Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gay Conservatives are all Commie Moles!

Ken Mehlman now says he's gay. Wow, the guy responsible for all those anti-gay marriage amendments back in 2004 turns out to have been acting against interest. Alas, anti-gay republicans coming out of the closet is nothing new, and the story is more or less dead now. But somewhere along the line someone wrote how internet Conservatives are cool with Mehlman's gayness. Hilarity ensues.

MoHamhead thinks the stereotype of right-wingers as homophobic bigots is clearly silly:

How can this be? Everybody at the right cocktail parties all agree that conservatives are all bigoted homophobic Neanderthals! /sarcasm

SoConPubbie kinda disproves that:
if he’ll help us win elections, who cares?

I do.

If he is Gay, he as no scruples and he has no principles.

His life is centered around himself and what he wants, nothing else. There is not God there are no moral laws that governs his life, just his desires.

Prinicples and morality may not be important to you, but they are to me.
RitaOK is fine with the gays, as long as they deny who they are:

Mehlman has been the old fashion style of “gay”, in that he kept his mouth shut, was a focused workaholic, and nobody knew. Now he has opened his mouth, bannered up his condition, and lost ground with conservatives who don’t want to hear someone publically defining themselves by their private life, in order to further gay marriage, gay lifestyle, etc., etc. Sickening.

Extremely Extreme Extremist thinks Mehlman's now only cares about homosex and booze:
Mehlman can go pound sand or whatever it is gays do. This scumbag was head of the RNC & Bush's campaign manager at a time when Bush was targeting social conservatives. The fact that he's now out there championing homosexual marriage just shows you that the only thing homosexuals care about is what fruity alcohol beverage they're drinking and who they're sleeping with.
truthfreedom is cool with the gays voting Republican, as long as they don't try for any kind of power:

We can tell them that we won’t enable their mental illness, but they might prefer less government, even if the more government party would enable their mental illness.

But we don’t want to elect or hire crazy people.

roses of sharon would like to remind us gay people cannot poop correctly:

The days of dressing up anal sex in flowery civil rights language are over...as is teaching children that anal sex is normal and natural.

Because when young men (our sons) in their 30s and 40s are laying in the hospital bed, unable to retain their feces any longer...or dying, believe me, their families are not worried about being stereotyped or called a meanie by the leftwing media and the DNC.

And that's why the families of gay people never support them!

little jeremiah thinks Mehlman was just a liberal in deep, deep cover, waiting to strike:

This is Dem dirty tricks to get conservatives to stay home and not vote.

That’s all it is. Mehlman or whatever his disgusting name is probably voted Dem the whole time he was working for GWB.

DJ MacWoW thinks Mehlman has always been a commie:

I saw the guy on tape. The only way to bring down America is from within. McCarthy was right.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Arson against Muslims is cool

A mysterious fire (later declared arson) at the construction site for a Mosque in Tennessee brought the expected reaction from Freepers. Sure, they won't act on their own calls for vigilante justice, but they will endorse others taking the law into their own hands, whether it be shooting abortion doctors or burning down Mosques!

is sure it was Muslims:

Whenever a hate crime is committed, my first thought is that it was self inflicted.

jessduntno doesn't support such behavior, but he is a pirate:

If they try to build that abomination on top of the killing field in lower Manhattan ... they will need their own NYFD station in the basement, I think. Not that I support such behavior, mind you.

The religion of peace doesn’t seem to get it that we don’t want mega mosques towering over us. The Rev. Wright style hate factories are bad enough, aren’t they? The pseudo religious Theologies of hate and political activism are sprouting around the country and many of them funded by us.


RoadKingSE is smug:

Spontaneous combustion. Happens all the time. Probably happen in New York too. Spontaneously.

caww is cool if some Muslims die when you burn down their Mosque:

Yes...count on the loss of life..but remember Islam does not honor life...it is a death cult...so their people will always see themselves from a death perspective when it comes to the agendas of Islam to conquer the world thru Islam. They will fight to death...but see no value to life for other than those who adhere to ISlam...and even their own they are brutal to.

Eye of Unk knows Obama must be pissed:

I do believe Obama is “gnashing the rug” so to speak that a holiest of holy places was vandalized, and that people are even banding together to burn Korans, I keep seeing him as what he believes he has become and that is the historical Persian leader Xerxes, who believed he was a god and far above mere mortals.

“An armed Christian behind every blade of grass”

This isn’t the first and I highly doubt its the last incident of this nature.

Monday potpourri.

comps4spice knows liberals:
Beneath the veneer of liberalism is a sneering, seething concentration camp guard ready to ship conservatives to their deaths all for the good of the state.

Notice : He is trying to prove he’s not a M______ by walking with her instead of in front of her.

jwparkerjr thinks the time has come to jettison the Constitution:
The Ground Zero mosque tests our national character

In much simpler terms it tests whether or not we will allow our ‘freedoms’ to be used to destroy our freedom. Without saying so explicitly I don’t think the Founding Fathers ever intended for us to commit Constitutional suicide.

If the exercise of a freedom results in the destruction of that freedom, or the ability to enjoy it, then, IMHO, insisting it be honored is not a choice.

If we let a group that’s intent on destroying our way of life use a freedom that leads to losing that freedom then all bets are off.

Oldpuppymax on how Africans are just not as evolved:

It’s called evolution. Africa may catch up with the civilized world—in 100,000 years.

RachelFaith is not a fan of the gays:

I will make this succinct:

There is no such thing as a Conservative Sodomite. The two are mutually exclusive for the following single and clear reason.

Conservatives support Limited Self Government.

Limited Self Government is result of Self Control and Self Limits.

Gays. Faggots. Queers. Homosexuals. Sodomites. Are those persons who are lacking the ability to control their lusts.

They lack self limiting, self control.

They lack the very prerequisite for self government.

Our Constitution was written for a moral people and it is totally unsuited to govern any other type of people.

Thus, those lacking self control in their lusts cannot exercise self government, and are therefore NOT Conservative.

They are liars, frauds, simulacrums, impostors, pretenders, fakes, deceivers.

The gays are liars bit is the oddest thing to me.

OneWingedShark doesn't believe the rising Dow will last.

Question: What do you think the DOW go to after the election?
My Guess: About 3000.

Question: What will the “official” unemployment numbers become after the election?
My Guess: 20%-26%

Yeah, pray for America to suffer!

KTM rider has been miserable since Obama was in office:
Dear Obama,

go to hell, ever since you became POTUS my life has been a living hell, trying to live on 1/2 pay , directly related to YOU ! and everyone is scared to death that socialism is coming so the economy is terrible,and your foreign policy is a disgrace ! please get in a plane crash or something ASAP !, thanks,


80% of the US population that HATES your guts


Maybe Michelle is bisexual or lesbian?

Michelle could be pregnant, but isn't it dangerous for her age? The baby could end up being a special needs child. Maybe that is what Zero is calculating on this to gain sympathy and support from people.

Zero is definitely gay/bisexual. Michelle is just a cover.
If Obama is bi, Michelle is not a cover. Just saying.

The Wizard hates the use of Ms. and believes in fighting long lost battles through large fonts:

Poor lying NYT: still afraid to say Mrs. Palin...pathetic, still using the femanazi Ms.

The Comedian is amazed not everyone is crazy like him:
I am constantly amazed by the sheer number of people living in a state of chronic denial.

They can't believe that Islam wants to enslave or kill everyone on Earth. They can't believe Democrats are the success of the international Communist conspiracy.

They can't believe the President with No Past is purposefully working against America and is adhering to pre-published plans for achieving its destruction perfectly.

hal ogen has been observing Obama's dog for more evidence of Obama's failure:

nobama is a pathetic embarrassment. Even the dog, Bo, knows this and refuses to give him unconditional love. That is odd for any dog. Anyone seen any pictures recently of nobama with Bo? Rejected! I bet nobama has him run over by a car (just like clintoon did with “Buddy”).

itssme thinks the constant stream of hate will one day kill Obama:
obozo’s been drinkin’ and druggin’ and not eatin’.

IT-IS-GETTING-TO-HIM. Thank you, Jesus. Everybody, keep at it and don't stop til he drops.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Pix

Black and white, for that Real Civil Rights Feel!

Obama is friends with so many bad photoshops, he really should be ashamed.

Minaret Hats are all the rage among the Jihadis these days.

It is nice that Freepers know what the people killed in 9-11 think.

Pelosi is old, and murders babies for her youth lol!

Freepers do not know what bo0bs are, it seems.

McCain the horsekisser won in Arizona still!

Big Brother plus race! If only they had used the joker Obama it would be a trifecta of non-sequitors.

Friday, August 27, 2010

No Muslim Uncle Toms!

With this Mosque thing, there are some Muslims who are coming out against building it. Some folks are parading them as the "true moderate Muslims." But Freepers are not wont to allow such gray areas:

indulges in some sample bias and comes up with evidence!

Muslims who have converted to Christianity will all tell you the same thing: Don’t believe what the Muslims say.

Muslims who have converted to Christianity and go around speaking to Conservative gatherings, that is.

Cheetahcat knows that all Muslims are alike, really:

There are NO moderates, only press agents for real Muslims who have their goal of domination, world domination and we are in the way.

Islaminaction thinks all real Muslims are fundamentalists:
Dr. Jasser might mean well, but he is no Muslim. What he is selling is not Islam, and according to Islamic Law to deny a Koran verse is to apostate from Islam.
Oldpuppymax also goes with the "non-Jihadi Muslims don't count anyway"

A “moderate” Muslim is also known as an apostate, for he is NOT following the commands of Mohammed, the pedophile inventor of this phony “religion.”

Way to tell people what their religion is!

Red_Devil 232 thinks these moderates are just pretending to discredit the other guys so the moderates get to be the ones to take over America:
There are no moderate mohammedens. In all likely hood those mohammedens calling for the GZM to be moved are not members of the same sect of mohammed's cult that wants to build GZM. The two major sects are in competition for restoring the caliphate, they hate each other.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Freeper Stormfront

At the Iowa State Fair, there wee some reports that black youths were roaming around saying it was "beat whitey night." Later police found it wasn't racially motivated. Seems odd, to be sure. But Freepers see this as evidence all black people (except for Justice Thomas and that Sowell guy) have declared war on whites.

When did Free Republic become Stormfront? Others may disagree, but this racial violence narrative seems a recent shift to me.

EyeGuy has buying his ammo!

I wonder how these semi-civilized savages are going to react when, after decades of looking the other way, whites finally return fire.

pgkdan thinks there's some kind of black conspiracy considering all the racial violence I haven't heard about:

It’s happening all over the country, seems to me that some group somewhere is coordinating these ‘youth’ activities. I won’ t give the the chance to catch me unarmed.

George Varnum blames Eric Holder:

Komrade Eric Holder has declared a National open hunting season on “Crackers” - no penalty, no bag limits, no fee.
The New Black Panthers apparently have extended the season to include our “cracker babies”. Now how sporting is that?

I must have missed that "open season" speech. Sounds like a humdinger!

Forward the Light Brigade blames Obama:
Maybe Obama will spark a whole new breed of Racial hate if he hasn’t already. Sad day but all it can spark is a counter reaction—look to see KKK activities on the rise. Every white beaten will never see blacks fairly again. Once you have been a victim of black hate because you are white—it burns a deep hate within you. I know—it happened to me. I was attacked only because of the color of my skin. It has made me understood what it must have been like to be a Jew in Nazi Germany. Every Black person I see I wonder—does he too wish to pound me?
It happened to him! Now he's a racist, cause he was beaten by a black guy once, as is the natural way of things! Also, Nazis.

Blood of Tyrants is going to pack heat whenever he meets blacks:

Cowards always rely on overwhelming numbers to bolster their courage. Sounds like the whites need to make sure they have Mr. Colt’s equalizer with them when they think they will encounter large groups of blacks. You know, just to keep things civil and friendly.

Leftism is Mentally Deranged thinks the inner cities are some kind of Mad-Max type wasteland:

It’s always Beat Whitey night in the inner city. The politicians have no intention of doing anything about it - just more repayment for what slavery/Jim Crow/KKK/etc.

mas cerveza por favor thinks we're being programmed into racial violence:
There is constant subliminal Beat Whitey propaganda from the media and classrooms across America. Whites have been programmed to feel they deserve it. If that propaganda were rejected, the beatings would come to an immediate and unceremonious halt.
Cheetahcat knows blacks are just dumber:

Well, their mean IQ is 85% of the norm.

I do not doubt it look at Africa,there is a serous problem.
I guess this is the side-effect of FOX's race-bating. Freepers have suddenly taken to, Stormfront-like, assume that there is an epidemic of black people attacking white people all the time, based on a few hyped-up anecdotes.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Heh. Freepers hate McCain, since he didn't say Obama was a Muslim and because he will at times talk to Democrats. So they all mobilized to take him out in a primary. McCain still won, despite all their efforts and fury. Witness the epic Freeper rage at being impotent.

Title taken from an actual Freeper comment, BTW.

Magic Fingers isn't sure how McCain won, and thinks he'll lose the general now:
Everyone I know voted for Hayworth and I can’t imagine any of them voting for McCain in November.
McGavin999 wants a Dem

I will not vote for McCain. I’d rather there be a democrat so we know we can’t count on him, rather than have McCain there leading the Maine twins and Ms Lindsey.

Boucheau just fires blame wildly:

Thank you Sarah Palin! Well done, you hack!

And Glenn Beck deserves a big fat Thank You as well!

Not to mention all the GOP-bots out there—you are about as useful as Obama voters.

The Commie-Lite GOP Establishment wins again!

freekitty thinks the only explanation is voter fraud:
they fixed the race. One of the voters said it was hard to determine where to vote on the form which made it easier for some bs fool to mark the ballot to show for McCain.

They should really investigate this.

TheBattman thinks McCain is a traitor, and has been brainwashed by the Chinese. No, really:

McCain is a traitor, in my book. I can’t help but believe his time as a POW was filled with brainwashing and programming...

adm5 now hates Arizona, despite the immigration law:

I have NO sympathy for Arizona anymore! NONE.

Might as well let Mexico take over the land formerly known as Arizona.

Honorable mention goes to Sarah Palin. Thanks a F(&*^%^&$%_(*&^$#$ lot, Sarah.

Cheetahcat just wishes McCain would die.

If he croaked now then it would be divine providence ,as for me I would Smile for the first time in a while.

Randomly Capitalized Smiles are the best kind!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama versus the Judge

A District Court Judge has issued a preliminary injunction against Obama's Executive Order allowinf federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Freepers, however, are not optimistic that a mere court could limit the Supervillain that Obama is.

Hoodat on how Obama disobeys laws all the time:

The law didn’t stop Obama from breaking it. Why would a judge’s order? Obama will continue to steer taxpayer money into destroying embryos regardless of what any judge says. His contempt for the rule of law is unparalleled.

Besides, disobeying wrong laws is the responsibility of Conservative governors!

TheOldLady is worried about Obama's death powers:

One for the good guys.

I hope that Judge Lamberth survives.

Recovering_Democrat remembers when Obama was forced to revise a defected executive order, except that's not how he remembers it:

Bull crap. Hussein will ignore it.

A judge told Hussein the drilling ban was illegal. Hussein didn’t give a s**t, just issued a new one.

Frank_2001 on Obama's superRacist powers:

“Like he’s going to listen to a mere federal judge. We are talking about The One y’know.”

Yeah, he ain’t gonna let no honky tell HIM what to do!/sarcasm

Tune in tomorrow for epic angst when the hated McCain wins his primary!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Barak Obama: Super Muslim

Freepers have been hitting the Obama is a Muslim thing for ages now. Thus, with this new resurgence of the topic, they tend to wander a bit. After all, how many times can one say "this new piece of evidence has me even more convinced now!" So forgive me if the latest Obama Muslim thread is a bit eclectic. Though still prime crazy:

Gilbo_3 has finally decided

i finally decided that, [rather than a commie thats a muzzie sympathizer], ole bambam is a jihadist muzzie, who uses the strongarm techniques of commie inspired and beloved, state power, to get-r-done without all the knee jerk expected from muzzie subversion...hell most of fedgov is ok with crepping progressivism anyway...

in the end, when all the pieces are in place, the mask will come off, the turbin and beard will go on, and the useful idiots will all get daniel pearled on the south lawn...my .02
randog traps Obama:

OK, so when were you baptized? You weren't? OK, so when are you getting baptized as a public display of your faith in Jesus Christ? Can't do it, can you, because your muzzie brethren would be obligated to take you out, right...?

Checkmate Zero.
SonOfDarkSkies fails at understanding when it is him that is being satirized:
That New Yorker cover has come true in every way but one...after movin' on up, Moosehips got addicted to bling and decided to abandon the boots and bandolier in favor of Milano haute couture.
TXnMA actually thinks the New Yorker cover is real:

Amazing! As many times as I’ve seen that cover — until now, I never noticed the fireplace.. :-(

skimbell has a story:

In 2001, there was a mosque being built in one of the towns near where I live. Understandably, after 9-11 the construction sort of got put on hold for awhile. Lots of "discussion" and plenty of admonishments about the thing being built "in the spirit of brotherhood" etc., etc. Well, they decided to go ahead and complete the thing. Construction resumed but, hard to believe as it is, it just seems that every time they got a wall up on that thing, that night damned if three walls wouldn't fall down. Get a couple of windows set one day and birds or something would fly through half a dozen other windows over the weekend.

Them poor phakin' muzzies just couldn't catch a break. Gave up after awhile.

I think they finally made a bar out of the place.

Seems to me that they didn't have many problems with that construction.

lentulusgracchus wants some kind of destruction ritual:
Start by pulling up the carpets and taking down the drapes, stripping the wallpaper and bed linens, and putting it all in a big pile on the South Lawn and burning it. Then bring all the Obama and Clinton china out and ritually smash it at the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue. Every last dish and saucer. Of course, we know where the Clinton silverware went.

Monday super-conspiracy potpourri.

RummyChick kicks it 18th Century conspiratorial style - OMG freemasons!

I was intrigued when someone said the handshake to Alexi was a Freemason handshake.I am not sure about that but I did find plenty of other evidence that leads me to believe Obama is either a Freemason or beholden to them.

hattend thinks Obama is Islamin-up the White House:
For a long time, I have noticed that the decor at the White House has changed since BHO moved in. The Oval Office is now stripped of the traditional red, white, and blue, and replaced with middle eastern wallpaper, drapes, and decor. The hallway that he walks out of to talk to the press now has middle eastern chairs, drapes, etc.
The Comedian thinks the Somali Pirates only got accquitted because the judge was black:
Down with The Struggle.

Somali's get one over on the Man with the help of a brother judge.

All blacks are alike, and allied against whitey!


I collect photographs as I am a devotee of Sheldon’s Somatotype Theory as applied to imbecility.

Yeah, that's the "people who look like this act like that" racist pseudoscience.

fish hawk:
I'm am American Indian and sometimes I'm racist against certain white people. (very few though, like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, to name a couple)

sinanju thinks gay people do nothing except have the homosex. Also blacks.

If I was the parent of a gay child I would sure as hell think twice before handing him or her over to a “gay-friendly” college. Somehow I don’t think much learning goes on in such places.

By the same token, if I happened to be black, I sure as hell would not deliver my child up to a black college. I recall an article about one in The Atlantic a few years back and it sounded like an absolute sewer.

combat_boots knows why Blago was let off by Fitzgerald - Obama's death threats!

Of course. He wants his family, friends, coworkers and everyone for miles around to stay alive.

Fitz threw the case. So’d the judge.

And now, children, gather ‘round, and we’ll hear the moral of the story. Who wants to sing the “All Heil 0bama” song? Let us bow our heads in supplication to Imam Obama.

freekitty is not so forgiving of Fitz:

You might say Fitzgerald is guilty of active treason.

freedumb2003 encapsulates the argument against the Cordoba House better than anything I've seen:
Islam = Enemy

Mosque = Enemy Barracks

Moderate Musilm = Deep Cover Enemy Agent

Current POTUS = Not-So-Deep-Cover Enemy Agent

democratic party = 5th column

Pearls Before Swine likes Bush's recess appointments, but hates Obama's:
Did Bush make any [recess] appointments?

Quite a few, although in his defense, the Dems blocked pretty much every appointment he tried, so he had little choice if he was going to have an adequately staffed government.

I have to say that I feel differently about Obama's appointments, because even though the GOP tries to block them, so many of them are manifestly seditious.
"manifestly seditious?"

Frantzie on the far-far reaching liberal media:

ALL of TV, ALL of the sports leagues NFL, NBA, MBL, NCAA and also ESPN support Obama 110%.

livius knows things:

It’s worse. “Cordoba House,” aka the 9/11 Victory Mosque, is going to be the headquarters of something called the “Sharia Index Project,” which is an index of how closely a country or countries adhere to sharia. So they’re essentially seeing this mosque as their main administrative headquarters, from which they will monitor and enforce our compliance.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Pix

Really? Michelle Obama as a scheming black "maid" for Sarah Palin? Wow.

Ugh. Isn't this face getting old yet?

This is what Freepers really believe is happening.

PROOF! You can draw a circle around both Mecca AND Ground Zero!

The Pimp?

You can't tell, and no one reported it, but Obama is totally getting owned here!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Leaving Iraq

Conservative principles often give in the face of politics. Supply side economics had to take a vacation after Reagan for a bit, when people decided trickle down was bullshit. Luckily, Freepers have a solution - the cult of personality. By making everything about loving or hating political luminaries, they can avoid any ideological consistency.

So it is with the exit from Iraq. Eternal imperial wars of choice are clearly manly and awesome, but these days Iraq seems unpopular. So with this symbolic draw-down and unsupported victory celebration, which side to take? The popular anti-Iraq side, or the ideologically pure we should stay there forever side?

Whichever side is anti-Obama of course!

Ghost of Philip Marlowe gets a bit convoluted:


How about that!

Just in time for the midterm elections!

All those soldiers returning home can go to their local bank and take out a small-business loan!

Which are also — COINCIDENTALLY ENOUGH — ALSO just starting to be pushed out by the banks!

Just in time for the midterms!

As a Christian I try not to hate anyone.

But I’m a human and imperfect. And I guess it is the imperfect side of me that hates Obammie the Commie.

ohioWfan has decided this is Bush's war still:
God bless these brave men and women and keep them safe.

And THANK YOU, President Bush for your perseverence and dogged desire for victory!

We have a great military, and we HAD a great Commander in Chief.
theDentist is not optimistic:

Call me a cynic, but I give it a month before they are in a civil war with an Iranian backed militant army.

mrsmith is optimistic, and goes against all wisdom from everyone to say:
And thank you Secretary Rumsfeld.
Your country owes you a great debt.
Freddd takes the cynical approach:

I bet our 50,000 troops who are still there, dealing with explosions etc, are glad to hear the ‘combat troops’ are leaving.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA , yeah right.

Those poor, poor troops. When will Obama think of them?

Free Vulcan knows things about Saddam's plans that totally wouldda happened:

No one will ever convince me that it was the wrong for us to go there.

Saddam DID have WMD’s. He had them made, he had them ready to be made on rapid reaction standby, and he was planning bigger and better things like nukes.

He was also planning to use them in CIA type operations to maximize terror.

Bush saved our asses on that one.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Race war

When this August's craziness turned out to be based on race, Freepers turn to the problem of race. It seems black people and Democrats are the real racists, and Freepers have a whole heap of racist rhetoric to prove it:

MuttTheHoople knows the black community. Like how black men think Obama is gay:
Just look for the Dems to put out a few "if the Republicans win, the KKK will burn your house and rape your children" ads on TV, for the next election cycle. They just want to keep black people just scared enough to vote Democrat....actually, black women because they're the only group that still absolutely LOVES Obama (black men think B. Hussein is a sissy and probably on the downlow).
Carley hilariously puts forth that blacks being racist is genetic. The irony!!

You would be surprised at the anger harbored in the hearts of some well educated, well off black men.

Like O, they put on a well mannered face to the outside world but have hatred for whites bred into them from birth.

sten lays out the how the racial civil war shall begin:

my guess is that there will be some big event where a well liked white guy will be killed. the obvious villians will be the new black panthers (NBP) or some such group that had been convinced they should be there and protest / cause trouble.

while the NBP are causing trouble, a third group... connected to the progressives in power no doubt... would take out the target in a very graphic and very broadcasted assassination. no one would see the shooter, but a member of the NBP would be the patsy.

the result will be a race war, and the progressives will seize the opportunity to take full control.

this would be the circumstances i see that would yield the highest probability of success for progressives.

and yes, many people would die before it stops. they would have to... in order for the people to beg the progressives to seize control

Joe Boucher is now a racist, thanks to Obama's existing:

I know I’ll NEVER again look at a black in a position of authority without wondering if they got there by set asides, Quotas.
Good job obammy ya marxist fool.

upsdriver has a new comparison for Obama:
Race War A'Comin'?

With Charles Mason's evil twin in the White House, it very well could happen. Helter Skelter
Chales Manson, eh? Wow. That's random.

Altura Ct. on how the media doesn't report that it is whites who are the victims these days:
Race hatred has been taught in schools for decades now, especially in colleges. Black/AA studies are the norm. All racial/ethnic groups are encouraged to celebrate their heritage except whites who are taught to treat theirs with disdain. There are a multitude of race political and lobbying group that work specifically for black interest or other racial interest for that matter.

Ever increasing black crime/hostility is buried or spun by the MSM and many whites act like sheep i.e. Omar Thornton, Hasan.

Dick Cheney 2012!

Freepers are desperate for leadership. Really desperate. And with the future as of yet uncertain, they look to the past, regardless of how close to death it may be:

combat_boots offers Cheney an organ he doesn't need:

Mr. Vice-President, I will offer you a kidney if you do this. I mean it. YOU are a great man.

maine yankee is just happy to piss of liberals.
A friend up here in Maine had some ‘cheney/palin’ bumper stickers made up last year. People went ape-sh*t. It was just too much fun.
John Daniels on Cheney's debating skills:
Could you imagine him debating Obama or Biden? I think I’d grab my popcorn for that one.
When you unthinkingly agree with everything the guys says, he's amazingly convincing!

RowdyFFC knows Cheney would totally go birther:
And I too would love to see the Cheneys walk up the White House sidewalk past the Ayatollah Ahamanutjob Obama’s who were on their way out! To see the corner of Cheney’s mouth grin and murmur ‘I’ll see you in court, Kenya’s nice this time of the year’ as he walks by....PRICELESS.
Bellflower is done with this Cheney craziness. Look to the future - President Sean Hannity!
Do not think that this is my personal desire as it never occurred to me but before Hannity even breathed out anything publicly that he has thought about running for Pres I dreamed in a very clear dream that he was coming off from Air Force One and was our President. I have had any number of dreams that have come true but I do not know if this one was prophetic or if it came out of my own subconscious. In any case it was the kind of dream that really stood out in a very clear way.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What do you call en unemployed Freeper? Sorta liberal on this one issue.

Glen Beck says if you have been on unemployment for the past 99 should be embarrassed to call themselves Americans. Alluva sudden, Freepers get all reasonable:

Colonel Blimp:

McDonald’s isn’t looking to hire 55-year-olds with college degrees.

Honestly, I’m appalled at the number of Freepers who think that getting even an entry-level, low wage job is a breeze in this wretched economy. Entry-level means entry-level — they don’t want you if you’re too old or have too much education or experience.

I’m a 50 yr old master electrician, they just laugh when you apply for anything but a technical job - then they would rather have a youngster.

Since Obama took office I lost a job, got a job, laid off from that job, then another company came to me begging me to come work for them, then job #2 rehired me from the layoff before things were set w/ new company, the “begging company” then dangles big money in front of me, I snatch it - then they lay me off THREE WEEKS later, kinda. Nothing official just, can you make it on 8 hours wages a week? How about 2?

Of course I’m going to file for those missing hours - that the government has already collected from employers.

Beck doesn’t know what he is talking about in this DEPRESSION.

Yea, I heard Beck say that and I thought, what a jerk. Morally, I couldn’t do what he does, sell gold as an investment.

Easy for him to say...HE has a job.


I’m a Beck fan, but he and others with this attitude are being elitist.

No, I don’t want unlimited weeks of unemployment available. Any extension needs to be paid for by cutting somewhere else. And I recognize that there’s a significant number of people who are making the Gov’t dole a way of life.

But this “just get a job” attitude is patronizing in the highest order.

Whoa, the E-word, "elitist." It's on now.

Now back to your regularly scheduled fear and loathing.

More Mosque Madness

I know it's tiresome, but I found such prime craziness in the latest "9-11 triumphal Terrorist Emporium" thread I could not help but post:

E. Pluribus Unum knows that this Mosque will inevitably cause:
The Victory Mosque is the line in the sand.

If they get it, the US will be under Sharia Law within 20 years.

Obama has decided his 9/11 Victory Mosque will be his line in the sand. The Kenyan will build his tribute to Jihad by whatever means possible.

jimbo123, a few posts later:

The Union members WILL build the Victory Mosque as a TRIBUTE to Omama and the democrat leadership.

The Mosque is a tribute by the Unions to Obama AND a tribute by Obama to Jihad. No mention of the actual builders.

Gabrial has a story:

I went to my favorite indoor shooting range last weekend. In front of me in line to get a shooting bay were 4 middle-eastern looking men in their early 20s speaking Arabic. As they walked away from the counter I smiled at them (which is how I always greet people). I got back glares of what I interpreted to be “I can't wait to kill you” hatred. They looked mad as hell and ready to do something about it.

Only in America do we enable people that want to kill us.

Their eyes said "I can't wait to kill you." It's not paranoia, it's evidence!

Antoninus mixes up his anti-Muslim and anti-gay rhetoric.

Oh, they are going to jam this thing down our throats. Make no mistake.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama mosque madness

When Obama came out in favor of freedom of religion, the resonance between Freepers hate of Obama and of Muslims made for some prime, grade-A crazy.

takenoprisoner knows mosques are just one step in Obama's plan to become King Hussein:
I understand his goal, and his MO. His goal, given to him by his masters, is to destroy America. Since there is no way to “fundamentally change America,” without destroying her first. And, from the looks of things, Obama’s mission is on course.

First comes US bankruptcy, then comes rioting and looting in the streets by govt dependents, then comes martial law, then comes King Hussien, then comes sharia law, then finally, when all legal remedies have been exhausted, comes the second civil war.

Are you ready?

Viking2002 thinks Obama should go back to the Dark Continent.
Take your subversive ass back to The Dark Continent, or Indonesia, or whatever diseased hellhole you gestated in. Your Oprah-esque little Svengali magic act has worn off, even amongst the navel-gazing 'independent' voters who couldn't find their own moral asses with a map and a flashlight, anyway. Nobody wants you soiling shores of this nation except the perpetual basement dwellers of eternal self-victimhood, and we will suck our last breath driving you and them from it.
"Dark Continent?" Reading too much Joseph Conrad?

PrayAndVoteConservesInLibsOut seems to have mixed up "religious Freedom" with "Christianity."

To you Mr. Obama since you will never be my president unless you prove your right to be:
My religious freedom says “Thou shalt not kill.” So stop abortion.
My religious freedom says “Thou shalt not steal.” So stop the thefts (from the politicians in Washington) stealing the American people’s money by your lavish parties and lavish spending of our money, from spending money you do not have, living above your means and causing our children to be in the worst debt ever.
My religious freedom says to tell the truth. So stop your lying.
My religious freedom says to do good. So put in end to corruption like organizations like ACORN for one.
My religious freedom says homosexuality is shameful so stop telling me I speak hate language if I stand up for my religion.
I could go on and on.
Your commitment to religious freedom is not unshakable. You lie.

You thought I was exaggerating? Nope! The poster actually thinks freedom of religion requires Christian tenets!

proudofthesouth hates Obama, mostly because he makes up what Obama is like:

As a Christan I’m supposed to love my enemies but I despise this person. (I can’t call him a man because he isn’t one.)

I bet he danced, whooped and celebrated when the planes hit the Twin Towers on 9/11 and I bet he celebrates it every year.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Assasination nation

Freepers really want more of a police state. Case and point, their plan for the wikileaks guy is pretty unanimous:


He truly needs to be carbombed

Always Independent would also like us to take down his website.

He should be declared a terrorist and his name put on the list for targeted strike. A bounty on his head might also make him sleep a little better at night also. And where the hell is the pentagon’s cyberwarfare unit on this. Can’t they just take his website down or even the ISP that allows it to be running.

Covert? Who needs covert!

NFHale sums up many of the pro-assassination posts, and then puts forth that Presidents who do not assassinate are feckless douchebags.

“...A couple Good Mates need to pay Julian Assange a visit and treat him to some Outback Counseling...”

“...We have killed better men for less in the past....”

“...a little tap, from a thousand yards ...”

In a better time, in a better day, with Americans running our country, yes.

Not with the current gaggle of feckless douchebags; hell, they’re probably helping this polesmoker relocate and hide himself.

Hopefully, he’ll run into some Patriot somewhere who took this personally.

Left2Right is not happy when some folks take exception to governance via assassination:
Give me a break. Who the heck do you think you are? Are you the new moral guardian of FR? If anyone has gone over to the "dark side" it is you with your pathetic moralistic attitude.
Left2Right then notes how he'd prefer if we were less what we are now and more like China:
In both China & Japan the families were made to suffer for the crimes of a family member. Kept the crime rate down and besides, the apple does not fall too far from the tree.
Damn Commies do know how to run a police state! Too bad their economics are all wrong.

Stayfrosty, on the other hand, wishes we were more like that success story Russia:

I guarantee you Putin would not let these traitors still be breathing.

Stayfrosty then makes it crystal clear:

This country has too many freedoms.

Birther-ful Monday potpourri.

bravedog knows ekonomics!
This is something that Americans don’t understand, but they MUST. All U.S. coins were made from silver until 1964. Inflation did not exist in this country until 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created. The dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1913.
Cause the silver supply never changed!

Neoliberalnot is all about the New World Order and the Banksters:
The New World Order, via the United Nations, is laying down the law these days, which is why Congress seems so unwilling or unable to stand up for the American people. Some are confused and say Obama’s strong mutual support network with billionaire banksters means he is not a Marxist. The billionare banksters use socialist schemes to exploit, rob, and control working people.
RachelFaith thinks Islam is about to kills us all unless we destroy the world.

Kill them all. Seriously. We have thousands of Nukes. Use them or be subjects under them.

Future generations, will ponder how the most powerful nation in history who could do anything would choose NOT to do anything.

And these future slaves, in their ignorance, because all you see around you is lost, will just curse your nameless names.

Darkness is falling. Night is upon us.


It is 2 seconds to midnight!!

plenipotentiary is a big fan of punishing civilians:

Collective punishment works, and is the kindest in the long run. Alexander the Great new that if he levelled a village or city he would meet less futile resistance, and he would save his own men’s and his opponents men’s lives in the long run.

If the US had remembered this lesson it would have avoided the futile blood-letting of Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan.

RaceBannon would like to remind us he's crazy:

Remember, I met 0bama in 1980. I know what he said to me. If you can provide any PROOF he is an American, I’ll still call it a lie. I HEARD him tell me he was born in Kenya.

hoosierham thinks some folks got away with war crimes.
It is wrong to honor the Japaneses soldiers who bayoneted,shot,and beat to death tens of thousands of civilians and captured Allied soldiers,and "honorable soldiers" who raped Chinese,Korean,and Philpine women in the field or in forced brothels.

A whole lot more Japanese should have been executed for their crimes.
But no doubt it's okay when we torture and shoot civilians.

1COUNTER-MORTER-68 knows how to treat war criminals: commit war crimes on them!

My Dad was WIA on New Guinea in ‘43 and died in ‘73 as

a result of his wounds,,,

From what I heard from them Japan should have been bombed

into a hole in the water and killed them all,,,

I’m sorry they didn’t kill all of them...

butterdezillion thinks the Supreme Court is secret hostages of Soros AND the Muslims:

I think they’ve been taken hostage by George Soros in league with the Islamists, who made the electronic run on the bank when McCain topped Obama in the polls and who have a standing threat to do it again if anybody balks at the communist/Islamist coup that’s been in quick process over the past 18 months.

I know it sounds crazy on the surface, but if I can get some urgent stuff done in the next couple weeks I’ll document and elaborate on my reasons for thinking this


Stevens calling Biden “Mr President” after swearing him in and Thomas saying they were evading the issue of whether you have to be born in America to be President are, I believe, quiet protests at being held hostage.
Waco thinks everyone in Washington knows Obama isn't a citizen.

The SCOTUS, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, etc. are fully aware of 0’bs true status, there are no secrets from these people. Therefore, we can reliably conclude they are all happily, willing, supporting TREASON in regards to 0’b.

That's some awesome government efficiency in keeping this secret!

UCFRoadWarrior lays down the law:

You either a Birther or an Obama supporter

With us or against us indeed!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Pix

Back home?

This is how Freepers see every Mosque.

The joke is that Obama dresses like a women

So much Franken hate, despite the fact that he hasn't really done much.

lol Obama married a shark!

Wow, the artist tried to make Michelle Obama ugly in this pic.


Friday, August 13, 2010

All of America is just like Freepers

Freepers seem to live a great deal of their lives in fear and anger. They also think everyone is just like them, despite election results. The logical upshot of this is chaos and revolution.

pabianice has some stories that prove people are going crazy:
Even here in the Peoples Democratic Workers Socialist Utopian Republic of Duval Patrick, gun and ammo sales are way up. People snap at the smallest things -- things that a few years ago would have elicited a shrug. More and more houses are for sale or in foreclosure.

One guy nearby destroyed his house when it was foreclosed upon. My neighbor needs heart surgery that would be denied under ObamaCare (she's "too old"). Two brothers have come to blows over an issue about land they both own. The town ZBA is seeing fist-fights start in the hallway after the decision goes against one of the parties.

People are routinely going out of state to buy reloading supplies. Obama flew into a local airport, destroyed the runway with his six massive Dillon Aerospace gattling-gun SUVs; the owner is having to sue the government to get the runway repaired. LTC applications are up 16% over last year. Something bad's coming and people feel it.
True_Kon worries about the Central Bankers (probably not code for Jews these days.)

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Central Bankers ANTICIPATE this - thus turning shut-down US military basis into FEMA CAMPS.

Right now the bad news is still being covered up. After the election year is over, I expect more truth to be let out.

ScottinVA knows why people are angry - Obama!


ThePatriotsFlag thinks the revolution will start with angry black people:

It is just the beginning. When “black America” finally discovers their “black” President isn’t going to reach into his “stash” and give them money, cars and general wealth, they are going to feel betrayed.

That is what happened in Atlanta ... everybody in that crowd thought they were going to get something free from Obama. How many lost their temper because of it, how many went home empty handed? It will get worse as they discover the promises were empty.

They were PROMISED something ... they are NOT GETTING ANYTHING for voting him in ... just empty promises which is the OPPOSITE of “HOPE”. When will they learn that Democrats are liars and are the REASON they are in so much economic trouble?

This I Wonder32460 thinks all the schooling people are getting these days has led to the angry revolution to come:

The “educated elite” are the problem in this country. If you look back at history many if not most of those industrial leaders who were multi millionaires had little education.

What they had instead was an ethic of hard work. Many worked their way up in factories, mines, etc and some were inventors inventing tools, machinery and products their industry needed.

These men and some woman built financial empires with very little book learning and lots of living and working education and they employed the multitudes who in turn could buy the products produced. No way these things could happend again because the wealthy and educated want it all for themselves (control, power, money, a pedastal to stand on).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Michelle Obama is out of touch

Michelle Obama takes a trip. Pays for it herself. Nevertheless, Freepers are eager to shout that this is proof of her anti-American aristocracy tendencies:


Marie Antoinette. The name fits.

Some blogger called her Marie Antoinette. I think this is going to stick among the Freepers.

COUNTrecount thinks there is a conspiracy:

A trip like this, or any trip for our crrent inhabitants of the White House, takes months of planning.

So if M’Antoinette’s best friend’s father passed away a few weeks ago how did they get all the details done so quickly?

And it was a lucky thing that the King of Spain was available for lunch on short notice.

calex59 is sure the taxpayers were paying, regardless of the evidence:
This story is most likely the latest lie to try to cover the Wookie's a**.

However, even if it is true that does not excuse the amount of taxpayer's money spent on this lavish vacation, in fact it makes it worse.

Taking an all expenses paid(by the taxpayers, regardless of what the media says)vacation to Spain simply because one of your buddies had a death in the family is as gross an example of arrogance as I have ever seen, and to try to say it is fine simply because her friend needed consoling is just pure BS.

Michelle Antoinette doesn't begin to describe the extravagance and waste taking a trip like this simply to placate a friend entails.
Regulator goes with the Latin American dictator paralell
Madame Baby Doc still tryin' to keep a lid on it?


Maybe she could go shopping for some shoes.
skimbell makes a classy comparison:
"...Can someone tell me why the husbands and wives are in separate ports..?

I'll tell you why...

It's all right there in the lyrics to

-Movin' On Up-

They finally got a piece of the pie...
primatreat also thinks trips to Spain make the Obamas dictators:
This bunch of ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ are starting to remind me of Taylor from Liberia. The only difference I see at present is that Taylor just killed the people that were against him. He ran his country into the septic tank and “0” is doing the same.
Every single one just forgets that taxpayers didn't finance this trip. Every single one. They must really love this narrative.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

College isn't for some races

Obama calls for increased college graduations. Freepers, of course, oppose him. But in searching for a reason why, some interesting ideas about demographics come up:

reaganaut1 blames the Hispanics:
Trying to get 60% of Americans to graduate from college would be a fool's errand even if the country were 100% white, but as the Hispanic proportion of the population rises, it becomes even more absurd.
donozark thinks we're all doomed, so why go to school?

Better to stand in the unemployment line with sheepskin in hand, than without. /s

RVN Airplane Driver thinks it's the blacks who are stupid:

If zero and his minions could get 60% of the los negroes to graduate from high school it would be a near miracle! That’s the first hill that the boy needs to climb....

Putin love

When Putin co-pilots a plane to dump water on wildfires, Freepers get on his jock:

La Lydia is pretty excited:

What a man! What a guy! You might disagree with some of his policy goals, and methods, but you have to admit he is not a girly man like someone who shall remain nameless.

Noamie pays him the ultimate complement:

Putin is ... kind of like an Atlas Shrugged character... except for his innate evilness...

RS_Rider remembers how manly Regan was:

The roles are reversed.
The Russian people admired Regan because he was patriotic and unapologetic.
Now the US people have to look to Russia to see a leader.

What a shame.

ArrogantBustard knows Obama couldn't pull this off cause he's too girly to sit in a cockpit:

I’m not sure whether this is leadership or publicity stunt.

I’ll concede that Putin can pull it off without looking ridiculous. Zero would look like a punk kid, such a stunt on his part (if he even had the guts to try) would be met with howls of derision.

ottbmare also harps on Obama's lack of manliness:

The symbolism here is so obvious I have to refrain from commenting on it directly.

Why can’t WE have a man for a president? It doesn’t even have to be an actual functioning male. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir were both tough. A lot tougher than that whining little limpwristed girl we have in the Oval Office now.


I’m gonna’ start cryin’

Where are the men? look at all of them. Rahm, Gibbs, Guietner...Metrosexuals or something

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Health care has already killed America

Freepers are still convinced the health care bill is super evil, despite America somehow continuing on:

PeteePie is worried about private armies:

But would the whole law get tossed out or just the medical care mandates? That would leave the part for his well armed domestic security force, the part he may have truly wanted all along. (Que evil laugh)

kevao knows a good judge doesn't let any laws have any exceptions to anything ever:
Certain groups of people are exempted from the health care bill so does that mean that the law does not apply equally to all?

That is correct.

Would that deem the law unconstitutional?

An objective court would rule that way. No telling how today's courts would rule.

E. Pluribus Unum thinks Obamacare has already doomed us all:

The only purpose of Obamacare and the mandate is to destroy the current health care system.

Mission accomplished!
camle sees the Dems master plan to let the bill fail:

I predicted that the insurance mandate would be thrown out, and that the dems would then use the loss of revenue as an excuse to move closer to gopvernment run health care a la canada.

DManA fleshes out said conspiracy theory:

Here’s how it goes down. They back off on the mandate and play it up as them being flexible, and listening to the people. RINO republicans will crow about their big victory but it’s all irrelevant since the statists get everything they want anyway.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday potpourri.

bushpilot1 on how Michelle Obama looks like a slave:

Does not matter where our taxes take her..she will always look like she just walked off the plantation in Georgia or Mississippi.

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper tries for some jokes, but ends up with a list of angry insults:

How about adding these additional charges against Waters:

1. being a communist
2. being a nasty old bitch (it runs in Calif. politics)
3. wearing a bad wig
4. being “still stuck on stupid”
5. hating America - her promotion of the nutcase idea that the CIA started the crack-cocaine epidemic in LA (long story: started with communist sympathizers related to the Christic Institute and a reporter named Webb who created a conspiracy out of isolated incidents and unsubstantiated claims - lots of unavailabe witnesses)
6. being a psychopath
7. claiming to be a human being

White males have no place in the administration of Barry Soetero. No siree bob.
Never mind his Press Secretary, Chief of Staff, Secretary of State etc. etc.

ChocChipCookie likes to train her kids to be Freepers early:
A few months ago, my then-10 year-old daughter confided in me quietly that she couldn't bring herself to call Obama the "P" word. Well, immediately my brain went into a tizzy trying to think of what that P word could possibly be. "What words have I used to describe Obama that started with a P???" A few I hoped she hadn't heard me use.

I worked up the courage to ask her, "What word would that be, honey?"

Smart girl: "President" LOL
Venturer is archie Bunker come to life like 40 years too late:

This isn’t my America.

Fruits, Liberals, Muslims. Mexicans,, If this is diversity, I am against it.

concerned about politics thinks all Mosques have nukes in them:
Construction of 'Cordoba House', a.k.a. 'Ground Zero Mosque', draws ever closer.

What a great place to hide or build a nuclear weapon. Who's going to regularly inspect it? Barrack Hussein?

I wouldn't want to live in NYC after that abomination is built. The place is going to be a safe haven for every crazed terrorist in the country - until they eventually blow it up in the name of Allah.

We can all blame the loony liberals for this one. Political correctness is their religion.
LibLieSlayer analyzes another pic of Obama and comes to the same conclusion he has many, many times:
A Noriega shirt... mommy jeans and birkenstocks... the guy is a fag... and look at the face of the two SS agents looking at him... they know it too.
Hildy wants us to know Chelsea Clinton is still ugly:

Again, the press keeps trying to convince us that Chelsea is beautiful. There’s only one problem. WE ALL HAVE EYES. She looks lovely, yes. FOR HER.

But where was the press when Jenna Bush, a true beauty, was married...I don’t remember this kind of fawning. I want to puke. The parents can afford a multi-million dollar wedding, but she’s still begging for cash on her website. What have we done in this Country...we had it all..and we’ve thrown it away.

digger48 doesn't care Gore got wrongly accused. The ends justify the means, you see:

Gore will never get rid of this stain. It’s not like he and “others like him” have never attempted to ruin somebody personally and politically. So, I gots no sympathy for him.

Half the country heard the accusation. Few will hear the exhoneration ans many will still believe it to be true.

Regardless, even the false accusation of “Crazed Sex Poodle” is now and forever a part of Algores biography.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Saturday Pix

Colt 45? Fried chicken? Graffiti tags? What a delightful melange of racist imagery!

More unbelievable racism about Maxine Waters.

Wow. I'd make fun of how much time this took if I didn't spend so much time making this blog.

Haw haw Obama's a lady!

Liberals mock because they fear. Also, they all have kooky eyes.

The idea that Obama is spending more money than other Presidents seem to be gaining steam on Free republic.

CHICAGO Style Politics! Also Nevada. No idea what's up with Blago there, or the dead body.

The best graphics MS paint can buy!

The South will Rise!

Freepers have a particularly hilarious subculture of folks still bitter over the civil war. No that they like slavery, but the North was totally unfair:

Amos the Prophet sees the cause as noble:
Please, let us fight again that terrible war with all its pride and atrocity. As a Southerner I am still aggrieved at the bloody hands of the north. The Tea Party is the closest to proof since that time that the South shall rise again. Perhaps this time we can carry the day and end the tyranny of the Northern (read liberal) aggressors.
Sender is also a fan of the South, but adds a disclaimer:
It was the war of northern aggression. I was not born a son of the south, but I will die a son of the south.

And as a disclaimer, I am not trying to minimize the tragedy of slavery. I am rejecting the politics of the north.
Like civil rights?

beckysueb thanks the South for savint the US
One need only look at Taxachussetts, Michigan, etc, to see what the whole nation would look like without the voters in the south and western (except the coast) parts of the country.
Vigilanteman seems not to be a fan of total war:

You’re right. The South should be grateful she was just raped and pillaged and not murdered and dismembered as well. < / sarcasm >

I wonder if his policy hold when applied to Muslims.

central_va is kind of the head lost causer on Free Republic. In fact this is about all he posts about:

If we have CW II, what will be the heathen Yankee liberal excuse for invasion, rape and pillage? Slavery is gone, what will it be then? I leave that question for some Yankee scum to answer.....

beckysueb is optimistic that when the South rises, next time will be easy!
You see, now we have all the guns. While the north was busy disarming themselves we were busy arming ourselves. And the north is probably outnumbered because they have aborted all their babies. And of course gay men are probably too busy worrying about decorating and fashion to fight a war.
MNJohnnie wants us to know slavery had nothing to do with race!

There were Jewish slave owners, their were Black slave owners. Their were Black soldiers in the Confederate army. Their were Jewish soldiers in the Confederate army. Their were Jewish slave traders, their were Black slave traders. Most of the blacks sold into slavery were war captives taken by other blacks and sold to white slavers. All groups have been oppressed, and oppressor, in history. NO race or ethic groups is pure and innocent.

Rationalization accomplished!

Vigilanteman has a pretty weak definition of slavery:
How ironic it is that we have a Kenyan in the white house still engaging in a whole new level of slave trading.
Nat Turner thinks the Civil War sequel is happening now!
We got lots of "so-called" issues: Health Care, immigration, Cap n Trade,Racism and even the Internet. The invading hordes will not be Yankees but millions of "undocumented" In deed if not in fact CWII is being fought right now, I am waiting for the real shooting to start.
central_va loves this thread.
You are releasing your inner rebel. Real torment begins when you actually become secesh, for that mental condition has but one cure. Welcome.
And that cure is posting about how the South will rise again on internet message boards!