Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On pictures and conlcusions

On the same "School Czar is secretly NAMBLA" thread I checked out above, there was an interesting thread analyzing Obama in pictures. It began with mojitojoe posting a bunch of pictures of Obama acting chummy with...other men!!! It's too long to post here, but here is an excerpt:

NorwegianViking doesn't know the meaning of the words Sample Bias!

Wow.....thanks for the awesome collection. A picture is worth a thousand words....according to these....there is NO doubt!

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo has a nother picture to post:
Here it is; I've seen a large version of this picture [like 1000 pixels wide] which I would really like to have:
To my eye, he is not striking the pose of a fully heterosexual man.

Yep, Obama doesn't seem macho in every frame of every video! Gayness abounds!

But the real reason I had to post this little vignette is 444Flyer's answering post:
GROSS! After THOSE pics. Now I have to cleanse with some testosterone.


(Alas, 444Flyer seems to be a woman. Her profile reads like some 1950s paternalistic misogynist's dream, though, so there is that. )

Public Skoolz = Pedophilia Havens

It seems Obama's "School Czar" is the latest on Freepers' targets in taking down Obama's appointees (I guess Sunstein didn't take). And it looks like he's a total pedophile, or something. I'm skeptical, myself. Hannity is talking about Jennings now, and his accusations are pretty diffuse.

Freepers...not so skeptical. But I guess Glenn Beck has yet to weigh in here, cause the Freepers are more easily distracted than kittens:

null and void starts the scattershot:
GOPJ realizes the above won't fly, and tries something else:

ACORN didn’t blink about child sex slaves - maybe liberals ARE the monsters who abuse children...

Accusing all liberals of pedophilia is sure to make you seem like the adults in a debate!

Lady Jag is gonna bring it home with conspiracy theories about Obama:

Zero’s mama was a commie, family friend Frank Davis whom Zero grew very close to was a pedophile and there is strong evidence that Zero enjoyed homosexual acts right into his adulthood. And STILL we know little of him.

To me, that alone is enough to kick him out.

bustinchops finds something everyone can agree upon - attacking Michelle Obama is always in style!

One thing for sure. Obama is effeminate.

.....and Michelle is butch.

And a drunk.

The drunk bit is new to me.

Anyhow, itssme thinks this school thing is all about Hitler:
Hitler had numerous degenerates in his administration...he and obama share the same taste for despicable thugs, thieves, immoral slimes, radical numnuts. obama is a screaming mega-threat to this country...when will the populace hear the sirens blaring like we on FReeper do?
You often see narratives building on Free Republic that then find their way to the right-wing blogs, and then Fox News and then the MSM. Not so here. If Free Republic can't come up with anything, if I were Jennings I wouldn't be too worried.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Apocalypse, among other things last week:

grey_whiskers reads a lot into the magazine article that claims Michelle Obama made up "yes we can."
1. This proves that it's really Michele running everything.

2. Which in turn proves that -- as I said in August of 2008, before the election -- Obama is whipped, and a scrawny metrosexual.

bigoil is all about pithy nonsense. He will go far in freeper politics:

Joe Biden is guilty of ‘inappropriate touching’ everytime he opens his mouth.

MestaMachine has a plan for islam:
So ... Should Muslims be excluded from all public positions on account of their religion? Should Muslims be required to wear, say, red crescents on their outer garments? Should Muslims be rounded up into camps ... for our own good?

Emphatically, YES!!!!!!!!!
islam should be banned. BANNED!
Their religion is Murder Inc. Genocide for anyone who is not muslim.
bam fired Greg Craig, clinton handler. He has CHOSEN his true master. ISLAM. Get your head out of the sand, for GOD’S sake!!!

Dixie Yooper has a novel take on the killed census taker:
Sad to say, but I think we have another name to add to the Obamacide List...
rcrngroup thinks Obama will turn us all into pillars of salt or something:

With the realization that none of us can fully understand or comprehend the sovereign will of God when it comes to evil men & nations & rulers, I really do not understand how God was willing to save homosexual, grossly immoral Sodom & Gomorrah if only 10 righteous souls were found, and in the U.S. I believe there are hundreds of thousands and even millions of truly born again Christians.

Yet our nation of America has been cast to the devil, the father of lies, 0bama, the most evil man in the world today. I really cannot comprehend that, after the prayers & fastings of hundreds of thousands & millions of concerned citizens, conservative Jews, and Christians of all faiths.

Father of lies?

Bellflower on how liberalism makes you ugly, cause of all the demons:
It sure is awful what being a leftist often seems to do to the face over time. Many leftist who start out either good looking or not too bad looking sure end up looking strange. Too bad they don’t take a step back and say “what kind of mess have I been in that caused me to end up looking strange like this?”. I believe it is the demonic control that ends up expressing itself in their flesh.
I think that's called aging, actually.

Citizen Soldier seems to think the location of Iranian nuke sites is a US secret. Or maybe he just wants to accuse Obama of treason one more time:

And why isn’t this a treasonous act, sharing our national security secrets? Is there not ONE patriot in the Congress to stand up to this kind of tyranny?

keats5 thinks Netanyahu is some kind of holy man:

In the Old Testament, God gave prophets to his people. Many listened and ignored them. They were typically tormented and killed.

However, they were never the intended audience. The Lord has always had his remnant. They were the ones who listened to the prophets and too their teaching to heart.

Perhaps Bibi is one of the remnant. And perhaps his target is to the others like him.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Pix

Yay, unflattering pictures that prove Obama is evil!

Obama as Joker/Hitler, worshiped by Koreans. Makes sense.

I'm shocked Darth Maul hasn't showed up earlier.

Palin/whoever disagrees with Obama! Step 3 is profit!

Heh. 2016.

Tis is clearly from 2008. My favorite is the scary angry black men in the bottom lright corner.

What the hell is with the Joker thing? Freepers are cleaving to it like it means something.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hang on Justice Ginsberg!

With Obama in office, many Freepers find themselves in the odd position of hoping a liberal lives:

April Lexington
I predict Obama will have THREE justices on the bench within the year. This is how the Left will deal us the fatal blow. We can kiss our constitutional *sses goodbye...
But then April finds the silver lining:

Ms. Wise Latina has diabetes.

Finally.... some good news...

Let it never be said that Freepers couldn't find some liberal to wish death upon.

HiTech RedNeck hopes:

If she gets a near-death encounter with God....

Outlaw Woman is not so forgiving:

God forgive me for this: May the gates of hell warmly welcome Ms. Ginsburg. Out of line? Perhaps, but ask the millions of aborted babies how they feel.

Moderator(s) I expect this to be pulled. Tar and feather me too.


Little witch hung on until W was out of office...GOSH I loathe the RATS!! God must really be ticked off at the USA....:(

I swear, there is more hate for the liberal Justices than for liberal Presidents!

puts it all in perspective though:

Won’t matter. When its proved nobama was faked in, everything he did will be thrown out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nothing new under the Zot.

I've been reading Free Republic at least daily for just about 5 years now. I frequent no other message boards as much. But one thing I see is how Freepers are repetitive. Not merely predictable or paternistic, I mean repetitive. Their extreme philosophy has become sufficently cramped that their ideological vocabulary is on a very small rotation.

Witness, for instance, Ted Kennedy having a seizure on inauguration versus Byrd having a fall last night:

Lance Romance and G.Mason on past sins:

Did [Byrd] injure himself putting on his Grand Kleagle outfit?

Addios ... Mary Joe is waiting for you buffoon.

ExGeeEye and NYRepublican72
May [Byrd] rest in peace and sing with the angels.

May God take mercy on both the Kleagle and the Swimmer's souls and prayers to their families in their time of need. However, may neither return to the Senate.
Ronin and Venturer on hoping the bad Liberal dies:

I am not at all sympathetic to [Byrd's] plight. I could not give a single half-hearted excuse of a damn for the sorrows of his family.

If that man had died many years ago our Republic would have been much better for it.

Sad for anyone to die of Cancer, but the United States will be better off without [Kennedy].

Nothing new under the sun.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

McCrystal - Pawn and hero.

Freepers are all over the map about Afghanistan. On the one hand, they are all about killing all Muslims. On the other, Obama's doin' it. But Freepers are nothing if not logically creative.

RabidBartender assume Obama's appointment of this guy who disagrees with him was a fluke:

If true, expect the affirmative action president to fire him and replace him with a Wesley Clark clone.

Overtaxed Patriot has visions of military coup dancing in his head:

Lets see. Zero has pissed off the CIA and the military. Not good to have those two entities as your enemy while you’re trying to destroy the country.

Old Sarge would rather NEVAR FORGET than dwell on the complications of the present:
Contrast this with Iraq in the fall of 2006. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was fired just one day after the elections in early November.

Never forgot that - Red Nancy meets with Bush and tells him, 'You have 48 hours to fire Rummy or the impeachment starts', and Rumsfeld is gone in 24 hours.
Well, at least it's not World War 2.

MinuteGal thinks it's all a plot:
Maobama has been dragging his heels so his operatives can stir up anti-war sentiment across the country which effectively created our loss is Viet Nam.....not our brave military.

I fully expected the Commander-in-Chaos to have arranged for riots on the Berkeley campus by now. Except, hah, McChrystal has pre-empted Hussein's foul plans and nipped them in the bud.

MacArthur, McChrystal.....I think I'll have a Big Mac in their honor for dinner tonight!

teddyballgame has a nuanced idea of tactics and outcomes:

“Would someone please tell me what victory in Afghanistan looks like?”

It looks like a lot of dead Al-Queda.


I’ve thought for some time now, that Obama is sending quiet beyond the scene messages to these terrorist regimes.

I’m thinking about the overt display of celebration at Ramadan and his taking vacation at that time.

I’m thinking about his approach to Hondurus and his putting pressure on Israel, in fact overt lack of support for Israel.

I’m looking at the drawing back of missile defense unilaterally. There was some deal made.. but we’ll see.

I’m looking at the people he has around him.

In summary, the message is clear to Muslims the world over. Like Ghadafi said, “Obama, is Muslim.”

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Birthers, and first lady hate featured prominently this past week.

erman is probably joking, but his fellow freepers take him seriously, and don't bat an eye when he says:

We can play just like the MSM... lets photoshop, lie, cheat, marginalize, use their rules against them, always attack and personalize the destruction of everything lib.

If they claim fake photos.. make more fake photos and claim they're real. then attack those that are stating they're fake.

Every lib I know is a weak chinned , latent homosexual predator with evidence of anoxic brain injury and poor self image. It's been proven with a double blind study at Mass. General and they have PET scans that show every liberal has a dramatic decrease in electrical activity and blood flow to the brain with a corresponding 100 fold increase in flow to the muscle of the levator ani and obicularis oris as the 1st distal phalanx of each hand is switched back and forth...

Iron Munro on the head birther lady:

Orly Taitz will make a fine Attorney General once the election is declared null and void and Oabama and Bennie Holder are in prison along with Pelosi and all of the other enablers.

Eye of Unk also seems blind to Ms. Taitz obvious faults:

If only Sarah Palin and Orly could work together as a team.

I’m quite sure the Sarah supporters will have a fit but here we have two people that have been under attack and I personally think Sarah should form ranks of real supporters and not the double agents floating around lately.

the anti-liberal dusts off an old conspiracy from the election:
I'm coming to suspect that 0 is using liberalism and marxism and the Cloward-Piven Strategy as cover and tool in a Machiavellian effort to bring America to it knees for an islamic conquest of the country.

Helping muslims kill US soldiers is just icing on his cake.

Cloward-Piven Strategy, aka Cloven-Piven (which is it? I don't know):

The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.
GOPJ thinks the Muslim march on Washington may end in some sort of mass suicide bombing:
Maybe Osama is behind this - and all these people will be made martyrs as he makes is big hit on us... or maybe they're the red herrings - - or the magicians distraction...
Le Chien Rouge has this whole narrative about Michelle Obama:

Obama Doesn’t See Race as a Factor in Criticism.

I agree however you can bet the present first lady Michelle sees nothing but white robes and burning crosses when pictures of tea parties are shown.

x_plus_one on Laura Bush:

What was it that drove [Bush to be] so mushy in his lame duck term?

Laura Bush — democrat. W and Arnold and Mary Matlyn all have democrat spouses.

the anti-liberal will blame Obama without any of that pesky cause-effect business:

My prediction that, thanks to 0, this will be the bloodiest school year on record is looking more and more likely to bear out.

rcrngroup has not thought out his planned assholeishness:
These Leno jokes about Bill Clinton & Hillary were absolutely hilarious!!! I was splitting a gut, laughing out loud. I'm going to cut & paste these in an email and send to some libturd demoRATs to see their sick expressions.
see, if you e-mail them...never mind.

ssaftler honestly doesn't believe Obama should be handing out medals of honor:

The saddest part is that his Medal of Honor will be presented by an anti-American POS that is the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Pix

Why? WHY?

Well, at least they didn't photoshop Obama's head onto Manson's body.

Well, this is classy.

Random icons of negativity? Check!

The liar thing is gonna get at least as played out as the Joker thing.

Wait, ACORN are the slave holders? Cause they're mostly black...I'm confused.

Yet in Orwell's books, revolutionary acts rarely seemed like such colossal dickery

Wait, what?


Friday, September 18, 2009

Freeper dialogs on race.

I guess Tired of Taxes didn't get the memo that protestations of being color-blind went out the window and white victimization is all the rage these days:

Tired of Taxes
[T]he gov’t gathers statistics by placing us all into neat little racial categories, I’m quite aware of the statistics. I also have personal experience that tells me skin color is not a good indication whether or not a person is trustworthy.
Snurple is pretty sure one color is less trustworthy than the others:

Then you are willfully blind. Dont feel bad though, there are plenty of folks like yourself but.....the number is shrinking daily.

Tired of Taxes again

I’m growing tired of the junk posted here. Honestly, I don’t know where you all live that you’ve never encountered trouble from a white person. You know no white person who is a criminal. In your worlds, only black people commit crime. Only once in my life has anyone ever tried to break into a house where I was staying, and those two men where “white”.

Palladin thinks there are no nonblack burglars in all of New Jersey.

Yeah, right. In New Jersey.

I guess they were Sicilian.

ReneeLynn backs up Tired of Taxes:

I think the story is what the little girl prevented, not what color the perps were.

Although I will agree with you that some of the comments are getting old already.

blueglass goes all stormfront:
Yes, it is getting tiresome. It is getting tiresome that in all of these stories, that are coming out every day, were the races reversed, each of these "non" stories would be national news. People are tired of being preyed upon. People are tired of having to hide inside their homes. People are tired of the MSM spiking/ridiculing and lying about these stories. Good people are having to buy guns, and are preparing for the worst. Yes, people are getting very tired.
Free Republic is getting pretty ugly lately. It's like watching de-evolution in action.

And now this word from outer space

Everything is fascist edition:

Did you see the clip from Obama’s speech yesterday?

We will change the world with your voice. (Applause.) We need the voices of young people to transform this nation — (applause) — to meet up to the meaning of its dream. (Applause.) I need your voice. (Applause.) So I want to know — are you fired up?

AUDIENCE: Fired up! (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Ready to go?

AUDIENCE: Ready to go!


AUDIENCE: Fired up!

THE PRESIDENT: Ready to go?

AUDIENCE: Ready to go!


AUDIENCE: Fired up!

THE PRESIDENT: Ready to go?

AUDIENCE: Ready to go!

THE PRESIDENT: Let’s go change the world.

Thank you, everybody.


I find that chilling. You have to hear the exchange to get the full effect — he’s a pure demogogue. A rabble-rouser inciting a mob. We’ve never had a president act like that before — truly a new political age for this country.

If Obama had said "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" the Freepers would be yelling about how nakedly ascist it was.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freepers love them some asian women!

A discussion of the Yale murder devolves into some ind of crazy racial stereotype-fest:

The original comment is deleted, but TexasFreeper2009 says, in response:
Well... the Asian race is quite beautiful in general, especially the Japanese and Philippino.

Asian girls are very conservative in general, and many men want a loyal traditional wife and not a tomboy ERA man hater.
Clemenza, on the other hand, is not a fan of asians
I am not attacking those folks who have an attraction to other races (I myself have a GF who is nonwhite), but the level of effete metrosexual white guys with slant-eyed girlfriends is excessive compared to other couplings. To each his own I guess. I just find it odd that it has become so common in the past decade. You don't see too many Asian men with white women.

I also find it particularly odd as Asians are less culturally compatible with white Americans than (most) Latinos and Europeans. This is another one of those American cultural trends that I just don't understand. I guess some men are not threatened by boyish, quiet women...
calex59 kicks it 'oriental' style:

I can easily see what men see in oriental women, what I can’t see is how the women could be attracted to the scummy white guys they are with.

ishmac agrees:
Asian girls are very conservative in general, and many men want a loyal traditional wife and not a tomboy ERA man hater.Agreed. They're smart too. I'm partial to the Vietnamese and the Thais. They are very sweet tempered (for the most part).
Clemenza again, on his own genetic predispositions:

Sorry for hijacking this thread, but this is an issue that I haven't been able to discuss elsewhere (DAMN political correctness!).

While I am far from being Tuco Ramirez, the Italian half of me makes me a bit too congenitally macho (yet conversely overly sentimental) for either American feminists or Bourgeois Asians, the latter of whom seem to prefer metrosexuals and yuppies. I'm happy with my Brazuca myself after a long search.

TexasFreeper2009 graphs it out for us:
Look at it this way.

Imagine there is a macho scale ordered by race. In descending order from most macho to least.


Men will tend to marry women from their level of macho or lower, while women will tend to marry from their level or macho or higher. The end result is that you hardly ever see a black woman married to anyone but a black man or a Asian man married to anyone but a Asian girl. (Extreme wealth or power can however overpower these tendencies)
In the interests of fairness, TexasFreeper2009 has a disclaimer:
By the way I don't believe that these differences are in-coded into the different races DNA, it is simply a result of the culture they are brought up in affecting how masculine or feminine they express themselves.
Well, you coulda fooled me. Also, not the lack of a disclaimer re: sexism (e.g. loyal traditional wife and vs. tomboy ERA man hater)

If America’s word is only good until the next election, maybe monarchy wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

The US decides it's unproved missile shield in Poland is too expensive, monetarilly and diplomatically. Freepers, who both hate everything Obama does AND want a US empire, lose their shit:

himno hero







Key words to describe his treacherous global behavior.
Failure to protect and provide for the American people and her allies. Then they want to spread the wealth to the have not nations? Poor priorities. Ill understanding of how the real world operates and a relentless drive to destroy the US and the west!

Destroyer of the American way. The man needs to be impeached.

himno hero again:

America has been the world policeman since the beginning of time at the taxpayers expense. It has provided many with safety and freedom over the last 233 years.

Obama wants to destroy that too.

Really, we were a superpower in 1776? Wow!

to this overrreach, Huck dissents, in the most ass way possible:
Screw Europe. Let em defend themselves.
Thermalseeker has connected the dots:
To please his communist buddies in Russia.

Precisely. Today marks exactly, to the day, seventy years since the Soviet Union invaded Poland. How much more blatant could you be?
NonValueAdded imagines what would happen after a missile strike in America straightens us out about a missile shield in Poland:
USAF dignitary evacuation squadron, attention to orders!

You are hereby directed to assign all potential evacuees to one of two categories: supports or does not support missile defense. Supporters will board one set of helicopters and be taken to the designated shelter facilities; non-supporters will board specially modified helicopters and be dumped into the crater. It is a more merciful death than that they'd sustain in the hands of the survivors. Carry on.
Cheetahcat is refighting the Big One:
“Stabbing our Allies in the back to appease Russia. This is disgraceful. This is like democrats leaving eastern Europe to Stalin after WWII. This is the worst I have seen yet.”

Yes FDR was the first Democrat that loved Stalin and gave him half of Germany and Europe aside from a Huge pile of Money and War material if he would have let the Nazis kill them we would not have wasted the resources and 35 years playing with the Communists.The Zero is only continuing that legacy.
Yes, if only we'd appeased Hitler even after Pearl harbor, things would be different now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Freepers: not fans of Cass Sunstein.

Emboldened by the downfall of Van Jones and the recent bloodying of ACORN, Freepers, led by Glenn Beck, their new more Xtreme Rush Limbaugh, turn their sights to Prof. Cass Sunstein, Obama's new head of OIRA. OIRA's job is ostensibly to sign off on new agency regulations to make sure they comport with executive wishes.

Or maybe he's here to enslave us all!

Dick Bachert
is pretty excited:

Sunstein must be next. This is one DANGEROUS — probably certifiable — dude!!!

freedumb2003 is also feeling pretty empowered, by proxy:

Time to release The Beck!

RipSawyer has an interesting idea for agency rulemaking. I call it the "biker bar" test.

Sunstein is stark raving mad. In my youth people who raved as he does were locked up for their own protection. He is obviously educated for no good reason and educated beyond his intelligence. He needs to go into a biker bar and start spouting his garbage about rats having the same rights as people.

Yeah, animal standing is not the same as giving them full rights. It's a legal procedural thing that would allow more prosecution for animal rights abuses. And head of OIRA can't actually make regulations, despite some dubbing it 'Ragulatory Czar.'

muawiyah, always a laugh in abortion threads, sees this as some kind of elaborate ruse by Obama:

Cass Sunstein's history is that of a sometimes lucid clown. Just a matter of weeks and he'll be off his meds advocating sex with animals or something and Obama can show his "respect for the public" by tossing him under the buss.That's what pukes like this are for ~ to get fired to make the boss look good.

bitt is gonna get active.

Time to make calls to the adoring Senators to smack them over the head with this treacherous commie manifesto.

That word, 'manifesto,' I'm not sure it means what you think it means...

rdmLvr sounds like a real peach:

Look at that dork. He should be rejected just on the gounds of his dorkiness, let alone his ideas.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Freepers are all abuz. True, some weakly try to blame Kanye's outburst on Obama, but really, they are basking in the joy and solidarity that is a protest. Not so useful in fomenting social change, but it sure is a good time!

Salamander is sure Obama is totally scared:

He’s probably sitting in a dark room somewhere right now, chain smoking, rocking back and forth, sobbing

This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening
This isn’t happening

*But*...it is...:)

Palladin wishes Obama would come out and address the crowd, or fight him, or something:

Where is the cowardly President?

supremedoctrine seems to have transcended normal paragraphing or capitalization:
A MILLION OR TWO people is hard to ignore, and the Dem Power Elite, with Zero at the top, will only be doing themselves a disservice by pretending, as their spinmeister/strategists were this morning, that it’s entirely normal , and this protest is basically no different from Code Pink’s presence at Anti-Bush/Iraq war rallies. Their tune will have to change a little when the actual numbers are figured out, and then submitted to the
“Dem Strategists” over the next several days. I can’t wait to hear how Bad Bobby Gibbs handles this, but I think there is bound to be official word from the WH itself that will be designed STRICTLY TO ASSUAGE WHAT IS GOING TO BE A GROUNDSWELL THAT IS GOING TO GO ON IN A HUNDRED DIFFERENT WAYS ALL FALL AND WINTER IF NECESSARY. The absolute first order of business, though, should be a concerted effort to make them pay attention by making every effort to replace THEIR majority with OURS in 2010.
Emmett McCarthy is all about the data. The totally anecdotal, biased data:

A friend who is in DC and has lived there for all his 60 some years of life was there and he said it is the single largest demonstration he’s ever seen. Yeah, he was around for the civil rights, anti-war stuff since Vietnam, the million man crap. All of it. This one he was, of course, personally invested in, but he said it was a glorious thing to behold. I want ObaMao to have “stuff” running down his leg. Yeah, bring on your ACORN and SEIU goons and let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

grateful also brings on the Science. Also tears:

Whatever the size of the crowds, from the pictures I’ve seen it far surpassed any expectations I had.

It’s so beautiful... my screen just went blurry.

Judith Anne has her own reality. I'm sure it's nice:

I am quite certain that there were over a million, maybe closer to two.

And I am absolutely certain that no matter how the numbers are spun, or lied about, or fudged, or minimized by the Democraps, they are absolutely all terrified. They know what the real numbers were, and they know what the real numbers mean: it means that their DAYS are numbered.

Anybody who would go to the trouble of getting into that demonstration today is going to be an activist, a voter, and voting against Washington’s disgusting, corrupt, communist manipulation. And for everyone that was there, there were 5 who wanted to be, who couldn’t. And all of us feel the same way. AND WE VOTE!

Windflier answers the question on everyone's lips:

This was The People's day. Sarah knew better than to show up and suck all the air out of it. Love her though we do.

There's plenty time for her to be the center of attention later.

And now this word from outer space

10 minutes of hate edition:

What can you say on a day like today except: to hell with Islam! It's truly something to be hated. It needs to be destroyed. This rancid, wretched, repellent, reptilian religion should be rudely crudely slam-dunked into the dustbin of history.

Today is a day of remembrance. It ought to be a Day of Rage. Today we all quietly reflect. But we ought to loudly retaliate.

For the sake of "remembrance," why not knock off a few hundred religious and political leaders in Saudi Arabia and Iran? Then we could quietly reflectively glory in it.

The ambitious and loathsome philosophy of Islam simply needs to be killed. Lest it kill us.

We need to confront this ridiculous jackass belief-system with an attitude of: no surrender, no retreat, no appeasement, no accommodation, no modus vivendidi -- and no mercy. We need to attack and destroy.

Crazy supplied by Zanton

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Primal yearnings to be rid of this damn civilization dominated last week:

Stayfree knows Obama's secret thoughts:

Van Jones in his own words speaks for Barack Hussein Obama. Both of them are angry black men who are racist white-haters! Obama chose Rev. Wright and Van Jones because they all think alike!!!!!!!!

Uncle Miltie has the wrong slogan:


If the flames of the pyre are tall enough, history will be well informed, and no President will ever try to CONTROL OUR BODIES like this commie b*stard.
LibLieSlayer is not a big fan of civilization:

Screw protocol... BRING BACK DUELING!


KevinDavis as well:
Bolton never met a war he didn't like.


Booyaa! All wars RULE!

muawiyah on crime and punishment:

I think when we deal with murderers we have to create a continuum of acts and punishments, and moderate the punishment in terms of the numbers. For instance, T-bone a car and kill a driver ~ 6 months. T-bone an SUV and kill an entire Cub Scout patrol ~ a year. Shoot a guy in church. 10 years. Kill 60,000 babies. Strip your skin off an inch at a time while roasting you over a low fire until you expire ~ kind of soften you up for Hell.

muawiyah again, on Tiller:
Tiller's killing was an accident on Tiller's part. He packed heat all the time. What happened is that even he felt safe in church. Little did he expect that some people don't care!

While Tiller was passing out the programs the shooter beat him to the draw.

Nothing more to it than that. A fair killing in the days before dueling was abolished.

Should we adjust our laws to bring back those days someone like Tiller would certainly be more careful.
American Silver Eagle on how racism is a myth:
The term "racism" is a Marxist invention. When Whites engage in favoritism toward other Whites (and therefore discrimination against non-whites), it’s called “racism”. When other groups engage in favoritism, it’s called “ethnic solidarity”. When Whites object to Jewish favoritism, it’s called “anti-semitism”. When you buy into these word games, it’s called being a useful idiot.
Drill Thrawl doesn't know much about the results of the Peloponnesian War:

This is madness. Unfortunately we are NOT Sparta.

I don’t think our racist president will be happy until America is a 4th world country.

Can we survive the next 3.5 years?

Spartans may have looked awesome and oiled and all, but they lost effete, liberal to Athens in the end!

is furious Obama won't apologize to China:
So it appears that China is the only country Obama hasn't apologized to so far.

And they're the only ones who could call in their markers and bankrupt the country.

It's clear to me that he is bound and determined to destroy this nation before his first term ends!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Pix

Wow, a sticker that mentions CNN in a bad light has been placed somewhere! This proves CNN is gay! But the US is full of anti-Obama and Bush stickers...

I'll let this pic stand for the approximately 1 thousand 9-11 fetish pics posted on Free Republic lately.

Ah, Freepers, they love their Gadsen!

Is it me, or does this make Palin seem more maniac then badass?

So Palin is going to return next movie, only all dressed in white? Also, love the Joker-Balrog-Obama.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Who is the enemy?

Happy enemy day, everyone! Today all Freepers get together and hate on whatever enemy they pick. This works best if you lump one person into multiple hated camps. Hence Obama the Muslim-fascist-atheist-gay-Nazi-commie.

Vaquero has a new classification for the President:
The President has made clear that our mission is to disrupt, defeat, and destroy al-Qa’ida

Leon? the _resident IS al-Qa’ida...

and I thought you were quitting?
I should say I see this like I see "the President is a breach of protocol" line. It's not about truth, it's about purported cleverness.

screaminsunshine is pretty sure others share her hate:

I wonder when some aggrivated CIA agent is going to drop one on Obama/Pelosi.

workerbee is unhappy some people are not celebrating enemy day the way he will. Of course, this makes them enemies:
Have a great National Day of Service day! Have you prayed with a Muslim yet?
MestaMachine is angry at Afghanistan:

I’ve been fighting this crap since he got here. I am on a personal vendetta against McChrystal for what he is doing over there. It is insane. It is criminal. He is committing outright murder, and he should be relieved of command and shot at sunrise along with his treasonous boss.


The first step in boosting [CIA] morale is to get rid of the Clinton “Butt boy.”

Joe Boucher

Leon Panetta seems like a typical political hack afraid to take a real stand for his agency or their operatives.
Panetta like Ozero deserve to be hung for sedition.
Panetta knows what this marxist p.o.s. poser is up to and does nothing.

Hope your hate burns bright to day. They key is to stay away from service.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A new conservative star is born

And his name is Joe! Awesome! Who cares if this leads directly into the narrative of angry, irrational Republicans!

Always Right isn't handicapped by his inability to understand proper context
Obama is such an egomaniac. He can accuse his opponents of lying, but don't dare call Obama one.
He's handi-capable!

Interesting Times
goes back to some sort of Joe-the-Plumber flashback.

I am Joe Wilson.

luvEastTenn has this inexplicable wish:

I hope Wilson’s wife isn’t the one who gave him a talking-to or put a guilt trip on him. I can see a spouse saying, “Honey, I can’t believe your outburst. Now we’re REALLY in big trouble.” It’s so refreshing to hear someone speak TRUTH to power and in public. I was hoping for just such a moment.

dannyboy72a is sure Joe destroyed Obama's speech:

Wilson spoke with his heart in the People’s House. I personally have been calling for someone to stand up to him at this speech. The MSM was forced to cover the townhalls after videos went viral. The same will be true of this outburst. The Speech tonight is now completely drowned out by two little words - truth spoken to power. Two words and everything Obama and his handlers wanted to accomplish went out the window.

LS has inescapable logic:

Everyone needs to support the congressman, who will catch hell for this. I realize it’s a breach of protocol-—but Obama himself is a “breach of protocol” against the very institutions of this country.

Then there was the anti-Michelle Obama hate. Not sure why...
"Overhead in the visitors' gallery, first Lady Michelle Obama shook her head from side to..."

"I'm gonna get you SUCKA!"
first Lady Michelle Obama

"Lady Michelle Obama?"


Ghost of Philip Marlowe

Hey, Michelle.

Sucks, doesn’t it, when people use your radical tactics against you?

Gee, I wonder if Michelle the Dumbell ever yelled “Liar” at her TV set when President Bush was speaking.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Free Republic can get pretty repetitive. All political discussions end up devolving to a few common resonant themes. Yet I must admit I am continually fascinated by Freepers relationships to gender roles. Maybe because it's so alien to me. I mean, I understand violent impulses. But this sort of stuff...It's like a whole other species.

freebilly starts off with an attack on how girly text messaging is:

Too few warriors left in the bunch of feminized narcissistic text messaging pukes that call themselves men these days....

REAL men eschew technology. Except for guns.

tom h
picks up on that theme:

Ensuring boys do not become more emasculated deserves an entire column in itself. Some ideas:

Throw away your son’s iPod, X-Box, video games, etc.; or ban them except for limited times on weekends, and never during the day in summer.

Get them involved in hard work outdoors — building fences, trail-clearing work (if teenagers), car maintenance, painting outdoors, etc. Boys WANT to be real guys but they need examples from their Dads or other trusted men.

Apple Pan Dowdy knows what makes a real man: lifting stuff for ladies!

Here in the “south” we still have men who are real men. I see daily evidence of men opening doors, lifting heavy stuff to help someone, and a lot of other gentlemanly conduct. I guess that is because they know that “southern” ladies still expect it and love them for it.

Check this out - I hold the door for everyone!

Bulldawg Fan knows that when you complain about being male, complaining about being white is pretty close:

Take a look at the latest tv commercial attack on white men. The McDonalds commercial where some pimp-looking white guy is the semi slave boy for a hulking black athelete, providing the bag of McDonald’s food at the demand of the black guy and never even realizing how bad it makes him look.

Oh, and he also seems to be paranoid.

has this thing he does with his daughters. This isn't so horrible, but it struck me as...odd.

I take my girls out on a "Date" a few times a year, each one individually. We have a good dinner at a nice restaurant of there choice, and some activity again of their choice. I want them to grow up knowing how they are supposed to be treated. My wife and I have a wonderful relationship (18 years next month), so I hope my wife has been a good example as to how to treat men, and what to expect and a good relationship.

practice dating with your dad just seems issue-laden to me. But then maybe I read too many Greek tragedies.

has a story. And it's a whopper:

One of mine was hounded out of a class in the Criminal Justice course entitled Women and Domestic Violence (or something to that effect).

He was the only male in the class and took an inordinate amount of verbal abuse from the girls and women, and the female instructor.

One girl turned in her seat and hit him on the chest.

He dropped the class and changed degree programs.

Yes, he complained but was told he was a big guy (6’ 3”) so too bad about it.

Yes, entire classes of man-hating lezbonazis! They're just down the hall from the wellfare queens.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tuesday Potpurri

Anti-Muslim sentiment and Obama school fear:

monday is all about colonialism.
We shouldn't be trying to occupy or civilize either Afghanistan or Iraq. They are Muslim countries and are therefor culturally impossible to civilize. It can't be done. The only thing they respect is brute force. We should hyave bombed both countries till the rubble bounced then warned them if they F’ed with us again we would be back to do it again. To hell with nation building. You can't build a civilized self governing nation out of a pack of animals.
Nathan Zachary has some interesting Constitutional scholarship.

The constitution was based on Christianity, not Islam, Buddhism, and Hindi. “Church” Is a christian term, not any other religions.
Laws concerning the church apply only the Christianity, it does NOT protect blood cults like Islam.

I've honestly never heard that particular spin on the Constitution.

Niuhuru is itching for a fight:

And at some point we’ll all get fed up and Nuke Mecca and lash out as well. Christians and Jews can get together and fight this out once and for all. I am sure I am not the only one itching for a fight.

LearsFool has a plan:
No need for sharia law. Just put the pope back in power and heretics can once again be, umm, "silenced".
I think being pro-inquisition is the most conservative thing I've seen ever anywhere.

on public school and millstones:

I beg all men of goodwill to do whatever you can to do whatever it takes to ensure the gubment-run pubic schools don’t get any access to your children.

HOME SCHOOL is the best option.
Private School if you just can’t home school.

We have reached a turning point: it is hard to argue that it is not a form of child abuse to send your child to a gubment-run pubic school.

The bible explains that eternal millstones await those who lead a child astray (for example: by sending him to a pubic school, knowing that all such schools are determined to constantly fill him with anti-Chiristian culture-of-death propganda, when you did not even consider sacrificing to provide another option that would not constantly subject him to such vile assaults on his dignity and virtue).

raptor29 encouraging violence in his fellow Freepers:

“I’m torn between wanting to lock and load and falling on my knees asking God to take these evil people out of MY AMERICA!!!”

The Lord helps those who help themselves.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday Pix


Posted without further comment

Yay, fallacy of confirmation!

See, to me, this illustrates that bellyachers have been predicting doom forever.

Yes, the irrelevant President.

I think this is a mistake. Napolean is hardly a supervillian.

Finger biting fascists!

So there was a scuffle between pro and anti-health care people, and when the dust settled one guy was sans-finger. Freepers are pretty eager to impute this to all liberals everywhere and draw appropriate conclusions:

LibWhacker sees gayness:
Figures. Sissy leftists bite. Hope the old guy doesn't get AIDS.
machogirl goes straight to conspiracy mode:

heck of a bite. wonder if it was staged (dems will do anything for their leader, even cut off their own finger) semi-satire alert

semi-satire alert, eh? Well, alright then.

Ghost of Philip Marlowe is excited about this.
brass knuckles. Anything.

If that’s the way they want it. We can play dirty.

And martial law won’t stop a damn thing of that’s the plan of the Commie in Chief.

Watch out, people! Freepers have threatened for the thousandth time to get violent!

sees it as a Red Dawn type underdog situation:

Judging by the picture and the account, the Obama thugs had the real Americans outnumbered about 25 to 1. No wonder they felt so bold.

Wow, real Americans sure seem rare! I wonder where the other people live?

floriduh voter has some conclusions to draw:

Well, Obama pays some of his thugs $600.00. That buys a lot of crack. How many druggies are working for Barack Obama’s thugocracy????? Keep them high and they’re obedient to a fault.

a fool in paradise is all about the legal theories:

RICO laws may be applicable. The goons are trying to shut down private insurance and medical care. There lies the commerical interest for the racketeering charge.

The First Amendment, on the other hand, only applies to real Americans.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who made the Kabul contractors gay?

There's some somewhat homoerotic escapades going on in the contractor we hired to guard places in Kabul. It's hilarious watching the Freepers, in the course of only like 20 posts, blame everyone for this gayness.

Clemenza blames the Muslims:

Well, the local Pashtuns have been doing this for thousands of years. Nice to see it rubbed off (EWW!) on the Americans.

savagesusie blames Hitler:
A preview of what the military forces would be like if Don't Ask, Don't Tell was revoked and gays got into positions of power over new recruits.

The Hitler Youth group evolved from a German "boy scout" organization founded by a homosexual in Germany in the late 1800's. (Pink Swastika) It was formed so that men had access to a lot of boys out in the wilderness for orgies, etc. and to recruit them into the military where homosexuality was rampant in Germany (especially in the SS). All other nations were aware of "the German Vice". (Kind of like the ancient Greeks)
longtermmemmory blames the state department (who I assume hired these guys?)

The State Department full of sexually deviants....IOW same old same old from the state department.

Diogenesis blames Clinton and the Dems:

Must be either a Clinton, State Dept or DNC thing.

wtc911 blames Obama:

Obama’s war.

Et tu, Levi?

Levi Johnston, father of Bristol Palin's baby, has a new book out. He's been making the TV circuit, telling some pretty incredible stories about Sarah. Personally, I don't buy it. Palin called her son "the retarded child?" even as a joke? Palin is a lazy couch potato? He's lying to cash in.

But Freepers loved him once. And if there is anything Freepers hate more than successful liberals, it's traitors to the cause. Add in that this is an attack on Their Palin and...it's extra crazy in there:

Arthur McGowan has decided Levi has a little bit of everything evil in him:

I’m beginning to suspect that he wanted Bristol to get an abortion—perhaps without telling her parents.

He really seems to be a on a Jihad.

Plus, there’s that dragging a $100 bill thing.

Wow, pro-choice, Muslim-esque AND trailer trash?

july4thfreedomfoundation is pretty sure he must be gay, as all evil men are. He's also some unspecified criminal:

When Levi winds up in prison in the near future after his self-destruction, he will have plenty of opportunities to have gay sex.

Concho solves the unspecified part, hoping he gets set up on a phony drug charge:

Drop a bag on him, then drop a dime on him. Send him away.

growingpains prefers to abuse the legal system to get his revenge:

Now that Sarah is a private citizen, she should line up the lawyers and hit him with lawsuit after lawsuit that his financial future is wrecked and he wish he were dead.

Proud_USA_Republican doesn't want jail or financial ruin, just physical ruin:

If I was the “First Dude”, I would find that no-class POS and beat him to an inch of his life, even if he was the biological father of one of my grandchildren.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why the Obama Administration Will Implode In Weeks...why it is a forgone conclusion.

Obama's polls are not doing well, and Freepers are torn between hubristic claims of total, inevitable victory and dark speculations of how they will still lose:

HamiltonJay is sure 53% approval is what happens right before impeachment:

From messiah to lame duck in 8 months.

Fauxbama is on his way very likely to be the first person impeached and convicted in my lifetime.

Pelosi will be gone as speaker after 10 elections and Reid won’t even win re-election.

His actions in many areas are unconstitutional and his popular support is heading down to 30% range.

He’s a lame duck, and he doesn’t even know it. Its really sad watching someone who is copletely unable to handle a job, either by ability or work ethic, trying to do it. It would be comical if this wasn’t the Presidency we were talking about.

April Lexington has some advice for Obama:
The Failed Obama Administration ©!

Here's what you do Barack... fire all of your communists and black radical communists and stuff your administration with Clinton and Bush appointees. Ditch the "un-American" Czars and restore the cabinet system. Then, appoint a conservative to the next Supreme Court vacancy.

You will save your reputation and legacy. Ignore this advice and go down in history as the biggest joke to ever occupy the White House...It's your choice, Mr. president. Your legacy is at stake. Leadership is required...
Clinton appointees? This nostalgia for Clinton is happening more and more on Free Republic. No nostalgia for Carter though. Interesting.

subterfuge is less sanguine. Cause the usually loud(?) voice of the poor and illeagal is quiet.
I don't see anything in the article describing how president urkle's administration will "implode." Here are my bullet points:

-Liberals don't give a damn what he does.

-The "poor" don't care who he taxes, or care how much.

-The "poor" don't even comprehend what the deficit is or means.

-Illegals don't care about cap & trade.

-The "uninsured" have all the healthcare they need, so they don't care what Bama does.

scottiemom may think this was Stormfront.
I would be just ducky to see this happen but I still contend that this “son of perdition” will remain in office and so none can rest. This devil has something far more distasteful up his designer shirt sleeve. Ah, yes the race card that will trump us all.

MARK MY WORDS: He will introduce something to benefit the black population with regard to compensation for the abuse delivered them from slavery. That is what will cause the country to implode on itself... a race war to end all race wars. If it was just a matter of his administration this would be great news. He, dear friends, wants to hand us over to world domination and stopping his policies at the present are small potatoes if we don't get him out of the whitehouse. ‘He who has an ear, let him hear...”
Race war to end all race wars? Doubt it, ya damn daft racist.

TigersEye is also not optimistic, cause the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy rolls on:

But from his POV he hasn’t blown anything. He has moved the agenda forward by leaps compared to what the Clintons accomplished in 8 years. As for how well it’s going over; he was elected. He and all of his Marxist fellow travelers expect setbacks. Then they regroup and keep pushing it. This has been going on for over 100 years now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The IRS: The enemy within

The IRS has a new plan to catch tax cheats - check if their income is more than the amount they pay in mortgage interest. Freepers see this as a good reason to dump on the IRS.

unixfox knows what's up with these government bureaucrats:
I think in audit of the IRS and the FED would turn up some interesting data. TRAITORS ALL OF THEM!
And then, later, he calls them:
Economic Terrorists.
EyeGuy knows this is all bout sticking it to whitey, since only whites have houses:

Based on the demographic breakdown of just WHO is more likely to default on their mortgages, this is blatant racial profiling by the zero administration.

Anyone surprised?

I thought freepers hated disparate impact arguments?

likes the bold:

IMHO they are tryig to make it hard to go "GALT".

No Socialist feels targeted, though I'm not sure why:

Great! I’m a roofer and don’t get a whole lot people paying for their roofs in cash, but I’m targeted by highly intellectual Obama as a tax cheat. These people make me sick. Obama and his communist buddies know that they won’t have their majority long, that’s why we hear about some new sick communist plan almost everyday.

The IRS is commies now?

ClearCase_guy has a well thought out plan:
Government is a criminal operation and should be prosecuted under RICO.
There may be some issues with that...