Friday, January 30, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Amagi

A simple name-caller, whose unconscious is a secret critical thinker. This means he has a weird penchant for zeroing in on inconsistencies in the Freeper philosophy, only to draw back at the last moment and take refuge in pithy bile.

His profile goes into how his name is a complex Sumerian word for Freedom, back when the Sumerians turned away from socialism and towards libertarianism. He sites the pro-corporate Liberty Fund as the source of this little bit of fancy.

An example of his level of thinking:
Libtards and muzzies have so much in common ... like weapons grade stupidity.
Hey, Obama is just like Hitler in micromanaging the military, only dumber and more psychotic.
re: Muslim rep. Keith Ellison on the Intel Committee:
Imagine WWII and a member of the Amerikadeutscher Bund appointed to a similar sensitive position.
Hitler would have been appreciative.
John Roberts:

Johnny "Weasel" Roberts Eyes
Data about global temperatures rising? Government lies!
They're government agencies, in the tank for the commie grow-government anthropogenic global warming scam.
They diminish their credibility
No different from the politically corrupt IRS.
NASA is a all about muslim outreach.
Bad people are everywhere:
The inmates are running the asylum.
The criminals are running the Department of Justice.
The morons are running academia.
Obama made us all poor, yet the poor are all lazy:
Obama has ruined the economy, sure, but the claim of what percent are impoverished depends on how poverty is defined.

This is a rather meaningless article, but Hey, it's the WashPost, expectations of veracity and objectivity are low.
Liberals want everyone to vote, yet supress the GOP vote
There are multitudinous facets to the Demmunist Party Election Stealing apparatus, and two broad divisions:

  • Demmunist vote manufacturing (the voting dead, the voting felons, the voting illegals, the multi-personality-voters, the Disney character voting legions, etc.
  • Republican bote suppression (disenfranchise the military vote, illegal IRS activity to thwart Tea Party activism, etc.)

Crime, Inc.
Obama is evil, yet lazy:
Imagine the level of damage (devastating enough as it is) that this Obozo Clown would be doing if he wasn’t so damn lazy.
Give me dat awesome Great Depression health care:
How about unfettered free market healthcare like we had before government post world war II (when England was going full tilt boogie government healthcare) started meddling with the free market in ways that were bound to raise costs and cause dissatisfaction, necessitating (government claims) more government meddling leading to single payer (total government control) healthcare-rationing/death-panels?
Civil War time, maybe:
The political elites are all the same.
The repubs were elected to stop the Obama agenda, ObamaCare. Period.
The current federal government offers little hope to the restoration of the limited government principles of the Constitution.
There may only be one solution left.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Michelle Obama forgoes a headscarf

Via AnonB.

It's the best when the Obamas do something a little Freepish. Here, the hated Michelle Obama makes a statement about Western values and equality. Freepers fracture. Some regretfully give Michelle props. More suddenly find maintaining Sharia Law is very important. And the largest faction doesn't bother with the actual story, and just yells about how ugly Michelle is.

TexasFreeper2009 just jumps up and down and yells ugly:
Anyone as ugly as Moochelle should be required to wear a bag over their head at all times !
Fungi also with the ugly:
She would look lovely in a burka.
alloysteel disses Michelle so hard he accidentally compliments burkas.
Michelle would DESTROY the symmetrical beauty and the aesthetic appeal of the burka.

Kind of a reverse Midas touch.
rainee goes with the transgender hilarity:
I’m sure the Saudi’s forgot about it when they noticed Mooch’s bulge - probably figured transgender.
molson209 keeps his eyes on the latest Presidential meme:
Her Muslim husband should get a grip on her
Timber Rattler has a whole insulting scenario imagined out:
Judging by the look on her face, MO and King Barry must have had a mighty fight aboard AF1 over what she was going to wear while in Saudi Arabia. Looks like King Barry lost, and will probably continue to lose for at least a few more weeks.

There's an old saying that he should have heeded: "Let the wookie win!"
exit82 is suddenly all about respect for Muslims:
Did she fist bump the new king, too?

They can’t go back to Chicago fast enough.
katana also discovers courtesy to the religeon she called "sand eating barbarian slavers" 2 weeks ago:
It is polite to try and observe local sensibilities when one is a guest in someone else’s country. When a president and his wife visit the Vatican and meet the Pope it seems to be the protocol there to wear a light scarf head cover. I think I recall Mrs. Reagan and Laura Bush wearing one when their husbands met with JPII. So on a visit to the KSA a woman donning head scarf is simple politeness. Even a low class Chicago frump ought to know better. That being said, in Michelle’s case and for the sake of everybody’s eyes a full burka would have been even better.
SoFloFreeper also cares about respecting Islam suddenly:
The Obamas: insulting nations and cultures, even the one in the United States, for six-plus years.
blackdog too:
Once again, chaos becomes them. It's what they do. They are the center of the universe. Only at a state funeral does arrogance and ill-manner of the Obama tradition trump the Saudi royal family and their loss.

What a pair!
Morgana, though, approves:
I don’t believe it! For the first time Mooch did something for Women that I am proud of!!!
It isn't enough for reagandemocrat, though:
Michelle should have hopped into a car and drove to the nearest Christian Church seeking sanctuary.
Tenacious 1 figures you can add up a bunch of previous made up scandals to turn this one into another reason to hate Obama:
I don’t believe it! For the first time Mooch did something for Women that I am proud of!!!

IKR? Here's the rub. The egomaniacal Bomos are inconsistent and clueless. They bow to this leader, where a headscarf for that leader, play with robots, where neon robes, refuse to see some and take selfies with others. The message is mixed and subject to interpretation by the world. They are just blundering through this presidency thing. The country they are most uncomfortable in is the US. That's the country they hate the most.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Economic doomsaying/hoping

The economy is doing better, it seems. This maybe due to Obama, this may be due to natural business cycles. But Freepers cannot abide by anything going well under Obama's watch, and look carefully for signs of a secret gathering economic crash. In this case, a bad quarterly report from Caterpillar spawns declarations that at last Obama's destruction of America will be manifest.

immadashell thinks the lack of a coverup of this company's earnings is very significant:
Evidently, even loyal bureaucrats can no longer stomach Soetoro economic fantasies. Sooner or later the truth forces itself to the surface. Expect to see more backtracking between now and the next election.
SVTCobra03 thinks a less than 1% drop in the "DOW" means it's time for emergency measures
The DOW is now down 387. At what point do they suspend trading? Gold and silver are trending upward.
edpc crows that Obama's totally wrong about things looking better:
But.....but.....the Era of Crisis is over. Bammy said so last week.
RinaseaofDs has another important indicator:
Acceleration in the decline in copper is not good.

Negative interest rates on bank deposits isn’t good news either.
Iron Munro also finds a specific company doing badly means we're all gonna die.
Not to mention the humongous IBM layoffs and other employee reductions already announced to take effect almost immediately.
grania isn't sure what will cause the crash, but it'll happen:
How much damage is being done to the US and EURO economies because of the sanctions on Russia? How much because of the instability caused by low gasoline prices?

There's no sense trying to predict when the global mess will collapse under its own weight. The more finagling goes on, the worse that collapse is going to be.
Riflema is one of many discussing deflation.
To most of us born in the last 70 years, we’re entering the Twilight Zone in economic terms. Deflation. Sounds good, but outside of the Pats, it is going to screw us all.
But I thought QE was gonna do hyperinflation?

justa-hairyape - the fallout will be extensive.
We are already in a world financial war. The fallout will be extensive. Basically every nation for themselves. Just ask the Saud’s and the Greeks.
Freepers' will be proven right, even if it will destroy America.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Palin Perturbation

Sarah Palin is doing her best to make news. Hinting at a 2016 run, making an incoherent speech, and taking up the American Sniper fetishization as hard as she can.

But she's not making nearly the headlines she did in 2012. The conservative media seems to be carefully avoiding the issue, from what I can see, and the liberal media pauses only long enough to chuckle. Freepers, of course, are all about Palin. Except less so now - they've kinda moved on to Cruz. At least Jim Robinson is pulling that way these days. But Cruz is an actual politician, and also not a hot lady, so Freepers aren't quite as devoted as they were to Palin back in the day.

So Freepers are split between those still super into Palin, and those who kinda want to move on to the next big thing. And, it being Free Republic, it gets nasty.

Of the many threads about Palin, I picked one that has Palin plus some hilarious prudishness - a picture of Our Sarah posed with a sign saying "Fuc_ You Michael Moore." Some Freepers, who can't stop posting "FUBO," find those extra 2 letters suddenly unchristian. This adds some amusing Bible thumping to the chaos. Enjoy!

SmokingJoe has his thumb on the pulse of America:
Another image to haunt Sarah Palin? More like another image to make even more people really LOVE Sarah Palin. I’d imagine over 90% of Americans agree with that sentiment. Hardly anyone likes that fat, ugly nasty creep.
Cringing Negativism Network loves Sarah for her sincerity in agreeing with him totally:
She is just about the only American in either party, who stands up and says what she means.

All the time.

She is brilliant. I don’t know whether she will run this time or not, but for now I am 100% on Palin’s side.
PghBaldy knows Obama swears all the time
Bowing to the Saudi prince is much more acceptable to the Leftist media.

Or flipping the finger repeatedly while talking about the GOP, which Obama has done.
Drew68 is also sure Obama secretly swears:
Liberals love the F word. Every time Obama pauses with his “uhh” is because he is self censoring himself.

Yep! Funny, I ran across this while lurking over at DU. I couldn't believe it hadn't been posted here yet. I LOL'ed. Not surprisingly, DU'ers are outraged (except for two of them that actually agree with Gov. Palin).

And then someone called Palin a "b*tch" and all hell broke loose over there!
HiTech RedNeck knows Palin swears so rarely that one-time is probably OK:
It’s something you hardly EVER see her say.

So when she does, you know it is something special.

This is unlike gutter breaths who can’t seem to stop thinking about it.
Later, HiTech RedNeck goes Palin Swear Truther:
It seems to read “Yeah Michael Moore Sarah Palin”

Could the sign have been “incomplete” when Sarah wrote that? And then finished later?

Why the two crosses (plus signs not typical Christian crosses) in the double-o of Moore?

Now it really does strike me as curious. She really would not be likely to have endorsed the sign in the state shown.
tumblindice knows what it's all about:
Sarah always looks totally ... hot!
vpintheak, though, isn't sold on Palin for President:
You made this about me, when it’s about Palin. Whom I formerly endorsed until she has proven herself to be in it for the fame and cash. Good on her! She throws red meat for the for the masses, and then endorses a co-democrat ticket for AK governor. I’m long done with her.
PreciousLiberty also carefully steps away from Palin:
I don’t think Sarah is electable as President, nor do I think she wants to be President at this point.

I hope Ted Cruz rises up and becomes the nominee. I’m not sure who I like as his VP, but we’ll see. Perhaps a governor from a northerly state.

Once elected, he could select Sarah as, say, Secretary of State. That would work well for me... :-)

That scenario would have a lot of leftist heads exploding... :-)
PapaNew rejects politicians. Only apolitical state governors will save us!
I love Sarah Palin, but I’m tired of the Right and FR constantly acting like some politician will “save” us. Politicians will never save us. Politicians will only do the right thing consistently if we the people insist they do the right thing and make it politically profitable for even the wrong guy to do the right thing.

IMO, we’re at the point where the states need to decide for themselves whether they will live free under the rule of law of the Constitution or continue to acquiesce to the feds’ ever increasing breach of the Constitution and increase of tyranny. To me, that is really where we are right now, Palin or no Palin. Resurrecting the Constitution, not getting in “our guy” for awhile, is the only guarantee of our renewed and continued blessed land of freedom.
Posts like these make Norm Lenhart rage at the "Freeper Left"
Maybe after the Freeper Left uses Free Republic to tank her AGAIN, and get a RINO nominated AGAIN someone will do something about it.

I am not hopeful thusfar. History being what it is.
Norm Lenhart has this Internet flame-war thing down:
The sweet tears of ass-burnt PDSers...they taste so sweet! Simmer some rage over a bed of bitter thoughts and it’s a delicacy fit for a conservative ;)
txhurl argues Palin's populist rabble-rousing is secretly super helpful:
This is Sarah running interference, something she does better than anyone on our side.

She’s happy to draw the arrows because they don’t hurt!

2016 is here, let’s GET IT ON.
tumblindice - Palin is a badass, so curse words are OK.
A lot of people still don’t understand that Mrs. Palin drops big game with high powered rifles, then dresses them out while the blood steams in the snow.

She knows it’s past time to lift our skirts and pull up our big girl pants, especially any of you still waiting for Congress’s brave Sir Robins to enter the lists and ask for your favor.

Fuc_ the Democrats, “moderate” Republicans and anyone bad mouthing Gov. Palin.
Drew68 has reconciled to the fact that Sarah Palin probably drinks:
She looks totally trashed........

She looks like she's having fun, and I suspect Governor Palin isn't above knocking back an adult beverage from time to time.
Unlike that alcoholic Hillary!

TigersEye rejects any idea that Sarah's speeches are anything but awesome:

Painful to listen to ...nightmare .

If you think any part of what she said in that video is incoherent then you are in the mid to late stages of dementia. I am very sorry for you, it’s a horrible fate.
moonhawk calls a Palin doubter's bravery into doubt, and is forced to backtrack.
I’m a liar because I wouldn’t be caught dead with a sign like that? Really? As far as your other statement, I am an an infantry combat veteran. Take your anonymous passive aggressiveness elsewhere son.

OK, I take back “Pussy.” Thank you for your service.

But but you wouldn’t throw stones and yet....

And you’d “Never...?”

Seriously, I’m a christian, too, and a firefighter, but I’m afraid I could never say “never” when it comes to my language.

In a perfect world, maybe, but Michael Moore?
Durus knows not to call someone an idiot unless you know their IQ for sure:
Heart is in the right place - I think - but she is an idjit .

How do you determine her intelligence? Have you seen her IQ scores? Her grades? It certainly can’t be based on please explain your rational.
This does not apply to Obama, natch.

2ndDivisionVet knows you cannot judge Saray unless you're as good at making money off of Freepers as she is:
Which state were/are you governor of? What's the name of your television show? How many New York Times bestsellers do you have under your belt? Which city were/are you mayor of? How much does Fox News pay you to appear on their shows? Has a movie been made about your life? Which of the two major political parties made you their vice presidential nominee?
fr_freak - only swearing can save us now!
We have far too many Freepers who fail to understand the environment we now find ourselves in. The days when gentle communication was sufficient and expected are long gone. Such strong language is the LEAST of what must be done.
Norm Lenhart agrees that in war, Christians gotta go to swear-y battle mode:
we are beyond past definitions of what constitutes a good christian. We are in a war. In a way, people do and are ‘forgiven’ things that don’t work in polite society. I would bet that far harsher language was used by the Crusaders.
Norm Lenhart explains that avoiding bad language means you won't be able to shoot liberals when the time comes:
Thats actually a point of debate I have with a couple freepers. RE the CW2 thing. I have an awful hard time imagining that we will collectively do squat if Barry ever goes full dictator. All those guns? Most owners will surrender them in the face of an APC.

And for the exact reason you said. They can’t even stomach harsh language. Such is their ‘uncompromising’ commitment to freedom or even conservative ideals.

One of the ONLY people on the right with any guts to speak of and do they have her back? Absolutely! They have it with a hilt sticking out of it...On such a SMALL thing. Imagine how many they’d stick in her back if it were something meaningful.

G U T L E S S.
Pelham knows Christians who don't swear are girls:
It reflects the feminization of Christianity. I prefer the muscular variety. Charles Martel rules.
SZonian is prepared to swear for FREEDOM:
Trying to fight cleanly with a foe who fights dirty is a losing proposition...yeah, I said it.

I’m willing to get down to their level and kick their worthless hides if that’s what it takes to rid the world of these vermin.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? That’s ok...

I’m your huckleberry...
Micheal Moore is a charlatan fleecing liberals of their cash and making headlines pissing off Conservatives.

Why even bother with him?
Note: The more you ignore him the more irrelevant he becomes.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. 2

steve86 sounds a lot like the Taliban:
To me, the great majority of films are pornographic so I don’t patronize any of them.
What movie did manc see?
Once we had the kids , my wife, and I settle down and it was a PG 13 movie.

About a quarter way in to it a woman was talking to two men at a party and then suddenly to our surprise the two men grabbed each other and started to kiss.

We had no warnings, nothing at all and we had to get the remote as quickly as we could to turn it over.

At least having a warning like they do for language and violence would let us have a warning , but then again the homostapo knows if there was a warning then hardly anyone would watch their shows.
Texas Eagle - hahaha.
Two more years of this crap and then Sarah Palin can start running the country from The Oval Office. I can’t wait. But I guess I’m going to have to.
Veto! on the GOP-planned visit by Israel's Prime Minister:
Netanyahu is a brave man to show up in Obama’s Islamist enclave.
Zenjitsuman sure is trying hard:
Jewish donors should not give any money to Dems until he meets BiBi. This is anti Semitic.
GrandJediMasterYoda has some very, very lame Clinton conspiracies:
80+ Near Waco in the Assault on the Branch Davidian Compound.
170+ In Oklahoma City where tech. and eye witness do not match government story of bomb.
1100+ In Chicago and surrounding area from a supposed 2 day “heat” wave.
120+ In Value Jet crash where Chuck Hays, a CIA operative w/info on Foster was supposed to fly.
270+ In TWA crash. Eye witness accounts (incl. Air Nat’l Guard Pilot) do’nt match fed’s story.

With the 90 above, this totals over 1830 individuals !!!

(The Value jet and TWA disasters are ominous when you consider the other plane crashes that have killed Clinton associates, potential threats or enemies. Who was on that TWA aircraft?)
... and these are only the ones we know about !!!
Freepers get pretty silly about Obama, but at least that's proper fiction. This weak-ass attempt to repurpose real facts? It's a whole new level of fail.

wayoverontheright tries to write objectively about the visceral hatred Freepers have developed for Obama:
Many of us on the right have had difficulty listening to this man speak, for some time now. At first it was just his ideology. Then the preening arrogance of the delivery. Then the lies that we always knew were lies. Then the lies that were revealed to those not originally opposed to him.

Now we have the lies that we know we’re going to hear. He has become tedious. And ubiquitous. Obama’s speeches were at one time the type to evoke yawns. They have become cringe-worthy, repulsive spectacles of verbal masturbation.
Here's a delightful exchange between jttpwalsh faithhopecharity, cheerily celebrating the death of a friend.
Back in the 70’s, I had a friend whose parents immigrated from Lebanon. Very nice, hospitable folks, with one exception. The father was in the habit of watching news on TV. Whenever the word “Israel” was mentioned, he would turn into a “foaming at the mouth” madman. Just like that, going from the offer of a drink, to being gripped, with insanity.

creatures with rabies need to be cured, or shot

and given how many innocent people the rabidos have murdered, the time for curing them is, imho, long past

Thanks for your reply. He is deceased, so I guess he was cured ;)

Good. Thanks.
Sam Gamgee on the "surly alliance" hiding America's decline:
Except the economy is NOT bouncing back. We have a surly alliance between the MSNBC crowd/Wall Street and the Administration to push the agenda on how great the economy is. Wall Street always want the narrative to be positive so they can push their stocks on the the masses.
kearnyirish2 has sympathy for Obama:
The poor token had no idea that he was just a front man for the Left; he thought they actually cared about his views on race and gay marriage, and in turn they pulled the strings and he sold out his people for Hispanics and whichever God he serves (both Islam & Christianity oppose homosexual acts, and he pushed through their “marriage”) for deviant mental cases.
Responsibility2nd on LBJ: Anti-Capitalist.
LBJ and democrats purposely set in place the destruction of freedom and Capitalism and they introduced the Welfare State complete with Socialist goals and ideas.
alloysteel wants us to look up something called "thermodynamics" that he has clearly never looked into.
Water vapor, which is from thirty to a hundred times as plentiful in the atmosphere, is a MUCH larger factor in climate change, and it serves mostly to keep the average temperatures moderated to within a relatively narrow range. Look up something called “thermodynamics” for a more complete explanation of the physics involved.
Diana in Wisconsin is doing thanks to Obama!
As for me and my house, we’re doing well. Always have, always will, I guess.

However, we WORK at it and we do the logical and important things that NEED to be done to ensure our BELOW our means, working OT when available, keeping on budget, (heck, just HAVING a budget is miles ahead of the other dopes out there), paying down farm debt as a priority, diversity in investing, etc.

I have said, many, many times - the ONLY reason Socialists haven’t been able to totally take over America is that we’re so dang RICH. It’s going to take a long time to run out of, ‘other people’s money.’ Not saying they won’t keep trying, though! :)
onyx thinks public school makes us Soviet.
Grab the kids from their moms ASAP.
Put them in gov’t schools and day care.
Regiment and indoctrinate early!
Welcome to the USSR.
Horace Mann was a truly visionary Soviet, seeing as he began the push for nationwide public schooling in 1837.

Holy crap, does ThunderSleeps even read Free Republic?!
If you bother to (and can stand to) ask a libtard sometime about tyranny in the world. You'll get an earful of the usual drivel about "the rich" and/or "corporations" or "big oil" or maybe even Zionists. Bet you dollars to donuts though you will not hear anything about the real tyrants and despots in the world. Not one word about North Korea, China, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc.

To libtards, those are not examples evil despots in the world. No, libtards are more concerned with the perceived evils of the groups they've been told to target.

Monday Potpourri Pt. 1

Ouderkirk starts us off with unflinching advocacy of genocide:
There is no reforming islam, there is only one option, total destruction. They should be offered the choice either convert to another religion or death. Everything islamic should be destroyed. every vestage, every site, every mosque, nothign shall remain of any of it. We can’s start a war 1.6 billion muslims, they say. Sure we can, and we will win through superior firepower and 1.6 billion casualties that shall include women AND children. Nuke Mecca, and the at rock, Medina is vaporized, Qom, is a crater and every other muslim holy site and anything to do with islam must be eliminatated and turned into a radioactive no-go zone for 20K years or more.
Eleutheria5 on White Man's burden:
Obama must carry the white man’s burden, but will deliberately sabotage it.
caww finds Obama's posture during the State of the Union to be very significant:
Notice how he clasps his hands and moves them...head held high....He sees himself as “King” and those in his audiance his subjects...

He’s not speaking to them He’s elevating himslef above them...they need to be grateful they are in his his stance. He’s TELLING them how it is and the adulation follows....pumping this man ‘s Narcissitci ego even now for him to grow eve more emboldened.
lightman also seizes on a super important detail in the State of the Union.
God bless you, and God bless this country we love.

Which county do YOU love, Mr. President?

It's "God bless America" you putz.
Sarah Barracuda just makes her own State of the Union:
Here let me give you a rundown of what he will say..Republicans suck, Communism is people are evil, except the ones that voted for me, they are people need to pay their “Fair share” except the rich celebrities that voted for me, they don’t have to pay a dime..Islam is a religion of peace, yes they cut off some people’s heads but hey, all is forgiven..there, saved everyone here an hour and a half of pure boredom
Sioux-san did not like the GOP response, which means conspiracy:
That speech was obviously prepared for Joni Ernst, and by all the omissions and true lack of a response to the unchecked/unbalanced PINO, the Fix truly is in. If she had any respect for her oath to the Constitution, she wouldn’t have accepted the offer to give the speech. (Her pretty little smile was a total put-off for me considering the shape this country is in).
And of course, Michelle Obama was at the SOTU:
I'm betting that while in Hawaii and at Oprah's house, she had botox, had her belly sucked and who knows what else. We know the hair isn't hers.

Underneath it all, she's still the fat slob sitting at the table in a gold shirt with hubby in his Nero shirt and the lard walking the dog at the whitehouse in a pair of shorts that shows it all.

I love it that the dress is a stock item. Too funny.
In a Free Republic that rarely goes above 60 posts anymore, the thread on Michelle's dress is 100+ posts of bile. Freep can still get it up for the petty things!

One more. HomerBohn has been taught to hate:
Wookie could be wearing a gorgeous gown of gold, spun by fairies and she'd still be what she is: a large caboose-d (you could play pinochle on that posterior) zombie-brained socialist so advanced that there would never be any reasoning with her.

Top that off with being wedded to the worst thing to happen to America since the civil war and you have two bottom feeders, much like the Clintons, but intent on completely destroying our nation now reduced to pitiful status.

A curse on them AND the damned Clintons: they've taught too many of us to hate!
a fool in paradise joins the comeback of "Obama is Muslim" nonsense:
Baraq Hussein Ubama stands with the Islamists.

The man even gave a taxpayer funded muslim funeral for Osama Bin Laden.

Not really muslims, my rear.
cripplecreek knows if it's bad, Muslims love it:
Islamderthals are big fans of gay porn. The younger the boys the better.
TigersEye has some sort of chant going:
The Mohammed Factor

If you condemn murder you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn thievery you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn rape you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn pedophilia you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn terrorism you condemn Mohammed.

If you condemn Mohammed you condemn Islam.
exit82 has not had his fill of nation building.
If we had a real President, we would helping to push the Venezuelan government right over the cliff, and help them to establish a free republic.

The Communist in the White House would rather let China gain influence in our hemisphere instead.

And John Kerry the Fairy (anyone who brings James Taylor to a diplomatic meeting is a fairy imbibing pixie dust) has no clue what could be at stake .
DoughtyOne spends a lot of words to say very little.
Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama...

This is what the Left has been happy to be represented by for the last 50 years.

As despicable as their true gifts have been (putting it mildly), all the Left can do now is lie like there’s no tomorrow. As this is what they do.

With Johnson and Carter, they try to rewrite history after the fact. With Clinton and (not) soon (enough) Obama, they rewrite their actions. But with Clinton and Obama, they have also started to lie about everything they do in the moment.

Clinton only survived because his henchmen and the media covered for him with one of the most massive disinformation campaigns in the history of the planet.

With Obama, once again, the man only survives (politically / viably) because of the media and it’s manipulation of fact and fiction.

Having watched the Left crater down the decades to the traitor we now have, one must wonder what they do for an encore. How does it get worse from here?

The Leftist Liberal Democrats will find a way.
caww is pretty sure a woman set her child on fire because she loves jail:
Well setting her baby on fire will get her a life sentence among her "sisters".....which many of them have no objection to because they can enjoy the "sisterhood" and be taken care of for life. Prison can be safer for them then real life in their eyes.
The always exciteabl Ann Archy really hates Shep Smith:
Shep is SO GAY, he;s UNWATCHABLE!!!
Nextrush explains that Civil Rights was just to get blacks to love Democrats:
Civil Rights (1964-election year), Voting Rights (1965), Fair Housing (1968-election year) with the Great Society welfare state programs in tandem brought the descendants of slaves onto the Democrat Party Plantation.
cowboyusa wants to replace MLK day:
I can’t stand that communist loving, Jesus denying, women abusing idiot.

The man who deserves a holiday is Jackie Robinson. He was a true American hero and without him there never would have been a Civil Rights Movement.
CatherineofAragon heard MLK's nonviolence was all a lie:
As for non-violence, I remember my father saying that MLK would enter a town or city, preach that particular ideology, and get out of town before the riots started.

My conservative friend in Washington state says her own father used to say the exact same thing.
rey thinks the Sony Hack was a fake to boost ratings:
If you want propaganda how about this:

The distribution house that is contracted to distribute your loser movie at a severe loss stages a fake hack, a fake withdrawing of a the picture, and instead does a limited release with great fanfare to generate hype to prompt people to see this loser and offset the huge losses you should have incurred and potential career failure.

Now that is propaganda spin.
SWAMPSNIPER has committed to a new conspiracy theory:
Democrats hold the power to unleash chaos and burn cities and they're showing an ever increasing will to do so.

I'm coming to believe that Boehner and McConnel have been threatened and will not resist. In effect the mob now rules the Nation.

A true conservative in the White House might slow the process down, but won't stop it. It will take an energized and courageous conservative base prepared to literally do battle.
Candor7 warns Gowdy he'd better find something serious about Benghazi:
Gowdy has been bought off? If so, it is a huge mistake on his part. He will never be able to seek presidential office or even a Senate Seat.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Democrat_media

This guy...He's just the best. He'e embraced his anger to such an extent he is capable of amazing feats of crazy beyond even most Freepers.

Go back to the government of the 1800s? He's too furious at the SOCIALISTS to think too hard about the implications.
Other Freepers think Obama is a puppet of Valerie Jarrett? Such mere contempt for Obama is tantamount to defending him, you SOCIALIST!.
Threatening not to vote party-line GOP? That makes you a SOCIALIST!

From his hating on fellow Freepers, to his lists of the giant liberal conspiracy, to his amazing hyperbolic hate, he's got to be seen to be believed.

The best part is how ferociously loyal to the GOP and Bush he is, even as he's waaaay more extreme than they are.

He has a profile, but beware, it's too crazy to read. He's from Louisiana, though immigrants are making even that state SOCIALIST.

Barack Obama is the most evil creature that ever existed
Barack Obama is the most evil creature that ever existed

I hate Obama and I hate democrats who are all rabid marxists.
His hate goes to 11!
i already hated Obama more than anything or anyone . now i hate Obama even more
His response to the State of the Union:
My Response to Obama

You socialist monster, you are pushing more socialism on this once free country , you communist , evil, lying criminal you violated the constitution and destroyed the U.S. economy with 18 trillion $ in debt, you unconstitutionally gave amnesty to an invading army of illegals . You obama are a traitor . and you shall be impeached ,imprisoned for your high treasonous crimes. the States should have a constitutional convention and dissolve your illegal , huge government and repeal all laws and government to 1900 before the unratified 16th and 17th amendments

Here’s a clue for you , you big eared Kenyan Bozo called Obama , socialism doesn’t work, government is an evil, and government is unaccountable you idiot and that goes for all you idiot democrats too.

You Obama sicked the IRS on conservatives, unconstitutionally gave amnesty to illegals , exploded the debt by 8 trillion dollars and that’s just the start of your evil crimes. You are the worst thing ever to happen to the USA and to freedom and the news media installed your marxist evil self as President to destroy this country
His hyperbole is almost art:
There are no moderate Democrats.

All Democrats are Marxists/liberals every one of them. Democrats are Marxists and so they are evil incarnate, every one of them as they all proved by all Democrat Senators voting for this socialist bill [Obamacare].
Pure evil villains:
democrat Pelosi and the rest of the democrats are pure evil villains. These marxist cretins are out to destroy America , freedom and capitalism and they will do anything and say any lie to achieve their evil goal of socialism which is slavery
"I have pages more to say about FDR the socialist villain but i have to go."
democrat FDR allied himself with the soviet union and Stalin .FDR a LET Stalin take over one half of Europe (the Iron curtain).

FDR turned the USA a once free country into a pseudo socialist state .

FDR is ruined the USA and wanted to let Stalin advance socialism/communism in the world which is why he allied himself with Russia . FDR was a socialist and a villain as all socialists are.

I have pages more to say about FDR the socialist villain but i have to go.
Government of 1900? Yep.
Go back to the 19th century? No.

you socialist, your 4 trillion $ per year government , rooms fulls of laws are NOT needed.

the individual is so small vs the gov so large and you socialists think that is fine: you have the IQ of plants
Disband the government:
George Will is right. YES,disband American government, move back to the 19th century

government is the problem and can never work.
Yeah, he's not a super deep thinker about government:
Eliminate almost all government regulations and taxes on business and the U.S. economy would grow tremendously. democrats including Obama do the opposite of that: democrats increase government regulations and taxes which cripple businesses and freedom
Tax deductions are a liberal plot:
I don’t take any tax deductions. and i don’t put up fake threads to shill for government/socialism on a conservative site like YOU do (”oh yes less all be good little sheep and take the great bounty that the gov is giving” ). that’s all bs. why do you choose to post this on a conservative site ?

i will also pay the liberty tax instead of signing up for obamacare

go sign up for your free obamacare, free gov housing ( the projects) enjoy being a slave

I am not a threat to you. i’m a little individual. the government , the IRS, that is a threat to you

you are a democrat/liberal/socialist shilling for YOUR God , government/socialism
Smog isn't real, you liberal!
what smog or pollution you liberal? what about if pollution or smog were such a real problem then why did you democrats have to fabricate the global warming hoax to demonize coal and oil don't you understand?

government is more of a problem than any smog or pollution .. your government already banned lightbulbs for this global warming hoax and obama’s EPA is oppressing businesses with ridiculous mileage requirements for trucks and cars

have fun when democrats put you on an obamacare waiting list or you face their obamacare death panel .you enabled that.
Global warming seems to be his main cause.
Most “science” is now funded by government grants.

So you have “scientists” and college professors(”scientists”) begging the government for research grants . And the idiots at the government give them huge grants $200,000, or $400,000 or $1,000,000 grants to “study” global warming or the latest crazy bs theory like this one here.

global warming is a huge hoax funded by decades of such government grants.

And they can't even predict if it will rain tomorrow even with all the real advances in computers given to them by private businesses like Intel and super computer firms
He's really, really into oil company profits.
You don’t understand anything about the economy . If it collapses everyone goes down. oh happy day gas is cheap but the economy collapsed and there are no jobs/sarcasm

whatever. i don’t care what you think
A close second to global warming is immigration:
People think the marxist/democrats reporters in the news media are scared. They are not . Their whole goal is to destroy America by balkanizing it and inviting other peoples to come to America to infiltrate and destroy American culture. cultures like Islam, Mexicans, 3rd world immigrants to infiltrate the country are imported by democrats starting with the 1965 immigration act. They turned California into a blue state and are doing it to the rest of the country with massive 3rd world immigration
Not just illegals, all immigrants:
Yes I want all these immigrants to stop coming to America. We have enough : 80 million 3rd world invaders have come to America after the democrats’ 1965 immigration bill was enacted to destroy this country by balkanizing it. I see my city overrun . I feel as though I'm in Mogadishu, Karachi Pakistan or Mexico city. We have no jobs for Americans.

Rick Santorum is my candidate now.
I wonder if he knows about the immigration policies of the 1800s...

Calling for a general strike:
we can hire a lawyer to apply to the Supreme court for an emergency injunction to stop this unconstitutional executive amnesty order. or we can get one of our state attorney generals to do it as in the attorney general of Texas.

Americans have no jobs in this Obama over regulated economy.

now Obama is going to give amnesty to millions of illegals to take more jobs away from Americans. and also Obama will grant many more new work visas , 500,000 technology work immigrant visas

all of these orders are unconstitutional and illegal by Obama

we must call and protest until Obama resigns. we have to go on strike and not buy anything also only food
Whose with me?!
Obama is a socialist coward

this cretin OBama should resign, man up and take responsibility .but it doesn't cause it's a coward and a socialist monster

Barack Obama is the executive branch

where are our protests to call for this tyrant Obama’s resignation, from we the people ,from our so called conservative leaders like Rush, Levin, Savage , coulter , Palin etc? no where after a million scandals, the IRS , benghazi , VA etc etc.

I call for barack Obama’s resignation . who will join me in calling for this communist to step down NOW?
The IRS is gonna take your DNA!
Oh Goody now the IRS can have a database of our DNA to frame conservatives for crimes too. This is big brother stuff. Have you read the Constitution , supreme court?
Freepers protecting Obama:
0bama himself is just an empty suit, a tool. Valerie Jarett, the baby eating alien lizard in human form, gives him his orders that she cooked up with David Axelrod. I don’t know how much influence he still exerts, but the lizard lady is definitely the brains behind this.

bull , Obama is the head of the snake

you seek to protect obama .
"the media are socialist monsters and they rule with an iron fist" he posts on the Internet.
the media won.

Even cruz believes the media when the media say there is a crisis. the media lies there is no global catastrophe looming, there isn't even a crisis as there was never a threat of default

The USA is a news media dictatorship, .the media are socialist monsters and they rule with an iron fist

none of these morons see that growing government is ruining the economy(economy is just running on massive growing debt any idiot knows THIS is what will cause collapse. this is the apposite of the media lies who say we must raise the debt ceiling

none of these morons see that growing government is also taking away our freedoms. the democrats and other idiots are happy to be slaves of the government . they trust and love government and don't see it's just running on debt

we are done.i'm looking for another country to move to, maybe Australia, canada
The Democrat conspiracy is wide:
There is a whole cabal of evil running this country right now.

Yes and this cabal of evil is called the democrat party. the head of the snake is Obama

The enemy of the American people is the democrat party. The democrat party controls

1. the news media
2. hollwywood
3. the presidency
4. The senate
5. the gov bureaucracies
5. the unions
7. the universities
8. the schools
9. soros , Lewis,zuckerberg, msny other billionaires are democrats.
10. Obama the main tyrant is a democrat
11. silicon valley, Google etc. are democrats
12. Pelosi, REid, fienstein, Shumer, Durbin , Lois lerner r democrats
13 . the rest of the media
14. IRS , EPA, DHS, HHS, TSA, FBI, etc.
15. liberals control the supreme Court( they approved Obamacare)
15 . Democrats control all the political money .Soros, tides foundation,gov grants,Zuckerberg,Lewis (another billionaire.,unions etc.

Democrat party controls all this and more but the media and many others say that everything is the Republicans fault even though r’s have only a few votes majority in the House and that’s it

Democrats want to makes slaves of all Americans, turn us into cattle with less rights than a cow or farm chicken for them to manipulate.
Boycott the NFL, and the News:
boycott the news media and the stupid super bowl and nfl. They give us circuses to distract us and use the acts at the circus to brainwash us. At least the Romans just gave them circuses.

boycott the stupid NFL too. What does anything the stupid media or sports say have to do with me and my life?

Only a few less than 100 die of these media created mass shootings per year while millions of Americans die of other causes
How Democrat_media would have won the Vice Presidential debate in 2012:
I would have shut that stupid smirking Biden up. I would have said what are you the Joker , all you do is laugh you smirking little marxist dictatorial peon, don't you get it that socialism doesn't work how dare you try to limit individual rights and increase government size you little sick tyrant, typical democrat
If you don't think Bush handled Muslims right, you're a Democrat mole:
Muslims respect (and fear) power. They have nothing but contempt for weakness. Bush's failure to quickly finish the job in Afghanistan and Iraq has emboldened radical islam everywhere.

unbelievable that on a thread about Islamic terrorism many of you sneak in an attack on Bush. what this tells me is many of you are democrat/marxist moles. You have a cult that bent on world domination but you all see to try to make this about bashing a president who is not president and you don’t even blame Obama who is president.
He will also go to war against any Freepers that don't vote party-line GOP.
since you say Republicans want the same thing democrats want then why can you still choose what to buy and post here? why? can you answer?

it's not democrats and Obama you think Obama wouldn't want to censor you and choose your "doctor" for you? come on can you answer any of this?

democrats all voted for Obamacare even though they knew Americans didn't want it. every single democrat voted for obamacare.

so you think democrats wouldn't vote to take away your guns, freedom,property , choices? think again yes they do want that .

and i want democrats stopped . that's all i want gop to do stop democrats and stop obama. they did except obamacare but democrats had super majorities for Obamacare and Obama and the media
Other Freepers should shut up:
whatever you type means nothing to me. and you know you are nothing .so go attack someone else personally that cares about your personal attacks

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's actually kind of a funny story. Someone saw a guy with gun under his jacket go into a Costco, followed him, and tackled him. The thing is, the guy with the gun had a permit.

Cooler heads prevailed. Freepers, generally fans of vigilante justice, rather wish someone had gotten hurt.

KoRn isn't above a bit of fraud to stick it to liberals:
If I were the innocent guy with the gun, I’d suddenly have ‘back or neck problems’ and sue the guy for as much as I can get.

He’s probably some idiot ‘implant’ from New England or California where the sight of anyone with a gun causes them to piss their pants. This one probably takes Testosterone supplements though, which caused him to act out with his stupidity.
KoRn reiterates that tackling someone armed with a gun is a total pussy move.
I could see someone walking into a store with an AR on their shoulder, and I would think nothing of it... That’s why I believe he’s an import from some anti-gun part of the country where there aren’t many real ‘men’, and they all wet themselves at the sight of a firearm. (most of the males in those areas are like John F’cking Kerry)
TheThirdRuffian wants death:
I’m sad he didn’t get shot.
I have a theory that Blood of Tyrants has a color-based algorithm on how to spot a criminal.
Liberal sheep can’t tell the difference between wolves and sheepdogs.
Freepers do love that fascistic sheepdog metaphor.

Crim condemns a poster for speculating on the tackler's good faith:
How the hell do you know what he was thinking?
In the very next post, Crim proceeds to speculate at length about exactly that.
Who is threatened by old white guys with guns?


Most conservatives would say “nice gun”.

I think the turd thought he could take the old guy and make a scene and be a hero.....

Anti gunners have been saying they were going to start acting out in public and try to get open carriers arrested or even shot....

“Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.....but don’t rule out malice”

Heinlein’s Razor.
MaxMax tells a story that totally happened:
I disarmed a Homicide Detective trying to save the world by sticking a 1911 in my face. He got the Desk and demotion after that little incident.

He didn't identify himself, Oops. And I had friends over his head.

Being grabbed from behind is a bad spot. Learn some Judo.
F15Eagle hates those gun-haters on the gun range.
Ran into one of those morons at a range a while back - walked in, pistol unloaded, locked back, with no clip - they guy looked like he was surprised. You’re at a gun range, moron.

I was handing the weapon to one of the managers to inspect.
And, as the event happened at a Costco, sport lets us know that giant corporation Costco is probably communist.
I only go to Sam’s Club. There is the other one in this area. I got a card for it when they first opened. Later I heard that they were affiliated with Communist China. Whether is true or not, I believed the person that said it and threw away the card and have been near there since.

Freeper/Liberal vs. Muslim/Jew

Some Lebanese partisans want Miss Lebanon stripped of her title for being photographed with Miss Israel. Freepers find this Islamic intolerance super offensive. Except...lets replace "Muslim" with "Freeper" and "Jew/Israel" with "Liberal" and see if we get anything different from Freepers' usual posts on associating with liberals:

ClearCase_guy doesn't even need to be edited:
Peace will be hard to achieve, if standing next to someone and smiling is seen as somehow treasonous.

Sounds like "Jeb and H.W. Bush get Obama's evil all over them"

goldstategop has this damming analysis:
Freepers hate Liberals - even in seemingly innocuous non-political contexts like a beauty contest.

It says more about the moral state of the Arab World than it does about the moral state of Israel.
Entirely in line with "Can Conservatives Have Liberal Friends, Or Even Partners?"

amtheman more or less sums up all of Free Republic:
Freepers are outraged by the existence of non-Freepers.
jttpwalsh gets anecdotal:
Back in the 70’s, I had a friend whose parents immigrated from Lebanon. Very nice, hospitable folks, with one exception. The father was in the habit of watching news on TV. Whenever the word “Liberal” was mentioned, he would turn into a “foaming at the mouth” madman. Just like that, going from the offer of a drink, to being gripped, with insanity.
Ouderkirk, though, hates Muslims too much to keep with the cute meme.
I am outraged at the existence of Freepers....I despise them, and we should convert them to Liberalism, or kill them, every last one of them.

Yes the choice of Liberalism was deliberate as most of them would rather die...which was the point.
Which is, I suppose, what Freepers actually think liberals believe.

Men vs. Women

An extremely silly study finds that more men than women receive Darwin awards. Freepers leap to the defense of masculinity, mostly by degrading femininity.

a fool in paradise brings out the trump card:
It's enough to start a new battle of the sexes, but when it comes to needless and untimely deaths, men win hands down.

Well, women have killed more than 50,000,000 in the US alone since 1973, needlessly.
Wow. Only the really crazy ones blame the pregnant women.

MrB is one of a number of Freepers to cite this statistic, with no source I could find.
Men are more likely to do stupid things does not equal men are more stupid.

There’s also a big difference in the IQ distribution curve between men and women.

Women are more likely to cluster around the average, whereas men have more “outliers” on both ends.
donna shows up to hate on her gender:
Men have logic. Women have emotion.

Logic beats emotion every time.
muir_redwoods makes this amazing argument:
DaVinci, Einstein, Newton, Jefferson, Locke, Buddha, Lao Tsu, Confucius, Hawking, Galileo, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Mozart, Columbus, Lincoln and Alexander the Great.

Please provide a comparable list of women
BizBroker knows the only reason someone would allow that women are better at anything:
What is called “instinct” and “intuition” is simply allowing every fact in your inventory to interact.
Men don’t think that way.

“Problem in front of me. Me solve problem. Grunt grunt.”

My God! Do you still have your testicles or did your wife hang them from her rear view mirror?! I am all about being polite and expressing an opinion, but damn, do you bow down like this to every woman?
Whoa. Can you feel BizBroker's manliness?

jimmyo57 keeps things firmly in the high school locker-room arena.
So. Women are less likely to say...
“Hold muh beer and watch this...”

That may be so but a woman is more likely to try a lezbo encounter than a man is to try tasting a d***!
ansel12 mixes up statistics with individuals.
More proof that the risk averse female is not suitable for soldiering.

The overall effect of what a 50% female fighting force will have after a generation or two, or three, on our war machine, will be negative, as the focus shifts to quality of daily life issues, a low risk work place, and less disruption of family life for the “employees”.
BenLurkin may have had some marriage issues in his past...
A woman is actually quite easy to understand.

Just remember that as far as she is concerned, everything is always about her.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ted Cruz's Plan For NASA

Ted Cruz is now the chairperson of the Senate Committee with jurisdiction over NASA. This seemed to me like a great choice. NASA is one of the few government agencies that Freepers like, being a source of American exceptionalism, a Cold War triumph, and a program that Obama has been neglecting.

But Nope. Freepers have gotten more hardline, I think. Probably a sign of its dwindling numbers, as the less zealous move on to greener pastures.

So witness Freepers showing how hard core they are by dissing Ted Cruz and NASA:

1010RD may not be clear on who drives demand for private space flight.
JFK as an inspiration? NASA needs to be wound down. The future of space is private. Cruz has gone native.
Talisker is still angry about a rocket that got discontinued in 1972.
Hey Ted, tell NASA to check their dumpsters for the Saturn 5 engine blueprints. Because throwing them away was really rational and excusable and not f*****g TREASON, right?
Amendment10's Constitution is more narrow than the Founders thought.
I enjoyed following NASA on TV when I was growing up. But now that I’ve been studying the Constitution and its history I know that Cruz is wrong to trumpet NASA’s core mission as space exploration. (Whatever Cruz was indoctrinated with in Harvard Law School, it certainly wasn’t the federal government’s limited powers as the Founding States had intended for those powers to be understood.)

More specifically, if Cruz really wants to promote NASA he needs to do the following. He must rally Congress to propose a space exploration amendment to the Constitution to the states. And if the states choose to ratify Cruz’s amendment then Congress will actually have the constitutional authority that it needs to tax and spend for space exploration purposes and Cruz will be a hero.

But also note that I will support Cruz for president if that’s who Obama guard dog Fx News nominates as the candidate. (No, that’s not how candidate nominations are supposed to work, but …)
norwaypinesavage hates NASA now.
I’ll have to disagree with Ted on this one. The once-great NASA has become nothing but a nest of bureaucrats who spend their time trolling for taxpayer dollars. There is only one way to save the US space program: kill NASA and start over with a real space program, not one based from a Muslim outreach bureaucracy.
That Muslim outreach canard sure has gotten a lot of traction.

iowacornman hates how the rest of the world got all the benefit for the moon landing without paying for it:
The only problem is that we are worse than broke!! We need to stop foreign aid and move that to claiming space areas as property of the United States if we are paying for it. No more “mankind” crap. The Moon was claimed for MANKIND? You can’t make that up!!. Mankind did not pay a dime!! We paid the entire bill.
GraceG rationalizes that Cruz's push for more spending is actually a clever masterstroke:
Further evidence that if the Senate leadership wants to marginalize a member who wants to reduce government then the quickest way to do it is give him chairmanship of a committee that spends money.

It was all part of Turtle’s plan to get Ted Cruz the moniker “Guy who hates science” in the national discussion....

Ted has creatively side stepped this indirect attack, and we shall see his plans.
GraceG does not seem to understand NASA's history.
I would be fine with Rolling NASA under the military jurisdiction.
NASA was made an open, civilian agency specifically in order to contrast with the USSR's military efforts.

Hetty_Fauxvert is all about militarizing space:
I am amazed at the number of people on this thread who don’t realize that the United States needs to *control* space (at least our immediate portion of it) as a defense issue. Cruz can’t come out and SAY that (because enough people already like to call him a loon) but it’s true. The Chinese are working to put a base on the Moon. And the U.S. can’t be out in space without Russia’s cooperation these days. Do you think letting Russia and China control our immediate area of space is a safe way to go for the long run?

Remember the dictum: Control the high ground. And it’s a little dated, but find and read “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” Then let’s talk.
txhurl is basically Hydra from Captain America 2.
And open up rods from the gods stations, 24 around the atmosphere.

SOTU shorties

Freepers are not big on the careful thinking. The crowd that tunes in to hate-watch Obama's State of the Union are even less so. So the speech did not feature much in their comments.

At first I was worried about the volume of crazy posts I was collecting. But then I realized they were all very short. The three substantive ones can be found on Monday.

CrazyIvan takes refuge in 1980 schlock:
Watching “Red Dawn” here. For some reason it seems appropriate.
goodnesswins hates life:
I think I’ll open a bottle of champagne for Justified tonight....haven’t been able to celebrate ANYTHING ELSE!
These days, Lucky9teen only laughs out of spite.
Oh, this is the Beck and crew are fast forwarding Obama, and he sounds like a freakin’ squirrel. Hilarious.
mylife knows how blacks all act:
Surprised Mooch did not give Obie a gang sign.
mylife keeps it black:
This guy is talking PURE JIVE
Marcella likes her drama Biblical:
To me, Obama is a forerunner of the Antichrist. Or he is him.
I can’t stand the muslim terrorist.
MeshugeMikey, shades of 2014.
ENUFF clapping..its already taking on the tone of a CULT MEETING
Jim Robinson keeps it simple:
VictoryGal's hatred is elsewhere:
Boner is sucking his blubbery lip. What a milquetoast!
1,000 years of darkness
Poor onyx.
OMG - it’s getting too damn foolish and thick.
I hear him droning on in the other room. Hate hearing his stupid, lying voice. All the clapping is driving me nuts.
central_va does not know what 'peak' means.
I think we’ve reached “peak tyranny”.
a fool in paradise does not know what 'lie' means.
Mr. Obama has NOT spoken out against the antisemitism on US college campuses.

Mr. President #YouLie!
caww is all over the thread helpfully psychoanalyzing Obama's narcissism.
Don't let him fool you about looking's's a perfect example of a Narcissist in action.... Head up...use of hands...tone of voice and all to keep you from seeing the one thing he's most afraid of...being exposed for who he really is.
Obama reminds NoLibZone of a very successful capitalist:
I expected him to wear jeans and a black turtle neck as he announced the release of the Obama phone 6.0
a fool in paradise tries to ignore the polls:
He LOST the 2014 election. NO CONFIDENCE in his agenda.
This guy is promoting pure 19th Century Marxism.
the threatener of Congress n chief , piss on him
mylife is the best:
It is pure insanity.
Hitler made more sense.
Full Mussolini
Pearls Before Swine:
It's also like Christmas... he's going full out to bribe the populace with candy.
Deeper than this thread, jhw61.
wow. really deep thoughts went into this speech!
onyx probably says this every year.
Worst SOTU ever.
Heh. Called it.

Still, the first thousand post thread I've seen on Freep in a while. Musta felt like the old days for a bit there.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Right to Gay Marriage to Come before SCOTUS

Nothing's sure, but the smart money is on a right to gay marriage being upheld.

While the general posts on each new step towards gay rights are quite repetitive, it's really interesting to see the right begin to accept that they're losing the gay marriage fight.

Freepers are not known for their consistency, but it seems they've moved on from denial and anger and are now bargaining. It seems the current phase is saying that marriage is too good for the government anyhows.

catfish1957 is all in on the Roberts blackmail conspiracy:
My guess.... Obolo plays his blackmail card on Roberts again, and Fag/Carpet Muncher marriages become legal.
Extremely Extreme Extremist, though, has optimism that refuses to even listen to poll numbers:
I'm really confident that homo marriage will be returned to the states, unless Democrats want to become extinct in 2016.
marron has a grandfather clause for rights.
The court is going to discover that something that has never existed has suddenly become a constitutional right.

And people will say, yep. That’s right.

This is what happens when people unmoored from simple morality reach critical mass.
mrsmith is not a fan of Constitutional Amendments, it seems.
The original writing of the Constitution was ‘historic’.
The re-writing is just dull-witted.
VRW Conspirator's parade of horribles includes a transsexual teacher not getting fired.
There will come a day soon when a minister who came out of the closet will be refused a job at a church. He will sue and will win. Ultimately dividing and scattering a congregation.

There will come a day soon that a man wearing a dress and a mustache will be teaching 5th grade math and there will not be anything that parents can do or say. The administration will have their hands tied.

There will come a day soon that "gay" will be part of the protected class. Discrimination of any kind will result in lawsuits, job losses, business closures and finally affirmative action for gays.

And after all these, the perverts will push, hard, for lowering the age of consent to eleven and a half years old.

Now, have a nice day.
FrdmLvr retreats to this last bastion:
Marriage is a religious institution.
Steven Tyler invalidates all marriages:
The Sacrament of Marriage is clearly Religious in nature.

The Constitution prohibits the establishment of a Religion, or impede the exercise of a Religion

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Selma movie

I don't often see movies in the theater, but I ended up seeing Selma, and rather enjoyed it. Certainly it was a lot better than the one-dimensional hagiography that was 'Lincoln.'

I was interested in what Freepers had to say about this more nuanced take, but alas I could find exactly zero of them who had actually seen the movie.

But I did find a lot of them using the movie as a jumping off point for to hold forth on the Freeper history of the Civil Rights movement. And so, rather than the usual MLK day fare of MLK the Communist Republican, I'm opening things up just a bit.

djf knows there is no drama to be had in slavery.
EVERY YEAR, there is another “po lil slave” movie.
Mastador1 likes his movie audiences separate but equal.
Yup, the racism of Black people not supporting a Black movie! I wonder why that is? Blacks are always bitching that there are not enough Black shows, movies, characters, but I am supposed to believe there aren't enough Blacks theater goers to make this a runaway hit without White folk to prop it up? That's why I get pissed with all the multi millionaire Black performers screaming racism all the time.
No one hates this movie more than FreeReign!
I wouldn’t waste my time watching this dreck even if it were free. I’d rather go scrub my kitchen floor.

I'd rather weasels rip my flesh.
tanknetter looks to the true authority on the issue.
What I find interesting is that (unless I've missed something) Condoleezza Rice has been silent on the movie. She grew up in segregated Birmingham, one of the little girls killed in the church bombing that figures so prominently in "Selma" was a friend and she was close enough to the bombing when it happened to feel the blast concussion.

Her silence speaks volumes.
jmacusa finds LBJ's suspicion of politicians loathsome:
“Smearing LBJ’’? Old “I don’t trust a man unless I’ve got his pecker in my pocket’’ LBJ? The guy was a bum.
iowamark knows who the real enemies of integration were:
I am sure that the movie is full of historical inaccuracies. It is true that ML King’s real opponents were John and Robert Kennedy, not LBJ, but it is not politically correct to criticize the Kennedy’s.
Nothing says segregation like federalizing the national guard to enforce integration!

Steely Tom prefers to be on the wrong side of recent history, rather than actual history.
Has anyone figured out how to cash in on The Gentle Giant?

I think Trayvon may be ahead in posthumous "box office" receipts, although no one really knows.

Phony thug heroes and the amount of moolah made on them might be a new entertainment sector for Variety or Cash Box to look into.
Regulator remembers fearing all the angry black Civil Rights protesters:
Not real interested here

I watched the prequel about 50 years ago, was pretty awful then

Scared the crap outta me as a kid, seeing the hoses and the dogs and all the angry black people

Few years later they fire bombed some subsidized housing where my aunt and cousins lived, they were the only pale people there - no black people got fire bombed in the complex, just them

Decided Selma was better left behind
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper does some serious guilt by association:
NO FILM will ever be made by Hollywood, BET, Oprah, etc. that tells the WHOLE TRUTH about MLK.


Because there were significant parts of Dr. King’s life that involved knowingly or unknowingly hiring/working with at least two Soviet KG operatives (the congressional outted Stanley Levison, King’s financial, legal and political advisor and Jack O’Dell, his personal secretary and CPUSA/Soviet organizer in the South (HCUA hearings, 1956).

There were some foreign aspects of King being a security risk (re blackmail) that have only peripherally been mentioned.

Nobody has the balls to tell the whole truth.

However, this does not diminish the good deeds and ideas that King put forth.
Neoliberalnot totally heard MLK was in orgies.
I knew an FBI agent that was assigned to guard MLKs group when he visited Texas. The agent had to go to this suite and found MLK and a number of women and other men buck naked in the room. MLKs wife was not one of them. This too is a side you will never hear about. The orgies.
Yeah, Hoover's FBI is a totally trustworthy source about MLK.

Romans Nine's Pastor keeps a bunch of anti-MLK clippings.
One day at lunch I asked my Pastor if MLK was a communist. My Pastor is 75 years old and followed politics closely his whole life. He answered yes and them said let me show you something. He went to his study and came out with a file about two inches thick. It was all articles from the 50’s and 60’s about MLK. I was floored with what I read. The Rev. was a serial womanizing commie. He loved his white women. Very common knowledge back in his time. I refuse to acknowledge MLK day. I will never celebrate commies.
Interesting how many Freepers take refuge in third parties badmouthing King, rather than doing so themselves.

CatherineofAragon's hate is pure and unthinking.
I don’t see MLK as a mixed bag at all. I just see him for what he was-—another leftwing radical.

He called our troops war criminals, said the U.S. was the biggest purveyor of violence in the world, and he was a “pastor” who didn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus.

I don’t waste my time trying to find out if Obama, Holder, or John Kerry did good deeds, and I see no reason to bother with King, either.
relictele kinda bobbles the "Democrats are the real racists" meme.
The greatest irony is all the rhetoric about bondage, freedom, self-determination, etc. in the 60s is rendered moot by the de facto enslavement of much of the black population by a political party with the eager help of black collaborators. A vote to eat tomorrow is really no vote at all, as the Democrats intended.