Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 week haitus

I'm off to Saratoga Springs to work on the Scott Murphy campaign for the next 2 weeks. Hope you can find other places to fill your crazy quotient! I recommended tbogg and alicublog.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I guess Congressman Murtha got an award from the Navy. It was signed by Bush's outgoing Secretary, and was probably payback for lots and lots of military contracts from the king of pork. Silly, if you ask me. But to Freepers, the goring of a sacred cow:

yarddog goes for the hyperbole right out of the gate:

I know he was in the Marines but I don’t care. He is simply a traitor. Giving him that award is an insult to all Americans who love their country.

Ann Archy's post is notable for it's odd construction:

WHO is the Secy of the Navy???? I want his NAME!!! What a FREAK.

Freak? Who says that about one's political opposites?

TurtleUp can totally speak because he has friends in the Marines:
I have friends and relatives who were and are Marines, and I am disgusted at the disrespect shown to all Marines by the SECNAV. The Marines work for the Secretary of the Navy, as part of the Department of the Navy, and yet the Navy is presenting this award to one of the few public figures who hates America and our military as much as Obama does? To quote Murtha:
FlingWingFlyer sees things in pretty stark terms:

The military is now handing out awards to its enemies? Weird.
And then the always civil Freepers start on the death/torture threats/fantasies:

Leo Farnsworth goes old-style:
I believe he should win the Keelhauled award.
Hope the ship hasn't been bottom painted in five or more years.
Syncro goes for a detailed fantasy:
John Murtha: Traitor

Fair trial


Hung by the neck until dead

Awarding this medal to this despicable anti-Troop lying politician is proof that the upper echelons of the military are no longer servicemen but politicians.

The one responsible for this should be tried for aiding and abetting the enemy.
Wait, Bush's SECNAV should be tried for treason? Serious business.

Well, at least he gets due process in the court of the Internets.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Particularly crazy posts I found around Free Republic over the weekend:

Nonstatist tells us what kind of regime the Freepers want:

Franco and Pinochet, two of my favorites. Way under appreciated , IMO

If you had any doubt that these people are all about totalitarian rule and the deaths of their opponents, look no further.

oldbrowser takes a common Free Republic position:

I think Israel has mandatory service for it's young people. I like the idea of the discipline of military service which instills national pride.

We have a great country but we are at a tipping point where we have more takers than we have givers. Everybody wants their "rights" but nobody ever talks about responsibilities.

If it were done correctly, I believe we could revive the American spirit which started to wither away fifty years ago.

That being said, if the present socialist administration has anything to do with it, it could spell the end of freedom as we know it.
"It's a good policy, but if Obama does it, it's HORRIBLE!"

SpitfyrAce actually goes farther than Rand, straight into Master Race territory:
It strikes me as hilarious that libs can talk about how some people are born gay or born some such way that justfies their standards or morality, but when someone is born to be a leader and producer in our capitalist system then that person must surely be a greedy bastard deserving of nothing but scorn. Nice.
Jeez, I hate Nazi analogies in general, but here you have bald-faced social Darwinism.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Pix

Specter is in trouble. Also, sold secrets to the Democrats, I guess?


Non Freeper-originated cartoon depicting Dems as cannibals? Wow!

1. There's not even a correlation here, much less causation.
2. I assume when the market goes back up, that'll be Obama's fault too?

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is Obama's nominee for head of the FDA. She's 53:

You may have noticed she is a women. Freepers did too:

notes the important bits:
A liberal, know-nothing, loud mouthed commie, by the looks of it.

You are soooo right! The pic sez it all.

I bet she can carp with the best of them.

Why are lib women so ugly and mean looking?
ZirconEncrustedTweezers doesn't put too fine a point on things:

I’ll take “I Wouldn’t Hit It With A Stolen D**k” for $2000, Alex.

Well, shit! It's tragic you won't fuck the head of the FDA, Zircon.

Then there's this tet a tet:

Lighten up. She’s a living doll compared to most of the Democrat cuties (Helen Thomas, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Barbara Boxer, Madeline Albright, Janet Reno, that Solicitor General babe, etc.).
True Republican Patriot

Heck! You left out Michelle Ma Belle, alias GRIZZLY and Hildabeast and please dont forget Bugeyes Piglousy alias AIR FORCE CHIEF PAIN in the BUTT! And lets remind Rush, Hannity and O’Reilly that ONLY 149,000 MOONBAT Left wing Crazy Subhumans Voted for this Mental Shipwreck!

There's more fun but you get the idea.

bimboeruption brings it all home:
Now compare that skank to a woman who's not afraid to be a woman...
[Sarah Palin Collage.jpg]
Now that's fucked up. The only good women leaders are hot?

Then there's a great discussion of giving women the franchise:


She looks like a poster child for repealing the 19th amendment.


Judging by the way women vote, I’m 100% behind it.

upsdriver again:

Same here, socialism crept into our country with the passage of that amendment. Feelings have no place in governing.

Makes one wonder why any women are Freepers at all!

Cramer versus The Jew

I couldn't get through all of Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer. It made me uncomfortable. There was the whiff of a ratings grab, the hint of an ambush and a trace of hypocrisy in Steward criticizing Cramer for running an entertainment show people treat as truth.

But Freepers...well, they took things in a bit of a different way:

ponygirl has some pretty trenchant criticism:

Jon Stewart is a swishy little metrosexual b!tch.

scott says knows Stewart's soul:
Yeah, he really exudes an ugly nasty vibe. He could be talking about sports and I would be repulsed by him, LOL.
The guy has some serious issues, no doubt.
XeniaSt noticed something about Stewart's heritage:
Jon Stewart Leibowitz hammered Jim Cramer and his network, CNBC,

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz is a self loathing Jew.

Yeah, he never mentioned his Jewishness. Nice attempt to make Stewart an Uncle Tom, though. Funny, though, what with you hating when Blacks criticize Condi and Justice Thomas for their blackness.

goes for actual antisemitism:

nothing personal to Jewish freepers but Stewart epitomizes a very witty comedic Jewish guy who has run his mouth all his life but has never had to cash the check

a sure sign of an upper middle class upbringing....demean folks with impunity
Stewart (unlike Cramer maybe) would crumble at the first blow

Though it devolved into clasism in the end. Freeper PC?

And Sig Sauer P220 shows how media savvy he is:

I always confuse Stewart with Anderson 360. I wonder why.

My theory is that you are an ignoramus.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Gay mafia

Proponents of gay marriage are trying to being back Prop 8 next election cycle. Freepers prepare for war. As in, real war, cause the gays scare them:

Candor7 is packing heat and ready for action:
This is why we have a second amendment.
If you donate to support a conservative cause, you need to have the associated skills to maintain your safety once anonymity is broken.
Syncro is sure the gays are coming for him!

I don't see violence as an option for conservatives at all.

But militant homosexual leftist have been in the past and will be in the future violent.

They are full of hate.

Then it a matter of self defense.
HogsBreath strikes a defiant tone:

I am so disappointed I sent money to McCain and the RNP, but didn’t send any to support Prop 8. I will be certain to donate next time. I hope they print my name EXTRA LARGE so the pink mafia can read it without their reading glasses!

Reading glasses? Is that some kind of new stereotype?

April Lexington
tells a story of prosecution that would rile me up if I thought for a moment it was true:
So, like... I voted for McCain see. And people who voted for Obama hate my guts now. They throw crap at my house, they dent my car. They threaten not to do business with me and they harass me.

So car was dented, and I'm sure it was them Obama supporters! Baseball through my window? That damn kid was a total Obamabot!

And now this word from outer space

Kill the messenger edition:
As I used to say about Bill Clinton, 0bama could shotgun murder a gaggle of praying nuns at high noon on the White House lawn in front of every TV camera in America while he was high on tequila and cocaine, and the media would never report it. It would be a vicious right wing rumor that they started to destroy the greatest President ever to hold the office.
Writing off of reality supplied by Hardastarboard (The Fairness Doctrine isn't about "Fairness" - it's about Doctrine.)

And now this word from outer space

Conservative fascism edition:
“Can you name one totalitarian/autocrat of any flavor that didn't do the same once he achieved power?”

There are many. Two I can think of off the top of my head in the 20th Century were General Franco of Spain and Augusto Pinochet of Chile.
Revisionism supplied by detective

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's well known among liberals that neoconservatives have their origins in Trotsky. One of the things Trotsky was in to was the redefinition of language made so famous by Orwell in his Newspeak.

Case and point, socialism as code for "guy we don't like." Writ large in the laugable "Liberal Fascism," Freepers are ably extending it for the proles:

bruinbirdman tries to make a system out of it:

They were all communists. Communism = socialism = fascism = national socialism = progressivism = Democrat Party leadership today.

Who is the head of the Democrat Party in the U.S.A.?

stockpirate further unifies Freepers' enemies under the socialist/Nazi rubric:

The Muslim world is firmly rooted in NAZI Germany.

detective is the one that really internalizes the newspeak; he doesn't try to systemize it with doublethink; he just lets any old meaning go down the memory hole:

“Hitler made promises to everyone and then betrayed them.”

Can you name a single socialist who didn’t act this same way once he achieved power?

So now a politician is defined as socialist whenever they break a promise. Promise, of course, also being defined by the Ministry of Freeper Sanity.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And now this word from outer space

Internet conspiracy edition:
[I]t's tough to compete against not just the DNC, but Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook and a dozen other content searchers, aggregator and social networking cites working in concert with the DNC.
Paranoia supplied by Big_Monkey

Torture Fantasies

Seems there are some confessions in Gitmo. Freepers don't stop to think about coercion or even due process, and go straight to fantasizing about what they would like to do to their fellow human beings:

Right Brother is a clever one, and knows Muslims don't like pigs:
I say dip them in a mixture of pig fat and gasoline then strike a match.
Senormechanico thinks immolation is for girly-men:
Alternately, use them for dog food.
bobby.223 gets a bit more graphic, and genocidal:

tree-chain-blowtorch....slow, slow, slow until done. every godamn one of these muslim savages.

AH_LiveRight also widens the scope of torture:
Hopefully their desecrated remains will be displayed next to the legislative and judicial tyrants that are now running the remnants of the USA. Not that anyone would condone the public display of traitors and criminals.
GWMcClintock is a huge fan of moral relativism:
Also, put the execution on Youtube and send it to Al-Jazeera, just like the jihadists do!
Cobra64 notes this bloodthirst is okay, because liberal strawmen are crazier:
Libs say they should be brought to the US, stand trial, found not guilty, given a parade, 10,000# of high explosives, and the keys to New York City.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stem Cell 1-liners

Since Kos already talked about Freepers threatening to kill Obama on threads about how Free Republic has never threatened to kill Obama, I guess I'm left with Freeper's ignorant frothing over Stem Cells.

Which may actually be even funnier:

DarthVader posts cryptically:

Another nail in Obama’s coffin.

Logical me suddenly has some trouble understanding Executive Orders:
King Obama has spoken.
madameguinot may believe the Earth is flat:

“Bringing science back to its rightful place...”

Academia has become a political tool of Democrats, including science.

myrabach totally spoke to God, but isn't crazy, really!
This country will be destroyed before we have any chance to take it back
pnut22 knows him some science:

So whose fault is it next week when people with spinal cord injuries aren’t walking, people with Parkinsons still have tremors and those with Alzeimers still can’t remember? The liberals actually believe that there is magic in them there stem cells and it just took Obama to allow it to come out.

Texas4ever makes a great political analogy:
GinaLolaB reaches new levels of pith hatred:

I hope Hussein OBAMA bin laden (the devil) fails.

jacquej's husband is a principled man, which is sad:

My husband has Parkinson’s, and we have discussed the use of embryonic stems cells.

He has decided that he will refuse any treatment that might come from a murdered embryo. I support his decision.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am amused

Check this out

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Pix

Quit with the Holocaust imagery already!

Wow, Rush sounds dumb even in this photoshop!

Obama: Like Hitler, only retarded!

Is this from a 1974 Big Brother poster? There is a lot of spurious detail in this.

This is troubling!

WTF? Bipartisanship is LENIN for some reason!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Freepers on comic books

Lots of right wingers ranting about Watchmen. But the conversation has ranged to all sorts of geeky afield:

Dead Corpse opines on Watchmen:
Moore's heroes and heroines are flawed creatures. Only one of them actually has a "super-natural" power at all and one of his issues is the aforementioned incremental loss of his humanity.

They all have one thing in common: THEY ACT WHEN NO ONE ELSE WILL.

This sense of self-ownership and taking effective steps against real evil and villainy is part of what is missing in todays American spirit.
I'm sure Dead Corpse also dresses in costumes to fight crime. BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL.

Soothesayer thinks we need to embrace the darkness of the 1980s comics made into modern movies.
I don’t even want to watch cheery movies anymore. I find cheery movies to be even more depressing than the depressing ones. Just the apparent fact that everything in reality is getting shot to hell.
Wings-n-Wind disagrees. Apparently 1980s comics made into modern movies are the product of Satan:
JMHO... The Darkness will only get "more dark"--

The Prince of Darkness is "on-task" in these days...

Powers and beings that certainly exist...
And are capable of exerting extaordinary influence from the invisible spiritual realm...
...Are being dreamed about, and seen in the imaginations of these "artists"...

ecomcon isn't sure if a comic book move is art:

I’m just saying most “art” is not art, but something else. Usually it’s propaganda. It’s easy to get all dark and foreboding like and inflict intense emotions on people because that is the natural man’s “human condition”. It is far more difficult to create a thing of beauty that emotes without the chain gun of decay and death.

Beyond Watchmen, The Louiswu suggests some lighter faire: The Passion of the Christ.
The Passion is THE story of the defeat of death and everlasting life, what could possibly make someone feel any better than that?
Yay! Jesus Chainsaw Massacre! A happy tale for the whole family!

Mojave also has a recommendation:
You might like Miller's The Dark Knight Returns comic in which Batman uses a combination of chemical and mechanical means to precisely match Superman's strength and then beats the hell out of him for being such a tool.
Well, I guess I do agree about Superman being a tool. Bipartisanship!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Treason for thee but not for me!

Freepers are very fond of branding others traitors. Shockingly enough, they can dish it out but cannot take it. Indeed, they are so sensitive that when Stephanie Miller says "If I could say something tonight that gets me that kind of attention, like maybe Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason. How about that?" Freepers here only Traitor and go crazy.

Uncle Ike
feels persecuted.

If one of us was to even *hint* that we’d like to see a prominent member of the opposition ‘executed’, the police would be at our door before we could click on “POST”.....

No double-standard here, is there??

Yeah, cause Freepers NEVER talk about shooting Obama or starting a freakin' civil war!

Dick Bachert kind of undercuts the whole hypocracy thing:

SOMEBODY should be executed for treason — but it won’t be Rush.

So too Markos33

Executed for treason is probably a subject that
Bill Clinton would rather you didn’t bring up...

silverleaf calls other people ugly, and never looks in the mirror:

We wonder how people, smart professional people, were absorbed into the evil of 1938 and during other periods of insane despotism and cruelty, and became supporters of it

Civility is only skin deep in some

Bonus Nazi ref For The Win!!!

The Duke
really wraps this whole thing up in a bow:

Making note of Miss Miller’s name.

"If you say Rush should be shot as a traitor, I'll put you on a sinister list! That'll teach ya!"

And now this word from outer space

Next generation edition:

When my girls see anything Obama, one pulls her lips down over her teeth and hunches over, the other makes big “ears” by cupping her hands behind her real ones. Both make monkey sounds.

Good parenting supplied by netmilsmom (Psalm 109:8 - Let his days be few; and let another take his office)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And now this word from outer space

Class warfare edition:
To our rich....Today I stood for you. For months and years, I stood up for you. I talked about how much I appreciated your hard work and sacrifice....I appreciated the opportunity you gave me. Today I volunteered with NO PAY over 12 hours of my time to protect your rights. I see now how Wall Street gave 5-1 to Obama's campaign. I feel sick now. I've told folks for years about how you were the backbone of our nation. Throughout this campaign, however, I've heard nothing back from you. You let me fight, while you never stuck up for yourself. You know what? Screw you. I'll file for communist government assistance.
Odd persecution supplied by mmichaels1970 (Stand up for CHUCK!)


Seems Washington state has passed a "death with dignity" law. Freepers are worked into some kind of unthinking frenzy by this. I theorize it's a leftover of the Schiavo fiesta of some years ago. But the funny thing is that despite some deep moral issues available to argue, they don't even see the issues:

668 - Neighbor of the Beast assumes the government is hoping to kill us all, for some reason:

Still in the introductory stages, death with dignity will be available on an optional basis “for a limited time only.”
After that it will be mandatory and paid by your tax dollars.

Knute sees this from a religious angle:
It is a matter of great concern to us Catholics here (real Catholics, I mean). The local Catholic hospital has announced they and their staff will not participate on any way, shape, or form. Obamurderer can try to force them but they won’t give in.
They can choose to do the ethical thing.... CLOSE
Yes! Deny lots of people medical care because other people want medical care you don't like! It's what that petty bastard Christ would do!

REPANDPROUDOFIT jumps on the conspiracy bandwagon, and throws in some Obama for some reason:
Obama's policies amount to population control. Reduce benefits to the elderly and allow the older, sicker ones to die. They are the ones most likely to be conservative in their viewpoints. Do you think it is just a coincidence that they are being targeted?
Eva also agrees, and throws in a current conspiracy of Doctors. I'm sure she has lots of evidence.

Assisted suicide is part of the preparation for socialized medicine. The left wants to reduce the burden on the healthcare system at both ends of the life span. It’s pretty simple, actually.

In truth, doctors have been using assisted suicide for senior citizens and cancer patients for quite a long time, when the doctors determine that they are either near death or may as well be, so this is just making it legal. (and disgusting)

And when some people question whether there may be some times that death is a valid individual choice, the party of individual choice just posts:
conservatives believe in life.
Did you know that Free Republic is a pro-life organization?
Over and over and over again.

And this is the direction the mainstream GOP is drifting towards. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And now this word from outer space

GOP's future edition:

[Rush] IS the leader of the Conservative Party....we will follow him anywhere!!!

Cult of personality supplied by HarleyLady27 (Sarah Palin in your heart out libs....we have a REAL woman!!!!)

Apocolypse, yay!

As they get more and more marginalized by cruel, cruel reality, Freepers are more and more resembling an apocalyptic cult. Here are some Freeper predictions:

has a theme. See if you can guess it:

within 6 moonths

depression confirmed
illegal aliens amnesty
open Muslim prayers in the white house
hate crime bills against defaming Islam
Americans ORDERED to shoot at Israeli tanks or planes to defend Gaza . . and they refuse causing HUGE incident

Arthur McGowan has an interesting idea, possibly cribbed from Soylent Green:

In one year: Government is issuing rations of protein to Democrats. Republicans and others are obtaining protein through the Black Market.

protein rations? WTF?

SpaceBar is an optimist. You can tell that cause the evil Democrats die in his crazy fantasy:

Dirty nukes in two major ports just hours apart from Iranian made fissionable materials sold to terrorists. Obama pays lipservice but does nothing. Economy tanks. Food riots. Police pull out entirely of many major urban centers due to the level of violence. Obama arrested, federal government discredited, martial law, slow recovery of rule of law and civil order. Mexican claim to southwest put down by military action. New anti-communist/subversive hearings convened. Some hanged, many get lengthy prison sentences.

geege has a heckuva imagination, I think:

I can picture the US like the movie “Escape From NY” with Zero riding around in a limo (The Duke) with a chandelier hanging inside....The whole country is the way Manhattan was....and Rush is Snake Plisskin!!!! Boy do I need a drink.

Rush is Snake? Bwahahaha!

LiveFreeOrDie2001 swears he doesn't have a big gun boner about his prediction:


April 2010: Civil War begins.

End of April 2010: Martial Law is called.

May 2010: Politicians/lawmakers login from home if possible as they are terrified to travel to the State houses.

Summer 2010: SHTF

WVNan is the wackiest, though!
[T]he U.S. will be beyond any hope of ever being restored. Our every move and thought will be monitored. We will be tagged like cattle. Wild animals will be taking our children from their yards. The land will no longer produce our food. The economy will no longer exist. We will have to depend on our wits and each other to survive.
Wild animals snatching children? Is this some Bible thing, or just general crazytown?

And now this word from outer space

Parade of horribles edition:
First it will be Abortion services. Give into that and next all Drs. Nurses, Hospitals, Pharmacies that receive any “government money” will also be required to provide voluntary Euthanasia Services, soon to be followed by mandatory “euthanasia” services. They are not only coming for our unborn babies, but for our handicapped and elderly as well. Soon “white” and “christian” and “Conservative” will be determined to be “handicapped” and all those suffering from those maladies will also be put out of their misery.
American Holocaust fantasy supplied by cotton