Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving break:

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What's in a name? Communism!

Freepers are all about names. "Coffee-Cup" Anon for the former head of the UN. "BJ"-Clinton. So the debate over how best to be small and petty and call Obama names is quite action-packed:

E. Pluribus Unum created the thread with this idea:
I am going to call him President Barack Obama-Soros, to indicate that he is married to George Soros.
Good idea. But include his middle name HUSSEIN so the idiots who voted for him might see that he is not only a Marxist, but a Muslim as well.
Pehaps a more subtle ‘H’ would work per ‘W’ as well. . .
Instead of “President Obama,” I say we address him as the Dark Lord Hussein
President Obama-Soros has a nice ring, but I still prefer the tried and true Comrade 0bama and his politburo.
The sonuvab!tch is a Communist by any other name, and I see no reason not to call him what he is.
Since he was legally adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, his legal name is Barry Soetoro, nickname of ‘Bar’.He changed his name to Barack Obama while in college, to be align with the practice of someone finding a Muslim name when they convert.
DieHard the Hunter has the kicker:
I intend to call him Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama Dada (King of Scotland, Burden of the White Oppressors, Pharaoh of Egypt, Stuffer of Ballot-boxes, Concealer of Certificates, Scourge of the Republic, Organizer of Commnities, Ayatollah of the United Emirate of Amerika)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Isn't looking good for black Republicans.

Freepers fetishize their conservative blacks and women. "Condi Rice! See! Not Racist! Justice Thomas! See! Not Racist!"

But it doesn't take much for Freepers to show how they really feel about blacks. Welcome to the land of generalization, condemnation and hilarious broken English:

tpanther's definition of racism is a bit conservative, if you will:

It’s over. Tiger Woods, Oprah and now there truly IS no higher office to obtain...the most powerful poswition and leader of the free world.

Thart’s it, there’s nowhere else to go!

But as sure as the day is long we’ll keep hearing “where my pie”?

Well, I intend very much to direct them to “the man”!

Famous black people means no other blacks are getting discriminated against? Whoa, they really are magic!

But imahawk sees a problem:
It wont ever be enough.You ohzs me runs way too deep.

wku man switches correlation with causation and comes up with racism as a solely black phenomenon:
Damn right racism is alive...95% of blacks voted for Obamanation. Sounds pretty racist to me!

GOPGuide chimes in, showing his courage:
*cough* The Bell Curve *cough*

ah yes, the well debunked book that tries to prove blacks are just dumber than whites. Awesome.

Vanders9 sees a bleak future for race relations:
This bubble is going to burst and there will be a mighty explosion when it does.

Race war! Yay!

stylin19a brings back another racial relic of the 50s:
LOL ! Free airline tickets to Liberia ?

Back to Africa with all you ungratefull, kinda dumb violent nig-African Americans!

BTW, Vote Republican.

And now this word from Outer Space

Fattness edition:
"They are buying and stocking up,"
Because Americans know that Communists have taken over the American government.
We see the writing on the wall, and we know what the damn Stalinists have in store for all of us.
BLOAT, America!
BLOAT like there is no tomorrow!!!!!!!

crazy supplied by Prole. (BLOAT means Buy Lots of Ammo Today)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Pix

Well, so much for "patriotism" or being "classy." Sore losers.

Heh. Blaming Obama starting now, huh? Ever hear the one about the boy who cried wolf?

More sour grapes.

There are no pretty liberals! Those that are we will photoshop till they are not!

Um, guys? Election's over. Over the top fear tactics didn't work. Oh, you need this stuff so you feel better? Well then, go crazy!

Sums up the current attitude nicely, right down to the randomly racial upper right corner.

And now this word from Outer Space

Stealth Muslims Disguised as Jews edition:

[I]t is strange that a Muslim like Obama would appoint so many Jews. The
question is, are they real Jews, or perhaps stealth Muslims disguised as Jews?

Crazy supplied by our old friend FFranco

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hillary as Secretary of State.

I must admit Obama's decision kind of mystifies me, since Hillary's talents and experience never seemed to be of the diplomatic variety.

Freepers are also flummoxed:

ctdonath2 thinks he knows why Hillary took the job:
No, now she’s 4th in line for POTUS, and in Obama’s face with Bill at her side - as opposed to just being 1 in 100. Considering that VP is largely a ceremonial/gopher role, and Speaker is largely a bureaucratic role, she’s now effectively in power slot #2 - which is right where an aspiring megalomaniac really wants to be (the REAL power position).

Secretary of state: where the real megalomaniacs like Powell and Eagleburger hang out.

NonValueAdded has a different analysis of Hillary's plan. It involves the destrucion of Israel:

[Start Bill Clinton voice] "Honey, you just know that boy is going to be tested early on in his term, and you will have only been SecState for a short while. But that will be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Remember after 9-11 we were so sad that it didn't happen on our watch? Well, this is our chance at redemption! You can commandeer Air Force One and do that shuttle diplomacy thing. You have Israel to trade as a bargaining chip. Look, you and I both know that with Israel gone, the Middle East will be calm for about 5 years before they're at each other's throats again. By that time you will be in the White House on the strength of your diplomatic victory." [stop, for God's sake, the Bill Clinton voice]

From the "that boy" through the "commandeer Air Force One" to the "Bill Clinton voice" this is comedy gold.

NoGrayZone brings up the inevitable "she's going to kill everyone" trope. Hilarious as always!
Doesn’t that make her forth in line for POTUS?
The 3 "in front" better watch their backs. Maybe this will be a fun 4 years after all!!

mnehrling turns to Obama's motivation, or lack thereof:
I wonder Obama has no intention, nor has he ever, of naming her and Hillary started this to appear that Obama denied her thus sabotaging him..

No, I'm not sure about that crammer either.

Ulysse doesn't look at one or the other, but rather the conspiracy of both:
OSAMABAMA’s money,financial crisis,MSM bias...This “election” has a lot to do with MONEY,liberal-fascism, but not so much with democracy/freedom.
H.R.CLINTON and Billy are probably bought...It means that she will not be able to run again as candidate in 2012...

Looks like someone forgot their medication again...

dead focuses more on the results of this pick. Seems Hillary is not only a Machiavellian killing machine, she's also borderline retarded:
This will be Entertainment Level 10!
Diplomatically, she'll be a clomping, entitled, abrasive social retard.
As a "subordinate" to the President, she'll impossible to reign in.
She'll be outmaneuvered strategically by tinpot representatives sitting across the table from her, and she'll feel sure she outwitted them.
On the bright side, at least she's hot.

I'll bet you a million dollars that last bit was sarcasm.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama vs. Al-Qaida: Whoever wins, Freepers lose.

The hated Islamists insulted the hated Obama today. Hilarity ensues:

Frantzie manages to prevent Free Republic's enemies from fighting, keeping the hatred front unified!

Smokescreen. Al Qaida is buddies with O’s buddies in Hamas and Islamic rotherhood. This comment was designed to rally Americans around O. O is their boy.

The sainted jveritas has decided the problem is that we're paying attention to the wrong AlQaida bluster:

The most important statement by terrorist Zawahiri is his opening statement where he said that the elections of Obama is a Victory for Al Qaeda because according to Zawahiri the American people admitted defeat in Iraq, refused President Bush policies in Iraq, and hence they elected Obama.
The liberal media ignored this very damaging statement to Obama and picked up on the racial slur by terrorist Zawahiri.

It's not the calling Obama a "house negro," it's when Al Qaida says they are big winners!

ShiveringShegetz totally had some pretty high expectations for Obama:

I thought Barack’s winning the election was going to be a transformational moment in how the world sees us... Weren’t the oceans supposed to stop rising? Wasn’t this the moment when man no longer exploited man and every poster of Stalin and Che Guevarra could be hung without some reactionary complaining?

I guess they lied.

alloysteel has decided to throw in with Al Qaida on this one:

Perhaps al-Zawahri is simply speaking a truth tha white leftists in this country elieve but would NEVER say out loud, that Obama is a “house Negro”.
That term seems to have connotations of envy and condescension all at the same time. The majority of Americans of African descent, who had slave forebearers, cannot connect with the mixed-race Barry Soetero on ANY level, as his African ancestors were probably the ones that sold the ancestors of the slave population in this country INTO slavery.
That unsourced statement that Obama's ancestors probably sold slaves is awesome.

UglyinLA also agrees with AQ:

Al-Qaida has just defined Barack’s legacy
Think word associations

  • JFK - assasination
  • Nixon - Watergate
  • Jimmy Carter - Hostages
  • Reagan - Pride
  • GHW Bush - taxes
  • Clinton - Monica
  • GW Bush - 911
  • Obama - House Negro
      • mkjessup doesn't exactly agree with Al-Qaida, but he can't pass up the opportunity for some racism:
        0bama might get p*ssed off and decide to really wipe al Qaeda off the map, because as they might say in Chicago “they be effin wid da wrong n*gga!”
        And I couldn't work in how to mention when they call Michell Obama the "First Baby Mama"

        Wednesday, November 19, 2008

        No Quarter, no honor!

        Freepers, even as they excoriate the GOP for not being conservative enough, support the crap out of it when the alternative is the opposition they spend most of every day reviling.

        1. GOP is always good, Dems are nothing but bad.

        2. When Dems fail, GOP succeeds.

        Therefore, GOP needs to irrationally and constantly block everything the new
        administration tries to do!

        Thus, in this thread about kids chanting "assassinate Obama," Freepers discuss how you need to support those kids:

        libs_kma lays down the law, and also the race card:

        Rule # 1. Never tell a liberal you're sorry.
        If you failed at rule number #1, it's too late. Just open your checkbook, bend over and try to think of a happy place.
        Didn't Je$$e Jack$on and RevAl teach these people anything the last few decades?

        Deb takes that to heart:

        They’ll get my scorn when they hang Obama in effigy like was done to Sarah Palin. Why is there always one of you on every thread?

        facedown posts the usual "This didn't happen, it's an MSM hoax!"

        I don't believe for one second that 2nd and 3rd graders know the word assassinate. Something is fishy with this story.

        Yes, 3rd graders haven't learned about Abe Lincoln or MLK.

        Bryanw92 sums up this knee-jerk "philosophy"

        Let’s play to win. We always want to claim the moral high ground but never do anything with it when we get there. It’s like we’re fighting for Hamburger Hill every two years.
        For 8 years, I’ve had to listen to Democrats/liberals/progressives/whatever calling for the death and/or imprisonment of the President, VP, SecDef, talk show hosts, and anyone else that dares to not follow their cult of death. I’m sick of it and now its their turn to be demonized for every decision they make.


        When you find yourself in a fair fight, it’s time to reconsider your tactics. We need to stop playing fair, or we’re going to become slaves to a communist regime—and there’s no USA or Reagan to put an end to it this time.

        "The Dems were horrible and demonized us all the time! So I'ma gonna do the same thing and claim it's moral when I do it!"

        And now this word from Outer Space

        Satanic edition:
        I would imagine there will be an inauguration in secret which mirrors the public one. A midnight ritual in which The One makes a covenant with and dedicates the country to the god of Alinsky and Community Organization...Lucifer
        This inauguration will be sealed not by a "so help me God," but by the sacrifice of a virgin.

        Crazy supplied by SonOfDarkSkies.

        Tuesday, November 18, 2008

        Iraqi Christians.

        Some Kurd sent some Iraqi Bishop a threatening letter. For whatever reason this breaks open Free Republic's gibbering apocalyptic id:

        Canticle_of_Deborah likes to make assumptions. Lots of assumptions.

        Actually, with the coming mideast war and decimation, there is a silver lining to the Christian exodus. They will be safely emigrated and can go back in to resettle the area after the destruction.

        1. mideast war
        2. decimation
        3. Christian exodus from Iraq
        4. resettlement of middle east by Christians.

        Tzimisce can't stop thinking of the gays, though.

        ...sounds like they’re adopting the tactics of the gay community in America...

        Son House gets on the blame Obama train early, though it's already pretty full:

        Empowering terrorist all over the world, even Bill Ayers got to be on Good Morning America. I am proud my election ballot was not a mirror image of that terrorist. Another good example of why not to give a guilty man a fair trial
        Global2010 thinks martyrdom is awesome:

        And if taken down the Bishop should spread his arms as Christ did and look his
        killer in the eye.

        St. Maxamillion stand by all those being persecuted as you
        were for her suffering at the Cross of Our Saviour. Here and hear are Our

        ZULU would like to join the tangent fiesta this thread has become:
        ALL Muslims are our enemies
        ALL Muslims seek to either convert or subject all non-Muslims
        Our adventure in Iraq to try and create a democracy was a costly loss in lives and money.
        We are at war not with a nation, or a particular sect, but with a cult of millions of enemies, many of whom are living in our midst.

        It's crazy, but at least it's not more Obama birth certificate crap.

        Monday, November 17, 2008

        Michelle Obama

        Everyone loves narratives. What is interesting is the narratives Freepers choose. Hence, Obama is unamerican, Soros is behind everything and the Obamas have a loveless marriage.

        svcw has a question that many Freepers want to answer:

        Is it just me or is there zero chemistry between [Michelle and Barak Obama]. I mean my husband and I have been together for over 35 years and we aren’t kids anymore but you would know we were a couple.Its as though they are strangers playing a part and not doing it well. Even the Clintons had sparks between them.

        redstates4ever knows what's up, and isn't projecting at all:
        I think these two are both in it together more for aggrandizment and $$$, than for love.

        raybbr brings the science.
        I read where Obama referred to raising his children as "looking after them". It was in reference to what Michelle was doing during the campaign. I would never refer to my job as a father as "looking after them". It's "I'm raising them" or "I have to be with my sons". They don't even see their own daughters as theirs. They are just looking after them for the state.

        OMG! "I'm looking after my kid" means you're COMMUNIST!

        NOBAMA in 08 has done a careful, objective study of the Obamas. Here is his conclusion:
        Lets face it! They are the only two that could stand each other enough for what ever reason, that they chose to make themselves mutually miserable with each other for the pure reason of extracting whatever material gains they could from the Country they uh, uh, uh! Well, fill in the uhs!

        (No, I have no idea what the uhs are.)

        trisham has a long memory:
        Two words: Larry Sinclair.

        For those who don't remember, Sinclare claimed Obama and he smoked crack and shared some oral sex once. There's no evidence, but Freepers are hanging on to this story with as much tenacity as they do the debunked Michelle Obama Iranian caviar and lobster hoax.

        Saturday, November 15, 2008

        And now this word from outer space

        Kill Obama edition:
        An attack on [Obama] is an attack on him, socialism, communism, etc. It has NOTHING to do with me or the other of millions of Americans who voted against him. My flag at home flies upside down.....danger and distress, not only for myself but my country as well.
        Crazy supplied by NoGrayZone (Conservative Party...here I come!)

        Glad to see even Freepers like Cheezy sci-fi. "I'm here to kick ass and chew gum. And I'm all out of gum." Heh.

        The Birth Certificate. Not that you can tell what the crap that is. Hope springs eternal...

        Obama's election isn't just destroyignt he Constitution it makes the Constitution EXPLODE WITH RAGE

        The MSM hates Sarah. Especially Wolf Blitzer!

        Friday, November 14, 2008

        Sign wars

        Freepers pay no attention to the 70% approval polls, paying time instead to a much more important metric: campaign signs. Law may say you have to take them down after the election, but Freepers are taking solace wherever they can find it.

        jessduntno knows what's going on, and he can see the future:
        Buyers remorse...wait until it becomes apparent how out of his depth he is...it will get REALLY ugly...

        silverleaf starts rational be then...

        They won

        Who needs signs

        besides keeping them up is often against local ordinances.
        I’m trying to remember some of the grander houses that had these signs posted, so maybe someday, when the dark and cold take over, I can send them a letter of congratulations for their choice

        Viking2002 observes the revers phenomenon:
        No, down here in Alabammy, they've been arrogantly popping up like fungus on everything since Il Duce scammed his way into office. It's been the McCain/Palin signs that have turned to vapor.

        MrB again pipes up with something mostly off topic:

        I am meeting some real internal resistance to being affable to people with 0bama stickers.
        Supporting 0bama “constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil”.

        austinaero sees the resistance everywhere!

        I noticed a curious thing regarding signs and I posted it here a week or so ago.
        There were scarce few O signs in my neighborhood to begin with and they are all gone.
        However, a lot of us still have our McCain/Palin signs out. Isn’t that interesting? I think it’s like some silent support network, or a smattering of solidarity.

        Some call it sour grapes, others call it solidarity.

        Thursday, November 13, 2008

        And now this word from outer space

        Bitterness poisons the soul edition:

        My Dad, a lifelong Republican, stunned and horrified me by admitting that he voted for Obama.

        I told my mother that I flatly refuse to claim him as kin from here on out.

        Dad's got terminal cancer, my grandma died just a few weeks ago, and his focus has been elsewhere. He doesn't have access to the internet, just the Drive-By Liberal NE Media, so it doesn't surprise me that his perception of the ticket was warped.

        Bitterness supplied by TheWriterTX (Proud Retrosexual Wife of 15 Years)

        Wednesday, November 12, 2008

        God Warriors

        In times of trouble, Freepers turn to God. Of course, their God is an angry one. In this case, angry at some Aetheist advert on DC Metro:

        MrB, who supplied some good crazy earlier today, was back with:

        Did you, as I, wonder why God would bring forth Sarah Palin, and arrange the meeting with Joe the Plumber (to expose 0bama as a socialist),

        only to have them lose?

        It took me a while to understand, then I think I got it. God was making sure that no one had an excuse. Good v Evil was clearly defined. We have free will. The majority chose evil.

        The majority chose evil. I think you should tell everyone that, it's sure to convince them.

        uptoolate sees a silver lining, sort of:
        Our Father has always used persecution to clean and refine His people. It is only through this kind of adversity that one learns how to display the Fruits of the Spirit", not from the outside but from the inside, down deep in the innermost part of the soul.
        You will see a "falling away" of superficial Christianity. Some of us have been praying for this cleansing of the Church.

        Cleansing of the Church, just like the cleansing of the party. Careful, you'll sound a bit Stalinesque!

        Warlord David is angry at Aetheists:
        [Atheists] got a book out also. Foxnews showing it now. Good Luck fighting this evil hord.

        For the Horde!

        metmom gets philosophical about good and evil:
        How do you define *goodness* without God.
        Witness the headhunting cannibal tribes of The Peace Child.
        Their highest ideal of manhood was treachery. When first presented with the Gospel, they considered Judas the hero of the story.

        Well, cultural difference means treachery is awesome, and also evil! No one mention the Gnostics to metmom. Atheist Freepers beware!

        And now this word from Outer Space

        Gay Nazi Edition:

        I took a class where one of Hitler’s speeches was played as an example of how an
        inspiring speaker can motivate, even when not speaking and understandable
        language. The prof, when it was over, breathlessly said, “THAT’S charisma!”

        True story - I was working at an appliance repair facility that same semester. I recognized the prof when he brought in his VCR with a “stuck tape”. He came back
        in 20 minutes asking if they’d gotten the tape unstuck. The techs, being curious, waited until he left and fixed it, and of course, looked at what was on the tape that was so important - gay porn.

        I can'tfigure out what the point is.

        Only a gay man thinks Hitler has charisma?
        All gay people love Hitler?
        All nazis are gay?

        Crazy supplied by MrB (The 0bamanation: Marxism, Infanticide, Appeasement, Depression, and Thuggery)

        Tuesday, November 11, 2008

        Freepers turn on Bush.

        Nov. 2:

        Just A Nobody:
        Frankly I'm tired of hearing about all the "alleged" mistakes President Bush has made. The only "mistakes" I've seen people try to point out were easily debunked. They also fell into the realm of; a mistake in one man's eyes, is a success in another's.

        Well, if someone thinks it isn't a mistake, I guess it isn't!


        Clinton sexually assaulted people lied undercoath and got 65% approval.

        Bush is awesome.

        Think about who bush’s enemies are.

        Think about who obamas are?

        President Bush is GREAT. Simply Great!
        I know he has let us down on Immigration (the only issue that was a FUNDAMENTAL Disagrement)
        However on the War, Judges and Taxation he has been incredible.
        Love that man!


        Nov. 5


        [Bush] provided NO LEADERSHIP OR FIGHT when we needed it badly. He took every bit of crap the MSM and commie libs threw at him (and us) without a fight. And with that, include his LOVE FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS and the total deliberate neglect of our borders for his Mexican friends. Yes, he did a few things right -— but
        when it came to standing and fighting for THE AMERICAN CITIZEN and the interests of same, he failed miserably. He simply was not a fighter that failed the
        conservative base.

        That is his legacy.

        Bush and the GOP turned their backs on me. We have no one to blame but them.
        The fault was not ours

        Wow, Freepers can turn on a dime, can't they!

        Monday, November 10, 2008

        Sarah Palin: The last straw.

        Many, many Freepers are consoling themselves with Sarah Palin in 2012. In fact, there are more Palin threads than anything else on Free Republic at the moment. Because washes the taste of crow out of your mouth like a cult of personality:

        wk4bush2004 is a good example of most of these threads:
        GO SARAH!!!!!! You’re awesome and amazing!!! Don’t worry about what your opponents are saying about you! You have millions of us who LOVE you!!!!!!!!
        SARAH PALIN 2012!!!!


        sailor4321 points out that Free Republic can rally around and defend her, since nothing unifies Freepers like a common enemy.
        The left and the establishment right (remember, they too feed at the Government trough) are terrified of Sarah Palin because they know she’d break the china in the china closet. I had doubts that McCain would really be a reformer, but there is no question in my mind that Sarah would be a reformer.

        She'd reform...something!

        backhoe agrees:
        Sarah is the future for Conservatism. All those other tired Republican retreads-are so last century...

        Syncro has a metaphor fail:
        Sarah Poll, Rassputin

        psst! Ixnay on the Ushanray etaphores-may!

        toddausauras is the man with a plan:
        Go Sarah, outshine our new “president”.

        Yes, attention-whoring will be smiled upon by the electorate!


        In an article about Kristalnacht's 70th anniversary, Freepers line up to compare Hitler to "that one."

        Shooter 2.5 is angry. At American Jews.
        American jews vote on the side of dictators, marxists and facists. They haven’t learned a thing. They wallow in their pity so much they can’t wait for another holocaust.

        can't wait for another holocaust. Yes, I get that impression.

        joma89 has some profundities to add to the conversation:
        The killing fields in the USA could happen just like it did in Cambodia, Cuba, Ukraine, and Germany.
        History just loves to repeat itself, doesn’t it.

        It COULD happen!

        stockpirate is a bit more vivid in his paranoia:
        how they would do it in America is quite simple.
        They would start hundreds of re-education centers all over the US.
        Those who did not conform to re-education would be taken out of the centers and executed. People remaining would be told they left to go home or told nothing.
        Millions would disappear in the matter of weeks or afew months at best.
        People would go to the “Volunteer training programs” without arms.
        The state would at some point steal all assets of those executed.

        Hey, this is how they would! We should think about it, even if there is no evidence this will happen.

        yefragetuwrabrumuy brings it home:

        Hitler loved corps. Along with the SA, and the Stormtroopers, he had the
        Labor Service Corps, Hitler Youth Corps, German Veterans Corps, Hitler
        Leadership Corps, Speakers Corps, Women’s Corps, German Student’s Corps,
        Teacher’s Corps, Labor Corps, and Lawyer’s Corps.

        Obama plans to expand AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corps, VISTA, YouthBuild Program, and the Senior Corps. And form new Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Global Energy Corps, and a Green Jobs Corps.

        It's all so clear now! Hitler had a mustache, and I hear Obama shaves every day to hide his! PROOF!

        Check Spelling

        Sunday, November 9, 2008

        Saturday Pix

        Hyperbole is the order of the hour this week on Free Republic.

        Huh. This is new. What about the Freeper cry of "Sedition?"

        Yes, this will happen, since Freepers will call everything Obama does "Communism."

        Unthinking opposition has already begun.

        So manly. Wolverines!

        Friday, November 7, 2008

        Birth Certificate. Again.

        These straws I am grasping, they do nothing!

        Windflier is on the case:

        I find the font rather interesting for 1963 Arial not Times Roman aka typewriter. Hmmmmm, Hawaii must have had PCs and laser printers long before they were invented.

        Oh. My. God. I hadn't even noticed that. There is no way that this document is real. I haven't looked at the other purported "copy" yet, but I'll bet dollars to donuts, it's got the same error.

        Dan Rather Redux! The pajamahadeen does it again!

        From this point forward, I am going to make the COLB issue my lead argument against Obama.

        Oh. My. God. This is Serious Detective Work!

        hoosiermama has the story.
        Ed Hale confirms they are in possession of Certified copies of Obama Kenya Birth Certificate. 3 people risked their lives to get them. ...

        Whoa. Serious cloak and dagger stuff!

        GBA agrees:
        Now that’s bizarre. As soon as I posted this comment, my DSL connection no longer would respond. Now it’s kind of working/not working. This happened once before and it was the equipment at their office that was the problem. They reset my line and all was good again. Maybe all my posts should be about my love for the One instead of the anti-Obama posts I usually make. But that would be paranoid...

        Yes, yes it would be paranoid.

        Clock King tries to inject some sanity but...kind of overreaches back into crazytown.
        Let’s not talk about this. It is treason and sedition. And lets do our best to keep FR around.

        Sedition? I don't think Internet wanking is sedition or we'd all be in jail.

        Lmo56 launches of into fantasyland:
        If Obama was ineligible and Biden was declared null and void (as a result of the FULL ticket being voided), then the next set of eligible electors is for McCain/Palin. They would be seated and presumably vote 538-0 for both McCain and Palin.

        Clearly this guy is some sort of electoral scholar.

        hiho hiho has a...different version of the future:
        One word missing from this tread — HILLARY!
        The ultimate Clinton victory — blame Republicans for destroying Oboma — Hillary as Biden’s VP — Biden having to step down (or Arkanside) — BC as Supreme Court justice ...

        And Free Republic gets to wallow in Clinton hate for ever and ever!

        And now this word from Outer Space

        Petty rage edition:
        Okay Barry Hussein. Time to live up to all the hype. I can't bring myself to look at this fool as President. I threw my American flag in the trash yesterday. I will now fly a confederate flag.
        racism crazy supplied by 4yearlurker

        Thursday, November 6, 2008

        Metapost: Obama is gonna kill us all

        29% of visitors in the past 3 days are searching for some variation of "obama will kill us all," directing them to this page.

        Just thought I'd say "Obamais going to kill us all" a couple more times to get those stats up.



        Something lighter today.

        Obama's going to get a dog. Freepers respond with pettiness and the most naked outpouring of racism I've seen:


        Looks just like Michelle.

        A shot at the First Lady's looks! Classy.

        mad_as_he$$ is even more hilarious:
        Sorry I see the Obama’s as more of the pussy types.

        Cause he's a Marxist-Muslim-Atheist WIMP!

        Mr Rogers is here with things to say!
        I was going to suggest a Border Collie. They are usually a mix of black and white, and SOMEONE in the White House needs a brain!
        Then I realized the BC would be smart enough to run away and find an owner who doesn’t hate dogs...and it seems Michelle doesn’t want ANY white associated with her family.

        Black and white! Hilarious! And then the shot at the first lady as well! Truly impressive.



        maybe a black poodle born of a white dam?


        No one mentioned pit bulls or rottweilers yet. Just to get down with the ‘hood.

        Wednesday, November 5, 2008

        Freepers won't pray for Obama.

        This post is kind of unfair.

        Most of the "Pray four Obama" people are actually praying for Obama to do good, etc.

        But there are some whose bile is such a delicious mix of exposing Christian hypocrisy and schadenfreude I cannot resist.


        I will pray for the military, whom some Americans have stabbed in the back this evening. Peace is in the Lord I know, but, there is a knot in my stomach that just doesn’t get that right now.


        I would pray for Obama but I am not sure it would be devil worship.

        So angry he can't make sense!

        Sunnyvale CA Eng.
        For the nation? - sure, OK
        For Obama? - NFW, we know what he is. You do not pray for those who openly work to hurt you. You crush them.

        Did Conan pray? No, he Crushed his enemies, saw them driven before him, and heard the lamentations of their women!

        You've got to be kidding.
        I'll pray for our nation under Obama; that it suffers as little from the harm he'll cause it as possible. I will not pray for obama.

        I have just wept and wept over this election. I am just undone over the condition of our nation. I do not believe that obama is God’s will, I believe that America has rejected His will. I truly believed that God was going to deliver us out of the hands of haman, but America has spoken and chosen. We have rejected God. May He have mercy on us.

        This is not going to be easy for me, but I will pray for obama, because I am
        commanded of God to do so. But it will be that God would open his eyes to truth
        and that his heart would be changed. That God would grant him repentence to turn
        from his wicked ways. That God would put a great burden upon this man’s heart to
        care for America and Israel, and not to put our troops in harms way.

        Not his safety, but that he turn from wicked ways!

        Quix has an awesome twist - praying for repentance of his fellow Freepers who were too easy on Obama!
        Lord, God, I forgive those FREEPERS who have minimized the problem; who have white-washed the problem; who have rationalized the problem; who have denied the problem; who have mocked the problem; who have mocked those of us crying the warning; who have mocked the evidence; who have mocked the realities and looming judgment coming.
        I pray, Lord, that you will bring those FREEPERS to a place of understanding and repentance. Let them not call down more judgment upon themselves and those near them because of their blindness and willful blindness. Wake them up, Lord, with this horrific election. CAUSE THEM TO SEE the looming judgment with great clarity, soberness and contrition. Cause them to seek your face as never before, Lord.
        In Jesus’ Name.

        No charity today. Fresh out.

        Viva La Irrational Hatred!

        Freepers are reacting in many ways to the defeat. Some concentrate on the fact that Al Franken lost his senate race. Some are rabidly defending Palin from imaginary detractors. Some are taking it out on family members who voted for Obama.

        But my favorites are the John Galt types.

        Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to:



        That encapsulates this perfectly!

        MrB posts a very patriotic plan:

        First order of business -

        everyone structure your income such that you pay as little in taxes as possible - do not finance socialism.

        Second order of business :

        Do NOT, I repeat NOT, buy a new car, or spend money on anything major. This will tank the economy and besides, it will keep money in your pocket.

        3rd order of business... this will be controversial:

        Get on all the gov’t programs that you can. Crash the system.

        I'd be worried if it wasn't so ridiculous. Like an attack by a kitten or something.

        knarf echoes the passive-aggressive anti-American sentiment above, except hold the passive:

        No matter what he proposes, we will object. No matter what he says, we will gain-say him. No matter which direction he turns, we will criticize and deride him. No matter what authority he claims or exercises, we will sue and refuse and obstruct him.

        seems to be the correct tactic now.

        Infidel Puppy provides awesome resources. Well, he will provide them. Tomorrow:
        Part of tomorrow's posting will be an entire library of revolutionary literature I've put together, including Art of War.

        True patriots try to crash their country when the opposition is in charge!

        Tuesday, November 4, 2008

        FFranco: Satire or Crazy?

        FFranco is someone I first met about a week ago when he had this to say:
        Republican men are handsomer, more muscular and more virile. They don’t dress in the metro-sexual manner Democrats do, but in a masculine style with tee-shirts or sweat shirts, ball-caps, windbreakers (when needed), and jeans to display their manly physiques.

        I've checked up on him and his comments are pretty priceless. He is so over the top I can't tell if he's genuinely crazy or just pranking Free Republic. Here are his greatest hits since Oct. 30:

        FFranco on Obama:
        I just can’t believe Americans will elect as president an atheistic, Communist, Muslim African-American. And whether Obama is really American has not been established. I believe the election will end with a McCain blow-out, ensuring Republican victories in the House and Senate.

        Atheistic Muslim?

        FFranco on Ms. Palin:
        This wasn’t Mrs. Palin’s fault, she didn’t know people in the western part of Pennsylvania don’t like the Phillies. No one should blame or criticize her for this. She’s from Alaska, she doesn’t know anything about Pennsylvania.

        Or Russia.

        FFanco on Palin and the First Amendment:
        Governor Palin is right. The media is using their great power to suppress her free speech rights, which is a violation of the First Amendment. She should be applauded for pointing out the illegal and unconstitutional behavior of the liberal media. Once we get a true conservative government in power, we need to pass laws to rein in the liberal media and end these kind of illegal activities.

        Fairness Doctrine go!

        FFranco on Communists:
        Communist infiltration of American society goes back a lot further in history than that.
        Karl Marx wrote (from Britain) a weekly column for an American newspaper (I think it was the NY Herald Tribune, but I could be wrong), and was a supporter of Abraham Lincoln and the ‘so-called’ Civil War. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

        So emancipation was all a Commie plot?

        FFranco on Precious Bodily Fluids:
        The move to add fluoride to municipal water systems is part of the Communist constpiracy [sic] to weaken our nation so Commies and Islamists can take over America and turn our Nation into an atheistic, Communist, Islamic state.

        You decide: Satirist or nutbar?

        Monday, November 3, 2008




        Here we go... Prepare for BO crocodile tears.


        I know this will sound bad, but this is way too coincedental....


        We should ask for an autopsy.


        RIP: Typical white person.


        Wonder if she had been taken out in the fresh air and loved a little more, then she might have made it past the election?
        Classy with a K.

        UPDATE: The thread has been pulled. So there is that.

        UPDATE2: Looks like it was only pulled cause it was a duplicate.
        A taste of the comments on the new thread:
        Old Sarge:
        I call into question the timing of the announcement.
        How long was Gramma dead before The One (piss be upon him) announced it?
        And will the old girl vote tomorrow?

        I say again. Fuckers.

        Metapost: how are crazy people finding my site this week?

        Search statistics for this past week:

        10% carve b, obama face carving, lady carving b in face

        7% 2012 joe plumber, 2012 joe plumber plunger, palin plumber 2012

        4% how to argue with a liberal

        1% tim russert was killed


        No Candy for you!

        When I heard this hilarious story about some petty little woman who refused to give candy to kids of Obama supporters I knew I needed to check out Free Republic's position on this important issue. Was this a classy move? Is this a "teachable moment?" Will Obama kill this lady? Read on:

        LibWhacker thinks this is an awesome idea:

        Lol, if they're going to accuse us of this stuff, I'm going to do it next year. Why not? They're going to accuse us of it anyway. True, there won't be an election, but I can give every little kid a 20-questions type quiz. If he says anything that's politically correct or remotely socialistic in nature, I'll turn him away. The younger the better. The louder he cries the better. It's the one chance we have every year to deprogram these little Marxists in the making! :-)

        I'm sure this kid will learn to be a Republican when a Republican he doesn't know refuses him candy for reasons he doesn't understand.

        My Favorite Headache knows who is to blame: the children!
        There were kids as young as 4 years old that went away crying because she wouldn’t give them any candy.
        True democrats in the making....crying because they aren’t handed something for free.

        4 year olds Democrats! A real American 4 year old would take their no candy like a MAN!

        icwhatudo posted info saying someone of that woman's name was once a Dem, though it turned out to be another woman of the same name.

        A number of Freepers decided that she must have two houses and be a secret Dem, like LibWhacker:
        Wow, GREAT find! So she’s just another lying rat pretending to be a Republican.

        erm, have you checked up the thread, Mr. Wacker? cause such grinchly behavior is clearly not exclusive to liberals...

        Ann Archy would like to make a great point:
        LOL!! In Obama’s world these kids would be DEAD, not just CRYING!

        Hilarious! Cause Obama wants to kill all children!

        And I leave you with a complete fabrication from anton
        The ghetto kids come out to the suburbs for safer, more productive trick or treating. Its all good. We enjoy them.
        But a couple of years ago we had a brother and sister team. The boy had street clothes on and a red dot on his forehead. The little girl had some dirt on her face. She said her brother was a “dead playa.” I asked her who she was and she said: “I got beat up.”

        Only Freepers believe that the above story is in any way realistic.

        Saturday, November 1, 2008

        How classy! Obama Presidency equals Holocaust! Way to show how much you care about the Jews!

        This one, on the other hand, could use some punching up.

        Hope springs eternal.

        Obama as the head England in V for Vandetta.

        Spite suites the GOP lately.

        Obama peeing on a shadow of the US. WTF? Is the US flying? How did Obama get so big? Is this somehow part of Obama's secret plan?