Friday, June 28, 2013

Spotlight Friday: greene66


Bitterness. This guy, all he does is dwell on conservatives defeats and hate America. It's not even hatred, it's just bitterness poisoning his soul. I'm not even sure if he yearns for some idealized past; he's just focused on the flaws of the present.

Gay marriage = burn America
Better that the country burn to the ground than embrace this perverted deviancy. The moment some lib Court tries to impose this crap on my state, I’ll be taking down arms and joining a secessionist movement.
Lots like this:
I don’t think I could ever leave America. But the country is indeed a putrid, dying shell of what it once was, and is now clearly devolving into abject evil. I’ll just bide my time until it all falls, waiting to pick up arms when some feasible self-survival/secession movement might arrive.
Texas may be the only survivor:
I’m sticking with America. Not that I think America itself has a future. It’s devolved into a degenerate, statist cesspool... a pathetic shell of its former greatness and glory. But there’s still a fair chance a part of it (encompassing here in Texas and beyond) will ultimately have to make a self-survival gambit and break away. I’ll take up arms and fight for that. America? As it is now? Not worth lifting a finger for. It can burn.
America used to be awesome:
I’m so glad I have memories of America when it still reflected not only greatness, but the very height of human civilization, back before it became such a sick, ugly, deviant sewer.
Uphill both ways:
Same here. During summers, to pay for college, I was a laborer. I friggin’ DUG DITCHES! And deep in those ditches, tarred and wrapped the welds on a pipeline. In a swampy marsh, full of mosquitoes, in humid 110-F heat-indexes. And in college, I studied. I think I attended no more than two parties the whole time.

Students with debt? The ones voted for Obama? And whose primary political interest is in dope and fag-marriage?
In his America, there's a lot more civilian beatings:
Total thumbs-up to the crowd for slapping the snot out of the two pervs. That’s the kind of positive, take-charge action you used to see in America, when people demanded standards of decency in public. Back when America was a great country, and wouldn’t put up with such crap.
Debt is for the weak!

More rooting for America to fail:
With amnesty, fag-marriage, and impending Obamacare...

Let it collapse! Can’t say I give a damn.
Also, fuck the troops:
With Obama’s faggotization of the military, the “uniform” no longer carries the awe and respect it used to for me.
Gays love feces, I hate America!
What about fag polygamists? Like a dozen bathhouse perverts all married to one another, playing in each others feces, and getting the same legal and government standing as a normal husband-and-wife?

America continues its rapid decay into the abyss. What a sick, vomit-inducing joke this country has become. This is going to be the first July 4th in my life in which I’m not even going to put the flag out. To hell with it.
The Republican running for office in Massachusetts is impure and thus going to hell:
amnesty? fag marriage? gun control?

Any Republican supporting that garbage is a worthless scumbag as far as I’m concerned. Does the Senate need another GOP open-borders traitor? Or a degenerate piece of filth that embraces fag marriage? I’m glad Gomez lost, and I hope he goes straight to hell, where he belongs.
Rubio is a lying scumbag.

What the hell else is there to say?

Other than I hope the bastard chokes to death.
Putin, now there's a go-getter!
Well, it’s certainly easier to have respect for Putin, compared to the pathetic joke that constitutes American leadership... metrosexual wimps like Obama and Kerry who are turning our military into a faggotized “Gay Pride” parade, and Congressional scumbags who toss our sovereignty into the wastebasket with open-borders and amnesty. America deserves the contempt it is receiving.

I hope Putin continues to tell Obama to eff off!

Immigration Bill Drama

Freepers continue to be in rare form as the immigration bill passes the Senate. Calls for revolution and cries of treason abound!

OneWingedShark is all about the Internet lynching threats:
Hm, well, is it time for ropes and lamp-posts?
OneWingedShark follows up with more content!
So, 68 people need tried for treason.
greene66 is just waiting for the US to fall and leave behind a better, more savage world.
When America falls (which looks sooner rather than later), I hope some of these open-borders traitors are still living, so they can be hunted down like the Israelis hunted down old Nazi war criminals.

May each and every one of these bastards burn in hell.
Poor Rubio - Thane_Banquo
I will gladly donate to whomever decides to primary Rubio (D - Havana).
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost is all in on the blackmail theory of everything:
Ayotte voted yes. The NSA must have data mined the heck out of her E-mails, cellphone, etc.. If she’s ever been naughty, the NSA knows how to change her vote.
Uncle Miltie has the pettiest prayer yet:
Dear Lord hear our prayer

May the law breakers receive no amnesty in the House of Representatives, who, if they are truly representative of Americans, will reject this reward for law breaking.
livius is to busy pissing himself about Muslims to care about anything else:
Nobody anywhere - not only in the Senate but here on FR - has discussed the real problem: Muslim immigrants. Those are the only people who have attacked us (btw, none of them have come through Mexico, and most of them arrived here legally, permitted and even paid for by our very own government). There was no discussion of the suitability of Muslim immigration, despite the fact that Obama has not only taken away from legal Latin American immigration to give more slots to people from “Muslim countries” and brought hundreds of thousands of them here from various parts of the globe, but that he has repeatedly announced plans to expand this.

People on FR were so distracted by their (to me, completely inexplicable) hatred of Mexicans, who are declining as an immigrant group anyway because their country is doing better and most of them actually do not want to come here, that they missed the real issues.

But maybe that’s what they deserve. The problem is that the rest of us will be subject to it too.
Jane Long has a Hall:
Their names will be forever etched in the Hall of Those Who Betrayed America.
I wonder how many thingsDemocrat_media defines as pure evil?
Senators that voted for this Amnesty are traitors . pure evil
Democrat_media follows up to insist that the House obstruct harder than ever before, politics bedamned!
Michelle Bachman explained it. ANY House bill no matter if it promises all the border security in the world will be a trojan horse.NO bill at all must come out of the House because it will be merged with the Senate Amnesty and trojan horse bill. Call congress.

Tell them to stop all Amnesty or immigration bills.they are all trojan horse bills. some will promise border security that will never be enforced anyway. but in the bill will be the virus:
OwenKellogg mixes up Freepers with America again:
BREAKING: Senate, like the Supreme Court, defies America.

Obituary to follow.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Michael Hastings Conspiracy

Freepers are actually very particular about their conspiracy theories. They require a conservative victim and a liberal perpetrator, otherwise why bother? Thus you can have birthers and Fast and Furious and Benghazi and all sorts of fun, but when it happens to a liberal, well...why should Freepers care?

Thus it took about a week of right wing bloggers hinting "questions remain" and "conspiracy theorists are suggesting" before Freepers engaged the speculation engine about journalist Michael Hastings' car crash, and even then it's a mere 100 posts heavily referencing previous conspiracy theories. In my opinion, things only got rolling with the story that his car was hacked - Freepers may hate school, but they are often technophiles.

BigEdLB remembers a conspiracy with a cleaner narrative
It is creepy ... Breitbart 2.0
Ann Archy and her capital letters show up:
ooohhh. the FBI SHOWED UP????? VERY, VERY INTERESTING!!! WHY THE HELL would the FBI show up at an ACCIDENT SCENE??????? To make sure he;s is UNIDENTIFIABLE and DEAD????
libstripper posits car accidents are differentiated only by speed.
He certainly had to be going at a very high speed for the fuel to ignite as it did. Remember Princess Di. Her vehicle, a Mercedes, was going about 80 m.p.h. when it hit a bridge column. She, the driver, and her paramour were all killed, the ultimate cause of their deaths being they did not wear seat belts. Her 28 year old body guard, the only real adult in the vehicle, survived because he was wearing a seat belt, even though he was in the "suicide seat." There was no fire, in spite of the high speed impact. Here, even though the vehicle was a Mercedes, one of the world's safest automobiles, there was a massive conflagration on impact. Makes one wonder, especially in light of Fast and Furious.
Jim Noble is trying to tie it all together:
The big enchilada in this matter is the use of NSA data to fuel IRS, EPA, OSHA, and other illegal harassment.

The connection is there, somewhere. If this was a Republican President, the Democrats in Congress would already have a proper investigation underway.

Also, if your aunt had ba**s, she’d be your uncle.
bgill just adds this to the paranoia pile:
How this country has changed in 5 short years. It’s not a shadow of what it was.

That pic of the burned car should give us all pause. Sure, it could be an accident but how many times does it take for someone on the verge of breaking news to suddenly died for it not to be mere coincidence?
FlingWingFlyer has very low standards for what a police state is.
This story is starting to give me the creeps. I never thought America would come to this. Of course, I also never thought this country would embrace a communist police state either.

Texas abortion fillibuster

Maybe it's because they have other, gayer things on their plate at the moment, maybe it's because it was more symbolic than practical; but Freepers weren't too worked up about the filibuster drama in Texas where a single legislator rallied protesters and fellow Dems and held up an anti-abortion bill (until the new legislative session that Gov. Perry has called).

The quantity may have been down, but there was some quality anger, though.

PapaNew's slogan should totally catch on:
"Your body, you choice ends where your baby's body begins."
skinkinthegrass seems confused about many things:
What! the NoW feminazi; won't get their "holy" sacrament..
the Devils' nminion (O'Blowfly) shall write an EO overrule the condition.
kenmcg - Alinsky!
Right out of Alinsky’s book for radicals. The RATS, prevented the majority’s voice from being heard.......while the massacre of babies continues.
SoFloFreeper has a plan:
Keep the Republicans in town, wait til the pro-infanticide hag goes home, then call it.
LibLieSlayer speaks confidently for chief torturer Jesus:
Anyone supporting the murder of the most innocent will face wrath unlike the human mind can comprehend. JESUS warned all of us about the most innocent amongst us.
Common Sense 101 takes real issue with the use of the word 'epic.'
Only in the diseased, perverted mind of a libtard "reporter", would someone describe a person blathering incoherently for 10 hours to prevent a vote to preserve life, "epic". I loathe these demented liberal vermin...
PapaNew knows disagreement can only come from one source!
How badly Satan wants to kill babies.
I wonder if dfwgator thinks he's helping:
The last thing those Womyn have to worry about is an unwanted pregnancy....even rapists wouldn’t touch them.

More DOMA rage

In times of defeat, Freepers take refuge in familiar themes. It's time for Civil War 2: The Gayening!

Biggirl posts this meaningless comment at least daily:
Revolt is coming.
who knows what evil? expects smiting!
G-d is going to do something about it. Make sure you know Him.
Venturer knows this is all part of the population control agenda:
It ws expected.

the faggots have momentum going for them.

Plus there is a Global feeling that there are too many people on the planet, and queers do not breed.
greene66 is ready for Civil War:
America had become a deviant, evil farce of a country. A pathetic, putrid embarrassment of its former greatness. It’s no longer a country worth taking up arms to protect. However, I’d take up arms in a split-second for red-states like my state of Texas, to fight this cancer.
greene66's bitterness party continues:
I’d always planned to at least visit each of the 50 states one time in my life. I got relatively close. But the remaining states are fag-marriage states, and I just have no interest in stepping foot in any of them. Indeed, I really don’t even give a damn what happens to them... natural disasters, 9/11-style terrorist attacks, whatever. I don’t even recognize them as fellow states. Obama-voting blue state perverts want to celebrate faggotry, they can just go burn in hell.
bigbob thinks every Justice is gay?
Gay SCOTUS...oops, already got one...
Maybe the building is what is gay?

Mozilla buys into all the conspiracies!
we are dangerously close to a conflict. If amnesty passes, Obamacare gets fully implemented and the coal industry is bankrupted and we still do Quantitative Easing after all that then plan on conflict to spill. Especially when fraud happens at the ballot box and the DOJ, IRS, DHS and NSA come after us. Enough will be enough. I hadn’t even thought about gay marriage until today. Then there is Sharia and Common Core and Agenda 21 and a secret attempt to get a North American Union.
kjo is also donning the tin foil:
What do you think the Department of Homeland Security is REALLY for?
Mat_Helm kicks it zombie apocalyptic:
America has rejected God. The fruits of that are a muslim president betraying and destroying the nation from within. A non functioning Congress and biased and political Supreme Court ignoring law and creating chaos.

Abortion and contraception, pornography, homosexuality, immorality, drugs, open borders, empty churches, and Hollywood making zombie movies and shows representing exactly what this country has become. There are the undead biting and attacking the living. There are those who believe in Jesus that have life within them and those that are unsaved taking the nation down another path leading to destruction.

Zombies can only create more zombies by biting and spreading their sickness to the living, they can not procreate, they are barren. Gays are the same and only destroy the societies they infect by spreading their immorality and sickness. It is a twisted upside down world and lifeless without God and the true zombie apocalypse is coming soon. Jesus is the only true answer and salvation.

Our founding fathers were all Christian men and new this and believed they were creating a new Israel when creating a Christian nation on principal in our laws and in our Constitution, that had no need to define marriage. Little did they know that it would be America that helped create the actual rebirth of the true nation of Israel.

That job is now done and Jesus will come for His church soon and America is in its last days. Those that believe in Jesus understand this. Those that think this post is fictional, imaginary, irrational, and silly ramblings of a religious homophobe are scowling and laughing. It will be a dreadful and fearful day when the Father, Son and Holy Ghost catch the last train and the music dies.
JCBreckenridge knows gay marriage is just the pramble to Sharia:
There cannot be two laws, one saying slaves are a person, and one saying slaves are not a person. It is the same with the definition of marriage. If there are two laws, then there can be three. Sharia.
central_va has a wish:
Elect me governor of any Red state. I would push FedGov™ so far, raise such a ruckus, that the USA would kick us out!

All-women jury chosen for George Zimmerman's trial

You got your racism in my misogyny! You got your misogyny in my racism!

traditional1 knows how all women are:
They all are regular watchers of “The View”......Give Zimmerman a blindfold and a cigarette......
donmeaker has never met a woman, I think:
Women often have trouble imagining that there is such a thing as resisting. Having been protected all their live by the labor and manners of others, some don’t understand that there are some who have no manners.
Brooklyn Attitude:
An all woman jury, probably bad news for Zim. Greater probablility of decisions based on emotion rather than facts. More likely to think that the guy who brought the gun turned a fight into a killing.
boop has no idea what peers are:
What about a jury of one's peers?

George is a male, and he's not white.
Gay State Conservative:
Not good for Zimmerman.”Maternal instinct” will kick in,big time.An all female jury can *easily* convict him.The case that the prosecution will present will make normal,decent,logical people want to hurl.
Women think with their hearts. Extremely emotional, revengefull and lack the logic necessary. Poor GZ. I saw a trial where the entire jury were women. An attorney that ealked in at the last minute said the guy was screwed. He was right. Women say one thing but mean another. The reason no men were chosen is because they were honest. Women will do whst it takes to get on. They love the attention and the gossip that will come afterwards.
I mean, how many witty comments can you make about the same BS?

I almost forgot the racism! SeminoleCounty delivers:
GZ is much better off to have White women than any black juror....liberal white women are better analytically and less afraid to make a judgement than a liberal white male...liberal white males are usually sissy-boys

But, also, an all female jury will make the Black Racist community less likely to threaten and attack if they do not get their will look bad politically if Black Racists attacked women.

This is still a Black Ku Klux Klan Lynching....but GZ got some reprieve today

Why can only they use the word?

Free Republic is backsliding. Back in the days of Bush, they knew about the basics of racial context, even if they did enjoy the occasional racial slur.

Now, though? Paula Deen uses it, and they're rehashing the "why can only they use the N-word" crap from the 1980s.

TexasCajun is typical of the attitude:
Blacks don't even respect themselves enough to quit using The N-Word!

...or cry me a Double-Standard river!
MeganC has some kinda uncensored radio where she is...
So what that Paula Deen said the word ‘nigger’? Turn on any rap radio station and you hear it all day long. I don’t get why anyone pays any attention to the PC crowd on this. As long as they keep using it on the radio I really don’t care if anyone else does.
DJ Frisat speculates about Democrats using racial slurs, which absolves all actual racists of any responsibility:
Gee, I wonder if Robert Byrd ever used tha word. Or Billy-Jeff Clinton?

Naw, they’re good Democrats...
FlingWingFlyer knows Democrats all lie under oath, unlike staunch Republican Paula Deen:
A good commie lib DemocRAT would have just said, “I don’t recall ever using that word.” That would have been the end of it.
Vinnie discovers she supported Obama, and suddenly the issue ceased to matter:
Not likely a 'commie' but she is a big Obama a$$ kisser.

Her politics cause me to yawn at her problems. Y'all
SunkenCiv knows this is all a distraction:
*Finally* a *real* issue to cover nonstop. The Partisan Media Shills are relieved.
tuffydoodle is still milking racial resentment out of the LA riots:
Somebody needs to put together a picture of Reginald Denny getting the shit beat out of him during the LA riots with the caption, “not racists” and a picture of Paula Deen beside it with the caption “racist.” I would do it but I don’t know how....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UnGodly Sodomites of Antichrist.

Now, this is the Freepers I remember. No muttering about the Negro race, no dwelling on how we need to kill all the Muslims. This is straight up outrage at an actual event that has occurred.

Yes, the Supreme Court has struck down DOMA 5-4 (and Scalia's dissent is extra Scalia-dissentish, should you care for some outrage/amusement). And it is delicious.

rarestia joins the Freeper trend of praying for death:
Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Lord, please take me quickly and do not prolong my suffering for the sins of my countrymen.
greene66 hates America. Until the next issue that is America's last chance:
What a degenerate cesspool America has become. Throughout the years, I always took the stand that I would have given my life fighting for my country. Not this faggotized sewer of Homo-America. It’s not worth lifting a finger to preserve.
mountainlion is legally required to screw men now:
We have become SODOMITES!
I was joking, but zipper may not be:
Maybe we should all leave before sodomy becomes mandatory.
P-Marlowe is one of many who goes all Old Testement dickish God fire and brimstone:
It is a demonic decision. The Supreme Court has declared that what God calls "good" is evil and what God calls "evil" is good.

Prepare for some Woes.
Everything bad that happens from now on, it's a capital-w-Woe on accounta the Gays!

EQAndyBuzz sees the bright side, if you don't understand genetics.
Between abortions and gay marriage, the left will eventually kill themselves off.

We did our jobs in raising our children right. Our children, our children’s children and so on will do the same thing. Love of God and Country is genetic.

Every social issue is owned by the left and geared towards the useful idiots who have yet to realize that the minute the left takes over they will be sent to camps or worse.
NKP_Vet is one of many screaming about the upcoming wave of tax fraud:
you have friends getting “married”, straight people who had no desire to be married, getting “married” to they can cheat on taxes. Kennedy has got to be the dumbest SOB that ever walked the face of the earth. What a joke this country has became.
This is amazing.

1. Freepers hate taxes usually
2. Straight people are going to start sham marriages because of DOMA being struck down?

schm0e knows Obama is behind this:
I guess when Obama said he was “disappointed” about the voting law ruling, that was code to his sycophants on the High Court that their bonuses might be in jeopardy if they didn’t shape up.
treetopsandroofs blames Chief Justice Roberts, despite his dissent:
And Roberts is gay and pwned by the left.
So many gays! Neoliberalnot:
What a surprise with 3 dykes passing judgment on the sane and normal. Will the ruling for the same sex marriage white trash apply to close relatives?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supreme Court strikes down part of Voting Rights Act

Man, my queue of threads to do is at like 12. I gotta get on that.

In the meantime, the world continues to provide news. Today, the VRA and tomorrow gay marriage.

Anyhow, Freepers seem to be only mildly enthusiastic about this ruling. I'm not sure why they're pessimistic about this while they're proclaiming the Obama Presidency is over, but that seems to be the deal.

longtermmemmory's imaginary racial corruption system is at last over!
the race industry now has no income stream. You no longer need to “pay off” al sharpton/jessie jackson/naaLcp/racism lawyers. This is their industry which has been closed by the USSC.
fwdude won't rest until we repeal the 13th and 14th Amendments, and everything done right after the Civil War!
But not good enough.

Reconstruction was allowed to live.
fwdude explains that Southern-ness will soon be tracked by the fascists in Washington:
In the Twilight Zone society in which we now live, get ready (and I'm being more than half serious) for the federal government to permanently attach your Southern heritage to you, even if you move to a northern state, and for you to have to conform to strict "voting rights" requirements on where you can live and/or vote in this northern state in order not to effectively "dilute" minority voting power.

The "pre-clearance" requirement will follow you wherever you go, if they have their way. I'm dead serious.
justlurking thinks it's time to reopen the BLACK PANTHERS case!
This could be interesting. If Congress creates a series of measures to determine whether a state, county, or city is complying with the Voting Rights Act, and it is reapplied nationwide using current data, who do you suppose could be found not in compliance?

For instance: documented instances of voter intimidation. We know of one in Philadelphia. Wouldn't that be ironic?
NormsRevenge has decided Roberts is no longer being blackmailed:
speaks to current conditions.. maybe Roberts feeels less threatened now with all the scandals unraveling the O regime..
Boogieman is not happy:
Great. So our partisan Congress is given the power to determine which states should be exposed to additional voter fraud. There’s no way they would ever abuse that power in order to rig elections.
Wurlitzer finds the Court's ideological split proof they're all working together:
Boy another 5-4 indecision. No honest person can tell me this is based on the constitution which is the ONLY criteria the USSC should be using.

5-4, 5-4, 5-4 ,5-4... = political hacks, political hacks, political hacks, political hacks...

What trash we have sitting on OUR USSC. Brilliant minds? Hell no. Political hacks is all they are and easily blackmailed to boot.

If the best and brightest legal minds in the country (we were told they were right?) cannot agree on what a small document like the US Constitution says how on earth can they interpret the multi-thousand page laws crafted by community organizing groups then passed by our unconstitutional ruling elite?

We live in a country ruled by By Washington elites, For Washington elites all the while the US Constitution forbids this kind of ruling elite. An once again, another day, we do nothing.
longtermmemmory is pretty excited about making voting lots harder:
We should accelerate the state by state takeover.

Eliminating the unionista style black liberation theology voting “assistance” on sundays is a good start.

Mandating voter ID without the need of DOJ blessing is a good start.

Changes can be made without any notice to the DOJ.

Fire Liberals before they Fire you

Here we have 2 threads. One: "My new boss is an opinionated young liberal" The other: is about Gov. Walker reversing the nomination of a student regent because he signed Walkers' recall petition.

dragonblustar knows liberals are awful when in power:
Liberals are trouble makers, especially when they wield power.

I agree. Personally, I think they're demonic. I'm surrounded by them in Gig Harbor. My next door neighbor works for a Soros group.
Theodore R. explains that conservatives must act awful when they are in power
pull the nomination. Teach the youth that there are consequences to political action. Liberals would surely pull it if the shoe were on the other foot.
glorgau counsels suing your boss for being a liberal:
Find another job, and then file a complaint against her for creating a “hostile work environment”.

Let your lawyer (who will work on a contingency) pursue it until you get an out of court settlement.

Play mean with those who are mean.
IFly4Him prefers just being paranoid:
If you choose to remain and work under her, which it sounds like you're inclined to do, I would journal/document any interaction with her that might be construed as tense, controversial or "disloyal" [from her point of view, not necessarily yours]. Don't tell your coworkers you're doing it b/c it will just look like you're a troublemaker. In the event there's ever a "she said/she said" situation, her superiors will be inclined to side with her based on her position. Your documented facts will offset her advantage and may protect you.

I hate to sound cynical, but the type of person you are describing will lie to protect themselves...
Speaking of types of people, TribalPrincess2U belibes the ends justify the means:
Turnabout is fair play especially nowadays.
Big Red Badger knows liberals are always backstabbing:
You’re Libtard boss Will stab you in the back Every chance She gets now that You have shown You’re racist backside And made Her look bad .
You get a sense of humor or a lawyer.
stormhill prefers frontstabbing:
Teach the youth that there are consequences to political action

I take it as evidence of my inferior character that I don't have the slightest compunction about eliminating a known enemy from a position of influence. This punk has tipped his hand...what are we fretting about again?
Resolute Conservative - true Freepers never think of taking a job where a liberal could be!
Find another job. I do not work nor associate with libs (that I know of, some may hide it well).
The nice thing about thinking the other side is cartoonishly evil, is that it allows you to be as petty as you want without hypocrisy, because it's just a preemptive strike.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Potpourri

RegulatorCountry explains how America invented black slavery:
Africans came to Virginia under terms of indenture voluntarily just like everybody else who couldn't afford to pay cost of passage, and got their headrights, land, after serving that term of typically seven years.

A mid-seventeenth century lawsuit in Northampton County changed all that, introducing chattel slavery to Virginia and the rest of the colonies. The defendant was a black man, John Casor.

The plaintiff was also a black man, however Anthony Johnson. He won, claiming John Casor’s labor for life. The headrights system of indentured servitude collapsed, and the Transatlantic slave trade with Portugal by way of Barbados and other Caribbean colonies began in earnest on the North American continent.

So, as far as major historical blunders, Mr. Anthony Johnson won the battle but lost the war, keeping his indentured servant for life but enslaving his posterity.
Democrat_media lists all the enemies of America:
There is a whole cabal of evil running this country right now.

Yes and this cabal of evil is called the democrat party. the head of the snake is Obama

The enemy of the American people is the democrat party. The democrat party controls

1. the news media
2. hollwywood
3. the presidency
4. The senate
5. the gov bureaucracies
5. the unions
7. the universities
8. the schools
9. soros , Lewis,zuckerberg, msny other billionaires are democrats.
10. Obama the main tyrant is a democrat
11. silicon valley, Google etc. are democrats
12. Pelosi, REid, fienstein, Shumer, Durbin , Lois lerner r democrats
13 . the rest of the media
14. IRS , EPA, DHS, HHS, TSA, FBI, etc.
15. liberals control the supreme Court( they approved Obamacare) 15 . Democrats control all the political money .Soros, tides foundation,gov grants,Zuckerberg,Lewis (another billionaire.,unions etc.

Democrat party controls all this and more but the media and many others say that everything is the Republicans fault even though r’s have only a few votes majority in the House and that’s it. Democrats want to makes slaves of all Americans, turn us into cattle with less rights than a cow or farm chicken for them to manipulate.
He said Soros twice. He likes Soros.

AdaGray demands Hollywood just make Rambo 3 over and over and over again:
Just make movies that people want to see. Movies without token ethnics and gays. Movies about winning and individual achievement without all the politcally correct crap.

The next hit movie could easily be about the American Mafia taking on Radical Islamists and crushing them like bugs. It would take guts to make it but it would be bigger than the Godfather series.
Cringing Negativism Network knows how to woo Hispanics:
I’ll tell you who could get 70% of the hispanic vote, is Sarah Palin.

Don’t think male hispanics will vote for an attractive woman?

Guess again.

Link her up with someone like Cruz, and she’d be unbeatable.
struggle may be in for a surprise:
People might call me old fashioned, but I don’t want my kids hearing about sex of any type until they actually have hit puberty. I know kids talk about it, and I tell them to ignore it until I talk to them about it later.
The Sons of Liberty wants you to know no one hates Obama as much as he does!
In my house, the kenyan/indonesian muzzie usurper has ALWAYS been at rock bottom, and now he’s started to dig. He’s lower than Bubba klinton.
2ndDivisionVet - only Republican Presidents run a good surveilance state:
Ever notice that presidents like Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes knew how to keep state secrets? This amateur really has no idea and the fact that this is his first job really shows.
savage woman lives in fear:
I’ve heard the terrorists are just very PATIENT and
of course EVIL...
and their desire to kill us is #1 priority.
I believe they will be striking more often and soon -
I feel the Storm coming.
Shadow44 wants realistic movies, where women are week and cringing:
Please! I’ve seen plenty of movies and tv shows, women are WAY better at killing bad guys with the efficiency of the average commando than the typical loser guy.

Hollywood doesn’t lie! /sarc
Louis Foxwell knows NPR seeths with rage:
Strip down MSNBC to its skivvies and you find an angry NPR.
Get beneath the skivvies and there lurks an effete Attila the Hun.
July4 knows who else is being blackmailed!
Bugging McConnell's office must have given the Dems some great blackmail ammo. The IRS scandal investigation has not even started good. It may be over, but only because no one is pursuing the bad guys. Too bad, too, because next time the IRS may be coming after them. Think Nazi Germany. Think SS.
Quickgun is gonna start Civil War 2, he's just waiting on a leader...
Expect no less from a muzzie. It is TIME. We need leaders...
justlurking knows everyone is secretly a birther:
Sometimes I suspect the pinkos in the news media actually believe that Hussein was born in Kenya — but are only too happy to lie for him.

I don't suspect it at all. I know it.

The whole charade is so transparent, a third-grader can see through it. Yet, the kneepad media is more than happy to look the other way.
Ultra Sonic 007 explains the Zimmerman jury's racial makeup:
Simple answer to the unspoken question: every single black person they interviewed for jury duty was incapable of being impartial.
Snowden has caused Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America's conspiracy paranoia to go off the rails:
I think Snowden is trying to tell us the NSA’s capabilities are out of control, although I’m not sure if he’s a ‘false flag’ or not. Seems a bit scripted. ACLU is suing NSA which could be a tell tale sign. Could be an 0bama hit on the NSA as part of his overall plan of embarrassing/weakening America on the world stage. He’s an America-killer, that’s for sure.
E. Pluribus Unum knows after Obama's fall, everything will be awesome and heterosexual:
Once Ubama's collapse comes, political correctness will no longer exist.

We'll be amazed at how quickly all the homosexual bullies will slink back into their closets.
bray on the Bible's science:
Actually the Bible said the world was round in the Old Testament. It has a far better record of being right than science ever dreamed of.
cuban leaf - the secret to a succesful man is awesome sex:
When a person with a sexual appetite does not get that appetite fulfilled, there are very negative circumstances to that person and they may expand to his/her relationship with others. This is one reason women used to let their husband “have his way” with them even though they were “never” in the mood. The bible is pretty clear about who’s body a spouses is. Our generation forgot that.

It is why there are a LOT of frustrated married men in this country. In a previous marriage I was one of them. That person set me free after 20 years and I’ve been married to the woman of by dreams for 15 years now. We are completely sexually compatible. And my live outside the bedroom changed markedly. I’ve gone from being a total whimp (”whipped” would be the more accurate term) to being pretty much the alpha dog wherever I go. Who knew?!
PLD has a plan:
[L]ets go after the real criminals..How about first string up the murdering Muslim at Ft Hood remember the one that murdered our boys and girls..then go after the criminal Holder and Obama..Go into the white house and grab the head communist Valery and then take the Muslim Brotherhood that is in the white house.Then put the moron Biden back in the asylum..
Gay State Conservative knows no Freeper enemy ever really dies!
The USSR was dissolved on December 24, 1991.

And "ACORN" was dissolved in 2011.
LibsRJerks is amazed by the strawmen he has constructed:
How incredible it must be to be a liberal. You advocate for the demise of your own country, property ...even your own species.

To be liberal is to cease to BE. I don’t get it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Spotlight: Gargantua


This guy(?) is so amazingly over-the-top violently racist, I think he might be joking. He also signs his posts with smiley faces, so my first thought was that he was doing some sort of in bad taste racial humor.
Then I read his super sincerer profile. Freeper since 2001; Prefer blunt honesty over verbal spinelessness or feigned humility." This guy seems legit, though he clearly takes great pleasure in crafting lyrical hate-filled racial screeds, so there is certainly some hyperbole going on.

Also of note is that his profile is all about hatred of Democrats. How things have changed since 2001.

He doesn't like Lil' Wayne's music:
What a pile of ignorant anthropoid babble. These imbeciles really are numb from the neck up. That this garbage is considered "music" is just more tragic confirmation of the decline of our once-great society.

The God-less imbeciles have taken over. Heaven help us.

Blacks are so feral they will soon go extinct:
say just let them wipe each other out. Problem solved.

Ignorant pack animals tend to die in large numbers, often from avoidable circumstances. Between AIDS, their penchant for ignorant, repeated violent acts, the wise negresses' affinity for abortions, and a general disregard for the sanctity of Human life as seen throughout their society, and this "race" was pretty much over before it really got started.

Oh well. Did you see where I put the remote...?

*sigh* The Zimmerman case.
I have no concern at all for what a bunch of lazy, inbred, undereducated, mouth-breathing pimps and crack ho's have to say about the eventual verdict. If the verdict is fairly based upon the evidence with no consideration for race, emotions, or any other unnecessary effluvia (i.e., if Zimmerman is found innocent of all charges...), then the rest of the anthropoid jabberers can go screw a melon for all I care.

And if the brain-dead Obamabots decide to riot because they don't like justice, I say hose 'em all off with a .30 caliber machine gun. This town ain't big enough for their bigoted, racist asses.


More on this case coming next week - it's a goldmine of crazy! Never challange him to an Internet Tough Guy contest:
I would have far more compassion for a rabid dog than I would one of these subhuman wastes of oxygen. A rabid dog I would dispatch humanely. These filth, I'd only shoot most of them.

One I would want to feel his larynx crush in my fist (just for fun), and another I would want my thumbs to be the last things he ever sees. Let that last one live, forever sightless, as a warning to those who might consider following him.

A life spent eating from and crapping in a tube is just about right for these scum. Killing is almost too good for them, until you recognize where they're headed when they die...


People disliking intolerance is against my Civil Rights, man!
Trying to equate societal acceptance of homosexual perversion with the civil rights struggle is venal heresy. Such equivocation and obfuscation are heinous abuses of the ignorant masses, who are ill-equipped to recognize the jape—nay, the rape—inherent in the suggestion.

Faggotry, while a fact of life, directly affects less than 3% of the general population. That the 97% should be instructed that that which many of them find repugnant, and know to be destructive of society itself, is something which they must openly accept and find no fault with, is a tyranny more evil than any other known to man.
More on Lil' Wayne
Send this anti-American Obamabot back to Africa where he can find nice sticks and dirt to eat while he dodges lions and leopards and pit vipers trying to kill his useless ass. These disrespectful, ungrateful filth have no idea how good they have it here.

A little perspective would do these lazy sphincters a world of good, if only they possessed the mental capacity to objectively weigh the differences and come to an intelligently informed conclusion.

Li'l Wan is just another pepper-scented tool in the Progressive's "Destroy America" arsenal of brain-dead propagandists. That smell happens when you just keep dousing yourself with cologne instead of taking a shower. If Obama had a son, he'd smell just like Li'l Wan.

Now, where did I put that remote...?

Daring Obama to fight him. Also - unironic use of uppity".
I hope the uppity bayotch O'Bunghole reads this, gets real mad at me, and decides to try something funny with me or mine.

You know, his Momma didn't want him, his Daddy surely didn't want him, and now most of the country doesn't want him. What a total loser. A bastard, half-caste, ain't white, ain't black, ain't but barely human imbecile who actually believes he, of all the people alive today, is the guy with all the answers on how to "improve upon" the greatest Nation in the history of Humankind.

What an afflicted, deranged, arrogant ignoramus!!!

I truly hope those two girls aren't his offspring. If mankind can be spared the insult of having to endure his progeny, so much the better. Word is that Sasha and Malia (sp?) are both Bill Ayers' bastard children anyway. Word is Moo-chelle can't stand to have faggy Barbie touch her.


More on Obama:
When your entire life is a concocted, wholly fabricated series of lie upon lie upon lie, the stress of having to remember every little fib so as to not trip yourself up with future falsehoods becomes so great that every utterance comes off stilted and uncomfortable.

Compound that simple truth with the fact that Barrack O'Bunga is a sociopath with no sincere feelings or guiding belief structure, who merely tries to project those emotions and certainties which he has read about sincere people having and evincing, and you end up with a teleprompter-driven automaton whose every "offhanded comment" comes off as scripted and unnatural.

This is precisely what we see whenever Mr. Unfit For Office opens his fly-specked, spittle-flecked gob. The man is but a shell of an actual human being, who makes Machiavelli look like a feeble, bumbling simpleton.
Also Eric Holder:
Eric "Cack" Holder needs no leading or prodding when it comes to militant Black Extremisms. He's a dyed-in-the-wool "Gimme Sum" café-au-lait ofay Oreo from way back, long before he met the current Lying Kommie Fag in Chief.

He's just risen to otherwise unattainable (for him) heights of power since throwing in with Barbie O'Bunghole, the Dem's poster boy (and I do mean "boy") for never electing another progressive homosexual to any high office.

Obama had his theiving, lying, sticky-from-self-fondling fingers in every one of these disasters: Project Gunrunner-gate, Fast and Furious-gate, Bengaze-gate, IRS-gate, AP-gate, James Rosen-gate, and much, much more. Every one of them is a clear and obvious extension of his own as-stated policies for dealing with his agendae and/or enemies.

May he never heal from the crotch-rot he got from the canker-crusted mouth of that Limo-partying coke-fag, Larry Sinclair. See below:


Dunno about you, but I'm not checking that link!

He claims to talk like this in public...
I love to talk about what a loser fag our non-president is. I talk about it all the time. Hell, the homo has a Wookie for a wife, sits in an office which by law he cannot hold, and throws a baseball like a schoolgirl.

You have to admit, that's about as "loser" as it gets. Everybody talkabout...

Blacks? The real racists!
Blacks are BY FAR AND AWAY the most racist sphincters on the planet. While there are notable exceptions to this fact, the most racially-tinged, racially-intolerant screeds and diatribes consistently come from the most deeply pigmented members of society and have for decades.

The reason is simple: Whites, by and large, want racism in any and all forms to disappear from our National discourse, while Blacks want to feed the smouldering embers of that otherwise dying fire and fan it again into a raging conflagration, to justify their self-serving, denial-strewn desire for unrealistic things like "reparations" (giving taxpayers' money to Blacks because there once were Black slaves) and "a redsitribution of America's wealth" (taking money from those who earned it and giving it to those who either can't or won't earn it).
Clayton Bigsby's racism has nothing on this guy!
Even if some end up dying from hunger or exposure as the transition is made, it is far better that a few die now instead of thousands being terrorized and murdered by successive generations of fully-grown former crack babies-turned "Gimme Sum, Whitey!" Trayvons and Malik Zulu Shabazzes because we didn't have the guts or the spine to end this disasterous social policy before its rancid rot seeps any deeper into our core as a Nation.

The future is bright if we have the will and the courage to make it so. The answer is ours to reply.

World Peace: Kill everyone!
Something tells me it's gonna take more than hoping that these dictatotrial, fascist, would-be tyrants-in-waiting have a heart-changing epiphany. We may just have to neutralize them all at the "voting booth"... (aka "...on a rooftop with a .50...").

They'll never agree to just go peacefully. We may need an ELE here, natural or otherwise. LOL!!!

("ELE" = "Extinction Level Event")

LOL!!! indeed!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Freeper Heroes never do wrong.

I woulda posted it anyway, but Anonymous got there too!

So the Minuteman co-founder has been arrested for alleged sexual contact with three girls under the age of 10. Freepers, almost to a man, just assume Obama framed him. Because when you assume the other side is super evil, your paranoia throws in your own side being pure and virtuous for free!

By and By:
Sounds dubious to me. The left will do anything to destroy their perceived adversaries.
Redleg Duke knows accusations of pedophilia are super common in Chicago
Sounds like the Chicago Way to discredit your opponents.
NFHale sees Chicago, and raises you Nazis.
The smear is a useful tool that the left uses, and they’re adept at it.

What did Goebbels - another good socialist - say? “Tell the lie often enough and people believe it to be the truth” or something to that effect.
hoosierham knows Democrat pedophiles get away with it:
Smear campaign? Likely.

Just the accusation is enough to destroy a good person;a Democrat will just get re-elected if convicted.
Dead Corpse's instincts are afire!
Yeah... Something doesn't smell right here.
cripplecreek thinks Sheriff Joe may be a secondary target:
Kind of interesting that there is a group accusing Joe Arpio of ignoring sex abuse charges.

If Simcox is deemed innocent that group will have some crossover PR to smear Arpio with.
gaijin is sure this isn't true:
10,000% disbelieve. This is a total lie.

TOTALLY consistent with the M.O. of this criminal government.

Likely that he was BEGGED for babysitting, and then they simly began screaming the instant they were alone with him.

We are seeing the emergence of a real American Dissident Class.
Lakeshark defends Freepers, but he clearly has not read the thread.
I just find it interesting the rush to declare him the victim of a setup and am pointing out that it’s because of his ideology that he’s being supported in this way.

Very few have declared this guy innocent, that seems to have escaped your understanding. A lot of us have come to the conclusion, with facts, that this administration is quite capable of literally destroying their opposition with their power, unlike any other that has been in office.

That you take lightly their willingness to abuse power, that you equate the totalitarian insanity of this administration with any other administration is telling........also that you seem to presume he's guilty of child molesting.
yeah, they're not saying potential, dude, they're saying this guy is innocent and this is a smear.

Joe Boucher protests he's a racist framed for pedophilia!
After obammy shut down our White House of tours I wrote him and called him a stupid coon and nearly instantly I had my computer tapped and a fbi warning concerning child porn came up on it.
I don’t even EVER look at normal porn.
Soooo, “Setup”?
You betch ya

Michelle Obama's hair.

"I can’t wait to have this self-centered bitch out of the white house. Who cares if she cut her bangs???" Asks Freeper gotribe.

Turns out Freepers care. A whole lot.

Venturer has realized Michelle Obama is a secret black person.
that’s Nappy.

She spent a fortune on Jerry curl.

Now she spends a fortune on hair straighteners and flat irons.
ridesthemiles is convinced it's all wigs:
Every hairdo we see her in is a wig, except for one TV pic of her getting off the helicopter and walking across the White House lawn, some months ago.

She is a ‘nappy-headed’ person-—hair very curly and no longer than about 3/4 of an inch, very close cropped.

She does not have natural hair that is straight, nor does she have hair that is long. Every one of those hairdos is a wig.

The entire ‘fashion’ industry of America has been spoofed by her.
RetSignman thinks the bangs hid a facelift:
Isn't it amazing what a 'lift' can do and the bangs hid it all until all signs of it were gone.
Freepers think Hillary Clinton got a facelift too, as far back as 2007. They are so desperate to prove that liberal women are secretly ugly.

CatherineofAragon just goes with ugly:
Instead of ditching them, the beast ought to be growing them out to completely cover that gruesome face.
little jeremiah has conclusions:
The face is the index of the mind.

In this case, the mind of a madwoman.
Doc Savage just wants Michelle to die.
Too bad the stylist’s hand didn’t slip!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Jurors in the George Zimmerman trial

Man, Free Republic is getting racist. They are one of the few people caring about the George Zimmerman trial. Not even right wing radio is still on this beat. But Freepers cannot let go, and pull out their worst behavior. It's kinda like Sandra Fluke, but for race:

GeronL is still threatened by those six publiciy hound guys:
They will all get a visit by the New Black Panthers
SeminoleCounty knows what black felons are going to be doing!
The Black Racist preachers are mobilizing their go after the jurors. Mustn’t stop day lynching
beef predicts riots. Just like after every election:
I am staying away from Disneyworld this summer.
SkyPilot is hilarious!
Trayvon's attorneys list of approved jurors:

1) Shaniqua Williams
2) Latoya Jones
3) Laquisha Robinson
4) La'Kisha Brown
5) La'Tanya Harris
6) Rohandra White
7) Bon'Quisha Jackson
8) Sha'Tanya Lewis
9) Toprameneesha Green
It goes on like that for a long while...

Nervous Tick knows all about the jury deliberations in the OJ Simpson trial.
I’m surprised the deliberation took as long as it did, with only THREE honkies to browbeat into submission!

Also, Mexicans!

RedMDer is suspicious of naturalized citizens:
A Mexican on the jury. I thought we had to be citizens of the USA.
Uncle Chip doesn't think Puerto Ricans are citizens:
So then the 3 Puerto Ricans that they sent up to be on the jury may not have even been citizens — and that may explain their answers to some of the questions.

Surpreme Court Strikes Down AZ Voter Law

Too easy, FreeperFan! But I'll admit I wouldn't have wanted to miss the fun this thread brings.

In a technical decision about the interplay between State and Federal power, a 7-2 decision by Scalia held that Arizona's strict ID requirement to vote was preempted by the Federal Government's Voting Rights Act.

Freepers are in a fanciful mood these days, and alternatively lament the apocalyptic world this decision creates and yell about blackmail.

Flintlock knows how to assure policy changes:
Screw the Suprimes.

Vaduz has a diagnosis:
SCOTUS = 100% Liberal
littleharbour totally read the opinion. Uh-huh. See his analysis?
Scalia jumped the shark. And these fools dared to suggest that Thomas didn’t have the intellectual gravitas to sit on the Supreme Court. Thomas’ dissent is a brilliant piece of legal analysis and original intent Constitutional interpretation.
I actually believe skeeter did read the opinion:
I tried to read the decision. Gobbledygook.

With the integrity of the nation's form of government on the line, these guys are debating the minutia. Alice in Wonderland.
This is too important for the law!!!!!

headstamp 2 explains what this opinion says:
So basically anybody can vote in our elections now.

The Republic is finished.
ConservativeMan55 also thinks no proof of citizenship means no checking on voters at all:
Can you imagine ANY other country.. in the entire damn world saying.. “we will let anyone vote”

Do you think I could go to China, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Iran.. and vote and them not know who I am??
CottShop is not a fan of John Roberts. Or correcting typoes:

EDIT: Turns out the guys has some sort of issue with seeing the letters he types. Well, still some crazy John Roberts hate!
alogn came the TRAITOR John Roberts saying it was legal for our govnerment to FORCE us to purchase soemthing because, get this, ‘it’s not the supreme court’s job to protect the peopel from their own choices’ (Apparently the traitor will then be ok with a republican president coming along and declarign that NO man shall EVER asgain have the right to demand that any citizen purchase anything agaisnt hteir will’ and to make that a permanent law which can never be undone- Yeah I didn’t htink so either=- the Traiter John Roberts will probably come alogn and overturn suchg a law then declarign he’s doign so to protect the citizens)

Now we have the Supreme court tellign states they have no right to try to prevent ILLEGAL votes? Whjat next? Will the Traitor John Roberts then declare states have no right tryign to prevent ILLEGALS from raping? Murdering? Stealing? By declarign hte states may saty ‘how’ citizens are not allowed to commit crimes, but it may not say “Who’ is to be boudn by state laws?

We have a bunch of court jesters presiding over us i nthe supreme court
First, voting rights. Then, legalized raping!
,br/> EXCH54FE knows what comes next:
This is the next step in the fall of the U.S.A.

No controls, no requirements to vote, no checks to stop anyone from voting more than one time.

Our next vote will be for a life time “king”

central_va blames popular voting for US Senators somehow.
This latest display of Federal tyranny was made possible by the 17th amendment. Thank you 17th amendment.
FR_addict knows what's going on:
Looks like Roberts isn’t the only one being blackmailed.
fwdude also blames blackmail:
Just what does the NSA have on the SCOTUS?

Valid point. Roberts isn't the only one they've dug up dirt on. This administration is blackmailing as many Justices as possible.
Obama blackmailing everyone who isn't a Freeper is the new Obama is gay Freeper wisdom!

Iron Munro says what all the Freepers are implying:
Surpreme Court Strikes Down AZ Voter Law

Obama Controlled Court Strikes Down AZ Voter Law

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Forest fires totally caused by Muslims. Or Liberals. Or Obama.

So there are forest fires in Colorado. Some may have been caused by people. Freepers jump straight from negligent campers to whomever they are hating today.

t1b8zs is preparing to make you prove a negative:
If there is evidence of this it will be covered up
SMARTY kinda hopes it's terrorists, to make liberals sad.
That’s the first thing I thought when I heard that officials were certain that the fires where not natural.

Much as I hate to see the willful destruction of anyone’s property, the idea of Terrorists’ culpability may get up the noses of some Colorado Liberals.

They’ll have to re-arrange some of your mental furniture, I guess.
Diogenesis easily folds it into his vast Obama conspiracy theory:
That is why the US Congress and Obama
deliberately LEFT THE borders open.

Did Terrorists Holder have to give matches
out with his weapons to them in FAST&FURIOUS
Probably, it was not necessary.
Hardraade has been paranoid about forest fires for a long time now:
And of course, in some forest fires, such as in Greece a couple years back, we could literally watch realtime sats following new flame points pop up.

In circlements.

Around human settlements.

In Israel, the palestinians have been bragging of the death toll.

In Indonesia, they literally burned the whole country to the ground.
Israeli forest fires?

Balding_Eagle thinks it was Colorado liberals:
El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa was the sheriff who instigated the civil rights lawsuit against Colorado state over the two unconstitutional gun control laws passed this last legislative session.

He’s been joined by 55 of the 63 elected sheriffs in CO, but he started the whole thing.

This fire is payback to those who elected him.

I’ll wager no outside person started this, this was a CO job, as I believe most CO fires are.
editor-surveyor has decided the US Forest Service are terrorists:
Sad to say, but some of those terrorists wear the uniform of the USFS.

And now This Word from Outer Space

Anonymous found a delightfully naive set of questions that every father who wants to dominate his daughter must know. The commenters have had a great deal of fun, and I thought the readers at large should probably see the cause of all this mirth:

SilverMine (IF the US gøvt says it is a lie.):

Marriage is to important to be left to children Marriage part three QUESTIONS FOR FATHERS TO ASK POTENTIAL SONS-IN-LAW

These questions may be handled between father-in-law and son-in-law together; they may be answered orally or in written form; they may form the basis of regular "discipling"during the engagement period of the daughter This is not a test; it gives an opportunity to know one another. Some questions may be asterisked as important; other questions may be checked off not to be answered. Please note the questions are not in the order of importance, you know how you raised your daughter, therefore you will need to prioritize the importance of each question.

1. Who are the three most important people in your life, besides the Lord Christ Jesus?

2. What are the two most important things in life?

3. What is the one thing you wish to do with your life?

4. What is your policy on borrowing/owing money/credit card usage?

5. Are you a virgin?

6. Have you ever had an homosexual experience? At what age? Multiple times?
So...I guess one is alright?

7. Have you ever been married/divorced?

8. Do you know that you have been converted to Christ? Under what circumstances? At what age?

9. What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?

Clearly, rap is right out.

10. Will you raise your children to know the Lord Christ Jesus and to attend Sunday school and church?

11. Will you tithe your income consistently to the Lord?

12. Under what circumstances might you feel right in divorcing my daughter/your wife?

13. What church are you now attending regularly? Are you a member of that church?

14. What Christian service have you performed through or outside of your church? Do you witness for Christ?

15. Will you ask my daughter to share her insights in major events/decisions you will face? Is your sexuality under and submitted to Christ's Lordship? Do you have a habit of touching women on the back or shoulder?

16. To whom do you turn for counsel and advice?

17. What would you like to change in your parents?

18. Are you on good terms with your brothers and sisters?

19. Have you ever possessed or used illegal drugs?

20. Have you ever used a ouija board?

21. Who do you believe is the more spiritual, my daughter or yourself?

No, it's a trap!

22. Do you now have, or have ever had, a sexually transmitted disease?

23. Have you ever been arrested? If so, what was the charge?

24. Have you been baptized by immersion? At what age? How long after your conversion?

25. Are you willing to spend one year in a bible college?

A year?! At this point who the crap is still sticking with this?

26. Do you believe in the Lord's pre-tribulation, pre-millennial rapture of the church?

27. What is your pastor's name?

28. What version of the bible do you habitually use?

Are you one of those splitters in the People's Front of Judea?

29. Are both your parents believers? If not, which is?

30. Are both parents college-trained? If not, which one is?

31. Are you a reader? What kind of literature do you read?

32. Are you a "couch potato"? What tv programs do you watch regularly?

33. Do you enjoy dating in a group as well as one-to-one?

34. Do you and my daughter both enjoy sharing Bible insights and do you pray together often?

35. Do you enjoy being in our daughter's house when her mother and I are present?

36. Do you prefer soap operas or sitcoms on tv more than you do other types of programming? Why?

37. Who is your favorite uncle or aunt, and why?

38. Do you enjoy having your siblings' children, your nieces/nephews around if they have any?

39. Are you upset when your plans for an evening or outing are disrupted or changed by others?

40. Would you be willing to give your personal testimony in a men's shelter or a men's bible study?

41. Have you had the joy of leading a friend or neighbor to Christ?

42. Approximately how many bible verses do you know by Heart? Have you ever been enrolled in a bible memory system?
Well, I mean, who hasn't been in a BMS?

43. When do you experience being most impatient?

44. Are you overweight by more than 20 lbs?

45. How long have you lived at your present residence?

46. Are any of your relatives missionaries? Or have been?

47. If you worry, what are you most worried about?

48. Do you believe that you can lose your salvation?

49. What do you enjoy most about Sunday school, about the your church's Sunday service?

50. Does singing hymns, songs, or choruses give you pleasure?

51. How far are you in your education? What majors?

52. How are you going to support your family?

53. Have you ever looked at pornography, if so are you going to expect my daughter to compete with those woman?


54. Do you understand the importance of Ephesians 5:25 "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself for it"?

55.How do you feel about your wife, my daughter, staying home and home schooling your children?

56. Are you willing and able to live on just your income?

57. How many children would you like to have?

58. In the event of a financial melt down, do you have a marketable trade? Can you do simple electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs around your home? Do you have basic tools to do those repairs?

59. Do you enjoy home cooked from scratch meals?

60. Do you believe in spanking? Are you willing to be the chief disciplinarian in your family?
At this point, it's seeming kind alike this guy doesn't want to ever give his daughter up...I'm getting a certain Judge Turpin vibe here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cheney's turn

Good find, Anonymous!

Like Bolton before him, Dick Cheney is a big fan of a powerful national security apparatus. Freepers have switched sides now that such an apparatus serves the Kenyan usurper.

skeeter explains that things have changed:
Things have changed alot in 5 years, most of all the attitude of the executive branch towards the American people. Perhaps Cheney, dealing with health problems and living outside the beltway, is not fully aware of this.
ClearCase_guy knows there are only 2 parties - Sarah Palin and everyone else.
There is no "Democrat".
There is no "Republican".
There is no "Hard Left".
There is no "Hard Right".

Of course, not everyone gets along, and Cheney may not really like Obama, or Boehner, or whomever -- but Cheney believes that Washington should run your life. Bush believes that. McCain believes that. Obama believes that. Valerie Jarrett believes that.

There is a reasonable chance that Sarah Palin does not believe that -- which is probably why the entire political class zipped into overdrive to make sure that she had no role in national government at all. They crushed her double-quick.
RoosterRedux explains the problem with domestic spying is Obama, but Satan keeps politicians from seeing it.
We have seen this over and over again.

Insiders and former insiders appear to be too close to the situation and too biased by their idea of how thing used to work to see the BIG picture (to see Obama for the corrupt liar he is and to see the coup taking place before their very eyes).

Very clever on the part of the fact, clever to an almost Satanic level of smoothness.
Twotone - the reality of government has changed recently...
I’ve always respected Cheney as a man who was straight-forward and spoke honestly. I’ve found that people who are naturally honest expect honesty from others. Perhaps its just too engrained in him that the government is there to protect and not do harm. Unfortunately, he needs to come to grips with reality. We can no longer afford to trust our government...AT ALL on ANYTHING!
nickcarraway has decided Dick Cheney was always a liberal:
People don't remember, Cheney was never a conservative, throughout his career. he always worked for "liberals."

He worked for Nixon, then he was Chief of Staff for Ford. Then he was Secretary of Defense for Bush 41. If you worked for those people, you probably hate conservatives.
Bullish uses the latest Freeper meme:
I guess Cheny’s not immune to Obama’s blackmail, huh?
From now on, no one disagrees with Freepers - they're all blackmailed by Obama's omnipotent NSA powers!

Monday Potpouri

Ann Archy's caps lock is still not tired:
YES!! They HAVE SPIED and have ALL the DIRT THEY NEED to get the Supreme's to do their Bidding!!

muawiyah thinks Muslim schizophrenia explains Muslim inbreeding:
Frankly, the higher incidence of schizophrenia and schizophrenic affective disorder among people in the Middle East might well be the reason why they breed back among cousins ~ that way, the folks with the problem stick with their own and other people do not have the problem.
Gene Eric has a new name for the homos!
People can love one another without involving the anus. The ass predators can go to Hell.
Dead Corpse continues with his bitter despair shtick:
no one has the spine to do what needs to be done in sufficient numbers to fix what's wrong. I can go out and do my part, but I am only one man.

With that in mind, and because of that sentiment...

Voting isn't going to change this.
Op-eds aren't going to change this.
Third Parties aren't going to change this.
Law-suites aren't going to change this.

Only a thorough, and bloody, house cleaning will restore the Republic. That whole “tree of liberty” thingie the Founders prattled on about that no one actually believes in any more.

Well, other than throw-back knuckle-draggers like me.
Gator113 wants to kill so many people...
The record for ‘the most traitors hanged in a single day’ would be a bright light in this otherwise black time in our history.
Windflier on the anti-Obama awakening:
...they are systematically dividing, disarming, de-funding, demoralizing, dis-empowering and diluting us.

I don't disagree that they're trying, but from my observations, their efforts are backfiring. Witness gun sales over the last five years.

If they'd been smart, they would have never floored the pedal after they took control of Congress in 2007. Had they just kept quietly doing what they've been doing the last 100 years, they might have slowly boiled us in that pot.

Instead, the fools woke up half the country with their insane rush to finally realize their dreams of overthrowing the Constitution and 238 years of American history and tradition.
Reeses knows the cities are dragging America down:
The wiretapping of citizen vs. citizen is intended to give the city dwellers the upper hand. And they need it because the producers can cut them off at any time. Wars are usually won by one side out-producing the other, and this war will be no contest.

If terrorists nuke NYC, LA, and Chicago, a strong argument could be made the USA would bounce back stronger than ever. Why are we destroying America in their name?
bunkerhill7 knows who is mentally stable!

LyinLibs's gadar is going off!
Bolton seems vaguely gay. I’d bet 95% of DC is panicked that Obowel might “Joe The Plumber” them next, or even worse “Assange” them with trumped up sex charges.

The remaining 5% are delusional and think “It can’t happen to me bc i havent done anything wrong.”
alloysteel has the way to take down Hillary:
Madam Benghazi - I like it.

That simple title fully sums up the callous attitude of Herself, the Cold and Joyless, and it is easy to put out there. Even low-information voters have come to associate “Benghazi” with a bad episode that happened somewhere, didn’t somebody die or something?

Of course, they would have trouble with thinking it was a TV show like Hawaii 5-0 or CSI. What they see on a TV screen isn’t really real.
The first step to good outreach is contempt to those you are seeking to reach!

Fred has a great idea:
The harlot Valerie Jarrett leaks classified intel all day long to the lapdog media. So if this is all it takes to be considered a traitor, then lets start at the top. Indict her now...
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost worries about Obama getting telepathy technology:
Don’t forget 0bama’s multi-billion dollar obsession with mapping the human brain. Anyone think that’s for good? Hell no. It’s for figuring out which Americans to send to FEMA camps.
skeeter with a bucket of anti-Muslim crazy!
Liberals support the Jihadists. Obama wants to bring Syrian Jihadists here to resettle in the US. Obama wants Jihad in the United States. Each day I see that Obama is the Anti-Christ

Liberals protect jihadists.

And the jihadists had better pray the liberals maintain the upper hand in government indefinitely.
Vendome thinks NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a hoax:
Isn’t it amazing how all the other scandals, which were occupying the news, have suddenly been suppressed by this one Lone Wolf?


He’s an invention and a shiny object.

Kind of a sleight of hand...

People! People! Look over there!

No way this guy exists.

Not even qualified for Top Secret.

The clue is his bio.

No high school, college. That right there doesn’t even get your resume on anyone’s desk.

He’s a distraction.

He’s a stock photo for “Wired Magazine” or a “Picture Frame” you buy at Macy’s.

Wag the fake story.
ForAmerica is flying under the radar as a black conservative. What is his secret?
They don’t care about me yet, I can pass for Pookie and Ray-Ray, it’s when I open my mouth and that’s when they will have a problem!
Ah, racism. Racism is his secret.