Friday, November 30, 2007

On Rove's investigator deleating all those files.

Now this is amusing. Free Republic hears about Rove's investigator deleting files and what does it think?
Democrat party operative under investigation. Runs like a cockroach from the light. Bush’s biggest failure was his refusal to purge the government of these internal democrat party enemies.
Yes, this Bush appointee is a dem mole. Must be, since he was caught in a crime. Well, maybe a moderate...

Bush's biggest problems arose when he hired these wishy washy 'moderate' types... in the mistaken belief their 'progressive' positions would endear Bush to OTHER moderates and Democrats.

Think: Colin Powell, Harriet Myers, Scott McClellan, etc.

All ended up becoming wimps and turncoats.

Well, not so much Harriet Myers -- but she was AWFUL anyway.
Yes. This man is a moderate. And I am Ana Marie Cox.

And so we fall to the last defense of Republicans: but Clinton!

Looks like this guy got his training in the Clinton Administration.

Both sides indulge in this kind of knee-jerk "he's not ours" crap, to be sure. But Free Republic has raised it to an art form. Craig, Haggard, et al. Liberals!

That's why Conservatives are never corrupt!

Bomb Threat at Hillary Headquarters in NH

Because FR is not DU, where death and suffering are celebrated, prayers up for anyone in harm's way. If this is actually a hostage situation, rather than a bomb threat as Rush is reporting, I can't imagine too many things more terrifying.
And thus Free Republic may keep it's moral high ground, even as it revels .
No, no celebration here...or Hillary bashing...

Another OMEN:

“man holding people hostage at NH political headquarters”

this is nothing next to the hostages the American Citizenry will become if Hillary wins the Presidency...

Nice. Turn every disaster into a political opportunity.

It’s a plant.....

If it were anyone but the Clintons, I would laugh at that. With them you got to wonder if it isn’t a plant.

Okay, Free Republic can no longer make fun of 9-11 truthers.

A number of people on the thread noted they were probably being watched by their much less read "nemisis" DU.

(For your DU lurkers - this is not some RW wingnut crazy-talk. Hill’s insane, and she’ll screw you rotten if you elect her.)

Their sudden worry about being watched tells me they know they're naughty, not caring about Hillary personnel. But except for a few exceptions, they wallow in the joy of bad things happening to bad people.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Al Gore and Osama Bin Laden have the same position on global warming, for the exact same reason

Hildabeast Thursdays

A staffer of Hillary actually had to gall to ask a question at the CNN Republican debate! To be fair, there should have been disclosure. Still, Free Republic has decided this is part of some sort of master plan:



This is not satire, boys and girls. It was not responded to as such, and it was not intended as such. This guy is really angry, but refuses to swear, as Free Republic is a "decorous" forum.

Here comes the analysis:

This is a win-win for Hillary. First, her whacko far-left base gives her kudos for infiltrating the debate. Deviousness counts with them because the campaign can maintain it is pretending to be moderate to win the election “but see, you lefties can see she knows how to fool people.” Second, it is a win for her if all debates become suspect because debates are not her strong point and the more she turns people off them, the better for her.
See, Hillary Supporters being invited to CNN is a secret message to the communist left. Not crazy at all...let me fix my tin foil hat.


I think it should be PAINFULLY obvious by now what we will be up against.

If Hillary gets the nomination, we will be facing the most corrupt campaign in American History.

The Democrat Voter Fraud will be MASSIVE, and the largely Gay Mainstream media has already proven they are willing to lie and cheat to assure a Democrat wins...

See, first it's having your supporters ask questions of the opposition, and then it's knocking over liquor stores...Corruption!

Eva's a freakin' genius:

I said, last night that I bet that if you dug around that you could find liberal ties to one Democrat organization or another for everyone of the questioners. I even mentioned that since CNN allowed the Democrat candidates to each plant a supporter as a questioner in the Democrat debate, that maybe they did the same thing last night, solicited questions and people to ask the questions, from the Democrat candidates.

I knew it!

When will the Republicans wise up? I am sure that it was Hillary’s idea to involve the other Democrats in the scam, so that she wouldn’t look as sleazy.

All the other Dem candidates want Hillary to win, you see...

Yes, CNN was stupid about this, and yes they handled the debate badly. But tracing this back to super-mastermind Hillary because CNN's chosen shill works for her is a bit much, guys. Still, if the tin foil hat fits...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why is Mommy a Democrat?

Someone found this year old book and posted it on Free Republic. It provides an interesting mirror into how they see Democrats and themselves in terms simplified for children.
Disgusting, false and distorted, we need to follow with a book of our own. I'll start with the first samples:

  1. Conservatives let Daddy keep more of what he earns, so mommy can buy me food and toys.

  2. Conservatives make sure bad people who hurt childen are locked up.

  3. Conservatives make sure help children get born and find families with both a mommy and a daddy, not two mommies or two daddies or two perverts.
Okay, the first one is perfectly valid. The second is something Democrats do to, and the third one is just hate. Okay, one out of three...but the crazy is just beginning!

1. Democrats try to abort us, just like mommy tried.

2. Democrats make sure we are always safe, just like Castro makes his country safe.

3. Democrats make sure children can go to school, soz dey can gets an edumacacion.

Democrats like abortion because they plan to use it themselves. See, all they hate children AND are too irresponsible to use birth control. Again, this idea that if you disagree, it must be because you are evil.

And as for safety through communism, I don't get it.

Finally, is it just me, or does mommy suddenly become a black stereotype in 3?

1. Democrats take your toys and give them to kids they like more than you.

2. Democrats make sure you always wear helmets and knee pads to keep you from both harm and fun.

3. Democrats make sure all children go to school, including the mean ones who make it impossible for you to learn, and who steal your lunch money.

Democrats are like the Mommy of the school bully, who refuses to believe her monster makes life miserable for others, and who claims other people don’t understand poor itty bitty Monster.

Bullies are all democrats and shouldn't go to school!

And finally,
Why Mommy is a Democrat:
1. Mommy did not finish High School and does not understand economics.
2. Mommy is an unwed mother, who depends upon government handouts for her existence.
3. Mommy gets all of her news from broadcast network news.
But most importantly . . .
4. Mommy loves the $25 dollars the Democrats give her every time she goes to a different polling place on the bus the Democrat provide on election day and votes for a Democrat. On good election days she can pick up $400-500 dollars by voting 16 to 20 times.
Democrats are all stealing elections! And they are all unwed, uneducated mothers! No one who has any education could possibly be a democrat! And no democrats get married either!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Many people have forgotten the whole Terri Schiavo story. But not Free Republic. About once a month a story pops up about the truth behind Terri's journey.

The latest is "Terri Schiavo Was Not Braindead", a riveting discussion of medical semantics.

True to form ,Free Republic erupted in debate.

When a friend told her in the final days if she could
just say she would want to live, Terri tried to jump
out of bed.

She had a meaningful relationship with her family.

Her wicked former spouse, who likely caused her
disability, killed her by starvation/dehydration.

These people have their own facts! Or at least they raise sample bias to an art.

But according to the Freepers, God also has a sample bias:

Terri was not a vegitable. “Brain Dead” was innacurate. And “vegitative” is de-humanizing. On Judgment Day,
everyone who advocated starving her to death will get
to hear from God, and from Terri herself.

Nice to say what God is thinking, Bob Enyart.

Also, some have anecdotes about doctors being wrong:

When I was born the drs said that I was in a vegetative state and counseled my mother to put me in a home. I was over 3 months old before I cried for the first time and responded to stimulation.

I'm now a wife and a mother with an IQ in the low 130's. I've been to college. (Dropped out to have babies.)

Sorry, but I'm a walking miracle and I know I'm nothing special. Many others have survived doctor's predictions. (Therapy makes all the difference.) I don't throw in the towel until their heart's been stopped for about an hour. (My mom was dead for 20 minutes while I was being born.)
To me, the moral of this story seems to be never trust doctors. I wonder how many anecdotes about people being on life support and never coming out of it there are?

There is a decent amount of debate on these threads, though. Well, not "debate" exactly...
I never said she was brain dead. I said the parts of her brain that controlled thought, memory, muscle control and a few other things was damaged beyond repair.

I also stated putting her to sleep would of been better than dehydration.

There is no need to be emotional about this and name calling is completely inappropriate.

70 posted on 11/20/2007 1:55:03 PM PST by GreenOgre (mohammed is the false prophet of a false god.)

To: GreenOgre
Can I call you an ogre?


1. A giant or monster in legends and fairy tales that eats humans.

2. A person who is felt to be particularly cruel, brutish, or hideous.

[French, probably ultimately from Latin Orcus, god of the underworld.]
Nice. I know I want to be on the side of the ad hominem guy! Who can argue against such logic?

And finally, this word from outer space:
The death culture will never give up until everyone on earth has been euthanized.
That sounds like a cunning plan...

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Youngest Jihadi

CBS news does a story on a 15 year old who killed an American soldier to get to all the virgins in heaven. Clearly, this 15 year old was not really into thinking things through. But Free Republic has no problem advocating killing him. See, if you're Muslim, you're inhuman, and can be killed at any age.

But no abortions.

Consider this: is Omar Khadr a hardened terrorist -- a bad seed, or an obedient son, led astray by his family?

Hardened terrorist.
Glad Free Republic has all the answers. Indeed, a trial is too good for this kid!
His lawyers say that due to his age when he was taken prisoner, he should have been considered a child soldier and shouldn't be there at all.

No, he should have been summarily executed.
The reflection and thought that goes into this thread is really breathtaking.
Don't blame the children, blame the parents, schools, mosques, etc? But don't fire upon such a deadly child or investigate such tv broadcasts, childrens' textbooks, or mosques, right Viacommies?
'Cause no one is investigating the media and mosques in Afghanistan. Or do they mean we should investigate these things in America?

Chilling ... I’d like to see all the islamic
islamic schools and mosques in the US
investigated and shut down, if they’re
proselytizing jihad .. for one.

There are kids carrying out terrorism in Afghanistan. This is not a tragedy, but rather a reason to turn the Muslim world against us here. Good tactics!

Also, much hate for CBS.

Sound like a hero to CBS. Is that because he is a terrorist?
or because he murdered Americans?

Answer: Both make CBS proud.

What kind of sick paranoia makes you think CBS is a fan of murdering Americans? The other side is not only wrong, on Free Republic that they are also evil.

Reagan's racial politics

I thought it was accepted that wellfate queens didn't exist. But after Krigman refered to this racial trope in a recent article, I found that they were everywhere in Freepworld:

Before we get to the racism, though, we need to get past the worshiping of graven idols, since Reagan was mentioned:
Krugman soils himself yet again, and he dares take the name of Ronald Reagan in vain.
"in vain?"

Then there's the "wellfare queens" bit:
"...the bogus story of the Cadillac-driving welfare queen..."

This goofball obviously never visited the Detroit area, or he'd never have called that story "bogus."

"Typical," maybe, but not "bogus."
The poster, Redbob (WWJBD - "What Would Jack Bauer Do?"), says he's alifelong southerner in his profile, so I'm not sure where he gets the data for this statement. advertising guy has proof though:

welfare cadillacs were so regular that fuzzed up ones were on Clint Eastwood movies in the day................

Klugman is a Clymer

Well, if it was in a Clint Eastwood movie, then it must have been owned by black wellfare cheats! It all makes sense now!

But on to generally race relations, SatinDoll has an important fact to add to the "discussion:"

Dear Mr. Krugman,

did you know that every human is born genetically black? Some of us happen to carry recessive mutations for creating less melanin in the dermis, hence light colored skin.

What you really need to address is cultural attitudes, you know, like stealing is OK and rape is an every day fact of life. That’s where all the real differences lie.

I think SatinDoll is refering to the fact that the human race started in Africa, not that we're black. Also, that bit about cultural attitudes is the most naked racism I've seen on the site.
Despite what might have happened back in 1980, modern Democrats feed racial polarization and feed off racial polarization.

The Republican philosophy on racial minorities is to assimilate them into mainstream society. The Democrat philosophy is to keep them barefoot, pregnant and registered to vote.

See, if black people would just assymilate and become just like white people, then it'd all be okay! And the way to get there: tax cuts for the rich!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lawyers, Guns and Drama

So the ole SCOTUS will take up the Second Amendment eh? Of course you know, this means war! Or drama. You know, whichever.

Red Badger doesn't want to be melodratic but...
If they side with the “state”, the Republic will fall.................
Long ellipsis denotes the suspense! Also, siding with the "state" will be upholding the status quo, and the Republic has been okay with that. So far..............................................................

The wrong SCOTUS opinion is a declaration of civil war.

The SCOTUS could start a civil war again! It'll be godless traitors vs. the Free Republic God-fearing Americans! They didn't step up when it came to Iraq, but this shit is SERUOIS!

Anybody out there TRUST the SCOTUS?
Me neither.
Lock and load, boys and girls. It’s going to be time to fight.
As in “bang bang.”

Don't tell anyone, but I think Flintlock got a boner writing that..."as in 'bang bang." That is evocative! With poets like that, can the SCOTUS have any hope?

Jack Black has left society long ago, due to his disagreement with the principles of checks and balances.

It’s too late. I’m long, long, past caring what our pseudo-masters in black robes say.

Affirmation of our right is certainly to be desired. However I seriously doubt that it will slow the gun-banners in their quest. So at best it will be a hollow victory.

If I agreed that the SC had the right to decide this, then I would agree that should they decide that gun-banning is Constitutional it would be legitimate.

Conversely if the SC rules against the individual right I will completely ignore this law, as it is absurd. My rights are not negotable.

I don’t care how many justices Lady Hillary eventually gets to appoint, nor how they rule on this. It’s just not open to furhter discussion.

See, courts don't matter to Jack Black. In fact, he still keeps slaves. Cause that's his right, and it's not negotiable.

Though having all of America on your side might help...

One can always tell a liberal socialist news writer.


That debate is a unifier, and it will unify a large block of voters against the liberal socialsits and their wanna be Utopians whose idea of Brave New World is simply wrong, and unattainable.

"Devisive debate" punk low life no count liberal reporting.

Unifying Debate is the accurate term, and don'r forget it.
Unifying Debate. In Capital Letters. Candor7 has his thumb on the pulse of America! We all love guns here! But not buttsex, right Candor?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mexico has no redeeming qualities.

Freepers, like any extremists, are always ready to generalize based on an anecdote that agrees with their worldview. In this example, an individual travels to Mexico, and gets mugged.

When you visit a nation of outlaws, don’t be surprised if you run into trouble.

Whoa. "Nation of outlaws." That actually sounds kinda badass...
"Weber said the “group hug,” his term for the event, will help heal his mental and emotional wounds."

Heaven forbid you should use this experience as a lesson to GET A GUN.

"It could have ended 100 different ways much worse.”

Yeah -- for the bad guys. Shoot a gun at my house with me and my loved ones inside and they would either be dead or still running.
In FreepWorld, all good guys carrying guns never have accidents, and have perfect aim. And all the people they kill are irredeemably evil. This is why Mexico - the nation of outlaws - should allow everyone to carry guns.

Would you like a side of "blame the victim" with your crazy?

I'm sorry, but I feel zero sympathy for this duck. It's guys like him who accepted the invasion in the first place. And he's either too stupid or venal to criticize Mexico and recognize it for what it is, so crap like this happens - crap that anyone else with half a brain already understood as being the reality there - but which he denies, or doesn't try to understand.
Yeah! He shoulda been killed! Woulda served him right! Speaking of blaming the victim...
I went to TJ about 15 years ago...It was nothing then and it’s still nothing. I will never spend a penny in that turd world country again.
Wow, AnglesCrestHighWay blamed the victim on an ENTIRE COUNTRY! I am in awe.

Finally, there are a whole bunch of people saying "never go to Mexico" and even more that have an anecdote to add to the fray, because the plural of anecdote is data. Unless you disagree with the conclusion then it's a "bad apple."
Yep. There was a guy in Texas who crossed the Border in his M.H. and had one round of ammo in it which he overlooked. He was senenced to years in Prison down there. It took months and hundreds of thousands of Dollars to get him out.
And now, he has a Felony on his record because of our Stupid Laws. So, due to having one bullet in a freakinMotorhome in Mexico, he is ineligible to own a firearm here in the U.S.
Thanks, Bush!
Yeah, that does suck. But I don't think Americans are being sent to jail him Mexico in droves. Seeing as they are kind of careful about the US as countries go.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Pix

Remember, people actually spend time making these!

So Hillary supporters are all fat? Or is Hillary fat by association?

This guy's comics are a staple on Free Republic. And they always end with OBL giving the thumbs up to the liberal villain of the moment. I know fear sells to these people, but try for some variety, if only for your own sanity! Though that ship may have sailed.

Yes, liberals have no arguments. Though often they hate their fathers, and like Phish.

Democratic-Socialist-Communist. These three words mean the same thing only if you are so far on the other side that you cannot see any gradations at all.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Troop desertions up

Free Republic is on the case: who to blame?

I think that we need to have a draft again, but only for reporters. They all should have to be embedded for at least a year in a two year stint. I wonder what their desertion rate would be? Probably a lot higher than 9 out of a thousand, more like 500 out of a thousand.
The Democrats:
It is no wonder since Congress seems to be cheerleading for the terrorists. The fact that we’re having these desertions in an all volunteer Army says a lot about the question of liberals and Congressional traitors undermining the war effort.
Not enough shootings:
It's a time of war, so deserters should be shot.

That last statement is so simple even a liberal/democRAT/socialist could understand.

A secret troublemaker conspiracy:
I’m assuming the numbers include those who joined with the intention of causing problems. Like Scott Beauchamp (yes, I know he’s not a deserter, just a seditious bastard).
Aaaand Jimmy Carter:
In other words, desertions after five years of conflict under President Bush, not as high as after four years under democrat Jimminy Carter.
Now, this increase is to less than 1%, so I don't think one should be worried. But that didn't stop a whole bunch of Freepers from their knee-jerk blame game.

Senate might not pass war funding

When you heard Harry Reid saying that it was the current war funding bill, strings and all, or nothing, you wanted to see what the Freepers said yes?

Well, I did! And it was pretty crazy stuff:
“The days of a free lunch are over,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. .
The country is at war and this is what the al qaeda operative in the Senate from New York said about our military ??? WTF
I think Schumer was talking about the President, not the military. But I suppose mixing up the President and the troops is epidemic on these boards.

If a single soldier is killed because they lacked the funding and equipment due to political posturing mr reid I will hold you PERSONALLY responsible.
Couger97 will totally fight Harry Reid! It's on!

"Anything else is political posturing," said Reid.

What is refusing to fund our troops while they're over there being shot at and trying to avoid ieds, Harry? What is demanding YOUR OWN MILITARY retreat or DIE, Harry? That's not just political posturing, it's STRUTTING AROUND ON THE GRAVES OF OUR SOLDIERS.

I heard Reid whining about the cost of the war to the "average American family" yesterday....well, at least we've still GOT families. What about those who lost theirs on 9/11? What about those who will lose theirs in the next terrorist attack - which is a guarantee if we retreat?? What happens to the morale of the soldiers who've fought so hard to free the people of Iraq and in many cases befriended them if we retreat? What about those Iraqis who will die as a result of us retreating?
Nice imagery in the first paragraph, but the tired argument about 9-11 in the next one is what takes the cake to me. If we leave Iraq, suddenly we become more vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Honestly, I didn't think anyone believed that crap anymore.

Here's a good suggestion:

If Defense Sec. Gates has any moxie, he will start cutting civilian jobs at bases in the districts of those Democrats voting against money for our troops during war time.
Pelosi and Reid say he should find the money in the regular defense budget, and that is exactly where he should find it. After a few hundred thousand are laid off in their states, I think the Dems would be dancing to a different tune than the one is whistling.

See, if Gates acts petty and spiteful, it will surely be a boon for his party! The American people are looking for more spite and pettiness in politics.

Other than hating on those "RINOS" who also voted against the war, that's it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

“Facts Don’t Matter” Says The “Leftosphere”

Watch this story. Supposedly left-leaning bloggers at a forum, including Markos and others even I have heard of, all agreed that facts don't matter in arguying for troops to come out of Iraq.

I smell a rat- who would be stupid enough to say this in a public forum? But this story feed into Freeper's prejudices, so they believe it. Ironically enough, the facts of the story don't matter.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

From the previous Hillary thread:

The most breath-taking issue about all of the Dem candidates, is that Hillary is the most conservative of all the Dem candidates. It is utterly astounding to see what the Soros money machine has been able to accomplish in dragging the Dem party to the left. HRC tried, in vain, to defend her vote in favor of the Iraq war (remember, we actually did have a majority vote in congress to go to war, which was corroborated by the 2002 elections). It became apparent to HRC that the lurch leftward by the democratic party made her position on Iraq, an utter kiss of death in the Dem primaries. I have never, in all my life, seen such a traitor (Soros) being allowed to run rampant throughout American politics. People, Soros has only one major ambition: to create a one world government, and America is his largest obstacle. Though I can’t prove it, I strongly suspect Soros, in collusion with other countries which hate the U.S. are manipulating the dollar trade as well as oil speculation, in the hope of bringing America to heel. In the damaging the U.S. economy Soros shows himself to be no greater friend of America than al Queda. It is utterly astounding to me, to see how easy the Dems can fool so many Americans into believing that they would be the best choice for America. This country will deserve the tremendous social upheaval that will shortly be upon us, mainly as we have collectively lost the ability to see through the Dem charlatans. They advocate for our loss in Iraq, while proclaiming they are the “true” patriots” and that they “support the troops”. The mere fact that there is little outrage, simply speaks to how naive many Americans have become. In decades past, the behavior the dems are now displaying, in attempting to short circuit our victory in Iraq would have led to them a) being rounded up as subversives and b) the party would essentially be run out of town on a rail. Unfortunately, the shame belongs to all the Americans who intend to vote for these traitors, instead of tarring and feathering them
For the tl;dr crowd:
1. Hillary is the least crazy liberal dem presidential candidate
2. The above fact is because Soros has dragged the party to the left.
3. Soro's agenda is one world government.
4. He is responsible for America's economic woes, as he has near unlimited economic power.
5. There will be a revolution if we don't kill the traitor.

Paranoia, thy name is kroger58

Hildabeast Thursdays

Madam Clinton will be debating tonight. Rather than introduce the next conspiracy theories (these are: Hamas endorsed Hillary, and that she's taking money from those her husband pardoned 8 years ago) I will present the questions freepers hope to ask her. Thus, we will get the zeitgeist of Free Republic this week, if not it's scandal-generation.

Three Questions that Wolf Blitzer must ask Hillary! tonight, unless he wants to be branded a total weenie.

Question 1: Do you support Governor Spitzer's decision to drop his plan for licenses for illegals?

Question 2: Do you think New Yorkers should have to pay sales taxes on internet purchases from companies that have a physical presense in New York?

Question 3: Did you, or any member of you team, attempt to influence Governor Spitzer in any way over licenses for illegals or internet sales taxes?

These questions are not optional, Wolf. They are a given. If you do not ask them, the big question tomorrow will if Team Clinton got to you or if you were in the tank for them all along.
Weenie? Well, despite this poster being from second grade, the three questions all have to do with the aye-leagal issue, as seen in NY. Free Republic is hoping SO HARD that Hillary's equivocation on this question will be the end of her.

Rather than current events, Condor51 kicks it old style.
If I was Wolf I'd ask Hillary these questions:
  1. Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?
  2. In June of 2004 you said you'd 'take' things away from us on behalf of the common good - what 'things' would those be?
  3. If you really believe in your 'taking' statement, how can you deny that you are a Communist?
Ahh red-baiting. Will the Freepers ever get tired of it? As for that quote, the poster is apparently unfamiliar with taxes. I wonder if he uses roads often?

And there you have it. Is she a commie and the illegal alien issue. Not a lot of fodder out there at the moment, since the mainstream media seems to be taking her down all on their own this week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Maybe once a week there is a story on Free Republic about man's inhumanity to man. We're talking seriously monstrous stuff here: pedophilia, rape, killing young mothers, etc.

Free Republic is sure to meet this inhumanity with some of its own. What do you do with a man accused of using shock collars to keep his daughters nearby so he could abuse him? Well, a court of justice doesn't enter into the equation:

They should name this horrible monster so the whole town knows who he is and what he’s been doing to his daughters.

Then do to him what needs to be done.

Vigilante justice! It's the way to ensure things are civilized!

This man is just misguided. Can I chat alon [sic] with him for a few minutes. About 2 will do....


Actually he’ll look pretty good hanging from the scaffold! I do like a happy ending!!
But the best are the advocates for biblical "eye-for-an -eye" TortureJustice(tm)
I suggest a slow strangulation style hanging (as opposed to snap hanging a-la Saddam) - while a shock collar is attached to the appropriately sensitive areas.
NO, I was more inclined to bleed him out over several days.
When Freepers crow about how much more civilized they are than other message boards cause they don't curse, I think of this.

Bloodthirsty Internet tough guys. They'll know how to save civilization.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Homosexuality isn't enough

One interesting thing about Free Republic is that they get their own facts. Sure, they hate homosexuals. But if you knew gays like they knew gays, well you'd hate them too.

This was nowhere more evident than in a recent thread about the pedophile priests in the Catholic church.

What is truly amazing about this article is that not once does it mention homosexuals, homosexuality, Gay or any other reference to the actual problem. In 1209 words and with a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 12, one would anticipate some such reference.

Regardless of opinions or policies in this matter, the real problem is the reluctance to accept that this as a crime committed by homosexuals. Until this occurs, the whole point of the problem is missed.

"Pedophile Priests" is not descriptive of the problem. It seems to be a way to indicate that homosexuality is normal but sodomizing boys is abnormal. A wasted effort at best and tragically misleading at worst.
Because of course, no women were molested by Catholic priests. Yep, only little boys!
Babyboomers, especially the ex-hippies, surely cannot be unaware that gays hit on boys as often as they can. I guess that in their mind the only sin is hypocrisy.
While not a babyboomer myself, I must see most of the gays I know (and living in DC this is a nontrivial number) are in relationships with those of their own age. But with FreeperFacts, homosexuality alone isn't imoral enough; they are all pedophiles as well!

Of course, there are those who blame this on a vast homosexual conspiracy:
The problem is NOT that the Church only allows unmarried men to become Priests. The problem is homosexual infiltration of the Church. Government has a vastly bigger problem with government teacher abuse of children, 2,500 per year! The abuse is covered up through confidential employee records.
I would like to see ricks_place's source, but I suspect it is found at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Honestly, secret abuse in schools? Not sure how that would remain secret long. Parents don't go the the press, cause they don't want to break confidentiality? Doubtfull.

And finally, as a public service, I present ArrogantBastard's review of the manliness, or "normalcy" of the Catholic priests in various states. Let it never be said Free Republic doesn't use a broad brush at every chance.

Cincinnati, OH is a mixed bag. Baltimore, MD is a mixed bag. Washington, DC is pretty good. Arlington, VA is very good. Wheeling/Charleston, WV is pretty good. Richmond, VA is mostly flaky. Upstate New York (Albany?) is flake city.

I'm referring to the apparent "normalcy" of the priests I've met in these locations. Also, some orders are much more "manly" than others. Also, FWIW, protestant ministers tend to strike me as plastic and overcompensating. Again, IMO, and based on fairly limited experience.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Economic problems? What economic problems?

Free Republic: when they aren't terrified by it, they're whistling past the graveyard.
-—gotta get the economy talked down for a Roosevelt-style Demotraitor sweep in ‘08-—
All bad news = propaganda. But the Demotraitors. That's right ladies, rellimpank is witty too!

And there's more of the same:
Even Wall Street gurus have political preferences. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t said for political reasons.
Let's not look into this guy; he disagrees with our world view, so lets call him a shill for those Demotraitors!

Mr Ramsbothan ants to get involved too, but wants to know if we can add racism to the mix. On Free Republic? Do you really need to ask?
This kind of talk reminds me of the old Indian rain dances. Not that the Indians were more superstitious than any other primitives, but they’d simply dance and dance and dance until it rained. Then they’d nod and say, “See, it worked!”

"other primitives?" apparently, as his name implies, Mr. Ramsbothan is writing from colonial Britain.

And then there are those who are actually worried about the falling dollar, rising price of oil, skyrocketing debt and housing crunch. See, even if we do go into a second great depression, it's a good thing!
You know, I don't think a little stress would be a bad thing for this current generation of text messaging Facebook rats.There are so many good jobs out there today, and have been for so long, many have no concept of a tough economy.
Nothing like homelessness and begging to build character!

Let the recession come. Maybe if things get a little tighter, and jobs harder to come by then people may start to worry about illegal aliens taking lots of jobs from americans. Right now no one wants to rock the boat. I say bring it on.
Yes. We will blame the brown people and then everything will be okay in the good old U.S. of A. Hang more than a few. Cause if there's anything causing inflation and recession it's peole working for very low wages.
Grandpa Simpson: The last time the meteors came, we thought the sky was on fire. Naturally, we blamed the Irish. We hanged more 'n a few.
Okay, that last quote wasn't from Free Republic, but it is damn close.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Pix

Muslims: every single one is a terrorists like Osama, AND they are dirty slobs. I wonder why they hate us so?
This is a nightmare scenario? I'm confused, are they supposed to be incompetent or evil?
Taking an ordinary campaign stop and adding the hateful thoughts of vengeance Freepers KNOW must be in Hillary's head.

I must admit, I don't quite get the BRUTES title, but there seems to be an implication that Dems want conservative blacks to be slaves. I'm not a fan of the vitriol Dems aim towards black Conservatives myself, but jeez. When does hyperbole become just offensive lies?

Friday, November 9, 2007


Because it gives my site hits in almost the double digits, and because Free Republic has finally started to ban all Ron Paul Supporters, as it did with Rudy a while ago, I return to the Ron Paul well.

It seems Ron Paul had a newsletter wherein he discussed US Troops bulldozing over Iraqi troops back in the Bush I days.

I always thought this story was common knowledge. Indeed, Google turns up no sites disagreeing with this idea.

Free Republic, as usual, begs to differ with the reality based community:

The Headline is

Because I guess if you have already surrendered, you are a POW and can't be shot under the Geneva Convention. I didn't know Free Republic cared about such a quaint document. Also, I don't see any evidence of this accusation in the Ron Paul excerpt I got to see.

Darksheare mixes up post surrender execution with pre-surrender execution (which is not a war crime as far as I know, though it is still despicable).

Ah yes, the famous ‘surrender’ ploy the Iraqis used in Desert Storm.
The Iraqis would walk out with their hands up, tank turrets reversed, etc, and once they got within range of our guuys [sic], the turrets would spin about (try to) and the soldiers would pull out pistols.
Chuck Horner recounts just such an event in “Every Man A Tiger” if memory serves.

Yeah, that Iraqi Army was really committed to Saddam's cause. But if that one guy said it in a book, I believe him over the rest of the media. Good thing we buried them all alive then. AMERICA ROCKS!

And then there's the hate:
Be consistent, he’s apparently not only a lunatic, but a traitor.
This is my favorite though:
Ron Paul is a liberal and so are all his supporters.
HAHAHAHA! Holy Manichean cosmology Batman! If you're not with us you're a...a LIBERAL! There is no room for Libertarians or isolationist conservatives in Free Republic World! Well, at least he's not Hillary Clinton. Or Is he...?
Free Republic, while it zotted (banned) Rudy supporters, did not do so for disciples of Paul. Until recently. I have an idea as to why.

So there are a lot of zotted comments on these boards. See, on Free Republic, when you are banned, your recent comments are often deleted as well. So I have no idea what they said for the most part, though I did get one clue...
For that kind of money we could have invested in technolgy to give us flying cars like they had in that futuristic cartoon show the Jetsons running on an alternative energy source instead if continueing to p*ss things away in that middle east rathole.


Forget the buffet, see the medical officer....

Ask for the green pill with the white stripe....
Not sure whether the poster is telling the Paulite to take Lithium or Cyanide. That's kind of a sad commentary on Free Republic itself.

Though while I think the war is wasting a whole bucketload of money, I'm not sure I'd take the flying car approach in pointing the worth of the money wasted. Anyhow, that comment got that guy banned from the internets.

Within 2 minutes.

Those admins must have been watching this thread, waiting for Ron Paul people to come up. Oh, Free Republic, have you fallen to the depths of redstate?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

much ado about tipping

A bonus Hilldabeast Thursday -

NPR reported that Hillary didn't tip her waitress at a recent stop.

Turns out she did.

Yet, despite a retraction by NPR, a story by ABC about the $100 dollar tip, and a story be FOX freaking news, reality has not dissuaded the Freepers:
...the senator's staff did pay a tip but "it might have not been disbursed properly."

Ahh, so it was a disbursement problem then. Right. It never made it out of Hillary's pocket.

Glad the Freepers know the truth. See, the way you can tell when Hillary is lying is always. Except the out of context quotes about socialism - she's telling the truth there. And her minions. They also lie. And they're everywhere.

Red_Devil 232 is on the fool's crusade to bring reality to this community:

So Hillery's campaign paid for the meals and left a $100 tip. Probably with a credit card which means they will have a record of it. Where is the cover up? Now if this Lady did not get a portion of that $100 tip who is at fault, Hillary or the manager of that joint? Who pocketed the lady's portion of the $100 tip? I am not defending Hillary in any way. It is just that the facts, as reported at Fox News, do not match what is presented here.
This man's quixotic quest receives the following responses:
You took somebody else's word, iow. Trouble is, after Hillary begins a war-room directed clean-up op, who can be trusted?

You'd need subpoena power and the ability to cross-exam under oath and penalty to get the REAL story now. And even then -- dicey.

Better get her under oath regarding this tip then!

And also her minions at FOX News!
No....”A” bill was paid...”A” tip was left, and if the story was true that the Clinton team PAID THE RIGHT AMOUNT and TIPPED $100.00, THAT would have been HEADLINE NEWS!!! Why no QUOTES from Crawford as to how much was paid???? You are new at PARSING, huh.
FOX News is parsing for Hillary now! Is there nowhere a paranoid Freeper can turn these days?

My envelope is already signed, sealed and mailed. Felt pretty good mailing it too. I tend to not believe anything that comes out of hildebeaste’s campaign.


Yes, that waitress who can't decide between Clinton and Obama, will be receiving a good amount of Freeper dollars due to the disbursement error! It kinda reminds me of "Sneakers" when the hackers give all the RNC's cash to Amnesty International, Greenpeace and the United Negro College Fund

The waitress is on record saying she didn’t get anything. If she changes her tune — then they got to her.
Nothing that you can do or say will convince Free Republic otherwise, Red_Devil!

More evidence:
EXACTLY....IF Hillary tipped her big, she would be on EVERY program and in evry newspaper....THAT”S how I know she didn’ least at the time of service.
Anyhow, you get the idea.

Hildabeast Thursdays

After the recent kerfuffle about drivers licenses in NY, Free Republic's scandal generating machine hasn't been quite as voluminous this week. So this week, we delve into crazy that has been created for Free Republic.

WND's Melanie Morgan has a book, where she claims a private detective said to her off the record, that he had been hired to harass Kathleen Willey. The detective disagrees. And the Freepers are lining up to buy the Kool Aid!
If it's about slime and it's about the Clintons.....It's the truth.
Good critical thinking skills! But ipocusa has some evidence:

If it is a lie let the clintonoid PI sue Melanie? My bet is deposition would include some interesting info, but his chances of making the court date will be slim...

So if this guy doesn't sue, his denial must be a lie! This new standard of proof is facinating.
Seriously, I would be in hiding if I was this guy. If anyone has ever seen the list of people who suddenly "died" or were murdered around the Clintons, it is downright scary. I'd rather take my chances with the Sopranos.
Free Republic jokes about the Clintons as murderers, but this guy seems serious. And therefore, cookoo for coconuts.

Publius tries to out-crazy the poster above:

And it will never happen. Those who go up against her will be burglarized, beaten, killed or have similar things happen to family members. Evidence will disappear from police evidence rooms, and judges, journalists and others who cooperate will receive nice fat payments to their brand new Swiss bank accounts. These people don't play around. And it's a rabbit hole you definitely don't want to explore.

Hillary is the apple of certain people's eyes. These people are above the law. She is protected by people you don't want to cross. And -- no -- I'm not exaggerating.
Not Hillary herself, but some sort of shadowy illuminati! And -- no -- he's not sane.

But, the top crazy of the thread goes to....Hillary4Penetentiary ("I hope Hillary is elected" Ala Senakreh, West Bank chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades)

Can you imagine if the allegations Willey makes in her book against the Clintons were made about Bush or any of the GOP candidates? She’d be on 60 Minutes right away, and her assertions trumpeted at the top of every news broadcast. The pundit shows would be in a mad scramble to book her and her book excerpted in Time or Newsweek. And Congress would be calling for hearings.

It’s interesting how the news media has bought into the Hillary’s propaganda that any allegation against the Clintons is automatically suspect and likely only the latest emanence from the “vast right wing conspiracy.” The Clintons have done a masterful job of shaming any critical story against them and making it appear to be yellow journalism and in the service of some far right wing fringe. That and the political biases of the news media ensure the Clintons remain the most teflon political figures in American history.

It’s diabolical how good these two scumbags are at dodging bullets. If there really is such a thing as selling your soul to the devil, these 2 have done it. I don’t know how else to explain their escape artistry when it comes to suppressing negative news and giving accountability for their ugly and often criminal acts the slip.

Okay, paragraph by paragraph: 1. Crazy unsubstantiated stories often make it into the MSM , if they're against Republicans 2. Unsubstantiated allegations about Hillary do not make it into the MSM 3. Thus, Hillary must be in league with Satan.

I have no words.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Giulliani: Still hated

Worried that the crazy 27% supports Rudy nowadays? USA today says only 7% of conservatives say they won't vote for him.

Well, I don't believe it. Upon hearing the news that Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy, the hatred on Free Republic was still white hot:

The universe is truly out of whack...

We have Weyrich and Bob Jones backing Romney...

Robertson backing Julie Anne...

Dobson, well doing whatever he is doing

Depending on your beliefs either Satan is laughing or there is a rip in the space time continuum ...

Or both...
So if you aren't religeous, the only explanation is time travel.

Many, rather than simply despaired, rage, RAGE against the...messenger.

He hasn’t been influential with me. This endorsement will keep him from being influential to many.

Others talk about Rudy's secret dark side. Not just a gun-grabing abortionist, could he also be a...Saudi Spy?
Giuliani very publicly turned down a big Saudi check on behalf of 9/11 victims. But then he very quietly turned around and accepted big Saudi checks when they were made out to Giuliani Partners.
Or, worse, an agent of the Beast?
"Robertson... obviously fear of Clinton is overriding common sense. Giuliani would be a disaster for social conservatives, and yet they flock to him out of fear. Sad."

Does anyone remember that Giuliani was the one who handed the NY Senate seat to Hillary? Think he won't do it again?

Rudy is a Clintoon shill.

Wake up people.
Rudy didn't run for Senate as a Republican in New York! He's a TRAITOR!

Of course, about 1 in 10 counteract the anti-Rudy paranoia, with anti-Hillary paranoia:

If we SURVIVE Hillary. I am sure she is drawing up plans to arrest Rush!

Also, she's going to shoot Bush in Ft. Marcy park. And gas all the puppies. Jesus.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


At last, sexism, marriage AND Islam! Three things that make Freepers crazy together in one thread!

Stay tuned for conservative men trying to understand liberal women:

For the same reason female guards and female lawyers fall in love with and marry male inmates in prisons.

“Alpha Male”/Strong types who won’t hesitate to kill in a heartbeat.

Women think this translates to “Oh, he’ll protect me/keep me safe”

The relationships go well when they are held at a distance. The problem comes when the convict gets out.

Dang. They are f’n stupid.

This just in from John Williams: Women are all f'n stupid.

Also, all muslims won't hesitate to kill in a heartbeat.

VOA does Mr. Williams one better, and has actual anecdotal evidence!


I’ve know of four cases myself.

Honestly, in those cases (and I know this sounds callous), the “why” can
be explained in two terms:

1. Morbid obesity
2. A disconnected brain

I’m not blaming the ladies.
The Muslim guys lasered in on these gals.
They knew who to go after in order to get the papers to stay in the USA.

Throwing in the little illegal alien snausage was cute. The contempt for people who don't love Christians is priceless.

My niece, a very bright college girl with a near 4.0 average is fascinated with Moslem men and has dated several, one for a year. I suspect she will marry one eventually, if only to give the finger to her parents(who have forgone much to see her through University of Virginia). I have met some of her beaux. They are all perfect gentlemen of a sort a southern grandma might speak of as being the norm in her youth. I also know a woman who married one such. I went to her non clerical wedding and did not see her again until three years later. Her gentleman turned into a stereotypical Moslem man on the honeymoon trip they made back to Egypt to meet the in-laws. She finally escaped through the consulate but was unable to bring out her 2 daughters.

I'm sorry, but I call shenanigans. The transformation of "her gentlemen" is clearly B.S. This idea that of Arabs carying away our women is just the new version of the virile negro myth. You heard me, arthurus, I'm caling you a LIAR!

sodpoddle blames the gays:

Because they propose marriage?

Another illustration that marriage in our Western society is an endangered institution.

How many *never-married* men and women between the ages of 25 and 35 do you know? How many divorced or single parents?

Let me get this straight. Women all wait for someone to ask her to mary them? And if it wasn't for the current "assault on traditional marriage" by the left, they would all be married off to christians and thus not be tempted to marry the first Muslim who asks them.

Glad we got that cleared up.

And now for the frothing hate on every muslim thread:

But when Miriam told her husband what she had done, he promptly left her and their little girl. Islamic law required it: She was now an apostate.

She is VERY FORTUNATE - she might have been introduced to that wonderful facet of her new faith, called THE HONOR KILLING!

Yes, posters are correct - they're f'ing stupid.
Yes, to Free Republic, the rare fundamentalist tradition of Honor Killing is something all Muslims believe in! I like this game! So Mormons' fundamentalist multimle wives thing is something all Christians do too! And the "God Hates Fags" guy also represents core Cristian traditions.
One thing I CAN say is that these Muslims may inter-marry, but they do NOT convert!
Yep, muslims never convert to Christianity! Never! Those that do are clearly lying. Cause it's like a cult. Which you can tell because muslims never convert. Because it is like a cult. Which you can tell....

>>I can’t think of any question for which Islam holds the answer.<<

Ooh! I have some! “How can a woman get treated as an animal in marriage?”, or “How can I get stranded in a Middle Eastern country with my children taken from me?”, or “How can I find the most violent and insane person to marry?”

Now, that is the racist stereotyping and hate that I have come to expect from Freepers. I just wish there were a glass parking lot comment in this thread. Ah well, you can't have everything.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Joseph McCarthy: American Hero

Free Republic is not a fan of the thought police, until it applies to their enemies:
McCarthy was wrong. He underestimated the number of Communists in Government.

The lesson still is the person who tells the truth is the one demonized by the media. When the message can't be refuted, attack the person.

If only we'd slid further down the road to fascism!

Supposedly a blindfolded dart-thrower would have been better at picking commies from a list of State Department employees posted on the wall.

IMHO McCarthy did very well, considering all the stumbling blocks thrown at his feet by so many enemies and so many "allies"..........What is of grave concern to me is how the Democrats (leadership) today are siding with the Islamofascists against Republicans, just as they did back then when they sided with the Communists against Republicans.....the parallels are astounding..........

I thank God the rest of America is at least sane enough that only the truly crazy advocate the purges of American government again.

This was the least complementary thing I could find anyone saying about Joseph McCarthy:

McCarthy was exactly right about many things, but he let his mouth and ambitions out-run his abilities...
I think that means he lied, but that he was still right.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Speaking of grudges...

Japanese who sunk ar ships, back when we were at war are not in jail! This shows Japan is still the enemy. See if you can spor the double standard here.

So, houw would you describe the Japanese, Free Republic?

Devious and cruel people.

...Those 80 year old soldiers! Why did they have to fight so hard back in the day? I think I'll condemn their entire race!
Iv’e always called them JAPS.
Yes, racist slurs will defear them in the end!
It’s a shame we stopped at two nukes.
Lancey Howard thinks we have too many allies nowadays.

neverdem is still fighting the good fight.

I remember once going to a Chinese colleague’s house for a party. There were a couple of Japanese girls there. They asked what part of China one of my Chinese friends was from. I said, “Let’s hope it wasn’t Nanking.” These girls had no clue what I was talking about, though another friend from Taiwan did, while chiding me for bringing it up.
aruanan also continues the War, by making tasteless comments. Way to go!

here is a very special, raw anger reserved for the Japanese which is not in evidence for the Nazis or the Russians, and it's being passed down through generations of people with little of it being diminished. A common thread among the posters here at FR is anger at the breathtaking brutality and the scale of it all to be sure, but also a white-hot anger at the modern Japanese for failing to come to terms with what they have done in even the most basic, minimal sense.
I dunno, I gotta say I don't meet a lot of Jap haters under 80 these days. Excepting, of course, Free Republic, which seems to be still fighting a war.

So waterboarding is OK for us, but the Japanese actions against foreign soldiers during a declared war is beyond the pale? Holy cognitive dissonance batman!

Muslim Treasures?

When I heard about this on the radio, I knew it was another Gurry to Free Republic to Watch Their Heads Asplode moment(tm).

Yes, just as I suspected, the hate is so pure I just might cry! There were only 13 posts, of which these are only a sample of the hatred:

Let us begin tame; with mere contempt:
Sorry, I wouldn’t give the cost of a used tissue for all the Muslim treasures in the world.
BuffaloJack is a shitty capitalist. He coulda sold them to LIEberals and made a mint!

Not sure what this means, but it is crazy!

How about that portrait of Mohammad with a head the size of a boulder eating Sweet meats and cucumbers riding on his flying camel to meet the Satan Allah.
Cucumbers? Is that some kinda blow-job joke?

redstateconfidential does not forgive grudges:
Sure fine, If they do this, I want back the library of Alexandria.And can they give us back Constantinople too
Okay, but then we'd better give back America to the English.

And finally, there's Free Republc's old standby, paranoia:
These evil folks along with the mediaWHORES will be the death of a Christian America! Islam is the fastest growing despicable religion and are having babies at an alarming rate here on our soil. I see the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible coming true faster than I would have ever imagined.
Armageddon: brought to you by the Media.
Also, the having babies thing is a common meme on Free Republic. Whites are being overrun! Oh noes! Aside from its obvious racism, I don't buy it. Demographics are not the predictor of the direction of a country in the long term.

And Now This Word From Outer Space

President Bush is the greatest political leader since Lincoln. He is a master military strategist. Genius is rarely recognized by contemporaries. Someday, historians will rank President Bush with the likes of Alexander, Julius Caesar and Napoleon. Scaife may not live long enough to see that day. Maybe none of us will, but that day will come.

Furrners & ther' filth.

Some workers in a chicken plant got TB. Some were not American Citizens! It's the ay-legal Aliens! Never mind, that only 1 actually had the disease, and the other 210 were noncontagious and asymptomatic (likely from being vaccinated in their country of origin)

Mad Dawg thinks the only thing to do is to jump to conclusions!

Well, in the absnece [sic]of a declaration to the contrary, I conjecture two things:
  1. They ARE illegales;
  2. The Decatur Daily doesn't think it's nice of me to ask that question.
Well, not that that's out of the way, let the hatefest begin!

Target 1: the eye-legals!

The illegals are transforming this beautiful, clean and healthy country into a barn or worse, a pigsty.
Target 2: the politicians:
Unfrikkinbelievable!!!! Thanks, OBL traitors!

Target 3: the First Amendment

[T]he presstitutes in this article don't even see fit to mention the status of the workers. So, by that omission they betray their agenda which is not to inform but to control our opinions.

In other words, the REAL story is not the TB or the illegal immigration but that abuse of the 1st Amendment immunities afforded the newsies.
Target 4: umm. Eliot Spitzer? WTF?
Paging Eliot Spitzer...
See, drivers licenses will allow the infected eye-legals to spread their disease legally. It's a license to KILL!

Whew, that's a lotta crazy, and that's not even counting those lamenting all our hard work in eradicating TB back in the flash, that was smallpox. We never got rid of TB. Course, that means you can't blame the eye-legals, so...I'll shut up now.

Another day, another Gay Republican

How do Freepers react to the recent Homosexual Republican Explosion? (Good gay porno name?)

Mostly deflection - blame someone else.

The media is the easy one:

Republican Crossing Guard Fined for Overtime Parking! Scandal Hits Directly at GOP Credibility in Presidential Election
See, the media totally doesn't cover sex scandals for democrats. At all. Except when they do. And the hypocrisy does not make the story more interesting. At all.

MSNBC was absolutely GLEEFUL about this today.....did then even talk about the child molester RAT down South somewhere.....???

A due and diligent search of google news didn't find anything about that. But then, maybe I should have checked conservapedia, what with google's bias and all.

Of course, there's Hillary:
There is much speculation that Hillary is a lesbian. I wonder if there is much interest in outing Hillary as there is Republicans? Also, what happens to Hillary’s career when it becomes known that she is a lesbian?
See speculation is not the same as filing a police report admitting you paid for the buttsex. On a number of levels.

Some enterprising Freepers actually blamed the state of Washington!
What is up with Spokane Republicans? First Mayor Jim West, now this fruit!

Hey, be nice now! Washington State produces legendary, world-class serial killers, sodomites and Marxists, as well as innumerable combinations thereof.

What else do we have to proud of?

Oh yes, I forgot....the scenery is pretty and we produce nice apples, cherries and wines.


Washington State: it'll turn ya deviant!


And then there are the problem solvers:

This has gotten ridiculous (and disgusting)! I could almost be persuaded to support a mandatory lie detector test for all politicians who want to run as Republicans.
That would play great in Peoria! The Gay test, not crazy at all!

Or is there a problem to be solved at all?

As long as outted homos flee the GOP, we’re fine. Don’t need have them...don’t need to accept the perversion. Those freaks are only 1% of the country, so it’s not a constituency I give a poop about.

Somehow, I don't think you guys are doing a very good job scaring them away, but nice dismissiveness/contempt! Speaking of which...
It has got to be difficult for these gay politicians to stay in the closet. Most gays that I have met remind you every other sentence about how gay they are. eewww
Cause poster BOATSNM8 knows a lot of gays, being a Republican and all.

Gotta-Be Huckabee?

Free Republic is distinct from the "evangelical right" or "right wing." For instance, they continue to hate Rudy, and often have distain for so called evangelical leaders.

Huckabee, the supposed candidate for the evangelicals, is an example of this. Free Republic? Not a fan.

Hillary is pro abortion, open borders, gun grabbing, health care nazi control freak.

Huckabee is an open borders, anti smoking nazi, health care control freak.

Rudy is a pro abortion, open borders, gun grabbing, control freak.

All shades of the same color.

Open borders? I didn't hear any of those candidates advocate for throwing the gates open, but then I guess Free Republic thinks anything short of Berlin Wall 2 (electric bugaloo) would be tantamount to having no border at all.

What is the difference between a "health care nazi control freak" and a "health care control freak?"

Cause a health care nazi sounds kinda confusing: "You WILL get antibiotics or I will KILL YOU!"

bray has an easy heuristic for this election:

Huck is pro-life so what’s not to like?? I disagree w/his stand on Global Scamming, but I don’t like everything about any of them. Some are just trying to go Turd Party.

Pray for W and Our Troops

Turd Party. Heh.

NordP prays for sanity:

UNLESS THE THIRD PARTY IS NADER OR GORE - KNOCK THIS OFF!Hitlery WANTS this to happen...sheesh, DON'T HAND her this election!!!
Yes, this is all Hitlery's fault somehow.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Pix

A tired joke, a bad pun, AND a crappy photoshop! It's a trifecta!

Rush called Hillary Nurse Rachet on his program. See, they're both women, and neither of them is smiling!

At first I thought this was making the point that some women were voting for Hillary for purely demographic reasons. But then I see it is merely crudely smearing the democrats. And sexist too! Nice.

No politics here. Just torturing Hillary.

See, Hillary wants to be queen. And her stamp is worth nothing cause she sucks.

Chuck Schumer is the same as Bin Ladin. It's like a goodwin. Also, why him, of all the Senators?


Wow. This was posted in response to the recent unrest in Pakistan. The irony of a party that supports Bush making this argument about Obama is staggering.