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Women converting to Islam

According to the totally objective blog, 75% of all Western converts to Islam are women. Freepers are especially crazy about women and Islam so this thread is bananas!

Vaduz thinks Islam is kinky:
The same girls tend to be into S&M too.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin knows the converts will be abused. Also they are ugly:
Wonderful. With that many beaten, bruised and ugly faces covered by a veil, we shall all be blessed.
SMARTY knows only cults get converts:
It’s like Islam is a cult... not a faith.

Of course there are always people who are so lost and pathetically ignorant that cults appeal to them.... it’s a way for them to ‘belong’ without qualifying.
drypowder is sure all Muslims are violent:
any female muslim has to be a masochist with a wish to get beheaded by her muslim male counterparts
fuzzylogic blames feminism:
.I do feel women, in today’s western culture, are enslaved to a non-natural state. Feminism and PC are powerful tools that pressure women to “be a certain way”, convincing them that “sexual liberation” is actually liberating - instead it shackles them with the consequences.

Maybe some women innately reject this modern philosophy and are trying to find something different elsewhere. Unfortunately they found “different” in Islam, most likely without knowing where it’ll ultimately leave them.
BarbM thinks all Muslims do female circumcision:
Do female converts have to get female circumcision? do they get their little wee nee cut off? like 95% of the baby girls? Muslime women are not to enjoy sex.
...Did she just call the clitoris a "wee nee?"

PLD is so over-the-top bigoted it's amazing:
The Muslim freaks need more women so they can have their demon children..The Muslim women are being murdered after the monsters get done with them so now they are getting a fresh batch of morons..More than likely it is liberal women they are so ugly they can't get a white man..Getting a Muslim man that doesn't care what they look like since they get romantic with their animals anyway..the liberal women will be just fine..Just throw a hijab on their ugly faces../sarcasms
Deathtomarxists thinks women are converting because they are lazy:
Women are the weak link emotionally and physically. If given the option of permanent protection where they don’t have to work, they will take it. It is no different than a woman who nags her husband to make more money, etc. while she stays at home eating chocolate and watching oprah. That was the norm for our culture for centuries. It no longer is. So women are naturally searching for it. Unfortunately, Islam provides the ‘perception’ of such but in reality it is much darker. Woe be to those women, may The Lord watch over them and open their eyes before it is too late.
Southern Magnolia heard a pretty normal conversation, and became terrified!
My husband and I were jaw-dropped when we overheard a clueless bubbly young southern girl wearing a headress (working at a Payless) talking to her fellow employee why she wanted to marry an Islamic guy. She was listing the three things he insisted on before marriage (didn’t hear #1)

#2 was him going out, no questions asked, whenever—to spend time “with the guys”—”and I said, sure, like, I like spending time with like my friends, too, so like that was no problem!” she said.

#3 was when they have kids, that the kids would go every summer to stay with his family in the Middle East(!), which she expressed something like “—and I said, sure, the kids ought to get to know their grandparents, y’know, like I used to stay with my grandparents back in the summer..”

(oh yeah, hey legit American citizens, spend time with Uncle Muhammed learning how to be a terrorist /suicide bomber!)

We went out of the Payless, our heads spinning. What should anyone say or do overhearing someone this ignorant in a situation like this? We should have said something, but we were dumbfounded!
The only reason he'd want to visit the Middle East is to train his kids to be terrorists!

Albion Wilde shows how Freeper sexual equality is:
I'm starting to wonder why men ever gave women the vote. And I'm a woman.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Dog and Negroes edition:
When I was about 17, a dog showed up in our rural community and a bunch of dogs were packing around him. He attacked my bird dog and cut him up twice.

I happened to look down the hill across the field one day and saw about 20 dogs with him in the edge of a pasture close to a driveway leading to a poultry house. I got my gun, rode down close to where he was, jumped out of the car with my gun and shot him dead. Dogs scattered like flies and they quit packing immediately.

I feared for the lives of children playing outside in the community with dogs packing like that. We did not have, and did not need, a dog catcher in the community.

Oh yeah, did I forget to say guns are useful for protection against dangerous animals. . . which, unfortunately, sometimes includes humans.
Thinly veiled analogy provided by RatRipper (Self-centeredness, greed, envy, deceit and lawless corruption has killed this once great nation.)

Freepers vs. Porn

UK Prime Minister Cameron is going to try to regulate pornography. Good luck with that.

The question was, which way would Freepers go - anti regulation, or pro morality-based legislation?

The results are unanimous - paranoia wins out. Well, that and hating Britain.

blackdog is beyond porn:
Porn becomes quite boring actually. That’s if you’re normal I suppose.
Buckeye McFrog senses blackmail:
“Here is a complete list of members of the opposition party who have opted-in”...
Kozak is sure political speech is next:
Next up, Political Hate Sites that are “ corrosive to children”....
VanDeKoik has discovered that there is a double standard between sex and violence, though I'm not sure if this is the battle he wants to fight...
Porn cannot depict rape, but a regular move can show cities being leveled?
Hardraade knows porn is the Muslim pressure valve:
How are the muslims gonna keep from going homicidal? By raping MEPs??
SampleMan knows England has become a police state:
Camera’s on every street, arrests made for overtly Christian speech, almost no real civil rights, and the British are worried about the slippery slope of porn filters?

Of course, Americans are little better.
Viennacon knows allowing gays to marry means you gotta allow porn!
What an outrage this POS dares talk about protecting kids from filth. He just shoved through feces marriage!
MrB - the End Times begin with porn bans...
Seems I’ve read about such a society somewhere...

1984? Brave New World? Revelation?
Nateman sees through the smokescreen thanks to England not deporting all Muslims:
They say they are trying to protect children . I don’t buy it. If they were really concerned about the British people they would stop importing Mozlems. It’s an excuse for a way to eventually control ALL the content which comes in through the Net. This is only the beginning of what they will deem inappropriate to see.

Pope: 'Who am I to judge' gay people?

Freepers have a strong religious strain. And it can get quite contentious, and very much over my Unitarian head. But when Pope Francis seemed to allow that Jeuss might not command you to hate gays, it was all pretty easy. Freeper Catholics went defensive, and Freeper evangelicals went on the offense:

fwdude's Jesus was all about hate:
I never say "hate the sin, not the sinner." This is a modern, heretical fallacy, nowhere found in scripture.
IbJensen thinks the Pope has thrown in with Obama:
The Church is as fortunate as our pitiful nation!

-Now there will be NO IRS audits of Roman Catholic Churches in America.

-Now Catholic schools will not have to hand out condoms to their students.

-Now Catholic hospitals will not have to provide birth control and abortion services.

-Obama will drop the Order he issued to them to start providing birth control and abortions.

-The IRS will now DROP the requirement that the Roman Catholic Church Pro-Life groups clear their prayers with the IRS, before praying them, like they did to that PL group in Iowa.

The pope’s statements are a major, 90 degree left turn from the previous positions of the previous popes following Pius XII, who were all lukewarm on most of the major tenets of the Church, but stood firm on abortion and sodomy.

It’s amazing to me how some feeble non-believers think that the mind of god can shift so strongly and swiftly from one pope to the next. These cafeteria Catholics believe that Jesus Christ should be brought into the 21st century and are too stupid to believe that our Savior does not change and he doesn’t wear Nikes, nor does he wear a loose baseball cap backwards!

This pope is a true modernist with deep secular leanings and stands as proof that the Church will not change until the second coming. There are many churchmen that will not make it past the Pearly Gates.

Francis is the antithesis of what the leader who sits on the throne of Peter should be.
Cronos explains that Catholics still totally hate gayness!
The article says so clearly The official position of the Catholic Church on the issue is that while homosexual desires or attractions are not in themselves sinful, the physical acts are -- so hate the sin but not the sinner.

We hate homosexuality and the gay mafia but sympathize with those sinners.

What's wrong with what the Pope said in this context ". If someone is gay, who searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?”" - nothing?
RitaOK blames the media for quoting the Pope when he says things she doesn't agree with:
Another rush to judgement, a la anti-Zimmerman style, perfectly orchestrated by the media for the consumption by the mouth breathers, with the facts of the faith shuttered.

Gird your loins.
Ransomed goes full Biblical symbolic:
Reading his actual words, there is no major controversy here.

Doesn’t matter, Pope said it. Wrong from the start, no matter what.

The harlot who rides the beast is a trojan horse, the pagan high priest of the beast says the word ‘gay’, ‘gay marriage’ will be coming soon to the Babylonian mystery cult goddess worshipping trojan church-whore cult religion of men non-bible believing gay-sayers.

Obviously. Never mind that of those wacked-out Christian groups that have accepted ‘gay marriage’ so far have ALL accepted female clergy/pastors, divorce and remarriage, and birth control within marriage first. Everyone of them as far as I can tell.

So the cult-whore pagan beast-riding edifice of men better get busy, the acceptance of divorce and remarriage seems like a pretty good first general step to get with the gay program. Otherwise they will be marrying gays but not recognizing their subsequent divorces and remarriages.
BenLurkin hates oral sex!
The Pope may not have the power to judge but he does have the power to bless.

And God will not want him blessing muff divers and butt humpers.
fwdude knows the Catholic Church is a trap:
This is not a “church.” It is a Trojan horse. It has always been.
New Jersey Realist yearns for the good old days:
Back during the Inquisitions they would have had their nuts cut off and then burned at the stake.

Monday, July 29, 2013

George H.W. Bush shaves head for young leukemia patient

Most Freepers think it's sweet, but some have to be dicks to prove how heartlessly pure their conservatism is:

Very nice gesture, indeed.

I wish GHW Bush hadn’t gone to the White House last week and kissed up to Obama, an avowed enemy of the United States who is doing his best to destroy our country.
ckilmer is sure this is a distraction:
What you have to conclude is that the reason we see the nice human interest AP story about Bush the Elder—is so as to humanize the republic and republican killers while others stick in the stiletto.
Lancey Howard knows only Republicans do nice things:
Dear old Dad always said, “Class will tell.”

Say what you want about the Bushes’ policies, they always had class. Republican presidents always wear jackets and ties in the Oval Office to show respect - - Democrat presidents (I’m looking at you, Bill Clinton) jerk off in the Oval Office sink. Some presidents make weekly visits to Walter Reed to meet severely wounded military veterans. Other presidents get Marines to hold their umbrellas and get them drinks.
alphadoggie has it right:
It’s elderly ex-President does an extremely classy and heartwarming thing, and the FR haters come out in force. Jeez louise, some of you need to lighten up.

The Twilight of Benghazi

And so we come to the end of another Freeper Scandal. Strictly speaking, scandals never die in Free Republic - Hillary Clinton still killed Vince Foster. But eventually posts about them yeild only copy/pasting rehashes of PROOF!!! and ragey word-salad non-sequitur fist shaking at whatever a given poster is pissed about lately.

And so we come to the latest Benghazi thread. It's about some injured soldier, and how Obama was totally playing golf or some such.

Ann Archy is here:
OMG!! And NO NEWS ORG will cover this! I DETEST DEMOCRATS.
yoe is sure Benghazi has taken Obama down:
Obama is finished but being an arrogant bully, you can bet he and his adviser Ms. Jarrett will not go quietly.
sport is too patriotic to act like an American:
And our sorry excuse for a president calls Benghazi a phony scandal, he deserves impeachment for that lie alone.

He is not my President.
American in Israel is looking forwards to the prosecution of Obama for...things:
Interesting argument showing how Barry’s presidential executive privileges are null and void. Going to be a long and hard battle to pry that tick out of Americas backside.

I suspect it will be a bloody mess.
gaijin has found another scandal with the Benghazi bodies!!
No one contests the POTUS treachery during the Bengazi crisis, but there’s more —what happened AFTER is equally treacherous.

US KIA arrive at DOVER, right? That’s a little far from DC, while Andrews AFB is in their backyard.

The Bengazi KIA were flown to ANDREWS, not Dover. That’s highly, highly unusual. Can you guess why? Here is why:

Because POTUS driving to Andrews would TAKE LESS CAMPAIGN TIME...!

Yes, there was still an election to be won, and they all foresaw that it would be a squeeker —EVERYTHING had to be done to make sure he was re-elected.

So while everyone knows POTUS went to bed early to fly off to Vega$ to golf with a rapper, what they don’t realize is that even AFTER he’d written off 43 Americans, more or less, he CONTINUED to act treacherously, even after he understood there had been fatalities and wounded.

**THAT** is how little he really cares about people.
Hoodat - Obama is blackmailing everyone!
Makes you wonder what the NSA has on Issa or his family.

The sad part is that they'll have it on him again and again and again. I look back on Arlen Specter's career, and it was obvious that he was being blackmailed. Yet instead of stepping down from office, he kept his seat of power so that he could continue being a Democrat tool.

If Issa is being blackmailed, then he needs to resign. Now.
blackdog can't wait till Obama is a hunted man:
The eventual blowback this president will have to endure will be massive and consuming in every aspect of his life.

He'll be living abroad on day #1 of his post presidential life.
TsonicTsunami08 thinks special forces will assassinate Obama for Benghazi:
The Butcher’s bill one day will be paid in full! My guess is that meal will be served very, very cold!

Between this disgusting abandonment and Extortion 17, I can’t imagine a world in which Special Op’s men are betrayed and murdered and no one will pay for it. Sometime in the future a number of people are going to fall down a very long staircases with tragic results.
I want the USA back just wants to rant about Obama:
No surprise at all for those of us who understand the One.

Hates the USA, of which he is the elected leader.
Loves members of a world-domination movement with one of its goals the elimination of our form of government.

No surprise at all.
Diogenesis writes a haiku or something:
What could more important to the Obama Administration
than to weaponize al Qaeda with MANPADs while
paying off Congress every way imaginable?

Ignoring and leaving behind (THEIR FUTURE MOTTO FOREVER)
wounded American heroes and raped US Ambassadors
for the Moslem Brotherhood and al Qaeda.
OneWingedShark has moved beyond loving Putin to loving Benedict Arnold:
You would wake up Benedict Arnold before Congress would hear you, much less even care.
Why do I get the distinct impression that Benedict Arnold was far more patriotic than most in the government's high-up places? [Congress, the Presidency, SCOTUS] Because he really was a war hero?
Lancey Howard:
Ubama succeeded in sodomizing, feminizing, and defunding the US military. Mission accomplished.
The Cajun thinks Issa is a Democrat mole!
I'm just about convinced Issa is conning us and buying Obama time.

When you add the NOTHING that has happened with *Fast and Furious*, the NOTHING that is happening on IRS and now the NOTHING that is happening on Benghazi, there is too much damn NOTHING going on!

This latest revelation has me bouncing off the walls.

Monday Potpourri

Gaffer explains how logic dictates Obama is devolving America:
Yet, there is Occam’s Razor. The realm of so decidedly diverse actions by this madman cannot hold relevance to just ‘chance’. The theory then holds that the simplest explanation is true - the ARE all connected and he IS devolving our existence as a sovereign nation.
Gaffer does not approve of New York's place in history:
I’d move the hell away from there. That state has no business whatsoever claiming to be one of the original 13.
goodnesswins has an issue with Obama voters:
Yes, I am having a problem having conversations with people who voted for him...until they APOLOGIZE personally, in public.
sport's solution seems a bit impractical:
nobama and his minions should be in prison or deported. They are subhuman scum.

Along with the bastards that voted for him.
Salvey just goes with death threats:
nobama and his minions should be in prison or deported. They are subhuman scum.

No, they should be post-birth aborted.
Black Agnes knows public school is a constant sex orgy:
When my kids were babies, one of my cousins asked where we’d be sending them to school. I replied ‘we’ll homeschool’. Her retort was along the lines of ‘well, we thought about that but decided we’d rather OUR children be POPULAR’.

Well now. The ‘popular’ oldest girl is due any day now. She’s not 18 yet and no one is sure who the baby’s father is. This is an intact home and the kids are front and center at church every single sunday. Mom is a housewife who could have easily homeschooled. But as it turns out, these days the ‘popular’ kids are the one most ‘Kardashian’ like. And if you’re ‘proud’ that your kid runs with the popular crowd you’d better start spying. Because I can guarantee they’re up to no good. It’s Caligula’s barge out there.
Hardraade has learned much in the past few years:
Leftist politicians and their allies will kill. If there’s one thing the last few years has shown us, that’s it.
Gaffer discusses philosophy class:
I took a philosophy class once, only once. The instructor got to talking about religion and referred to Jesus Christ as some sort of normal human prophet. I dropped the class.

There are either two options if you discuss this in philosophy. The man claiming to be the Son of God was either a fullblown nutcase or he actually was/is the Son of God. There is no in between, no middle ground. What that had to teach me was useless.
bray has decided evolutionary theory is a conspiracy:
we have acquired quite a few of these pieces of data and in every case the finding reinforces that a Designer is at work.

Exactly, which is why I do not give evolution the benefit of the doubt. It exists to prove God doesn’t exist.
bert explains a blackfact to us:
For a black man, the appellation Reverend is meant to mean professional negro
LurkingSince'98 knows what high school is like!
my wife is the instructor and I am the principle and as principle I am responsible for socialization, so...

once a month, even in the summer months ‘cause we don’t want them to forget, I do my socialization routine..

When they least expect it, I grab them from behind and drag them into the bathroom....

I tear up one or two of their notebooks...

push them around...

scream and swear at them...

steal whatever money they have in their pockets...

force them to smoke a cigarette...

show them how sexting works...

and as the grand finale give them a swirlie (hold their head in the toilet bowl and flush).

Now they are socialized exactly as they would be at the local high school.
LibLieSlayer explains what not agreeing with him means:
cripplecreek has learned about the secret movement:
I actually go and talk to the people on the street and I’m finding more real conservatism there than most rural “conservatives” display. Thousands of people taking part in a thriving underground economy because going Galt was their only way of escaping the corruption and they know that no conservative rescue is coming. They don’t want your money, all they want is moral support and workable ideas.

The saddest thing is the fact that those FReepers who agree feel the need to tell me about it in FReepmail because they don’t want to be seen stepping out of line.
rightwingextremist1776 drops some truth:
The American Negro is more racist then a 19th century white slave owner.

usconservative explains that America elected Obama to appease the Islamic horde:
How the hell we elected a committed Muslim only 7 short years after 9/11 will always boggle my mind.

It's not mind boggling when you break it down to its simplest component: APPEASEMENT.

The COWARDS in this country decided not to fight the muzzie attacks and incursions into America, rather they chose to APPEASE it hoping the attacks would stop.

Based on events in Libya (Benghazi), Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, I'd say their APPEASEMENT efforts have failed. Problem is we have a narcissistic a**hole of a President who's committed to pissing on the middle class in this country and embracing our enemies who are hell bent on our destruction.

It's simple really. Once you understand the Obama dogwhistle effect.
Californians imitate Europeanm, who imitate Germans, who imitate muslims. Who imitate neanderthals.
Georgia Girl 2's version of the 2008 election:
McCain took a dive. He deliberately threw that election. No he is an Obama hand puppet.
DaxtonBrown has a story to tell, it seems...
Hey, the GOPe shut me up about Harry Reid’s past bribes. Look up Republicans for Reid. Evil certainly does lurk among us.
VerySadAmerican is still riding the secession train:
Perry, or someone should take a poll and ask “If Texas seceeded would you volunteer to help guard the border?” If it’s a huge “Yes” then go for it.
kearnyirish2 hates the troops and wants them to die:
Let them die in combat; they aren’t dying for the country we know & love.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Spotlight Friday: stanne


I've had my eye on this one for a while. It's time.

Beyond the usual Freeper views (military coup, voting only for property holders, etc.) she (I think?) teaches classic lit, and has some...interesting ideas about education. Also, one of those ultra-catholics rabid about abortion. She has left New York, but has taken the Weiner madness rather seriously.

Her views on literature, more really opinionated with only hints of crazy...
Okay, now I have to say, I teach classic lit. When you see a bunch of formerly sneering 7th grade girls opining loudly about the creepiness versus virtue of Tom Sawyer, or dishing dirt on the characters in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or witness a classroom full of tenth graders hanging on every word Taylor utters to Burton in the film after they’ve done the work of going over the play, “The Taming of the Shrew” then they don’t have to admit it, literature is full of great characters and situations.

But F. Scott and this Gatsby in particular no. I fight it and Hemmingway and Steinbeck every year they try to throw it at me.

“The Old Man and the Sea” KAK! It’s vapid. It’s supposed to be so enlightened to recognize the beginning of the decline in culture. NO.

Middle and HS boys love the stories of Homer, Shakespeare (the war stories esp) and R. L. Stevenson if they’re introduced in the right way.

But NOT Gatsby and whoah I do not want to see DiCaprio’s attempt to pull us further down the vapid anti family pit.

School uniforms bring sicsipline because dresses on women are natural law:
Natural law prevails

In our school, men wear ties and women wear dresses and with written parameters for those who need to be told.

There are complaints from the women sometimes. I think it’s when they think they can get away with l’eggs instead of just investing in Nordstrom brand hose

I digress

The students and families and even the shopkeepers i see on my way home doing errands ALL treat me with si much more respect than at other times. When i get caught at the football game in jeans they look at me like i am an alien

The time and effort i save in establishing and maintaining order and discipline is documentable. It is evident.

I spend no more money investing in good classic clothes than I would otherwise. And i wear good shoes. Low heels work

And i look like a girl but i would NEVER show my arms nor wear something formfitting And i am in shape

Blazers [ed: ?????]

Kids know. Its primal, not something that went out in the fifties

They know
Raise your kids to be heroic:
They need to be treated with fairness by adults who are unafraid to be in charge, modeling heroic virtue.

And they need to be allowed to settle their differences, vent about stupid teachers and the very bad behaving ones need to get expelled or wish they had been.

No need to go back in time. These are classic concepts.

Oh, they need to be taught classic literature - Homer, Shakespeare, Herodotus, Austen and Twain.
She has some kind of hate-love for NY:
Oh, once again i am reminded of why i moved out of my out of my native land- expensive, dirty, full of ignoramuses-who -thinn-they-run-the - center-of -the - universe but can’t manage to hold onto the wonderful city my forefathers helped put together in the face of too much money

and a handful of Muz B and al q operatives ‘oh yes mr weiner, you can show your penis to the world AND bring the mus bro hood into the first lady spot. Yes whatever you want.

We are NYers. We dont care. We will fight for the right to correct people when we can suspect them of being wrong on on minute technocalities, but we have no stomach for keeping muzzies out of leadership
Didja catch how she thinks Huma is some kind of Muslim superspy? Yeah, that's a thing:
The Muslim Brotherhood push for us to support weiner in favor of Huma as pur future queen?

Hillary II

New Yorkers could consider themselves part of our country and spare us this and their dangerously wimpy capitulation to communism and islam

But they won’t

They’re so evolved

Im just not averting attention from this power grab
Her students(?) totally saw the evil in Huma's eyes:
The kids here saw it. They said her eyes were evil, whatever that’s worth

Anyway, the two of them need to go away and immediately
The NY Times agrees with her, but used "crotch" not "privates." RAGE!!!
The Times calls for him to end the race.

They can support abortion, homosexuality, the pornography that routinely comes out of Hollywood, Broadway and HBO, lewd art displays and the deterioration of the culture.

But prude when it comes to saying this disgraceful guy, running for mayor publicized his privates?

They use the term, crotch?

It’s a lie. They have a dictionary. They’ve seen the photos.

Wimps. When will we not be surrounded by wimps?
Real Men call them privates!!!

Feminism means homeschooling:
Feminism and women’s liberation is not about advancing women. This is the OPPOSITE of freedom of choice. Women are so stupid. They want the freedom to choose to kill their kids but they can’t make a choice to pull their kids out of school.
And, finally, abortion and the coming conservative revolution:
Hitler will PALE, PALE, in comparison to this crop of baby killers.

These guys, the congress, this USSC, the Western women, the perpetuallyadolescent male adults, the doctors and their AMA, the pro birth control ‘Catholics’, and lastly and perhaps not least, but only perhaps, the executive branch, save Reagan. Not Reagan.

Beware those of us who think abortion is bad only at and after twenty weeks.

Hitler will PALE in comaroson, in the annals of history, where this will end up. And it WILL end.

It’s going to look like slavery does now, in a middle school textbook, but, with 55 million killed in this country, and counting, the kids are going to recognize it as worse.

The only thing to stop that decency will be the legalization of ‘11,000,000’ illegals, and the acceptance of it, turning us into a quasi penal colony with no acceptance of morality, leaving the good people of the world with nowhere to go.

But i digress.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A younger Fluke.

Man. The racism is bad, but its basically 1950s BS all over again. Nothing shocks me like Freeper's 14th-century misogyny

A 14-year-old girl protested re: abortion with a sign: "JESUS ISN'T A DICK SO KEEP HIM OUT OF MY VAGINA." People online called her a slut. Freepers hasten to agree.

GeronL is surpisingly tame, only noting that this kid is totally gonna become a Republican:
One day this kid is going to have to grow up, they will understand what crap their parents are
Dallas59 knows lack of Christianity inevitably leads to teenage pregnancy:
When daddy has to help take of little junior because baby girl thought she loved a guy who wasn’t Jesus...maybe he’ll change his mind.
y6162 hopes the 14-year-old girl gets killed by feral Muslims:
Father stands by while daughter spews pagan blasphemy and draws attention to her vagina. Too bad she didn’t say Muhammed is a dick
Intolerant in NJ expects the Dad encourages abortion, because the girl is having all kinds of sex:
What kind of father not only allows a child to hold a sign like this, but helps her hold it up?

...a father who knows his precious little darling is out of control and doesn't want her bringing home another mouth to feed in nine months.....
Responsibility2nd seems to have mixed up "protesting" with "having men pay to have sex with me:"
My dad came to my defense online, but for the first time I am outing myself publicly. I’m 14. Please stop calling me a whore.


Then stop acting like a whore and people will stop calling you one.

Even a 14 year old can understand that.
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost may not see the irony:
Let's hope this filth never becomes a mom.
peeps36 is one of a few Freepers who insinuate incest:
Is her daddy named Dick? Has he been in her vagina? How many Dicks has she had in her vagina? The sorry excuse for a father is raising his daughter to be a whore. Can Richard get in that vagina?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Liberals are all so Angry!

Freepers love this bitter and repetitive screed by Daniel Greenfield about how imaginary liberals think and do dumb things he made up. But, more hilariously, they also get to talking about what makes liberals tick. The irony and projection are the thickest I've ever seen them!

driftless2 - utopian liberals exist to hate conservatives, and always will:
In the minds of liberal activists (most liberals) the world will never be a good place to live. There will always be some cause, some benighted "minority" to champion. There will always be the hated conservative, white male who spends every waking minute (and a lot of sleeping minutes) thinking of ways to foil the liberal's dream of the perfect world.

And that's just it...there will never be a perfect world. Because humans are highly imperfect and incapable of perfection. But that won't stop the deranged liberals from seeking the unobtainable. They seek a reason for their existence. They'll never find it. But their unending rage at the failure of their fellow citizens to create the impossible i.e. heaven on earth keeps them going.
hinckley buzzard heartily agrees. Also, liberals are cancer:
But that won't stop the deranged liberals from seeking the unobtainable.

Just so. It is the reason why "progressivism" inevitably ends in totalitarianism. Like cancer, addiction, and other progressive fatal diseases it has no stop mechanism.
556x45 explains that liberals are angry because they can't abide contradiction...
In the mind of every lib lives the grandiose notion that they’re morally, ethically, socially etc etc etc etc etc superior. That is, they’re your better and deserve to micro-mange your life w/o consent. I think the anger is all about not being recognized as the bastion of superior they perceive themselves to be. They don’t want to actually say it (although it’ll slip out from time to time) but want you to quickly come to the reality you’re a worm in need of their special Michael Angelo God’s touch from heaven to put you right. It galls them when you won’t or don’t grovel at their feet.
Louis Foxwell knows NPR is secretly a raging barbarian:
Strip down MSNBC to its skivvies and you find an angry NPR.

Get beneath the skivvies and there lurks an effete Attila the Hun.
SMARTY - all liberals know is rage:
Anger, annoyance, fury and mindless rage are the universally recognized and emblematic features OF Liberalism.

Don’t believe it?

Just try to have a ‘conversation’ with a Liberal!

“Mister, it is easy to be full of rage. It is not easy to go to work and build something.” Eric Hoffer
7thson has won all his conversations with liberals:
You pegged it right. I have had conversations with leftists. It is always the same. First you know you are winning when they constantly change the subject. Then the name calling, insults, and cursing.
SMARTY's description of conversing with liberals reminds me of that sketch about the guy who has never had sex pretending he knows all about it:
I never discuss anything with them anymore. When I DID, I wasn't interested in win/lose.

I just wanted to draw them out to let them, through their own words, demonstrate how very idiotic their views were.

Usually, they explode long before I get that far...

I mean, they perpetually interrupt and talk over what I am saying so they never really hear me.

That makes them feel like they are right, I guess.

It's just like having a conversation with a child or a drunk.
"I didn't care about win/lose, but I won every single time!"

7thson continues the colloquy, explaining why some might think Freepers are the angry ones:
I wonder is the leftists will ever realize that the main reason conservatives are angry is because the leftists never stops interfering with our lives.
That might work, except for all the social issues. And all the social security. And their "bomb everyone" foreign policy.

Oh, dear. SMARTY saw that one scene from Good Will Hunting!
I met them in college and I have seen them everywhere and ever since.

They ARE the last magazine article they read
They ARE the last movie they watched
They ARE the last book they read
They ARE the last news broadcast they saw
They ARE the last piece of music they heard

Decline of civilization expressed in decline of appropriate dress

Anon called it a jewel, and now it is time to see it in all it's glory!

because all change since the 1940s is bad, Freepers complain about people these days not wearing suits all the time:

In the 1950s, when I was a kid, we would go "over the hill" (i.e., from the Valley to Hollywood or Downtown) and my mother would wear hat and gloves. But in the Valley, everything was much more casual.

I think the biggest problem with the way folks dress today isn't that it is casual, but it is sloppy.
Signalman cites kultureklamfer Mark Steyn:
Mark Steyn, in a recent book, theorized that if you went back to 1950 America and took an average adult male, put him in a time macine and transported him to the present day, his first question would be, “Why are all the adult men dressing like 12 year old boys?”
fwdude has a further example of how dressing up is conservative:
George Will, who is teased about wearing his suit to the beach, said as much. He noticed families out in public, and that the fathers were dressed identically as their little boys.
Spruce uses clothes to be better than his co-workers:
I am a contract software engineer. I wear a white shirt, tie and sport coat every day. When asked why by my clients my reply is “I am a professional. You pay me a lot of money to be here and this is how I make my living. So I will dress in a professional manner.”

It makes my eyes roll when peers show up for work in shorts, sandals and t-shirts.

And quite often my level of dress becomes contagious and the other men I work with will start dressing much more appropriately.

Funny thing, the women almost always dress professionally.
Women? Well, NRA1995 does not like fatties:
Personally, one the most unattractive things to see at a wedding is a morbidly obese bridesmaid (or bride) in a backless dress, said back being adorned with tattoos.
dfwgator knows poverty is no excuse!
People still dressed well during The Great Depression.
Vaduz summs it all up:
Slobs should be required to have a permit to be in public.

Liberals drive all dumb

Tigerized posts:
Liberals, for some reason, are also the worst drivers. Totally unaware of surrounding traffic or their impact on flow, they’re content to plod along in their “green” cars (festooned with lefty bumper stickers) while those who actually need to be somewhere struggle to get around these moving roadblocks.

Or is just me who gets irritated by any Prius with an Obama / Biden sticker on it?
Freepers jump to deliver:

The Toll sees nothing but lesbians:
you are TOTALLY correct! Every time they make me so mad, when I pass them it is a very overweight older lesbian driving. I think it’s the NPR that lulls them to sleep while driving.
ebersole just acts like a dick.
I’ve gotten to the point where I just want to run them off road, but I usually just resort to blocking them in in traffic, and if it’s a good day, they’re blocked in behind a big diesel truck!
GenXFreedomFighter hates it when Dems have big cars:
I get even more irritated by SUVs with Obama/Bidem stickers on them. I actually see more of those where I live. Flippin' hypocrites!
Gefreiter hates it when Dems have no cars:
No argument here but don’t overlook the true believers who are more likely to be riding their bicycles, adding another layer of insufferable a$$holishness.
stbdside has an anecdote to add to the data:
I almost got T-boned by some idiot who ran through a stop sign a few months ago. Sure enough, there was an Obama sticker on the car. I gave her a middle finger salute.
Junior_G has a suggestion:
Two words: PIT maneuver.
PIT Maneuver is basically forcing them off the road. LOLOLOLOL!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The virtue of Dickery

Even beyond Freeper circles, the right takes it as truth that Detroit's problems are all completely caused by liberalism. "Never mind the collapse of the auto industry and white flight," they say - "if only they'd lowered taxes and banned abortion, they'd totally be right on track!"

But alas, none of them are willing to live there. Instead, they are enjoying the suffering as the city they've decided typifies liberalsm continues to founder. And they've rationalized this glee as compassionate assholery - this is tough love, pettiness, and if the libs don't get it then that only proves they're the real assholes!

Norm Lenhart explains that liberals have forced him into being a dick:
the left changed the rules. Today they have do degraded the common sense of society that it takes Idioctacy level ‘debate’ to reach the American public. So if mockery on a grand scale is needed, and it is, we would be remiss, if not outright suicidal to avoid using it.

Shunning/public scorn is a lost art. When it was in vogue, it worked. It will work again since the ego of the leftist is his weakness
Sirius Lee cites Alinsky:
if mockery on a grand scale is needed, and it is, we would be remiss, if not outright suicidal to avoid using it.

Freeze the target. Isolate it. And ridicule it.

Time for Conservatives to shove alinsky method right back in their liberal faces.
LibLieSlayer doesn't bother to rationalize, and revels in his lack of empathy:
I am laughing at them and I do not care about them... their dim masters blamed all of us (yesterday's dnc talking point spewed even on fox) and our “republican economic policies over the past 60 years” for their failures in detroit so I am enjoying the death spiral of detroit!
AlexW thinks New York is gonna collapse soon.
I do not think they should be “LAUGHING”. They should be shaking their heads in disgust.
It will next come to a city near you, as Obamunisim consumes more and more of America.
DH is dancing with joy, but only because of how teachable this moment is, mind you:
we should be laughing.

The vermin left in Detroit are the same maggots that caused it to fail.

The reason for celebration is that this is “the poster boy” so to speak for liberalism and Democrat rule in our country. Celebration is due to the fact that this is the first example to the voting public that Socialism and Marxism does not work in a free society......and it is finally starting to fail.

Yes! Celebration is sorely due.
SMARTY preemptively protests that this isn't tribal, it's because of logic that he doesn't have time to go into right now:
I especially loved/love the way Liberals beat us over the head for what they call our Conservative greed and lack of compassion. I loved/love the way they cast these insults in our face AS IF Conservatives would condemn any city to this kind of thing, JUST because they are Liberals.
ArrogantBustard prescribes 20 cc's of slogans, stat!
You want solutions? Here's a solution, that works for all Americans (not just those in cities): FREEDOM. Constitutional, limited government. Very limited government. Respect for private property, private industry, private enterprise, and private labor. Stable rule of law, not capitulation to the demands of violent mobs.

It's so simple that a government bureaucrat can't understand it.
agere_contra has no pity:
We don't owe Detroit a damn thing. Let it die!

Detroit is a parasitic municipality - a legal entity with vast untenable obligations and no means to pay. I don't know about you but I don't feel sorry for parasites. If they're attached to me I don't feel bad when they fall off and die.

And we are not 'all in this together'. In what sense are we 'all in it together' when we are not all enjoying extremely lucrative pensions?
agere_contra gets back to the compassion of being an asshole, because cities aren't people. But also laugh at the downtrodden people too:
The solution for Detroit IS its agonizing death. That’s the way out. That solves everything.

Cities aren’t people. They don’t have immortal souls. It’s OK to laugh at their ‘deaths’.

We’re laughing at Detroit because it’s funny to watch socialism crash and burn.

We also laughing because the unbelievably stupid voters of Detroit need to hear our laughter and to realize what their sloth, envy and causal racism have won them - lasting shame and ignominy.

Don’t apologize! Detroit is dying and needs to completely die before its toxins can be purged. This is creative destruction. There will never be a New Detroit until the Old Detroit is dead. The current train-wreck is just the first step towards the rise of a new city.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

The KGB's continuing war on human nature edition:
The laws of nature are mercilessly just, but social constructs are always in flux and the weaker the "society", the more in flux and subject to propaganda and manipulation that society is.

Increasing acceptance of homosexual "marriage" is a good, contemporary example. Through a hi-tech version of the Alinsky "Diamond Tactic", with the Democrat "mainstream" newsrooms providing multiple facets of the diamond, Americans look in every direction and wonder if they are being left behind by (what looks like) the rest of America. That is, they wonder if they are indeed "on the wrong side of history".

There's a reason kids today still use phrases like, "That's so gay," as a deragatory comment. Kids understand naturally - - instinctively - - that there is just something sick about a man pushing his penis into another man's anus full of sh**. It's one of those things nobody needs to teach, and it is why homosexuals instinctively feel ashamed of what they are and what they do, and why they suffer the tears of a clown even as they march with fake smiles in fake "pride" parades.

It's like the communist Democrats thinking they can create what Austrian economists called "the socialist man". It cannot be done because it is simply antithetical to human nature. It's the same with homosexuality - - it will always give normal people the creeps, just as it has for thousands of years, and there's nothing the liberals can do about it.

The KGB and its ancillaries successfully infiltrated and directed America's State Department and, more importantly, its "mainstream" newsrooms. The process took literally 70+ years, but the fruits of those efforts are evident. America has now elected and re-elected an African communist as its leader, and cultural decline aimed at destroying the traditional family unit looks like an unstoppable freight train. Depravity, perversion, and selfishness is slapping us in the back of the head no matter what direction we turn. Russia is not about to let its own tactics destroy it, too. The people at the top over there must be laughing their asses off in astonishment that the plan of their predecessors worked. It really worked.
Connecting social and economic craziness provided by Lancey Howard

Monday, July 22, 2013

RIP, Helen Thomas

Man, I remember when the passing of Helen Thomas would have lead to a thousand posts of vitriol and hatred. But nowadays, Freepers prefer to vent their spleen in more racial ways. Thus, the death of a once-great Freeper enemy is met with a few mean jokes, and pride at how classy they are keeping it, while at the same time there remain dozens of posts a day about how Trayvon Martin was a seventeen-year-old super-nig thug.

driftdiver takes the high road, Freeper-style.
In before the pictures. May God have mercy on her soul, she was an enemy of a free America so I shall not mourn.
Kip Russell:
I won’t do a gravedance, but I won’t miss her.
bigdaddy45 wants everyone to keep it classy, while also noting that Helen Thomas was worthless:
I’ve just always seen grave dancing as a Democrat trait. I always thought Republicans had more class. And quite frankly, exulting in the death of a bitter old woman who’s influence was minimal (at best) seems a bit silly to me. Your stated glee in her passing gives her more worth than her life justifies.

The only reason Helen Thomas was newsworthy was because she was a female, and hung around forever. Her journalistic influence was a blip.
smokingfrog knows Obama was a big fan:
The question is will 0bama order flags to be lowered to half-mast.
CodeToad senses sekret Muslim!
The original Muslim Trojan Horse. In fact I think she gave the Trojans the idea.
Bob thinks she sold her soul to Bill Clinton or something:
Don’t waste your time concerned about her soul. She sold it many years ago, most likely in 1992. Her body just took this long to catch up with it.
Spunky found some pictures! Freepers love to analyze pictures:
There was a time when she was nice looking, but being a Democrat made her ugly. :-)
BykrBayb sees the Satan:
OMG, she had Satan in her eyes, even then.

It's interesting, as Freeper founder Jim Robinson shows no signs of joining into this newfound racial slant; je would more be about yelling how Helen Thomas is in Hell for destroying America. That he has sold out rather than becoming a true believer almost makes it worse, of course.

Monday Potpourri

CedarDave sees proof the press is forcing Free Republic to be obsessed with the Zimmerman verdict:
MSM is doing their best to make sure this does not end up dying away quickly. Just look at the number of Zimmerman articles posted at other media/press outlets and referenced here on FR.
Tammy8 is mystified that Democrats lack blind party loyalty:
George Zimmerman is a Democrat. He voted for Obama and tutored young black kids.

He is not alone, Paula Deen is also a Democrat and she supported programs for black children. I guess they weren't Democrat "enough" to suit those in power.
Mouton is pretty sure the protests are a lawyer conspiracy:
Lawyers LOVE to see the Stand Your Ground laws abolished. This is the ultimate pay day and one of the reasons why the law with its immunities were passed in the first place, because of shyster attorneys who no matter the circumstances see some form of payday via negligence suits everywhere. The only time about attorneys I am happy is when I see one ambulence chaser suing another over some form of malpractice.
Proud2BeRight thinks the Zimmerman thing is a distraction fomented by Obama:
Have you noticed that with this Zimmerman trial and chasing Snowden the news on Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS, and Solyndra no longer exist in any MSM?
MasterGunner01 is sure Obama's ambassador is doing it wrong:
And by what authority does U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson presume to tell the Egyptian government what to do? This woman needs to be relieved and sent home in disgrace (except it is impossible to shame her).
MinorityRepublican has high standards for marriage:
Traditional marriage no longer exists in the U.S. outside Mormon and Conservative Christian families.
dragnet2 is sure there are secret riots somewhere!
Media is going into a blackout...Ya can’t watch blacks attacking innocent whites....That’s bad mumbo..
Salvey laments the lack of a military coup:
Our only hope is that there is a vein of leadership within the military-industrial complex that is willing to perform its duty and overthrow the overthrowers

Small chance of that; starting with Clinton, the military has been feminized and the warriors purged.
RoosterRedux also envies Egypt:
If only our military would do for us what the military in Egypt has done for that country.

Message to the U.S. military..."put the Kenyan SOB under house arrest." "And pick up that NAZI George Soros while you're at it."
SpaceBar on the state of siege under which all whites are living:
Barry’s Brownshirts are paid with taxpayer subsidized food and cash in the form of EBT cards and handheld two-way radios (obamafomes) to remain in touch with orders from their handlers. MSNBC and countless other festering sores of communist propaganda keep them stirred up and angry. Take away whitey’s guns is the current mantra.

America had better wake up.
GrandJediMasterYoda's best friend is black, and hasn't gotten shot even once, thus proving Obama is a usurper:
One of my best friends while growing up in New York city was black, I would even say my best friend. We use to hang out almost every day after school in the 70s, about the same time the twice unconstitutionally elected Kenya says he could have been Trayvon.

Just as Allen West says, not ONCE can I EVER recall my friend Patrick “being treated like Trayvon” “being profiled” or experiencing ANY kind of racism, and we hung out all the way from elementary school to High school.

The fact is this admitted foreign born twice unconstitutionally elected POTUS is a lying sack of sh*t whose only agenda is to divide and destroy this country, and if CONGRESS doesn’t get their heads out of their asses and remove this POS ASAP then guess what? He is going to SUCCEED! This really ticks me off what this moron is getting away with especially with the fact HE ISN’T EVEN SUPPOSE TO BE POTUS!
Dead Corpse wants Congress to hire an army or something:
F&F, Castaway, IRS, Bengahzi, NSA...

They’ve called many politicians over the years “teflon” for their ability to have NOTHING stick to them. This administration is no exception. Dirty as the most heartless mobster, but now you have to prove it and have the power to end them.

If you want something to stick to teflon... STAPLE IT. Issa needs an armed contingent on-hand to take criminals into custody prior to a trial. Even if the criminal in question is Holder or Obama himself...
Seeing More Clearly Now sees all these Muslims just walking around and no one doing anything about it!
The MB doesn’t have to have sleeper cells. They are huge. bold, welcomed by this administration in its attempt to establish the caliphate in this country.” They were able to install Huma Abedin, Muslim Brotherhood daughter into the catbird seat of State Department foreign policy, right at Hillary Clinton’s ear. How did Congress let Obama get away with that? How did so many people let Obama get on the presidential ballot unvetted?
chessplayer on Christine O'Donnell's tax records being leaked:
This is worse than Watergate. But the media will say ho-hum.
molson209 may be projecting
Obama and Trayvon Martin’s Parents hope there is a very good body count this weekend
VRWC For Truth also hates Trayvon Martin's parents, on accounta of their bad genes:
They’ll be answering to the ultimate judge one day. They conceived a thug.
ClearCase_guy explains America's feudalism:
Obama is king.
Judges form the aristocracy, and rule over fiefdoms formally known as states.
US Senators form a leisure class of gentlemen, from whom nothing is expected.

And the rest of us labor is the fields, lamenting our servitude to distant tyrants.
ClearCase_guy is a freedom hipster:
As I go through life, whenever I need to supply a random 4-digit number as part of an account name or something, I always use “1215”. Some folks see that and think I was born on December 15. Nope. Not even close. Got nothing to do with my birthday.
"It's the date of the Magna Carta. You've probably never heard of it."

RoosterRedux on negrotude:
The only professions open to Africa-centric people are sports, music/entertainment (trading on race), politics (trading on race), law (trading on race), the ministry (trading on race), race-baiting, or pharmaceuticals.
hosepipe has made a new word!
Much of black culture is Travonisitic..
Raised on HATE from toddlers like Muslims are..

Muslims are taught to despise Jews(all Jews) from the time they were on the nipple..
When they grow up they are completely brain washed.. like those in the KKK..
Few grow out of this fantasy.. they become like Pavlov’s Dogs..

So too American blacks generally..

Their culture is poisonous in the extreme..
Toxic to anything “it touches”... quite deadly..
Yosemitest thinks alternate energy sources are Satanic:
The dislike of petroleum is a Satanic thing.
God creates petroleum for us to use, and Satan loves waste.
If you really get into it, you'll find the world was first habitat-ed by angels,
but became waste and void when Satan and his followers rebelled against our Heavenly Father.
Most of this waste became crude oil, and most of the decay today becomes, in some small form, crude oil.
Satan loves waste, and despises anything put to use.
Satan mixes truth with lies so that you cannot tell the difference.

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Liberal? In MY Free Republic?

Trolling for spotlights, I found an older one. Freepers - not super into engaging the reasonable opposition:

Some Lib on the Wrong Forums (Not yet zotted!) posts:
Hello freepers, I'm a registered Democrat, but I'd really rather not be. I would much rather sign myself onto some progressive party as I feel they would better represent me, my views and my country. However, if I were to do so in the current political environment I would be throwing my vote away and by not voting for the Democrat I'm helping the Republican candidate inch closer to a plurality. Similarly, I'm sure plenty of you guys would much rather have a strong Libertarian Party or some sort of Evangelical Party instead of being lumped in with the rest of the Republican Party. How do we remedy this problem? Well, that's the tricky part. In close elections if either of us put up an Independent candidate who supported reform, but otherwise held the same views as the candidate we'd normally vote for then we'd end up splitting the vote and guaranteeing that the guy we don't like wins the seat.
Later, he follows up:
I don’t want you to agree with me. I don’t want you to join with me in my party. I want you and everyone else to have a party that you can agree with on nearly all issues instead of having 2 parties that you rarely agree with on anything.
katwoman5779 doesn't seem to have read beyond the first clause:
Why don’t you libs rename your party to reflect your belief system. Can you say “Communist”?
RC one also knows dialogue is for suckers:
We’re far beyond having polite rational conversations with the left. You’re parasites on the nation and we are the cure. Go back to DU you effing parasite.
FutureRocketMan explains that the Democratic party has changed, while the Republican party remains pure:
Democrats, up until Franklin Roosevelt, or possibly Woodrow Wilson, were fairly conservative. Religion (Christianity in particular) was much more respected, politically, up until Roosevelt, and later JFK. After FDR, people started looking towards government for help, and thus born the progressive agenda. In the beginning, the progressive left mantel was held by Pinkos and people like Margaret Sanger.

The Democrat party has been hijacked from Dems like Dan Boren, for Dems like Nancy Pelosi. If you really want a party the espouses your views, either join the Green Party, or the Socialist Party, USA. There are plenty of choices for you. As for having a greater voice for your ideals, you have the GD president right now.

The Republican party is a conservative Party. that is the fact of the party platform. I am proud to call myself a Republican because we are the patriotic, conservative party. We do have our moderates (those who are “moderate” on social issues shouldn’t be called moderates, rather progressive hecklers), but the base and the majority of the party is conservative, and it will remain that way until the Democrats throw off there progressive wing, rejoin the Repubs on the major social issues, and begin arguing with them about HOW to achieve an end, not what that end should be.
central_va is amazed any Democrat could be unsatisfied with Obama:
While the cyclotron warms up, could you explain why a progressive would have any problems with Obama? He is a radical, so what do you want?
Bryanw92 has contempt this liberals' lack of pragmatism:
What are your views? Obama is as progressive as he can afford to be in a first term governing a right-of-center nation, with plenty of hints that he will move radically to the left after November.

The only thing more progressive than Obama in this term is a full-bore card-carrying communist.
kosciusko51 explains why he doesn't trust this scheming lib:
The problem is that there are two types of people: Those that want to take from others, and those that don't want to be robbed, even under the color of law. Until we resolve that stealing from one person and giving it to another just because they need it is immoral and/or illegal, then the two sides will remain in opposition. There is no compromise on this position.

Also, you want this to happen so that your progressive wing would have a better chance to run the country. Thank you, but no, we have already had enough.

"You're dumb" Responsibility2nd explains:
OK, I'm IBTZ also.

But I did read your post, and did consider your points.

Up to this point I haven't actually laid out any solutions, so I'll just list what I'd like to see in any reform.

-End Gerrymandering
-Replace First Past the Post with some sort of preferential system

Sorry, this will not affect any real change. And your post indicates you are a Progressive.

Like I said... IBTZ.
GraceG knows the only real reform is to assure the right people vote:
Also how about making Voter Fraud be an act of TREASON?

Especially when it can clearly be proven intent to undermine the electoral system...

Nothing more I would to see but the “Vote often” DIMS to be hanging at the end of a rope for intentionally undermining the republic.
SaraJohnson knows all this third party talk is an evil libertarian plot!
So you admit that you are a leftist, constitution busting treasonous azz, and then offer us a solution to our problem of the Republican party melding with the Democrat Party to work against the constitution. You suggest that we join your “progressive” (Marxist) pals in an independent party as a solution to our problem of the GOP joining the Marxists of the Democrat party?

You are “sure” we want a libertarian or evangelical party?

The libertarians already have an independent party and I am sure they will join you in your “progressive” efforts. You will find many of them at Occupy Wall Street. They have no clue when they are pushing forward your “progressive” agenda of socialism. Just wag gay marriage and State mandated atheism in front of them and they will putting in your slimey hands.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Double standards

Nothing turns Freepers into Gandhi-like proponents of nonvilence like a black guy hitting a white guy for a deunken racist tirade. The white guy fell down and hit his head. The black guy got charged with assault. Freepers are scandalized by the violence.

Though this was enough of a stretch, it devolves into one of the most annoying troll wars I've ever seen (starts here)

He got what he asked for.

However, had the ethnicity been reversed, the slugger would be in custody and charged with aggravated assault.
Which is what happened to the black guy in this case!

PapaBear3625 wishes the white guy had shot his attacker:
A happy ending

So you would be OK with me assaulting you and putting you in the hospital over an insult?

The granting of a "license to commit violence over insults and perceived acts of disrespect" to "protected groups" needs to end.

Trayvon felt he had the right to beat Zimmerman. Zimmerman corrected that impression. If the NYC assailant had been blown away in self defense, I would have been happy.
Captain Compassion only acts according to the Constitution.
I agree, the loudmouth got what he deserved

I disagree. What does the Constitution say about this? Is the penality for drunken speech a busted skull administered by strangers? Do you think the knockout game is ok? CC
Jeff Chandler knows this is gonna become a thing:
He got Trayvoned.
pallis thinks it's all a hoax, and also whites are opressed:
Sounds like the story was fabricated after he fact. The white guy will still be charged with a hate crime. ...Had the roles been reversed, and the black guy got pummeled for calling the white guy a cracker, the white guy would be charged with a hate crime.
Ann Archy' Shatneresque style just makes her calls to give peace a change all the better:
A dumb, dumb thing to say....IF HE SAID IT......but a VILE way of answering back with a punch. WHERE is COMMON SENSE and SELF CONTROL these days?????
Wiggins would never resort to physics force.
The black man in this case escalated this incident from a verbal disagreement to the use of physical force committing an assault. He could have just walked away. He should be arrested and charged with felony assault.
stockpirate has found a new purity test for Freepers!
I think we can pick out the liberal trolls on FR just by reading the posts supporting the black man assaulting the white guy without provocation.
dragnet2 - if you don't agree with him, you're a racist against Whites:
I simply want to know if those pleased with whites being beaten to a pulp by a black have a tingle down their leg whenever they learn of such an incident? Do they have an “orgasm” when they learn of such beatings and killings? Those are fair questions.

My bet is they’re probably racist and don’t like white people for whatever reasons. I even know some white leftist who don’t like white people..I suspect they fit into one of the hate whitey categories..
dragnet2 then plays his trump card: The riots after the Zimmerman decision:
People like the man with a cracked head do a lot of damage to race relations.


What about people who burn down and attempt to burn down entire cities and kill innocent business owners and home owners, just because they happen to dislike how a jury verdict went ?

What's that say for your "Race relations"?

Putin love

It has never been more clear how anti-democratic Freepers are than to hear them wish for an authoritarian like Putin, merely because he's anti-gay. This is way beyond approval, it's damn near allegiance.

MichaelCorleone is totally down:
“I’m liking this leader more and more.”

You and me both.
ZULU too
Can’t we PLEASE trade Obama for Putin???
DannyTN has a plan:
Putin for President? It’s not like he needs to prove he was born here or anything. And I doubt he’d be any more KGB than Obama.
ilovesarah2012 is serious:
Sounds crazy but I actually would prefer Putin over Obama. Certainly couldn’t be any worse.
You say, using your Constitutionally protected free speech...

rcrngroup just wants to yell insults at Obama once again:
I like Putin and hate that commie SOB RAT bastard, commie-muslim pig 0dumb0sh_t with a passion. If we throw in Bite-Me & phat ass moochelle, can we do a trade of 0dumb0 for Putin? At least Putin is a fervent nationalist! I hate 0dumb0 with a passion..... may he roast for eternity in Hell!
If he likes nationalism so much, how about National Socialism?

PGR88 has a number of dodgy ideas, explaining that homosexuality is a political movement, and so can totally be suppressed...
As a former Communist, and particularly as a KGB, Putin knows that this is a political movement. It has little to do with what private citizens do in the privacy of their own homes.
Vigilanteman explains why liberals love the gays:
Gays don’t usually reproduce.

No, but they are very effective at spreading fatal STDs, giving the liberal population control freaks a twofer: no reproduction + shorter lifespans.
Ronin fondly remembers when he saw some gays get badly beaten:
Reminds me of the first Reagan-Gorbachev Moscow summit back in the early 80s when “ACT-UP” flew into Moscow for one of their infamous stomach churning, publicity generating “kiss-ins”. The thought of all those international news cameras must have given them goosebumps.

So here they were, in the middle of Moscow. They couldn’t get too close to the big events, so they found come public courtyard and set up there. It started out pretty much normally, they pranced around waving condoms and screeching their slogans until a few TV cameras and a bunch of curious Soviet citizens stopped to see what the commotion was about.

Alas, they should have researched local attitudes better because as soon as they started swapping spit, the Russian men in the crowd, and quite a few from the surrounding buildings, waded in and commenced to stomp the dog-crap out of them. Badly! With great enthusiasm.

CNN was carrying the demonstration live, so there was about half a minute of the beatdown before Atlanta cut the feed. I remember rushing out to get a tape for the Betamax (remember those?) just in case they showed it again, but they never did.

Sigh... it was beautiful while it lasted...
spirited irish - there's nothing gayer than Communism!
During the Lenin/Trotsky rule, the natural family was all but destroyed, abortion made easy to obtain, and gender-bending ‘gay’ equality forced on the culture. With the family all but destroyed along with the work ethic in a sexually promiscuous culture, the economy tanked. Upon Lenin’s death, Stalin seized control, exiled Trotsky and in a desperate bid to revitalize the family and economy, quickly moved to criminalize sodomy, pederasty, pedophilia, lesbianism, etc. Stalin was a mass-murderer, but at least he did something good even if for self-serving reasons.

Since the Iron Curtain fell, Russia has been trying to recover its’ sanity, health, family, etc. More than anyone, they know first-hand just how sick, twisted and diseased everything becomes in a gender-bending culture and want no more of it.
Man, add this to Obama, and the gay Nazi pink swastica thing Freepers go on about, and how Muslims are secretly all about catamites, and you are merely Mexicans away from everything Freepers hate being gay!

sten's tagline is "fighting tyranny never goes out of style" - I guess Free Republic is proof tyranny is in the eye of the beholder.
russia... stop being so damn appealing!