Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obama is a secret Russain!

Still loving the Cold War + Obama is evil + Russia makes a postage stamp for Obama's 50th birthday.

donozark thinks we've been conquered by the USSR.

Like ‘ol Nikita K said, they’d take us over from within. And they have...

Ulysse is sure Obama and Russia are best friends:

Tell me who are your friends( accomplices)....i will tell you who you are !
Who is the bad and who is the ugly in that nice bunch of tyrants?

left that other site may have to get a divorce.

That makes me SO MAD! August 4 is my Wedding Anniversary, and I have the MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE to prove it!

jarofants reads into Obama's kid's names:

Congratulations to Comrade Obama, he's a nice little communist. He was raised a communist by his family, even named his daughters communist names. Russia should be proud of comrade Obama.

WoofDog123 connects the dots:

gotta figure it is very possible obama had indirect, if not direct, contact with kgb operatives supporting communist-inclined groups while in whatever college he actually went to.

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