Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hildabeast Thursdays

Now that Bill is out as well, the meme is that he's her worst enemy.

It’s interesting how the Democrats are discovering (or allowing themselves to see, at last) what the Clintons really are.

The ONLY thing different about Obama and all the other many targets of the Clintons’ dirty tricks and smears is his political persuasion.

It’s our turn to tell the Dems, “we told you so.”

It does annoy me how the Clinton's recent actions play directly into the narrative Freepers have of them. The smugness about this on Free Republic is palpable. cvq3842 is no exception.

I think he thought that he would get a pass because he’s just “doing it out of love for his wife.” Not so.

Still, I wouldn’t count them out yet — they are very good at being slimy, and this is all a part of a master scheme, I am sure.

Yes, all is going acording to Hillary's plan to nearly lose the primary election. This will strengthen her in the end, I'm sure. After all, as dinoparty has pointed out, she's damn near omnipotent, so you nothing can be done - unless you are a Freeper.
Some legacy Bill is building....he’s taking his chance to overcome what he did as President and flushing it. Class tells.

The boy is nothing but trailer park trash dressed in a Fifth Avenue custom tailored suit.
Same hate, slightly different target. cpdiii (OIL FIELD TRASH AND PROUD OF IT, GEOLOGIST, PILOT, PHARMACIST.) does have an ironic handle, though.

I’m convinced Bill doesn’t want Hillary to win POTUS.

The only reason they are still married is for Hillary’s aspirations. Once it’s clear that she will never be POTUS, then there is no reason for Bill to stay with her anymore.

Of course Bill is going through the motions, but I think he knows exactly what he is doing with his recent statements.

Nice pop psychology, dfwgator (11+7+15=3 Heismans) so why would he avoid going back into the White House again?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

Saw this movie some time ago, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Good dialogue, acting, etc. Free Republic, on the other hand, had somewhat more mixed opinions.

karnage, on Julia Robert's character:

“I have been saved by Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed to admit it!” - Julia Roberts, in “Charlie Wilson’s War.”

Whatever her real-life politics, Julia Roberts plays this wealthy, Christian, conservative Texan onscreen with great panache. Her character comes off great.

I thought she was a bit over the top, but then I've never been to Texas.

dfwgator (11+7+15=3 Heismans) has a different opinion, though.
I would probably see it if Julia Roberts weren’t in it. Her presence in that flick makes it a “non-starter” for me.
I guess gator doesn't see many movies then, if the politics of the actors enter into his decision. It's for the best, though, since it also seems he doesn't understand the idea of "acting," wherein on can pretend to have politics other than those they actually do! Amazing!

Then there's the whole giving credit to someone other than Reagan for something acomplished in the 80's:

RR, against the advice of everyone around him, was responsible for the Afghanis getting the Stinger missiles that were the turning point in the defeat of the Soviets.

The ‘Rats haven’t had a war hero since WWII so they have to manufacture them as they go. LOL
Yes, kellynla (Freedom of speech makes it easier to spot the idiots! Semper Fi!), Congress had nothing to do with the Cold War! It was all Reagan! He bought those Stingers with his own money! And those Stingers are why Russia left Afghanistan, and stopped the slow bleeding. Yeah, if only someone had given the Viet Cong Stingers...
left-wing myth that the CIA-led operation funded Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda

Last time I checked, we chose Saddam and Osama over the Russians in the 80's and it didn't work out too bad geopolitically.
chronic cough 420 (MDCXVI), you're not following the party line that Osama is a threat and you should be afraid, because the next threat could be a...Mushroom Cloud.

And finally, I like kellynla's idea of a good time!

I’m not giving my hard-earned money to some Leftist propaganda, thank you!

I’d rather spend the p.m. reading one of Ann Coulter’s books or God forbid, gasp! the Bible! :-]

Like I said earlier, the Leftists haven’t had a war hero since WWII, so they have to manufacture them as they go. LOL

Yahooo! Coulter or the Bible! I'ms sure that's a wild dating scene.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What you have to believe to be a Democrat

RealClearPolitics, a Republican website, posted a response to some e-mail I've never heard of criticizing the cognitive dissonance required to be a Conservative these days.

Free Republic posts the article, but then decides not to engage the author. Instead, they post lists and lists of "liberal beliefs." Here are some highlights from RaceBannon (Innocent until proven guilty; The Pendleton 8: We are not going down without a fight)'s mind-boggling 230 part list:
2. If you believe the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of federal funding…
Indeed! I'm sure Mr. Bannon wants us to end all federally funded research. America's technical edge in the 60's would have occurred through private corporations! Yes, that's the ticket!

9. If you believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity…

Well, now that you mention it, corporations exist only to satisfy the greed of their stockholders. Hoover's laissez faire philosophy is pretty much discredited these days. So yeah, businesses oppress. And, if you believe Keynes, government spending can creat prosperity.
13. If you believe that the NRA is bad, because it supports certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is good, because it supports certain parts of the Constitution…
Right back at ya, Freeper! What do you think about the ACLU? And BTW, I agree with the NRA.
36. IF You must practice disinformation and hate under the name of progress. You strive to be an emotional being, devoid of logic and reason. You must not understand the true meaning of compassion.
I see this a lot - the idea that liberalism is all about feelings, and has no rational basis. Cause if Ann Coulter is one thing, it's a rational counterpoint to that emotional mess, Al Gore.
50. If you believe That a man who routinely breaks even the rules of a debate format should be trusted when he assures us that throughout the campaign of 1996, he engaged in no illegal fund raising.
Breaking the Rules of Debate! Will Al Gore stop at nothing to be elected?!
67. If You believe that John Ashcroft is a horrible choice for a federal position because he is a religious man, but Joe LIEberman was a great choice for a federal position because he is a religious man.
Lieberman - totally supported by liberals.
147. Liberals are humourless bores.
He's gone off format by now - and I would say a 230 point list is surely a way to take back humor for Conservatives!

207. If You believe That everyone deserves equal rights, except white males;

Yep, better paid and better educated. Help, help, I'm being oppressed!

229. If You believe That the only reason Socialism has never succeeded is because the Wrong people have been in charge;

See above, America has been socialist since WW-2, by your definition.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bush to commit $2 Billion to climate change

Ruh Roh...
What does "to fight climate change" mean?

Jim Noble (Trails of trouble, roads of battle, paths of victory we shall walk.) objects to government funding to fight cancer, poverty and terrorism, because the methods are not revealed in the government press relief.
Not yours to give jerk.
Sir Gawain doesn't believe in taxes or government spending.
This is what happens when you mix noblisse oblige, with a squishy brand of Methodism.

What a toxic mix.
horse_doc (Visualize a world where a tactical nuke went off at Max Yasgur's farm in 1969.) uses big words to say that Bush thinks he can do anything. Huh. Never woulda guessed. horse_doc also seems to blame Methodism for Bush's budgetary choices.

flat has had enough of Bush, and wants to bring in the new boss.

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP...he just sort of keeps gettin farther lost ...


Yes, this is a cunning plan. Mitt won't be the same as the old boss as well.

XeniaSt (you shall know that I, YHvH, your Savior, and your Redeemer, am the Elohim of Ya'aqob. Isaiah 60:16) quotes the Bible, thinks that global warming is the wrong religion. In kinda big type, too.

I object to being forced to tithe to George's church of Paganism.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Pix

Yes, the Republicans are loving the Dem primary. Hillary is playing right into their narrative.

Whatever happened to supporting the commander in chief.

Overwrought political cartoons that don't make a lot of sense? Check.

I had no idea the soldiers of the Revolutionary War did so much self-promotion.

Ladies and Germs, the economy is fine. Trust Free Republic, not all the media or economists - they're just trying to take down Bush.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just because youre stupid...

doesn't mean you're not also paranoid.

An armed man was arrested in union station. Freepers have decided this must be a Dem plot.

Hmmm ... I wonder if this was a plant just to show why DC needs a gun ban.

Yes, that's the reason for all the gun violence in Washington! It's all Dem plants! Thank you, Centurion2000 (It's only arrogance if you can't back it up.) you've solved the crime problem in DC!
a convenient setup with the DC gun case appeal coming up.
Larry Lucido (Hunter 2008) needs no evidence, when there is a gun used badly, it is a democrat trick! Also, he hasn't listened to the evidence of Hunter dropping out either.

March for Life is next Tuesday.

FOX-5 (Wash DC tele) reported the man approaching the Supreme Court, which is just behind the Capitol.

I smell a rat.

Or maybe a 'Rat.
ArrogantBustard (Western Civilisation is aborting, buggering, and contracepting itself out of existence.) realizes that this isn't some set-up for the gun ban case! The abortion march is much sooner!

But, Cringing Negativism Network (So-called free trade advocates = "China Firsters") throws us a twist.

Wonder if he’s (possibly) angling for a lawsuit?...

Seriously. What if it’s someone who’s not out to harm anyone, but rather someone who very strongly believes in the “right to keep and bear arms”. And wants to take the question to the USSC?

He evidently wasn’t carrying “concealed” - he was openly carrying three weapons. He doesn’t have a handgun (which is banned in DC). Do DC laws prohibit weapons which are “concealed”?

Just a thought.

I mean it would be unusual, but the fact he was carrying openly at the one place in America he absolutely had to KNOW he would be arrested, sounds almost like he did this deliberately.

What if it's not a Democratic operative at all? Well, that must mean it's a freedom loving citizen! Cause guns are not a threat in the hands of nuts at all!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hildabeast Thursdays

Hillary vs. Obama, and the Freepers are pretty excited.

If he wanted to, Obama could really lay into Hillary.

well, Obama really wants to live

Yes, ari-freedom (The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government) goes there. The Clinton murder meme. And that is the most rational of the posts...
They are quintessential low rent, cheap jack, white trash and will be an oderous and odious blot on the body politic until the Grim Reaper does his work.
Gotta say, I don't hear this kinds of vitriol, even about Bush, on the other side. Thanks, Jimmy Valentine (DemocRATS - when they speak, they lie; when they are silent, they are stealing the American Dream)
Here were the Clintons big ideas....School uniforms ....Gays in the Military.....burning down CHRISTIAN CHILDREN....and sending a child back to a Communist country!!!
So Branch Dividians are Christians now? Huh. Ann Archy (Abortion.....The Human Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.) seems to be remembering a different cult than I did.

justiceseeker93 delves into the origin of the Clintons, but the Clinton Madness interferes:
Hot Springs, not Hope, was where Bill Clinton lived from the time he was about six to 18. He certainly had an excellent environment for observing mobsters in action and picking up their ways.
Yes, the mobsters of Hot Springs, Arkansas taught Bill Clinton all he knew. Seriously, WTF?

Happy Rain manages to sound almost sane, till you read the words that he typed.
I see no problem.The Clintons are telling white Democrats that blacks are voting for Obama because blacks are rascists—hoping for—what else—a white Democrat backlash that favors Hillary.
We’re taling about white liberals—dumber than lobotomized bags of hammers and as gulible as suicide bombers in Hell.
Realpolitiks,my friend.
White Liberals are gonna vote against black people, cause they think black are racist. Hmm. projection much?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger died for his sins.

Now, I understand method acting someone as crazy as the joker could contribute to Heath Ledger's recent death. Free Republic, for the most part, agrees. But there are some who see the hand of Satan:

As a Christian, I do believe in good versus evil - God versus Satan.

There was something awful and sinister about that role. Just look at the pictures.

People can crow all they want about "it is just acting" - but something clearly got to him. The drugs and insomnia may have been a symptom, or a cause.

When Hollywood glorifies evil as "fun" - something is clearly wrong.

Isaiah 5:20
SkyPilot thinks Hollywood was showing that the Joker was "fun." Cause no one goes to the movies to see the bad guy get his comeuppance. And nice bible reference: ""Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Sounds like Hollywood to me!

I like this one for a number of reasons:
It's been so long since I'd tried watching anything Hollyweird's spewed I honestly cannot remember the last motion picture. At least one that made any sense whatsoever to me. "Burnt Finger Syndrome" & all that, I guess.

OTOH if I wanted to justify my hatred of our republic, Christianity, "Mom & apple pie" themes or were depressed and sought a new emotional low? I'd definitely make a habit of attending motion pictures. Because those negative sensations are the only states of mind I've come away with after viewing Hollyweird's "product".

The good ol' days of walking out of a theater and sincerely feeling good are long gone as are my admiration of those who act. each their own. ;^)
OK. First, the poster ends with a winking smiley, as though he wouldn't judge you if you chose to go to Godless anti-american Hollyweird.

But the best is the poster's name: Landru (Reality hits the faithful the hardest.) He's named after a character from Star Trek! So was Star Trek made back when Hollywood was still American? Has Hollywood changed so much from back in the days of cheesy effects and ham-fisted morality? Does Landru wish we had a President like James T. Kirk?
Perhaps, just perhaps, playing such a dark, evil role had a terrible affect on him. He obviously thought so.

Funny...I never heard anyone say that when he played a gay sodomist philanderer. Oops...I's not politically correct.
Homosexuals are insane, cartoonish, fictional mass-murderers like the Joker! You heard it from gr8eman (Everybody is a rocket scientist...until launch day!) first!.
IT'S A CARTOON CHARACTER! If playing that part stressed him so bad, it is a good thing he never lived in the real world.

Actors never have to deal with the real world. They are like gods among us, and all success flows to them like holy ambrosia, according to Ditto (Global Warming: The 21st Century's Snake Oil)

But for simple satanic implications, I turn to the invisib1e hand (if you can't stand the heat, get out of the melting pot.)

yeah. evil plays for keeps.

People just don't get it.
Don't play bad guys in movies. Cause Evil plays for keeps. Why, oh why, don't people get it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Schadenfreude Alert!

Fred Thompson Quits!

in hoc signo vinces ("Houston, TX...a waiting quagmire for jihadis.") says:

Isnt the world suppose to end in 2012....hmmmmm...seems like we’re T’d up for it.

Sad to see Fred go...

bluebeak thinks this is a Holy Omen of Armegeddon.

End of the GOP as we know it!

Wear black!

Where have all the conservatives gones? I guess nobody can reply South Carolina anymore?

I see my hands (_8(|) gets a bit pissy with all the doom-and-gloomers

"So long GOP, it was nice while it lasted"

If you're going then good riddance.

OK, Gatcko (Who says that I'm not under Jesus's protection?) makes me feel kinda bad.

I’m literally in tears right now.

Mom’s telling me to get over it, that he never would’ve won, that he was too old, etc. But then again, she’s a Hillary supporter, and she would say that.

haircutter goes after the messenger!

Don’t forget it was CARL who first broke the George W. Bush DWI

Guess he wanted to be FIRST again..

Wonder how he will feel when FOX NEWS ratings head for the tank????

Matchett-PI (Algore - there's not a more priggish, sanctimonious moral scold of a church lady anywhere.) gives a pep talk - Freeper style.

We are NOT doomed. Only LOSERS are doomed - they’re doomed BECAUSE they’re LOSERS.

LOSERS never win but _WE_ aren’t LOSERS and WE plan to WIN.

Lead follow or get out of the way.

I will vote for whoever I have to vote for in Florida in order to stop McCain. And if he isn’t stopped, it will not be because of me, it will be because of a lot of LOSERS.

Calling people LOSERS over and over again - how Freepers get their morale up.

spacejunky echoes a lot of Freepers with a call of "The Fred is Dead - Long Live the Fred!"

Agree...we all better get behind Romney or we’ll end up with MEGA liberal huckabee or mcpain.

Think it through guys...

Be afraid of Mitt. I am.

*whew* kinda ruined the schadenfreude roll. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Martin Luthor King: Conservative, yet also a Marxist. Welcome to the alternate reality that is Free Republic. Freepers alternate vilifying the guy and embracing him as one of their own. Today, I choose to show you the vilification:
King was one of those rare individuals: men who achieve fame rather early in life, then have the misfortune (or perhaps fortune) to die before the inevitable tarnishing of reputation that comes when success turns sour.
Thanks, quadrant. If there is one thing the Evangelicles on Free Republic hate, it's martyrs!

If you haven't read the text of MLK's speech "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence", you should. It is a rather vicious anti-American rant that promotes radical Marxism pretty shamelessly. It doesn't get talked about very much because it would seriously damage his reputation.

As far as I'm concerned, the guy wasn't all bad. But he was mostly bad.
According to ClearCase_guy (The broken wall, the burning roof and tower. And Agamemnon dead.), being against Vietnam damages one's reputation.

BenLurkin agrees - anyone who wants to help the poor is an "International Marxist:"
"issues of poverty and militarism"Translation: He favored international Marxism.
CyberSparticus takes time out from oiling his pecs to solve the MLK problem once and for all:
Let’s Honour the man who really won black civil rights - Fredrick Douglas.
Because after slavery was abolished, blacks were totally equal!

And I leave you, as always, with a good dose of crazy, courtesy of Neoliberalnot ((Hallmarks of Liberalism: Ingratitude and Envy)), who has decided to quote Michael Savage in ALL CAPS TO REALLY SHOW THE CRAZY!!

M. Savage
Cause no one will remembe Lincoln and Washington. Holidays are a zero sum game, people! If Washington's holiday is eliminated, it only makes MLK day grow in power!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Pix

So, Free Republic is pro-Obama?

I can't tell if they mean Muslims or Democrats. But I love the implication that the candidates somehow know who the enemy is and are holding back.

It's a communist party!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Huckabee and the Confederate flag

Freepers, as you might imagine, like the confederate flag. However, when Huckabee the Not Chosen starts to use it as a campaign issue, well their principle smay not stand so tall...

There is just something so wrong on so many levels about South Carolina getting to pick who our nominee will be, all based upon the candidates’ attitudes about a flag of a nation that hasn’t existed for over 140 years. I mean seriously, Huckleberry Mike is pathetic on two-thirds of the issues out there, but we is gonna vote fer him, cuz he lahks tha fla-yeg?

Yeah! Stupid southerners, always holding values based on something from 140 years ago. But really, that almost sounds rational. Alow me to bring on the crazy:
[T]he more Huck talks, the more he makes RuPaul look prescient on his nutty comments.

Paul quoted the “fascism will come to America on the cross draped in the flag” and everyone slapped their foreheads.

We’ve been seeing the leftists bringing their enviro-fascism all along.

But now this huckster is bringing a populist-fascist attitude that, well, in order to define it I’d have to violate Godwin’s law.

Goodwin's law! So Mike Huckabee, by supporting the confederate flag, is like Hitler! But here's the grandest insult of all:
Pandering POS...The Hillary of the Republicans.....
Ouch! That's gotta leave a mark.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hildabeast Thursdays

On the "Mitt Wins Michigan" thread.

McQueeg losing is the 2nd best news of the night.

The font is unchanged. Yes, in a state where she didn't campaign, Hillary lost some of the black vote. This deserves huge, annoying type.

Indeed, it appears that, in the eyes of Freepers at least, Hillary's candidacy is assured enough they can start attacking her again.

Hillary is in the nightmare of her life. She can’t use her general bag of tricks because he’s a black man. Now that is funny. She’s been planning this since she was weened from that incubus. Now this. There is a God.

From the incubus. Cute. Also, your fellow Freepers will be perry unhappy at God if Obama is the nominee too. I also wonder what her bag of tricks is? I thought it was FBI files and shooting people, what blacks are bulletproof now?
Now I’m going to watch the Dem debate to see if Hillary tries to claw Obama’s eyes out. Heh, heh, heh!
The Democrat infighting makes the Freepers quite happy. And it feeds into their narratives of rage-filled Hillary too.

And, as I am wont to do, I leave you with some racism:

Suggested lines for the Hill Rodhog, AKA “The Beast”.

1. “I be married to the first black President.”

2. “You know what they say about black men... yall know Bubba be bigger”

3. “Chelsea gots an afro too”

4. “I be wearin a doo rag and bling when yall be done elect’n me”

5. “Bubba aint be cookin grits when I’s be president, he be diplomattin

Rush does this trick too: "I'm making fun of a racist person by using racist terms!" Sorry, but when you do that, you get some racism on you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Freeper support congeales around Mittens.

Mitt gets his first win this Tuesday. And as a Dem, I am most worried about him. Unlike the other Republican front runners, Free Republic is beginning to show they might vote for him if he wins the nomination.

Of course, Freepers still hold out support for Fred Thompson, but they see the writing on the wall.
Now, here's hoping Fred Thompson and/or Mitt win in South Carolina. Then we can forget about McQueeg and his strawberry ice cream.


Let them sweep the rest of the field off and battle for who goes on top.

Thompson would shore up the Freeper support, but I don't think he's wiling to settle for vice, after all his hard work.

Mitt Romney won overwhelmingly among voters that described themselves as very conservative.

Mitt is the obvious conservative choice.

If all the conservatives jumped off a bridge, I'm betting claudiustg would call it the "obvious conservative choice."
Excellent news!!!!

It's about time a conservative won!!!

McCain, Rudy and the Huckster need to be rejected if the GOP is to survive.
Freepers rarely vote FOR people. Mostly, they're into voting against people. Such is the way for Mitt to win.

Anyhow, I'm worried.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Obama's Church.

Lots of guilt by association re: Barak Obama's pastor having once spoken well of Lois Farrikan.

Thus, we have a thread where Free Republic throws all they have on Obama at the wall. They'll see what sticks later.
Obama is a Marx-Leninist, plain and simple. He views the economic policies of Hugo Chavez favorably. Furthermore, he stated in his autobiography that he admires the redistribution of wealth advocated by Islam. He is a blame-America firster and Israel-hater. He is far more dangerous than Hillary or even slip-and-fall Edwards.
But I thought Hillary and Edwards were also America-blamers and Israel-Haters!
Whether Obama is really a Christian or not, his church is just a cover for the worst kind of race-baiting. People in those kind of churches simply hate whites. Maybe it’s hard for whites to face what is going on, I don’t know.
"Whether Obama is really a Christian or not" It's two, two, two smears in one! Heathen AND racist!

Obama’s minister and Obama like Minister Louis Farrakan ?

Muslims all ?

Yes, the Trojan Muslims meme makes a return. Frankly, I think there will be backlash, and I hope it gets out more.

Damn to hell anyone who would vote for the president of the U.S.A. a man who doesn't properly acknowledge the American flag in an anthem. Damn them to hell. Boooooo. Hisssssss.

Okay, between the silly symbolic requirements, the WHOA, the damming people to hell and the Boooooo, this guy must be like twelve.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Hillary is Satan Edition:

[Hillary] is truly The Beast. The Beast Without Limit. The Beast Beyond Measure.

She is. Beast. Incarnate.

Monday, January 14, 2008

FDR hated the Jews

Bush said We shoulda bombed Auschwitz.

Free Republic cannot resist the temptation to revise even this sacred (to them) period of history to bash the hated FDR and prove Bush right again:

Auschwitz was once bombed ACCIDENTALLY when a nearby chemical factory was targeted.

The inmates at Auschwitz were overjoyed, they thought that FDR had finally listened to their prayers. Instead, FDR told the Air Force to never let it happen again.

1. No one was able to believe the Holocaust that was going on in the concentration camps until they were actually liberated. That's why the pictures were so important.

2. In the linked article this accidental bombing was discussed. Apparently, hundreds of jews were killed, and no further damage was done.

3. I really doubt FDR needed to tell the pilots to stop accidentally bombing targets that weren't important to the German war machine. Much less specifically choose concentration camps to protect. Cute implication, though.

FDR’s State Department worked very hard not to save any of the Holocaust victims or to let them immigrate to the United States. I suggest you read up on the subject.

Assistant Secretary of State Breckinridge Long outlines ways in which consulates can indefinitely postpone granting visas. “We can delay and effectively stop for a temporary period of indefinite length the number of immigrants into the United States. We could do this by simply advising our consuls to put every obstacle in the way and to require additional evidence and to resort to various administrative devices which would postpone and postpone and postpone the granting of the visas.”

This kind of realpolitik selfishness is pretty rough in retrospect. But again, we didn't know about the exterminations at this time. And America was eventually persuaded to allow emigration. Also, it's not on the subject of bombing.
FDR could care less about some Jews dying in Auschwitz. He gets a pass because liberal historians love his socialistic policies.

And you can bet if FDR was a Republican, all you'd ever hear from them is how he interned the Japanese.
Yes, FDR's evil is hidden from us by the press, who never (LBJ) tears (Carter) down (Wilson) historic liberals.

That would have destroyed the German facilities but would also have killed hundreds or thousands of Jewish prisoners.

Which would have amounted to much less than a day's work for the Germans at Auschwitz.
See, the Jews were being killed faster than we could bomb them to death...yesh, that's the stuff! FDR Baaad, even though WW-2 Goood!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Pix

Not much to say to this. Disgusting.

Don't trust the media! They distort the truth! Only Rush knows the facts!

Iran is a sewer, eh? You know what heppens when you bomb a sewer don't ya? Ya get covered in shit!

That's on funky looking Hillary.

Nice visual metaphore, ya gotta admit.

Friday, January 11, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Kerry is a communist plant. There's a lot of them. The Cold War isn't over.

The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!

Some guy in defense was fired. He was all about the war on terror being the war on Islam. He thinks we start from an incorrect premise when we say "Islam is a religion of peace." And he was fired.

Free Republic feels this is the end of America.
So now we will welcome the Islamofascist right into our midst, encourage their community building, and then be the same as Great Britain.

Wave goodbye to the Bill of Rights and say hello to Sharia law folks.

The land of the free is about to become the land of submission.
The idea of America becoming a Muslim country keeps me up at night.
The very people who are encouraging the muslims into our country are the ones who will be most astonished when Sharia law in put in place and slavery is re-established in the United States as a result of it.
Whoa. The interesting thing of this is that it doesn't just state the crazy notion that America might fall, it assumes it and then moves on from there.

I don’t think it’s inevitable, but I think it’s pretty likely. Muslims are busy using our all-powerful judiciary against us, and that combined with a little aggressive interpretation of recent legislation (”hate speech,” for example) gives them all the ammo they need.

And it will all be done in a way that we can’t resist. That is, it’s not a matter of electing someone, not electing someone or putting pressure on elected officials. We will simply be sitting there subject to the whims of a Muslim-manipulated judiciary, the decisions of which will be enforced by federal powers.

Judges are all about Islam! Indeed, after the first hare speech laws, I know Blacks have become our overlords.
America is lost.All that remain are consequences.
Goodbye sweet America! If only we were more willing to smear an entire religion of Billions.
So now the Pentagon is infested....
Yes. Muslims all over the Pentagon. Cleverly disguised as white people. Or is it liberals? No difference.

Here's a long one. It's too crazy a fantasy to edit.
We won't do much until we see them convertins groups of gullible Americans to Islam, and then sending them out into the streets to strike terror into Jews who speak up against them.

In Germany the population stood quietly by, were terrorized by the Nazi movement, and then became mesmerized by Hitlers diatribes and messages of social ascendance of German peoles. In America the message will be the ascendant power of Allah to bring order and peace into the neigborhoods of our poor and disadvantaged, cleaning up drugs and gangs through actions of the faithful. No story could play better to the liberal bleeding hearts as our freedom drains away.

But when they start thumpoing on Jews, American will awaken, and there will be a counter fascist movement , the likes of which our nation has never seen.

And it will be bloody, thanks to AH's like DoD's England.
Religion as a method of pacification? Somehow, I doubt the secular liberals will be to happy with that. And a religious civil war? That's sounding a bit like RAHOWA

The key to Muslim political aggression in this country is their perception that they operate in complete personal safety.

This has to be made to change. At the individual level.

Classy, elcid1970. Urging the beating up of Muslims. How American.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hildabeast Thursdays

Hillary wins in NH. What conclusions do the Freepers draw?

Some get poetic:
She is a Beast with Many Faces. Her hair is made of snakes, each one capable of delivering a fatal venomous bite.
Others think New Hampshire is unamerican:
I don’t want a candidate who gets all teary and weepy, I want a tough one who will stand up to our enemies! Did I mention that I am a woman?

These people (women and men) in NH embarrass me when they call themselves Americans. Move to Canada,its a short trip!

Still others go for the conspiracy angle:
Listening to the guy who called Rush yesterday, it sounded more like busloads of NYers who came in to vote. He claimed in his small town he didn’t recognize anybody voting at the polls.
One guy who called Rush, eh? I'm convinced!

But a whole bunch just blame the broads:
It's the women of NH that ought to be ashamed since their vote is what put her over the top. It may prove to be the reason women simply cannot be trusted to make decisions of this importance. It's hard to believe that anyone would allow a womans crying to influence to vote FOR her. It's really scary.
This is not politically correct but the older I get the more I stand in awe of the wisdom of the founding fathers, most of them were very young men, of an age at which far too many of the current generation are still acting like totally irresponsible children. And I applaud them for not allowing women to vote.
Women = emotional and men = not. Between the stereotyping and misunderstanding of human nature, I am at a loss.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

American Alone: the new Eugenics

Freepers discuss America Alone, by Mark Steyn. Basically, Steyn says that because Muslims keep reproducing, and Europe's whites don't as much, America is in trouble.

Wow, this takes in islamophobia, anti-abortions, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Europe issues! Ding ding, we have a winner!
I have my 5.... time to do your part!
Yes, the quiverfull philosophy is clearly enlightened. Quantity over quality! It's America's only hope!
Mark Steyn is correct on every point but one....

England is already gone.
Yes, England is clearly a Muslim country. Burkah's everywhere!
He labels multiculturalism the West's "real suicide bomb." It was conceived, he says, "by Western elites not to celebrate all cultures but to deny their own."

We really need to start looking some people in the eye and saying, "My culture is better than your culture. Your culture is no good."

Probably the most horrifying social faux pas imaginable today. But desperately needed.
See, I don't actually know anyone who doesn't think that American culture, or at least Western Civilization, is the best one around. But no, I don't go up to Muslims people and say "Your culture is no good."

I believe that critical mass for the Muslim population here in the U.S. is about 5%. At this point, they will have somewhere around five or six congressmen who will vote as a block concerning Muslim issues ( much as Blue Dog Dem's, Black Coalition, etc).
Their five or six block votes will be enough to sway and/or block many pieces of legislation to their persuasion.

Soooo, what do we do boys and girls? We need to change our immigration policy so to severely limit Muslim entry into the U.S. Will this happen? No, very doubtful. So now, there's our "Achilles Heel"....
Yes! The "pro Muslim" vote in the US Congress. Soon we'll be full of burkah's like England is! Cause it will be the law!
It is considered crude to say so, but all welfare and help-the-less-fortunate programs are anti-evolutionary in nature.

If we really believed in evolution we would be doing everything possible to encourage reproduction by fitter people and discourage or eliminate it by those who are less fit.

Of course, then you get into all kinds of discussions about what constitutes fitness. :)

Social Darwinism ladies and gents! Because success is genetic! What could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Obama Movement: Freepers miss the bus

I know this is just the sort of insight you come to this blog for, but the denizens of Free Republic don't seem to understand what's behind the surge of sentiment for Barak Obama.

So here's a picture of someone crying at an Obama rally. Now, this does not generally happen a political events. It is something new. Free Republic, however, keeps whistling past the graveyard.

We begin with someone actually trying to understand this woman, and the answer to that:

“Basically, it shows that she has hopes and dreams like all Americans, why make fun of her?”

Because she’s an idiot liberal who has not developed her thinking process enough to replace pre-adolescent “feelings.” Thus, she - and her ilk, are liable to make decisions which make THEM feel good (i.e., voting for a black guy), but do NOTHING to make our country better, or safer (just the opposite).

They’re a danger, and need to be defeated in any way possible - including “making fun” of them.

People vote for Obama only cause he's black. It has nothing to do with his rhetoric of hope. Also, only conservatives can think. Case and point, this guy:
IDIOT or demon possesed.
Now that's logic! No emotion there. Here's another Freeper carefully considering what the opposition is doing:

The poor girl is so deceived.

I pray God opens her eyes to the truth of the corrupt, anti-Christ, baby-murdering, gay marriage, Democrat party party platform.

And while you pray, Lions Gate, other people will be voting.

Finally, a bit of nihilism for you folks:

“He held my hand”. Actual quote from an Iowan female weeper.

I recall hearing that on Rush.
I about ran off the road and wanted to HURL!
When will they learn that NO politician Repub or Dem, but especially a Dem, gives a CRAP about us!

Wow. You truly seem to care about other people, a real Sheila. You are an inspiration to us all.

Monday, January 7, 2008


First McCain had the audacity to run against Bush. Then he was insufficiently vicious to the Aye-Legals. Now he could be the GOP Candidate? Free Republic is not amused:
Powder..Patch..Ball FIRE!
If McInsane is the candidate I will not vote in the election
Wow, black-powder style hatred! I like the way you roll, BallandPowder, even if your gunpowder bravado takes like 100 times longer to reload than the assault rifle crowd.

John McLooney is a lying SOB. PERIOD.
His Amnesty plan was amnesty. PERIOD.

The caps make you seem pretty crazy, but I know Free Republic can do better. pissant? I'm looking at you:
I’ll disown the GOP if it nominates him
An idle threat! Nice, but do we have something more irrational?
Nonsense ... McCain IS Obama
And that's the show folks! Seems to me if McCain is the candidate, he can't count on the Freeper 20%. To me, this makes the Dem a shoe in, much like it was for Rudy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Pix

Alas, Iowa stuff hasn't filtered to the toons yet, so wait til next week for the anti-Huckabee stuff.

"Legal Jihad?" I disagree with this case as well, but this is a bit much, doncha think?

Hillary sure is ugly! Cause she's Evil, see.

See, the Dem Caucus is dumb, but the Republicans are smart. Heh. Lets see what they say next week, when they don't have Hillary to kick around anymore, and suddenly have to deal with Huckabee.

Friday, January 4, 2008

How to argue with a liberal, the Free Republic way

don't. You might change your mind.
Don’t waste your time arguing with liberals. Your goal is to defeat them, not win an argument with them. Your time is better spent at conservative websites generating ideas, and then go trolling left wing websites to blow off steam.
Never try to convert them.

And not this word from the Old Time Country Jamboree:
You mingt want to teach pigs to sing instead. You will come out smelling better than wrestling with liberals!
But here's the thing! Freepers are open minded, see:

Ask yourself what you would post if you lost an argument. Odds are, if they feel they have no logical response, they will either not write back or they will make snarky comments. There is never a "you're right, I guess abortion does really kill people" sort of a post.

Maybe on FR a libertarian could move a republican to think pot should be legalized, but on that other site you're not going to move flaming liberals to accept conservative ideals.
Cause Conservatives never post petty snark on the internet.
Your time is better spent improving your combat skills and marksmanship.
The best argument is a bullet, eh Noumenon? Oh, so manly!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hildabeast Thursdays

Some guy with a knife gets arrested after being in Hillary headquarters in Decorah, Iowa.

But seeing as this is Primary week, the equivalent of Pon Farr for Freepers, where what little rationality they had is washed away and you get to see the naked Freeper id.

Stop me if you've heard this story by now...
Just another fake scare orchestrated by her campaign staffers to keep Hildabeast in the news.
Cause Hillary was worried about falling in the headlines the day of the Iowa Carcases.


My old drill instructor used to say that Turds attract Shiite.

Hillary is a divider not a uniter.

Women drive men crazy but in Hillary’s case she literally drives men crazy enough to do her physical harm.

I guess it is just payback for all the crap she has given many good people over the last 50 years.
"Women drive men crazy?" "do her physical harm" "payback." I see, so she's hated to the point people want to kill her, but she deserves it, so don't be too sad if she up and dies.

Also Misogyny. Speaking of...
If I was Hillary — I’d want every American MALE disarmed, castrated, jailed - and kept away from her and HER women.
Aaaand that's the naked id, ladies and gents! Thank you, and try the veal.

Huckabee- secret athiest?

Just a sampling of the vehemence Freepers are getting up to as Iowa approaches. This is from a Huckabee thread, but you'll find the same stuff re: Romney as well.

Huckabee used to be a democrat and he has always been a liberal. He is a Republican in name only. Is he lying about his belief in God too? yes I think so because how many Marxists are there that are religious? Zero.

There's more to this comment (mostly about the Aye-legals), but I thought I'd distill the crazy. Huckabee - secret atheist. The mind boggles.
I would agree with the contention that Huckabee is much like Bill Clinton. Very much like Bill Clinton. We do not need our own Bill Clinton in the Republican Party.

Bill Clinton drove me out of the Democrat Party. Mike Huckabee could drive me out of the Republican Party, if we choose to go down that road.

Clinton?! Aw, damn, here come the big guns now...

I don’t know about the Huckster’s wife, but Huckabee’s son is a dog murderer and a dog torturer. Evil does seem to run in that family. Maybe there is something in the water in Hope Arkansas.

Classy! But my favorite comment, for it purity:
The Huckster is such an IDIOT!

He’w WORSE than Clinton with his sick hypocrisy and dragging God into his lies and deceptions. He’s plain EVIL.

It's like a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and a crazy Jesus lady.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Criminal probe of CIA tape

The Primaries make Free Republic a madhouse of "Go FRed!" and anger about the other top candidates. (The FR is capitalized, cause that stands for Free Republic - get it?)

So I turn to this somewhat buried story that AG Mukasey has appointed an outside prosecutor to look into CIA tapes. Freepers aren't giving this much attention, but there are a few threads:

What utter nonsense.

The President should just carry around a sheaf of pre-written pardons, just requiring the name and the date, and hand them out to anyone harassed by Congressional and media morons for their services against the enemy.

This is a phenomenal plan! Pardons were created to prevent Congressional oversight of the executive, after all. And think of how good it would make Bush look in the public eye!
The CIA should be given a medal for not turning over the tapes. Their existence should never have been acknowledged. We have certain members of Congress and members of the 9/11 commission who are actively working for the enemy and to help them in their efforts would be nothing short of treason.
Again, the problem here is the existence of oversight. Stupid checks and balances. Hang the Congress high for their treason!
This is going to be another witch hunt similar to the one that brought down Scooter Libby. These investigations are all the same. The prosecutor is expected to nail someone, anyone, no matter what.

And this investigation will do nothing to mollify the Democrats, who will use any excuse to undermine the President and our war effort. If in the unlikely event that this witch hunt yields no evidence of wrongdoing, the Democrats will scream foul anyway.
*cough* Clinton *cough* *cough*

sorry, something in my throat there.