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Spotlight Friday: I want the USA back

 While there is certainly a strong doctrine, Free Republic has more than it's share of contradictions - no amount of zotting can help some variance when you put a bunch of zealous conspiracy minded people together.

This guy? He's only been on Free Republic since 2012, but he believes all Freeper things at the same time. It's amazing, and a good review of current Free Republic doctrine

Hang on, this one could take a while.

Muslims are outbreeding us!
The bearded savages are being subsidized by the normal people.
The savages get to have multiple screaming little savages, while the normal people can have only one because they have to work two jobs to pay the taxes that go to the savages.
Sorta satire...
If it were a member of the middle eastern death cult, and she got on a prayer rug and started saying “death to the Jews and Christians, pigs and dogs” they would order the other kids to be quiet and let her pray in peace. Then they have a special prayer room build for her, complete with foot washers and kid-size bomb vests.
Global warming debunked by winter.
I would like an explanation for the current cold trend. Since last Summer.
Saying “global warming” is not a sufficient answer.
Talking about “cold fronts” from Canada is no explanation.
Saying “the wind is blowing cold air in from the Great Lakes” is no answer.

Of course the weatherjerks won’t answer this. The real reason is we don’t know. The weather and the climate go in cycles. Cold. Warm. Snow. Rain. Sun. Clouds. Repeat.

Don't need a crime to be a crimial:
The democrat party is a criminal organization.
End of Discussion.
First of all, the government does not have the right to set a minimum or maximum wage.
End of discussion.
Actually tilting at windmills:
Windmills are part of the religion of liberalism. There is no questioning them.
College scholarships and cell-phone plans are anti-White:
Tuition is high because it’s high only for rich White kids who can pay full tuition. It’s really not high for downtrodden, underpriveleged, have-nots. Cell phones are low because they are low-priced, and the cost is spread over all the people who pay for their phones.

Both are redistribution of wealth. Both are wrong.
Inflation means the minimum wage can't work:
Raise it, and all prices go up, so they will need to raise it again, and prices will go up again, etc.

Liberals always demand a strengthening of their failed laws, which leads to more failure, leading them to demand a strengthening of their laws .....
Secret inflation because Obama is controlled by the rich:
The administration is happy. Inflation is their best friend. Their friends in the media can claim that the economic indicators are going up. They are not going up. The dollar is worth less, and so you need more of them for the same purchasing power.

The ruling elite doesn’t care. Their pay and pension is inflation-adjusted. Normal people suffer and they don’t care.
Yeah, Obama loves the Illuminati:
No surprise at all for those of us who understand the One.

Hates the USA, of which he is the elected leader.
Loves members of a world-domination movement with one of its goals the elimination of our form of government.

No surprise at all.
Obama also loves to work with women over 40:
Too many dried up old humorless hags working for this administration. Wonder why 0 likes them?
The elite rich-loving left also controls the poor:
The left is happy. The permanent underclass that they created is rising up against their ‘oppressors.’

That means they have to hide the fact that the underclass that they created is made up of non-working violent feral savages who hate their ‘oppressors.’
The Media is making the knockout game happen:
When will the media start getting upset over the deliberate, racist attacks by a privileged minority?
Intelligence is genetic:
What a stupid idiot. There is something called IQ. It is a valid measurement of intelligence. To work in IT you need high intelligence. That’s why so many people from India excel in IT.
Liberal gun policies are a conspiracy:
As I have said too many times, liberals deliberately leave guns in the hands of violent criminals while striving to take them away from honest, law-abiding non-violent individuals.
Democrats can't use the Internet:
Some people just don’t have the mental capacity to use the internet. Most are democrat voters.
Feminists protesting against Hobby Lobby?
Out of control raging man-haters.
How Liberals work:
Liberals can’t see themselves. They are incapable of realizing that they have chosen to deny nature and humanity, and have chosen the destruction of human life.

They are too busy going around proclaiming how wonderful they are, and how proud they are of their actions.
Also how liberals work:
Liberals are self-loathing nihilistic pathetic creatures.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Freepers: too racist for Free Republic.

This thread got pulled ("not enough babysitters" as the reason), so I'm using the cached version.

It looks like a mainstream Flemish newspaper published a picture of Obama and Michelle made up to look like Planet of the Apes. Its in the context of joking that Putin sent them, but....yeah. Maybe in Europe they don't get the resonance?

Regardless,Freepers see an excuse to wallow in racism, and go for it.

CodeToad complains that liberals are always being racist, so this is okay...?
Liberals love name calling and making racist comments but they can’t take it. Typical children on a playground. I ignore their retarded comments as nothing more than childish outbursts.
SampleMan blames Obama:
I’m so glad that respect for the U.S. went way up when Obama was elected.
Candor7 also explains how this proves Obama is hated overseas:
Thats pretty much how Europe feels about Obama, after he removed the missile defence shield from Poland, wrongfully convinced NATO to attack Libya, and now doing nothing about Putin annexings Crimea by force.

The paper would have been more accurate if they had portrayed them as two headed apes!
As he does, dalereed just runs straight into the trope, full speed:
Just trying to honestly depict their intelligence.
meadsjn misses the racism, because he hates Obama for resurrecting racism:
Most of the civilized people of the world are disappointed at odinga for many of the same reasons that civilized Americans are.

odinga came out of the gate as a commie, racist POS, and has only gotten worse as the days go by. He destroyed a half century of progress in race relations in the USA, and may well have set the stage for a permanent split between many groups of people here.

96% of black voters voted for the usurper in 2008. Even with the economic damage he created in the first term, 93% of black voters supported him again, simply based on his skin color. That is unforgivable.

It is not racist to recognize a dangerous,divisive, and subhuman individual as being just that, regardless of his skin color. To ignore odinga's dangerous, divisive, and subhuman behavior because of his skin color is, in fact, racist.
dayglored continues with the paradigm that this is just showing how Obama is dumb. Nope, no racism here!
It would have been more accurate to depict them as pigs.

Pigs are very intelligent (as are apes). Perhaps the whole thing should be rethought.
RginTN is pretty sure evolution makes all species the same:
Why the outrage? Apes according to scientists are evolutionary our ancestors.
BlueDragon is reminded how he kinda hates Obama's kids too:
Planet of the Apes ping?

...i think they think this is their planet. Like -- it is owed to them.

Lord knows they fly themselves and their children all of the face of it, inconveniencing all at the cost of thousands of $$$ per minute of their little voyages.

Shrillary and her spoiled brat did much the same. Hmm...what did that mother-daughter pair cost the U.S. taxpayer? half a billion maybe?

I loathe these selfish wasteful creeps. I'm beginning to dislike the Obama children too. Something about their facial expressions. Oh, well, maybe they'll wise up someday(?), if they can get far enough away from their momma.
Royal Wulff slyly makes a joke about Michelle looking like an ape:
Why did they only photoshop Barack?
LucyT sees what's coming:
In before this thread is pulled. We must not make fun of dear leader and the moosh.
Yeah, that oppressive Free Republic, always protecting Obama from mockery!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flashack 2008: Obama Wins Ohio - It's Over

Checking out Somethingawful's Freep forum, I randomly found this. It's interesting to see how little has actually changed. The main thing is that Free Republic is now like what was once the peak of their hysteria all the time:

NavVet expected Communism:
If true than that’s it. Break out the little red books and report to the NBP party headquarters for reeducation in the morning. God save us, because we sure aren’t capable of saving ourselves.
Nowhere Man regretfully becomes racist:
I'm glad there are Blacks here on FR who do "get it" and I'm not trying to paint them with the wide brush we are using here, but wen I go out in the hinterlands and see things happening, I'm afraid the stereotypes and prejudices do have a lot of truth behind them. It's doesn't affect the Blacks only but the young as well.

I'm having bad thoughts, I'm trying to suppress tem but seeing the gimmee crowd as well as the idea of making history as the first Black President over substance and the war or terror makes me ill.

I'm praying for God to comfort me, right now, even that is a tall order, I don't doubt His powers but I'm so jaded and cynical now.

I think if this has an effect on level headed me, I'm afraid this will set race relations back decades because the backlash will blind people. We need the backlash but we must keep our focus on the target, Barak the Communist, not the race, but some will not be that way. I am sad that I am writing this but I have to be honest. I can't ignore what I see.
LibFreeUSA also makes with the 'blacks made me racist' theme:
Agree. This election did not 'advance' race relations - to the contrary - I think it reversed race relations back almost half a century. NOTE, I don't mean "rights", I mean "race relations"!

I am not prejudiced in ANY way, and want all to have equal rights. I don't paint anyone or any group with a 'broad brush', but black people brought - and enthusiastically PAINTED onto themselves with a BROAD BRUSH a pure and unabashed RACIAL vote component to this election that was utterly disgusting and appalling.
arderkrag is the angriest optimist:

Seriously, you people buying into this calling the state before the votes are counted stuff are the worst kinds of trolls.
mvpel knows what time it is:
Do you really need that new car, the flat screen, the satellite TV service? Do you really need a big house and big house payments and big tax bills? Do you really need to put in 60 hours a week at a W-4 salary job, or can you get by working for cash and living modestly and frugally on your savings?

Who is John Galt?
Wonder how that worked out?

Me too. Talking with my 401K folks today. Time to cash out. Money is safer under a mattress anyway. I call upon "True Americans" to protect their assets and income from thievery. Be VERY tactful and imaginative when doing tax returns. And make as much "under the table" money as you can......
'tactful and imaginative'

P-Marlowe's prediction seems not to have come true...
With double digit inflation likely in the next 4 years, your money in the mattress will soon be worth less than the straw you took out to make room for the money.
xzins was playing about the same tune in 2012.
I, too, will resign as a Republican. There is no way that the Rinos will be driven out. They proved this campaign that they run the place. I say let them have it. It’s old and decrepit, anyway.

A new party is probably the best course. Although, we should go read the Constitution Party platform. It really is a reasonable first step to see what they are trying to do.

These parties keep trying to gain notoriety from the top down...they always run for President.

I would favor instead running from the bottom up: county commissioners, trustees, common judges, attorneys general, state-level reps, senators.
I have a prediction about 2016....

OCC also sounds familiar:
3 words... massive voter fraud. Unfortunately McCain will concede early and the investigations will go on for years.

More Revolution planning

From almost a year ago, but evergreen.

FreepFan again:

Freepers discuss how the coming Civil War will be. As this is entirely in the world of their imagination, each has a version that reflects their own specific craziness:

NoLibZone's contempt for liberals makes him assume it'll be just like Hungary in 1957.
It wouldn’t be a CW.

The left doesn’t have the balls to fight.

My dad shot at his government killing several ( Hungary ‘57 ) to be free and says socialists are cowards.
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost knows it's gonna be a racial hellscape:
What starts as a Rev War would soon become a Civil War because the blacks would go nuts in defense of their brotha in the White Hut. A Civil War would draw out public and federal response teams where they themselves would become targets by all sides. Cops will be overwhelmed and will head for the hills. Firefighters will stay home and half the country will be ablaze. It's a bloodbath, lose/lose scenario with no rhyme or reason as to who survives and who doesn't. Think massive collateral damage of the human kind. I see mutiny at every turn because our military has been poisoned by those seeking to protect it's government, not it's people; No different than the cops!
Secret Agent Man expects Alinsky and academic keywords will be the true villains:
The socialists here are smart. They have used Orwell’s 1984 as a blueprint.

They are masters at balkanization and divide and conquer, using the alinsky methods, the dialectic and the delphi technique.

They blame everyone else for their own unexpected and deliberately-created problems. Their own people, they point away from themselves, and towards people and groups they want targeted.

This is how it will play out. They will get their malleable splinter groups fired up into frenzies and let them riot and point them towards those they want taken out.
KrisKrinkle is already getting pissed at the preppers:
“Like nuclear war without the nukes... hide away and ride it out.” ( Third Person )

“Hide out and wait for the dust to settle if that’s possible.” ( GeorgeWashingtonsGhost )

You guys sound like free riders who’ll let others do the work and then reap the benefits for yourselves. The winner may not let you get away with that.
Graewoulf's lyrical soul creates pages of meandering nonsense before he ends up where he inevitably would:
To achieve his goal of “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” Tyrant Kim Un Hussein will need a crisis.

“Kimmy The Incompetent” is hopeful that somehow the XL Pipeline will be that crisis.

Currently, Tyrant Kim Un Hussein is preparing to confiscate the guns owned by Americans they have used to deter or defeat Tyrants, foreign and domestic.

This confiscation has already begun in parts of New York State.

Hence, Civil War 2 has begun.

The Revolutionary War only had 20 % population approval, 20 % disapproval (the Royalists) and 60 % just wanted to be left alone.

That ratio is approximately what we have with our sorry two party system, with 20 % Republican, 20 % Democrat, 10 % Independent, and 50 % who are to disgusted to vote.

Perhaps only 60 % of the 20 % of us who admit to being Republicans, or a net 12% (=1 in 8) who want to CONSERVE the best of America.


Your question is in the form of either/or.

In reality the answer will be “none of the above.”

The Financial Markets will end the rule of the Regime of Tyrant Kim Un Hussein in about the same amount of time that the Bursting of the Fannie Bubble took in 2008 and 2009.

The unpaid Labor Union Federal Employees will drain the food warehouses quickly across the ‘57’ States.

The Civil War 2 will be about survival for the initial phase that may last through several Winters.

As the natural market develops a standard barter system, the Survivor States will begin to hold Constitutional Conventions.

As the populations shift in or out of these Survivor States, the concept of States joining together as a Region will begin to attract like-minded people.

For example, The Soviet States of New England would be a mutually beneficial Region.

The Region of TEXAS would be the States that the XL Pipeline will run through.

As to the actual fighting, it will depend on the swiftness of a Military Coup to shut down the debt-creating departments of our sorry Federal Government.

For those pockets of true belief in the Karl Marx mantra: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” the best combat description would be a guerilla war similar to that shown in the movie “Red Dawn” with Patrick Swayze.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Porpourri

dalereed has a theory:
The muslim rebels that threw out the elected President and government were trained in Poland and financed by obama.

They wanted to join the European Union which has been taken over by muslims and needs to be destroyed!

It was origionaly invented to make way for the One World Government after NAfTA got this Continent and there was a similar organization of asia which is all that is missing to create the planned One World Government that has been in the planning for over 50 years.
sagar wants to throw all kooky looking people to death:
Here is a simple solution: Anyone who looks like [This Picture of Adam Lanza] should be immediately put away. How can anyone who sees this mug not think that something is seriously wrong with this "child"? We euthanize rabid dogs, after all.
CorporateStepsister on the lack of death penalty for Jodi Arias:
To me it was huge immaturity on the part of the jury. All that evil and cruelty and the jury has problems manning up and then convicting and sentencing her to death.

I swear we have school marms as jurists.
I thought school marms were strict disciplinarian.

CorporateStepsister thinks sex before marriage causes murder:
This to me is why men need to learn to start abstaining. I believe that if Travis had been abstinent he wouldn’t have hooked up with Jodi and ended up stalked and then dead.
exit82 is working towards a missing airplane conspiracy:
Drip, drip, drip. The information comes out ever so slowly.

The whole event took place ten days ago.

Obviously our government knows what happened, and multiple governments are in a panic over what to do. This incessant drip of “news” only buys time until the gravity of this event can be reacted to.
RIghtwardHo on kids these days - "Behold, the coming nightmare"
Behold the coming nightmare.

When our generation is gone, it is over.
lonestar67 has some ideas on how to turn things around on gay marriage:
I used to support gay marriage.

Now I don’t

I think it is quite possible that these young people will change their minds.

It is also true that the current entry of young people to the Republican party is driven by libertarians.

I don’t like that very much and I do think there is a real question of loyalty.

We need to be explaining that gay marriage is not diverse.

We need to be “for diversity in marriage.”

We also should exploit unseen ideological divisions in the gay community.

Gay males dominate the discussion by saying homosexuality is not a choice.

That actually offends many in the lesbian community who view their choice to reject men meaningful. The masculinist spin on gay rights is homophobic against political lesbians.

Without these kinds of arguments on the offense, it is hard to make back ground.
Navy Patriot is fully buying into RT:
The RT report is entirely accurate and the United States is actively supporting the Neo-Con, Neo Nazi, Fascista Homo coup.

Admitted here: US Embassy Kiev

Up the Neo-Con Fascista Homos!

The liars are the Obama regime and the Western MSM.
bert explains Obama:
You must remember....... Obama is not white. Therefore he need not be capable of anything.
Cletus.D.Yokel tells the story of America's fall to the USSR:
In 1985, Reagan laughed at Russia, daring them to compete against US capitalism.

In 2014, Russia laughs out-load at Obamugabe for abandoning the pricipals of US capitalism.

Kruschev, once again from the grave, shouts, “We will bury you!”

and smiles.
SoConPubbie is really annoyed with these Ted Cruz birthers:
Care to share with us idiots where it states in the Constitution, US Laws. or Supreme Court ruling that it take s 2 US Citizen parents at birth to be Natural Born?

How about George Washington, John, Adams, Thomas Jefferson?

Did they have 2 US Citizen parents at birth?
bert - Putin has destroyed American liberalism:
Putin is good for America. He has shown that Obama is weak and totally ineffective. His followers are all wound up in ideology that is shown to be failing. The collapse of liberalism is in process.

Putin is removing some of the props
Cowboy Bob knows we're only reporting on Russia to distract from Obamacare.
Much of the media-caused anxiety in America was generated to distract people's attention to Obama's failures in the US.

After all, friction between Russia and Ukraine is much more important than American citizens losing their health care.
Former Proud Canadian - Putin knows Obama's True Form.
Can you imagine the extent of the dossier the Russians have on Obama? I wonder if the contents, discreetly leaked, could actually destabilize the US?

Maybe just using it for blackmail would be more useful to them. Maybe they are blackmailing him now. Maybe they don't even need to, yet.

The average American has no idea how dangerous this president is.
JudyinCanada - if might isn't always wrong, it must always be right:
Might doesn’t make right? What a transparent diabolical non-man.

Of course might makes right, depending on whose might it is.

Was the might that stopped Hitler wrong?

Is the might that stops someone from a crime wrong?

What an idiot - imagine anyone in the position to curtail wrong-doing not using their might. There are bad people in the world....this is what these flakes refuse to see.
Rockpile heard verbally:
I stated on another thread that I had heard verbally that Dees and the SPLC secretly financed WBC. However I have not seen anything “on paper” to back that up although it sure seems possible.
Oliviaforever remains awesome:
It is all very likely a deal between Phelps, the DNC, the Gay Lobby, Hollywood and the media to portray Pro Family Christians crazy thereby pulling people away from their Anti Gay Rights stances to a stance where they actually support gay marriage.

Their conspiracy has been somewhat successful as the gay agenda has been advanced over the last couple of years.

Being that much of the advancement of gay rights has been accomplished via the fraud of this conspiracy, the players may be guilty of racketeering and RICO violations.

If so, recent legislation and court decisions favoring Gay Marriage should be repealed.
STJPII takes issue with the term "military excursions."
This metrosexual thinks the military conducts “excursions”? Like a weekend trip to buy antiques? Meanwhile, Putin’s army is conducting exercises.
Jim Robinson sends out the word:
NASA has lived way beyond its usefulness.
Windcatcher knows who to kill when the libs start the Civil War:
We’ll kill the libs before they even get the trains to the first FEMA camp on the tracks.

You can start with the faculty lists of nearly every college in this country. The day they fire up their FEMA cattle cars, those @!$*’ers get dropped.

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Spotlight Friday: little jeremiah

Ah yes, LJ.

She posts a lot, but its hard to gather enough posts to make a spotlight out of, because most of her posts are so conformist to mainstream Freepers that she doesn't exactly stand out. So I studied her on and off for the past two months.
From what I can tell, there are 3 things that make LJ stand out.
1) she posts all. the. time.
2) she will get into mini-flame wars about the littlest things. 3) she's a birther, but doesn't do the sleuthing herself - she wants to believe, but hasn't picked a theory, so she just latches on to all of them.

Also, she burns her poop.

Pot smokers have a high rate of crazyness
I used to smoke pot, decades ago. The stuff they have now is gazillions of times more potent.

Pot smokers have a high rate of crazyness.

They can be absolutely just as dangerous as drunks while driving, for instance.

The idea that it is harmless or benign is not only stupid, it’s dangerous.
If you're not a birther, you're a sentimental fornicator.
Truth is more important than anything in the world. Even if someone says “Well, what about love? Compassion? etc”? Love and compassion without truth are nothing but lust and ignorant sentiment, and we know what the road to hell is paved with. Good intentions based on untruth have bad consequences.

Truth is the foundation of everything else that is good.
Sorry for language.
No Effing Way.

Sorry for language.
He was already a dope fiend and psycho at age 18.
He was told he was Kenyan after he was told he was Indonesian. By the time you met him he was seriously messed up and was telling the current story. From what I’ve read of the researchers’ comments, by they time you met him he knew that his father was MX and not the Kenyan 0bama, and of course he’d be been taken away from the Indonesian family who took care of him, years before.

He was already a dope fiend and psycho at age 18.
Also there was some sorta birther switcheroo:
The Obama who attended the PFU was the real son of the Kenyan, renamed Roman Obama. There are photos of him on FR,he’s obviously the son of his father. Looks very like Barack Obama Sr. Roman was there for some years.
But wait...
But where does FMD and Irian Jaya fit it?? Or the black bar maid? Can’t they all have bit parts?
She just not crazy enough to make the leaps other birthers do unless they're spelled out:
I’ve been chewing on your comment. I will be the first to admit I can be very slow on the uptake. The significance of this law firm would be...that they know for a fact that Zero is ineligible? So they know that Sheriff Joe has the goods?
But, she's cultivating her own crazy:
Actually once a person kicks out all (ALL) preconceptions about what they know about Zero and then looks at whatever evidence is found - (well I’m sure more is found) but whatever is on FR which is a huge amount - with a fresh eye - it’s clear that Zero is not the son of the Kenyan and SAD.

And that the Kenyan DID have a son, with another woman.

And thus the tale begins.

The only things necessary to see this are:

1. Be willing to admit “I know nothing”.

2. Read over all the stuff without thinking “oh, that can’t be true, since SAD is the mother” etcetcetc. Just read as though hearing about all this for the very first time.

Then the picture becomes much clearer. Of course there are unknowns. But unknowns are a lot better then believing things that aren’t so. They clutter up the view and leave not enough room for what IS so.

Accepting counterfeit money means your pocket is full, and you won’t recognize real money when you see it.

Just my little homily for the day.
All Muslims: entire crazies.
Moslems have been slaughtering, torturing, raping, looting, pillaging, conquering, and forcibly converting Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, animists and anyone else they can find, with extreme ferocity, since 700AD. Their hatred and anger comes from their beliefs, not because others are “bad”. They’ve been like this - NONSTOP - for 1400 years.

You’re saying they’re not entire crazies? Either you are singularly ill informed or ...

Of course western “Culture” is repulsively evil, degraded, depraved, perverted, rotten to the core hellish. And will bring us down even without Moslem interference.

But the two are TWO SEPARATE ISSUES.

Do you know anything of Moslem history??
LJ Approves:
It is the president and the attorney general who are blocking a fully effective counter-intelligence effort, aided and abetted by the Democrats in Congress, deliberately and/or stupidly.

That is why FreeRepublic is such a good forum for people to put on documented information about our enemies. There are people on the posting-line who have been in intelligence and can help provide some context as to who and what the threats are.

Being aware that there is a threat is the first step needed towards fighting it.

I’m going to have to search out your comments. I’ve always liked them, and the last few months have very little time for FR. So searching out a few freepers’ comments saves a lot of time and irritation.

I agree with everything you said. What I wonder is how to cure this evil.
The EU is gonna have Stalinesque purges soon...
After Stalin, Mao, and Ho, devils all, “Commie” is a term a bit too strong to be applied to the EU Commissars.

Not really. They want endless Moslem butchers to flow into Europe to do the dirty work.

Just because EU “leaders” are more genteel and have not racked up the millions of deaths (yet) does not make them any less dangerous. They want all EU countries to have abortion, fag rights and euthanasia. And strangling of all local autonomy and economics and national identity.

They’re bad.
Evil triumverate
Marx, Darwin and Freud. Evil triumverate.
Poop also burns very well in a woodstove
Having had the (good) fortune to live without regular indoor plumbing for quite a few years of my life, the idea of pooping in plastic bags is a horror show.

What on earth will anyone do with bags filled with crap? Any idea how heavy they will be? One little hole in them (and that is a given) will be ultra disgusting.

Composting toilets can be clean, non-smelling, and can be rigged up to compost even with a small city lot. I’ve seen it in action. The book “Humanure” is online - I have a hardcopy - and the best info on making composting toilets I’ve ever seen.

I’ve done bucket composting, barrel composting, trench latrines, outhouses - if anyone wants more info ask and I’ll get back to the thread later.

Poop also burns very well in a woodstove. It’s surprisingly good fuel.
Who cares about the Ukraine when there's Obama to fate and fear?
The situation with Ukraine is not on the level of the situations you both cite.

Secondly, and this is vital, the current administration in our country is headed by an enemy combatant and everyone hired or appointed by this enemy combatant is similarly an enemy of Constitution and all that is good in America.

I don’t want them acting on the international stage becuase all that will happen is moslems and communists and dictators will be supported, as happened already in the so-called “Arab spring”.

You use the word “we”. Do you mean American citizens? Or the fedgov?

The fedgov at this point is so removed from representing my interests, or the interests of any sane or moral American, that they are much more dangerous to the interests of the USA than any other foreign country.
Stalin is coming to America, but Putin is awesome in Russia:
A. Whatever happens to the freaks in Pussy Riot is of no conseqence to me whatsoever.

B. I am concerned about the human rights and Constitution violations that are increasing pedal to the metal in the USA, and the commie/moslem/faggot/racist/thug who is illegally in the WH and vigorously destroying our country along with all the Dems, with the Rs acting for the most part, as passive enablers.

What happens in Russia and Ukraine is their business.

What happens in my country is my business and if We the People don’t do something soon, we’re going to have a replay of Stalinist type slaughter and repression in the future.
Yeah, Pussy Riot should be oppressed more:
Putin is curtailing civil liberties in Russia.

So homosexuals stripping and acting like perverts in public and in churches is “free speech” and okay with you?
Too much free speech:
I believe in freedom of speech. I also believe that what we have in the US now is not freedom of speech, but licence. For the first 150 years, “freedom of speech” did not cover obscenity, pornography, descriptions of child molestation nor its advocacy, plays about Jesus being a fag, the Vagina monologues, and the like. Nor did it cover naked dancing, women stomping on kittens on youtube, prostitues covering themselves with chocolate on stage, “Gay Pride” parades, and on and on ad nauseum.

It meant “Freedom to express your ideas”.

And that’s the way it should be, and the way the Founders meant it to be. What we have now is utter perversion of freedom of speech. I’m not even touching on ‘hate speech’ and what is forbidden, that’s another topic.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Evil or crazy

Freepers respond to an article accusing Obama of being completely naiive about the realities of business by explaining that merely wrongheaded is something only other Freepers can be - everyone else is either evil or crazy.

AlanGreenSpam schools Obama on the keys to economics:

It’s truly embarrasing that the POTUS doesn’t even understand ANY of these concepts taught in any Econ 101 class:

-the “Law of Supply & Demand”
-the Laffer Curve
-the Profit Incentive
F15Eagle brings the Freeper position on Obama:
This author assumes he’s here to save America, and not destroy it, which is the real goal.
Vaquero agrees - Obama's evil plans are evil:
Zer0 does not need to go to business night school..... He is doing just fine destroying our wealth. After all that’s his job as first Marxist president.

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” Vladimir Lenin

“The goal of socialism is communism.”
Vladimir Lenin
libstripper also:
bus. School wouldn’t have done zip good for the Mahdi, a lifelong subhuman Islamocommunist, who bitterly hates America, Americans, and every good thing America stands for.
polymuser brings up another Freeper trope:
I believe Soros’ puppet hand understands precisely.
ProtectOurFreedom - Obama's too Communist to listen to the real facts:
Roger, he’s a COMMUNIST. Commies believe in fairy tales like “Marxian economics” and are hence immune to facts, logic, and empirical evidence.

Besides, his true mission is to destroy the United States, not make us safe, prosperous, and happy.

You really ought to understand that by now.
FredZarguna builds on the theme - education makes you crazy:
School isn't the solution, it's the problem. The kind of schooling is immaterial.

In 0bama's [putative] mind, there's no difference between pictures and words you see in a book, and reality. When these don't match, he doesn't adjust his worldview to conform to objective facts, he simply accepts increasingly delusional defense mechanisms to protect himself from the truth.

That's the nature of mental illness. That's the nature of liberalism. But I repeat myself.

What 0bama should have been forced to do, what all "public servants" should be forced to do, is have a few years of experience working in a non-academic, non-government, non-government-grant related job as a condition for eligibility to hold office.

Not more schooling.

More reality.
ridesthemiles would drive all his employees away to spite Obama:
IF I ran a business which had a number of contracted salaried employees, I would void all of the contracts, and blame the ‘Obama rules’.

I cannot do what the contract says & do what Obama rules say at the same time.

The perks of taking time off without being docked would disappear.

Requiring all employees to clock in would magically appear—by Monday morning hence.

FREE parking might also disappear. In case you think that you can always park for free on company property, think again.

Universal Studios—MCA—has charged employees for parking for years. I worked there from 1971 to 1975 & I paid $2.50 a week—while making about $8 an hour. I really pissed them off when I challenged charging me that parking fee when I was on VACATION. I got it removed on our vacation checks. BTW- we didn’t have assigned parking-—everything was first come, first served on most of the lot. Only the executives & stars got labeled parking.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal? There were always about 7,000 employees on the Universal property per week in those days. A 2 week vacation check deducted $5 for ‘parking’. That amounts to $35,000 extra money to the company for every 2 week vacation. More for the 3 & 4 week vacationers.

Other perks would also disappear. Lots of companies have a ‘birthday’ day once a month to celebrate everybody’s birthday in that month. Others put out free coffee- hot chocolate & tea. There are a lot of items that many companies provide which can disappear.

Obama doesn’t have a clue about what happens with his ‘rules’....but he knows darn well he is creating chaos.

Repeal the Civil Right Acts

Pat Buchanan says we should repeal the Civil Rights Acts. Freepers agree, because racism is over, except against Whites:

Kenny Bunk explains how the laws of the Jim Crow Era were just badly enforced, and the Civil Rights Acts just an overreaction:
Of course Pat is correct in pointing out that these laws are no longer necessary and were in fact, never quite constitutionally legal ... that is they were specifically designed to unconstitutionally favor one group of citizens over others as a remedy for grievances already specifically addressed by constitutional amendments and other laws.

For example, our British cousins are at least a bit more forthright in calling their version of Affirmative Action what it really is, "Positive Discrimination."

Instead of enforcing existing laws, which certainly could have been done to address Negro grievances in the first place, law after law was piled on top of them. In a strange way, this is an echo of "Gun Laws," which in many cases were originally enacted to keep Negroes from their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

However, the Negro vote, 12% of our population, is now concentrated in such a way as to dominate national elections and the representative bodies of the most populated states and is a key Democrat constituency, without which they would pass from national power. Thus, in a practical sense, we are stuck with Political Correctness and Affirmative Action.

Remember the Negroes were an important Republican constituency in earlier non-urban times. That is, until the last freed slaves and then their immediate offspring, passed from the scene.
Viennacon reveals that an evil Democrat was responsible for all the bad parts of the Civil Rights Act
The section ruling on private industry was flatly unconstitutional. The Act had these elements added by Emmanuel Celler (D - N.Y.) after hearings during the negotiation. Republicans, though they were widely in support of the Act should have demanded this be taken out. It was blatantly an expansion of government illegaly into the private sphere, and short-sighted people that they were, they never imagined how the libs would abuse it.
MichaelCorleone is sure that antidiscrimination laws is all that's keeping us from utopia:
Does anyone really believe if Civil Rights laws were repealed we’d go back to black and white drinking fountains?

No. And I’ll go one further - we’ll all live much more productive and satisfying lives together.
MasterGunner01 - liberals are trapped in the 1960s Civil Rights era:
Does anyone really believe if Civil Rights laws were repealed we'd go back to black and white drinking fountains? Blacks riding in the back of the bus? Separate entrances areas for blacks?

NO, but liberals and Blacks certainly do. They're trapped in the 1950s and early 1960s segregation mindset — one they cherish and nourish every day.
Jabba the Nutt knows the entire Government is full of evil Democrats, so no more Federal Civil Rights!
The Fed have proven themselves incapable of objectively enforcing the “civil rights laws’. They are purely an arm of the Democrat Party. The first to go, has to be the sexual harassment laws, and then the civil rights laws. Return this to the States and the People. The Feds ought to have little tonothing to do with individual Americans and getting involved with all this crap has proven to be a disaster once Jim Crow was overthrown.
MeganC relates how she was victmized in High School, so screw everyone else!
I graduated high school Class of 2008. In all four of my years in high school black males who I didn't even know would come up and put their arms around me, hug me, rub on me, and etc. and I could always count on the liberal faculty to do absolutely nothing about it.

Meaning all those civil rights laws never applied to me when I needed them so why should I give a sh*t about them?
While that kind of collective guilt is awful, MeganC showed up on our little blog, and handled some of our more...exuberant posters with what I thought was class.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Illegals and their filthy diseases.

There are measles cases in New York. Freepers immediately know just who to blame, even as they themselves indulge in crazy anti-vaccination paranoia.

Comment 3:
NYC so it must be the hippy variant or the illegals
Comment 4:
So they know for sure it was caused by people refusing vaccines and not uncontrolled immigration?
Comment 5: Comment 7:
Local mechanic I know just came down with the chicken pox. He is around 50 years old. Illegals?
Comment 8:
All those illegal aliens have nothing to do with it? P
Going back, Comment 7 blames liberals:
It's the deviant hippies who have sucked down the paranoid delusion that vaccination causes autism.
porter_knorr must be a deviant hippie
No it’s not. I don’t vaccinate my child and autism was not the reason behind it, other health issues were. I will never understand the conservatives that believe everything they are told about vaccinations from big government, big insurance, and pharma backed doctors.

Measles are not 100%, and even with herd immunity there are still break outs at nearly 100% immunity (

We are in Orange County, California, where there is also currently a “measles outbreak” I don’t remember 10-14 cases...guess what, every one of them has been in contact with someone who has flown in from the Philippines.
More angry anecdotal logic from Secret Agent Man:
in fact you are more at risk to get the flu if you take the flu vax. just came out this year, meta study of years of data.

so kind of thwarts the idea that not getting vaxs is stupid.

also they have gotten rid of many vax’s that were created without using aborted cell lines. i dont make a point to benefit from those murdered by abortion at their expense.
He's all over Free Republic on this anti-science binge lately. I think Cosmos set him off.

Yaelle doesn't understand herd immunity, despite other Freepers talking about it nonstop: Stupid article.

Sixteen people got the measles in New York. Two were unvaccinated by choice. Two others were infants too yng to be vaccinated. TWELVE PEOPLE WERE ALL VACCINATED.

If vaccinations were so great, who cares if some people aren’t vaccinated? But vaccinated does not equal immune. And it does equal a lot of neurotoxins in the brain. A FREE REPUBLIC would allow freedom to choose and this outbreak is a perfect example.

Don’t support following governments blindly.
OneWingedShark;s echo chamber is working properly:
I've read that it is illegal aliens that are bringing these illnesses in (and bedbugs, too).
NoLibZone blames New York City itself, somehow:
The nation pays a steep price for NYC.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Women - can't live with them...

Another Anon special.

Hillary looms on the horizon. Freepers are trying to find a way to hate her for what they see as her main attributes - being female - while not alienating the other women of the world. It's not working.

Sarah Barracuda just yells about abortion and has done with it.
To libs, a way to a woman’s heart is through sucking out a baby out of the womb..nothing makes libs happier than seeing babies being slaughtered in abortion clinics
ExpatGator smugly points out that liberals sometimes get divorces, while he himself has not.
Yeah, their party is made up of faggots, dykes, muzzies, blacks, bitter female divorcees, and the misguided youth of this country. You ever witnessed the average relationship in those communities?
On the other hand we have us, of whom I am one. I’ve been married 20 years, to my first and only wife.
They claim to understand women better than us......
Finny hates women having opportunities:
I hate to say it, but we've become a country of timid, traumatized men, and who's damned fault is that? Grrrrrrrrr. The government (of course), the Left, and women. No Fault Divorce, where women overwhelmingly have gotten the spoils of parental authority for the past two generations, has done more to rape boys and men in America than anything, and it was powered and enabled by the left and government. The boy sees his father an emasculated slave, and wonders what he has to look forward to as a dad himself.

I'd rather vote for men. I'm almost a misogynist, though I'm a woman. I love Thatcher, I love Palin. I'd vote for both. But on balance, I prefer men. It saddens me to see that in America today, THE WOMEN are the ones carrying the Limited Government Conservative banner so high -- where the hell are the guys? But I know they're there, I'm just bitching.

Hey, I'm female.
Finny follows up about an old memory that she's still pissed off about:
I think that in a pop culture where women can get away with murder, literally, figures like Palin are a God-sent blessing. Example: HW Bush silenced by pinhead Katie Couric, who scolded him condescendingly on her show once for his involvement or support, I don't remember which, of tobacco farming. A World War II veteran! And her, a brat young enough to be his daughter! I like to think I'd have yanked her off that set poste haste if I'd been on the scene, and slapped her silly.

Bush was a gentleman, he could not swat down the miserable gnat Couric because she was female. Had she tried such a trick with Thatcher, or Palin in a live forum, she'd have been sliced to ribbons. Girls fight dirty. Hillary would do the same thing, take advantage of a gentleman's honor. My dream 2016 ticket would be Palin vs Hillary. It would be hilarious.
Her profile is mostly about how she was an asshole in 6th grade.

ffusco - the GOP is to manly to care about women: The GOP doesn’t understand Women because they’re Men. Actual Men. Talisker notes that liberal women want to kill all conservative women:
I guess there are no women conservatives or Republicans.

Oh wait, I'm sorry, there are, but they don't exist. You see, Democrat women don't disagree with others, or have discussions, or debate, or consider alternative viewpoints.

No, no, no. These peace-loving, baby and families oriented paragons have a much better method of dealing with disagreement:

They Erase You.

So you see, there are no Conservative or Republican women. They don't exist. Right now, it's figurative. Such women are shunned and not acknowledged, literally denied their humanity and existence.

But as history has repeatedly shown, that's not where progressives leave things. Oh no. Because some sunny day they'll be able to ACTUALIZE their dream of "peace" and actually make all those disagreeing women... disappear.

And then liberal women can say there really, actaully are no conservative or Republican women in America, just like the president of Iran looks the whole world in the eyes and says quite truthfully that there are no homosexuals in Iran.

You think the same females that can chop up a living breathing 9 month old baby into bloody pieces and call it freedom won't do this? LOL! Dream on!

They DREAM of it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Potpourri

GraceG makes the case for Obama's vanity:
Did Carter open the last Cosmos series?

If not it shows how vain Obama really is.
bert explains that nature wants minorities to be completely screwed:
This is a basic Darwinian process........ survival of the fittest.

Being a minority with special needs means those needs can not be met because limited resources are expended for the greater good.

The whole point of the Obama presidency was to destroy the natural order.
Society? not something natural, I guess.

Yaelle thinks other right wing websites make up the rest of the world:
Love the comments at your twitchy link! Heck, they are like freepers! Gives me hope that maybe over 50% of America isn’t fooled by the admin and the media.
MUDDOG has discovered Scientific American is in the tank for Obama:
Every year, Scientific American magazine selects the top ten people who have advanced science and technology for that year:

"This year’s Scientific American 10 pays tribute to the exceptional foresight and accomplishment of a select group whose achievements, particularly during the past year, stand out from those of their peers...This combination of leadership and inventiveness exhibited among the Scientific American winners for 2009 serves as a template for how we might consider tackling the most seemingly intractable problems of resource depletion, inadequate health care and desperate educational need."

Obama was selected as one of the ten, in June 2009.

I cancelled my subscription.
onyx does not trust foreigners data when searching for that Malaysian airplane:
Finally, information from US investigators.

I'm sick of these foreigners with their lousy misinformation and cleansed spy satellite photos 3 days late.
atc23 - analyzes Obama's TV watching habits and decides he's crazy:
So this is what Barry was doing during the Benghazi attack - watching softcore HBO sex and violence.

Why would anyone dare advertise this about the presidentof the United States?

I turned Game of Thrones on once and I'm no stuck up prude but this show has extreme violence, really, really profane dialog, gay sex, bondage sex, rape, anal rape, sexual perversion, guys graphically getting their limbs hacked off . . .

I hear he also likes True Detective - OK, we have a unabashed soft core porn afficianado as president. Plus, couple this with the fact that when he talks about his daughters, it's usually sex related banter about abortions.

Guy has some issues . .
Mariner has a plan for Afghanistan:
"I don’t think we ever defined the enemy in Afghanistan"

Bush did when he went in: The Terrorist training camps and the "State" that supported them.

Both were eliminated within the first few months and that's when we should have got out.

Back for occasional killing sprees, of course.
Ranger Warrior - Obama is so lazy and also doing huge amounts of evil things:
This is more evidence that President 0bama is the laziest president in our nation’s history. He has so much spare time on his hands, yet there have been the following scandals: Fast & Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS. Then there’s the economy, 0bamacare, unemployment (underemployment), slashing the military, out of control spending on entitlements. Still, this very lazy person has time to see the entire season of Game of Thrones.
EDINVA pays attention to the important things:
Is there ONE, dear God, just ONE attractive elected Democrat woman? Last one was Gabby Giffords, a fluke no doubt.
I want the USA back also with the attractiveness of Democratic women:
Too many dried up old humorless hags working for this administration. Wonder why 0 likes them?
married21 thinks Freepers showing gay porn will produce a backlash. Against gay people:
Yes. You know how some anti-abortion activists use gross pictures to make their point? It’s time for some gross pictures to be shown to the naive people who think homosexuality is about love.
dforest on International Internet regulation:
I have had it. The US is dead. We have given up out country to the UN.

I am ashamed.
The crap conspiracy lavaroise sounds amazing:
Well, someone got to compensate for priming money irresponsibly into drugs like Obama does. The slaves are meant to compensate for the negative productivity of weed whackers like him in order to really pay for the services given to him that he does not pay.

Coward corporations will not dare stand up to him. 1929 style Schindler’s list all over again.
savagesusie has an amusingly narrow view of whats a Religion:
The fact is that there is no establishment of Religion by putting up a cross. What Religion would it be????? Baptist? Catholic? Presbyterian?
no-to-illegals hates to speculate:
I would hate to speculate further but mind is going off in a direction that should be left only for books but in this book am think is not out of the realm of possibility with our _resident. LOL ... to keep from scaring myself.
Sergio can't stop thinking of when the blacks riot:
Think about it. Hospitals have water, food, power, drugs, beds, air conditioning. Probably gonna be one of the first places hit and looted by the ferals if the system is out for more that a few days.
icwhatudo senses gayness in the missing Malaysian jet:
If CNN can ramble with possible theories, and people can even talk about UFO’s, terrorism, missiles...then how about this theory:

Maybe its not radar we should be concerned with...its “gaydar”. Take a look at some of the photos of the pilot. He’s got that look. He recently divorced his wife, and just attended the trial of an opposition leader convicted of homosexuality. We’re they lovers?

Yep-total speculation. I guess that qualifies me for CNN now.
HiTech RedNeck - human sexuality was intended to bear the awe of God:
Human sexuality was created by God and it was intended to bear the awe of God. What’s happening is that the awe of the devil is replacing that. God can still win but He has to be asked into the situation. God won’t force Himself down the throat of stubborn sinners.
Many Freepers like Peet have suddenly discovered that Sam Adams is awful beer, after they supported gay marriage in Boston:
Tried a sixer of Sam Adams summer ale once. Took a couple is sips, poured that bottle out and pawned the rest off on unwary guests. Took months to find anybody that had a taste for it. Never saw such a highly regarded brew suck so bad. The pole smokers are welcome to it.

Same here, but I found no takers. Dumped it down the drain.

If I want lemonade, I’ll buy lemonade, dammitall! (Gaahhh — citrus in beer. *spit*)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spotlight Friday: greene66

Its hard to maintain extremism in the long term. As reality continues despite your doomsaying, and people never come around to seeing what you think is obvious, eventually something has to give. Some just cultivate very short memories, just pushing the doom till the next election. Others take refuge in elaborate conspiracies to explain why their worldview hasn't been vindicated.

This Freeper has taken the third way: nihilism. America isn't going to go along with your awesome plan for it? Well then fuck the wrold. All greene66 is gonna do is let everyone on the Internet know how unhappy he is with this country. And talk a lot about old movies.

Gay marriage proves America is over:
Truthfully, I do believe America is indeed in a death-spiral. Economically, culturally, and morally decaying. When I see so much of America embracing deviant crap like homo-marriage, I view it a symbol that America has given itself over to evil, and its days are numbered.
He won't defend America if it gets invaded.
I’m at the end of my rope, regarding America’s slide into socialism, dope and depravity. Most of my entire existence, I would have given my life for my country. Not anymore. If America is bound and determined to embrace evil (and homo-marriage is an apt symbol of this transition), I’m not going to lift a finger for it.
He will be missed.

Screw the Internet.
I remember hearing over and over about the internet breaking the monopoly of the liberal media and the news, and ushering in an opening for a wave of conservatism. Yet, after all these intervening years, I’ve only seen America sink further and further into the muck of socialist statism, and the supposedly ‘more savvy’ younger, internet generations become more and more like brainwashed drones.

Oh, well. I was pretty late to the internet myself (1998). Used to see it much more positively than negatively, at first. Not so sure anymore. It’s certainly led me to have a much, much lower opinion of the American populace than I did beforehand. Lately I’ve actually started toying with the idea of just cutting the internet cord altogether, and excising it entirely from my life. Just as had done many years back with modern tv/pop-culture, and now find myself slowly doing with the news/politics realm as well.
Also, he hates the troops for being gay:
Yes, faggotry is celebrated, and God is well on the way to being completely verboten.

Not too many years back, I spent upwards to a thousand dollars directly out of my back pocket, purchasing books and dvd’s and such for military “care” packages to Iraq and Afghanistan. Packaged them up and mailed them, like clockwork, after I read about such materials being needed.

There’s no way in hell I’d do that again.
He can't care about anything except gay marriage now.
as a concern, Putin taking Crimea is small potatoes, compared to the current decay and disintegration of America. Economically, culturally, and morally, this country is in a death-spiral.
America is making him sick:
Is the military really worth supporting anymore?
Is America really worth supporting anymore?

This country has become such a sick, depraved cesspool. Is it any wonder that Putin and others hold America in such contempt? I look at what has become of this country, and I just want to vomit.
No civilized nations has ever allowed buttsex!
Is America still technically regarded a civilized nation? Especially as the country is devolving into a corrupt, one-party banana-republic, and whose prime foreign policy agenda is promoting homosex?
Carter verus Obama:
It was amazing how impotent America became under Carter, but Obama has taken the country far beyond that low point. And unlike the late-70s, when there was still a large, older populace from the WW2 generation and even before, whose worldviews were grounded in common sense... America-2014, drenched in a soup of decadence, PC-madness, and anti-Christianity, is a moral sewer.

We now have an America where the mere sight of the American flag is often banned for being too “offensive!” Where students get suspended for nibbling pop-tarts in the outline of a gun! Where everyone is expected to bow down and celebrate homosex! Mass insanity. Mass, depraved insanity.

Carter’s America was merely humiliating. Obama’s America is a vomitous cesspool.
Esoteric old movies, too:
You mean you never saw the grungey little potboiler “Louisiana Hussy” (1959), about two Cajun brothers fighting over some hot blonde that shows up on the bayou? Shot on location in Louisiana bayou country.

Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou from the Andy Griffith Show) had a supporting role in it.
Welp, back to rooting for America's demise:
Well, that’s at least the silver lining approach to things. The thought of the prospect of America dying used to seem like an unfathomably calamitous tragedy. But considering what a sick and depraved freak-show that America circa-2014 has become, its loss wouldn’t quite seem to merit the mourning it once did.
With youth, it’s all about dope and homosex.
With youth, it’s all about dope and homosex.

America continues its toxic slide into evil and depravity. There’s no doubt in my mind that this country is entering into its death-spiral.
Old timey America was so good because of its harsh out of proportion vigilante justice
Back when America was really America, the male passengers on the train would have taken this pervert photographer off the train and physically broken his neck. And the whole town would cheer.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Between Two Ferns

The right is trying their best to make Obama's appearance on Funny or Die's Between Two Ferns show into a thing. I guess so that Freeper-types don't call them soft?

But Freepers hardly seem to care, actually. Here is their weak attempts to get angry about some show on a website they've never heard of. They mostly get excited about Galifianakis's lines as though they were true.
I had to cull these comments from three below twenty comment threads.

greene66 seems to have missed the joke:
First thing I saw when I turned my tv on a little while ago. Really lame. A sort of “public access” lameness. The news commentators were discussing how this would appeal to the youth vote. Maybe if said youth are high on dope. Really pathetic.
Yogafist retroactively made it unfunny after Obamacare came up:
I thought it was pretty funny until I realized it was just a commercial for Obamacare.
SoFloFreeper really loves tha rude parody script:
The man-child was probably told to go on as an easy boost for his image among LIVs. But it sounds like this kid asked him tougher questions than 99% of the “journalists” in DC.
A'elian' nation thinks the President threatened poor Zach:
““What’s it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president?”

Sounds like a threat to me by the “bring a gun” president.

lucky american has this damning revelation:
Oh Please. This is like watching a WWE match. Fake,fake,fake. and if anyone believes it wasn’t staged, they are idiots.
Wait, it's not completely spontaneous?

V_TWIN thinks Obama's grumpiness is legit though:
barry shows his thin skin once again.
1Old Pro is also well beyond the parody nature of the questions.
Obama is an embarrassment. Zach asked some pretty good questions that I think are more serious than most reporter questions.
V_TWIN is done with the blacks:
“last black prez”..........we can only hope.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Universe sucks

Freepers actually buy into space stuff more than you'd think. It's grandness appeals to them, and you don't need to worry overmuch about evolution. Plus Reagan liked the Space Shuttle.

But of course, the moment Obama says he likes it, Freepers always hated space. So we get some amusingly broad and uniformed contempt of the new Cosmos show because Obama will briefly appear.

NewHampshireDuo is way behind Richard Feynman in the 1980s.
Will he talk about “Planet Debtstar” that owes trillions and trillions?
defconw is keeping crappy reality TV alive!
We’ll be watching Ax Men.
Diana in Wisconsin is as petty as ever:
I’ll borrow the original from the Library before I’ll watch that POS’s intro. And seriously, I won’t even do THAT because it’s effing PBS!

His intro will be something along the lines of, “I...Um...Know you...Um...think the Universe revolves...Um...around the Sun and all, REALLY revolves around ME!”

Bite me. And Dr. deGrasse (Tyson) can can kiss my assy...
Gonna have to see about adding her to the spotlight queue

Diogenesis free associates as always:
The undocumented Destroyer of NASA and the US Constitution will take “bow” for crypto-Islamic-terrorism by Lawfare.
svcw has a rather broad definition of ruin:
Is there nothing he won’t ruin knows what Obama will say:
This gives him an opportunity to remind everyone that moslems are really,really good at space and stuff.
funfan is sure the show is hiding Obama's appearance out of fear of Feepers:
I just saw a commercial for this and I noticed they did not mention Dear Leader would be introducing it which I suspect was purposeful.
I wish this nut bag would just go away.
dforest agrees that it is ruined:
So I guess I won’t watch this. I am sick of Obama’s always having their faces on TV.

Obama has made a joke out of NASA and abandoned the space program, so I think this is repulsive that he will be the face of this.

Maybe some Muslim outreach will be embedded in this series. Ugh
Gene Eric ...
And some say science isn’t political.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hating the IRS

Freepers' hate of taxes is not super high up on their huge list of things they hate. Sure, they hate it and rail against it, but without a person to truly focus all their hate on, Freepers can't really get incandescent. Enter Lois Lerner. At the nexus of the IRS and Obama, she is the Freeper hate-goat of the moment.

methodic_progression thinks Issa needs more showmanship:
Watching Issa, I see absolutely no passion in him. It’s like he is just reciting questions he thinks the people want him to ask, but without any conviction. Emotions are one of the most effective tools in a prosecutors arsenal and can go a long way in swaying opinion. Obviously, you want facts, but if the defendant isn’t giving them up, that’s no reason to just let them waltz out freely without at least tearing them a new one. I agree that Gowdy should be running this show.
CivilWarBrewing thinks Democrats are all showmanship:
What happened during Hillary's Benghazi hearing? HILLARY HAD AN OUTBURST "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!!!"


The GUILTY Dems really know how to grab the headlines by engaging in 'Diversionary Tactics 101'. Notice how Lerner stuck around during Cummings' outburst instead of leaving? That was the plan all along.

When you're GUILTY, have an OUTBURST!!!
hondact200 does not lack passion:
just lock the whore up. stop paying her useless retirement. Gee these idiots in DC are so stupid. be done with the whole thing arrest them all and waterboard them already.
867V309 knows it's not that the scandals are's all Issa's fault!
Issa: Where scandals go to die.
Cheerio knows why:
leapfrog0202 adds no 5th Amendment rights to not voting and all sorts of other things government workers shouldn't get:
Next week? Today’s Wednesday, how about Wednesday? She belongs in jail now.

IMO if you work for the government and you are asked about something to do with your job, you should not be allowed to take the 5th.
What the crap is Rome2000 talking about?
Issa is currently a LAUGHING STOCK amongst those of us "Regular" American citizens who care about the DC apparatchik war on the right.

He's pissing off the Pope.
MtnClimber councils "leftist tactics," by which he means torture:
Testimony to Issa would be the easy way. An angry citizen, unhappy with the way their taxes are spent may grab her and impose more leftist tactics to make her sing like a canary. Myself, I would not hold back at the incremental increase in force against this certain criminal communist. The muslims that Zero worships know how to do head chopping. Is turnabout not fair play?