Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Spotlight: Venturer

A native of Maryland, he's sure the GOP is in cahoots with Obama to force health care on America because white people don't band together like blacks do.

His calls for white folks to riot:
Trayvon got all the press because black people were ready to riot. Zimmerman was arrested to prevent that riot.Sharpton was there stirring the crap. We have no white

Sh*Tstirrers to match up with Jesse and Al.

Whte people are getting the crappy end aof th stick all over the country today, because we do not riot.We do not stick together.

Black people voted 95% for Obama. Just because he was black. Whites are too busy feeling sorry blacks because they fall for the poor downtrodden black horse crap being fed them by black racists.Whites will not stand up for themselves or their race. It frightens them that they might be called racist.

Well one day the Hispanics and blacks will be the majority. wait and see how much they feel sorry for whites.
Evil Obama is winning everything by leading the Democratic Party:
Obama is not waning by any means. He is leading the gun confiscation battle, he is winning the Obamacare battle, He is telling the Democrats what to do and they are doing it.
How dare Obama give speeches with kids nearby!
The POS always surrpounds himself with idiots or kids..
I'm not sure he knows who won the Civil War:
Well I tried to invest in Ammunition, but the government stopped me from doing that by buying it all before I could get enough.

On day ammunition will be worth more than the Confederate dollars we are passing off as legal tender. It can be used in barter because it has an intrinsic value. Money today is nothing but paper it’s only actual value is if you use it to wipe yourself .
He has no problems with black people!
I don’t have a problem with black people.

It’s the racist Negroes I have a problem with.

Unfortunately that is about 75% of the race.
He loves his flag-covered neighborhood:
I live in a neighborhood of Americans proud to be Americans, Most every yard has a flagpole, and the neighbors only complain when a flag gets ragged and needs replacement.
But hates his state. Guess why!
I have spent my whole life in Maryland and I love the State, but it’s Democrat political persuasion and tax burden has me looking elsewhere, and that elsewhere will be to a State with less taxes and less gun laws.And less diversity.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Government out of Marriage

So Civil Rights for homosexuals has entered the "Massive Resistance" era, where folks like Rand Paul advocate shutting the whole system of marriage down instead of gaying it up, just as they tried to do with school integration.

I'm pretty sure it's too late, but Freepers are desperate these days and willing to try anything.

GraceG is a fan. Also alternate spelling!
I like this because it takes the wind out of the ghey liberal argument that the tax code is unfair towards ghey couples.
Poison Pill is also into the idea:
At this point I think all governments should just get out of the marriage business altogether. Stop issuing mariage licences and make everyone file taxes as a single. Then if their church, temple, coven, lesbian action league, gay men’s choir group or whatever wants to proclaim them married they can knock themselves out.
SomeCallMeTim knows the problem is that gays are insisting on being considered "equal."
Even in states where they have been granted EVERY other benefit with a Civil Union, they are not happy... What they want is, for their bizarre behavior to be consider "normal" and "equal"... They crave something that is not reality, and never will be.
Vigilanteman's analogy doesn't sound petulant at all!
If a worker demonstrates gross incompetence in a necessary skill-set and no inclination to improve but, indeed, a heightened stubbornness to cling to said incompetence, you assign them to a different line of work or get rid of them completely. So it should be with our government's involvement in marriage.
Viennacon thinks atheists can't marry and Unitarians don't exist.
A marriage is done in a church, or some other kind of religious temple. It’s a ritual. If you’re an atheist, you can’t really be married, though you can sign onto a union of mutual financial interest and responsibility. A marriage is before divinity, a pact not only with a person, but with God.

This may be the best way to win the argument. Get government out of marriage, then homosexuals will have to join “homosexual churches” to get married, and as such progressive churches quickly lose membership and collapse, eventually, they just won’t be able to get “married”. They’ll be back in the deviant wilderness with the zoophiles and the polygamists.
SamuraiScot knows buttsex is a crim against the innocent. Also gay marriage is child slavery:
Paul's idea would push things in exactly the wrong direction. Sodomy is a crime. Everyone knows this, especially homosexuals. To claim that it's not a crime—or that it's a crime outside the jurisdiction of every level of government—is violence against the innocent. The consequences of such a move would come to include the legalization of what already goes on outside the law: the buying and selling of children as sex slaves.
RaceBannon registers his objection:




Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Justice Roberts' Gayness

To be a Freeper is to lose a lot. When this loss is a decade past, you get to revise history to make it a win. But otherwise, you need a scapegoat.

Where gay marriage is concerned, Freepers have decided Chief Justice Roberts is going to rule against them, and therefore he must be gay, just like Obama before him:

greene66 brings the current Freeper complaint - the war on Churches:
No matter how many protests to the contrary, the following step will be to force the churches to perfom homo marriages. Those that refuse will have their tax-exempt status taken away, and their properties confiscated. Individuals and businesses that refuse to abide will be targeted for financial destruction via endless lawfare. Government increases its stranglehold in every quarter of life.

Evil. It is pure, unadulterated evil. The damage to society and our freedoms will be overwhelming. If anything is emblematic of America reaching its end-days... this is.
robowombat heard Roberts has a gay cousin and then it all fell into place:
Now we know who the mole is that tipped the demorats off to Roberts’ sexual inversion. He would have found it impossible not to blab to the only family member who would ‘understand’.

[Robert's cousin] is, I am sure, a good little liberal robot and delivered the goods on her cousin to the people who knew people in the rat machine when he was tapped for CJ. She is going to sit there and look at her bent cousin as a silent but potent reminder of what will happen if the verdict isn't ‘right’.

This is true Chicago style politics. In sh-t city it is a well known tactic to see that a judge is reminded who owns him or as a direct threat to his existence to see that someone who he knows knows about some secret corruption or shame is sitting in his court room when a case that needs to be ‘fixed up’ comes to trial. If hizzoner isn't a crook or druggy or pervert then he gets to see a couple of well known torpedoes sitting down front and giving him the coldest of stinkeyes as the trial begins.
rcrngroup found the smoking gun pic:
I guess everyone in the 70's was gay?
I've seen this picture before, and John Roberts looks incredibly girly & effeminate in that picture, with his 2 boyfriends. He is a faggot, no doubt about it! What, are they commenting on how "fabulous" the meal is? What a faggot he is!
Ann Archy sounding her most valley-girlish:
OMG!! I think you NAILED it!! Mybe he IS gay or has gay tendencies and she KNOWS and will RAT HIM OUT if he doesn’t vote her way!! OMG.
Girlene lays out the evidence:
As far as I know, it’s only rumors in the blogosphere. Here’s what some of the rumors are basing this on:

didn’t marry until after 40
adapted children
worked pro bono on behalf of gay activist (I think this is right)
pre-law advisor at Harvard - openly gay
may have had a gay law clerk

That’s it......oh, and the gay-looking photo with his two friends at Martha’s Vineyard, I believe.

I would say doing pro bono work for any gay cause would be the most concerning regarding his judgement/personal feelings toward homosexual rights/causes.
NKP_Vet knows no hetero would ever support gays:
Took a good look at the picture of young, unmarried, John Roberts with the two other fags.
The man is a flammer. Any REAL MAN would never had represented a couple of sodomites before the Supreme Court. End of story.
So well over half the country is gay, I guess...

lodi90 marshals yet more evidence!
You left out a couple things. Roberts had a male roommate in DC. He has/had annual man trips to Malta with one of guys in that gay gay gay photo.

So it’s a quite a long list and my gaydar is off the charts. Roberts is a flamer. He will not pass up this chance to put his stamp on the homo agenda.
Apparently, being gay runs in the Roberts family. There is no honor or dignity anymore.
Maybe I should start following this guy like I did with Slayton.

little jeremiah knows all about this guy:
The guy is a fag, there is no doubt in my mind. I suppose maybe he changed (it can happen) but I think he married (at around age 40) for professtional reasons.
little jeremiah also coins a phrase:
Tides only last a while. They go up, and then they go down. The fagdom tide may still be rising, but by GOD it is going to turn the other way.
Watch for the fagdom tide!

I checked his profile, and there is no evidence ConservativeDude is anything less than sincere here:
Roberts is clearly gay. That’s pretty much a no brainer to me.

The only one that I am uncertain about is George W. Bush. I’m not completely convinced that he is gay; but I’m certainly not convinced that he is straight.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Syria confusion

Syrian rebels are accusing Assad of using chemical weapons. While the US has said there is no evidence of such, Freepers, who have been siding with Assad to spite Obama, just decide flip the script, it's the rebels using the chemical weapons.

Sarah Barracuda tries to link this carnage to Obama:
Obama’s peeps who he gave money and weapons to are using chemical can this can this be..they are Obama’s people, so full of love and peace/sarc
TWhiteBear uses deduction to arrive at the conclusion he had previously decided on:
One report has soldiers being gassed.
I doubt that Mr. Assad would target his own people, what few he has left.
dforest realizes FOX backs him up
Well gee, FOX just reported that the rebels launched the attack. Both sides stink to high heaven. Who knows the truth?
BCW corrects himself, but then decides it's probably a False Flag thing anyhow:
whoops - Assad used them - I would be suspicous that either the rebels used them on a crowd to get support - or Assad actually did - which goes to prove that Islamic Regimes will do anything to stay in power...the only reason Saddam didn’t use them is that we had tactical nukes on the table — says alot about these these so-called ISlamic regimes...
ConservativeMan55 knows anything is possible:
I wouldn’t put anything past him.. or the rebels.. or anyone Islamic!
ConservativeMan55 follows up by sticking to the main thing:
Zero probably helped fund the attack.
murrie knows there is only one source for chemical weapons:
looks like we have found Saddams chemical weapons.
soycd is content with WMD use, so long as it's against Muslims:
If they contain it within their borders, I see no downside.
willardwx thinks Al Queda is behind this, and also every other war a Democrat has ever done since 'Nam:
In my opinion these weapons were used by the Al Qaeda on the people of Syria to drag the US into their battle like they did in Kosovo and Libya which is where these weapons came from — I’ll bet on it. We get played like old violin.
However, the plot thickens as Diogenesis has met the enemy and he is us!!
Actually, under Obama and the RINOs like
McCain, the US is behind al Qaeda in its war
against all Jews and Christians, everywhere.

Just like Congress, actually.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Potpourri

papertyger on rape:
Bear in mind, even a momentary smile could be construed as “consent” in some circumstances.
rrrod loves to prejudge!
Again, “there is no such thing as a good registered Democrat, child molester or mussie”....
Diana in Wisconsin thinks her fellows in Madison Wisconsin do not rate a living wage:
Mandatory $7.25 here in, ‘The People’s Republik of Madistan.’ Most entry level people aren’t even worth THAT around here.
Tublecane doesn't like Wall Street bankers. Thus, they are Communists:
The thing is, though, masters of finance are communists. Or socialists, at least. That’s tge only term I can think of to apply to their ideal, which is one world gubmint, control of the world’s money supply, commercialization of the entire planet (what we call globalism, but by force), entry barred for prospective new concentrations of wealth, etc. I’d say it’s fascistic, but I’ve already said they’re internationalist. Fascism is socialistic, anyway.
Defiant fantasizes about massive deaths:
If Iran did manage to sneak a nuke into DC, and take out the whole town, devastating as that might be, and obviously terrible for the loss of human life and national treasures, would America be worse off 3 years later, or better off? Assume that Congress is in session, and Obama is not on vacation. I hesitate to state my opinion on that.

If I could make one request in such a scenario, it would be that Ted Cruz be called out of town on an emergency just before.
Don't ask bert how he knows!
The devil is not negro
EQAndyBuzz embraces gerrymandering:
I say get rid of the popular vote. Each county gets 1 vote. You win the county you get the vote. Most votes win.

If the libs feel that they must cheat in Philly, who cares. It is only 1 vote, same as the county with 100 people in it.

This way no one is disenfranchised and if the left want 500% of Philly to vote, who gives a rats butt.
Uncle Miltie has uncovered a new Chinese plot!
They are just the People’s Liberation Army mothers planting roots for the next generation to live here.

Nothing to see here.

Move along....
Hardraade has really low standards of terrorism:
Mother Jones is a communist hate site, owned by the Clinton/Soros conglomerate:

Foundation for National Progress

They are terrorists.
He who embraces Amnesty, embraces THE HYDRA.
abb knows you need taxes, but taxing him is slavery:
I will concede the necessity for revenue to fund government, via some sort of taxes.

My argument about “income taxes” is that except for one’s Soul, nothing belongs to an individual MORE than the fruits of his/her labor, or the proceeds from his/her creativity.

In other words, my work and creativity belong to ME, and it is highly offensive that the leech class thinks they have some sort of “social contract” that allows seizure of my labor/creativity.

Slavery is illegal, we are constantly told. Well, either it is, or it isn’t.
Norm Lenhart has decided Obama is functionally retarded:
Honestly I don’t think he’s that smart. Someone/Someteleprompter told him to think that way and he said ‘OK!’ because that’s all he knows how to do.

I really don’t think he is a narcissist anymore. All kidding aside, I think he’s a literal lump of clay and takes the shape of whoever molds him. Left to his own devices he’d sit in a room alone and drool for lack of instruction on what to do next.

I really believe that.
yefragetuwrabrumuy took some liberal seriously:
Even before Obama was nominated, I read a very interesting exchange on another forum. It began in the usual nonsense thread about the possibility that Obama was the antichrist.

At some point, an Obama supporter said he actually wished that Obama *was* the antichrist. Why? “Because then he would be powerful, and give us (his supporters) what we want, and punish the people we hate.”

The trouble is, I think that Obama supporter really meant it. He was so shallow that life for him was distilled into getting free stuff, and hurting those he hated.

Whether or not Hell really exists, this seems to me to be a person destined for it, as no other destiny seems appropriate.
longtermmemmory explains all them shrews over 40 can't date because of all their children have been converted to gayness:
old shrews still think they can find a man after 40 even after surrendering their young to the homosexual recruiters.
Alas, Yaelle doesn't go into his logic:
They can’t have it both ways. If the constitution protects homosexuality, and that is a fair argument, then it protects the unborn. Period.
Slyfox only accepts authentic Jesuits that stick to the 1500s ideals:
Today, yes, their are liberal and authentic Jesuits. A liberal Jesuit is someone who has decided to do his own thing pushing social justice and liberation theology and they have a deep-seated antipathy towards men like our new Pope.

An authentic Jesuit is one who has fully studied the theology and philosophy of the neo-Thomists of the late 1500s and are a breed quite different from the liberals. The authentic Jesuit has the same kind of brain function as our Founding Fathers in that they believe in natural law.
RushIsMyTeddyBear knows anyone who likes civil rights is a conservative:
My eldest kid is studying the Bill of Rights at the mo. His teacher is a conservative, I’ve found out (just by what he tells me). She told them that they better wake up and start paying attention to our rights because we’ve been complacent for too long.

He says...”She thinks like you, Mom.” Heh. I love my ‘big man’.
MrB traps liberals by acknowledging only the Bible as a philosophical underpinning, and then noting they disagree: Believe it or not, some sheeperals do have “good intent” when it comes to their issues. They just don’t have the basis for seeing that what they want to do is actually evil.

That’s where the subjective and the objective are at odds.

I haven’t met one of these libs yet that I can get to engage in the logical conversation that leads to them realizing that they have no basis for judging good and evil without the Bible.

They usually fall back to “it just IS” or some collective agreement as the basis of their judgement. Either one is easily refutable, but they won’t and can’t think any deeper.
hosepipe on the semantic secret behind conservatism:
The biggest secret conservatives are UNAWARE of is THIS!!..

Progressives gave people on the right wing the handle of “CONSERVATIVE”..
Non Leftists didn’t start calling themselves conservatives until the left did..

Progressives NEEDED a term to offset that “they” were “Progressive”..
Sooo they invented the term conservative which just means “SAME OLD, SAME OLD”..
AND........ the non left wing people “BOUGHT IT”..

The secret IS...... conservative still means “SAME OLD, SAME OLD”..
And it goes right over the heads of the republicans(conservatives)...
1010RD on how deep the rabbit hole goes:
I suspect that better than 50% of Congress is compromised and under blackmail blackout
danamco explains how Obama has used assassination to castrate everyone:
The Breitbart people got the message on February 29, 2012, when Andrew Breitbart was Breitbarted,after meeting with Sheriff Arpaio, and so did the Clintons when Bill Gwatney was shot cold blooded so he could steel the primary away form Killary and Chelsea could be saved.

Bill and Kill were totally castrated and so was John Roberts when the Godfather-like Chicago thugs showed up at a secret meeting on January 14, 2009 “and whispered some Godfather words in his ears one week before the most astute chosen justice candidate ever appointed could NOT get the swearing in ceremony done correctly!!!
Live with it, white America. We are considered "the conquered people". And our troubles have only just begun. The only humor---if any---in this woeful situation is watching Obama voters who sap-happily figured "egalitarianism" would become the norm once O was elected. They will soon learn how very wrong they were.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spotlight Friday: Viking2002

Like most high-quality Freeper rage-artists, I cannot tell where the performance ends and the crazy begins. He doesn't post so often, but he really loves to dehumanize liberals! Also, all of his posts are accompanied with a signature including a pic of a viking:

"But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away, for his name is Obama."

Liberals' spiritual deficit means they need to be wiped out:
One way or the other, the 'progressive' elites are spiritually barren. We can debate the why's and wherefore's after they've been vanquished from the continent.
It's not fair Hollywood actors are paid well while Obama forces oldsters to work minimum wage jobs:
That's why I don't bother with the latest Hollywood 'blockbusters' starring their pimped, pampered, pretty media whores. Let him and his get jobs paying $12 an hour and work their way up.

Oops. I forgot. It's the 'spread the wealth' Obamaconomy. Those jobs are being scrambled for by 50 year old farts with real skills, like me.
Man, those liberals are all sheep!
Liberals would vote for a dog-chewed sack of 1,000 year old monkey bones carrying the Black Plague - and scatter them over a Kansas cornfield - if it the ends suited their means. These freaks aren't even a part of our species anymore
Not optimistic about America:
I honestly don't see a true American Restoration that'll manifest itself out of the smoke and fog this time. I just honestly don't. I wish I could.
More liberal dehumanization:
I have always championed the theory that some people exist without what we would call an immortal soul. Whether they were born without it, knowingly sacrificed it for some temporary carnal satisfaction, or let it rot away from within one bit at a time, they don't have one. The how and why perhaps shall always be a matter of debate; the empirical fact of the matter is not.
It's rough waiting for all the liberals to die!
It's OK. These freaks will in ALL burn in Hell, sooner rather than later.

But I'm getting impatient, too.
Not a fan of low information voters, cause they listen to Obama:
And lo-fo's actually still listen to the raw sewage puking forth from the septic flange on top of this traitor's shoulders. Woe be it unto them when the pendulum starts it's inevitable downward return swing.
Often angry, rarely in motion:
My bile level has finally reached flood stage, and my bullshit meter has broken it's needle. My self-enforced levee of human civility has been breached. Enough is e-gaddamn-nough! I do NOT suffer tyrants gladly.
His wife loves cats:
My wife now has five.

Want one?
Some pre-election fun!
It's going to be an interesting Tuesday evening, watching this puddle of Leftist vomit slowly come to the realization that Black Jesus has been given the bum's rush by the electorate. His drooling, screaming, and hyperventilating will earn a permanent YouTube bookmark in my browser.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is important! This means something!

Obama's limo in Israel had a refueling snafu and broke down. Freepers do their best to make it important:

2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten demands perfection:
All I can say is that it’s a stunning level of incompetence. If they fail at something like this - what else are they likely to fail at?
GrandJediMasterYoda just calls Obama Satan...
Glad to see Satan, I mean Obama, doing his part for the global warming, I mean the climate change hoax.
Lonesome in Massachussets thinks it was awesome sabotage:
Just wondering if some (God love him) Jew didn't take it on himself to reciprocate the courtesy that Obama showed Bibi in Washington.
Sir Napsalot imagines liberal paranoia:
Mika or Maddow (or any Wacko Bird) demands investigation:

“Subotage to make Obama look clownish overseas”
PapaBear3625 sees a Secret Service hireing agenda at work here:
Since I doubt the Secret Service would allow anybody but the SS detail to touch the vehicle, then it likely was an SS person who screwed up.

This suggests that Obama and company are using criteria other than "competence" to select who goes on the presidential detail.
Servant of the Cross thinks God is ectra-omnipotent in Israel:
 He's in the Holy Land where someone else is in charge ...
Linda Frances also thinks God works in automechanical ways...
I think the engine failure is a sign. I think he has evil intended for Israel and they know it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rob Portman's Apostacy

Rob Portman, former Senator and candidate for Mitt Romney's running mate has suddenly decided gay marriage is okay, coincidentally about the time his son came out of the closet.

As predictable as forced empathy leading to a conversion are Freepers' forceful excommunication of the dude:

txrefugee is pretty sure this means Portman's gay:
Next that RINO sissy will invite Anderson Cooper to a sleep over. And the GOP wonders why they have lost decent conservative voters.
Smokin' Joe also knows all gay marraige supporters are gay.

What's in your closet?
fatnotlazy rails about RINOS. Also Obama's Hitler.
The party has been overrun with liberals, and I don't see a return to conservatism anytime soon. In fact, various party talking heads have said the reason Romney lost was because he was too conservative. They believe that by abandoning conservative principles, the party and its candidates will appeal more to the low information voters who support Obama. So I expect to see more liberalism in the party's future. Conservatives have been abandoned.

Expect to see the party implode...that is, if Der Fuehrer doesn't have it abolished first
Nifster digs deep in the "No True Scottsman."
Portman has never been a conservative.....
Rome2000 keeps it classy:
Maybe somebody can send this degenerate asshole three bucks worth of rope and hope he does the right thing and hangs himself.
No one tell Kickass Conservative about all the cross dressing in Shakespeare:
Preventing Gays from Marrying is akin to the story of Romeo and well, Romeo. Or is it Juliet and Juliet?

Just think what the story would look like in today’s world.

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?
I’m down here doing my Sister you bigoted Republican hater.

Sarah Palin continues to rule Freepers hearts

Sarah Palin has another book coming out. This time it's about the War on Christmas! Freepers, of course, fall all over themselves at how clever this is.

One Name thinks the stakes are high, but Sarah is totally awesome:
The flak is most intense when you’re over target.

SP is the real deal, and this is the last stand of the Patriots.

Every move counts, from here on out.
taildragger only cares about pissing off liberals, not political success:
LOL! This is gonna have them reaching for the Gold-Bond as this will make them itch in places they probably can't see anymore!

Seriously, this will drive them nuts, it will remind us of what our founders had in mind, men and women of G_d, that it took the almighty in mind to maintain the Republic and Liberty.

It will be a shot across the bow of Political Correctness, and taking our culture back.

It will sell millions just to drive the NYT nuts...

If you add those all up it will be a win win win win win !!!
jonrick46 is sure this will bring about the crusades or something:
This book from Sarah Palin will be a right hook into the glass jaw of the Marxists. They will be freaking out right during Christmas time. This will be a galvanizing event with Christians around the world looking at the media reaction and the United States’ loss of honor.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Feinstein vs. Cruz

In an exchange that has gone big mostly for political dorks, Senator Feinstein took exception to Senator Cruz saying that if you don't agree with him on guns, you're wrong. She alluded to how she was a firsthand witness to the murders of Harvey Milk and SF Mayor George Moscone, to the point of giving CPR to the mayor.

Alas, Ms. Feinstein mostly concentrated on his condescending tone, and only briefly addressed how Cruz's version of the Constitution is unworkably extreme. The result was a Rorschach moment where both sides are declaring victory.

Freepers, as they do in these times, eagerly try to "help."

ripley kinds sums up the GOP view:
Thanks to Senator Cruz’ steadfastness and strength of belief in the Constitution, he sent the brilliant, intellectual and really-really smart “Senator” from California to the stinking sewer of the Progressive playbook for a non-answer to his question.
NFHale loves how she got angry:
She looks like she’s in full “stroke and choke” mode in that picture...

Or is it “wank and Frank?” I dunno....
Timber Rattler knows what to say about liberal women:
Feinstein’s looking more and more like an old hag.
GraceG is pretty catty too:
Feinstein: Senator, I am not a sixth grader....

What a pretentious bitch!!!
That monotone, uppity dishrag should be dragged from chambers by her ear and thrown to the very people whose rights she thinks so little of violating.

isthisnickcool's biology seems to hail from the Victorian era:
I got some blow back on this the last time I wrote about my theory but it seems to hold true. The theory is that some of these women in positions of power have two issues. One, they have leftist leanings and two, they have had their plumbing dry up. The theory is that the latter makes the former worse. IE: Once they can no longer have any real pleasure to speak of they replace that with the pleasure they get from being NAZIS trying to rule others.

This, of course, is not s problem with conservative women because once they get along later in life they get better with age.
longtermmemmory continues the long Freeper tradition of calling all liberals drunks:
Perhaps Feinstein is so tired because of a drinnking problem?

Drinking can cause blackout periods.

After twenty years is the job too much for her?

too tiring?
Misspelling 'drinking' in 'drinking problem' should generally be avoided.

MHGinTN thinks Feinstein was born while killing someone, I think:
She is a dead soul ... and that center of deadness shows through. She serves the father of lies a murderer from the start. She is also one of the gloablists oligarch’s through the Bilderberg Group.
Feinstein has a serious mental disorder.
Gator113 is classy!
Feinstein could always fall in a shower.... there is hope.
freekitty knows only Freepers aren't shredding the Constitution. Also Feinstein is a secret traitor only he knows about:
I have never seen such a silly bunch of Senators; except for Senator Cruz. They are Don Quixotes fighting windmills. We all know hey are for shredding the Constitution except Cruz.

As for Feinstein, we all know she has been enabling her husband to do business with the Chinese for years probably illegally done by hiding how she has done it. She cares nothing about America nor it’s laws or Constitution and is the perfect example of you can’t do business with a con or crook.

She should be in jail along with her husband. All you voters that voted for her note she is living really high off the hog while you aren’t, not by doing things honestly; but by crooked scheming.
Sen. Durban argues that no right is absolute, and gives the example of the child porn exception to the First Amendment. MrB's massively ironic solution is a theocracy.
If you have no ultimate basis for truth, there is no valid way to say that child porn is bad and gun ownership is good.

The only way to be able to say that is to have an ultimate objective reference.

With a Biblical worldview, it’s really clear and easy to show where child porn is evil and personal defense is righteous.
Cletus.D.Yokel knows the Founders, and knows they were totally badass:
Durbin: “None of these rights are absolute.”

Thomas Jefferson would put a nasty ass-whuppin on this idiot. John Adams would look on in approval and not intervene.
AlanGreenSpam gives some awesome political advice:
Cruz should have replied:

1) “[Byotch], this question wasn’t intended to provoke an angry response and a long diatribe about how long you’ve been here as if that qualifies you more than anyone else. Rather, it was a philosophical question to help give perspective to the gun control question when compared to other rights.”

2) “I’m sorry my asking a purely philosophical Constitutional question made you feel like a 6th grader.

Now please will you address my question, Senator WineStein?”

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Potpourri

MrB's Bible seems to have left out some important bits:
I found it odd, though, that Pope John Paul II would express a policy of preferential treatment of the poor when the Bible clearly states that this is wrong.
ansel12 doesn't know a lot of hippies:
I look forward to returning to my hippie days soon, or "going Galt' as the kids call it today.
Venturer knows all about Obama's cabinet:
So: Now we have a Muslim in the White House, a Muslim in the Cia, a Jew hater as SecDef and a traitor as SOS.
with the new cabinet, Freedumb is struggling to turn the hate engines onto new targets
Good Lord, Lurch (aka Jingis Kan’t) is making Hillary look like George Marshall by comparison.
Vaquero again, with some hate-poetry:
Bloomers is a Crony-capitalist, nebbish, poor little rich boy, self hating jew, tiny buttwipe of a man...the only reason he is probably not a fag (the jury is still out) is that he has the greatest aphrodisiac of all time, billions of dollars....he decries the 2nd amendment, but whines about how the enemy’s first amendment rights to worship are being usurped....even though Islam is NOT a religion but a murder cult.....and dont get me started on salt, transfats, cigarettes and sugar
Republican lawmakers are not acting like lunatics in response to Obama's new charm offensive. This makes Gaffer rage about welfare.
This is just disgusting. They stand and ovate a socialistic fascist while I have to endure the daily sight of some fat bitch at Walmart with a full cart of groceries and whipping out an EBT card to pay for all of it.

Nice job you bunch of asswipes.
DPMD assumes Obama does things he hates - saves time.
Seriously doubt this is a “private” party, paid for by the obamas. These kind never spend their own money, much the same as mafia dons.
Sirius Lee forgot about World War I.
Women like strong men, or at least brutality which can be mistaken for strength. American boys are being raised like the French of the early 20th century - feminized and taught to surrender/run away from bullies.
catfish1957 has carefully studies history:
You can count the true conservatives in Wasington on one hand. As far as Islam, I have since 9-12-2001 advocated that a modern crusade be waged. It’s basically kill or be killed. And these bastard muzzies want to eradicate anything non-moslem world wide. Our society is too PC to admit it, and it will be our undoing.
hummingbird thinks now that Obama's been reelected, he's overwhelmed by the job:
Does Obama finally realize that he over his head and made so many enemies that he needs to look agreeable with somebody, even if they are Republicans.

He is seeing himself going down in the polls. He is getting push back on Second Amendment and his gun grabbing.

Benghazi was a disaster. I suspect someone international has given him a smack down behind the scenes. He is the butt on SNL humor sometimes.

I think he is falling apart and I think he thinks he is falling apart. The charade catches up sooner or later. Wonder if he knows how he might go down in history. Maybe the Arab Spring disaster is finally catching up with him.

Michelle can't be easy to get along with especially with her lavish vacations and wild spending when so many people are unemployed.
AnAmericanMother is more doctrinaire than thou art!
Robert Bork did not support the individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment.

I can't support anybody who is that liberal.
GeronL continues to prove he was never a teenager:
If I had kids, I would tell them when they are old enough to have sex, they have to move out.
tumblindice explains that if anyone votes against you, you have no mandate:
“Romney ... Obama. Americans made their choice. Rather emphatically.”

Typical lefty hyperbole (SEE: “fraud”).
Discounting Obama voter fraud—some of his faithful voting several times—and Mitt’s reptilian persona, about half the country can’t stand Zero. I would say at least half, at risk of accusation of ‘demspeak.’
Cheerio thinks only the House Republicans have a mandate:
Perdogg is super patient:
Be patient my friend. Liberalism is a virus and once it has run its course it will be gone.
Free Vulcan realizes Obama's destructive policies are 'cause he's a pawn of the Queen!
Obama cares about one thing: bringing down the country. He will be happy if it is bankrupt, in chaos, and powerless, happy if it splinters into several or many nations, happy of the Chinese and Mexicans invade the West Coast and occupy it, happy if a WMD strike takes us down, happy if everyone starves, or a combination of the above.

His sole purpose is to shift the center of power back to the Old World by bringing down the U.S., that is all. He is a foreign agent doing someone else’s bidding.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Metapost: How's the Color Scheme?

One of the commenters from the recent BZ thread said he found the color scheme hard to read.

I'm not really a visual dude, and in fact I usually only see the blog itself to check the content.

So. What do you guys think? Is the blue-white-grey-green thing lacking in enough contrast?

Saturday Pix

Why is no one reporting about Obama's thumb dragons?!
Jesus hates generosity unless he's explicitly invoked!
Making political decisions based upon events? EVIL!
What...Why...Who would even come up with this?
First the pat downs, then the Holocaust!
"Let me take some people with me when I die!"

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spotlight Friday: GladesGuru

This guy caught my eye this week with a Muslim post (you'll know it when you see it), and what a find!

Hailing from Florida, his profile says he's an ecologist. He certainly seems to be into racial generalizations, and calling for genocides and cleansing of all sorts of people.

Obama is importing Africans and Muslims!

Such behavior is part of African culture as far back as we can discover.

Worse yet, Bammy is doing a good job of bringing that savagery to America with his importation of Sub-Saharan Africans (Muslims, to make it worse).
Master of the Hilarious Alternate Spellings:
as the talking head on National Palisimian Radio sez, “Let’s do teh math.”

Female interviewee said she had her first “legitimate experience” with porn when she looked through a Playboy magazine when she was in the fourth grade.

Math time, folks. Assume she was not an Urban Feral from a Big Sh*ty Pooklik Skrewl Kollective and was not a teenager still in the fourth grade. Fourth grade students are nine to ten years old.

The implication is that porn viewing by the fourth grade population is OK.

It is not.
America is acting all black these days!
We allowed not just our government to be devolved into what all black nations and Black run cities in America have become - we allowed the faulty premises of that nexus of color and cultural devolution into America at large.

The time of choice is upon us, in our every decision as well as in the voting booth.

We can be either responsible and free OR others (the Tyrannical) will rule us some sort of order is essential.

Thanks to generations willing to allow collectivist trash into office, Tomorrow doesn’t look good.

Hmmmn - is off-planet emigration possible yet?

Bad decision, America. Bad for the African nations we cut loose long before they were ready, bad for American cities run by unacculturated black officials, bad for the world.

Why the world?

Because “if the American experiment in self government fails, what will come after will be unspeakably worse”.

Lastly, if Justice Thomas and Thomas Sowell can succeed, so can anyone.

Culture IS critical.
So blacks are mostly devolved, but some blacks rise above, so it's not racist at all!

Also, kill all the city blacks:
And if the ghettoes burn? BONUS!

Not if the fire becomes a fire storm.

Given the frequency of shots being fired on firemen in Urban Feral ghetto areas, were firemen to merely establish a cordon and let it burn, who could blame them?
Ghettos plus 'urban ferals' equals niggers, seems to me.

Also, Muslims!
The Muslim is on his knees, butt in the air, five times daily.

Therefore, just feed him from a trough.

No spork, fork, or anything else needed.
He thinks big where genocide is concerned:
Accept the essentiality of the following actions regarding the deadly threat which is Islam.

1. Nuclear destruction of Mecca and Medina(Allah’s holy cities) is unavoidable if we are to convince Muslims to abandon Islam.
2. Prove “Allah” is a delusion by fusing the ‘holy rocks’ in the Ka’abah into glass.
3. Nuke Medina into glass to further demonstrate “Allah” to be a delusion of Mad MoHAMmed rather than a God.
4. Order Muslims to convert or be killed as the mad Sand Savages they have proven themselves to be.
5. Muslims must be commanded to kill all Imams, Mullahs, Muslim religious leaders of all types. As a certain Mongol said, “Build a mountain of skulls.”
6. Order Muslims to kill all teachers of Islam.
7. Order Muslims to destroy all mosques and Muslim religious buildings of any kind.
8. Order Muslims to destroy all Korans.


Extirpation of Islam is the only response to Islam’s 1,400 years of continuous warfare, rapes, robberies, killings, genocides, ad nauseam.

Muslims are serious when they tell Americans “Submit to Islam or Die, Infidel dogs.”

Americans do not do submission and thus we must extirpate Islam.

Extirpation of Islam.
Submission to Islam.

Islam is forcing America to choose.

PS I will never submission to Islam.
Here's a phrase he likes:
Given that Islam is a social cancer, radiation is the answer.

Hang in a bit, ‘cause the Muslims are going to force America to play Cowboys and Muslims.
Clever, AND offensive to Native Americans!

He uses it again:
I fear the time for discussion may have passed and we are watching the beginning of an American Third Reich redux attempt.

This time the Brown SHirts seem to actually be brown and they are screaming “Yes! We Can!”.

Whenh Agenda Uber Alles meets the Armed Citizen is yet to be known.

But, I fear it is coming.

America probably will be forced by its commies in government, and the welfare commie classes the agencies support, to play Cowboys and Commies.
Not a fan of Obama:
“Unspeakable” squats in the White Mosque as I type.
He's a Jew, but worried they'll be purged soon for being Commies:
I am both ashamed of how Jews came to America and pushed socialism And concerned about how Americans might some day decide Jewish contributions in the hard sciences are not worth the socialism they have pushed for several generations.
In fact, he's antisemitic - but only for Reform Jews:
The Orthodox being armed is really not a paradox. They learn from both the Torah/Talmud and from history.

It is the Deformed - oops, make that the Reformed Jews who keep voting for career commies like Debbie Wasserman-whatever. Those are the hoplophobic Jews.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

47% Guy Comes forward

So the guy who taped Romney's 47% quote was a bartender. Interestingly, Freepers didn't attack him much. They were too busy continuing to attempt to explain away that quote.

Buckeye McFrog explains the 47% didn't mean anything special:
Does not matter. He could have taped Romney saying “the sun comes up in the East”, and the media would have successfully spun that into “he’s an arrogant elitist who hates working people”.
The Sons of Liberty knows Democrats woulda assassinated this guy:
If Romney had been a dem, this guy would’ve disappeared or found floating in a canal somewhere. Of course the story would’ve never been reported.
Chewbarkah wishes Romney had doubled down on the poor moocher thesis:
It’s a shame that the Romney campaign did use the publicity to explain why the 47% problem really matters (but I guess only part of the 53% would understand, or care).

I had wondered how the Republicans were dumb enough to let the Democrats infiltrate a private event. Now we know.
Cyber Liberty:
So, he disagreed with the candidate's point of view, and he "leaked" the video. He needs to be fired and blacklisted.

Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover of U.S.

I think there's a cycle on Free Republic. It goes Election -> Secession -> Paranoia. When each chapter fails to materialize, they move on to the next. Thus we're getting a bubbling up of stories that Obama is planning on a military takeover of the US on accounta being an evil Hitler.

Lumper20 thinks it can't get more obvious than this:
If DHS buying this ammo doesn’t bother folks-nothing will.
Aria sees a trend...a Hitlerian trend:
Why are the generals resigning?

I’m worried about people trained to follow orders...any orders. There were studies done quite a few years ago that substantiated that someone like Hitler could get away with the same thing here in the USA because of people believing what they are told rather than what they see.

This is zero’s whole shtick - believe what I say...not what you see or know.
"Believe what I say...not what you see or know." Freepers and cults, man.

batterycommander thinks Hitler's book was an instruction manual:
And the brown shirts were made up of queers and other degenerates who couldn’t get into the Wehrmacht. Hitler used them for his political purposes to terrorize the people. He had to kill Rohlm and others when they no longer became useful. Obama’s brown shirts are DHS. Obama has his own propaganda machine and mouthpieces. Obama must have read Hitler’s book.
fatnotlazy agrees that the gays are key. Also, he has no understanding of Tiananmen Square.
He's populating the military with gays (huge supporters) and removing & replacing personnel who won't fire on US citizens. He's building a military that will be loyal to him.

Remember the people of China didn't think the military would fire on them. Remember Tiannamen Square?
Dubh_Ghlase notes the other evil forces:
Don’t forget unionized police and prison guards. There’re many who would have a lot to lose if they disobeyed a direct order to fire (probably including their owen lives). Don’t think for a moment the organizers behind it wouldn’t already have plans to make an example of those first few who might hesitate when the order to fire is given...
Arthur McGowan equates enforcing Roe v. Wade with a military coup:
American cops proved that they will kill people if ordered to do so, during the pro-life rescue movement. Many cops wept, but still they removed people whose bodies were blocking the doors to abortion mills.

Most people don’t worship or obey God; they worship and obey whoever signs their paycheck.
Secret Agent Man is feeling the one world government angle:
what he is doing is outline in Freedom From War, state dept publication 5277. he’s building an interal security force and ramping down the external military to be more under control of the un/international community.

i believe he’d call the un troops in if needed. and i believe he is removing commanders who would not work under the un/international command.
cripplecreek has this hypothesis:
I think the DHS is shipping ammo overseas.
...To Muslims? I don't get it.

Old Yeller explains Obama's plan:
If the entire workforce sat at home cowering in their basements, the country will come to a standstill. What's the good of being Emperor of that?

His desire to destroy this country outweighs his desire to be emperor. He can always flee back to Africa and become a Mugabe there.
Windflier is optimistic that the liberals desire for a military dictatorship will never come to pass, cause our military sucks.
The American military has been tied down in Afghanistan for over a decade by a bunch of 7th century towelheads with AKs and IEDs. Can you even imagine the level of difficulty with prosecuting a shooting war against a culturally advanced, heavily armed, and educated patriot population?

Unless George Soros becomes Emperor of The World sometime soon, nothing remotely like that scenario is even possible. Conquer the American people by force? It's a leftist pipe dream, nothing more.
Strategerist keeps trying to combat id with facts:
Going to be pretty embarrassing when Obama leaves office in 2016 and nothing happened, no military takeover, no martial law, etc.

The article has an infinite number of infinitely repeated stupidities and lies, but what I can’t get over is the “hollow point” paranoia - LE rounds are routinely hollow points because you don’t want rounds passing through perps to the innocent.

I thought only leftist gun-grabbers were supposed to be ignorant of firearms?

I have to grant the imbecile that wrote this something; somehow connecting the Weather Underground to NOAA Fisheries enforcement officers buying a few rounds for their sidearms is a neat and original trick.
What comes after paranoia, I wonder? The election is a year and a half away...

Habemos Politics

Freepers are trying to figure out who this new Pope is gonna be. Most of it is just speculation and discussions about why he picks a new name. But there is no shortage of crazy, crazy wheat along with the boring chaf:

Ann Archy always delivers:
AMEN!! I PRAY he doesn’t bring the Catholic Church towards the Jesuits.....ULTRA LIBERALS at least in the US.
SoldierDad is too sad to spell:
Yes. Very depressing. I’m praying for devine intervention, and an impeachment.
chessplayer knows Freepers have to love the Pope - he found some crazy liberals who hate him!
Well, as to be expected, libs are already tearing him apart.

1) They are outraged because he’s white.

2) They claim he supports the torture of women and children.

3) They claim he supports the rape of children by Catholic priests.
Venturer wants to see the long form!
His Father was Italian, can we assume his mother was also.

Doesn’t that make him an Italian Pope who was raised in Latin America?
skimbell goes a long, long way to make an Obaam joke:
I was sort of amazed that the new Pontiff didn't make a deferential nod to the U.S.'s Nobel Laureate. I was thinking it would have been sort of 'snappy' if Jorge had opted for just an initial as a name. How about

Pope O

in honor of "The One"?
winoneforthegipper has some stats that says this new Pope sucks.
Yeah this guy is not what we would be led to believe...

How in the hell can the Catholic Church elect a shepherd that only brings 20 percent of his flock to mass? When his fields are 92percent baptized in the faith?

On those numbers alone he is not a papa of evangelical means....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Evil of Charity

Wow, --M, nice find!

I've been so distracted by their craziness and pettiness that I've completely neglected to notice that Freepers' asshole quotient has been going through the roof! It seems in their rage against entitlement America, Freepers now hate all charity.

A kid loses his kickass Lego set and writes a letter to Lego about it. The company responds with a sweet letter and a replacement. This has gone viral, so it was clearly a good investment on Lego's part. Everybody wins?

bgill has never been a child.!
The kid was told not to take it. The kid disobeyed his parents. The kid lost it. Dad teaches kid doesn't have to face consequences or learn responsibility. Enough of these "good deeds" from companies and the rest of us have to pay for it. This FReeper has had enough of all this gimme, gimme, gimme.
You don't think the initial loss was crappy enough? Or that kids can only learn via pain? What an asshole!

BipolarBob knows this child has had no consequences.
This is so heartwarming that the boy is being taught “entitlement” mentality at this age. A bonus is the no bad consequences for bad choices. We have ourselves a Democrat in the making.
Taking initiative? Personally mitigating one's mistakes? The value of personal communication? None of those lessons are capitalism, so fuck 'em!

Opinionated Blowhard is pretty sure Lego had the kid under surveillance:
This story is actually a horrible story. The kid took his toy to the store and lost it. Now he wants another one for free. He’s a cute, blond-haired, blue-eyed kid and so everyone says, “isn’t he cute, let’s give him another toy.” It teaches him that there are no consequences to his carelessness. In the long run, he would have been better off doing extra chores to earn money for a new toy.
Again, if you don't think that the fear of permanent deprivation, plus like two weeks of no toy aren't a big deal to a kid, you are an asshole who has forgotten what it was like to be young.

VermiciousKnid tries to explain that this kid isn't like welfare strawmen:
PS: The difference between this boy and your every-day, garden variety entitelment handout seeker is that this boy ASKED, and asked politely and contritely. Handout seekers no long ASK for anything; they DEMAND instead.
In Obamaphone land they slap a tiny pair of Nike gym shorts on the little ones and wait for the first of the month check to replace them when they are soiled.
What. The. Hell?

happyhomemaker is sure this blackmail will lead to huge Lego price spikes.
Can you imagine the outcry if Lego had responded to the the cute 7 yr olds “request” for a free replacement with a price list for replacement parts? This evening we would be reading about boycotts of Lego because a evil heartless corporation actually had the gall to ask for money for a product from a little kid. Obviously you are offended that I found it a troubling sign that parents are encouraging their young kids to email companies to replace lost parts for free. I know you probably thought this was the feel good story of the year but I can’t get on your bandwagon. So now when I go to buy my son a new Lego set I will rejoice that the prices have gone up 10% to cover their goodwill toward kids like little Luka.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reveling in Detroit's Misery

Freepers may love to hate San Francisco and hope everyone in it dies, but they love to have contempt for Detroit. Like some thief getting electrocuted trying to steal copper wire:

rktman wants to blame the lawless Muslims:
Nobody would steal anything in detroit (middle east comes to America) now would they? Of course not.
PAR35 blames the blacks, and adds in a strawman to boot:
Can we all agree that it is racist to try to prevent the theft of the copper wire?
I take it Gay State Conservative has never seen Tulsa.
With God as my judge...I have seen cities/towns in Asia,Africa and South America that look more "civilized" than the parts of Detroit *I've* seen.
shove_it makes with the funny:
“This should be tagged “Third-World News”.

Good idea. Done.
rktman - it's Muslim!
the last time we flew through there, I thought we were in islamabad.
detective - it's Africa!
If you want a comparison for Detroit's downward trajectory Zimbabwe is the best example. Zimbabwe is a real life model of what is happening in Detroit. The only difference is that Zimbabwe does not have billions of taxpayer dollars from honest Americans every year to fund their theft and corruption. Zimbabwe also doesn't have white suburbs its residents can repeatedly rob.
kearnyirish2 It's Middle Earth!
“Detroit looks more like Lord of the Flies every day.”

More like the abandoned kingdoms in “The Lord Of The Rings”; you can see vestiges/ruins where great men once built great things, and now it is reverting to what was there before those great men came (deer, squirrels, etc.).
AEMILIUS PAULUS tries for a dramatic historical allusion and waaay overreaches.
We are in the middle of a conquest by people from the Third World. A conquest usually means those who are governing during the conquest can no longer protect those who founded and developed the nation and its wealth. Indeed, those who are in positions of authority, towards the end, often favor and assist the invaders; and those portions of the resident demographic who are assisting the invaders.

The above observations apply to the Michigan area today. For those who are watching the invaders and their helpers and wonder what is happening, their actions are called a SACK! A good summary as to what is a sack, and what will become worse, in Michigan, and elsewhere will be found in Gibbon's description as to what was happening in Italy during the period 370 to 425 A.D.
I think if you were being sacked, you'd know it. I also like his "politicians totally assist the invaders!"

Born to Conserve knows how to deal with this!
Shoot them. When the damage done exceeds by magnitudes the value wrought, it is a crime against society, and has to be stopped by any means.
Freepers insist guns are for self defense, but then can't stop talking about shooting liberals and scary blacks.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Potpourri

Beagle8U explains why all liberal women are lesbians:
Liberal women are ugly and men never ask them out.

They figure if they look like men then they can ask other liberal women out.

They want their tweeter twiddled and they aren't gonna take no for an answer.
SERE_DOC has a flight of fancy:
If his father is Obama Sr., we get him for espionage, on what he has done (with the willing idiots in DC) them we get for treason

If his father is an American, then we get him for treason, and we still get the idiots in DC on the same charge....

Win, Win

With a special trial because she is so special, sister Nancy not only gets a special "we will let you know what the punishment is after your found guilty" of fraud, treason, insider trading, malfeasance and felony stupidity.

Dick Chaney as well for failing to do his job in certifying the election.
danamco has a whole story about how everyone except Free Republic has been intimidated by Obama's assassination squads:
The reason is the secret meeting with eight Judges from the S.C. on January 14, 2009 one week before he stole OUR W.H. the Chicago-Godfather-AlCapone thugs sent a clear “message” IF....

and then the most intelligent S.C. candidate ever presented, a week later, could not get the ceremony straight when looking into the eyes of the grinning Satan’s eyes. Then later humiliated at a SOUA with all the DNC-asses’ standing ovation and he later endorsed the un-Constitutional obamaScare.

I’m relating to what happened to Andrew Breitbart on March 1, 2012 keeling over on the street, the night before Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference where Andrew talked to the Sheriff the evening before.

Rush Limbo also scared to death after his Hawaiian hospital visit! After 1/14/2009 every possible entity from SCOTUS and down incl. CONgress, State, Municipalities, Law Enforcement, the so called “Media” even the military went AWOL except for a few patriots there and an immigrant brave female attorney with “balls.” From that day on we became slaves to upcoming MUZZIES and sharia law!!!
Responsibility2nd knows government isn't the problem - Liberals are!
Government screws up much/almost all of what it controls.

Get government out of the marriage business.

No, It’s LIBERALS that screw up..... We need to get LIBERALS out of the marriage business.
MestaMachine lays out the Obama is the Antichrist case:
Don’t forget his skirmishes with the rats and wasps. This man is surrounded by evil. People he visits die. Businesses he visits die. Everything he touches turns to disaster. Disasters follow him and happen shortly after he is gone. Every word he speaks is a lie. There is no goodness or truth in the man at all. He has no righteousness. He shuns HaShem and HaShem shuns him. The worst is yet to come.
Anyone who doesn’t believe in the Prophecies need to watch this man ashe fulfulls that which has not happened before. One by one, he has completed cycles we never thought to see in our lifetimes.
There have been times when he has done what seems to have been impossible. You see the world in absolute chaos with his advent.
There is no way this man should occupy the highest office in the world, yet he does and he made it look easy. He has populated his ‘office’ with evildoers and brought strange religions involving blood sacrifice into the whitehouse to defile it beyond belief.
He has called America a muslim nation thrice before the entire world, twice on foreign soil and once on US soil at a gathering of nations.
There are other signs as well. Beware this man as he has CLAIMED to be a full partner with G-d. HE has proclaimed himself a messiah, and his cultists believe. They follow without question.
The Bible says that in the Endtimes, the first and worst to suffer will be women and unborn babies. islam is anathema to women. His stance on abortion, forcing even other countries to accept it or suffer the consequences of his wrath is without question.
He raises an army right before our eyes...and we are silent. Believers are punished in subtle ways for now, but that will change and there will be no doubt.
He is trying to, and might yet succeed, in dividing Jerusalem. As I said. The worst is yet to come.
Mrs. Don-o sounds like no fun at all:
The statute at issue here makes sodomy a crime only if a person “engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex.” Tex. Penal Code Ann. §21.06(a) (2003).

It should prohibit intentionally (deliberately) depositing seminal fluid anywhere but in one's lawful wife's vagina, but it did not.
Responsibility2nd is not a fan of Trayvonn Martin:
the defense will get to bring in NO_LINIT_*****’s past problems into evidence; bring out the fact that NO LIMIT’s girlfriend lied; bring out the Crump antics that put a bounty on Zimmerman; point out the obvious - that no charges were filed when NO LIMIT died; and a whole host of other valid defenses.

I just wonder if the networks will cover this trial non-stop as they did the Casey Anthony trial. I sure hope so. I sure hope the racists like Crump and B. Hussein end up looking like fools as Zimmerman is acquitted on all charges.

And if the ghettoes burn? BONUS!
norwaypinesavage knows obstructionism is the key to electoral success:
Republicans have finally stumbled into a winning strategy: Do absolutely nothing. Obama is president, his party runs the Senate, let them write and pass bills. Then it's time to negotiate. Obama and Reid are so totally incompetent that absolutely nothing will happen, and they won't be able to blame the Republicans (though they will try).
Tzar is pithy, and racist:
Rosa Parks refused to get off her ass. Welfare recipients emulate her to this day.
ThunderSleeps is a tactical master:
I'm going to respectfully decline to reveal that part of the plan - at this time. But for background, it helps to have an understanding of how facial recognition software works, and to have professionally studied counter-insurgency and counter-IED tactics. If you know what they're going to do, and how...
The Cajun jokes about thermite:
Aluminum is our friend, LOL.
You'd be surprised what a couple of years of college chemistry will teach ya.
Windflier totally heard Hillary Clinton was a slut:
Wish I could remember their handle now, but there's at least one Freeper who attended college with the Clintons, and he recalls Hillary being a skank of the first order.

According to him, Bubba shared her 'liberally' with his frat brothers.
Jane Long sets out the falsest of dichotomies:
Who's most worthy of our assistance, welfare queens or vets who've served our country? Not a difficult decision.
Nachum has some action items that boil down to rioting and suing.
We have to organize. We have to get back into all the institutions they have taken over. We have to get our own media to get this message out better. We have to get large aggressive crowds to get in the faces of their large aggressive crowds. We have to sue and sue and sue some more.
butterdezillion has a new one:
And Hillary has to know that if Soros could threaten to kill Chelsea in 2008, to keep the Clintons from challenging Obama’s eligibility, he can do the same thing any time in order to install Michelle. Again, popularity doesn’t have to mean a THING in this country if our electoral system isn’t sound.
Extreme Islamists: Head loppers and suicide bombers.
Moderate Islamists: Throat slitters and IED dabblers.
Peaceful Islamists: As rare as unicorns.
So...what about Muslims?