Sunday, May 31, 2009

And now this word from outer space

Tone-deaf sociopathy edition:

Best case scenario: [killer is the] father of one of Tiller’s victims.

Crazy supplied by WhistlingPastTheGraveyard

George Tiller assasinated.

Freepers damn near dance in the streets at the death of the abortion doctor:

Turret Gunner A20

Hope the guy gets away.

The Duke

But, wasn't this just another late term abortion(?)


Frankly, I don’t give a damn what they say. I suspect more people than would publicly admit it are glad Tiller is dead. I doubt there will be a lot of Doctors lining up to take over his practice.


Let’s not assume this has anything to do with abortion. Until I hear differently, I’m going with a gay lovers’ spat.


Obama is going to take advantage of this murder to sieze even more control over our society.

I would not even put it past them to commit this murder themselves, as an excuse to sieze power. Reichstag Fire, and all that...


Hmmm. The shooter no doubt committed murder by our laws.

Whether he will be judged as a murderer by God may be an open question, and none of us know the answer.


The civil rights movement was going nowhere (legislatively) until cities started burning.

Turret Gunner A20

Well, at least the perp didn’t rip his arms and legs off and then suck his brains out.
The best [sic] pot so far in this thread!!!

EveningStar and only a very few others:

This thread, and the other one, are disgraceful, and are an embarrassment to the conservative movement.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Lots of people talking about North Korea.

dfwgator thinks their shenanigans are orchestrated by Obama

Putting tin foil firmly on, perhaps Obama and NK arranged this all as a big show to ultimately make Obama look tough.

So in a week or two, NK will say they’re backing down, and Obama looks good.

Repeal 16-17 goes the opposite direction:
If [Obama] says North Korea’s not a threat, then it must be a major threat.
Salamander may be going crazy:

I can’t remember what I dream, which is odd in the extreme.

All I now is that lately, every morning at 4:44 a.m., I wake up in a full-blown panic attack [feels like a combination of suffocation and a heart attack, if you’ve never had one yourself]

About 15 minutes later, for no reason that I can identify or understand, I sob uncontrollably like my heart is breaking.

[not a normal habit, either]

It takes *hours* for me to settle down.

By then, it’s dawn and I can’t get back to sleep.

Needless to say, I am very, very tired.

I’d venture to say that whatever I’m dreaming is too horrible for my conscious mind to deal with...yet...or ever. gotten help from anyone for this?

ArrogantBustard is focusing his attention where it is due - the first dog:
You know, they say dogs take on the personality of their owners. Seriously, I wonder what kind of dog Bo is turning out to be.
I'd bet on "Bo" getting banished to Camp David in a couple of years. They won't tell us, but the reason will be that he tried to bite a USSS Agent.
the invisib1e hand knows who to be afraid of: Biden

Biden’s a dangerous man, and not because he’s stupid, but because he’s content to let you think he’s stupid.

SmithOpt thinks...I'm not sure what he thinks:

So, just how many Muslim majority countries recognize gay fag lez marriage as a legal and accepted union? Just curious....all the commies and all other anti-American dipsticks need to be asked that question in public.

And Dubh_Ghlase provides a birth certificate update:
Don't strain yourselves folks. When the hand is finally forced, Hawaii will provide an official certificate of live birth, direct from their official printing presses certifying that 0bama is a certified true-red amerikan-born boy. The left will then jeer at anyone who had the audacity to challenge the validity of "The One".

The gov of Hawaii is complicit in the cover-up, and anyone at the right levels who tries to expose this will either "disappear" or be found in Ft. Marcy Park, a victim of "suicide". The left is not shackled by a moral obligation to obey the laws of the land. They are only a tool to achieve their agenda, and are discarded as easily as an aborted fetus.

They sicken me...
The conspiracy is so good, there will be no evidence of it!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Saturday Pix

Cheney Waterboarding Pelosi, with Bush holding the legs. The Perrier is a classy touch.

All liberals are women. Colin is black and not a wignut. Thus, he's a black women. QED

When derangements collides


Wow. Sotomeyor as a cockroach. This is going to be a great argument!

Associating Obama with every bad person ever! Next week: Nero.

Speaking of random Obama associations. Bury to Barry means the Russians planned all this, I guess?

Tired of the noble minority already?

Freepers are all about being the victim. Persecuted and ignored, they live for the day the economy crashes/terrorists take out some city, when everyone will call them super smart and then swoon into their manly, gun-toting arms.

So I must admit some surprise about their reaction to this one black lady who wishes Obama were more like Bush. I guess the popularity of Obama has them actually worried there might be some permanent change in America.

knarf is a bit smug:

heh heh heh .... reality check, kids.

freekitty prefers uncomfortable metaphors:

Ah, knowledge making it’s bloody entrance.

prismsinc has an anecdote that proves the rule:

I’ve noticed our local WPEC news 12 at 11 went absolutely silent on Obama every night after the Notre Dame speech. They actually did pro-religious reporting!

I’m getting the impression that local networks aren’t thrilled with Obama anymore. Something’s happened. The cult is coming down for certain media sectors.

Le Chien Rouge also has some wisdom - from made-up black people!

Even before the election, I’ve heard several middle class black friends of mine say that the first people who would turn on Obama would be black folks on government aid who are expecting the world from Obama.

Deb has a real black person anecdote to report. You can tell cause he's "adorable."

On CNN during Katrina, they had live footage of an adorable black man who had just been rescued and kept saying, “God bless George Bush!”, but when they re-ran it as part of a clip package, the audio was stripped and the narration was decidedly anti-Bush.

NonValueAdded has a prediction:

Seeing that on the regular alphabet soup channels too. Civil disobedience has been hinted at.

The passive voice has been used.

Keep following that dream, wignuts!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

World War 3.

Freepers see a lot more in North Korea's saber rattling than I do:

DoughtyOne speculates:

China has been helping North Korea, and wants to use it as a proxy against the U.S. Is China now ready to face the U.S.? Is Russia going to join them?

bill1952 blames Obama,
All of this is a mere coincidence.
Iran testing missiles and building nuclear bombs.
NK exploding nuclear weapons and firing long range missiles.

The Taliban getting feisty.

See, it isn't that the rest of the world knows that we have a leader named hussein who is incompetent, weak, and all around feckless.

Must be Bush's fault.
bruinbirdman would instead like to include Obama in this little conspiracy as an active participant:

Don't ever forget Hussein has comrades in Asia, the Middle East and South America.

The Obammunist's task is the United States of America.

CincyRichieRich expands on Obama's master plan:

why is no one pointing out how fast Obama accelerated his SCOTUS pick? Hmm...we’re focused on that and not n. korea?

he’s not stupid, he’s instead scary.

BagCamAddict knows where this is going:

I’ve been saying that since we first went into Iraq. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Our enemies may hate each other, but they hate us (the US) more. And that will allow them (compel them) to band together against us.

It’s Red Dawn, my FRiends. If you haven’t stocked up yet, you better get on it. The time to prepare may be over sooner than we think. Our troops are not here to defend the homeland, so it will be up to us.

We should decide now where to meet up when communications are out. Make your preparations now. Times they are a changing.

Boy that cold war was super cool, it's no wonder these people have trouble letting go of it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Metqapost: lesbian SCOTUS fever

My keyword history:

Perc.Search Term

41.26%sotomayor lesbian

16.78%is sotomayor a lesbian

13.29%is sotomayor a lesbian?

5.59%sotomayor a lesbian

4.20%freeper madness

3.15%sotomayor and lesbian

1.40%sotomayor is lesbian

1.40%sotomayor a lesbian?

1.40%sotomayor lesbian

1.05%sotomayer lesbian

1.05%sotomayor & lesbian

Not sure what to say, but there you go.

Revisionist History

This past memorial day, Obama placed a wreath on a memorial for soldiers who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

How do Freepers react to the hated Obama doing something nice for their beloved South? Revisionist History!

has some trouble staying on topic:

Sorry but I do not trust Zero or Muslims.

omega4179 would like to try to revise some history:

Of course, his white family owned slaves and he owns 300 million slaves.

his Mom was from Kansas, what more proof do you need!

Gondring also has some revisions to make
“President Barack Obama sent a wreath Monday to a memorial for soldiers who fought on the side of slavery during the Civil War,”

Are they talking about Gen. Grant?
Grant had slaves before the Civil War! This changes everything!

also has info that will change everything:

This bloody fraud has ZERO SLAVE BLOOD!
Same with Eric Holder who is from Barbados

Why do American take this crap off a Kenyan?


chiefqc asks a somewhat bewildering question:

Was [Obama] smirking and playing with his crotch?

Obama did something good, but I'll bet he didn't mean it! Through such assumptions is cognitive dissonance avoided.

Then, of course, as is the case with all Civil War based threads, things devolve into a fight over the South's patriotism back in the 1860s. central_va provides a good example:
Treason? Only to a Yankee statist boot licker would defending your homeland be treason.
And it continues like this ("A war of Southern Independence, not a "rebellion". End the occupation." ) Well, it's better than thinking about Obama doing something a bit not evil.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor: Secret lesbian.

Freepers attacking Obama's Supreme Court nominee. See, this is why research matters:

CholeraJoe makes an awesome analogy:

It will be like having Eva Peron on the Supreme Court.

Ann Archy will not be constrained by gender:

She looks like Hugo Chavez in a wig! Maybe she was picked to make Rith Buzzy Ginsberg seems reasonable.

Buzzy? I presume a Rush witty nickname.

Lurking in Kansas knows what being divorced once means:
This woman is likely a three-fer. Woman, Hispanic and ?lesbian.

Check, check, and check... a trifecta!
when people call him on his crap, dalereed defends him:

“Knock off the Lesbian crap.”

Do you know for sure she isn’t???

Followed by:

Married in 1976, divorced 1983, no children.

That makes it questonable!

And it continues thus (do you have any evidence she isn't?)

NavVet surprisingly is the only one to go straight to the hyperbole. Is it possible Freepers are getting tired of proclaiming the end of America?

If she gets confirmed, it will also confirm that the rule of law has went bye bye.

She’s for the little guy alright, as long as the little guy doesn’t happen to be a white male fire fighter.

Also note the fireman talking point.

Fresh Wind knows what this story is really about:

Once again, Hillary gets the shaft.


A friend who was a classmate of Sotomayor said that she was an unremarkable , even dull, student.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what Suma Cum Laude means.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday potpourri.

freekitty knows Obama's true agenda:

Obama wants anyone and anything that believes in God to fail.

And not in the Rush Limbaugh "not really fail" meaning of fail, neither!

newfreep, posted without comment:
I firmly believe obey-me is moving as fast as possible to implement as much marxism as possible before the public catches on and before the 2010 elections.

With acorn and the marxism, all future "elections" will be as honest as chavez - leader for life unless we stand-up, comrades and our friends smith & wesson lead us to independence!


brytlea thinks Glen Beck is the way to save the GOP.

Actually, someone like Beck may help pull the GOP back toward their conservative base...I refuse to always support the GOP just because they are better than the Dems. That’s how we got where we are today, thank you very much.

myknowledge has an insight to share:

If Big Brother is Gay, then the Antichrist will be Gay.

TomGuy makes up his own Obama speeches, with hilarious results:

” I uh want uh hmm uh to uh uh — move the teleprompter speech up, please — uh to uh condemn uh uh You need to uh refer this matter uh to the uh Secretary of State because it is uh at her pay grade, not mine. Thank you.”

patriot08 thinks he's being subtle and clever:

One patriot....

I trust the Secret Service is at least as clever.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday Pix

This is the guy who says Obama used to do crack and sex him up. Nice to see a good rumor never dies!

Way to turn a metaphor about cold war hysteria on it's head!

I find it amusing how Freepers such homophobes, yet continue to spend hours meticulously crafting gay photoshops of the opposition.

Not a very good Devil in Obama's thought balloon there...


Its a Conspiiracy!

Your may not imply what you think it implies there.

Torture as vice!

McCain comes out against waterboarding. Freepers disagree. If you want to know why people really like torture:

If these people wore uniforms and respected the rule of law, then I'd be right with McCain. But, they don't. They operate without regard to any western principles of honorable war. Paraphrasing Churchill, he said that the enemy is the one that defines the rules of engagement. Our enemy, this enemy defines the rules of engagement as anything goes, at anytime towards anyone. Waterboarding not only ISN'T torture under their rules, it's really just light stretching before the warm-up.
Way to not be better than your enemy!

Scotswife shows where this logic takes us:
And to the point....the Inquisitors were also trying to extract information regarding muslim plots against the Spanish government.
Also convert all the Jews and then kill them...

jackv is all about defining torture up:

Hey mccain....WE DON’T TORTURE!!! Waterboarding with a dr standing by is hardly life threatening. The word torture has been hijacked by these weenies.

So if no one dies, it's not torture? The guys we tortured to death might have something to say to that. Also, you know, the whole point of torture is that the person you torture stays alive!

wastedyears gets to the heart of the issue
Terrorists are not afforded any protection under the Geneva Conventions.
We’re free to do whatever we want with them in Times Square, NYC.
I’m sure a few New Yorkers will have some choice words to say to them.
Torture as revenge. This is what the real story is. Revenge is fun. Revenge is Freepers' vice. Also Cheney's.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking the craziometer

I was all hoping the Republicans would officially name the Democrats Socialists. Indeed, about 1/3 of Freepers realize how crazy this makes them sound. But somehow the issue has brought out crazy people.

mnehring starts us off easy, with a Hitler reff.

Can we change it to “National Socialist” it would be more accurate.

pleikumud ramps up the crazy a bit:

You wrote: Just fight them on the ISSUES, and don’t worry about what you call them.

The ISSUE IS that the Demos are Socialists, undermining the Constitution and our freedom. So talking about the ISSUES includes recognizing and saying that the Demos ARE SOCIALISTS.
chuck_the_tv_out is running at about a ten on the craziometer, also he likes blue text:
no, they're not socialists. they're just foreign-funded spies.
skinkinthegrass turns it up to eleven:
Republicans are fakes, cowards, and liars --- just like the Socialists.
We have taxation without representation.


Don't you have any balls / backbone / spine?
Are you truly "the Stupid Party"! something!
don't you believe in something? (other than getting elected?)

"When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators." - P. J. O'Rourke
“The problem with socialism is that you eventually, run out of other people’s money.” - Margaret Thatcher
"There are two sets of rules. One set for the rulers and another for the rest of us." —Richard Yancey, former IRS tax collector

I love the typing guy right after "fight." I also had to shrink the type down quite a bit.

And then there is HKMk23 who has broken the craziometer:

You CAN'T even muster the meager courage to actually speak Truth, and call a spade a spade.

Again, click on the link for the full effect.

And now this word from outer space

Cheering on the Terrorists Edition:

What can I say?

It might sound harsh: but New York City deserves to get hit again.

New York: big blue state filled with people who think that Bush blew up the twin towers and that the Islamists were framed.

New York: big blue state that wants US soldiers from red states put on trial for “war crimes”.

New York: big blue state that calls the rest of us ignorant racist bigots for wanting to fight Islamist radicals. Meanwhile they call the radicals we war against “freedom fighters”.

New York: big blue state that wants “fair trials” for the “innocent” people at Gitmo.

New York City: one of the far left wing blue sections of the voting map.

New York deserves to be hit again and again and again. What can I say? If New York wants the liberal Utopia they envision then they should have it.

Terrorists aren’t trying to hit my neighborhood - so why should I care?

Crazy supplied by Tzimisce (

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Freeper critical thinking on the latest global warming study:

sergeantdave is all about shooting the messenger:

I didn’t know that hyperbole was a scientific discipline at MIT. Wonder if any students there can predict the direction of a stone dropped from a tower. MIT needs to be redefined from a university to a kook cult. Reading chicken entrails will soon be a required course.

cradle of freedom casts a wider net - it's not MIT, it's all scientists!

The advocacy journalists are all college buddies of the advocacy scientists, and they are all lefties out to save the world from evil capitalism.

VanShuyten knows how science works:

"The new research involved 400 runs of the model with each run using slight variations in input parameters, selected so that each run has about an equal probability of being correct based on present observations and knowledge."

So each run has about 0.25% chance of being correct?
I hope VanShuyten's perfect deterministic world doesn't get too boring!

SunkenCiv continues the trend of not engaging the science, but adds death fantasies:
I think the gallows built to hang these global warming wastoids a dozen at a time should be constructed of recycled lumber.
TurtleUp has a solution:
I agree. If I'm still around in fifty years, I'm going to move 30 miles north to compensate for the warmer climate where I am now (yep, 30 miles will balance out the entire forecast warming!). Or did you mean move someplace other than this warming planet?
Yes, and if everyone just moved 30 miles north, there would be no problems! Also move inland, and hope there are no storms.

kc8ukw ends things with a whopper:
Behold the power of the modern media. The average man has not, could not, experience anything that would actually indicate to him that the globe is warming because of his activities. Yet many believe it.
Other media hoaxes: the germ theory of disease, atomic theory and all of social science.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Compromise is Losing.

At Notre Dame, Obama talked about finding common ground between Pro Life and Pro Choice causes. He discussed issues like cutting down on unwanted pregnancies and expanding adoption opportunities. Freepers, however, were beyond argument:

Diago typically misses any notion of any peripheral policies like preventing pregnancies, preferring rage con constructive dialogue:

Obama is using tax dollars for free abortions. How are free abortions going to make abortion rare? If he wanted less abortion wouldn’t he tax them not make them free?

Lexinom is similarly all about constructive suggestions everyone can get behind:
What is your plan to call remembrance for the 50 million Americans violently executed through surgical and chemical abortions, and to assuage the mothers' concomitant psychological scars? A national day of mourning? A national cemetery?
keats5 may not knows his history, but at least he makes an argument:

Would he have supported common ground during the slavery debate?

Wait, did I say argument? I meant weak analogy.

Disregarding the inaptitude of the slavery-abortion analogy (both sides use it, for one thing), Lincoln was a free-stater. Of course, Freepers are more like John Brown, as muawiyah shows:
The pro-abortion crowd are certifiably mad. When we think of them as murderers there's really no common ground of any kind.

For example, if Obama and company were wandering about stabbing old ladies to death in the parks and taking their purses, what would be a compromise position? Perhaps we might let them take the purses as the old ladies come into the park? Or, maybe we could let them get away with stabbing only half the old ladies.

Just doesn't happen.

At the moment they have all the guns. When that's gone we must be prepared to act swiftly to clear our society of these monsters.

Never on my watch is all about character, and not know, ideas:
Some things are just plain WRONG.

Some things are just plain EVIL.

Some ideas originate from the DEVIL.

Obama is WRONG, EVIL and ORIGINATES from the DEVIL.

I will not seek common ground with him. I will protect my ground from him.
It's funny cause ground has like two meanings, see?

bray prefers deflection to argument:

He never axed for common ground for Homosexual Marriage and Miss California. Common ground means give up our morals and agree w/him.

Pray for America and the Unborn

Cause Obama was all up on that Miss California thing. Not that Obama wanted them to drop the issue. But Freepers seemed to be stuck in some opposite day or some such: Carl LaFong

“Each side will continue to make its case to the public with passion and conviction,” he said. “But surely we can do so without reducing those with differing views to caricature.”

In other words don’t criticize my position and characterize ‘abortion rights’ advocacy as murder and evil.This is a variation of the theme: “Shut Up”

So when Obama says "keep talking, but keep it constructive" Freepers think this is the same as "shut up." Which makes sense as they have nothing constructive to add.

And now this word from outer space

Obama speech non-response edition:

that we align our deepest values and commitments to the demands of a new age

We must decide how to save God’s creation from a changing climate that threatens to destroy it.
(Global warming crap)

our ever-shrinking world with its ever-growing diversity - diversity of thought, of culture, and of belief.
(No, there are less different religions today because obambis moslems have killed off so many)

They do not recognize borders.
(Not when obambi keeps them open of course not)

those of us in the Christian tradition
(Its a religion not a tradition Mr. obumbi)

the Golden Rule - the call to treat one another as we wish to be treated.
(Unless they are an unborn baby, then obambi says you have the choice to murder it anytime anywhere for any stinking reason)


Unclear on the subject supplied by TomasUSMC ( FIGHT LIKE WW2, FINISH LIKE WW2. FIGHT LIKE NAM, FINISH LIKE NAM)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Notre Dame Unhinged.

Freepers, oddly enough, rarely talk about abortion. When they do, it's usually peripheral and really about freedom of speech, or through a proxy issue like funding or Terri Schiavo. But Obama speaking at Notre Dame has brought this issue to the fore with all it's crazy pure and uncut.

I'm not sure, but I think AU72 thinks Obama is going to kill the entire graduating class:

Reminds me of when Stalin went before the Central Committee of the CCCP and, in essence, condemmed them to the firing squad and got a standing ovation in response.

rockabyebaby riffs off the common Muslim stereotype of rambling. Wait, what?

LOL, he’s rambling, he has no idea, muslim side coming through, ...........

That Obama can't speak at all! Plus telleprompter, haw haw!

AGreatPer knows there's more to hate than Obama - Democratic Catholics!
This speech is a Zero.

I am disgusted over this happening.

At church today I had a bad feeling for my fellow Catholics. All I could think of was "most of you voted for this communist".
Much to do over a baby's crying.

bgill knows who to blame:

Anyone else smiling that the baby is crying? God’s will.

Never on my watch knows that sacrifices must be made:

If I had a baby there I would be pinching him until he was really riled.

And, of course, the sacrifice was not in vain, as PghBaldy points out:

Obama getting pissed now... VERY mad. Someone was shouting. He smacked his lips, shook his finger, goofed on a word.

Obama drops a word and this is evidence of his RAGE! I hate to read race into everything but where the crap else are Freepers getting this than the idea of the savage militant black man?

More on Freepers' "arguments" re: abortion tomorrow.

Monday potpourri.

TurtleUp can't decide how to label Obama so he uses them all, and throws in a bit of hyperbole to seal the deal:
I've been trying to decide whether Obama is a national socialist, a soviet socialist, or something worse. I'm starting to think he's actually worse than anyone in history.
knarf has a plan for the next time Obama leaves the country:
zero must not be allowed to return to US soil.

Let the streets of Manhatten light up with the sounds of thousands of mobile amplifiers ... educating the masses ...

"Do not fear, Do not Panic ... we are protecting our nation from an enemy .... Do not fear, Do not Panic ... we are protecting our nation from an enemy .... Do not fear, Do not Panic ... we are protecting our nation from an enemy .... Do not fear, Do not Panic ... we are protecting our nation from an enemy .... "
creepy....also fascist.

Lurker sees a potential upside to the Pelosi-CIA conflict - assassination!

It’s a real pity the CIA no longer engages in domestic wet work.

I have nothing to add to Candor7's prediction:

Bibi is going to ream Zero a new one, and leave Zero with a tootsie roll in his hand.

And that tootsie will be nuclear war.

markomalley isn't crazy, everyone is totally out to get him:

If they could, they'd They are going to try to take each and every one of us who opposes them down into a basement and they'd put a bullet through our heads.

Just a matter of time...Mao taught them to be patient, after all.
And I leave you with whitedog57 self-Goodwinning:

Economic chaos - 2008 US, 1930s Germany

Charismatic leader - 2008 Obama, 1930s Hitler

Government takeover of businesses - 2009 Obama, 1930s Hitler

Destruction of Jews - 1930s-40s Hitler, 2009 Obama

Freedom of speech curtailed - 1930s Hitler, 2009 Obama

Required national service - 1930s Hitler, 2009 Obama

Nationalized health care - 1930s Hitler, 2009 Obama

Outlaw opposition parties - 1930s Hitler, STAY TUNED

Now, why would Jews not get what is going on?

Next, Notre Dame Madness unleashed!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday Pix


Cause if it's cold in Montana that means no Global Warming!

Pelosi is a Christ Allegory?

Boy, do Freepers hope for the worst.

Wow that Cheny sure is manly, and also a tad racist. But it's the manly racism of the 1950s South.

Michelle making a funny face AND a teleprompter! It's like two attempts at humor in one!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Freepers decide Michel Savage is pulling a Colbert.

As part of my vice of keeping track of the more loony parts of the right wing I have been known to indulge in listening to Michael Savage. He always seemed to me to be a pretty doctrinaire, if particularly angry, Conservative. But for whatever reason (attacking Bush before it was cool? His liberal past?) Freepers seem to think he's more of a fake than O'Reilly.

rom, for instance:

Meh, Savage is a closet lib playing the part of ‘angry right wing wackjob’ IMHO. Look at his support for Gov. Moonbeam!

Ann Archy agrees:

men.....when the left mentions right wing nuts on the radio, they ALWAYS mean Savage.....he’s a Liberal...maybe hisw son Russell is GAY.

iowamark is the one who drops the Colbert idea:
The "Michael Savage" character may not be liberal. But the actor who plays him, Michael Weiner, is certainly a leftist. It should surprise nobody that his son is the same.
Fast Ed97 names names:
Savage has a radical left history. It has been hinted before that he simply was able to tap himself into a lucrative career by being jumping on the bandwagon of conservatism and becoming a successful radio host--not unlike Medved, Prager and more recently Dennis Miller.
whatisthetruth isn't a fan, but seems to listen daily to find minutia to parse:
I know Savage mentioned the other day that some of his relatives are very jealous of him and they are no longer on speaking terms, wonder who that might be.
lormand would like us all to know how close to home this all strikes:

We have an 11 month old mini-weiner. She can never be as nasty, mean and wacked out as Michael Weiner.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Muslim till proven white

The tragedy of the soldier who snapped and shot a bunch of fellow servicemen is not off limits from fitting into Freepers' favorite narratives:

ponygirl is one of a number of people who made the same joke:

I wonder when we will learn [the shooters' name] is actually “John Russell Muhammed.” Kinda like John Allen Muhammed: AKA “The Beltway Sniper.”

proudpapa thinks more about gender issues:

Just askin’...

I wonder if this has anything to do with women serving in the military?

And Russell felt jolted or insulted and went off the deep end.

"jolted." heh.

Gay State Conservative
is on a mission of mercy. Except for Muslims, fuck those guys.
If this guy is a member of the Religion of Pieces then I say..."guilty as charged".No further debate needed.If not I'd at least be willing to listen to an account of his service record ( between),paying particular attention to his tours in Iraq.Never having been stationed in any place more dangerous than Fort Knox,KY I can't speak from first hand knowledge about "combat stress" or any related subject.But,in my un-informed opinion three tours in Iraq could very possible take its toll on just about anyone.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No College for anyone.

The Right wing has been anti-intellectual for a while now. But it is interesting to see how far down the rabbit hole this logic takes them:

word_warrior_bob sort of sums up the anti-intellectualism.
I might agree that college would be useful if they weren’t Marxist brainwashing institutes. So many “degreed” people have learned little of value and so much that just isn’t true. I’m skeptical of anyone with a soft science degree, and 10 times more skeptical if that degree is from an Ivy League School.
jveritas is pretty sure truth and beauty can't hold a candle to making fat sacks of cash money.
The majority of college degrees, i.e. arts degree and humanities are totally insignificant, irrelevant, and most people who major in these fields will make little money when they graduate and have to work other jobs that are not related to their field of studies in order to make better money.

In other word a majority of students in colleges and universities are wasting their time, their parents money, and in many cases the tax payers money.

Owl_Eagle is a big fan of giving up on people. Also of sarcasm.

Yeah. The retarded kid who cleans the hallway in my building really ought to spend four years sitting in a college classroom or two years in a “floor polishing” school.


blam seconds that emotion:

47% of the residents of New Orleans can't read or write and don't give a crap about it as long as the government checks continue to arrive.

They'll laugh hysterically at this idea of going to college.

Keep paying your taxes, suckers!!!
The important thing is not to solve the problem but to complain about it and hope the poor starve!

wombtotomb has a plan:

I hope that conservatives will stop sending their kids to college(unless their career choice specifically requires a degree ie doctor, priest, teacher, lawyer etc) and instead EDUCATE them. Then, take the money you would have spent on college and use it as seed money to start their own business in their chosen area of study. Starve the beast!

Yes, stop sending conservatives to school. That's a super plan!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Airforce One-gate

Freepers think Obama is so obviously horrible, that they can't help but smell blood in the water whenever anything happens. Anything at all.

Witness the generation of crazy about the Air Force One NY flyover fiasco:

Yosemitest doesn't believe the firing of the guy who ordered it ends this issue:

I'll bet LOUIS CALDERA was order by Obama to take the fall for this mess.
Obama directs where Air Force One goes,
and no one else can be responsible for Air Force One's mission.

I'm not buying this bullshit, not at all!!!
That MARXIST piece of crap Obama is the one to blame!

Of course, the plane wasn't Air Force One at the time, but who cares about details?

Electric Graffiti
agrees, and has a deadly prediction:

Tommorow’s news....Caldera killed in freak accident when bus collides with his car.

ducdriver starts things off on another theory:
I think the reason they don’t want to release pictures was because there weren’t any - if they release one, check for photoshopping.
The picture is released a short time later. SteamShovel springs into action:
NO PLANE SHADOW ON GROUND IN PICTURE. Sunlight is behind and above the photographer.


.....the shot with the Statue of Liberty does not explain buzzing "Ground Zero".
True Republican Patriot knows what all this means. It was Michelle!

We are to believe a three hour Mission with Two Fighters for a rotten single picture over Miss Liberty? NO WAY!!
If this was truly a photo-op, ZERO would have demanded AIR FORCE ONE photographed over The biggest amd Best MOSQUE in the United States! Bets are that Michelle was On Board with some of their Favorite Donors touring NYC and dining on Caviar, Wagyu Beef, Lobster and Dom Perignon Champaigne catered byThe Waldorf Astoria:-)

Bonus points for working in an old canard into this new one!

So clearly, Obama is doomed. As prismsinc puts it:

Hmmmm, seems like the “Hopey-Chagey” Titanic has clipped an iceberg

Of course, additional action needs to be taken. As Yosemitest puts it,
Here's what someone needs to do. Someone in New York City, who lost a loved one, and who saw the Presidential 747 flying low around the Statue of Liberty,and who ran for cover at that site, needs to grab a good lawyer, file a law suit for damages from that incident, claiming post dramatic stress disorder, against the President, and the FAA (New York Terminal Approach Control Facility [TRACON]).
Big fan of commas, that Yosemitest.

hoosiermama agrees this is totally a productive use of time:

Remember it was the break in that got Nixon....It was the coverup......Let’s keep digging!

Yes, you do that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Evil Slayer gives the gay marriage scoreboard - with a twist!

Score card:

For Satan 5

For God 45

God always wins no matter what the score is.
RPTMS has a plan for New England:
Can we just release New England to go their own way, get the hell out?

Hell, no! That's beautiful countryside in the fall! I say we just shoot all the liberals and make them red states.
Bobibutu is a bit unclear about the definition of slavery:

[Obama] has enslaved my grandchildren and their grandchildren - something many here and my family members fought to bring an end to almost a century and a half ago.

DesertRhino (Dogs earn the title of "man's best friend", Muslims hate dogs,,add that up.) thinks he has the Telekenesis:

How do we rid ourselves of this dictator? How do we defang his power until that time? We need to direct crushing power on local dems EVERYWHERE you find them. They ignore us at their peril.

"direct crushing power?" Bonus points for the "ignore us at our peril" tantrum.

La Lydia thinks a foreign relations policy based on misery of countries whose leaders we don't like is awesome:

Any U.S. company that continues to sell [Venezuela] the supplies and equipment they need should be sanctioned. A naval blockade would sent this communist the right message. How long until Venezuela is as poor and miserable as Cuba? Already, any Venezuelan with good sense, who could manage it, has moved to Miami.

Who cares if Chaves gains power as the people starve, they're Communists and deserve it!

kellynla is quite the diplomat:
I've got a “speech” for the Muslims...

“One more 9/11 attack in America and every foreign muzzie swinging dick will have to pack up their koran and family and go back to whatever hellhole they originated from.

Our ancestors didn't risk life & limb to emigrate to this country just so a bunch of camel jockeys could come here, terrorize our women & children and make hamburger out of our families.”

soycd is such a patriot:
What pelosi and reid represent is not our constitutional republic. reid and pelosi are traitors and should be tossed out of office.

MM is just another leftist blog who are traitors too.

How can you have a democracy when the people keep voting for the wrong people?

may be juust a bit repressed:
NOBODY is forcing [a no kissing before marriage policy] on ANYONE. It is only those who want to make immorality the norm that would not consider this admirable.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Pix

Wow that's...gross. I guess that's what the poster was looking for so...good job, I guess.

Palin is so Godly she can make light by snapping her fingers!

WTF is this? Obama as some kind of angry dog-man?

Wow, if you can photoshop liberals to look crazy, that must mean they are!

What's going down the drain these days: Jesus, a tattered American flag, a dollar bill, marriage, the Jews and...a dead pigeon?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is Liberalism A Mental Disorder or Personality Disorder or Both?

Freepers consider:

hinckley buzzard breaks out the jargon:
Liberalism is a distinct personality disorder and belongs under Axis II, in the same cluster as paranoid, narcissistic, antisocial and borderline PD's.
matthew fuller goes for teh "humor:"
NO- It's usually a physical disorder- They're normally uglier than sin, with frizzy hair on the "females", although the sexuality is usually impossibly vague.
Lancey Howard has given the matter a lot of thought. Too much thought.
Liberals, thanks mainly to their congenital insecurity, are easily conned and manipulated. They are relentlessly unwilling to admit when they are wrong. (Their bizarre obsession with attempting to elicit “apologies” from Republican officials is an offshoot of their strained thought processes, but that’s another topic for another day.)

Liberals, when confronted with bare-bones truth that challenges their world view, will scrunch their eyes shut, shake their heads, and chant “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah” until whatever truth it is they find offensive “goes away”. They simply do not have the capacity to revise their thoughts and beliefs to conform to the truth before their very eyes if that truth contradicts the foundation of beliefs they hold onto as a weapon in their constant struggle against their own irrational insecurity.

He goes on:

Interestingly, true liberals are often physically slow and unathletic and have no interest in competetive sports, especially team sports. “Competetive sports” is, in fact, an alien concept to them. To be blunt, true liberals (genuine socialists) are almost always clumsy oafs.

Additionally, liberals really don’t “get” jokes, even if they chuckle as though they do. (Test this for yourself - - try to tell a liberal a joke. For additonal laughs, ask the liberal if he/she/it has a good joke.)

Liberals can appear to be normal people and are often able to handle their jobs and academic endeavors competently. They can usually socialize normally with other people, even if their self-centeredness prevents them from ever establishing a true friendship.

Migraine knows the answer. Jeebus told her:

It is neither. It is an abject hatred of God.

skimask thinks it's opposite day, I think:

Liberals never consider the consequence of their actions or the affect it may have on others. The “Gay Marriage” debate is a classic example of this. The are totally un-repentant and refuse to accept any responsibility. It is always someone else fault. Bottom line, it is a personality disorder.

Epic straman!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obama's GM

GM isn't doing so hot. Freepers fit this into the whole Obama narrative:

has explained why the economy is doing well lately: socialism is like opposite day!
The DOW should be up 500 points on this bad news.
The Obama socialist economy: Bad economic news = Dow Up.
meyer also hopes for GM to fail, now that it's totally Obama's.
Is there any protection against FIAT just draining our money and asking for, and probably getting more and then closing the Chrysler plants?

Given the government's and the UAW's position in this mess, I could see myself rooting for Fiat to do just that.
nascarnation thinks GM's woe can be turned into political gain by attacking unions!

The subsidy really isn’t to GM or Chrysler management.
It’s to the UAW.
That’s who the Baraqqis are sending the money to.

If the GOP had any brains, they might sieze on the fact that taxpayers are gonna subsidize the retirement payments and platinum benefits of hundreds of thousands of union members and beneficiaries.

Extra points for Baraqqis. Racist AND wrong.

P-Marlowe thinks Obama's economy is horrible:
A recession could very well turn into a depression.

We're already there.
Redleg Duke is a bit paranoid:
Wait until next tax season when there is a box to check off for you to prove that you purchased at least one unit from "Government Motors". You will have to include the proof purchase. Those without the box checked off will automatically be placed in the "To Be Audited with Extreme Prejudice" inbox at the IRS.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gay Nazis

Maine legalizes gay marriage. Freepers came up with new and different parades of horribles I had never thought of:

Argus thinks gay marriage is the end of Free Speech.
"This new law does not force any religion to recognize a marriage that falls outside of its beliefs," the governor said.

Yet. That will come in due time, as the leftist ratchet tightens down inexorably on what's left of our liberty and common sense.
seatrout thinks this'll mean another 9-11:
This rash of states approving same-sex marriage makes it increasingly likely that the US is hit with another terrorist attack launched by Islamic fundamentalists in the near future. Homosexuality is (quite properly) considered an abomination in Islam*; this gives Muslim radicals one more big reason to hate the United States and try to destroy it.

* theoretically, homosexuality (via Leviticus) is also an abomination in Judaism and Christianity; sadly these faiths seem to have tossed Leviticus out the window.
Thanks for the footnote wishing Christianity could be more like Fundamentalist Islam!

Texas4ever sees this is all caused by the stimulus somehow:

Why the sudden rush to change the laws of marriage in all the states? Word come done for stimulus from the White House? HMMMM. Selling you soul.

jpatt has assholes on the brain:

I am dumbfounded. Thirty-years and not a single state has the balls to ban abortion. Less than 5 years, five states celebrate brown stinky holes as acceptable for marriage.

erm, it's people, not anuses getting married. We don't say "I now pronounce you shaft and pink, moist hole."

George Varnum is pretty sure the gays tried to kill Sarah Palin, and now they're coming for YOU!

Bear in mind what happened to those who supported “Proposition 8” in Californica - the Sodomites got ahold of copies of the petitions and donor listings - complete with addresses and phone numbers etc., and proceeded to terrorize and intimidate those who dared to resist Sodomite domination.

Gov. Sarah Palin’s Church got torched (with people in it), and it was strongly suspected that the Sodomite lobby had a lot to do with it.
Apparently some people lost their jobs over their anti-gay sentiments. I don’t think anyone actually got murdered, but no doubt a lot of “Homophobic” Californians were in fear for their lives for a while there - and might still be for all I know.

Oh noes! Don't let the Sodomites get him! The passive voice thinks they're all violent!

envisio has an interesting argument I had not heard before:
Its about these queers pitching a fit because they can't get what they want. 90% who scream about it never had any intention of getting married to start with. Its never been about marriage. This is what gayness has always been about.... “look at me, look at me”. Its a psychological problem.
This is quite the talking point. It 3was all over the thread, so I expect Rush talked about it or something. Use it or lose it, gays!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Democratic Ideological Purity

Upon seeing Freepers' discussion of the possibility that the Democrats kick out the Blue Dogs, the Irony police have laid down their weapons and surrendered:

Little Ray
knows what would happen:

Please, oh, PLEASE kick the Blue Dogs outta the Democrat party.

No word on how kicking out all the Dems is bad, but the eternal RINO hunt is totally cool:

BobL adds some analysis:

Sure does look like a split in the Democratic Party. There is no way that they can maintain their majority if they are controlled by the extreme left. The FDR Democrats (i.e., White retirees with campers) who would vote Democrat even if it were required that they throw their kids into volcanoes first are now dying off and being replaced by independent Gen Xers,Yers, etc. - many of them straight.

I think that it’s time that the Democratic Party have a summit, led by Barney Frank, to plot their new path to maintain majority status.

The Summit led by Frank has gotta be satire, cause that Dem Summit sounds eerily like the recent GOP rebranding effort which Freepers don't like. Still, striking a bit close to home there, eh?

I'm not sure, but Cacique may wear actual blinders, like a horse. It's the only explanation for this impressive feat of projection:

The left always engages in purges, it’s standard operating procedure. It seems that once the radicals gain power, they don’t need their “moderates” any more. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. History teaches, but these people never learn.

ExTxMarine has worries about the extremism that comes along with ideological purity

How in the world could the Democrat party move any further left? I mean are you suggesting out and out FASCISM?

They are already the Communist party of the US, any further left and they will be off the D@MN map!

MaxMax knows how those Dems operate:
Make them wear armbands and send ACORN to destroy their homes, cars, and confiscate their weapons,
arrest their relatives, kill their pets, and tattoo their foreheads.