Friday, October 31, 2008

Burn the witch!

Freepers get frustrated, despite how obviously Evil he is, Obama is still winning! But no one can beat Freepers! It must be a vast internets conspiracy! Time for a witch-hunt:

This is political war fare and these people are out to destroy vulnerable FReepers.
They do so without remorse.
And there are many, many more than you reckon.

Destroy vulnerable Freepers using that most dangerous of weapons, the Internet!

Cedric also posts a list he's been compiling:
St. Louis Conservative, FloridaGOPvoter, DeamonDeac, bmweezer, ubaldus, mary mary, Sibre Fan, o2bfree; indianyogi, rabscuttle385, robert david, DrHannibalLecter, LowTaxesEqualProsperity; uscabjd, teethodore, dools007, BillyM; Longstreet63, ScottinVA, ImJason, Don Blake, mathwhizz, zaker99, PaRep, techno, ottovbvs, DocT111, nobamanada, tomymind, brandon craig, phillipgandor, prolifefirst ExiledChicagoan, italyconservative, I_hate_politicians, mister chicago, mquinn, MountainLoop, TheFourthMagi, FloridaBattleGround , Euker, LoveMyFreedom, parksstp, dougmelcher, 09Patriot, lovemmcain21, NYC_BULLMOOSE, WilliamReading, somethinggate, JoseScales, buckleyconservative, jabobny, bfh333; libertarian9, wac3rd, Infidel Puppy, texmexis best, HammerOfTheDogs, Caper29, GoSarah, CaribouCrossing pingman, Unlikely Hero, jsdjason, NationalConservative, dollhouse

Wow! That's a lot of Farkers trying to screw with you! And not witch-hunty at all!

Then there are the individual accusations:

ncalburt wants rvoitier to know:
who care what you’ve outed yourself a long time ago!

You don't agree with me, so you are in the tank for Obama!

greyfoxx39 wants people to stop the madness:
The Romneybots are alleging that someone is a troll if they don't worship at Mitt's feet?
Not surprising, they've tried everything else!

The Witch-Hunters are Romneybots! OMG! Witches vs. Robots! WHO WILL WIN?!

And now this word from Outer Space

Obama Supervillian edition:
Today Rush talked about Ob using hypnosis and warned people not to be hypnotized. He could have went into it more but did give it a good blurb. Now that he has broken this on the national stage it is the time to email many conservative media groups with it. We can say that even Rush told people about it and warned people not to be hypnotize by Ob. I believe that this is very real and scientific. People need to be warned and actually Ob should be prosecuted. Hypnotizing people against their knowledge and will is illegal per the Supreme Court. Since the Supreme Court has ruled on it for those who don't believe this can happen the Supreme Court recognized that it can or they would not have ruled on it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clinging to Guns and Palin.

Hard to find anything except for more cries of how Obama is going to destroy our Republic.

I did manage to find a bit of cult-of-personality action going on for Sarah Palin. I guess Freepers have decided to dream of 2012 these days:

Uncle Miltie:
She’s a rock star.
We’ll get the dirty bastards. Now or later.

9YearLurker has the narrative down already:
McCain deserves credit for selecting Palin and perhaps saving the conservative movement.
But Cindy McCain deserves great credit too. She was ultimately his closest adviser on this—and she encouraged him to select the beautiful, younger governor. This is something a wife could easily not have done, and yet she probably saved his campaign by prompting him to make the move.

Heartwarming! And I'm sure totally true.

antceecee thinks the only way to describe the situation is purple prose:
The defections of liberal Republicans and the wails of Democrats are very real cries of pain.
They know.
They know that politics as usual for them is dead. There is an unknown element injected into the political scene and this unknown has drawn wild, enthusiastic support from the grass roots level around the country.
The opposition is afraid... they should be. There is a renaissance occurring in America, a rebirth of the pioneer, the frontier, the legendary wild American spirit.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

"That word, I do not think it means what you think it means"
Get real, 0bama! The entire democratic party are socialists now. They are no longer liberal in the traditional sense of the word.
Socialism: state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
Are the Dems advocating government ownership of production?
Its no secret. HE’S AN OPEN, OUT OF THE CLOSET, MARXIST COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to be called what he is, using his own words.
Marxism: a belief that this dialectical historical process will ultimately result in a replacement of the current class structure of society with a socialistic society.
Communism: a political system wherein a single party state administrates a socialist society.
Has Obama ever mentioned the historical dialectic?! Has he talked about how a single party state would be cool? (NOTE: Bush has, but he was joking.)
Marxist Obama's condescending tone and choice of words (always with malignant blames and Stalinist accusations) are a key to his fuming hatred of all things for which we stand.
Marxism: see above.
Stalinism: Communism through use of propaganda to establish a personality cult around an absolute dictator, as well as extensive use of the secret police to maintain social submission and silence political dissent.
An accusation isn't Stalinist unless the target disappears.
I trust Freepers will continue to misuse these words in an attempt to re-fight the Cold War, but I thought people should know how wrongheaded this current debate is.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama's parade of horribles.

Pat Buchanan publishes one of the many hypothetical articles about Obama's first 100 days. He hits amnesty for illegals, and homosexual rights, etc. etc. Of course, he's not crazy enough for the Freepers. They have a few additions:

Kenny500c thinks of nig-crime! He thinks of crime!
Don’t forget all the gang-bangers that will be let out of jail and onto our streets because they were victims of “racial profiling.”

Savagemom is gonna get thrown in jail:
How about criminalizing homeschooling? I can’t imagine he’s going to allow that to continue. Children might learn something he hasn’t approved, and could escape whatever brainwashing he has planned for them.

criminalize? Yes, I'm sure Obama's silence on the issue is simply plotting.

pabianice doesn't exactly have anything to add to the conversation, but writes a post just the same:
Buchanan left-out Obama’s ugly disposition and hatred of whites. He has hid his scowl and sneer well during the campaign but it slips-out sometimes. He is a racist hate-monger who, once in office, will be off his leash. There will be a “cold civil war” between the real US and the Obama hate-mongers. We live in interesting times. Americans are most determined and centered when pushed into a corner. An Obama election will reenergize the right like nothing since FDR.

"cold civil war" isn't cold enough for some. Like Arkansas Toothpick
Then they are going to DIE! You come for my guns, you die. Simple as that. YOU HEAR ME WASHINGTON?????

Gorzaloon also hits guns. Very popular topic these days.
"Of course none of this will fail to deter the next (Democrat-Paid) lunatic from shooting up a school or post office so when that happens the next move will be to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of ALL hand guns and repeating arms."

The quotes are added for authenticity, I'm sure.

Forward the Light Brigade has been reading his history books while smoking crack again:
The pitchforks will be out for 2012 as the American People will be fed up with Obamacide bleeding the nation. I fear it will be worse than Pat says as the US is “tested” international front with a weakened military being sent all over the world as “peacekeepers.” Like Wilson who played the Peace Card and got us into WW I—so will Obama bring us into WW III. He will divide this land as it hasn’t been since 1860.

Obama will be like Wilson, but also World War 2 and the Civil War!

And now this word from Outer Space

Republican Hotness edition:

[R]epublican women are dressed classy and beautiful.

They are feminine and know how to present themselves

Dem women always look scruffy, dragged out of bed and dirty with no class, plus very butch or ugly

Not only that, but Republican men are handsomer, more muscular and more virile. They don’t dress in the metro-sexual manner Democrats do, but in a masculine style with tee-shirts or sweat shirts, ball-caps, windbreakers (when needed), and jeans to display their manly physiques.

Also, Republican men don’t need viagra to satisfy their women (except Bob Dole). Republican women are very happy.

Crazy supplied by FFranco

Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama assasination attempt

How does Free Republic react to the recently thwarted assassination attack against Obama? They say it's a conspiracy, and run back to old shibboleths.

omega4179 immediately knows this is fake:

Reichstag event planned by Zer0 Sympathizers.

the Hitler reference was a nice touch.

El Gato adds to the conspiracy narrative, folding in those black-suits at the ATF:

likely the "plot", by *two* hyped up meth heads, was real enough, but the timing, and the mere fact, of it's unsealing was controled by BATFE.
Lets just say they have a vested interest in a candidate who would pass more federal gun control, and shield current laws from the fallout from the Heller decision.

ponygirl just loses it:

They rig everything and then blame it on Republicans. I am sick of it. Rig up a fake "assassination" attempt --> point to Republicans. Rig a financial disaster --> blame the Republicans. Crash the housing/mortgage market --> blame the Republicans. Get some intern to blow you under the Oval Office desk --> blame the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy." ...

This dawg is getting damn tired of getting kicked. I'm about to bite somebody.

I don't know who they are, but they sure are powerful! I'll bet they're an army of George Sorosi!

Twinkiemay be joking, but I cannot be sure:

Arkansas - hmmm..mmm. . Hillary??????!!!! Bill??????!!

At this rate the Clintons will be responsible for every death in the US!

On the non-conspiracy angle, we have Tarpon who appears to have forgotten about the civil rights movement:

Since the KKK is a Democrat terror operation formed after the civil war, this seems to show there is considerable unrest within the Democrat party.

Waco who left his compassion in his other pants:

Another reason not to elect 0 , we don’t need another holiday.

That'll play well! But not as well as sageb's well thought out political plan:

These guys are potential domestic terrorists - unlike Bill Ayers, who was a real domestic terrorist and who had a huge network of domestic terrorist friends. I wonder if they’ll get off on a technicality too?

This is what we need to go with.

Skinheads are domestic terrorists just like Obama's friend William Ayers.

Yes! Politicize this assassination attempt! That is a GREAT PLAN!

the aptly named Chode remembers there's a racial component:

two white boys attacking an all black school??? please... if they didn't get shot full of holes, they'd get cut to pieces.

because black school children always carry guns, or at least knives that can somehow beat guns.

What same-sex "marriage" has done to Massachusetts - It's far worse than most people realize

The presidential campaign's amped-up vehemence has spilled over into other threads as well. Thus, even when I try to take a vacation from the election, we get this particularly crazy homophobia thread about the effects on Massachusetts:

Once it was a state of strong, hard-working and God-fearing people.
Now it has declined into another ring of Hell.

I hear in Massachusetts they turn you upside down and put red hot iron shoes on your feet while maggots gay marry you.

geologist is not too happy and is taking it all out on his caps lock:
Step by step and incrementally we are contributing in the FALL OF AMERICA.
The UN has long want america to support the world under their headship.
ARRRRGGGGG! How dumb is that?

Islam? UN? What exactly does that have to do with letting the gays marry? Well, at least he didn't work Obama into the thread like silverleaf:

Just wait until the queer as folk types take over redesigning the uS military....

Special draft to make sure you are forced to send your sons and daughters to military service to serve under deviates. Boot camp oughta be a hoot.

On Clinton’s watch, don’t ask don’t tell was his FIRST act.
President Barry Soetero will scrap all boundaries.
Won’t our terrorist enemies be amused when we have our first transgendered theater commander in the WOT?

The best part of this thread is the "Special Draft" bit. "Boot Camp" eh? "Obama's gonna force your kids to have buttsex in the new gay army!" is a new one.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Pix

Freepers can't help but blame the victim, even when the victim is the GOP.

A bit wordy, there, and busy.


Nothing racial here. Nope!

Friday, October 24, 2008

And now this word from outer space

erm...batshit crazy edition:

If she’s a fake, bet she’s also an Obama plant. Perhaps her black (she said the perp was a black man) boyfriend, and fellow Obama supporter, actually acted as her attacker -even going soo far as to cut her up (sacrifice her “looks” to “The One”) with a backwards “B” (the ebonics version?) for “ ‘Bama “ or “Barack”.

Thanks to DocH for the crazy.

All Obama supporters want to carve "B's" into your cheek!

Some lady says a robber kinda made her cheek pinkish in the shape of backwards "B" when they saw her McCain/Palin bumper sticker. Everyone by now thinks it's crap.

Except Freepers

One Freeper, kc8ukw, while assuming the story above is true, tries to inject some sanity:
But truly, everyone, remember that most Obama supporters are not like this. Don't carry your hate past where it is warranted. This country has enough division.

Here are some responses:

dsc :
But truly, everyone, remember that most Obama supporters are not like this.
Only because of cowardice. They’d be carving Bs in all our faces if they dared.
Don’t carry your hate past where it is warranted.
It is not possible adequately to hate Satan and all his works, prominent among which is leftism.
This country has enough division
No, we have far too little.
We stopped dividing the wheat from the chaff, right from wrong, and leftist filth from decent people.
We need MORE division. We need to divide all leftist thinking—and the loathsome swine who perpetrate it—from our institutions, and public life generally.

MORE division will be good for America! Union bedamned!

MrB also respondsL
Sorry, 0bama supporters by default are supporting someone that is a fascist, so, yes, they are all thugs at heart.

RetSignman knows Obama is to blame for this totally true attack:
You just keep your blinders on until it happens to you. if you’re black you’ll be OK, if you’re white keep your gun close.
Obama ordered this kind of stuff...GET IN THEIR FACE!!!

"Get in their face" equals "carve backwards "B's" into whitey's face." WTF?

I see my hands makes an analogy:
Yeah, just like Muslims on 9/11. They said that, of course, they wouldn't engage in terrorism. But with minimal inquiry you find they do support the actions of their more demonstrative brothers.
Your comment is repulsive.

"I find your lack of hatred repulsive, sir!"

cherry needs no introduction:
most hussein supporters are either stupid, drunk, drugged, jobless, lazy, too rich to care, or arrogant and self righteous and I think a lot of them have ALL of these characteristics...

jobless, stupid, and drugged yet too rich to care? But Rush Limbaugh still has a job!

UPDATE: The Face Carving was *gasp* a hoax.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Why are people coming to Freeper Madness? Mostly freeper types it seems:

7.59% how to argue with a liberal

6.33% the coming civil war

3.80% how to argue with liberals

3.80% obama will kill us all

*sigh* well, at least no one is searching for "Hillary Clinton Killed Tim Russert" anymore.

(Note: the remaining percentages are single searches, or a search for some variation of "Freeper Madness.")


I've been meaning to do this post for a while. "Elite" had been quite the framing in right-wing circles these days. Really, it means liberal but doesn't sound quite so partisan.

Free Republic on "Elite" Women:

being an elitist simply means that you FEEL like you are superior, not that you actually are

Cause Freepers are the ones that actually are superior.

CE2949BB knows a good opportunity for a strawman when he sees it:
A woman that has to count the number of abortions she's had?

dirtboy jumps on the bandwagon:
Someone who puts the arugula into her cart at Whole Foods without checking the price.

MrB goes far enough to offer a cause for the disease of eliteness:
wealthy libs haven’t had to work hard for what they have. Otherwise, they’d be conservatives.

Note he just dropped the "elite" framing entirely.

SupplySider also chimes in with insights into the elite woman's soul:
The "elite" women I know despise Ms. Palin out of pure snobbery. They don't know much about political issues, they simply despise the personal style of those they define down in order to define themselves up.
In similar fashion they hate Bush for not projecting the sophistication they imagine they posesss, and which they therefore demand in someone representing them.
Ironically, these self-styled feminists are purely emotional when it comes to politics, seemingly proving every patriarchal stereotype true.

I always hear liberal women saying "I despise Bush because he doesn't project sophistication."

jazzlite has a theory, and I suspect it somehow involves eschewing paragraphs:
I have concluded that they do feel above the masses, above the law and even superior to God and they do not want to lose their power at the top of the ladder. Therefore, they do not want a system from which someone without their inheritance or monied status, can rise to challenge that position...

oblomov will send us home today with a pointed:
[Elitist women are] the sort of high-priced prostitute that Elliot Spitzer
favors. The truly elite don’t even consciously regard themselves as prostitutes.

Women ain't nothin but hoes. If they're liberal, that is.

Well, this turned into just another "Freepers hate liberals because of all the liberal strawmen in their world" post. But really, there's so little to the "elite/elitist" framing, it's not too surprising we fell right through to the meat of the matter.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More insults about Tina Fey.

Tina Fey said that "Sarah Palin is five times more attractive" than her.

Free Republic has rewarded such a gracious comment as one might expect:

paterfamilias starts us out down at kindergarten level, and it only goes downhill from here:

“I’ll tell you, that lady is five times better-looking than I am,” she admits.”

Guess again - more like 500 times...

CatOwner goes for an old Freeper favorite:

"I'll tell you, that lady is has five times better-looking the class than I am do"

Because one's politics dictate one's class.

lmc12 also breaks out an old trope:

Tina, real beauty radiates from within, you are crushed in that department. Sorry.

Somehow I don't think he's sorry.

I doubt rintense would kick Tina Fey out of bed for eating crackers, despite what he posts on the Internet:

I agree as well. Tina has ears that stick out and a heart-shaped face. Sarah actually looks a bit like Angelina Jolie to me.

Minus_The_Bear is just plain mean:

It always amazes me that a person like Tina Fey can work in show biz when she has that huge facial scar.

UCANSEE2 ends his post with what I assume is a dig at Obama:

P.S. Sarah Palin’s father didn’t desert her.

rintense posts without irony:

I think Sarah probably charmed most of the SNL crew. its so hard for lefties to separate politics from the person. They don’t realize you can disagree with a person’s politics but still like the person.

And we'll end up with Always Independent's crazy gun/violence fantasies:

I wish Gov Palin would have had a piece under her jacket is the skit when alec Baldwin ragging on her.

It would have been funny to just see her open her jacket and flash the piece to baldwin and his expression from that.

It also would have been funny to see palin and fey do a skit where palin invites her to go into a room and then show fey emerge first looking like she just got the snot beaten out of her and palin next looking nice and fresh.

Double-plus American

I knew I'd have to do this post at some point. Both left-wingers and right-wingers sometimes think the other side is evil, not merely misguided. And both sides enjoy talking about breaking away from the evil wrong-heads over there to run a country the way they want.

But only Freepers define American to mean "agree with freepers."

Palin had to give a standard non-apology-apology today for talking about the "real America." Enter Freeper "true patriots."

IF parts of this country are pro-abortion and pro-homosexual, they are are not real America. Democratic lies be damned.

Well, I guess 9-11 wasn't really an attack on real America, then.

A_Former_Democrat agrees:

It’s not rocket science to know they’re less patriotic, and less “American proud” less religious, less hardworking, more discriminatory, and lastly, hypocritical.
The truth kills them, that’s why they lash out. It hits right on target.

well, I guess "Former Democrat" really has Dems' number.

Yo-Yo is one of many, many posters proving Freepers are beyond Parody by citing Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression with approval:
I think Tina Fey said it best on SNL. “Then also too you have states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida which could be real, real anti-American, or real, real pro-American, and it’s up to them.”

See, she was making fun of that kind of closed-mindedness, yo dimwit! And there were like five people in this thread who talked about that quote! In fact, GnuHere says:
Gag - if the metrosexual blue-staters get their panties in a wad over that comment, they should be forced to sit and watch the SNL NYT skit 10 times to see what she meant.

What Tina Fey meant? Seriously? I don' think you'll like what she said...

RightOnline really typifies this attitude:
Ya know what..............f**k liberals, f**k Obama, f**k the so-called Democratic Party.
I’m so sick of ‘em I can’t even describe in words.
God bless America.....the REAL America.

Nice. I sure want these people deciding who leads the geographic America.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stay Classy, Freepers.

Obama's grandmother broke her hip, and Obama's going to take 2 days off to see her. Freepers just get more crazy:

little jeremiah jumps to conclusions like a champion:

if she is near death, why the hell isn’t he on a plane to Honolulu RIGHT NOW????
He is a cold hearted psychopathic megalomaniac user.

shibumi knows Obama better then he know himself:
I do not believe for one second that Zero has done *anything* in the past two years that was not directly related to making himself the next POTUS. I believe that there is no one in his life that is not a prop or chattel.
As I was driving home tonight I heard the news on the radio and before learning of Andy Martin’s upcoming expose’ I said to myself “This is crap, this is staged for sympathy or there’s something up in Hawaii that he’s got to go and cover personally.”
I believe that we are dealing with a manipulator that is several levels of magnitude beyond the klintoons.

1. using "chattel" does not make you sound smart.
2. Another expose is enough to get Obama to drop everything?
3. Worse than the Klintoons? Quite the insult.

It’s highly suspect. wasn’t Bidens MIL gravely ill too?
What happened with that?


libscum takes a break from just typing OBAM SUCKS over and over to write:
Maybe the lying scumbag needs to go home to buy soem [sic] more dope and coccain [sic].

But 668 - Neighbor of the Beast takes the crazy cake with the outrageous:
[M]aybe 0bama arranged for home care so Grandma wouldn’t let slip anything “sensitive” to hospital personnel. He can certainly afford to set up hospital-quality care for her in her home. So she could be dying, but in a controlled environment.

Yes. Obama is going to Hawaii to kill his grandma.

Fuck you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Bubble

Freepers are unhappy with the Google, cause one of the creators is endorsing Obama. Actually, they take it a bit further, attempting to disassociate themselves entirely from the taint of Obama.

Sister_T starts off:
I like Google. It’s a great search engine. But I have now removed it from my Browser’s list of search engines and I will be finding other search engines to use.

WhistlingPastTheGraveyard agrees when scroogle gives preferred results, despite the fact that it is identical to google!:
I just scroogled “Ayers” and “Ayers Obama” and didn’t get a single “Fight the Smears” hit on Page 1. With Google, it’s always the top hit. I’m sold.

jersey117 goes further, eliminating her local newspaper AND a bunch of television:

That's the way to do it. Hit them all where it hurts -- at the bottom line. I cancelled my local newspaper (The Asbury Park Press) subsciption of 14 years yesterday because they endorsed Obama -- and boy did it feel good.

I no longer watch anything NBC related and I no longer watch CNN. You'll be surprised how much better you'll feel as far as mental health goes not listening to that garbage.

Yep, eliminating all dissenting voices can seem comforting to some!

Obadiah is even pissed at the Wall Street Journal:

[I]n my personal opinion, I have seen the WSJ run a picture of Obama and generally favorable articles of him on a near daily basis for about the last eight months. In fact, I wrote to the publishers about this.

While the editorial board still has their wits about them and clearly call Obama for what he is, the entire rest of the paper, beginning with the lead off front page, is all pro Obama. So, for me, after years of subscription to the paper, and nearly a decade
of the online version, it's over. As I stated, I refuse to provide money and support to the apparatus of the machine that seeks to kill us.

Wow. And this after Freepers included FOX in their "MSM NWO cartoon" yesterday.
As McCain and Palin adopt more and more Freeper memes, FOX and other media seem more and more moderate, leaving Freepers increasingly isolated.

So the crazy harvest promises to be a bumper crop in 2009, kids!

And now this word from Outer Space

Obama-Powell-Muslim axis edition:
The Black thing is a smoke screen. It is an Islam thing.
Obama is an Arab Muslim. Colin Powell and Obama are owned by the Saudis. They own politcians in DC and around the world. My guess is they even rented the Bushes until GW said we have to drill.
We have FOUR times the Saudis reserves in coal diesel, shale oil and ND oil at $30 a barrel. Obama and the Dems will keep us as energy serfs. The Saudis will do anything to keep us from being energy independent. Sarah probably gets it.
Obama is 9/11 Part 2.
Everybody - Volunteer & Donate.
Make sure we are all at local McCain HQ helping out with GOTV the weekend before the election. If you are retired - volunteer now. Ignore the polls

Crazy supplied by Frantzie.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Pix

Yep, if Obama's prez, Freepers are all gonna get shot!

The above picture encapsulates the frantic flailing of the right wing media perfectly.

Lots of posting of this. At least one in every thread. Beat that horse into the ground, Freepers!

This is notable for the inclusion of FOX. Freepers are getting more and more crazy, and moving away from even FOX's tenuous connection to reality.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Melodramatic much?

The Supreme Court just ruled 9-0 that there was no standing to make the Ohio Sec. of State's to make all 666,000 new voters vote provisionally "just in case." Freepers go all melodramatic:

blasater1960 goes all hippy and wants protests:
This can not be allowed to stand...Our democracy is at stake. Ohioans have got to take action....storm (peacefully) their capital...If they dont..... all of us should...This is a coupe in progress.

Domandred decides to subtly advocate terrorism:
Ballot voting is basically no longer valid.
Time to vote from the rooftops.

That's some productive citizenship, there!

Braak agrees with the clever plan to make all Freepers look like loons:
Folks..I think we just saw the death of the United States as we know it. And not a shot least, not yet.

CatOwner is not very subtle:
The SCOTUS just legalized state voter fraud. Time to take up arms ...

Lazamataz proves one needn't talk about murder to be melodramatic:
Mark this date and time, as the official end of the United States. October
17, 2008 at 12:00 noon is when the country died.

Someone get this guy a fainting couch!

The Louiswu chimes in with some paranoia:

Time to blend in with the rabble. The next 4 to 8 (maybe 12-16) years are going to be a real wild ride.

Stay low, don't speak out, keep the doors locked, and when THEY come to ask your party affiliation...lie, lie, lie.

Again, when this doesn't happen, I suspect comments like this will be forgotten.

And, last but not least, we have beckysueb who shows that the best melodrama comes from the bible:

This is the same court that ruled in Bush’s favor. Now they’re ruling in Obama’s favor. I’m telling you Obama has got some “power” behind him. Where does this power come from?

Straight from hell!

That's not at all the only comment along those lines.

Again, I'm not actually worried about armed Freeper revolution, but damn!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sarah Palin/Joe the Plumber 2012!

Free Republic can be adorable at times. They found this one meme to hang on to in this Joe the Plumber Right-Wing plant guy's question for Obama. Obama said "Share the Wealth" to which Freepers reply OMG Socialism! We win teh debate!!!!!! And now they're going to beat this one horse till it dies cause they have nothing else.

Huck notes:

Having slept on it, I think it’s clear McCain scored two excellent zingers—”If you wanted to run against Bush” and “Senator Government”, and he scored a gamechanger with Joe the Plumber. The MSM as always missed it entirely.

Thank God for Joe the plumber.
He will save us all.

erm, that's a little straw-graspy there.

BlueYonder has an awesome idea:
New slogan: "I AM JOE THE PLUMBER"
And, we need a visual: people need to show up at McCain/Palin rallies with plungers in hand.

YES! The Toilet Plunger Revolution is sure to take off.

rbmillerjr thinks McCain could totally use this guy:

The McCain camp needs to whisk Joe the Plumber away to NY/DC and get working on some basic hard hitting...”obama is a liberal share the wealth liberal”

This needs to happen asap.

Because Joey is going to be on Letterman, Leno, or at least be the focus of alot of jokes etc....his 15 minutes is now.

Get on it Schmidt.

Make him into a surrogate! That's sure to help his credibility!

And this is a bit off-topic, but EBH thinks everyone that thinks Obama won the debate is hypnotized:

It is called mass hypnosis, it has gone beyond political propaganda. If you are not wearing your tinfoil when 0bama is speaking, viewing 0bama commercials, or listening to the radio and he comes on you are susceptible to Marxist conversion. If you have not fully succumbed your are being violently agitated and will become a full 0bamaborg by Nov. 4th.

Whatever anyone does, do not watch that 1/2 hour 0bama-commercial before the election.

The tinfoil makes me think it's a joke, but it's totally semi-serious.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Coming Second Civil War

As their electoral prospects aren't looking good, Freepers become more unhinged, talking about fomenting violent revolution. I'd worry about these threats of violence, but I'm pretty sure it's all Internet tough guy speak.

NTHockey is like a prophet, only dumber:
I’ve been saying that for quite some time. I do not want to see this country torn asunder by yet another bloody conflict. However, I am realistic enough to know that we cannot continue to bleed to death. Even a cornered rat will attack.
Save your Confederate money, the South shall rise again.

That's a lot of civil war cliches in one post!

wolfcreek postis a foe:
“Whoever gets the military wins any open conflict”
We’d most likely be fighting NATO/UN troops with their baby blue barets.

erm, we ARE the NATO/UN troops.

kabar has a different foe:

If there is a civil war, it will be based on race, ethnicity, and class. Our immigration policies are creating a permanent underclass that will be populated by blacks and hispanics who will be in conflict with one another scuffling over low paying jobs and government handouts and they will be pitted against an upper class populated primarily by non-Hispanic whites and Asians.

By 2042 half of this country will be minorities [as defined by the USG] and the other half non-Hispanic whites.

Oh nos! The moment whites are no longer a majority, war is ON!

bayliving is not a big fan of democracy:

Russia, China and Venezuela are just waiting for this to happen and it seems like the Socialist Democrat Party are more than willing to see it to through to that sort of outcome.
Hopefully it will be a bloodless coup and our Republic prevails.
The current democRAT regime needs to be run out of town on a rail.


Because Republics often prevail after coups.

nothingnew is going to rise up as soon as he stops his current punishing regime of sitting at home watching himself lift weights in the mirror:
I have updated my FMCDH (From My Cold Dead Hands) sign-off with the addition of (BITS).....Blood In The Streets, which I foresee coming soon, due to the enormous increase of the Marxist progressive movement being shoved down the throat of this failing REPUBLIC through the Judicial tyranny of fiat law, the passing of unconstitutional laws by the Legislative and Executive branches of our government and the enormous tax burden placed upon the average American to
support unconstitutional programs put forth by Marxist ideology. I do not advocate revolution. I only think of what I foresee.

Forsee? I think the word you're looking for is "wish."

conservativegramma will end us off with some Obama paranoia:

I fear that if Obama is elected, and this monstrosity of a [bailout] bill that pillages the American people passes, it will come to pass sooner rather than later.

I know I intend to buy a gun on November 5th - if Obama wins. I’m going to need it. Because once he starts instituting mandatory youth re-education camps, and his civilian police force, et. al - this coming civil war will begin and it won’t be a cold war.

Again, I wonder what will happen when her re-education camp vision doesn't come to pass.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Polls? Polls?! We don't need no stinking polls!

Free Republic has in the past posted polls and gloried over how things are going their way. But now that they aren't the polls are wrong for so many reasons:

Russ thinks it's smart to cite Nixon, for some reason:
POLLS POLLS POLLS! I’m sick of polls and they are all meaningless. Watching a
PBS documentary last night about Nixon. He was trailing Humphrey in the polls in
the week before the election in 1968 and the rest is history. Interestingly,
they forgot to poll the “silent majority”. I have a feeling history is repeating
itself as it usually does time and again.
erm, also Nixon cheated.

FloridaBattleGround has his thumb on the heartbeat of America:
This is complete malarky!!! No way is Obama leading in Tampa. We are crushing
them with signs, bumper stickers, and sign waving. Also, I haven’t really met
anyone here passionate for Obama. Hillsborough County is McCain/Palin country.
Don’t believe outside idiots who add up numbers the way they want to.
Well, if a Freeper doesn't know any Obama supporters, then they must not exist!

floridagopvoter sees the secret signs everything's okay:
The biggest difference from 2004 is that there are no 527s. NONE. If we are at the edge of a disaster, why are there no 527s running attack ads? Where is the RNC? I read that they are flush with cash, where is that reflected in the ad spending?

Hmmm, I wonder if it has something to do with all the house and senate races going on? Naw, it's cause everything's going super peachy!

Cedric has questions about the poster's agenda, thus obviating any polls that may exist:
An hour ago, this newbie posted a poll showing Obama tied in North Dakota.
It's the latest tactic among our new “FRiends”.

moose2004 would also like to attack the original poster of this article:
Oh, and I suppose you are the king of credibility here Mr. Doom and Gloom. Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that Schmidt said that to rally the troops? I do like what Schmidt said about McCain being a closer and Obambi being a fader, or do you have evidence to claim otherwise? If you look at the second half of the primary campaign between Hillary and Obambi this argument holds true.

OMG! This pretending to lose is the best tactic ever! And it's working so well!

BeckB is laying the groundwork to pretend McCain was robbed, just in case:
I think the pollsters are trying to factor in the voter fraud. They want to remain credible but don’t know how much of these bogus votes will be counted so they err on the side of the Democrats. It must be tough being a pollster these days! I don’t know anyone voting for Obama.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Pix

The old morph trick, but instead of Hitler, we go supernatural! The result? Even sillier than the old Hitlermorph chestnut!

That's just a bit juvenile...

The idea of the Right's favorite people being bigger than life is actually a common theme. I'd ask if they were compensating, but I already know the answer to that.

In case this family portrait wasn't heartwarming enough, vapid thought balloons have been added for your convenience.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Obama recession.

Free Republic knows who to blame for the recession. Talk radio may be blaming it all on Barney Frank's 2 year tenure as Financial Services subcommittee chair, but the blogs know there's an election on!

HammerOfTheDogs has rewritten the words to "Blame Canada" to "Blame Hussein Obama." It doesn't quite scan, but makes him happy.

I’m hoping the authorities aren’t totally focused on this... More than at any other time, I’m concerned about an attack... While the markets are in freefall, just imagine the damage that would cause... I wouldn’t be shocked... We need to keep on alert.

Texas4ever thinks putting the blame on one person wouldn't be fair.


Frantzie drops some logic on us:
Obama + CRA + ACORN = bad mortgages + 5 million bad [morgages] to illegals + his cronies at Fannie & Freddie = financial meltdown.

Wow, I didn't know ACORN sued banks 5 million times! Not to mention that all loans to minorities were bad.

Finally, NYC Republican remembers the good old days when Americans were terrified of Muslims:
I’m hoping the authorities aren’t totally focused on this... More than at any other time, I’m concerned about an attack... While the markets are in freefall, just imagine the damage that would cause... I wouldn’t be shocked... We need to keep on alert.

Be on alert! And by that, I mean vote Republican!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama conspiracy theory bumper crop!

*sniff* *sniff* hmm. Smells a bit more like desperation than evidence in here:
Obama e-mailed to a gun show's proprietary e-mail list!

I mean: OMG! Stolen e-mails to gun fans! This somehow proves he's gonna take our guns!
Obama sued Citibank for not giving loans to blacks!

I mean: Guilty! Obama Sued Citibank to Force it to Make Bad Loans
Obama's wife once worked in the Chicago office of the same firm where Ayers' wife
worked in the New York office years before!

I mean: Sweet Jesus! Did Michelle Obama and Bernardine Dohrn work together? Did they know each other at Sidley? WHEN AND HOW DID THEY COME TO KNOW EACH OTHER?

Obama sponsored a bill in 2007 which authorizes the National Science Foundation to establish a Climate Change Education Program!

I mean: Obama wants to teach your kindergartner about GLOBAL WARMING!
Obama once was endorsed by the New Party!

I mean: a fusion of labor unions and community organizing groups?! SOUNDS LIKE TREASON!

That's all new for today! Freepers find it and amplify it. We'll see what sticks by Monday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama's gonna kill us all!

Freepers are not happy McCain acted like a normal human during the debates. Thus, they have begin psyching themselves up for hating President Obama. Things quickly get out of control, even for Free Republic:

Ancesthntr starts with a high level of crazy:
Yes, he DOES present an existential threat to our way of life. When Carter was
President, there was some civility, some sense of limits. We also still had the
Cold War to keep us united. There's none of that now, and we're much closer to a
precipice now. He is downright dangerous.

HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity goes full apocalypse:

It's an organized left-wing conspiracy to bring socialism and cultural Marxism into the White House. Obama is the Illuminati candidate, funded by Soros, Warren Buffett, and Hollyweird, to usher in the godless socialist state of the New World Order, population control, and compulsory "national service" all under this deranged Saul Alinsky-inspired "community organizer" street agitation-rabble rouser-People's Republic model of socialism. It's so obvious how they have bent over backwards to cover up his tracks and radical past.
The tax policies alone will destroy what's left of the economy. And as goes America, so the rest of the world.

bushfamfan actually manages to go one step further:

Yes, just 4 yrs! A lot of good “I was wrong, I’m sorry” is going to do once Obama is in there because there will be no next time. Why do I say that? Count on Obama and the Demonrat Congress to pass citizenship for all the illegals, restore voting rights for criminals and pass a ‘fairness doctrine’ to not only shut up dissent but perhaps this very own website! Prepare yourselves. Conservatives/Republicans are going to need to learn to take to the street and organize like the libtards are so good at. Not only that with the economic damage but the fatal blow will be from Russia, China and the Islamofascists. We are in for one hell of an ending and I am seriously finding myself thinking Obama is the anti-Christ. What a way for the United States to go out after so much sacrifice on so many people’s parts in its history, but what are you gonna
do when the people who are citizens today are that far gone?

So. Obama's election, which a lot of Freepers are laying down and accepting for now, means the death of all they hold dear.

With these expectations, I wonder how disappointed they will be when Obama doesn't kill all of them in an orgy of blood and long knives.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ayers Ghost Wrote Dream of My Father!

This is sure to get my stats up.

Freeper's latest conspiracy theory:

autumnraine is not swayed by the lack of proof, but sees a problem:
I do believe it was written by someone else, probably Ayers. But anyone who testifies to it would be listed as “smearing” Obama.
I am getting cynical this election. The sway Obama has over people makes me sick.

"I think this is true without proof. When other people won't believe my bare assertion, I assume this is because they are biased."

happygrl looks for clues she knows must be there:
I thnk this ghost writer left some deliberate clues. On a previous thread on this subject, I noted the use of the word "dewlapped" to describe Frank Davis, Obama's Commie mentor in Hawaii.
I think that unusual word use could be a clue to the author's identity.

dewlapped is a funny word. Proof enough for me!

AngryJawa prays:
Please Lord, let this be true.

not desperate sounding at all!

Rippin goes fatalist. And odd:
[W]e are in la la land. We are seriously considering electing a marxist community organizer as president. Don’t pretend reality is on our side.

Reality is not on your side? Wow, everything's partisan nowadays!

river rat goes full emo:
I sincerely doubt that adding to the list the fact that Obama’s books were ghostwritten by some Communist bomb thrower would make any difference....
The voting public is too damned ignorant to care...
Think of the 30’s in Germany -— and you'll see America of 2008.
The fools see Obama as their “messiah” lead them out of the morass they've made of their lives - and Obama has come to tell them it “the White man's fault”....”it's the rich white man's fault”.....soon he will add it's “the Jew's fault” and then we will KNOW the real Obama...

Wow. We start with "No one believes us" but soon we're in Hitler land.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Advice for McCain

Free Republic have some advice for McCain, now that he's on the attack:

MrB has an awesome plan. Shockingly enough, it involves The Holy Palin:
It’s best that a woman is attacking him on this issue.
Muslims can’t stand a woman standing up to them.

Yup, that's sure to make him suddenly lose control.

Wally_Kalbacken thinks he has the Achilles heel:
I am convinced that the neutron bomb on Obama is in the years between graduation
from Columbia and entry at Harvard Law 5 years later. I think the emphasis on
“community organizer” at the RNC was an attempt to draw him out - to get him to
say something specific in response, in his own defense. What was conspicuous was
the fact that he said very little, letting his surrogates get indignant about
community organizing, and what he dis say lacked specifics.

Yes, no one knows about his life back then. I'm sure there aren't hundreds of articles written about that. All lies, I'm sure.

TruthWillWin has some truths for the win:

McCain lays down an ace....Ayers.

Obama responds with a duece.....Keating 5.

Now McCain needs to lay down another ace....Wright. Other Aces McCain holds in his hand....Rezco, and the trump card granddaddy Ace of them all..... Raila Odinga.

Many, many posts about this Odinga character. So far, I don't see any non-Freeper evidence of any connection with Obama at all other than Odinga's unsubstantiated claims. Neither is there nor anything particularly sinister in his background more than what seems to be Kenyan politics as usual.

We'll see if McCain gets desperate enough to bring this out.

Finally, we have erikm88. He has the secret story behind the story.

I dunno. My wife said something really interesting yesterday... she is under the impression that Barry Hussein is merely a puppet for Michelle 0Bama... Is this Hillary Clinton redux?

My wife seems to think that Michelle is acting behind the scenes and really dictates much of what 0bama says/does...

If demonizing Obama won't work, maybe the wife? This is an interesting twist on Free Republic's sexism: In Freeperland, Obama doesn't lead, since he is not a True Man. Michelle doesn't take the womanly supportive role since she is not a True Woman.

Thus, they upset the natural order and are evil.