Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Donald Trump sucks

Donald Trump goes against the current Right Wing Oil Narrative. With all the excitement they've built up, this aggression will not stand!

ripley really hates capitalism, all of the sudden:
a few bucks makes one a genius.
Yeah! Market Meritocracy my ass! Frikken rich people, always being liberal. If only all their filthy lucre could be used for a proper cause.

Which is where areukiddingme1 comes in:

Hey Donald, I suggest using some of your money to post a reward to anyone that can prove Soros is responsible for [oil prices] have a hell of lot more money than any of us...I bet if you offered a 5M dollar reward to anyone that prove credibly that Soros was behind this — I bet you would have your answers is less than 30 days.

Soros! Wow, that guy is everywhere!

Carry_Okie discoveres that the oil barons kinda suck alluva sudden:

I would not be surprised to learn that the oil companies are the ones who lobbied congress to prevent oil drilling.

It wasn't the companies themselves, it was the socialist brats of the families who built them using tax-exempt charitable foundations to fund environmental groups.

Remember: don't blame the companies, blame the CEOs! That's some awesome cognitive dissonance. Poor Enron never had a chance - it was it's Board of Directors that screwed it over!

kinghorse steps up to fulfil the requirement that every story have a hit against Obama:
At least he’s saying it. We are being brought to heel by adversaries within supposedly friendly oil producing governments. Look, there is no way, no how, muslims cannot feel even more pride and optimism seeing how close a man named Hussein is to taking the top western position of power. This is a crazy, crazy time in history.

Okay, so Trump talks about oil. Muslims have a bunch of oil. And Obama is totally a Muslim cause he has an Arabic name.

It's creative, I'll give it that.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama's hip

I am again swept up by Free Republic's recent "All Obama hate, all the time" policy.

So Obama visited an MD about his hip? Let the tired, crazy memes posing as witticism begin!

SolidWood whips out the Hitler:
Too much goose-stepping in Berlin?

indylindy goes in for the buttsex. Joke! Buttsex joke:

He must have had a secret meeting with Larry Sinclair in the limo after

A little anatomy lesson for indylindy,

Hips Do Not Equal Assholes.

That is all.

visualops hits us with some originality:
More likely his gym addiction is creating some problems.

Wow. Serious business. Do we want a Gym Addict as president? What if the 3am call comes and Obama's busy blasting his lats?

tiredoflaundry jumps on, but in a cool "hip" way:
How ironic!! B Hussein & his minions keep pushing how young Barry is with the B Ball “ops”, and now we see The Young one going to the hospital because he is “sore”. LOL!

Word! Looks like Obama's "ops" are mad whack, yo!

Kirkwood knows the problem with health care prices: too much preventative care!
This is why healthcare is so expensive. BO has a little pain in his butt, so he runs off to some advanced healthcare clinic to get several thousand dollars with of testing. Yeesh!

TornadoAlley3 knows the story behind the story:
Obambi is trying to be like Tiger Woods, see look at me, I am so tough, I walked all over for a week with a sore hip and never complained.

Makes sense, since all them black folk look alike to guilty white voters.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Unitarians are barely human.

So some guy shoots up a Unitarian Universalist church. Lots of Freepers are horrified, but there are some...

reg45 does some Unitarian outreach, as he best understands what the religion is all about:
It was probably a mini-rally for The Obamassiah and they were singing "The sun
will come out tomorrow ....". Otherwise, a musical about a poor orphan (Annie)
who is befriended by a rich capitalist (Daddy Warbucks), doesn't really fit the
UU agenda. Now maybe, if there were a lesbian relationship between Annie and
Mommy Warbucks or Annie got pregnant and had to get raise money for an abortion,
that would be truly a part of the UU world view.


LightBeam makes it classier by reminding us the dead are all going to burn in Hell:
An early report I saw indicated that the man who died may have been
shielding the children.

Just shielding someone from attack doesn't gain you entrance into the
Kingdom of Heaven.

I hope the people in this "church" will use this wake-up-call as a way to
get closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and reject their secular humanism.

Stupid child shielder! Only Protestant child sheilders deserve heaven, and LightBeam is gonna make sure everyone knows it!

DoughtyOne has gotta bring in some gun control, but wishing those Unitarians were packing heat:

concealed carry

This is what it’s all about folks. Any guy entering a church brandishing a shotgun should be dead meat before he can raise it and fire.

We hear talk about how terrible it would be to return to the wild west days. I
doubt too many people were walking into churches in those days gunning down
people for the sport of it.

Okay, I'm gonna need a list for this one:

1. Unitarians with guns? Not sure if you know their beliefs there...
2. "Dead meat before he can raise it and fire" I can only guess DoughtyOne always has his gun up and ready, just in case. I hope all the stress of always scanning for gunmen doesn't make him develop a twitch.
3. I'm shocked this is the first time I've heard a Freeper be nostalgic for the wild west.

And FTL will wrap it up with his prescient analysis of the bigger picture:

2004. San Francisco. Two Christian Missionaries, a young hetro Christian couple about to be married - shot on the beach in their sleep for their Christian beliefs by Left Wing Terrorists. Repeat loudly and often.

Those were where the first shots of the next civil war were fired, and Waco, and Ruby Ridge, etc. Liberal fascists have a long history of targeting those who aren’t
“one of them”.

Wow. 2 dead 2004, and now 2 deadin 2008. Slowest. Civil War. Ever.

Saturday Pix

Some Freepers actually had to ask if this was photoshoped, due to it's intense amount of confirming their craziness.

Boy, isn't he just dreamy? And they say the Dems have such a cult of personality over Obama!

Expect this meme to get a lot more play. When in doubt, blame the messenger!

If only we hadn't heard about the wiretapping, America would be a whole lot happier!

Obama in Europe? Seeming Presidential? Lets add Winnie the Pooh.
Presto! No more dignity! Yay internet!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh, the IRONY!

Okay, this is HILARIOUS!

Obama had a cool moment when he hit a 3 point Basketball shot? Hell, no! He must do nothing cool or good! It must be fake!

John W has his suspicions, having seen quite a few balls in his day:

I commented here when he was in Indiana and did the basketball routine that to
this Hoosier he didn’t look like someone who had spent much time at all with a
basketball in his hands.
Okay, that's pretty ignorant...but this is Free Republic, the lineup is deep, we can do better:

jonrick46 totally believes this one guy who heard it was fake, and knows who else liked political theatre: HITLER

The same tactics the Nazis fascists used to promote Hitler are being used to promote Obama. In Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, Hitler is portrayed as a new-born god. What we are witnessing is the rise of fascism in America. I hope we are ready for it.

Nazi fascists are worse than your normal, run-of-the-mill fascists.

piytar also has a prediction:

Gee, the MSM is pimping for the Obamanation and lying to the American public, making the messiah (lower case intentional) out to be a super-stud? I’m shocked, just SHOCKED, I tell you.

Waiting for the “wow, he has a large ‘package’ shot” ala Clinton in the 1992 campaign.

In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow.

Ahhh, the Clenis. Cause Bush NEVER had any crotch shots.

Which brings us to:

usmcobra links this. It's from the Onion. So, hilariously, THIS is the fake pic.

cajungirl :

I love that pic,,he is a man, a real man.

And then, a bit later:

PS, about the Bush pic.

Obama isn’t capable of carrying Pres Bush’s jock strap let alone his briefcase.

Hmmm, maybe it's not the Liberals with the penis obsession...

But the adulation keeps coming:

Hot Tabasco:

I remember that!

One can only speculation about usmcobra's motivations in linking the pic. Did he know it was fake? Maybe it was meeting a fake with a fake. Whatever it was, it went completely off the rails.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

UK: Doctors to be banned from dishing out antibiotics for sore throats & colds

Freepers react to public sentiment being against them by distorting reality around him more and more.

Witness health care. As demand to adopt a more universal system grows, Freepers see Europe's universal health policies as being more and more disastrous.

Looking at the UK's new policy not to hand out antibiotics as Chiclets, its a wonder Englishmen aren't all dead by now!

G Larry sees the deadly side of sore throats:

Socialized medicine means DYING IN LINE!

The concept makes liberals feel good, because everybody has an insurance card.The fact that nobody is able to receive medical care, is of no consequence to them.

Wow, liberals like universal care because they love cards? Who knew? I would also like to point out that this is in response to an article about Britan's policies re: cold treatments! Not a lot of Dying in Line potential there, chief.

G Larry again:

Cheap, antiquated, treatment is allowed.
Effective, new treatment is not.
Antibiotics are new and efective on colds now? Well, to be fair mayby G Larry is like a hundred years old, and remembering when consumption was the scourge of the land.

mysterio shows us how close to home this problem is:

A lot of kids will die if they stop treating bacterial throat infections and secondary bacterial infections from viral upper respiratory tract infections.

This is the trend in the US as well. My local doctor's office recently put up a sign in every waiting room explaining to the average patient that they don't need antibiotics. The sad part is that many do and they aren't getting them.

And yes, I studied a great deal of micro in grad school.

mysterio studied micro, and knows how much the average patient needs antibiotics.

Diogenesis's prediction of UK's future isn't crazy at all:

Coming: Only Moslems will be tested for beta-strep.

Only Moslems in UK will get medical care.

The dhimmis ... will get what they deserve

Okay, I lied. There was a whole bucket o crazy in that post.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Antichrist Revealed!

When Freepers learn Oprah's radio station has a show that puts forth a new-agey show called "A Course In Miracles" they know just what conclusions to jump to:

I thought it was Obama, but Rightly Biased says:
[S]he is Antichrist.
Oprah believes she is god.
Not the God but a god

Okaaay, is it crazy metaphysics or Groundhog Day?

Always Right has his thumb on the pulse of housewives everywhere:
I think Oprah is jumping the shark.

Yup! I'm sure this XM radio show is the nail in her coffin!

mkjessup, with the tag line: (Jesus said it, I believe it, and that settles it.) weighs in with some holly roller action:

Oprah has been possessed and infested by the doctrine of devils.

That Old Rugged Cross she dismisses so impudently is where my Saviour died and shed His Blood for me. I'll be clinging to that Cross long after Oprah Winfrey has heard the Words "depart from Me ye accursed, into the fire prepared for the Devil and his angels!"

Whether she likes it or not, Oprah is going to one day bow down on her knees and confess with her mouth that "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD" and no number of free cars or bags of goodies will get her in the Kingdom of Heaven.

That's an awesome story! I love how she's totally brought low in the end. Foolish Oprah, putting a hippy-dippy show on your radio station! Now you BURN!

wizr's anti-irony treatments seem to have worked:

Instead of reading it, and opening their hearts to it, some people just
interpret it from afar to meet their needs.

My Bible says you cannot serve God AND money. (Matthew 6:24)

THAT appears to be Oprah’s problem, IMHO.

houeto's crazy will play us out:
Makes one wonder, could this be paving the way for Obamassiah worship?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Iran: the forever crisis.

So diplomacy is back on with Iran. And Freepers get together in wishing for more bombs, less words.

purpleraine sees the extent of the crisis:

It’s not the negotiators who are fools. It’s us, the president and the UN and everyone else who listened to the Iranians since 1979.

Cause Iran has been a threat for that long, and America has only escaped destruction at Iran's hands due to luck. Nearly 30 years of luck.

RetSignman is a bit more gloomy:
Nothing. Imanutjob has learned from the past experience with Saddam in Iraq, he knows he can keep this up for at least another year or longer.

Yes, Saddam handled the US masterfully!

Delmarksman joins a whole buncha posters in wishing the cold war weren't over.
I keep saying the same thing. Russia will not sit idly by while Iran is attacked!
However, no one seems to be listening.

Hmm, I wonder why no one's listening to your ravings about the Russian threat. Maybe cause they're so broken down they can't even pay their own army, much less mount any sort of military campaign.

georgiagirl_pam knows things. She calls them "creative truths:"

Everyone was having a cow about Bush taking advise from Obama and meeting with
Tehran (via Hot Air, Bush Hope and Change) This meeting was only COVER for what will come next. What this is exactly, I don't know. But I personally think that it was a calculated move to say, Hey we met, we talked, we warned them.

Hope springs eternal! Maybe the talking secretly a way to keep on NOT talking. Cause there was totally a whole lotta secret talks going on before Iraq.

happygrl also sees hope, but more of a bad ass, movie type of hope:
To borrow from The Godfather, "today is the Day when I deal with my enemies ~GWB

Bush as Godfather. You guys wish he was as powerful. Also, I like how Bush is making Iran his personal enemy in this little fantasy. Cause that's totally the way foreign relations should be conducted.

"It's not business - this is personal"

Saturday Pix

Better late than never...

Hmmm. The usual Muslim smear. But Obama as Uncle Sam...not sure you guys thought this one out.

So Barak is replaced by Barak making a goofy face. But Michelle is replaced by some black lady , because they're pretty much interchangeable.

Barak as Dukakis? Keep dreaming, Freepers! (Johnson, maybe...)

Yes, Republicans NEVER take federal dollars!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tragic unhipitude

Freepers reaction to the news that some of them rappers are gonna perform at the Dem's convention:

garyhope delves deeply into Rapper culture with this well thought out critique.
Rappers in hoodies, sunglasses and grabbing their crotch's should help make bammy even more popular with middle America.

Crotch grabbing? Hoodie wearing? Sound like pro-baseball players to me...except, you know black.

Blue Turtle may need a fainting couch...
...there are no words. this society is sick.

Wyclef to perform at the DNC equals the death of America. Indeed, there are no words.

bushfamfan also sees these singers as harbingers of doom for the union.

What a turn for the worst this country has taken and these scumbag ‘entertainers’ are right up there with the changing times. Worthless scumbags with nothing to offer but the demise of this country.

scummy scumbag hating America scumbags!

Tolkien has a great idea:
Maybe they'll be able to get Hussein to rap with his homies. A celebration for all middle America to see.

Cause all black people rap, and all white people in "middle America" are disgusted by it. Hmmm. There's a subtext there about "middle America" I just can't quite pick up on....

Allegra predicts this may backfire on the Dems:

This whole thing appears to be turning more and more into a circus.

I imagine it will be a combination of funny and scary to watch.

rappers being invited? Well, why don't they just all dress as clowns.

Oh, I think there will be a backlash alright, if the Freepers keep this very thinly disguised race-bating up, America will see them for what they are and be disgusted.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, Frabjous day!

At last, the small world that is cyberspace has brought my humble blog to the attention of some real live Freepers!

I can't decide if this, or the Fist-Bump being quoted by sadly no is a greater honor.

tiredoflaundry tries to use some internets trickiness, what with the not linking:

While I was running around the internet this afternoon, I came across this blog. I will not direct link but you can copy & paste. Some very familiar FReepers are "mocked"! Looks like the person has been at it awhile.

My theory: searching on Russert Killed Hillary, or Obama kills Gays

TornadoAlley3 begins to wonder who I am:
What is that website, A FReeper got the zot?

Hmmm. Methinks the "vikingkitties" address could be a clue...

Or is it a red herring, as Just Lori suggests:
If so, not a TRUE FReeper. Even folks who’ve gotten the axe wouldn’t do that. They just move on. Someone who puts up what I’ve heard was never a real FReeper to begin with.

Nothing more vile than Freeper's own words, tempered by sarcasm! Interesting (anthropologically) to note that some who are zotted are still considered "TRUE FReepers"

ThreePuttinDude also has a theory:

I had to heat it up just to see what was up.
Who ever put that together sure has a lot of time to mess around.

Must be a peed off ex-FReeper who got the bootwhen everything Rootty hit the fan.

don-o is the only one to really get my number:
Buncha voyeuristic perverts.

Indeed! Free Republic turns me on like nobody's business!

Death and Armageddon.

Free Republic was getting pretty dispirited. I mean, one can only have so many "Obama's checkered, Marxist/Muslim/Atheist/Hitlerish past." People were predicting doom, hating on McCain. It was getting kinda sad.

Enter oil.

Freepers seem have decided that 4$ gas gives them hope of pulling out a victory in the next election if only they can hang it around the Dems neck.

From such sparks of hope a conflagration of rage has erupted again. The old spark in the eye, the old swagger in the step. And this isn't just on oil threads. Free Republic, for a few days at least, is back in business again! Bombin' Iran, winnin' in Iraq, and enraged about the Fairness Doctrine.

Minn starts with an irony-less:
I say bring it on.

Awesome! Bush may have decided it was a bad idea, but Freepers see no problem with bellicose rhetoric! What's the worst that could happen?

Savage Beast tells us:

If these Leftist Radicals seize control of America, they will destroy her. They will change the U.S.A. beyond recognition or recovery. We will not get the opportunity to correct the harm that they will do.

Imagine what these people would place on the Supreme Court! The legislation they will enact! The assault they will level on the Constitution!

They will make sure that their destruction can never be repaired!


"change the U.S.A. beyond recognition or recovery." That's pretty good stuff right there. Cause Republics have always been places of radical change.

And then the death threats.

Dead Corpse:

Try [Pelosi] for Treason. Hang her.

Seriously. Enough pussyfooting around with these outright communists.

Yup! That'd go over great in America.

But Biggirl notes that hanging Pelosi would never work. The government would never allow it. That's what guns are for.
The radical left better mind their P’s and Q’s because push enough hot buttons on Americans and the results will not be pretty.

Watch the 2nd Amendment get a workout bigtime.

Death threats? End of America just around the corner? New Civil War?

Free Republic is back, baby!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Snobs of the people

A discussion of high gas prices and commutes leads Freepers to discuss the suburbs. They love them!

First, to show you that this is indeed a Free Republic thread, we have Diana in Wisconsin
“Liberals secretly love higher gas prices.”

They like anything that hurts Joe Six-Pack. Eventually he will be financially ruined due to their policies and will have to depend upon Mother Government for sustenance. Jerks.

And we have arthurus to top off the phony populism:
[Liberals] are publicly delighted.They think it is
going to force the rest of us onto public transportation and curtail our
mobility and will give them more space on the street for their Volvos and BMWs.

And then...tsmith130

So, we could see a country of smaller cities, which would probably be
the ideal.

Otherwise known as 'the suburbs'.

Yeah, suburbs are awesome! Who needs character in where they live? Bland conformity for all!

Gorzaloon puts a somewhat finer point on it:

Decades ago, EMPLOYERS fled the corrupt, filthy cities and built industrial parks and campuslike corporate headquarters out where people LIVED.

They keep trundling out the Wonderful Workers' Paradise idea of living in urban rat cages and projects.

They can CALL them Upscale Gentrification all they want. I visited my brother's really expensive NYC apartment years ago when he lived there.

I'd rather die.

"I'd rather die." That's not eliteist at all. And that's the nut of this post.

So even as Freepers say they defend the lower class while liberals are always trying to stick it to Joe Six-Pack. But clearly, they look down on these proles. Live near those people? I'd rather die

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beyond parody

Was sick tomorrow, so I got to let the New Yorker cover fracas marinate a day. For any who think this cover may be some nice, biting satire, look no further! Where some intend parody, Freepers see confirmation.

fortheDeclaration will kick off this little shindig with the following:

But most readers will see it as tasteless and offensive.


CounterCounterCulture delves into self-imposed ignorance so far I worry about the poor guy:

You do realize that it is parodying conservatives, right?

Don’t care.

I’m only sorry I didn’t come up with the concept first.

LayoutGuru2 joins a number of other Freepers gleefully noting particular parts of the picture:

What’s unsaid is that the scene on the cover is in The Oval.

Oh, and don't miss the portrait of OBL to the right

princeofdarkness manages to blame the Clintons:
Like Rush as stated, never underestimate the Clintons for their fondness of
smear tactics. Nothing is coincidental as far as they are concerned.

And we end off with Prole, who takes issue with the accuracy of the picture - psyche! He really just wants to rip on Michelle Obama:

I also picture [Michelle Obama] carrying a Tokarev in the small of her back underneath her shirt, and a butterfly knife in her pocket. She is the perfect blend of a Stalinist secret agent and a Black Panther street thug.

Nasty to the core.

Thus we see Freepers attempting to reconcile the Obamas as dumb black people with Obamas as crafty crypto-marxist Muslim sleeper agents.

Their secret: hate the Obamas hard enough, and anything becomes possible.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday Pix

Wow, that's a GREAT story! I like how easy it is for Bush to kill all the inhabitants of Iran! Awesome!

Yup, McCain is all about giving America to the Mexicans cause he's Evil! I mean, do you see the face he's making?

Yeah, the Hillary killing people joke NEVER gets old! Bonus points for adding Bill.

Red Dawn! RED DAWN!

Upon news that there's gonna be a remake of Red Dawn, there's a certain...resonance in the Freeper community.

Boagenes indulges in what most people on the thread did - speculation about how Hollywood is gonna Commie up the remake:

It will be a group of “Anarchist” skate-punk kids (of mixed ethnicity, of course) who take on an invasion of “Red State” neo-con/neo-Nazis!

You forgot that they're all gay.

Quix takes things one step further - he takes a lotta guff for saying the Movie might soon be all too real:

The way some things are looking . . .
They’d better hurry or Martial Law officials will not allow it’s showing.

Teacher317 joins into a debate about the verisimilitude of the movie. Really:

You mean a couple high school kids with AKs couldn’t ambush and defeat the Soviet Army?

A handful of unarmed Polish Jews couldn't hold off the Nazi Army either, eh?

Is there anything Freepers can't turn into a Nazi reference?

FrPR also relates how the movie changed his life:

it was a cool movie... Gave me many survivalist fantasies, helped me be a better outdoorsman.

Survivalist fantasies...that's normal enough, I guess. Though I'll bet his had a lot more firepower than most kid's

Finally, we have Varda version of what the movie will be:

I would bet this will portray the “patriotic kids” being leftist at the start.. The kind who are bullied by football players and cheerleaders.

Being bullied means you're a commie now? Why am I not surprised?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Free Republic is whipped into an even more incoherent rage than usual by news the House Judiciary Committee may take up impeachment.

river rat doesn't know the MEANING of the word hypocrisy:

Further proof that this Democrat controlled Congress is without question the largest collection of feckless imbeciles in the Nation.

With all the SERIOUS PROBLEMS the Nation faces — these a$$holes continue to play “gotcha” games with the President.

If ever a Congress earn rejection, expulsion and worse - it is THIS Congress.

Yeah! Whoever impeaches the President for partisan reasons should be kic...wait a sec.

libbylu just kinda hate Pelosi

Does any one else think it is time to BOMBARD THIS PIECE OF FACE???????

I’ll be calling her office everyday..... I have heard she will not bring energy bills up for votes, knowing they will pass. shame on her.


I see my hands is all about the Christian love:

Pelosi and Kucinich aren't the problem. The problem is the lefties who vote them into office and the righties who provide lefties with social and familial support

I, for one, blame all of America's ills on conservatives who don't turn their liberal children out into the street.

Too Crazy for Free Republic

Saw this post:

The White House has a curse upon it. It is real. It is powerful. It will not go
away until a particular act takes place.

The curse came upon the White when President George W. Bush placed the Koran with great aplomb in the White House library.


That book has been written by demons. It is laden with bloody verse. It esteems a pagan god, namely, Beelzebub, the Father of Lies.

It's the prescription for Islam World rule seen through by Muslim terrorists.

WayneS notes:
One more person claiming to know the mind of God.

AmericanMade1776 cleverly redirects the crazy to Obama:

Reverand Jermiah Wright been at it again?

HappyinAZ worries:

oh PLEEEEEEASE stop posting this junk. Makes FR look nutty.

Heh. I guess nutty is in the eye of the beholder. Free Republic is very much not an evangelical forum. It doesn't like Dobson much, and has some pretty spirited debates about evolution. So this God stuff is just a bit too wacky.

Freepers don't go all God Warrior on Free Republic. Instead one must mention Obama for things to get crazy-go-nuts.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


One of the community phenomena on Free Republic is the zot. This is when someone gets banned.

Often these are first time posters. Such as when this lady posted asking if Rush Limbaugh was a pedophile.

Free Republic stops being a political forum, and the Internet culture takes over:

hoosierboy is the first poster, and posts


"In before the Zot."

But this is not some b-chan or fark, frequented by the college crowd. The age of these people leads to the interesting phenomenon of "viking kitties" from which this link gets it's name.


Less cute, but well done, and with a good attention to detail.

And if you haven't forgotten, this is a Conservative forum, so we get stuff like this too:

And don't think that this end after the original poster is zotted:

Sidebar Moderator :

scuff, scuff, scuff, scuff ... ** zot! **
My work here is done.

And you get gems like this by Allegra:

Have you ever bought that jello salad with whipped cream on top of it at some cafeteria or somewhere, taken it home, put it in a cabinet for a month or so and watch how it changes color and consistency?
It's really kind of fun.

And now you know...

Whither Iraq

Iraqis wants us out. Many paying attention already know this. Freepers just found out. Luckily for them, however, they are equipped with a number of defense mechanisms for cases just like this.

flyfree goes for the direct "they don't mean that."
Iraqis love to bargan and we are only at the beginning of this one.

Awww, so they love to bargain, do they? Well we shouldn't take the silly brown people seriously then.

MinorityRepublican would like everyone to know that the huge bases we have ROCK!

we’ll encamp our troops in the godforsaken desert for 5 years in the off chance that they are needed.

You get up in the morning and you order coffee from Starbucks. Then after the
morning routine, you have a nice Double Whopper with fries. After you finish the
afternoon routine, you go to the mess hall and then play halo.

What's not to like?

Wow! This war sounds AWESOME!

RFEngineer attacks the messenger:

So far there has been precious little in gratitude from the Iraqi’s - oil
contracts, etc.....

CHICAGOFARMER thinks this is Obama's fault:

The real reason is Iraq leaders are afraid Obama will win and withdraw too

Therefore, figure time table will be better choice than none.

Though it should be noted that a lot of Freepers echo the sentiments of z3n :

They want us out.... let's go!

They are ready to fly.

Let's not be overprotective.

If they fall, they'll have to pick up their own pieces.

This is how a nation matures.

I like it.

Hmmm. Poetic. Nice to know when we get out Iraq will flower, now that Bush won the war.

Seems a lot of Freepers are ready for us to get out. Who knew?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama: Nazi Sex-Beast

This week on the Obama smear machine, we get something extra silly: What's that? Obama is gonna speak in a stadium! Well, that's just what Hitler woulda done!


Cue the Reichstag pix from 1936.

It is just about the most peculiar thinking to me, that college-age rebellious people swallow this scheisse whole.

But then SF Republican points out this is a bit of overkill.

I believe comparing the American democratic process, whichever side you may be
on, to the Nazis is not right.

To which We Dare Defend Our Rights replies:

If you don't believe Hussein Obama and friends have the same types of changes in store for America after they take power, you best practice holding your breath for a long time

SF Republican, naively playing the part of the voice of reason, inquires:

burning down the capital, invading countries, rounding up jews, mass murder, you anticipate such if he wins?

The answer from Mr. Rights:

I expect Obama to turn on some of the groups that supported him the same as the
other facist leader did. I expect turmoil in the streets. Burning the cities will come easy as they have had practice at that in the 70’s.

Remember the Rally at Nuremberg was the annual rally of a POLITICAL Party. Just swap the brown shirts with all the Union shirts on the thugs. Neither candidate had any experience in Governing, but they were tremendous speakers.

Jeez, that's a lotta stupid.

Firstly, Obama's hope message is not an invitation to burn stuff.

Seondly, in the 1970s people were protesting the Vietnam War. Obama wants to end that, why would people burn stuff then?

Thirdly, riots do not equal genocide.

Fourth, the ONLY comparison made here is that Hitler and Obama both had rallies of political parties.

I think the desperation of the Freepers is really making their rhetoric go off the tracks. I do so hope this makes it to the right wing blogosphere in general!

Popman, in answer to SF Republican's original post at last brings us the evidence of Obama's Hitlarian nature:
"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the
national security objectives that we have set. We have got to have a civilian
national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well
funded." -Barack Obama July 2, 2008

History tells us last time this happened the Nazi SS was born

The military man takes an oath to the Constitution, not to the CIC.

Imagine a force of civilians with just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as
our military only beholden to Barak Obama and swears alliegence to him and not the Constitution.

It gives me pause to think a Nazi comparison is not too far fetched

Apparently, Americans these days follow the code of Bushido. It's all about the oath they swear. Thus, if they swear an oath to their Lord, they will follow it no matter what - even if it means mass killings.

Yup, not far fetched at all! I mean, this thing Obama proposed once might have an OATH! JUST LIKE THE SS!

I'll bet you're wondering where the sex-beast comes in, maybe. Well, check out DGHoodini

I’ve noticed recently that when he gets done speaking, he has a vanguard of
young pretty white Dembosluts surround him and guard him from anyone getting close to him.

Reminds me of how rock stars would pay young girls to scream and squeal for them in front of the cameras. Gotta wonder who’s payroll they’re on?

"pretty white Dembosluts" "pretty white Dembosluts" "pretty white Dembosluts" It's so offensive I can't look away!

Besides, when the convention actually occurs, they'll just say the crowd was camera tricks anyhow.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jessie Helmes

Now, I've shown you how Freepers eulogize their enemies.

But now, it's Jessie Helms. And he can do no wrong.

Robwin knows God's will cause God ain't so subtle.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on the 4th of July, and now Jesse.
God’s way of saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant”? Yeah, I think

Rest now in the bosom of Abraham, Jesse. You were one of the best.

I really like the question followed by answer format that makes the poster sound even more egotistical than claiming he knows what God's thinking.

sc70 points out that he was classy. Classy is Freeper code for awesome, but more dignified. sc70, though uses an anecdote:

Albright and Helms did become friends although he never yielded an inch in his
conservative principles and she remained, and remains, a liberal. Senator Helms
was able to keep the personal and political separate, something that's not easy
to do (I struggle with it myself).

That's why he was a gentleman worthy of admiration and emulation.

Though somehow, I doubt sc70 would call Albright classy. Or complement her ability to keep personal and political separate.

papasmurf would like to predict an MSM double standard. He would also like to slap the reader with irony:

Compare the media coverage of his passing to what we will see when Ted Kennedy dies. There will be a huge difference, I’m sure.

You are so correct!

There'll be a party at my house when the "Chappaquiddick Kid" takes a dirt nap!

Yep. Freakin' liberals, not respecting the opposition! Not like papasmurf, so I am sure uses "dirt nap" in the most respectful way possible.

Most deal with accusation of Jessie's racism by just saying he was for States Rights and denying his quotes. But MBB1984 offers proof that Jessie Helmes wasn't racist.

I worked for the Helms campaign in Wilkes County in 1984. It was so
hilarious when the left would try to attack Helms on “racism” and then Helms’
Press secretary, Claude Allen, black and very conservative, would speak on
behalf of the Senator. It completely unnerved the democrats!

Dude! He employed blacks! No racist has EVER had black people working for them!

Well, glad we got that cleared up.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Saturday Pix

I'm going out of town this weekend, so you get them early!

Freepers have no problem with the death penalty for petty theft. Also the sign makes you look like a total badass.

They don't even bother saying it's "judgment" not guilt by association. But look at who they associate him with. Obama and Putin?! Obama and Obama (twice!) Obama and the hammer and sickle?!

Cute. Hilarious cause it insinuates all Muslims are this close to cutting of a head and holding it up!

9-11 iconography...check. Various font size...check. Okay, you have the fundamentals down, but you content...all I'm saying is "The Quadrennial defense review is no used..." isn't the most fiery quote. Maybe if you're in the military.


McCain went to Columbia yesterday. Shortly thereafter there was a daring raid that freed some hostages held over there by FARC. Coincidence? Free Republic doesn't think so!

milwguy is jubilant about how this really sticks it to negotiators like Obama:

McCain goes to Colombia and is rewarded with our Allies taking out some
more of Hugo's FARC buddies and getting our 3 men back after years in

Hope they hold a press event with McCain standing with the hostages and
saying it was tough Colombian military who won the day, not peacenik

It's like Reagan and the hostages all over again! Evil crumbles before a Real Man!

Some Freepers point out how this is crazytalk, leading to protests such as this one by ishabibble:

John McCain could have went into the jungle and rescued those people himself,
and still there would be a concentrated cadre of FReepers who would show up to
tear him down. I'm just sick of it. After the things that the Dems and Weasel
Clark have said about this man in the last days, it is just so disheartening to
see those same kind of attacks here.

How dare they say McCain had nothing to do with this! Weasel Clark would also have pointed that out if he were a Freeper! You sound just like he would have!

eleni121 reserves judgment:

Yes - good. Well done Colombia! Well done President Uribe!!!

As for MxCain - we shall see.

Indeed...he MAY have rescued the hostages, he may not have. But we all know what really happened, eh?

Ulysse stops the scrum by asking if Freepers can't all just get along hating Obama?

Don’t know if McCAIN has some role in that case But Osbama has surely
something to do with CHAVEZ and CASTRO.The so called conservatives fanatically
anti McCAIN are too much activist to be honests and many sound like lunatic
liberals OUBAMA’s believers...

McCain anyway was there to show is good relations with A.URIBE.He was only right to be thee and OUSBAMA appears to be wrong in contrast...

That’s all folks!Good move McCAIN,let’s roll

At least McCain isn't CASTRO like OUSBAMA is. Good point, there! Let's roll indeed.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama: Gay dog-hater

Freepers continue their quest to find stuff on Obama that sticks enough to make it to Michelle Malkin, and that may thus make it's way to the "Drive by Media." Today they have two contenders: He orders people killed, and he hates dogs.

1. Hating dogs:

BenLurkin asks:

Has anyone ever seen a picture of Obama with a dog?

Do the Obama’s own a dog?

He asks this in a number of threads. Turns out it's cause this story says Muslims don't like dogs.

Freepers are quick to respond to this new prof of Muslimness:

LADY J has an awesome plan:
Would be great if he is FReeped & all the FReepers had signs with different
puppy & dog pictures!!

That would certainly be...bewildering.

tuckrdout echoes that plan:
We must bring dogs to meet him at all times! Americans love their dogs.....oh,
what a great angle! Encourage his celebrity friends to bring their dogs to meet
him...and their pot bellied pigs as well...

Oh, this won't backfire at all! I hope against hope that this one gets legs!

2. Obama the murderer

We all know about Hillary and Bill's abilities to kill even Tim Russert, as well as Vince Foster and countless others (including Milosovek). How they didn't manage to kill Paula Jones and assorted other "truth tellers" is unclear. But did you know Obama has a gang of assassins at his beck and call as well?

Thus, Freepers worry about Larry Sinclare's life:

Prole knows only time will tell:

Whether or not Obama has ordered his thugs to murder Sinclair remains to be

Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer were all homosexuals (from
Trinity United Church in Chicago) who evidently knew too much about Obama's

They were all subsequently murdered (shot execution style)for
knowing too much.

Hmmm. A Google on Spencer's name reveals he died of an illness. Larry Bland never attended Trinity United Church. And no one other than Freepers mentions "execution style" killings either.

But Prole follows up with purple prose:

Yes, and all 3 gay men were shot to death in the span of 40 days.

That is why I worry about the surviving folks who speak against Obama's homosexuality (Reverend Manning and Larry Sinclair).

Obama's murderous gaze will set upon them and I fear they will subsequently be destroyed.

murderous gaze?! Wow.

That'll do, Freepers. That'll do.