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Freepers contemplate fighting schoolchildren

Some 6th grader in Missouri got into a fight for wearing a Trump hat. The school suspended the kid for being disruptive. Knowing kids, I suspect there's a bit of history there.
Freepers do not know kids, however. And so this story briefly went national.

Recall that Freepers were into bullying when it was pro-Trump. Now, though, this is a crisis that can only be solved by lawsuits and adults getting violent - always a good lesson for kids to learn!

dsc, on the site Free Republic, complains that liberal sites ban dissenters:
School claims that the HAT was causing problems... Not the bullies.... but the hat....

That’s the way the way the crybullies operate.

Ain’cha never been kicked off a libtard site?
Of course giant Bible bore HiTech RedNeck thinks the problem is unspecific not enough Jesus:
The only good part is more Dems are forced to admit that racism, mob tactics and property destruction have become their main strategies of communication.

They’re trying so sadly to do kumbaya... with no Jesus Christ.
CrimsonTidegirl is ready for brutality!
If that were my son, the school, the bullies & the bullies’ families would suffer hell.

Unfortunately, like most conservatives, the boy’s parents will probably just roll over quietly. That’s what conservatives do.

It’s time for some REAL Social Justice. Conservatives, START FIGHTING BACK. Brutally, if need be.
CrimsonTidegirl continues to demonstrate she doesn't have the maturity to be a parent:
The left doesn’t hesitate to harass normal people through the court system. Time for payback.

I’m sick of the violent left getting away with their violent antics without any repercussions. I’m a very petite woman & not very strong physically but I do have a temper. If one of these subhumans attacked me, I would probably lose but I would cause as much pain as I could:)
lightman has a great plan:
Put the kid in cyberschool...that’ll punish the screwl district.
stubernx98 has been a dick foreeever:
I remember getting a major fight in the 4th grade in Oregon when I supported Truman over Duey. Me against many. Have things changed!(me too)
Scrambler Bob thinks deadly force was being used, I guess, because he brings in self-defense law:
The “Ed Code” allows the schools to take ownership of a kid from the time he heads toward school till he gets home (and beyond that, it seems, when you include social media).

There is no provision for self defense. The victim is supposed to roll up in a fetal position and call for a teacher.

Meanwhile, the Law defines self defense and specifies when it is permissible, which differs 100% from the Ed Code.

I say call the cops, press charges. They have evidence.
FrdmLvr's twelve-year-old nephew swore once, proof kids these days are awful:
Speaking of the F bomb: I was sitting with my 91 year old dad and my 35 year old nephew, who happens to be a teacher, a few weeks ago and we were discussing current events of one kind of another when out comes the F word from my nephew! My dad about fell over, but that is the way Gen Xers and millennial speak now a days, and apparently, now 12 year olds too. The coarsening of society is sad.
Candor7, with zero proof, is sure 'demographics' are involved.
This is not politics. Its demographic cultural warfare.

The leftist liberal fascist brown shirts are being created right in front of our eyes. All they need is uniforms and knifes.
redgolum also tweaks to race as the real issue:
How diverse was the school?

For that matter, what is the demographic of the teachers?
central_va's Civil War boner is rising...
I can feel the tension in the air. I think the leftists are going to start something. It is almost palpable. I've never felt this kind of tension since the Vietnam War. Love it.

Trump was supposed to be like rolling a frag grenade under the body politic. So far so good.

Go Trump, Go!

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Freeper economics.

Robert Reich talks some Keynsian economics (i.e. - "The real job creators are the vast middle class and the poor," "The free market doesn’t exist in nature. It’s created and enforced by government."

Freepers take him on. I'll skip the endless ad-hominems (I take it he's not a tall man?) and go straight to the conservative claptrap and liberal strawmen:

zzwhale knows its all Communism, and will never work!
what will reich be when he grows up......
show me one place in the world where communism works to the benefit of the masss.....
it is a all fairey tales and utopian make believe....

the ivory tower commies have caused more death and destruciton than any other force in the world but the young and stupid keep believin the bs and drinkin the kool aid...
PenguinM has clearly thought this out:
The three biggest myths....
1 - Government involvement helps (aka stimulus)
2 - Government regulations work (yeah, to choke growth)
3 - Taxes make it fair (more choking)

What a nasty little troll Reich is.
4rcane also refrains from anything like an actual explanation:
the myth is that spending creates job
as opposed to investing create jobs
They’re not the same
T-Bird45 doesn't need a PhD to call this guy dumb without bothering to engage any arguments at all!
In what world can an economics Ph.D. be so flamingly ignorant and obtuse, especially about his first “point?” My only answer to that is that he’s never held a real job in his life so he has no insight to how things work.
RWB Patriot says fuck the middle class and poor:
1. The “job creators” are CEOs, corporations, and the rich, whose taxes must be low in order to induce them to create more jobs. Rubbish. The real job creators are the vast middle class and the poor, whose spending induces businesses to create jobs. Which is why raising the minimum wage, extending overtime protection, enlarging the Earned Income Tax Credit, and reducing middle-class taxes are all necessary.”

Two words, @$$hole:

Atlas Shrugged
It's interesting that Freepers have taken to criticizing the crony capitalistic rich, but will return to the fold in a heartbeat.

Pollster1 explains that the global economy means demand doesn't matter, and that free markets exist, because most people are full of integrity.
Spending by the working class and the poor creates demand, which is different from jobs, unless you want to count the jobs created in China and Indonesia. It’s the little guy working 80 hours a week who creates jobs as he hires people to fill the roles he has created.

The free market is what exists in nature when both sides have the integrity to choose voluntary exchange and the power to refuse outside compulsion. Government is force, the opposite of freedom. We need some government to protect against those with no integrity, but today’s bloated FedGov has become exactly what a limited constitutional government was supposed to protect the people against.
rlmorel cites 'tons of evidence'
There are tons of evidence that “economists” like him are WRONG, and Economists like Thomas Sowell are RIGHT, but the failure of socialism and all forms of wealth redistribution do not deter liberals one single bit.

If it doesn’t work, nobody calls them on it, it isn’t recorded for future reference, the failure of liberal economic policies simply goes down the memory hole, chalked up as wrong time/plan/leadership/execution/funding, etc.

They NEVER, even for one gazillionth of a second, consider that the fundamental idea of theirs, that wealth production lies DEFINITIVELY in the hands of each worker, and not in any form in the people who take chances, invest their money and build a business.


I detest liberals and everything about them.
rlmorel goes on to explain what liberals think:
Liberals simply don’t believe that wealth can be “created”. They think the concept is absurd.

We know that wealth CAN be created from an idea.

To liberals, the fact that wealth can spring from an idea and hard work is anathema.

In their mind, it does so only at the grace of the government.

We see it happening in SPITE of the government.
Jack Hammer on that big free-market guy, Lenin!
“The free market doesn’t exist in nature. It’s created and enforced by government.”

Not origial with Reich, and he should say so.

This is a central tenet of Marxism/Leninism, which seems to be Reich’s economic philosophy of choice.

Surely you must see that the rigidity of your position, which is logically correct, is absurd nonetheless?

Dinesh D’Souza, jailed for campaign finance violations, can't stop churning out pseudo-intellectual racist BS for the right.

Here, he jumps onto the 'Obama's a Muslim' bandwagon, without saying Obama's a Muslim: "Obama Forming Global Caliphate". Some Freepers follow the piper, but many get caught up arguing about his imprisonment:

hosepipe knows the real problem are all the voters:
I would think the people that back Obama and vote for him are the dangerous ones..

Obama is just figurehead of a dangerous Cabal..
The boy is playing hockey with a warped puck..
WilliamRobert agrees that Democrats all want the Caliphate:
I knew this five years ago. Why is it just coming out now. This has always been the Democrats design.
cynwoody believes in breaking every law he dems unconstitutional:
Campaign finance laws are made to be broken. They are largely Democrat attempts to subvert that inconvenient First Amendment. Supported by scum.
cynwoody's contempt for the law continues:
Felony schmelony! You are part of the problem, not part of the solution!

If the law conflicts with the Constitution, the law is wrong!
cynwoody would also like to selectively quote Churchill:
Winston Churchill said it best: “Islam is to humans as rabies is to dogs”
Churchill said worse things about the Irish.

The Irish are not relevant to this discussion.
cynwoody explains the subtleties of the Anglosphere
My last name appears on Irish pubs.

Nevertheless, I do not care about the "Black and Tans" because I am an American and a member of the Anglosphere, which correctly reveres Sir Winston. I don't give a rat's ass about Irish issues.
Ann Archy keeps it simple:
You can’t take the Muslim out of the Muslim. And when it’s a DEMOCRAT MUSLIM, it’s doubly EVIL.
manc finds anyone questioning D'Souza to be Alinsky:
Are you kidding? Why would you attack the author who has written about bozo the clown and his future goals instead of addressing the article and how bozo wants an Islamic state and make America a land of non whites or white Christians as a minority?

What you did was right out of the book of Alinsky.
papertyger adds some choice insults:
There are so many people on this thread claiming that D’Souza’s felonies were justified, I get confused.

No, they're just not intimidated by suicide scruples.

As for your confusion, I think it has far less to do with what others are writing than it does with your "girl bully" comportment.
Come for the suicide scruples, stay for the girl bully!

dforest - admitting your guilt once you're caught absolves you of any criminality!
You do understand he did the right thing and admitted what he did. He also accepted the sentence.

It would be nice to see the same zeal dorected at those who lie and never admit they are crooks. Like most of the democrat party.
manc settles back to hate New York darkies:
For some reason the Dems have always hated the fact this country was founded by white men, made by white men and, made great into a super power by white men and all based on Christian principles.

Now they seek to bring in third world immigrants from all over, bring as many muslims over without checking them from Syria just like Clinton did after Kosovo and then there was his Somali’s who are now causing all sorts of trouble here.

If they want the third world here then they should move them to places like Westchester county in NY and Manhattan so they the left can live with them and let them enjoy their multi cultural place
major-pelham knows the real truth is one step beyond logic.
Surely you must see that the rigidity of your position, which is logically correct, is absurd nonetheless?
SisterK randomly brings up SATAN:
You left out the part "This country is run by total SATANIC IDIOTS..."
arthurus just makes things up.
There are two people at the top, Sultan Obama and his Vizier Jarrett.

The relationship is analagous to the relationship between sultan and vizier in the Porte- Istanbul pre Ataturk- and in Cairo of the Mamelukes. The vizier actually runs the government while the sultan plays.

In the old days the sultan spent his time at his hunting lodges or in his harem. This one plays golf and flies off to Hawaii or Africa.

The sultans tended to be omnisexual in their practices and their harems could include boys or the boys were just brought in to him off the street.

And now This Word from Outer Space

Torture-based border control edition:
Sample legislation.

A person found within the United States, having entered illegally, shall:

1. Receive fifty lashes on the back with a cat o’nine tails.
2. Be branded on both cheeks with the letter “B” for “border crasher,” said brand to be two inches tall.
3. Forfeit all monies and properties earned or amassed in the United States, wherever located.
4. Walk from where apprehended to the Mexican border on a diet of beans and tortillas, sleeping in the open.
6. On their journey, ejectees shall pick up trash, cut grass with scythes and other unpowered tools, trim roadside shrubbery, clean rest area toilets, and perform such other tasks as may be ordered, said tasks not to be unduly hazardous.
7. Any person seen with the letter “B” branded on the cheeks who is not a member of a guarded ejectee party may be shot and killed on sight by any U.S. citizen at any time.
8. Idiots may offer ejectees food and water if they like. The penalty for providing ejectees with arms or assisting them to escape shall be death by firing squad, following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military.
9. Any attempt to bribe a guard is punishable by death, following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military. A bribe can be monetary or in the form of goods and services, especially including carnal services.
10. Any guard accepting a bribe shall be executed by hanging following a guilty verdict in a trial to be conducted by three officers of the U.S. military.
12. After the great majority of illegal aliens have been ejected, two fences 20 feet tall and 50 feet apart shall be erected on the Mexican side of the border. The area between the fences shall be heavily planted with anti-personnel mines. Motion-sensor-activated machine guns shall be emplaced in such a way as to cover the entire area between the fences with interlocking fields of fire.
13. The President of the United States shall, before the UN General Assembly, tell the President of Mexico to kiss his ass.
14. The organization known as “La Raza” and all similar groups are hereby designated domestic enemies of the Constitution. Active membership in such organizations shall be punished by death.

Announce that and see how long it takes them to self-deport.
The Dark Ages got shit done brought to you by dsc (Any attempt to move a government to the left is a crime against humanity.)

Locker room Jihad

A Muslim tried to pray at an LA Fitness, and was asked to leave. He's suing, and Freepers are hatin'

V_TWIN is not good at figuring out reasonable limitations:
“Soon you’ll be tripping over praying Muslims everywhere”

I was just thinking, would he do this in a movie theater or a restaurant or..........? Where does it end?
9thLife is over Muslims:
Those that aren't killers are obnoxious.

I'm over 'em.
JimRed knows True Muslims are killing machines:
Western Hills High School alumnus Mohamed Fall is a practicing Muslim...

Practicing? Does that mean he is raping, enslaving or killing Infidels? No? Then he's just another apostate, faux-Muslim, and ISIS/ISIL will kill him as quickly as you or me.
MeganC - the locker room was nearly conquered for Islam!
It’s a locker room and not a mosque for some filthy moslem to try to conquer via intimidation.
PROCON posts in large, large font:
Get out of my Country, muslim scourge!
MaxMax realizes that the Constitution never stood for tolerance:
Mecca isn't in America. I understand now that the Constitution has been perverted
by those intent on destroying America by calling it a living Document, and have interpreted
the Constitution as a national suicide pact. That pact is being exercised daily by the Democrats.
Albion Wilde counsels being a rampant asshole:
Next time, ask in a cordial voice, "Do you mind if I join you in prayer?" Then recite the Lord's Prayer at the top of your voice. Stand up and raise your arms to heaven. Put a lot of emotion into it. Sob a little!

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Conspiratorial fan fiction edition.
The internationalist global network is a confederation of selected persons who all know each other but not all are on the same page all the time.

They (meaning the network of selected persons) transit between different roles of arms traders, international bankers, intelligence operatives.

The key to their power is control “of/from” central banking, not central banking per se, but ‘control of/from’ more precisely meaning ‘access to’ and ‘authority support inside’.

For those lurking, you probably know the central bank of the United States is the Federal Reserve (Fed). The central bank of Europe is the European Central Bank (ECB) which now presides over the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European System of Central Banks; for Japan it is the Bank of Japan, for China it is the People’s Bank of China (PBC) with quasi-independent Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) for Hong Kong and its international trading partners; for the UK it is Bank of England. Then there are 2nd tier central banks for economies such as Ireland, Canada, and a descending ranking on down to for example the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the Central Bank of Nigeria, etc.

There is a vertical rank structure of central banks of the world with the Fed at the top followed by the ECB. The rest either fall into line or there will be severe economic consequences followed by a hot war if necessary.

Everyone should know that central banks can create money from nowhere (on computers). All central bank money creation is performance rated by the currency exchanges but the top echelon controls (rigs) the currency markets in favor of their respective currencies. Most all of international relations revolves around the currency markets as they control the value of things in trade.

Control of the top echelon of central banks is a delicate matter with power shared between populist politicians and ruling families via tech partners, contractors and operatives. Banking tech contractors are usually top banks of the world. For example, Citibank is pretty much the proxy controller for the central bank of Mexico. JP Morgan is pretty much the central bank of Iraq. Many of the world’s central bankers take their marching orders from the top echelon’s bank contractors.

The ‘power’ between political figures and ruling families is mostly focused on ranges for top echelon currency values and the amount of money created for ‘regulating’ international banking. These functions are carried out by contractors which are most often top tier commercial and investment banks.

Needless to say, that international commerce and relations are tightly controlled by top banks serving as regulators for monitoring and reporting but NOT FOR ENFORCEMENT. Because top banks are tasked by central banks to monitor and report, there is a crossover of persons between banks and intelligence agencies. Through these persons, all international players are documented and made known. Banking pretty much controls everything and what it does not control slips through in the black market. For example, Iran will run oil tanker trucks in caravans through southern Turkey to oil depots with pipe links to port terminals in Instanbul. The Iran black market for oil will net several million Euros for each run which is peanuts to the financial power of top banks in the arms trade. But it is enough to fund terrorists as long as bank accounts exist for transferring funds and exchanging currencies. These accounts must be in the names of individuals and companies that filed the required paperwork to show they are ‘clean’. These ‘clean’ accounts exist on all sides as proxies for the powerful interests behind them.

The need for clean accounts is what drives the ‘selection’ of people that function as buffers and proxies among intelligence agencies and their operatives. These are the insiders.

Sometimes insiders get greedy and try to transfer funds from their clean account to another account for their own use. For example a few years back, a clean account holder in Hong Kong transferred an amount valued at more than $300 million USD. A contractor from MI6 (a former agent of her Majesty’s Secret Service, a Scot of more than 6’7” in height) caught up with this clean account holder, took him on a helicopter flight, opened the cargo door at 10,000 feet altitude over the ocean and told the account holder to either tell where the $300 million was or he would be taking a swim. This is an example of the nature of the business.

When selected clean account holders are added to the stable of account holders, special accounts for them may be created by SECOM licenses in Luxembourg. These licenses are granted only to wealthy individuals or businesses. The licenses enable the opening of more than 1800 accounts worldwide. These accounts are often used to fund intelligence, trading, and enforcement operations.

The wealthy individuals for the SECOM accounts are chosen or created. Once selected they become insiders and all of their actions and movements are monitored. If there are not enough wealthy persons to choose from, new ones are created by various wealth creation and concentrating means. One such scheme is through the equity markets. For example, an IPO is issued and stock valuations are created by ordering subscribers to play ball. Instant billionaires are made and their insider status has already been set up and agreed to. They are issued a SECOM license becoming account holders for more than 1800 accounts worldwide as proxies for covert funding agencies and persons.

The top central banks provide liquidity (meaning money from nowhere) for most (90% +) of the funding of all the above.

Everything I wrote above is monitored. I was selected as a candidate for insider status and then deselected by an insider before I was funded. I was deselected because I favored Donald Trump for the election. Take that as information about the war at the top.
"I know all about the evil killer International Bankers, but somehow they let me live" provided by Hostage (Article V)

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Walking Dead as Conservative Propaganda edition:
When I watched the this week's episode of The Walking Dead, I immediately thought about how Rick Grimes' group reminded me of the Conservative Family in America.

To paraphrase Rick, as he spoke to the camera while being interviewed:

"You should keep the borders closed. Because it’s all about survival now. At any cost, by voting, grassrooting, resisting the ugly anti-American messaging of the corrupt Fourth Estate. Democrats and RINOS out there are always looking for an angle. Looking to play on your weakness. They measure you. By what they can take from you. By how they can use you to live."

Obama, McConnell, Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, and I even believe Walker, are ruthlessly dismantling the American dream, brick by brick, inside out in America, by targeting conservatives, the middle class, military veterans, military service members, law enforcement, your wife, husband, kids, and even cats and dogs. They will not stop, even after you are too afraid to speak out against them.

This is why net neutrality was recently passed, to stop the Fifth Estate from mobilizing against the obamanation and rinoation tyranny. But the Free Republic still exists, to help us communicate the simple, absolute truth about what these corrupt politicians are all about. Speak it, speak it until your dying breath!
Wait, isn't that show about how the survivors the real monsters?

My favorite TV shows are all Conservative provided by by WIBamian (Cruz for President. Alabama Senator Jeff Session for Vice-President. There really is no one else.)

Over a quarter of British Muslims have sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists

25% is a pretty high figure, and the disaffection of their minority communities is certainly something England needs to address, both both carrots and sticks.

Freepers, though, aren't into percentages of populations. It's all or nothing for them. This time with bonus pop-sociological defenses of bigotry!

dfwgator uses the usual 'get out of nuance free' card.
The other three-quarters are engaging in Taqqiya.
Defiant allows for 5% non-Muslim Muslims.
And it’s also clear that about 75% of British muslims lied on this survey.

Well, 70 percent. But the other 5 aren’t really Muslim, as they do not follow the teachings of their founding beheader.
I wonder what Buckeye Battle Cry would consider irrefutable proof?
They are liars. Their “holy book” commands them to lie to infidels if it protects or furthers their faith. Never trust them until they prove irrefutably the subject at issue.
FlingWingFlyer accidentally lays out a big reason England has problems with it's Islamic minority:
I take it “British Muslims” aren’t really Brits. They’re just Muzzies that infest Great Britain.
ConservativeInPA wants to keep England white:
That is a shocking figure. And an utterly shaming one for Britain’s Muslim community.

It is utterly shameful that formerly Great Britain has allowed a Muslim community to exist and grow.
DJ Taylor advertises some anti-Muslim propaganda:
One cannot possibly understand Muslims if one doesn't know what's in the Koran.

For your and your family's survival, get and read The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran by Robert Spencer. available at
Pearls Before Swine has this whole theory where xenophobia is a virtue:
I think a lot can be learned from the immune systems of biological organisms.

There are some symbiotic relationships between the host and “guest” organisms, particularly in the gut. But, the general rule is that if it’s different, immune surveillance picks it up, attacks it, and gets rid of it. Why? Because most of the foreign organisms are self-interested parasites which will damage or eventually kill the host.

Western PC (with a good dose of Communist/Alinsky scheming over the years) has devolved to the point where we pretend that our society doesn’t need an immune system. That’s what borders (like the skin) provide, when properly enforced. It’s what immigrant vetting and naturalization are supposed to provide.

So, now, with a long period of suppressed civic immune system, we’ve developed a number of civic diseases. We have colonies of self-interested nationalistic groups balkanizing the country. Maybe some of these are benign growths. But, we have metastatic ones too—Islamic and leftist—which seek complete overthrow of the host society and domination of its remaining parts.
Steely Tom straight-up defends prejudice:
What I'm saying - and not very well - is that the ecological system of ideas, and the mechanisms that have been developed by civilization for finding the truth, defending the truth, and purging anti-truths (superstitions, lies, propaganda, etc.) are under attack.

Political correctness/nonjudgementalism is an attack on the basic act of generalization. "Prejudice" is simply a word that is applied to a type of generalization that one group or another doesn't like. P-C is an attack on all generalization, which makes it an attack on one of the basic modalities of human intellectual activity in the search of knowledge and insight, and the survival value those things confer.
ridesthemiles has this revealing analogy:
Britain needs to permanently DEPORT every last one of them.

Sorta like when businesses in the USA were forced into down-sizing & many private small business owners walked thru their parking lots & looked for all the Obama stickers to make their list of lay-offs!!!
The fact that Freepers cries of survival are actually just disguised spite is unsurprising.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Military tolerance edition:
It’s much worse than this.

Mandatory “consideration of others” (CO2) training - monthly in many commands - has become a continual drumbeat of socialist propaganda.

The unit’s political officer singles out those with dissenting viewpoints and through the classic marxist deconstruction techniques ridicules, chastises, and otherwise harasses christians and conservatives over issues of: taxation, support for our president (a topic which NEVER came up during the Bush years, trust me) global village outreach missions (as opposed to blowing sh*t up and killing people which is - ostensibly - what the military is meant to do as an extenuation of political will. Read von Clausewitz on this.), LGBTQ/XYZABC&FU issues are a frequent topic of “discussion” (issues which, believe me, are endless and all-encompassing. Who knew that someone’s lifestyle choice would impact themselves, others, life, the universe and everything so DRAMATICALLY), women in front line combat, unmarried/pregnant soldiers who can’t do their job forcing others to pick up the slack while the pregnant ones slack off for the rest of their career, muslims, muslims, muslims and, did I mention muslims? They’re our friends and neighbors and are PEA-e-e-e-e-CEFUL (read that with the ululation of a lamb’s bleating for sarcastic effect).

Such identified individuals are labeled as “haters” and get singled out month after month for more of the same treatment and frequently taken to the Sergeant Major or company CO for “attitude correction” which effects their reviews and promotability.

John 15:13 only goes so far and then there’s Ecclesiastes’ 3:3 (”Time to kill”) or GTFO.
"Why can't I hate all Muslims and be in the military" brought to you by normbal (normbal. somewhere in socialist occupied America)