Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tom Perez elected DNC chair

I'm not thrilled a this use of the energy on the left these days, but of course there was Democratic drama over the election of the DNC chair. Freepers may believe Democrats are in lockstep, but if anything progressives have bought into the narrative of being a benighted underclass in their own party more than Freepers have. And the Democratic party establishment are not nearly so able as their right-wing counterparts to cover that story with red meat.

Of course, I think there is a progressive shift coming to the Democratic party as well, so who knows which is which. I just hope it doesn't take the Dems out of the fight quite yet.

Freepers view internal Democratic politics dimly, and by dimly I mean fictionally. But they had their hate-engines all warmed up for the black Muslim guy. But even when he lost, that didn't stop them from deciding this was still totally yet more evidence for the right-wing story that Democrats were tragically out of step.

abb is sure that there were 'people' rigging the vote:
The same people who made sure Hillary got the nomination made sure Ellison did not get the chairmanship.
Az Joe makes some sort of distinction between Democratic factions, but only for smugness purposes
Ha ha Dems screw their base again!
IronJack struggles to discuss distinctions within Democrats:
Good. Now the ultra-extremists (as opposed to the run-of-the-mill extremists) will splinter away from the mass and weaken this pathetic, out-of-touch machine even more. Maybe they’ll even turn on each other and we can pop some corn and watch the bloodbath.
I guess thinking a lot of Democratic party members read Free Republic, M-cubed tries to stir some shit:
you mean racist-islamiphobic DNC!!!!.....Never forget......Burn the place down!!!
doug from upland also goes with the obvious crocodile tears:
Racism. BLM should burn down the place.
Probably yelled 'ALINSKY!' as he typed it.

TTFlyer...what, was BLM a talking point on FOX this morning?
Obama shafts African-Americans again. He backs La Raza over the Black Muslim.

Burn it all down BLM!
taildragger wants you to know that he hates any and all subsets of Democrats as well. But it's the Bernie people who are sane, and the old guard who are crazy!
What a choice, it is like choosing between Syphilis or Gonorrhea, they still lost. As one poster noted they will split, I have to agree, as much as they hate PDJT, they have given the Bern-Wing of the party no where go and the shaft again and what remains will become even loonier than they are now. The Bernsters going forward looking sane, now that is a concept...
connyankee was hoping for Ellison, but consoles himself that Democrats still suck:
At first I was bummed because I thought the other guy would really take the party down and they would never win again but I think the same is true if not more with this guy because Obama got no votes for Hillary and so clearly he does not have the “umph” that people seem to think he does....at least not on the large-scale. 
And with Donna Brazile hanging around they can’t help but lose especially with April Ryan running her lying mouth in the press.
sport blames Hillary. He is the only one. Freepers seem to be sticking to a darker villain:
Ellison and his supporters got the Bernie Sanders treatment. The Clintons prevailed one more time.
Candor7 is sure this is Obama's revenge:
Obama backed Perez. Obama must be pished at Ellison for screwing up the Somali back door entry of undocumented refugees in Minneapolis-St. Paul.. Now they are headed for Emerson, Manitoba.
goldstategop also with Obama.
Its still Obama’s party.

They’ll continue to lose elections.
goldstategop analysis shows terminal amounts of nonwhiteness:
between brown & black, not a white face in the party.

Good news when it comes to Democratic outreach to white voters.

Identity politics crap.
goldstategop really needs to get his message straight:
It was rigged against the Left.

They see the party is still run by Washington insiders.

The Party Of Change!
JLAGRAYFOX hate-watched the whole thing, and declares the Democrats to all be fat and sure to lose in 2018:
Overjoyed that the Democrat Party continues on its non-stop path to destroy itself politically. With purpose, I watched this entire farce today, with the greatest of uncontrolled glee. Ms. Donna Brazile was probably the worst moderator I have ever seen in my entire life!!!

As for the attendees, no new blood in sight, just ugly fat old men and women, party hacks, living off the USA taxpayers, few young people, no steel, auto, oil, coal workers or, truck drivers, etc.,...the real American people, to be found anywhere!!!

The election of Perez and his coronation of Keith Ellison as his co-chair is the blooming political joke of the century!!! A blessing from “Heaven” for Trump & his conservatives!!! I can assure every American....2018 will be a most lousy year for the now totally, failed, Democrat Party!!! LMAO, while rolling on the floor...with non-stop giggles!!! The real great news for Republicans and Trump is that, Obama/Clinton no longer control the Democrat Party......Clinton/Obama, is the absolute new gig!!! I mean...how dumb can a political party get?
Sarah Barracuda is stuck on the Muslm thing:
The Dems didnt choose the Jihadist..prepare for them to start screaming ALLAH AKBAR any moment now
alloysteel - whoever won, Democrats suck and love Muslims:
Face it, NONE of the nominees for the DNC chair would do much to rescue the Democrats from their race to the bottom, as that is their natural habitat.

The Democrats have chosen not to make a total and unilateral move to the Islamic faction (a most favored minority at the moment, over even the Hispanic and Americans of African origin), but have responded to some very earnest pleadings for the less extreme elements.
Inevitable when Democratic politics are discussed, GodAndCountryFirst brings out old USSR terms that he has no idea about:
The Democrat Party is engaged in a war between the Stalinists and the Trotskyists. Today, the Stalinists, led by a Fidel Castro fanboy, won. 
Don’t think this was a battle between the liberals and the commies. They are ALL commies. The most “right-wing” Democrat leader is far, far to the left of the average American.
ImJustAnotherOkie lays out American politics. It's different than I thought!
It most certainly will split the party. That’s always a good thing. Now we have 4 competing factions, Trumpers, #NeverTrumper Globalists, Far Left Wacko’s, and the Left Wacko Globalists..
Attention Surplus Disorder advises Republicans to get angry on behalf of black people, which will be super convincing:
Ellison was unintelligent and as flaming radical as is possible.

Perez is quite a bit more intelligent if not diabolically intelligent and about 90% as flaming radical.

What Republicans should do is to grind on them incessantly Alinsky style because they failed to elect the first Black democrat DNC chair, something the RNC did years ago with what’s-his-name.
Did they serve pizza after the vote today?
faithhopecharity thinks Soros failed, but breaks not a stried in hating Democrats even more after this vote for unspecified reasons:
200 votes for the Anti=American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish Moslem Ahole

every once in awhile SorozNazi doesn’t pass around enough $$$ to get what he wants (most famously, trying to defeat GWBush)

the D party is SICK SICK SICK and we need to explain this over and over again to every possible D voter, that the D party is SICK and should not be entrusted with power again, no matter if the folks we speak with want more socialism or whatever
OddLane argues that despite Obama supporting the winner, black people lost:
Make no mistake. This is an FU, once again, to the people who elected Obama President.

The idea that he [Obama] cares one bit about the well being of black Americans is risible.
Grampa Dave hauls out the old 'Democrats are the real racists because nothing has happened since 1865' crap. Freepers must need a lot of convincing, for how often they bring this up!
Democrats continue their racism as they have since their party was founded, based on slave ownership and racism.

The rats racist party was formed in 1828. So they have close to two centuries of racism against their black slave er voters and politicians,

People also ask Google Search:

Which political party freed the slaves?

Which political party supported slavery in the US?

Which political party is more racist?
hoosiermama shows how pro-black Freepers are:
Black panthers voted intimidation
George Zimmerman

Kill the EPA

Of all the cheering for Trump's antics, nothing seems to get Freepers as fired up as his anti-environmental plans. This surprises me some - I would have guessed it was the wall or anti-Muslim efforts or anti-Crime BS.
But for whatever reason, racism and nativism have momentarily taken a back seat to fucking the world, but especially the US.

The article is about a trial balloon to cut the EPA 50%. I will spare you the dozens of Freepers echoing beethovenfan:
Cut it 100%.
jiggyboy is pretty excited about a return to the pre-EPA days of carcinogens everywhere and rivers lighting on fire:
Scott Slesinger, legislative director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, is worried that much of what we have come to rely on the EPA to do would be undone.

Yes, exactly...
x1stcav characterizes the EPA as Tumbler busybodies:
What we have come to expect from them is a trampling of private property rights and a general SJW snooping into our private lives.
umgud goes with the party line that the EPA is a secret plan to destroy capitalism:
The EPA’s primary mission is to destroy capitalism and just generally F over their fellow man.

This same agency banned over the counter asthma inhalers due to their contribution to green house gas emissions. Bullshit, they are inhaled. This was done out of meanness, not science.

Most of them need fired, many need jailed for crimes against the country.
gaijin goes with the somewhat more hip party line that people he disagrees with are all zealots and not using facts:
Since environmentalism is a religion EPA employees to the very last man should all perform their work pro bono.

they shall Delight in proving their faith.
txrefugee wants a reform where the EPA no longer prevents pollution, it just cleans up when it reaches disaster-levels.
The EPA was Nixon’s worst idea. States should get block grants for clean ups as they are needed. Put that function under FEMA, and abolish the EPA entirely.
Sacajaweau knows extinctions are natural, and thus good. Except for the part of the environment near where he lives.
Stop introducing wolves and catering to owls, frogs and other critters. The world is constantly changing and adapting. It does a pretty good job.

While it may need help here and there, this Protection bit has gone too far.

My big thing is protecting the waters of the US. I live along Lake Ontario...and know this should be the chief target of the EPA.
thulldud knows that the richest Americans are those greedy environmentalists:
I suspect that they really serve the god Mammon, and that means cash only.
Meh. meadsjn advocates death.
All the EPA NAZIs will melt into similar state level agencies, and just continue their reign of terror against the humans.

I'd vote to air drop them half way to the Canary Islands.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Hey, bandit123, when you start mentioning North Korea's criminal laws with approval...
TRUMP could make chiraq or chicago as some call it safe in a heart beat. How you ask ?

Nobody committing violent crime gets jail ever again. No not any more, now they get to do their time at a labor camp NK style or at least farm labor in some un used place. They are lazy and fear work so they choose the thug life. When we catch them we work them instead of paying for them to sit on their lazy asses.
Conservative Gato just knows Kansas would be a success were it not for the media reporting on Kansas being a mess!
The Kansas media has run the Brownback bashing for so long, when it really wasn't his fault, that it cost us many good conservatives in our legislature. The new legislature with more leftists just passed one of the biggest tax hike this state has ever seen. We had tax hikes 2 years ago to fix all the problems as it has failed because they are revisiting about having to raise taxes again. Thank goodness, Brownback vetoed that huge tax bill.

The Kansas medias are bashing him for doing so and continuing to blame him for the mess but it's all lies. Irresponsible spending for decades is what is to blame. The only thing you could fault Brownback is he didn't call out the media's lies like Trump does so he can get things done.

Now, the Kansas media will focus on the bashing of Brownback, to manipulate and get another liberal governor in office like they did with Sebelius. It's all very frustrating to see play out and the medias silence your voice if you speak out. I feel like I'm living in Nazi Germany or communist Russia where opposing views were silenced. Thanks.
...what is a fool in paradise talking about?
Senator Hitlery Clinton shouted on the floor of the Senate in February 2002 about how Bush KNEW in advance about the 9-11 attack.

Democrats are hypocrites.
FreedomMonkey on a story where a lady was hit on the head by some assailant...but she was black???
I wonder if it’s another case of the knockout game. But seems maybe more random.
Jumper on Freepers' endless plans to kill Soros. This time, a team from an action movie to defeat a man imagined from an action movie:
Maybe someone putting out a bounty would do the trick. Why does it have to be a government take down?

It appears Soros has bought and paid for politicians to the extend that government insulates him from prosecution. At some point a group of Expendables could alter the current course of history, once and for all.

Enemies foreign and domesticated, in this instance need to be sent to Russia or their home country for prosecution. Just get those Expendables a C-130 and let them capture him and take him back to from wince he came.
jazminerose is so noble, he would like to hate Muslim women on behalf of other women because of their headgear:
I’ve grown weary of the endless muslim whining. Even more weary of the endless lying.

If you choose to walk around with a symbol of female oppression and brutality on your head, expect people to react to it.
The Truth Will Make You Free has the perfect analogy for Muslims in America:
(The Atlantic) I Was a Muslim in Trump's White House

Some people have rats for pets. If they get lose they, or most definitely their children, revert to their native state and do only harm.
nathanbedford lays out an airtight case against diversity with examples culled from oppressed minorities, fictional Christian persecutions, historical empires that lasted for centuries...
Placing U.S. national security in the hands of people who think America’s diversity is a “weakness” is dangerous. It is false.

False is it? Was it false for the Christians of Lebanon? Of Syria? Of Iraq? Of Afghanistan?

Is it false for the Christians of Paris? Of Malmo, Sweden? Of Cologne, Germany? Of Dearborn Michigan?

Was diversity a strength for the Habsburgs? How did diversity work out for the Ottomans?

Is England today stronger or weaker because it is diversified?
soycd with the inevitable eugenics panacea, but this time it'll be medical!
This happens when you don’t raise children to be honest and logical.

Someday, gene fixing will eliminate these destructive traits and birth good people.
And now a bunch of Freepers wishing Ginsberg to die while Trump's in office. TigerClaws is never one to give up a chance to imagine his wishes as reality:
She’s dying. Her cancer is back.

Trump will replace her.

We all will dance on her grave.
ROCKLOBSTER with the murder implication:
...Ginsburg falling asleep...

She should "be retired".
vette6387 with the creepy scare quotes and spurious use of 'criminal' against someone he doesn't like:
I didn’t say I want her dead.

Well, I do! She’s long overdue to go. I “pray” it doesn’t take much longer. She’s a criminal who’s been allowed to be a SCOTUS Justice. That is a travesty that is long overdue for a permanent remedy. We should make our “prayers” count for something of value.
Vendome has the next eight years laid out for liberals:
Help the left vent their anger, stoke their anger and go further left.

We can probably increase our side by 8, maybe more if we get some real momentum nationally and internationally, then we stand a chance of 12.

We lose 2 but, the net gain is where we really clean up, particularly if we grab one more SCOTUS, for a gain of 1.

That brings us to 2020, when the left just goes crazy, whatever that could be .

Nevertheless, we must promote them going batshit and even further left.

If we do it right, 2020 will begin the long search for purpose, as they wander through the desert for 10 years.

I think by 2024, it’s possible to have a super majority in the house and 60-62 Senate.

Combine that with what will, by then , be a gain of 4 SCOTUS and we are saved for the next 100 years.

I’ve been telling my friends:

“Geeze, show me on the doll where the election hurt you”...
Did you catch the end where he's a complete dick to his friends?

Rebelbase wants to convert the Moon:
Can we fly a Christian Crusader flag at the next lunar landing base?
rodguy911...when sci-fi meets Freepers' love of all conspiracies:
Uhhh.. I’m afraid the moon is a bit passe,if Trump wants to go there he can be there and back over any weekend.

just take one of these:
he TR-3B is Code named Astra. The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B first operational flight was in the early 90s. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Top Secret, Aurora Program with SDI and black budget monies. At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994. The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program. It is funded and operationally tasked by the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and the CIA. The TR-3B flying triangle is not fiction and was built with technology available in the mid 80s. Not every UFO spotted is one of theirs.
johnk has a daily plan, but I don't think it's for sanity...
My Daily Plan for Sanity:

1. DrudgeReport
2. FreeRepublic
3. InfoWars
4. Breitbart
5. Never-Ever Turn on MSM or Public News Shows
6. Read Bible
7. Pray for God’s Intervention on our Behalf
8. Go to step 1

Monday Potpourri pt. III

ConservativeMind dreams of dictatorship:
It would be great to have the authoritative ability to say you will implement institutional changes to make all sorts of liberal dreams into their nightmares, and to do so with a pleasant grin.
Theodore R. is still resentful/envious about desegregation.
Wash. governor orders agencies to ignore immigration requests
Where are the federal marshals going to arrest Inslee they way JFK sent them to Tuscaloosa in 1963 to arrest George C. Wallace had not Wallace stepped aside to permit UA desegregation?
FreedomStar3028 wants some secret police action.
Wash. governor orders agencies to ignore immigration requests

He should get tagged, gagged, and bagged in the middle of the night never to be seen again. 
Illegal aliens by definition are not American citizens and not covered under any states law or US law. Doing this is signalling to actual Americans that illegals are more important to this governor. This guy is simply a traitor to the US and to every Washington citizen.
And the next super white country Freepers declare Muslim ruled race traitors is...Born to Conserve with Sweden!
Sweden died in the nineteenth century.

The vigor and brains of Sweden emigrated generations ago. Their dregs coasted on geographical isolation for a hundred years, now they have been consumed by the islamic fungus.

— a fourth generation American swede.
richardtavor tells a totally true story of Jews in Sweden:
I have Jewish fiends who live there and they say it is much worse than reported even by Fox. They are in constant fear for their lives. They stay there to make sure that the Jewish presence stays there and not be erased as it has been in so many countries.
littleharbour tries to figure out a way to expel Muslims, even though he seems to realize it's unconstitutional:
not even conservative judges will uphold any law that attempts to expel muslims who are born as citizens, naturalized, or green cards, if those people haven’t broken a law. America is essentially stuck with 99% of the muslims who are currently inside its borders.

That’s why Trump needs to stop all muslim immigration now - regardless of country. Islam needs to be declared incompatible with the US constitution. Stop pussy footing around with attempted bans from terrorist nations.

The real threat isn’t the occasional terrorist attack - it’s the fundamental destruction of American civil liberties through sharia law, speech codes, no-go zones in cities, and special rights for a “religion” that hates American democratic institutions.
dragonblustar does not like the free marketplace:
I heard that Breitbart removed Milo because of fear of losing funding.

I’m listening to Info Wars and they are complaining that their ads are being censored by Google.

The left and establishment are trying to go after the money to shut up the right.
just as Flynn resigned to investigate Pizzagate, txhurl declares Yolo Mineapolis...
MILO Resigns from Breitbart News

I’ve just read thru 40 reply’s and no-one has yet mentioned that he resigned to help Bannon!

I’m kinda hoping he left to help Sessions with pizzagate. By telling his story, he can get underagers to possibly rat out their johns.
Titus-Maximus declares the only non-conman politician!
“Both are con men, wrapping themselves in higher causes”

Describes everyone from Al Gore Junior to Hillary Edmund Clinton to Brabra Streisand (Ms.BS).

They have been saying that about Trump for 17 months, and he is the only politician that keeps his promises. He is the anti-conman.
I guess hitting on some comment somewhere, IDontLikeToPayTaxes's really indignant that liberals never forget.
Did you know that the Left STILL makes fun of Dan Quayle for misspelling "potato?"

The whole thing was a scam and a lie.

But the media and the Left crafted a narrative and a hit piece against Dan Quayle and it's lasted for nearly 30 years.

That's just ONE example of the Left and the media doing a hit job on a non-Liberal.

My God, WAKE UP. How can conservatives STILL be this dense and naive about attacks from the Left?
Meanwhile, mention Ted Kennedy or Robert Byrd and it's 100 posts...

IDontLikeToPayTaxes has a new word for religious people he disagrees with:
It's a relatively new Christian phenomenon called "Churchianity."

One element that the "Churchians" use is to use the Bible as a weapon at ANY disagreement, no matter how mild and reasonable. They also use Christianity to completely buy into every premise of the Left.

Another is to destroy anybody the Left targets for destruction to "virtue-signal" your moral righteousness. The "Conservative" "Churchians" are not an ally to the Right or to Western Civilization.

Many of them are right here at Free Republic.
little jeremiah puts quotes around "gay" for unknown reasons:
Milo recently stated that he is willing to try “gay” conversion therapy.
Bastion of tolerance Boomer doesn't hate gay people, but will never trust them.
I won’t pretend to understand Gay men (women I kinda get) but what I have done, decades ago, was to accept they exist and have every right to their wants and needs as I do as a non Gay guy.

My personal interaction with them in the medical field all those years ago did teach me to not trust Gay guys (they can be really catty) but also to not automatically dislike them either. Some are as normal (otherwise) as any straight guy and some are flaming in your face.
tennmountainman is now just making up stuff to substantiate the protesters are dirty meme.
Protesters did more damage to the enviornment with their trash, condoms,
maxi pads and dirty underwear, than oil ever will.
henkster has a whole series of slippery slopes laid out:
I think they will go incest first before pedophilia. Once you get past incest, nothing will seem “disgusting” anymore. But pedophilia is definitely on the list. Homosexuality is like a virus; it cannot reproduce naturally, but must infect a new host in order to replicate. That host is in the form of young boys and girls who are just starting get curious about their sexuality, but have not created a sexual identity.

That’s who they deliberately target.

Oh, and by the way, on the list after pedophilia is bestiality and necrophilia. Not sure which order. Maybe they will combine them and sex with dead animals will be considered something to “celebrate.”
Pollster1 finds the dissent against Trump to be more proof of a coming Civil War:
the current rejection of Trump is dangerous in the long term, and I expect a comparable or even stronger response to the next democrat. It may be implemented differently, but we are very likely to reject the legitimacy of the next democrat’s actions. Their actions will certainly be unconstitutional (outside the enumerated powers, and in violation of the 8th, 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th Amendments), just as democrats are rejecting President Trump because they claim he’s rude or violating norms.

The solution? Civil war - eventually. Both sides have to be more tired of fighting than we are angry about the other side. Given the level of evil and intolerance among the Ctrl-Left, I am skeptical that anything short of a shooting war would end this. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve been hoping this would not escalate since the days of bill Clinton, and I never get my wish.
rockinqsranch wonders why no one has yet proven all these protestors are paid????
We need Fox, James O’ Keefe, somebody of record to launch a drone prior to one of these Town hall events anywhere USA, locate the busses, and video the agitators getting off of those busses. That, or locate the busses, and at the end of the protest video them getting onto the busses.

I’d like to see somebody interview the bus drivers to find out who the bus company is, and pursue that avenue as well.

Main thing I want to see is some attempt to identify the fact to the public these agitators are in fact bussed in, and somebody is paying for those busses even if we can’t get the fact established the agitators are being paid.

Nobody seems to be doing such videos.
Impy is willing to forgo due process, because he fears liberal plots to free terrorists:
Former Gitmo detainee blows himself up in Iraq, ISIS claims responsibility

I’ve said it before, release them ALL, into the atmosphere. Do it now, before some lib scheme to free them succeeds.

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Lopeover is all about speech, as Freepers yell about boycotting everyone who doesn't rush to pay for Trump products:
If we deny Milo the right (under our laws) to communicate his thoughts on a topic - that he even experienced in his own life and may not have a view we like - then shame on us. Not every human being is born into good families. He has probably heard a wide range of experiences from the gay community. I do not think boys can be turned into gays.

My son is gay and he has a good family and was not ever abused as a child. We never turned our back on him either. And I would shoot any SOB Cuck that wants to hurt him.
Drew68 has his priorities straight:
Why are some conservatives still defending [Milo]?

Because he's pissing off the right people.
Gene Eric also forgives Milo, since he's useful. No homo.
Milo is indeed a flaming homo. But he’s also a brilliant political wedge. You don’t see any value there? Keep in mind that I have no tolerance for the homo agenda.
o0O0o is working to declare those Bundy yahoos unFreep:
How does this Bundy group fit in with Evan ‘McMuffin’, Glenn Beck and the NeverTrumpers?
ROCKLOBSTER is still birthin'
Well, between his presidential-assassin polygamist father and his hot to globe-trot polygamist hippie mother...

We need some freaking paperwork!
JLAGRAYFOX is blaming Obama for secretly being behind all Trump's failures:
The human scum & vermin, America hater, and would be America destroyer, known as Barack Hussein Obama continues his “leading from behind” mantra. He and Hillary Clinton hide in the sewers of hate & envy, along with the “Rat” Democrat Party low life!!!

Obama has neither the courage or backbone to be in the public eye as he continues his quest to destroy the American Republic!!! He is truly the “Satan Snake In The Grass” Worst POTUS in the history of the USA!!!
txhurl, on the other hand, wants MORE Obama; he's itching for a fight and has no targets!
Not only have the RATS gone dark, Zero himself seems to have been duct-taped since he was hustled to his rental mansion two miles away from Trump.

Seriously, for a guy who swore he was gonna bring it to DJT, have you heard his name mentioned in a month?

No? because he’s in EXILE, house arrest.

No tweets, no quotes, no coketail parties with Beyonce and Kanye, no nuttin’. Just drewh keeping us apprised of what Malia’s wearing to work every day.

OBAMA HAS BEEN SILENCED. I gave him the long-shot odds he’d be half-white and let DJT get through President’s Day before unleashing mightily on him, but I see that *isn’t happening*.
LUV W, though, just thinks Obama's gone SOROS International:
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen's headquarters RAIDED by police in 'scandal' investigation

Look at Soros/obama in the background.
metmom thinks Trump is Godly and Obama was evil, because this is all God's test.
I believe that we are in the end times and God has given us one more chance before He brings the curtain down.

We had 8 years of evil in obama and that was God’s line in the sand for His people, to force them to choose sides.

Now He has given us a godly man and woman and is forcing the left to choose sides.

And they are.

And His judgment that He reigns down will be justly deserved.
upchuck remembers the great virtuous days of 2000:
Unfortunately, our precious country has fallen far since 9-11. I put a majority of blame on nobama and his lackeys.
Inner War? RoseofTexas's command of English seems to be slipping.
I REALLLLLLLLLLY believe this country is heading for a horrorible nasty ugly INNER WAR!!! There is no easy fix..NONE ZIPPO...sorry but there is ONLY one way to cure this cancer in our society... a PHYSICAL removal of this poisonous tumor that’s killing our nation!!
Ciexyz's liberal friends are just too angry, for some unexplained reason.
You can’t talk to these anti-Trump people. They’re infecting ordinary chat groups and Facebook threads with their bile. They can’t hold in their rage, they’re like Vesuvius ready to explode. I just lost two long time friends when they started to bully me on the Internet - they went batsh## crazy on me like they went off their meds.
huckfillary is grooming Barron Trump to take the crown:
I would ask the recently retired Dr. Thomas Sowell to be the young Trump’s tutor.
bboop is also ready to serve:
I’ve got my CV ready, tho. Let’s team teach and we’ll get Sowell to step in in a few years.
Tennessee Nana knows the important thing is that Obama's daughters are black sluts.
wherever he goes, he wont be twerking and smoking dope like the Obama girls...
9YearLurker is sure Trump listened to his recommendation for National Security Adviser.
I contacted Team Trump Tues night recommending McMaster & gave them all the backstory I had.

They took my advice ;)

Congratulations—looks like Trump made a fantastic choice!
Jimmy The Snake is dreaming the Freeper dream...from like a year ago. WALL is old and busted, dude!
Then use your pull to have Trump’s next big event down at the Border surrounded by Bulldozers and he yells “Gentlemen start your engines! Let’s build a WALL!” Doesn’t Trump know how to drive one? Thought his Dad taught him. Hell give him a few lessons. That would be way cool.
frnewsjunkie explains the problem with right-wing tactics is not enough distracting tu quoque:
I’m convinced that almost everyone has something to hide... almost everyone has a past or something that others do not know... HOWEVER, the left find it and uses it for their purposes... The right won’t do that.. they know there is plenty to use.. they just won’t use it.

So where does that leave us? Up the creek, if we don’t get smart and cut them off at the pass.
I’ve heard it said “we can’t stoop to that kind of thing”... well, we’d better get smart in an area where it works... or we are gonna lose this battle. they are getting uglier and uglier... and using every trick in the book... and some that are not even written yet.

Don’t let them talk about russia without bringing in hillary and the uranium she sold to russia... and the fact they knew russia was doing.. and let it pass thinking hillary would win.. Go over and over this .. don’t let them pin this only on our side.. it will shut them down if they know hillary and their side will be talked about every time they bring it up.
Cololeo is pretty into another Freepers' detailed torture fantasy:
I would like to see a deli slicer in his future, a millimeter at a time. Back and forth, back and forth, let the blade relieve him of what he clearly has no concept of responsible use for. Then make him a sandwich of it and make him eat it.

Netz rails against the worst bigotry - the one effecting a group he's part of!
In an era where we call bigotry and Racism, “Hate Crime” no other such hate crime plays out like good old fashioned Antisemitism.

In an amazing process, hatred against Jews defies all the normal bounds of hatred. It is not enough that Jews are the targets of hatred for some 5,000 years now but more so for the last 2,000 years and have had all possible forms of violence brought against them, that even after they die, their graves are desecrated.

No other group is hounded even after dying and being buried!
gr8eman explains that the President doesn't need to be precise - only idiots require precision! Also remember when Europe kept World War 2 secret?
He is the US President and he doesn’t have to be precise at all. Whiney liberals who watched their crooked heroine go down in flames just want to play nanny nanny neener with the “facts” and details because that’s the limit of their intellect.

The collective silence of the elitists in Europe can’t keep what’s happening secret anymore like they did in WWII!

Monday Potpourri pt. I

MSF BU is so racist he mixes up black people with fictional mutants:
...as regards driving through urban slums in warm weather, I’m reminded of Charlton Heston’s line in the Omega Man: “My God, it’s almost dark. They’ll be waking up soon.”
SMGFan is working to make all myths true:
I believe his ,mosque was in Jersey City - Journal Square a block away from where roof top cheering on 9/11
Man, HarleyLady27 ain't quite right these days:
Oh my gosh, sitting here with tears running down my face...

Our beautiful First Lady opening with The Lords Prayer...

And Our President wanting to be with us, the American People in the County he loves so much...

Do you know just how fortunate we are that God has answered our prayers and has His Hands on Our President and Our Country!!!

This is America people, the America we know!!!
It's an amusing reversal how many Freepers were broken by Trump's victory

Flavious_Maximus heard this laughable piece of Soviet propaganda:
The TRUE reason that NATO was created was not to defend against attack from the Soviet Union, but to prevent the European states from attacking each other.

I say again, the ONLY reason NATO exist is to prevent Germany and France from fighting each other.
M. Thatcher is sure that the lack of arresting Hillary is just laying in wait to arrest her even harder!
Sessions is "the dog that didn't bark." His silence speaks volumes; I would venture that the public silence is due to beneath-the-radar legal activity that is beyond intense right now. My guess is he's convening grand juries, indictments are coming down, and people are going to prison.

Explains the somber - even shaken - reaction to Comey.
Because there are no principles or history anymore, marktwain has stumbled into the New Deal as a possible conservative idea.
I do not like the idea of a guaranteed income. Maybe we could guarantee low paying, subsidized jobs, that everyone would like to get out of...
Showing racism bears classism, HomerBohn explains that Somalis are too lazy for the latest lazy poors meme:
Rumor has it the 0bamaphones will be replaced by Trump Alarm Clocks.

The alarm clocks will wake folks up so they are not late for work.

One would have to put a charge of TNT under the pad of a Somali ‘migrunt’. They like to sleep until 10 AM, report for ‘work’ at 11 and clock out at 2PM.

Just ask anyone in Lewiston, Maine where Obama sent hundreds in to be ‘assimilated’ but they dried up the city treasury used to feed their Muslim asses instead.
nickcarraway cries that God wants white people to be more fertile:
So me not wanting a house load of kids caused pregnant Maria to waddle across the border....Right LOL

What is the fertility rate of white, non-Hispanic people in the U.s.? 1.2? It’s way lower than replacement rate. Not a “houseful of kids.” Look, you can ignore G-d’s law all you want and laugh in His face. But actions have consequences.
Regulator mixes some genetic-speak into his White Supremecist pablum:
It was blue eyed Caucasians, brown eyed Caucasians, Green eyed Caucasians of the R1a, I2 and R1b haplotypes that founded Athenian Greece, res publica Rome, Parliamentary England, Carolingian Germany and France, and eventually the crowning glory, Protestant America.

So why do you think Jesus wasn't Caucasian?
Greeks ain't that white, dude...

Not even bothering anymore, detective 'feels' his conspiracy theories.
I feel that Flynn was targeted because of his insider knowledge of treason within the Obama administration particularly in regard to Iran.
detective hates the NFL even as he clearly follows it pretty closely:
The NFL is again behaving badly and encouraging the homosexual agenda.

First Goodell ordered the Rams to draft an openly homosexual player who clearly should never have been in the draft. Then they broadcast this homosexual on TV tongue kissing his boyfriend.

Then the NFL made false and dishonest charges against Tom Brady that could easily be disproved by simple high school science.

Then they supported Colin Kaepernick and his public disrespect for America and the American flag.

Now the NFL is telling the State of Texas that unless they adopt the homosexual agenda regarding bathroom access they will be punished.
Taking a page from Freepers of another generation, detective knows the Civil Rights movement was a Communist plot!
The Communist Party and others planned and organized the bus boycott. It was decided to target Montgomery Alabama because the bus system was owned by a northern company.It was decided a woman would be used to sit in the seats designated for whites. Several women were recruited and Rosa Parks was eventually the one chosen.
madison10 really can't get up a good creative froth of hate against the latest Democratic leadership yet.
_uck Schumer is an enemy of the Republic.
madison10 does that thing where he says something unamerican, and at the end declares that's what the liberals actually want:
How ‘bout we declare Michael Moore insane and give him a padded cell? (’course that is what they want to do to us)
Boomer is working hard to isolate himself:
I basically kicked my high school reunion people to the curb since finding out most of them are whiny liberal fascists who believe everything their radical leadership tells them.
Boomer declares fast food is over:
Looks like fast food will soon be off the menu. AZ voters, being not so bright, passed an increase in the minimum wage. All it will do is cause higher unemployment and drive some places out of business.

For those who used to buy fast food as a splurge will now simply not buy it at all.
Reminding me of someone, TTFlyer is pretty sure that every liberal is working together in a vast conspiracy that has already succeeded:
This “Constitutional crisis” has been planned all along.

The “Shadow Government,” working in concert with the Media, Hollywood, Academia, and financed by the Globalist elites, is intent on destroying the Presidency of Donald Trump by any means necessary.

The sooner people realize this fact the sooner they can react to this coup d’├ętat.
ROCKLOBSTER wants to outsource his desire to kill protestors to evil Muslims:
Gay Refugee from Afghanistan Charged with Assault for Blocking Betsy DeVos

They should deport him to an address on the top of the tallest building in Kabul.

(just to save them the trouble)
It seems Harmless Teddy Bear worked logistics in the military, and does the Freeper thing of assuming his experience is universal:
A realistic war movie would be watching a bunch of people doing things like repairing stuff, cleaning stuff, loading stuff, unloading stuff and dealing with the guy who demands "Where's my stuff?" War is a whole lot of grunt work, paperwork and waiting around for things to happen while watching your socks mold.

No one would ever go see a realistic war movie.
After this winter, when it comes to global warming, all pgkdan has left is strawmen.
This can’t be true. California is in permanent drought due to man made climate change. It’s never gonna rain there again. #SettledScience.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Spotlight: Yaelle

A 1999 prolific Freeper. A Jew who often laments that she's been ostracized by her liberal fellows, right before she turns around and declares them all false Jews.

She has almost all the qualities of a perfect Freeper - conspiracies, loathing of gays, Muslims, liberals; anecdotes about spanish speaking people who she assumes must be here illegally, hatred of feminists...but she also does this fake empathy thing where she talks about the poor suffering liberal/transgender/woman or whatever, only to sadly explain that they need to suck it. It's truly an loathsome country-club way to hate.

And then you hear how she feels lonely even around her own family, and you wonder what's broken here.

The perfect Trump post:
It’s like we have a FReeper in the White House!
Except how Freepers keep on switching their principles to conform with Trump's...

The REAL thin-skinned baby President is Obama!
You just HAD an 8 year President full of narcissism who never had to take a punch. Because you babyproofed the country for him.
It's hard out there for a conservative Jew.
It’s sad. I’m Jewish and conservative and understand what Trump is doing for us. Something I have prayed for.

My daughter goes to a new preschool in a synagogue and I am sure if I mentioned Around the school that I was for Trump it would be like saying I drink owl blood for breakfast. My extended family know I am conservative barely tolerate me.

I don’t know why many Jews don’t like Trump. He seems so NY Jewish in a way because he grew up among them. I hear the dumbest things that semi-intelligent people shouldn’t fall for, that he is a buffoon, a racist. He is not.
More on her Jewish conservative pain.
The main reason why jews are liberal today in 2015 is fear of being shamed by their friends and family. It is harder to come out at Passover as conservative than gay, in a non orthodox extended family. I’ve done it. The former, that is. You will never be as accepted as you were, you will never be seen the same. If you came out as gay, you’d be the star of the show. Everyone would want to be seen as being close to you. If you announce you’re voting for the Republican, it’s like announcing you just pooped on the floor.

I have heard that it is very similar in black american extended families as well.
Fuck all liberal Jews. WHY DO THEY HATE ME?????
Jews like Schumer are Jinos. They might eat a bagel and shmear but they hate actual Judaism.
Oh dear, what is going on here?
Even with my four beautiful kids, I feel so alone so much that I need to start to create more of a family even of friends around.
Women need to feel strong enough to not cling to idiots when their new flame is seen to be one. Best to back up and be alone than to feel stuck to some guy whom your kids do not even like.
But conservative women are so independent and happy and all think like this:
A conservative woman knows that whatever she wants to do and does is feminine because she is a woman, period. If she climbs a peak, knits a sweater, wins an Olympic gold medal, is a stay at home mom, whatever she wants, she has nothing to prove. She doesn’t feel she is a protected class. She is a woman and whatever she does, is what women do.

A conservative woman embraces the differences women have (most of the time - except for once a month, or peeing in the snow). She feels lucky to be able to carry a child in her body, and to dress up pretty, and to turn male heads. She’s also lucky to be able to surf, drive fast, command a board room, pick up a check, and still get to do the other stuff! She isn’t conflicted about it nor does she feel the need to study her gender for four years at a university.

A conservative woman doesn’t need to spend a lot of time regretting the children she aborted, hopefully.

A conservative woman enjoys her man. She enjoys him enjoying his rougher pleasures, football, hunting, whatever, even if she doesn’t partake with him. She doesn’t take him to malls to hang bags of clothes on him, she doesn’t dress him in pale pastels and make manscaping appointments for him. SHE DOESNT DRESS HIM IN A PLAID ONESIE. She likes him the way he is.

A conservative woman knows the planet isn’t in danger of being a “wrong” temperature, so she is happy going about her life. She gets involved in making the world a better place, but she also steps back from this work to enjoy her family. Her priorities are on straight.

She is happier than a liberal because she doesn’t need to seek out “leaders” to find out what to think. She doesn’t have to follow what other people are doing, even if a majority of her friends are doing it. She doesn’t care what movie actors say. She isn’t offended by differences of thought or opinion, because above and beyond all else, she loves freedom, so she welcomes any opinions or beliefs in order for her, too, to be free to espouse her own.
'We should end all entitlements that don't help me!'
Personally, as a mom of two special needs kids and a daughter of two, one still alive, special needs (alzheimers) elderly parents, I believe our country should spend $ on those who can not help themselves.

I am for supportive state stipends to keep our helpless fed, safe, and happy, and even for a federal law regarding it.

That is where our social help in this country needs to go. I would not give ONE PENNY to anyone, not one service, to anyone not legally in this country. I might not even give any social service to mere residents, either. They have another country to go to. I would not allow family members from foreign lands to come and receive services. I wouldn’t give a lot of the corporate or farming tax breaks, I’d not try and keep evil world powers at bay with our money either.

But I’d make sure our disabled (including helpless seniors) had everything they needed to live a decent life. Period. I think that is money well spent.
Rush Limbaugh used to quote her on his show all the time!
For the record, I owe Rush hugely and bigly for my becoming conservative. I loved and adored him for many years and was so proud each time he chose to use my words (from FR) on his show. I just lost some respect for him this last year.
This entire post is too long and kinda rambling, but it refers to some kind of Rush-working-for-Chuck-Schumer conspiracy? LOL.

Her family is a meritocracy. Sounds delightful.
Can socialism work on a very small scale? Yes. It takes a tiny tiny group of extreme likemindeds who love and accept each other and agree to work for the common goal and take care of the weakest without expecting anything from them. Some families operate like this. But most families also live with a normal, human nature- allowing, meritocracy as well. So, really, socialism is a fully failed idea.

In 2016, with all the evidence on the table, socialism is merely a means to control a lot of people by a few who keep power and resources to themselves.
She homeschools, but only part way.
No one told Abe Lincoln’s mother he could only read state-approved books for his education. If there are vouchers they will be forced to be used on approved whatever, classes, curricula... homeschoolers tend to want absolute freedom to choose how they educate their kids. And I agree. (I only homeschool 2 classes for one middle schooler because he is at a hybrid school)
Diagnosing illegality.
It is horrible how much free health care illegals have access to. The last time I gave birth I shared a room with a mom who also had multiple kids and didn’t speak ANY English. I bet she was an illegal. I was thinking of how we (even with 80% coverage) would be paying off that c section for months, whereas hers was FOR FREE. How is that fair?
Achmed Boom Boom Clock Factory
What do all the people killed by terrorists think about Muslims?
KitCat, I was thinking just this morning, if we could bring back all the dead victims on 9/11, even the probably very lib victims in Paris and Orlando, I’d LOVE to hear their position on unfettered immigration from terrorist sponsoring countries. What about their families, torn apart, bereft????

The libs screaming racism today MIGHT LOSE THEIR SON OR GIRLFRIEND TOMORROW in the next attack. Is taking in and not enforcing visas of people from those countries worth their future tragedy????
Her survey of Muslim cab drivers found so many Jihadis
After 9/11 I traveled in taxis a fair amount in several big American cities, like Chicago, Las Vegas, a bunch. And whenever I got a driver from the ME I started up a religious conversation, got into terrorism, and it was always an interesting, friendly conversation, and I’d slip in my big question casually, “But there are some people at your mosque who support al quaeda...” And, sad to say, in 100% of the cases the answer was something like “Well, sure, but I have nothing to do with those crazy people.”


So I learned this back then and am not surprised that still, at every mosque, there are some who are waiting for the violent path to the caliphate.

And the liberals of all western countries don’t believe this. They are the doofuses being used for their bleeding hearts. There are a lot more parts going to end up bleeding
'After Convention, Trump should make a Civility Speech.' Haha, how did she think this would play on Freep?
Ok, everyone disagrees, no worries.

I would never want him to stop being Trump.
I would never want the speech to be too close to a terror attack or the Convention.
This is in reference to the BLM / cop killing incidents, not Islamic terror.

The number one problem in inner cities is decivilization, period. I guess I’m the only one who feels that it would be very good to expect MORE CIVILIZATION from American citizens, not the bigotry of low expectations going on today where we allow people to rut and attack like animals.
Hillary in the debate sounded smart. CHEATER!
I was listening to the debate in the car. Her sentences were AMAZING in vocab and structure. I thought she must have been reading or wearing a wire. Who can speak off the cuff like that with complex, perfect sentence structure?
Doing that cloying 'Bernie is at least principled.'
I have seen no evidence Bernie is a dirty double crossing murderous traitor, committing felonies as easily as coughing and seizing up.

He is a legit politician, for what that is worth, and believes his crap. I differ with him on 95% of issues but I respect him and his right to believe as he does.
The Clenis.
Trump used a term to say Hillary got beaten, which is a word for a penis.

Hillary terrorized to keep them quiet, women her husband RAPED with a penis.

Hillary cheated on Bill and then killed all the evidence
Both Hilary and Donald cheated. But Donald let his mistresses live.
Hillary's pee bag.
I think her pee bag is worn in front now. Her legs don’t have it any more. But she looked 6 mo pregnant now.
Hillary coming out as a lesbian:
Can’t you imagine Hillary sobbing on camera in the touching interview where maybe they bring out the other old fossil Barbara Walters, smear the lens with Vaseline, and have Hillary tell the story of how she was forced to marry a good friend, Bill Clinton, because back in the dark ages it was not accepted to be a Member of the LGBT community. Talk about Must See TV. Bombshell. Shocking News. Hillary tells all about her Rainbow Struggle and why she has kept it secret after all these years. And now in 2015 finally she can Be Who She Was Meant To Be.
Obama coming out as gay:
One day Obama will come Out and then he will have been the first President.
Obama gay
Obama seems pretty homosexual from what people who have been with him say. Never heard anything about Michelle, she is probably hetero. That first kid looks enough like both of them. He must have pretended Mooch was a guy and spawned with her.
Rahm Emmanuel gay:
"Maybe those judges don't know WHO I AM. If I want to be mayor of Chicago, I GET TO BE MAYOR OF CHICAGO! They will see. I don't care who I have to BLOW or KILL to get there, but I will get there!! Right, Eli??"
Michelle Obama ugly.
OMGosh, I just turned it on, and now Obama is giving a speeach with Michelle LIVE.

Michelle looks hideous. She is wearing some kind of housedress with football pads under it, no lipstick or white lipstick, and her own natural hair, but pulled back in a bun.

Obama appears to be reading/stumbling over written notes, but he is still turning his head first left, and right as he speaks, as through there were prompters.

He is speaking about the tragedy of the terrorist attack, with absolutely no feeling, as if he were reading the Mumbai phone book.

Indians, are you are unimpressed as we are???
Obama gay, maybe related to his daughter.
Obama seems pretty homosexual from what people who have been with him say. Never heard anything about Michelle, she is probably hetero. That first kid looks enough like both of them. He must have pretended Mooch was a guy and spawned with her.
This passive aggressive bullshit she does on Chelsea has me so much more angry than the usual Freeper hate-stylings.
Blessings for the child; he can’t help to whom he was born. Every baby is a gift. And I do hope the Hubbell genes remain dormant.
More loathsome Chelsea crap.
Chelsea, WE didn’t choose your mom’s least attractive law partner to get sperm to make you. THEY did. They could have asked attractive Vince but they went with WEBB. If you’re insulted, don’t look at us.
'I'm so principled I refuse to insult gays, I'll just decide every Democrat is gay.'
I’m a good donor and if JimRob wants to throw me off for not calling homosexuals names, he can. I love FR but I have homosexuals in my circle of people I also love. People with sexual response to those of their same gender — some who do not act upon it as well.

Sorry; I don’t think we need to call people with differences names. My child with disabilities doesn’t need to be called a moron. Shep smith doesn’t need to be called a fudge packer. It is the one place I differ with many freepers. I am extremely committed to conservative principles.
Her empathy ends with Megyn Kelley, who posed for magazines, which means she was asking to be sexually harassed.
It’s not harassment if you are lying on his couch naked with your legs spread, and your modeling pictures all over his desk.
Defending Milo.
On FR, the men hoot and chortle over a teen boy being sexually abused by an older, hot teacher, but straight guys don’t get abused by adults as much (except for some who do get abused by gay men). Gay boys and straight girls are easier to convince that the relationship with a Svengali type of adult is “love.” And some end up as prostitutes or worse.

Milo is being honest. This happens to many young teen kids. He should not be disinvited for telling the truth about older pedophilia and how teens don’t understand that these adults are wrong.
She's OK with porn.
I don’t have a problem with porn really. It has always been.
Now back to hating on a Michelle Obama who never existed beyond right wing hate-dreams
"Mmmmm... This lobster is excellent! Well, (chomp, chomp), remember that me and Barack, we are DOWN with the struggle! We have BEEN THERE, baby. Uh, yeah, please, more champagne... (slurp) We know what it's like to stuff our shoes with newspaper... When we had to live with no electricity... Hey, for a sec in February the power flickered in our Aspen hotel suite, and it brought me right BACK to the days in that leaky apartment, no heat, Mama dying of diptheria on blankets on the floor... Oh yes, we will have the chocolate souffle, yes, make that a double portion... Barack's mama was so poor and single, they scraped by in the hood on food stamps and handouts... We are ONE with you poor people, aint nothing more noble than poverty and want... Speaking of which, I still want that caviar, please leave it on the table... "
Some weak-ass guilt by association with Obama's mother
A communist daddy. Her first semester in college and she takes Russian. Hmmm. And big Daddy Obama was also taking in Russian. In 1960, height of the Cold War. Hmmm.
Herman Cain's affairs don't matter because of gay Obama tin foil:
What if we stayed with Herman through this? Wouldn’t that put a final end to any adult sexual affairs ruining things forever from our candidates? Is it possible to do that? But Herman has GOT to take a different tack.

we can still bring up Obama and how people DIED at someone’s hand to protect obama’s affairs. And how at least Herman is hetero.

Predicting Obama will skip all the debates in 2012. And then she gets REALLY crazy...
Watch for Obama to have a terrible vomiting stomach bug or something. He has to get out of it or he’s walking into doom. If Schieffer pulls a Candy-Collude it will be worse than Obama standing there twiddling his thumbs.

In fact, with Benghazi the way it is, for this debate you could give Obama his prompter back and Romney would still win.

Romney must not eat anything cooked by strangers from now until the debate. Making Romney ill or not showing is Obama’s only hope.
Lock Obama up for being Muslim.

Hmm. Would that have made the Obama White House retroactively a terrorist organization? Is Huma still on the CF payroll???
Swooning over how Trump totally still carries a gun.
‘General Trump’ does indeed have balls of steel..and the good God is protecting him.

I bet he still carries.
No idea what this means.
the second the weapon was identified they knew that since you can't ban knives, no point in even discussing what happened.

That deserves repeating.

Which means anyone killed by a gun in a mass crime dies for liberal ideology.
'My Dad, who went to a California State University, never got any government help!'
Trying to figure how the government made my father the success that he was. The only credit the government gets is to allow my father to become a citizen from his Displaced Person passport less status as a Holocaust survivor.

It was my dad who saw the kids going to UCLA and said, I want that too. And it was my dad, no government program, who went out and got three jobs to pay for college. He studied hard, helped coach the cricket team, went to med school, got his licenses, and hung out his own medical shingle. Where is the government in all this?
Social contract? What's that?
This makes perfect logical sense (to CA libs only). When you make sandwiches for your children, why not keep making them until every child in town has one? There are a lot of children who could use a sandwich. That’s a really good thing to do. So let’s do it.

Uh oh, it costs money. I used my money all up to make all those sandwiches. Whoops. Wait a sec, I’ve got it. Ask EVERYBODY you can find for some money. Then make sandwiches for the whole world! This is a good plan.
Poor transgenders. We gotta ban them from gym.
I am ok with transgender women who have to pee, using the have been doing it since I was born. We never knew or cared before, why now?


The poor kids with gender dysphoria should not undress fully at school, or use bathroom stalls. They should even be excused from PE as far as I am concerned. You don’t want vaginas visible in the boys locker room, and you don’t want penii in the girl’s. No.
Sixteen people got the measles in New York. Two were unvaccinated by choice. Two others were infants too yng to be vaccinated. TWELVE PEOPLE WERE ALL VACCINATED.

If vaccinations were so great, who cares if some people aren’t vaccinated? But vaccinated does not equal immune. And it does equal a lot of neurotoxins in the brain. A FREE REPUBLIC would allow freedom to choose and this outbreak is a perfect example.

Don’t support following governments blindly.
Pizzagate, of course. With the usual wishes for deaths.
Pedosta’s ashes in a pizza box?

That would be a beautiful day.
Liberals somehow can't see that Hillary is infinitely evil.
I don’t know if you’ve conversed about Hillary with a liberal. Their response to your telling them about actual felonies she’s committed sometimes is “Oh, they ALL do it. She’s no worse than any other politician.” They don’t realize that she really, asymptotically so, is GREATLY worse than many infamously crooked politicians. They do not get it and the media made sure of that.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Black preschoolers

Hard to find time with all the Freeper madness, but here is another from the vaults.

A study finds that black children are more likely to be suspended from preschool. The study proves no causation. But the article Free Republic linked assumed the cause was racism; Free Republic scoffs at that idea, and then decides that the cause is that blacks are inferior. Some take pains to say it's 'cultural' inferiority, others call for blacks to be sterilized.

House Atreides wants black children sequestered from the normals:
Yes, by all means let these little feral, undisciplined creatures run wild and disrupt the learning environment for all the other pre-schoolers. Hell, they might even serve as models for the other children to emulate.
areukiddingme1 knows preschoolers are very into politics:
Why bother with teaching self-control, respect, and discipline...those are very old and outdated social norms that our Grandparents used to insist upon...how boring.

And lying, cheating, and stealing...well, just look at their role models - Clinton and Obama...
American Constitutionalist thinks Oprah is the problem:
Outrageously racism..... sarcasm...

Let's see ? it couldn't be because there are no fathers teaching and training up their children to do right ?
Or they are reaping whirlwind of the influences of the hip hop culture ?
Or that feminism is having more drastic and bad effects ( the Oprah Cult ) on the black race than we ever thought ?
Na, it can't be... that would be racism to say that.
DUMBGRUNT is still on about crack babies:
Prenatal cocaine exposure?
jonose continues with the old canards of Reagan:
Root of problem is that being a baby momma is a business.
More babies = more benefits.

At some point we will get to a point that parenthood will require a license and 2 parents, with a parenting plan.
Star Traveler has observed blacks, and has some conclusion:
overall from what I’ve seen ... blacks are loud, rowdy and boisterous. You may find those other blacks who are not - but I can pretty well guarantee you that when you get a bunch of blacks together - you can hear them from “a mile away” and they will be very very rowdy!

Now, I’m describing this from what I’ve seen directly. I’ve come to expect it, as a result of my long history of seeing it.

Now, whites may gather at a party and be loud and boisterous in that setting. I’ve seen that, too - especially if you get a bunch of men together (but not so much with the women). BUT black women are going to be as loud and rowdy as the men - and they seem to sometimes compete with them.

The difference with the “white crowd” and being loud and rowdy and unruly - is that they will limit it to certain settings, but will not be that way in public settings (as a rule). They seem to know That the “setting” makes a difference, and they act accordingly.

Another thing is that many blacks are very rude and/or pushy. Now, this certainly doesn’t apply to all of them, so don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen some mighty nice and polite blacks, too. But, more times than not - especially when you are in a situation where there already are a lot of other blacks around - you’re going to find them cutting in line and pushing their way around and not being respectful of others (not all, but a good portion of the time).

SO ...whatever it is — it is clearly discernible, that as a “group at large” (and not every single one) — they are rowdy, loud, disrespectful, pushy and have no consideration of others!

That’s just “telling it like it is”.
I still care join into the 'black people be like this' only even more extreme.
We were once watching a David Blaine special - you know, the street magician that wanders around doing magic on street corners.

It was so funny - a white crowd would gather, and they would ooh and ahh. A bunch of white guys would gather, and they would chuckle and say, oh man.

A bunch of blacks would gather and they would start to scream at the top of their lungs and run around in circles. If there were men there they would smack other people’s bodies, including the women, while howling.

It was absolutely predictable.

To add another culture to the mix, I’ve seen Asian crowds gather for demonstrations and they will usually be very quiet but get very forward to try and figure out the mechanics of what is going on -even the women will start using their hands to try and visualize what is happening in a way white women don’t.

The difference is, we think this is cultural, but liberals insist everything is socioeconomic and pointing out such things means we must be racist. We just see it as pointing out truth and logic.
MrB doesn't understand why liberals are so into science.
Ask a lib why people behave badly and make bad choices.

You’ll notice that their answer is always that such behavior and choices is a result of reaction to external influences rather than the internal (sin) nature of every human.

I’m cogitating on why it is so important to a leftist/liberal/humanist to reject the internal fallen nature of the human condition,

and I think a part of it is that they’d have to recognize
fallen nature and the futility of trying to do something about it on their own.
Yes, the black community is not devout.

BwanaNdege is disgusted by how tribal everyone but Freepers are.
Latest US Census Question: "What tribe are you?"

White Liberal Useful Idiots
White Democrat Plantation Owners
Uncle Toms
Race Pimps
Authentic, Down For The Strugglers
Etc, etc, etc.

None of the Above - American.

The Sorosization of Obama

As much as Freep is all in defending Trump, it's wheelhouse is hate. It was certainly something watching them turn the hate machine slowly, in fits and starts, from Obama to Hillary during the election; but now it's time to focus the hate machine on the more diffuse foes of Trump's agenda - the media, the Intelligence Community, Blue States, protesters...

Or is it? With enough paranoid delusions, you can keep your fun villains forever! Thus, the return of SOROS - responsible for all of the above villainy. But SOROS, even built up into the infinite-resourced literal Nazi supervillain Freep has made him, can't scratch the nostalgia for the halcyon days when hate was as easy as noting skin color and long past associations with Islam.

And so Freepers begin to make Obama into a mythic legend they can fight forever!

Art in Idaho found an article by a source who also covered stuff like 'Hillary's Wheelchair: Does She Operate The Remote Control?' and Hillary Clinton & The Belief That Muslim States Must, “Take Over” that has the good stuff:
From the DC Whispers article:

"The entirety of that vast and well-funded machine is set to the task of destroying the Trump presidency with Barack as the face of and voice of that effort – what the Post and others have taken to calling a “Shadow Presidency” located behind the just-constructed walls that now surround Mr. Obama’s D.C. mansion, located just two miles from the White House."

"As of this writing, it is estimated Mr. Obama’s community organizing machine (OFA) has some $40 million at its disposal, with more money set to pour in soon. Here are the former president’s own words hinting at what he intends to be doing in 2017:"

"You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff. Point is, I’m still fired up and ready to go."
Art in Idaho speculates the NSA will save us by spying on Obama:
Well then, the few good people at the NSA that aren’t 0dunga hacks need to monitor 0dunga’s phone calls, emails, etc., to ascertain if there are any treasonous activities underway..

Great idea. Let's hope they are doing that and reporting Directly to Trump. . At least Obama needs to know that's a definite possibility. I'm sorry folks, but I still view Obama as thee Manchurian candidate and we have no idea what his plans, intentions are.
Jack Hammer is clearly digging the return of his hate-boner:
After eight years subjected to that Ghoul From Kenya, he wants to return to fling a little more sh*t at us.
WENDLE...isn't up to his usual standards.
Worst president in history. Accomplished absolutely nothing but creased the free food parasites to 50 million!! Get back to work now folks!!
Carl Vehse manages to not say treason, but I think it's because he has a new favorite word:
Obamanites = seditionists
Always one to urge action on other people, RoseofTexas wants to strike back at Obama:
CincyRichieRich is sure Obama has been plotting for Trump's rise for years:
My theory is the unemployment rate was driven up by obama/soros to recruit the angry unemployed tools to be his rent a mob tools. That was to be his army all along.

It won’t work.
SaveFerris dusts off some some old screeds.
He has always been about destroying America. By any means possible. If he has to pretend to be about “healthcare” he’ll use “the stupidity of the American voter” (his own man’s words) to do so.

He is the equivalent of a suicide-bomber. An insurrectionist. We saw what he did for cousin Odinga. Ask the dead in Kenya what kind of community organizer he is.
I like how he missed the main thing about suicide bombers. It's just an epithet for something he fears and hates.

eartick joins the growing movement to focus on the Obama women.
The bitch and her whelp were not happy coming back from their vaca and wanted to keep sponging off the taxpayers dime on the island.

What sorry ass excuses for human beings, all four. You can see the soulless flesh that runs through the entire clutch of filth.
independentmind is pretty sure the picture proves Obama hates/fears Michelle.
Do you know when and where that picture was taken?

You can clearly see Obama clenching his jaw as he looks back to Michelle.
It’s hard to misunderstand the dynamic in play in that picture.
I'd post the pic, but it's a lot more boring than Freepers' fantasies about it.

mbrfl knows Obama was no big deal, which is why Freep is still obsessed with them.
Obama is a lazy and not very capable puppet. He doesn`t control anything. He`s the over hyped PR man for the left and the globalists - nothing more. And he has been exactly that for the last 8 years. He pulls no strings. He`s the one whose strings get pulled.
indthkr counsels destroying Obama's bank accounts.
Identify money sources.

Destroy them.
Art in Idaho is pretty sure all protesters are Obama's people, and should be arrested:
Obama is a lazy and not very capable puppet. He doesn`t control anything. He`s the over hyped PR man for the left and the globalists - nothing more.

His agitators are a different story though. They could continue their sabotage for eight years. Trump needs to get a handle on this early. Arrest all agitators, serious prison time, investigate Organizing for Action, search warrants, tax violations, maybe RICO, etc. These Marxists are still fomenting revolution.
july4thfreedomfoundation is feeling the legal blackmail:
Jeff Sessions should investigate Obama.

Then say, “Knock this $hit off, or you will face indictment.”

“What is your choice? It’s gonna be one or the other.”
MrEdd prefers to fantasize about even more sinister machinations:
If Trump so desired Obama could be permanently removed from the next eight years.

It would be fun to watch.
Permanently...for the next eight years?

Flavious_Maximus is pretty damn excited to bring up Freep's greatest Obama hits:
Trump needs to reveal EVERYTHING about Barry Soetoro.

There is so much hidden from the public.

Why did Barry submit a forged birth certificate on the White House website?

Is Michele Obama a male transvestite?

Are their children adopted? Why are there no public photos of them as toddlers?

Who is Larry Sinclair?

How was Obama able to travel to “Pockystan” during the 1980s even though President Reagen ordered an American travel ban to that country? Who paid for the trip?

What and how did Obama receive that enormous strange scar around the back of his head?

How was he issued a social security card from Connecticut, given that he had never stepped foot on that state until he was well over 30 years old?

Questions, questions.

Trump knows all the answers and needs to start leaking them NOW!
Glad2bnuts laments that the fascistic crackdown Trump needs to do will make Trump look like a fascist:
IMO, it seems that there may be a gigantic f u in American social liberties soon. The only proper response to the insurrection that is sitting on the stove top waiting for the dial to be turned to full is a crackdown. 
The crackdown will convince more Americans that the current President is a fascist, and the beat goes on and on and on and on. Wasn’t it just 100 years ago that the Bolsheviks did their dastardly deeds in Mother Russia?
VRWC For Truth needs to up his nickname game:
Stompy Foot gotta stomp! ...
Art in Idaho is all over this map. Here is SOROS.
It’s all good as it will FORCE action on NGO’s from Soros and help HIGHLIGHT domestic enemies and help asleep AMERICANS learn how to vote.

It's high time we investigate Soros. It's Soros this, Soros that, meddling in everything, especially before the election. All the Soros radical dem front groups working to agitate and undermine America.

I hope Trump, Sessions and Comey really deal with our Soros problem. He has to stop trying to basically take over our country. Enough!
Liz shows up, still urging people to harras the FBI tip line with suggestions, not evidence.

SUBJECT: Collusion, conspiracy, bribery
IN RE: financial irregularities
REFERENCE: govt fraud, falsified documents, wire transfers, accounting fraud, etc.

NARRATIVE Taxpayers demand to know the scope and dimension of multiple conspiracies to collude in sub rosa deals to personally profit and/or to facilitate the financing of terrorism.

OF INTEREST TO LAW ENFORCEMENT-----The FBI should interrogate Obama and OFA staff for evidence of multiple schemes to falsify official documents to further fraudulent schemes, and the filing of official documents that were falsified. The FBI should investigate any and all official documents submitted for falsified entries.
> Crimes might include--govt fraud, conspiracy, collusion, falsifying official documents (a felony), money laundering, tax evasion, extortion, theft, misuse of public facilities.

Examine tax returns with a fine-tooth comb.....particularly entries for "interest income."
sub rosa deals!

BobL wants some Congressmen to volunteer to be human sheilds.
Take Milo’s next trip to Berkeley - just have some Congressman come with him and it it becomes FEDERALIZED. Then start taking down this bunch the moment they enter with their silly uniforms...similar to DC.
eyedigress just has a bunch of barely formed racist images. Come on, dude, you had eight years to get this right!
The Democrap party globbed onto his Kenyan star and they will now go down with it.

His Legacy is little more than Beyonce twerking her ass in the White House.

Just go away.