Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dinesh D’Souza becomes a conservative martyr

Freepers were pretty down on D'Souza as a fake conservative when he had an extramarital affair and divorced his wife.

But now he's gone to jail for violating campaign finance laws. Freepers love the idea of the persecution they claim to finally be evident, and they hate campaign finance laws as an assault on free speech. So - for now - he has become the new Freeper genius darling who can do no wrong.

This thread also serves selective sympathy for people on probation, as Freepers find it really unfair, for this one time only.

Avoiding_Sulla is sure this was civil disobedience. Sneaky, covert civil disobedience.
A patriot sees an unconstitutional law, then willfully breaks it for the purpose of gaining standing in court with the intention of getting the law overturned by court ruling.

Doubly so if he suspects that he will be sought out for selective prosecution (as D’Souza says).

What do you label it when the law-breaker decides not to fight, but to plead guilty as charged?
july4thfreedomfoundation wishes his side were as unprincipled as the Democrats in his head:
He should have taken a ploy from the dems playbook, pled not guilty, and denied any knowledge of wrong doing. Then, blamed his opponents.
Albion Wilde knows the real reason why D'Souza didn't go to jail:
Holder, Inc probably didn't want a man of D'Souza's intelligence and communications skills to observe what is going on in the prisons, especially the aggressive muslim prosetylzation gangs.
Jumper finds the sentence criminal. Which is awkward.
This is criminal. He is not insane, nor a threat to the public... his crime is give $15,000 too much to a non-democrat party candidate.

This should spark some type of legal action and political debate. If America is to start interning political opposition and then be forced to undergo therapeutic counseling for their political beliefs, we are in deep trouble; the 8 hours of community service is also excessive.
BuffaloJack - it is time for melodrama!
We have truly become a soviet state. A man is imprisoned for exercising his Constitutional right to free speech.
Tilted Irish Kilt explains that 8 hours of community service is to keep D'Souza from writing, somehow.
#1)“For the first eight months of his probation term, D’Souza will have to live in a “community confinement center” in San Diego,.."
Where the Feds can watch him
#2) "..Judge Richard Berman, who also fined D’Souza $30,000
Which is 50% over the alledged amount of the illegal donation to campaign funds
#3)"..and directed him to undergo “therapeutic counseling.”
Which means supervised state-sponsored indocrination classes, which he must pass.
#4".. D’Souza will also have to perform one day per week of community service during his probation term”
which means that they can keep him silenced for 5 years.

Any violation of community service and he can be considered 'in violation' of the terms of sentancing, and could be returned to Fed Court
and 're-sentanced' for any failure to fully comply with community service directive.
Thus , the sentancing is designed to 'box him in' with rules and regulations, and to quiet his voice for 5 years.
While at first look this judicial determination looks humane , it is designed to muffle his criticism .
CivilWarBrewing is sure D'Souza will be assasinated by Obama's ever-ready army of false flags. Also, probation is worse than prison:
So, how many 'psycho Army veterans with PTSD' are lying in wait for D'souza at the Community Confinement Center? We all know this is what's going to happen to him.

Mark this thread for when it happens. This is a travesty. I'D RATHER BE IN PRISON THEN BE UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS 'OVERKILL' PROBATION!
lentulusgracchus also thinks Obama's an assasinatin' fool.
Bad news, Dinesh .... if they'd won that one, you'd have ended up dead. They'd have killed you in prison.
combat_boots knows what the counseling will be!
Cultural Revolution training, 1960s, under Mao and his ‘young people’ with their screaming and loudspeakers.
SoFloFreeper plays the race card as ridiculously as any liberal partisan:
Racist judge. If it was a white liberal Demon Rat, there’d be no sentence. Or conviction.
pieceofthepuzzle thinks D'Souza's films are community service. Also, Bill Clinton arglebargle:
From my perspective, making films like his is a form of community service, and should count as such. By the way, violate campaign finance law and get 8months of confinement and 5years probation, but abuse your power by having sex in the White House and then lying about it on international television, and get sentenced to reelection and adoration by the left.
You know, a lot of black people would agree with annalex:
I don’t think we have a functioning justice system in this country anymore. It simply persecutes the politically disfavored.

Boobs on the ground

FOX Host Eric Bolling followed up yelling at Obama for saluting the troops with with a coffee in his hands with calling a female pilot "Boobs on the ground." This has not played well. Freepers got nothin', so they bloviate most amusingly.

To be fair, some Freepers' know a bad joke when they hear one. gunn:
Zing. Well done, Eric. Unfunny and shameful. Grow up. Also, it makes no sense whatsoever.
FlingWingFlyer - it was just a joke, guys!
The aholes living in this country don’t know how to laugh anymore. Everybody is too busy looking for something to be “offended” about. Wusses.
flaglady47 explains that rich Catholics get to make sexist jokes:
By the way, Bolling was a Wall Street trader for years, made lots of money in oil trades, knows everything about the oil business, and is a real smart cookie. He is independently wealthy, a great capitalist, is a good Catholic (goes to church just about every day before going into work at Fox), is good looking, has a beautiful and wonderfully nice wife according to all who know her, and a son he dearly loves. Eric also played professional league baseball for a while when younger. His Saturday morning show “Cashin In” on Fox Business News is the highest rated show than all of the other Saturday shows on other channels, combined.

And what are your accomplishments as you hurdle out the insults towards Bolling when you don’t know squat about him.
Kickass Conservative knows liberal comedians are always mocking women and our troops!
Both he and Gutfeld are apologizing for making silly jokes that nobody would even give a second thought about in a sane world.

The fact that are making jokes about a Foreigner makes the supposed “outrage” even more suspect.

Meanwhile, Letterman, Stewart and any number of Liberal Comics can say anything about Conservative American Women, joking or not, and it’s all good.

The double standard is alive and well.
SamuraiScot really hates ladies doin' dudes jobs:
while I wouldn't do what the guy did, out of good manners and morals, I can sympathize. His description of the purpose and effect of putting some lady-commander in a plane so she could be a tourist in a Mideast hot zone, and so some Obama suck-up in the brass could check off a box, was 100-percent accurate.
"lady-commander." Jesus, if he were in a book he'd be an eye-rolling cliche.

molson209 tries to move the conversation to safer ground - bashing Obama!
He meant “Boob in the White Hut"

ya , Barry The Boob

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Potpourri Pt. 2

RetiredArmy Muslims Obama as hard as he can.
Obama is a muzzie. He is a sunni muzzie. He prays to that allah sun god every day. His fat butt wife probably does also, but behind him. He bows to the sunni saudi king, thus showing the king’s dominance over him. He is not going to do anything that will put him in a bad light with the false sun god. Obama is a wimp. He is beyond a joke. I know 13 year olds who have a bigger set than he does. I bet in high school he was a cheerleader for the golf team.
Wait, Allah's a Sun God Now? There really needs to be a made up Islamic doctrine summit to keep things consistent.
Also, Obama's balls!

Thumper1960 on all the liars who disagree with him:
Socialists and Liberals are like Muslims: they willingly and instinctively lie to everyone when those lies serve their ulterior purposes. One simply CANNOT trust either a Muslim OR a Liberal. They are both malignancies best cut out and destroyed.
After all these months, Darksheare has melded Bergdahl with Benghazi.
He couldn’t trade the blind sheik for a “captured” ambassador, but he could trade five Taliban for one traitor.
And spin it to look good.
allendale - "true incident"
True incident when a Psychiatry consult was called on an older woman admitted to hospital for pneumonia. She kept talking to two imaginary children she called Timothy and Margaret who she insisted were sitting on her bed. She had no children but did have two abortions as a young woman. Psychiatrist said the infection and medication probably was responsible for the hallucination.
OrangeHoof knows his feminism!
Chelsea didn't have her "trophy abortion" that most feminists trumpet. Instead, she added to the overpopulation and global warming crises that liberals try to guilt the rest of us into believing. Not to mention all the pollution caused by all those diapers.
arthurus knows why Eric Holder doesn't kill criminals:
Holder is sending them to prison to be Converted. They will eventually get out of prison, perhaps with a pardon, to wage Jihad.
Straight from Stormfront, nothingnew, folks!
The next Civil War will be to be freeing of the white slaves.

Mr. Lincoln, RIP
Speaking of Stormfront - After a black man kills his white wife, Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America:
Another IDIOT white woman, but at least the sex was good.
Wow, haven't seen the black guys are sexual champion on Freep much before this.

bert - revolt is coming:
I think Obama is at panic........ he may even have had or certainly is near the Ceausescu moment

He can never go into the public, before such a crowd as those that gathered to hear other presidents. He doesn't dare. He is a prisoner contained by extremely vetted very small audiences
Arthur McGowan outsources his conspiracies to hippies:
Everything the dope-smoking Left said about LBJ was true.

They didn’t know, but he murdered JFK. (Who stole the 1960 election, so he got what he deserved.)

LBJ and Lady Bird made tens of millions on the Vietnam war. Huge investments and bribes from the military-industrial complex.
Zotmistress TheOldLady tries to be cute. No one believes her:
I did not and cannot ban anyone, nor can I reinstate. I am not a mod and do not have any more sway with them than you do.
RinaseaofDs makes things up, for God:
Engineers and scientists tend to be religious. Once you get a glimpse on what it takes for all this to be random, you become a believer.
Sequoyah101 sure sounds like an adult!
If tanks surround the white mosque I’ll stand up and cheer. If they break down the gates and go drag that damned muzzie freak and his entourage out in the street so they can be beat to pulps with baseball bats I’ll stand in line for a ticket and bring my own bat.

Maybe then some adults will take over and lead this country.
alloysteel wants our troops to act just a bit worse than ISIS.
If an entire platoon except one were to be slaughtered, their remains doused in swine blood, and left to rot upon the surface of the ground, and the one lone survivor were released to return to his unit, he, too, would probably promptly be executed for telling such a tale. If this happened a couple of dozen times, word would start to leak upward to the higher commanders in ISIS, and they would be a little more cautious about throwing more of their members into confrontation with the opposing force.

After all, ISIS has set the “rules of engagement”, we may only follow their example, even upping the ante a little.
ComtedeMaistre - America will end, not with a bang, but with a gay married President.
We may one day see an American president engaging in a gay marriage, preferably in his second term. America will become a global laughing stock, and that will be the end of America as a nation. By then, practicing traditional Christianity will be a crime.
Archie Bunker on steroids has take drastic action after Chelsea Clinton named her daughter Charlotte.
They named her after my daughter and from this point forward I will refer to my daughter by her middle name

Monday Potpourri Pt. 1

Bumper crop this week because I went off on a quest to find the Freeper article talking about Rep. Lamborn trying to get generals to resign. Never found it, but I came across some serious crazy on the way!

DoughtyOne wants to be clear that he's as irrational as the next Freeper:
Look, I’m not defending Obama here. We all think he is a traitorous man. Assuming the worst is almost always the best way to go with him.
ansel12 tries real hard to make Reagan a military man:
To me Reagan’s almost secret desire to serve in the 1930s when the military was seen as low grade and wasn’t popular, (and was tiny) showed his heart, as you describe, to me that shows a guy who has a private, personal desire to serve.
NorthMountain thinks America may be becoming anti-White Nazi Germany.
Our crony-capitalist beltway symbiosis more closely resembles Nazi Germany than any other economic system.

I used to think it more resembled Mussolini than Hitler ... I'm re-thinking that. The Hiterlites were racist with regard to Jews ... the 0bamorhhoids are racist with regard to white Christians.
Graewoulf knows training troops is really just wasting time:
Yesterday, Speaker “Blank Check” Boehner approved the spending of $ 500,000,000 of US Taxpayer Dollars to “train” 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels in Saudi Arabia for one year.

Here are a few discussion points that were NOT mentioned by Boehner:

* Each Syrian Muslim Rebel will cost $ 100,000 to train.

* 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels will be removed from the battlefields in Syria to a training site in Saudi Arabia for one year.

* The removal of 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels will leave their families with reduced protection from attack by Syrian Army troops, for one year.

* The removal of 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels will leave their families with NO protection from attack by ISIS troops, for one year.

* The removal of 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels from the battlefields of Syria will help both the Syrian and ISIS troops to more easily take over areas controlled by the Syrian Muslim Rebels.
Marie's feminism.
by the way, our children are grown AND conservative and he was a fantastic father and provider. At this point, he’s sacrificed EVERYTHING for his nation and for his family - he’s making plenty of money - and he can do *anything* that he damn-well wants. He’s earned it.

(I am his wife and I’ve given my permission.)
Oh that Ann Archy!
Why are you yelling?

Because the world has gone CRAZY!!! if you don’t realize it, you are part of the problem.
Enterprise on some terrorists we caught:
They’re terrorists, so by association, they’re also Democrat constituents. They will be sent to a Republican area for voter registration.
Now that the Middle East is back in the news, Freepers like abclily are hitting the Obama is Muslim drum as hard as they can:
He is a loathsome creature unfit to serve.

Since Islam is evil incarnate, what else should we expect from the Islamic occupier of the White House?
Arthur McGowan:
Only men who are married with children, and living with the mother of their children, should be allowed to vote.
Also only men named Arthur McGowan.

cripplecreek has a plan for newly minted felon Dinesh D’Souza's non-jail incarceration:
If D’Souza is as smart as I think he is, he’ll see it as an opportunity to research leftist indoctrination techniques which will be the subject of his future works.
To be fair, whatever BS Conservative Martyr D'Souza writes for the next while will sell well.

tumblindice lays out all the Democratic President's planned disasters:
Carter had his catastrophe, the helicopter rescue attempt of the embassy hostages. Clinton had Mogadishu.
Obama has something really special planned, I think.
Imagine a room filled with mouse-traps. The traps are snugged up against one another, all sides, and each mouse trap is armed with a ping pong ball balanced on the trigger.
Hundreds of traps, wall-to-wall in this room, and someone tosses in a ping pong ball.
It will be something like that, I suppose. Like the Black Death.
digger48 blames Obama for the price of food:
A trip through the grocery store for me just about covers every expletive I’ve ever known. And a few I haven’t.

With a few “Obama”s thrown in
rey fears the Mexican Ninja Dog:
I had a buddy who was a cop in Spanish Harlem. He said the dealers in the drug houses had dogs with their claws removed and their larynx cut so they didn’t make any noise when attacking you.
Bigg Red gets emotional:
Yes, I reluctantly voted for Romney, as well. And I literally cried myself to sleep on election night. I knew that the election was stolen, and I knew that our nation would never be the same.
Diana in Wisconsin hates how easy Congressional Republicans took it on Eric Holder:
But…why would Holder subject himself to that after battling Republicans for six years?

OMG! That made me spew my Diet Coke. BATTLING the Rollover Republicans? *SNORT*

Yeah, they held him in contempt. Big whoop. NOTHING will come of it. This evil Communist is free to roam about at will, while We The People pay his friggin’ bills!

Some days I really HATE the world we’re living in. Seriously. And it’s all of our own doing! We are totally, ‘The Party of Stupid.’ Grrrrrr!
Thing is, there's no need for Assholder to resign for the Mulatto 'n Thief to nominate the racist nazi scum to SCOTUS.
Wagglebee had one thing right, there is a growing moral nihilism in Free Republic these days. Witness Professional Engineer Robert A. Cook, PE
A tough statement, but true:

Notice that any woman who has (deliberately) aborted her baby has decided not to breed another liberal/statist/socialist.

Maybe Darwin had a point, after all?
Jim Robinson can roll conspiratorial as well as frothy:
Atheism is practiced and advocated at ALL LEVELS of government, from the feds right down to the local school districts, all while unconstitutionally prohibiting us the free exercise of OUR religion.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Spotlight Friday: wagglebee

Some Freepers with a cause are difficult to pin down, because they spend most of their time posting articles, rather than comments, as well as ping lists. These people can be very influential in the Freeper community.

Wagglebee is one of those. Her cause is being against abortion and euthanasia. And I'd estimate she's responsible for about 90% of the articles posted about both of those issues. And she curates the "Homosexual Agenda and Moral Absolutes Ping list," as well as "Terri's List" from way back in the Schiavo days. Beyond posting and pinging, she keeps an eye out for Freeper heretics, and if she suspects you are imure, she will hound you and hound you and ping the mods until you are zotted. She takes Free Republic's purity very seriously. She took a break of about 2 years (I suspect behind the scenes drama, but who knows), it looks like but is back as of May and going strong!

Despite all her efforts, it is pretty rare for her posts to break double digits. As they move more into hating on blacks and liberals, I wonder how big these issues would be on Free Republic would be were it not for her.

And gay marriage? Hardly on her radar these days.
Triumphant return!
I was never zotted, I just took a break.
And while she was gone, Free Republic got super pro-choice!
Wags, a lot has gone on here in the year and a half that you were off.

Did you ever thing you would see so many pro-abort comments? Here at FR of all places?

Times have changed.

Yeah, I've got my work cut out for me.
Free Republic is not a place for free thinking:
It would appear the tolerance on this post is reserved for one sided thinking only, all others are unwelcome. Sounds like liberal thinking.

Free Republic is a PRO-LIFE forum, so it actually IS reserved for one-sided thinking.

As far as liberal thinking, it is liberals who have the crazy notion that free speech extends to private property.
libertarians gotta go:
The libertarians on here are every bit as bad as the admitted leftists who join knowing they will be zotted.

I'm going to keep an eye on this troll, my hunch is that he will be pushing for sodomites to be able to "marry" each other in the not too distant future.
Are you now, or have you ever been for gay rights?
That's all well and good, but it doesn't actually anwer my question. Let's try this again:

Are you saying that support for homosexual marriage among many in the Tea Party is a positive development? (You can answer this with a yes or a no.)
That's her zealous bolding, BTW.

Luckily, she has the righteousness it takes:
And no, abortionists are not “imagined” to be “anti-woman, anti-child, and anti-family,” they are in fact such. They’re “anti-women” inasmuch as abortion consists in the most abominable assault on a woman’s motherhood and natural design to be a nurturer of new life. Abortionists are “anti-child” inasmuch as they brutally end the lives of countless pre-born children through abortion. They’re also “anti-family” in as much as they destroy family members through the same procedure.

Exactly! They are MURDERERS and any attempt to justify what they do is an affront to God and man.
Taking a Freeper who wants to abort liberals to task:
What would the world be like if Hitler’s mother had aborted him?

It would have meant that England and the United States would have had to fight a much stronger Stalin. We can play "what if" all day long, but it doesn't change anything, it's like saying, "What if Abraham Lincoln's mother had aborted him, would we still have slavery?"

Most of the mothers having abortions are monsters and their children probably would be monsters as well. Look at the murder and mayhem in the inner cities. More abortions by liberal monsters would result in less death and destruction.

Odd, in one sentence you wonder about a world without Hitler, in the next you sound just like him.

You are over-simplifying an incredibly complex issue.

No, it's an incredibly simple issue: MURDER IS WRONG.

Many of the babies you want to save will grow up to be communists and cold-blooded killers.

And many more won't.

I am not so arrogant that I pretend to know what is or is not God’s will.

Sounds A LOT like, "It's above my paygrade."

I can only try and live my life by what I believe will please him and have faith that much of what I do not understand is by his will.

So, you think killing inner city and liberal babies is God's will? Where did you learn that?
Points for consistency, at least...

Though she's not above some "God Wills" business herself:
My brother was born at about 28 weeks in 1970 (my mother had food poisoning and it put her in labor). My brother was smaller and had some health problems the first couple of years, but by high school was an All American in track and after college successfully made it through Ranger School (unfortunately he severely injured his shoulder the next day and was unable to become a Ranger).

If any person, regardless of age, is not "supposed" to live, then they will die and there is nothing that anyone can do about it; however, if a person is alive, then they deserve that chance. Care of premature babies has made incredible advances in the past few decades and the cost has come down as well.
Feel the love:
“I would’ve supported her right to choose – to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.

No, you selfish bitch, she didn't die for your "rights," you MURDERED her for your convenience.
The closest she comes to endorsing the death of George Tiller:
I wonder if Tiller ever had a soul.
Back alley abortions would be super safe nowadays:
What Big Murder fails to tell people is that most of the "back alley" deaths were the result of infections. These infections are JUST AS LIKELY TO OCCUR WITH LEGAL ABORTION, it's just that we have drugs to treat them now that didn't exist fifty or sixty years ago.
The NAACP is only pro-Choice because they're bribed.
The NAACP is just fine with the ongoing genocide of African Americans...as long as the money keeps coming in.
Soon, we will all abort ourselves into extinction:
If current trends continue, we won’t run out of energy or other natural resources in the foreseeable future. We will run out of people. This global catastrophe will be the result of rapidly declining fertility, known as Demographic Winter.

This is the single greatest crisis that mankind has ever faced and not only is nobody talking about it, the left wants to accelerate it.
And of course liberals want to kill everyone.
If people like this get their way, the fact that a person may someday need eyeglasses and lose their hair could be a death sentence.
Apart from abortion, there's sex everywhere!
Planned Parenthood gives teenagers lessons on fisting. Teachers take 12 year old girls to get abortions. How can talking about abstinence possibly an "uncomfortable conversation"?
Yeah, if you consider kissing before marriage immoral, you might find modern society pretty sexualized:
It is only those who want to make immorality the norm that would not consider this admirable.
Her list of evil liberals who aren't Stalin, Sanger, or Hitler:
There are a couple of other names that can't be forgotten:

Mao: 50 to 80 million deaths.

Rachel Carson, whose junk science book "Silent Spring" resulted in the DDT ban and major spike in malaria deaths (even National Geographic has since admitted that basically everything she wrote about DDT was a lie): 70 million+ and rising every year.

It also needs to be realized that nearly all of these deaths can be traced to two 19th century Englishmen:

Thomas Malthus: the founder of the modern population control movement.

Charles Darwin: who made science a "god" and whose cousin (Francis Galton), children and colleagues/in-laws (the Huxleys) took his theory of evolution to the next logical conclusion: eugenics. The Darwinists will gladly debate evolution all-day-long to avoid acknowledging that eugenics is the real Darwin legacy.
An adorable post from 2004:
The left is starting to realize that the real "mainstream" America hates what the left stands for.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Are Conservative Women Happier than Liberal Women?

Freepers love to crow about how conservatives are happier than liberals. Suddenly, even the most dubious study becomes gospel truth. Add in the opportunity for some sexism, and you've got a thread extraordinarily dense with content - misogyny, projection, storytelling, its all here:

Liberal women are usually angry.

Liberal men are usually angry and pussy whipped. No wonder they are most miserable.
upchuck knows exactly the analogy to use for a disagreeable women:
I’ve never met a Liberal woman that seemed happy most of the time. It’s like they’re having a mild menstrual cycle 24/7.

Sucks to be them.
rktman has seen no liberal women:
Have you ever seen a lib chick that wasn’t po’d about everything? LOL!
ronnie raygun calls liberal women men and liberal men women! Haw haw haw!
The masculine pant wearing semi hairy liberal women of coarse is not happier becuase her wimpey dress wearing suberviant husband is a better looking woman than she and is at a cross dressers party without her
ReaganÜberAlles for some reason doesn't just type "SLUTS"
Liberal women are easier, have more abortions, use more drugs, are more often single mothers and more often Lesbian.
I also like the caps for Lesbian.

HANG THE EXPENSE sees a picture of liberal politicians, so...
What a collection of ragged out bitches.
grey_whiskers smugly posts some cherry-picked pictures:
SamAdams76 knows a happy liberal, but she's rich:
I know a happy liberal woman too. She is married to a friend of mine who is conservative and makes her a lot of money so that she doesn't have to work and can devote all her free time to her "pet" causes. My friend just shrugs it off because he's too busy working to let it bother him much.

Ironically, her father is a businessman, likely conservative, who also did quite well and not only gave her a free four-year ride at an exclusive university but footed some $50,000 to give her a first class wedding. His reward is to have her embarrass him at family functions with all her talk about anti-capitalism and other leftist causes.

It's amazing how so many trust-funded liberal women have a "big Daddy" behind them to keep them in Volvos and expensive jewelry. They speak out against capitalism but they have no problem enjoying the spoils of it.
bray knows all about most liberal women:
Most Conservatives believe in God rather than some Oprah cult.
It's rare, but, I'm a bit ticked at this condescending post by Salvation, who seems like a really little person:
I can only address this from a lady at church that I know voted for Obama. She is riddled with dizzy sessions, can rarely drive safely, pretends to be happy, but complains that the doctors can’t figure her out.

On the other hand, I voted Republican, have my share of medical problems during the last two years, broken arm, plantar faciitis, broken foot interspersed with atrial fib.

But I am happy (do complain a bit to the Lord), but nevertheless accept his will for me. Who would have ever thought it?
"She always complains about her debilitating medical condition, unlike me *Lists all her medical problems*"

lentulusgracchus may have some history here...
If you listen to her she'll think you're weak. If you do what she wants without a fuss she'll think you're a slave. If you question her or disagree, you're a pig. If you walk away, you raped her and stole the best years of her life.
Naturally, all Freepers' exes are liberal.

lentulusgracchus then holds forth on the superlative hate of liberal women:
Why is this a surprise? Liberal, often dykey, women are the meanest, harshest, most hateful white people in America, and I include the Ku Klux Klan and the Covenanters in that.

You'd have to check Stormfront to find rhetoric over on the far, far right as harsh and vindictive as the average GLAAD or NARAL press release.

What's amazing is that Pew's Sociology Survey has discovered that those selfsame super-liberal (or, rather, "Prog" -- their "liberalism" has nothing in common with, say, Adlai Stevenson) women are the most-educated demographic they looked at. Lots of them have MA or even Ph.D. degrees. And relatively few of them have a man.
Blood of Tyrants projects quite a bit here:
Conservative of both sexes are happier than liberals. Liberals are unhappy because they believe that they are sacrificing to make the world a better place and the conservatives are trying to destroy everything they are doing.
Organic Panic also indulges in some high-quality projection:
It's impossible to be happy when you see your life at the mercy of evyil people who are out to get you. Perpetual self declared victims can never be happy. Even the most wealthy and privileged liberal sees themselves as the victim of something. They even invent things victimize them.
knarf has never read Free Republic:
Conservative have no angst, real or perceived about anything liberal women say they're concerned about.

i.e. ... liberal women rant and rave, fight and scrap for rights ... the rights of queers and chi'rin and schools and _____________ ... whatever.

Conservative women may have a smidgeon of angst about liberal women ... but ... maybe not.

Liberal women go to school and seminars and support groups to learn how to be liberal ... Conservative women live like they were reared and grew up ... it's just a natural way of life for a conservative.

Liberal women can be converted to conservatism, Conservative women are already right .. they need no conversion

Liberal women make frantic sex, Conservative women make love.
Frantic sex sounds kinda awesome...

Yaelle has a rather stepfordish explanation for why conservative women are never unhappy.
A conservative woman knows that whatever she wants to do and does is feminine because she is a woman, period. If she climbs a peak, knits a sweater, wins an Olympic gold medal, is a stay at home mom, whatever she wants, she has nothing to prove. She doesn’t feel she is a protected class. She is a woman and whatever she does, is what women do.

A conservative woman embraces the differences women have (most of the time - except for once a month, or peeing in the snow). She feels lucky to be able to carry a child in her body, and to dress up pretty, and to turn male heads. She’s also lucky to be able to surf, drive fast, command a board room, pick up a check, and still get to do the other stuff! She isn’t conflicted about it nor does she feel the need to study her gender for four years at a university.

A conservative woman doesn’t need to spend a lot of time regretting the children she aborted, hopefully.

A conservative woman enjoys her man. She enjoys him enjoying his rougher pleasures, football, hunting, whatever, even if she doesn’t partake with him. She doesn’t take him to malls to hang bags of clothes on him, she doesn’t dress him in pale pastels and make manscaping appointments for him. SHE DOESNT DRESS HIM IN A PLAID ONESIE. She likes him the way he is.

A conservative woman knows the planet isn’t in danger of being a “wrong” temperature, so she is happy going about her life. She gets involved in making the world a better place, but she also steps back from this work to enjoy her family. Her priorities are on straight.

She is happier than a liberal because she doesn’t need to seek out “leaders” to find out what to think. She doesn’t have to follow what other people are doing, even if a majority of her friends are doing it. She doesn’t care what movie actors say. She isn’t offended by differences of thought or opinion, because above and beyond all else, she loves freedom, so she welcomes any opinions or beliefs in order for her, too, to be free to espouse her own.
Be content in everything, forever. You may lack ambition, a sense of self, and indeed any will at all, but you'll be happy!

Is Gay Marriage Unstoppable?

Basically, exactly what the title says. Freepers try to grapple with the inevitable.

fatnotlazy - people he disagrees with are all corrupt. Only mass smiting will save us!
We are faced with a corrupt president, Congress and the courts, not to mention corrupt officials at the state level, all of whom are leading this nation to destruction at the hands of God. I can only pray that for the sake of the good people, He will smite the evildoers and save those who hold fast to His commandments.
miss marmelstein thinks the gays won't actually get married, because that matters.
We need to keep track of how many gay people are actually getting married. It seems to be increasing slightly - mostly because gays now feel compelled to do it since they carried on so much about it. But several years ago, despite the push, very few guys were getting married. Honest statistics should tell the real story.
what's up:
It's going to take a large scandal or two before the majority shifts against gays.

And it will come (my guess is from Hollyweird). Perversions will ALWAYS result in scandal.
Yeah, I hear after Bill Clinton and Monica, the public turned against blowjobs.

Oliviaforever brings up a great point:
These judges must be following the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution.

We may need to amend the US Constitution to remove that clause.
nickcarraway confuses correlation with causation again:
Marriages among straights will steeply decline. That’s what happened in Scandinavian countries after they legalized civil unions.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rapture Ready

Via AnonymousB.

Rev. Franklin Graham wonders if it's the end of the world. Freepers's continual crisis mode makes them already think these are special times. Add in that their continual losses post-Bush have been telling on even the most ardent poll-unskewers, and you have a recipe for some fervent Armageddon hoping!

CorporateStepsister thinks she has a chance at being Raptured!
Only the unsaved; get right with Christ and all will be well. I think I have a chance at being Raptured and frankly I would enjoy it to no end that I get Raptured and allowed to go Home before all the turmoil.
F15Eagle is sure it's the end.
We are definitely in the Last Days.

Though I expect ISIS to turn towards Israel — crazy islamic terrorists always do.

And then, a ‘peace’ deal ... confirmed for 7 years.
Yeah, F15Eagle has gone full bore.
Friend and I picked up some more, um, supplies this past week.

Preparation. Just in case there are more crazy rioters out there. And I’m sure there are.
I had him on the spotlight list, but he just didn't get consistently crazy enough, so I removed him.

CatherineofAragon sounds pretty unhappy.
I was driving home yesterday afternoon, and there was a huge rainbow in the sky...the biggest I’ve ever seen. It seemed to be directly over the area, centered in the sky.

I said out loud, “God’s sign”, and I don’t know why, but I teared up-—I’ve never become emotional at the sight of a rainbow. Then I said, “Please come soon.”

I hope He does.
KMG365 does not count ancient Rome, or really anywhere that wasn't Europe.
I agree the world has experienced worse horrors throughout history than what we are seeing now. However, I don’t think we have ever seen the level of perversion we have today, and the total acceptance of it.
Psalm 73 knows Obama is the End.
Not a pessimist by nature, but after the 2012 elections I though we wouldn't see another presidential election in this country. Still think that. Even more.
WalterSkinner sees the signs as well.
..having just taught through Daniel one thing is certain in my mind, Israel is God’s timepiece and warning sign to the world. Never have I seen so many things that point to Christ coming for His church , followed by that 70th “seven”’ followed by the Second Coming...
Qiviut has also had it with this reality.
I find myself, more and more frequently, saying “Come, Lord Jesus ....” Home, safe in the Shepherd’s arms, is where I want to be.
cuban leaf moved to Kentucky, because God told him to. Now he's the only sane one!
I moved from Seattle, my home of 45 years, to a small farm in central KY in 2011. I bought it two weeks before the 2008 election.

I did it in the vein of Revelation 18:4. Of all the decisions I’ve made in my life, that is one of the ones you can count on one hand that was absolutely the right thing to do. And time has only strengthened that belief.

To me, it is beyond obvious. I feel like the Bruce Willis character in 12 Monkeys visiting the past.
SkyPilot has it all figured out.
I think Damascus will be destroyed (Isaiah 17) by Israel using the "Sampson Option." Israel will only retaliate after WMDs are used against their homeland. Then, true hell will be unleashed. Isaiah 17 may or may not be part of the Psalm 83 war. The world will be so shocked at the exchange of WMD in the Middle East that they will demand a "world leader" sue of "peace."
Jan_Sobieski knows the instrument of God's wrath.
Ebola...coming to a town near you...
I was hoping for more Obama Antichrist action, but Freep has largely stayed away from that vein of crazy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Allen West got a tattoo

Another ay-nony-nony joint.

When the one of the only politicians who actually thinks like a Freeper - Allen West - got a tattoo, my thought was that Freepers (never fans of tattoos) would suddenly think they were manly, orbiting as they do more around people than issues.

But I underestimated how principled they are about these "get of my lawn you kids!" issues. Or maybe I underestimate how much love Freepers have for Allen West. Because while some people stick up for West, opinions are quite mixed.

FlingWingFlyer makes on exception.
I’m not a tattoo guy but that’s what I’m talking about.
TexasCajun is slicing things mighty thin:
I don't have a tat, but I've been thinking of what I'd get if I ever did get one.

This one makes the cut.
re_nortex - Palin trumps racism.
Another tatted up black dude. Who wudda thunk it.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West is far from your typical "black dude". He's a solid Conservative with a distinguished record serving America in the military as evidenced buy his Bronze Star. Plus Governor Sarah Palin likes him and that says it all.
re_nortex continues to be amazing.
To be frank, I really don't like tattoos on women. But when a Conservative woman, whether it be Governor Palin or anyone else, I know the tattoo will be done gracefully and with class. Compare that to a typical liberal, the grotesque and utterly hideous Janeane Garofalo
He's close, man - the mask has slipped in the past. But as CatherineofAragon shows, this time he's mainstream Freeping.
I’m definitely not a tattoo fan. But men who are/have been in the military sometimes get one. I’m willing to give a LOT more leeway to a man like West who has served his country than I am to some fat chick slopping around with ink running up her arms, down her legs, and around every fat roll.

P-Marlowe - tattoos prove you're too crazy to be President.
My opinion of Alan West just fell dramatically.

Tattoos are a sign of a mental disorder.

I would have thought that Alan West would not act so juvenile. This is a clear indication that he lacks the proper judgment to be the leader of the Country.
Wow, tattoos make P-Marlowe angry:
That is a sickness. It's an unhealthy obsession.

What is the theme of his insanity? Death? Skulls? Naked women?
I expected more comments about Obama, like Stormdog:
could you just imagine Obama crying his way thru getting a tattoo representing something he believed in?

I can picture him getting a tramp stamp.
Da Coyote makes the "screw principles" speech that birthers made back when Cruz showed up:
Come on, after the Obamadork/girl/Muslim, there are absolutely no presidential standards.

So, let the tat go on by.
Ann Archy is also too crazy to fall for the cult of personality:
Tattoos are FOREVER!! Half of my family....the stupid, classless part have tattoos. I listen to NOTHING they have to say...they are FOLLOWERS.
A little bit more about noted sociopath Dead Corpse:
I have tattoos on both forearms and work in IT making 6 figures.

Your argument is invalid.

mountn man knows nothing says conformity like tattoos!
I'm not one to follow a conformist.

I'm tired of people following the leads of others, getting tattoos, because "they're cool".

Unless they are "military" tats, I find people who get them, weak minded and easily led around.
2nd amendment mama had better get used to it.
Let me get this straight. Someone in your family was a stupid idiot and because of that you condemn all people who have tattoos? Have you always been this small-minded?

Obama's Ebola conspiracy

Freepers' apocalyptic Ebola interest has turned even more conspiratorial as Obama is sending 3,000 troops to Africa build hospitals. Now they have an actual fact beyond braying about population control.

Viennacon can be counted on.
it’s actually perfect for what Obama wants. A military that is rife with sickness, so its more vulnerable at the hands of his buddies in ISIS
Dqban22 knows Obama's heart, and plans.
It is not stupidity; it is Obama’s diabolical goal to destroy our arm forces, he despises our soldiers.
metmom adds another reason to her list:
It’s not *irresponsible*.


Impeach him.....
Gritty explains how it will be when the troops get Ebola and there are no precautions taken, because Obama's evil:
What better way is there to put our military out of action than to have entire ships and bases under quarantine and then not combat ready because of loss of personnel - not to mention having the disease raging through our military families? The military is a "team" and riddling it with a deadly disease is one way to put it out of operation. If this gets loose on a base, it will be weeks and probably months before the quarantine could be safely lifted.

It's a win-win for the Marxist Muzzie in the White Hut. He can lock the military down and destroy it at the same time.
DoughtyOne thinks of the troops:
How would you like to be one of our troops and assigned any mission?

This guy would betray you faster than you can say ‘Help!’

After Benghazi, no way...
danamco recommends mass desertion.
ALL 3000 should do like Patriot Lt. Col. Lakin.

Ebola NOT war, but community organizing like Acorn!!!
Ann Archy seems positively moderate by comparison:
Obama wants nothing more than for these troops to DIE! He is EVIL! DOCTORS yes......Military HELL NO!!!!
CivilWarBrewing is sure Obama is only sending Republican soldiers:
Extortion 17, the Sequel. The final list of 3,000 will have been carefully compiled representing the most conservative, patriotic troops.
ZULU lays out Obama's whole evil plan.
Obama views this as another good opportunity to achieve his objective by destroying society in America in order to rebuild it in the progressives sick image.

Each one of those returning soldiers will be potential carriers.

The spread of this disease among the American Public will cause death, panic and economic chaos.

Just like the flood of illegals coming in here, it will result in the public turning in fear to an all-powerful central government for relief.
ZULU is living in a thriller novel.
When will America REALIZE we DON’T have a fool in the White House - we have a cunning Monster there.
There's at least 3 more 200+ post threads saying roughly the same thing. Bad craziness.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Freepers discuss child abuse and spanking

Freepers were mostly sane in their discussion of the football player getting banned for using a switch on his 5-year-old that broke the skin. I'm all for the occasional spanking, but that crosses some kinda line. Not sure it's criminal, but...wow.

Most Freepers come down saying it's awful, or it's troubling but not criminal. But a few, the fringe of the fringe, do crazy things like reject the very idea of child abuse laws entirely.

Internet badass tx_eggman doesn't need no government to defend his child!
He would have a wired jaw and would not be able to walk if he did that to my child.

He would be plant food if he did it to mine.
eartick goes truther on the pictures of the kid:
I do not know where you got those pictures but a 4 year old does not have hips like that.....that is a girl dude....go back to anatomy class.
defconw worries about "these people."
I am not for government interference either but these people are like alley cats.

Peterson won't even say how many kids he has. It's disgusting. Forget the Government, we the people should be allowed to shame people who are guilty of disgusting behavior.
tgusa is one of those guys who runs around calling every Freeper who wants to enforce child abuse laws.
Said he from the Land of Ozero. Thanks for your input. “SNORT”
The_Republic_Of_Maine mixes random "no one spanks me" with invocations of the Bible to advocate for some sorta child beating.
I am not a child, I don’t get spanked. As an adult, I can tell you most clearly, if you try to hit me with a branch, a tree, a board or anything else, I will re=serve the right to use whatever force I deem necessary to prevent it from happening.

Now, as for spanking my children, it is none of your business, just as how you coddle yours is none of my business. Nor is it your business if you get elected, God forbid, to any office.

You obviously decided to raise your children according to the leftist, the govt, and dr, spock, my wife and I decided to raise ours according to God’s word, the holy Bible.

Monday Potpourri

Talisker knows Muslims well.
ISIS is naked Islam. Every other kind of Muslim is practicing taqqiya. That’s the problem the Islamic world is having with ISIS - they can’t fault their philosophy, because they share it. The only thing they can fault is the tactics. ISIS believes it is pure because it is not hiding anything. It stands for the abandonment of taqqiya. And because of this openness, it is declaring itself as the foundation of Islam and thus the rightful Caliphate.

The rest of the Islamic world considers them crude and ignorant about the realities of taking on the West through cultural infiltration and political sabotage, and are pissed that they are so brazenly confirming the world’s worst fears about what Islam is really all about.

Nevertheless, the cat’s out of the bag. Either the Islamic world stops ISIS itself and rejects their “teachings,” or ISIS will eventually give the world the final justification it needs to wipe Muslims off of the face of the Earth.

And if ISIS is actually a Western psyop, Islam is in a lot of trouble.
txhurl knows completely different things about Muslims.
This could have been prevented if the Middle East joined the present world in 1920 and used their oil to make themselves a beacon to Muslims everywhere. But since Muslims overall have a divine death wish, they don’t build to and for the future.

Death Wish = no place at Humanity’s table.
There was another shooting, a family murder/suicide in Florida. Viennacon is on the case!
If its another whack job, guarantee its a dem voter. CNN reporting it as a Tea Party activist in 3...2...1
Post 6 this time! In the last shooting, he made it to post 2. That one turned out to be less than liberal; maybe that's why he delayed for 2 seconds this time.

Poor Viennacon's racism makes him feel awful.
Every day I see illegals I feel physically sick, they run around with deadly diseases and crawling slimy lice in their hair. They are viral weapons damn it! DEPORT THEM ALL!!!!
Screw Dale Reed, Viennacon might be the worst Freeper. Also, how do you spot an 'illegal?'

Shimmer1 - the vast majority of blacks to be awful violent beasts. Which leaves just Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, and Herman Cain as the good ones.
“vast majority” are earnest, ethical and nonviolent human beings??? That’s exactly the problem. A vast majority of black males are NOT any of those things. Especially ethical and nonviolent.
geologist advocates for the real Political Correctness - Praising Jesus.
Step by step and incrementally we have moved ever deeper into political correctness. Strangling our freedom and changing our system greatly.

There is good and there is evil. We choose which path to follow. We have praised the wrong actions.

It has always been a case of are we going to follow Jesus, or are we going to do what we want to do? Being selfish and greedy and self centered most want to do what they want to do. Satan is real and the spirit of evil is alive and well. SADLY!

Repent, it is all fake or false in the end except for choosing to follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No other choice. The reality that no one reads their HOLY BIBLE, and thus much is misunderstood.

It is laughed


Forgive my preaching.
webheart unskews even the polls that have the GOP winning
All races have tightened up. This is because they poll democrats more heavily closer to election time. It makes it appear that the race is close, encourages the democrats, and demoralizes the republicans. The race then gets to within a close enough margin that cheating can swing the rest of the votes to the desired candidate. It may not be discussed openly, but it is “understood” by the democrat leaders and their friends in the media, who are responsible for reporting on the polls and not reporting on the fraud.
P-Marlowe tries humor:
The only thing that works with these morons is riducule:

George from New England is one of many Freepers who cannot believe the suspect in the PA police officer shooting is some sorta white survivalist.
Bingo: My thoughts too — framed ... nobody leaves i.d. etc
Amendment10 hopes a Freeper's law student daughter is studying impractical things!
I hope that your daughter is studying Supreme Court case opinions written before FDR’s puppet justices nuked the Constitution, sweeping the 10th Amendment under the carpet in order to give corrupt Congress the green light to greatly overstep its constitutionally limited powers.
Yeah, when people think freedom, they think 1920s America.

GrandJediMasterYoda is horrified by smiling people.

UN-REAL....Look at that pic, is that the definition of insanity or what? This is exactly the kind of sh*t that went on when Hitler was gaining power. Promise the world to the weak minded and they eat it up. Logic goes right out the window. Just like Hitler they focus on race, absolutely no difference whatsoever. All these incredibly naive women, ADULT women with the logic of 3 year olds. “Oh he is the correct race and he is handsome” My Aunt fell for that bullcrap, and I begged, pleaded with her not to vote for this fraud but she did anyway because she fell so far into the con, now she regrets it big time. I blame this on Republicans though. They do absolutely nothing to counteract.
GGpaX4DumpedTea thinks Harry Reid may be the Devil.
I’m pretty sure the devil’s preparing a wing of hell for ole’ Dingy.

Dingy could be a personification of the devil, in which case the special place in hell for him has been prepared by God Himself.
libstripper watches Sons of Anarchy hoping they all die, which I find a weird way to watch any non-reality TV show.
The SOA guys are a bunch of subhuman filth. I hope the end is as bloody as the end of Hamlet. Jack’s idea of going straight by going whole hog into the pornographic and prostitution businesses was a real howler.
bert on the success of the War on Terror.
There was a successful campaign to defeat those that use terror as a tactic. The short hand is war on terror.

Since the pacifists believe war was over forever after Vietnam, use of the word war was unacceptable. To counter the campaign it was dubbed criminal action that was to be countered by ordinary law enforcement. Having semantically resolved the issue, there effectively was no war nor terror.

The problem with what to do with the military is being resolved by converting them to a social services organization. They are being sacrificed to Ebola.

The Obama problem must be solved this year. If it continues there will be no America
"The Obama problem."

wagglebee explains that hospitals cheat to save lives by using drugs.
What Big Murder fails to tell people is that most of the "back alley" deaths were the result of infections. These infections are JUST AS LIKELY TO OCCUR WITH LEGAL ABORTION, it's just that we have drugs to treat them now that didn't exist fifty or sixty years ago.
If SamuraiScot were ANGRY PRESIDENT:



THEN, ON DAY 2 . . .

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland votes to stay in the UK.

Man, European History. Scotland entered into the UK by having a Scottish king on the English throne. Though nowadays the Royal family is of German heritage.

But there were real International consequences to Scotland's vote. Not that Freepers cared; for the most part, Europe is only useful in as much as it fits into whatever narrative they are into at the moment.

Still, props for having a live thread, even if it ended up being much a smaller thread than the Benghazi hearings.

11th_VA takes Braveheart for a documentary.
"And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one cahnce, to come back here as young men and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom

oh never mind ...
manc has some UK ties, so he has a bit more nuance, but not much!
This is not a braveheart movie., this is about a bunch of socialists who want more socialism in Scotland
dglang keeps his eye on the anti-Muslim prize.
Since England is a solid ally of the U.S. it is better for all if they remain strong which will assist them in fighting any Islamic effort to conquer first Scotland and after establishing a foothold there concentrate on Britain itself.
bd476 feels the tug of colonialism:
the timing for Scotland leaving now is terrible. Yet I also feel a tug thinking how there never has been a good time for England to lose any of her colonies, including India, South Africa, Hong Kong, the Falklands, her 13 colonies right here, etc.
Wait, is bd476 against the Revolutionary War??

CapnJack knows independence means means Freedom!
A NO vote on freedom ... reminds me of a quote ... “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” ― Samuel Adams Freedom is not easy. I guess the modern day Scots have been bought and paid for.
NKP_Vet is reminded of the War of Northern Aggression:
If the Scots vote for independence will Cameron invade the country and kill a half million to rein them back in? I did hear he was a big fan of the murdering railroad lawyer from Illinois.
goldstategop is another who thinks the vote is "FREEDOM: Y/N?"
You’d expect the vote for independence to be overwhelming.

Don’t people want freedom? But that’s a rare thing in the history of mankind.
On a completely self-contradictory note, goldstategop seems really happy about the vote, since liberals were on the other side.
Socialists always seem to get trounced at the ballot box.

So much for Sweden on the North Sea.
And I have no idea what goldstategop means here:
Socialism is wasted on the young.
Social security maybe?

GeronL pounds the "Europe is doomed" drum:
Become the next Venezuela with or Zimbabwe without London?

I guess that is the question to ponder
The KG9 Kid knows how to treat the outvoted competition:
Alex Salmond ought to be walking around tomorrow covered in tomato juice, egg yolks, and banana creme pie if there was any justice in Scotland.

Soon as he sticks his head out, *pow*, right in the face with a rotten tomato.

I hope the Queen summons his ass to the Tower.
JRandomFreeper spends the entire thread advocating a violent Scottish Revolution:
I'm not sure I give a damn what everyone else wants.

I'll take freedom.

They can only kill me once, and they can't eat me, I'm all gristle.

Sarah Barracuda has her doubts!
Just within the margin of error for voter fraud

Spotlight Friday: WondrousCreation

Anonymous found this one, and thinks it might be a Poe.

Not me. I think this guy is legit, if not exactly a Freeper. He's a creationist. A full time, all-the-way creationist. And I think he came to Free Republic from some creationist forum in the hopes of some gentle evangelizing of this allied flock - his ideas are too well-formed, his gentle urging toward theocracy too constant, and his profile is too mainstream Freep (and doesn't mention creationism).

Alas, he is long gone, with his last post in 2009. But what remains is pretty amazing. Sure, he may not be a "real" Freeper (IMO) you can find such things on creationist forums, but here it is pure, oh so pure.

Real Scientists.
Real scientists understand that the Holy Bible, written by the Finger of the Lord, is the origin of all applicable science.
"the Finger of the Lord." Heh. Maybe a bit Poe-ish.

God, The Universe Everything: α-Ω. (-6000)
considering that the Lord is the source of all science. His mention should be explicit in every science article!
Science means no questions
The Bible is 100% accurate and cannot be questioned. Simple logic leads one to that conclusion. Anyone who thinks that the Bible is NOT 100% accurate isn't using logic.
The Bible proved the world is round way before science!
The materialists here would have us think that it's "science" that tells us the earth isn't flat. Without God and the Bible, "science" would probably still have us thinking that, along with all the other godless myths they advocate (like global warming and evolutionism).
I think he hate-reads Scientific American
In a time when “science” says unborn babies are descendants of pond goo, the universe began from a spinning dot that just ‘decided’ to explode, the firmament of heaven is nothing more than quantum particles zipping around each other and the (very real) terror of hell below is just the rumbling of ‘magma and plate tectonics’, it’s wonderful to see a great mind stand for real scientific truth. Bravo, Dr. Bergman!
Ahh, the best science was the 1800s science.
Prior to the dominance of evolutionism in science, great leaps and bounds were made, climaxing with the great creation scientists Louis Pasteur, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, and others like them, who operated in the looming shadow of Darwinism, which hadn't yet acquired the demonically-inspired strength to control science.
Yeah, not a fan of that demon-inspired Darwin.
Charles Darwin was WORSE than any terrorist - he turned future generations against the Creator, and totally ruined pure science - just look at the anti-God dreck that has passed for science over the last century!
We Surround Them.
Evolutionists are monsters who have no place in conservatism, let alone civilized society! Not only should they be shunned from conservatism, but it's time to take stronger action; Godly conservatives need to actively protest the scientific minority (i.e. University "science" departments) who still promote these dead theories. With continued diligence, I predict in a few years that, like their cousins, the Global Warming Alarmists, these scientists will be arrested for fraud and abuse of research funds, their welfare funding pulled, their ivory towers smashed, and new age of scientific advancement in the Spirit of the Creator will be upon us!
Theocracy Now!
Men are free, but this freedom should not include the right to deny the source of our freedom, and it is high time society stopped tolerating their insolence!

I am glad the site owner explicitly agrees with your sentiment!
More triumphalism.
We indeed live in a privileged time, to be witnessing what looks like the final collapse of Darwin's demonic philosophy! When the evo bandwagon is finally capsized, and science can again be pursued according to the will of our Creator, we might finally again see real scientific progress again, as opposed to the secular stagnation of the last century.
Invoking JimRob's name. He does know how to operate in a regime!

Would you guess he was never formally educated?
As if gubmint-funded education in our graduate indoctrination centers makes anyone more skilled at science. Your average conservative creationist FReeper apparently knows more about common-sense-based science than typical overeducated evo goons do.

I've seen creationists, armed for online spiritual combat with only the Word of God and self-taught Creation Science dance circles around PhDs on FreeRepublic and other forums, where the moderation is actually fair and balanced, and not tilted toward the side of the evos.

Your typical PhD might know this-and-that about some anhydride chemical balance of saline electrolytes in the mating habits of the diurnal cycle of some obscure mutation of the Atlantic sea slug, but they don't know squat about the big picture, except for rampant speculation.

That's where the common sense input of FreeRepublic comes in, to stamp out the fancy-talk of the libs who are running the "science" show, and bring some objective truth into the matter. And the evidence shows, without a doubt, that the "scientists" have no clue, and that Creation prevails!

If I had a PhD from a so-called "university" who teaches this modern "science" nonsense, I'd want my money back for the fraud being filled into my head.
Disproving fossilization via consumer meats.
All I know is, if I bury a fresh T-Bone steak in the back yard, I won't be digging up anything that resembles a fresh T-Bone steak 80 million years later, though (more or less), that's exactly what they say happened here. I'm just glad that brainwashed evos aren't checking my food expiration dates at the local supermarket!
Wait, here he seems to believe in fossils.
The only ones who think there's "8-20" mass extinctions are evo scientists who have (unwisely) refused to consult with the best and brightest in the creation science community, who (as usual) are way ahead of evos on the "problem" of multiple mass extinctions. Truth is, the only mass extinction of any import is the so-called Cretaceous extinction, which represents the activity of the Flood. Other apparent "strata" (Devonian, Silurian, etc.) are just different layers simultaneously deposited by the Flood. The appearance of the "stratification" of fossils is due to hyrdological sorting:
DNA is too hard to understand to be real.
Either a piece of DNA is total junk, or it's useful. Period. It's that simple. If a section of DNA is found to have a transcribing region, no matter how small, than it's not "junk" - it's evidence for a Designer.

I've heard desperate evos, realizing their heyday is over, claim that these are only "small coding regions amidst the junk", like an "occasional oasis in a desert". They use some sorry excuse like "exaptation of junk code", as if bits of information could somehow be added to the once-useless code, just like in "flipping a switch". (Well, what flips the switch, and keeps it flipped, assuming that's the mechanism? Evolution has no such mechanism to do that.)

What a joke. Again, the overeducated evoloser scientists are outdone by their creationist counterparts, despite their disparate gubmint funding. The evo science wannabees need to start leaving the real research to the true pros: the Creation Scientists.
Modern scientists, always hating on that Second Law of Thermodynamics!
The truth is, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is, alone, an airtight argument against evolution. That's why the evos have fought so hard to discredit it, and why some men have chosen to cower to the "embarrassment" that evos have tried to make them feel on the topic.

Order can never arise from chaos without an intelligent agent. Period. The 2nd Law is universal and better-understood by Creation Scientists than most physicists.
It gets awesome when he takes on geocentrism, and why we don't fly off the spinning Earth
It goes to show that even "settled" and "simple" issues like geocentrism aren't really settled or simple at all. If the simple Darwinian/Copernican model of the solar system was indeed correct, it means the Earth would be moving at many hundreds, even thousands of miles per hour, and that these speeds, somehow combined with all the other celestial objects, somehow results in what we call "gravity".

Not only can physicists not explain why we don't feel the effects of these whiplash-speeds, it appears that their heliocentric model really doesn't make things any simpler than the geocentric model. Very interested indeed, yet these scientists pass themselves as the "Ultimate Authority" on the matter. (More and more people are starting to see through the sham called 'modern science', I see...)
The real reason we don't fly off the Earth? God's magic
You do know that the moon rotates around the Earth at around 2300 miles per hour, right? Did the astronauts on the moon get "whiplash"? And even in a geocentric universe, Mars has an orbital velocity of tens of thousands of miles per hour. Do you think NASA could have landed multiple probes and rovers there if they were so off in their calculations of orbital velocity? Did the Mars landers experience "whiplash"?

Your argument is a strawman, as are most evo arguments. The whole point is that no one feels the whiplash such high speeds would suggest! This shows evidence that there is more involved in the "simple" laws of motion and relativity than simplistic secular science can explain.
Conservapedia is one of the most well-reasoned, logical and reliable new sites on the internet. It's only a matter of time before the (much better-researched) information there supplants the liberal anti-God Wikipedia as the first place good Christian Americans look for sound information!

Conservapedia doesn't suffer from the censorship of alternative (and generally more reliable) ideas the way Wikipedia does. God Bless the brilliant Andy Schlafly for starting this site, and smacking it to lib historians and godless scientists (who incidentally know about a tenth of what he and his staff knows about anything.)

(The only sites that are probably better and wide-scoping are FreeRepublic and WorldNetDaily.)
Hey, psst, Free Republic, you should zot all the noncreationists!
As the site owner, Jim Robinson, has expressed, if we can pick and choose from the Word of God, then we can pick and choose from the Constitution, as well. If you don't believe the whole Constitution as it literally stands, you're no conservative. The same applies to the Creation - if you don't believe it as it literally stands, you're no conservative, and you don't belong here.

Watered-down conservatism will never prevail - the pretenders and RINOs need to go, and the precedent has (thankfully) been set here! Only then, by appealing to true, undiluted conservatives, can FreeRepublic fire up the base and get the votes to put conservatives back in charge of our once great nation.
Oh, and anything but young earth creation will not be accepted:
All right - if you reject a 6 day creation and a young earth, how can you be a creationist?

Does this mean that you really believe that some "fossils" are hundreds of millions of years old, while others are only millions of years old? This would mean that animals weren't all created simultaneously, but one at a time - how's that any different from what the Darwinists believe? It's certainly not what it says in the Bible.

Do you also reject the notion of a worldwide Flood, which created the varied landscapes, fossil depositions and continents we see today, in favor of discredited gradualistic theories?

What other parts of the Bible do you reject in the name of "science"? The origin of languages at Babel? Jacob's wrestling with the Lord? The lengthening of the day at the command of Joshua? The existence of Behemoth and Leviathan? Ezekiel's vision of the Cherubim and Seraphim? The earthquake at Jericho? The Virgin Birth? The Resurrection of Christ?