Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Freepers' 9-11

How will Freepers celebrate 9-11? Hate on Muslims? Sarah Palin parades? Probably. But also hating Obama.

I guess Obama released guidelines to celebrate 9-11 with service. Guidelines, the enemy of Freedom!

indylindy does not like this President talking about Bush's Day:

Since when did 9/11 become a day to focus on Obama and his leadership? What leadership?

I think not. Obama should bury his head in shame on that day.

His foul wife hasn’t visited Ground Zero ever.
Uh-oh, someone mentioned Michelle Obama. That wakes USS Alaska !

This fat-assed, dumb, greedy, racist bitch is a national disgrace.

The sooner we get rid of this whole obama clan, the sooner we will return to America finding it's way.
Diogenesis knows things about Obama no one else does.

Obama CHEERED as the TOWERS fell and 3000 were murdered.

THAT is why he, the undocumented pRes _ _ent-by-trick,
Texas resident expands the list of those who loved 9-11:

He acts as if he is an African dictator who rules his country as his personal property.

His muslim roots compel him to include homages to islam despite the fact that it was the muslims who murdered 3,000 Americans.

baraq has no emotional attachment to us or to our country.

And yes, I do believe that he and his preacher, Bill Ayers, Van Jones and the rest of the cockroaches cheered when the planes hit the twin towers.

Never forget who brought baraq into the white house and where their loyalties lay. The Party and their media.

clove has a disability the means he can only pray in Public School:

Next our Socialist State will tell us how to mourn when a loved one dies.

they already do...we can not say God or Jesus in any prayer....

gunnyg writes...things. And wants to destroy the White House, or something.


The white house?


Who has the say as to how we think and do in the USA!!!!!
(Not a question)

While we’re at it, as has been suggested by one patriot writer—cannot find her article right now...”Bulldoze The White House”

I agree, a “presidential palace” is no fitting symbol for this Republic!

Somehow I doubt this idealistic stand existed before Obama sullied the White House.

PghBaldy knows public service means guilt!

Note also that the day is being diluted with a call to “service.” It will ultimately become a day in which we must atone for something. If anyone needs to change their behavior, it is not us, but those who helped in the attacks, and those who celebrated them. This call to serve seems to me that we Americans were guilty that day.
StonyBurk knows not Muslims dies on 9-11.

I will attend No public ceremony where Christian Prayer is not central to the observance. America was established by Christians and our Constitution crafted to perpetuate a Christian order. —source One Nation Under God by Rus Walton p.19 the Rebirth of America Demoss ,1986

I will NOT stand to listen to any Muslim claim they have been victim of 9-11-they were not the target America was attacked by Muslims on 9-11 -01 WHY any could remain Muslim and party to that false religion of Death and Destruction defies all REASON.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gibson guitar raided

I guess Gibson Guitar broke some kind of American Indian regulation, and gor raided. Needless to say, Freepers know Obama is not only directly involved, this is all part of his sinister Sharia-inspired plan.

Future Useless Eater knows what this is:

Sounds like a combination of Chicago thug politics, shake-down, and usurping the Judicial branch (as usual). This also smells of being a favor to the unions.

Gena Bukin knows Gibson is a Republican Company, cause liberals hate quality:
If you go to the same gear forums I do, leftists already hate Gibson. They hate Gibson because they can't afford Gibson guitars. They can't afford Gibson guitars because they don't have real jobs and/or the financial discipline to save their money. So they bash Gibson, "Gibsons suck! Too overpriced! Too many quality control issues! My Epiphone sounds just as good!"
Ann Archy sees the parallels to Obamacare.
Hey Henry....all you have to do is give Obama some MONEY and Holder will go away!!

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what the whole country will be going thru if Obama is re-elected. NO HEALTH SERVICE if you aren't a DEMOCRAT VOTER!!
Typical_Whitey is sure this is racial:

I guess the CEO of Gibson Guitars is not one of Eric Holders People.... Anyone that is not one of his people, has got it coming to them....

Don Corleone looks to the future:

This is just warming up. Imagine what it will be like with him in FULL DICTATOR mode.

in FULL DICTATOR mode, Obama has infinite lives, and is immune to Fire Damage!

Artcore thinks this guitar business means it's Civil War 2 time.

This POS is making his own bed...and He will have to lay in it.

I haven't had a chance to confirm it, but I heard Gibson's CEO has contributed to the GOP, while the other guitar manufactures (not be shaken down) gave to the Dems.

Obama should be tried for treason in a military tribunal, and hung by that skinny neck for all the anti-American crap he's been pulling.

He's going to learn that lawlessness begets lawlessness. Does Obama really think when push comes to shove he can trust all of the Secret Service, all of the FBI/CIA, and all of the military to follow him as he tries to usurp tyrannical power? He'd better guess again.

He's being seen more and more each day as this nations greatest enemy.

This crap goes way beyond impeachment!

Al Gore is an evil force

Freepers respond to Al Gore's environmentalism:

Soothesayer9 knows which villain Al Gore is:
I picture Gore on Palpatine’s throne someday.. “it is quite safe from your pitiful little band!”
poobear analyzes a pic, with surprising results!
If you'll look at his face in post 26, he feels as if he's the Lord of the Ring. You can almost see his brain manipulating his next move to Lord of The Climate Masters. Lord of all power and money.
Yeah, that's what that pic says to me, Lord of the Climate Masters! Or slight constipation. One of the two.

poobear follows up that Gore will soon go maaad!
We're on to him, he knows it, frustration is setting in. He's a vindictive SOB and may be on the verge of cracking up. It would serve him right!
poobear's version of Al Gore is totally supervillain material:
Does he mention to his students he’d prefer they live in mud huts, freeze in the winter and die of heat stroke in the summer while he stuffs his coffers with cap and trade revenue? Will he mention while these students learn how to prepare soup out of grass, the rest of the world will be building power plants and living larger than post WWII?
JudgemAll translates for the paranoid:

Using “science” as a word means a government mandate. Using the word racist, as Nazis portrayed themselves as victims of Jews, is another word for pogroms and attacks in our schools.

Cheetahcat has an interesting fact:

Yes the Global Warming are racist scum,they hate White Americans.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Obama fails to stop non-Hurricaine

Irene may not be another Katrina, but Freepers still find flaws in Obama's leadership! Really, the fact that Obama tried to lead at all is evidence of his lack of leadership.

Recovering_Democrat has been posting this on just about every Obama thread:

His internal polls must be really bad for him to do this.

CORedneck thinks the President should be more hands off.
Nothing like micromanagement at its finest ! One thing in common with these libs is their attitude that they know what is best and feel they are so important to micromanage detailed steps in resolving so called problems.
Yeah! Obama should take more vacations, play more golf!

animal172 compares Irene to other, lesser known disasters:

Where was The One during this years flooding in Nashville? How about the flooding in Memphis? Sorry, I forgot. Tennessee is a red state. /sar

And what about that tree what fell in Tulsa! Obama's Katrina!!

shield knows what Obama spends his time doing:

What a to make him look like he is doing something besides sitting in front of the tv watching sports...which is what he does 24/7...why doesn’t someone invoke the 25th?

Sequoyah101 thinks this is a sign of dictatorship or something. Also, semantics!

LOL, “as the storm roared ashore”... Cat I storms don’t “roar” ashore. To be sure there is lots of rain, surge and such but roar? Not so much.

Even hurricanes fail with o-POS.

He looks more like Chavez and QDaffy every passing day. He is nothing but dangerous.

If he loses the election, and I pray he does even to my last breath, there is no telling what he will do before the inauguration... it is probably going to make anything we have ever seen before look like child’s play.

Cringing Negativism Network saw a pic of Obama:

He looks quite thin.

Fasting for Ramadan...

If it were a pic of Michelle, this thread would have been twice as long...

DownInFlames makes a prediction:
This is the crisis zero needs to declare martial law from the carolinas to Maine. This is what he needs to confiscate citizens guns orchestrated by fema.
Hmmm. Musta been secret martial law that only Obama knows about!!

The coming Palin meltdown

Non-Palin supporters are not getting zotted on Free Republic yet...but tensions are growing.

When some lady posts a "If you like Palin, you'll also like Perry" comment, things do not go well for him...


You’re very rude. Please do not use Sarah Palin informations thread to post about YOUR candidate!

LibLieSlayer adds some dramatic metaphors:
We do not want to touch your hand of friendship... for like obama’s... they carry sharp blades and deceit.
Head Freeper Jim Robinson drops the hammer:

Get the hell off this thread!

caww knows Free Republic is "Palin Territory" and other candidates should go to the back of the bus:

I don’t understand how it is people don’t get FR is “Palin Territory”....of course they’re going to defend their ground. Pushing another candidate on FR. is not the same as discussing a candidates history and vetting them on FR.

MestaMachine cannot contemplate a non-Palin:
Sarah will run and she will win and I cannot even contemplate otherwise. There simply is no second best alternative.

As for rick perry, CW started putting up pro-perry threads a while ago and I read them with interest. I told her I would give him a fair shot but would do my own research. Not only do I dislike what I found, but I find rick perry a tad scary. When I brought up my concerns, I was met with a solid wall of nasty the likes of which I have not seen on FR before.
Questions remain for Friendofgeorge

I am concerned about the time line to Perry`s conversion to Christ.

Here is what we know...He was a Democrat in 1988, supported the Democrat platform at the time. Was good with Democrat appointments to the Supreme Court, heck was fine with a Democrat President!

So we know he did not have the Spirit of Christ within him in 1988, because a vote for a Democrat,was and still is, a vote for removal of Christ from classroom/public square etc...abortion etc etc etc

So he was not a Christian then.

Go back to just 2008...we are to believe that he regrets his past as a Democrat, and all that went with it, and yet as recently as 2008 supported a man for President that was pro abortion, pro gay etc in Rudy G ?

So what am I to believe? Now he holds prayer meetings, not saying he is a phony, that`s not for me to say...AND I AM NOT SAYING IT NOW!

I would like to know more about his conversion to Christ time line.

I suspect Perry's a secret Muslim.

Windflier feels persecuted:

You could have giggled at my post without calling your posse, but you had to play it like a gangster. Sorry, but that’s cowardly.

Wiggle all you want, but I caught you doing an Alinsky on me.

upsdriver is worried about operatives:

I don’t know who on here is a loyal conservative and who is a paid political operative stealthily working to defeat conservative candidates.

Monday potpourri.

SMARTY isn't paranoid, it's that all ugly women are out to get her:

Believe me, Liberal women are CERTAIN that unattractiveness = high IQ. (The uglier and less fashionable you are the more of a genius you are) Ignoring personal hygiene is the pinnacle of intellect and genius.

THAT’S how ignorant they are. I can verify this from personal experience.

I am called attractive and though my IQ is only 131, the instant Liberal women determine my politics, I feel the cross hairs on my neck. The work place is almost intolerable, if I EVER discuss politics with them.

Pan_Yan has some kind of beat poetry here:

The TOTUS doesn’t think, he just reads the words given him.
He has nothing new to say, no ideas of his own, no real emotions.
He’s a recording.

He is still the blank slate he was four years ago,
but no longer are people projecting their hopes and dreams on him.
He’s just blank.

He’s just an infomercial for a product no one wants,
a public service message in the middle of the night,
a propaganda poster in Pyongyang that the citizens don’t even see anymore.
He has no market value.

A blank tour bus with blacked out windows,
or the presidential plane with all the trappings,
or his girl bike,
or his mom jeans.
It doesn’t matter what he’s dressed up as or how he goes.
He’s luggage.

skeeter won't stand for craziness.
Paul is a crank.
President Bachmann is exactly what the country needs.
ripley won't vote for Perry, since liberals are evil, or something.

“All this liberal gushing over Perry has me worried.”

Your worry is justified as Liberals/Progressives are some of the most slippery, slimy
creatures in the animal kingdom.

Diogenesis warns about stuff that's totally gonna happen:
Tyrant’s Racist AG:
”It matters not. HE is your King.
And on the morrow, my DO'J' shall seize the homes, assets,
computers and children of Gallup and Rasmussen."
marktwain loves child labor:

Child labor was legal for most of the history of the U.S. Children were expected to work. They learned valuable lessons with that.

Lazamataz loves Pravda, and is totally gonna work for them:
Pravda is run by expat Americans. They purchased bankrupt commie Pravda and kept the name only. So, the kernel of American journalism is alive and well.

I should leave America now, while we are still free enough to do so, and work for them. I really really should.

DNME calls us all to glorious battle!

With a deep and respectful bow to Captain John Paul Jones, “WE HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT.”

The Tea Party is laying low and quiet, like a submarine on station outside your biggest harbor, waiting for the right moment.

And that moment is coming.

Scotsman will be Free wants to deport everyone who doesn't agree with him.

That 11% who think the feds don’t have enough control, and the 26% who believe the balance is just right should be arrested and deported immediately. That would eliminate all liberals. What a wonderful country we would have if that happened.

Totalitarian paradise!

knows Joe Wilson.

Joe Wilson said YOU LIE because he couldn’t stand that Muslim playing Communist telling the lies he tells continuously.

Obama is a Muslim #1 but he has taken the communist agenda of people like John Kerry and Nancy Polisi and is destroying the United States with their agenda.

Obama could give a rats A$$ about the oppressed blacks in the country. He is spending to enslave Americans with the debt that only a traitor could generate. I was in one of Joe Wilson’s satellite offices a few months ago and it was being argued Joe Wilson and others know what is going on but the comparison to Rodney King riots was used: We cannot put up with every window on Main Street being broken by the riots if we impeach Obama.

Instead these Republican IDIOTS would rather destroy our country rather than deal with a few communists who want to live on the producers in this country. My argument was bring it on, the sooner the better. If there are rioters who want to destroy because Obama is destroyed when he is exposed for his treason, then let’s let it happen.

The Traitors who placed Obama in power need to be hung for treason. Anything less than that response gives the traitors what they want.

TribalPrincess2U totally knows black people, for reals:

I have black relatives and they can’t stand [Michelle Obama]. They say she
is a fake and a does a disservice to her race.
In other words, she and her husband are holding blacks down and encouraging violence.

LyinLibs knows how Jews should vote:

Are the “Hamas Jews” in NY/FLA/CA still making contributions to the Hamas Candidate’s campaign?

dalereed is not a fan of California.



The only good thing i ever found there was cheap aircraft fuel at Marble Falls.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Pix

Handshakes beat regime change!

It's the bow that makes it.

This is a great story.

Friday, August 26, 2011

And now this word from outer space

Misunderstanding of what a Representative Republic is edition:

As far as I, and millions of others are concerned, the 2012 race is a mere formality. She became the 45th President a long time ago.
Cult of Personality supplied by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)

(Special shout out to MJO who pointed me to this awesome dustup between Palin and Perry folks, from which this madness was taken.

I've bookmarked the thread for a future post as well!)

Freepers hate pacifists

Some small college in Indiana thinks the national anthem is too violent, and wants to replace it with some other song. Most freepers take the libertarian rout to say "they suck, but okay." Others, though...

struggle knows what to do:

Take their accreditation.


I hate pacifists. My daughter dated a Mennonite for a while and his parents drove us nuts. They felt superior about everything. His wife made a comment to my wife about military service being immoral. My wife was in the Air Force, her brother was a Marine and I was in the USN. I thought my wife was going to rip the the little hat right off her head.

ZULU worries about the growing threat of Quakers.

Unless people step up to the plate to crush this movement NOW and HERE, like political correctness it will spread like a plague.

Mennonites and Quakers are the parasites who were allowed to exist because brave men fought and died wars for freedom.

They most certainly should NOT be setting the standard for American behavior.

Freepers conflicted about Rick Perry

I think Perry can thread the ever more narrow needle between being acceptable to Freepers and not too crazy for the populous. But there is one large problem in his way - many Freepers see him as a rival to Their Sarah.

Gargantua has it all figured out:

Let's just say it plain, okay?

Palin will run, whether she announces on Sept 23 or Sept 28. When she runs, Perry, Romney, Santorum, etc., all wind up shrivelling on the vine and disappearing, either quickly or not quite so quickly.

When Palin wins the GOP nod, we all will support her instead of staying home or voting for O'Bunghole.

There, wasn't that much easier than all this phony, hokey hystrionic hormonal handwringing bullsnot?

Springfield Reformer on Perry's character:

It’s hard to see that happening when Perry couldn’t even control his jealousy over Palin being at center stage an that one Governor’s event, forget now what it was, but he made this big, childish scene over her getting more attention than him. No, I don’t see them sharing the ticket. That’s also one of the reasons I don’t like him for Prez. Immaturity like that we can do without in the highest office in the land.

Palin, on the other hand, is super mature.

Perry forced gardasil on Texas to payoff the drug maker for all the campaign cash he took from them , what is he willing to force on America to payoff his 2012 campaign?
hsalaw knows who is to blame for this divisiveness:
The anti-Perry sentiment on a lot of these FR threads is quite vicious. But I thought it was Ron Paul supporters.
Ron Paul supporters, the Freeper fifth column!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama's deregulation is all gay

Obama promises to massively deregulate the Federal government. Freepers know that it'll just be commie deregulation and still hate him:

is pissed Obama is even trying:

You know, the entire PREMISE of this is SO WRONG. Hussein is acting like he is doing a FAVOR? Since the time he has seized power, the premise has been GOVERNMENT GETS TO CONTROL THE ECONOMY. So this "relief" is being portrayed as GOVERNMENT HAS DEEMED THIS TO BE UNNECESSARY, SO GOVERNMENT WILL ALLOW YOU ANOTHER MEASURE OF FREEDOM.

Hussein's philosophy does not allow for the natural rights of man--it is a philosophy that demands control from ABOVE.

Don't be deceived folks, and gently remind any friends or neighbors who might be inclined to think Hussein "has learned his lesson" about regulation.

This is a dog and pony show. Nothing more. If Hussein cared about over-regulation, the entire DeathCare law would be repealed today.
SanFranDan knows this doesn't count cause of no drill baby drill.

“You LIE”
To be implemented in 2013, and still no drilling for oil in the Gulf.


Trim some regs til I get re-elected.


However, under the radar....spend, spend, spend.

is it time for another vacation yet?
Darn, I haven’t seen all 57 states or all countries.
Oh my, see my grey hair. I’m so workin’ it, I’m turning white.

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! knows where all the money is going:

Obama spends this in a day aiding terrorists

CanaGuy knows Obama will only cut the good regs:
Oh, boy, here we go. I wonder which regs he's going to de-regulate? Probably all the "good" regs, if there are such animals.

And speaking of animals, he'll probably eliminate Meat Inspection, so everyone will get sick and die, which isn't entirely outside the Utopian domain with progressives.
JudgemAll is saying something about gays and arabs, but I'm unclear what...

That contempt and disdain is the weirdo “queerdo” feeling of government these days. They go abroad and are trashed as diplomates, laughed at, and they do not even admit it or see it. The hypocrisy of the diplomacy has them pimped like little girls by foreigners.

I cannot stand these shameless queered’ up government ranks swelling up like this, and this is why Issa et. al. do not go after Zero, because he is doing a good job in their eye, while Zero bows down like a shamed little boy to retard goat humpers in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan etc...

But the destruction of relationship that Zero is fostering is terrible, and now Congress is mulling whether it is going to be appeased by Zero’s funding them stuff, slapping him on the wrist instead for bad behavior south of the border in arms smuggling.

THis is where all this budget is for... it is like a Union bargaining from hell and of death... of this budget this and that because you got this and that agent killed, quid pro quo type settlements...

These people live in another campus.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The liberal superplague

Some random poster on daily Kos jokes about needing a superplague to cleanse the earth. Freepers jump to take him seriously, assume all liberals agree with him, and then...agree with him.

Ronin knows what liberals are thinking:

Of course, intellectual Libs consider themselves to be the elite of humanity with the rest of us (including most of their own supporters) Untermenschen or worse.

Naturally, THEY need to survive... it’s all those grubby little useless eaters that need to be cleansed from the planet.

If it's not the genocide, it's the hypocrisy!

Ghost of Philip Marlowe knows the plans are already in place!

The Powers That Be have a much better plan to decimate the world’s population: starvation.

Wake up and smell the rotting corpse that will be your flesh, too.

tet68 has a different agent:

Islam IS the super plague.

Texas Eagle buys his fallacies in bulk:
There's already a global superplague reducing the world's population. It's called Liberalism. Also known as Socialism. Or Humanism.

Just look at Africa. Millions of people die needlessly from malaria every year because of the Liberal ban on DDT.

Look at how many millions of humans have been destroyed in the womb over the last 4 decades. Then there is the phenomena I call Grand-abortions. Those are the babies who were never conceived in the first place because the humans who would have been their parents were killed before they were allowed to be born.

Then there's homosexuality. No explanation necessary there.

Then there's Feminism. How many women have chosen barrenhood over parenthod?

The list goes on and one.

All are examples of Liberalism.
A_perfect_lady has a plan:

Well, stop fighting AIDS then, and you’ll have your plague. What, not the right demographic? Doesn’t kill the right people?

Wurlitzer kinda likes genocide:

No problem if we can select the groups to eliminate.

Starting with Is-Slime would be a great first step.

Then we could suggest liberals and their communist comrades should feel free to stop procreating.

I think those 2 acts should be sufficient.

PapaBear3625 thinks the problem is that poor countries aren't rich enough:

The problem is not too many people. The problem is there are too many unskilled illiterates who do not produce enough value to be able to feed themselves, and the Western middle class is running out of ability and willingness to subsidize the global underclass.

If the people of Somalia were able to crank out good software, hardware chips, textiles, or whatever, then they would have no problems with feeding themselves.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquakes vote Republican.

Freepers are awesome. The earthquake in DC is a partisan issue. Thus, Earthquake Rattles Washington DC – Obama Goes Biking

TribalPrincess2U hopes for our President's death, but don't you dare call her anti-American.

Oh please, please, please.

Diana in Wisconsin will go a far way for a 'Michelle Obama is fat' joke.

Did Moochelle fall off her bike? ;)

Lazlo in PA has a better narrative than biking:

FOX News Radio was reporting that Obummer was just getting started on a golf game when this hit. Does anyone have confirmation of that? Did the Regime put this biking BS out to make him look like he was being a family guy?

roaddog727 thinks the biking thing is enough to indict Obama for unmanliness:

Gee Zero,

Were you wearing your helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads in case you fell down?

You’re just such a manly, inspiring leader........


blackdog hopes mother nature is as petty as he is:

I hope Irene gets to the mid east coast fast enough that he stays in Martha’s Vineyard, and whoever is paying his rent has to fork out another $50,000 for another weeks stay.

The Democratic Convention

Unions are not happy the DNC is going to have it's Presidential election in right-to-work state North Carolina. Freepers yearn for a repeat of 1968:

FlingWingFlyer may be projecting a bit:

The greedy union thugs definitely whine and cry too much. They act like a bunch of spoiled, little kids. They need to grow up and stop throwing tantrums all of the time! They’re worse than the homosexuals.

PastorBooks is pretty sure the convention will be directly followed by the apocalypse:

Seriously, you should consider how to protect your house. Look at the riots in England where the “yoots” are burning everything they can. Democrat conventions have gotten ugly in the past.

If I were you I’d hole up with several weeks of food and water and keep watch over my property.

Jack Deth really wants casualties:

I could be up for another Dem Convention Riot. Haven’t had a decent one since Chicago in 1968. The more bed wetting lefties put in the hospital or jail by the SEIU and AFSCME goons. The better.

Just sayin’.

Recovering_Democrat is sure evil is always in cahoots with evil:
I don't believe these fakers for one frickin' second.

Libya endgame

Freepers just keep fucking that chicken as Libya winds down:

TribalPrincess2U is probably not delving in to Just War Theory:

What gives 0 the right to do this?

FreeAtlanta knows what's important:

Is it ironic that obama was on vacation when we started bombing and on vacation when we stopped, or just the odds because he takes so many vacations?

FARS tin foils it up:

Apart from being dragged off the golf course to be present at the implementation of the Geronimo project he refused, based on Valerie Jarrret’s reluctance, to authorize, he had no role in the project finally put together secretly by Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta! With strict orders to the military to accept ONLY their orders and not the President’s!

And now there is an eyewitness statement on video that indicates Osama was not killed or captured by the SEALS though his son was. (Sons have THE SAME DNA AS THEIR FATHERS).

jmax makes a joke that I expect FARS will soon be repeating as fact:

I understand king obama has quietly put out word to the troops that he is offering $ 1 million for Kadaffy’s fancy tin-horn-dictator uniform, with all the gold trim and the 200 or so campaign / hero ribbons and medals, if he is captured. Seems our “commander-in-chief” wants to wear it on VETERANS DAY when he addresses the country. (It’s also going to have a hand-forged gold SEAL Trident about the size of a softball.)

Ulysse thinks the rebel victory in Libya is proof Obama is a Muslim:

That’s exactly what Ohbhamass is doing consistantly and steadily....spreading islamism in the region AND in europe by the mean of a continuous immigration, weakening Israel....

Isn’it obvious ? He steadily lend a hand to muslims since the very beginning of his mandate....

And Ossama Bin Ladin killing was a useless distraction

Wisconsin is over

Republicans retain a majority in Wisconsin after the recall effort, though they did fail to recall any Democrats. As with many stories that were once big, but are now off the radar, Rush Limbaugh hasn't weighed in. Therefore, Freeper opinions differ wildly.

Logic n' Reason likes drama

The "Grand Experiment" in Wisconsin (out of socialism and into the conservative light of day) has ended...not with a bang...but with a whimper. Lack of enthusiasm, failure of the tea party to generate any real interest, led to low republican turnout throughout.

The unions and the socialists have won. Welcome (back) to the great socialist state of wisconsin.

A death caused by battle can be a glorious thing; a death caused by "not caring" is shameful and horrible to observe. Let our failure here be a lesson for all conservatives come next November. Think about how you'll feel on November 5th when the dem/lib/prog/pops have won the elections, taken control of the US Senate, and the House....think about. And if you want to know how it's going to feel, call a conservative friend in the great socialist state of wisconsin and ask them.

SteveAustin disagrees, and cites Wayne's World:

The last six months have been a glorious victory. People need to realize this was a deep blue State. Didn’t some of you watch Waynes World where Alice Cooper talked about the fact Milwaukee has had many openly socialist mayors?

We smoked em here. The public unions RAN this entire state for the last forty years. Now they are rendered impotent.
Ghost of Philip Marlowe sees the silver lining:

The best news about the teacher layoffs is less revenue for the unions.

We need to drain them economically, just as they are doing to the rest of America.

They will be far easier to defeat when they are broke.

Who cares about children, there are elections on the line here!

Justa loves rhetorical questions

Where will the government’s money come from to support evermore citizens on the dole?

How long until all private sector employers leave?

How long until all private sector wage earners leave?

How long until people with tangable assets flee?

How long until you flee?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Pix

Obama: secretly emboldening Negroes to attack whites while also being a race traitor for appearing in photographs where he is the only black guy!!

Teach your children the joys of rage early, and they'll be twisted for life!

Freeper's version of Obama, like most awesome villains, is fictional.

Yeah, rich folks are doing awful now that Obama started his campaign of class warfare!

Yay, red-baiting!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm back!

I'd like to say tanned and rested, but pasty and tired is more like it.

Some more this evening, but here is a little bit to keep ya going:

Mrs. Palin is remaining quiet....she is waiting....she knows her battle plan....she knows her timing.....she is learning....studying the opposition....guarding the “cubs”....waiting quietly with an occasional “roar” (like the comments at the Iowa State Fair).....reconnoitering the challengers from within and the enemY from without.....studying weaknesses....building and conserving her strength....endlessly practicing....reading...honing her skills.....waiting.....waiting.....

This war has not yet begun. What has been seen of the other candidates to date has been nothing but minor and irrelevant skirmishing. Candidates in...candidates out....candidates winning....candidates losing.....candidates saying silly things.....candidates saying cogent, insightful things....

It is a very very long way to next November. There is no need to rush. In her mind’s eye, Mrs. Palin smiles knowingly and remembers the words of Napolean, “Never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” and General Patton, “Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to go through him like crap through a goose; like shit through a tin horn!”

When she arrives, you can count on total war. She has learned how to fight. She does not spin; she does not back away from principles; she means exactly what she says...and says exactly what she means. She builds a base of support because of who and what she is....not because of who or what she panders to.


Wait for it!

And keep the faith.... “

Keep the faith indeed! I know I'm hopeful.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Back on the 17th (ish)!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Pix

Yeah, that's what he's thinking about

Emotion blackmail! Classy!

Lots. Of. Text.

This is a good plan.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Speaking ill of the Democratic Dead

Turns out once you're dead, it's okay to wish you'd been assasinated. Thus, a journalist reveals Ted Kennnedy got some mob threats, Freepers get wishful and violent.

fieldmarshaldj has low standards for when to kill a guy:

Mary Jo would still be alive if he followed through.

Jeez, I gess Laura Bush has gotta go too then.


I always thought they got the wrong Kennedy.

gussiefinknottle needs no capital letters to explain this retroactive bloodthirst - Teddy was history's greatest Monster:

one man wrecking crew. his desire to destroy usa knew no

I like the present tense too. Cause Freeper hate-ons never die!

Calvin Locke has a rather tenuous idea of causality:

I once saw an article that said that Sirhan Sirhan would not have been let into the country, for the Ted Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act.
So, he's responsible for the death of his brother, among thousands of other Americans

VeniVidiVici wishes they would all die:

The Kennedy family - life’s version of Whack-A-Mole.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Freeper anarchists.

A congressman says Tea Party types want to dismantle government. Freepers seem to agree. Not clear on what dismantling means, perhaps?

Paperdoll is pretty excited:

As it now sits, ABSOLUTELY!
commish also hates highways:

He says this as if it would be a bad thing.....

Siegfried X loves being against clean water:

That’s the nicest thing the Democrats have said about us all day.
Cletus.D.Yokel disagrees. It's more about how the Constitution hates Europe:

Nope, you marxist moron!

We want to dismantle the parts of government that are unconstitutionally advancing euro-socialism.
Egads, what a twit!

ripley somehow thinks it's those big-goverment liberals who want to dismantle government:

These Progressives all seem to suffer from the same malady of political projection, accusing other people of doing exactly what they’re up to.
It’s a shame that they’ll get away with it since many of their constituents are as unhealthy and subversive as they are.

beanshirts wants us to go back to the halcyon days of black slavery:

The entire federal government (aside from the Congress, the White House, and the courts obviously) needs to be completely abolished except for the military, the state department, and the treasury... as all of the other agencies and departments do nothing but engage in central economic planning, redistribute our wealth through collectivist schemes, and violate our Creator-given rights... and (except for the Post Office) are unconstitutional to boot.


Going back to the Civil War, every single new federal agency created since then needs to be abolished, every single federal program initiated since then needs to be phased out, and every additional power (since then) that the federal government of the United States has unconstitutionally (illegally) seized needs to be returned “to the States or to the people respectively,” as the Constitution requires

WilliamofCarmichael thinks the hippies had it right during Vietnam:

"Bring it all down, man."
They (the Marxists New Left of a generation ago) had a goal to bring it all down.
Now those aged spoiled brats and their ideological offspring are everywhere. They are arguably the Establishment and are well on the way to destroying American heritage and tradition.
There is nothing wrong with us stopping them.
It's our duty to Bring it all down, man.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

America'd be fine if it weren't for all the voters.

Something that comes up often on Free Republic is that America is not a Democracy, where the populous votes on policy, but a Republic, where they vote for representatives. This is a correct, if pedantic point. But Freepers see a lot of symbolism in this, what with the parties being named Republicans and Democrats.

arrogantsob reviews History:

Jefferson was the biggest exponent of democracy in the Founder’s generation. It isn’t for nothing that he is considered the founder of the Democrat party.
Republicans rarely have the opportunity to stop the Democrats from having their way because the ignorant electorate insists on electing the RAT crooks over and over.
Republicans can do nothing when the electorate is filled with fools.
US Navy Vet has a list!

Most of this “Democracy” Feces can be traced back to Alex Hamilton.

This individuals in American History who I personally DESPISE are:

1. Alex Hamilton

2. Andrew Jackson

3. Buchanan

4. “Teddy” Roosevelt

5. Woodrow Wilson

6. FDR

7. LBJ

8. Bush 41(he squandered Reagan’s legacy)

9. Clinton

10. Bush 42 (squandered

11. Obama

Later he remembers Carter and Nixon.

NFHale knows every good Republic needs a military coup once in a while:

“...What was once an underground subversive socialist/communist movement against the Constitutional Republic is now an overt act of open treason against the Republic and the people it is supposed to represent, coming from within the halls of our own government. ...”
At which point does the Military step in, honor their oath ti the US Constitution, and remove the traitors from any positions of authority, and then oversee fair elections with ACCURATE vote counts?
Seems to me this is that moment. If not now, when?

Iron Munro is pretty sure public schooling killed our Republic. It just took like 100 years to do it.

The die was cast when the communists, socialists, racists and promoters of
sexual deviancy were allowed to take over the public school systems.

Probably made America gay too.

Our wealthy benefactors

Matt Damon thinks the rich should pay more. Freepers use insults and irrelevant statistics to prove him wrong:

4yearlurker thinks all taxes are theft, and that only the rich are producers.

The more money the government steals from those who produce,the better off
we all are!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!

FlyVet is all about clas warfare, when they're liberals.

That’s usually the case with filthy rich people like Matt Damon and Nancy Pelosi. I’d wager they have lawyers and accountants that ensure they pay as few taxes as possible.


People making 250K+ a year are job creators. All local construction/hvac companies for starters.

And who pays those companies, I wonder?

vicar7 drops some numbers:

Top 1% pay 38% of the burden and top 5% pay 59% and the bottom 50% pay 3%. I am all for fairness let’s figure out a way to get the bottom 50% more productive. Leave the most productive folks alone Obama!!

And top 1% have like 80 percent of the wealth, so somehow I doubt they're struggling.

VRWC For Truth knows what changing tax rates means!

Only criminals engage in class warfare. Damon, ESAD.

OCCASparky still rocks the trickle down:

Okay, Matt m'boy, if you were were a dumbass schlub (but wait, you are!) making $50K a year, would you have:

-A personal assistant?

-A housekeeper?

-An agent?

-An accountant?

-A nanny for your kids?

And these examples are just off the top of my head. I'm sure my fellow FReepers can think of many, many more examples that you, a person who makes FAR in excess of $250K per year, employs either directly or indirectly.

But let's assume you are correct in your asinine statement that the Bush tax cuts didn't "create" a single business. How many businesses stayed around because they COULD afford to stay in business without a crushing tax burden?

Yes, that tax burden in the 90s was crushing.

JudgemAll psychoanalyzes Damon and finds him clearly gay:

This turd thinks he knows better because he rote repeated a few lines in a movie directed by f@gs who had his arse like a good little pinochio who thought he was a real boy.
Damon is, well, a know it all know nothing little wuss who ought to shut the heck up. As if he knew more than those rich people! He really thinks like Zero in chief, like he is so cool or something and that it is enough.
He does not feel so perfect and pretty, and it must be all our fault. HE is a little two bit tyrant of looks like all the others, as if we had no better things to do other than listening to him and watch his idiot movies.

Obama is a secret Russain!

Still loving the Cold War + Obama is evil + Russia makes a postage stamp for Obama's 50th birthday.

donozark thinks we've been conquered by the USSR.

Like ‘ol Nikita K said, they’d take us over from within. And they have...

Ulysse is sure Obama and Russia are best friends:

Tell me who are your friends( accomplices)....i will tell you who you are !
Who is the bad and who is the ugly in that nice bunch of tyrants?

left that other site may have to get a divorce.

That makes me SO MAD! August 4 is my Wedding Anniversary, and I have the MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE to prove it!

jarofants reads into Obama's kid's names:

Congratulations to Comrade Obama, he's a nice little communist. He was raised a communist by his family, even named his daughters communist names. Russia should be proud of comrade Obama.

WoofDog123 connects the dots:

gotta figure it is very possible obama had indirect, if not direct, contact with kgb operatives supporting communist-inclined groups while in whatever college he actually went to.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can Islam be reformed?

Freepers on Islam - how over the top can they get?

mike-zed is not a fan:

It’s rather absurd to believe that a religion founded by an inerrant sociopath and pedophile can be reformed.

Inerrant? As in 'without error?'

BigFinn brings some pretty rare theology:

Absolutely NO. In deeper study, you would realize it is a religion that is actually a morphing of a former Babylonian religious system that is against the Creator itself. It is from the beginning. It is Nimrod. It is the Tower of Babel. It is what the Bible calls “Mystery Babylon”. It is the worship of idols, it is the worship of the ruler of this present world, it is the worship of non other than Satan/Lucifer/Devil

Ernie Kaputnik advocates genocide:

“Can Islam Be Reformed?”
Not without a few strategically placed nuclear warheads. The only thing Islamofascists respect is violence. Their faith teaches them this. (I dare anybody to prove me wrong.) The only way to convince them of their folly is to subject them to the wrath of god.
Israel understands this fact better than the anybody. It's a miracle that Israel hasn't turned Iran, Syria, Egypt, and the West Bank into a radioactive sandbox.

Israel has shown tremendous and unbelievable restraint in not laying waste to their enemies.
And yet, we have President Mawgli (and his wife “Balou the Bear”} telling Israel to drop its pants and bend over.

President Mawgli? This guy has gotta be fake.

Georgia Girl 2 just wants an inquisition. Moderate!

“Can Islam be Reformed?”
No but it probably can be eradicated

Impy likes guilt by association!

Can communism be reformed?
Can the Democrats?

B4Ranch loves that pedophile parallel:

I consider the Quran to be kiddy porn, not something respectable people
should read.

Though I'm sure he knows it's evil without even reading it!

Levante also seems to want to nuke Asia.

“Islam is a deadly cancer, best treated early with massive amounts of radiation.”
Blow ‘em up!

Elendur finds a good parallel.

...Islam has, in it’s own words, literally declared war on us.

they will never stop, they are like Borg.

Only Nazis call people terrorists!

Today's designated outrage is against Joe Biden for acceding that the Republicans acted like terrorists in holding the debt ceiling hostage. Freepers react in a particularly hilarious self-refuting manner.

Carismar is rubber, and Biden is glue:

The real terrorists are those who promote inflationary polities that will destroy the middle class and less fortunate.

Dead Corpse thinks this is Civil War 2 time!

It's OUR money and we don't WANT you spending it you Socialist gasbag!!!!

You wanna see what happens when we get REALLY pissed? Keep pushing us. You've already been warned. Next time we march on Washington it'll be to burn it down around your ears.

This dude sure is eager. May have to look into him some time.

so_real knows they call you a terrorist wright before you win:

Tea partiers like 'terrorists'

Wear it like a badge of honor, my FRiends. The British said the same d*mn thing about the original Tea Party'ers. It is just further evidence that Biden, et al, are on the wrong side of this fence, and are too stupid to figure it out. They are the contemporary Benedict Arnolds.

Palladin knows God is the only terrorist who counts:

Dear Lord,
Please send this idiot, Joe Biden, to his Etarnal Reward, sooner rather than later.

AngelesCrestHighway is pithy:

Go to hell, Biden! damn socialist!

NFHale is pretty sure this is Gun related:

“...Does anyone take Biden seriously? He’s a clown!...”
When some “clown” in the FedGov calls a group of people in the country “terrorists”, I take it VERY seriously. Especially when the assh*le is a heartbeat away from the presidency, and despises ANY opposition.
These are the same “Clowns” that burned 83 men, women, and children to death at a place called Waco.
These are the same “Clowns” that shot a nursing mother through the face while she was holding her baby at a place called Ruby Ridge.
These are the same “Clowns” that are following an ideology that murded 200 million humn beings in the 20th century in the name of “social justice”, and used words like “terrorists” and “enemies of the State” and “haters” to describe their enemies.
So yeah...I take it VERY seriously. They’re intentionally wrecking this country with their f***ed up Marxist economics and combine that fact with the Project Gunwalker (Fast & Furious) scandal going on to destroy the 2nd Amendment, we ALL need to take them seriously and be prepared for the fight of your life.
TexasRepublic calls Biden a Nazi for calling him a terrorist:

Wow! Can Kristallnacht be far away? I wonder if since the Third Reich any
government has been run by greater misfits? Thugs, clowns and queers — take your

BelleAl also sees the Naziism inherent in the system:

can’t tell you how frightening this is to me. I read Eric Metaxis’s
(sp) biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer this summer and this is exactly the
techniques and rhetoric the Nazis used. Demonize your opponents to justify your
skewed ambitions. Make what is “right” seem wrong and wrap evil in a pretty
package and force it mainstream

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fascists we are lest Democrats we be

The the Czech Republic's thinking of babnning it's Communist party. Now there were Communist massacers in the 1950s, so while I feel this is wrongheaded, I understand.

Needless to say, Freepers do not need any actual violence to wish they could jail their opposition.

Nat Turner

Why is putting the word "Party" after something make it OK? I
could create the "NAMBLA Party", would that make it OK?
I thought that was the Democrat Party...after all just ask Barney Frank....
Peter from Rutland

Can we outlaw the Democrat party? Same thing.

NFHale knows his enemies are monsters, so a fascist he must be!

"...A part of me doesn’t like the idea of banning any party..."
.. that's because it's the American part of you, and me too - I TOTALLY understand that part; the part that believes in fair play, playing by the rules, giving the other guy the benefit of the doubt that he's loyal opposition but still an American that merely disagress with us.
All part of all the good, decent things that MADE us America for a long time. Things your good parents taught you and imparted to you by their good example.
And it's also the very qualitiess that the POS's we have with us now have studied and manipulated and used as weaknesses within our system and within us to exploit to their advantage.
Never forget who they really are, what they're end game is, and what they want to do to you, me, and all of us if they get the opportunity. They're not us - they're a foreign, subversive ideology that wants to kill everything and everyone we love, ultimately.
One of their 1963 Goals was stated thusly: "Resist ANY and ALL attempts to outlaw the Communist Party."
They knew/know they couldn't do what they want to do if they had to stay underground 100% of the time.
And as for the shoot 'em all part...well, if they raise a fist, I say we raise a sledgehammer and go from there, and I'll leave it at that.

Another Freeper Apostate.

Allen West was gonna vote for the Boehner deal? Wow, Freepers turn on him fast (THey loved him when he was insulting Liberals!). Passions are running hilariously high!

Big_Harry knows West was a secret lib mole:

It looks like Allen West was a faux conservative at election time.

wolficatZ lists Wests' bad votes:

Voted to sustain the Pigford reparations fraud in the billions of $$$.
Refered to Islamic slaughter at Ft Hood as a “tragedy”.
And now this


Seems he was only riding the OBAMA BLACKNESS coat tails into power, and it worked. Maybe time to rethink Herman CAIN. Let's not be fooled again.

The funny thing is that, thanks to Freeper tokenism, this could have been correct if West weren't clearly a huge Freeper-type.

org.whodat hits the race thing more...racistly:

Still trying to get his black caucus standing. Needs to be a one termer.
Gotta be the negro peer-pressure:

Lancey Howard noticed that Laura Ingrahm agreed with West, so sexism is called for!

Laura is clearly more interested in getting pinched on the behind at cocktail parties by establishment country clubbers than she is in supporting us grass roots TEA people. Wow, whatever happened to Ingraham?

OneVike thinks we're in WW-2:

We need to remember that we started the revolution in 2010, but it was not won.
We inflicted major damage, but we cannot allow this little battle of the bulge
to scare us into thinking the enemy has re-surged enough to take the victory
from us.
Like Patton did in WWII, we too shall come to the rescue next year.
IF... we keep our heads and look at this as just another battle in the war that
we truly are winning.conservatives and we will win.

Lazamataz is a sick puppy:

The only possible explanation is that at 3:00AM, you get a phone call. The voice says, "Look outside." Then tires screeching, a windowless black van roars past, and your recently-raped daughter is thrown onto the front lawn.
Then the voice says, "We didn't do that for any particular reason. We really don't want anything from you yet. We just want you to know we mean business. You will get instructions later on."
That is the only plausible explanation for how hard-conservative patriots go to DC, then turn on a dime into RINO's, appeasers, and backstabbers.

Freeper react to the debt deal

We have some kind of debt comprimise. Heh, comprimise. As one might imagine, Freepers are not happy. Obamacare level of unhappy. I know we just had a Civil War 2 thread, but here comes another!


it’s over. (not joking)
Logical me:

It's over and we are a communists Nation now.
Bon mots:

CWII is around the corner...
Dead Corpse:

I just need 45 minutes to go grab my gear and to put the word out.
Ready when y'all are...

Nowhere Man thinks it's almost time for people to start wildly killing children soon:

I view the Norwegian and Arizona shootings in a different light. Yes what the perps did was wrong and they were nuts but overall, they are also like canaries in a coal mine, like the first indicator that something is very, very wrong.

Because they may not have the good grounding in their lives, something just snapped and there rest as they say, is history. What if thinks get worse and you have otherwise sane people who end up having their backs against the wall and sense there is nothing to lose. That's when all Hell will break loose.

Indy Pendance has a plan:

Send all the libs to Manhattan. The can build all their choo-choo trains and urban planning crap there. Wall it off and be done with it. FDR did it with the Japs, we can do it with the libs. I’ve had it “up to here” with this crap.
Indy Pendance also wants the Federal Government to end.

If the feds collapse, the 10th Amendment wins.
For someone with like 5 kids in Iraq, this guy sure does hate America.

Monday Potpourri

MrB labels people.

Hillary Clinton is a Fabian Socialist. Bill Clinton was a horndog first, a pragmatic socialist second. I truly believe he was a leftist because that’s where the “easy” women are.
Hillary would have pursued the same goals as 0bama, but would have done it more slowly and piecemeal (the Fabian part) whereas 0bama is a Radical Marxist, and has tried to do it by revolution, not evolution.

'Fabian' 'Marxist' 'Radical.' Those words...I do not think they mean what you think they mean...

Dudoight wants Palin to run for Statue of Liberty or something:

I love Palin and think she should be our permanent National Inspiration as to our values and love of country, but I think she doesn’t stand a chance to be our nominee. She, to me, is the finest example of womanhood that all women should aspire towards.

papertyger knows massacring Conservatives is totally fine these days.

If this had been an Afghan shooting up a madrassa, it would already be off the radar.
The fact it was a leftist training camp means the left is going to make it a Wellstone event.

StonyBurk starts by comparing Obama to Hitler, and it only gets more crazy from there:

The Gates of Hell shall not prevail... as it is written .

Hitler thought he could place the German Church under the heel of the Reich. And the Confessing church was born.

In America a man from Chicago thought he could do the same with American Christians —those who still cling to their guns and their religion.

Barry Soetoro aka Barak Hussein Obama II is of his father the devil,and the lusts of his father he will do. He has NEVER honored his solemn Oath of Office to defend the Constitution. He has Never understood our Way of life. He Hates America no wonder he is in trouble -and knows it. And is pushing for blood in the streets so he can blame middle aged white guys.

For the little Revolution he hopes he can spark —and his Party and private army can contain Problem with armed Revolutions they take on a life of their own. and even Che -Castro’s General Community Organizer eventually got burned-and was blotted out.

so_real knows that Congressman Wu retiring only means Liberals threw him under the bus:

Never underestimate the liberal propensity for eating their own. Wu is under the bus because their party could not afford the political capital his
presence would require in 2012.

They pitched him; not us.Liberals eat their own when hunger sets in. By keeping them hungry and we clean house with half the effort. Keep 'em hungry.

Needless to say, if he stuck around, he'd be more proof Democrats are all furries.

Exton1 on how the Tea Party is totally the majority:

The Tea Party is not fringe, its main steam and patriotic. When did standing up for the US Constitution become fringe?

Da Coyote on Nancy Pelosi:

Hey’d you get your money?
Oh, forgot, you screwed for it.
(Sorry folks, but that’s the truuuuuuth.)
In other words, you’re a wh......
So shut your pie hole, schedule another Botox injection, and go away.
Far away.

Bimbo-si? Oy.

Terry Mross has a prediction:

My oppinion: There will be a crash in my lifetime or I will die before it happens
so there will be a crash in your lifetime or not. Sagacious!


Has any Democrat EVER sought to compromise with a Repuglican?

This is some Trotskyite circular logic right here. When you define any comprimise by as capitulation by the Republicans, I suppose not.

AlexW is pissed Negroes destroyed Memphis:

I was born and raised in Memphis, 1944.It was a fine city until the the W/B
ratio went from 60/40to 40/60. The blacks then took over everything and
destroyed all that was good.I left Tennessee and the USA in 2000. It was off and
on tillJan. 2005, when I left for good.
Lucky9teen's version of the debt ceiling debate, in some parallel universe:

Here’s a transcript:

Dems: So...where’s your plan?

Repubs: We’ll agree to give you what you want, but you’ll have to agree to stop spending so much.

Dems: Your plan sucks!

Repubs: Ok, then we’ll put forward more of what you want...but still make it appear like we’re doing something for the people...

Dems: Not good enough! Your plans is full of stinky doodoo..

Repubs: Well, where the heck is YOUR plan?

Dems: We don’t need guys are all to blame for everything.

Repubs: Wha? Ok, you guys are lame. We’re not bending anymore, but here’s a plan that will continue to kick the can down the road and pretty much do nothing to change anything...

Dems: You suck! And you’re racist, bigoted, lying, Christmas killers.

Repubs: I’m taking my ball and going home, if you don’t play nice.

Dems: Waaaaah.... Mommy, the republicans hit me....