Monday, September 30, 2013

Iran owns Obama

Obama and the Iranian President spoke on the phone. While I'm not sure of it's importance practically, it is pretty big news for diplomacy geeks. Which Freepers are not. Also, everything Obama does is not just wrong, but sinister in a way only Freepers can sense.

Vermont Lt is preemptively preparing new conspiracy theories for Syria:
He is saying to the Iranian,
,br/> “Look, we need another war right now. Unless you want to be on the receiving end, you will get Assad to use those chemical weapons again. I really, really need a war.”
austinaero is one of a million people to make this false equivalence :
Obama talks to the Iranians but not the Republicans,,but Obama has the country’s best interests at heart,yah,,riiiight
Gen.Blather - if we don't bomb Iran, it'll be Nazi Germany!
With this phone call, bearing Hassan Rouhani’s return number, I give you peace in our time!
BigBobber is sure Obama seemed weak, reaching out and all:
,br/> The Iranian stood up the pretender on their first date at the UN, but the lovesick wall flower calls up Iran AGAIN to beg for another date?
,br/> This guy has no shame and no self-respect. Like high school girls giggling at the class nerd when he walks by them in the hallway, the world’s leaders are secretly giggling at Obama behind his back.
,br/> Sadly, he drags this country down with him.
Dog also reads the Iranian mind:
Obama called the Iranian at his hotel....shocked the Iranians....weakness on display for the world to see per usual.
If it actually happened, I wonder if Hassan Rouhani handed the phone to one of his servants to pretend to be him.
SunkenCiv just hopes for Obama's death:
The ideal outcome would be face to face talks between the two “leaders”, during which a wahhabi / salafist / (fill in the blank from the pro-Iranian playbook) jihadist suicide bomber blows both of them to bits.

I’d be headed for Disneyworld if that happened.
bigtoona thinks Obama is an Iranian plant. After all, Obama is a secret servant of every country Freepers don't like:
He’s calling the mother ship for his next set of orders.
edpc is sure Obama talking to Iran means the end times:
I am far from a biblical scholar and don't go to church as often as I should. However....

Given the fact we have Obama conversing with Rouhani, the UN working on the Syrian chemical weapons/civil war issue, and the renewal of Israel/Palestinian talks, how far off can Daniel 9:27 be?

Monday Potpourri

ClearCase_guy's reaction to the Kenyan mall attack:
I'm assuming there is a Muslim neighborhood somewhat in the area ... why not napalm it. Then napalm it again?
Just because.
a fool in paradise joins the ranks of Freepers secretly hoping for a domestic terror attack to confirm all their loathing.
Such an attack abroad serves as a trial exercise (see what goes right/wrong).

The 9-11 attack was preceded by an earlier attack on the WTC (which was also designed to topple the building onto surrounding real estate). There were also earlier attacks on US interests.

The fruit of the boom panty bomber was on a Christmas flight.

The Boston bombers struck on Patriot's Day. Terrorists attacked on 9-11-2012 in Benghazi.

Dates mean things to them. And this administration has no spine.
Organic Panic - Facebook spying saves lives:
St. Trayvon of Skittles would probably still be alive if someone who cared about him or law enforcement had been spying on his facebook page.
Sir Francis Dashwood :
New casting for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy...

Eye of Sauron = Eye of Soros

Sarumon = Harry Reid

Legolas = Ted Cruz

Arwen = Sarah Palin

Witch King of Angmar = Obama

King of Gondor = Rand Paul

King of Rohan = Vlad Putin

Gollum = Dennis Kucinich

Mouth of Sauron = Nasty Pelousy

Lord Elrond = Rick Perry

Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry and the Hobbits = All of US
GrandJediMasterYoda has decided Starbucks poisons their coffee because they asked people not to take their guns inside:
When there’s a psycho trying to kill, God is the man who carries. And BTW: Starbucks coffee literally gets me sick. One or two sips and 1st comes the hiccups then the vomit, every-single-time I’ve drank their coffee. It’s poison that stuff I don’t care what anyone says, like someone sprays their coffee beans with anti-freeze. I can drink any other coffee but Starbucks.
Mamzelle revels in the misery of people she never talks to. Is there some kind of assholery beyond asshole?
I don’t speak to liberals. LOL. So I wouldn’t know if they’re eating the crap sandwich they made for the rest of the country. I do love to hear about liberals losing their health care and their jobs.
fwdude also:
I hope every Obamabot piece of excrement loses its job, home, car, health.
The Sons of Liberty is pretty proud of the fantasy world he's embraced:
Yesterday, Obama Was Not My President--or Yours

The ILLEGAL, usurping kenyan/indonesian commie
NEVER HAS BEEN, NEVER WILL BE!I consider the office vacant since noon January 20, 2009 and I strongly suspect that when historians objectively view the facts, they will conclude that Baraq Hussein 0bama illegally occupied the office and usurped the powers. 

who knows what evil? expects doctors will soon be driven into homicidal rage by Obamacare:
There will be others like Dr. Henderson, but they will decide to take some other people with them. May the people that support ObamaCare and that voted for Zero in the first place be cursed for what they have done to this country and their fellow Americans.
All liberals hate themselves and feel guilty, but of course don’t have the courage to simply off themselves

They take their frustration out on other people and then try to congratulate themselves on how worldly they are
Responsibility2nd starts the Christmas Freeper asshole season early!
It’s not just the shopping that will be affected. It’ll be the charity donations.

This is do-or-die time for the charities. From the kettles of the Salvation Army to the United Way agencies and thousands more; they ALL will be begging for money.

I think I’ll xerox my paystub only showing what my new Obamacare related health premiums will be and say: “Wish I could help you, but Uncle Hussein took all my excess charity monies AND MORE!”
Popular science stopped allowing comments because it was always a partisan foodfight. catnipman knows what that means!
So, popsci has decided to go fascist.
lavaroise literally thinks everyone he doesn't like is gay:
When the heck was it ever wrong in America in complaining about cable service, bad government or anything else?

Oh yeah, ever since the hate crime laws and the fags who cannot be criticized.

MacCain needs to come out the closet, he is gayer than his fat daughter.
WVNan is sure America is at it's worst:
These are the worst times because we have the wrong president.
Logical me - UNITY! Also, PURITY!
It seems almost impossible to convince Republicans to quit tearing down their own. The exception is RINOs that are really communists Democrats.
informavoracious knows John Kerry ain't manly enough to fake-fillibuster.
Can you imagine Merry Kerry doing what Cruz did last night? He wouldn’t last past the first 20 minutes.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Spotlight Friday: traditional1

Huh. Looks like this guy got suspended round about Tuesday. Can't tell why.

Well, traditional1 has gone down the road so many partisans get to - nihilism. No one has done what he knows has to be done, so now we're doomed. All elections are stolen, all cities are taken over by the 'tribal parasite class' and there is no hope. Well, maybe Cruz and Palin, but they are probably doomed.

Democratic Voter fraud is everywhere:
If it’s close, Dem vote fraud will assure a Dem win.....happens everywhere in every election.
Chuck Schumer? Totally gay:
Yeah; faggots stick together, alright (pun intended).

The poors are all lazy!
about 15 million of them didn't have a job during the year

How many of those 15 million are U.S. Citizens, and, more importantly, how many of those 15 million have NEVER worked for a living, but are 4th generation inner-city tribal parasites?

These "poor" are mere tools on the Democrat Plantation, who have no intentions of EVER being employed and doing other than living off others' earnings, handed to them in so many ways, shapes, and forms.

You should have 3 years (or less) allowable living on Assistance, and then, you are on your own!
Today, in honor of Bisexual Visibility Day there will be a White House roundtable discussion “about issues facing the bisexual community” attracting bisexual activists from around the nation

THIS is how low Amerika has sunk...can you even IMAGINE a REAL POTUS entertaining sex deviates, and making such a mockery of The Office???

We are the laughingstock of the world now......
Feminists aren't lesbians, they're sluts!
Horny Men everywhere rejoice in Women's "liberation", where they have casual sex freely, and abort the babies, so men can have a good time with NO RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, whatsoever....
The ever shrinking GOP tent:
[Obama's] meeting with only Democrats (McConnell and Boehner are Democrats, for all intents and purposes, and have NO opposition to whatever The Messiah tells them to do, and they go along with the Dem’s whenever necessary. Their phony “for show” antics are only to allow them to falsely claim they are fighting him......what a disgusting pair of whores....
Does ANYONE doubt that the Progressives, using their propoganda arm (the State-Run-Media) will not be 24/7 showing starving Seniors, children, poor people and such, blaming it ALL on Republicans, the Tea Party, Extreme-Right-Wingers, etc., and selectively PUNISHING everyone EXCEPT there voterbase????

Do you EVER hear anyone talk about cutting the $2 Billion spent on Obamaphones in ANY of this? No? Why?

Because Obamaphones NEARLY EXCLUSIVELY are used by inner-city tribal parasites only, and THEY cannot be inconvienienced, and if an attempt were made to stop the practice of "Free Cellphones" for them, Holder would IMMEDIATELY launch a Civil Rights Complaint to show "Disparate Impact".

Why can we not show "Disparate Impact" on the set-asides for inner-city tribal parasites that are in place NOW, and stop the handouts????? Obamacare has "Disparate Impact", too, in that those who live off others (Welfare parasites) will not have to pay for it, while those who work for a living DO HAVE TO PAY? How is that "Equal Protection" for this "tax" (as John Roberts decided)?????
The oppression of not being able to say nigger:
We have NATIONALLY banned Free Speech; you can't use the "N" word, under penalty of "Hate Crime", etc.

How is the "N" word not protected by "Free Speech"?
2016 is already stolen, time for Civil War 2!
It will make NO difference in 2016 WHO runs as a (D)....the fix is in, the Elections are now all KNOWN as to outcomes (Fraud, Electronic control of the "vote count", and a parasitic majority of people in the USA who live off others, ALL will result in continued Communist/Socialist/Progressive/Anti-Constitution/anti-Christianity/Indoctrination and State-Run-Media control until a Civil War or Revolution occurs.

There's now way to win back this country at the "ballot box", and those who don't believe that are delusional.

Good luck.....
Only ethnics are on food stamps:

WHY is it that ONLY Ethnics are complaining about their EBT's gonna be cut, whereas, there's no outcry from Whitey?

Couldn't be that the EBT's are used for lots o' things, other than FOOD, could it?

Drug Testing, Public Works MANDATORY work, and LIFETIME suspension from Public Assistance IN ALL FORMS for anyone caught using that Assistance ILLEGALLY, OR, a 5 year suspension if you are on Public Assistance OF ANY KIND, if you fail Random Drug Testing, PERIOD.

Yeah; I know....." THAT's RACIST".....

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Crusades Reconsidered

Freepers' racism is at such a level at the moment, it's hard to remember how crazy their anti-Muslim position is.

Here, they not only endorse religious war both now and then, they cozy up with a number of other excesses of history:

jeffc thinks Crusade is only meant badly these days.
Why do we let the word "Crusades" be defined as "mean" and "hurtful", when the word "jihad" is not? It's not like the mooselimbs were ever ever downtrodden (Ottoman Empire, anyone?). Besides, the Crusades were only responses to the mooselimbs attacks on Europe.

Doesn't anyone study or know history anymore, or do they just listen to and believe everything they hear and read from the agenda-driven "news" media?

I say we should announce a new Crusade to rid the earth of the filthy radical mooselimb bent on destroying and subjugating the West. And really do it.
Venturer explains that a new religious war would make the world peaceful:
I am no historian by any means , but Muslims appear to be a fairly peaceful people as long as there are not too many of them.

A new Crusade to lower their numbers would lead to a more peaceful world.
ClearBlueSky thinks Venturer is soft on Islam
“Fairly peaceful people”- with a ‘submit or die’ philosophy? That’s like saying Nazism is a fairly peaceful ideology as long as there is no SS. In Islam EVERYONE is the SS- it’s just that not all squads are activated yet.
MeshugeMikey has even declared war on apostrophes!
Crusades II. 
Were Not Done Yet
MeshugeMikey thinks the holy war can only come after the race war:
America doesnt seem prepared to wage a Crusade against “no_limit_niggas” at this point so Im not certain tha anything would inspire her to defend herself from islamic THUGS.

I pray that Im wrong!
LibLieSlayer has millennium old regrets:
moovova is terrified of rug store owners:
My wife and I were out yesterday visiting various rug stores. As is very often the case, a number of these retailers were run by folks of ME “descent”. It actually made my skin crawl...made me nervous to be there.

Irrational feelings? Maybe.

Rational and prudent feelings? Probably.
Georgia Girl 2 - all Muslims inbreed:
Well the good news is that they are lot dumber than they were in 632 due to over 14 centuries of marrying their first cousins. The second crusade should be a little easier. :-)
Georgia Girl 2 thinks the Muslim purge is acommin' and it's all Obama's fault:
Wait until a few of the ones Barky is letting in from Palestine and Syria blow themselves up at the food court in the Mall. I think you will see a mini crusade at that point.
headsonpikes uses imaginary Muslims to dismiss a dissenter:
It’s this sort of bigotry that has made FR a laughingstock all over the internet.

It’s your sort of political blindness that has made the USA a laughingstock all around the Dar-el-Islam.
Lion Den Dan's poor bishop...
Weekly, I pester my priest and the bishop to fund an armed force to protect Christians in the Middle East. Granted, they are low level but in the “chain of command,” so to speak and one has to start somewhere.
EQAndyBuzz has a plan:
We need to start with arming the Copts so they can defend themselves. Then add western countries special forces to the mix to help train.

Finally we need American missionaries who were former American military to travel through African continent and assist Christian nations with rebuilding the Church and the faith.

Raise pigs for food. That in and of itself will keep the religious fanatics away, hence they are killed and their rotting corpses encased in pig entrails.

If we don’t strike back, pretty soon it will be the commies on one side, the Muzzies on the other side and America and Israel caught in the middle. Put a traitor in the oval office with fanatical ties to both and we are doomed.

Oh wait......
I question BuffaloJack's sources...
Let’s also correct the lies told about Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan did not destroy and pillage like I was always told. The Khan wanted a large empire for commerce. His armies conquered cities and changed governments. He allowed the citizens to keep their businesses, religion and freedoms, he just wanted trade. The only exceptions were Islamic cities. These gave him so many problems that his only course of action was to raze them to the ground. He could not negotiate with them and could not allow them to exist as they were a danger to everyone around them. The Khan did not destroy Christian, Hindu or even Pagan cities, just Islamic.
blackpacific would like to endorse the Inquisition as well!
I did not know it had a name, but the Spanish and the Catholic Church have been condemned by the moderns over their method of rooting out fake Christians while successfully prosecuting a guerilla war with the Muslims, a war that lasted over 400 years.

The moral of that story should be: when you fight that cancer, make sure you have air, land, sea, space, and intel superiority.

The current administration is making a huge strategic mistake with regard to the “War on Terra” by using NSA developed tools against domestic political opponents, thereby revealing those capabilities to the Muslim world.

President Obama's best friend from high school

The always dependable Daily Mail reported that one of Obama's high school classmates is not a good human being. Freepers, not ones to care about much else than burnishing their own narrative these days, are pretty excited.

ryan71 knows what this says about Obama!
You are who your friends are.

He has a long list of scumbag friends.
Doogle is one of maybe a dozen Freepers to trivialize rape:
...yeah Barry brutally rape and abuse a country
A Freeper calls them out for overusing 'rape', but no one replies to him.

Uncle Miltie thinks Obama is segregationist??
“Panahou High School”

“Punahou” is the correct spelling.

It is a high end private school like 0bama send his kids to.

The kind of private school 0bama will not allow poorer people to go to with government school funds.

Racist segregationist bastard (a true statement, I believe) that he is.
Cicero - Obama is gay.
Different paths: hetero and homo.
Albion Wilde knows what Obama is planning:
Presidential pardon.
PGR88 wishes American newspapers would get as petty as British ones:
Its really sad when only foreign newspapers will report such things.
MinuteGal is sure this guy knows too much and will soon be assassinated...
From his photos, this guy looks like he's in the lower percentile on the evolution scale.

Instead of turning to crime, he evidently was so dense that he couldn't find a couple of rags to tell his Obama stories to. He must know at least SOMETHING or other that's juicy. They could give him a lie detector test to see if he was fabricating. There's always some in the media that pay for information, sleazy or not.

Maybe he will sing in jail....if he lives that long.

Reminds me of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, a bunch of Weathermen-types (Bill Ayers & Co.) that terrorized Germany in the 70's. The government captured a whole bunch of them and held them in jail. The gang members were despised by the government and public. Germany has no death sentence. One night three of the gang, mixed male and female, neatly "committed suicide" at the same time on the same night in different locations.

Raised eyebrows afterwards, but no one gave a hoot and the three didn't have be supported by the State for the rest of their lives....and everyone got the drift that they were deliberately snuffed.

If I were the authorities, I would keep this old Obama schoolmate in a protected cell area....he may just meet the fate of the Baader gang members if certain agents of a certain personage think he has certain damaging knowledge he may decide to spill.
surrey is sure there's a conspiracy somewhere in here!
I’ve always thought that Barry looked older than most of his classmates. Maybe, his birthdate isn’t correct. Everything else about him is bizarre.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kenyan mall shooting

It may not have been in the US, but there was an actual Muslim terrorist attack over the weekend. Freepers respond in form, but you can tell they kinda wish this sort of thing would happen in the US.

ought-six would like to use this as an opportunity to bash American blacks for being violent:
68 dead and 175 wounded? Hell, that’s just a typical weekend in Chicago.
canuck_conservative makes the inevitable connection:
Kenya .... Oboingo’s birthplace, yet he’s been strangely silent on this .... hmmmm ....
envisio has looked deep into the Muslim soul and knows they all secretly love terrorism, including Obama:
[Obama] is doing what every other typical “moderate muslim” does.

They will publicly denounce this behavior. This is how they make sure that no muslims are ‘profiled’ and this is how they make sure no guilty white people start offending them. They insure everyone is afraid to be politically incorrect, giving their brothers the freedom to continue to kill and mame.

Then privately they cheer them on when nobody is watching.
BBell would like more outrage to wallow in, please!
I missed anything about a little Christian girl. Can you send me a link please?
blackdog has noticed Somalis are black, which makes him think of lazy American blacks:
Are EBT cards held by Somalis' in Minneapolis good in Kenya?

That may be what all the fuss was over?
bayliving totally read a bigger terrorist attack is coming!
I read somewhere today that is just a small scale version (a test run if you will) of a "bigger" event planned but whatever terrorist that made the comment would not say when or where (for obvious reasons I guess) the next "bigger" attack was going to take place.
trubolotta really wants to torture people:
I had heard something similar about another attack being possible. I have a real problem with people who object to torture in cases like this. I think the greater crime is to not get the information and let innocent people die. The guilty here have brought this on themselves and deserve whatever they get.
littleharbour tries to hide his hope that it happens here:
Coming soon to a shopping mall near you. This incident (and the hotel siege a couple of years ago in India) highlights how vulnerable western society is to any sort of coordinated attack on anywhere where people congregate. A handful of well armed terrorists can inflict an incredible amount of carnage on a gathering of unarmed civilians before the police or military could respond, and they don’t need to resort to explosives. They are talking about 5 terrorists killing likely over a hundred people, wounding a couple of hundred more and destroying a retail facility. It could just as easily happen at a basketball arena, baseball stadium or race track (well at least the ones in New England). We’ve already seen how a single gunman can cause havoc inside of a military institution because of gun restrictions, so it’s only a matter of time before we see this type of coordinated attack at a shopping mall or sports facility somewhere in the US.

Cruz's fake fillibuster

Ted Cruz has wrangled 15 hours to debate, and is pretending to be Mr. Smith. Freepers, never ones to be bothered with details where their personality cults are concerned, wax orgasmic:

gaijin fondly remembers filibustering Civil Rights...
I think Strom Thurmon holds the time record, something like 30 hours, set back in 1955, or something —his filibuster was truly amazing, though a couple of our guys also have put in good performances.

Need good shoes, and I think some kind of stealthy leg-brace inside the pants would be good —not sure if it’s allowed, though.
MestaMachine knows this political theater is Holy:
May G-d’s angels hold him up and refresh him when he tires. G-d bless this man of ours!
tumblindice sums up Freepers' current opinions:
Cruz is right. Everyone else is wrong.
He’s a `majority of one’: Go Ted!
Homer_J_Simpson knows Obama couldn't do this!
Look, no teleprompter.
RKBA Democrat explains any dissent have sold out the Founding Fathers:
Anyone who believed it got played like a fiddle.

Sam Adams had this to say to you:

If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.
austinaero is not a fan those who point out Cruz is accomplishing nothing:
Let me start off by saying YOU are a DICK!

Now, let’s go down your BS list of crap, shall we? I will summarize what will happen for everyone:

1. Cruz will pretend he is James Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. I don’t hear anyone pretending anything....if you can PROVE your crap, share it with a statement of fact.

2. He will talk for a few hours, and thken look exhausted and pained before the cameras. **** Taling for a few hours does tend to leave even superhumans like Ted exhausted...Perhaps you think you are so much better but again,,there’s no proof of that! So you want to disparage Ted ahead of time for being tired when he’s done? That’s just like Democrat. Maybe that’s really what you are.

3. He will then exit the Senate floor, go to the bathroom, and then seek out anyone with a microphone to claim what a hero he was. ***IN other words, you’re still a DICK!

4. The next day, he will be on Sean Hannity’s radio show; Sean will make love to him on the air, and Cruz will return the favor......You, sinking to new disgusting lows.

5. Reid strips out the ObamaCare provision (as predicted days and days ago), and the CR moves back to the House.......not because YOU did anything to try to stop it,,except stab a conservative in the back.....

As Michael Medved pointed out 2 weeks ago, this was all for show. Anyone who told you they could “De-Fund” ObamaCare when the GOP does not control the Senate or the White House was lying to you.

Anyone who believed it got played like a fiddle
. ****Then count me as a fiddle,,because I love to echo the tune Ted is taking right now. At least he is trying something, which is more than I can say for YOU DICK!
"He's getting tired, which makes him awesome!"

St_Thomas_Aquinas lives in some completely other world:
Ted Cruz is MY president!
KittenClaws mixes up "freepers" with "everyone."
I think Ted Cruz IS everyone’s Senator. He not only speaks for his State, which is generally conservative, but for The People.

Presidential Material.
SADMILLIE - even if Ted Cruz loses, it'll be awesome martyrdom!
I am reminded of the Alamo— We may lose but we will see them at San Jacinto and they will not like it. Many there in camp will be RINOs and Rove bots but they will see us at the end of their political lives. We are TEA PARTY. They will persecute us but we live in the millions and we are coming.
The whole thing turns into a hate-fest against all RINOs.MagUSNRET explains how non-Cruz Republicans are all secretly gay pedophiles:
It’s getting late into the evening..WHERE THE HELL ARE THE REST OF THE REPUBLICANS SENATORS????

Im bguerssing, Drinking with BOner (the alcoholic Speaker)...or playing with their boy toys! (and NO, I am NOT kidding!) Only little gay boys blackmail can explain this crap!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Freeper frugal gourmet

--M, I have not seen you before, but this quirky suggestion is pretty neat.

Freepers explain why food stamps are luxurious by showing how they can totally live on 5 dollars a day. It's...enlightening about Freepers' willingness to make crap up to better hate on the poor:

F15Eagle is riddled with scurvy:
At a company cafeteria, I ate on $1 a lunch. Bowl of soup and crackers. Add in 25 cents for a can of Coke from a 12-pack. In the evening, I would eat a 17-cent pack of Ramen noodles and another can of Coke. So less than $2/day for a lot of days, when necessary.
I'll bet HangnJudge doesn't get why the poor can be fat:
5 McD’s double cheeseburgers a day

440 calories
23g fat
25g protein
1g salt

yup, with 5 of these, plus a vitamin,
one could do quite well
PennsylvaniaMom's omelette plan goes overbudget due to 'dietery issues.'
Great Value Liquid eggs zero cholesterol; low sodium; high protein. Many mornings (I work retail so I go into work at 10a) I make omelets (GV low eggs, my own cheap yet low sodium homemade salsa, sm portion of cheese, side of turkey sausage, wheat toast); I also pack all of our lunches (though our SD tries to hunt me down each year to have me apply for discounted lunches). Dinners have to closely monitored for carb levels and we do alot of stews/chili for that reason. I did some quick math on supermarket receipts I have w/me and we are closer to $30 per day for the four of us, but due to dietary issues we scrimp elsewhere.
GeronL- Nom nom sodium!

Spam Ramen Noodles

That looks very good
PJ-Comix has some totally realistic advice:
I studied some Euell Gibbons so I can live off the land or more accurately, live off the sea. Did you know it is easy to find sea urchins in the water and then you simply open up the urchins with a knife and scoop out the eggs? It sounds yucky but it is actually quite tasty. Just pretend it is high priced bright yellow caviar. BTW, sea urchin eggs are called Uni in Japanese restaurants and sold as sushi. Also I live near an area chock full of wild hogs and only need to use a gun on them to enjoy wild pig. I don't even have to cook them since some Jamaican friends told me I only need to bring the wild hogs to them and they will make jerk pork out of it and give me a big portion for myself.
PJ-Comix als smugly spends all his time clipping coupons and trading them for vodka:
I often eat on LESS than $5 per day. My secret-—coupons. I do AMAZING things with coupons including a lot of FREE food. Some weeks I actually spend less than $5 for the entire week on food. This thursday and friday I will be scoring about a hundred bucks in FREE food plus I will be getting over a thousand bucks worth of air freshener refills for FREE. Many of those will be bartered into Grey Goose vodka which is sort of a food.
PJ-Comix also advises the poors to enjoy easy casino living!
A few years ago we had a Prime Rib buffet with lots of side dishes at the Seminole Casino for just $5.99 but they have since upped the prices to $7.99 on weekdays and $9.99 on weekends.
American Dream 246 explains how easy it is if you just beg for scraps from a slaughterhouse!
I can get all the meat I want - I mean heart - tongue - kidney - pigs head etc..from a slaughter house 10 miles away - for free!!! I don't even go there as often anymore because they give me so many bags of totally fresh meat that I don't have anymore room in my freezer. I wish I could find some "poor" people around where I live so I would send them there..

That would feed so many families for ever because you can get it anytime - year round - they THROW IT AWAY!!!

People either don't like it - so they are not hungry enough - or just don't know. But when you are REALLY hungry you look somewhere else than at Hannaford. Even at Hannaford actually - the other day I found a piece of pork for $2.95 - huge - I had for 4 days of meat - that would have feed a family of five for at least 2 days.

I am sorry to say that American don't know what hunger is. Ask europeans - they know - the war - they know all the tricks.

But they spend in food before they buy a flat screen tv or iPhones - they buy cheap from farmers potatoes - onions - garlic etc..and store in the cellar for the winter.

My point is that if you really look, here in America, here is free food everywhere if you look for it. Tonnes of fruits and vegetables after a market closes - they throw away what was not sold also. Free meat at the slaughter houses and may be some potatoes that you will have to buy?

And if you live in the country - duck dynasty: HUNT or trade.
Too bad the libs wouldn't go forBwanaNdege's plan to import herd boys:
I had a great plan to bring herd boys from East Africa to the South, with their goats, to work on the kudzu problem. Half the boys would watch the goats in the morning while the other half went to school. In the afternoon, they would swap.

After a year (or more) load up the boys, their accumulated pay, educational certificates, goodies acquired in the land of Walmart and ALL their fat goats on a ship headed back to East Africa.

Time the trip to coincide with the Haj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Stop by, sell the goats for sacrifices before stopping in Mombasa to get the boys home.

Fees from US landowners for kudzu eradication, plus those from goat sales, should fund the entire program plus establish an educational trust fund for the boys.

The boys would benefit greatly, Southern landowners would, too. For a while, it would even bee a great deal for the goats...for a while.

Alas, far too politically incorrect. Media types, advocacy busybodies and race pimps would have a hissy fit.

America - no longer exceptional

Don't know about you, but life in America in 2008 seems a lot like life in 2013. Freepers, though, know that America now is an awful, apocalyptic wasteland, and will be until we get another GOP President:

Putin has a point. We’re not so special anymore. Just another socialist welfare state.
Ceausescu - Obama despecialized America!
Well Vlad, we were special till Bambi came along.

Perhaps you can help us be special again - keep humiliating and torturing the little bitch so we can finally get rid of him.
Freepers think if they are petty enough, and Obama will go crazy and stop being President!

onedoug thinks we stopped being exceptional when we stopped being a Christian theocracy (also Jews are cool too).
I firmly believe in the Judeo-Christian ethic that God placed in humanity and that the Jews and the Americans have been exceptional in that sense. But the religious currents which guided that process have been undermined at every turn to the point that we no longer understand ourselves in those terms. We seem lost as societies.
I love it when Freepers take their Super American Values to the logical extreme, and call half the country traitors, like Carl Vehse:
Putin is wrong.

65 million people who voted for Traitorobama are special — they are traitors to the United States of America.

May the last thing these traitors see before their ignominious death is their spawn mocking them for what they did.
Not just traitors - traitors whose children should love to watch them die!

Maceman - America was going strong until Obama's election. Now it's over:
Whatever special status the US once had started disappearing with the election of Obama in 2008, and completely vanished with his re-eleciton.

Now we’re the BSA — the Benighted States of America. Welcome to the post-American century.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V

Rock Star games has ginned up the usual negative review-fueled publicity from both the left and the right for the latest in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Freepers, for all their usual moralizing, seem fine with the game - and video games in general.

But given as they have some trouble with fantasy vs. reality, they still find some great ways to be horrible, even if they don't want it banned:

Man, I hope Cowboy Bob is sarcastic:
I think the game reflects reality “in the ‘hood.” They are just keepin’ it real.
Future Snake Eater is enjoying the simulated negro killing aspects:
If you go in the ‘hood as a white character and attack another black character, then everyone will start converging on you in a mass attack saying “Got gots a problem with the homeys?!”

lol...I found that one out yesterday. I managed to take down a squad of "da homeys" before they got me. Hey, they started it...
Balding_Eagle likes the highly armed police in the game:
I know it's only a game but:

I was opposed to all this arming of smaller cities and town police forces with more advanced weaponry.

I'm having second thoughts.

Yes, they will cause a lot of deaths, but for those of us who need and want real firepower, the physically closer to us that it is stored, the easier it will be to obtain.

These faux LEO's will be just doing their job, while we will be fighting for our families, our homes, and our children’s future.

Not only will we be more determined, we are a lot smarter than the average LEO.

I know who's side I’m betting on.

Play on!
It's hilarious when Freepers sound all hipster, like RandallFlagg:
No zombies?
I’ll pass.
I'm not sure what lavaroise is saying, but his imagery cannot be beat:
Hillary still thinks she is a sister of black panthers and islamo fascists... Liberals are in denial. They are jumping straight into Hitler’s mouth.

Monday Potpourri

doorgunner69 knows any hotness in a black woman means white genes:
Black women are, with excruciatingly rare exceptions, unattractive. Nobody wants them on the runway, not even black men.

Excruciatingly non-PC, but I believe this to be true.

The few black female models of note obviously had a honkie in the woodpile some time in the past.
SECURE AMERICA explains why assuming all Indians work at 7-11 is just Truth:
“Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11,” tweeted Jalin Leatherman, perpetuating the tired stereotype about Indians and convenience stores.

So if 75% of the convenience stores in my city are operated by Indians we are not to acknowledge that? Why? Not playing anymore. If a statement is true if it is a fact then it is legit commentary! Period!
duckworth is thinking ahead:
In 25 words or less (or more), how did the Christians finally win the crusades? I know it took hundreds of years, but in the end, did we have the equivalent off two atomic bombs or something? Just wonderin’.
Colonel Kangaroo knows Netanyahu is right, no matter what:
Whatever Bibi is up to strategically, I trust his judgment.

I think Netanyahu is being dangerously short-sighted, but he deserves credit for acting in what he thinks is best interest of his country.
Antihero101607 totally saw the Obama-planned Navy Yard shooting coming:
I called this incident before about 09/05/13. Syria being the big issue, something was gonna happen to take attention away from it. Shooting or a bombing, w/i 7 days of 9/11/13. I’m deeply disturbed by the fact that I was right.
Graewoulf didn't say nigger so no racist:
BTW, just who is more uppity that the Obamas?
LibLieSlayer - HATE!
I STAND WITH CRUZ AND I STAND AGAINST ALL THAT HAVE SPOKEN AGAINST TED. We want the names of these so called republicans. If they do not like Ted then we will help them... by firing their sorry asses and electing men and women that will stand with TED. WE HATE YOU RINOS MORE THAN WE DESPISE OBAMA AND THAT IS ITSELF IS ENDLESS AND UNMEASURABLE!
re_nortex on the ultimate horror - Muslim Miss America!
How will you react when (not if, but when) a Muslim wins? Sadly, I think the day will come when that happens. The slow, incremental chipping away of American cultures and values is a gradual descent down the slippery slope of having Muslims serving as Miss America.
re_nortex also explains that moderate Muslims are the worst kind, because we might like them:
Any Muslim in a bikini contest ain’t the kind of Muslim we need to worry about. I can appreciate your point but I personally think such Muslims are the most pernicious. Those contriving to slickly pose themselves as ordinary people possibly represent the most danger. I recall that one of the 9-11 terrorists was seen as a "hail fellow, well met" type. I believe he befriended a number of Americans at a health club in Florida, thus adding to his disguise as a regular, congenial guy instead of a jihadist.
fuzzylogic's post could have been from anytime since 2007 through till today:
Folks, we are facing the “fundamental transformation” of this country. It is here. We *must* replace this Congress, if we lose this President will punish us, hard. It’ll be Executive Orders out of control. Our economy will be destroyed and our liberties taken (more than they’re now). Then we’ll get a good dose of just how opportunistic and evil this world can be.
This is the last chance election, like for reals this time guys!

Hardraade explains McCain:
McCain was turned in Vietnam for prostitutes, and he stayed turned.

End of story.
Maringa may be taking things a bit too seriously:
Who started the war?

When the first Democrat - Cain, killed the first Republican - Able...

Driving Obama crazy

Some random site reports that President Obama had to be sedated in the Oval Office. It's all made up. Freepers are skeptical, but very, very hopeful.
The fact that the President having mental health issues is worse for America than the President being a Democrat does not occur to any of them - they've made the political so personal that the health of our Republic depends only upon Obama being unhappy.

SkyDancer is hopeful:
Pu leeeeese, not satire!
nvscanman isn't buying, but explains why the story is totally realistic:
While it is unlikely we will ever have proof of such an event it certainly fits with the type of personality he has.

Obama is a pathological liar and a pathological narcissist. Dangerous traits to have in a position where one cannot always control the events around oneself or insure that events transpire as desired.

When thwarted, insulted and shown in the public eye to be what they truly are such personalities often have “meltdowns” or whatever term you choose to use.

Problem is he is still POTUS and still commands a great deal of power. Power that is easily abused and misused as the system of checks and balances that this country use to have were long ago nullified.
dandiegirl is sure Republicans will be the victims somehow:
A ploy to make the mean old Republicans back off. Generate sympathy. This is how it will be portrayed.
Right Wing Assault also thinks this seems true, even if it's not:
IF this is true, it makes sense because he is an empty suit and his suit just got ripped off, leaving very little.
cripplecreek - "real or not"
Real or not, I think he’s losing it.
cripplecreek would try all he could to hurt Obama, if he could:
If I thought he was flipping out I would find a sore spot and press hard.
Viennacon's villains have too much undescribed power for Obama to go crazy:
I don’t buy it. Valerie Jarrett would not allow it.

Osama Obama is unfortunately still on target to completely destroy America.
omega4179 also goes with the 'fake but true' angle, with a too much golf chaser:
That is a satire site but I have believed him to be medicated for years. He is always 20-60 min late for anything except Golf.
ThePatriotsFlag knows Freepers can't handle fiction:
“Wit” is not employed by this site. These are just outright lies. Should be banned here like the Onion is banned.
Bummer. It brought me such joy for a brief moment

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Spotlight: CodeToad

Usually for these, I try to find a Freeper who stands out from the pack somehow. Some sort of quirk, or a single issue guy, or more conspiratorial, or more racist, or more creepy, or more crazy.

At first I didn't think this guy was special after he caught my eye as one of the few folks raging at Miss America's Bollywood performance. I mean, he hates Obama, and Clinton, and blacks and Muslims. He is extra worried about the debt, so he loves goooold...Former military, loves guns and planes. From his name I'd guess computers, but who knows - his profile just has the debt on it. So, a Freeper.

But, if there's a weird meme that a lot of Freepers love, this guy fervently subscribes to it, and will jump all over anyone who thinks maybe he's being a bit over the top on this.

He loves being a zealot everyone agrees with.

Government officials should be in fear of their lives
Government officials should be in fear of their lives at all times. Right now the government thinks We the People should be in fear of our lives at all times especially when confronted by a cop.
Blacks started slavery in America:
As a white man I know white men didn’t start slavery in the US, a black man did. Anthony Johnson, a black man, went to court to enslave John Casor, a black man.
Good economic news is all fake.
the number WILL be revised upward next week. I believe the number has been revised upward for every single week of Zero’s administration.
If you knew anything about 1980 you’d know it was manipulation. The price of silver and gold today are market driven.
Blacks be lazy and on welfare.
Considering the black population is well fed, has housing, ghetto beats, and drugs, hell, what more do they want? Math, science? Why? I mean, why be the sucker paying for everything if yo gots wat u be needin anyhows?
Birtherism - the secret bullet to turning back time to 2008!
Investiate Barry’s birth certificate so we can legally know that he is NOT a US citizen and we can throw out ALL of his signatures. Send armed federal agents to Hawaii to get the documents they claim they have but will not release and prove they do not have them.
White Americans? All producers:
The Takers are not Americans. They are Africans and Mexicans.
Liberals hate technology:
Most liberals are Luddites. They fear machinery or any technological advancements. It is too much for their little heads to understand.
Internet badass:
Motorcycle riders are easy targets. They would all be severely injured or dead within by one. If the law won’t find justice, I most certainly would. We created the law to protect us, but that doesn’t mean we gave up our rights to do so for ourselves when the law decides not to.
Politics = war
Democrats, union member Democrats, voting to Tax & Spend the rest of us.
Women = irrational:
unlike women, men’s minds are not clouded by emotional judgements using empathy. That pretty much states real life.
Meter readers = Nazis:
I have a problem with a companies whose job it is to spy on and control someone’s electricity usage, just like I have the same level of hatred for Nazi death camp guards just doing their jobs. Same level of tyranny as they both lead to control and the ultimate death of those controlled.
The current Freep line on Bush:
Bush loves this country, which separates him from Clinton and Obama, but Bush made some terrible decisions, like TARP, PATRIOT Act, DHS, etc.

Michelle Obama urges Americans to 'Drink Up'

I'm a bit late to the party on this, but who could resist Freepers' angry and empty reaction to Michelle Obama saying water is good? She's gotta do air next.

Red in Blue PA knows what this is exactly like!
Jim Jones Part II
Veto! won't accept good advice from libby libs:
Actually, it’s good advice. But who needs it from Michelle?

My doctor told me to drink more water, or else, calcium/kidney/blood pressure problem would manifest. He’s black. I’m taking his advice.

“Drink up” sounds like she’s advertising booze. Not cool.
Founding Nephew, on the other hand, thinks no one is dehydrated at all:
This “drink 8 glasses of water” advice is junk science.

We drink when we’re thirsty, and there is no dehydration epidemic.

The “8-glasses” came from old military research to determine the needs of a soldier. And it includes water consumed as a part of moist food.
Cheerio seems to think advice has the force of law...
OMG another message from the Nutritionist-In-Chief. What a nanny state we have become - why aren't people rising up and marching on the District of Corruption demanding the FED GOVT get out of our lives?
faithhopecharity's non sequitor skills are good, but should gone with Benghazi:
tell that to the Syrian terrorist “rebels”
USMA '71 just has raw hate:
I am really growing weary of this fat, ugly bitch telling me how to live every aspect of my life. Michele here's something for you to $hit and bark at the moon. Thanks - now I feel better.
what's up has some very low standards for Big Brother:
Out of all the spirit-lifting, affirming messages our leadership could deliver to 300 million souls the one chosen is "drink more water"?

Shocking and very Big Brother.
Ezekiel knows it's government making us fat, somehow:
The levels of obesity and other health-related horrors of humanity [naturally requiring a government solution] are directly proportional to the amount of government interest/involvement/control in the health, nutrition, and wellness of We the People.

Obamacare is naturally what the true agenda looks like when the mask is dropped.

Nothing but a death panel that skips all the time it takes to make people sick in the first place.

People like F"L"OTUS are so arrogant that they simply expect people to jump off of a cliff if that is what they order them to do.
What kind of weird nutritionist bible is Ezekiel reading?
Michelle Obama, who has for years been suggesting "Let's Move," Wednesday added a new directive in her campaign against obesity: "Drink up."

Reads like an apocalyptic warning right out of the beast's own mouth. The righteous are first warned to flee, and those who remain are ordered to swallow the Obama elixir of death.
Progov wants death for Michelle for giving advice:
Ole bucket butt speaks again. I wish she would drink gallons of water herself and perhaps drown. I don’t know about you but I am tired of her phony preaching.
cyn heard some different advice than we heard:.
Flee her advice for sure, head for the hills! She has no idea how much water I drink and if my body does in fact need more. There is such a thing as too much water.

Btw, is she known for eschewing other beverages in favor of a glass of plain water? I think not.

Let’s moooooove away.
"one more glass a day" becomes "Drink only water, and as much as you possibly can!" Secret Agent Man knows personhood is a privilege:
this overweight thing needs to shut up.
Covenantor is making some sort of racist point?
Michelle Obama's Outstanding Diet and Fitness Progrom Kick-Off fights childhood obesity.

Pay attention now. This nice North Korean girl gonna show you how they stay slim and fit.

Dirt, sticks, grass diet, and all the water you can hold.

You know they smart, right?


Oh, when you done, leave the shovel.
Holy crap, Wurlitzer!
When I want to listen to a low land gorilla, an ugly one at that, I’ll drive over to the zoo.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

NPR to shed 10% of staff amid budget shortfall

Schadenfreude is not enough for Freepers. They must maintain their virtuous self image by making outlandish claims about the target of their glee:

So they make up a bunch of crap about NPR, so they can enjoy hating it in it's troubles:

mojito is usually very nice, but NPR pushed him too far...
I hate to see people loose their jobs.

But in this case I might make an exception.
Starboard has his principles, otherwise he'd totally give the liberal propaganda machine a chance!
When Republicans cut all subsidies to NPR/PBS only then will I begin to take them seriously. Its a small matter in the overall scheme of things, but its very symbolic to me.

No more taxpayer money for the liberal propaganda machine!
Secret Agent Man knows NPR loves America's job losses:
Hey this is great, they ought to be celebrating the continuing destruction of capitalism.
Arrowhead1952 knows journalism is easy - it's propaganda that's hard!
Rush Limbaugh gets about 14 million listeners per week. I’m pretty sure his staff size is nowhere near 875.

You don't need a staff of almost 1,000 when you present facts. DUmmies need that many to cover up their lies.
1010RD on how much tax money NPR gets:
They get 50% of their funding from our tax money. They’d be out of business without it.
...I think it's maybe 10%, and most of that goes to funding rural stations.

Newbomb Turk hears gayness everywhere:
You can't listen to any program longer than an hour there without hearing something about gays.

Maybe the homo left needs to pony up some more chump change to back their mouthpiece.
wintertime finds News from Lake Wobegon mean-spirited:
Why? Keller isn’t funny. He make a living **mocking** the very Americans who make this country great.

All bad people are liberal, if you look hard enough!

It's been two days after a shooting. Time for Freepers to say the Freeper was an Obama voter! Just like the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that!

Their passion for this silliness is amazing.

Just like all of the other mass shooters.
CodeToad agrees:
Of course he is a liberal. The vast majority of mass murderers have been liberals.
Grampa Dave actually smugly performs a biased sampling:
In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
In 1963 a radical left wing communist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.
In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.
In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan.
In 1984 James Huberty a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.
In 1986 Patrick Sherril a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
In 1990 James Pough a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
In 1991 George Hennard a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 23 people in a Lubys cafeteria.
In 1995 James Daniel Simpson a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.
In 1999 Larry Asbrook a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.
In 2003 Douglas Williams a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung - Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech .
In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes went into a Colorado movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger a disgruntled Democrat shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.
On 9/16/2013, another mentally ill liberal, Aaron Alexis, killed 12 innocents at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.

One could go on, but you get the point, even if the media does not.

Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats having guns.

No NRA members, No Tea Party members, or No Republican conservatives are/were involved.
Qbert blames how liberalism is all about violence and paranoia:
Or the other O supporters: mass murderer Chris Dorner, terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, attempted mass killer Floyd Corkins...

All from the paranoid, violent style of American leftism...
Columbine kids were young, probably libs.

Yaelle knows the media never reports on nonpolitical killers' political affiliations to cover up this liberal slaughter:
Heading on tonight’s newscasts: “...the Obama supporter who murdered 13 at the Washington naval yard...”

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Sarah Barracuda enjoys imagining that the media is made uncomfortable by this irrelevancy:
Notice the look on Tapper’s face when he heard that Alexis is a liberal..hopefully Tapper was wearing dark pants, he looked like he was about to soil them. Sandy Hook, Santa Monica College shooter, Ft Hood, Aurora Colorado, now Washington Navy Yard, every single one of those shooters had one thing in common..ALL LIBERAL..maybe there should be gun control, for liberals, since obviously they cant handle a gun
A_Former_Democrat has the shooter all figured out:
Black, deranged, criminal, converted Buddhist, lazy . . . well credentialed Obambi voter
A Cyrenian is super pissed at Obama for shooting those people:
If obama had a son, he would look like this piece of crap. Maybe obama should serve this guy’s sentence.
bert brings up a similarly irrelevant aspect of the killer:
and....... like the attempted murderer Trayvon, he was Black.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mandatory gun ownership

Freepers pretend the pro-choice crowd wants to do this, and are horrified. But when it comes to guns, some few towns that have passed mandatory gun ownership are clearly on to something awesome:

GenXteacher lets us know all that liberty crap Freepers go on about is really just BS:
Conservative doesn’t mean libertarian. Besides, we all have a responsibility as well as a right to defend ourselves- nothing wrong with a law that requires people to live up to their responsibility.
MHGinTN thinks the old West was a crimeless utopia:
In America, as the Western frontier illustrated way back when, the presence of guns tended to enforce a taboo structure which kniotted society together. Policital correctness has unraveled that, just as it was aimed to do.
GladesGuru knows there are two types who don't like guns:
The ordinance exempts Quakers and simpering Queers - any with “Beliefs” against guns.
exempting everyone who doesn't want to follow it? So this isn't a law, it's a "fuck you" to Obama! Now I see why Freepers are such big fans!

GrandJediMasterYoda makes an analogy:
More hypocrisy from the Obama cabal. The unconstitutionally twice elected Kenyan forces me to buy health insurance, which is not a constitutional right, while the other “health insurance” is banned which *is* a constitutional right.
Safrguns's paranoia won't let him like even crazy right wing laws:
When i say i smell setup, what I mean is that I speculate that at least one council member is anti-2nd amendment.

The strategy by a speculative anti-gun activist would be to generate a situation that is BOTH unconstitutional, AND ensures that someone who SHOULD NOT have a gun ends up getting it and creates another Sandy Hook situation for example.

The Race War comes to Freep

Glad you found the second, more interesting thread, Anon!

Free Republic's spiral into maximal levels of hatred against blacks has been quite a thing to see. And it's wanted to kill all Muslims for as long as I remember. But they're not (yet?) quite white supremacists. Check out the arguments that grow over whether Bollywood dancing should count as Miss America's talent:

bray knows no nonwhite can ever really win anything these days, even a beauty contest!
Isn’t Affirmative Action wonderful?

Pray for America to Wake Up
I do love the repeated "Wake up White People" theme racists keep coming back to. I think it's a Simpsons quote to boot.

Nea Wood holds America to the high standard of India when it comes to inclusiveness:
Any blonde the right age for Miss America, who happens to be living in India because her parents immigrated there, should try out for Miss India next year. Think she’ll win? Think there’d be outrage if she did?
a fool in paradise knows who the REAL racists are:
Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton both made ugly stereotypical comments about Indians and Pakistanis, yet both are in “serious contention” for the 2016 DNC nomination.

Identity politics only matter if you serve THE Party.
grania wants only square dancing and hot dog eating in the talent competition:
Personally, I don't think she's that attractive (I know, meow). The other thing is her talent. It's just like with AI or AGT. When people vote, they almost always choose someone with a talent that's part of our culture. I don't watch Miss America, I got fed up with it many years ago. But they've just given me another reason to be fed up. The winner, in fact all the contestants, should culturally represent the US....not Bollywood. JMHO
But MadIsh32 wonders exactly what 'American culture' is"
I suppose it depends on your outlook. Does the Constitution, Liberty, Levi’s, Gone With the Wind, the Blues/Country & Rock n Roll = White to you?

Does it matter?

Multiculturalism = the death of the host culture. Ask an American, a Gaul, a Celt, etc...

False acts of “tolerance” won’t save of from an ignorance of history.

Blues/Country “rock and roll” simply mean ‘50s and ‘60s to me, not white.

Constitution and liberty are enshrined in this country for everyone, that certainly isn’t white to me whatsoever (unless this is 1856 and it only applied to white men)

You are going to find more whites from age 15-25 listening to Drake, Jay Z, Diplo and T.I on their IPods and occasionally Kenny Chesny (who of course does some great collaborations with rappers like Nelly, are dating a non-white and generally have a more lassiez faire keep gov’t off my personal life approach to things.

As with everything, the culture is evolving. Miss America represents that
Our commenters did some Internet sleuthing of their own and may have uncovered some interesting info on DwFry, who only knows American culture is sick:
So define American culture in 2013


Now lets talk about what history tells us that will usually leads to...
RinaseaofDs is not the only one who sees only one white girl in this picture...

And the white chick is five times hotter than the others. I realize that ‘hot’ isn’t a criteria, necessarily. She may be dumber than a bag of hammers, but . . .
DwFry - white Europeans are American:
Look at all those damn cultures spoiling America!!! Scots-Irish (Andrew Jackson, Daniel Morgan), Welsh (Daniel Boone), Highland Scots(Andrew Carnegie), Scandinavians(Erickson - the guy who deisgned the Monitor, Dahlgren - the guy who designed the Civil War Cannon), Germans (Albert Einstein, Dwight Eisenhower), Finns(invented the log cabin), Frenchmen , Italians, Irishmen!!!!



Being a smartass (and not understanding the term “multiculturalism”) doesn’t change history.

All White European Christians you listed by the you even know what point you were going for?
CodeToad knows accepting Indian culture means we're destroying America:
"I always viewed myself as first and foremost American." Why not take her at her word?

Because she still acts like an Indian. Sorry, can’t be an Indian but claim to be an American. We DO have a culture. If you don’t think so then you must believe any American girl can win an Indian contest without any problems. Acceptance of all cultures within the US is forsaking our own culture. This acceptance of anything and everything is not healthy for our culture. It is saying we shouldn’t have borders either, but any nation without a border isn’t a nation.
Nepeta is kind of all over the map on this issue:
I would slow immigration down to a trickle & promote English as an official language but that’s about all I’ve got. The horse may have left the barn by now.

I do know joining in & pretending we’re special, that history will be different because we’re “special” won’t help anything.

We need to absorb the immigrants already here. We are doing a poor job of that. We should be very picky about immigrants--we do not need unskilled people.

Multiculturism is a disaster. We need to be teaching the root culture and values, and we need to use English as the one and only official language.
CodeToad again:
What I am claiming is that American identity is flexible enough that it doesn't require--and, indeed, has NEVER required--people to abandon their roots abroad, be it food, music, art, or the like. What I am claiming is that American culture is strong enough that it is not threatened by a beauty pageant contestant performing a Bollywood dance

But it is. We’ve even had to go to court in several States to rid ourselves of Sharia Law. We no longer can be Christians without offended these foreigners. We have had too much foreign influences and need to stop it.
Conscience of a Conservative's EPIC comeback:
So, the threat of creeping Shariah means that our culture is threatened by an American performing an Indian dance during a beauty pageant???

Also, I hope you're not referring to the new Miss America when you talk about "these foreigners." She was born in New York, raised in Oklahoma and Michigan, and now lives back in upstate New York. She's no foreigner.
And there, the thread ends. Though take heart! jmacusa reminds us:
Muslim is not a race.

The horror of the female orgasm

Another Anon special.

Just like clockwork another summer means another trend story about these college girls and their enjoying of sex before marriage!

Freepers, especially the women, are shocked and horrified. Some pass a perfunctory judgement on guys who enjoy sex, but most discuss the awfulness of these liberated femals who enjoy The Sex too much.

PapaBear3625 explains how having sex in college always leads to being sad and alone:
The "alpha males" will readily accept women for sex and a little intimacy, but will be FAR more picky when asked for commitment. I knew such a guy in college: handsome, athletic, smart, later became a successful professional. I talked to him last year, and he was in his 50's and never married.

Meanwhile, the hookup girls spend their 20's chasing the alpha males, wind up hitting 30 and decide to "settle" for some regular guy. They are then disappointed and bitter when the guys are uninterested in their high-mileage selves. (My wife was smart and got me in my 20's).
ArrogantBustard clearly understands what women want:
I have long maintained that feminist 'thought' can be summed up as follows: "Men are crude, rude, vulgar, obscene, profane, inconsiderate foul pigs. Let's try to be just like them".
dfwgator uses one strawman to build another:
Liberated women aspire to be dudes

They want to be gay guys in women's bodies.
Haiku Guy is also on the "liking sex is so gay!" beat:
The hookup culture is beginning to look more and more like the wildly promiscuous male homosexual culture.

Ask any gay man over the age of 25 how satisfying and fulfilling they find the wildly promiscuous male homosexual culture, and how they feel about the things they did when they were younger.

This is not a good road to be on. We know where this road ends, and it is not a place where you want to be.
Cowgirl of Justice's exhaustive survey of Republican flight attendants lead to no one who admitted liking casual sex!
As a former flight attendant, I have worked with thousands of women. I have NEVER met one who glorified one night stands. EVER, EVER.

If one talked about having one, it was usually with extreme regret and self loathing.

That being said, DEMOCRAT women might thrive on such self debasing, destructive behavior, but I don’t socialize with them and don’t care how they exterminate themselves through their risky behaviors.
Slyfox explains how women's nature is to never seek out sex:
in reality, one night stands goes against a woman's nature to nurture.

A woman's role is to bring out the better side of the man she falls in love with and when she is talked into letting a man have his way with her when she is not ready it goes against everything she knows deep down to be true.

I do believe that the push to make women just like horny men begins in middle school sex ed where a girl is taught to let down her natural sense of modesty which was put there by God to protect her. When she has lost that and she is drunk at a party when she is 19, she will act just like a drunk frat guy, thereby fulfilling the wet dreams of "liberated" men-hating women.
DuncanWaring blames all the ways that sex no longer burdens women:
The solution was promiscuity for everyone (enabled by unrestricted abortion).

Bloody Sam Roberts explains that women having sex on film leads to men beating women in real life:
The latest, oh-so-cool representation of women in films and such as behaving just like men in all matters of sexuality is one of the most disgusting offshoots of the Women's Lib movement. They think it is cool to act out this>
Personally, I find that type of woman disgusting and hardly worthy of any respect whatsoever. br/>
My solution is to ignore them. However, couple this style of behavior with a demographic of fatherless urban 'yutes' who have no respect for these females either...and who these females seem to idolize...and you get an exponential increase in domestic abuse and outright violence against women.
Lizavetta is sure all women work exactly like her:
For women, it is putting yourself in an emotionally vulnerable act to give your body to a man, and no amount of feminazi crap is going to change that basic instinctual facet of a woman's psyche.

Young guys do NOT have that mindset. Women are kidding themselves if they think they can have the guy mindset just because they physically act like guys.
I think Night Hides Not should try it:
This article made me think of a potential pick-up line:

"Are you liberated?"

If the answer is 'yes", the next line is "Let's f---!"
Yosemitest is terrified of women:
This is about female animals (I won't call them women) setting male animals up to be sued for a lifetime of income, so read The Golden Uterus Syndrome.

Men ... BEWARE ... WARNING ... DANGER !!!!