Thursday, March 31, 2016

And Now This Word from Outer Space edition
Cruz has not changed. He’s the same guy he’s always been.

Those who support Trump are the ones who have changed. Before Trump came along, Cruz has the majority of support from most conservatives and he was praised and hailed as a hero for fighting the establishment and doing what he was elected to do.

Since Trump came on scene however, the lies and misinformation and out of context slandering has been non-stop. Trump says it, and his supporters repeat it, no facts, no logic, no validity to what is being said, just repeating it over and over.

Cruz is NOT the problem. He is part of the solution. Trump however, is the problem, at least he is when it comes to truly fixing America. Anger, hate, sniping, being rude and generally crass to strangers, all because of having differing beliefs or opinions, is NOT what America is. That is what Trump is. And it’s wrong. Trumps angry, vitriolic rhetoric, is going to take this country and our culture over the edge. You don’t treat cancer by feeding it more cancer.

I do not agree.

Trump seems genuinely motivated to return America to greatness.

Maybe he is full of it, but everything he is saying, to me rings true.

And everyone else, is sold out. Every single person.

I’m ready to elect Donald Trump. He is for our country, our manufacturing, and our people.

Nobody else, seems to care one bit.

Frankly their is a massive “sell-out” operation, and both of our political parties are completely sold out.

Trump is not, because Trump is very wealthy. The wealthiest American ever to run for the presidency, I believe.

Trump is strong in that sense.

America needs that strength. Big time.

Cruz stand down.

Work things out with Trump, and become a part of a real solution, which we can all be proud of, and all be a part of.

Thanks for listening.
Ipse dixit Trump rules Cruz drools provided by cba123 (Currently posting from Vietnam).

Trump Says Abortion Ban Should Carry Punishment for Women

Being a contrarian who also suffers fools gladly, I've had a lot of friendly conversations with right wingers. When abortion comes up, I've noticed that none of them have ever thought that the woman getting the abortion should suffer for it. This is inconsistent with the rhetoric of abortion being murder, but not with being against abortion generally.

But Trump isn't a conservative, he's a demagogue playacting as a conservative. So a lot of his ideas are more like what an idiot think a conservative would say. That's good enough for Freepers, who are tribal conservatives more than they have any actual philosophy.

So in response to Trump's latest bit of fast-talk foot-shooting, you have a good amount of Freepers who decide suddenly that women should be charged with a crime if they get an abortion. A position I'd venture is to the right of even Operation Rescue types.

Actually, Freepers were more split. A plurality married their TrumpLuv with simplistic ideological purity and agree with Trump (before he took it back). Others still love Trump, but realize this is crazy; so they blame the media. A few who have a history in the pro-life movement say Trump screwed up (I can't help but notice the absence of wagglebee and Morgana). And then the rest mostly lament how this is going to look bad politically.

Witness the carnage!

GOPJ doesn't even bother to investigate bfore drawing the conclusion:
This is most likely a liberal lie.
And like the last kid who still believes in Santa Clause, he's still arguing this didn't happen 100 posts later.

Arthur McGowan has this eye-opener:
All abortion methods except one should be outlawed—lethal injection in the arm of the mother. With a 24-hour period for the mother to think about it.
Hard to tell with Freepers, but it looks like he was joking, because Arthur McGowan next takes a much more standard line:
Nice try. You are repeating an old line of the abortionists; pretending that pro-lfers can’t be sincere if they don’t insist on Murder One.
Conservative Gato has figured out that anything that's politically damaging is actually just anti-PC!
Having Hillary or berinie running things will lead to more abortions. It is the sensibilities of society that has to be changed.

And that starts with good leadership willing to be politically incorrect and expose the ugly truth and have the courage to take on the evil.

Isn't this just what Donald Trump did? Think about it.
rossusa has a different rationalization for when Trump blunders into crazytown:
It’s just a negotiating ploy to get a better deal.
One gets the impression this is the first time Jim from C-Town has considered the issue:
She would certainly be charged with facilitation at least. The abortionist is the actual murderer she is simply complicit as an active participant.
winoneforthegipper has a new litmus test for who the True Freepers are:
There are only two issues that seperate the true conservative from the GOPe.

One is Abortion and the other is the Second.

Note now the freepers who goes after Trump. It is in those responses we will know who belongs and who does not.
dp0622 wants 2016 to be a referendum on abortion, and also boys v. girls:
of course if something is illegal there will be punishment. He could have said it’s a theoretical question but why should we keep playing games.


if the country WANTS abortions and f....t marriage and guys using girls’ bathrooms and Hillary wins, well then we know there are more of them than us and the country deserves what it gets.

women make up more than 50 percent of the voters now.

we have to get our lazy male friends out to vote.
Greetings_Puny_Humans has strawmanned abortion so hard, what choice does he have?
I don’t get it. So if a woman gets an illegal partial birth abortion, pulls the [baby] out 90 percent of the way and pays a doctor to suck the brains out, it’s outrageous to go with the logical position: she should be punished? And now PRO-LIFE groups are attacking Trump in mass over this? Just... bizarre.
Responsibility2nd isn't even for Trump, so his position means he's just a contrarian purist asshole:
The fact is that Pro-lifers have dealt with this matter for many years. Punishing the mother is the fringiest of fringey positions, if it even exists (before today.)

But HEY! Your guy has staked out some new ground for his circus.

I’m a Cruzer. But unlike you - I support Trump and his anti-abortion remarks here.

I’m sorry you think this pro-life position is the “ fringiest of fringey positions”.

But you stating this is surprising. It exposes your true feelings about abortion over all.

Who knew that don-o was pro abortion?
donna is almost the only woman to come out for jailing women who get abortions. This makes sense given her extreme anti-feminist history:
It’s logical. Aborting a baby is murder.

We have just tried to be kind to women because that’s the way we used to treat women before they were liberated.
Count Mercat in the women for men's rights camp as well:
But as far as the woman being punished by the law, as a woman, I’m okay with that. Women still are getting a pass in this culture - the whole women and children first meme.

The 15 year old girl who looked 20 who claimed that the old man touched her breast (actually I think she said chest) - so what!!!

If you’re street fighting then you had better “man up” and quit whining. Women cannot have it both ways, i.e., “I can kill my baby but you can’t punish me because I’m a woman.” IMHO if you kill your baby you lose all protection that this culture affords women.
ElisabethInCincy kind of joins the club, but doesn't seem to realize that this would put her in jail, Jesus' forgiveness or no. She seems more personally damaged than anything:
I HAVE YET TO HEAR ANY NEWS FROM THE PAST DECADES OF WOMEN BEING TAKEN AT GUNPOINT TO ABORTION CLINICS. THIS IS COMING FROM A WOMAN WHO shamefully had an abortion 20 + yrs ago.... ITS MURDER MURDER MURDER... ! Thankfully i find forgiveness through my Faith in Jesus christ.
bobo1 notes that this was a hypothetical question, and thus a trap:
It was a hypothetical not based on today’s reality. Abortion should be outlawed, but it is not at this moment. The question went beyond abortion and became “punishing women”.

Yes, it was a trap, and Trump responded in a way that will not help him.

I can see the pundits writing headlines tomorrow: Trump Wants to Punish Women.
austinaero also laments the political upshot:
Establishment GOP is going to have a field day with Trump’s remark and that will give Hillary even MORE fodder.

Dammit GOP!
SierraWasp agrees with the sentiment, but really hits the ashes and sackcloth hard:
As Dandy Don Merideath used to sing on the old Monday Nite Football show, "TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, THE PARTY'S OVER... THEY SAY THAT ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END!!!"

General Hitlery now has a little sling shot that she will topple the Donald with to end the "War On Women," and lead a charge like LBJ did against Barry Goldwater. Nothing's wrong with what he said, except that it totally makes him politically retarded in this day and age!!!

This is the statement "they" have been waiting for!!!
On the other hand, Trump's numbers with women couldn't get much lower, so...

A brief intermission for HiTech RedNeck acting like the asshole he is:
You are like the pigeon who knocks the chess pieces over on the board and claims a victory.

You are the one losing arguments here. I am not. My arguments are based on truth.
I'd post his position on his issue, but I can't tell what it is. It's his usual - lots of scripture and calls to love Jesus, not a lot of content.

fidelis explains the usual pro-life rationalization I hear:
I am pro-life, but I am of the personal opinion that most women these days are so brainwashed into believing that what they have conceived in their bodies is "just a clump of cells" that they (unlike the "doctors" performing the procedure) are not even cognizant that they are killing a baby. I would liken it to someone telling you to shoot at a barrel. They know there is a person inside, but you don't. The guilt is on them, not you.

Add to that the the emotional pressure and the coercive and dishonest tactics of Planned Parenthood and other abortion promoters, and I have serious doubts about the complete culpability of most women getting abortions. In a lot of ways, they are the second victim.
Antoninus seems to actually be involved in the pro-life movement, and is not a fan:
It's very clear that none of the people spouting off on this issue have any skin in the game, have not been involved with the pro-life movement aside from being a keyboard commando on FR, and have a very limited knowledge of how and why women get abortions.
Now Maelstorm is attacking the pro-life movement for being pro-choice. What a world.
The problem is many pro lifers don’t want to talk about life as if it REALLY means anything. They continue to allow the left to own this issue as if the woman is bearing the cost not the dead babies who have their lives stolen from them.
fooman tries to pollyanna his way through this 600 post crapshow.
This thread makes me support Trump or Cruz more.

Makes me have a larger perspective on practical ways to make the country better.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump vs. women

Via aarrgghh.

Just about all the polls show Trump has a real problem with women. But Freepers are well into the 'polls I don't like are skewed' part of the election. And thank goodness for that, because eschewing stats allows them to make arguments human nature that tell a lot more about the Freeper than about humans.

Right out of the gate, traderrob6 reminds the poster that polls that look bad for Trump are wrongthink:
Careful, don’t want to get banned.
TTFlyer thinks Trump will be a test to see if women are still into capitalized Alpha Males:
Women will not vote for an Alpha Male but they will vote for an aged shrew? Or do women nowadays prefer Metrosexual males and/or fairies?
4rcane already knows that the problem lies not with Trump but with women:
Republicans always had a disadvantage with female voters. Female voters is why we have big government
WRhine knows women are easily fooled.
Plenty of time for The Donald, after beating Ted, to get sensitive, and shed a tear or two on Oprah, to reduce those women unfavorables. It’s an easy card to play and Don will do it.
papertyger knew women would get all catty, but has faith in Trump's genius to win them over with old Clinton stories:
Frankly, I’ve been waiting for this.

It’s the high school girl “nobody likes him, and if you do, no one will like YOU.” schtick. And it IS effective with a great swath of women. They are culturally trained to react to it on a very deep level.

Nevertheless, I have to believe Trump knew it was coming and has plans to overcome it. He’s been playing this like a maestro from the start.

I strongly suspect it will go by the wayside when he points out Hillary’s facilitating of Bill.

Even so, Donald Trump is not Linda Tripp. He’s not going to let up on Hillary just because a bunch of wanna-bees feel an atavistic urge to help their social standing by going along with “The Heathers.”
Like Real Americans before them, Crucial knows Trump has already won the moral victory - practical women.
There’s a lot of women who don’t like Hillary and women are very practical. They know the economy is bad and that Trump might be the one to bring it back. Women also know that Muslims are no friend to their liberation, quite the contrary and too many of them have terrorist sympathies or are terrorists themselves. Practical women know that Trump is the safer bet.
Though she's weathered 30 years of right wing rage, montag813 thinks Trump's attacks will totally destroy Hillary:
This will all change when the general population begins to see Trump vs. Hillary in the flesh and hears how Trump will eviscerate her.
crusher2013 only knows Trump voters!
I can only go by my personal experience. I know lots of women who are going to vote for Trump.

Some of them were Democrats and have registered Republican to vote for him.

How do you explain that.

The media has been lying about Trump and other things from day one. Now were supposed to believe their polls?
catnipman also does a personal poll:
every conservative female friend, relative or acquaintance I have talked to are MAJOR supporters of Donald J. Trump.

Additionally, I know several not-so-conservative females who are ALSO major supporters of Donald J. Trump.
But RedWhiteBlue knows some women that don't like Trump?!!
I knew it because every conservative female friend, relative or acquaintance I have talked to said they despise him.

That almost mirrors my experience. I only have one female acquaintance that thinks he’s OK. The rest don’t like him at all, and a couple find him downright repulsive and turn the channel anytime he’s on TV. Really, what woman would like a guy the refers to women as a “piece of a**?”
All this talk of women has wgmalabama's men's rights hackles up:
Women in this country are a greedy bunch. We are still hearing how we need to empower them, break glass ceilings, make special accommodations at males expense. We have been doing thi for 30+ years now. Mons can’t and don’t want to see that their sons are being pushed to the edge of the American dream. Men in college are less than women, men entering professional world is less than women. Both at around 2:1 or 3:2 but men are falling further behind.

Enough is enough. Men need to stand up and put an end of this war on our sons. That requires men to take back their balls and stand up and iif that means being alone so be it.

Men can never compete with Uncle sugar Sam providing free money, health care, and a punitive courts to enforce indentured servitude. It’s a very complex issue and men have been attack and loosing on so many fronts.

So stick together be men, lead your Holmes by example and stay away from the independent shrew women.

Sorry but this is a topic I am passionate about. Men are being pushed out relegated to the scrap pile of history. Until they need us.
"More women are in college, so there is no more sexism. Also women are socialist shrews.

PrairieLady2 knows her gender is full of bad ones:
Trump does point out that there are some ugly, katty women out there, and he’s absolutely right! There are. Way too many of them.

Trump Chief of Staff arrested.

Well, I for one am sick of the primary. The Freeper infighting is fun in principle, but in practice really repetitive, and reduces every issue to 'Cruz/Trump would be worse.' 'U TAKE THAT BACK' blah blah.

This robbed the Cruz affair of a lot of it's potential for fun and crazy. No straw-grasping apologies from Cruz folks, just attacks at Trump.

A little bit better is the story of a former Breitbart reporter who was grabbed by Trump's chief of staff. (BTW, I first knew Trump was serious back in November when he hired Lewandowski, an actual political pro, away from the Kotch brothers. Well, so much for pro...).
First this blew up over loyalty to her or Trump; that was fun. Then Trump campaign called her delusional, and recently a tape came out that shows that their blanket denial was a straight-up intentional lie. Nothing doing for Freepers.
But now she's pressing charges. Petty charges that the media will run extra hard with because this is one of their own. Trump is not helping himself by standing by his man and doubling down on everything from the bruises aren't real to she was gonna assault him to nothing happened shut up.

It's a cliche to say that it's not the crime it's the coverup, but this does seem like the first time something's checked Trump's momentum in a while.

From Lewandowski to Trump to Breitbart to this reporter, no one is covering themselves in glory here. But Freepers can always be counted on the be the worst. In this case, they top Trump by only a hair, though. Trump's upping his crazy game but the real issue is that Trump v. Cruz is really sapping their crazy mojo.

20yearsofinternet knows this ain't no story. Plus Cruz would have done worse!
Hey look, Cory turned himself in to face the BS charges and is loudly proclaiming his innocence.

Contrast that with how Ted Cruz acts in the face of allegations. If this were Cruz, he’d be blaming Trump. LOL
Jane Long also goes with the "Look over there, it's strawman Cruz!"
It’s cRuz’s fault.


You’re exactly spot on....if this were ANYTHING negative to do with the cRuz camp....they’d be blaming Trump.

The stark difference between men and whiny boys. Take responsibility - even if it’s an absurd ham sandwich allegation - or blame, blame, blame (ala the Dems).
LS deflects an accusation of deflection with an accusation of deflection:
Nice try. Nice attempt to ••deflect•• on this uncomfortable and embarrassing issue of Trump’s top man getting booked right in the middle of the frikkin campaign. Really special.

What’s “really special” is THE CANDIDATE HIMSELF diddling several women. Did you read the sexy song lyric back and forth on Twitter?

Cruz should be ashamed. THAT, my friend, is total deflection.
Williams is sure this is politically motivated:
Absolutely crazy and ridiculous. Purely political.

no prosecutor in their honest mind would pursue a crime here.
Wen the law is posted, Williams is reduced to arguing that the prosecutor abused their discretion:
Excuse me, but you are citing a statue. You are not recognizing that there are defenses to statutes, also there is common sense discretion by prosecutors.

Obviously by relying on a statue that refers to ANY touching you are introducing an element of absurdity into a political campaign.

The reporters get bumped, jostled, grabbed, shoved, pushed a dozen times a day.
Ann Archy knows who the real villain is!!!
Michelle Fields needs to be SHUNNED for this!!

She is the RUDEST person on those Sat, morning FOX business shows!!!
marktwain smells political correctness:
They must of found a police department ready to push political correctness to the limit.

Maybe I should not be surprised, considering the political work that prosecutors did against Republicans in Texas, such as Tom Delay.
Uber racist The Toll has decided the nonviolent black protestors are always battering people, and two wrongs make a right:
He was just protestin!
originalbuckeye knows chiefs of staff often double as bodyguards:
All I see is the ‘perp’ grabing her arm to keep her away from harassing Trump. Does she have photos of bruising or something? No assault, just an operative trying to protect his charge.
Stentor loves him some vexatious litigation:
If Lewandowski hadn’t denied it so loudly and had just said “Sorry - I got carried away” it wouldn’t have come to this. But Trump and his people don’t believe in apologizing.

If I were he, I'd keep her in court until she was eating beefaroni 3 times a day.
JayGalt cries false flag:
This is garbage, she bruised her own arm, there is less than a second of contact and she moved into his path.
JayGalt also cries...flanking maneuver?
In military tactics, a flanking maneuver, or flanking manoeuvre is a movement of an armed force around a flank to achieve an advantageous position over an enemy. Flanking is useful because a force’s offensive power is concentrated in its front. Therefore, to circumvent a force’s front and attack a flank is to concentrate offense in the area when the enemy is least able to concentrate offense.
little jeremiah is posting again! She's in the false flag camp as well:
Do people have to apologize for nonsense? This is so stupid and no professional reporter would even consider bringing a criminal complaint. It’s obvious from any video that this was a complete non incident.

And probably pre-planned.
Cementjungle thinks this was the Democrats warning Trump about a future indictment:
This is a warning shot across the bow. If Trump wins the nomination and becomes a serious threat to Hillary, Justice will charge him with something. Going through tax returns and claiming fraud for various deductions would be an easy target, or perhaps they could charge him with attempted bribery for buying lunch for some mayor he may have met with while discussing a hotel project or something. The possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Secret Service: No guns in GOP convention

erehwesle found this thread, which highlights guns as yet another area where Freeper principles are actually just another way to hate Democrats.

So there was a largely trolling petition on calling for open carry at the sure to be contentious GOP convention.
Unsurprisingly, the Secret Service shut that idea down. Freepers end up split between doubling down on 'more guns is always more better' and suddenly realizing 'maybe too many good guys with guns isn't awesome...'

Starstruck is one of many who does not take kindly to a commenter who thinks Freepers might be shootin' mad:
If the participants in the convention are anywhere near as emotional and contentious as those here on FR, I say this is a damned good policy!

And you are an idiot thinking our contentiousness would lead to us shooting someone.
Except if you've been reading Free Republic you know that:
1) shooting non-conservatives is necessary in our current crisis, and
2) anyone who doesn't agree with you about Trump is a non-conservative.

Despite these facts, the original commenter quickly backtracks with an 'I'm just trolling lol' post.

Case and point, The Sons of Liberty:
The wrong people always get shot anyway, all the RINOs would be unscathed.
dsc - anyone who takes Freeper threats seriously is probably gay:
I have already had one Trump supporter say the following toward me: “This is our last chance for a ‘cold’ revolution. He will be on the opposite side of a ‘hot’ one.

And to you that means that he’s ready to start shooting Republicans at the convention.

Do you fly the Confederate flag, or the Code Pink flag?
Timpanagos1 will not surrender, even in the face of reality:
Apparently, the Secret Service and the RNC do not support the Second Amendment.
circlecity knows which sorts are bad guys with guns:
I think it’s a good policy. Some lefty would sneak in and try to shoot Trump.
DaveA37 suddenly realizes that the main way to deal with bad guys with guns is not good guys with guns:
Don’t forget, there are a LOT OF CRAZIES out there and I am NOT speaking of law abiding “CC” members.
peyton randolph is another whose worldview equates guns with freedom, and protecting Presidential candidates is just elitism:
Don’t let the peasants exercise their 2A to defend themselves. Their lives are worth less than Trump, Cruz, Ryan, and the rest of our betters.

After all, I’m sure the Founding Fathers disarmed themselves at the Constitutional Convention and allowed their protection to be in the hands of such professionals.

ConservativeWarrior also suddenly realizes that a gun free zone is really the best way to keep safe:
I’m a gun nut. And I support this 100%.

Too many crazies would use open carry to put themselves in a position to take a shot at Trump.
William Tell wonders if the Secret Service is gonna assassinate Trump. So the safest thing to do is get rid of the Secret Service!
Too many crazies would use open carry to put themselves in a position to take a shot at Trump."

Yes. Perhaps even one of the Secret Service.

You are much more convinced that the measures to prevent firearms into the venue would be effective. I understand that the TSA misses about 95% of the stuff used to test their effectiveness.

As for the "rules", I think it would be pretty simple for the candidate to simply deny Secret Service entry into the venue. They can study their rulebook while waiting for the candidate to reappear.
Elsie has a great solution!
Secret Service: No guns in GOP convention

How about OUTSIDE?
In the name of blind fairness, xzins has an even better idea - everyone gets their own secret service detail!
The Secret Service isn’t to blame. The rules they operate under, really do put them in a pickle on this one.

The proper trade off is for each person to be allowed to have a security detachment that is armed.

Those security detachments should be permitted to coordinate their efforts and cordone off the entire convention area.

Freepers dream of Bernie

Just about every pundit I watched was pretty sure Sanders was going to win big on Saturday. White states, caucuses, that's Bernie country.

And everyone I watch is only tracking normal, non-super delegates. Because superdelegates are actually amusingly impotent - if they decide to hand the election to someone other than the delegate leader, they'd tear the party apart. So their supposed function of moderating the primary process can't actually occur.

But they do look a bit hinky, and the GOP is kind of desperate to draw any attention they can away from their self destruction.

Add in the usual Freeper drama and hatred of Hillary, and you end up with Freepers defending Sanders.

538, tracking non-superdelegates, has Hillary ahead 1,267 to 1,037, or about 10%. ek_hornbeck prefers his own narrative, though:
Hillary's effectively insurmountable lead in the primaries is mostly the result of her having most of the superdelegates, which make up 35% of the Democratic delegate count. This means that any candidate not annointed by the party needs an almost impossible 35% lead to overcome the DNC's candidate of choice. So we have it bad with the RNC rigging our game in favor of Bushes and Romneys, but not nearly as bad as the Democrats.
SamAdams76 analysis is mostly detailing what he hopes happen, mixed with a bit of assuming primary results are just like general election results:
This Democrat contest is like the Iran-Iraq war. You root for both of them to lose. My ideal scenario is for Bernie to come into the DNC convention with more "won" delegates and force Shrillary to use her super delegates to put her over the top - against the will of the rank and file. It will be beautiful to see the crestfallen faces of the Bernie supporters as they see the Wicked Witch ascend to the podium to accept her "nomination" and realize that they have been played as fools by the Democrat Party establishment.

Then to see Shrillary utterly crushed in the general. Because as others have pointed out, she is a weak candidate who has never been able to beat a strong opponent. She has always been able to ride on the coattails of her husband - who is now a washed up pitiful shell of the man he once was.

If she's losing by 50 percentage points in Washington State in her own party primary/caucus, how do you think she will fare in the general? Are all those young Starbucks drinking Bernie voters going to simply accept the fact that their primary votes were tossed out and disregarded by the party establishment and enthusiastically come out in November in support of this washed up hag? Or will many of them, end up pulling the lever for Donald Trump, because after all, the Republican Party hates him as much as the Democrat Party hates Bernie. Politics does make for strange bedfellows. Could happen.
Disestablishmentarian is sure that Sanders voters aren't just going to sit out, they're going to vote for Trump. Unless they believe in global warming, that is...
Without a doubt, many of these are future Trump voters if he gets the nomination. They are white, anti-establishment, anti-interventionist and anti-globalist trade deals. If they are not eaten up with socialism or global-warmism they won’t be natural Hillary voters.

I do not, however, see them moving to any other Republican nominee . . . at least not Cruz or any other neocon.
SoCal Pubbie manages to yell at kids these days for feeling entitled to good jobs right before lamenting his own unemployed status:
A lot of millennials are single-issue voters on Sanders’ proposal to make college free or possible forgive loans.

They see it as unfair that a degree seems mandatory to get a job these days; yet, the jobs are not there any more commensurate with the levels of debt they must take on.

Back in 2008 I was working with a real punk Ahole recent grad of an expensive private school who supported Obama for the same reason. I wonder how that worked out for him?

Ah, 2008, when I was still working. Sigh...
Mr Apple just makes a fat joke, I think? I don't get his hipster sexism.
Size 54 Hillary got smoked.
grania wonders if maybe the Democratic nomination might get violent. Because she's not clear on how a primary works:
Everybody is justifiably worried about the Republican convention, that it won't be pretty if the nomination is stolen from Trump.

Nobody's talking about what the Democratic convention could be like. Their rules are so bad that it was rigged that hillary won before the primaries and caucuses even started.

Seriously. How can they justify going with a candidate who gets 25% of the vote in many states? The anger cuts across the political spectrum.
Bubba Gump Shrimp
the socialists are going to go berserk when they realize Clinton takes the nomination no matter how many more states Bernie wins.

If the media thinks the protesters are bad at Trump rallies, wait until the Bernie folks start protesting a Hillary primary event and her union thugs show up

I hope the cops sit it out... because Black Lives Matter
SamAdams76 doesn't think modern kids are manly enough to riot. Unlike those macho hippies!
I don't think we'll see the riots we saw in 1968. Most of the men have been feminized and aren't likely to want to get their Dockers dirty by marching in the streets and getting doused with fire hoses and tear gas. These are "pajama boys" who will simply conclude that "politics is stupid, anyway" and retreat to their parents basements and binge watch "House of Cards" on Netflix in seclusion. Like what they did after that "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Maybe they come out and vote for Trump in November, maybe they don't. But I don't see them rallying around Shrillary after she pulls those convention parlor tricks on their beloved Bernie.
MeganC managed to find media bias in the word 'seized.'
What a loaded headline!

Sanders “seizes” three states. As if he did something wrong.

But Hildebitch would have ‘won them’ fair and square.

Man, I hate the liberal media.
goldstategop starts out his wish-based-analysis with the idea that the South is a must-win for Democrats.
Hillary’s main problem going forward is apart from VA, she won’t win a single Southern state in November. And she isn’t terribly popular with millenial younger voters in states with predominantly white electorates that are must-win in the fall. Plus, in a year of change, she is the establishment candidate.

Hillary faces a steep task of uniting a divided and unenthusiastic Democratic Party around her, something overlooked in all the talk about whether GOP rival Donald Trump can avoid a contested convention. The fact remains that a lot of Democrats simply don’t want her as their party’s nominee and her springtime losses at the hands of The Bern drive it home.

By all accounts, its not yet springtime for Hillary.
Typical_Whitey has this whole scenario where Hillary's transcripts will be of her plotting to steal the nomination from Sanders:
The best thing Trump could do is find the GOldman Sachs transcripts and release them... Hillary yucking it up with the wall street fat cats will send the Bernie supporters into a tail spin and subsequently destroy the Rat party... There are many things they would forgive for unity sake but showing those transcripts will prove that Bernie got robbed of the nomination and they will revolt...
And yet another one. Enlightened1 does not understand the difference between primaries and general elections. Also he's never voting for a Republican again. Though really that just means someone he doesn't like.
Oh but we are suppose to believe that Hillaty can beat Trump in a landslide. This is even though Trump has more than 2 million votes than his next competitor competitor. This is when Republicans have record numbers of people voting for Republican and Democrat votes are at record lows.

The best big whopper is that Kasich, the guy that only won his home state can defeat Hillary.

That like saying a high school football team can’t beat the college football team but it can win the Super Bowl against a professional football team. LOL! Yeah okay....

Kasich is a Democrat with an “R” by his name. He and Hillary agree with each other on immigration, trade, common core, climate change, Syria, Ukraine, etc.... I guess Kasich knew he had no chance if he ran on the Democrat ticket with Hillary? After all it’s Hillary’s turn.

If the Republican Party is dumb enough to have a brokered convention, then it will be Hillary/Sanders vs Ryan/Jeb. BARF ALERT in other words.

I’ll be voting for anyone but a Republican or a Democrat. Oh and for the record I will never vote for any Republican at any level ever again. They are a fake opposition party.
Laser_Ray did a survey of these two women he eavesdropped on:
Hillary is getting screwed more than her husband’s intern, and I’m not at all surprised. She’s utterly unexciting - even to the feminists I’ve eavesdropped on. A has-been ‘me too’ candidate’ so dull that even voting for her against Trump is unappealing!
Blueflag also shares some personal polling:
I have some fairly reasonable Progressive friends who are PI$$ED that even though Sanders gets the votes, magically Hillary gets delegates way out of proportion to the votes.

They despise Hillary.

The anger is strong in this election cycle.
virgil is angry that any 'American born' votes Democrat:
They should be angry. American born people shouldn’t even be voting democrat.
Behind the Blue Wall knows you can't win with minorities. Forgetting 2012 already, eh?
Things aren’t lining up very well for Hillary. She’s winning only because black and Latino drones especially in the Deep South are voting in lockstep for her. But those vptes aren’t in play in the general election and they’re concentrated in states that are not in play. Meanwhile, Trump’s base is the white working class, which is very much in play and very concentrated in swing states.
As Freepers do with Democrats from Obama to Bill to Hillary, Lib-Lickers 2 thinks Sanders is looking ill.
I don’t know if I’m the first person to say this but it looks to me like this campaign is taking it’s toll on Bernie.. he has been looking very frail lately(in the last few weeks) even his voice seems to have lost it’s energy.. he looks like he’s in his middle 80’s
Angels27 also lusts for Democratic deaths:
All the demoncRATs look like they are about to get a visit from the Grim Reaper. Bill, Hillary and Bernie all look terrible. You gotta wonder if any of them will be alive when the demoncRATs have their convention.
Tzimisce thinks Sanders is a Marxist, and is thus confused that the bourgeoisie like him:
Karl Marx HATED the middle class.
He wanted them DEAD.
He wanted their blood FLOWING in the streets.

You can NOT use Marx’s ideas to help the middle class.

But Bernie says we can if we just rename it.

And middle class Marxists all over the country just can’t wait to vote Bernie.

We are truly screwed. :(
MeganC saw the Bernie bird thing, and worries God is on Bernie's side:
Birds For Bernie

That’s scary as that kind of thing would indicate a blessing.

President Sanders.

blueunicorn6 finds a lot of joy in petty tribalism:
Sanders didn’t win.

Hillary lost.

This is the best year I’ve had since I was a kid!
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper - Hillary or Bernie, all Democratic primary voters are evil assholes who hate America:
If you total up the number of votes for both Hillary and Bernie in their primaries, it will give you an initial figure of just how many communists/Marxists/socialists/progressives and liberal assholes we have in America. Then count in more who didn’t vote in the primaries.

That is the “internal fifth column threat to America”.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

Some hate Cruz as much as Obama now. napscoordinator is now speculating Cruz is a child abuser:
Cruz is a serious child abuser. Did you hear her plea for her dad to stop and when he refused, he hurt her to where the pain was evident in her cry “ouch”. I feel sorry for the Cruz daughters. CPS should investigate this family especially the father.
Huge wildfire in Oklahoma. WENDLE has his perspective in order:
They voted for crux. I DON’T CARE!!
And in such an atmosphere, Free Republic tried to delete any stories about the alleged Ted Cruz sex scandal. Is it any wonder Trump partisans like Bobalu became enraged? You can't just turn the hate-spigot off because it started spewing bullshit!
It’s the high-handed censoring of the Ted Cruz sex scandal.

It has MANY freepers fuming!

And rightly so!

NO Trump scandal articles are censored...

And this story has legs...

I suggest everyone post links and descriptions of the scandal in threads... it’s the only way around the censorship that I can see.

Keeping this story contained is like keeping the ocean from reaching the beach.

The story seems unlikely to me, handling five affairs while running a campaign...with you wife nearby! He’d be a superman of some

I just despise censorship.
JimRob later gives this lame explanation:
As moderators, we tried to keep the Enquirer trash off FR. Deleted dozens of threads about this scummy trash. Then Ted came out roaring like a lion against Trump when Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with it (it was Rubio and Ted's new friends as the GOPe) and then Cruz's supporters on FR started posting articles with his viewpoint. Ok, I gave up. Cruz brought it to the forefront and it's now open season. Cruz boosters can blame themselves.
Mr Apple sees lesbians everywhere:
We should all feel sorry for lesbians; the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Elena Kagan, Janet Reno, Madeleine Albright, Anise Parker, Rachel Maddow; Candy Crowley, K D Lang, Kate Clinton, Sara Gilbert, Rosie Jones, Daniela Sea, Wanda Sykes, Lily Tomlin, Huma Abedin and cob roller, Hillary Clinton!
Had to look up cob roller! It's lame.

One superhero is not enough for TomasUSMC to compare with Trump:
Don’t worry about a brokered convention. Trump would walk in there and take over the show. He’d make it bigger than an overtime Superbowl game. Greatest Show on Earth Ever. He’d come out of it smiling and joking and looking like Hulk/Superman/Batman all in one.

I’d love to see it.
Maverick68 is not only sure his delusions are facts, he's convinced they're obvious to all:
It’s no longer a secret: There are people in the Obama administration giving information to the terrorists.
Once you reach this level, you HAVE to think all Democrats are evil, or else how could they ignore your fictional facts?!

capt. norm thinks the next step in the gay agenda is turning everyone gay:
Exactly WHAT is their goal? Do they want everybody to be like them or what?

I shuddered when they had themselves declared normal.
Freepers decided Guiliani was a liberal long ago. Then he endorsed Trump. Fast Ed97 can't sully Trump with guilt by association, so cue the epic backtracking!
In 2008 when Guiliani ran for President I did not support him. I felt he was too liberal and didn't care for his Mr. 9-11 card.

However, in hindsight, he was probably the only candidate out of that field who could have won against Obama. It was odd how he was a frontrunner and then then fell off. From what I heard he had some sudden health issues which interfered with his campaign.
Verginius Rufus is unclear which Democrat ruined the judicial nominating process.
The supposed damage caused by delaying considering Obama's nominee is nothing compared to the damage done by the Democrats' treatment of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, not to mention many lower-level nominees by Republican Presidents. Maybe the damage should be traced back to FDR's attempt to pack the court with men who would rubber-stamp New Deal laws.
It's just a miracle that like 10 Justices got through since Democrats ruined the system with Bork!

IrishBrigade takes a Biblical story about humility and makes it about being insular:
Christ did not wash the feet of unbeleivers. He washed the feet of the apostles.

The modern Catholic Church is as lost a cause as there is...
The Pope inspired driftless2 to be an asshole to a very sick brother:
I come from a Catholic family. I'm not very religious, but I still sort of identify as a Catholic.

I have two younger, very liberal brothers who think Francis is fantastic. On a recent visit with other siblings to see one of the brothers who is very sick, after raving about how great he is, they asked me my opinion of the Pope.

I said I thought he's a leftist nutjob. They were not very happy with my opinion. Oh well...I wonder how many other families are split like that?
MeganC has a great idea for the high-tension GOP convention!
Open carry at the Convention will certainly deter the Democrats from showing up. They’re afraid of guns so this would be like putting out garlic to ward off vampires!
LibertarianLiz is pretty sure young minorities will be unable to resist Trump's machoness:
There will be enough cross-over Dems voting for Trump that I don’t think it will be close.

Yes, they always tell us that Trump has a problem with women. What they never say, is that Hillary has a problem with men.

I think there is a "macho" factor going on here with Trump, and that will appeal to young men. Powerful businessman, lots of money, good looking babe on his arm. I think black and hispanic young men will gravitate to that.
DiogenesLamp finds it shocking and disgusting to see the crap Freepers spew outward suddenly turned inward:
I would like to see some rule changes here at Free Republic for the duration of the primary. "No supporter of one candidate may post a derogatory article regarding the other candidate."

This ugly gutter trash level of discourse is unbecoming to Free Republic.
The Toll is gonna be fun under a President Hillary!
Most (>70%) women (not only GOP women) don’t like Trump.

Maybe it’s time for women to sit down and shut up.

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

WMarshal thinks partisanship is way out of control these days. Guess who he blames?
I kicked my daughters piano teacher out of my house after seeing an Obama sticker on his car. I told him he’d get enough of my money in taxes and never return. He threw his wife under the bus and said she stuck it on his car. Typical liberal. Save your own ass under any and all circumstances.

Has anyone noticed how few political bumper stickers there are anymore? Everything is gotten really hot no one wants their car effed up. Vandalizing cars is what happens when the powers that be won’t let us openly discuss our problems and work them out. This is why PC has to die.
Mechanicos argues the KKK was persecuted for speech:
As a commenter above noted, the First amendment applies to government action.

tell that to the KKK.
Flick Lives gets a lot of Freepers excited with this new fraught term:
If they monkey around and stick us with another amnesty candidate, I’ll go one better than leaving the ballot blank, I’ll vote for every Democrat down to dog catcher.

Kamakazi Voter.

I like that term. We don't just walk away. We take away.
Lurker thinks big bad Putin is just a grumpy pussy cat:
The Poles would chew the Russians up and spit them out. The Latvians and Estonians wok.d tie them down with guerrila attacks every minute of every day.

Half the Russian army is drunk before noon. The other half is in the fields digging up potatoes for their dinner.
chris37 keeps things childlike!
Let me help.

muslims are bad. Don’t let them in. Get the ones that are here out.

Leave the border shut down until there are no more muslims.

problem solved.
TomasUSMC argues that per capita, blah blah blah, massacre random Muslims!



LibFreeUSA really hates Cruz:
grey_whiskers hates Cruz to, and, as is his style, blames the wife:
Cruz just realized that if he loses, there goes Heidi's $500,000 / year job...

And she doesn't look like the kind of woman who would be very *happy* about that.

(Hint: when you think "alpha male" Cruz is NOT the first name that comes to mind.)
ShivaFan also hates Cruz. Too much to bother with sentences, even!
That POS Cruz is the worst candidate I have EVER seen from the Republican venue EVER, MY GOD this POS as right on queue, I see him on FOX News airing this creepy politician BLAMING TRUMP FOR THE BELGIUM ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACKS - Trump who was the one guy who brought the issue of these hordes of Muslim men of military age coming into Europe and America along with hordes of illegal and criminal aliens as well, TRUMP brought this front and center into the election and all other only tried to ride his coat tails, and then to see this creep Cruz - MY GOD - again blaming Trump just like he blamed Trump for the leftist George Soros and Muslim scum in the street ATTACKING TRUMP ALSO, Cruz is the most disturbing candidate and POS I have EVER seen, this guy is like a bed bug, he needs to drop out of the race right now before he does further damage to our security and country - THERE IS AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE BETWEEN THE LEFT WING AND THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and they are using Trump to gin up it more and NOW CRUZ IS DOING THE SAME! Those Islamic bastards are IN THOSE CROWDS with the Bernie Sanders and leftist goons and THEY ARE GOING TO SET OFF A BOMB as Cruz eggs them on further targeting Trump and making excuse for them, CRUZ IS A MENACE!
Goreknowshowtocheat must know about some secret parts of the Constitution the Founders didn't bother to let anyone else know about:
The highest law enforcement authority is the 2nd amendment citizens militia. You cannot legislate or court adopt a higher authority. The FBI should have been bowing before the militia and asking them how they could help not murdering them.
Remember in the Federalist Papers when they wrote about sheriffs being super awesome?

PROCON has heard about this Hamilton musical, and blames Obama.
Just wow, I didn't know our Founding Fathers were into hip-hop and rap rhythms.

Just more proof that the obamas hate everything American.
mass55th makes the expected Hamilton jokes.
Did Aaron Burr hold his pistol gangsta style in the duel?

Yep, and he wore his britches low so that his butt crack showed.
And now dfwgator would like to make up some facts about Hip Hop:
White music execs love Hip Hop because it's cheap to produce and highly profitable. Real musicians and talent cost money.
Captainpaintball cleverly traps an (allegedly) black Freeper by assuming she'll vote her race:

I asked you this before, I know... I appreciate your enthusiasm for Trump, and I'm dying to know...

Herman Cain and Donald Trump are in the ocean drowning. There is room in your raft for only one of them. Which one do you save?
re: Brussels. Diogenesis is still being crazy.
They are just murdering and raping the people
the “leaders” (scum, selfserving, NAZIs) want
murdered and raped. Just like America, where
the entire GOP Congress DOES NOTHING
except get drunk and whore and pass ObamaTRADE.
Speaking of crazy, MrEdd seems to think Texas is now under Sharia Law, and even Freepers are in on it!
Rick Perry signed off on Sharia law in Texas.
A lot of people worked hard to run him out of politics all together.
We won.

The Sharia apologists on this forum tried hard to bring La Raza Rick to the national stage. You don’t get to support Rick Perry and pretend that Sharia law hasn’t been an integral part of the package. To support Perry is to support Islam, because that has been his record.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Like an anti-MLK, TheTimeOfMan calls for some brave souls other than himself to make the sacrifice of beating up Trump protesters and going to jail:
Beat the living sh*t out of these protests at one event and they’ll stop showing.

These people are thugs, and thugs are cowards. If they feel safe in their crowd they will continue to get bolder. If they feel unsafe they will stay home.

Inaction on our part will make them stronger. It’s time to go to jail people.
No Socialist knows it's the GOP getting more liberal, not him getting more crazy:
And to think I used to like Kasich

That was when the republican party had a few principles and before they decided to sell out the country to keep themselves in power.
ObozoMustGo2012 explains why Trump had to keep his foreign policy advisers secret:
Does anyone really think Trump would drop names of his advisors??

If he did, some reporter would “claim” she was raped by this advisor (despite evidence to the contrary).

Trump is learning well to play this close to the chest.
Sarcasm check is inconclusive on whether Lisbon1940 is going all in on the Trump-dictator thing:
I’m not sure he needs a VP or cabinet. Carl Icahn has said he won’t serve.
Nickname is being sarcastic. But the only way I could tell was his posting history.
Trump doesn’t need conservative voters.

He is a revolutionary who is building a new and glorious GOPopulist coalition and with it, America will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes!

And if you don’t agree, you have TDS and are probably a puppet of Goldman Sachs.
EBH talks himself into loving how Trump said his main foreign policy adviser is himself, 'cause he's smart.
when I read the headline my first thought was, “Yes, I want a President who thinks for himself first...about everything!” This tells me he is of his own mind and mindful. He’ll tell his cabinet this is what he wants to do to achieve such and such outcome.

I run my own business and am very much the same way. I think about things for myself first, how does this help my business, etc. Then I may or may not discuss it with the staff until I am damn good and ready too. It isn’t egotistical, its business.

Trump is a business person first and if he can diffuse all the political crap in DC, our country will be better because of it. And if 0bama hands him a catastrophe or economic collapse...I don’t think there is a better candidate to handle it.
Fundamentally Fair got slapped on the wrist for calling Trump out on his silliness:
Sorry folks, that's not brilliant, tricky or even great, great! This is Trump...ignorant and egotistical. It's stupid.

If he wins, there's going to be lot of back tracking on FR over the following 4 years.

Is this really the kind of post that drives post moderation and suspension of mail?

If so, half of FR is going to need the same treatment.
Some Turkish politician got fired for wishing Israelis dead. elcid1970 manages to find a way to sound dumb even here, with the all too common Freeper insight into someone via their eyes:

The face of evil can be cute, but it is still evil.

Those are the eyes of a killer. No human warmth.
Regulator is pretty sure Trump protesters are all foreign invaders:
These are not just Leftists.

These are Mexican Separatists, people from an enemy nation who seek to occupy ours and overturn our government.

Think about that and take a deep breath. These are not just people who have a different opinion in America. These are FOREIGNERS with a real grudge against the people who were called the Americans.

What you are seeing in this is what we in the Southwest have seen a long time coming: War. Over who will own America.

Not just street theater. Real, live...War. They can and will go to guns.

Right here. Right now.
The latest overly complicate Bond villain idea for what to do with Trump protesters comes from Heart-Rest"
Maybe they could spray the protestors' car doors with "Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom Perfume" (from Mexico), then have a beekeeper visit their cars with some bees (just to teach the law-breaking protestors to get back to nature, and also that it is much better to abide by the law in America). When they see the bees, they'll find their keys.
bushwon thinks maybe Cruz was behind the anti-Trump protests:
Wait Ted Cruz supporters were working with the Soros disrupters to block the roads to the rally?

Well since Cruz has ex-CIA and dirty tricksters on his campaign, guess I should not be too surprised :/
mabelkitty crows how Trump has at last allowed Freepers to hit liberals like they imagine liberals are always hitting them:
We react, we are criminals and will be arrested or shot. They strike out and they are rewarded and celebrated with the full protection of Obamanation. We must ONLY react with violence in self defense. Even then prepare to be criminally prosecuted.

Not any more.

We leveled the playing field.
Windflier sticks with what's important:
The KKK originated in the Democratic Party.

In JULY, ALL of America will be reminded of this forgotten history:

It’s Democrat Party.

Black Freeper Windflier is all for a little Nazi tactics. Politics is war, ya know?
what your saying sure sounds like Brown Shirt tactics. You ordered yours yet? Maybe we should be able to attack and kill protesters before they do anything cause after all they are lib fascists? Would you like that?


We’re at war. Don’t you know that by now?

Fight back, or be stomped into the dirt.
Some landlord is not renting to declared Trump voters. crz draws an interesting conclusion about them:
I might bet this P*ick is a Mormon. Mormons will run to their lord and master, the federal government, to cover their asses. Its all about money to them.
xzins Sets Kasich straight on what "Advise and Consent" REALLY means:
Kasich has apparently never read the constitution. The Senate has as much say as the president. More, in fact.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Morgana

She used to be you usual Freeper, if tending towards the forced 'wackiness' and melodrama. Her profile is all Star Trek and Star Wars memes. But now she only posts about abortion. I think she got a job at a crisis pregnancy center, which has now completely taken over her identity.

Back in the day, she was into the zottings, posting memes about how liberal women are fat and ugly, and flirting with Lazamataz. It looks like she also experimented with a sock puppet, but Freepers were not fooled by at all. It almost seems quaint compared to her current robotic postings about how cartoonishly evil planned parenthood is.

Because she's not just anti-abortion. Like many on the pro-life side, she's all about fortifying the moral stand with stories of planned parenthood's sole business being forcing abortions on women and then selling the body parts while ghoulishly grinning the whole time.

She also has the expected weird gender stuff Freeper women often do. beyond the usual catty posts mocking liberal women as ugly, she adds a so-close-but-so-far proto-feminist take on abortion. Abortion is not to be blamed on the women getting them, but on the doctors and on the men who get them pregnant. And, of course, an abortion doctor who happens to be female is probably a lesbian.

Back in the day, she had time for this kind of scintillating commentary when Obama's on the TV:
Violent video games and no church is why kids can't stop murdering:
Don’t you all know these kids spend thousands of hours playing violent video games and not even 1 hour a week in a church? Even if they do make it to a church one day a week to you think that is enough to undo the violence done by the games? Then there is the crap they get in schools, tv and media. Yea I have to believe on some level they don’t know because parents are not parents anymore.
She likes Elvis, so he's a good Christian:
Actually Elvis was a closet Christian. After concerts he and his band would sing Gospel music until the wee hours of the morning. Elvis had originally wanted to sing just Gospel but his managers made him sing rock n roll because it made more money. Truth be told Elvis hated it and his heart and soul was in singing Gospel.
When a black gets shot:

we need a “treyvon ping
around here
Robin Williams killed himself. Was liberal. QED.
This all proves how liberialism is a mental illness. RIP MORK!!
Ted Kennedy is a character in a gothic novel:
Ted did not get away with murder....I know he was haunted by her ghost...that is why he drank so much all his life.
You know what's a bad idea? Ending segregated schools:
Brown Vs. the board of education will be or could be over done be cause Obama is turning this country racist.

Look at Serena, Kanye, and now this. I am saying we might as well go back to segregation. White here, blacks over there. We both know this fight was racially motivated. They will down play it. Don’t lie to yourself. Let us now just over turn Brown vs. BOE and keep our kids safe. What good is a video camera when all it does is video tape ten black thugs beating up a helpless white kid???????
Also bagging on Michelle Obama:
The Cost of Islamic Incest:

Him or that sasquatch he married?
Ohhh, Laz...

I just can’t imagine Free Republic with out Laz
More Laz Luv:
You know Laz I gave it some thought. You should run for president. You have a better head on your shoulders than half of them.

Just do me a favor if elected, just don’t hit the interns.
But nowadays, this is the new Morgana:
Sorry I have not been posting lately. These videos were giving me serious nightmares and loss of sleep. I had to calm down.

I have never had this happen before. I asked someone how the people in these videos sleep at night if I can't. They said "on their piles of money". I suppose if one is soulless they can do that.
All new, even more crazy:
I could watch movies on Ted Bundy or Jeff Dahmer and understand abortionists.
More serial killer analogy:
I watched the video and thought, they are so young and are Psychopaths, their mouths are so sweetly telling lies. Just ten years ago were they selling Girl Scout Cookies, now this? Now I know what a serial killer looks like when he/she does their kill.
There is no such thing as perspective when it comes to abortion doctors:
National Day of Appreciation for Baby Killers

National Day of Appreciation for Serial Killers

National Day of Appreciation for Low life Soul Suckers

National Day of Appreciation for Haters of Life

National Day of Appreciation for Misogynists

National Day of Appreciation for Infanticide

FReepers by all means take a stab (pun intended) at this.
What about women who get abortions? Funny how those are never persecuted.

But women who perform abortions? Hardly women at all!
I’ve noticed that most of the people involved in the sales and trading of body parts are women. I thought that women were nurturing and caring creatures.

You call those women? The dykes so diesel I have go go take a bath in Fels-Naptha to get it off of me.
In fact abortion is kind of men's fault entirely:
I told my husband that any woman who would abort his child is a woman he wants no part of.”

I’ve tried telling some of these younger men this, they don’t listen. They just say “well why doesn’t she....” They complain about everything from her having or not having the abortion to having to pay child support. That is why I tell them YOU must not have sex with her! DUH!
More feminism that robs women of all agency:
Every time I hear about how “women should keep their legs shout” I fire back “well men should keep their pants zipped up”. Thank you for finally agreeing. What ever happened to shotgun weddings? Or just putting the baby up for adoption? Oh wait I know, abortion.

Well this man got to see first hand what abortion did to HIS child because he abandoned the mother if HIS child. Now I wish more men would either wait till marriage or marry the girl.
Buying into anything anyone has ever BS'ed about abortion's health risks:
No matter how many women get breast cancer, become infertile, become depressed, die, all that matters is they make money from abortion and get rid of “human weeds”.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that is their agenda?
First graders were caught performing oral sex? I'll bet it was Planned Parenthood!
Planned Parenthood. You know that organization that does “wonderful things” has been in the schools teaching sex ed to kindergarten kids for decades now we get this.
I'll bet lots of women are forced into abortion!
I agree abortion clinics assume that if a woman comes there she’s made up her mind she wants only an abortion this is why they don’t offer any other options.

She is never asked if this is what she really wants or if she’s being forced. Not that they would care.
From speculation about forced abortion to fact.
There are times they do change their minds and I respect them for that. What is strange is the clinics won’t let them change their minds. They make them stay on the table and complete the abortion no matter what.
Listing abortion providers for...reasons:
“Five abortion facilities openly conduct abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy. These extreme late-term abortion facilities include:

• Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico • Pro-Choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California • Boulder Abortion Clinic in Boulder, Colorado • Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, Maryland • Women’s Med Center in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton”


One of these “fab five* is in Maryland freaks state the other in New Mexico....thought you two ought to know.
Proof Obama's latest SCOTUS pick is pro-choice!
Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards Spotted at White House After Merrick Garland Nomination.....She flew in on her broomstick.
Muslims Inbreeding tho!
“Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society”
Insisting Islam isn't actually anti-abortion. Also kinda against Muslim babies:
Just don’t be deceived into thinking muslims are pro life. First of all even though abortion is not allowed in islam, their women do have them.

Second this is a religion that tells their people to kill the infidel. The infidel is everyone who is not muslim. These are people who have taken their babies, but suicide bombs on them, and have killed Jews. Their evil knows no limits. They will use their babies and children to carry out jihad. This point I’ve had to argue out with other freepers who I will not name at this time. This freeper said I was not christian because I don’t support muslims. Yes I don’t support a culture/religion of death! I don’t support a religion that worships the devil.

Even if they are not in jihad, remember they have these “honor killing”, a woman who dishonors a family. They kill rape victims, not a rapists. The list goes on.

Jesus died for us, their religion/god demand you die for him.

We can’t even trust their babies, why you ask? Their parents may have put a suicide vest on them. Their parents from birth are teaching them to kill and destroy.
More hating Muslim babies:
Most Muslim children are not suicide bombers, nor are their parents training them to be such.

For the ones who are, that one suicide bomber takes out the whole village.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How long can Ryan Last?

Freepers at the moment are all about Cruz and Trump's wives, but the Cruz-Trump war is not made interesting by adding the misogynistic attacks Freepwatchers have already seen.

But I did find something interesting that I knew would get Freepers' goat. Paul Ryan gave a pretty heartening speech to Congressional interns. He talked about making politics positive again, and realizing that people who didn't agree with him might not be traitors. What I found most interesting was that he admitted to indulging in scorched earth politics four years ago, and said he was wrong.

Now it'd be nice if he stopped with the policies that screwed the poor, but I'll take what I can get.

Especially since a speech about making politics less about the other side being evil is like the anti-Freep. And given how much Freepish attitudes have taken over the party, I gotta say Ryan seems like his GOP leadership stint is screwed after this year. Unless they make him President, of course.

Opinionated Blowhard is pretty sure Ryan doesn't understand how violent Obama's speech is, and how Trump protesters are tempting people to punch them:
Did he give a speech on the state of American politics when Obama was telling his supporters to get into the Republicans’ faces and to bring a gun to a knife fight? Did he give a speech on the state of American politics when the Obama White House was coordinating with the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter thugs to get them to use Brownshirt tactics to impact the political debate? Those were real problems with American politics.

If Ryan is too stupid to understand that Black Lives Matter and other Lib groups are deliberately provoking Trump supporters into confrontations that are then amplified into a false MSM narrative, he’s useless.
Lurkinanloomin wants another scalp:
That’s the kind of leadership that desrves to be Cantorized.
Primaried out like we did to our feckless, multi-national politician, the weasel Eric Cantor.

fireman15 is made David-Duke-complimenting mad by this call for a positive message:
To think that my wife and I voted for those two mitwits in the last presidential election... Now they keep rubbing our noses in it. I am so angry that I can hardly contain myself. And to think that Cruz is now the one Mitt is endorsing??? It says a lot. David Duke is less disgraceful in many ways... at least he isn’t pretending to be something he is not.
firebrand is not a fan of unity:
What a phony. Nothing makes me sicker except the New York Times, with its three anti-Trump stories today all pretending to be “news.” Or “reporting.” Ryan using the word “unify”—what a farce.
albie is one of many to mention Ryan's Muslim beard:
Oh. Is Eld al-Adha over already? His beard is gone.
No one on the thread called him gay. Yet.

Williams knows the only way a Republican can be useful is if they go full Vince Foster pants-on-head crazy.
If he talks about anything other than Hillary being a criminal and a killer and an abuser of women, then he is an absolute worthless piece of garbage. I am absolutely sick of these idiots criticizing anything to do with the Republican campaign. And by the way Ryan was a complete embarrassment as a vice presidential candidate. He added 0.
drypowder thinks Ryan is going to throw the election, just like the other Presidential elections the GOP lost.
The hag will, no, let me rephrase, Ryan will let the hag mop the floor with him. Just like 08 and 12, totally orchestrated by the crony establishment in order to continue the demise of this country for the benefit of those pushing the NWO

Freepers will vote Dem to torpedo McCain

Free Republic may be on the wane, but I still think it is a bellwether for a good amount of the GOP.

A test of this will be the Arizona Senate election of John McCain in November. Because Freepers, never big McCain fans even in 2008, have over the years found no shortage of sins to add to his permanent record. Nowadays they think he's a Democratic plant to hand the election to Obama and sabotage Sarah Palin, and speculate that the Viet Cong turned him into a communist. This hatred has reached the point of calling on their Arizona brethren to vote for the Democrat just to spite him.

Popman still manages to hate Obama a bit more:
-—“There’s still a little bit of animosity between him and the base,” said Adam Deguire——

That just may be the understatement of the year...

I depise McCain almost as much as Obama...
harpu is at the hates to hear him speak level of hate:
McLame losing a GOP Senate seat to a RAT is kind of offset by the good of never having to hear McLame talk out of both sides of his mouth in DC!
Ceebass finds McCain's primary candidate impure, but you go to war with the army you have...
Support Dr. Kelli Ward

in her effort to unseat John McCain

Kelli Ward endorsed Rubio, which makes me wonder where she stands on illegals.

But with McCain there’s no doubt.
But the primary challenger is getting no traction. So Lurkinanloomin considers other options:
I hope McAmnesty gets Cantorized in the primary.

If he doesn’t AZ voters should hold their noses for the Democrat and unseat them in 6 years.
hillarys cankles also:
At this point I don’t even care if the seat goes to the dems.

McCain is a closet dem anyway. At least we’ll know what we have right off the bat with a rat officially holding the seat.
fortheDeclaration too:
If I were in Ariz. I would vote for the Democrat!
And VerySadAmerican:
If I was in AZ I’d vote for the democrat.
Lurkinanloomin joins the gang:
I don’t live in AZ but if I did I would vote for the Democrat in the D jersey this time to get rid of the Democrat in the R jersey.
Hey, Tupelo is actually from Arizona!
I can guaran-damn tee one thing;
If John McCain is the Uni-party nominee, I will be voting for Ann Kirkpatrick. That will cancel out at least one McCain supporter.
Another Arizonan, FlingWingFlyer keeps his hate squarely on the Democrat. And she's a woman, so it gets ugly:
Kirkpatrick is a fraud. She tries to come across as some kind of freaky conservative republican/democrat when running for office.
However, she’s one of Obama’s “hos” that always votes 100% RAT. She gets the veteran vote by bull****ing them with her campaign ads.

All of the horny old ranchers here in eastern Arizona have got the hots for her. Four years ago she ran a sickening campaign ad with a bunch of Brokeback Mountain, Phoenix cowboys in their Gucci suits, hats and boots sitting around a “campfire” drinking Starbucks out of tin cups and saying how wonderful she was. Made me puke.
Extremely Extreme Extremist knows the only one who can save him now:
Governor Palin better not save his bacon again.
Safetgiver wants us to know we've always been at war with McCain:
I’ve been here since 2000 and NEVER heard anyone support McCain. You got the right forum?
Free Republic wasn't as orgasmic about McCain as they were about Palin or Trump, but they did think he was going to go Rambo on Columbian drug gangs

Another win-win for Democrats who read Free Republic! Either we pick up a seat, or Freepers rage about McCain for 6 more years!