Thursday, March 31, 2011

Impotent rage

So Governor Walker is going to abide by that Judge's latest Temporary Restraining Order. So while the judge decides whether the legislature followed it's own rules the law is not going to be in effect. This isn't even a verdict or anything yet. But Freepers chose this hill to die on, and they sure are mad:

is just itching for a dictatorship:

Have the National Guard remove the good judge.

ronnyquest hates checks and balances:

So, legislators make laws, but judges can say, “Um, no, no, that’s not a law.” Yup, it’s broken and time for us to press the big, red reset button.

Da Coyote is classy:

And the good people of Wisconsin (e.g., the non union folks who actually do useful work) can tell this judge to shove it up her smelly Obama.

blackdog wants some kind of blue-collar guerrilla campaign he saw in a movie:

I’d say it’s time to go “Fight Club” on her professional and personal surroundings and associates.

Blue collar...usual union.

sand88 just kind of sullenly walks away.

The left is pure evil. The are outright thieves. Let them get their way (for now) it's only a matter of time before reality will crush them.

If the Republicans fought has as hard for Liberty, as the left fights for tyranny, then our Republic would be saved.

The reality is likely that we are an inexorable path towards a Socialist hell.

Trump: Bush era gave us Obama

Trump has discovered that demagoguery leads to ratings. His latest interview has him dump on Bush as being awful, and therefore leading to Obama. Freepers, who used to have a fawning "A Day in the Life of President Bush" are now eager to note that Bush is not one of them, though they hasten to add that he's a good guy, unlike liberals.

Reagan69 is already on to the New Hotness:

I totally agree with him on this.

Bush is NOT a conservative. Repeat after me, “Bush is NOT a conservative. Bush is NOT a conservative.”

The bright side is, Obama will give us PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN in 2012 !

Crim thinks Bush just wasn't up to the new evil sort of Democrat:

Loved Bush for taking the fight back to the jihadists...

Hated him for the amnesty crap...

Bush’s problem is that he lived in the past...this isnt your grandad’s Democrat party anymore...the days of Zell Miller are long gone......

The democrat party is full of useful idiots who are actuualy trying to screw stuff up in order to foment revolution...

Yeah, Zell Miller was a peach.

antiRepublicrat thinks Bush was all fake:

It’s amazing how Bush pulled off the “rugged Texan” thing when he was East Coast blue blood through and through. Sure, he lived in Texas for much of his childhood, but he was raised by Easterners and was in elite prep schools from middle school on up, and then Yale.

Sadly, even the good things that could be gotten from the “rugged Texan” ideal were lost on the press, which used it to frame him as a stupid country bumpkin.

"Bush was all fake, and then the media believed him and used it to ruin him." Ambiguous...

Verginius Rufus hates Democrats historically even:
With all due respect, Trump was NOT right. He said that Bush was the worst President in history. ALL of the Democrat Presidents in US history (at least from Andrew Jackson on) were worse than Bush. Many of the Republican Preisdents were also worse than Bush, including Nixon, Ford, and Bush's father.
surfer has even higher standards for Presidents:

Bush is a progressive would you expect anything less than an Obama to follow?

In the last 100 years...2 presidents worth anything.

Coolidge and Reagan...they REST HAVE ALL SUCKED!

NCjim blames Bush. Also racism.
Obama won, in my opinion, due to at least four factions -

1. He was not Bush

2. He was black

3. Voter fraud

4. Die-hard Dims who pull the D lever regardless of candidate

I suspect that without group 1, McLame would have squeaked through.

AngelesCrestHighway is rather blind to the implications of what he says:

The endless anti-Bush propaganda campaigns, funded by the Soros/Clinton Shadow Party groups, created an atmosphere of actual HATE.

Isn’t it strange how our side doesn’t need a propaganda campaign to hate Obama?

Not that strange.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oil consumption is America, man!

Obama wants to lower oil exports. Freepers are pretty sure even saying that is treason.

FrankR sees proof Obama is going to become a dictator:
This guy has obviously planned the final and complete takeover of the country by 2012, because with statements like this he is obviously not worried about being re-elected by popular vote.
G Larry is pretty sure Obama is shutting down everything:

Obama’s “energy plan”:
Shut down drilling.
Shut down nuclear.
Shut down coal.
Shut down oil imports.
Shut down American industry.
Shut down the American economy.
Ensure maximum dependency on the government.
Establish permanent control based upon people voting in their own self interest.

Hmmm. Obama has done none of the things on this list. But I have no doubt Freepers are sure he's planning it!

spintreebob thinks anyone who wants to reduce consumption should get no energy at all!

Simple. 1/3 of the people support the enviro wackos. Just cut off the oil to them. Cut off the oil to their private jets; to their limos; to their homes in Aspen; to their hybrids. Let them drive their hybrids on electric only ... but don’t let them use electricity from imported oil.

Or we could just cut off oil to the states that went blue in 2010. That would do it.

swatbuznik wonders why Freepers don't have complete political power:

Why is this man still in office when EVERY EFFORT should be made to get him out!

hflynn doesn't cotton to planning things:
Obama doubling down on the old Soviet Five Year Plan with the Obamass 2011 - 2020 Ten Year Plan. This guy couldn't run a lemonade stand.
TexasRepublic has this to share:

FUBO is a clone of Robert Mugabe.

Shutdown fever

As Boehner is having trouble keeping his coalition together, a government shutdown is looking quite likely. Freepers are pretty excited:

blackdog is probably joking:

Shut it down. I can’t wait until my employer sends me back all my tax witholding, what with nobody to send it to.

eleni121 wants to unleash hell:

Shut it down. Unleash hell on DC. Send Schumer and the rest of the America bashers back to Brooklyn which shoul not be part of the US anyway.

AngelesCrestHighway has carefully analyzed and come to a decision:
Roninf5-1 hates the military:

The Belgian government has been shutdown for eight months and the people of that country are doing just fine. Shut it down completely, including Social Security, Medicare, and the military! Yes, the military. If our military can’t or won’t protect us from the unarmed invasion from the south then its completely worthless anyway.

RockinRight is sure this won't last long:

My wife is a Fed employee (and primary breadwinner).

We support it too.

Plus, it won’t last THAT long before something is done. A few weeks max and probably nowhere near that.

Now if only the GOP could find a way to place the blame on Schumer and Co...

Hoodat hopes it lasts forever, so long as no one compromises:

Refusing to compromise? Lord, please let this be true!

When good compromises with evil, it is only evil that can profit.

-Ayn Rand-

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Media Matters targets FOX

Hating FOX news for being liberal is in vogue among Freepers these days, as there is no election near. But when Media Matters talks about focusing their liberal criticism on FOX News, Freepers circle the wagons against the liberal victimizers:

FormerACLUmember has mixed up "nonprofit" with "nonpartisan."

Total violation of the IRS tax code.

Media Matters is operating illegally and cheating the US taxpayers.

sappy ignores the word "claims" and proves Media Matters hates Truth:

“the group’s main aim had been to challenge the factual claims of the channel and to attempt to prevent them from reaching the mainstream media.”

The Truth must never get out to the mainstream media. they said it right there. If it was not factual, it would’nt matter if it got out.

Always capitalize The Truth. That way everyone knows you're the one who has it.

grace522 is itching for a fight

Marxist scum. Bring it!

FormerACLUmember thinks publishing Media Matters' address would be productive:

Media Matters operates its criminal activities out of

455 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 756-4100

Tribemike1 is pretty sure the solution is for FOX news to go full Birther:

Why doesn’t FOX just declare war back on them...expose them at every out Soros, their agenda, their radical Trump is doing with Obama...starting with the birth certificate....

FlyingEagle calls Media Matters Nazis.

Propaganda within Nazi Germany was taken to a new and frequently perverse level. Hitler was very aware of the value of good propaganda and he appointed Joseph Goebbels as head of propaganda.

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

CottShop Calls them terrorists.

[[guerrilla warfare and sabotage]]

So in other words, he’s saying media matters is a terrorist network? I wonder if obama is watchign this terror network media matters?

Ayers and "Dreams from my father."

At a recent speaking engagement, Bill Ayers joked about writing "Dreams from my Father." Some on the Right Wing missed the sarcasm and jumped the gun. Freepers are more savvy than that - they get the sarcasm, and that also counts as an admission:

Scanian thinks the sarcasm is a ploy:

Sounds like Ayers using sarcasm to suppress suspicion, i.e. make a joke out of it, Alinsky-style.

But to me the mention of “royalties” is a key. All those leftoids are money mad and Ayers has to resent Obama getting 100% of the royalties when 0 surely didn’t do 100% of the writing.

Michael.SF. thinks the audience laughing at the punchline is proof the audience something:
listen to it again and listen to the audience, a woman says "we know" and others make comments which are inaudible. They then laugh when he jokes about 'proving it' so as to collect royalties. I sensed that the audience took it as fact that he wrote it and that the joke is on us because we cannot prove it.
WhistlingPastTheGraveyard also thinks merely joking about it counts as proof:

Billy makes this “joke” to anyone who’ll listen. He loves bringing it up. He loves that he’s finally getting some credit for the best book he’s ever written.

The way he praised “Dreams” and trashes “Audacity” tells you all you really need to know. He wrote the book, adores the adulation and wants the credit. Otherwise, he’d dismiss the theory and let it die.

pallis thinks this is the old double-reverse-switcheroo:

Ayers is speaking the truth, knowing that it is the best way for him to be perceived as lying. He is a trained liar who knows most people assume there is a lie in anything a liberal says, so to cover up the truth, he told the truth as though it were a lie.

Liberals are the real racists

A black woman yells at Bill Ayers about school vouchers. Freepers use this to show how the real racists are their liberal nemesis:

Pearls Before Swine knows why Freepers want to keep black folks down:
The liberals agains school vouchers aren't agains blacks; they want to keep them as shock troops, and they don't want them "acting white" by getting an education. /s
hosepipe thinks blacks are going extinct:
No problems really.. black people are aborting themselves to death..
Abortion rates among american black people.. are huge...
American Black people are becoming rarer every year..

Conservative, liberal.. partly black or really black.. black americans are becoming rarer..

Except for the black hispanics being Imported.. traditional blacks in america are wiping the next generation out..
soon most american blacks will be hispanic..
sportutegrl knows liberals are totally racist. Cause she knows so many.

The rich libs send their kids to private school and they sure as heck don’t want Jr. sitting next to a black kid with a voucher. Liberals are the most racist people I know.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama's Libya speech

Freepers on Obama's speech. I tried for stuff that directly addressed the speech mostly, and cut out all the "his lips are so purple!" "Resign now!" and "WHERE IS BIRTH CERTIFICATE?"

marstegreg misparses, and then criticizes:

We have stopped Quadaffffiiii’s deadly advance?

For now. Wait until we leave and he’s still there.

So Where exactly was he advancing to? His own country? That does not make sense. What a bunch of B.S.

AGreatPer is saying something, but I'm not sure what:
We will support the future of Libya?
To who, you Jerko? Fat ass Hillary going to UK tomorrow for no reason at all.
Beaten Valve is amazed Obama is giving a speech.

Good God, he’s still trying to sell this....

Needless to say, if Obama skipped the speech, Beaten Valve would be yelling about impeachment.

mwl8787 is pissed about Iraq:

Lying SOB on Iraq when he has blood on his own hands for undermining our troops

Divisive, hateful, and unpresidential

Yeah, Freepers are totally supporting the troops in Libya, eh?

Clock King thinks the Iraq coalition was awesome!

Gaaaaggg! He’s talking about coalitions and doesn’t realize that this is EXACTLY what GWB did: create a coalition. GWB didn’t go it alone! But he did consult Congress as PER THE LAW!!!!

I really wish I has few stiff drinks...

onyx really wants to wait after the massacre to intervene:

Where’s the genocide? There isn’t any. No bodies of women and children.

NYCslicker manages being both off-topic, historically ignorant and flippant:

Its fun to watch liberals try to fight wars.


Outlaw Woman and many others are proud that they hate Obama too much to see him speak, they just obsess about him on the Internet all day.

I’d rather eat a bug than see or hear this no good, marxist bas*ard.

like someone going into a bar and proclaiming how he would never drink.

Monday potpourri.

Grunthor thinks our involvement in Libya is cause Obama's a Muslim:

Muzzies were killin’ muzzies and our muzzie POTUS couldn’t bear to watch it happen. Had to save his ‘brothers’ in the ‘hood.’

“and for what”

The priviledge of our boys getting their throats slit, blown up or shot in the back by those they were ordered to save?

Candor7 straight up hopes for US defeat:
I hope Qadaffi wipes the desert floor with Obama and his grifted Europen /UN counter parts. We need to get our soldiers the eff out of Libya. Its a goat Pluck of massive proportions.The Bedou will never cease fighting, all of Africa supports them, and it will be worse if Qadaffi is killed.
I reckon Obama’s tribe,the Luo , do not like Bedouins. Thats what all this is really about IMHO.
Fred Nerks cannot use lowercase where Libya is concerned:
I'm not sure what rebels he's seeing, but "heavily armed allah akbar chanting fanatics" is at least triply wrong from what I've seen.

LS knows Sarah Palin will assasinate foreign leaders in violation of US law, which is totally badass:
I know one thing: Moammar Khaddfi would not last 5 seconds with a President Palin. If she determined that it was in the U.S. best interest to “off” him, a secret team would take him out.
lentulusgracchus thinks the only reason Boehner hasn't impeached Obama is cause he's at the beck and call of the rich:
Boehner dosen’t have the guts [to impeach Obama], IMO

He doesn't have instructions to that effect from RiNO Central, aka the Fortune 500 CEO's.

OTOH, Boehner can do business on this. He can sell Obama an indulgence, a remittance of impeachment, for a significant business-tax cut.

That's what RiNOdom exists for.
Lurker really hates universal sufferage:
As far as the entire right to vote thing goes I'll go on record as saying that issue should be revisited. Far too many people have the Franchise these days and it's killing our Republic.
Yaelle channels Michelle Obama:
"Mmmmm... This lobster is excellent! Well, (chomp, chomp), remember that me and Barack, we are DOWN with the struggle! We have BEEN THERE, baby. Uh, yeah, please, more champagne... (slurp) We know what it's like to stuff our shoes with newspaper... When we had to live with no electricity... Hey, for a sec in February the power flickered in our Aspen hotel suite, and it brought me right BACK to the days in that leaky apartment, no heat, Mama dying of diptheria on blankets on the floor... Oh yes, we will have the chocolate souffle, yes, make that a double portion... Barack's mama was so poor and single, they scraped by in the hood on food stamps and handouts... We are ONE with you poor people, aint nothing more noble than poverty and want... Speaking of which, I still want that caviar, please leave it on the table... "
point being that rich people can't want to help those not as well off as they are.

TxDas has a totally believable story about how guns help:

A few years ago a bare foot drunk person, who could not speak English, was loudly badgering a female manager of a Burger King my wife and friend were frequenting. The manager said if he did not leave she would call the police so he pushed her. My little wife said, “don’t tell him you are going to call the police, just call them!”. At this point the belligerent drunk man cursed her in Spanish and approached her table. My 110 lb wife responded by sticking her hand in her purse and looking the fellow in the eye and said, “just come over here you son of a bitch and I’ll fire you up and field dress you!!”. Next thing the guy hit the door running and was last seen rapidly disappearing down the road.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t retreat, re-load.

So this guy who can't speak English seems to understand it just fine. And for a drunk guy bare foot guy he can sure run like a champion. Believable.

livius knows why Obama isn't opening up coastal drilling
This validates Dinesh D’Souza’s theory that Obama is anti-colonialist, and sees America as a colonial power to be brought down.

That is true. Furthermore, he sees himself as the Third World Avenger; hence his fondness for any country or group (such as Muslims) that is opposed to the West.
Huh. I guess Bush was also a Third World Avenger then.

trisham thinks the MSM is hiding someone from us:
Need to ping y’all one more time. MSM has no interest identifying this woman traveling with the first family and MIL???

Unidentified my @$$, they know who she is.


Definitely. The MSM is conspiring with this administration to keep her identity secret.
"her," of course, being Michelle Obama's mother. Dastardly!

bvw thinks a fellow Freeper who has concerns about Japan's nuclear power plants may be a terrorist:
Be terrified and die. That is when you have REAL problems, being terrified is the last thing you can afford. Then you’ll die.

The fact that you entertain and promote terror makes you (1) a person looking for thrills, or (2) a terrorist.

Which are you?

If you are afraid, you're probably a terrorist.

mrreaganaut thinks liberals hide their secret plans in their movies:

It’s shocking how the Libs need to tell us their plans. Before the Kerry campaign, there was “the Matchmaker” (a little-known, adorable movie) that totally exposed Kerry as a fake. Then, there was the seemingly horrible remake of “The Manchurian Candidate,” which outrageously showed a corporately owned President. Now we know that we were foolish to dismiss the remake as unbelievable: it was a warning.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Pix

How is Obama holding that slurpee! He's amazing!


This is, of course, a takeoff of 'Being There' where the a retarded man is elected President, and turns out to be Jesus.

What will Freepers do if the Caliphate never forms?

This warning to the rich brought to you by Freepers, always eager to help their betters.

No more Brackets! Also Obama's family for some reason. And a screw.

Obama totally salutes the UN flag! Photoshop says so!

Goofy childhood pics are unpresidential!

Goddamn Freeper hippies.

Sorry, no gay guy is going to choose that color scheme.

Yeah, this helps your case, Freepers.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Women henpecked Obama into Libya

Freepers react somewhat violently to the narrative that it was three women - Hillary, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Gayle Smith all talked Obama into Libya. Maureen Dowd calls them "Valkyries" to boot, which really set the Freepers off somehow. I guess mythology is conservative too.

Jonah Hex
knows real women have huge boobs:
Bah...those harpies couldn't begin to fill a real Valkyrie's breastplate.
hinckley buzzard knows what Valkyries are like:
The Valkyries were warrior maidens charged with searching the battlefields for dying valiant heroes, whom they would take to Valhalla and give the gift of eternal life with the gods. They would never have had anything to do with an inconsequential coward like obama.
ZULU and animber of other note that harpies are also in mythology

INTERESTING how the left-wing scumbags in the NYTIMES refer to these as “Valkyries”. Harpies makes more sense, PARTICULARLY as liberals use even WORSE perjoratives towards CONSERVATIVE women like Bachman, Palin, Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham, Malkin, etc.

I would think any decent daughter of Odin would be angered at being compared with Obama’s political Harem.

That harem quip is amazing - making the women whores AND Obama Muslim.

Dr. Eckleburg notes that liberal women gotta all be lesbians. Also Obama is black:

So here we have the talking points. This is a woman’s war. The lesbian legions in the White House are making policy and have pushed the reluctant Magic Negro onto the battlefield.


null and void would like to share:

There is nothing more mean spirited than a liberal woman.

USFRIENDINVICTORIA drops the chickenhawk charge that liberals recently let lie:
none of these so-called “Valkyries” are going to be doing the actual fighting or dying. They will be sending some brave warriors to Heaven (or Valhalla) though.

Why people vote for Obama

Freepers expound on why people still vote for the evil anti-American Kenyan. What is interesting is how little variation therer really is. Though in retrospect, I suppose any sufficiently crazy philosophy's first priority is explaining why not everyone is crazy:

Lancey Howard thinks it's all the people getting "free stuff"

To quote dear old Dad: "When the parasites outnumber the hosts, it's all over."

For about half the voters in America, it's all about the "free stuff", confiscated from productive Americans and handed over to them, the deadbeats, in exchange for their Democrat votes. Things like "honesty", "integrity", and "good character" are totally irrelevant.

That's just where America is today. (shrug) It was great while it lasted, but nothing lasts forever.
Because folks an the welfare rolls are all about voting. And people getting Social Security all vote Dem.

alstewartfan agrees that it must be people getting government handouts:

Everyone in their heart of hearts knows that this Punk is an incompetent Loser. But either they are on the taxpayer trough or have been BS’d by the leftists that things would even be WORSE without him. They are taking a machete and slicing their own throats.

andy58-in-nh blames a coalition:

That's really the best answer. But it's sad that 90+% of blacks still support this guy from a combination of misplaced racial solidarity and multi-generational dependency. Then, you've got the hard-core Commie leftists, single urban white women with Steinem's disease, and the oddball inhabitants of the Castro, South Beach, Provincetown and Fire Island....
Steinem's disease. Classy. But blacks, commies, feminists and gays do not a 50% approval make.

rockinqsranch agrees with the above, though he adds the catchall "liberal"

#1. “Ya don vote against blood”.

#2. PC non politico’s of Liberal bent that think everything is just fine because the lyin’ Leftist newspaper says life is good.

#3. Liberalism IS a mental disorder, and there are a number of them albeit they are a minority, but combined with #1, and #2 they become a force, and if they convince the Independents as they did in 2008, they win.

LS also has a very similar list:

He has a built-in 90% approval by the 12% of the black population (i.e., 11% of any poll is going to approve based solely on skin color). That means that among all other groups, he’s only getting about 35%-30% approval. You then have to factor in a good 10% white guilt which will not be willing to blame him for being an idiot because of skin color. Finally, you then have about 15% of the uber-left non-black voters who are simply crazy. That’s your numbers.

proxy_user thinks all the numbers are phantoms cause of people afraid the pollster will call them racist:

PC. Those who say they approve will not necessarily vote for him in the privacy of the booth. This is why the exit polls are wrong.

Freddd thinks the media is making it seem like stuff doesn't suck as much as it does:

The same thing that’s keeping the DOW up and unemployment numbers down.

Nothing, but Obamamedia.

fuzzybutt also blames the media:

Sadly imformed people like Freepers are a rarity these days. The MSM has done a stellar job of lying for him. Even people I considered well informed are not, because they are still getting their news from lying hacks.

Sadly I do not think we have a chance, winning our country back I mean.

Perdogg thinks blacks make up about 50% of people polled:

the voting block that gave him 99% of its vote.

fwdude blames women - they like Obama's GQ style.
I know this will attract a lot of flames, but what buoys his approval is overwhelmingly women.

Even my mother, who is a staunch conservative, evangelical Christian who did not vote for Obama recently said that he's "not too bad." zerØ has the smooth, GQ style that most women (and many pansied men) can't see past, and the image carries them away.

Yes, men are different than women, and I'll go to the grave believing this truth.
Little Ray also blames women:
Between TV and women voters, a presidential candidate's appearance probably counts more than his competence.

‘Pubbies should keep that in mind when selecting the next candidate.

That is also a reason that pretty Republican women may not have a good chance at the presidency: Jealousy.
Also they tend to be insane. But I'm sure the jealousy thing matters too.

All racism is fake

At University of Kentucky someone sprayed ""How Do You Spell Nigger? OBAMA." Freepers don't need an investigation - they know who did it - liberals!

Oztrich Boy knows no real racists would do this:

Survey says: Fake Race Hate Crime

ChildOfThe60s goes straight to Hitler:

Just another “Reichtag Fire” tactic. Expect a lot more of this.

Boogieman finds the location suspicious:
It’s funny how the “racist right-wing extremists” always seem to do these things in areas dominated by hard-core left-wing liberals, especially university campuses. When is the last time we heard about one of these incidents in deep red country?
Hmmm. Perhaps there is a reason you never hear about racism in deep red country beyond it not existing?

yarddog is sure it is a black guy:

You never can be sure but I bet it was a minority. I know several similar cases in which nooses, racial epithets etc. have ended up not being what it appears at first glance.


When something like this happens, my first thought is it was done by leftists trying to create a narrative.

You and every single post on this thread.

muawiyah notes that everyone knows it was a liberal:

EVERYBODY knows it was a Leftwingtard who put this together.

Quite frankly I can't keep up on what those people imagine to be insulting.

That "nigger" is bad is pretty easy to remember.

xzins has no doubt, and he has evidence!

I have no doubt that this was done as a "dirty trick" by a member of the democratic party.

My evidence is the number of democrats outed at Tea Party gatherings who would carry inflammatory signs with the pure intent of making the Tea Party look bad.

Lexington, Kentucky is absolutely NOT a racist town. The opposite,'s sort of stuffy, elitist, democrat.

Huh. I never heard about outed dems at Tea Party rallies. Course, I suppose the mere fact that they were racist is evidence enough.

yarddog responds to an administrator noting that the campus is "upset in a good way."

“Upset in a good way” means you are beginning to hate Whitey.

Yeah, Kentucky is turning into a hotbed of anti-white hysteria.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Libyan conspiracy

It's not like Freepers need to create some kind of evil Obama's a Muslim conspiracy theory for Libya to look bad. But that's never stopped them before. Thus, the many True Theories of Obama's Evil Libya Plot:

WPaCon isn't usually conspiratorial but for Obama anything's possible:
I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist either, but we've never seen anything like Obama before, and virtually anything is possible with him.

At any rate, all of Obama's actions so far have made a caliphate more likely, and he has sent off many signals (that the Muslim world would understand but not the average American) that he is Muslim. He could very well be Muslim, or he could just be sending off those signals to gain the support of Muslims.

It all boils down to one thing: who exactly is Barack Obama?

Is he just some ultra-liberal who, like other ultra-libs, hates the United States? Is he a Muslim taking down America from the inside? Does he wanna be a fascist dictator? Who knows? Calling his past very murky is an understatement, and much of his past suggests that he isn't doing this alone? Is he a mole, or is he just doing this by himself? If he is backed by others, then who? Soros? The Saudis?

That holds the key to what his end-game is. He could very well just plan on leaving office peacefully, spending the rest of his life golfing and eating ice cream. But it's been suggested he has a few other plans. Does he plan on being the caliph? Does he plan on being America's dictator? Does he plan on becoming UN secretary general/world dictator? How many countries would strongly oppose him? Liberals like him, Muslims like him, and maybe he could gain the support of China by helping and allowing them to do what they do. Who knows?

Hey, he's just asking.

And then answering:

Q: Is it about looking after America's interests and helping downtrodden Libyans?

A: No. Obama doing something good for America?!? Please...

Q: Is it about Obama trying to boost his popularity?

A: Probably not. I'm sure he wants to be popular, but that hasn't always been his biggest concern.

Q: Is it about Obama replacing a scumbag dictator with something even worse?

A: Bingo. Obama always goes against American interests and always supports what is best for "radical" (normal) Islam. I think it's becoming clear that Obama is hoping for a new caliphate. Hence he supports a war that is also supported by Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

There’s only one reason for that: he wants to distract the American public from the fact that the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz is an insecure little man behind a media curtain. Obama is wagging the dog not to misdirect attention from a sex scandal, but in order to focus attention on his supposed brawn.

None of it is real. Once again, the military is being used by a Democrat as a political tool to curry favor with the hawkish American public. The American public is being manipulated by a Democrat, once again, because we support the men and women in harm’s way. The war in Libya as Obama has organized it is a sham, a fraud and a disgrace.

The truth is VERY powerful.
gridlock goes beyond Birtherism into some kind of Transbrither state:
Libya is the cherry on top of the sh!t sundae of his own creation. So, what is a President to do?

Simple. Stop denying the Birther rumors. Admit that you are not a native-born citizen. The resulting Constitutional crisis would make everybody completely forget about everything else. Obama can be hounded out of office with his head held high and the idiots on the Left can talk for another fifty years about how great a President he might have been...

My prediction is that somewhere in the basement of the White House, people are trying to concoct an innocent explaination of how Obama could run for President without realizing that he is Constitutionally ineligible. I’m guessing that Momma is about to go under the bus. Of course, her deception would have come out of a mother’s earnest desire for her child to have a better life as an American citizen, so maybe she doesn’t have to go under the bus at all.

unkus thinks Libya is part of the Perfect Storm that Ends America:

At this rate, America will be toast in two years. The United States is being set up for the greatest hit in the history of the world. We’re in the early stages of the attack. We’re entering the Perfect Storm.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why do Freepers hate the troops?

Freepers get pretty defeatist about Libya:

BunnySlippers has decided this Libya thing is a failure. And imagine, it took Harry Reid ages longer to be lambasted for saying 'Iraq is lost.'
His first tremulous step ...

Army Air Corps knows why Germany is avoiding involvement:
Well, Germans are crackers, yo.
Professional would also like to assume defeat as fast as he can:
Gadhafi is coming out of this smelling like a rose... Wow I just cannot believe what a complete cluster%uck this is. This intervention, what, put together over lunch and a few pencils/napkins? Obama just said ok, and didn’t even bother to mention it to America? Totally insane, hope it costs Obama any slim hope of being elected.
Professional also misses how manly Bush was:
GW was a real man. Bothers me so much how he got smeared by the left, and even folks that are supposedly conservatives/and or republican.

GW, I miss you, you were an AWESOME President!
HardStarboard Wishes Obama were more like that Freeper hero, H.W. Bush:
Bush Sr. said “this will not stand”.....and we drove the Iraqi military out of Kuwait.

Obama says “this will not stand” ......and NATO falls apart.

Bush had what....26 coalition members?

Obieboy has, I think down to 5?

Two Pictures of Leadership
Davidlion sounds like a goddamn hippie:
These people did nothing to US — nothing that is proven. Who do we think we are? The UN resolution means nothing!!! It is our Constitution and the War Powers Act that govern us. We need to GET OUT OF THE UN!!! We need to GET OUT OF THESE ARAB COUNTRIES!!. No Blood — No money. If they screw with us we turn them to GLASS!!
Cementjungle thinks NATO is over now:
Yet ANOTHER failure for The One.
I'm guessing that the falling apart of NATO is yet another success in his mind.
Kenny Bunk says things:
Hoist the digit to rapidly islamizing Turkey. This is the second time those Worthy Oriental Gentlemen have screwed us on an international military action. WTF'em. The choice is between being human and being a Muslim. The Turks are choosing Muslim. Damn shame.
Our fabulous Magical Marxist Mulatto Mombasa Muslim MF has screwed the pooch big time, but I am sure that this will be portrayed in the MSM as a triumph of diplomacy over brute force. After all, our Affirmative Action Anus has merely wrecked NATO and totally destroyed our credibility as a world power with European influence.
Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! thinks Obama just started World War 3.
France is next... Obama incites mobs and WWIII he makes Carter look welcoming.

Obama's vacation

Obama is coming home from his trip to Latin America soon. Freepers work hard to get all their outrage out of the way while they still can:

marstegreg is pretty sure Obama is obeying the unions in coming home:

When SEIU says “jump”, he jumps.
(I hear they are in a bit of trouble today based on a few stories.)

Cementjungle doesn't think Obama has the integrity to come home even for political reasons

His base (government workers, union workers, welfare recipients, illegal’s, terrorists, communists, etc.) will never abandon him. I think he heard there's a good weather forecast for some of his favorite golf courses... time to "seize the moment" and go play.
Excuse_My_Bellicosity remembers when Republicans were victims, so it's okay to attack Dems:
Yep. Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan caught hell for months for being seen with friends that paid their own airfare, hotel, and meals. The Nancy Reagan borrowed-dress debacle was threatening to bring down all that is civilized and decent in the world, while Hillary, Chelsea, and Michelle are out spending a king’s ransom on designer clothes and Hussein is throwing million dollar parties with Billy Joel and Fleetwood Mac providing the music on taxpayer money.
uh-oh. Noob1999 mentions Michelle. Now it's time for yet another Michelle Obama hatefest:
But, but, Moochelle had a fashion queen outfit to fit in perfectly with the Mayan background. Her colors were perfect, her shoes matched, the spawns were to wear colorful jeans. Even though she has gone nappy for a part of this vacation, she would wear her coifed wig, and dance with the locals.

How can it be that Moochelle will not get her way?? FLOTUS will be pissed! Hussian, beware!
AppyPappy on how Michelle Obama is a drink black stereotype:
Moochelle:"Finally, some Strawberry Hill. I am so tired of Shawdynay and Savvynoonoo Blank. It's time to get my drink on. Honey, haul your Cafe Au Lait ass on over to the band and request some good music. If they are gonna saw on those strings, they need to be playing some Barry White"
mowowie thinks she's ugly:
I don’t think it’s her terrible posture, her linebacker arms or her ass the size of Texas that is the main problem.
It is that 24/7 skowl on her puss that really freaks me out.

What a MISERABLE lookin woman.
crosstimbers thinks she dresses funny:
She’s wearing a halter top????? Just trash, that’s all I can say. Guess she thinks she’s 19 years old.
etc. etc. (her shoes don't match her top, her belt looks bad, she's got broad shoulders, her makeup is too thick).

Glenn Beck reveals the Left’s Economic Terrorism Playbook: THE CHASE CAMPAIGN

Glenn Beck is back with some all new crazy about unions working with Muslims to bring down banks by holding them accountable for the financial crisis that we all know was caused by SOROS. Freepers all get civil war 2 boners:

mnehring knows this is Serious Business:
Conspiracy to defraud financial institutions and the government. Conspiracy to commit financial crimes. Economic terrorism. Treason against the United States.

Unions being unions.
chris37 thinks the wages of being "these people" should be death:
These people need to be made to pay the price of treason.

Every last one of them
ponygirl names names!
Holder is part of it. An important part.
Lazamataz calls to his posse:
There is an actual, real war in America. Guarentee things go hot within a few months. GK, meyer, let’s get our ducks in a row as far as bugout.
kevslisababy also thinks it's almost shooting time:
My thought is that it is getting close to the time that we are going to have to go “Zombie Land” on these people, but I’ll wait until they start it.
Wurlitzer isn't planning some liberal holocaust, but I'll bet he's super annoying if you're on his e-mail list.
Every FReeper reading this IMO should post a link to the blaze to everyone on their e-mail contact list. (I have done this already).

I would also challenge everyone to write to your local pravda newspaper and ask why they have not covered this. (give them a day or so to see how they will spin it if they even report it)

This is terrorism and we must exert enough pressure on DHS and the DOJ to act. The affirmative action puke at the head of the DOJ will ignore this if we allow it.
Frantzie thinks 'War 3' has secretly started:
This is all smoke in mirrors. War 3 is started. Fox is covering for Obama. ALL of TV is covering for him. You are a dumb sheep.

Birthers keep on keeping on

It gets deep:

freekitty discounts another possible Obama father:

Jimmy Hendrix was so messed up I can’t see him fathering anything much less Obama.

Obama looks a lot like his mother and he does favor his Kenya relatives. But, who knows.

Harley has a theory that Obama is some kinda bastard:
The theory is that Stanley Dunham fathered Barack with a Hotel Street prostitute in Honolulu, a district he reportedly frequented. He agreed to take the baby and his daughter wanted a baby. In February 1961 she arranged the marriage to fellow student Barack Obama Sr. who was still married to a woman in Kenya. Obama did comment in one of his books how ‘Pops’ (grandpa Dunham) would take him down to a Hotel Street bar to get a soda when he was young. Could that have been an opportunity to take him down so his real mother could see him?
omegadawn will have none of it, cause then Obama might not be Kenyan, which we all know is true. Unless...
while this is possible, it does not explain why there is so much evidence that obama was born in Kenya , unless the father /grandfather sent the real mother and Ann to kenya to make it look like Ann was actually maried to the fake father. Then of course the baby came early and they had to fake records to show the baby was born in Hawaii. Obama would still be ineligible to be President.
bgill sees a pic of a white house, and then...goes to town. I have no idea what the crap is going on here:

No, the white house isn’t the Obama house but it is of the same era. On the 13th street side, the steps from the street to the house and the lower level garage are obvious similarities. Then there is the lay of the land with the rise from street level. The next few lots appear to belong to what looks like the backside of a large apartment building complex. The land rise continues there but today is vacant of homes.

The other side of the street doesn’t have the land rise. Plus, here’s the biggie - that side of the street shows odd numbered addresses whereas the Obama address is an even number.

Now, back to the Ann/Anne/Anna name thing. I’ve never understood how so MANY references are for Anne/Anna when her name was plain old everyday Ann. A-N-N. Plain and simple. Why would so many go to the effort of making it longer? Many times Anna is pronounced Au-nna which, imo, is a totally different name.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By request: Hunting Down Feral Blacks

Wow. This thread, posted in the comments, may be the most blatant since the "There's a coon in the Whitehouse" thread. A driver got beat up after accidentally hitting a guy near a trailer park. That is bad behavior, no doubt. But once Freepers determined the race, the bigotry gets real.

NCjim thinks we should really hunt down and kill the wild black men who cause trouble:

When they fail to note the race of the attackers and of the victim, you can pretty much figure it out.

It worries me that factions of our country are becoming more and more like wild animals, but due to political correctness, cannot be hunted down and dealt with like the wild animals that they are.
tumblindice classes it up:

It looks like the `Saturday night’s all right for fightin’ crowd were African-Americans, or in French: `les chuckers-of-spears’.
Steely Tom makes an unintentional double ententre.

There are parts of this country where I guess normal people just need to stay away. And it seems that those areas are growing.
They'll grow until they get to a certain point. Then they'll encounter something else that's growing.
NonValueAdded wants you all to know that black people no longer go to jail these days:
You have just documented multiple hate crimes ... oh, wait, vics were white. Never mind. Love, Eric Holder
The Toll is a fan of vigilante justice:
Sorry to read the Father of the victim’s comment in the paper. If he wants justice he’s going to have to get it for himself. Only way in 2011.
Stentor tries to sound ominous, but really just sounds like a bitter racist:

Some day, the worm will turn.
kaylar brings it all home.

I wonder just what will happen if God willing the First Thug is defeated in 2012?
When I started reading Free Republic back in 2006, this kind of posting would have been deleted and the commenter's zotted. Sure, you'd get a lot of "black folk' tak lik' dis" crap, but this race war feral black thing is new.

Since Obama...I'm not sure of the exact psychology behind it, but Free Republic is getting more and more into this atavistic racism.

By request: Freepers on vegetarians

Vegetarianism for fitness or whatnot is not uncommon these days. But Freepers are still kinda stuck in the 1950s (or earlier). When a vegetarian on a flight throws a fit about the food, Freepers are ready and willing:

First, of course, there are the obligatory

joking about violence against liberals
why press charges? Another waste of time and resources. Just grab her by the throat and bitch slap her then throw her off the airplane. :)
speculative victimhood:
If they had been wearing a Short showing they were a Tea Party member, not only would there be charges filed, but Perky Katie would be covering this as well.
and racism:
Flying between the Dominican Republic and Newark, NJ? I think I know why no charges were filed. Must be one of AG Holder’s people.
Okay, now that we know it's Free Republic alright, lets see what they think about vegetarians:

headstamp 2 thinks they are unhealthy:
I swear practically all vegetarians I’ve ever met are sick all the time. I worked with a woman who always was taking time off sick with a cold.
katana and a couple of others remind us of this cliche:
just ask anyone who lived through WWII and can remember that mischievous animal loving scamp, Adolph Hitler.
WOBBLY BOB notes they are all totally women:
based on personal observations, most vegans I see were created when they were indoctrinated at college or high school and watched some PETA documentary and are usually girls.
Casie has what I think is a trick question, but I can't find the trick:
I dont know any vegetarians so I can’t ask one but I do have a question.

Ok, they don’t want to kill a cow for a steak or burger or leather. But milk, cheese, cream and butter are fine. So we would just need female cows, not male cows.

How would we get rid of all the unwanted newborn male cows again?

Is this some sort of pro-life alegory?

Yemen is a sign of the Islapocolypse

Freepers are pretty sure the unrest in the middle east is gonna end with some kind of Super-Muslimistan Caliphate:

First though, I could not resist lmr's awesome mixed metaphor:

Everything Obama does is calculated for maximum political effect. There is no principle here other than perception and image. An empty suit on steroids.
empty suit on steroids?! Heh.

Rome2000 thinks Obama is responsible for all this unrest, cause he's Muslim:

Muzzies world wide are rising up against any government that is not already controlled by terrorists actively engaged in supporting anti-american activities, and this is a direct result of Obama the muslim commie being elected POTUS, they see it as a sign from Allah that the time has come for them to act.

Before this is over Yemen, Pakistan, and Turkey will be in AQ hands.
Flintlock also blames Obama, somehow:

Notice how ALL the “governments” in trouble or falling happen to be those not activly involved in attacking the West?
The MUzzzie Brotherhood is reaping the rewards of all that Saudi-Financed Wahabbi Bull$hit of the last couple of generations.
Great going MuzzieBarryKenyanCommie!

Travis McGee even ranges further afield in his predicted Islamic spread:

Most of the middle east from Pakistan to Morocco will be under the control of Islamict mullahs in the near future.

It’s going to get crazy. We haven’t seen anything yet.
GeronL seems to agree with whatever Qaddafi says:
More territory for the new Caliphate.

Will Ossama Bin Laden by the new Caliph?
NFHale thinks the next step is he may get to use his gun! YEEEHAW!

Just waiting for the outbreaks of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” to happen here - all defended, financed, and aided/abetted by our own Fifth Column (that would be the Democrat Party).

Keep yer powder dry.

Freeper Feminism

An article about why the author is a male feminist shows what a lot of Freepers think about equality of the sexes:

ken21 knows all about men who think women should be paid equally:

castrati whining.
MichiganConservative thinks the solution is having game:
Feminism is the sickness. Game is the cure. Christian men, learn game and use it on your women. It isn't just about picking up random women. It is about understanding women's irrationality, behavior, and powers of rationalization and using it to your advantage to get what you want. If you're a Christian, that should be a lifetime marriage and children. If you're a Christian man, you should not want a feminist woman. A feminist woman is tainted.

A feminist man is pathetic.

Be an emotionally manipulative bastard - for Christ!

MichiganConservative tops himself:

Yeah, sure. You women want equal rights. Until it suits you to be treated like a child. Then you want to be treated like a child. Feminists pass laws that treat men like responsible adults and women like irresponsible children, thus creating an uneven playing field tipped in favor of women. That’s the fruit of feminism. That is one of the reasons why feminism is evil.
laweeks knows how you can tell a manly man = how he pees:
Toilet seat’s always down in his/her house, I’ll bet. Future Phil Donahue.
NorthStarStateConservative would like to introduce race into the discussion for no good reason:
I’d like to see him call himself a male feminist in the middle of the ghetto. The black women over there would probably call him gay and start spitting out babies for the pants on the floor crowd.
ClearCase_guy has some use for Feminism - supporting women without any regard for actual policies:
Oh? A male feminist? Then you must support Sarah Palin, right? I mean, she's the strongest, most powerful, most influential woman in the country. You do support her, don't you? No?
Then I guess you're nothing but a communist.
Soothesayer yearns for the real feminism of the 1850s:
Capitalism is bad? Sounds like another leftist turd who joined the ‘feminist’ cause to be a sleazebag, get laid, and avoid paying child support. Of course, they love to refer to themselves as “enlightened” and “empathetic”. What a load of crock.

It was American capitalism of the 1850s, the corporations, the big producers who gave jobs and education to women. It was true feminism, not the leftist hate-mongering feminism of today. Even blacks could sometimes be treated with respect in northern factories. It was miraculous!

Meanwhile, the oppressive dictatorships of the third world still treat women like third-class citizens...slightly below the neighborhood hounds. The leftist vermin of the west took it one step further down the path of pure evil and made women so worthless that they should seek to become a man. Not even the broken cultures of the third world can match the dementia and evil of the leftist filth who walk among us.

Obama hates electricity

After Japan's nuclear...experience, Obama wants to make sure there are no basement generators or anything in America's nuclear reactors. He is mandating a safety review of the US's nuclear power plants. Freepers are not happy, though they vary widely as to why they are so angry:

Carry_Okie thinks this is Obama helping out the oil companies he loves:

Another fob to the major stockholders in oil companies, and another kick in the nuts for the American middle class.

Puppage is pretty sure regulation is like ownership:

Govt Motors, now Govt Nuclear Facilities?

bwc2221 agrees with the move, but still hates Obama:

I can’t fault him for this, but there are about a million other things I can.

colorado tanker is sure the people who designed the reactors 40 years ago are too smart to need oversight:

Did it occur to our government of Ivy League geniuses that the people who designed and built these reactors anticipated making them secure in the event of natural disasters???

Cyber Liberty thinks Obama is going to shut down everything:
If Zero runs true to form, he'll have Salazar or some other flunky order all nuke plants shut down pending the review. Then he'll drag his feet.
RJS1950 thinks the inspections suck cause they are "probably union:"

You mean that his brilliant administration has not been doing this on a regular basis? Oh, that’s right; the inspectors are probably union so the inspections are pencil-whipped.

OldMissileer knows Obama hates the little people getting electricity:

This is an attempt to give a few more cushy jobs to Obama cronies and then, no matter what the findings, shut down the plants.

In their eyes, the only people who need or deserve gas, food, electricity, and other “conveniences, are the leftists in power. The rest can either toil for their pleasure or die.
PennsylvaniaMom thinks rolling blackouts will be great for Obama's reelection:
My fear...Barky goes Merkel...shuts them down (for the chillrens’ safety) and we at best have rolling blackouts; at worst...hello 1820s.
hal ogen:

nobama truly wants us all to live like the Amish live. Without electricity, with horses and passive. Now THAT is “change”. nobama is such a brilliant anti-leader.

ScreamingFist thinks safety reviews are what the commies do:
Calling the government in to review government certified power communist.
dalereed actually thinks nuclear power is too safe:

They are too safe now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live 12 miles from San Onofre and want the safety bullshit to be reduced!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The UN needs Libya!

Freepers have found a way to hate Obama for Libya while still appearing principled. Seems the Libyan action is also something the UN wanted. Thus, they needn't worry about Bush or whatnot and can get straight to the conniption:

Ulysse thinks Obama himself is a UN plot:

Yes Obama is a UN puppet.
Has been elected as such in order to weaken USA and give up to the muslim world, China....meanwhile he is waging fake wars

Muslim world, China...secret alliance? What about Russia?!

knarf is too pissed to use English:
I said this after hearing him say we would not put ground troops in Libya cut would be part of a global coalition (or words to that effect)
zero is a traitor, just a half step away from legal prosecution and the feckless republicans are discussing NPR.


hal ogen sees this as more proof Obama is awful:
Probable quote from nobama: The US Constitution is crap...I wipe my a** with the Constitution.”
traditional1 gos straight "new world order" though what the shadow government wants with Libya is left unsaid:
IF I were a conspiracy follower, the whole Libya fiasco could be interpreted to be a cause that could forward the “One World Government” agenda of Soros/Obama/Progressives.
tsowellfan knows why Obama follows the UN:
no muslim can ever be loyal to the United States, because it goes against their faith.
Of course 0bama thinks the UN is above Congress, and the UN Charter above the Constitution.

Like all leftists, he inherently believes the more centralized the government, the more authority it has, especially over less centralized authoritie.

Bombing Gaddaffi

Someone seems to have bombed Gaddafi's residents. Freepers do their best to control their joy in killing non-Americans, so that they can properly hate Obama's latest treason:

My Favorite Headache is a bit rich:

Illegal war...impeach now!
The Magical Mischief Tour:

Obama trying to off him?

A certain black Moooslim isn’t gonna be happy with this bit o news...

What black Muslim is he referring to? Farrakhan?

rambo316 does it up right, with rage and Al Quaeda and birtherism all in one:

We are helping Al Qada by doing this and how does it feel that we have an individual who is ineligible to POTUS ordering our troops into harms way. I saw a picture of the usurper sitting in on a security briefing. He’s digging himself a big prison when everybody finds out that he is a fraud.
manc is still stuck on last week's vacation meme. But he does give it a good try:
This is out and out war and the man who got us into this is on vacation with his mother in law, and family on our frigging dime, in Rio.


The world is in turmoil he wages another war and nothing form this corrupt media , F-IIN NOTHING
Cyman accidentally compares Obama to Reagan:
Quaddafi thinking “Ain’t Ronnie dead”?
aces thinks this was all worked out before hand:
Dadhaffy is probably with Obamma in Brazil supplying some hair samples so he can hide like the German ss and claim he was killed in Lybia...
Pravious thinks this is some kind of manly thing:
My daughter and I were watching CNN last Friday, and I was explaining to her how it was a propaganda arm of the Obama administration, since they were running wall-to-wall “Gaddafi dares to stand up to Obama!” “Gaddafi is a really bad guy!” “Obama warns Gaddafi... listen or else!” type stories - it was obvious then that the public was being set up for SOME kind of action in Libya.

I think Our Dear Leader just wants his OWN war, so he can feel like a real man when the ex-Presidents have their occasional reunions.

And, of course, he vacations while all this is going on...

Normally I’d get pleasure, at least, out of seeing the Democrats rage... but they rage all the time anyway, so what difference does it make who they’re raging about?
Liberals rage? Have you read this website lately?

PghBaldy sounds very familiar:
We truly are a lawless nation if we can just willy-nilly invade and kill at whim, with NO threat to the US at all.
al baby is sure there is a conspiracy somewhere, but isn't sure where:
What the hell is Obama reallly up to that aint getting reported from Latin America
Chickensoup is sure rebels are the same throughout history:
I am literally amazed that our nation is entering war on the side of rebels, when in our nations history rebels have always been the bad guys.