Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Obamma maniacs aint got nothin' on Freepers and their Saracuuda!

NordP has this advice:

Sarah - don't listen to ANYONE other than your own gut!


Palin is obviously awesome, cause she gave that one speech at the convention she didn't write! I know in her gut she's super cool!

dakto68 hates the haters:

No conservative will look at Sarah and see anything negative. So Sarah may not live up to expectations every time.

SO FxxKing what?

Sarah has more courage than anyone I’ve seen in my sixty four years as a free American.

She connects with people in a way that is truly inspiring.

Some people see the lack of experience and question her overall benefit.

Let me tell you, if she had the experience, she would be part of the establishment.

But, she is very new to this and that gives her a huge edge in my book.

Her Star will be shining so bright even you wont able to miss it-just give Her time.

Wow, being conservative is defined by how little you see negative in Sarah Palin?

Then enter AmericanInTokyo, and it starts to get weird.

As corny as it would sound to libs, atheists and moral relativists, maybe there should be a SARAH PALIN VP DEBATE PRAYER THREAD on FR starting 1/2 hour before the debate (while she has stomach butterflies) and ending at its conclusion (?)

This is the real deal and she cannot afford to blow it. A real David(a) vs. Goliath.

toddausauras seconds that emotion:
As have I. I’ve never prayed for a politician before, it seemed almost wrong until now.

But Sarah's special! She's almost...holy.

Linda Frances offers the following prayer:

Heavenly Father,

We ask that You give Sarah the wisdom, knowledge, insight and understanding to win the debate Thursday.

Calm her and let her feel Your presence and peace from this day forward.

Stop any traps the enemy might attempt.

Let her be as You created her; quick-witted, smart, and very likable.

Guard her heart and mind.

Keep her and her family safe.

I pray You open the eyes, ears and hearts of the American people to see her honesty, decency and integrity.

May they also see and understand fully the truth of Obama’s cruel stand on abortion, his sinful promotion of gay marriage, and his associations with criminals and evil people.

Thank You for hearing our prayers. Amen!

Do I hear an AMEN!

"Dear God, please make all my wishes come true, cause I'm right so I know you're on my side. Amen."

Finally, lets cleanse our palate with another little lady Conservatives love. pillut48 hits us with:

I still think Smilin' Joe's gonna make a MAJOR gaffe *on purpose* and cause a big snit over it, and wind up having to 'step down' because of it--then Hillary will be asked publicly by Ubama to fill his place and she will after coyly refusing at first, because it is the thing to do 'for the party and our country'--
OCTOBER SURPRISE--JUST WAIT! IT'S COMING!(...and set into motion years ago by ???)

Way to keep hope alive dude! At this rate, 50 years from now Hillary will be our most remembered non-President ever!

Monday, September 29, 2008

True believers

The bailout bill failed? Awesome! Now the free market can really get cranking!


One of the best days I can remember.
Yes we may all lose our shirts. But the Republic is safe for now.

Everyone losing their shirts will totally make for a safe Republic. Rampant poverty just builds character in a society! Just look at Nigeria Chile Japan!

anonsquared has a cunning plan:

If [Pelosi] does [Pass a Democratic bailout pakage], I hope all conservative FReepers know enough to use the dead cat bounce to get out of the market. See how she likes running the country with no money from the worker bees. Talk about colony collapse
After going to cash in April, the spouse was complaining about the gains we were missing in May. All quiet on the western front now. :)

Yes! Crash the economy to spite Pelosi! That'll show em! (BTW if you're curious, dead cat bounce)

AU72 thinks the bill losing all those Republican votes is Pelosi's fault:

Could Pelosi have poisoned pilled the bill with her nasty partisan speech on purpose to get the larded up bill on the floor for the ‘rats to ram through?

Yes, Pelosi knew the Republicans would vote against the bill to spite her because of her speech.

mo gets what this bailout is really about: ACORN. And Hillary.

the unseen elephant in the room here guys, is that this a good chunk of this bill....the ACORN payoff...is basically a payoff NOT to do violence ...ala “Brown Shirts” 1933 stuff...when Bambi loses the election.
Problem is ...if Bambi wins...they may well be semi-militarized...if he does not ...and they don’t get their cash..they’ll riot. If he does not win...AND they get their cash ....they remain a significant threat to the Republic..altho probably won’t do more than smash a few windows.
IMHO...the Clintons lit the fuse...these guys were SUPPOSED to be their Brown Shirts....they lost control.

This...guy types like...William Shatner! Also, ACORN as Nazis? Howe does this benefit the Clintons exactly? Never mind, at Free Republic a threefer Nazi/Obama/Clinton ref is it's own reward.

Niuhuru sees Pelosi's death in this:

[Pelosi] will not be happy till they burn the US Constitution, start using the ruble over the dollar, salute Seigh Heil to Obama, bow and thank them for giving us free stuff, outlawing guns, the Christian religion, and remaking the USA into a communist nation.

Without realizing that once an actual politboro/dictatorship takes over she would be the first in front of a firing squad because of her willingness to back stab her own government.

People like communist filth might like treachery, but they do not like treason.

Wow, this guy has the future all figured out, eh? I wonder how many guns he enjoys cleaning every night as he reads Newsmax.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Taking a week off.

Need to recharge the political batteries.

Be back Mon, Sept. 28.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haxors part 2!

The Haxors strike back after yesterday's worries. Palin's e-mails get totally pwnd!

Freepers know who to blame and what to do:

4chan.org is responsible for this. Simple as that. Call your congress person and get this cess poll of a website taken down.

Yeah, lets shut down the hacker website! The is totally something the government can stop. What could possibly go wrong?

Harry Wurzbach knows who's really responsible:
Yeah, he is. It would appear that the real perp’s identity has hit the internets. If so, this investigation will be over quickly and will flow right back to the Dems.

Yeah, because the people who spend all their time on the internet are totally politically connected!

rdl6989 is like an Internet detective:
Yahoo is a moonbat haven. I’m not surprised.

FTL also drops some logic that ends with the Obama campaign:

4Chan = 4Change = Obama Campaign and his Army of Creeps is behind this.
Obama Campagin = Army of Creeps.

Bad Slogans: the best logic of all.

marron is sure the Dems are at least for this turn of events:
The point is, they aren't opposed to tapping someone's communications. They are just opposed to tapping the Taliban's communications.

I know the internets are all abuz with people saying this hack is great! Even the people on b/chan, the hacker site, think this is dumb!

redstates4ever seems to have some sort of liberal tourettes:
Just had to say it: LIBERAL FASCISM

o2bfree blames someone unaffiliated with the Obama campaign:

Yahoo needs to:

a) apologize to McCain/Palin.

b) explain that Palins email
account was hacked by an employee

c) fire the employees involved.

It's funny cause they are all so sure they know what happened without proof!

RobRoy has the solution to the problem: paranoia:
For the record, EVERYTHING I put in writing I do so with the assumption that the one person in the world who hates me and would hurt me any way they can will be
able to get to it.
I don’t care all that much about internet security.

Guess RobRoy isn't a huge fan of writing.

MrB busts out the scripture to show Palin is in the right:

2 Cor 2:14-17
paraphrase - the "scent of Christ" attracts the good and repulses the wicked.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's teh Haxorz!

KayEyeDoubleDee has a post about how Liberal Haxors are totally gunning for Free Republic. They're going to haxor all it's bits and then there will be not bits left and the terrorists will win!

From the main post:
If you guys in the Robinson family don't get your act together, and get it together soon, then the Nut Roots are going to take down this site, and take it down hard, for the next two months.

upchuck notes how essential Freepers are:
Free Republic has gone from a place for conservative to hang out to a major disseminator of conservative thought, ideas, news, etc. Free Republic today is essential to the conservative cause.
Please be proactive in protecting Free Republic from left wing attacks. If this means a special FReepathon to buy equipment or pay for colos, then so be it.



The lib hackers currently being in panic frenzy has a lot to do with it getting more intense. But, it’s not just FR.
The Libs may be dumb, but any box of pet rocks can see that you can make tons of money, and control people’s desires and emotional levels through the internet, supported by the already entrenched MSM.


They must strike underhandedly, to win. Tells me a lot.

They must strike underhandedly to win IN YOUR HEAD!

skinkinthegrass cuts straight to the paranoia
This is Direct Attack on Free Expression....Pro-OBambi / OBiden / DBM / MSM / DNC - Led attack.If They win...America loses....

See, the funny thing is that nowhere in this thread has anyone that is involved with the site said there was any kind of attack. But to Freepers, judging liberals based on crimes they've committed in imaginary land is not just common, it's considered the height of virtue and vigilance.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For certain values of sanity.

river rat re: our incursion into Pakistani space and US helicopters possibly taking fire.

The Pakis had better pray this is untrue!

In a sane world with a sane President - the Pakis should understand clearly there is NO SANCTUARY anywhere in Pakistan for enemy against whom we are in hot pursuit or in search of....

If the Pakis won’t expel, pursue or kill the enemy we pursue — WE WILL.

The first aggressive action by Paki forces against Coalition forces will have two immediate results:

1. All financial aid, diplomatic relationships, visa or foreign worker permits come to an immediate END. All Paki nationals in the U.S. as students, employees or tourists would be expelled.

2. Lots of Pakistan troops and infrastructure will be at risk of destruction.

"Paki." And then there's the definition of Pakistani forces. But subtlty is likely not this guy's strong suit.

Nurturing a Fakeroversy.

Obama isn't a big fan of Bush's executive agreement with the Iraqis to have permanent bases there.

The NY Post et al spun this as Obama secretly negotiating with the Iraqi government regarding U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. Free Republic is on the case!

maine-iac7 is super excited that the usual suspects have picked up the story. That's like halfway along the trail from tin-foil land to MSM coverage!

Huge thread in Breaking News...first reported in the NY Post and then on Fox, Drudge, Rush, Mark Levin, etc.


Hooray! The right wing media is attacking Obama! The inevitable is occurring! Everyone get excited!

plain talk knows who should handle this situation:
Actually McCain needs the barracuda to take this one and tell it like it is - no holds barred.

Palin: is there anything she can't do?

PhiKapMom goes all substantive:
Thanks for posting that info. Since when does Congress get involved in troop govements and agreements to withdraw?
I am getting to have a hatred toward Obama that will not quit. It has surpassed anything I felt against Clinton and is on a level with Kerry and Carter but about to sink even lower then those two.
So this ZERO went to Iraq and told them not to negotiate with the Bush Administration because he was going to be President? At least that is the way I read it from the quote.

Wow! You can SEE this distortion grow in the course of this very post.

voxitar tries to get in early on the bumper sticker bandwagon:
YES! YES! YES! OBAMAGATE is gettin’ legs! Woo hoo!

Obamagate...Freepers better keep working on this. Graphics and cartoons out by the end of the week! Move people, a swiftboating needs to be FAST!

atc23 comes to you only out of concern!
Guys - Color me skeptical that Obama actually did this. This is something that is beyond the imagination. It cannot be. This will turn out to be THE story of the decade and IF TRUE will surely lead to the immediate suspension of the Obama / Biden campaign.

Story of the decade? Immediate suspension?

ETA MSM picking up this turd: tomorrow.

UPDATE: TPM tells us this Taheri guy is kind of a liar anyhow, though based on how small the story is once you unspin it, I think it's true.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Economy of the stupid

Lehman Brothers is filing for Bankruptcy. Not really any Dem to blame, it seems. Freepers therefore use this opportunity to expound on more generally on their well thought out economic precepts.

dalereed isn't a big fan of the 1900s.

Can’t happen quick enough!
take out everyone living on credit.

I have no doubt that this well thought out plan would turn out super well.

Moonman62 shows his open mindedness:
W's done lots of things to screw over the economy, but nothing would ever make me vote for Obama.

Way to follow the evidence, dude!

expat_panama makes a hilarious joke about taxes:
the day Obama taxes 100% of our income is the day nobody has any income for taxing --zero taxes!

1. I'm not sure expat really understands how taxes work.
2. I'm pretty sure this is not Obama's secret plan.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dwelling on the dead.


Free Republic mourns in it's own hate-filled way.

Eye of Unk
The real shame is that many wish to elect to the highest of the United States a man that for the most part probably cheered when the first plane struck the WTC.

The shame is that here in NYC people are so liberal they forget WHO did this to us. Half the morons here believe Bush did it .Sick country we have !

Today just the one day a year that the MSM honors (even thinks of) the dead and
survivors, some suffered horrible injuries, you can bet the MSM employees will include as victims the targets of hate crimes by Americans attacking “people who look different.” Count on it.

9-11, the Holiday that just keeps on giving. Muslim hate, MSM hate, liberal hate. I bet Freepers wish it came more than once a year!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Arthur Wildfire! March

God bless us one and all.
To be less glib, Sarah Palin and her family are now in a spiritual war every bit as much as a political one. This war is more important than our war on terror. It’s a war for America’s soul.
The rats sense a need to dehumanize her. No matter what BO’s intentions are, some of his followers hope to equate her with a pig — anything to destroy her.

Freeper Lexicon:

Hillary Clinton - The Queen of Darkness, Hillary Rotten Clinton, Hitlery, Her Royal Lowness, Hag-dad Hillary, Her Royal Thighness, Chappaqua Rose, Lady in Pink, Machiavellian Mama, Hildebeast (Hildabeast), Wide Load, Rodham Hussein, Fat Bottomed Girl, Hillarywho, The Red Marxist Queen of the Universe, Pantload, Satan's Daughter, UtterFailure, Hillarrhea, HielHitlery, Hilla the Hun, The Lady MacBeth of Little Rock, Mrs. Bent One, Shrillery Antoinette, Ms. Clintigula, Madame Hamhocks, Cankles, She Who Must Not Be Named, Her Crusty Pantsuitness (see also Crusty or Ol' Crusty), Pig in a pantsuit (PIAPS)

(my emphasis)


This is now a WAR. MCCAIN and RNC need to challange these comments and make it an issue since the Naai media is stone silent. Imagine if Mccain called Hillary
a pig or deadfish ? ? Cmon this is an outrgage. It is time to declare WAR
against these slime ball socialist scum bags!

List of hundreds of articles about Hllary Clinton tagged with the Keyword "PIAPS," or "Pig in a Pantsuit.


Obama is using dirty socialist tactics. Key words “pig” and “smells like a fish” injects a subconcious image into readers heads when thinking of Sarah.

This guy is a real sleazeball.

I think it is time to fight back with words like “pimp” and “pants pooper” when refering to the other side.

From this thread about Hillary.

I swear to God, when the Daily show is off for the week, the Republicans come out to play.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Freddie and Fannie are the Democrat's fault!

Government is giving fat sacks of cash money away to investors in Fannie and Freddie. Well, the Freepers know whose fault it is. Hint: its not the Government.

Bubba_Leroy sees a conspiracy!

Why is the mainstream media not talking about/reporting this?

Because it will hurt the Democrats in general and Obama in particular.

The crooks that ran Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into the ground are all now financial advisers to Obama's campaign.

Hmmm, somehow I'm not sure if the statements Bubba makes actually represent reality.

xcamel brings up an old villain:
Jamie Gorelick (911 fame) was a director.

Gorelick was the one that thought there was a wall between the FBI's intelligence gathering and criminal sides. Proof it was a Dem plot!

Mr. Jeeves brings up Reagan.

Even Reagan believed that home ownership would magically turn the poor and minorities into conservatives. We can state unequivocally that that GOP-propelled experiment has been a dismal failure.

The only reason to do something is if it will turn people conservative.

Mr. K can't talk about Palin in the other 100 threads talking about her:

I would love to see Palin give a speech on this— with all the attentions she is getting it might actually sink in

While I also wish Palin would take more talking points from Free Republic, I am not optimistic the McCain campaign will be so dumb.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Community organizers

Heh. So there's a new liberal meme, "Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor." Oh no you didn't!

mrmargaritaville goes full Hitler:

Adolf Hitler was a community organizer-his beer hall putsch was an example
of his “community organizing”.

Dude! Never go full Hitler right out of the gate!

squidward goes the other way, and challenges Obama being a community organizer
That's fine, but I don't recall Jesus being a racist, Muslim, terrorist sympathizer.

pipecorp wants to make a point:
Jesus Christ was a Community organizer, proving how incompetant Obama as
community organizer was.

Obama: worse the Jesus. Also, misspelling of incompetent. Heh.

Ann Archy doesn't make a lot of sense:

?? Is this some reference to Jesus being black? Or just racist Whagarble?

P8riot doesn't just have a hilarious name, he also sets everyone straight:
You’re all wrong. Jesus IS God.

Well, glad we cleared that up then.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Joe Biden is going to debate a crazy moose-rider?

Freepers really think this is going to happen to them.

So cute!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Republican Muslims? Not according to Free Republic

*whew* made it to the weekend of this Palinorama. We'll see if there's some variety next week, or I may be going on vacation.

But I did manage to ferret our some quality. An article from a Muslim Republican unhappy with how the party is treating Islam.

Psycho_Bunny enjoys making broad generalizations he does so about 2 groups at once!

Conservatism and Islam could not be more opposite. One cannot be an American conservative and a Muslim.
This article is 100% propaganda.

Nope. No Muslims like lower taxes. And Muslims hate hating things. That was sarcasm, btw.

Mr. Jeeves manages to go bit further.
There is too much evidence that one cannot be loyal to Islam and to America at the same time, that's why. The core values are too different. There will come a day when they have to choose, and everyone fears that choice will be to side with enemies of the USA who are doing "Allah's" work.

A time of choosing? Yeah, not sure if your apocalyptic idea of reality is gonna occur, there.

Leave Islam, problem solved.

heh. Yeah, leave your people, that's all we ask!

Dinah Lord has the ultimate test:

I challenge every so-called Muslim Republican (notice how the Muslim always comes first?) cited in the article to recite the pledge of allegiance with me...

especially that ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD’ part.

God not allah.

Hmmm, she may need a bit of a primer about what "Allah" means, there. See, Allah means God so...there may be a flaw in her patronizing little test.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin and the bridge to nowhere.

First of all, this.

So there's a bit of a thing in Sarah Palin's humdinger of a red meat convention speech. She talks about the bridge to nowhere. Turns out she was for it until the political winds shifted, and then she was against it.

A few Freepers called her on it. But most of them, well...idological purity only goes so far when you're in luuuve.

pissant just doesn't care about honesty in politics:
I agree. Wise flip. Like Romney’s on abortion, guns and just about everything else. But it will give the demos some ammo, regardless. Nothing major.

"wise flip" WTF?

tobyhill just keeps his standards super low:
She never said she never supported the bridge but in the end she didn't support it.

Well, if she didn't describe exactly what she did, I guess that's okay then.

Candor7 plays the gender card. Republican style:

That could be a real problem if Palin were a man.

But as a woman, and a darned purty one, she can say:

"A lady is allowed to change her mind!"

Case closed.

Soft bigotry of low expectations indeed!

Blogger just rewrites the facts:

She vetoed the project and Alaska kept the delegation money as payback to repair the damage done to Alaskan infrastructure due to the many out of state employees the federal government sends into the area. Not sure how she would send back
money already obtained.

So, Sarah as the fiscal conservative fighting for responsible spending is intact.

Repair the damage done to the Alaskan infrastructure? Brilliant! If it weren't for the ANWR talking point that Alaska's infrastructure is strong like moose, I'd say this was going to be the next talking point.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hate is a Force that Gives Freepers Meaning

Sure, the RNC is going on and I could post about that. But really, Free Republic at the moment is all Palin all the time. And when I saw a thread called To the DNC and Your Rumor-Mongering Minions:SHE'S OUR SARAH AND YOU CAN'T HAVE HER I had to stop by. And we have Freepers united around Sarah Palin. Well, not so much around Ms. Palin as in hatred against the all-powerful liberals:

ari-freedom sees the truth:

A few moments ago on FOX, Michael Steele alleged that there is a coordinated effort by the DNC and major Democratic operatives to tarnish the image of Sarah Palin to the point where by this time next week, she is forced to withdraw.

Hmmm, vast left-wing conspiracy?

Virginia Ridgerunner sees the plots:

We know that her social security number has been hacked and the liberals are using it.
Major federal crime!

Well, if "We know" there's really no need for proof.

VRWCmember is so pissed!

Last night [Michael Savage] was saying republicans need to flood McCain with demands to have her withdraw her nomination. He was bitterly hateful and sounded like the screaming liberals.

Savage was bitterly hateful?! Say it ain't so!

2nd Bn, 11th Mar was moved to poetry. To angry, hate-filled poetry:

All right, listen up!
Especially you, John McCain and your staff.
You will not pull the plug on Sarah Palin.
She is the real deal and has energized us to the max.
Picking Sarah for Veep is a brilliant stroke on several levels, so just make sure you stay the course.
We will back you (and her) every step of the way to November.
I don’t care if every caribou she’s killed was poached or if that state trooper was Buford Pusser reincarnated - we want Sarah Palin to stay on this ticket.
If you guys get week knees under the leftists’ assaults, just keep the mission in mind and return fire.
I believe it was Stonewall Jackson who admonished, “Never take counsel of your fears.” Good advice to remember when they’re trying to seize the initiative.
You must see it through.
Semper Fi,

Emphasis mine. Yes, she's so awesome, crimes don't matter! Their hate-driven love for this lady seems to have blinded Freepers to any ideas of electability.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free Republic's baby mama drama.

Freepers heard yesterday that Palin's daughter is pregnant out of wedlock. And they couldn't be happier!

Good for Bristol.
And I hope she has 10 or 15 more babies after this one.

This girl needs a baby shower not a liberal media roasting. Anybody have any
idea where I can send her a car seat or something?


It happens. It doesn’t take away the fact that Sarah Palin was a brilliant
choice as VP. If anything, it may make the ticket more palatable to many.

Peope can relate to her now! How un-elitist it is to have a daughter get knocked up!

Kevmo knows just what to do: attack Obama!
Obama’s Mama can help with that, if the granddaughter ends up being born
overseas and she wants the baby to be a citizen.

wardaddy understands Bristol's mistake:
in today’s age of hyper sexuality this is no surprise.....young hormones have a mind of their own sometimes regardless of the parent's intent.

Hormones were different back in my day.

But just for fun, lets look at what some Freepers had to say when Britney Spears' sister got pregnant before marriage.

Welcome to skank America!

Candice Bergan gave birth to the first TV bastard Avery Brown


These girls surely are blowing up early. Take a look at Brit. She went from a hot chick to a porker in just a few short years. Look for younger sis to be a plus size girl within a few years.

Fat baby mamas in before they are 30....yuck.


I dunno, I guess I’m old fashioned, but I just think you should be married before you pop out babies. I know, I know it’s better than abortion, but geeze, if you’re engaged, why not go ahead and tie the know BEFORE the blessed event??