Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Make me a sandwitch!

Holy crap, Anonymous, you found a goldmine!

Megyn Kelly takes issue with the idea that womens' place is the home. Freepers take issue with Megyn Kelley and stridently defend the ideals of the Victorian Era.

LS knows there are lots of uncited studies that working women are unnatural:
There is a lot of scientific evidence that married males out produce (”work effort”) married women, single women, and even single men). Especially among low-income people, the likelihood of divorce is much higher if the woman earns as much, or more, than the man. This isn’t “male ego”-—it’s nature.
Viennacon also cites science, though not actual scientific work.
It’s amazing, we’re always accused of being anti-science, yet biology makes our case! Nature intended it to be a certain way, and we continue to fight it, only ending in disaster.
Venturer's happy marriage to a homemaker is the only possible way to go!
The man should be the Bread winner ,not because he should be dominant, but because it is the male role.

I have never struggled to be dominant with my wife, she pretty much does things as she wishes to do them.

She worked for two years after we were married, the kids came along and she became a housewife. I worked one regular job and two part time jobs while she worked at home to keep the house and tend the two kids. She ruled the two kids with the wooden spoon and good morals, she never waited until I got home to punish them. We have great kids and have been married for 50 years this June.

Women today who want to be dominant don’t stay married long.
Not to any real man. Megyn looks good, but attitude is what sustains a marriage.
LibLieSlayer seems frustrated.
Fox News sluts for satan... going to try to get my keyboard taken away girls??? FU liberal concubines!
Viennacon again, explaining that you can choose not to have kids, but then you suck.
The differences between men and women are obvious, and necessary for us to function as a species. We need to stop running from our own nature. If a woman does not wish to devote her time and energy to a family, then she should not have one. Women are perfectly free not to have families. This isn’t India, where you get sold off to be Sanjay’s wife when you’re twelve.

I am happy for Kelly and Van Susteren, who have both achieved a lot in their lives, but the greatest achievement for any woman should be raising great kids. And I think to do that, you have to be around.
BobL is feeling a bit of a fatwa coming on...
When you see women acting this way, it starts getting easier to understand why Muslim men treat them like crap, almost to the point of slavery.
servantboy777 knows Satan created working women!
This nation was God ordained. It is abundantly clear when one begins researching the writings of our founding fathers.

I believe in my heart of hearts, the reason the divorce rates skyrocketed was because of, or in part due to the perversion of the traditional family unit.

You cannot have two driving the ship. The woman in the marriage is to be cherished, lifted up, honored for her role and virtue.

The man should be strong, respected, allowed to defend the family be a man. Progressives have so effiminated our young men. Supported the notion that it's ok to be in touch with your feminine side....poppy cock.

These are all lies from the father of lies. It is designed to tear the fabric of society and pervert our perception of what God's will is for our lives, our families.

God forgive this nation.
hinckley buzzard would be trolling on any other site...
Sad. Maybe Kelly was pms-ing. Anger ill-befits a woman (or man) trying to appear rational.
wardaddy psychonalyzes Kelley:
That stern haircut...hear me roar

I guess daddy never noticed her enough or she hated mommy being dependent on him

Something got in her head

Does Harry Reid Want the Koch Brothers Murdered?

Anonymous strikes again!

Freepers contemplate how liberals want to kill them.

VerySadAmerican knows liberals super well:
Of course, he does. Lots of liberals want all conservatives killed.
Progressives are rabid when it comes to the Koch brothers. It would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so disturbing.
LeoWindhorse seems pretty eager to do a bit of killing himself:
bring it on ...these libtard punks want to rock ? It’s a rich target list
Zuse explains why Obama keeps conservatives alive:
B0 Soebarkah would have droned those pesky bros by now, if they weren’t so useful to the ‘Rat narrative.
Fred Hayek found a liberal nut, and would like to generalize:
Now this is starting to resemble the spew from the punk who tried to commit a massacre at the American Family Association because he was “inspired” by the SPLC.

And thr SLPC has a thin veneer of “plausible deniability”
MirrorField lays out the concept:
The Leftists call this "stochastic terrorism". Idea is to agitate enough and sooner or later there will be some already-unstable individual who'll "independently" decide to take "direct action". The Agitator himself will be able to claim innocence, because he hasn't directly ordered anything and even most diligent investigation will find no connection because there is no such connection. If you want to read leftist (projective) viewpoint, here's a Kos Kid take on it.
The Kos link accuses the right of engaging in it, and so the cycle continues.

NTHockey is keeping things nice and vague...
There is a threat there somewhere.

And why does not anybody shut Reid down?
headstamp 2 knows all about Reid's thoughts:
Harry Reid is a dottering old psychopath that needs to be in a rubber room.
ogen hal would institutionalize the opposition right along with Stalin:
I was about to say, isn't it time we have both Pelosi and Reid Baker Acted for psychiatric evaluation?

Actually it is a rather long list of Democrats that need mental evaluation.

They are “evaluation” is necessary.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Freeper sociopaths.

Freepers talk about killing liberals or ferals with their beloved guns all the time. Sometimes they'll even wish violent death upon liberal politicians. But for the most part, that's just what happens when you combine impotent rage with Internet idiocy.

Then there are these guys. A 65-year-old man lay in wait for 2 teenagers to break into his house, shot them, and then executed them with a second shot. All while recording himself gloating at how they were now dead.

A lot of Freepers were fine with shooting burglars first, but took exceptions to the execution shots and gloating, keeping their powder dry for when Harry Reid tries to take their cows. But a few seem to have a desire to kill that overwhelms human empathy.

TexasRepublic is fine with killing
Moral of the story: don’t break into other people’s houses and just maybe you won’t be shot. It’s not exactly rocket science.
Sequoyah101 has no problem with killing for property crimes:
And the problem with that is?

Cute kids, sad story.

The home owner is correct.
BarbM calls the dead kids 'vermin:'
He shot the vermin on Thanksgiving. He said that he waited one day, so he wouldn't ruin the officers, BCA et al holiday.
PapaBear3625 explains that after a certain age, everyone is a deadly threat.
A teenage girl can still beat an elderly man to death, if she gets the upper hand. The "unarmed" girl can also pull a knife or gun from concealment. You don't KNOW she's unarmed until you've thoroughly searched her, something NOT advised for a lone old man.

I would not have taken a chance. I would have shot her as soon as I saw her, and would have put enough bullets into her that I was sure she would stay down while I called police. Even down, she would still have the potential ability to draw a concealed gun and shoot me as long as she was alive.
Noted Norwegian mass child murderer supporter Dead Corpse
I’m glad he wasn’t hurt.

Reimburse him for his time, ammo, and a replacement tarp and send him on his way.

He did a service for the community.
AEMILIUS PAULUS is clearly living vicariously through this man:
Can not a Homeowner take pleasure in disposing of a burglar? In early Roman law a creditor could cut up his defaulting debtor and even enjoy it. Have we not extended too much pity for the Felon? Does a just man feel pity for a criminal receiving punishment. Indeed a person feeling pity for a properly convicted criminal seems to be an unjust man as the criminal is in fact receiving his due and justice is giving each man his due. Perhaps we have degenerated in expressing too much concern for the criminal. I do not insist I simply wonder!
Dick Vomer is all about hunting down lawbreakers.
Well, good for him. I’m guessing he won’t get burglarized for a couple of weeks. ...... and he definitely won’t get robbed by those two little angels.

On my “give a rats ass” meter I’m getting a zero. F’em , I’ve seen girls and guys murder old people for less. Even if they went there just to rob, sometimes things get out of hand. Don’t want to leave witnesses or just angry words exchanged, but once the old fool submitted to the young punks he was at THEIR mercy.

So those useless parasites were successfully removed and maybe the old fool can live in peace. I don’t see him hunting down anybody but law breakers.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Cliven Bundy - Blacks were better off as slaves

Cliven Bundy was trying to say that welfare has done Blacks wrong. That, in itself, is pretty racist. But by comparing it to slavery and picking cotton, he rather distracts from his point.

Freepers originally decided the media trapped him. But soon they realized they've been saying the same thing for years, slavery comparisons and all. So they decided the media trapped him and lied AND he was right.

vette6387 explains how welfare is almost exactly like slavery, except for the being forced to work and pay.
Blacks have moved from the one plantation to the other, there is no question of the truth of that statement. The only difference is that on the “Government Plantation,” they don’t have to work and they get “paid” by the taxpayer, whereas in the former they worked and didn’t get paid.
Darksheare wants to stick to his fictional narrative, racist quote bedamned!
So it is okay for government to confiscate, kill, and destroy because Harry Reid has a deal with China?
dfwgator doesn't get why a conversation about race can't include the possibility of returning to slavery.
Lefties always whine about how they want a “conversation on race in this country.”

Then they get it, and immediately slam anybody down who says something they don’t agree with.

They don’t want a “conservation”, they want a “lecture”.
cuban leaf is sure everyone is going to start talking about welfare slavery!
Fred Reed pointed this out over a decade ago. I’ve been mentioning it here (as have many others), and now, Bundy says “the emperor has no clothes” and the leftist media makes sure everybody hears him.

And guess what everybody is talking about? This is a really good thing.

I really like this Bundy guy
BitWielder1 is in no way endorsing slavery, but...
If they were slaves rather than on welfare, they would have an incentive to escape the plantation and they would be applauded when doing so.
Note: I am in no way endorsing slavery. For blacks or anyone.
I'm saying multi generational welfare is a cruel trap, every bit as demoralizing as slavery.
Raebie is pretty sure poverty is worse than slavery:
Dear Democrats. Please provide numbers and an explanation for the following:

1) The number of black abortions each year
2) The number of black men sitting in prision
3) The number of black children being raised without a father
4) The percentage of black men that are unemployed

And how many years are we into Obama’s presidency?

But hey, Let’s Move!
LeoWindhorse - nonmilitary negroes are far too tolerated.
I agree with Bundy , it’s a good question .

Applies to some , certainly not all , but DEFINITELY applies to some . Many ,mostly urban and never having served in the military types .

There is way too much tolerance in this country for the intolerable
LyinLibs is sure all blacks are basically in jail nowadays:
The debate boils down to this:




I imagine some folks would choose to remain locked in jail, while others might yell ‘Get me out of here’ and prefer manual labor picking tobacco.

Remember folks, a crazy amount of black men land in prison.

I think the statistic I saw was 40% of black men enter prison at least once.

Prison isn’t much different from slavery.
JennysCool - the GOP has some black friends!
Just guessing that Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder and a whole bunch of other prominent black communicators completely understand what Bundy is rather clumsily saying. And they would never accuse him of "racism" for saying it. As another FReeper said above, it's just part of the "conversation" that the Libs would rather not have.
MeganC is pretty sure government racism makes private racism OK.
Considering how the civil rights of minorities are more often trampled by government than by amateur racists one must wonder if these people do, indeed, prefer being beaten and whipped by Officer Massa’ over plain old Massa’?

Bundy is right in that some of these people merely traded Democrat-owned rural plantations for Democrat-owned urban plantations.
Sheapdog just straight up thinks blacks should be slaves, and apartheid was good.
Unfortunately many blacks were better under slavery in America and under apartheid in South Africa than in their current conditions. A multi-faceted statement but but I think arguments can be made for the case but as one says in a PC world there is no need for debate or argument merely acceptance into the new techno feudal slavery of our NWO.
Uncle Sham hauls out this old saw:
Slavery in the United States will one day be looked upon as the best thing ever to happen to the black race. It was their key to the door of freedom and independence, and a seat at the table of the modern world. It was also infinitely better than being killed by the tribe that captured you rather than being sold to the white man at the dock. Those were the only two choices back then.
UncleSam then explains how one might conclude blacks are bad at life.
I don’t understand just how he could possibly have the day to day life experience like many of us do with the give and take (mostly take) interaction with the culture under discussion.

Just how many black people can he come in contact with on a day to day basis stuck like he is in the middle of a thousand acre ranch. Is his opinions based on television watching sports and the multitude of marketing commercials that TV viewers are slammed with featuring black folks.

Is he annoyed when he shops at a big city Walmart or when he must visit a Government office and gets a blank stare. No doubt his experience must be with the mail man who has a cell phone plugged in his ear and delivers your neighbors mail into your mail box.

Does this idiot think that he is special and a few loud talking brothers standing all night on a big city corner would cause him to conclude that maybe times are not good for the black culture.

This is the part of the rant that I being an old white dude must say that I of course have many black friends. The truth being that all my black friends have all passed on.

Just sayin.
dragnet2 thinks this whole thing was a media hoax.
I believe Mr. Bundy was baited. His situation has nothing to do with race relations. He got played.

Absolutely. He's not a professional public speaker or debater. He's a rural rancher. Anyone with his stature and background would eventually say something the leftist could use and run with.

This is exactly what the leftist and those in big controlling government wanted...They needed this badly...

Discredit, distraction and deception...This is what they operate on.

Monday Potpourri

Jim Noble knows prison is hard:
I ran medical clinics in prisons for almost twenty years.

Prison is a horrible place, and the inmates live a brutal existence - not, it's true, from the authorities, but from each other.

Prison in its current form should be abolished. There are many more effective punishments.
So Jim Noble wants lots more killings and beatings!
Prison is a disaster for our people - it’s a factory for creating true sociopaths out of bad boys, and it should be so greatly reduced in size and scope as to be effectively abolished.

I favor capital punishment for all violent offenses where a stranger is the victim, physical punishments for most non-violent offenses, and indentured servitude for restitution.
Cats Pajamas has had it with the misogynist programming on the TV:
Liberal demons have played the race card so much they have worn the tits off the Queen. Conveniently their new Queen, Hillary has no tits so that won’t matter. They will just add the misogynist card. I noticed that misogynist “programming” long ago in television which I rarely watch (sickening) and it is hard to miss. I even notice it when my husband doesn’t. The very typical situation is either a superior female or a superior black and a dumb white guy they have to help because he is fat, lazy or stupid. I have no loyalty to my gender, they can be real sows (woman pigs) when it comes to denigrating white men.
philly-d-kidder's university has a gay database:
Nobody like to discuss the Gay marriage issue but I went to local University on front page of Library Computer Screen is MS Explorer Icon and LGBT database Icon. I clicked on LGBT and found out..

After 12 years In netherlands less than 15% of Homosexuals Married.

50% divorced within year..

Definition of monogamous when dating is 3 or fewer partners.

The average age of death of US Male homosexual 47 years old.

50/50 chance to survive to age 65 US Male homosexual

47% become addicted to Drugs/alcohol

38% suffer depression

23% attempt suicide..

44% of male homosexuals have 300+ partners in a lifetime.
Veggie Todd knows all mosques are just packed with guns and explosives:
And to really freak them out, you could point several surveillance cameras pointed towards their mosque, I mean their armory.
ExNewsExSpook is hating Obama in retirement already:
There has already been talk that Zero plans to “retire” in the Washington, D.C. area. Hawaii is just too far away from the Beltway for a full-time residence. Penny Pritzker better plan on buying the Obamas a suburban estate in Virginia or Maryland, along with a beach-front vacation home in Hawaii. And of course, he’ll need an office, staff and Secret Service security in both locations, not to mention secure travel from the east coast to the islands.

Book it: Barry Obama will be the most expensive former president in U.S. history, and there’s no telling what he will grant himself by executive fiat before leaving offfice
Nifster - if you don't want to enslave the wrongfully convicted, you may be on the wrong website:
You gonna tell that to the people who get falsely convicted?

“You shouldn’t have been falsely convicted, so you deserve to be enslaved.”

And tell us just exactly how many people is that???

Are you sure you belong here at FR
Uh-oh, cuban leaf is threatening not to vote GOP in the general!
Yep. I’m one of those conservatives who will vote for Bevin in the primary and Bevin in the general. If bevin is not on the ticket in the general, I’ll vote for the Democrat.

The party’s only hope is to be cleansed of folks like McConnel. If this means defeating him in the general, so be it.
originalbuckeye has a plan to use anti-Muslim bigotry to fight back against the war on women narrative:
Will some visible Republican please point out that supporting fanatical Muslims, like this Admin does, is the real War on Women? And then get Ayaan Hirsi Ali up there to talk about it.
Liz knows Obama's nighttime thoughts:
Obama can't seem to rise above his inane "community organizer" mentality. When he was crawling around the nabe preaching envy and greed----duping people on food stamps into believing they could payoff mortgages (ne'er do wells who taxpayers were forced to bail out).

He and Valerie lay awake nights---thinking up ways to flaunt US laws in the faces of patriotic American who recognize that America thrives on its sacrosanct rule of law.
Daveinyork had Black Panthers steal his van 40 years ago!
It was a personal experience in 1971 of the left suppressing free expression that started me on my journey away from them, and ultimately against them. Reading Robert Ringer and Milton Friedman throughout the 1970’s ‘splained it to me.

I was taking pictures at the Revolutionary Peoples’ Constitutional Convention when a Black Panther “official” demanded that I give up my camera. He said “we authorize all pictures.”

I was not about to give up a camera that had been a gift from my parents, so I satisfied him by giving up the film. Later in the day, a pickpocket got the camera.

I had bought the obigatory VW bus by working twelve hours a day at a job. One of the Panthers told me that the people were going to need that vehicle. Well, the “people” were not making the loan payments.
Steve_Seattle on GOP skills:
Bush can paint, speak Spanish, and fly a jet plane. Sarah Palin was starting point guard on a championship basketball team, plays the flute, was a beauty contest finalist, and can hunt, fish, and skin a deer. Neither of the Obamas can do any of these things, yet Bush and Palin are portrayed as morons and the Obamas are portrayed as Renaissance geniuses.

VerySadAmerican will only believe Russia Today:
Don’t post from Russian propaganda sources. Their goal is to manipulate public opinion for the uninformed and spread lies.

I agree. Don’t post from AMERICAN MEDIA propaganda sources. Their goal is to manipulate public opinion for the uninformed and spread lies.
Theophilus - not a fan of contraception:
If God is against it, would it matter if every mother loving fool on earth thought it was her or his God given right? Contraception is child sacrifice either before or often after the fact. Contraception is racial suicide writ large. Contraception is hatred of faith, hope and love, God and neighbor, creation and the future. Contraception is a rejection of the inestimable gift of the the bounty of the female sex and rebellion against God's first command to "be fruitful and multiply".

For our nation to outlaw contraception would be like the hangman voting to outlaw rope.
Berlin_Freeper might as well put a big buckle on his hat, because he's a 1700s puritan all the way:
Mainstream is "out of touch", literally.

The only proper sexual relationship is between a husband and a wife that could result in having a baby. Everything else is a sin. Including contraception, oral and masturbation.

The Mainstream are just as bad as the homosexuals.
kanawa has a beef with the yahoo that talked about being your brother's keeper:
Zoos have ‘keepers’.
I am no man’s ‘keeper’
and no man ‘keeps’ me.
Forward the Light Brigade and a bunch of other Freepers are rejecting the conservative crazies on TV as not racist enough:
Bundy is no Bigot—just made to look that way—now we can tell the real conservatives from the Fake ones who like the Conservative title and hat but will not walk the walk when things are hard—Paine warned us against “sunshine patriots” long ago—Now we see Hanity, Beck and BOR fall into their ranks. I thought Beck would stand tall—Glad I didn’t buy his books as I would be forced to burn them.
Graewoulf, bein' Graewoulf:
Is the recent bloody Cattle Massacre at Nevada Cattle Rancher Bundy’s Pioneer Corral damaging the Democrat Party in eyes and words of the Democrat Left Stream Media?

To put this latest Medieval “Kill for Sport” event in historical context, all one has to do is remember that the Democrat Party was the Founding Party of the KKK.

Is the modern day equivalent of the KKK the Bureau of Feudal Land Management, (BFLM) ?

If so, then Feudal Lord Reid would then be “The Grand Dragon of the BFLM.”

Feudal Lord Reid’s Rustlers are hired guns, who are furious but not fast, which also applies to their bitter, vengeful, senile, multimillionaire Leader: Feudal Lord Reid.

With the past Democrat-based KKK, and now the present Democrat-controlled BFLM, ethics be damned, as abject fear is the main goal of both of these ethically Medieval Outlaw Gangs, past and present.

“Ethics” will be justified later by Liberals who will write the “revised” PC History of these times, past and present; of powerful men with outlaw hatred toward free people in America, Black or White, poor or rich.

The Jackboot Heel of Democat Tyranny is now upon us, AGAIN !



Occupy Wall Street people were volunteer shock troops for The Democrat Federal Government of Obama, Pelosi, Holder and Schumer.

Reid’s Rustlers were hired shock troops for the Democrat Federal Government of Reid, Obama and Holder.

Occupy Wall Street people attacked businesses in large cities.

Reid’s Rustlers attacked cattle in an isolated Nevada Corral.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers destroyed private property and private jobs.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers were financially supported, (indirectly and directly, respectively), by the Democrat Obama Administration.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers were publicly encouraged by the Democrat Obama Administration, and the Democrat Left Stream Media.

P-Marlowe found a flaw in the Republican that just got indicted:
It appears the the political climate for Mr. Grimm has changed dramatically.

Good riddance.

Maybe we can replace the crook with an honest tea party climate hoax denier.
Like so many Freepers, jonascord takes satire he likes as truth:
You've got to understand: "Portlandia" is a documentary, a simple narrative of the day to day 'thinking' that substitutes for intellect in Leftist Land.
jonascord then tries out some satire himself, revealing all too much:
If you want to increase student performance with a eugenic solution, the problem has always been developing an effective selection criteria.

My suggestion is to simply select by political affiliation. Democrats have shown, in the last two elections, that they are either profoundly stupid, or evil.

It will shift the Mean of the Bell Curve 50 % to the Right, and open a great deal of real estate and employment to exploitation.
Smokin' Joe explains that Civil Rights are a hoax:
Want the truth? The Left can't handle the truth.

The government doesn't grant rights. Therefore the government didn't give the people raising a ruckus in the '60s any more rights than they had. What the government did do was grease the skids so the selfsame people who had previously been encouraged to excel no longer had to do so. Some favor.
DManA talking about South Korea:
The political leader of a country is not responsible for everything that goes wrong.

If you believe that than you are a fascist.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Mamzelle

Hey alliteration!

I think this is a woman, but I can't be sure.
The biggest theme is misogyny. She goes on about liberal sluts stealing conservative men a lot. But more than that, whenever a conservative screws up? It's a woman'd fault. Except for Sarah Palin, of course.
She also seems to hate-watch a lot of TV. Or perhaps actually watch, and then come to Free Republic and try to fit in.

Liberal sluts!
Conservative men seem to gravitate to liberal sluts...maybe you can catch them after their first divorce, but then you’ve got HER to deal with, too.
More liberal sluts:
I live in a red state and I don't get anywhere near a liberal if I can possibly help it.

Obama had a way of turning the relationship between political party members absolutely toxic.

But, what I see are conservative men who sleep with cheap, slutty, probably diseased liberal women. And have a child with one?

You ought to add that to your advice.
re: All of these corporate guys have liberal wives.)))

Liberal sluts are easy. Why marry them?
Melinda Gates: Liberal Slut.
Anecdote: I talked to a blue-blooded retiree who went to Melida's alma mater and knew her when she was a sorority girl who wouldn't even look at a date who wasn't really loaded with Daddy Money.

This person said Melinda, when she noticed Bill's success from afar, told everyone she was going to marry him and control his money. And she moved to Gates' town and did exactly that.

Opportunistic gold-digger. Gates would probably have been a conservative if it wasn't for this obsessive left-wing climber.
Mark Sanford's mistress is also slutty:
“Fiancé” must be Argentine for whore.
Wendy Davis
What a total, ugly, wart-faced b**ch.
The Bush women love illegal aliens:
I've said it before, if the Bush women weren't so lazy we wouldn't have this absurd problem with open borders!!

But Saint Bar couldn't be bothered to take care of her own children, so she farmed out her family to illegal aliens. Ever wonder why GW speaks better Spanish than English?

And then Laura couldn't clean up after her own dog, so she brought illegals to the WH to pick up Scottie's poop. Now the twins smirk and prink on TV. Cannot stand them.

A good way to keep the Bush women away is to keep the Bush men out of office.
She hates the daughters too. Also: Prink?

More on her Laura Bush uses secret illegals theory:
This running of her mouth after such a classy service as FLOTUS has really left a bad taste in my mouth in re Bush women.

Wonder if she changed diapers for either of her twins, or let Manuela do it?
But she does looove Laura!
I always did love that red zip jacket…when I think of Sarah, I think of her dressed like this.
And now, her hatred of Steward and Colbert.
People keep saying either Stewart or Colbert will replace Old Dirtyman.

Not happening. Neither of these comedy central creeps can really do a long day's work, late at night. Whatever you can say about DL, he could produce more than an hour of content a week.
Yet she clearly watches Colbert:
He once screamed, "Sarah Palin, you f***ing retard" into the camera.

His hideous and mentally defective sister actually ran for national office in Charleston!!
JON STEWART: terrible, terrible person
JON STEWART. Does anybody have young people around your house? This "comic" can barely get through a sentence without the f-word or s***. And if you're wondering why your own kids are so dirty-mouthed, it's because he is allegedly cool and they imitate him.

What's sad is that this scumbag has kids, himself. Can you imagine how disgusting their homelife must be?

He's mean, he's snide, he's just a terrible, terrible person, but our young people lap up every blasphemous and obscene thing that comes out his his cesspool of a mouth. His creepy sidekick, Colbert, too.

Obama's been on Comedy Central and picked up all the filthy patois.
More Jon Stewart obsession:
Oh, goody--Liebowitz is on the warpath. He reminds me a lot of Perez Hilton--but I understand he only seems gay.

So he thinks he can turn his aging meth-head, butt-head audience into anti-birther shock troops?

Birthers (this term is new to me this week) have grown legs. Everyone is wondering now.
Obama's gayness:
Obama’s not doing his job on the golf course, he’s doing Reggie Love.
Her troll-sense is amazing, if she says so herself.
I have tried to explain how I know, and end up sounding boastful. So I'll try to do so, again. I expect to fail, and be accused of conceit.

I read a great deal. I have read a great deal. I have edited a lot of other peoples' written work over a lifetime.

If you do that, you develop something like an ear for music or an eye that recognizes faces, and troll writings have a particular sound. For one thing, they are often infantile, of poor vocabulary, are unimaginative. In a word, boring.

And I have read enough on the internet to pick out what I am convinced are the writings of bored people just posting for the sake of it--and I believe it is for money, and probably not much money.

Sometime sift through the archives of David Horowitz's research on an you will see that the oligarchs who have tens of billions of dollars would think about as much of a few millions on shill posters as you and I would think of latte money.
And trolls? They're everywhere.
I believe the Dems hire armies of internet posters to give the impression of crowds of support where there is only contempt and indifference. Think how cheap it would be, just a few unemployed telemarketers who maybe earn $5 a post...
On a thread about Ebola:
If you think you have some terrible infection, head to the nearest courthouse. With any luck, the lawyers will catch it...
Another show she watches and hates:
Watched the first season, and several minutes actually went by between copulations. Found a lot that was pretty, the stunningly beautiful dogs, the theme music. That reminds me…most of the sex was doggy style. Never watched the second season.
Also, she read the books:
The books are a ghastly bizarro-world imitation of the books of Tolkien—the writer of the semi-porn crap is just a dirty-minded loser. Yuck. Hate to see it take up space as anything resembling art on FR.
Keeping classy about Obama's recently deceased Aunt:
Can we bury Barack and keep Auntie’s corpse on as president?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Metapost: My commenters rule

Friday Spotlight is especially good - it's on Mamzelle. I also have posts on Bundy and that Minessota shooting in the hopper that I'll post over the weekend. But the Spotlight is gonna be late.

In the meantime, a bit of sentimentality.

I've been doing this for quite a while, and reading Free Republic in fascinated bemusement/horror for years before that. I remember my first Muslim thread, and how it was kinda scary.

And over the years, this blog has slowly grown to about 300-600 daily views.

Probably the most gratifying part of this weird compulsive exercise I've been doing is the comments section that has grown. It's a diverse and motley crew that ranges from former Freepers to enthusiastic liberals, and even includes some trolls to keep the pot stirred. It's led to some really thoughtful and sometimes even heartfelt conversations that look like they clarify things for the writers and maybe (dare I hope on the Internet?) even some readers. None of these people would have met except through this blog, and I want to thank the commenters and readers for being so cool, and not sweating the small stuff, be it typo or pointed comment.

Now, onward to more hyperdramatic old people!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bloomberg on his liberal advocacy: ‘I’ve earned my place in heaven — it’s not even close’

One interesting thing about Freepers' faith is their strong desire for empiricism. It's not enough for science to explain what, and religion how; religion must also explain what. A goodly chunk of Christianity explicitly advises to avoid. Thus, when NY Mayor Bloomberg offers the admittedly questionable boast that he's sure he's heavenbound, Freepers at once denounce his hubris for knowing the mind of God, while at the same time explaining what God is really thinking...

Tupelo explains the failed theology:

We believe that, but maybe Bloomberg believes he can buy his way in. Hell, he has bought his way into everything else he wants.
DeaconRed should do all conservative standup:
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a Rich person to get into Heaven.
In that case I easily qualify. Thanks to ZERO. . .
yefragetuwrabrumuy makes up a quote, to ratchet up the blasphemy:
Slightly reworked Bloomberg quote:

“I am telling you I am God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place as ruler of heaven. It’s not even close.”
liberalh8ter thinks Mecca is Muslim heaven. Also, he knows what God is thinking:
If Nanny Bloomberg had made the statement as follows, ' “I am telling you if there is Allah, when I get to Mecca I’m not stopping to be interviewed.”, he would bu ducking shoes, hiring security for all the death threats, apologizing profusely and facing a litany of admonishment from the political class - but because his insults deal with Christianity and Christians, crickets.

God shall not be mocked. The lake of fire is ready and waiting for you, Nanny....jump right in.
meatloaf is ready to be smug when Bloomberg eventually dies:
I’m thinking he’s going to have a stroke.
kenmcg focuses only on one thing Bloomberg has done:
This mutt actually believes he deserves heaven because he’s amassed billions. I t doesn’t work that way.
Wiser now would like to speak for God, who is unhappy Bloomberg spoke for God:
God will have the last word, and unless Bloomy’s attitude changes completely, those words will be “Depart from Me. I never knew you.”
.45 Long Colt's Christianity has toned down that universal love BS:
Be careful about turning such passages of God’s love into universal statements of God’s love. We must read them in context. Romans 5:8 has reference to the elect of God, those with peace with God who were justified by faith (see verse 1), not all mankind.
Gritty's Christianity is all about spite, and seems based around this world:
This is getting good.

I'm waiting for the part where King Bloomie is struck down, eaten by worms, and dies.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who you calling racist?

Oprah is coming out with a miniseries on a race riot in Oklahoma in 1921. Freepers, who at this point are just assuming every black person is calling them racist all the time, respond with their best defense: actual racism.

As usual, re_nortex gives the real story of the riot:
The knockout game is hardly new. The May 1921 riots in Tulsa began in much the same way with an attack on a defenseless 17-year old girl, an orphan no less, by a black thug, "Diamond Dick" Rowland. Then a squad of heavily-armed black goons stormed central Tulsa and murdered an innocent white onlooker.

Those are the facts that have been overlooked by the state-run media and won't come to light in the upcoming racist television special.
re_nortex is still fighting the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s
Had blacks looked up to good men such as Booker T. Washington instead of race radicals such as W.E.B. Du Bois, the unending attacks on whites by racist blacks would surely be diminished, if not non-existent.

Even "Reverend" "Doctor" Martin (not his real name) Luther King fathered who knows how many children out of wedlock. Those who hold MLK in esteem (sadly even some here on FR) ought to separate the myth from the reality -- much like the topic of this thread regarding the lies that Orpha will push concerning the Greenwood riots. The reality of ol' Mikey King is that he was in Memphis 46 years ago this week, not to preach the Gospel but to show his solidarity with union thugs along with his equally fraudulent pal, Jesse Jackson.
Opinionated Blowhard hauls out the usual real racists BS:
Do you know who did it? Organized it? DEMOCRATS and their terrorist arm, the KKK. This horrible incident is yet another example of how the Democrats have always been the Party of Race. Prior to the 1960s, they brutally supressed the black vote and won white votes with white supremacy and terrorizing blacks. Now they have flipped.
"Now they have flipped." That sure does do a lot of work.

ansel12 knows the problem is the media riling up them black killers:
Almost 50 years of Black pride and black oppression/victim movies and TV have killed enough innocent people, we need to stop black violence, not continue feeding passions of revenge and blood.
2ndDivisionVet - the Civil War made slavery okay:
“Reparations?” What were almost a million men killed in the civil war, unknown number wounded, maimed and stricken mentally ill and the TRILLIONS of dollars spent just since 1965?
mrsmel on the wave of black violence only Free Republic and Matt Drudge know about:
What about the black race riots, mob attacks, knockout "games", polar bear hunting, and pack attacks occurring strictly on non-blacks all over the country now? When do we even get some msm mews about the truth of that, much less a mini-series?
Dilbert San Diego remembers other riots to dwell on:
or what about the riots which struck many cities after Martin Luther King was killed? why not a movie about other riots??????
sheik yerbouty responds to some completely BS numbers:
More whites are murdered by blacks now, every year, than blacks were murdered by whites in the entire previous history of the nation.

It seems then, that the question is “who’s lynching who?”
AEMILIUS PAULUS knows the dark heart of the negro:
I am continuously amazed that white America cannot accept that blacks resent whites and probably even hate them. The words of the so called black leaders, the actions of the knockout gamer’s and the mall store looters scream resentment and hatred.Black resentment and/or hatred must be accepted; then and only then can it be dealt with.
Next VerySadAmerican will be talking about how much they liked slavery:
There is one other thing they don’t talk about today. Back then blacks had their own communities, businesses, etc and liked it that way.
GOPJ wallows in victimhood:
Let's do a series of movies and TV shows about white people being beat up by black gang bangers. My guess is more than 300 white people have been beaten and KILLED in the last few years by black gangs.

Can we turn that into OUR religion of victimhood?

Hey Oprah - how about grinding the salt of the knockout game into a wound for the next 80 years? In the year 2094 we'll be making movies about white people being beat up by roving black gangs... celebrating 2014... Even if that type of crime stopped existing years before. Would YOU Oprah be charmed?

We 'get' the liberal message ... it's sick. (that said, I'm sorry democrats in the south did horrible things to black people... in today's world Democrats use the same tactics against the Tea Party... and we hear deafening silence from your side...
Well, we should really stop lynching those Tea Party folks I guess.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant.

I'll admit, this has me worried about legacies and aristocracy and whatnot. Freepers, though, aren't thinking that long term. Mostly, they're getting back into the 'Clintons can and will do anything' mindset of pre-2008.

babble-on continues with Free Republic's original birther theory:
Webster Hubbell must be beaming in Hell
CMailBag knows how babby formed:
Hillary ORDERED her to get knocked up so she could be a campaign prop.
Aria is not happy that Hillary still makes public appearances:
Hillary made an appearance with Chelsea to announce this?

How incredibly crass. Most who survive the WH end up valuing their privacy. Hillary isn’t even human.
miss marmelstein shows up on every catty thread:
Hillary is an alien being. Everything is sacrificed on the altar of ambition.

Chelsea makes the low-life announcement as if she’s Kate Middleton - instead of a loser kid who can’t succeed in any occupation outside of nepotism.
Gen.Blather's comment may need some unpacking:
I goggled one of her speeches. The crowd went insane. I have to wonder if the crowd was instructed to so react or whether it was natural. I couldn’t bear to listen to her talk, though. (That might just be me. Maybe she’s a wonderful speaker. I hope not.)

Fortunately, (at least to my eyes) she’s unattractive; more so than her mother. I don’t think her looks will age well and the Left believes in appearance above all else. But, then, they thought Bill and later Barak were wildly attractive. Yet, not a word was said about Scott Brown, who had actually been a model.
1. No one can actually like the Clintons, so the cheers are fake.
2. Democrats are superficial and only care about looks
3. But Democrats also think anyone they agree with is attractive.
4. In other news, Chelsea, Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama are ugly, and this one Republican is super hot.

Speaking of superficial, Ouderkirk is talking about Chelsea I think, not the baby, I guess.
Wonder if she’ll have cankles like her lard ass mother
slapshot is also hoping for fatness:
She has that look of eventually ballooning to Rosie O’ Donut size after all is said and done
raybbr's seeing wheels withing wheels:
I have a thought. It's a 50/50 proposition. Since no date was announced I think Chelsea will suffer a "miscarriage" sometime this Summer. More sympathy for Hildabeast and the Teflon rapist.
If elcid1970 is any tell, should Hillary run all sorts of weird harebrained conspiracies from 1990s Freep will be brought up as little known facts.
Has everybody forgotten that Chelsea herself was the result of a political decision by Bill & Hillary?

Bill “Boy Governor” Clinton was coming to the rocky end of his first term in the Arkansas state house. Hillary was barely out of her post-hippie phase and something had to be done to burnish their image as the first couple.

Chelsea arrived in February 1980 but Clinton was defeated for reelection later that year though he would win in 1982 & govern for ten more years.

IMO the Clintons are going to get the timing exactly right this time, and even now Chelsea is probably under ovulation watch.
georgia peach has a different twist on a similar story:
I recall that when Hill’s poll numbers were in the toilet when Bill was the Pres.,Morris told them to leak that she was pregnant...they did and her numbers rose....of course,”sadly”,it wasn’t true....I loathe the Clintons..all of them.
proudpapa sums up the whole thread:
Breaking from the complete and utter nastiness that abounds in this thread, I think it’s great news (babies usually are great news) and wish the family well.

It’s not a baby. It’s a prop.
So much for the Pro-Life proviso that every baby is innocent and deserves a chance:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Potpouri

ScamFix has some made up stats to help him see the world in black-and-white.
90% of criminals are Democrats. Our crime rate and ail rate would be good if not for Democrats, Ask any prison guard they will verify this.
Oh.....cuban leaf could be in for a surprise.
One of my daughters was “flirting” with it when in high school. I mean to the point where we were concerned about certain friends that would sleep over and she actually lived with her basketball coach and lesbian lover for a few months after running away (long story. She came back and apologized).

But at no time did I ever even entertain the idea of “living with it” and treating it as normal.

She ended up being straight and even had a college room mate (lesbian) that had a crush on her but my daughter would not have any part of it. I bring it up to point out that a LOT of her friends were lesbians in college and set up the next sentence:

She and I were talking about the “it gets better” movement. She said, “No, it doesn’t.”

If she was to have told me she was marrying a woman, I would have said that she is my daughter and I love her, but I will not support any sin in her life in any way shape or form. This would include homosexual relationship or even the relationship she has now (lives with boyfriend).
noted art and psychology expert: luvbach1
Liberal critics of Bush’s art secretly hate themselves for realizing it’s good.
dfwgator - Nirvana was just the hippies of the 1990s:

You know why lefties love them....because Heavy Metal tended to reject the hippy, leftist notions of “peace and love”. So it had to be done away with.....Enter Grunge and the Leftists controlled rock music again.
A Formerly Proud Canadian is trying to be racist and Canadian, but clearly just wants to belong:
Crime rates are higher in ‘projects’ in most countries. With a lot of Jamaicans now living in Toronto, mostly in the ‘projects’, I guess that some of these ‘projects’ are very dangerous for those of us who are ‘melanin challenged’. There is also a much higher incidence of crime among the First Nations people in Canada.
SunkenCiv wants to Assassinate the Manly Putin!
we should help the Ukrainians train for low-level resistance, and to plant a nice juicy bomb on Putin’s limo. Neither will happen, because Zero is on his side. Thanks Berlin_Freeper.
Mariner is unsatisfied with Obama putting troops in Poland - thanks Obama!
Knowing Obama, as we all do, this will be a piddly deployment of a couple of light regiments, no armor, no Calvary. And no ALLIES.

We'd be better off and dignified by sending none.

The man is making us a laughing stock.
Former Proud Canadian is pissed we have troops in Poland - thanks Obama!
The time to place NATO troops in Poland was shortly after Poland joined NATO. About 1999 when the US still had tanks and anti tank aircraft in Europe.

Now, the Russians will see this as a provocation.
TexasFreeper2009 seems to have hated America since...1990?
The day WE became the evil empire, was the day it was truly over for us.

And WE became the evil empire when we started aggressively promoting abortion and sodomy abroad.
RitchieAprile on the state of Freep:
Why am I not surprised at some of the comments here... There was time when Freepers used to make intelligent and articulate points and statements..
Not anymore. These days its all just spite and hate. When you loose empathy towards your fellow being, you stop being human.

the intelligent and articulate ones were, um, zotted.
jacknhoo found out the idiot who planned to set a confetti bomb at the Boston Marathon was gay, which clearly caused everything:
One of the biggest errors sever - removing his type of disorder from from the DSM in 1973.
yield 2 the right may need to take a break:
goodwithagun knows Hollywood is a nonstop rapefest:
I’ve heard the casting couch has neither age limit nor gender preference. If you think about it, this is probably why most actors and actresses are so screwed up.
uncommonsense tells a completely true story:
Called to get Obamacare today. Based on my current income of zero, I can sign up for Obamacare for the low price of $9,100/year. Since I can’t afford that right now, I’ll get taxed by the IRS for not having healthcare. I haven’t had healthcare for the last 5 years - so much for covering the uninsured...
Progov on how to deal with black people on wellfare:
Best he neuter most of them.

If he would take away some of the “Free Sh&t” and make them WORK for a living instead of mooching off the rest of us, perhaps they may NOT have so many kids.

The first option is the best.
I don’t think the Neanderthal’s DNA died out - ever take a look at FLOTUS Moochelle?
Huskerfan44 has all the answers:
Okay, so why did he release the forgery?

To divert attention from the fake Bin Laden hit or vice versa.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Spotlight: re_nortex

How did this guy fly under my radar so long? He only came up when he said the Kansas temple shooter was one of those notoriously Obama-supporting Klansman, and thus supported Obama.

in his 70s, with a wife who has passed...Though beyond being crazy, he doesn't have any quirks to make him stand out. Maybe a bit more revisionist history, Hitler and Texas [his tagline -DP - that's what I like about Texas]. He's not one of those Freepers who attempts to rationalicate his madness. Let me know if you guys see anything unique about this guy. But all his posts are Freeper than Freep. His profile is quotes from the Bible, Ronald Reagan, Jim Robinson, and a bunch of songs praising Texas - as centerline as Freeper get. He claims a 2001 vintage, thought his account is 2010.

He may be hard to peg, but there is a lot of content - this guy is a font of bigotry and wrongness!

All he's saying is that unmarried women can't be conservative!
I am NOT implying anything untoward about her by that latter statement aside from noting that most Christian Conservative women from the heartland of America have married and had children by that age.

For all of her intelligence and wit, it appears that Ann Coulter just doesn't authentically live the life of those of us in flyover country. The contrasts between her and Sarah Palin are self-evident, IMHO.
Sarah Palin becomes President in 2013:
I support future-President Palin 100%. I humbly and respectfully think you ought to get on board.

She's inevitable!

And I can't wait for January 2013 when she leads America back to greatness. It will be wonderful to see Obama slithering away into ash heap of history. May the usurper live a long life in abject humiliation and may he awake for the next 8 years every day with President Palin at the helm of the country he despises.
Moderate Muslims are all just undercover jihadis:
Any Muslim in a bikini contest ain’t the kind of Muslim we need to worry about.

I can appreciate your point but I personally think such Muslims are the most pernicious. Those contriving to slickly pose themselves as ordinary people possibly represent the most danger. I recall that one of the 9-11 terrorists was seen as a "hail fellow, well met" type. I believe he befriended a number of Americans at a health club in Florida, thus adding to his disguise as a regular, congenial guy instead of a jihadist.
The Confederate Flag magically converts liberals into conservatives:
The Rebel flag flies at my home for any number of reasons including the fact that it drives the liberal Yankee who lives across the street crazy. He's been here in God's Country for 15 years but always talks up his old hometown of Nashua, NH. I enjoy infuriating him on Earth Day when I run two lawnmowers full blast, turn on all the lights and get my Tea Party next door neighbor to fire up his motorcycle.

Being so un-PC is having some effect on him. He's removed that stupid COEXIST bumper sticker from his car and recently shocked me by telling us that he voted for Ted Cruz. His high-school age daughter is a cheerleader, goes to a fine Christian church and speaks with an appealing Southern accent since most of her life was spent here in Texas.

Between the Rebel flag, tweaking the father on Earth Day and living with his thoroughly Texan daughter, that Yankee liberal may be finally seeing the light.
About the same neighbor 4 months later (the Ted Cruz vote came up later in the thread)
sadly, they're legal. In fact the guy is a fourth generation Texan, speaks English just fine but always has that abrasive Mexican music playing when I pass by his house. It's another reason why I favor selective immigration and why merely having citizenship papers isn't sufficient to be a real American. And his kids constantly are on skateboards tearing up the sidewalk.
All Racism is false flags:
I've seen only one instance of racism here on Free Republic and that was back in summer 2009 when some moronic pictures and cartoons were posted about Obama's family (and his children) when they vacationed in France. The mods were quick on the draw and pulled the offensive thread.

Then the truth came out. The racist pictures and comments were the acts of leftist infiltrators trying to disrupt this site. It was clear that they weren't genuine FReepers. That one incident aside, Free Republic is perhaps the most non-racist site on the web. Have you forgotten that Jim Robinson looked very favorably on the candidacy of Herman Cain? And people like Thomas Sowell, Allen West and Clarence Thomas have long been held in high esteem here.
Stormfront: Another false flag planted by Obama.
I had heard of Stormfront of course but never visited that site until this thread appeared which piqued my interest (as well as the KC murders of the past weekend). My initial impression during my brief time looking around is that Stormfront is an invention of the obama and holder regime. If that's incorrect, it sure looks to be an adjunct of either the SPLC itself or perhaps the ACLU. From what I saw, there was not a trace of Conservatism to be found, only a strident far-left form of socialism.

This fits into my long-held belief that the Westboro thugs were created and supported by leftist outfits. That's assertion is more provable since Fred Phelps was a DemonRAT, Gore supporter, a civil rights lawyer and recipient of awards from the NAACP and other similar racist groups. I surmise that if additional research were done on the Stormfront principles, DemonRAT enablers would be found.
All those Jewish Muslims:

The principle of commutativity is applicable.
Obama's diction is classic Muslim Marxist:
O'Bambi is a scarcely literate Muzzie Marxist. He reveals himself with his mispronunciation of words such as:


Fortunately, a Tea Party Revolution is at hand and in just a few months, the idiot and member of his regime will be gone. Go Newt Go!
So hopeful in 2012, he totally bounced back, and is still unskewing polls -
Young people all hate gays, if you unskew the polls
Another lie from the leftist, aptly-named Pew outfit. I know plenty of young people and they're solid Christians, opposed totally to homosexualism and abortionism. If Pew were doing honest polling, they'd find that same-sex "marriage" is as popular as pedophilia. After all, homosexuality and pedophilia are just branches of the same tree of evil.
Godwin's law aside:
Hitler's party was the National Socialists. It advocated all of the things near and dear to DemonRATS: abortion, atheism, sodomy, gun control, labor unions, genocide, a government-run auto industry, environment regulations. Godwin's Law aside, and without any hint of irony, is there any question all that DemonRATS of 2014 would be first in line to goose-step to the Nazis?
Expanding on that theme:
I have no doubt that Adolph Hitler would garner near 100% support from the DemonRATS of today. As a leftist himself, his core values align precisely with those of liberals:

Pro-gun control
Pro-labor union
Pro-sodomy ("The Pink Swastika" proves this)
Pro-judicial activism
Supported a government-run auto industry
Strong environmental programs
High taxes
Immigration is ruining America:
Mere documentation doesn't equate to assimilation and the adopting of traditional American values. Read the words of President Coolidge, above. Not all legal immigrants will become Patriots.

And, of course, for the illegals, I personally want nothing less than Operation Wetback version 2.0, using the latest technological innovations that have arisen since the 1950s to enact a massive program of mass deportation. America must remain American!
The paranoid reaction to some guy being awful at Wheel of Fortune:
I guess i’ll be the first to say if they taught real education in school rather diversity and tolerance, he would have known.

Watch the corrupt regime (obama and holder) use the full power of their administration to attack Pat Sajack, a Conservative. A trip to a multicultural indoctrination center is likely planned for the entire Wheel of Fortune staff.

This video clip is yet another exhibit proving that diversity is perversity.
His take on Civil Rights leaders:
Westboro thug Fred Phelps was a DemonRAT and the recipient of numerous awards from racist outfits such as the NAACP, an organization founded by the notorious commie, W.E.B. DuBois and like-minded subversives.
He really likes this list - he wrote it for Hugo Chaves, re-posted it for Willie Nelson:
Until and unless he repents, when that door opens for Nelson, he'll find it leads to a very large and eternally hot room inhabited forever by fellow leftists such as Ted Kennedy, Malcolm X, Tip O'Neill, Adolph Hitler, Frances Perkins, W.E.B DuBois, Joseph Stalin, Edward R. Murrow, John L. Lewis, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Mao Tse Tung, Robert C. Byrd, Margaret Sanger, Osama Bin Laden and many others who have brazenly served satan.
Burning all his Willie Nelson records:
Well, there's one "abortion" that went on at my home not long ago. All of my Willie Nelson records (yes, I'm old enough to have records -- on vinyl) were placed in a metal barrel, doused with lighter fluid and burnt.
You know what? I'll be this guy actually did it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Instant Evolution Edition:
Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (often referred to as The Theory of Survival of the Fittest) describes the positive effects resulting from any “pressure” on an animal species that removes the least fit among the species and allows only the most fit of the species to reproduce. Many of us are well aware of this “Survival of the Fittest” theory, but few are aware that Darwin also makes mention of the negative effects resulting from unlimited reproduction of a species’ least fit when the weak, the lazy, and the stupid are left unchecked.

We like to think otherwise, but our species, Homo sapiens, isn’t that long “out of the trees” and the same laws of nature that affect all of God’s creatures apply equally to us. If we were to observe any other species that had been allowed to reproduce without limitations, we would know immediately what the consequences will be.

Whenever the weak; lazy; and stupid of a species is allowed to reproduce unimpeded by predators that feed off the weak; lazy; and stupid, they soon outnumber the strong, productive, and intelligent. When the weak/lazy/stupid dominate the gene pool, the entire population becomes weak/ lazy/stupid, and then the population collapses.

In the past, when these collapses occurred within human populations, they have been referred to as a “Malthusian Collapse.” Thomas Malthus, a Nineteenth Century Economist, thought these collapses were caused simply because past civilizations had reached a point where human populations could no longer produce sufficient food supplies to feed themselves, but he never pinned down the exact reason for these food shortages.

We now think these collapses of past human civilizations have occurred whenever the unproductive weak/lazy/stupid greatly outnumber the strong/productive/intelligent of the population. In other words, the majority of the population becomes too lazy to perform the work necessary to provide for themselves and what’s left of the strong/productive/intelligent refuses to continue to do it for them.

These collapses have occurred at frequent intervals throughout human history, and Western Civilization is, in my humble opinion, currently on the cusp of one of these collapses.
The soft American Indians, Africans and Mayans brought to you by DJ Taylor (Once again our country is at war, and once again the Democrats have sided with our enemy.)

The death of charity

Freepers do their best to explain how Dickensian England was awesome, because it didn't have any soul-sucking welfare to make the poor rich.

lurk doesn't remember anyone who starved before 1950.
Way back then, in the straw man day the author kicks over, people worked. And if they chose not to work, they got hungry. And if working people needed a little help for any reason, there was the family, and the neighbors, and the church. And the government didn’t take half of every working man’s paycheck.
Jim Robinson details the awesome life of being unemployed:
Safety net? A warm comfy home, utilities, reliable car, a tv, a phone, an internet account, clothing, medical care and plentiful food are all basic human rights. All Americans and undocumented residents are entitled to them whether they educate themselves, work for a living, steal for a living or just decide to sponge off the work of others. It’s guaranteed by the constitution. Right?
Some Fat Guy in L.A. explains that Democrats are the problem:
Yeah - problem is that charitable people are more than happy to give a hand up to people that need it. However, they are not as kind to those who just want a handout (a k a the rat base).
driftless2 straight up blames 'the black black underclass' for all our woes.
The elephant in the room (and not Republicans) is the fact that about ten percent of the population is a huge drag on everybody else. The black underclass by itself costs anywhere from half a trillion to one trillion dollars through welfare dependency and their staggering amount of crime. That segment, the black underclass, is about five percent of the population and growing. Charity could handle most of the destitute without the gigantic, money-sucking segment of the population that can’t do for themselves and expects to be gratified by the American tax-payer.
The Unknown Republican fondly remembers the day churches could blackmail you into morality.
I am committed to the belief that government charity (welfare state) contributes to the degradation of society. What little benefit it may achieve in supplementing private charity, it loses by allowing people to live anonymous and immoral lives. When charity was handled by churches, people were more interested in community, and when you are involved in community, you are more apt to be watchful of your behavior.
liberals are why yawningotter feels justified not giving to charity:
Not only do handouts create an underclass of exploiters, it creates hostility between them and the producers, and that hostility spills over to those who really need charitable help. God loves a cheerful giver, and nobody in their right mind is cheerful when they have to pay taxes to support welfare that sends less than one third of its budget to the poor, and wastes much of that on fraud and waste, over more direct charitable giving.
Brooklyn Attitude knows it's all moochers now.
The problem is the author argues in favor assistance for all who want it. In the past, welfare was shame, it came with harsh restrictions and rules. Today they beg you to take it and the shame is gone. People live for generations on the dole and are happy to do it. They do not get subsistence benefits, people learn to live comfortably or at least not uncomfortably. There is no incentive to get off, so the ranks of the useless, lazy moochers increases. Such a system cannot be sustained, but that doesnt matter as long as leftists get to feel good about themselves.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lets kill all the liberals

Tanks, Anonymous!

Despite Freeper's hard work to decide that they are all liberals, mass shooters are nuts first and foremost; their politics are a secondary concern, if that. But Freepers are at least a little crazy - their constructed righteousness has reached the point that they really do celebrate the murder of non-Freepers.

Thus, their smug satisfaction at the increasing murders of environmental activists around the world:

crazyhorse691 - unless you kill activists, they will pass wacky laws!
It's a start.

Left unchecked entire swaths of the world would be set aside for Dinosaur preservation.
dalereed can always be counted on to be angry and apathetic.
Tell me about it when the number is in the milions and rising!!!

900+ isn’t a drop in the bucket.
Poor coldphoenix is on the wrong site.
I like how half of the comments totally ignore the whole post and just read the title and are happy about the killing...

way to go freepers.. keep it up!

Dude seems to be Indian American, and joined 2011. He seems like a character.

Paladin2 just sticks to his fictional persecution:
BAmmy B keeping drug dealers in the 'hood free.

just check with E. H0lder....
wardaddy really approves of the French CIA???
Cry me a dammed up river

We need more Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure....not less
PGR88 just blames the government for everything, including the existence of pollution.
All corruption has its root in big government. If environmentalists are being killed anywhere, it is because government and its cronies are trying to protect a racket. Would any American environmentalist admit though that socialism and nanny-statism actually cause the problems they are seeking to fix? Doubtful.