad
Toespi blames Ginsberg for something I'm not clear on:
Ginsberg gave the Obama the thumbs up signal to Obama several days ago in her interview. She should be impeached for that act alone.
izzatzo is ready to riot!
It is time for revolution/violent opposition, then gallows.
Yosemitest advocates shooting Roberts, but all subtle-like:
Traitor John Roberts needs to have a Garand old time.
Bidimus1 uses an interesting construction:
Yes he is, a traitor to the constitution.
We now live under the mafia... buy from us or pay us to leave you alone... the tax is just protection money
traitor the the Constitution?

sand88 also seems to nationalize our founding document:
Roberts is an evil man.
To be in the position he holds and rule the way he did shows a man who is an enemy of our Constitution.
May history always show Roberts to be a traitor to our Constitution. 
formosa knows evil:
John Roberts is an evil creature. He has cast the deciding vote to end his country and constitution. He has effectively made this a slave nation.
John Roberts is the enemy of free men everywhere. Pure scum.
I don’t want to overstate it, but I hope he dies a long and terrible suffering death. Ten times over.
Impy may be a bit petty:
Brutus, Judas, Quisling, Roberts
If I lived across the street from him I'd take a crap on his lawn EVERYDAY.
I'm a bit young to be sure, but this kind of drama seems like it'll take decades to get over.

The ACA Decision - Spite.

Anonymous turned up this petty little gem.

max americana seems to be one of those few freepers too crazy to leave it at the keyboard:

he posts a vanity thread:
We have a small production office and after today's decision by those putrid traitors on the SC. We will fire our obama-worshiping employee. Hey, it's not my fault. WE CAN'T AFFORD HIM now after the decision. I hope for the worst on those scums on the SC and this POS p-resident.
Then he notes he's been planning this a while:
We were actually saving this clown for November as therapy if Odumbo manages to win again.

Then he makes it clear this is entirely a spite-firing:
We hired this a-hole because one of our company liaisons ask for hiring him as a favor. He;s also late to work on many occasions so eff’ him. I hate liberals. I promise to be in the room once we let him go.
Also boasting he is totally going to lie about it

How will they know it’s discrimination? This ass could not even do his job right.

He further lays out his pretext:
The plan is due to “performance” issues that we are letting him go. He signed a contract where termination is for any reason anyways (kudos to our employment attorney). I need some enjoyment after the death of our country today.

No worries 'cause he's posting this on Free Republic!

look nimrod, erase this or he may be able to sue you for some kind of discrimination after you can him. Haave a really good paper trail so you can show you fired him because he was late, stole or other cause. 
You’re the nimrod here, jackass. Is FR facebook? Go join your liberal friends and suck on it.
Because this thread is totally gonna get deleted!
While I think that is an excellent idea, I also think posting that reason on a public forum will get you in lots of trouble eventually.
You might want to ask Jim Rob to delete this thread.
Yeah, it will be deleted by the mods eventually.

Yeah...about that plan...

But more than simply advising this jackass to lie about his dickishness, others post how they do this all the time:

 6SJ7 relates his own brave battle:

I had the option to work for a new boss in another department of our large company. Position sounded promising.
I googled this potential new boss and found his personal website where he had the most vile hatred posted about Pres. Bush; I mean real out-there, full blown BDS stuff. I quietly declined the offer of the new position. Never gave a reason.
Who is John Galt? 

Jewbacca knows Democrats make bad employees:

You absolutely should fire liberals.
I check and see if people are registered democrats before I hire them because democrats almost always have no work ethic or sense of personal responsibility.
Grampa Dave fondly tells the story of another petty boss:

We knew a business owner in the EBay who walked through his parking lot and wrote down the license plates of the idiots with Obozo/Lyden stickers on their cars.
Shortly after Obozo was installed as el supremo, those people got pink slips.
He did the same thing with those with Moonbeam stickers on their cars.
pingman advises how to best defraud the unemployment office to screw the liberal even more!

If you really mean it, do it smart. Document every shortcoming, every unfinished task, every argument with other employees.
Then can his a$$.
Smile later when your contest of his unemployment compensation wins. Firing for “due cause” beats a layoff every time.
my small voice later walks this back, but even for venting this is pretty low:

Love this. Key their f#%king cars before they leave.
albionin will be avoiding about half the population:
I am breaking off contact with everyone who voted for the President. I don’t have any liberal friends but I do have liberal family members and I am done associating with them. If I had employees I would do the same thing you are. I am so angry right now that I don’t think I will be able to function today. No, angry is not a strong enough word. There is no word strong enough. I think I had better stay away from people for the next few days because if some liberal gloated about this in front of me I don’t think I would be able to stop myself from hurting them.
albionin follows up with his impression of a petulant teenager:
 I won’t strangle them because that would require touching them. No I don’t care who they are they will never see me again. It will mean missing out on a lot of family events but I am serious and I will let them know why I am not attending. I am starting to feel like I want to sell everything I own and move as far away from other people as I can get. I am starting to hate my own species. All of the farmers in my neck of the woods call themselves conservatives but they are all for government subsidies and payments. 
My new name for liberals is slavers because that is what they are.

ACA Survives - the Drama

Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Borax Queen Seems more fangirl than patriot:
There is no more reason to consider myself a patriot to this shell of a country. It has died. Instead of calling it the United States of America, it should be the NWO Federation or North American Experiment or something like that.
I should go fly my flag upside-down like I did the day the Maggot signed DeathCare, but I don’t want to alert any leftists to report me to the tyrant. Last time, one stopped by and was going to turn me in, and I’m over it.
CMAC51 is also too patriotic to love America anymore:
I have never been more ashamed of my country. Today my country is dead to me.
Long live Texas!
nothingnew knows who would have awesome health care!
The Confederate States of America doesn’t look so bad now, does it?I've said for a long time many times that the wrong side won.
Well health care for certain colors of people at least...

virgil expects arrests:
the prisons will burst at the seams over this.
Sarah Barracuda is one of many to declare they are slaves now, but she adds a  vampiric twist:
I woke up, turned on the TV and watched the country that I love die..I actually felt the life being sucked out of it.. 
what an absolutely horrible day, thanks George Bush for giving us Roberts who ended up siding with the liberals..America, she was once a great we are ALL slaves to the Govt
HMS Surprise is girding his loins:
Eyes dim, the beacon of freedom wanes, and our mettle suffers a stinging lash... Now, gather yourselves troops. Gird your loins and prepare. Tyrants need to lie sleepless in their beds yet again. The spirit of 1776 must be retained at all costs. What is required? Nothing. Sit on your hands. Stop supporting the machine. Stop enabling the federal government with your dollars. If you love freedom, stop paying your masters. Idiots!!!!! They are using the sweat of your brow to buy your chains!
LachlanMinnesota seems to be posting from beyond the grave
The power to tax is the power to destroy.
We have been destroyed.
Paine in the Neck can't bear to fetishize the Revolution anymore:
My wife just laid out our DVD of 1776 which we have watched every 4th of July since the Bicentennial. I told her to put it away; I can’t bear to look at it now.
Shady knows Hitler started like this:
This is fascism. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.
 ExTexasRedhead expects the Holocaust soon:
Death Panels? Boxcars? Camps or shall we call them Obama Hospice Centers?
Pilated is sad about things that aren't true:
My poor grandchildren and great grandchildren will never live and enjoy America as free citizens.......That thought brings such sadness to my heart.

ACA Survives - initial reactions

Got this up as soon as I could, as I know you guys are chomping at the bit.

While legally, this was apparently a bit more mixed, from the point of view of Schadenfreude, this was the best it could be - Roberts as the swing vote?  Awesome.

Amagi rages at the traitor's looks:

Johnny "Weasel" Roberts Eyes
dfwgator goes all film-noir:

Give it up, we lost, it’s over. Roberts Judased us.

reegs thinks this is some kind of Muslim thing:

Welcome to Taquiyya, folks. We are all dhimmis now. God’s wrath will be poured out on this country.
 Founding Father blames Bush:

W strikes again with traitor Roberts.
butterdezillion dives deep into her usual defense mechanism - crazy conspiracy theories:

Does anybody now doubt what I’ve been saying for a long time now - that John Roberts has been threatened? The measure of the value of a hypothesis is if it accurately predicts future events. I had this one pegged - against the collective wisdom of Intrade. And even against folks with insider knowledge, like Jake Tapper who claimed that Roberts was going to support Obamacare in order to hold Kennedy’s hand. In the end, the whole thing stood or fell with Roberts, and he did exactly what Soros told him to do. Just as I feared and stated publicly based on my belief that Roberts has exhibited signs of being compromised all along, ever since the day of the Donofrio conference when Roberts made an unprecedented and unethical ex parte invitation to Obama to visit SCOTUS.
His vote on Arizona was not to buy Kennedy’s cooperation on Obamacare. His stances on both decisions are unconstitutional.
He’s the mouthpiece of George Soros - after Soros told Roberts he and his communist-Islamist alliance would make another run on the bank if Roberts didn’t do as he was told.
This country has literally been taken hostage. This is exactly why Obama’s ineligibility is so critical. Once the camel’s nose is under the tent, it’s just a matter of time before the whole thing comes down. They got Roberts to swear in Obama and ignore all the eligibility cases by threatening another run on the bank, and now they can use the same threat to do whatever they darn well please. At this point they don’t even care that people are figuring it out.
2008 was a communist-Islamist coup. Simple statement of fact.

It's interesting- butterzillion uses her conspiracies to keep liking the moderates on her side by always blaming the villains in the opposition:

SueRae is all steely-eyed:

Repeal or Revolt.
There are no other choices for me.

uh-oh, Shadowfax is quoting action movies again...

Time to armor up. Queue Tony Stark:
“If we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it.”

 little jeremiah hits Civil War 2 hard:
The line in the sand is crossed, it’s over. Blood in streets and all that is inevitable.
redgolum actually sounds a titch dangerous:
We have been called to be martyrs. Don't go quietly. 
GonzoGOP hits the new meme put out by the front office

DJIA dropped 25 points on the announcement. The big insurance companies were set to make a fortune. Now not so much. Fasten your seat belts folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride. 
There's a whole thread trying to make causation out of this correlation.

over3Owithabrain is optimistic this will change Obama's poll numbers:
This isn’t a total loss, in fact it is a win. 
Obama and the Dems swore this wasn’t a tax, yet it only survived by SCOTUS deeming it a tax. Taxes are bad politically and Obama will be even less popular. This guarantees an Obama electoral defeat. 
And the fact it is deemed a tax, said tax can be repealed by the legislative branch just as it was imposed by them. SCOTUS merely kicked this back to the legislative branch like the cowards they are (5 of them). Pyrrhic victory for Obama
TheCornerOffice expects the right are totally going to be motivated now, unlike before!

I'm praying that this will fire up the FURY of the American People to mete out a heavy punishment on all Democrats in November, from the top of the ticket down to the dog catcher.
If this decision and the Az one can accomplish that, we can see this thing overturned next year.
Light 'em up and move 'em out to the polls in overwhelming numbers. Swarm them and overpower them at the polls. Vote in a massive mandate to undo what has been done. Make it so devastating for the Dems that they will be on the fringes for decades.
Commit yourself and your family NOW to work tirelessly to make November a landslide, a purge, a cleansing of the Capitol and White House, a mighty pushback and a forceful slamming on of the brakes and turning of the wheel.
Let's do it, y'all! 
wordsofearnest is dramatic and sad:

The Day the Constitution died.

Don't worry for Freepers, I'm sure Rush will put the fire back in their bellies.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Freeper predictions from March 2009

This thread from the blog turned up while searching for something unrelated.  Lets examine how Freepers predictions did:

RaceBannon's probably still waiting the imminent Israeli war:
within 6 moonths
depression confirmed
illegal aliens amnesty
open Muslim prayers in the white house
hate crime bills against defaming Islam
Americans ORDERED to shoot at Israeli tanks or planes to defend Gaza . . and they refuse causing HUGE incident
I hope Arthur McGowan enjoys his black market protein!
In one year: Government is issuing rations of protein to Democrats. Republicans and others are obtaining protein through the Black Market.
SpaceBar's Iran-sparked Civil War is just around the corner!
Dirty nukes in two major ports just hours apart from Iranian made fissionable materials sold to terrorists. Obama pays lipservice but does nothing. Economy tanks. Food riots. Police pull out entirely of many major urban centers due to the level of violence. Obama arrested, federal government discredited, martial law, slow recovery of rule of law and civil order. Mexican claim to southwest put down by military action. New anti-communist/subversive hearings convened. Some hanged, many get lengthy prison sentences.
geege got it right, though:
I can picture the US like the movie “Escape From NY” with Zero riding around in a limo (The Duke) with a chandelier hanging inside....The whole country is the way Manhattan was....and Rush is Snake Plisskin!!!! Boy do I need a drink.

To be fair to LiveFreeOrDie2001, I did sleep a lot in 2010...
April 2010: Civil War begins.
End of April 2010: Martial Law is called.
May 2010: Politicians/lawmakers login from home if possible as they are terrified to travel to the State houses.
Summer 2010: SHTF
WVNan may need to be tagged, else he may wander off:
[T]he U.S. will be beyond any hope of ever being restored. Our every move and thought will be monitored. We will be tagged like cattle. Wild animals will be taking our children from their yards. The land will no longer produce our food. The economy will no longer exist. We will have to depend on our wits and each other to survive.

Mary Cheney marries

MDaF looked this one up.  I hadn't even heard the story.

 There's a bit of a Freeper flame war over how much to hate Mary Cheney for being gay.  I, of course, am focusing on the haters, cause the name of the blog is not "Freeper Classy Civility." 

 LonelyCon is pretty short with Dick Cheney:
Yeah, we're so happy for your pervert daughter, Dick. Now shut up all you RINOs and go back in the closet.
JSDude1 actually turns on the Sainted Dick:

Never liked the Cheneys, they were alsways the rulling class elitist (anti-Christian) Republicans.
madprof98 has invented a new right:
 Every child has a right to both a mother and a father. These two children were deliberately deprived of that right. Their “mothers” can call themselves married or whatever else they want, but they cannot rectify the evil they have done against innocent human lives. divorcee if you have kids, then!

No idea how savagesusie doesn't get tired of her own act: 
 “Marriage” is an impossibility. The way Marxists destroy language to control perceptions and form “reality” of children is evil. Chaney’s are evil for trying to destroy Christian Ethics which made this country great and replace them with Satanism—nihilistic, debasing acts which will always be a Vice. Shame on you, Chaneys—and you have grandchildren whose Concepts of human Nature will be totally warped and right out of the handbook of Satan.

Maybe she's one of those Turing test AIs.

Travis McGee
We are in late stages, CB, late stages. Weimar, just before Adolf. Crazy times, kinky times, no rules, no values....
About to hit the Big Reset Button. The survivors will determine the new value system.
Perhaps after centuries of Dark Ages.
I mean, after Rome started in with the gayness, they had like 400 years left, tops!
Jim from C-Town has his own definitions of words:
Mary and her partner have never had children together. Mary had a child with the help of an unnamed masturbate who inseminated her by proxy months after he self gratified with little more in mind than the $50? he received for his ‘efforts’. She and her two bastard children co habitat in a sinful relationship with their mothers fellow pervert.
Mary and her ‘partner’ are not now nor will they ever be ‘married’ as pretending that the deviant relationship is a marriage, doesn't make it so.
AnonymousConservative analogizes a gay couple having kids to a dog infection:
I love Dick Cheney, and hate to say it, but I draw the line at kids. If she and her partner wanted to live alone it’s one thing. But the research shows now, it’s a bad deal for the kids, which will not get them any sympathy from me. (Dick is another story, God bless him).
If I carried a latent viral infection, which would make any dog I had mildly sick, I wouldn’t have any dogs, ever. I’d rather know that the dogs I would have had, were healthy and loved elswhere. Why people don’t feel this way with their own kids is beyond me.

 brent13a has never met a happy gay person.
Perhaps all your gay friends are the exceptions to the rule but I have never met a truly "happy" homosexual. They are consistently never able to maintain a real romantic relationship which is coupled by at least moderate mental issues. 
Professionally I run into two types of homosexuals, one is the constant domestic abuser, the second is the suicidal, on many occasions I've even ran into the older/younger stalker relationship paradigm. None of them have been had ever been "happy". 
Neither personally nor professionally have I yet to run into a homosexual couple that was "normal" (in any way) with the normal man-woman- hetero couple problems.
apillar responds to the many Freepers wishing the married couple happiness:
It's scary how many so called "conservatives" these days support sodomites and Gay Marriage. In my opinion it should be a banable offense on freerepublic considering it's in direct opposition to social and religious values our country was founded on.
Because you can't wish someone well if they're gay!

wardaddy counsels a Freeper who is shocked at the nastiness:
I believe you are female ...have you ever considered googling with your filter off what gay men consider pleasure?
My mother was a fag hag as was my wife....I pressured them to educate themselves about the fact that homosexuality is more than witty thin men who have good taste and are creative and love to dress women...and do it well i might add
I don't think most women who think homosexuals are cutesy really know much about it...just saying
if you are a man-dog like me and peruse the net looking at naked girls at times you will invariably see something queer pop up....and it will shock you like a car wreck...the old Pacino movie Cruising touched on it till the Velvet Mafia in Hollywood made sure that kernel of truth never sees the light of day again
It is pretty amazing how many facts Freepers get from melodramatic action movies.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Freepers Illegal Alien solutions

Hating illegal aliens is a special issue for Freepers.  Lots of Freeper's positions are reactive - Post Obama they are suddenly out of control racist, Fluke made them shockingly sexist, and 9-11 is when the bacon/genocide fantasies began.
To be sure, they hold all these crazy bigoted positions generally, but they usually need a reason to let them out.

Not so illegal immigration.  It's brought up sua sponte all the time  During the whole amnesty debate back in 2007(I think?  Before this blog, alas.) Freepers would just break into random threads about taxes or Muslims and say "why are you taking about this, it won't matter WHEN THE ILLEGALS COME)

Indeed, never have Freepers' plans been so out of touch with America as when it comes to dealing with illegals:

CodeToad wants some slavery action: 
I suppose AZ could just keep them in detention forever and use them as slaves for the State, such as for building roads.
meyer prefers killing them all: 
It’s way past time for Arizona to take matters into its own hands. Just arm the border and shoot to kill. End of problem.
FreeAtlanta's plan only requires a large, constantly patrolling airforce.
Skirt the deportation crap by taking the captured illegals to a really remote area of the border, dropping them off with mres and water, compasses and directions. Track them by air. If they move back inland America, pick them up after 100 miles and put them back along the border. Repeat as necessary.
 FreeAtlanta has a different plan too.  This one punitive cactus cutting! 
Arrest them, let Arpaio hold them for a week or two in the desert cutting cactus, and then put them over the Mexican border.
For a fee, Offer to hold and deport illegals for other states.
Build a big fence inside the Arizona border line with Mexico and tell our Federal empire to pound sand.
 FlingWingFlyer is going to stop paying taxes:
We’ve lost our country. There is no America anymore. I going to quit paying flippin’ taxes. We’ve got nothing but a lowlife, do nothing commie government running this joint now.
 Wyatt's Torch counsels nullification:
 Arizona just needs to start arresting them and putting them on a bus back over the border and daring Obama to stop them with force.
He is INTENTIONALLY refusing the enforce the laws he took an oath to uphold (impeachable offense BTW). Obama just declared war and Arizona should treat it as such.
wolficatZ wants to arrest the media for treason for not showing enough dead corpses: 
The solution to illegal immigration is simple.
Show the dead corpses of American citizens when illegals slaughter them.
Force all media outlets, by law, to publish uncensored photos and videos of the carnage, every broadcast, every front page, every day.
If they refuse, arrest them, charge them treason and crimes against humanity, shut down their papers and broadcast stations.
Problem solved.

Random soros craziness

This is a short thread, but has some nice incoherent madness:

 alstewartfan wants a really focused Holocaust:
 Too bad the Nazis didn’t take out young George [Soros] and spare the other six million.
ZULU wants Israel to assassinate Soros for his lack of Nazi-fighting when he was thirteen:
Its truly amazing this NAZI sympathizer and Judenrat member hasn’t been taken out by the Simon Wiesenthal Foundation or the Israeli government.
ZULU follows up with this rambling triumph of crazy:
I am totally convinced Obama is a Muslim Trojan Horse. Trump is right - gasoline prices are collapsing when they normally rise. The Saudis are supporting him because he is a fellow Muslim advancing an anti-Christian, anti-Israeli agenda.
And Soros is their bagman.
We need another crusade.

Carrie Underwood Supports Gay Marriage

Doctor_TeethM's eye for quality found this gem.

Pop-country singer Carrie Underwood mentioned in passing that she supports gay marriage.  Freepers jump on her, of course.

But it kinda seems to me that they're yearning for another Dixie Chicks victory more than actually focusing on Ms. Underwood. The lack of any attacks on her talent/looks is a giveaway. 

Freepers are seeming more and more dispirited lately.

ReformationFan blames the lack of modern Calvinism:
And the Christian star from Oklahoma doesn’t agree with “people who use the Bible for hate.”’
To that I wish to quote the great English Calvinistic Baptist preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon-
“He who does not hate the false, does not love the true.’
Uncle Slayton is still around, and still bringing it!
Her music must be Banished from every country radio station and from every Christian radio station.
Do like they did with the Beatles albums in the 1960’s and burn her albums in the streets.
faucetman knows of only two non-devil tool rich people:
Money and fame are tools of the devil. I am so disappointed to learn that she has fallen from grace and fraternizes with the devil. That she would sell her soul for fame and money.
It does happen to most of them. The only exceptions that come to mind are Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
randog connects being pro-gay marriage with pride: 
“Feel Good! Fell Good! Feel Good!
Modern Man, Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall be about me!”
Or my favorite anti-worship song:
All to meeeeeeeeeee
And none to Youuuuuuu
Goes the glory!!

MikeSteelBe thinks public school teachers are the new child molesters: 
I used to think of child molesters when Jesus spoke about the horrible millstone-around-the neck drowning fate of those who cause the little ones to stumble.
Now I see public school “teachers” who brainwash children with Marxism, and spiritually retarded nitwits like Carrie who pervert God’s truth and happen to have a some influence over people.
I can generate a little respect for those who vehemently deny God because they choose a lifestyle contrary to God’s ways.
Folks like that are also not causing any young followers of Christ to stumble.
People who think they are Christians but are not and pervert the Word are the worst.
I have no problem with my God exacting some mafia-style vengeance upon them.
LibLieSlayer actually gets around to hating Carrie Underwood: 
She no longer exists to me. She has embraced darkness and cursed the light.
cherry allows she's good looking but doesn't much care for her music:
she's a screamer....a nice looking woman but still a screamer...
Gargantua draws the appropriate conclusion:
Carrie Underwood, carpet muncher.
Crucial defends her in the most condescending way possible:
Big deal. She's a woman and woman tend to be sensitive towards "perceived" victims, inequalities, people in trouble, etc. It's a knee jerk reaction called the mothering instinct. Many conservsatives have probably benefited from it from time to time.
Norm Lenhart is sure this was calculated to attract liberals to country music:
She’s taking the Dixie Chicks gamble...that there are enough and more lib fans to replace the ones in CW she knows she’ll lose. Twisted Sister recording a Christmas album did well with it because of the novelty/absurdity/comedy factor. Same for Pat Boone’s Metal album. Neither was intentionally slapping their base in the face. This is just plain idiotic.
fatima's town has turned gay: 
I work in a town that has quickly turned Gay as they call it. I have been hit on many times as a female by females, they mostly seem confused and lost.
The gay as they call it men were mostly drunks and the females druggies.
Then you have the sober people who are homosexuals.
We have a man dressed up as a woman walking the street taking ads.
I am friends with some, most do not support gay marriage and feel it's a joke.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rubio is the Romney of the future

Good one, FreeperFan!

Mainstream media wunderkind Marco Rubio has some Freeper problems.  There is something quite...familiar about Freepers' protestations of never voting for the apostate:

2016 will be hilarious!

comebacknewt thinks all non-Freepers are in cahoots:
All that is left is for Marco to go ahead and endorse Barack, and his journey will be complete.
 Venturer explains that to accept Rubio kills the latest birther thesis:
Being an anchor baby does not make you a Natural Born Citizen.
Not according to the law.
If we accept Rubio we give Obama a pass.
The urge to accept Rubio is an urge to get the Hispanic vote. Obama just illegally bought that vote and selling our country by illegally offering Rubio as VP will not change that. Like the black vote—the Hispanic vote belongs to the Democrats. Wasting time trying to buy it for Republicans is wrong , and won’t work.
atc23 is angry at the countless lawyers are trying to redefine US law:
He is NOT qualified for the presidency, therefore, he is not qualified for the VP spot either.
It isn't up to you to make up stuff because you like him. What?, we don't have enough natural born citizens in this country so we have to scour the land for wetbacks and criminals to vote into the White House?
What is it with you people and your pathetic attempts to redefine US law?
 Wurlitzer is totally not going to vote for Rubio as VP:
Rubio, you just lost any possibility I would vote for a ticket with you as VP. Mitt take note, you have raised serious legitimate concerns among conservative do not even think about putting this promoter of illegal activity on the ticket.
 Mich Patriot's vote is hanging in the ballance:
Fade away and EVERY politician who supports the foreign invasion of the US are dead to me. Not one vote for any of you, ever. Romney needs to come out firmly against Obozo's latest act of treason, or he's not getting my vote either. 
I'll spend election day at the shooting range.
Sequoyah101 will never accept Rubio as American! 
Today Limbaugh declared that Rubio would be president one day.
Not where I’m concerned. It would be a disaster. I’m tired of pretty boys that are all mouth, ears, hair and teeth and nothing in between. I’m also sick and tired of foreigners. Say what you will, he is a foreigner to me.
Will88 chooses this time to proclaim ICE doesn't exist:
If we don't start enforcing immigration law now, we never will.
NFHale is feeling dramatic:
“...Rubio is now for amnesty. This is how a nation dies...”
One correction - This is how a Nation is murdered.
By people within the walls opening the gates and letting in alien, foreign cultures that have ZERO regard for assimilating.
My father didn’t almost bleed to death in the Ardennes for “Dial 1 to continue in English, Please...”
Then again, evidently he did...because we have traitors in positions to do great damage to us.
dragnet2 totally hated Rubio before it was cool!
I knew this guy was a just another government liar, leftist masquerading as a conservative..
Did ya notice all those drooling in cups 2 years ago thought this guy was the new conservative crown prince?
How stupid can some Americans possibly be?
dennisw puts forth facts that ten seconds googling reveals are bullshit:
 No one is starving in Mexico. Why don't you look up starvation in Mexico and Guatemala. Mexico is far from the poorest 3rd world country. Illegal immigrants come here to elevate themselves illegally instead of waiting their turn to legally immigrate

Freepers confused, angry about the Supreme Court's Arizona Immigration decision

Reports are very muddled about what, exactly the Supreme Court held about the Arizona Immigration law today. 

More reliable and level headed sources say the Court struck down most of the Arizona law, but declined from doing so for the infamous 'papers please' part of it.  It didn't uphold that part though, just said it was going to wait and see how the law was imlemented

The ever hyperbolic media seems to be reporting this as either a massive win for Obama or a massive loss. I would expect Freepers to wallow in their victimization, but instead they are more split.  I guess some of them really need a win right now:

the victims started out on the ascendance:

Know how I know The Sons of Liberty is a lunatic?
Roberts is political - if he wasn't, he'd have upheld The Constitution and never sworn in the usurper (the second time using a koran!)! Don't count on him to sink 0bamascare!
Terry Mross knows all  the Justices have been compromised:
Judge Napolitano says the law was basically struck down. This tells me the so called conservatives on the SC have been intimidated or bought.
This also tells me obamacare will probably stand.
After all, they all allowed a Kenyan to inhabit the white house.
people don't agree with Freepers?  It's because they've been threatened into it.

dalebert makes up for being better informed by jumping to conclusions:
Then a new narrative emerges:

txrangerette is with Beck on this one, you can tell by the caps:
Jay Sekulow on Beck disagrees with your quick assessment, completely.
He said the guts of the AZ law was the provision that was upheld, that AZ police can ask immigration status and detain for ICE when carrying out other law enforcement duties.
He said it is HUGE.
He said the three provisions struck down were said to be pre-empted by federal law. In other words AZ can’t make it a state crime to illegally immigrate or be employed in the state because federal law already legislates in this area and trumps it.
Why are people here attacking a couple of justices and attacking Bush over this?
Sacajaweau also thinks this is bad news for Obama: 
HUGE loss for Obama.
ziravan turns his thoughts to a plan for what to do now: 
The States need to attack illegal immigration in areas where they have primacy. If, for example, a State refused to issue birth certs for children born to illegals, that is solely within its purview. If the feds disagree, they can issue their own certs.
Tanniker Smith wants nullification:
Next, Arizona should either sue the federal govt for failing to do their jobs, or
Continue business as usual, until the feds step in and start doing their jobs.
ChildOfThe60s yearns for the 1860s.

The 10th amendment will continued to be shredded by the Feds and SCOTUS until states get the will to simply defy the FEDs and do it.
Short of sending in troops, the Feds can’t do a heck of lot. It is way past time for the Imperial Federal Government to be seriously challenged. And not in court, but on the playing field.
We (the states) will *never* win back our rights via the Federal courts. They must be seized by willful action. Do it and defy DC to stop them.
Where are the dynamic men of our history, willing to act on principle? The states protest, go to court, get rebuffed and then crawl back with tail between legs. Pathetic.

Vaginas Demand Notice

Last week, a Lisa Brown, a Michigan lawmaker, while speaking out against an anti-abortion bill, sardonically thanked the male-dominated legislature for all their concern about her vagina.

The next day, the Republican majority barred her from speaking on the floor for use of the word (the Republicans later walked that back, but that's just damage control.)

This kerfuffle went national, with liberals bemusedly mocking Republicans getting the vapors over female anatomy, while conservatives bemusedly mocked women lawmakers:

IronJack thinks yelling about cunts would be clarifying:
Replace “vagina” with the cruder four-letter term for female genitalia and you’ll get a clearer picture of what’s really going on here.
trailhkr1 makes a false equivalence. 
Lettuce be real...another double standard with many women in general(not you).. Women get upset with the word c**t but women have no problem calling men a d**k, the c word equivalent...and hey,not a single f**k is given. Another version of if a man get's his privates cut off it's national joke but if it happens to a woman it's a tragedy..
Have seen it on this site...
Props for 'Lettuce be real' though.

Dilbert San Diego doesn't quite get freedom of speech:
If that’s how she’s going to be, we should snatch away the microphone from her. Let her have her rants on Bill Maher’s show, or Chelsea Lately, or another of the moronic shows on TV which freely talk about these things.
Jack Hydrazine knows women have always had the real power, well before they messed around with voting: 
I’m basing it off of what Rush has said about the reason for the Feminist movement coming into being - it has allowed the fugly, masculinized girls a voice in politics.
Most women would rather play the influence and control game like they always have since time immemorial - from behind closed doors in private where they tell their man they aren’t happy about something and it’s the man’s job to take care of that problem.
And why do men listen to those women? Because they are beautiful.
Everything jenk knows about Democratic women she learned from reading 'The Vagina Monologues.'
the female Dems are so out-of-their-minds emotional about this, they are acting as though the men only want them to be vaginas, but are offended at the word. So, in response, they label themselves as vaginas and discuss everything having to do with it. Has anyone ever read the vagina monologues script? I couldn’t make it past the 72 year old.
cuban leaf knows high comedy: 
They should not have stopped her after using the word. Rather they should have waited until she was done and asked her to go to the kitchen and make them a sandwich.
The results would have been high comedy.
Delta 21 knows what's important about women:
Bull dyke hair cut with a couple of witch warts growing outta her forehead !!
Jack nailed it upthread (sorry, bad word choice). She is FUGLY!
Demanding attention is probly not the way to get the kind that you want.
You think her face is scary? I wouldnt touch her vagina with any of YOUR appendages!!

Holder's Contempt

Bit of a blacklog, so today will be full of posts as I try to catch up:

Fast and the Furious has borne political fruit!  It's still pretty partisan, and it's unclear if this will affect Obama's polls, but it does provide Freepers for a new target for their outrage, not that they needed one:

Candor7 has a unique idea of what contempt of Congress means:
does this action have any teeth?
You bet it does.
US Marshals or the FBI can now enter Holders DOJ offices and seize documents by the boat loads.
Blood of Tyrants wants contempt for everybody!
the Rats have decided that their role in this hearing is to defend Holder KNOWING FULL WELL that he is probably guilty of overseeing a scheme to illegally place the guns in the hands of known criminals and to facilitate their illegal deportation to Mexico. The Rats on the committee ought to be brought up on charges of contempt, too.
chessplayer watches a special NBC, thanks to the power of imagination:
For those who only watch NBC, they will never know about it. They don’t even know there were hearings. The don’t even know there is something called Fast & Furious.
JoshuaLawrenceChamberlain knows NBC are all terrorists buttsexxers:
NBC is a domestic terrorist organization that has dedicated billions of tax payer money to anarchy, disruption and destruction of all traditional American values.
Lean forward... And take it dry.
Art in Idaho mixes up politics and the Revolutionary War again... 
Rep. Darrell Issa!

We're 100% behind you!

Still Thinking posits that Democrats pardon people way more than Republicans, but also murder people:
You can tell whether an (R) or a (D) is in office because when it's an (R), the politically persecuted innocents who deserve one go begging, whereas if it's a (D), every shyster and pedophile with two bucks to run together (or incriminating evidence) gets one.
Bad side is, instead of a pardon, you might commit suicide by shooting yourself repeatedly.